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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 11, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tell us what you think about the show tonight. thanks for watching. this is the kelly file. fbi divers spend another seven hours scouring a san bernardino lake today for evidence that might be connected to last week's terror attack in which 14 were brutally murdered. it is a slow, laborious search. divers blind beneath the surface of the lake, searching by hand, inch by impbl. the fbi believes farook and malik may have dumped a computer hard drive in the lake the day divers bought several items to the surface. some thrown back into the water. others appeared to be backed and
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taken away for further inspection, the fbi says it's looking at connections between farook, his former neighbor and a convicted terrorist. i'm jonathan hunt in san bernardino, california, now to hannity. jihad in america. now, tonight, fear of a terror attack on the homeland is at the highest level since just after 9/11. that according to a new cbs news, "new york times" poll. 79% of americans say a terror strike is likely to take place in the next couple of months with 44% indicating it is very likely to happen. despite these concerns, president obama has done little to calm american's fears. according to the same poll, 57% disapprove of his handling of terrorism and is a record high for that poll. and they've been listening to the president's comments on isis, this should not come as a surprise, but back in 2014
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during an interview, he said, quote, the analogy we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms, that doesn't make them kobe bryant and then hours before the attack in paris, the president boldly contained isis was contained. >> we've always understood our goal has to be con training isil eerks capabilities, cutting off their supply lines, financing. >> but isis is gaining strength, aren't they? >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what is true is from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq and in syria, it -- don't come in, they'll leave. but you don't see this syst systematic march across the terrain. what we have not yet been able to do is to completely
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decapitate their command and control structures. >> now, president obama can say that, but according to his current around former secretaries of defense, isis is not contained. watch this. >> i think the mission that he said is the right mission, which is to disrupt, dismantle and destroy isis, that's the right mission, but i think the resources implied to that mission frankly have not been sufficient. >> we have a near term problem that needs to be addressed or a challenge. intensifying that would perhaps yield greater success to what's happening here. it is completely out of control. there's no prospect for bringing any kind of stability. current contain isil. we have not contained isil. >> we have not contained isil.
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mr. secretary, do you agree? >> i agree. >> even dianne feinstein said they're thot contained and are growing. governor, good to see you. thanks for being with us. such a serious issue. talking about the lives of the american people. look at what happened in paris, san bernardino. president's wrong on the jv team. on them being contained. he said isis is not an exten shl threat to americans. how could he be so wrong when the smart people are telling him he's wrong? >> it's devastating because it shows what we know. the president doesn't believe this is a threat. to the region or to our country. and it is. they've declared war on us and we have not done anything other than view it as a law enforcement exercise and we need to create a strategy to destroy us isis.
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their contain. recruit home grown terrorists in our own country and we saw that play out in a tragedy a couple of weeks ago and it will continue to occur unless we're venlg lent to protect the homeland and mean it and lead the world as we're capable to do. >> we have two big developments. one, the big news today. one, isis has full access to the passports for syrians and they're manufacturing them and using them to get into america. that coupled with the chairman of the homeland security said earlier this week about isis has a plan to infiltrate the refugee population. i want to play it for you. >> isis has said in their own words they want to exploit the refugee process. to infiltrate the west and they did exactly that to attack paris. i can reveal today that the
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united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. >> my question, governor, if isis is trying to infiltrate the refugee population, does the chairman of the homeland security commission said, that raises the political question everyone's been asking this week. what about a ban to make things, all immigration, to make sure we have the system working properly. what are your thoughts? >> i think we should have a ban on refugees coming here until it's clear there aren't any terrorists embedded. but if a kurd wanted to come to this country, the strongest supporters of the united states in the region that are muslim, i'm not sure that's the appropriate thing or an indonesian, blanket coverage of all muslims doesn't make sense, but the key is to have a strategy to destroy isis. we need safe havens inside of
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syria, the best aleutisolution make sure they don't leave, to give them safe harbor and build a sunni-led force to take out is. the argument about protecting the homeland is important. i think we need to make sure the fbi deals with local law enforcement better. we need to restore the met data program. we need to make sure our sbel where she knows ca bell jensen capabilities are shared in a better way. across the board, we need to review every element, the ki visa, fiance visa. we need to make sure we recognize what this threat is and we need to do it simultaneously with creating a strategy to destroy isis. only america can do this. >> you know, because isis though identified the refugee population and they're targeting that and they did so
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successfully in paris, we've got to pay very special attention to that. i guess one of the biggest worries i would have as an pers american, i'm sure the majority of people want to get out of the horrible civil war, the conditions they're living in, i don't know if we could possibly have the means of mechanism to vet people because we know that isis would train those people that are infiltrating to give all the right answers. so i don't know if you could even possibly assure the american people 100% any way. >> well, if you can't, they shouldn't come in. that's my point. i think the focus on the refugee issue, which is what the congress is looking at is the appropriate thing to do. if you can't convince the american people based on fact that you've changed your policies to assure that wouldn't happen, then of course, they vont be allowed in. with home grown terrorists, we
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need a more robust effort. they are taking advantage of our freedom. it's what they see as their vulnerable pi and will attack it each way they can. >> yes. well, listen, i think that is the goal of radical islamists around the world. do you think when you look at hillary clinton's plan and she basically agrees with the president, do you think we have gone back to a pre 9/11 mind set? because i think we have. we've taken our foot off the gas, eye off the battle being wage ed against us and maybe people were war torn, but the war has not stopped for the enemy. >> i agree. both barack obama and hillary clinton believe we can have a law enforcement exercise as it relates to taking it to isis in syria and iraq, ty have put so many constraints on the war fighters, inclung sending
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leaflets tout truck drivers sending illicit oil, sending warning signals that we were going to bomb them. in a bush administration, they would be bombed because they're leaving isis controlled territories. you want to deter truck drivers from driving to the north, kill a few of them because they are part and par scel of this effor. >> what do you think about taking out the president as we learned from mike mural, former cia director, in fact, we didn't take out the financial source of isis in iraq and syria, because they didn't want environmental damage. is that any way the fight a war? >> you seen the espn show in the morning before the nfl games where mr. jackson goes, come on, man? that's what that answer is. this is ridiculous. this is a war. every element of what you're describing is an example of how president obama and hillary clinton do not believe that this is a war. they have more concerns about gun control and climate change
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than they do about this asemitic threat to our way of life. >> let me ask you about the state of the race. trump remains on top. i know he's been a tlorn in the side of a lot of the other candidates, but there's been talk that maybe there will be a brokered convention or people won't support the winner of the nominating process. i don't see you in that camp. if you don't win, you'll support the winner. how do you, but more importantly, how do you see a path to victory for yourself seven weeks out of iowa? >> so, i think that first of all, don't think trump aes going to win the nomination. i don't think he's offering a serious set of proposals. we're in serious times and need real leadership. i think americans in general and particularly people in iowa and new hampshire, who take their first in the nation responsibility seriously, will select someone or a group of people to go forward that have the skills to be actually be
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commander in chief and so, i'm confident kming hard in iowa and in new hampshire and south carolina, that i will be in my seat. that's my path forward. i think we need to proven leader to sit behind the big desk and make these big choices on behalf of the american people to keep us safe and my records suggest i'm a serious person that can make tough decisions. i don't create an illusion of false promises. i deliver real results. >> thank you for being with us. coming up negs, right here on hannity. >> the intelligence community is concerned that they have the ability, the capability, to manufacture fraudulent passports. >> more on report that says u.s. government officials are worried that isis has stolen a passport printing machine and jihadists may have used it to enter america and also later tonight as trump's muslim ban proposal, the best way to keep americans safe. that and more on this special
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has the able toy create documents for its operatives that has a practical matter, it would be almost impossible to detect. >> yes, mr. chairman, the intelligence community is concerned that they have the ability, the capability to manufacture fraudulent passports. >> that was the fbi director on capitol hill earlier this week sounding the alarm over isis infiltrating the refugee population coming into america. tonight, fox news has confirmed a newer report that u.s. intelligence officials fear isis terrorists are now manufacturing fake syrian passports and may have used them already to enter
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america. here with reaction, bill cowen, bow deedle and fox news analyst, kt mcfarland. basically, it confirms even further we need a temporary ban until we get the system right. >> i think we need a temporary pause, maybe two month, three month, have some kind of management consultants look at the whole system, top to bottom, see what we're doing and how to fix it. this is not a partisan issue. not a republican democrat issue, it's an issue about how -- >> it's homeland security. it's the safety of the american people. we learned they are man fakih chering the fakihturing their own passports and coming into america and the house homeland security chair this week on this program pointed out to this audience that in fact, isis has hatched a plan to infiltrate the refugee population. >> they don't have to do the
7:17 pm
refugees. we've learned two of the cities in syria taken over by isis had two passport officers with boxes of blank passports and they could put whoever's picture they want in there. also, we've learned that they're coming from our southern most border into america, so -- >> you told me this earlier this week. you talked so some of your friends on border patrol and i.c.e., they're seeing these syrian passports. >> border patrol are picking them up, seeing the passports, turning them over and bring them into the country. my problem with is when you've got a jokester, the house of the white house spokesman, jerky ki talking on tv, saying how they have all this intelligence, he's telling a lie. it's a damn lie. they let them into america with the visa, with their passport and half of the passports now we
7:18 pm
don't know who's real. you have a syrian passport, it could be isis. >> it's horrible. they're telling us isis has a plan that they're getting in, they have fake passports and we've confirmed this and there's tho way to vet everybody. why not put a pause to protect the safety and security of the american people. and not gamble with their lives. temporarily, until we get it right. >> if we don't put a pause of some sort in, we do it at our own risk. canada is letting in 25,000 syrian refugees on what they're calling an accelerated program. they're letting them in before february. which may have these false passports, we talk about the southern border. this creates a whole new problem for us in my judgment with the northern border. >> the cbs "new york times" poll showed 70% of the american people view isis as a major
7:19 pm
threat to america. and i want to play this cut from chair mike mccall. listen to what he says that isis has this plan to infiltrate this population. >> isis has said in their own words, they want to exploit the refugee process. to infiltrate the west and they did exactly that to attack paris. i can reveal today that the united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have tamted to ga attempted to gain access through the u.s. refugee program. >> that means americans will die. that's how i interpret that. >> absolutely. >> again, i.c.e. agent called me, didn't want their name to be known, if they say i'm afraid to go back to my country, that is the signal, that's the magic word. i'm afraid to go back to my country, wel, welcome to america, but who are you? he said it a little bit over the
7:20 pm
top, every muslim. i don't agree with that. what we should do is put a pause until we know who the hell is coming into this country. this is getting real scary and i don't want to frighten people, but it's serious, real serious. >> the other problem is that we don't hear them anymore. in the past, there's a terrorist incident and people would say, we just didn't connect the dots. we're not seeing the dots anymore. >> here's the problem, the intelligence failed. in san bernardino failed. they've been radicalized for a long time. >> plotted for years and 19 pipe bombs, the guy worked in the school system. what was the real plan? think went real fast, but what was the real plan, to kill children in school sns. >> they were prepared to do a lot more because they had the triple wrap on three of the bombs. last word. colonel cowen. >> we talk about it, intelligence failure, but i think the real failure is that a law enforcement and intelligence in my judgment, they don't get enough credit. the problem is, there may be so
7:21 pm
many targets they can't put the resources against the targets they'd like to and because of that, incidents like san bernardino happened. >> thank you for being with us. coming up next, tonight, right here on hannity. >> 20% from the people that i think, too, islam is their religion and who have a desire for -- >> 5 to 20%. 60 to 240 million people. a disturbing admission from a democratic lawmaker, to authorities need to begin surveilling mosques? they're doing it in paris. do they need to do it here? plus, later tonight. >> they want our buildings to come down. our cities to be crushed. they are living within our country and many of them want to come from outside of our country. i am saying that until we figure this out, we should have a ban. it's very simple. >> taking a lot of heat over his
7:22 pm
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learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit early this week, california democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez made this shocking statement. >> wep there's a small group, anywhere between 5 and 20% from the people i speak to that islam is their religion. and who have a desire for cal fight and to institute that in any way possible and in particular, go after what they consider western norms. our way of life. >> that's between 60 million and 240 million people. in light of that shocking
7:25 pm
statistic as well as the deadly attacks in san bernardino, do authorities need to start surveilling mosques here in the united states? joining us now, author of the complete infidel's guide to isis, robert spencer, as well as dr. assad and he claims he was forced to resign as an imam from the complex after he appeared on this show earlier this week and supported donald trump's proposed muslim temporary ban. since yesterday, we have tried to contact the islamic stoet get a statement, but they have not gotten backtous. let's start you. you've come on the show. say you support the idea of a temporary ban so we can get our vetting system right. what happened? >> that's exactly right. the problem is i -- day after day, it's becoming more clear to me that a lot of american
7:26 pm
muslims, that's what we have been screaming in many lectures, seems like they have not, ready to attack and been receiving since your show, about six or seven text messages threatening me for how dare you about banning imgramigrants and musli. the problem after being forced to resign yesterday -- >> what's the reason they gave that you were forced to resign? what did they tell you? >> his exact statements, how possible that you could support trump and you know who is -- what is, what do you mean like i know who's trump. we are dealing with facts and we're dealing with certain statements. we are just people and leaders go with the textbook. the original emotions in our viewpoints. we don't take candidates, they have their own campaigning. why would you mix a campaign
7:27 pm
with a message that will bring peace to us. >> let me ask you this. were those death threats you got? from people in your mosque or from around the country? >> mostly in -- put numbers coming on in some other numbers i believe it's within the -- greater area. i don't think it's outside. over 102, the imams in houston were also terminated this week to some differences in viewpoints they get. we have trouble here with muslims across the united states in all these hundreds of societies. they are basically not doing zero job in trying to the use of -- >> let me go to bridgette because we want moderate muslims, a leader on an imam to
7:28 pm
speak out against those who hijacked this religion and used it to kill innocent men, women and children he, to me, is part of the solution and now, he's thrown of his mosque and getting death threats. what does that tell us? >> this is a reality check for everybody who says we need to reach out. we need to work with the moderate muslims, the majority of them were -- here where you see an imam, says listen, we have a problem. we need to start educating the youth about moving away from radicali radicalism. you see the reaction he is getting. we have heard this reaction, there were people who spoke up before like hamid and skraser and many of the moderate muslims we work with and what we need to pay attention to is the radic radicalization of mosques today. three separate studies of american mosque across the ice
7:29 pm
and some of the most prominent in america, showed that 70% of americans mosques are radicalized an what's happened to this imam is just a reality check for us to learn from. >> robert spencer, i mean, what we said, to win this battle, we need moderate, we need muslims. to stand up against radicals in their religion. here, you have this imam, courageously sayinging for the safety of american people, the vetting system isn't right. they're forging passports. isis has a plan to infiltrate the refugee community and this imam says no, no, the safety of americans comes first. let's get that right an he's thrown out of his mosque. i'm trying to understand. >> very telling. because what you have here is the fact that isis and other islamic groups like it, they claim to be the expo innocence of authentic islam and they
7:30 pm
threaten to murder anybody who gets out of line, so, if you were a genuine moderate, a sin veer muslim who rejects killing in the name of the law and mohammed, you're putting your own life on the line and could be threatened. this is one of the reasons why we don't see a big pushback among moderates and why it's foolish to count on them. there have been muslims against is i rallies that have gotten like 30 people, 50 people here and there around the country and they don't have the hunl numbers you see for people like protesting cartoons of mohammed and things like that. the problem that we have is that the islamic jihadists can point to the texts and teachings of the koran and example of mohammed to justify their actions. the moderates have no counter to that. >> you heard sanchez, a democratic congresswoman, saying she believes it's believe 5 and 20% of the population that's been radical sized. you know, through your experience, do you think those numbers are correct? >> even if it wasn't correct, even 1% is too much.
7:31 pm
to tell you the truth, if that's happening on american soil, like -- living here with all kinds of freedom, both kinds of open opinions to discuss and be different. learning even the laws of differences. people are getting, there's a violence that is been basically built in. many of these muslims. i'm sad to say that because i've seen it. i'm there imam, they're praying behind me. >> do you feel your life is in jeopardy, sir? >> after i see all these messages, lots of people are advising me to contact authorities and fbi and it seems like this is going to happen soon. >> i would do that. i think that makes sense. thank you all for being with us. very sad. coming up, we'll explain what life is really like for women living in saudi arabia under sharia law. that's coming up later, but
7:32 pm
first -- >> this is about security. it's not about religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country that have horrible things in their minds. >> 2016 republican front-runner, donald trump, came under heavy fire this week for his temporary muslim proposal. up next, weighing in on what politi politicians need to do to keep you safe.
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7:38 pm
inch. the fbi reportedly believing farook and his wife may have dutched a computer hard drive in the lake. throughout the day, the divers brought several items to the surface, some thrown back into the water, others appeared to be bagged and taken away. the fbi says it's looking for potential connections between farook, his former neighbor and -- convicted in 2014 of conspireing to kill american troops. i'm jonathan hunt in san bernardino. now, back to hannity. >> welcome back. now, earlier this week, trump, he took the political world by storm by proposing a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. for a period of time. after coming under heavy criticism, the gop front-runner defended his plan. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total an complete shutdown of muslims entering the united
7:39 pm
states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. our buildings to come down. they want our cities to be crushed. they are living within our country and many want to come from outside our country. i am saying that until we figure this out, we should have a ban. it's very simple. >> this is about security. not religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country that have horrible things in their mind. >> joining us now with analysis, monica crowley, doug shown, tamra holder. doug, you agree with trump, but you're supporting hillary. >> i am, but this is a common sense question with security of the nation. if i was advising hillary clinton, i would tell her to move as far away, as quickly as she could, from obama. >> if there's another terror aak
7:40 pm
or two, god forbid, every democrat, even though we're learning they have passports, we don't pay attention to it and paris comes here, what impact does that have? >> i will say just based on what we know now, the democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. climate change is not, is not the answer to national security. while i do support gun control -- >> tamra's laughing. >> i do, i think we need to do more than background checks, which i support and getting guns out of the hands of those on the no fly list. we need tougher national security. metadata program enhanced, greater surveillance. >> how big of an issue is this coupled with immigration going to have on this 2016 election? >> well, i think in a normal election cycle, the economy is dominant, but i think this is not going to be a normal election cycle.
7:41 pm
partially because we're coming out of a presidency that hasn't been normal. i think national security is going to be the dominant issue because we can talk until we're blew in the face, but none matter if we're all dead. the american people understand that. national security, first, last and always. i think it will effect hillary clinton's chances here because she was his first steward of american foreign policy, national security as the secretary of state, i think doug is absolutely right. she has to put a lot of distance between herself and this president, which is going to be very difficult for her to do. on the republican side, strong leaders like trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, chris christie, who have spoken strongly and aggressively about taking on this threat. it's not just about fighting bodies. as necessary as that is with is i, al-qaeda, the muslim brotherhood, it's b about fighting the ideology and those are the guys taking this on. >> i played this early in the program.
7:42 pm
you have all of our national intelligence director, our fbi director, assistant fbi director, general john allen, the president's enjoy to defeat isis warning us that isis will infiltrate the refugee community and now, they're warning they have a ability to make their own passports. why not, here's why question to you. >> great they were employed last week while this happened in san bernardino. it's great they can point the finger at president obama. >> that was an intelligence failure. >> absolutely. but you don't make up an idea to ban all muslims from coming into the united states when the issue is national security. >> let me ask you this. it's an intelligence failure, why not put in the man until we get the intelligence right. it's just temporary. why not have temporary ban to get it right. >> because it has nothing to do with muslims as a whole. it has to do with extremists. >> if you're coming from a country that treats women like a second class citizen, where they
7:43 pm
can drive, go to school, to work, how to dress. marital rape is not even a crime. really? >> that has nothing to do with -- >> sure, it does. >> those people are interpreting the koran in waun way. >> but they want to come to america. bring their values with them or not? >> we have to do what i think is a wholesale ban on all immigration. don't do it on the face of religion. just shut it down. >> sure, i agree with that. >> so, is america safer once we ban mexican rapist, murderers -- >> if we build -- >> we have 353 mass shootings in america. >> if we build the wall and we
7:44 pm
put in this temporary ban, that to me would make us safer. >> well, of course, these are common sense solutions. look, a great power cannot remain great if it cannot enforce its borders, control who comes into the country and enforce its own sovereignty. this is step one to regaining control over our national security. >> guys, thank you. good to see you. thank you. coming up, you'll meet a doctor who describes himse an anti-islamist muslim. once lived in saudi arabia and will explain whoo wha life is really like. the cold truth is... if a cold keeps you up at night
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welcome back. now, despite the wave of terror attacks, democratic politicses are largely unwilling to utter the term, radical islam, but in order to combat terrorism, we must fully understand the threat and label it appropriately. my next guest calls herself an anti-islamic muslim and wrote about her life in saudi arabia before immigrating to the the united states. the land of invisible women.
7:50 pm
she is with us and she officially became a u.s. citizen earlier today. so, congratulations, doctor. >> thank you so much. >> it was a long process. how long did it take? >> over 20 years. >> what kind of doctor are you? >> i'm a sleep disorder specialist. >> so, you grew up in england. >> yes, exactly. >> and practiced medicine in saudi arabia. >> after i finished my american training, american trained doctors are in high demand. >> how are women treated there? >> as a physician, i had all the powers and opportunities that i would have had here inf(nvgkfs , but a cover covering my face, clothing and the body. i had to leaf my car keys in the
7:51 pm
united states. no expression of religious freedom that i would recognize. i was raised by pluralistic muslims. >> are there catholic churches there? synagogues? >> not only no place for christian worship, but even symbols of other religions are prohibited. my nurses were sometimes, christians would conceal their religious symbols and i had to protect them to pak sure they were not visible, which turned me into an oppressor. >> what would happen if they got caught? >> it's forbidden by the state, so i don't know what the pe penalties are. >> let aes talk about a woman that lives there. because women must obey their husbands. they must dress a certain way, cover themselves as their husbands dictate. they have the morality police in
7:52 pm
legally as a minor, so the woman does not have the rights. >> and the children, it's very punitive against women. if i had an adult female patient, i couldn't take medical consent from her, it would have to be a male, who might be a 15-year-old boy. and i think that is symbolic of saudi arabia but they are lacking other rights, too. the women i was mixing with, my colleagues were privileged and many were educated in switzerland or france. even then, a woman was infa
7:53 pm
infantilzed. no freedom of travel. my passport belonged to my employer. >> they believe there is no such thing as marital rape in saudi arabia. >> about this, i do not know. >> so when you say invisible women in saudi arabia, in the saudi kingdom, why do you think there are so few women in america that speak out about that? do you think that men grow up in that culture where they get to tell women how to dress, whether they go out in school, or go in public, etc., do you think some of them bring those attitudes with them? >> it could be. but i saw that western men, working there in positions like i was became comfortable with some of the denegration of women, not opening a door for a woman was common. getting accustomed to women being towards the back of the room. i teach male doctors and female
7:54 pm
doctors. women just took a back seat. now, the saudi women, many of them professionals are very assertive, and really are making headway, many of the women i knew are changing the country currently. >> would you be afraid to go back sth. >> it's not my book i'd be afraid. i have positive relations with the state of israel that i advocate for an israel university, that i believe in israel's rights, it made me persona non-grata there. >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you. >> we'll have more "hannity" right after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well?
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♪ ♪ hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the o'reilly factor the war on terror, the political equation. let's get right to our top story. the terrorism threat upending the 2016 campaign. a new cbs news poll shows americans now fear the likelihood of a terror attack more than at any other point since 9/11. those concerns are are fueling a new surge of support for donald trump among republicans with 40% saying they are very confident in his ability to handle the terror threat no other candidate comes close.


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