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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models. >> good evening. northern california is getting pounded by a third winter like storm in a week. snow is falling and some of the higher pieces in nevada could see up to 2 feet of snow. lower elevations are being hit by heavy rain and high winds that are dealing with power outages. people are in cleanup mode in texas after a couple of tornadoes touching down there one north of houston ripping off a building. is it damaged several homes and
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toppled trees. they are working to restore power. another touched down further south damaging at least 50 homes there. i am kelly wright a hannity special jihad in america. >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity" jihad in america. fear of a terror attack in the home land is at the highest levels since 9-11. a posteriorly shows 79 percent of america feels a terror strike is some what likely to take place in the next few months whi with 44 percent saying it is likely to happen. president obama has done little to calm people's fears. if you have been listening to the president's comments on isis it should not come as a surprise but it is back in 2014 during an
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interview he said quote the analogy we use around here sometimes i think is accurate is if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms it doesn't make them kobe bryant. hours after the deadly air force attack in paris the president boldly proclaimed isis was contained. >> we have always understood our goal has to be militarily constraining isis capabilities. cutting off the supply life and training. >> isis is gaining strength aren't they? >> what is true from the start our goal has been first to contain. they have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. in syria they will come in, they will leave, but you don't see the systematic march by isil across the terrain. what we have not yet been able to do is completely decapitate
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their command and control structures. >> president obama can say that but according to his current former secretaries of defense and chief of staff isis is not contained. watch this. >> i think the mission that he said is the right mission which is to disrupt, dismantle and destroy isis. that's the mission. the resource that apply to the mission frankly have not been sufficient. >> we a problem that needs to be addressed or near term challenge that needs to be addressed. there are some things that we could be doing or intensifying that yield success sooner. >> they are not bringing any kind of stability>> have we contained isil? >> we have not contained isil.
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>> do you agree? >> i agree with what he said, yes. a oo senator fine stein is growing. joining us now is former presidential candidate former florida governor jeb bush. talking about the rise of the american people. look what happened in paris and san bernardino. president is wrong on the jv team. he is wrong on them being contained. it is not an ex sen shall threat to americans how can he be so wrong when all of the mart people around him are telling him he is wrong? >> the prelude to the interview is devastating the president doesn't believe this is an he s essential threat to the region or our country. the declared war on us and haven't done anything but view it as a law enforcement exercise. we need to strategy to destroy
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isis. it energizes the ability to recruit home grown terrorists and the country around the world. we saw it play out in a tragedy a couple weeks ago. it will continue to occur unless we are vigilant to protect the home land and have a military strategy to destroy isis in syria and iraq and mean it and lead the world as we are only capable to do. >> we have two big developments this week. one is the story today the big news today which isis has full access to the passports for syrians and manufacturing them and using them to get into america. that coupled with the homeland security committee about isis has a plan to infill straight the refugee population. oo isis said they want to exploit the refugee process to infiltrate the west and they did that to attract terrorists.
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i can reveal today the united states government indicates individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria already attempted to gain access to our con three through the terrorist program. >> if isis as chairman of the homeland security committee says passports. what about a temporary ban to make things all immigration to make sure that we have the system working properly. what are your thoughts on it? >> i think you should have a temporary ban until it's clear there aren't any terrorists embedded. if a kurd wanted to come to the country the strongest supporters in the united states in the region that are muslim, i am no the sure that's the appropriate thing. we are indonesian. blanket coverage of all muslims doesn't make sense. the key is to have a strategy that doesn't destroy isis.
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the best refugee solution is to make sure they don't leave to give them safe harbor and build a sunni led force in syria to mobilize support with the arab world to take out isis. theent about protecting a home land is important. don't get me wrong. it is really important. we need to make sure the fbi deals with local law enforcement better and need to make sure intelligence capabilities are ensured in a far better way. make sure the visa waiver program is updated with this new threat. we need to review every element the k 1 visa part of this the so-called fiancee visa. all of this stuff we need to make sure we recognize what the threat is. we need to do it with creating a strategy it destroy isis. only america can do this. >> because isis identified the refugee population and they are targeting that and they did so
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successfully in paris we have to pay special attention to that. one of the biggest worries i will have as an american is how do you ascertain -- i am sure the majority of people want to get out of the horrible conditions they are living in. i don't know if we could have the means of mechanism to vet people because we know that isis would train those people that are infiltrating to get all of the answers. i don't know if you can assure the american people 100 percent anyway. >> if you can't they shouldn't come in. that's my point. i think the focus on the refugee issue which is what the congress is looking at is the appropriate thing to do. if you can't convince the american people based on fact that you have changed your policies to assure that wouldn't happen, then of course they shouldn't be allowed in. as it relates to home grown terrorists we need a much more robust effort to protect the home land as well. they are taking advantage of our
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freedom. our freedom is our vulnerability it could have devastating impacts on the economy on the people's way of life if they are successful on this. >> do you think of the hillary clinton's plan she agrees with the president. do you think we have gone back to a free 9- -- pre9-11 mind set? they have taken our eye off a battle that is being waged against us. maybe people were wore torn after eight years of battling but the reality is the war is not stopped for the enemy. >> i agree. barack obama and mihillary clinn believe we have a law enforcement exercise. they have put so many constraints on the war fighters including by the way sending leaflets out to truck drivers that are sending illicit oil to
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be sold by the assad regime. the bush administration those truck drivers would be bombed because they are leaving isis controlled territories. you want to deter truck drivers from driving to the north kill a few of them. they are part and parcel of the effort to create this caliphate and sustain it. >> what do you think the former cia director, we didn't take out the financial source of isis in iraq and syria because they didn't want environmental damage. is that anyway to fight a war? >> you are seeing the espn show in the morning before the nfl games where mr. jackson goes come on man. that's what that answer is. this is ridiculous. >> it really is. >> this is a war. >> every element of what you are describing here is an example of why president obama and hillary clinton do not believe this is a war. they have more concerns about gun control and climate change
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than the asemitic threat of the way of life. >> let me ask you about the race. donald trump remains on top. he has been a thorn in the side of a lot of candidates. there has been talk maybe people won't support the winner of the nominating process. i don't see you in that camp. if you don't win you will support the winner. more importantly how do you see a path to victory to yourself 7 weeks out of iowa? >> first of all don't think donald trump is going to win the nomination. i don't think what he is offering is a serious set of proposals. we need real leadership. we need a commander-in-chief not an agitate tore in chief. mornings in general people in iowa and new hampshire to take their responsibility seriously the group to go forward that have the skills to be demander
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in chief. i am confident campaigning in iowa and new hampshire in south carolina i will be in my ascendancy. that's my part forward. i think we need a proven leader to sit behind the big desk to make the difficult chises on behalf of the american people to seep us safe. my record suggests i am a serious person that can make tough decisions. i don't create the illusion of falts promises. i deliver real results. >> good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> coming up tonight right here on "hannity"." >> the intelligence committee is concerned they have the ability, the capability to manufacturer fraudulent passports. >> more on the new report that says u.s. government officials are worried isis has stolen a passport printing machine and they have entered into america. we have reks ago later tonight as donald trump's muslim band proposal. the tough way to keep america safe that and more on a special
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edition of "hannity" jihad in
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america. >> are you concerned isis has the ability to create fraudulent passport or other identification documents for the operatives that is a practical matter that would be almost impossible to detect? >> yes, mr. hachairman the intelligence committee is concerned they have the ability, the capability to manufacturer fraudulent passports. >> that was the fbi director james comey on capitol hill sounding the alarm against isis infiltrating the refugee population coming into america. fox news confirmed a new report u.s. intelligence officials fear he is cy isis terrorists are manufacturing fake terrorist
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passports and entering into america. former nypd directty bo deedle and kt mcfarland. a look at this. basically it confirms even further we need a temporary ban until we get the system right. >> with ye need a temporary pau have management consultants from top to bottom. it is not a partisan issue or republican democrat issue it is an issue. >> we learned now that they are manufacturing their own passports. that means there are plenty of phony passports and they are coming into america. the house homeland security chair this week mike mccall on this program point the out to this audience that in fact isis has hatched a plan to infiltrate the population. >> it doesn't have to do with
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refugees. two of the cities with syria taken over by isis had two passport offices with boxes of blaine passports and they can put whatever pictures they want in there. they are coming from the southern most border. >> they told you they are seeing these syrian passports. >> the border patrol is picking them up. they are turning them over to isis and isis bringing them into the country. my problem is when you have a jokester like the white house spokesman this little jerky kid when he is on tv saying how they have all of this intelligence, he is telling a lie. it's a dam lie. they interviewed him over the other side and they let him into america with the visa with their passport. half of the passports we don't
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know how they are real. it could dam we will be isis. >> it is horrible. >> they are telling us isis has a plan they are getting in. they confirmed all of this there's no way to vet everybody. why not put a pause to protect the safety and security of the american people and not gamble with their lives temporarily until we get a raise. >> if we don't put a pause of some sort they put it to their risk. they put 25,000 syrian refugees on what they call a syrian program they are letting them in before all this. many may have the false passports. we talk about the southern border this creates a whole new problem for us in our judgment. >> 70 percent view isis as a major threat to america.
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i want to play this cut from house homeland security chairman mike mccall listen what he says isis has a plan to infiltrate this population. >> isis says in their own words they want to exploit the refugee process to infiltrate the west. they did exactly that to attract terrorists. i can reveal today the united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. >> that means americans will die. that's how i interpret that. >> i talked to the agent who called me didn't want their name to be known. they say i am afraid to go back to my country. that is the single -- >> that's the magic word. i am afraid to go back to my country. who are you? donald trump everybody laughed at me said a little bit over the top every muslim. i don't agree with that.
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what you should do is put a pause until we know who the hell is coming into this country. this is getting real scary. i don't want to fright ten people but it is serious. real serious. >> we don't hear them any more. in the past there's a terrorist incident people who say there were dots we didn't connect the dots. we are not see can the dots any more. >> the intelligence in san bernardino failed. >> also 19 pipe bombs the guy worked in the school system. i think this went real fast. >> they were prepared to do a lot more. they had the triple rap on three of the pipe bombs. >> we talked about an intelligence failure. the real failure is law enforcement in my opinion they don't get enough credit for all they do. the maybe so many targets they
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can't get the resources against all of the targets they would like to because of that incidence like san bernardino happen. >> coming up tonight right here on "hannity." >> between 5 and 20 percent of the people i speak to that islam is their religion and who have a desire for a caliphate. >> 5-20 percent. that's 60 to 240 million people. a very disturbing admission from a democratic lawmaker. they need to begin surveying boss they are doing that in paris. later tonight>> they want our buildings to come down. they want the cities to be crushed. many want to come from outside of our country. i am saying until we figure this out we should have a ban. it is very simple. >> he is taking a lot of heat
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from the temporary muslim ban. is it the best way to keep americans safe? that and more with hannity jihad in america. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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early this week, california democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez made this shocking statement. >> wep there's a small group, anywhere between 5 and 20% from the people i speak to that islam is their religion. and who have a desire for cal fight and to institute that in any way possible and in particular, go after what they consider western norms. our way of life. >> that's >> 60 million and 240 million people in light of that shocking statistic as well as the deadly
7:25 pm
terror attacks in san bernardino do authorities need to surveil mosques to see if they have connections to extremist groups? author of complete infidel's guide to isis robert spencer actor america founder bridge eat gabriel and add dal saeed he claims he was forced to resign after he abeered on earlier this week and supported donald trump's proposed muslim ban, temporary ban. since yesterday we tried to contact the islamic society of try plex to get a statement or hear their side of the story. you you say you support the idea of a temporarily vban so we can get our vetting system right. what happened? >> the problem is day after day it is becoming clear to me that
7:26 pm
is we have many lectures about the american muslims. they are ready to attack. we have 7 text messages about those out and about banning i am brants and muslims. the problem especially after being forced to resign yesterday through messages to people. >> what's the reason they gave that you were porforced to resi? >> the exact statement how possible you could support trump. we are dealing with facts. we are dealing with statements. we don't tyake emotions in our viewpoints. candidates, why would you mix a campaign with a message that
7:27 pm
would bring defeat to us? >> let me ask you this. were those death threats that you got? were they from people in your mosque or from around the country? >> mostly -- in the greater area. i don't think it is outside this. >> over 102 ams in houston the viewpoints they get we have trouble here with american muslims across the united states with all of the hundreds of societies basically doing zero job in trying to have peaceful muslims in the country. >> let me go to bridget. we want moderate muslims. in this case you are talking about a leader, am imam to speak out against those that hijack
7:28 pm
this religion to kill innocent men, women and children. he to me is part of the solution. yet he is rejected and thrown out of his mosque and now he's getting death threats or getting threats from people, what does that tell us? >> this is a reality check. this is a reality check for everybody who says we need to reach out. we need to work with the moderate muslims and joining of them when you see an imam like him who steps up and says we have a problem we need to stop educating the youth about moving away from radicalism. you see the reaction that he is getting. he is not the exception. we have heard the reaction shawn people that spoke up before, many of the moderate muslims we work with. we need to pay attention to the radicalization of american mosques in america today. you know three separate studies done between 2005 and 2010 with the mosques in the united states among the most prominent in
7:29 pm
america shows 70 percent of american mosques are radicalized. it is a reality check for us to learn from. >> we have always said to win this battle we need moderates. we need muslims to stand up against your relaying gone. we have the imam saying for the safety of the american people the american vetting system isn't right we know they are forging passports to isis. they have a plan to infiltrate the community. the safety of imams comes first and let's get that right. he is thrown out of his mosque. >> it is very telling. what you have here is the fact that isis and other groups like it they claim to be islamic islam. they threat tone it murder anybody who gets out of line. if you are a genuine moderate,
7:30 pm
sincere muslim who rejects the idea of killing the name of laul and muhammad you are putting your own life on the line and you could be threatened. this is why one of the reasons why we don't see a big push back among moderates and those foolish to count on them. >> there have been isis rallies that have gotten 30 people. 50 people here and there around the country. they don't have the huge numbers you see for people like protesting cartoons of mohammed and things like that. the problem we have is the islamic jihadist can point to the text and teaching of the qur'an and the example of mohammed to justify their actions. they have no counter to that. >> let me ask you. you heard loretta sanchez a democratic congresswoman saying she is between 5-20 percent of the population that has been radical identified through your own experience. do you think those numbers are correct? >> even one percent is too much.
7:31 pm
to tell you the truth, if that is happening on americans, the liberal flights that were living right here with all kind of freedom with all kinds of opinions to discuss and learning the laws of differences. there is an add here rant violence that is built in many of the muslims i sadly say that. i have seen it. i am hear imam. they are praying behind me. >> do you feel your life is in jeopardy, sir? >> all of these messages a lot of people are advising me to contact authorities and fbi. it seems like this will happen soon. >> thank you all for being with us. very sad. coming up i will explain what life is really like for women living in saudi arabia under sharia law. you will meet a woman living there.
7:32 pm
that's coming up later. coming up first. >> this is not about security. it is not about rel-- this is at security, not about religion. we cannot have people come into this country who have hoar you believe things on their mind. >> donald trump came under heavy fire for his temporary pmuslim ban proposal. they weigh in on what politicians need to do to keep americans safe. that and more with the special hannity "jihad in america.
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and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> a fatal shooting by los angeles gres county sheriff's deputies prompts the release of three 911 callers. they saw a man firing a gun into the air before being fatally shot by the deputies. they confronted the suspect at a gas station. they shot him after he refused to drop his gun. the suspect's relatives say the
7:38 pm
shooting was not justified. another fate sal shooting this one by campus police at the university of north texas. the university says police were responding to a report someone was breaking car windows about two blocks from the campus. they were confronted by a stew went with an ax who was shot because he moved ste officers. the officer who fired the shot is on administrative leaf. i am kelly wright now back to special hannity jihad in americ america. >> welcome back to a special "hannity" jihad in america." he took the political field by storm after coming under heavy criticism. the gop frontrunner defended his plan. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the
7:39 pm
united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> they want our buildings to come down and cities to be crushed they are living within our country and many want to come from outside of our country. i am saying in we figure this out we should have a ban. it is very simple. >> this is about security. it is no the about religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country that have horrible things in their mind. >> we have our panel with us. i know you agree with donald trump on this yet you are supporting hillary. >> i am supporting hillary but this is a common sense question of security of a nation. if i was advising hillary clinton i would tell her to move as far away as quickly as she could from obama.
7:40 pm
>> the refugee population we don't pay attention to it and paris comes here what impact does this have? >> i don't want to speculate about horrific acts like that. based on what we know now the democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. climate change is not, is not, shawn, the answer to national security. candidly while i do support gun control passionately i think we need to do a lot more than background checks which i support and getting guns out of the hands of those who were on the no fly list. they need national security meta data program enhanced and greater plans. >> this particular issue coupled with immigration having a plan on this 2016 election. >> it's not going to be a normal election cycle because we are
7:41 pm
coming out of presidency that isn't normal. national security is going to be the dominant issue. we can talk until we are blue in the face but none of them matter if we are all dead. the american people understand that. national security first last and always. i think it will effect hillary clinton's chances here because she was his first steward of american foreign policy and secretary of state. i think doug is absolutely right. she has to put a lot of distance between herself and this president which is going to be very difficult for her to do. on the republican side, strong leaders like donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, chris christie who have spoken strongly and aggressively about taking on this threat. it is not just about fighting bodies, sean. as necessary as that is with isis, al qaeda, the muslim brotherhood it is about fighting the ideology. those are the guys who are taking this on especially donald trump they don't gain attraction because of this.
7:42 pm
>> the national i tell against director, the fbi director, general john allen the president's envoy defeating isis all warning us though will infiltrate the community. they have legitimate passports getting into this country. >> it is great they were deployed last week in san bern ben. >> that's the point. that was an intelligence failure. >> it was, absolutely. >> you don't make up an idea to ban all muslims from coming into the united states when the issue is nation nag security venlt>> it is an intelligence failure why don't we put the ban in until americans can be safe. it is just temporary. >> it has nothing to do with muslims as a whole. it has to do with extremists. >> it is second class citizen they can tell them whether to drive, go to school, go to work,
7:43 pm
marital race not even a crime. >> that is nothing to do with extremists. they are interpreting the qur'an in one way. >> they want to come to america. >> how about radical islamists. we have to do what i think is a wholesale ban on all immigration. just shut it down for two or three months. >> is america safer once we ban mexicans, rapists? >> the rhetoric -- >> hapg on a second. >> monica, if we build the wall -- >> you talk to me about rhetoric verses thinking we have 355 mass shootings in america. >> if we build the wall -- if we build the wall and we put in
7:44 pm
this temporary van and we get the vetting right that to me would make us safer. >> of course. these are common sense solutions. great power to not remain great if it can enforce the boarders control who comes into the coulden tree and enforce its own sovereignty. this is step one to regaining control over national security. >> you will meet a doctor who describes himself as a anti islamic muslim. what laf is really like for women who live in the country. you won't believe what she has to say as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back. >> welcome back. despite the recent wave of terrorist attacks carried out by radical islamists they are largely unwilling to utter the term radical islam. in order to combat terrorism we must fully understand the threat and label it appropriately. the next guest calls it anti islamic muslims and wrote about her life before immigrating to the united states in a book entitled in a land invisible women a journey into kingdom.
7:50 pm
she officially became a citizen early today. >> glad to have you in our family. >> it's a long process. how long did it take? >> i think i secured this group over 20-years. >> what kind of doctor are you? >> i am a full mondayologist. >> you grew up in england. then you practiced medicine in saudi arabia for a number of years. >> american doctors are in high dpee manned. i took a position in saudi arabia. >> how are women treated there? >> as a physician i had all of the powers and opportunities i would have had in the united states. but as soon as i stepped away from the bedside in the public space i had no freedom of movement. i was mandated to veil not even a minor star carf but covering face clothing and the body. i had to leave my car keys in the united states.
7:51 pm
no expression of religious freedom i was recognized. i was raised by pluralistic muslims. >> are there catholic churches? synagogues? >> now place for christian worship. but symbols of religions are prohibited. my nurses were sometimes kayed nan american or filipino. they would conceal their religious freedoms. i had to protect them to make sure they were not visible. even though i was doing it for their benefit it turned me into a kind of oppressor. >> let's talk about a woman who lives there. women must obey their husbands, must cover themselves as their husbands dictate. they have the morality police. can't be seen in public without a man. >> they are prohibiting sin but they are intimidating.
7:52 pm
i was intimidated that. everything you said about women is true. though a woman is designated legally as a minor. a woman doesn't have the rights of an adult. >> even custody of children is very punitive against women. if i had an adult female patient even though she was an adult i couldn't take medical consent from her. >> you talk about women being invisible. they didn't drive cars can they? >> that is symbolic of saudi arabia. they are lacking other rights, too. the women i was mixing with i was treating women who were bedridden but they were prifl lemmed highly educated many in the states or switzerland or france. even then or a woman with my education was infan talized. we were not able to be autonomous. no freedom of travel. that means when i entered the country my passport was
7:53 pm
belonging to my employer. leaving the country requires an exit visa. all of these things are true in saudi arabia. there is no such thing as marital rape in saudi arabia. >> about this i don't know. i have not come across that. >> when you say inkrizible women why do you think there are so few who speak out against had a? they get to tell women how to dress whether to go to school they can't drive a car, et cetera, et cetera. if the men come to america do you think some of them bring the attitudes with them? >> it could be. i saw more disturbing even western men working there in positions like i was became comfortable with the denigration of women in subtle ways not opening a door for women was quite common getting accustomed to women getting in the back of the room. i teach male and female doctors.
7:54 pm
i did that there and here. women took a back seat. the saudi women themselves they are very assertive and they are making headway many of the women that i knew are changing the country. >> i have been back after my book was published. it's the fact that i have positive relations to israel that i believe in the right to exist. a oo thank you for sharing that with our audience. we have more "hannity"" after this quick break. working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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usu truth about sex and college starts right here, right now. >> she said, do you have a condom. she thought she gave consent. in fact they are setting up their own courts to decide when sex becomes a assault assault. but are the campus courts dispensing justice or cutting corners? you don't have the rights on a college campus. >> the


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