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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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pounds. if you bought a christmas gift in that range, you have to tell whoever you're giving it to they need to register with the government. merry christmas. >> or maybe just have the drone deliver the present. >> there you go. >> well, thank you for having me and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. nice to have you, eric. have a great day. "the real story" starts right now. big fox news alert breaking right now, the lawyer for army sergeant bowe bergdahl says the case of the former taliban prisoner charged with desertion has been referred to the cart martial and it's going to go to trial. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." bergdahl's case has been very controversial since he was swapped for the five taliban commanders in may of last year. national security correspondent general griffin is live with the breaking news. >> gretchen, the army is confirming that in fact bowe bergdahl will be charged with two issues, desertion before the
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enemy as well as i'm told the second charge will take him to a trial by court-martial. we expected this to happen. i think it's no coincidence that last week eugene fidel who represents bowe bergdahl put out a body podcast where we heard beau's side of the story so far. that was good work by his lawyer and i think it was because he knew that they were going to be moving forward in this potential court-martial process. so the trial will go forward through a military court, and that we've learned just now from the army, that they're confirming that is the case. >> just real quick, it's a big deal because i believe that the recommendation coming prior was that he would have no jail time and that it would be a lower sort of a court, right? >> i think those were leaks at the time. i don't believe that we ever heard that officially. but that was the impression from some of the leaks surrounding the case.
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but now i think it's very clear that the military process will go forward and it is possible because court-martial is now on the table that he could face jail time. so i think nothing is ruled out, and these are two very serious charges, desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. so now the process will just have to play out. >> very interesting. now on to the other breaking news happening earlier today, the president's speech on isis. he was at the pentagon. what does the president hope to achieve by sending secretary of defense ash carter now to the middle east? >> well, first of all it's a bit disingenuous for the president to say he's sending secretary cartory the middle east. in fact, secretary carter was supposed to -- it was a preplanned trip ahead of the holidays to thank the troops. karlter was supposed to leave last night. he had to delay the trip when the white house called this meeting last week. the real reason the president met with 35 members of his national security team here at the pentagon is optics.
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he's about to go on vacation, and he needed to reassure the american public that his military is not slowing down over the holidays. >> we are hitting isil harder than ever. coalition aircraft, our fighters bombers and drones, have been increasing the pace of their strikes, nearly 9,000 as of today. last month in november we dropped more bombs on isil targets than any other month since this campaign started. >> notable that the emphasis ever the strategy as articulated by the president still relying on air strikes. the president did say that the special forces he ordered to syria, the 50 special forces, in late october are now on the ground in syria trying to find a partner there. >> very interesting that that was a preplanned trip for ash carter. now, were there any other successes that the president pointed to today? >> well, he said isis has lost 40% of their populated areas in iraq. that's a new figure we hadn't heard before. the president also gave a litany of isis leaders that the
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military has successfully killed in the past year. >> since this spring we've removed one of their top leaders, isil's second in command, a top online recruiter, a brutally murderer of americans and others, and in recent weeks their finance chief, seen nor extortionist and weapons trafficker. >> his message to those isis leaders was, quote, you're next. gretchen? >> jennifer griffin, thank you. in the meantime, new concerns that more warning signs may have been missed ahead of the san bernardino shootings. investigators reportedly discovering posts that one of the shooters made online about violent jihad years before even coming to the united states. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in california for us. jonathan, the wife tashfeen malik declared her support for
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jihad before she even got here. >> reporter: yeah. before that now-infamous photo taken on july 27, 2014, at chicago's o'hare airport, that is the first time that tashfeen malik entered the united states, and it now appears that she had very clearly murder on her mind at that point. according to the reporting of the "new york times," she had made several posts on social media declaring not just her support for jihad but her desire to take part in holy war. the white house is already saying that reviews are under way, gretchen. here's the white house spokesman. listen now. >> the president has asked the two agencies that are responsible for implementing this program to review it and come back to him with a set of recommendations about how the screening requirements can or should be tightened. >> reporter: and another funeral
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will take place today, grietche, as san bernardino continues to sigh final farewell to its dead. >> we'll have more on that coming up because it turns out it was the president's own policies that may have hindered people from looking into social media. another alert to tell you about. brand new iowa numbers in the gop race for the white house where a quinnipiac poll finds donald trump and ted cruz locked in a statistical dead heat, trump getting 28% to cruz's 27%. then we have the fox news poll. that gives cruz the edge as the texas senator surge noose the top spot with 28% to trump's 26%, again, statistically neck and neck. chris stirewalt joins me now. a lot of polls have been coming out over the last 24 hours or so, and it's interesting because they're kind of flip-flopping between trump and cruz. but those two guys are at the top now. >> right. it's very clear at this point.
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look, the polls disagree. polls disagree among each other about is donald trump up by 20 points, up by 5 points nationally, in iowa is cruz up by 10 points in the "des moines register" poll or 5 or 6 points or 1 point or whatever? they all disagree about the specifics. but one thing they agree on, both in iowa and nationally, is that ted cruz has got the mo. he has got momentum. he is moving forward. and he is either closing on donald trump or gaining ground or however you want to put it. they may not agree on the specific digits but they all agree that cruz is having a good run. >> speaking of mo, the monmouth national poll shows trump now really pulling away. 41%, that is his highest number ever. what you were saying is cruz is second, but he's at 14% and rubio at 10%. what do we make in the difference between iowa and national/. >> nationally we've got again the same idea, polls in conflict. we have a wall street
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journal/nbc news poll on track with the poll we did that has trump at 27%, toward the high end of his normal register. now we have a poll from monmouth that has him at 41%. we don't know what the snapshot says or whose model is going to be right. but we do know this, that the idea of trump would be bad cli damaged in at least the short term by his call for a moratorium on muslims entering the united states, that did not hurt him in the short term, no poll shows that. >> another very interesting question in the fox news poll, which candidate would you never support? trump also on top there, 30%. jeb bush number two at 23%. everyone else way below that. so i guess his unfavorability remains high at the same time, a ton of people like him. >> right. and neither of those two guys are likely to be the republican nominee. whatever the horse race polls say at this moment. trump and bush, trump obviously
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is in a better position than jeb bush because he's got a lot of horse race support right now, whether it's 27% or 41%. he's the guy to beat. jeb bush has almost no support after spending more than $50 million, but neither of them are going to be the nominee because there is so much hard opposition to them in the party. what you're starting to see in ted cruz is that republicans who are concerned about donald trump as a general election candidate are going to coalesce around ted cruz because here's the thing that matters when you get to the end. viability in a general election against hillary clinton, number one, and number two is adherence to conservative principles. cruz has paid the cost to be the boss when it comes to that stuff. >> right. and he's usually the number two choice for trump supporters if trump is out of the race. >> right. >> time now for the power index where we look at who's up and who's down in the race for the white house. on the gop side today, top five spots for you, stirewalt, remain the same, cruz one, rubio two, trump three, but then we have
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fiorina at number five, trump at six. fiorina is there, right? who left? who left? now you have chris christie in. >> chris christie hsu plants ben carson. now, i know if you look at the polling data right now you'd say, wait a minute, ben carson still has double digits in polls, chris christie has bupkis in the polls. what's the deal? the answer is chris christie has effectively turned his heavy investment in new hampshire in return in the polls. we're starting to see him show life in new hampshire. i would put him as the guy who if marco rubio who right now this race is shaping up for a cruz/rubio duel, if rubio has a problem, if there's a blowout, a flat tire somewhere down the interstate, that christie to be the guy the establishment could turn to in a desperation play at the end. i give him the nod over ben carson who let's -- here's the problem for ben carson. history tells us that when these candidates have booms like
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carson did and they bust, only once that we know, newt gingrich, had a second act. >> he certainly did. chris stirewalt, have a great week. thanks, sir. >> you bet. social media search may have prevented a terrorist from coming here into the u.s. and killing 14 innocent people. but our current policies protecting your privacy, are they protecting your privacy? and at the same time, are they having deadly repercussions? and what's responsible for those policies? also this, an online retailer is pulling these fiery hover boards out of its warehouse. what they're demanding companies do now to prove that their products won't blow up in your face. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously?
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welcome back to "the real story." there are reports that malik, one of the san bernardino shooters, made many pro-jihad social media posts but aofficials were apparently not aware of them. jeh johnson last year opted to keep a policy in place that prohibits immigration officials from checking visa pliapplicant social media messages. and tashfeen malik reportedly checked not one but three visa background checks despite her jihad praises. let's get real talk from chad sweet. chad, great to have you on "the real story." a lot of people want to know what the heck is the real story about this. why? why would this administration go this pc way and not want to i guess offend people from foreign nations who want to come to this nation on visas and not check their social media? come on. that is the way in which terrorism leaives and breathes.
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>> a great point, gretchen. we've got to get rid of political correctness which is endangering american lives. if you look at the boston bombers, they explicitly posted prior to the attack. what we've seen here in the garland case that was a tip-off, why we were able to intercept. we look at the situation here in san bernardino, what we see is a pattern, which is that it is the case that they use social media to communicate, to activate, radicalize, plot and plan. so it's very important to point out that they're doing this in what i'll call the digital public square, which is there's no expectation of privacy in that case. >> right. >> why the obama administration felt that this was somehow optically problematic is hard to understand. >> well, it's impossible to understand, in fact, josh earnest got that question today at the briefing and he sort of danced around it like, yeah, we're going to look into these policies that were put in place. they were their policies! >> right. when i was at homeland security, we did look at this.
11:17 am
secondly, when you look at who is actually revealing it, initially a whistle-blower you may have heard of phil handy came forward and acknowledged this. some are wondering whether he had an ax to grind. now what we see is now john cohen an undersecretary appointed by obama actually saying the exact same thing. this is a pattern that obviously has been corroborated from different sources and it is a source of concern that the congress needs to look into. >> no doubt i. think people watching this program right now when they find out the real story about this, they're thinking at home that we're looking at everything like this. i thought we were until we heard this today. i just want to get your comments, too, about something else going on with the san bernardino situation, this third party person now enraique marquez, apparently he spoke about sleeper cells at work being a bartender or a busboy and people didn't take him seriously. so what does this tell us about culture and how serious we should take any word about
11:18 am
terrorism? >> well, it definitely shows that right now there's a fear of political correctness where the people see something, they're not sure whether they can say something. if you look at, for example, how the school in texas was treated after they saw what they thought was a bomb in a little boy's backpack. they're now under a $5 million lawsuit. so congress needs to move forward with opportunities to provide protection to those who in good faith come forward to protect the public. the other thing i would note, gretchen, as well is that when you look at how they're communicating not only this openly and publicly but when they do it on cell phones or fixed line phones, people like senator cruz and mike lee have tried very hard to make sure that the robustness of the program that was going to expire under the patriot act, the nsa's program, that has continued now in a different form where the phone records are accessible by the government in a lawful way without having it collected in vanls. that's something very important as well as we move forward in
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connecting the dots. >> chad sweet, thanks much. let's check out these new iowa polls showing a confusing picture of the 2016 lace. the guru of iowa polling will be here to analyze the latest numbers showing ted cruz and donald trump neck and neck. why polling she says is only a snapshot of what's actually happening just today. plus, a loose relationship with the truth. we'll show you who's liar liar pants on fire. that brings us to the question of the day. which candidate do you find most or least truthful? tweet me at gretchen carlson using the hash tag the real story. hope to read your comments coming up at the end of the show. # let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family.
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welcome back to "the real story." less than 50 days remain until people in the hawk eye state make their selection in the first in the nation caulk aus. according to the latest des moines register poll, cruz takes the top spot trumping the donald 31% to 21%, ben carson, marco rubio and jeb bush. jay ann selzer is a pollster. she is the real deal because you always get the iowa polls right, ann. it's great to have you back on "the real story". >> well, thank you, gretchen. as i say, may it always be so. >> well, it's so interesting because you say, look, polls are not crystal balls. they are snapshots of what's happening in the political climate in a particular area today. >> that's right. >> but i will remind our viewers you got the surge of obama correct. you got the surge of rick santorum correct. you got the surge of republican
11:24 am
joaniers running for senate correct. how do you see it today in iowa? >> the way we see it today in iowa is that ted cruz has mounted a spectacular run and now holds the top space it's a 21-point gain for him. we went back over five caucus cycles to see if we could match that in a poll to poll change. >> right. >> and nothing has been as spectacular as that. >> so another great piece of news for ted cruz today is that he is the second choice preference among trump supporters. i want to show on the screen there. if trump is out of the race or whatever the case is, cruz gets 49% of those people, right? >> there is sort of this alignment between the two. now, i want to be clear that this poll isn't all that bad for donald trump. he's actually up two points over our last poll in october. so he is still in there in a solid second place. >> interesting to note that.
11:25 am
here's another question. who does better in iowa with noncollege voters and who does better with college voters? and it's interesting because now cruz is on top of both of those categories. >> that's right. in our polls, we've seen a little bit less of the cleavage that some other pollsters have talked about. nationally that's been very clear, that the noncollege educated tended to be more for trump. in our polls he's always been about even with both of those groups. but clearly ted cruz has now ascended. >> let's look across -- >> across a wide range of demographics. >> right. here's another one, support with women. cruz on top 28%, ben carson two at 16%, donald trump third at 1 13%. >> isn't that interesting? >> yes. very interesting. now, you say there's really no playbook for the next 50 days for these candidates other than you've got to get hot at the end. right? >> well, we find in our final
11:26 am
poll leading up to just before the caucus, we're in the field typically four days, we find changes from day one to day four in who ends up leading the caucus. so that get hot at the end is the most important thing that can happen. for ted cruz, the question is, can he hold on? >> right. >> to the positions he's now gained. for trump, can he get it back? ben carson's numbers have eroded in such a way it's a little harder to see him making a play back up to the top. could happen. rubio has not been hot before so there's still a chance. >> totally. >> for him to get hot at the end. >> just to use a sports analogy, you don't want to peak too soon. you never know how this is will play out. ann, great to have you back on "the real story". >> time now for any take and a deeper dive into iowa. ted cruz leading in two other blocs of voters, evangelical conservatives 45%, tea party 39% and cruz even though he's now being attacked by trump is
11:27 am
playing smart politics by not hitting back. that will no doubt add to cruz's favorability ratings where he's already high in iowa, 73%, up 12 points from october. here is the most stunning stat, though. we just alluded to it. cruz's 21-point jump in this new iowa poll since october is huge because no one else has made such an impressive leaf in five caucus cycles. mitt romney's eight-point move in the final poll before the vote in 2012 is the other biggest gain than the one we are seeing right now for cruz. newt gingrich meantime posted the biggest collapse losing 13 points from 25% to 12% in the same final poll. going back to 2008, republican mike huckabee surged 17 points between an october poll and a late november poll and eventually won iowa. so is this just a snapshot of today in iowa? or will it hold to be true when voters go to caucus just 50 days
11:28 am
from now? let's talk about the other side now. new polling puts hillary clinton head-to-head with her gop rivals. it appears donald trump is not her biggest competition. who the former secretary of state may need to keep a real close eye on. and a man seen walking around with a gun is shot and killed in a major u.s. city. investigators now trying to determine if deputies took this one too far. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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bottom of the hour, welcome back to "the real story." a newhole puts hillary clinton head-to-head with some presidential candidate. not faring so well against some gop white house hopefuls. mike emanuel is live for us in washington. mike, what else does this poll reveal? >> it shows a very close race in a hypothetical head-to-head between clinton and some of the republican candidates. for example, texas senator ted cruz. this nbc news? "wall street journal" poll has clinton 48/cruz 45. dr. ben carson's numbers have been slipping against the other republicans but against clinton this poll has carson 47/clinton 46. and then there's florida senator marco rubio leading clinton 48/45 with rubio winning with independents and performing best with female voters out of the republican field. gretchen? >> so what are the other
11:33 am
democrats doing or saying today? >> well, gretchen, citizen action of new york, a statewide organization, has endorsed senator bernie sanders for president and represents some 30,000 members. sanders is on the trail today in nashua, new hampshire, and is speaking this afternoon to junior college students, and he's talking about shocking the political world. >> we can win iowa, and i think we have a good chance to do that. last poll out here in new hampshire had us in the lead. i think we stand a good chance to win here in new hampshire. and if we can win in iowa, if we can win in new hampshire, we have a real path toward victory to pulling off one of the major political upsets in the history of our country. >> meanwhile, a spokeswoman for former maryland governor martin o'malley took this swipe at clinton on the issue of immigration saying, quote, today all eyes will be on secretary clinton. it's time she answered to how she has repeatedly put her own political interests before those of the new american immigrant community.
11:34 am
clinton will talk immigration in brooklyn, new york, later this afternoon. gretchen? >> mike, thanks much. developments now on the truth trail in the race for the white house. as politifact compiles statements made by all of the gop candidates and then they check out their voracity rating them from true to liar liar pants on fire. so who did the best, the worst and does it even matter? joining me now marjorie clifton former consultant to the clinton campaign and mercedes schlapp former spokesman for george w. bush. i'm going to go through this list, and i want to show at least for the top contenders whether they talk mostly truth or liar liar pants on fire. so let's start it with donald trump. here's the first one here. zero thing that's are true. let's move on to ted cruz. three things that are true. then we go to ben carson. also zero thing that's are true. half truths three, i guess.
11:35 am
marco rubio, 17 things that he's said that are true and so on. so marjorie, what are we to make of this? >> well, the hard part is that you also look at the untrue statements. almost all of the candidates are on par except for jeb bush, only one that differentiated himself as making the least of these false statements. what does this say to voters as to what we should believe? i was trying to look at past elections even when george w. bush and obama were running. i feel like what has happened is that trump really has changed the race for the rest of the candidates, where the degree of truth is less important because the things he says are so completely untrue, again, pants on fire, the very technical term that we use to refer to lying in an election. but you think about the average voter and what they encounter on a day-to-day basis, and it feels sad. i think it's reflected in the numbers of trust of political people in general. >> well, nobody really trusts politicians anymore. this is the reason why. >> there's a different thing.
11:36 am
trump supporters don't really care what he says, number one. i'm not sure it matters at all. mercedes, i want you to jump in here because you have interesting information about who's actually deciding whether or not they're telling the truth. >> that's the thing. first of all, they might not trust politicians but guess what, the american voters and especially gop voters trusts the media less whxt they look at politifact, they're leading this saying, okay, we have these editors and reporters from the tampa bay times newspaper? we're not going to necessarily agree with what editors and reporters in a newsroom decide on what's a ridiculous statement or not a ridiculous statement. what's so interesting in this fact is that hillary clinton got 39 true statements. >> i know. >> compare that to donald trump and compare that to ben carson who got zero. can you tell me these editors and reporters cannot find one true statement of any of these gop candidates? i mean, give me a break. >> marjorie, how do you respond to na? she brings up a really great
11:37 am
point. >> i do think that as media it's perpetuating the sensationalism of what statements candidates make. i think they say a lot of these hinges because it does get attention. by the way, that's what media reports on. i was actually going back and reading what a lot of the untrue statements were. i think she they vary from all of my family were immigrants to smst things that trump says, which are factually incorrect 71% of black men shoot all white people. things like that that with just not factual. >> so it's not like they're all the same import. we need to take it with a grain of salt. i do want to point out that on the gop side, i think amongst everyone, the only person who never had a liar liar pants on fire statement apparently was senator lindsey graham. mercedes? >> well, first of all, one, they're probably not covering senator lindsey graham that much because of the mere fact that he's polling so low. >> good point. >> secondly, again, he's one of
11:38 am
these more moderate candidates. he doesn't fall along the conservative candidates such as a senator ted cruz which i believe only got three or four true statements. then also donald trump who again got zero true statements. i wouldn't put too much weight on politifact. i think for the voters they're not even viewing this as -- they're thinking more about who they want as their leader. >> right. >> with character and vision and not necessarily what this news organization is pushing for. >> it brings us being back to the total beginning of the conversation, which is do voters even care that much? >> marjorie and mercedes, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. newly released video in a fatal police shooting that's raising new questions now about the use of force. l.a. deputies say they responded to calls about this man who was wandering through awe busy neighbor with a gun in his hand and firing shots into the air. well, the video on your screen appears to show the deputies shooting the man as he tried to crawl away with the gun still in
11:39 am
his hand. william long anecessary live in l.a. what do police say actually happened, william? >> well, you know, gretchen, l.a. did not want another ferguson or baltimore situation so it released surveillance video within hours which today claims shows the shooting was justified after multiple 911 calls of a man firing a gun in the neighborhood. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> yeah. there's an african-american walking down palm avenue and oak, and he's just -- he has a gun shooting into the air. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> i saw a guy holding a gun pointing at people. >> what's your emergency? >> there's a black male walking down the street shooting a gun in the air. >> now, even after police arrived the suspect appears oblivious to their demands to drop the gun. police say deputies fired only after the suspect turned towards them with the gun in his hand.
11:40 am
>> video indicates that the suspect was looking in the direction of the deputy sheriffs and that he had the weapon in his left hand as he was looking in that direction. >> that's going to be key in the use of force investigation, gretchen. were innocent people at risk? yes, at the gas station. and secondly, where exactly was the gun? >> what are the activists saying about the amount of rounds fired? >> they say it sounds -- well, it does sound bad. this 28-year-old suspect nick robertson is a father of three. he was shot 33 times, relatives say he wasn't a violent man. he may have been drinking. but it wasn't a threat, if you will, without hearing some of the facts, some of the activists immediately labeled this as execution. >> it's very troubling anytime you have someone shot and killed by a police officer, especially those shot in the back and shot again as they crawled to their death. >> why did you kill miff broty ?
11:41 am
he crawling on his knees and they kept shooting! [ bleep ]! >> and because of that, police released this close-up picture showing robertson never released the weapon, even though he was on his knees. also, for those who want to know, gretchen, to make this racially motivated, some do, robertson was black, but neither deputy was white. back to you. >> william, thank you. it is a very hot toy this holiday season, made even hotter after some versions burst into flames under the riders' feet. now amazon is pulling most of its hover boards from its u.s. and uk websites. the retailer is asking hover board makers to release their safety standards and wants the ul company that tests many products, consumer experts are blaming poorly made battery cases and overheated motors for the fires. well, the president was at the pentagon today giving an
11:42 am
update in his strategy in the fight against isis. is his status quo enough? if nothing will change, can we still turn the page against the terrorists in iraq and syria if. i don't think this is how the legislative process is supposed to work. tear gas goes flying in one country's parliament. see what this fight is about. last week it was about a bouquet of roses. what is it this week? we live in a world of mobile technology,
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we're exxonmobil. and the cleaner-burning natural gas we produce generates more of our electricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. a session of parliament in koes asorrow forced to evacuate because of tear gas. politicians using the gas to show their opposition to deals in serbia and montenegro. this isn't the first time they fired tear bass in a parliamentary session. that happened twice in october. president obama looking to reassure the american public once again that we are taking the fight to isis and are safe in the wake of the california terror attacks. >> i want to provide a brief
11:46 am
update on our progress against the isil core in syria and iraq because, as we squeeze its heart, we'll make it harder for isil to pump its terror and propaganda to the rest of the world. the point is isil leaders cannot hide. and our message to them is simple, you are next. >> since the recent string of attacks like those in california and paris starting in november, voters have made terrorism and national security their top concern. lieutenant colonel bill cowan is a fox news military analyst. 's here for some real talk today. so you heard the president's speech today. he was at the pentagon. did he say anything differently? >> i don't think so, gretchen. i mean, he talked about some successes we're having. we are indeed having limited successes and we're grateful for that. he did talk about the sacrifices of our american military men and women. that was all good. but the reality is he talked nothing at all about any new strategy about the new kinds of
11:47 am
things we ought to be doing, about the way we ought to be pounding isis, not just making nominal gains as we move ahead but pounding isis to make sure they're so worried about themselves they don't have time to think about coming here. >> you know, it was also disingenuous as we found out from our own pentagon reporter jennifer griffin he also supposedly made the announcement that the defense secretary ash carter was leaving right after this meeting to go over to the middle east. but in fact that was a preplanned trip. >> exactly. i think this whole event he just had was all about the optics, all about trying to convince the american public, the people who don't delve into what's going on, convince them all that he's doing a good job and he's on top of things and they'll have some good sound bites coming out of there for the liberal media to play with. i already saw a couple of headlines of liberal newspapers where they were touting all the stuff he did. but in reality i don't believe anything new came out of there. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't take the opportunity to admonish the
11:48 am
secretary of defense and the new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff for last week both admitting we do not have isis contained in direct contradiction to what obama said three weeks ago. >> he just said that a month ago. now he has changed his tune. but you're exactly right. i'm not sure what they faced behind closed doors. take a look at this -- i want to show this graph to our viewers. this is fascinating. this shows the degree to which americans feel that terrorism is a top issue. you can see way at the top there left, that was right in 2002 after the 9/11 attacks. now, bill, you can see that way on the far right is where we are at 16% now. we haven't been that high since way back in 2005. what does this say about the mood of the nation? >> well, gretchen, i think the mood of the nation, they have reason to be a little concerned. the president failed to mention in his talk about isis' gains around the world, we might talk about syria and iraq falling
11:49 am
back, but i think some portion of the american public is paying careful attention. they saw what just happened in paris, saw what happened in california. they know we're trying to take in tens of thousands of new iraqi refugees with visa questions and background questions and vetting problems. i think most americans who are paying some attention certainly reflected by those numbers in the polling are very concerned about our country and about how good a job this president is or isn't doitecting us against terrorism. >> then just the new revelation today that apparently this administration doesn't look into the social media accounts of people applying for visas. congress is going to get their hands on that one i have a sneaking suspicion. colonel, thank you so much. nothing wrong with buying a phone at your local walmart. but what about buying them at 4:00 in the morning? does that seem strange to you? guess what, the fbi is now involved.
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. time to check out what america is clicking on today. the faa cracking down on drones, requiring current oregons to ridge city the craft by february 19th. >> major league baseball denying pete rose's application for re-instatement. itimççóç and russell westbrook a ridiculous buzzer beater after passing to himself to win, 104-98. >> here's the story you may not have heard about. the fbi monitor something suspicious behavior out of missouri. 200 pre-paid cell phones bought at walmarts in the state of the course of a single weekend. many of the purchases late at
11:54 am
night and officials getting word about 48 cancers canister of's e propane were stolen. >> reporter: there's no record of any connection between the cell phones phones and the prope considering terror groups have used cell phones to set off explosives and propane tanks have been used as bombs before, including the planned car bombing attack in times square in 2010. on december 4th and 5th two bought at walmarts in missouri cities, columbia, jackson, ava, jefferson city, and make con, sometimes several phones were purchase by one man and sometimes by a group of men who apartly were foreign speaking -- apparently were foreign speaking, and the same man was part of a group that both phones in both ava and lebanon two
11:55 am
hours apart. that man left a phone in the store and when he came back to get hit, police interviewed him. they had no reason to detain him. buying a bunch of cell phones is not illegal but during the same time period, outside of kansas city, around 20 propane tanks were stolen from a bp gas station, another 28 were stolen from a cvs drug store. again, police are not making a connection, but because of the timing and dane. >> intel units are investigating. the one former fbi agent says he overblown. >> the good news is it to probably not part of terrorize planning. they wouldn't necessarily steal the items. they know that would attract law enforcement. also, this probably for a number of reasons wouldn't blow -- wouldn't be at the tool of choice. >> still police are asking red flags scenarios to report them, saying it's not a racist
11:56 am
thing, it's a responsible thing, especially in today's climate. >> animals may not get the same militaryskhp& awards as human cr parts but what this dog did to earn the respect of his brigade and those at the hospital is remarkable. i have asthma...
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? injured military prognosis dog wearing a purple heart. they were checking for explosives and one detonated. rocky has a brokeno$çw3 leg and shrapnel wounds. the medal was placed with him as a sign of respect. rockie will head back to fort hood soon. we thank them both for their service. >> korean couple on a trip to iceland battling windy weather. check this out. the couple signed up for a
12:00 pm
cultural farm visit. tourists decided the trip must go on but called it quits after just ten minutes. those are some warriors. thank you for being part of a busy "the real story." i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. president obama on the fight against islamic state says the military forces are hitting isis tarts harder than ever but the president acknowledges he needs to do more. >> we recognize that progress needs to keep coming faster. >> what's the plan? on social media the san bernardino terrorist, tashfeendó malik, made no secret of her support for violent jihad but a policy may have prevented immigrant officials from seeing what she wrote. and federal reserve expected to rates interest rates this week. a vote of confidence for the economy but what does it mean


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