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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 14, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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cultural farm visit. tourists decided the trip must go on but called it quits after just ten minutes. those are some warriors. thank you for being part of a busy "the real story." i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. president obama on the fight against islamic state says the military forces are hitting isis tarts harder than ever but the president acknowledges he needs to do more. >> we recognize that progress needs to keep coming faster. >> what's the plan? on social media the san bernardino terrorist, tashfeendó malik, made no secret of her support for violent jihad but a policy may have prevented immigrant officials from seeing what she wrote. and federal reserve expected to rates interest rates this week. a vote of confidence for the economy but what does it mean
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like your car loan, your credit card bill or your mortgage. let's get to it. first from the deck this monday afternoon, the united states message to the leaders of isis, you will be the next to die. a strategy mission -- i should say session with military leaders on fighting the islamic state. the president's rare visit to the pentagon kicks off a week highlighting the government's evidents to stop terrorism, both oversea ands here at home. polls show terrorism is now the top concern of voters. after the deadly attacks in san bernardino and paris. president obama addressed the nation a week ago you'd his critics say he did little to calm people's fears. today at the pentagon the president said the united states and allies are hitting more isis targets than ever and are taking out the group's leaders one by one. the president said it's not enough to be relentless. we also have to be smart. >> targeting isil surgically
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with precision, at the same time our partners on the ground are rooting isil out town by town, neighborho, block by block. that is what this campaigning too. we are hitting isil harder than ever. >> the president says he is sending ash cart for the middle east today to convince our partners there to contribute more to the fight. rich edson on the top story. critics are calling for atrack in strategy. details what changes they want are varying. is the white house staying the course? >> reporter: well, what the administration and president have been talking about is that they are reviewing options and this is continually a strategy that is being reviewed but the president committed to no new major policy updates or strategy updates today, even though the md needs to keep coming faster, this rare pentagon address was designed to demonstrate successes.]qdfañ
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he ticked off isil leaders that had been assassinated and targeted detroit and ground that has been retaken. >> isil has lost 40% of the populated area is it once controlled in iraq and will lose more. iraqi forces are now fighting deeper into ramadi. they're working to encircle fallujah and cut off isil supply routes into missile. >> administration critics say the administration needs to update strategy as isis' reach continues to grow when it comes to planning attacks and executing them as well as possibly inspiring them in the case of san bernardino. >> rhetorically speaking is as a rampup, change? >> reporter: this has been a rampup at the white house that began last week, the sunday night address. later on this week the president will head to virginia to the national counterterrorism center, and there was today's action at the pentagon, very public briefing -- not a public briefing but public discussion from the president afterwards,
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after meeting behind closed doors. this is very much a reassurance campaign by the white house that its strategy is working as it continues to be criticized for not changing course. ç let's turn to john busse. credittics wanted a change can to point at. the president is saying we're staying the course. >> you got it right. this is a rhetorical rampup, and sometimes in a political san you need -- a political season you need that. the concern was the public wasn't feeling reassurance from the last presentation in the white house. well, this was meant to do that. s he names them by name. shows the commanders. he uses language that is a great sense of urgency about this, hunting down and taking out. he lists 9,000 airstrikes in the campaign, last month, november, more bombing than in any month
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prior. all meant to suggest a rhetorical rampup and reassure the public that something is being done. of, don't fear out shopping, don't worry if you're in times square or some other high-target places? none of that today. >> reporter: there wasn't and maybe this wasn't the exact setting. he is at the pentagon, talking very specific live about rolling back isis, talking about9?w;é% territory they've lost, about now they're attacking the oil facilities, special ops going into syrian that was the moment for this -- that type of discussion, the military moment. but he is also aware that he got hammered on the campaign trail for the last presentation, which was meant to reassure but felt very unstated and no new initiative and no recounting what is being done and this kind of -- it was meant in part to correct that. >> izq=)mkt(ok wonder if the y after the president's speech, in all circles, didn't give us a hint of what is to come over the
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holidays. we were wanting reassurance. where is it? as was mentioned earlier, the next thing we'll see is him eating an iceee while in hawai'i for the holidays. >> part of the reassurance comes from an active military campaign to attempt to shut isis down, and also to disrupt recruiting and disrupt propaganda. he made a point of that. that propaganda, people feel threatened by a group that can recruit in the united states and do what happened in san bernardino. at the end of the day there were no new initiatives. those who were hoping the president would say, we are going to commit in a major way ground forces will be disappointed by the preparation, o#ew@[#ñv he doesn't think that's the way to go in fighting isis. better to use allies. >> in fact he said in his estimation that would be a win for isis. >> that he said that in past, hasn't he. if you get -- re-engage american
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forces, what will happen is jihaddists from around the world will come to fight america in the middle east. >> does it feel like we need a big win here to make everybody breathe a little more easily. >> he attempted to kind of suggest that. in addition to listing the generals standing behind him, showing force, american force, and command, he listed the various leads over isis that have been killed by america over the last several weeks. some rather substantial ones. that was meant to assault that get to the american people. >> john bussey from "the wall street journal." thank you. one of the killers in the san bernardino attack posted -- there's a secret u.s. policy that may well have blocked the feds from checking her social media account as part of the vetting process to let her into the country, according to the
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reporting of abc news. it quotes a former counterterrorism official that says the feds had concerns the checks would be an invasion of privacy. another former u.s. official said that the feds refused to end the policy in 2014 over fears thatik7wm7wvç it would cad public relations for the obama administration. you remember tashfeen malik passed three background checks to get the so-called fiancee visa. allowing her to enter the united states and marry the other san bernardino attacker, syed farook. a spokesman for homeland security said the feds have started programs to include social media vetting in background checks. but current officials say it's still not a widespread policy. our chief correspondent, jonathan hunt, is live in san bernardino. what do we know about the posts on social media? >> reporter: one of them was apparently made on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
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tashfeen malik, according to senator chuck schumer, posted a picture of the 9/11 attacks along with praise for the gg7kç?[3that, remember, was almost three years before she entered the united states at chicago's o'hare parent, along with syed farook. senator schumer also said it's the political will that has to change here because the dhs already has the capability to monitor all social media. listen to senator schumer. >> they can go through the list and see who is using words on their facebook page or anything else, that shows they might have an inclination to terrorism, we're not saying deny them a visa but check it out. and have they checked out more, main she wouldn't have in san
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bernardino would be alive. >> reporter: the white house confirmed today that two separate reviews are underway into the visa vetting process. >> what else do investigators say they're focusing on here? >> reporter: a main focus right attacks that took place here at the inland regional center behind me and that shootout with the cops in which farook and malik both died. three and a half hours, what did they do in that time? where did they go. and investigators are gathering surveillance video from nearby stores and gas stations in the hopes it might lead them in particular to where farook and malik may have dumped this computer hard drive that is obviously key to the investigation and was missing from the house. over the weekend, the fbi wrapped up a search of an urban lake here in san bernardino. they were hoping to find that hard drive. we do know that divers brought to the surface self items that were taken away for further inspection. the fbi has not publicly
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confirmed yet whether any of those items are indeed related to the attacks and the investigation of this attack. >> jonathan hunt in san bernardino. another attack in the middle east. israeli police say bystanders hot and killed a palestinian man after he rammed his car into a crowd at a bus stop, injuring nine people. this happened today at the western entrance to jerusalem. police there say they found an axe inside the car. officials say nearly 20 israelis and more than 100 palestinians have died in violence over the past three months and[pç most of the palestinians were attacker. >> prosecutors in paris say a teacher lied when he claimed a masked attacker stab end him while shouting about isis. happened in a subway north of paris. the false story triggered a manhunt after the teacher said a masked man came after women if a box cutter and scissors. prosecutors are questioning the teacher and we do not know why
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he would make up such a story. this comes after last month's deadly attack in paris in which isis linked terrorists killed 130 people. ahead.i]w;r here, the repubn presidential candidates set to gather in las vegas for the final faceoff of the year. we look for what to expect tomorrow night, who is own the major stage and, you know who will be standing right next to each other? you'll get all of that on the fox news deck. about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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the stage it set for the financial presidential debate of 2015 in laughings on cnn. the leader of the pack, donald trump, will be front and center, and on either side of him this time, ben carson and ted cruz. the key caucus state of iowa, while carson's numbers still seem to be in freefall.traézmçde is the new jersey governor chris christie after he failed to qualify for the box innocence primetime debate last month. campaign carl cameron is in vegas and on scene. cruz is surging. what does this mean for tomorrow night? >> reporter: means that iowa is going to be very,dkidj importand tomorrow night's debate could be critical. we're seven weeks from the first caucus, as of today, and frankly there's the holidays in the way. this is the last chance for the
12:16 pm
candidates to make a big impression on voters. the polls in iowa suggest that ted cruz not only has a surge but hi is rapidly in the process of overtaking ted cruz. there's already been a back and forth between trump and cruz, with trump criticizing ted cruz and cruz saying he is going 0 to bear-hug him and send him video and tweets, at one point trump referred to cruz as something of a maniac when he first got into the senate, and cruz turned around and put out the oldulñ fh dance movie song "maniac" to signal he is not going to take the bait and get into a fight. so ted cruz and donald trump going at it. marco rubio has been fighting with cruz for the last three months on national security votes and policy, and he, too, has been criticizing cruz. so, it's likely to be something of a brawl with an awful lot at stake. this is the last debate before the end of the year. >> what about rule changes for the debate? >> there were a couple.
12:17 pm
you mentioned christie will be in the event. he qualified last time but is back in the game and will be looking to make an impression. we know he is quick on the tell it like it is interruption at debates so the dynamic he will bring will add to the energy. and rand paul was in danger of not qualifying for the top temperature because of the previous debate's rules which said you have to have over four percent in national polls. cnn just utah adjusted the rules to say any candidate who gets 3-1/2 percent can qualify and rand paul will be there. so that was an adjustment. the rj]÷óvw3 is actually talking about adding additional debates later in the year, partly because the race such as it is now with the polls, still seven weeks away and you can't trust him. voters don't make up their mind until the last three days, ask rick santorum, the winner in 2012. they have to add more debates to give voters an opportunity to
12:18 pm
make up their mind. >> carl, thank you. cops in baltimore bracing for any possible trouble after we get a verdict in the freddie gray case. %ñ died in e custody, it sparked major protests in the city and beyond. now jurors are deciding the fate of the first officer to stand trial for his death. the details on that next. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ an astronaut from in the united kingdom is about to become the first brit ever to serve aboard the international space station. some images for you this afternoon. looks pretty happy. he is major tim peek. he was a pilot before he became an astronaut. he is set to leave earth
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tomorrow with these guys, russian cosmonaut, and then a nasa astronaut. from kazakhstan on this soyuz product. -- rocket. and you can see priests with the astronauts are going to be growing bloodj%ñç vessels and president teen krisles in -- protein crystals. the british astronaut plans to run the london marathon while in space. he says he will run the 26.2 miles on a special treadmill. he told the bbc one thing he is most excited about is seeing what earth looks like from space. who wouldn't be. in bolt more at this hour, jurors have begun deliberations
12:23 pm
in the death of freddie game. william porter is the first of six officers to go on trial in the case. investigators say freddie gray died after breaking his neck in the back of a police van. prosecutors say officer porter, on the left here, is responsible because he failed to fasten freddie gray's seatbelt and didn't call an ambulance when grayed a consider phone. closing arguments prosecutors accused the officer, officer porter 0, lying when he said he never heard gray complain about having trouble breathing. but a defense lawyer told yours -- jurors show the facts show his client is telling the dispute he, quote, acted in a reasonable way. joining me now a former criminal defense lawyer. what(u( dook you think? >> i think this will be a difficult case to prove, and here's why. one unique aspect of these charges, it's instant voluntary
12:24 pm
manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and officer misconduct. the jury needs to step inside the sis of a reasonable officer so none of these charges require the jury to figure out what would i do? every charge requires them to assume what a reasonable officer would be doing in that position. >> one suggestions from defense counsel is that -- well, from the prosecutors -- is that if a prisoner, which is what hee[[[, asks for medical attention you have to seek it. right? >> right. and officer porter -- he argues, number one, the reason i didn't call a medic is because the detainee at that time, freddie gray, could not articulate a reason why he needed one. number two he argued and has expert testimony saying he actually met this reasonable expectation. he met his duty and then some because he notified both his supervisor as well as the driver week in to get this detainee to the hospital. so there's conflicting reports,
12:25 pm
when did freeie gray articulate this and how much is the officer having to take a wilful action? there's no precedent for an officer being held criminally liable for failing to belt a detainee that subsequently sustained fatal injuries. so really it's up to the persuasive element of both sides of the stories. defense is arguing he wasn't fatally injured until after that fourth and fifth stop when freddie gray asked for help. prosecution is saying, that the fourth and fifth crucial stop when freddie gray already sustainedded his fatal injuries and it was a downward decline in officer porter had a rome duty -- reasonable duty to seek medical attention right then instead of notifying his supervisor. >> there was accusations the driver of the vehicle gave the suspect a rough ride. was that case made in court as >> no. subsequent trial. is the first
12:26 pm
so, subsequently that officer, officer goodson, is facing the most serious charges of all six officers and that will be part of the prosecution's argument against him. remember, the judge ruled in the beginning of the sick trials they're separate. prosecution has to present a separate distinct world for every six of these officers' trials and also means it's a separate jury panel and this also means that it's more difficult to prove because if you are not presented a whole his stick set of -- holistic set of facts with all six officers and their slice of the pie in terms of responsibility, it's more difficult for a juror to say, yes, he is -- this part of the responsibility and this of and the next. so it's going to be difficult statistically for the jurors to convince one officer at a time. >> good points. thank you. >> thank you. >> the los angeles county sheriff's department has released surveillance video showing a man was carrying a g\ç
12:27 pm
before deputies shot him dead. here's the video here. investigators say you can clearly make out the gun in niklas robertson's hands. they have a circling around it there. witnesses reported he was firing it in the air on saturday before deputies arrived at the scene in the l.a. suburb of linwood, investigators @2f say robertson ignored warnings to drop the gun before deputies opened five. the sheriff's department reports deputies kept firing after he cleaned to the pavement because he was still holding the weapon. >> flags at half staff in connecticut as the state marks three years since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. this is the first year that the anniversary falls on a school day. the town has no formal events houses of worship are holding memorial services. >> more ahead on president obama's plan to boost military
12:28 pm
support from our middle eastern allies in the battle against the islamis state. defense secretary carter heading to the region in a previously lç prepares to go face-to-face with president,3abkññ putin. what might happen there? that's ahead as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. the best of everything is even better
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a fox report now. more headlines. dozens of firefighters battling a massive blaze tearing through a wears in columbus, ohio. flames were shooting 100 feet into the sky and explosions could be heard inside. no word on what started this. no reports of injuries. the invent elon musk launching an effort to stop machines from destroyingeç mankind. he is teaming up we other tech giants to fine ways to use artificial intelligence to help people. he warns technology is one of
12:31 pm
the greatest threats facing humans. >> adele touring the united states for the first time in years. she is planning concerts across the country next summer and fall, hitting more than a dozen u.s. cities, new york, chicago, and los angeles among them. her album has been breaking sales records. bet her concerts will, too.
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the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. secretary of state john kerry headed to moscow to meet russian president putin. officials say the two men will talk about a possible political solution in syria. president obama today also said that he is sending the defense secretary ash carter to the middle east to try to get more help from our allies in the fight against the islamic state. the president says some of our western alliesing through france, germany, united kingdom, are already stepping up their roles in at the u.s. led coalition. he made a comment after meeting with military at the pentagon.
12:34 pm
any word on why the president decided to hold the meeting today? >> first of all, the secretary of defense was already slated to go to the middle east. that was pre-planned. the reason the president came to the pentagon to meet with 35 members of his national security team is he is starting to get the white house staff. he wanted to hear from his military chiefs directly. november saw more airstrikes against isis than any other month. the president says isis lost 40% of their populated areas in iraq. that's a new figure we hadn't heard before. isis leaders that the military has killed in the past year. >> since this spring we removed one of their top leaders. isil second in command, a top online recruiter, another one who brutally murdered americans and others, and the finance
12:35 pm
chief, senior extortionist, and weapons trafficker. >> his message to other isis leaders was, quote, you are next. the president said the 50 special forces he ordered to syria in october are on the group in syria trying to find a partner. >> you just reported the president doesn't seem to think he is getting getting the;lñ#2çy from his white house insiders? >> what i'm told by peep who were present at the meeting said the president was surprised by what he was hearing in terms of things that he thought he had already ordered, in terms of the fight against isis. i think they are now talking more about a holistic strategy in terms of combating isis, and this was a very important meeting for the president to come over here today. he has only been over to the pentagon to meet directly with his chiefs five times during his presidency, two times in the last year alone. i think the president -- you could tell by the look of on his
12:36 pm
face -- is frustrated. he'd like the fight against isis to go faster, and so he was here to reiterate the progress that has been made, but also to get more ideas about what could be done tov holistic include attack isis. >> trying to put myself in the position you described of the president. if i were in the office, we'd have problems. there are problems here? >> i think anyone who looks at the strategy -- we have been looking at this closely for 14 months -- it is frustrating. it's frustrating to watch -- i mean, the british only just got involved a year into this fight in striking isis in syria. we sat with the british defense ⌝.!t week and they were very pleased they are now carrying united states two airstrikes a day against the oil infrastructure in syria. that's significant, except that striking oil
12:37 pm
infrastructure, that the pentagon was already striking oil infrastructure. so, for isis to have had the amount of money flowing to iták3 over the last year that it has had, without that oil infrastructure being taken out, it's just hard to understand why forward so slowly. everybody has known that they needed to attack isis in raqqa, needed to cut off funding and it's now 14 months later, and i think the president was here saying, okay, what is happening with all of this? i thought this was something we were already doing. so i think it was a way to sort of bring his chiefs together, and to consolidate the fight against -- and notice, jeh johnson from homeland scooter and james comey from the fbi, susan rice and others, were over here meeting with the military chiefs as well. so this was a whole of government approach. it's just traits for people like us who have been watching this for so long, you feel like it is still moving at a somewhat
12:38 pm
glacial pace. >> you're reporting describes it as exactly that. that was enlightening. thank you. william taylor a former ambassador to ukraine and coordinator of u.s. aid -- now executive vice-president at the to enconflict around the world. nice to see you. we'll talk about the topic but i'm still struck by the report that the president is going to the people who do things for the president, and saying, wait, thought you were already doing this stuff? why isn't this being done? bit -- sounds like there's a >> well, sounds like there's more happening than the president is being told. if so -- >> that's a problem. >> if so, that's a problem. the president needs the best information. he has given orders and expects the orders to move forward, and if that's not happening, and he figure that out, that's an
12:39 pm
issue. >> before we do move completely on, what do officials say that secretary kerry -- what is secretary carriy trying to accomplish in moss now just a, here we are talking thing or something thatçc0=ght happen? >> i think it's to a large degree, here we are talking. the secretary is paid to talk to tjt guys and bad guys. it is possible to work with the russians on some things. no mart what you think about the iran deal, the russians and the americans work together on the iran deal. so, it's not impossible that the russians could help us out on the syria problem. however, the russians have not been particularly cooperative or helpful on the syria problem, so there's one thing to push the russians, as mr. kerry probably will do, but another thing for him to indicate, mr. kerry to indicate that there is no linkage between the syria issues
12:40 pm
where we want the russians to move assad out, and ukraine, which he also wants to make the case. >> well, we'll start with ukraine. for ukraine, we have made no secret of the fact what he is doing does not jibe with our understanding of international law. that he has done something completely illegal. annexed something illegally, and lied about it as he was doing it, and yet did it and that's it and we got the bird finger from him. do we have leverage? >> we do. what mr. putin is going to ask mr. kerry, what he is already asking the europeans, to ease up on the sanctions. the economic sanctions that we have talked about before are actually having an effect in combination with the oil prices, the low oil prices and mr. putin's economy is under real pressure. he is in a squeeze trying to too what he is doing in syria as well as occupying -- he wants mr. kerry will tell him you now how to get relief and that is
12:41 pm
get off ukraine. >> ambassador, great to see you, thank you. he mentioned oil prices. historic lows. news on gassing up your car but energy companies are not having a good day at all. oil is around $35 a barrel, and all anyone says is, it's going down. that's ahead. along with what we know about the federal reserve plan to raise interest rates later this week for the first time in, like, a!lokó73ç decade. so if they do that, what does that mean to you? your mortgage, your car payment, everything. that's coming up.
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also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood su sergeant bowe bergdahl now set to face a court-martial for desserts his pose in afghanistan. the spent five years as a
12:45 pm
taliban prisoner before going free in a prisoner swap. now sergeant bergdahl faces a military trial for desertion ay. note the timing of this announcement. end of last week we heard sergeant bergdahl's side of the story for the first time. the second season of a serial pod cast aired. he said he left his post to report leadership problems to military brass at another base. he said he wanted to prove he sort of jason bourne. the spy character in movies. an army investigator testified in september that sergeant bergdahl was honest and sincere but also suggests he is delusional. a court-martial on the way. >> that's right and what makes the decision to charge bergdahl is it goes against the advice of a preliminary hearing officer who recommend that bergdahl's case be moved to a special misdemeanors level military court.
12:46 pm
bergdahl's lawyer said he hoped the case would not go in this direction. but it has. bergdahl is charged with two counts, desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty, and the second charge, misbehavior of an enemy by. -- the charges come just three days after millions of people downloaded the first installment of serial podcasts, a time series in which his version is heard for the first time. he gives this reason: awful i was seeing was leadership failure to the point the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally in danger of something seriously going wrong and something been killed. always comes as the administration is being accused by the chairman of the house armed office services committee of breaking the law in its swap of fivewgt( taliban members helt gitmo for the release of bergdahl.
12:47 pm
the head of thityee says the made the exchange and gave nobody in congress any notice. bergdahl will be arraigned at fort bragg, north carolina. a hearing date yet to be announced. >> investigators in egypt have not found any evidence at all yet that terrorists brought down a russian jet in october, killing 224 people onboard. the held of the kremlin's security service has said that a homemade bomb called the crash and islamic state terrorists have claimed responsibility, calling it retaliation for russian airstrikes in syria. the passenger jet was heading to russian when i slammed into the desert in thea?çw;óbesmç"ï% pen. most of the passengers were russian tourists headed home from vacation. oil prices have been plummeting to levels we haven't seen in many yours. more on that as we await a possible decision from the fed on raising interest rates. what all of that means in the big picture, coming up on "shepard smith reporting." thi. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when...
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. investigators in sweden may finally get the chance to question the wikileaks founder julian assange. officials in ecuador agreed to allow the interrogation as soon as next week -- this week at their embassy in london. they may get the chance this week. assange has been holed up more than three years now. swedish officials are investigating claims he sexually assaulted two women. he denies it. he saysv4's part of a plot to extradite him to the united states. he says he'd face trial here in the u.s. for publishing thousands of classified but the journal reports the feds have not filed any charges and not requested his extradition. now oil prices tanking again.
12:52 pm
falling to levels we haven't seen in seven years. the price of crude dropped three below $35. of course it's now up around 26.20 -- i should say 36.20, but still, oil is closing in on the low it hit during the financial crisis in december of '08 when i what down to 3'24"0 a barrel. analyst says the reason is a growing concern about oversupply. deidre is here. >> it is all about oversupply. the u.s., saudi arabia, other oil producers have been just going at full tilt so the world has a lot of oil. in fact, congress looking at a decision this week, to perhaps start -- allow letting the u.s. export oil for the first time. >> the president said no. >> we'll see what congress does. the idea for the first anytime 40 years we have so much oil, you can thank the shale boom for
12:53 pm
that. >> largely that's because all these players in the oil market around the world don't want to give up their slice. >> they don't want to cut production, but at this point, honestly, we're awash in oil so it is now a choice. if you look at how this is affecting consumers it's been a boon. looking at prices at the out. , -- pump, most people paying around $2 or even less than that. so we're in the holiday season,ó that could actually translate to more -- >> paid 1.89 in oxford a couple weeks ago. now there's a matter of raising interest rates. has wall street already baked that other -- into the cake. >> economists are looking for a quarter percent potential raise. people say that doesn't matter to me. but essentially if you have borrowed money at any time in the past ten years, this does apply to you. so student loans, car loans, home loans. if you have a fixed rate
12:54 pm
mortgage, don't run out and redo your mortgage. if you have a variable rate it's becomes more expensive. >> that's thursday. >> that's wednesday, the final decision. so, definitely any investor will be watching and probably people at home. >> probably. so thank you. see you in an hour and six minutes. it's getting harder to buy one of this year's most popular hoverboard maker swagway reports amazon warp sellers they have to prove the boards-under up to safety standards after multiple reports of things catching fire. reps say they're no longer selling hoverboards, and last week the three largest u airlines banned them from thez plane, citing a possible fire hazard. one man in alabama can do this video himself hoverboard caught file while he was riding it. if your hoverboard catches file
12:55 pm
while you're arriving it, get off. feds say they're investigating 11 reports of hoverboard fires. all drone owners now have until february 19th to o$ else they could face bigu"jva fines, even jail time. that's the word from federal regulators today who passed the new rule. federal aviation administration officials areupfjn setting up a registration web site which is set to launch next monday. they say drone owners will be charged $5 to register the unmanned aircraft but they also to encourage participation the federal aviation administration will waive the fee for the thirst 30 days the registry is open. the -- those who fail to register could face fines up to $250,000 and three years behind bars. wow. we'll be back with a nod to this day in history and a look at the invention of a classic carnival ride.
12:56 pm
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major league baseball denying a request from pete rose to lift his lifetime ban their word from the commissioner. baseball banned pete rose in 1989 over accusations he gambled on games while playing for and managing the cincinnati reds. the 74-year-old admit head did bet on his own team to win, and claims he did everything he could to help them win. he is still the league's all-time leader in hits. day in 1926 an inventor trademarked a chaotic carnival ride called the tilt-a, whirl. and the created water slides. tilt-a-whirl by spinning his son around a table. it's been staple for amusement parks for daring folks looking for a dose of motion sickness.
1:00 pm
'9 years ago -- 89 years ago today. when news breaks out, we break in. the dow was way down. it is now way up. i personally would like to thank neil cavuto.fmc-÷d,dt( >> all right. well, shep, anything i can do to help. it was crazy. the president hoping the second time in eight days does the charm. explain his strategy with regard to isis. this time speaking before his entire pretty much entire national security team, flanked by a lot of guy inside uniform to show he had a big backdrop supporting a big strategy that was clear, that was focused and despite what his critics are saying, was going to win out his doubters. well, at least on fox business, within seconds of his remarks, let's just say they were not impressed. take a look. >> when he says that we have people going block-by-block,


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