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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> jon: threats to the two largest school systems in the nation. new york city says it isn't credible, los angeles says it is. we will see you back in an hour. >> breaking from los angeles. we are following the district shutdown. more than 600,000 students and thousands of school employees told to stay home due to what school officials say is a quote rare credible threat. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. here today is andrea tantaros, sandra smith, author and founder of the chris kyle frog foundation, and we welcome back super bowl winning quarterback, broadcaster for business man joe
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thisman. taking no chances. a reminder we live in a different world stained by savages overseas and at home. the vast los angeles unified school district spanning more than 900 schools telling 640,000 students to stay home. the same message for school employees. officials say they received an electronic threat aimed at many schools. william is live from los angeles. >> reporter: this is an unprecedented action. all campuses evacuated because of this credible threat of violence. they get threats all of the times. individual schools on lockdown sometimes. but this one was rare and prompted the school board to act. ap is reporting that it was an e-mail to one school board member discovered around 5 a.m. that appeared to come from overseas. we are told they are looking for a backpack or package that
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contains a bomb. 900 schools, 200 charter schools closed according to the superintendent out of an abou abundance of caution. >> we are making every effort to get the notification to parents as soon as possible. i am not taking the chance of bringing children into any part of the building until i know it is safe. >> reporter: school buses were immediately halted. henry didn't leave the yard even. they activated connect-ed, the robo call system to contact parents. some of the calls didn't get received until 7:50 a.m., ten minutes before class. here is what the call sounded like to parents who received it on their phone: >> i am calling you to inform you that i have been directed by the superintendent to close
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overland elementary due to a threat from all lausd schools. we have been instructed to turn the students away for their own safety. >> reporter: here is two problems. the district is huge. half the size of rhode islands. some of the buses were picking up the kids already, kids left the door, parents are having to come home from work to take care of them. septemb secondly, how do you sweep 900 schools? lapd is mustering at the los angeles coliseum to go through each school. the children who do arrive at school will not be left alone. the parent has to show up with id to get their child. burbank and other districts are open. the chief of nypd is saying los angeles overreacted and new york
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received an identical threat from a jihadist somewhere overseas. we are told by adam housely who talked to the fbi here we are not sure that lausd consulted with the fbi before making that decision. coming in at 5 a.m. and making that decision apparently by 6 a.m. not to open schools that day we don't know how much law enforcement involvement was made before the decision was made. back to you. >> very interesting. we have got former new york city police detective bowe coming up and we will get into that. i know the associated press is reporting the e-mail came from overseas. what are you learning? >> reporter: we were told it came from a jihadist of some kind. what the superintendent referred to, and i think this is an important context for him and the board, he said because of
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san bernardino and what is happening overseas. because of the location of san bernardino, 70 miles from los angeles, maybe it an abundance of consideration. we know you can make a pipe bomb for $10 and get the powder at local gun shops or even department stores and this is quite easy to make. it is easy for monday morning quarterback to say he should not have but lausd making the decision to close all schools and they will be going through them throughout the day before any students can return. >> the san bernardino valley college received a bomb threat about the time reportedly they were finding out about this threat against l.a. unified school district. you heard the superintendent saying the san bernardino situation prior had something to do with it and you might wonder if that threat yesterday did,
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too. let's bring in a former new york city homicide detectives and fox news contributor. new york has now become a component in this the way you heard william mention it. what makes a non-credible versus a credible threat and why is there this different reaction, do you think? >> the way it looks is the superintendent made his decision. i didn't see anybody from the fbi or police department with him. we are living under this fear and that is what isis and other groups want. the fact is that look if this was a credible threat the fact would have been, the police i believe would have been there, and the fbi would have been involved in this. he should have passed that information along to them. i am not a monday morning quarterback, though. you cannot tell the families who lost 15 people and 22 people shot in san bernardino that it is not a real valid threat. we know one thing?
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the muslim terrorist was working as a health inspector and he had pictures of schools. so everyone is on edge. but we have to have protocols that are put into place. i just read the twitter from the police commissioner here in new york city that he got similar threats and felt as though it was not a credible threat. what is credible and what is not? every day of the week someone calls in bomb threats. but we cannot be living on edge and doing exactly what is happening in l.a. where disturbing 600,000 children are kept from going to school. but on the other hand we have to be able to deal with this. it is going to happen more. you have the copy cat idiots who pick up the phone and make threats because they see the reaction. there has to be a protocol. when someone gets a call they have to call someone in the police department who should contact the fbi. those protocols have to be put into effect. we don't have the fbi and police department. we have america. all law enforcement should join
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together. i have been a big advocate of making u.s. marshalls out of a lot of police men into the country to work with the fbi. the fbi says the man power is not sufficient with only 10,000. but imagine having a threat coming in and having people able to communicate. this is the beginning. more of this is happening. we have to have protocols in effect because every time one phone call or one communication comes in we cannot go into the a panic because then the terrorist are winning. i am upset these kids are loosing school because of this threat and because it is very possible it is not a real threat. but how do keep that up? >> this is sandra smith, by the way, and this school district has already committed to searching and sweeping through 900 schools. william just talked about whether or not they have the
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resources to even do this. how do you even begin that? how do you begin to deploy the resources to adequately search the schools for this rare, credible threat as they have called it? >> you have to have protocols. i am sure we have them in our school system in new york. we have security officers there. they have to be able to canvas all around and suspicious looking packages or backpack. but we have to use all of the resources we have. you cannot put the weight on the lapd. it is kind of impossible to do every school like that. we have to bring the fbi in and let's disseminate this threat, see where it came from, and the credibility. it seems funny with the police commissioner in new york saying he has a similar threat and felt it wasn't credible. if this really was a serious bomb threat, and a bomb went off, everybody would be pointing fingers. it is easy to be a monday morning quarterback.
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all i am saying is we must get protocols into effect and work together with the fbi and our local law enforcement to work as one oil machine. we are at war right now. when donald trump comes out about stopping the immigration he is right. all immigration should stop until we know what the heck is coming into the country, how many more terrorist are coming into the country. we are living in fear like this and what is this causing to our children to be taken out of schools? why are we being taken out? because of a bomb threat from terrorist. >> just to make it clear in case someone is just turning on the tv. the u.s. federal government or local authorities have not tied this to a terrorist threat per se. i want to bring this in quickly. the los angeles school district spokesperson according to reuters we have not independently confirmed this but reuters is reporting the los
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angeles school district spokes' 'person said the threat was sent via e-mail from a district board member from an ip address in frankfurt, germany. we knew it was possibly from overseas and knew it was a district board member. but they are talking with more specifications now about where that may have come from. don't know how that figures into the big picture. >> hey, beau, it is andrea. we don't know where the threat is coming from and if this is a radical jihadest threat or not. but we know this is a new front on terror. you speck about school districts and how they those that are bogged down with crime and rising crimes in the big cities,
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how do they prepare for that new front on terror? we are talking abouts as sandra mentioned thousands and thousands of backpacks. are the schools equipped and are they equipped to tackle the cyber challenge? is the fbi equipped to assist them? >> i think germany has one of the largest resources of people coming in from syria. i believe it is in the millions that people have migrated into germany. when you weigh that aspect out, someone got wind something was going to happen, and they e-mail to be a good guy or whatever. but let's go to the bottom line. we have to train our schools to bear with this. this is going to happen again. school teachers, school guards, we will have to be able to canvas that school and look for suspicious packages when there is a threat like this so we can at least go in there and have
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some sort of a system put into place where we can search and use everyone to search and look for suspicious packages. also the other side is going to come into play about the unarmed security guards in the school. that has to be taken into reference as far as should we use former retired law enforcement at least one in the schools so if something happens we have the capability of dealing with someone with a firearm. after shooting one clip, he has to reload and if someone is standing there with a firearm who is trained and can take the guy out it will be a deterrent to know we have gun-safe schools. you will face someone who is going to be able to handle a situation like that. i am so strong in support of that. you have to pay more for a former law enforcement armed person who has the capability of taking or neutralizing this threat. >> we will come to you as the news warrants throughout the hour.
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we appreciate your expertise and experience. homeland security is monitoring the situation according to catherine heritage. as the story moves on we will bring you more information as we get it. let's talk about this a little bit and remind everybody we have a couple guest on the couch with whom we have not heard from. joe, i want to come and get your thoughts. >> i think beau makes a very good point talking about the lack of people available to be able to deal with the threats. you cannot say it is not a credible threat or it is. it was. i think the important thing to understand is it is the safety of the children that the superintendent is concerned with. as he pointed out again the option isn't available. if something does happening, then we have a tremendous mess. this is preventive. but you need to increase the force of the ability for people to be able to feel comfortable when they send their kid to school.
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there are a lot of retired officers out there who would love the opportunity to protect their neighborhood and society. give them a chance. we are spending $430 million on climate control in other countries why not invest in our country here which is what donald trump is all about. let's take care of us here and look at what is going on here. and beau makes good points on what can be done to make people feel more safe in this country. >> you know what is interesting the president spoke yesterday and then last week in the oval office address and this was the sort of threat, and we don't know and can't tie is in with terrorism, but the feeling of fear people have been dealing with. we didn't hear the president touch into that. i wonder going forward if he will be motivated to do that. >> i think if he doesn't do that the public will have his head. i think it happened before when
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we talks about isis and doesn't come out about it strong enough. he looks at his ratings going down and tries to correct for that. i am with joe, really, too, if is my kid, and we have to think that way, are you going to be more upset they over react and tell you to get your kid or more upset if god forbid something happens? >> that simplified and takes it to the visceral level. that is very real. >> the nypd said there was a specific but non-credible threat to new york city schools this morning. they said they were comfortable this isn't a credible threat and are concerned people are overreacting to it. this was according to the police commissioner there and was tweeted out. it was also tweeted out from the
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nypd they are working with the fbi, joint terrorism task force, and the lapd on that threat. they are working together; the police forces. >> and adam housely is now reporting and we will talk more about this after the break. but this is the breaking nugget to share now. according to fbi sources, the agency was asked to check out the l.a. unified threat before classes were canceled. the fbi and lapd found the threat non-credible but the superintendent decided to close the schools. fbi is saying the cancelation sets a bad precedent. stay close. more on this when we return. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is
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>> republican candidates duke to out for the fifth and final debate of the year. donald trump is center stage as a new poll shows his largest lead yet despite the firestorm over the proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states. a new washington post abc news poll showing the billonaire
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businessman with 20 points over his rival. in a hypothetical general election race trump trails hillary clinton 50-44 percent. and nearly 70% say they would feel anxious with trump as president. >> i think trump laid out a program saying this is what is bothering me and i happen why it
9:23 am
is bothering you. he -- jimmy carter made sure people can't go in the country. so it isn't unprecedented but in this day and age when he hear something from donald trump everyone reacts. what scares me about about the debate is everything is going to be about donald and he would want it no other way. we will not hear from other candidates. it is another chance to stand center stage and saying the things she wants to say. >> the news cycle follows him. he talks about immigration in his announcement speech and kate steinle murdered in san francisco. we find out yesterday that one of the terror suspects was screened twice and they missed a lot of red flags. trump is making a lot of sense. what are you hearing about trump on the ground?
9:24 am
>> i am hearing a lot of people say at least he says what is on his mind. the approval ratings for trump so the country is tired of not knowing if they can believe a candidate. when he says he is going to ban all muslims i think he is in danger of turning into one of the same politicians his supporters don't want. can you actually carry that out? that is my concern. me says a lot of things and -- he -- it sounds good to a lot of people but i don't know if he can hear it out. >> lots of buzz about ted cruz. he is creeping up. he has not gone negative against donald trump. >> i have to kind of agree with you, if i may, joe, respectfully disagree.
9:25 am
>> ted cruz avoided returning to donald trump -- >> harris, also a lot of focus on the other candidates. marco rubio had good debate performance. >> i am looking at the full screen graphic and i invite the viewers to do that. if it holds, and that is what the stage looks like, we also look at the middle.
9:26 am
who is in the middle? trump and cruz. you look at the polling and everybody hopefully gets as much to say. but those issues are driven by those two guys at the top and we have not seen them go after each other yet. remember ben carson and donald trump? it was all nice and bubbles until someone popped one. >> chris christie is going to come out firing on all cylinders. >> i love what chris christie said about president obama. he said he sees the world as he would like to see it. not as it actually is. i thought that was a very, very good statement. >> a big debate. the last one of the year and we will have the analysis before and after on the o'reilly factor where you can catch me and bill. and mr. o'reilly is our one lucky guy tomorrow. the facebook mez messages on jihad that went unmissed for
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>> we have been reporting on how immigration officials missed tashfeen malik social media postings and how the statement department admitted. here is spokesman john kirby: >> obviously things went wrong. it is difficult to say exactly what and how. but for an individual to come to this country, one who the fbi has maintained had terrorist tendency or affiliations, i think it is safe to say there is
9:32 am
lessons learned her. >> part of the visa application process contains scrutinizing applicants but then social media post were banned because of fear of backlash and bad public relations. you cannot make that up. the public can see -- >> bad public relations? could anything be worse than what they are going through now? when you look at it is called social media. if you are making statements and professing beliefs if it is out here in the public what are you violating? >> i agree. >> you are a business man. you hire people. you have hired people. >> we have to do background checks. >> businesses hire people and
9:33 am
they use social media and look at your history. >> you look at what someone says, you take into consideration their workplace habits, relationships they have had had, all of the things they can fit into the environment we are working in. we want everyone there working together. it is not a discrimination thing. but you want to make sure you have to opportunity to look. if they post it out there it should be available for everyone to look at including the fbi. >> fit into the society of our business and our business is the united states and keeping our people safe. andrea? >> but the government is not keeping us safe. it is supposed to be keeping us safe and why isn't it -- and why is it making it worst. we know brothers in boston were posting stuff online and they were able to travel overseas and
9:34 am
come back because of a travel issue. national review has a great piece on this. they talk about how elites have failed us in washington, d.c. and 14 americans would be alive if that neighbor would have said something. it is the political correctness from the neighbor to the highest ranking of government that people are afraid to see something. it is primarily the left. conservatives want to hurt people that want to do harm with us. the left is concerned with not hurting the feelings. >> the neighbor who brought the weapon was close. >> but the other neighbor knew there was funny business and didn't want to say anything. >> you have to say who puts that out there? would you put that out there? if someone is putting that out there they are dangerous and have no conscious about it. why wouldn't we monitor that?
9:35 am
and political correctness or not put it out there. >> we talked to the head of a major cybersecurity form in this country when he said social media is one of the absolute best tools that we have and should be utilizing to our best ability to track down these terrorist because we know that is where they are recruiting and planning attacks. >> i believe 50% through social media express attention. did you get the impression this person would work with the government? if they have clicked on the direct message -- >> it is encouraging the social media sites to work with the government as well. they need to react the same way. >> the breaking news we have been watching on fox news channel we are continuing to monitor in the situation with the los angeles unified school
9:36 am
district where the superintendent made the decision to close school for some 640,000 students telling thousands of employees to stay home today. we have learned the fbi and lapd were consulted and deemed potentially the threats were not credible but the superintendent made the decision out of what he calls an abundance of caution. we are coming right back.
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>> brandon mashal is speaking out about the concussion issue in football saying it is worth the risk. an open letter to the doctor discovered the brain condition cte in players and wrote an opt-ed arguing kids shouldn't play football. he said he had a concussion but
9:41 am
kept playing for the sake of his career. and he said kids should play football because the reward is greater than the sacrifices. i know there are kids from myself with places like pittsburgh and the south side of chicago where they don't feel like they have options other than selling drugs and sports. take away sports and you are taking away life in a lot of communities. should kids be playing football, joe? >> i agree with brandon marshall to the extent it is something that people need to be aware of. i find myself at times getting up and starting to fall and not getting able to catch my balance. i had the symptoms of concussions. but it is a choice players make. from a professional standpoint you chose to play. at the youth level there is no
9:42 am
many positives that can learned. learning to take instruction from someone other than parents. there is diet. there is having to learn plays. there is relying on your teammates. learning how to win and lose. all of those life lessons are taught in athletics. it is important for parents to understand in youth football you go to a website and find out what technology is available. you make sure the coach that is teaching the kids understand. >> is it fair to say you are labeling it as a risk but it is worth it. >> you know the number one youth sport for a concussion? soccer.
9:43 am
>> young kids don't know they are taking on the risk. it is a lot higher risk. horse back riding has the risk of breaking your neck. you have to mitigate the risk by finding the good techniques, the refer referees and coaches and association. >> let's talk about safety on the couch. >> i had a helmet with a rubber sock. band here, rubber stopper here. >> it was a party hat. >> it was a party hat with a face mask.
9:44 am
>> you know, when i hear you speaking about the recidual effects it is frustrating to hear a young person say it is wort the sacrifice. >> you mentioned a great point, look at the other jobs, chris kyle, dangerous guy. there is risks with everything. >> everyone has to see this catch. odom beckham with the ridiculous
9:45 am
catch against the dolphins >> i have reached the point with him where if he doesn't make this kind of catch in a game we are all disappointed. >> the run against the red skins and last year the one-handed catch. he does phenomenal things with his body. he had one where the dolphins decided he wasn't worth covering on the field and open 35 yards. >> this was was ruled incomplete. he went and basically begged the referee to look back at it and changed the call to the touchdown.
9:46 am
one thing they will pursue is what a catch truly is. it is too complicated. make it much more simple. >> in about ten minutes or so we are anticipating we will get an update via news conference with officials in los angeles. 640,000 students, thousands of school employees told to stay home, and those children who went for early morning before classes, just a few hours ago, they were going to be watching to make sure kids got home
9:47 am
safely. 900 schools the superintendent says will search to see if there are any devices after the threat. more on this story and the news conference coming up when we come back.
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>> well a big blow to out of control political correctness after this grade school principal new a school in brooklyn, new york decided to ban everything good. the word christmas was totally banned, christmas parties were dubbed winter celebrations, and this guy, well may -- man for bidden. and turkey day was banned. kids told not to call it that but just a harvest festival. and pledging allegiance to the flag also scrapped. students and parents not very happy. the story ended with tons of outrage. tv, social media on the fox news channel. and in the end, sanity won. santa is back and kids are saying the pledge of allegiance.
9:52 am
>> i think the happy holidays and spring break instead of easter break is happening all over. she just did it all at once. i like that sanity and santa were equaled >> she is like the person who goes to the buffet and comes off with everything. >> take multiple trips. don't take it all at once. i think it is great parents got involved and said time-out. this isn't right. political, again, i agree with donald trump in this result, he is saying what people are
9:53 am
feeling and believing. don't take it away from everybody else. >> merry christmas. >> quickly before we go to commercial break, we are waiting on the news conference in los angeles with more about the threat that forced the schools closed today. 900 schools. more than 600,000 kids. stay close. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> they are talking about the los angeles school district being shutdown right now from the white house. >> the president convened this task force on 21st century policing with law enforcement and academic experts come together around a set of recommendations that have been shared with local law enforcement agencies. you can use our resources in a federal government to draw on the expertise of people all across the country and share that. it is local authorities who are responsible to see how those are
9:58 am
put into the community. there is another role local state and law enforcement officials have in protecting new york city. >> i think new york city is doctor describing what is the same threat and determined it was a hoax. the white house feel the position it would be in was appropriate? is there any federal guidance given to schools about, you know, you get threats all of time and these are the ones you need to take specific action. >> josh, i am not going to stand at the podium and second-guess the decisions made by local law enforcement officials in any community across the country. ultimately, these individuals are making the decision based on the information they have received and their knowledge of the community. they would know better than anyone else.
9:59 am
i can say as they are making and considering the decisions they do so with the support of assistance from federal agencies. the fbi in this case. i know there have been conversations between law enforcement officials in southern california and the fbi in this matter. but again this is a decision made by officials in los angeles. >> we have been discussing homeland security in the wake of paris and california. the president talked about not getting into fear and not allowing extremist to change the way that we live our lives. i am wondering if you can talk broadly about what advice the about striking the balance particularly around the holidays between vigilance and resolve and not giving into the fears of terrorism. >> josh, the most important thing in the mind of the president is keeping the american people safe.
10:00 am
and we certainly do want to encourage everyone to be vigila vigilant. that the includes the citizens of our country, we encourage them if they see something they should say something. that advice continues to be operative. we encourage local law enforcement and state officials to be vigilant as they go about their basic business of protecting the american people.


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