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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 17, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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nctc director nick rasmussen and everybody at nctc. all of you, for welcoming us here today. now nick, along with cia director margaret brennan nan and fbi director comey provide ad threat briefing. director comey and attorney general lynch updated us on the investigation into the ban be >> i reiterated that the investigation will continue and has the full support of the federal government and we should leave no stone unturned in determining out how they did the tragedy. we are increasing awareness and staying vigilant and enhance the traveling of the public especially with so many americans traveling in the h holida holidays. i know after the attacks in paris and san bernardino
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americans are anxious. it matters to our friends and family and communities about their safety. that is true of folks inside of government as well as outside of government of the here's what i want every american to know. since 9/11 we have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen homeland security. our bort borders, ports and airports and aviation security enhanced watch list and screening. we have gotten much better thanks in part to the people in this room of preventing large complex attacks like 9/11. moreover, we have the very best intelligence, counter terrorism, homeland security and law enforcement professionals in the world. our folks are the best. across our government, these dedicated professionals
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including here at ntct are relentless. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. people from across our government work literally shoulder to shoulder pouring over the latest information and analyzing and integrating and sharing the dots and sharing information and pushing to the federal government and state and local partners. in other words, what you see here today is one strong united team. so our professionals have a remarkable record of success. of course, when terrorist pull off a despicable act like what happened in san bernardino, it tears at our hearts, but it also stiffens our resolve to learn whatever lessons we can and to make any improvements that are needed.
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in the meantime, what the world doesn't always see are the successes. the terrorist plots that have been prevented and that's how it should be. this work demands secrecy. as americans we should not forget how good these patriots are. they have taken terrorist off of the battle field and thwarted attacks and saved american lives. and so for everyone involved in our counter terrorism efforts, i want to say thank you and the american people thank you. now, i want to repeat what my team just told me. at this moment intelligence and counter terrorism professionals do not have specific or credible information on an attack on the home land. that said, we have to be vigilant. as i indicated in my address to
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the nation last week. we are in a new age of terrorism including lone actors and small groups of terrorist like those in san bernardino. because they are smaller and they are harder to detect. and that makes it harder to prevent. but just as the threat evolves, so do we. we are constantly adapting and upping your game and getting better. and today, the mission to protect our home land goes on, on three main fronts. we are going after the terrorist over there. as i described in the pentagon, we are hitting isil harder than ever in syria and iraq and taking out the leaders and partners on the ground are pushing them out. special operation forces are
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hard at work. we took out the isil leader in libya and yemen and somalia. and we will find them and defend our nation. meanwhile, as always we are working to protect the the americans overseas. and secretary of state john kerry updated us on security in our embassies and our diplomatic posts. second, we continue to do everything in our power to prevent terrorist from getting into the united states. we are doing more with countries around the world including our european partners to prevent the flow of terrorist fighters to syria and iraq and back into our countries. we are implementing additional levels of security for our visitors in the vicea waiver program. any refugee coming into the
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united states, some of them victims of terrorism themselves, will continue to get the most intensive scrutiny of any arrival. they go up to two years of vetting and biometric screening and the fiance visa screening is ongoing. third, we are stepping up efforts to prevent attacks here at home. as a said, the ntct is sharing information with our state and local partners. 100 joint terrorism task forceses are the action arm of the fight. federal, state and local experts working together to disrupt threats at the state level. fusion cells are receiving tips and pushing information out to local law enforcement and the department of homeland security
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updated the alert system to make sure americans are getting the timely and useful information. and groups like isil trying to radicalize groups to violence especially on line. we strengthen our communication between law enforcement and faith leaders and citizens. we have to build up trust and helps communities inoculate themselves from the kind of propaganda that isil is spewing out. preventing their young ones, especially young people from succumbing to terrorist ideologies. and one of our own weapons is our strength as one people. if you see something suspicious say something to law enforcement and staying united as one american family.
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remember that our great allies in this fight are each other. americans of all faiths and backgrounds and when americans stand together, nothing can beat us most of all we can't give in to fear or change how we live our lives. that's what terrorist want and the only leverage they have. they can't defeat us on the battlefield, but they can lead us to change in ways that would undermind what this country is all about. and that's what we have to guard against. we have to remind ourselves, that when we stay true to our values, nothing can beat us. so anyone trying to harm americans need know we are strong and resilient and we will not be terrorized. and we prevailed over much greater threats than this.
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we will prevail again. so, i want to once again thank all of you at ntsc and thank you for your extraordinary service. and i want every american to know as you go about the holidays and travel and gather with family and kids open their presents and as you ring in the new year, that you have got dedicated patriots working around-the-clock, all across the country to protect us all. oftentimes they're doing so by sacrificing their own holidays and time with families, and they care about this deeply and they are the best in the world. and for that we are very grateful. thank you, everybody. happy holy -- holidays. >> the president trying to buck up the nation as concern over the terrorist attacks in paris
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and san bernardino. a guy who actually had a baby shower thrown for him and his new wife, shot up that conference room, killing 14 and wounding 21 people. our chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge is with us. the president said the national security team sees no imminent terrorist attack. >> reporter: couple of head lines here, first and foremost the president said no specific or credible intelligence of a plot targeting the u.s. over the holiday period. that's what we saw also in san bernardino and paris. because the threat evolved with a smaller scale individual actors and there is not necessarily the warn withing signs in advance. number two, he talked about the
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administration's effort to degrade isis. he used the word that they have upped the tempo and in map nipulation, we know that analyst were asked to shift how they measured their progress against isis from traditional factors to the metrics that included the number of sortes. and that is really quite frankly an ineffective way to measure progress. i thought it was noteworthy that he mention that today. he held that news conference at the national terrorism center. it is the nation's home for threat analysis and works behind the scene in government. it is hard to argue that the administration did not use this to indicate they are getting their arms around the u sis
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problem. i cannot remember a time when the president has a briefing with all of the members of his cabinet when he could have done it in the situation room. >> thank you. chris wallace, what do you take away from the president's remarks? >> i have to say it reminded me of his speech to the nation from the oval office and it seemed to have the same strengthses and weaknesses. the strength, you have commander in chief saying we are concerned and it is it a top priority. don't be afraid and we are watching out, but there was no new policy. a lot of people would be reassured not by president's rhetoric, but changes in policy. we just learned in the last few days, as a matter of fact that the investigatory agencies don't look at social media to check
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out whether or not someone in the country is a radical. the president didn't announce any change in that. there is growing concern about the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness in the fight on isis. the president upped the tempo but no dramatic change in the fight against isis. whether it is overseas the war on terror or protecting the home land, yeah, the president sounded concerned and all of the top people talking about it, but no specifics or change in policy to hang your hat on. >> especially the president pointed out small scale attacks can be damageing and require very little outside help. chris wallace, we have a couple of questions for you and we'll be back on the other side of the break.
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>> fox is american's nows head quarters and we watch for the last man or standing in the run for president. party leaders are having hushed talks on what happens if there is no chlor cut nom no. in years past the iowa wacaucus and new hampshire primary thinned out the fold. with donald trump, the election season is defying conventional thinking. we'll get back to chris wallace. there was a behind closed dormeeting. republican leaders are saying they just need to be prepared and have a game plan for what happens if no candidate comes in the convention with enough delegates for a first round win. is that prudent strategy or trying to figure out what to do about donald trump.
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>> first of all, i got a call over the weekend from the republican chairman making it clear he was not talking about stopping trump. it was a discussion and he was a bystander than a participant in terms of people expressing concern about it. i think there are some people in terms of republican establishment leaders that want to figure out how to stop trump. they think it would be a bad thing in trying to win the white house, but in terms of trying to hold on to the senate and house. i think there are others just talking about the possibility of coming on to a contested convention as opposed to a brokered convention and no one has the majority of the delegates you need. and you guys sent me an article that was interesting, but there is so many combinations of what can happen here, jon.
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there will be a willowing of the fold of candidates after iowa waand new hampshire and south carolina. we don't know who will dropout or stay in and remain viable. let's say that you end up with a establishment candidate say marco rubio for just a forinstance and throw or four conservative candidates and they will devoid up that part of the support and one establishment gets that and works to his benefits on the other hand it works the opposite throw or four establishment and 1 or 2 conservative and they get a bigger share of the delegates. it is going to happen that the fold will be winnowed. >> but the iowa and new hampshire are supposed to help. will they serve that function?
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>> i think they will. i don't think you can predict who will dropout. it will be establishment moderate or centerist side of the republican field or conservative side. to the degree more people are splitting up the vote, each one is going to end up with a fewer number of delegates. i hope i made that clear as mud. >> it was astoundingly clear. chris will sit down with carly fiorina. talking about her debate perform and quest for momentum as the primaries approach. and the top democrat discussing theous of social media and in screening visitors to the u.s. that is on fox news sunday. and check your local stations for when it runs. >> bystanders couldn't believe
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their eyes when a teenager punches a political leader in the face. should russia be involved in launching military satellites. it is time to lift the ban on russian rocket. not everyone on capitol hill agrees, we'll tell you about that next. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis.
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jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> shocking video from overseas, a teenager punching the spanish prime minister in the face. it knocks off his glass while speaking at a campaign event. the freedom prime was bruised and was otherwise okay. and the 17-year-old was taken
10:25 am
away in handcuffs. >> right now a debate is rocking capitol hill. senator mccain blasts the ban on russian military satellites. it is approaching the final approval in congress. a law maker who pushed to lift that ban alabama senator, senior member of the senate appropriations committee. i have known for a long time astronauts rode on the russian rockets. but i didn't know defense weapons and satellites reloy on rushiab. you say it is good? >> it is temporarily. it is the only game in town that is reloyable be and that is the
10:26 am
russian rocket so says the secretary of defense, director of national intelience and secretary of the air force. we are building as we are talking a new first-class large rocket that will take the place of all of this, but we are not there yet. it will take 2 or 3 or 4 years more to do it. the sooner we get rid of the russian rocket the, we don't want to rely on it. and the space x rocket is grounded right now. it is never launched a soilths dealing with intelligence. we don't want to cut off our nose to spite our face for a few more years because we are using
10:27 am
the russian rocket. we have used it since '95 and it is up to the pentagon. we don't say you use it. the pentagon believe if it is in the national security interest under the legislation we are hoping to pass they can waive that. >> in '95 the cold war was over. and the russian republic was starved for cash and the united states thought it was important to buy russian rockets back then, why? >> it was a goodwill deal and it was a mistake then and now to rely on the russian rockets. senator mccain and i agree on that. it is it a question of what we do in the meantime? do we have anything else to rely on? absolutely not. >> after the invasion of crimia
10:28 am
and other misbehavor, there was a mood in congress to stop buying them. and you fought to lift that limit, why? >> we would have a space of 3 or 4 or 5 years that we would not be able to have satellites in space according to the national defense intelligence and also the secretary of defense. it is not what i say, it is what they say. and national security should trump whatever if we have to get an engine. get off of the russian engine as fast as we can. and that is everybody's goal. >> senator, your feelings on the spending bill. will you vote for it? >> no, i will not. it has a lot in it that i like, but also not. it has money for the president
10:29 am
helping the refugees and help a lot of illegal immigration and letting them stay here. there are depend things in it and but there is bad things, too. >> senator richard shelby, republican of alabama. thank you. a former nasa astronaut opposes to lift the ban. he will join us next. and also a terror expert weighs in on the isis threat. the fbi reveals that the san bernardino killers may have been radicalized on line. we'll tell you about that next.
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>> we continue our discussion over the controversy over law makers in washington including richard shelby who want to lift a ban on buying russian made rocket engines to launch the u.s. military and other satellites. our next guest said the ban is a good idea. tom jones is a former astronaut. and researching on the story and the united states is a counsel row that won the space race. what are we doing buying rocket engines from the russians? >> 15 years ago when the first russian buy took place it was a good deal for business. they provided a service to the
10:34 am
taxpayers and now russian behavior in crimmia and ukraine on theitable. we have the know how and move rapidly as possible to do that. and congress was right in banning the future purchase of these. >> it is my understanding that congress felt if you bought those engines they would not go to places like north korea or iran and other countries that might use them for purposes. >> that's right. we wanted to tie up the russian and orient it to our needs and that is true and nasa as well. we have used it as transport for the astronauts and it is time to move out. if mr. putin pulls the plug we don't have a way to launch our rocket and that could cause problems for the reloiblt.
10:35 am
it makes sense for congress to put the money up front and united launch could incorporate in the next five. they have the delta four rocket and can we have an alternative and competition is good for the taxpayer. >> space x is provide company certified to launch. but they are on hold because of a launch disaster. >> last year russians had a failure and space x and the other cargo orbittal a tk. we'll learn from the mistakes and you can't look at one supplier as unreloy believe. let them compote and provide the price point and reliability. we have the know how. we don't put russian engines in the tanks and air force. >> congress should put up money for the development and congress
10:36 am
is of a mood to let space x handle that research and development? >> but this is a significant to build this class of engine. it will take a billion dollars in five years. congress can drive that cost down, but this is an investment in national security. in five years, we would be out from under the russian monopoly. and it should be on american engines. >> thank you very much. tom jones, former nasa astronaut and planetary scientist. >> new information on the terrorist attack in san bernardino. fbi director comey said there is no evidence that the couple were part of a real terrorist cell. he went on to say isis is
10:37 am
revolutionizing terrorism through the use of technology. we'll bring in tom jones and editor of the long board journal. comey also said this, tom, your parent's al-qaeda was a different model than the threat today. is it? >> no, it is amazing the attention span is not long. al-qaeda started the jihadiist model. the al-qaeda magazine incouraged individual jihadiist to go out. isis copied that and rebranded it and rolled it off of the same language. english magazine and other languages encouraging jihadiest attacks. >> we heard the president say we are looking at spall scale and it is individual and scary. >> this is part of a deliberate
10:38 am
strategy by the jihadiist to increase the threats. if they are increasing, that creates noise and keeps us tied up and our resources are not focused on security. that is how a couple like san bernardino gets through the whole system. this is what al-qaeda started years ago. we had that attack be and plots. but isis is taking it to another level because they claim to be the caliphate. and that is initiative for the individual jihadiist. >> you are paying attention to the language that the fbi is using and frankly it is all over the place. but you are watching what did they post on social media after the attack. we heard from comey, that prior to the attack be they used direct messaging on social media and that is not public.
10:39 am
walk us through what they posted after the attack and what you make of direct messages and posting publicly? >> the reason they are drawing that attention. you can troll what they are saying on line and certainly they do. private messaging, you can't do that. you need a warrant and some way of doing it through the legal system. it is important to know what they said during the actual attack, isis tries to encourage people to pledge allegiance to baghdadi before they do that. you are in a state of the disobedience. if you die you don't pledge allegiance. the wife or couple pledged allegiance to baghdadi. that is consistent with whatti sis said to do. >> we are wondering still where did they get the instruction to
10:40 am
build the pipe bombs and did they get that through the social media or magazines? what do you make of the confusion of initially part of a terrorist cell or not. the fbi doesn't think so. there is a confusion. >> it is important on one level and not important from the other. you don't hear from the president about the global war of is sis. they are part of a global war with. why is isn't important generally speaking professional will terrorist up the game in these attacks. what this couple did in san bernardino and they wereective assuming they didn't get professional training. there is a difference between that and paris where they locked
10:41 am
down a nation. we are running both threat streams. professionals are a greater threat but both are threats. >> i know you pay attention to the chatter on line with the jihadiist. what have you noticed in the research. >> i think isis tried to throw in with this in the official messaging. i don't see evidence that they knew this couple or directed them all or gave them advice, but it doesn't lessen what the couple did. assuming the reports were accurate to swear allegiance to baghdadi. that's what they say to do. >> professional grade pictures, we'll check it out, next.
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>> on the go. our cell phone cameras make it easier than ever. apparently there is a new option for more picture taking power without sacrificing convenience. we all want better selfies, doug. douglas kennedy is in the newsroom with the full story. >> more and more are using cell phones to take the picture ands use, move them beyond the selfie. >> and all of the equipment is so heavy. >> as a professional photographer, investing in thousands of dollars in expensive cameras and multiple lens. >> sometimes in your work, you find yourself using a cell phone cap. >> yes, the best camera is the one you have on you. >> he is going to change the way people think of cameras. >> what he said inspired him to
10:46 am
create the l16. the world's first camera, that is a huge leap in technology that may be part of every cell phone. 16 different cameras and ten of them firing as soon as you take a picture. >> the reason we need so many cameras, you look at cell phone camera collects very little light. >> but it is what inside of the l16 that makes a leap forward. it is called folded optices and allowousers to zom in to objects hundreds of feet away right now you need a huge lens like this if you want to take a picture. >> on our camera, we use larger lens and line it on the body of the camera. 20 yearsing on, cell phones were
10:47 am
bulky and dropped calls and touch screen made phones in computers and now they are more for photography than anything else and chris can't wait to get his finger on the l16. >> it could transform your profession. >> you have bigger. he said the best pictures are always taken when people forget well is a photographer taking it. that's it from here. did you see the quality that that camera. you want the zom and realize how much you are needing it when you hold that thing. >> and jon, is the lighting okay. and douglas, thank you. always interesting to see doug's reports. you take great pictures of winston. and imagine what you can do with
10:48 am
that camera. >> he make its easy. he never moves. >> presidential candidate donald trump complains how he is recovered by the media and bill fours back. >> it is it our job to vet you in the best way we can. but look, you are too thin skinned. announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big
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why doesn't the establishment see what the rest of us see? we'll hear why he considers an anti-establishment candidate. he considers another person
10:52 am
besides trump and cruz. new security measures going up in the magic kingdom. what you need to know if you're going to disney or sea world. russian president vladmir putin weighing in on the race for 2016 in the u.s. calling one candidate flamboyant and talented. who is it? the real story top of the hour. bill o' riley confronted him. here's the exchange. >>. >> you are too thin skinned. >> when people say untrue things, i don't like it. >> you want to be president. tweet about putin or isis. it looks petty. >> i like to have the truth told about me. . if i do something wrong, i know when it's wrong. if somebody goes after me, including you, i don't mind it
10:53 am
at all. if they make it up, i don't like it. >> first of all, what a shot. he has this live audience behind him. you got to give it to both them. that was quite a presentation. what do you think of the thin skin comment? >> i'll ask him about that. i don't agree he's thin skinned. he's been getting pounded for years. i think he uses his combativeness. >> do you think it's presidential? >> i sort of wonder why he's up tweeting at 2:00 in the morning about this or that reporter that ticked him off. >> will you ask him about that? >> it's a certain amount of he likes to get even. he's a bit of a street fighter.
10:54 am
it is like i wonder why it consumes so much of his time. his base loves it. they don't like the media. he scores points in the guise of getting even. he doesn't have to spend millions of dollars his rivals have on tv. >> you'll sit down with him in just a few days. your focus is media and presentation and all of that it entails which is the big news stories of the day. >> what's your priorities for him? don't give us too much but give us a little. >> i want to drill down on how
10:55 am
trump manages week after week, month after month to drive the campaign conversation, drive the media conversations. seems he throws things out there. knowing it will cause an explosion. maybe he goes too far. pulls back on the details and everybody's talking about him. he's at the center of it. i think that's strategy. he may disagree. >> whether or not he's really thinking through this or something that's happening repeatedly for whatever reason, randomly. i'll be curious what he has to say. it was actually another debate that no one is talking about. that's the democratic debate. it's on a saturday. that's a very interesting choice if you're choosing to broadcast a debate. talk about the choices the democrat debate on a saturday. what does it mean? >> this abc debate with hillary clinton and her two rivals following another saturday night debate on cbs. if you want to save your prime
10:56 am
time programming for another night, put something on saturday. it clearly reflects the media has lost interest in the democratic race. >> do you think the immediate is driving interest by not putting it on a wednesday night. >> i'm not agreeing with that because we have the woman that will most likely be the nominee of the democratic party. there ain't much of a horse race. bernie sanders is well behind. i think at the moment, it slipped off the radar. you could see the democrats are getting pass. obviously the scrutiny will come back later on.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
interview with donald trump. >> big interview. >> open invitation all the time. it could be fun for him. >> he's got a thick skin, right? >> yes. that's what's i'm talking about. we'll work on that. thanks so much for joining us. thanks, guys. we're awaiting charges to be announced forthe former neighbor of the san bernardino terrorist. he admitted to buying guns and coughed up information to officers about another earlier plot. this comes as investigators dig through the couple's information to find out when they may have become radicalized.


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