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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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back after you finish watching your other tv programs like is 11:01 each night. go to and go to my facebook page. lots going on after the show. up next the o'reilly factor. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i would like to seat republican party come together and i have been a little bit divisive in the sense that i have been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit? >> donald trump has a secret strategy to become president tonight talking points will reveal it. >> if >> is it morally wrong for protesters to demand convictions if when they are not jury members. we are talking about the freddie gray case in baltimore. a special report tonight. >> i'm going to talk to the mayor and try to get to the bottom of this situation. >> we appreciate that. >> it seems like scrooge is occupying city hall. >> also ahead, watters
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trying to sort out a christmas light controversy in florida. >> have i been naughty or nice? >> i would say a little on the naughty list. [ laughter ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.y[ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump's secret strategies. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know i have known mr. trump for about 25 years. and i can tell you he is a unique individual. nobody like him. when he first started running for president, trump was about 4% in the polls. and he had virtually no to win chance to win if he conducted himself as a standard politician. donald trump saw the campaign as a mission. he sincerely believes most politicians are phonies who are not looking out for us. he also thinks the federal
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government is screwed up beyond belief and only an outsider can correct things quickly. as far as politics is concerned, mr. trump is the ultimate outsider so his campaign theme in my humble opinion is that the end justifies the means. trump wants to win and he knows he cannot win by playing the standard political game. so his strategy is to get attention 24/7. starving the other candidates out. with the media paying so much attention to trump, you don't know all that much about john kasich or rand paul or carlie fiorina. you see them at the debatesx and that's pretty much it. the simple truth is, trump is playing the electronic media and the media loves it because he delivers high ratings. at this point it's not important to the trump campaign to discuss things like the nuclear triad or macroeconomics or who to conduct foreign diplomacy. it's enough for trump to say he is a good dealmaker, he
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will make putin his friend and he will kick some serious butt overseas. some intellectualyk despise that. some here at fox news are among those folks. for some reason that rankels donald trump as i told him last night i don't know why. trump's strategy is clearly working. many of his supporters wtnt an avenger, some to blow up what they consider a corrupt system. policy be damned. at least at this point. now, let me give you a vivid example of how bad washington is on july is 1st, 32-year-old kate steinle was killed by criminal illegal alien in san francisco. the man had seven felony convictions in the u.s.a., had been deported five times and returned five times. that is a disgrace. if the u.s. government cannot keep a thug like that out of this country, none of us have any security at all. now, i felt terrible for ther,!f steinle family and i made a promise to them that i would
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spearhead new legislation called kate's law that would mandate a five-year federal prison term for any convicted aggravated felon who defies deportation. such a law would give authorities a clear shot at gang members and repeat foreign offenders. it is a law very much needed in america. but, as it stands now, congress will not pass kate's law. the despicable harry reid blocked it on the senate floor because the republican senate leader mitch mcconnell attached kate's lawv# to anti-sanctuary city bill. that gave the democrats cover to vote against kate's law and mcconnell knew it. now, i have tried on numerous occasions to talk with senator mcconnell but he refuses to take my calls. and although there are good senators like cruz, grassley, and mccain who very much want a stand alone vote on kate's law, it is not assured. although mitch mcconnell could make it happen now i ask you, if congress cannot pass a simple piece of legislation that would
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protect every single american, what can congress do? donald trump knows the system is corrupt. he understands the anger of the american people. he calculates that he can run on emotion and possibly win. and that is donald trump's secret strategy. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction with us here in new york city geraldo rivera and eric bolling. geraldo, where am i going wrong? >> i don't think you are wrong at all. trump is a star. that's the difference. he is the celebrity. is he a charismatic energetic person. it is interesting to me that arnold schwarzenegger has taken over celebrityz atis from donald trump. arnold schwarzenegger if you remember pumping iron. in pumping iron arnold schwarzenegger was an unknown weight lifter but he was a star. he had can charisma. lou ferrigno, his rival was much better known. everybody knew lou ferrigno as the two competed for the mr. olympia title. arnold schwarzenegger got into lou's head in such a
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way that he lost his confidence. he lost his mojo. he could not be the kind of effervescent star that arnold schwarzenegger was. that's what donald trump has done to jeb bush, for example. he has beaten bush so that bush knows even if he comes at trump with full force that trump is going to belittle him. he is going to diminish him. he is going to ridicule him. he is going to shrink him. donald trump owns jeb bush the way arnold schwarzenegger owned mr. figure know in the mr. owe olympic i can't. >> he doesn't care about policy at this point, doi you agree. >> he doesn't have to care about policy. he is winning. i respect you, bill, for not saying donald get down to policy you are too thin skinned. that's what made donald trump what he is. everyone is tuning in to see what donald trump is going to say about everything. >> as an american, okay, don't you want the next president to be able to solve complicated problems? >> like what, like sanctuary
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city laws or kate's law? because we have got a lot of promises. we have had a lot of promises over republican and solve anything. >> don't you want them to solve this problem. >> of course we do. i want someone to win. preferably let's get the white house and the republicans hands first and foremost. i can't tell you. >> idealogue. here is the downside of being a charismatic and you can can call trump a demagogue. you can call him all kinds of things. the downside is that like president obama donald t'juu @&@ is the the same. i'm sure donald trump would be furious i'm comparing him to barack obama. what did obama run on hope and change. i listened to a 45 minute speech from barack obama he didn't give a specific to solve a problem at all the crowd loved him. 20% of americans feel it's on the right track. now we could get the same thing with donald trump. >> here is a man, donald trump and i have known him
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longer than you have, i used to hang out with him. i know him pretty well. is he a guy who does not know what the nuclear triad is. >> so what? i didn't know what it was. >> that's exactly my point. the nuclear triad everybody knows now is the missiles based on submarines and on land and air. donald trump had idea. if you gave him a 30 second. to me it's the microcosm that shows that he could. competent practical person can handle this job. >> if trump wins the nomination bolling, then everything changes because then you have to go and say look, here is the problem. here's the solution. not i'm going to take their oil and not i'm going to make putin my friend which, by the way trump has made idiot putin today says i love donald trump. he doesn't speak english but in his russian accent he loves trump. trump, like everybody trump
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touches goes to gold. he says he is going to make his friend putin is his friend. >> what makes you think it would be any different as a president? the perception is whenwn he gets there, if he gets there, things will get done perception by whom? >> by his followers. >> people showing up in the middle of the day in arizona. >> still losing to hillary clinton in the hypocritical polls. >> but in those polls are all -- >> -- because he has alienated so many people. >> those are all polls. they are picking up the phone and dialing numbers that they already know. >> one thing, donald trump to a large extent is instinctsive creature. he is going by the seat of his pants. immigration is the centerpiece of his campaign i submit to you that he blurted out that immigration thing about drug dealers and racists in a totally uncalculated, unpremeditated way. and then saw the reaction from the tea party types and then made it his centerpiece
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to his campaign. >> you see where a lot of his stuff comes. he doesn't poll tests it. he tests it on air. if it blows up and gives him a lot of camera time he stays with it and fixes it. >> when he made fun of the disabled reporter, do you think that was calculated? that wasn't calculated. he was a 1950s locker room kind of guy who use whatever words you want to describe the r. word, the "n" word. >> i have got to side with him. >> on what? >> trump goes whatever pops into his mind he says. when you are a billionaire you can do that. >> where was the reporter from? >> it doesn't matter. >> of course it matters. >> he is pretty good looking and that's going to be his fall. >> that strategy is a winner for trump right now. that could change. all right. but if he does get the nomination, he will lose badly unless he comes up with solutions and i mean specific solutions, not i'm going to make him my friend and grab the oil. not that. so we will see. bernie goldberg will have more on the folks who are
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supporting donald trump, like bolling a lit later on. >> i'm not supporting him. >> next on the rundown, dana perino's top stories of the week. protesters in baltimore demanding pe convicted of crimes even though they weren't at the trial. is that immoral? the factor is coming right back. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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paragraph paragraph personal story segment tonight, dana perino's top stories of the week. when we last left miss dana, sheé" was saying this. >> can i make a prediction? >> sure. >> the president is leaving next friday. he will go to hawaii for two and a half, three weeks, i bet you money he stops in san bernadino on the way. >> and here is miss perino. she is correct. i was a little doubtful. >> you were? excuse me? >> you were right and i was wrong. i said i don't know whether he wants to draw attention to this attack. >> i don't think he did. i don't think he wanted to draw attention. i think he wanted to try to
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calm the nation by not overreacting. the problem with that is that, one, he actually made the nation more nervous by underreacting. if you see david ignatius by not going early and not overreacting he did wanted to make sure everyone did not have irrational fears. >> ignatius is a "the washington post" apologist for president obama. now, how does this tie into your top story of the week? >> well, i still think that the terrorism issue is the most important one, especially because we had and you have the second one, the democrats'' debate on saturday night where the number one issue for the first time in this election cycle is national security and terrorism. >> how do you think the republicans did on the terrorism question? >> i think they showed a lot of seriousness. >> who was the most serious of all of them? >> well, i don't think that any of them are not serious about terror. >> who is the most serious? >> about fighting terrorism? >> yes. >> i would say the least serious is rand paul. >> well, he is -- he doesn't
5:16 pm
want to go overseas. >> most serious? >> i don't think i could make. >> chris christie. i would say christie because really has a plan he used himself actually used that >> what i really like about chris christie not that i have a specific candidate to have a plan about isis is the understand of the global war on terror that is going to be generational and you have to take the fight to the enemy. >> all of them want to take the fight to the enemy. but i never heard anybody say you have got to mobilize nato which is the key to this whole thing. there is a lot of pie in the sky, excuse me, we are going to get this one and get that one. that's what obama does. he doesn't have anything. he doesn't really have anything going on at all. your second story is the reaction to the debate. correct? >> yes. i just thought that everyone did better, although i think the debates are a little bit, at this point, the law of diminishing returns. first hour interested. second hour i heard this before. i don't think anybody broke
5:17 pm
out. >> 18 million py8a1u(rq" it. so there is still high level of interest. a lot of these people don't follow the news every day. to them the sloganeering is new. i agree with you it gets a little tedious after a while. >> i describe it as window dressing. window shopping. tag three or four dresses into the dressing room to look at because there is only six weeks. >> nobody can debate with trump. it's impossible. you can't debate with trump. because he will call you a moron and site his poll numbers. >> look, some people are highly entertained by it. >> but put yourself. >> i'm not. >> put yourself in jeb bush, i know. but, you have got to recognize trump's genius. as soon as you go at him, is he going to say you are a loser, i have got 40, you have got 2. or whatever it may be. and that's the end of the debate there is nothing more. >> there is no doubt he is high in the national polls. >> isn't that a jeepous move though because he doesn't have to answer questions. he doesn't have to do
5:18 pm
policy. all he+" does is broad strokes and enough people support him that heqipz has got that comfort zone. he won that debate on all the internet polls. all of them. >> he was all -- internet polls are not worth very much. for him every day come on and talk about donald trump. i'm not persuaded by him. one of the things you will find is that he might be able to get a certain number of national polling. the early states are going to be difficult. i also think his gender gap with women is a big problem. and he can try to fix it. >> you were right last week about president obama going to the funeral. >> he can't go to hawaii without stopping. >> here is my prediction. cruz will win iowa. trump will win new hampshire and south carolina. >> possibly. >> do you defer? >> >> i'm not going to agree with you because i think new hampshire is still too up in the weeds. >> that's my prediction right now. >> up in the air not in the weeds. >> i'm a bold fresh guy like trump i make those predictions. >> you are a genius. i cannot stand all the
5:19 pm
genius. the brilliance. >> dana perino, everybody. directly ahead truth serum. health insurance bills skyrocketing despite president obama telling us they would go down. and later watters in the middle of a christmas controversy. >> seems like the city is trying to make it more difficult for people to comeg; see the house. >> sure. it seems like that, absolutely. >> why do you think that is? >> they are trying to shut them down. >> shut down the christmas lights up ahead. with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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truth serum segment tonight. first responders hurt after the terror attack. i spoke with my pal jon stewart who is sincerely upset is congress did not renew funding for those folks but now the situation may be resolved. joining us from washington shannon bream here in the
5:23 pm
studio and new york eric shawn both fox news correspondents. this 9/11 first responders bill is personal to you. >> i reported from ground zero from weeks afterwards, in november of 2001 was diagnosed with the world trade center cough. >> so two months after you did reporting for, what, a solid week, right? >> more like a month in that dust down there. there i am in my mask down with all the dust and that turned into bronchitis now i am part of the world trader center health representing jis industry. >> is that condition chronic and do you still have it? >> my doctor tells me this is chronic but this is nothing compared to the suffering and sacrifices of the first responders. >> congress sets aside $8 billion to help people like you with ongoing health problems. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> however, áw passed, explain that. >> that's right. earlier this week it was supposed to be in the transportation bill but mitch mcconnell, senator mcconnell took it out. at least that's what the democrats and activists are saying that he wanted to do political horse trading. he wanted to drop the oil
5:24 pm
export ban so he supposedly dropped it his office says, no, no, no, that's not reeledly true. it wasn't ready is what they said. it wasn't ready to be in the transportation bill. >> so that the 8 billion of funding, which was just -- they were just doing it again. this wasn't new funding. they were just doing it again, wasn't ready to be. now, look, here is actual actually happened. john steward called me up last week. he was really sincere about it he was worried this wasn't going to get done. mcconnell, as you just said attached it to the oil export bill. republicans want america to be able to sell oil abroad. he put this in to pressure democrats to pass that. and it worked, did it not? >> for a while. look what happened, jon stewart came on your show. he went down there. 9/11 responders camped out in front of mcconnell's office. we have a photo of that guys sick who went to chemo in wheelchairs. >> mcconnell couldn't take the pr hit but he got what he wanted the oil export
5:25 pm
bill passed. i have my issues with mcconnell, believe me. there is going to be a come-to-jesus meeting with the senator. on this he was smart he got both done. let's go to shannon bream. you will remember this sound bite by president obama. go. >> once this reform is implemented. health insurance exchanges will be created, a competitive marketplace where uninsured people and small businesses will finally be able to purchase affordable quality insurance. this legislation will also lower costs for families and for businesses and for the federal government. >> well, that's not the case. a new study says that health insurance costs with the exchanges with the state and federal government going up, correct? >> that is true. in 45 states you have seen increase in premiums, 39 states you have seen increase in deductibles. so across all the spectrum of plans, the bronze, the most o.r. affordable. you put out the least upfront but you do have to take out most of the cost on the back end. work up to silver and0é0 gold. here are the numbers.
5:26 pm
bronze plans premiumvx up 26.4%. silver up 11%. gold plan premiums up 13.8%. that's almost 14%. platinum figures aren't available. across the board with those three plans which is the majority of americans the costs are up. >> so president obama in trying to sell obamacare to the nation was wrong. right? >> that's the reality of it. we are hearing from a number of insurers, united health care you may remember the public commence from them saying they are suffering millions. they call the losses unsustainable because the way it's set up and there are many drivers for. this some say it's because young healthy people are taking their chances. they would rather pay the penalty or the tax or whatever the supreme court is calling it. >> sure. >> than invest in these plans. >> bottom line is working americans, no matter what health plan you sign up for are paying more and will continue to pay more. but then those who are subsidized did get it free. all right. thank you very much shannon and eric. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg will analyze folks who support donald trump.
5:27 pm
uh-oh. also, watters going to florida to try to save christmas down there. >> anything you want to tell the mayor who is trying to shut this place down? >> you need to get in the christmas spirit because stop being grumpy pants. don't be theyv grinch. >> yeah. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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impact syncment tonight.
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a jury in baltimore could not reach a verdict in the trial of william porter. charged with a number of crime in the death of it 5-year-old freddie gray. a drug involved individual was taken into custody by police on april 12th and died after sustaining injuries. protesters marched because a jury of five black women, three black men, three white women and one white man could not reach a verdict in the case. joining us now from baltimore the attorney for fred from gray's family billy murphy. first of all, mr. murphy. >> how are you doing? >> i'm fine, sir. was it a fair trial in your opinion? think both sides got an adequate opportunity to present their cases and the jury selection appeared to be fair. it was a representative jury of a cross section of the baltimore community and black judge who was misconduct what more you can ask? >> you don't have any beef with how the trial was conducted. in a hung jury we don't know
5:32 pm
what the polling of the jury was. like how many people wanted to convict and how many people wanted to acquitment, is that correct? you don't know that? that's correct. we don't know. we doe doo know the prosecution was able to convict some of the jurors there was proof of a reasonable doubt of some of the crimes that were committed and we do know the defense was able to convince some of the jurors that officer porter was innocent. >> okay. now, in cases like these they will have to be retried and then the prosecution has advantage i understand 69% of retrials end in convictions; is that correct? >> i would be more cautious than that i would say majority of time when the prosecutors retry these cases they win because they have learned. >> it's not as dramatic. let's not try this on tv it's not fair. you know the protesters in baltimore. you are from down there. it disurebsz me that people
5:33 pm
getting out there demanding a conviction. they are not on the jury. they don't go to the trial. they don't know what they are talking about. i certainly don't know whether officer porter is guilty or not. and i'm following this as a journalist. and i have no blanking clue whether the man is guilty. is this immoral? are these protesters umpl>9ñ moral for commanding a conviction in a case they really don't know anything about? >> well, first of all, before i answer that bill, i'm sure you are equally disturbed that the police union and otherc[q the white community havewi command demanded these charges be dropped because they take the exact opposite position that porter is innocent. >> that's what a union is in business to do. they are not on the streets disrupting. >> not just the union, bill. it's not just the union. >> i think there is a difference. i don't think you can make a comparison. these protesters are saying the country is bad, the system is bad. everything is corrupt. the union is not doing. this the union is saying our guy is innocent. they always do that. i don't think it's the same comparison. let's address the prefers on theñ!s protesters of on baltimore last night. are they immoral position?
5:34 pm
>> immoral is too strong a word. let me tell you what i have been saying and what the family has been saying. that is we have a representative body called the jury that is going to be the only group except for a few people in the courtroom who hear all of the evidence and get a chance to hear all of the witnesses and hear all of the legal arguments only when you have that ability do you have the right to have anor not these officers are guilty or not guilty. >> good for you. when i heard the oj simpson verdict and i covered that like in a microthing, i was just disgusted. i didn't go out in the street and start yelling and screaming or anything like that. now if there is an acquittal in this case and the other officers in baltimore there is a serious concern the city will be burned down. you know, to me, that's just flat out wrong. no matter what it goes we have to accept the jury correct? hand,
5:35 pm
this is a free speech society. >> bill, let me finish my thought. these young people last night who came out and protested were well within their rights to say whatever don't cry fire in a crowded theater. nothing close to that happened last night. the citizens of baltimore should be commended for the peaceful way they comported themselves and the gray family in particular deserve a lo(tñ of credit because they said to the public if we're not upset you shouldn't be upset. >> i applaud that. >> if we are calm, you should be calm that had a lot to do with what didn't happen last night. >> counsel, we agree on 90% of this. i will tell you this, anyone using their freedom of speech to convict someone of a crimek@'/ that they don't know what happened is abusing their freedom of speech in my opinion. last word? >> well, think why agree. >> all right. good. >> when people demand anyone's head without hearing the first witness or
5:36 pm
looking at the first piece of evidence, ought not to be saying such things because they wouldn't want that to happen to them if they were in the dock. and, likewise, people on the other side audited not saying police officers are innocent and prosecution is unfair without likewise hearing the first piece of!g evidence on the first witness. >> all right, counselor. we appreciate your time tonight. when we come back bernie goldberg on americans who are supporting donald trump. watters on a big christmas controversy in florida. moments way. l>p with exquisite gemstones and diamonds by effy, starting at $999.99. helzberg diamonds. here's to love. you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant, or may become pregnant.
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test. test. test. test. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, if you go to bernard, you can read a column entitled are trump supporters like most americans? joining us now from miami the author of that column berniefj goldberg. so are they? >> no. most trump supporters are not like most americans. most trump supporters are angrier than most americans. they are more frustrated than most americans. and they are more alienated with the political system than most americans. now, it is true, it is true that most trump supporters like most americans think we are on the wrong track.
5:41 pm
but despite that, there is?-jñ evidence that they are not like most americans. and i will give you a very quick example. recent poll by quinnipiac, which is fairly typical of other recent polls 60 % ever independence don't like donald trump. 69% of people between 18 and 34 don't like donald trump. 84% of latinos don't like him and 87% of black people don't like him. i'm not even sure most trump supporters are like most white americans. i'm not even sure if most trump supporters are like voters. supporters make is that they are so wrapped up in his magic that they think not only that he will win the nomination and then the white house, and he may win the nomination, but they think that most americans think the way they do. but the evidence is -- that. >> that most americans don't.
5:42 pm
>> i'm not sure -- i disagree with you. i think part of the reason that some people that support donald trump are so angry is a lot of people don't see the way they do. what about my point that i made in the talking points memo? >> but, bill, very quickly the people i hear from and i think the people you hear from probably think trump is going to be the next president. not just the nominee. well, if you think he is going to be the next president, then you have got to think that a majority of americans think. >> they believe and this is what trump says that he will cultivate a whole new crew of voters who have never turned out. and that he will have enough numbers. >> that could be. >> sure, anything is possible. >> he would have to do that to win. >> let's address my talking points and the indicate's law situation. when i i went in to that i said on this program, look, we are going to get this done. i felt that most lawmakers both democrats and republicans were7m honest. misguided maybe. zealots, ideologically maybe. when it came down to a poor women being killed by druggalitied thug who defied
5:43 pm
deportation five times everybody was going to take action. that turns out not to be the case. to me, that was the last straw. that was it i have no confidence in the system now at all. i'm a pretty educated guy, all right? i'm not an extremist in any way, shape, or form. trump knows that millions and millions of americans have had it and that he is going to mobilize all of those people it's a lot like black lives matter. again he would be horrified. the black lives matter crew, they basically hate their country. they hate it. all right? and there is nothing you can say to persuade them out of that. they hate it their numbers are a lot less than the trump numbers. but it's the same powerful emotion. go. >> right. and because of this frustration and the so-called experts miscalculated how angry and how frustrated and how alienated people were,
5:44 pm
that's what -- you that accounts for the trump magic but, but, it's a very important point. a guy named steve wrote a comment about the column on the website. and he said do you remember in the 70's and 80's and they had cancer and they said i'm using latril is the magic drug and pharmaceutical establishment doesn't want anybody to know about it and i'm using latril. he this all took it and they died. then he says. very brief point but it's very intelligent and very incisive. he says that's how the trump supporters are they are so desperate to get out of living in modern america they are willing to believe trump's cynical nonsense. the cynical nonsense in my view is that he says all these things that he can't deliver on. he just can't deliver on. but they don't care. it doesn't matter.
5:45 pm
>> barack obama did the same thick and won. i caution everybody not to get too far out and we will see what happens. bernie, always provocative, thank you. watters world on deck. big christmas controversy in florida. right back with it. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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back of the book segment tovment, watters world, the town of plantation florida in broward county suing to shut down a massive christmas display on private property. cathy and mark hyatt have put up the display hundreds of people drive down their street. sent watters down to florida to try to work thing out. ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
>> what do we have here today? >> some of the things we have done here is a lot of the things we have in our display we hand make. we have volunteers come in. high school kids, veterans, they all come in. they lend a hand. >> we create this so people can come in and walk through the display, be part of it, interact with it this piece right here, he was repaired and now he lives in our display. ♪ ♪q&3 >> how many people come to see your house each week around christmas? >> maybe a couple hundred. then on the weekends it could be a thousand or 2,000, mostly kids. >> come on. in merry christmas. >> what do you think about the christmas lights? >> i love it it's so much fun. >> are you one of the neighbors? >> yes, i am. >> do you find this christmas light display to be a nuisance? >> i have been coming here since i started, never been anything but a joy. it's brought so much happiness to so many families. >> what do you think about all these lights? >> awesome, dude. [ laughter ] >> you guys come here before? >> yes, every year. >> every year?
5:50 pm
>> yes. it's become a tradition. >> ho ho ho, merry christmas. have i you been naughty or nice. >> a little on the naughty list. [ laughter ] >> how much you have raised for charity through this light display? >> i would list. >> how much have you raised for charity? >> about $10,000. maybe more. >> the city is trying to shut this place down. do you understand that? >> not really. >> that's ridiculous. >> this is a place that everybody loves coming. bringing their kids. their moms. their family. >> wonderful hearts these people have that do all this for their community is unbelievable. >> someone stole baby jesus. he is coming on christmas eve. >> oh, good. >> what is the city's main beef? >> i felt it was about money. they just aren't making money on this and they wanted money from us and when we wouldn't give it to them, all of a sudden we're in court. spending tax-payer money. >> what do you mean they wanted money.
5:51 pm
>> they said you should charge people to come in. >> you've been fined by the city how much? >> the city threatens and force $250, a lien against my house for $7,000 plus taxes, penalties and interest. i don't know how much it is right now. >> how did you hear about this? >> the news and the trouble they are having with the city. >> this is beautiful. >> we were friends for many years. >> mater? >> the mayor. she was on city council. for whatever reason she supported what we did then she flip-flopped once she became mayor. >> i'm going to talk to the mayor and see if we can get to the bottom of this situation. it seems like scrooge is operating city hall. mayor? jesse watters with the owe riley factor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> why are you suing a family for having christmas lights on their house? >> a as much as i would like to
5:52 pm
comment, we're in pending litigation. >> florida bar association says you can comment during proceeding as long as you don't prejudice one side or the other. >> okay. >> this isn't a very good use of ta taxpayer money going after homeowners for a few christmas lights, is it? i don't think santa is going to be happy with you. >> i don't think you should be voicing your opinion what santa wants and what santa doesn't want. >> i have a feeling you might be getting coal in your stocking. >> have a nice day and enjoy your visit in florida. >> we will. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> all right. >> are there any neighbors complaining? >> i don't see any neighbors complaining. people should be so proud of the hyatts for this extremely loving joyful event that they put on. >> did you find any neighbors
5:53 pm
that said i don't want to live next to an amusement park for a month every year? >> besides the lady with lemur on her shoulder? one guy didn't want to talk because he was shy and others were out of town. >> as you said, it cost taxpayers money, what do you think is going on. >> there are political situations going on between republicans and democrats and she is just not liking this couple. >> she is using the lights to get revenge on the family. >> she is vindictive from what i understand. >> she didn't come across well on that interview. >> no. >> four books i'm going to read over the christmas holiday. don't miss this about donald trump. right back. [ coughing ] [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable.
5:54 pm
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your show is completely about bashing donald trump. bill, anyone who says you are too easy on trump is a pinhead. your softball interviews with trump are not your m.o. nobody puts trum np his place like you do. i'm a little confused. i could read hundreds of letters like this. back and forth, back and forth. all emotional. very important. that's what donald trump brings. if trump doesn't begin submitting details about how he can solve problems, he will never win. koppel and krauthammer both say trump has no specific solutions to terrorism and the economy. but hissing nomic success in business shows both leadership and cunning. i am 16 and i want to say thanks
5:58 pm
for the great prices at the christmas store. my dad is going to love his presents. thank you. just finished your book, hitler's last days, and believe it is possibly your best book. awesome show with miller in las vegas. loved every second. tickets were great. christmas gift for my two daughters. excellent, genie. they gave you tickets to vegas. no, no, this year. that's right. they give you a prechristmas gift. right? we have three shows already on the board for 2016. and tickets to make christmas gifts as genie attests. los angeles, march 12th. fairfax, virginia, may 7th. and we are leaving tickets for harry reid to that show. and connecticut june 18th. will take you to the box office. tickets to who wants to be
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president of the bill o'reilly show. the tip of date, i'm lucky to get a break around christmas. i have four books on my night table. house of the rising sun. by james lee burke. one of the best fiction writers on the planet. sinatra the chairman. miller loved that book. motivational book about succeeding by former nfl quarterback called the power of failure. and nice little paper book called letters to santa. it is about the true meaning of christmas. reading is good. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. different from word of the day, do not be sniffish. love that. do not be sniffish when writing to the factor. i'm going to take some time off, as mentioned. i want everybody to have a merry christmas, happy new year. have a lot of fun.
6:00 pm
stay safe. don't do anything foolish. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. remember, the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking after you. breaking tonight, just two weeks after a deadly terror attack on american soil, a bomb shell hearing on capital hill raise is serious questions about how the department of homeland security is or is not keeping track of potential terrorists right here within our borders. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. earlier today the house oversight committee held a very charged hearing on terrorist travel. confronting the homeland security department about those in this country overstaying their visas and illegal immigration in general. what we found out is concerning at best. since 2001 wbt united states revoked some


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