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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 19, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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a bitter fight between bernie sanders, hillary clinton and the dnc continuing over crucial voter database. we take you live to new hampshire where all the drama will play out at tonight's debate. >> donald trump's commanding lead in a brand new fox news poll. the voters taken after a controversial statement about muslims. we' we'll take a look. >> and fallout over paul ryan's spending deal as it is signed into law. why conservatives are so upset. a congressman is standing by for reaction.
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a very good december saturday to you. the first december before christmas. she has all her shopping done. >> welcome to america's new headquarters from washington. >> accusations of dirty tricks and treatment are flying today between hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigns just hours before the third democratic presidential debate. mike emanuel is watching all the drama unfold. hi, hike. >> reporter: hi. yeah, the issue of restoring the sand sanders' campaign has been resolved after the bernie sanders campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court against the democratic national committee last night. there's another issue here which is the sanders' campaign accusing the dnc of favoring hillary clinton's campaign and that could create some tension
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tonig tonight. there's been a lot of anger on display. >> if the dnc continues to hold our data hostage and attack the heart and soul of our grass roots campaign, we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking immediate relief. we need our data which has been stolen by the dnc. >> tonight we will see how the clinton and sanders candidates handle the issue of four sanders' aides being accused of accessing voter financial data that belongs to the clinton campaign. it could lead to fireworks tonight. the latest poll out last night has clinton leading sanders 56-34 with o'malley with just 2% and the race has not shown much movement recently. o'malley clearly needs a game changer and sanders could use a moment to shake things up. but a new hampshire analyst says the timing of this debate is
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lousy. >> i don't think the debate is going to be critical. first off, it's the saturday before christmas on a saturday night. nobody is going to be watching this. it's going to be -- people are going to learn by reading the paper rather than seeing the debate. >> sanders and o'malley have complained about the timing of debates and the number. we have also seen ted cruz crack jokes on the campaign trail about these debates happening when nobody is watching and the new york times wrote about the invisible democratic debates this week saying the democratic candidates have been hidden in a closet. >> thank you so much. tonight a special debate discussion. we'll sit down with dnc chairwoman and we will hear from a powerhouse panel on how candidates handled the hot topics. that special is at 11:00 p.m.
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eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill this week before heading home for the holidays. the president signed it as well. the deal funds the federal government in 2016 both democrats and republicans have complaints about the bill but it passed easily. a win for the white house that pushed hard and a win for a new speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> in divided government you don't get everything you want. this is the result of a bipartisan compromise and i think everybody can point to something that gives them a reason to be in favor of both of these bills. >> well, that's not entirely true. 95 house republicans voted against the bill including steve king who joins us from iowa. whenever we end up with bipartisan compromise, the american public gets stuck with a larger and larger bill? >> well, it's been growing that way and the best defense i could
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provide for paul ryan is that john boehner set the stage for this and i will say two months ago i knew where this was going to end up and i did not believe we would find a grit within the house republicans, the conservative coalition that would be able to face the president down and say we must block funding for the whole series of things or the amendments i offered and none of my amendments were accepted to be voted on on the floor and those are nine reasons to vote. 95 republicans saw some reasons and perhaps had others of their own and voted no. >> i want to ask you about your amendments because they included to defund obamacare, the president's executive action on immigration, the iran deal, planned parenthood among many others. the question is if you didn't have this spending bill, the government shuts down. the president is not going to sign a spending bill that has any of your amendments in it.
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was it worth shutting the government down over these amendments? >> put it this way, that is that if there were 217 republicans that would have looked at one or all of these amendments or any combination and said i'm happy to sign a blood oath that i will blink after steve king does then you stack that up against the president and ask the question who do you think is going to give up first, the president or me for example. or a group of 218 republicans. of course that would change the dynamics of this. the reason we think the president wins out is because it's been telegraphed and signaled that the house will cave. that goes back to 2010 when boehner first became speaker and that's part of the legacy that's left. >> every time the government shuts down it ends up not working out so well for the republicans. >> you know, it was mark twayne that told a little narrative about when a cat sits on a hot stove lid he'll never sit on a hot stove lid again or a cold one either.
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i think that if we find the right principle for example planned parenthood, $500 million it's gruesome the things they're doing and if we would hold our line on that and do as carly fiorina said shame on us if we don't defund them, then the president would have to give in if the american people stood on principle together. >> well, one can wonder whether the american people would have accepted that principle. what's interesting, you're wanting to defund certain issues. listen to a senator who voted against it for a different reason. >> if tom broekaw writes his new book we're going to be the worst generation by selling this debt to our children and grandchildren. this is uncontial what we're doing here. >> does he have a point in terms of rather than worry about the spending issues we should be worried about a larger issue in terms of debt. >> i think he's right on the debt part. as each of my grandchildren are
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born, i take a look at what their share of the national debt is and watch that go up each time. he's right on that but i would take others back to this principle. if you look through the nine aed amendments i offered a number of them under the spending bill, funds unconstitution nal acts on the part of the president. there are a myriad of components unconstitutional and when i take an oath i mean it, take it to heart and asking me to vote to fund something that's unconstitutional after the president -- >> are you saying that the members of the house and the senate who voted for this bill aren't upholding their oath? >> i think they have to answer that for themselves. when i look in the mirror i've answered that question. and i've looked many in the eye and made that assertion. so it's up to them to answer for themselves. but we're taking an oath to support and defend the constitution. we have need to bring that in
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front of us. it's more important than the debt going on our children but it's also very important and i'm glad he brought it up. >> a principle you have stood on. appreciate your time. merry christmas to you and yours now that you're back home. >> merry christmas to all of you at fox. thank you. >> all the best, sir. >> it's been a busy week for the 14 republican candidates running for president on the gop side. they took the stage for the fifth debate tuesday night with a lot of sparring, many jabs aimed at donald trump but are they landing? we have a look at the latest polls. >> so with 43 days until the iowa caucus donald trump dominates the republican field. he's jumped 11 points in one month from 28% to 39%. ted cruz is up.
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about a month he was tied with marco rubio and now he's at 18% while rubio dropped to 11%. carson is way down. everyone else, bush, huckabee, fiorina are in single digits. trump and cruz over the last 24 hours trump has been taking heat for his bromance with vladimir putin. trump called a great honor. many republicans including mitt romney and john mccain are condemning those remarks but john kasich took it a step further. his come pain bought the domain for a new website and released this video about a trump-putin ticket with a slogan make tierney great again. rubio says the amendment shows cruz supported his bipartisan amnesty bill but cruz claims it was a poison pill to kill the
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legislation. >> i have never once supported legalization. i do not now and will never support it. this was a fight to defeat the gang of eight and we called their bluff. i said you said it's not about citizenship. >> it's a poison pill? >> it is calling their bluff because what it did is it revealed the hypocrisy. >> well today cruz is campaigning in georgia and alabama and rubio is in south carolina and christie and bush in new hampshire and carson and trump in iowa. a busy weekend. all the candidates squeezing in some face time with voters before the holidays. >> kristin, thank you. and of course, every time donald trump says or tweets something that could bury any other candidate his poll numbers rise. it begs the question does trump have a ceiling and if not what is the political fallout. here is editor of the washington
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free beacon joining us. matthew, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> are you surprised at the momentum that trump has? it's not waning at all. >> i'm not. i've been one of the pundits that stayed away from making any -- he hasn't gone anywhere. in fact he's continued to gone up especially in the environment we have today now with post paris, post san bernardino. republican voters are looking for a strong leader and that's what they see for better or worse in donald trump. >> we have some poll numbers that back that up. the first one 2016 gop nominee preference among republican primary voters. put it up. trump has 39%. and then the next is senator ted cruz at 18%. what was your reaction to these numbers? this is a stronger lead. >> it is in the fox poll. similar to some of the leads in other polls. most striking is the outsider
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candidates and i include cruz in that group. are taking over 60% of the vote. what that shows is a republican party at least nationwide when you ask republicans on these national polls they really want someone who is not tainted with the washington establishment. >> are we going to see that though? is that just primary or carry through the general election? >> hard to say. you have some matchup numbers, too. >> we can put those up. we have -- clinton 45%, rubio 45%. a tie there. and then carson 46% and trump 49%. what does that -- that shows what people are thinking about today. >> it means when you expand the poll to registered voters, they're probably looking for something different and probably someone who is more of a politician and i think that's why you see rubio doing better
10:14 am
against hillary clinton. >> will we see a shift in tactic as the election continues? >> it depends. i think republican voters are in a pitchfork mode. they want to overthrow what they see is a corrupt establishment. something like you saw on capitol hill will only confirm to them that the time is necessary for real change in the republican party. so that's why they're turning to people like donald trump and ted cruz. >> donald trump is making headlines. i have a sound bite airing tomorrow on media buzz. take a listen. i want to get your reaction. >> sure. >> could putin's praise signal to voters that you are not taking a tough enough approach toward russia? >> it could and the smart people would say that's a great thing. what do we need problems for? obama and putin don't get along. what do we need problems for? i mean, yeah, it was very nice he said great things and even called me brilliant. i do feel that russia -- instead of being this group we don't talk to, i think they can be
10:15 am
used for the good. we want to knock out isis. they want to knock out isis just as much as us. >> okay. so he says there obama and putin don't get along. is putin someone that you want to get along with? >> not me personally and i don't think we would get along. it's fascinating to listen to donald trump. he sounds like he's an obama administration spokesman. he's saying we have a good relationship, trying not to have problems with russia. that's a misunderstanding. the problems come from russia, putin and no matter our attitude toward them, remember the reset button that hillary gave, the russians are going to do what the russians want to do. for the past eight years what they wanted to do is roll over american opposition and really kind of suppress liberty throughout the world. >> do you see this apparent relationship between donald trump and putin, where do you see it going? we saw in reaction to jeb bush
10:16 am
tweeted a true freedom-loving conservative wouldn't be flattered by praise from a spot by putin #chaoscandidate. where is this relationship going? >> jeb bush was quick to condemn trump's comments. i think som other candidates will also start criticizing him. we haven't reached a point in this primary campaign where the other republican candidates who are falling behind attack him open openly. so many of the attacks in the past have failed or hurt the people making the attack. however, we're entering the red zone here in this game. this is january is coming up, the final march to the caucus and the primary in new hampshire. we'll start seeing finally negative attacks against donald trump from the other republicans and he's going to have to respond to harsh criticism. >> i'm going to leave it there on sort of a tease to the red zone. we'll have you back. thank you so much for your
10:17 am
analysis. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> lee land. >> they married and had a child and murdered 14 people. this much we know about the terrorists who launched the attack in san bernardino. the house judiciary chairman was saying the visa was sloppily approved. a congressman says there isn't sufficient evidence to show that the couple actually met face to face before malik was allowed to enter the united states. entering the united states is a picture you see right there. she entered to marry farook. that's a requirement meeting face to face for getting that so called k1 fiance visa. he plans to enter resolution to strengthen the visa processing rules. >> after more than two weeks of coverage about the terrorist who is attacked their community there was a private moment last night for the loved ones of those massacred in san bernardino. the president and mrs. obama who were on their way to hawaii
10:18 am
stopped over in california to deliver their condolences in person and went to a high school library where a separate table was set up for each of the families of the 14 victims. >> as difficult as this time is for them and for the entire community, they're also representing they're strength and the unity and the love that exists in this community and in this country. >> the president's visit produced mixed emotions. one relative called it a nice gesture but also felt it was quote, throw-in on the president's way to his hawaii vacation. >> coming up, details are emerging in the manhunt to find the texas teen who killed four people in a drunk driving crash but then got a light sentence. remember the light sentence shocked the nation and was again and people are talking once again about affluenza.
10:19 am
>> tell me what the complaint is. >> what do you mean? >> why are you coming to the hotel? >> because we were called out there. >> the tail of the tape. new mexico's governor is trying to explain why she stopped police investigating a hotel holiday party. get this. she even tracked down just who tipped off the cops. plus, dangerous weather out west causing deadly mudslides like this one. >> we've seen that pattern across the northwest for several weeks now and us going to continue through the weekend and into early next week and of course our travel plans for christmas, will you have a white christmas? we will talk about that when america's news headquarters returns right after the break. this is brad.
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. we know missing affluenza teen has a bounty on his head. authorities are offering $5,000 award for information on his whereabou whereabouts. this unconfirmed video emerging believed to show couch playing beer pong which would have violated his probation. a warrant was issued for the teen after his probation officer
10:24 am
couldn't reach him. couch killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. he made national news when he was sentenced to probation. his defense argued couch was so spoiled he didn't know right from wrong. and what is so sad about this case, not only were four people killed, there were seven people in his car, two people in the bed of his car. one paralyzed, can't speak. the disregard for human life and disregard for laws is disheartening. >> and there was so much controversy when he was basically acquitted and got the ten years probation. the sheriff now is saying he is their number one most wanted fugitive. interesting enough, could spend enough time in jail because breaking your probation would prove he gets ten years in jail. a harsher sentence. they may be able to charge his mother as well. so it happens.
10:25 am
>> storms are barreling through the already soggy pacific northwest. near the oregon coast the weather trigger a landslide. one woman was killed when she opened her back door and mud and debris then swept into her home. now, on the east coast after an unseasonably bomby smell, the temperature is dropping. we are at the fox extreme weather center which is beginning to feel a lot like christmas. >> very short lived though. we could actually set some records across the east coast for one of the warmest christmas eve's on record. but of course, the west still dealing with storm after storm after storm, we've had this storm track in place for weeks now and this weekend is not an exception. we are dealing with heavy rain, mountain snow, gusty winds as several storms move into the region this weekend into early next week and you can see all of the rainfall reaching central california, ultimately a good
10:26 am
news story. you have heard about the drought. it's going to help the drought but in the storm they were bring in incredible amounts of rain in a short period of time and heavy mountain snow. we're not talking about one storm but several over the next couple of days. there's your forecast, precipitation, feet of snow in the mountains and look at all of this rainfall. several inches. 4 to 6 in some cases. we have seen exceptional drought for years now and starting to see that evaporate across the northwest but still seeing the drought across the central u.s., central california in towards the southwest. temperatures cooler than average and the warm air is going to creep in over the east coast monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're going to be flirting with temperatures in some cases close to or above 70 degrees up towards the northeast. it is not going to feel like christmas. santa should just maybe pack a light jacket in case.
10:27 am
>> the reindeer are going to need extra water. >> i would think so. maybe. maybe even some ice cream. >> some ice cream rather than milk and cookies. gator aid. all that good stuff. thanks, janice. >> you got it. >> coming up, just what happened at a hotel christmas party that led to the cops being call and a governor trying to keep them. and the worst terror attack since 9/11, we have brand new details while some question that the white house if they're doing enough. >> anyone trying to harm americans need to know they need to know that we're strong and resilient. that we will not be terrorized.
10:28 am
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. . in the days since the san bernardino attacks federal law enforcement officials arrested
10:32 am
multiple people with ties to isis in separate cases. the most recent earlier this week in harrisburg, pennsylvania. a 19-year-old man was providing support to the islamic state. we have the latest on these terror arrests. >> there are currently 1,000 active home grown extremism investigations under way right now. this pennsylvania man joins a long and groping list of individuals who homeland security officials say are seeking to aid isis from right here in america. 19-year-old jlail of harrisburg faces two counts related to conspiring and attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization namely isis. he was arrested thursday. the prosecutors say the teenager used social media and a link to the identifying information of 100 members of the u.s. military calling for violence against them. documents show he used at least
10:33 am
57 different twitter accounts to spread propaganda and posted about traveling to the islamic state and purchasing a female slave. in a search of the home that he shares with his parents late last month authorities found an array of weapons and ammunition including high capacity magazines, a modified kitchen knife, and a tactical style backpack. authorities say he had been on the radar of the task force for a while. but decided to move in when investigators saw evidence that he was close to taking action. >> law enforcement and the joint terrorism task force isn't going to wait to a point where that our acts will be too late. we'll intervene where concerns are raised where we think there is a threat against the public. >> this year alone 59 people both u.s. citizens and non-u.s. citizens have been arrested in connection with the islamic state. mostly young man averaging 26
10:34 am
years old and been arrested all across the country in cities as well as more rural suburbs. >> molly, thank you. >> pressure continues to build on internet and cell phone companies to help the government stop would-be terrorists before they strike. reports indicate the paris attackers communicated using encrypted message servers that advertise absolute protection from even legal government surveillance. the fbi pushing for legislation back door to the apps as well as the dark web. the fbi directors sa says that d be a key weapon. let's take stock at where we're at right now. it's the holidays and so many folks i talk to outside of the washington beltway say we're really scared. are they right to be? >> right to be focused and concerned. i mean, clearly around the holidays we have large
10:35 am
gatherings, we have major celebrations that occur and these are, of course, are logical targets for would-be terrorists and actual terrorists. certainly no reason to be alarmed. at this point we see that the -- all the agencies that are -- to protect us are doing -- working at opt much levels and trying very hard to do that. >> but we're now learning about tashfeen malik who slipped through a visa process, conceivably should have caught a lot more things. are there other unknown unknowns about agencies not doing enough? >> yeah there are a lot. you had the story about the 1,000 people who are under investigation in this count by the fbi for their isis ties. those 1,000 don't concern me nearly as much as the unknowns. those 1,000 people are under investigation. so by definition are they dangerous? yeah. at least we know who they are. it's what you don't know. the unknown unknowns. >> one of the things we don't
10:36 am
know about is what people put on social media and that's because the government is prohibited from looking at it and taking it into account. recent fox news poll shows it's crazy to not be looking at it. take a look at the recent poll. 63% of americans say the government not reviewing social media as part of background check is just crazy. versus 32%. that makes sense. are we allowing political correctness to trump safety? >> i don't know if you want to term it political correctness. we're allowing our concerns affect our security but we always do that. it's a question of balance, how far do you want to go in giving up your privacy and your civil liberties to some extent and that's a legitimate debate. we are certainly doing that. more than that. the way you started this interview, because there are certainly things that the government, the fbi for example has a legal authority to do,
10:37 am
there's no longer a debate, they get legal authority and still can't do it because they haven't got the technological capability. the fbi director has been talking about it for months. >> after 2001, after 9/11 we said that terrorism and technology had outpaced sort of the legislationing that allowed folks in the fbi to go after it hence the patriot act. are we at that point where we need another patriot actesque move by congress to open the other -- >> short answer is yes and to clear up what the fbi director talks about. but we have the authority to do something, to listen to certain telephone calls and monitor e-mails. because of encryption, because of what the technology has done we simply can't do it. that's immediately fixable. >> and we're talking and the fbi has words for both of us, but because of how we communicate, the fbi saying we need a way to open it up?
10:38 am
is. >> that's correct. this administration has refused to push legislation that would fix that. >> well legislation were going after these businesses themselves that might wake up twitter and facebook and everybody else. all right. thanks for coming in, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> liz, what's coming up. >> after the break, it's estimated americans will spend more than $650 billion during the holiday season. whether you're shopping in stores or online how do you keep your money and identity safe? plus, the vatican lights up its christmas tree. we'll tell you who poured their hopes and dreams into its ornaments. ♪ ♪ oh christmas tree ♪ how lovely
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts? a few days left to deck the halls for christmas. but the vatican, crowds gathered
10:43 am
to watch the lighting of -- wait for it. there it is. the christmas tree. the tree was trimmed with handmade decorations created by children with neurological diseases and cancer. the designs were to similar balancize their hopes and dreams. the festivities included a brand new nativity scene as you can see. >> if you haven't crossed everything off your christmas list just yet, don't worry, you're not alone. 90% of holiday shoppers join you in the last minute gift buying experience according to a federation survey. this last weekend before christmas, how do you keep cyber thieves from stealing your money and identity. we have an expert ben. thank you very much. i'm surprised that 90% of
10:44 am
holiday shoppers still have to get gifts. that means that people may be running out, may be complacent swiping their cards not thinking twice. what would you like to tell customers this week? >> i think first and foremost and this will sound like commonsense which it is, we have got to fundamentally change the way we think about personal data, our personal data. it's valuable. it should be treated in the same way as cash that's sitting in your wallet. you wouldn't just hand that out to anybody. you shouldn't just hand out your credit card information, your social security information or bank account information. you have to think about it in that sense. probably we have been yield into too much of a false sense of security driven by the fact that we're not liable for fraudulent charges on our credit cards. maybe we don't have the incentive to try and protect that in this way that maybe we want to. >> when you talk about liability, who is liable and
10:45 am
then also, a lot of us are swiping our cards when we notice we're getting new cards with chipping in it. what's the difference between those two forms of payment if you will? >> many people will know that -- or will have received new types of cards recently and notice they have chips in them and this is a technology known as chip and signature or chip and pin that has been around in europe for the last ten or more years. and it's a good technology and the retailers and banks have been investing in rolling out that technology. >> it's expensive though. >> it is expensive and there's been a hotly contested debate about who is going to pay for all of that between the retailers and the banks but it's here and it's good news. it isn't here in terms of rolling out completely chip and pin also using a four digit number that you know. it's chip and signature at the
10:46 am
moment. but things are better. an investment being made by both the retailers and the banks to secure the consumer. >> you still shouldn't be complacent and still at risk? >> in cybersecurity general you are always at risk. fundamentally if you look at two years since target, target was a game changer. in cybersecurity there's a pretarget world and a post-target world. pretarget it was all about prevention. you could build the wall outside the castle and keep the bad guys out. post target is an understanding we're on the battlefield. the bad guys are probably inside that wall. you may not even know they're attacking you. detection is a huge problem. but it's about minimizing on that battlefield, the number of casualties that you may be taking. and that's why you're seeing the retailers and indeed other businesses start investing in tools and technology to think much more strategically about
10:47 am
who are those bad guys trying to get us and what are they after. and in the retail world consumer payment card information is right at the top of that list. >> the retailers don't want to be held viable. i want to squeeze in a question about what congress is doing to help consumers. we saw that there is inner agency and business data sharing not necessarily a silver bullet but a step in the right direction? >> absolutely. the threat indicator or threat information sharing between the private sector and government and between industry itself and the private sector is hugely important and a step in the right direction. legislation was passed yesterday. it will actually give retailers immunity and companies generally in the private sector immunity from being sued for sharing that type of information. that information will be anone
10:48 am
mized. >> is last message no matter how busy you are at trying to squeeze in all the last minute shopping don't be complacent? >> don't be complacent. treat that personal data that you have as you would the cash in your wallet. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up, find out why thousands of people turned out at the funeral for a man they had never met. a heartwarming story just in time for the holidays. and put together a rowdy holiday party, snowball fight and governor and you get a recorded call that this very embarrassed governor wishes she had never made. ♪ heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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picture released froms that a of mars, actually a series of pictures, are puzzling scientists which means we have no idea what it means. nasa's robot detected a new chemical came silica on the red planet, a rock forming red chemical made up of silicon and oxygen and it could help with studies about water on mars. the robot also did drilling
10:53 am
revealing evidence of magmatic evolution on mars. well, it has all the ingredients of a rowdy college party. cops get reports of loud noises, bottles being thrown off a hotel balcony and numerous warnings given, but the alleged offenders weren't a bunch of students, it was the governor of new mexico and her companion. will carr has the very latest. >> reporter: and now governor martinez's judgment is being called into question. this all started last saturday after a christmas party at a nice hotel in downtown sap take fay. early sunday morning, the hotel called 911 telling them a room on the fourth floor was noisy and had been throwing bottles off the balcony. and they had been warned numerous times. they dispatched officers and the hotel called 911 back and handed
10:54 am
the phone over to governor martinez who demanded to know who made the complaint. >> tell me what the complaint is. >> what did you mean? >> why are you coming to the eldorado hotel? >> because we were called out there. >> for what purpose? >> reference loud noise. >> loud noise? we're in a room eating pizza. >> martinez says that she was being quiet, that she was in the room with her disabled sister and six other people. she continued, though, on the 911 call to continue to demand who made the complaint stating that it was public record going as far to tell the dispatcher you can call the officers off. now martinez is apologizing for interjecting. >> i should not have done it. it was my mistake. and i own it. i just wanted to resolve the problem.
10:55 am
i can't emphasize nuch my poeno apology, but i can tell you my vision was not impacted by alcohol. >> three police officers showed up, although ultimately no report was ever filed. >> will carr reporting live. thank you so much. >> brings up so many questions. >> it says here that she was recently elected the chair of the republican governors association and she was voted in by a wide margin. very popular. >> you have to wonder at a time like this, though, how can your judgment be so off as to call 91 is, say i'm governor, demand the police be called off, and it makes you wonder how many times has she made a call similar to that when it wasn't reported. and we'll see if there is any investigation into it going forward. coming up, the drug company ceo dubbed the most hated man in america gets arrested for securities fraud. will any of his prior antics make their way into his trial?
10:56 am
big question. plus this -- the next democratic presidential debate is just hours away. hillary clinton, bernie sanders have largely held off attacking each other, but with a new feud brewing, will that change tonight? mr. ed henry is standing by in new hampshire. >> reporter: good to see you. you're right, all of a sudden charges flying about whether bernie sanders' campaign stole proprietary voter information from hillary clinton's campaign. will that add new drama to the debate? that story in a moment. . but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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good saturday to you. nice to be with you on this saturday before christmas. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> here is what is making news right now. a big showdown in a must win state, will a scandal over a data breach add drama to tonight's democratic debate? plus how well do you actually know your neighbors? a new effort to track americans who want to join isis fighters. congressman will heaurd shares s plan. and he made a lot of money and plenty of enemies on wall street, and how he's on a n


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