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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 19, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> everything you're saying right now is kind of going through one ear and out the other because i'm focusing -- >> it happens. on that note, the bears will have a great time for the next five seconds. we're out of here. see you tomorrow. >> thanks. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. donald trump more than holding his own as a new fox news poll shows the gop front-runner. problems with the visa application years before the san bernardino attacks. why this is fast becoming a red flag in homeland security and president obama vowing to close down gitmo before he leaves office. what kind of message is that sending to our enemy? we talk to a former radical now on the front lines of fighting
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terrorism across the gholobe. america's news headquarters starts right now. and to the campaign trail we go. it's a busy weekend for the republican presidential hopeful with events right now in iowa and south carolina. senator marco rubio and donald trump both attending campaign events expected to get under way at any moment. senator rubio holding a christmas meet and greet in anderson south carolina, while donald trump is holding a rally at the veterans memorial coliseum in cedar rapids, iowa. this comes as a new fox news poll shows the lead among gop rival is getting even bigger. senator ted cruz seeing a slight bump while dr. ben carson and rubio slip down. we've got fox team coverage. kristen fisher live in washington and ed henry live in manchester, new hampshire w a preview of tonight's democratic debate. but we begin with kristin fisher
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in washington. >> hi, uma. the republican candidates are all over the place trying to squeeze in some final face time with voters before the holidays. trump and carson are in iowa. bush and christie in new hampshire and cruz speaking in alabama while rubio is about to be the same in south carolina. ever since tuesday's debate, cruz and rubio have been going at it on immigration, but yesterday, cruz took a dig at rubio for missing the high profile vote on the spending bill. >> i'm going to let marco defend his own voting record. i can tell you i flew back to washington dc today. i think this omnibus was a betrayal. >> rubio did not address that in south carolina but he did voice his opposition to the bill because he could more than triple the number of visas available for foreign workers. >> they're disenchanted about it because every week on the news, we've been hearing, isis is trying to use the syrian refugee crisis to sneak people into the united states. so you would think, all right,
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that's been on the news. everyone knows it's true. they're going to do something about it, right? >> a month ago, cruz and rubio essentially tied according to fox news polling but now cruz ahead beating rubio 18-11 while donald trump jump 11 points to 39%. trump taken heat honored that vladimir putin called him bright and talented. many prominent republicans including mitt romney condemned those remarks and kasich took it a step further. the campaign actually bought the domain for a brand new web site, tru and a ticket with the slogan, make tyranny great again. and so far, trump has not responded. though probably only a matter of time before he does. uma? >> i'm sure that's the case. creative. thank you very much. now to the democrats trying to put some drama behind it
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ahead of tonight's debate. the democratic party is reaching an agreement to restore the campaign's access to the voter database. sanders' access taken away after the staff member accused of spying on hillary clinton's files. soon to get it back. many of his supporters now accusing the gnc of unfairly supporting the bid for president. so how will it all play out? chief white house correspondent ed henry joining us live at the center of the action in manchester, new hampshire. ed? >> good to see you, uma. here at the college where the debate will be tonight, the third democratic debate. interesting because i spoke to jeff weaver, the campaign manager for bernie sanders and he said this is what they call the death penalty in terms of the sentence that the democratic national committee handed down to the sanders campaign. he called it a complete overreaction cutting off from the voter data that's supposed
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to be available to all of the democratic campaign, because of a software glitch, the sanders campaign was able to view clinton campaign data and information that they were not supposed to see. the clinton camp insists this was not innocent or accidental. sanders aids may have actually broken the law. the broader issue here is you have the former obama official saying that he thinks the dnc has been putting his bum on the scale for hillary clinton and that this reaction of initially pushing the sanders campaign out of the database s they've been helping clinton, a theme republicans have been hitting. listen to senator ted cruz out on the campaign trail. >> it's an amazing thing. they keep scheduling the democratic debate at like, 2:00 a.m. on a saturday on alaska pbs. it's almost like they don't actually want anyone to see
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their candidates for president. which you can understand why. >> the other question is why the clinton campaign is making such a big deal about security issues around electronic information given all of the lingering questions about hillary clinton's personal server which, remember, is still under fbi investigation. >> all right, ed. thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that controversy right now and as for the debate, we invite you to come on the fox news channel. sitting down with the dnc chairwoman and the rnc. that's coming up tonight at 11:00 eastern right here on fox news. donald trump is getting a decisive lead against the gop rivals and the numbers show interesting changes for trump among republican primary voters. back in june, for example, we asked if voters felt the real
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estate mogul was actually a serious candidate or a side show. at that time, 64% of the gop primary voters describe mr. trump as a side show rather than a serious candidate but today, a far different picture emerging with 65% say they see him as a serious candidate and 30% saying he's a side show but among strong poll numbers, still in the general election match-up against presumptive nominee hillary clinton. joining us for reaction is national spokesperson katrina pierson. great to have you on the show today. >> great to see you, uma. thank you. >> so these polling numbers among primary voters good news for mr. trump holding on to his lead in a big way despite the predictions he would lose major support after the controversy about banning muslims entering the u.s. but despite increasing advantage in the primary, how concerned are the trump camp at this point that his support of
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the general election is down? >> well, i don't think that his numbers are staying the same. he's actually gone up. we're told in the beginning, mr. trump wouldn't get above 10% and 20% and 30% and 40%, uma in some polls. we're glad the voters see through the establishment attacks and the media and see what mr. trump represents, however, when we're talking about a general election, it makes sense at this point in time when you have 30% of republican voters who aren't sure if he's serious. we haven't even started going after hillary clinton and i think there's no question that donald trump would be the only candidate to really take it to her in a general, but once that head to head starts up and we're months into the campaign in the general, mr. trump will handedly beat hillary clinton because he will block an aggressive campaign against her. >> i know mr. trump continues to generate lots of enthusiasm with large crowds as he campaigns across the country. but our latest fox news polls show that mrs. clinton has a
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lead with voters under 30. she beats mr. trump by 29 points in that type of a match-up if you look at that demographic and appears that millennials are more resistant to supporting him. why do you think that's happening and what's the strategy to recruit more support from younger voters? >> i think that's been traditionally the same for republican voters versus democratic voters with younger people, but i also see a lot of voters today, a lot of new voters that are going to be supporting mr. trump. we have a lot of youth support and i don't think a lot of these are registering in some of the polls. there are a ton of new people coming out in this election if mr. trump is the nominee as well. mr. trump is running a solid campaign on very real issues that will draw a stark contrast with mrs. clinton and younger voters have to ask themselves, is it more important to vote for someone that emotionally is connecting with you when their actions are doing the complete opposite or secure your future and your family's future moving forward?
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i think we'll be able to make that case on the campaign trail. >> interesting. well, right now, mr. trump is in iowa as we've been reporting and getting closer to the iowa caucuses. it's about the organization on the ground when it comes to winning votes on that day with some placing ted cruz ahead of trump. what issues does your team feel will make the difference in these final week bfrs that big vote? >> i championed other people rising in the polls in iowa because it gives people an opportunity to hear the criticisms and vetting process throughout the media. my view is immigration and i think it's quite clear now postdebate who is the strongest when it comes to illegal immigration and border security? that is mr. trump and i think you see that play out with the dynamic with cruz and rubio. iowa voters have to say, what do you trust to secure the border and crack down on illegal immigration and i think they find mr. trump is the answer. >> great to see you. nice to have you on the program
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today. thanks for joining us. all the best to you. >> good to see you. new concerns over the visa application of terrorist hahsheem malik saying that it's clear immigration officials did not thoroughly vet her application. this comes after a fiery hearing on capitol hill where state department officials were grilled saying the government has lost track of thousands of borders in this country including those who have their visas revoked over terror concerns. >> how did we miss the lady in san bernardino? >> as the fbi director said, mr. gaude, and there was nothing in the system that we used that would pick that up. >> i get you, but that doesn't make me feel any better. >> so homeland security, how many revoked visas are still in the united states of america? >> mr. chairman, i don't have
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that -- >> you don't have a clue, do you? you can see why we're scared to death that this administration, the department of homeland security, the state department is not protecting the american people. >> fiery hearing indeed. joi joining us, the major general with the university and a major player in the world of counterterrorism. welcome, sir. great to have you on the program today. >> great to be here. >> it's about major flaws in the vetting process with visa applications, learning more about the vetting steps missed on malik's immigration file with the not having a face to face meeting with her as was requested and also learned as you saw on the committee hearing in dc that we lost track of folks who may have had ties to terrorism and whose visas were revoked and essentially don't know if they're still here in the u.s. or not. it's so troubling to learn how many holes there are in the system we thought was set up to protect americans. your reaction to all this?
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>> speechless. literally leaves one speechless. you watch this testimony and you think you're watching an abbott and costello skit or laural and hardee. we don't know how many visa overstays we've had and how many have had them revoked and this is after 9/11 and after ft. hood and the boston bombing and this is what has enabled 14 pooeopleo be murdered at a christmas party in california. the system so out to be broken, it's beyond words. >> there are reports of them passing on a plan for the media account and talking about national security and many say that we're obviously engaged in a very active war against these terrorists. shouldn't we have all the tools to go after those who would harm us? >> absolutely. everything that doesn't
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undermine the constitutional rights of the u.s. citizens and remember, these are not u.s. citizens. so this woman was applying to come here on a fiance vaes and we just published where we indicated that of the 82 isis suspects killed or arrested in america the last two years, half of them broadcast their gee ha de sympathies on the internet, not in private chat rooms on but facebook and on twitter. this is national security 101. this is what an intelligence officer or just the state department or dhs official should be doing on day one when that application lands in their entree. >> why this reluctance to go after the accounts on folks who could have ties to terror. >> the reality of the threat and i think that the administration lives in a bubble.
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everything starts from the top down. remember, the day before the san bernardino attack on the day of, we had the president say that we contained isis. we had the secretary kerry say isis is on the run and we're winning. there's the reality of the threat, the jihadists are here and want to kill american citizens and there's an administration and the people beneath them who are trying to spin a narrative that's just business as usual. >> when you are spinning this narrative, basically putting that out there. is it just complete ignorance about the social media realities we live with today in this world of 2015 and the fact that so many people are tech savvy? >> i think we have a legacy s r structure that's twentieth se h century. we are not fighting the soviet or nazis, it's a global jihadi
12:16 pm
movement that's very, very good at social media and is present on social media. that reality is not reflected. >> i want to get your reaction of chuck hagel who made remarks of the white house trying to quote, destroy him and saying he was convinced they had no viable strategy in syria and didn't see eye to eye on how to prosecute the war against isis and the fourth defense secretary in years. what's your reaction to all of this? >> i have to say, i'm not surprised. i think he needed to open his eyes. he was walking into a trap. his reputation, his name was used against him and he was undermined. if you read that interview, these interminable meetings, no strategy, no policy came out of the meetings whether on syria or anything else and then when he tries to get the president to
12:17 pm
decide on something, what happens? he's undermined by susan rice, by members of the administration. leaking information against him. this is a vindictive white house that even if you're a cabinet member, if you don't tow the line, they will do you in. they will undermine you and i think hagel's finally telling us what the inside of the machine looks like. >> he seems to be following by panetta and gates that the fact, this is an administration that wants to put out a certain narrative and if you don't use that narrative, you're shown the door. >> this is an administration when it comes to national security and many other issues has an ideological point of view. and you have to be on message. if you undermine that ideological point of view, you know, global warming or climate change is more important than jihadists beheading more than
12:18 pm
citizens f y citizens, if you say isis is more dangerous, you're an enemy of the administration and you will be cut off at the knees. this is not objective national security process. it is affecting the way we do threat analysis with politics. that is never a good thing, uma. >> especially with the stakes made so high at this moment. great to have you on the program today. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. a dramatic slide in the arrests of suspects link to isis. the chilling numbers and the challenges law enforcement faces keeping our country safe. coming up next. >> plus, this brave high school football player now dead after police say he was killed shielding three young girls from gunfire. his heroic story coming up next. >> if he would have just ran off the porch, me or her would have probably been shot. >> living life is contagious and people follow and so many very
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liked by his peers and teachers and his teammates. this is claira.
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a community in mourning after 15-year-old saveyon dobson
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threw himself on three girls to protect them from the shooters. it was gang related but the victims were picked random. one of the gunmen now dead, the other two suspects are in custody. a traffic stop causes tension in ohio east of cincinnati. police arresting the driver on a gun charge after checking to see if he was on the terrorist watch list. turned out to be a false alarm but officials are saying they can't let down their guard because of a dramatic increase in the number of suspects being arrested on charges of supporting isis. joing us here in the studio is molly. >> this year alone right here in the united states, 59 people both citizens and legal non-citizens have been arrested and charged in connection with isis in the united states. >> wow. >> the latest is a man from pennsylvania who joins a long list of individuals from the homeland security officials say
12:24 pm
are seeking to help isis here in america. 19-year-old jalil ai seize and attempting to provide material to help isis. prosecutors allege the teenager used social media to disseminate isis propaganda including a link to 100 members of the u.s. military calling for violence against them. documents show aziz used 57 twitter accounts for the propaganda and creating new ones as twitter was shutting them down. he posted about traveling to the islamic state and purchasing a female. and writing, no, oh obama we are coming to america and will sever your head in the white house. authorities found an array of weapons including numerous high capacity magazines, a modified kitchen knife and a tactical style backpack. stories say the teenager was on
12:25 pm
the radar in the past for a while and investigators when he was close to taking action. the director of homeland security jay johnson is urging people to stay vigilant and report suspicions. >> if someone self-rad cloudy skies radicalizes, there was somebody in the family who saw the signs. by building bridge it bridges y leaders, family religious leaders and others can encourage people to come forward. >> there are currently 1,000 active home grown extremism investigations under way right now. here in the country. here in the united states. >> unreal. molly, thank you. great to see you. president obama doubling down on his promise to shut down guantanamo bay.
12:26 pm
is it a good idea? we'll ask. and world war ii veterans, how hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects to a man they never knew. >> i felt i needed to be here because it's a brother in arms. doesn't matter what war or who it is. it's family. ♪ ♪ deck the halls with barks from rudy ♪ (rudy barks) well, it's more like "fa la la la la la la la la" but you're in the same vein. say happy holidays with milk-bone!
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president obama and his family arriving in hawaii today for the annual christmas vacation to spend two weeks on the island of oahu and the president saying he has vetoed two measures that would block steps the administration is taking to address climate change. kevin court joining us now from honolulu. good to see you. >> good day to you, uma. great to talk to you. you're right. the president vetoing a pair of
12:31 pm
measures but first would nullify carbon pollution set by the epa and avoided a set of national standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing u.s. no surprise the president wouldn't have that especially given what his approach to climate change has been. in fact, he's compared it to a national security threat and he's gone on the record saying it's a major threat to our economy to say nothing else the environment itself. >> now do i think there's going to be a lot of noise and campaigning next year about how we're going to stop paris in its tracks? there will probably be a lot of noise about that. do i actually think that two years from now, three years from
12:32 pm
now, even republicans, members of congress are going to say that's the smart thing to do? i don't think they will. >> here's what he's banking on. he's banking on time. you heard on a number of occasions the president tries to conduct his business with a long view. he really believes that ultimately, republicans will side with democrats believing that this was the right thing not just for the environment but the economy and he still does believe that this will withstand congressional scrutiny, of course, time will tell on that. >> indeed. kevin on the beautiful island there o oahu. >> automatically, the congress
12:33 pm
says no, makes sense for us, could be spending an extra 100, 200, 300, 500 million dollars, a billion dollars to have a secure setting for 50, 60, 70 people. >> well, our next guest is a former islamic radical and he's now on the front lines of trying to rid the world of radical jihadism across the globe and written a book, my journey out of islam, an extremism, joining us right now, sorry for that slip-up there for a second, but great to have you. >> thank you. >> welcome. the president there vowing to shut down gitmo continuing to say that keeping it open is a magnet for recruitment. how do you see this and is it really sending the wrong message overseas? >> i'm not really been in favor
12:34 pm
of guantanamo from the beginning, but i would want to remark at this stage that a bigger concern for me, though i'm opposed to the existence of guantanamo bay is that the lack of strategy and our inability to have the conversation around this ideology and how to deal with isis. what is a bigger recruitment tool that facilitates people joining isis more so than guantanamo is the use of the internet and social media and the fact that we are simply light years behind in responding to their propaganda and even knowing where to begin. >> that is what's raising big red flags here at home, the fact that we have not been a step ahead, a big step ahead in the use of social media, looking at social media. this whole idea and this whole zone of encryption though is what knowing that our folks are really admitting they're at a loss at getting ahead of this
12:35 pm
and where to begin at some points. >> unencrypted propaganda and the first time in the history of humanity we're fighting a war that also involves a global internet side of it and the propaganda online. we are entirely off guard and don't know what to do about that side of it and as you mentioned, there's the encrypted side and that's terrorists communicating with each other. using apps that are not based in u.s. and one is in germany. we are unable to interfere in third country's regulations and how they use their internet, but even if we were able to, another problem that we have is that encryption has got to such levels, a little bit like the program that bitcoin is based on, such levels that it will be impenetrab impenetrable. we access the same technology and i think what we should be doing is focusing instead of on
12:36 pm
the supply of all of this like the tools that make terrorism easier, we need to be having the conversation about the demand. why people want to become terrorists and that means actually being able to speak about the problem and why extremism is popular among certain sectors among the communities and having that conversation. the focus on the supply is a losing battle. we have to start looking at why people are joining in the first place. >> that's a very valid point because focusing on the supply, as you point out, it continues to vex people and it's not really part of the problem. part of the problem is why are people joining? what you're seeing right now, what is the lure at this moment in time knowing that, for example, isis seems to be sort of an exciting way for some young people who feel displaced or don't feel a part of a particular group or anything but often seeing it's not just the low income isolated individual who's joining isis but well
12:37 pm
educated individuals taking it upon themselves to say i want to be part of this movement. why are we seeing this? >> let's start off being very clear that there is no typical program for a person that joins islamism let alone terrorists. there is no profile. the law and economically, education-wise, it attracts people from all over the economic and educational levels. what we need to start looking at, as this evolved. we started talking about ideology and we have to recognize that actually it's become a brand. it's become like people are a brand that speaks and like a
12:38 pm
flavor of a soft drink, it has its own appeal. and the solution there is that the brand needs to become discredited and angry at the establishment and society is today joining isis. we need to think, we've got to make isis as unattractive and unappealing. >> for a for seconds, lfew seco skree screening at mosques. do you think it's effective for those involved in or excited by the recruitment possibility? >> so screening, extralegal measures, extra security issues and even military members that striketerritory.
12:39 pm
but we cannot arrest our way out of this program but i'm not a pacifi pacifist, but what's really missing in all of this so far is the mad side of it. why are people joining? recognize the relationship to my own religion islam and it's not nothing to do with islam. it's something in the middle, the way these people use the religion to justify their position and it's nothing to do with islam, then there would be nothing to talk about. that's the conversation i'm uncomfortable with. >> interesting. fascinating. great to have you in the studio here. keep up the good work that you're doing. i know you're working real hard to fight terrorism across the globe. >> pleasure. >> all the best. nearly 1200 strangers packing into an indiana funeral home to honor a man they never knew. james beaver died before thanksgiving and his death unnoticed until a neighbor found him years later.
12:40 pm
no one claimed when the corner's office noticed in the papers on social media. but that didn't stop hundreds of people from showing up and paying their respects the man for his service to the country. the military honor guard carried his casket and received full military honors during his funeral. well, message of mercy with her kind acts and missionary work. mother teresa's service is honored by the catholic church. >> that should not have happened. i should not have done it. it was my mistake. and i own it. >> the governor of mexico saying i'm sorry after reports of some bad behavior during her stay at a hotel. stay with us. here's to the woman make her feel as beautiful as she truly is. with exquisite gemstones and diamonds by effy, starting at $999.99. helzberg diamonds. here's to love.
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an event at cedar rapids in an hour. candidates spending time there these days. the iowa caucuses just 43 days away. february is the deadline to be cast in the first caucuses. she dedicated her life to helping the poorest of the poor and now mother teresa is receiving one of the highest honors from the catholic church. pope francis paving the way for the benevolent man to become a saint. miraculously cured after praying. joining us, a pastor of our lady of lords church in new york. great to have you on board today. thank you for joining us. >> great to be back too. >> this is such a special moment for the catholic church. and happen to sainthood
12:46 pm
september? >> mother teresa and no nonsense. a religious leader of the community, certainly called out the best from the women who were called to serve as the charity but she dealt with cardinals and popes and beneficiaishops and n intimidated by anyone. actually a great feminist hero in my mind. you probably know she spoke at the prayer president before president clinton and vice president gore and made no apologies. america, you're so poor because you abort your children. she didn't care who her audience was. she had a point of view and the courage of her convictions. part of what we love about her is the care for the poor and the dying. but i think for a lot of people.
12:47 pm
that was her god. >> she was relentless in her passion to help the poor. she came to meet with her and pray with her when she was spending time with the missionaries of charities and an experience for me, to get a glimpse of what wonderful spirit she em bodied and why so many people were drawn to her. >> one of the things i love about her was her honesty in the diaries that were published for over 40 years, she struggled with belief. a lot of people decide saints are the people that have it together. it comes easy for them but she shows us by her life, you can work for the church and the poor and have your doubts. is there a god? why doesn't he make anything for the right? if there's a god, why do bad things happen? these are struggles all of us go through and she went through them too. i love the fact some people say, what does it mean she wrote that she doubted about god's
12:48 pm
existence over 40 years? i think it's great because the end of the day, she came to believe but not without struggle. faith is most valuable when we struggle for it and love, when we work to find that love is greater value too. i love the fact she was normal like us, struggled. had times of doubt. it didn't come easy to her. a strong personality. had the courage of her convictions. a remarkable lady and a saintly lady. >> she did question faith and god. you did point out that's what made her all the more real to millions of people around the world. who as you point out, struggle with these questions every day but what do you think it is about her in and of itself the fact that people have been advocates for her elevation so quickly after she passed? >> i think a lot of people can relate to her. there was no pretense. anyone could walk up to her and
12:49 pm
talk to her. she was down to earth, normal. and reminded us sometimes we need this reminding of she pinpricked conscience to make us think about what we're doing. especially in america, we're bless and we complain. america, you're so richly blessed. appreciate what you have. an example, she came years ago and was going to give a talk on vocations. so we put out a huge spread of food and came to say, thank you very much but no thank you. was there a chaplain? i want to go pray and say, you know what? don't take your blessings for granted but remember that everything comes from god and first and foremost, begin with praying to him and recognizing that dependence on him. normal down to earth, unimpressed with herself. no huge ego at work and reminding us we need to hear about the importance of counting our blessings and appreciating all we have in this country. the richest country in the world
12:50 pm
and yet so poor in so many ways. we way not like hearing that, but we need to hear it and what's what mother tree iseresa. >> as an appropriate message during this holiday season. we thank you so much for being here. >> to you too. thank you, my friend. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. you have to wait another 20 years to see it if you don't see it tonight. and then governor of mexico, gets a little too rowdy and coming clean on why she called 9-1-1. >> coming out of town? why? >> we were called out there. >> for what purpose? >> reference, loud noise. >> loud noise? we're in a room eating pizza. h! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. well, the governor of new mexico apologizing after her holiday party got out of hand. governor susana martinez says she regrets the way things were handled after police showed up at a santa fe hotel last sunday. >> hey there. martinez was named the chairwoman of the republican
12:55 pm
governor's association. her name has been floated for a potential vice presidential candidate. her judgment is being called into question. early sunday morning the hotel called 911 said that somebody in a room on the fourth floor was making a lot of noise and throwing bottles of the hotel balcony. the person in that room had been warned numerous times. then that same person called 911 and handed over the phone to the governor. >> i'm the governor of the state of new mexico, and we are in there with my sister who is disabled along with about six other people who are having pizza. there's no necessity for your office to be here. >> okay. >> thank you. >> you're welcome.
12:56 pm
>> on to phone call, martinez continued to demand who made the noise complaint stating it was public record. one group in new mexico is voicing concerns that the governor may have interfered with law enforcement and may have been drunk. martinez says that is not true. >> i should not have done it. it was my mistake and i own it. i just wanted to resolve the problem. i can't emphasize enough my apologies to new mexicans. >> three police officers showed up, but no report was ever filed. that's a wrap for us. hope you have a great day and a great week. see you next time.
12:57 pm
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so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at hello. i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour. topping the hour, donald trump. >> he's increasing the lead in the republican presidential race. can he gain even more momentum there? >> the u.n. security council voting on a cease-fire and a peace process to end the bloodshed in syria, but it's still leaving some vastly contentious issues on the table. a friend of the san bernardino is now facing terrorism charges himself, but
1:01 pm
could his 911 call just hours after the shooting factor into his legal case? our legal panel will be weighing in. but first, we begin with some last-minute damage control from democrats ahead of tonight's debate. the democratic party and the bernie sanders campaign reaching an agreement to restore the campaign's access to the party's voter database. sanders' access was taken away, by the way, after a staff member was accused of spying on hillary clinton's campaign files. well, the sanders' campaign sued to get it back. many supporters of his now accusing the dnc of unfairly supporting clinton's bid for president. chief white house correspondent is at the center of the action in manchester in new hampshire. the sanders' campaign is trying to pounce and get some momentum
1:02 pm
tonight. >> reporter: the dnc has a voter database where they can look at voting trends, look at who is supporting who, where they can sort of mine this data to fashion their campaign, spend their money, which areas, which states they should be focusing on. the sanders' camp insists this was inadvertent because of a software glitch. they were accidentally seeing some of the clinton campaign's proprietary data. sanders' campaign manager thinks this is part of a pattern where the democratic national committee swoops in and defends hillary. >> tonight is the saturday
1:03 pm
before christmas. if you and i weren't here, we'll probably be out shopping. >> he's referring to the fact that here we are the big third democratic debate tonight, the saturday before christmas. people are going to go shopping, at church, or watching the nfl game tonight. >> the clinton camp says this isn't an overreaction and that someone may have broken the law. that's a pretty serious accusation there. >> exactly. i was talking to a top clinton official who was telling me the sanders' aides were not just in there accidentally. they went in there multiple times into this database and were searching specific terms to get at clinton's proprietary information, suggesting there was something more nefarious here. let's not forget the clinton campaign and hillary clinton's personal e-mail server is
1:04 pm
currently under fbi investigation. that is also out there as well. >> all right. ed henry, thank you very much. tonight, be sure to join us after the debate. shannon breen will be there. that is a special airing tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. don't miss it. the u.n. security council unanimously adopting a resolution to put an end to the nearly five-year war in syria. secretary of state john kerry calling the resolution a milestone. the plan calls for formal peace talks and a cease-fire starting in early january, but does not make any mention about what should happen with syrian president bashar al assad. jennifer griffin has more from washington. >> reporter: this is the first time since the start of syria's civil war five years ago that the world powers have met at the u.n. and agreed to a plan for a
1:05 pm
cease-fire and peace process. many in washington doubted secretary of state john kerry could pull it off. >> this council is sending a clear message to all concerned that the time is now to stop the killing in syria and lay the groundwork for a government. >> reporter: the u.n. security council voted in favor of ending the syrian civil war. peace talks are slated to begin next month, but it's not clear which groups will be allowed to sit at the table. the government of jordan is charged with determining which syrian opposition groups are also terrorists. a moment of tension emerged at the end of the press conference when kerry accused the russians of killing members of the u.s.-backed opposition. >> 80% are hitting opposition rather than hitting daesh. we're trying to resolve that. >> the proposal to coordinate on this remains on the table.
1:06 pm
>> reporter: it's still not clear whether russia or iran will insist bashar assad stays. the elections will allow the syrian people to vote assad out of power. kerry indicated while on a visit to moscow this week the u.s. was not pressing for assad to leave immediately to which assad joked, i was packing my luggage, i had to leave, and now i can stay. this ambitious resolution by the u.n. brokered by secretary kerry, but implementing it will be very difficult. >> thank you. jennifer griffin reporting in washington. we thank you for that. we will have more on this important story with our military analyst in just a few moments. the american air strike that may have killed as many as ten iraqi soldiers on friday seems to be a, quote, mistake that involved both sides.
1:07 pm
the u.s. defense secretary ash carter telling reporters the incident near the western iraqi city of fallujah was regrettable and these kind of things happen when you're fighting side by side on a dynamic battlefield. iraq's defense minister says he has launched an investigation. now to a new terror threat in pakistan. the american embassy in islamabad has seen terrorist threats during the christmas and new year holiday period. possible targets include places of worship and shopping markets, restaurants, hotels. turning to weather now. severe storms moving across the northwest this weekend.
1:08 pm
millions of people bracing for a new round of rain and snow. this comes after the area was battered by some pretty severe weather, including a fatal mudslide in oregon. >> if you want snow, you're going to have to head out west this winter. that's where they're getting tons of it. and we've had this active pattern for weeks now. storm after storm moving into the northwest. central california bringing beneficial rain and snow, but of course that brings problems like mudslides and the potential for dangerous weather over the next couple of days into the new workweek as we have not one, but two storms moving in this weekend and another as we head into the new workweek. so again, heavy rain, mountain snow, and that continues to pile up. taking a look at the forecast, precipitation could receive 4 to 6 inches of rain along the coast down towards central california and feet of snow in the mountains. our future radar will show you not one, but three storms moving in over the next several days.
1:09 pm
of course, it's the big holiday workweek. some of that energy is going to bring us showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday across the gulf coast as well as the ohio and tennessee river valley. the other side of this is the incredible weirdness going on over the northeast. look at these temperatures. we had a quick shot of cold air this weekend, but rebounding into the 50s, 60s, and even 70s by christmas eve. there's d.c. 60 degrees. we think we're going to be flirting with the 70s, breaking records all across the northweat as we head into the christmas holiday. look at your white christmas forecast. really nothing along the eastern great lakes, parts of the midwest and northeast. we'll see some snow in the west. your christmas eve forecast,
1:10 pm
this is something we're going to be talking about this week setting records. 68 new york. 70-plus degrees in new york. d.c. and south of that area. which will be weird for christmas. back to you. >> i'm not happy. >> i know. >> i know you're not. >> i don't like it. i know a lot of people are going it's so great. it's so warm outside. i say no. >> i've received a lot of high-fives over the last couple of weeks. >> that's not how christmas -- first of all, it's winter. it's supposed to be cold. hello. >> take a swim during christmas. >> no. >> i think we should take a vote on twitter. do you love this weird weather or do you not like this weird weather? >> we should. we have something else coming up. a frightening situation on one freeway when a tanker truck crashes and bursts into flames. we have details on that incident
1:11 pm
that shut a stretch of highway down for hours. the stage is being set in the gop presidential race for a potential three candidate showdown. who stands to benefit the most? fox news personality jes jesse watters at 8:00 p.m. eastern. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided.
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1:15 pm
it's time now for a quick check of the headlines. a tanker truck crashes and catches fire near dallas. the crash kills the driver and both sides of the freeway were closed for hours after the incident. temperatures in melbourne soaring past the 100-degree mark. winds great difficult conditions for the firefighters. spain's laguna royal claiming the crown in the miss world 2015. the competition in china has been dogged by controversy over
1:16 pm
the country's refusal to law some countries to attend. miss canada was banned because of speaking up about human rights abuses. secretary of state john kerry chairing a session of that meeting. the plan calls for a cease-fire and a peace process to end a crisis that has killed a quarter million and driven four million more from their homes, creating a worldwide refugee crisis. it makes no mention about two of the most contentious and most important issues. what to do about syrian president bashar al assad and what exactly is the definition of rebel groups. thank you so much for talking to us. >> thank you. >> i want to talk about u.n. resolution 2254. it's attempted to draw a road map for ending the civil war and
1:17 pm
that is a great thing, but it does avoid the most central important issue. if you talk to any terror expert, they will say president bashar al assad must go. >> right. >> this does not include that. >> right. nor does it define who the rebel groups are. and most importantly, they leave out isis or any mention of eastern syria. even if they were able to cobble together a cease-fire at the u.n., even if both sides are so exhausted they'll drag themselves to the negotiating table, even if they achieve a peace in western syria under assad and the rebel groups that oppose them, that leaves all of eastern syria open to question and an unintended consequence over time, julie, might very well be an independent isis state, a sovereign caliphate
1:18 pm
that would be left over after the peace process finished. a lot of folks aren't even sure if both sides are exhausted enough to drag themselves to the peace table and go through the process. and if they do, it could take years. >> let's talk about if there was an election process. first of all, can we trust it? what would the rules be? and how would we know that somehow there would in fact be a fair election process? >> well, the first answer is no. if you just took the general population -- what, is there 11 million syrians left? 10 of those 11 million don't like assad, but assad would have control of all the elements of the state. he has control of the army. he has control of damascus and the media. if an election is held, you can be sure that assad will pull out all the stops to make sure he is the winner. it would be extremely difficult
1:19 pm
in the war zone for the united nations to super attend in process. can assad be forced out been an election, julie? i don't think so. >> can there be a diplomatic solution to the floor? >> i think so. most civil wars end because both sides hate each other so much. eventually they just collapse of their own inertia. they look around the world to find out someone who is going to help them end it peacefully. are we there yet? i think we're close, jewulie, b we don't know yet is are the structures of syria going to survive this. >> this definitely does bring to light the refugee crisis because we talk about all these syrian refugees that are being displaced and brought to other parts of the world, including france, including paris.
1:20 pm
they use that syrian refugee crisis to their ability to attack and carry out these terror attacks. how does this actually change the game a bit when it comes to the syrian refugees that are trying to gain access to the united states? >> yeah. julie, that's a great question because, what are there now, close to a million in germany? what happens if we have a cease-fire in syria? would the european states demand that the syrian refugees go back to their homeland now that it is safe? or would these refugees finding a better life in germany insist on staying? this could lead to a great conflict in the eu. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, julie. women of color or multicultural women are
1:21 pm
embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. for example, african-american women who have plunged into entrepreneurship have seen a 20% growth in business over the past 20 years. that's a good thing, but more progress could be made and should be made. >> my company is called odyssey media. i'm a media company. people say what's a media company. i do research. i do digital forums, but mostly i deliver experiences. my company has been around for 18 years, and we're famous for this one event that we give called the odyssey network conference where we buy out a ritz carlton, take it over completely, and 600 multicultural women come together for professional and personal development. >> she helps women discover their path to success.
1:22 pm
dunn is living in what she calls her legacy phase. that is passing on her experience and skills to other women, helping them to develop into champions in business and life. >> my story is one of starting in corporate america. after 18 years leaving, starting my own company, being my own boss for 20 years. almost going bankrupt twice, but staying the course. there's an old gospel sound that says i fall down, but i get up. that's my story. >> dunn gained understanding and wisdom about making comebacks through hard work and faith. >> and we made it through 9/11. we made it through the recession. we made it through a lot of client changes, but the most important thing is evolving. you can't stand still as a business. if you don't evolve and stay in tune with your client, you can't keep moving. >> from martha's vineyard to
1:23 pm
napa valley, her odyssey media is helping more than 100,000 women in her network. >> my story is the oldest of 39 grandchildren on one side and 40-something on the other. i'm a proud daughter of a south. very strong men and very strong women who say your job is to improve your corner of the earth. >> dunn knows she can't do it alone. she's grateful for the great help she's receiving from corporate sponsors and top motivators like "essence magazine's vicky taylor. dunn enjoys being a wife, a mother, a girl scout leader, and has even helped the white house on women's issues. >> you can be a woman. you can be a mom. you can be authentically you and still have a measure of success in business. there's no longer a uniform or
1:24 pm
one way to do it. one bragging right is to be an african-american female owner. i 100% own my company and have some of the longest running sponsorships with fortune 400 companies. i walk in the door as the best company to do business with. >> she does, living life beyond the dream. >> dunn writes a blog called "dunn talking." do not let fear make you forget your values. it's time to stop talking and start acting. donald trump supporters are adding a third side to what is usually a two-sided race for the gop. with trump supporters battling the establishment and social conservatives, who stands to
1:25 pm
gain the most? an american may be saving money at the pump, but they're spending it right away. what are they spending it on? >> they're intent on saving, but then life gets in the way. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar.
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oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you?
1:29 pm
it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. welcome back. the race for the republican presidential nomination is one that's starting to look like a potential three candidate showdown. here's why. establishment voters, social conservatives and blue collar gop voters, that's how it is all made up. a split that would bode particularly well for social conservatives. looking at the last two presidential campaigns, according to real clear politics averages, social conservatives like mike huckabee and rick
1:30 pm
santorum peaked in february. the moderate candidates john mccain and mitt romney won the nominations those years. the addition of trump just might end up favoring the social conservatives this time around. joining us now is a radio talk show host and a fox news contributor and a former deputy staff secretary to president bill clinton. welcome. >> thank you. >> we see trump is leading in the national polls. he's up some 21% ahead of cruz and the question is, why is his message resonating so well among republicans. tammy? >> well, let me tell you i think it is not about the addition of trump that's making a difference here. i think it's the addition of the american people having had enough and this is what the establishment seems to be shocked at. they didn't take the revolutionary kind of attitude
1:31 pm
that was happening over the last several years, the tea party movement in general. i think this is now really resonating. i think the bush camps, the kasich camps, the rnc is realizing the factor isn't one individual in the lineup, but it's the attitude of the gop base. this means that the favorite issues with social conservatives or even reagan democrats, i should say the reagan support base and reagan democrats that donald trump might be appealing to, but there's two other issues that are eclipsing other favorite issues that might be social issues, which of course is terrorism and national security and the economy. >> can i jump in here real quick? >> please. >> i'm sorry. i agree there's certainly a new force at work here in republican politics, but i think what the other thing the "wall street journal" said that bears to mention here is all this weighs very much in favor of ted cruz
1:32 pm
being the nominee. that you're hearing from a lot of very unlikely groups that are agreeing with each other. for example, it's not just the wall street journal. the co-chair of the hillary campaign things ted cruz will be the nominee. if you have ted cruz an the republican nominee and hillary clinton as the democratic nominee, you have an unbelievably strong contrast between two candidates going into this general election and that will make things interesting in the swing states. i thi >> david, let me just jump in right now. we're looking at live video of ted cruz as well as donald trump on the campaign stump. david, you definitely jumped ahead of me there. i was going to ask you that question about ted cruz. he is leading among voters in terms of the evangelical group in iowa, so it bodes well for
1:33 pm
him. but tammy, how do you pair this down to see how this could be something good for the social conservatives in the long run because of the donald trump factor? >> well, i think the better aspect here is the fact that the establishment itself is being pushed aside, and this is going to allow the voters to find what they have in common. they're going to stake their stand. we're going to operate with what social conservatives have in common with moderates have in common with independents. that's the biggest threat to hillary clinton. whoever the nominee is for the republicans is going to have won everyone over in the midst of this argument with the debates and public stances they have to take. that's where the general election is happening. i don't know if donald trump will be a part of it. i think he in fact could be. it would be interesting if you had a cruz and trump ticket or a cruz and fiorina ticket. it's going to be a major change for the american people. they're going to choose the new,
1:34 pm
the challenging, they're not going to choose the third term of barack obama. >> are they concerned about what the republicans will put together as an ultimate ticket that will face her in a general election, assuming she goes on to win the democrat presidential nomination? >> i don't think hillary clinton is taking anything for granted. i don't think she's going to coast in any way, shape, or form. i think a cruz ticket regardless of who is running is very beatable for the following reason. this election, like most presidential elections, runs straight through some very swing states. a lot of those states have already repudiated the far right-wing views of ted cruz in most elections. i'll give you one example. if you like at colorado where michael bennett was re-elected and is going to face a strong re-election prospect this time around, you don't win colorado, ohio, florida with a far right-wing agenda.
1:35 pm
you win it much more with a more centered -- >> having said that, you're right. it could bode well. tammy, what do you think the mainstream gop would like to see in its nominee and its ticket? >> they would like to see the name bush when it comes to the establishment, but they're going to get a combination of a man and a woman or two men who are going to speak in general to the concerns to the american people. have their lives gotten better over the last four years and the answer is no. you're going to see a rejection of what has generally destroyed this nation and set the world on fire. we want the future to be better and they expect it to be and that's what the republican ticket will offer. >> david, i have to go, but last word real quick. give me something. >> we've got a better market. we've got a better job. if this comes to economics, people will vote with their pocketbooks.
1:36 pm
they'll vote for hillary clinton. >> thank you both. enjoy your saturday. we'll see you next week. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. the upside of cheap oil. americans are saving money on gas, but they're not exactly putting it away. abby huntsman has details on what they're spending it on. >> reporter: with gas prices dropping so low this year, americans are saving a little extra cash each month. the average driver should save about $700 this year alone. just in time for the holidays. what are you doing with that extra money? >> buying christmas presents for everybody. >> we're traditionally savers, but we're spending a little extra on them this>> reporter: recent report, it's not just christmas presents people are spending that extra money on. >> we see 20% of savings went into restaurants. the next category is groceries. that's a combination of maybe buying more food, but also
1:37 pm
buying more expensive food. >> reporter: consumers may say they're paying down debt and saving, but the results show people are spending 80% of their gas savings. >> people intend to save it. that's what they think they should do. that's what they want to do, but then life gets in the way. they walk by a restaurant and they go i can afford to treat my family because this has been a less expensive gas month. >> prices are the cheapest in places like texas with gas sitting at less than $2 a gallon. experts say this boost to consumer spending could be here to stay or even get better if gas price remain low. this is a fox news alert. reports of shots fired at the
1:38 pm
east town shopping mall in madison, wisconsin. a man who witnessed the shooting says it appears a man was shot inside the mall and he saw first responders doing cpr. the witness saying, police officers were running through the mall with guns as people were being evacuated and stores were locking down. this the saturday before christmas is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. you can stay with fox news as we bring you further details as they become available. china accusing an american bomber of a serious military provocation in one of its territories. what happened and how the u.s. is responding. plus, new insights into the neighbor of the san bernardino killers. what his 911 calls are revealing about the deadly attack and how those calls will impact his legal case?
1:39 pm
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rising tensions between china and the united states and the south china see. china accusing the u.s., quote, of serious provocation. china is claiming the american bomber flew within only a few nautical miles of those islands. so now to the neighbor facing terror charges in the massacre in san bernardino. enrique martinez, he's the one accused of calling 911 just hours of the shooting and admitted that syed farook used the guns he bought in the attack. the feds say the neighbor has admitted he and farook had planned terror attacks in the past, but never carried them
1:44 pm
out. let's bring in our legal panel. okay. mercedes marquez, not only brought the guns to farook that farook used in building the pipe bombs. he and farook were involved in bomb making together. does a prosecution need anymore to convict this guy or properly present him as guilty in aiding this terrorist attack? >> great point. these guys were coordinating back in 2007. that's when marquez started to read about the jihadist. they had preexisting plans to go and have attacks at a college and attacks in other various
1:45 pm
parts of the country. the prosecutors are looking at this and saying at this point the admission is on the 911 tape and the facebook postings. >> on the 911 call, you can barely make out what he is saying. he says farook is the shooter in the attack. he said that bleeping bleeping person. it starts with "f" and "a." you can fill in. used my guns. he's criticizing farook for using his guns as if he didn't give him his guns or as if he didn't condone the use of his guns. that's number one. number two, he checks himself into a psych clinic moments after. does he get credit for calling
1:46 pm
911 after the attack? >> he may. if he goes to trial, he gets convicted. he accepted responsibility under the federal sentencing guidelines. that's a key factor. and he may have an argument. no attack was ever carried out in the past. i had no idea they were going to carry out these attacks, so he may have some defenses built in that could mitigate his circumstances slightly. >> it's a stretch, david. come on. those guns, he lied on the application so farook could get the guns. >> he bought them under unlawful means. >> mercedes, it's not a stretch. he's going to get points for acceptance of responsibility. he accepted responsibility from the moment he called 911, carried it through. also cooperation because he cooperated for about 11 days
1:47 pm
with the feds. >> let's talk about the defense. he did check himself into that psych clinic. the defense is going to argue this man wasn't actually carrying out these attacks on his own. is he eligible? is he even fit to stand trial? >> that's a great point. the defense is going to try to say, look, he's really not going to be able to stand trial. he doesn't understand how the trial proceedings are going to proceed. but i think there's going to be a stretch. i think ultimately he's going to stand trial and that psych has more to do with stress. i think he was so want to talk e charges here. fraud, making a false statement in connection with the acquisition of firearms. this case needs to be used as a strong message and a warning to
1:48 pm
anyone else out there who is thinking about aiding a terrorist. what kind of conviction, what kind of sentence, do you think this man deserves? >> he could be facing life. anywhere from 10 to 15 years to life. >> i think automatic life sentence. we've got to go. i'm sorry. we've run out of time. we could talk about this for hours. we'll be right back. stay right there.
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and now for a look beyond the headlines, here's author and journalist, liz trotter's weekly commentary. >> every war has its anti-hero, and bowe bergdahl is one. you might say he's a reverse image of those who came home from war maimed, shattered, or killed in action. bergdahl says he didn't like the way the army was running the war, so in 2009, he walked away from his unit in a lonely corner of afghanistan, ran into the taliban, and became a p.o.w. for
1:53 pm
five years. the war went on for years and troops searched for the missing soldier. some were wounded and in testimony from bergdahl's platoon mates, some died. last year our president gave the enemy five important p.o.w.s from gitmo in a swap for bergdahl. who can forget susan rice, the president's national security adviser, declaring he had served, quote, honor and distinction. obviously, general robert abrams doesn't agree. he's ordered bergdahl to stand for a general court-martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the decision stunned those who begged sympathy for bergdahl. let 'em go, they say. he's suffered enough. general abrams, who heads army force's command at ft. bragg, north carolina, isn't the kind of officer to look kindly on a soldier who left his platoon
1:54 pm
because he didn't like the way it was run. abrams comes from army royalty. his father a distinguished officer in world war ii and korea, and ultimately the commander of u.s. forces in vietnam. it seems unlikely his respected son would buck military discipline. let's hope not. if bergdahl is acquitted by a court-martial or serves a nominal sentence, he faces a lucrative future. he's already granted his first interviews to the left-wing podcast cereal, in which he describes torture at the hands of the taliban. he relates his sad tale to a famous hollywood producer, recalling fantasies, imagining himself a hero, a spymaster, like jason bourne. no one sergeant bergdahl washed out of the coast guard for mental problems before enlisting into the army. didn't anyone check? case
1:55 pm
intensified after gop presidential candidate donald trump called bergdahl a traitor. former p.o.w., senator john mccain, warns he'll convene hearings if the army goes soft. after the narcissistic bergdahl, he must face what every combat soldier dreads. cowardice. ernest hemingway said it's the luck any man can have. want to see a decked out house for the holidays? go no further than 1600 pennsylvania avenue. just google releasing a 360-degree video, giving us an up close looks at the white house's incredible christmas decorations. ♪
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report right here on fox at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and i'll wish you a happy and a merry christmas. >> same to you, my dear. >> i'll be here tomorrow without you. we'll be missing you. >> yeah, right. >> i'm jealous, that's all. . hi. i'm eric bowling in for bill o'reil o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor" election 2016. as the year comes to a close, a dramatic change in tone from president obama. remember how he famously said the isis terrorists were, quote, contained, just a day before the paris terrorist attacks. but at his year-end press conference, obama upped his rhetoric against the terrorist group. >> we're going to defeat isis. we're going to do so by systemically squeezing them, cutting off their supply lines, cutting off their financing, taking out their leadership, taking outhe


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