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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 19, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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right now on "justice" -- >> we will crush their would-be caliphate and counter radical jihadism. >> she failed as secretary of state, now hillary clinton says she's the one to keep us safe from isis? talk about delusional, talk about outrageous? i'm talking about it all in tonight's opening statement. plus, it's christmas week. christians being persecuted at an unbelievable rate in the middle east. i'll expose some shocking numbers and talk to an expert about how to stop it. and then which presidential candidate is going to keep you safest from terror? >> as a young person -- >> no, as an old person.
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>> tonight's street justice, who is going to protect us? i got answers and had holiday along the way ♪ chestnuts roasting an an open fire". my opening statement in a moment. first breaking news, minutes ago democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders apologized to his rival hillary clinton as well as his supporters for the actions of his staff in a data breach investigation. the sanders campaign has been accused of stealing valuable voter information in clinton who is the democratic front-runner in the race for the white house. the democratic national committee temporarily cut off access to the voting database. bernie sanders apologized both to clinton and his supporters. now to tonight's opening statement. who do you think poses the greatest danger to the safety of the united states, to your safety and that of your family?
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that person, not a career criminal, not the head of a terrorist cell, not even your run-of-the-mill thug. that person, a woman, who will do anything to get elected. now, i wasn't even going to do an opening statement this evening because it's a holiday. for me, it's christmas. i'm generally in the christmas spirit. but this week when hillary clinton laid out her comprehensive plan to bolster homeland security, i couldn't help myself. take a listen. >> because it is not enough to contain isis. we must defeat isis, break its momentum and then it's back. and not just isis, but the broader radical jihadist movement that also includes al qaeda and offshoots like al shabaab in somalia.
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>> defeat not just isis and offshoots like al shabaab and somalia. you tell me why, hillary, why when you were in power, in charge of the state department did you refuse to label boka haram a terrorist organization? you remember them. they kidnapped hundreds of girls and they brought about that #bringbackourgirls? aren't you the self described champion of women's rights. recently that same organization boka haram, non-terrorist group to you, literally obliterated the town of baga reportedly killing 2,000 innocent citizens. in 2010 you were presented with hard evidence of their terrorism, but no, your state department even after boka haram bombed the u.n. headquarters, pushed back against the cia, pushed back against the fbi,
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both of whom wanted boka haram designated a terrorist organization. thanks to you, since that time, they've morphed into an even greater terror threat, strapping explosives on little girls, using them as suicide bomb eers. so why not designate them a terrorist organization? reports are you wouldn't designate broke rah haram because of your relationship with a nigerian land developer who shockingly gave your family's foundation $5 million. and we should trust you with the presidency of the united states? but also in your plan to protect the homeland you say -- >> we can't afford another major ground war in the middle east. that's exactly what isis wants from us. >> really? aren't you the one who
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spearheaded the mission to topple moammar gadhafi, claiming there was a threat he might kill his own people? you even ordered the pentagon not take calls from kadafi's son who wanted to engage in peace talks to stop the mission. the truth, you're the one who instigated a good deal of what you and the others call an arab spring which has turned out to be a nightmare from millions of arab whose have been slaughtered in the interim. so why? hillary, why? because you wanted to be the leader who could normalize libya. it was so normalized our ambassador and three other americans were massacred in its capital, the first death of an ambassador in almost 40 years. you say you want to defeat isis by dismantling the global network of terror that supplies radical jihadists with money, arms and fighters? pray tell, aren't you the one
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who funneled ours from libya to turkey to syria, the same arms being now used against us? you want to intensify support for local forces who can pursue our enemies on the ground? how are you going to do that when $500 million of our money was spent to support local forces who dropped their drawers, dropped their weapons and dropped their guns when they saw isis coming? some plan you got there, hillary. and in summation you say we can defeat isis by smashing its stronghold, hitting its fighters, leaders and infrastructure from the air in intensifying support for local forces who can pursue them on the ground. that's a lot of talk from the woman in charge of our strategy in the state department and who could have made a difference before isis became the most powerful, the richest terror organization in history. but then again, you're the would
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be who said -- >> shallow slogans don't add up to a strategy. >> and your shallow slogans don't add up to a presidency either. and that's my opening statement. tell me what you think on my facebook page and twitter, #judgejeanine. with me is democratic strategist erica smood difficult. you trumpet hillary's strategy for dealing with isis that according to you is not hyper boley. you don't think what she's saying is an exaggeration. >> no. it follows diplomacy, military, economic as a way to use all tools to attack a threat. i don't see nipping out of there that goes remotely to ted cruz saying i'm going to carpet bomb cities. >> no, no, no, i'm not talking
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about them. i'm talking about her. what did she say in the comprehensive plan to protect the homeland that's different or new? she said she's going to arm the locals. she said she's going to work with a coalition. she said she's going to stop the jihadis from our front door. she was in power for four years. it only got worse when she was in the state department. >> i think in terms of looking for something new, the reality is there's only so many tools in the tool box to begin with. yes, we do have to improve intelligence gathering, we do have to work with coalitions. we do have to help people on the ground and i'm power moderate islamic voices to counter the radical jihadist voices. those are the things that need to be done. it may not be sexy. that's kind of a to do list. >> when you say there was so many tools in the tool box, if it isn't working for the last seven years, maybe we've got the wrong tool box. >> maybe.
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it's possible, right? but i don't think diplomacy, i don't think coalitions with muslim leaders in the middle east is a broken tool. i think those are good things we need to continue to do. do we have the results that we wanted? not yet. but quite frankly, we can't give up. we do absolutely have to remain vigilant. >> of course. anyone running for president is going to say that. >> not everyone. ted cruz said carpet bomb them. >> that's his tool box. we're talking about your candidate's tool box. what i want to know is how can you explain her not labeling boka haram a terrorist organization, when she goes out and says i'm going to go out and destroy all the terrorist organizations, she doesn't even recognize who they are. to what do you attribute that? >> i think a lot of people in retrospect look back at 2012 and wish they moved that designation up a bit. there was not unanimous consent
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within kind of the policy -- >> yes, it was, the cia and the fbi decided and pushed back against her. there were atrocities, this is nothing new and she wouldn't do it. >> part of the designation, too, is to cut off economic ties and freeze the ability to have u.s. money go into these terrorist organizations. >> so she's going to not label them a terrorist organization for their economic benefits or contributions to us? >> no. i'm saying because there was no u.s. ties at the time, the fear is they would become a recruiting tool. a lot of people wish they would have moved that designation up. >> yes, like a lot of dead people. i'm finding now -- we're going to say this would be a recruiting tool if we do it this way. that's the new defense, it will be a recruiting tool if we don't close guantanamo, it will be a recruiting tool if we label boka
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haram who they are. forget the recruiting tool. they hate us and want to kill us anyway. she -- this whole thing about her strategy of containing and destroying isis, she's saying she's not going to put american troops on the ground. how is she going to get the locals in these countries to actually do that? >> actually, i want to go back a bit to the idea of recruiting. it's really important. whack a mole is an important strategy. one pops up, we've got to whack them down. we have to make sure more moles aren't being produced faster than the we can whack the ones we've got. to your question about how do we engage people on the ground, i think use of special forces in highly targeted missions. >> haven't we been doing that? erica, haven't we been doing that? >> we have. the best intelligence and the best allies that we have are
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people within the muslim community and they are on the ground in the region. we need to work with them and continue to work with them. quite frankly, it's not about political correctness, but a lot of the anti-muslim rhetoric, it makes it harder -- >> what are you saying muslim rhetoric? say it. she doesn't even use the word. the whole speech was about extremist jihadists. >> i think she did a good job of distinguishing between extremists and the muslim community. >> isn't every jihadist a muslim? isn't every jihadist a muslim. >> yes, but violent extremists are not uniquely muslims. they may be today but tomorrow they may not be. >> but today they are. those are the people we're feith. what are you say? >> we need to look at the causes of violent extremism. muslim, christian or anywhere, to overcompensate, overfocus,
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criminals are criminals. >> they aren't criminalsment they're more than criminals. they're war criminals. these are people who want to kill us. they want to kill you and they want to kill me. they're muslims. they're not christians, not jews, they're muslims today. why not call them islamic extremists, islamic jihadists. will you say that word or no? >> absolutely. >> say it. >> islamic violent extremists. i don't have a problem with that. what i want to focus on, that is the threat today. it may not always be the threat. violent extremism is a global threat regardless of the thought process of the criminal behind it. >> okay. so then boka haram, has she called them what they were, maybe we could have prevented some of the deaths that occurred. i'm not worried about tomorrow. if there's a different group, i'll call them what they are.
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anyway, erica, thanks for being with us tonight. with me formal deputy assistant to president george w. bush brad blakeman. you heard air kachlt does hillary clinton's record in the state department reflect how she'll serve as president? >> absolutely. look no further to her record. as secretary of state, if it wasn't for bad news, there wouldn't be news with hillary clinton. everything she touched was a complete and utter disaster, starting with putin. remember the phony reset button. and the russians turned it into a reject button. nothing hillary touched even turned out one quarter the type of policy that would be effective. you look across the middle east, complete meltdown in the middle east. why? she supported the president's policy of precipitous withdraw from iraq and the red line in syria was rejected by the president after he said it which allowed the crisis of isis to spread not only in iraq but in
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syria and other places. >> you know what, brad? i want to sbro rupt you for a second, hagel said he okayed a plan to strike damascus after the red line was crossed, but obama told him to stand down and for him to stand down his people. does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't surprise me because our president doesn't mean what he says and he has no interest in winning. what his interest is containing. you know what? next year it's going to be somebody else's problem. that's the president's policy. i inherited a problem, you're going to inherit a problem. the problem is that this president did not go in to win. and it wasn't his military advisers that were giving him that kind of advice, it was the people around obama. >> the political operatives. >> exactly. >> all right. let's talk about the fact that we've got this debate this past
9:16 pm
week, this whole issue of cruz and trump and there seems to be this non-ag greks pact between trump and cruz. what's this about? >> they're playing each other, quite frankly. cruz wants to pick up trump supporters if strum were to stumble and fall and trump is playing cruz because it's good to have some kind of ally in a field of 15. the bottom line is, how is it going to help anybody if you're in it to win it? you're in it to be number one, not to be number two or three as far as the pac is concerned. >> my recollection is there's about 20 points difference between trump and cruz and that people are now talking about a possible trump-cruz ticket. does that make sense to you? >> it does not. >> why? >> here's the reason. because ted cruz might win iowa. when you win stuff, you start getting momentum. if trump doesn't win and he's
9:17 pm
winning, quote, unquote, in national polls, but doesn't actually win at the ballot box, trump is going to implode, i believe, because people want to go with winners and winners tend to be the ones who win elections. >> when you talk about if cruz wins iowa, didn't governor huckabee win iowa? didn't rick santorum win iowa in the past few years? that's not really the indicator. that's the only place where there's an issue right now. i always talk about those seven states that i believe decide the election, the electoral college. wouldn't trump be better off getting someone from one of the swing states, ohio-kasich, rubio-florida? >> absolutely. >> what would cruz bring to a ticket? >> cruz doesn't bring very much. that's the point. it's about math, about adding up numbers in the important electoral states that is going to win you the election.
9:18 pm
don't forget, republicans are at a deficit, in most states. we're at a deficit as far as republican to democratic registration. we need our base but we also need to pick pick off conservative democrats and women are going to turn the election. if you want to win, you better pick someone that will help you do this. >> what concerns me, this motor voter registration where you can actually sign up to vote, register to vote and vote the same guy. my concern is one guy going to three different states, three votes in three different states. do you see that as a problem? >> it is a huge problem. you would think after the 2000 debacle, we would have voting standards that would also spill over to states. once you have a uniform system that works, why wouldn't states adopt that. the fact is we don't. it's very dangerous to our democracy not to have a system that is not only justifiable but
9:19 pm
verifiable. brad blakeman, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, judge. >> next, disturbing facts on religious persecution. >> i would love hillary to defend me, yes. >> what if you were on a rooftop for eight hours and she didn't send help? street justice is next. that's coming up. you can take part in it by answering the same question in tonight's insta poll, face beak or tweet me. or tweet me. #judgejeanine.
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere.
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9:24 pm
curry joins me now. good evening, david. >> thank you, judge. >> all right. now, your organization has been engaged in humanitarian efforts for 60 years. today in the middle east and other countries, how many christians have you been able to assist recently and how do you do it? what do you do? >> well, what we want to do is support persecuted christians wherever they are at wherever they're harassed. in many cases they're killed for their faith. it's not always that way. right now for example we have 300,000 christians in iraq and syria who are under persecution. their lives are at stake. many people have lost their lives because of their faith in just that one region so that givers you a little bit of a snapshot of what's going on around the world. >> and but what can you do for them? >> well, what we want to do is help christians to be able to stay in their homeland so we will sometimes provide training for them. pastors on how to stand under pressure, how to tan in the face of the storm.
9:25 pm
we will provide aid to them. we want to help christian refugees right now. we are helping them on the ground to have housing, to have food, to have medical care and dental care so they can stay in their region. that's one thing that nobody is talking about in this refugee crisis. we have the opportunity to help syrian christians and syrians stay in their own country rather than go to europe, go to other countries. >> all right. >> and we're not doing it to the scale we need to. >> david, what you're talking about is more in their own homeland providing them with some of the essentials they need but so you're not really involved with the refugees who are leaving and the refugee camps and those kinds of organizations that take them to the refugee countries. >> we're not dealing right now in europe. what we want to do is see the christians stay in their homeland because that should be the first goal. i think it's a secondary issue now as we do not deal with the syrians in country, christians
9:26 pm
in the country that they -- where they should be, where they want to be. then the secondary problems happen. we've got to help stand up for these people in their homelands. that's where they would like to be. >> but, david, the problem is when you say stand up for them, i mean, when you've got al shabaab or isis, they're killing them. how do you stand up to people who are slaughtering you? i mean, this is the first time -- the second time, i should say, in 2,000 years that christmas mass is not going to be celebrated in mosul. >> you're absolutely right. and it's a tragedy and what we need to see is civil governments standing up for innocence within their boundaries. that's the first step so you're right. we need to fight against what's happening in these regions. we need to say something about what's happening to these christians. but we as civilians can do what we need to do which is stand up in this humanitarian crisis and help these christians who are being pushed out of their homeland. just ten years ago there was a
9:27 pm
1,300,000 christians, now there's almost 200,000 in iraq. that's how big -- >> there's more than a million that have been displaced of christians. >> just in iraq. >> in iraq. >> because nobody is protecting them. >> where are they going, david? >> to the north through kurdistan and trying to get into turkey. you know, all of the places you know so well, into lebanon, going anywhere they can go to be safe. >> you know, i heard that some of them are in jordan and these refugee camps are horrifihorrif. what is going on, sharia law where women are beaten, raped. that it's pretty terrible. and not just christians i'm talking about the muslim refugees, as well. >> what we see is camps that are particularly targeted towards christians and yew setrying to safe havens for them and that's what we need to lift up, the actions we're taking there.
9:28 pm
can we support these people in their homeland. >> all right, david curry, open door, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. all right, next a police union makes a big decision on who it will back for president. i'll tell you who they chose and talk live with the union head about the decisions behind the big pick. plus, a counterterrorism specialist is here live to tell me why saying something when you see something is not enough to keep safe. my eye-ochoing interview is next. ♪ [special effects] lisa! what took you so long? duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices, [laser blasts] so you can power imagination all day long. [duracell slamtones]
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family members of the victims in the san bernardino terror attack. they shared stories with mr. obama, but also talked to him about the grief and anguish they've endured. on saturday, the final three memorial services were held. meantime, the family of san bernardino shooter syed farook removed a number of items from his redlands, california, apartment. their lawyer said it was a difficult day for them and they would not be talking. i'm anita vogel. now back to "justice." justic"j jeanine." she doesn't have the strength and she doesn't have the stamina. she'll come here, come to iowa, see like four people around a plastic table, right? they always use that plastic table? do they bring it with them? then she leaves, bye everybody, bye. you don't see her for five days. you never see her. she goes away, goes back home to sleep. she doesn't have the energy, i'm telling you.
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she doesn't have the stamina. she doesn't have the strength you need. president, strong. >> that's republican presidential front-runner donald trump on the campaign trail today talking hillary clinton. his momentum continues to build with a big endorsement last week from a new england union that represents police and corrections officers, this as police across the country continue to feel like targets after a year filled with anti-police sentiment. the executive director of that new england police benevolent department, jerry flynn joins us. you are the executive director of the largest police union in new england. we're talking more than a couple police departments. how many members, how many departments, how states do you cover? >> first of all, thank you for having me this evening. it's a pleasure to be here. we represent over 200 police and
9:35 pm
corrections officers throughout the new england area. we are about 5,000 members. we're the largest police union in the granite state. i can tell you that the support didn't come as lightly -- we did a lot of vetting of the people that we wanted to entertain. >> so why donald trump? >> quite frankly, we sent out the top eight people we felt would be the ones we wanted to hear from, including the top three democratic challengers, both martin o'malley, bernie sanders and the former senator from new york, hillary clinton. along the same vein we sent out other top contenders on the republican side. two people responded. one being jeb bush who said he wouldn't be able to make it, and
9:36 pm
the other being donald trump. prior to that our executive -- about four or five members of our executive board, our new hampshire state director and a number of larger police departments, one being the worcester police department in massachusetts, we spoke with him for over an hour about some of the concerns we had. >> why donnell? you feel he's the biggest supporter of law enforcement? what is it about donald? >> everybody else avoided us like the playing. they don't want to speak about supporting or backing police officers because that's not the politically correct thing to do. mr. trump came out since our endorsement and before our endorsement in support of police officers. he spoke about what he would do including the death penalty for the killing of a police off sefrmt i think for one candidate and only one candidate to come out and support law enforcement, at least we have the support of one person. i think he deserves the support
9:37 pm
of us. >> one of your local yuchb junes, local 190 says it was blind-sided by the endorsement. tell me about that. >> i haven't spoke with with them, but the beauty of our organization, everyone who is a president of our organization sits on our executive board so, therefore, everybody has a voice at the table. like many families, there's discussions and disagreements and what have you. my own mother is a democrat, and she may not support my decision, but certainly we left that -- the overwhelming majority of the people who were there voted for mr. trump. >> there's no question then that donald trump is the one who gets the endorsement and has the numbers for that endorsement. now, what about the weaponry for local police departments? given the possibility of local police being in the front line of a terrorist attack in a local
9:38 pm
jurisdiction, what has donald told you about providing for local police and their weapons to fight isis? >> judge, as you're well aware, 1033 is an act that was enacted in 1987 to ensure that military style apparatus would be afforded or given back to municipal and county police departments including sheriff's departments. there's a long list of people outraged by the president's decision to do that. it's ironic that only a few months ago -- excuse me -- only a few years ago when the boston marathon bombing occurred and the heroes that were fighting these terrorist in watertown massachusetts, some of my members from the s.w.a.t. team were in that town and securing that neighborhood.
9:39 pm
they utilized some of the same apparatus the president is now trying to do away with. >> he's not just trying. he's taking stuff back. i've been talking to sheriffs and police chiefs around the country. we're running out of time. go ahead. >> it goes to show that we're looking for somebody who is going to have our back. certainly mr. trump has said he has it and we believe him. >> jerry flynn, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, judge. america is on edge tonight as many fear another terror attack on u.s. soil during the holiday season. this is homeland security secretary jeh johnson activates the national terrorism advisory system warning the public of self denise ilitch radicalized authors to act with little or no notice. joining me is aaron cohen founder of a school intact caltraining and special ops
9:40 pm
training. we all know, if we see something, we say something. we have to start hoping people will do that in light of the silence in san bernardino who saw something and said nothing. tell me more, more than seeing something and relying on my neighbor to say something, what can i and everyone else do? >> what you can do, judge, and what we all have to do is to make sure we get very realistic about our defense. what i mean by that is, see something, say something, is not going to find a gun in a bag at my niece's elementary school. it's not going to respond to an active killer moving down a hallway with a ckalashnikov rifle. not going to stop a terrorist about to open fire on a theater
9:41 pm
with the opening of "star wars" this weekend. the problem we have right now, this color system, it's cool but it doesn't really help us. we need to start putting in defensive security measures. >> how? what do we do? >> we need to empower our department of justice to start to be able to manufacture or create or start control the security licensing process so we can put private security at every public place. and i mean that, people are going to go, this isn't israel, we can't do that. we can. we've got the tax upon any to afford it. we've got 500,000 combat veterans back from the middle east who are trained at weapons, good americans very much interested in helping protect their neighborhoods. we need to start implementing security in all these public places. schools, malls, movie theaters, the grove here in los angeles i
9:42 pm
go to with my girlfriend, every place where there's crowds of people. these security agents can't be these $12 an hour security guards, judge. they need to be trained with tactical protocol. >> a guy comes in with a kalashnikov or ar-15, you don't have much even with a handgun against somebody like that. so aside from putting security in some of these places that we need in light of what happened in chattanooga where a guy is standing there at a recruitment center and gets killed, what does the average person have to do? i'm in a mall. what am i looking for? >> let me just come out and say it. >> say it. >> we have 15 million concealed carry weapons in this country. why aren't we using those, those sheriffs issuing those permits
9:43 pm
as a deputy sheriff reserve and s.w.a.t. instructor i carry whenever i'm in public. having said that, i am trained to, a, fire into crowds, i am trained to run directly into the threat, i am trained to charge through a crowd of people and fire five rounds at center mass. that takes training. why aren't we using the concealed carry holders. not talking about the 90-year-old grandmother with one in her bag. but why aren't we allowing them to do the same thing that happens with a driver's license where you can opt into additional training to carry the permit so you can be part of the active shooter tactical response protocol. >> aaron cohen, always great to hear from you. thanks for being with us. "street justice" is next.
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it's time for some "street justice." i asked people which presidential canned cat they think will keep us safest from terror. take a look. >> what presidential candidate do you think will keep you safest from terror? >> i have to be honest, i don't know for sure right now. >> which presidential candidate do you think is going to keep you safest from terror? >> trump. >> which presidential candidate is going to keep you safest from terror? >> that's not an easy question to answer. >> hillary clinton or bernie sanders, either one of them. >> which presidential candidate ist from terror? >> absolutely ted cruz. >> probably trump. he talks a good game. >> trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> he's tough. he's got the voice that says he's going to be in charge. >> i think it will not be who we
9:49 pm
have in office right now. >> i don't like trump. he wants to kick me out. >> why? >> he doesn't like immigrants. >> are you illegal? >> no, i'm not illegal. >> he won't kick you out. >> cruz. >> why do you say ted? >> he's somewhere between the real radicals and the real liberals. >> i just went to trump towers, so i'll say trump. i like ted cruz. i hope they get together. >> i think it's clinton. >> why hillary? >> because a lot of experience. >> ted cruz is willing to fight for us, willing to go out there ond the floor and defy the establishment. >> is there one that you see if you're in a trench that you want that person next to you? >> possibly donald trump. >> donald trump? >> far from. >> i don't want donald trump anywhere near me. >> why?
9:50 pm
>> don't you think he'd fight the people who were hurting you? >> i think he'd run and cower in fear. >> if you were in the trenches, you want to be with trump, and ted cruz? >> i would love hillary to defend me, yes. >> what if you were on the rooftop of benghazi and she didn't send help for eight hours? >> oh. >> during the eight hours they were asking for help. >> no one could have helped during those eight hours. >> didn't they have airplanes? i love chestnuts. chestnuts roasting on an open fire. do you know that one? can you sing? >> no. >> if you're in the trenches, you want to be with ted cruz? >> i don't want to be in the trenches anymore. >> we need to be aggressive. we need to show an aggressive stance, you know what i mean? i don't think we're doing that right now. >> you think?
9:51 pm
which presidential candidate is going to keep you safest from terror? >> as a young person -- >> no, as an old person. of course, as an old person. >> i'm not sure if any of them. >> mom, what do you think? >> of course, you see trump in the news all the time saying he's the one that's going to do it. but i don't know. definitely, i think it will be a republican. >> although i will say any candidate on the republican side is much better than hillary. we've got to do what we've got to do and bring home the win. >> hillary needs to be indicted. you've got to put me on the air. >> you'll be on the air this weekend. >> holy cow! >> i love that. we'll be right back. stay with us. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce
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now for the results of tonight's instapoll. maureen said trump, he's the only one who feels the same way as normal people. cruz, he's a man of his word. he doesn't need to attack others. chris says, none of them will keep me safe from terror. the only thing that will keep me safe is the weapon i carry on my hip. make sure you logon and send me your thoughts on the show tonight. don't forget, if you're looking
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one of my christmas wishes this year is for a million followers on facebook. i'm 15,000 shy. almost there. so friend me on facebook. merry christmas to you. i'll see you next year. 19th. "watters' world" starts right now. i want to wish you all a very merry christmas. you're in "watters' world" now, and i'm jesse watwatters. donald trump still attacking the system, creating controversy, and leading the polls. >> i'm calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have to establish borders, and we have to build a wall. we have to build a wall. we have to. and we will. >> when you get these terrorists, you have to take out


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