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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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heather heathers. chill chilleder /* >> a car plows right into a crowd. this is no accident. kelly wright has been following the breaking developments all night and doing this now. >> leah, heather good morning. it is a huge tragedy on the strip. it happened without any warning. a woman began driving her 1996 oldsmobile on to the crowded sidewalk in front of the paris hotel and planet hollywood where the miss universe pageant was taking place. her plow cared through people leaving a trail of death and injury. killing one person and injuring 36 others. some people watched with horror and disbelief. people are coming back saying children got hit and then there were people -- everyone was so frantic and running around. >> i came out of planet hollywood and walking down the steps i was counting mown. i looked over to the right all you could sees her driving away
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and people bouncing off the front of the car. the windshield was smashed at this point. >> they gave her a sobriety test to determine if she was i am bareed by drugs or alcohol. they believe her actions were intentional. >> we have a black female in her 20's with a car in the child 3 years old. she was driving a 1996 oldsmobile four-door vehicle wi. she went up off the street on to the sidewalk two or possibly three times and based on the evidence and information from our investigators, at this point we are treating this as an intentional act. >> at this time police have not said what possible motive the women may have had. they add she is in the detention center and they expect her to be arraigned or charged later this morning. heather? >> kelly wright live for us.
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thank you, kelly. >> former neighbor and long time friend of the san bernardino terrorist is about to face a judge. families of the victims spent a weekend mourning their loved ones and the killer couple's townhouse gets emptied out. will car is in los angeles with the latest. >> enrique marquez will have a detention hearing where a judge will hold bail. he was plan to go attack a college in 2011. they decided not to go through with the threats because of unrelated terror risks that happened. he was the oren of the gun that farook used in the shooting. he is charged with providing materials in an act of terrorism. he could face up to 25 years behind bars. while the investigation
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continues, we honor three victims of the shooting. clayborne who is 27 is being remembered for being an old sewn. caliseno for his jewish faith and wetzel for being a mothfathf 6. >> he was the epitome of aman, . his faith was strong. their faith is strong. good man. >> the san bernardino family is mourning this weekend syed farook's family including his mother moved positions o sessio out of his home. they plotted and put together more 12 pipe bombs. they are racing their 6-year-old daughter who remains in state custody. new overnight president obama give an interview.
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he this you can tad from everything from isis to what he will leaf behind. the domestic ter ritss are a bigger threat than islamic extremists. >> if you just look at the numbers, nonislamic nonforeign motivated terrorist actions have killed at least as many americans on american soil as those who are promoted by jihadists. >> the comments are coming as a fox news poll finds 58 percent of persons think the president is not ready to do whatever it takes to fight extremists. >> hillary clinton feeling the heat just days after saying donald trump is isis biggest recruiter. her team doubles down on the comments. following developments on the
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campaign trail is peert dos see. >> they took a shot at the republican frontrunner alleging isis has been using his campaign to bring in new members. >> he is becoming isis' best re crude -- recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> there was a lot of interest in this videotape she says terrorists are using of trump and when threats clinton campaign had to explain there isn't one. >> he is being used in social media by isis as propaganda. do you have a particular video in mind he is being used in social media. >> clinton says the united states is where it need to be in the fight against isis but republican rivals see things differently. >> we see dead bodies in paris and dead americans in san
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bernardino and she is saying now we are exactly where we want to be. >> i think it is a reflection of hillary clinton and back obama's belief that our foreign policy gets set by others. this is what leading from behind means i guess. >> it doesn't surprise me that hillary clinton is trying to find somebody to blame on sisis. you can see the disaster of foreign policy, the rise of radical islamic terrorism, the rise of isis on her watch. >> cruz right there is the new leader in a new cbs poll of iowa voters 40 percent support puts him 9 points ahead of trump's 31 percent. the only other republican in double digits is rubio also trailing with 12 percent. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy in washington this morning. thank you, peter. the hunt for the missing teen and his mother intensifying. his mom listed adds a missing person and u.s. marshals are offering a $5,000 bounty for the
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18-year-old after videos surfaced of him playing beer pong at a party which of course is a violation of his probation. he dodged jail time after killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2014. the judge said he was too privileged to understand the consequences of his action. >> the father of a boy injured in the crash speaks out. >> belgian authorities arrest one person in connection with the paris per terror attacks. in brussel your top fugitive absalom once lived. they aren't giving details of who was arrested. >> they are opening the doors even wider for refugees. the reset element program is now aiming to welcome up to 50,000
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refugees by the end of 2016. that is twice the number previously pledged for settlements back in february. >> tragedy for former president jimmy carter weeks after announcing he is cancer free. his 28-year-old grandson jeremy has died suddenly. carter telling churchgoers that his heart stopped while he was napping. the cause of death not yet known. >> one of the most wanted men in america will make a guest appearance via teleconference with political act 'tivist in n hampshire. we are talking richard snowden. he will take part in a question and answer to discuss american security and privacy writes. he is living in asylum in russia. >> four-days from christmas if you are counting. it feels more like fall for much
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of the country. >> bad whetheather could make a mess. we are tracking what's happening here. >> we are tracking an active weather pattern across most of the nation with the west being pummelled and another storm system further off to the east. it is bringing in steady rain across indiana and eastern parts of illinois stretching into parts of the great lakes and even further south across portions of arkansas and into mississippi. it is going to be pretty unsettled here and the storm system will continue to race eastward bringing in rain across parts of the eastern u.s. eventually as we head into the next day or so. across portions of the western u.s. we are seeing storm system after storm system bringing more of the heavy rain in california and taking a look at the radar it looks similar to what we have been seeing over the last couple of weeks. the rain across the coastal areas we have extensive winter storm warnings in effect from washington state down to
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california and watching the issues across the colorado rockies including places like aspen. purple shading out here is more than 2 feet of snow. forecast across the cascades down into oregon and california and ue stah and colorado. the storm system is packing a punch outside of the u.s. eastern u.s. mild yet again 50 degrees for the forecast high today in chicago. 60's in places like memphis, raleigh and north carolina. hopefully santa will find his way here. >> i am sure he will especially with the help of rudolph. >> they turn crime fighters how they turn the tables on a would be robber. >> the multi continent investigation after the discovery of a suspicious
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on all current incentives.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". a suspicious device at air france flight now deemed a hoax. there are many questions about what appeared to be a safe bombing made of cardboard paper and a timer. they made an emergency landing. we are following the story from johannesburg. >> heather and lia this is a full scale terror investigation of the two continents. in kenya the police anti terrorism unit has floated from
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nairobi to casa. four passengers from the diverted plane was reportedly been arrested two muslims and two christians and are still being interrogated. france is also getting involved. was this a proud run to test out air france on port security if the terror group is found to be behind us, it is most likely analysts say to be isis as they downed a russian tesh rest mrooifrn sinai. isis claimed responsibility for all of the paris attacks. this was a french plane headed to terrorist known to be full of french people. three other airport planes were sdrierted to a bomb square while flying over the u.s. the last month. this is the first time a suspect device has been found on board. this air france plane made an emergency landing in mumbasa after a device was found hidden behind a per mirror in a bathro.
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they are trying to establish did the package come on board or did it lie undiscovered all of the way from paris on the outbound flight. heather and lia? >> we will continue to follow the story. meantime a new warning this morning if you are feeling stressed out anxious people are more likely to develop dem mena. that is according to thodoctorso followed twins onned found the twin with anxiety was more developing it will later in life. they have stress hormone that destroys that part of the brain. >> anybody out there have scary dreams last night and waking up from a nightmare it could be because of your sleep position. 41 percent of left side sleepers actually wake up with nightmares compared to 45 percent of right side sleepers. right side sleepers get worse
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nights sleep. steve harvey probably didn't get much sleep last night after incorrectly naming miss columbia the winner. >> i have to apologize. miss universe 2015 is mounising. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake, but the right thing i can show it to you right here. first runner up is columbia. it is my mistake. still a great night. >> wow. >> harvey apologized multiple times for the mistake including on twitter. things just got worse. harvey spelled the name of both countries wrong. i want to apologize to miss
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philippines and miss columbia. this was a terribly honest human mistake and i am so regretful. >> i feel terrible for them. >> 18 minutes after the hour where schools shut down where a threat is keeping thousands of students out of the classroom today. the christmas controversy that is going viral this morning. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. 21 after the top of the hour. a fox news lart for you. a threat of violence shutting down 17 public schools in new hampshire this morning. officials there are not taking any chances after two high schools were specifically threatened. wfxt has the latest. >> new hampshire state police officers were doing a sweep at national high school north looking for any signs of a threat. >> i am scared. you know i am speaking out. i don't want to accepted my kids to school any more because of fear they are not going to come home alive. >> the national school district saying school is canceled after a threat. the threat is against national high school north and south. >> she heard it and i said honey, she is like mommy are we going to get killed? is someone going to come kill us? >> a school administrator received an e-mail and immediately called police.
2:23 am
the threat is received via e-mail that had specific directions toward the new national high schools with specific threat of violence. >> school superintendent mike conrad said in a statement we have received a detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff at both high schools. the threat is specific to this. they are determining the credibility of the threat. >> there are so many things going on sending my son to school. >> i love my kids to death. i can never see myself without my kids. i will die with them. >> president obama taking to facebook to push gun control after a high school president died -- he died after a group
2:24 am
of gunmen randomly fired multiple times into a crowd last week. >> customers turned crime fighters charging a would be robber and it's all caught on camera. take a look. wo watch as two men wrestled receipt tick to the ground after a convenience store. he said get on the ground or i will shoot you. the men rest elled receipt tick pinning him down until police got there. he is behind bars facing charges for armed robbery. >> a fox business alert. beware before you give thousands of christmas chocolates now being recalled. lori rothman from our sister network is here with what you need to know. >> good morning ladies. there's a chocolate recall to tell you about this morning. 24 ounce bags of dove chocolate. people reported finding snickers
2:25 am
twix and milky way bars in the dove chocolate. the other canned bars containaller begins not mentioned in the packaging. >> if you plan on driving there will be a lot of travel this year. 100 million will hit the roles. the reason rising incomes and falling gas prices. the national average is $2 a gallon. gas hasn't abobeen this keep si 2009. amazon shipping deadline you need to know. you have until # p.m. tomorrow to send by standard shipping. he knows with the deadline for one day shipping. you can slhip to our delivery now. amazon deadlines are approaching. >> business class travelers will be comfy starting in march they
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will get passengers on the flights. gray cotton pj's. would you rathwear them? >> star wars the force awakens. box office records taking a staggering $228 million crushing the alvin and the chipmunks barely chipped in with 14.4 million. the amy poehler flick sisters came in at 13.4 million. >> i can't wait to see all three of those actually. >> upping the stakes in the fight against isis. the pentagon new weapon to take down the terror group. >> as we await secretary clinton we are going to begin on the economy. he will be coming around the corner any minute. >> sorry. >> there she is. >> the reason hillary clinton disappeared from the stage. any of you know?
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so you can power imagination all day long. [duracell slamtones] >> a fox news lairt. chaos and sin city overnight when a driver plows into a crowd of pedestrians on purpose. >> you can see him driving away and people bouncing oh of the front of the car. >> one person is dead dozens more hurt. the breaking details about the driver. >> boy scouts putting their survival skills to the test when a walk in the woods turns into a terrifying ordeal. the life saving steps that they took to save their leader from a bear attack. >> and the force very strong during this texas traffic stop. the out of this world encounter caught on camera. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> are you looking at that closely? >> it is 30 minutes after the hour. letd get right to the fox alert. one person dead dozens more injured after a plow plows right into a crowd. police say it was no accident. >> she describes the horrific event as a horrible tragedy on the strip. police are trying to determine what happened. a female driver in her 20's steered on to the sidewalk and began plowing into pedestrians mowing them down and injuring 36 horrors. the child was in the back seat and not injured. they are giving her a sobriety test to see if she was impaired
2:32 am
through drugs or alcohol. police believe she knew what she was doing. >> based on the evidence and fatal investigators at this point we are treating hthis as n intentional act. she is in the detention center right now. she is speaking to detectives. they are draw her blood and she will be charged within in the next four hours. the car struck the people near the paris hotel and drove back on to the street before getting back on to the sidewalk again. despite per pedestrians at planet hollywood where the miss universe pageant was being held. >> i saw the car on the sidewalk coming toward us and there was an african american lady. it looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and looking straight forward. there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle and they couldn't get to her. they were yelling stop, stop.
2:33 am
>> people were punching the window trying to get the child out of the back seat. she accelerated again and just started mowing everyone down. >> terrible set of events right there. the child was a toddler around 3 years old and was not harmed several people remain hospitalized. >> thanks for keeping an eye on that this morning. >> the friend and neighbor of the san bernardino killers received enrique martinez let them use his weapon could kill people. investigator believe they were radicalized together over the last tedecade. >> the hunt for the missing teen and his mother intensifying. his mom tonya now listed as a missing person. they are also promising a $5,000 bounty for the 18-year-old. couch vanished after videos
2:34 am
surfaced of him playing beer pong at a party. that's the violation of his probation. he dodged jail time after killing four people in a drunk driving crash back in 2014 because the judge said he was too privileged to understand the consequences of his actions. >> hillary clinton feeling the heat just days after saying donald trump is the biggest recruiter for isis her team doubles down on the controversial comment. developments from the nation's capitol. >> good morning lia. this morphing a lot of people are wondering what clinton meant when she suggested the u.s. is in good shape sunday is making good strides in the fight against the fight against the united states. >> we are now finally where we need to be. we have a strategy and commitment to go after isis for us as well as the region. we have a security council
2:35 am
resolution bringing the world together to go after a political transition in syria. >> the republican rivals are calling clinton out for that comments in a cbs poll iowa voters with 30 percent support. >> ms. clinton we are not where we need to be in the fight against isis. >> it is painfully naive or she is lying to the american people in order to get their vote. >> at one point on saturday hillary clinton claims isis is recruit new members with donald trump with muslims of america. the team leader admitted there is no specific clip. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy in washington
2:36 am
this morning. hillary clinton's comments on isis and trump. log on to the facebook page i will be with you #keep talking. >> it is the moment everyone is talking about hillary clinton missing from the democratic debate stage. >> as we await secretary clinton backstage here we are going to begin on the economy. clinton will be coming around the corner any minute. >> sore rery. >> now we know why. the former secretary of state wouldn't share a bathroom with a martin o'malley staffer reportedly waiting for every stall to be emptied out before going in making for one awkward and perhaps embarrassing return. >> maria molina is in the weather center with our holiday
2:37 am
forecast. >> good morning maria. >> we will be looking at people traveling in the next few days. the weather pattern doesn't favor smooth sailing. they are bringing rain in indiana and illinois even in showers through parts of alabama. a second storm system murder west bringing in snow across the rockies and further west into the cascades and sierras. the rain already moving in. snowfall with higher elevations. it will be very significant out west. because we are tracking as much as 2 feet possible travel will be quite a mess. we have extensive winter storm warnings in effect across the western u.s. rain will be there in the pacific northwest. those temperatures not a problem the a all across the eastern u.s. very mild 50's and 60's widespread. >> thank you very much maria. >> the time is almost 20 minutes until the top of the hour. terror threat taking over the
2:38 am
world but president obama says we have got it under control. >> in terms of our efforts over there i am confident we are going to prevail. >> wait until you hear the advice for his successor. >> are you giving or getting a drone this christmas? there are regulations you need to know about they are taking effect today. >> oi will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. >> the beauty pageant blunder heard around the universe. you have to hear this.
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>> welcome back. americans still on edge after the attacks in paris and san
2:42 am
bernardino. president obama saying they are making stage strides in the fight against isis. >> we are pounding isis core structure in syria and iraq. we have put together a coalition that has been increasingly effective in terms of our efforts over there. i am confident we are going to prevail. it is important for us to keep perspective. this is not an organization that can destroy the united states. >> the president goes on to say that he will tell his successor not to be swayed by politics when it comes to the fight against isis. >> the pentagon considering stepping up cyber attacks against isis. military hackers have created mal wear which could be used to decrease the extremist propaganda and prevent terror attacks. this could make it more
2:43 am
difficult to find the militant's whereabouts and know their intentions. they expect to meet with cyber commanders later this week to examine the options. plenty of excitement for week 15 as the nhl playoff picture comes into focus. my panthers are 14-0. here was the highlights. good morning jared. >> good morning. i want you to know i am wearing this tie for the carolina panthers. nearly one of the greatest come backs in nfl history. new york giant came bash against the panthers to play odell beckham junior a little celebration but the panthers got into position to attempt the game winning kick. the panthers move to 14-0. the cardinals 8th consecutive
2:44 am
game. they have the tight team record of the 19-7 fee de neating the philadelphia eagles. the playoff picture two-week ends to go. new england pit yachts clinched a first round buy. bengals cinched a playoff once again. cincinnati now in for the 6th straight season. the nfc playoffs they had a 7th consecutive win from the see sat awks. the cardinals clinch the nfc west. the pittsburgh steelers take the final wild card spot. what a game yesterday. the giants won the game. >> that's what you sent out? oo i caught a bunch of flack saying how can you say they would be surprised?
2:45 am
they missed their top running back. >> we have an entire team. thank you so much, jared. >> serious xm 115. >> did any of you guys see this a tough night in television with steve harvey incorrectly crowned the new miss universe then correcting his mistake during the celebration. >> i have to apologize. >> miss universe 2016 is philippines. >> this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake, but the right thing i can show it to you right here. the first runner up is columbia.
2:46 am
it is my mistake. still a great night. >> awkward. harvey apologized multiple times for the mistake including on twitter where things got worse. he spelled the names of both countries wrong i want to apol giemz faticcally to miss philippians and miss columbia. this is a tough night for all involved. >> the panther paraphernalia i will show some of it on twitter. >> would you scouts putting their survival skills to the test. they save their leader from a bear attack. the touching stories that will have you in the holiday spirit this morning. >> first steve doocy with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning ladies. coming up today will be the first day of winter.
2:47 am
for our special first day of winter show, senator marco rubio will be joining us. we are talking about the presidential race. also you know the teenager down in texas whose defense team got him off with affluenza the family too rich, the mother is part of the investigation into his disappearance. she is missing. we are going to talk live to the father of a boy who was hurt in the deadly crash a couple years ago. you heard his unbelievable rendition of the national anthem, first class general wilson is going to sing for us live in studio. we have a busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news. see you shortly.
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. welcome back to "fox and friends first." an iowa high school wrestler tragically dies after collapsing at a tournament. he was competing in the invitational tournament. his father said he had never had warning signs and he never collapsed before. to word yet on the official cause of death there. a boy scout leader lucky to be alive after a bear attack. he was leading three scouts on a hike in new jersey when a bear grabbed his footd and dragged him. the quick thinking scouts called 9-1-1. he stayed curled in a ball in a cave for more than an hour while the scout built a fire to distract the bear. he's expected to make a full recove recovery. quick thinking smart scouts. nothing more important than spreading joy during the holidays. at jfk airport in new jersey, one organization did that. our own heather nauert was there
2:52 am
to see it. she joins us live. >> this was quite an event. the organization is called the community mayors and they help to make christmas come early for children with disabilities. the kids were so excited. they've been waiting for this all year long. why? because santa claus is coming to town of course. ♪ of course, santa is used to his reindeer and sleigh. but this year, he's coming in on this 747. >> donder, blitzen, rudolph and the rest taking a break. all to greet children with special needs at the operation santa christmas party. merry christmas! >> there he is. he greets thousands of children here at new york's jfk's airport.
2:53 am
>>. >> got off the plane and everybody clapped for him. >> hi santa. how does it feel to be in new york? >> it's the most wonderful time of the year. there's nothing more important than making the children happy, right? ho, ho, ho. >> santa has been visit the community mayors charity since the 1950s. back then it was a small parade in brooklyn. since then, his ride has gotten bigger. >> toys may change, but the children don't. they understand that when they meet santa, it's the christmas season and that is a season of faith and hope and love. >> it's really a great thing for them. a blessing. >> just an extra special day. >> merry christmas. >> what does it mean to you to be here with your daughter? >> it's emotional. my heart was full. >> even kris kringle wouldn't be
2:54 am
able to make this day happen without help. >> we have a couple of -- really put a smile on your heart. we have fbi, customs, fire department. nypd. the port authority. >> we look forward to the faces of the kids to see the joy that they experience just knowing that santa is here for them. >> it's a day of join and giving. before santa heads back to his workshop, he has one more message. >> always remember how much santa loves you. >> showing why santa is willing to travel more than 3400 miles to deliver christmas spirit. >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas everyone. so sweet. awesome santa. the community mayors is a nonprofit organization that helps children with special needs. operation santa claus party is one of many events that they hold for kids during the year. for more information or to donate, you can go to community
2:55 am great story to tell. >> thanks for sharing that joy with all of us. >> thank you. the time now is about six minutes until the top of the hour. >> are you giving or getting a drone this christmas? the regulations you need to know that are taking effect today, guys.
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get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. before you leave the house, a woman expected to be charged after initially plowing through a crowd of people on a crowded
2:59 am
las vegas strip sidewalk. one person was killed and dozens more were injured. a toddler in the back seat was not hurt. the faa's mandatory drone registration begins today. they have until february 19th to register. it will cost $5 for most. astronaut kelly set to make an emergency spacewalk today to secure a car stuck in the wrong place. spacex will launch a rocket into space tonight. first the goochltd a hero boyfriend giving his boyfriend a kidney for christmas. he donated his kidney after watching his girlfriend suffer dialysis for a year. they're now planning their wedding. amazon being blasted for packaging small items in big over-sized boxes. the excessive amount of package
3:00 am
for the most simple unbreakable items. darth vader pulled over on a highway. he joined the fight for the galaxy. this is all a prank by the pd. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. hope you have a great week. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. it is monday, december 21st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert for you. terrifying moments on a las vegas strip overnight as a driver drives into a crowd of people on purpose. >> at this point we are treating this as an intentional act. >> oh, my. we're live with the very latest about the suspect and just wait until you hear who was in the back seat of that car. and in a just released year-end interview with national public radio, president obama says isis is not a super big threat to the united states. >>


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