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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 21, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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i feel fortune to host the event, you can see the times there. i love music. you are going to be blown away by the music of west point. here's shep. >> death in las vegas. cops releasing new information about the woman accused of driving into dozens of people on the strip. >> it liked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both hands on the wheel and was looking straightforward. >> just see her driving away and people bounce offering the front of the car. >> what we know about the suspect, her apparent confession to a valet, and the child in the back seat for all of it. plus, the neighbor accused of buying guns for san bernardino killers in court continue on terrorism charges. the search for the teenager who killed four people in a drunk driving class and claimed he was too rich to understand the consequences. his mom is missing, too, and the sheriff says they're on the run.
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let's get to it. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon in las vegas. where cops and witnesses say woman repeat lid swerved her car into a crowded sidewalk right on the strip. they say she intentionally mowed down dozens of men, women, and children, and sent them anything, that's put it, like bowling pins. cops say the driver yesterday killed one person and hurt more than 30 others. at least three of them have serious head injuries and at one point witness says the suspect drove down the sidewalk for some 200 feet. investigators say the woman's three-year-old daughter was in the back of the car but was not hurt. police say they do believe -- let me correct -- they do not believe this was a terror attack but because they're still working the case they cannot rule that out yet. we have an image of the suspect here. lakeisha holloway. cop saturday she drove to other nearby casino and went to a valet and said she'd run over a bunch of people and asked the
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valet to call 9-1-1. investigators say she arrived in vegas from oregon, she was homeless and living in the car with her daughter, and they say something caused her to snap but they don't know or won't say what that was. tmz reports she was in town with her daughter for some sort of modeling gig and that the suspect told police she was sober but extremely tired. >> there were men running after her, trying to stop the vehicle, and they couldn't get to her. they were yell, stop, stop, she wasn't trying. >> the were was smashed at this point. she rode the sidewalk came to a star at the paris intersection and then people were punching the window, trying to get the child out of the back seat. she accelerated and kept mowing everyone down. >> happened just after 6:30 p.m. local time in front how much the paris hotel and casino. one of the busiest parts of the strip. on this street, right on the northbound lanes, i'm told in
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this sidewalk area. police say they're checking video from security cameras all over the place to get a better idea what happen. williamness is live in our news room. >> the been d.a. says lakeisha holloway faces murder, attempted murder, child abuse, and charges of leaving the scene of an accident, and depending on the results of a blood test, maybe looking for drugs, maybe more. after plowing through a crowd of pedestrians on the strip, enplanet hollywood. the scene of the miss universe pageant, and the paris las vegas hotel. police said the drove on the sidewalk twice, ones for 200 feet, back on the street, accelerating and doing it again. why in police are still trying to figure that out. >> the video is very telling. many of the people in the direct vicinity of the accident were attempting to get her into custody. trying to access the vehicle. by banging on the windows,
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opening the doors in order to take her into custody. citizen arrest type action. >> reporter: police believe the fa tallity is a 32-year-old woman from buckeye, arizona, some of the injured belong to a wrestling team from oregon and other a group of tourists from quebec. >> anything on a motive? >> reporter: police have not finished interviewing friends and families are checking her background. police said she seemed to have no remorse for what she did. drove a mile away, and told the valet to call the cop us because she ran over some people. apparently the father of her child was in dallas. police say she may have been going there she did get her medical marijuana card in 2013. she failed eviction in wash in 2013. prosecutors will likely charge he tomorrow. >> thank you. just in to fox news channel. a live look, orlando florida, where visitors are disturbing on
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a ride at seaworld. this is the sky tower, and we're zoomed in close from sky fox. seaworld reports it gives guests a bird's eye view of the park, chit does. representatives for seaworth released a statement reporting they're working with firefighters to try to remove the people on the ride right now. and they also say they're in contact with the guests, that everybody is safe. they're on a cell phone with somebody who is in there. video earlier showed some of the people waving from the windows. and we have been watching that now. you can see people across these windows. it may appear to be moving, but my understanding is that's because of the way the chopper shot is, but they're trying to get people down from this thing. these pictures from wofl fox in the orlando area and for the nine-county region around there in central florida. they've been zoomed in on the ride for a while. i'm not a sure how long they've been stuck up there, but at least two hours. and that's a long time to be
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with the view of the world, and i don't know if there are kids in there but that would where scary. you make a game of it and hope the authorities can get you down quickly. one is on top of the ride. the details how it got stuck and what happened and when, all of that, is yet to be learned, but two hours stuck on this high-flying ride at seaworld, and it's been quite an afternoon, certainly a lot more than the kids had bargain for on their trip to central florida and the seaworld park, which is redoing part of what it does, but this ride has been a mainstay for quite some time, and you can see one worker up there trying to mount a rescue of some kind. the chopper was pulled out a little earlier and you could see it was very high in the sky, and now just working to get them down. you can see the seaworld logo there,. >> the neighbor facing charges in the deadly terror attack in san bernardino making his second
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court appearance since the massacre. a bail hearing is underway right now for the man named enrique marquez, we're told he could enter a plea to charges that includes supporting terrorists. neighbors say this guy, marquez, was a kohl friend of si yesterday farook. he carried out the attack with his wife on december 2nd, killing 14 people. court documents show the two men planned terror attacks in the past but never went through with them for one reason or another. the documents show one thought involved using pipe bombs to stop traffic on a freeway, then guns down drivers and first responders in including police. thankfully that never happened. will carr is live outside the courthouse. what are you hearing from our people inside the courthouse? >> reporter: prosecutors are in the process of asking for bail to be denied for marquez because they say he is a flight risk. as for his tomorrow, he appeared in court, fairly calm, wearing a white jumpsuit.
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shackled at his wrists and ankles and hand shaved in a couple of days but wearing glasses, hair neatly combed. seemed more put together than he did the day after the shooting when the called 9-1-1 and said he was suicidal and he went to the hospital saying he guzzled nine beers and wound up in a psychiatric ward. those who know him say he was quiet, he was respectful, responsible, worked at walmart and a local bar, but some say he talked about sleeper cells but they thought he was joking, and if he is convicted of the flee federal crimes he is facing he could face up to 35 years in federal prison. >> funerals for more of the victims of the weekend. >> trying to honor the lives lost here, three more laid to rhys. those three, sierra claiborne, 27. nicholas, and michael westle. hundreds showing up to their
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services. the apple ceo tim cook is pushing back against calls to give the feds better access to iphone records there are reports the killers might have used encryption technology to hide their messages. tim cook said his company is trying to protect privacy of its users. >> i don't believe that the tradeoff here is privacy versus national security. i think that is an overly simplistic view. we're america. we should have both. >> the fbi director says encryption technology gives terrorists a tremendous advantage and it's becoming tougher and tougher for the feds to track terror suspect. apple's ther devices come with encryption technology activated inside and that means even apple can't help the feds track your data or anyone else's without the password. danny colson is a former fbi
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assistant director, served in the fbi over three decade. nice to see you. >> thank you. good to see you, too. >> this balance we have been talking about, of privacy, which is granted to us in the constitution, versus stopping terrorism. talking about this since the attacks of 9/11. it's a problem. >> well, it's not really the problem as it's been described by apple. this is not a fourth amendment problem, not a problem with privacy, because the fbi is not asking for anything other than the ability to get into these records where the court will order. you don't have a right to privacy to commit acts of terrorism. we had too do this years ago when phone companies went front an analog system to digital system. we couldn't tap phones. congress passed legislation mandate that phone companies give a gateway to the fbi and other agencies with a warrant to get these records, i think they're misstating the problem
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on the part of apple. i love apple. i have one in -- a phone in my pocket right now but the government has a right to evidence using proper judicial process. all they're looking for is essentially a mechanical way, if you would, of getting into the systems so that terrorists can't talk about killing or kidnapping someone, the fbi can rescue a hostage or stop a terrorist attack. it's not privacy and not the fourth amendment. >> apple says the issue is the encryption itself. they can't get it in good therefore they can't give anybody else a way in with or without a court order. it can't be done. >> i would question that. if they have the ability to put the encryption in, they have the ability to put gateways into it. it's just -- that just does not make sense, and there are all kinds of apps out there that do this. you and i could share an app, so even the fbi can't look at us or
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get our americaages. there are ways, especially a company like this. they could put a gateway for law enforcement using judicial process to do it. >> do we have the resources necessary in this day and age, danny, to fight and protect against these lone-wolf attackers or is that just a shot in the dark? >> it is -- frankly, a shot in the dark. if they contact somebody or they do something on social media or talk to somebody in the family or someone sees them acting strangely, we can do pretty good and the fbi has done very good with those, actually using false fact type of operations. otherwise, no, it's very difficult. >> danny colson, nice to talk to you. the republican senator lindsey graham gave up his run for the white house, leaving a race in which polls show he was
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never a strong contender, that along with donald trump defending his support for the russian leader vlad putin. we're continuing to monitor developments at seaworld. the ride is still high in the sky. you can see somebody there in white and red waving at the windows with what appears to be a white sheet of paper. somebody texting along the way. and seaworld with employees on top, as you can see, the back of the screen, trying to get people out and get them to the ground. more than two hours above seaworld, and the drama continues. stay with us.
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it appears sky tower is on the move. if you look at the blue circular thing, as compared to the big white pillar in the middle, you can see it's now slithering down it ever so slowly. and the people inside have stopped waving wildly and are apparently enjoying the view they've had for too long now. seaworld sky tower ride got stuck, i believe about 1:00 eastern standard time this afternoon, so it's been two and a quarter hours now, and though i'm sure for everybody taller than 48 inches, you have to be four feet tall to get on it. it was fun for a few minutes. the fun has long since passed. and some of the good information specialists here on the news deck wondering if there are facilities on the thing, and to that i have no answer. but i'm guessing we'll find out
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soon enough because, you know, nature tends to call in its own area code. so down comes sky tower. they have been working on it. they sent workers up to the top of this thing, mechanical types, and they have been trying to get it moving again. it appears now it's just in a -- some sort of controlled descent. most likely they'll get the folks off here and check the ride out before sending it back up again. the better course of action to find our why it was stuck up there instead of coming down as it's supposed to, and as a matter of fact it's doing right now. so, the tourists stare out the windows in shorts and t-shirts and no worse for wear, we hope. we assume there's been no melee. no breakout of wilding. while on the sky tower ride. we have nothing to indicate there has been. they're clapping, all clapping,
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see that? happy for one and all, as the sky tower has come down. maybe they'll give them a free day at the pork or future free ride on sky tower. each and every one of them will look forward to that. the republican race for he white house got one man less crowded. south carolina senator lindsey graham announce he is ending his presidential run, putting it on hold, pausing it. it's ending. graham says he is proud of his campaign but just not his time. the senator never polled higher than two percent. g.o.p. front-runner donald trump nationally defending the russian president vlad putin. mr. trump says theres no proof that vlad putin ordered the killing of journalists or political rivals. >> as far as the reporters are concern, obviously i den want that to happen. i think it's horrible. but in all fairness to putin, you're saying he killed people. i haven't seen that. i development know he hays.
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>> in all fairness vlad putin. putin praised donald trump last week, calling him, quote, bright and talented un, unquote, and the quote, absolute leader of the presidential race, unquote. donald trump said vlad putin is a strong lead who is, quote, making mince meat out of our president. mike emanuel is in the d.c. newsroom. how are some of trumps rivals responding to the spents.putin. >> they're firing away. fiorina teen calling it a trump. putin bromance, others noticing putin's treatment of his critics and challenges. >> vladimir putin is a person who has jailed and murdered journalists, political opponents, bombed an apartment building as a pretext to attack the chechens, is responsible for the down of the malaysian aircraft over ukraine because the provided the weaponry. >> he is saying putin is a strong man and great guy when he is trying to destabilize our relationship with our allies. he is not a serious candidate.
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>> in ohio, john kashich suggested trump pick put as his running mate and make tyranny great again. >> folks in the eastern part of the country could be trading in their hats and scarves for shorts this christmas. a live report from the fox extreme. weather center. extremely warm. and how the temperatures are affecting our economy this holiday season when it's not ever so cold odd, selling coats is harder. stay with us.
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breaking news now. the neighbor face charges in the deadly terror attack in san bernardino will stay behind bars for now. that is the word moments ago from our producer inside the courtroom. she reports the judge has denied bond to enrique marquez and
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granted the government's request to keep him in custody. marquez appearing in court for the second time since the massacre. charges against him include supporting terrorism. the east coast will not be getting a white christmas this year. forecasters are predict millions of people will experience the warmest christmas of their lives. high temperatures have already tied or prone more than 2500 records this month. take a look at the forecast over here for christmas day. 72 in raleigh, okay. 61 in new york. 59 in boston. 60 in louisville. 42 in chicago. temperatures up to 35 degrees warmer than usual. forecasters say it could be the warmest christmas eve and christmas day ever recorded for many of the big cities along the east coast. this is normal. that is not. meteorologist janice dean, the weather machine, is live in the fox weather center. the numbers are nuts. >> do you love it? >> i don't hate it but doesn't feel like christmas.
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>> what does the fox news deck think? >> we keep it at 62 in this room all the time. so it's cooler in here than out there. >> well, i think a lot of folks are enjoying it, and this pattern is not going anywhere. so look at the current temperatures now, 53 in new york. the cold air, the really cold air, is way up in canada and it's going to stick around until mid-january. that's the long-range forecast. the jet stream is allowing the colder air to move south across the west, but the warm air is moving north from the south and that's giving us the potential for a record-breaking christmas eve. look at these records we're going shatter in boston. 66. 72 in new york city. 63 was the record. d.c., 75. atlanta, 76. you get the picture. santa is going to be wearing a hawaiian shirt on christmas eve. snow cover. if you like the snow, we have a little bit across the eastern great lakes right now. that is going to melt. a lot of snow cover across the
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west. and this is typical of an el -- el niño year. your white christmas forecast. if you live in chicago, syracuse, wa-wa. back to you. >> warmer in new york than los angeles today. incredible. >> you've got it. >> analyst says the record-breaking warm temperatures are hitting retailer especially hard. shoppers still buying gifts but they're skipping cold weather items like the hats and gloves and snow shovels. many store owners will stay open later on claim eve. not sure why. rick newman is here. so many of the stores going 100 hour marathons into christmas eve night. >> i don't think anything is sacred. we have gotten over the hump with shopping on thanksgiving, now the stores are open on thanksgiving. we shop. that's what we do. so now we are seeing stores at that time won't close. they will just stay all the way
12:27 pm
open until christmas eve. inevitable something is going to push the limit, open on criminal day? not this year but it's coming up. i meant to mow goes to mails si's at 3:00 a.m. but people do that from home. those stores, amazon is open on christmas day so the retailers are losing sales to online sellers and saying, we me a is a well do this, too. >> retailers in general are hurting. will this be a tent in the economy? >> we'll have pretty good retail sales, um three or four percent. having new jobes, layoffs low, people feel incrementally better than last year. the big shift in retail is we're continuing to see the big stores suffer as people shop online. and they sort of can't win here because if it snows everybody stays away, where it's too warm, everybody stays away. they need perfectly chilly weather to get people in. but it's so convent you've can
12:28 pm
get almost anything online. so the companies still own those big stores, they got to find some way to get people in there. >> the hope is that the low gas prices might help. >> and you're supposed to have extra money so it's cheap to get to the store. we'll see a little bit of that shift into things. people buy for the holidays not as much as the big box stores want to see. >> the search is pick up for the so-called a affluenza teenager, he killed four people but never went to jail. his lawyers claim he didn't know right from wrong because he is so rich. the lawyers apparently made that sell to the judge. now investigators say the kid is on the run. not only that, they've say his mother is most likely helping him. they say she and he are on the run. and there's a manhunt/mom-hunt underway. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come.
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how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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a...the persone attbehind this desk. will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. just into the fox news deck. the feds are investigating
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another possible e.coliout break at, altogether now, chipotle. the cdc reports five people have gotten sick across three states. israel reports it successfully carried out the final test of a new defense system which the it's military happened develop. they call it david's sling, a are reference to the biblical battle with goliath. the system is meant to shoot down cruise missiles and medium range missiles. in benton, louisiana, deputies a work issue at a here form built a bomb and put it upneath the boss' bedroom. the bomb exploded, knocking the husband and wife out of bed. they're okay. the worker facing attempted murder charges in louisiana.
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donald trump demanding an apology from hillary clinton. he says hillary clinton lied
12:34 pm
about him at the democratic debate over the weekend. >> he is becoming "sis' best recruiter. they're going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihaddists. >> she should apologize. she lies about e-mails, she lies about white water. she lies about everything. she would be a disaster as president. >> secretary clinton's aides now say that she was not talking about a specific video, just social media in general. and donald trump is standing by his claim that he saw video of thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrating the attacks of 9/11. video that does not exist. or that at least nobody has come up with. despite the internet. ed henry is live in washington. on the top story at the bottom of the hour. >> reporter: interesting because this is not the only claim that hillary clinton made in saturday night's debate on national security that has been questioned. you saw the back and forth with
12:35 pm
donald trump. she also is being pressed by republicans for saying in this debate that the u.s. strategy to defeat isis is now where it needs to be, something that republicans like carly fiorina insist is far from the truth. >> she has gotten every single foreign policy challenge wrong, and no, mrs. clinton, we are not where we need to be in the fight against isis. >> now, the bottom line is, national security obviously was suppose told be a strong suit for hillary clinton as former secretary of state. we have seen in some debates the claimed statements she has made have blown up into minicontroversies. clearly she is running away with the democratic nomination despite any controversy that republicans raise. the question will be whether some of those statements about isis will blow up in a general election race for her. >> you know, you wonder if they're looking for ratings. they buriedy it on a saturday night. hough did it do? >> this one did pretty poorly
12:36 pm
for abc when you compare out to other. 6.2 million people watching, far fewer than the pox -- the fox debate. a more hotly contested primary there but the other issue clearly is that the democratic national committee set these up so they would be late on a saturday night issue right before christmas, people distracted and doing other things. real quick, the clinton camp just responded to donald trump on whether he'll get an apology or not. a spokesman said, quote, hell know. hillary clinton will not be apologizing to donald trump for correctly pointing out how donald trump's hateful comments helps terrorists. interesting the next debate is in mid-january, yes, on a sunday, win there will be two and a half -- two nfl playoff games that day. >> thank you very mump six americans are sadly reported
12:37 pm
dead today and several others hurt after a suicide bombing at an air base in afghanistan. that what a senior u.s. defense official is telling fox news. the taliban claiming responsibility for the bombing. nato and afghan officials say a motorcycle packed with explosives blew upper in the bag -- bagram air field. this comes as we get word that taliban fighters have taken over a key district in the southwestern part of afghanistan after months of heavy fighting. defense officials say the taliban have stepped up their attacks since president obama declared an end to the combat mission in afghanistan a year ago. close to 10,000 u.s. troops are still in country to train and assist afghan forces. islamic stays terrorists may have stolen tens of thousands of blank passports to try to smuggling their fighters into europe at refugees. that's the reporting of a german newspaper, quoting western intelligence sources. the newspaper reports isis got the stolen documents from areas it controls in syria, iraq, and
12:38 pm
libya. the head of the european union, the bored agency for that, said today there is no guarantee people coming from syria and other countries have authentic travel documents. officials say at least one of the terrorists who helped carry out a coordinated attack on paris last month had a fake syrian passport. we reported isis supporter may have hey come to the united states using fake syrian travel documents, that the terror group cranked out using a stolen passport printing machine. investigators in texas say the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager may be helping her son stay ahead of the law. in 2013 ethan couch killed four people while driving drunk. his lawyers argued he was too rich and too spoiled to know right from ongoing. affluenza receives. it worked. he got probation, not a day behind bars. the teenager has now been missing for days.
12:39 pm
investigators wanted to question him bat possible probation violation but say they can't find him. they've been looking for his mother, and over the weekend a relative filed a missing persons report on her. more on the investigation in a minute. first, closer look at the family. months ago the texas-based lifestyle magazine reported ethan couch's parents divorced in 2006. and a court ordered schoolings evaluated. the. the doctor found the family to be profoundly dysfunctional. and so we'rer worker says couch's father accused hit wife of giving their son pain killers. quote, he said that tanya hall a pill addiction and she'd given vicodin to ethan more than once and he said she'd threatened to commit suicide and that she referred to nine-year-old ethan as her protecter. now, on top of all of this, school official once reportedly said of the mother, quote, she loved the boy so much that she couldn't say no to him. rick leventhal with a new development. they're determined to catch these guy and his mom.
12:40 pm
>> the local sheriff says he has never seen a case that sparked so much outrage calling it a miscarriage of justice but says ethan couch made a mistake and will pay for what he has done. the u.s. marshal service leading the hunt, put ought wanted posters and putting out $5,000 reward. and they're looking for the boy's mother, suggesting the may have fled in her farley david seen edition been pickup truck. >> we're trying to account for everything that is possible, where they might be, what they might have access to, and this pickup truck is one thing we haven't billion able to account -- hasn't been able to constant for. so there's a possibility they may be in the truck. >> they will not stop looking for couch and the longer he is on the run, the worse it will be. >> investigators talk of a video that might have forced hem on the run? >> reporter: the d.a. says it looks like ethan couch. the sheriff believes it was the
12:41 pm
catalyst for coach going on the run, and the footam appears to show a beer pong game that couch may have been part out but we can't verify that. i if we were drinking it would be a violation of his and the -- his parole. >> when he gets to adult court he will start with his probation from that day forward, but it will be eight years with a judge who will hold him accountable because he is not a juvenile judge. >> of course he is facing more than just probation help could be sentenced up to ten years in prison if and when he is caught. >> and they're looking. >> oh, yeah. >> the former drug company ceo who once as called the most hate man in america because he price-gouged the cost of life-saving medication is now speak ought after his arrest last week. his names martin shkreli. he wants you 0 to know that everything you thought about him is simple police not true. he says it was all an act.
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apply online or at a bank of america near you. 16 minutes before the hour now. crazy video out of china showing the moments dozen of builds collapsed after a landslide crews still searching for survivors. [screaming] >> that came down because of a landslide. happened yesterday, in a city town miles north of hong kong. official says more than a dozen people ended up in hospital, including children. they also say more than 80 people are still missing today and some pictures in our slide show to show you this afternoon. more than 30 buildings came down, either damaged or buried. government officials are blaming construction crews for piling up dirt and debris for years. investigators say rains soaked through the ground so much that everything there collapsed. here's another angle on the same
12:46 pm
thing. a shot from a drone. people who live in the area say they knew the pile was dangerous and the government should have done something bit a long time ago. so far nobody reported dead. of course that could very easily change with so many missing. thousands of people reportedly involved in the rescue efforts as they're ongoing now, and officials say their priority is finding anybody who may be buried in all that mess. the former form suit cal company ceo. martin shkreli is not a jerk, according to martin shkreli in his first interview sin this feds arrested hem. the tabloids nick named shkreli the most hate man in america after he drastically increased the price of a life-saving drug. he then mocked his critics and now in an exclusive interview with "the wall street journal," shkreli says his whole shtick was just an act. here that, shkreli, to schick? he is accuses of misleading
12:47 pm
investors and raiding a public company to cover the losses help says agents arrived arrested him not because of his record as a small-time hedge fund manager but because of a social experiment and teasing people over the internet and that to him it seemed, quote, like a real injustice. he also claims the indictment does not tell his side of the story, and just this morning we learn another pharmaceutical company has fired him as ceo. it is the second top job he has lost since the arrest. glen hall is here. he is the u.s. editor for "the wall street journal" newspaper. this guy, man, has a lot to say. >> he really does and he wants to get his side of the story out. he has been very public. he enjoys being in the public light, and so he sat down with a reporter and wanted to explain how persecuted he feels during this. >> he is the victim. right? >> that's the way he is portraying and it seemed to express genuine surprise this was happening and didn't seem to understand white the government
12:48 pm
was going after him on these charges or any charges because he maintaineds his instance. >> wasn't the price gouging. they said it was for this sort of ponzi scheme thing, according to the government. >> he takes issue with that in the interview. he speaks about how in the press conference they made a big deal of using the word ponzi but that never appears in the indictment. show takes issue with that. he is trying to explain his business with the drug companies was intended to generate revenue he could use to make more drugs and solve more health problems and feels quites the victim in all of this. >> and he calls it all an act. which part was an act, the part where he was charging people a thousand times what they should have been charged in which part is the act. >> what he was talking about in the statement, when he got all of this fame, he started really taking to the airwaves with ongoing youtube videos and tweets and interactions out there and was saying a lot of thinks he now seems to regret because he feels like it gave people the wrong impression of
12:49 pm
him. he says it was like acting, just playing around, enjoying the social experiment that he was conducting, but he never meant for it to steer people against him. >> so when he was playing the guitar and chatting up high school girls in a chatroom, that was an act. >> he was just playing, he says, putting on a personality and testing what was happening on the bier internet and what kind of social engagement he could rate. >> but he doesn't explain to what end this experiment. >> not at all. and a lot of the time during the interview, he was surrounded by four lawyers, rob was telling me, and they were doing a lot of the talking and he was most animated when he was talking about how surprised and shocked he is at these charges but didn't have a lot to say to explain much of the behavior, other than he did say he regrets it or intimated he regrets it. hi is working on recalibrating his public persona. >> seems to think he will be found not guilty. >> he maintains his innocence and is shocked by the charges,
12:50 pm
they're very thin in his mind and made the point he wants people to get to know the real martin shkreli. >> i have expect not to hear from him again. >> a proclivity he has in terms of building his brand online now he needs to do the rebranding. he is ready to be engaged, it seems. >> the enter screw is at right. weird. it's all over the enter webs, steve harvey screwed up the miss universe pam pageant. he host handing the title to the wrong woman. he tried to make it right but messed that up, too. we'll show you.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
of this you are probably painfully aware. last night's major mixup at the miss universe pageant. he host, steve harvey, crowned the wrong woman the winner. >> colombia. [cheering] >> miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> awkward! that whole thing went on for five minutes, harvey said he read the card incorrectly. he tweeted an apology. that might have made things worse. lily is here. my god. it's just painful. >> it is. unfortunately, he misspelled the name of both countries that he was apologizing to. he deleted the tweet afterwards. >> can't do that.
12:55 pm
>> luckily for us the rest of the internet nailed their twitter reactions to the whole thing. my favorite run was this guy referencees steve harvey's job on the family feud show and said, we asked 100 americans what is the worst thing you could possibly do at a beauty pageant. >> survey says? >> yes. expressions show it. and donald trump weighed in. >> of course. >> he said very sad what happened at last night's at the miss universe pageant. i sold it six months ago for a record price. would have never happened. >> of course not. nothing would have happened. >> no. >> it was very painle. it was on fox, too. >> i think so. yes, it was. >> football was on so i missed it. >> he said he got an earful right after he said the wrong thing. imagine the control room? >> no. i'm guessing it's still going on. going to black was probably the right idea for a moment. >> yes. >> thank you. hundreds of miles above
12:56 pm
earth, two american astronauts have successfully completed an unplanned space walk board the international space station. there's video. the astronaut scott kelly and timothy cope practice held mop a stalled rail car back into place. that car is normally used to transport people and equipment around the station but got stuck, a la seaworld. they moved itself just in time because a cargo ship is schedule to dock. this walk took three hours to finish. this is the seventh space walk astronauts made this year. >> a game once dismissed as a passing fad now celebrating more than a cen tury and still going strong. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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on this day in 1913 a newspaper published the first cross-word puzzle. the editor of the new york world came up with the idea. looked different than the puzzles we see today but it was
1:00 pm
a huge hit. readers first tried out a nine letter word for addictive brain teaser. 102 years ago today. have a great afternoon. "your world" starts now. >> three letters across, that means gone, out, lindsey graham. get the crossword puzzle thing. when graham out was a fellow named donald trump outline iing the precipitous event with me two months ago. take a listen. >> got a zero in the polls, zero, and in south carolina, he is at three and i'm at 32, and he is the senator from south carolina. so, look, going to have some people that hit you, and i never hit first. i always counterpunch but you have some that hit you, and lindsey graham was one and he was quite vicious about it. he has gotec


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