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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 21, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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january 14. take it from them, it is a must watch event. i'm talking to you, san diego. be there, be square, fox business, we're at it again. we gotcha. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with ron williams, greg perino. this is "the five." a fox news alert. police have identified the driver responsible for the bloody scene last night on the las vegas strip. one person was killed and more than 30 hurt when a woman plowed her car into a crowd on the sidewalk. an investigator said it appears she did it on purpose. we're joined with the very latest details. william? >> reporter: kimberly, police say that for two reasons. one, video surveillance shows lakeisha holloway driving on the sidewalk twice into the crowd of
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about 100 tourists. they pounded on her hood, yelling for her to stop. then the 22-year-old did it again, mowing people and dragging an 11-year-old boy under her car. thirdly, her demeanor? holloway expressed no remorse for what she did. she drove another mile, gave her keys to the hotel valet and told them to call the cops. why did she do it? police are still trying to figure that out. >> we're not 100% ruling out the possibility of terrorism. the intentional act that occurred on the boulevard is going to be very hard for us to explain at face value. so we are working through that, but i am comfortable saying now that i do not believe it to be an act of terrorism. >> reporter: but they're not ruling it out because police haven't completed their background check, looked at her social media or interviewed all the friends and family.
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holloway arrived in vegas a few days ago. she was in town with her daughter. she claimed to be sober but was awaiting a blood test for drugs. this happened around 6:30 last night between planet hollywood, scene of the miss universe pageant, and the paris hotel. she is charged with terror, and child abuse. apparently the child's father is in dallas, and she may have been going there, say police. they are not able to say definitively. the child is now in protective custody. now to another story that we're following.
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>> miss universe 2015 is co lomp ya! >> oh, boy. it's a scandal everyone is talking about. steve harvey announcing miss colombia as the winner of last night's miss universe pageant and then this jaw-dropping moment happened. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is
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philippines! this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> painful, right, every time i see it. despite his apologies on air and on social media, some are wondering whether the whole thing was some sort of publicity stunt. i was watching this. i couldn't believe it. then they kind of clipped it short. they took the crown off miss colombia after a little bit of time and put it on miss philippines who was still kind of wondering what was going on. you see steve harvey apologizing, he seemed flustered. if you see the card, it has very small writing on the bottom, philippines, under universe. messed it up, but was it on
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purpose? there's all kinds of speculation. greg, you were blogging about this? >> it was a rough night for both women. i had to buy a lot of champaign and kleenex, but they're fine. this guy hosts "family feud." it's not like he doesn't have experience reading cards. >> it's his own show. >> you have to understand everyone here is a winner. miss colombia is the first runner-up in history. imagine the commercial deals and the type of commercials she will be doing. she will go to budget rental car. they will give her the wrong car. she will do burger king. they'll put the wrong crown on her but then they'll give it to someone else. steve harvey, i thought he handled it quite well, although he mispeld tspelled the names o countries. he took responsibility for his mistake right away, and i thought that was good. >> miss philippines was actually very popular the whole time during the show.
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she had a huge amount of crowd response and people flying the flags, so i kind of thought she was going to win, but then she didn't. and then she did. >> i'm glad they found the silver lining in all this. i'm very impressed. >> he was wearing the silver lining. >> i can't imagine this was a publicity stunt, because that would be the meanest and cruellest stunt to do to miss colombia. >> even miss philippines. but she's a winner now. >> i'm watching the football game. it ends. "60 minutes" starts late, so i'm watching "60 minutes," and my wife demands we watch miss usa. >> miss universe! >> sorry. i literally watched two and a half hours of this thing all the way from 8 down to 5 down to 3. it was us ara, philippines and
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colombia. it's colombia, we turn this thing off, and then kimberly e-mails, did you see what happened? i said, go check this out. we both looked back on youtube and couldn't believe it. poor steve harvey. you don't mess that up. he saw colombia first and said 2015 miss universe is colombia. i don't think it was a publicity stunt because colombia is ticked off. they said, no, we won that. that's ours. >> because they crowned her, right? it was like a done deal and then, oh, milligan, can we have a redo? >> hey, look -- >> she's a winner. watch out so fia vegaro.
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>> nobody else in america is watching this show. i don't know who watches beauty pageants anymore, except kimberly who could win one. i don't think the rest of us are watching, so this is something that does it by conspiracy theories. why wouldn't you do something stupid to bump up the ratings? >> according to alan jones, he claims this is all a destruction so obama can take away our guns. there is something people missed, and i may be wrong. miss france was asked about how to fight terror in the wake of the paris attacks, and she said, "listen to the people committing these attacks, find the problem at its heart." i took that as a really horrible thing to say. i interpreted her as saying you have to listen to the terrorists. dana was saying she said, you
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need to find a way to find us. >> oh, she means listen in on them and find them and destroy them. >> i didn't say the word "in." >> this is kind of awful. miss usa, boy, she's been here many times and interviewed on "fox & friends." she's fantastic. she did have a struggle with the questions, especially as it relates to gun control. she started to answer it, she had the crowd and said thank you, and then she goes -- >> we need more gun control to make sure bad shootings don't happen. >> i think there's probably a lot of americans that -- if you could gi me a reason to come up
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with more gun control. >> don't you think steve harvey would have won. >> they said they calculated the number of boats, but there was this massive celebration before that. >> it's not like bill buckner missing that grounder. everybody here wins. i think he's got a good story now. he'll never live it down. >> his twitter right away was suspect. >> you need to apologize. >> and he has his own game show. >> he can print his own kleenex with dollar bills on it. it's sad. >> i had this dream that "the five" could be on "family feud." we would just kill it. >> would we play against each
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other? >> we could destroy them. >> 11 minutes on a beauty pageant. >> this is delightful. >> steve harvey, invite us. >> it's not. he was named after broderick crawford, the actor who played a cop. >> they're cutting you off. >>. president obama blames the media for feeling terror fears in america. what about his response to recent isis terror attacks. we break it down, next. every dollar count.
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on npr, which stands for no pants required, president obama addressed his weak response to recent terror attacks. hmm, i wonder if he thinks you've been watching television for the last month and all he's been seeing and hearing about is these guys with masks coming to get you. >> if you've been watching
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television for the last month, all you've been seeing, all you've been hearing about is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you. so i understand why people are concerned about it. look, the media is pursuing ratings. this is a legitimate news story. i think that it's up to the media to make a determination about how they want to cover things. >> i get it, isis are boogeymen helping to get ratings. this is an argument widely used to commemorate the mass shootings. future attacks are all infamy. but that media president obama doesn't mind because it serves
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gun control. take a chill pill, he says. guns kill more people than people with guns. check out this headline from the nork noew york times digest. but it's too late. president obama and his cool words ring as hollow as a dry gourd. did you hear him say it's not a huge and industrial power that poses great risk to us? >> this is not an organization that can destroy the united states, this is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us institutionally or in a systematic way. >> duh. we know isis and iran, mr. president.
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do you? how do we plan to end these threats, by turning off cable news? funny how that got him into trouble in the first. i have a feeling, k. g., that he would be singing a different tune if all the coverage were about climate change. >> absolutely, and it shows how far off the marques. he went to hawaii and said, i'm going to be strong on isis, we're going to step up our game. then he comes back and says this. what are you doing? you're blaming cable news? you're blaming the american people saying they're being hysterical and people in masks and hoods worrying even more about it because you don't seem to have a, climate change. >> or gun control.
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>> he did take some responsibility, right? didn't he say. look, there's a reason why we say we report, you decide. we're showing you the videos. it doesn't take a rocket -- five and six-year-old's with the white house burning in the background? is isis recruiters, isis home-grown terrorists in size, that's, not having to worry about them taking the country out. >> i think he's bitter. he had certain issues planned for his last year and it's all
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getting pushed aside kind of the disappointment in the last year because prit marry has turned to the next election. this is the guy who is supposed to be a great communicator. to me it's not being able to read a teleprompteteleprompter. a little girl spoke up and said, i like donald trump because at least he will save us from isis and obama won't. this is a state where you probably have a lot of republicans, but to me i was like, u. the president needs to understand that when he.
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please, we are skpard. >> i have a strategy, we want to be per misted all of that is true, by the way. but he made a mistake because he didn't pick up on the fear in the country. but i think you guys are wrong when you say cable networks don't. right after terror opening. >> and the interesting thing is the bathtub isn't planning to blow up a building. we were talking about intent versus the actual accident. >> not only that, but about --
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>> these terrorists do not have at the moment -- you would. >> you forgot about the. >> what are you talking about? you're diminishing completely, despite all the evidence to the contrary, the actual organization and what they were doing and what. >> i think that when 130 people are killed in that way by seven terrorists, and we had no detection, we weren't able to disrupt that plot because he know.
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you're reporting that 130 innocent people were killed in yafr. >> you can trump up in thermz of this election. we'll proekt you because of the krats like you. >> in one place a police brutality or a controversial murder will take hours and hours and hours on cnn, msnbc and at times fox news. and that's not for ratings? coming up, the battle between clinton. the 20106 rar of records, next on fox. the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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the gloves are off between
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the 2016 frontrunners. >> we also need to make sure the really discriminatory messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears. he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to him showing video of donald trump nofrd in to recruit more jihadists. i want to share why this isn't in america's interest to respond to this sort of bigotry. >> trump fired back at her. >> nobody has been able to back that up. it's nonsense. it's just another hillary lie. she lies like crazy about everything, whether she's being gunned down in a helicopter or an airplane. she's a liar and everybody knows that. but she just made this up in thin air. >> meanwhile on sunday,
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clinton's communications director tried to clarify hillary clinton's alleged videos using trump. >> he's being used in social media by isis as propaganda. she didn't have a particular video in mind but he is being used in social media. >> she didn't have a video. >> not pertaining to a specific video. this is what they do, they monitor isis on social media, they monitor other groups on social media to see what they are using, and they have said they are using him on social media in propaganda to raise votes. >> greg, i was surprised who actually watched death bait. you watched it live on saturday night? >> i don't know what i was thinking. once again, hillary clinton blames terror on a video. this is like her thing. she cannot actually take a link between terror and radical
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islam. terror is being caused by them watching a video. in this case it was a video featuring trump. the thing that bugged me most about this debate is how fast it evolves into greed on gun ownership. we experienced a month of terror and they went after gun owners instead of terrorists. they just shifted. it was so strange and disturbing, and they should not be allowed in the white house, none of them. they're like a line at the dmv, you know? three miserable people goithe s. >> i had the same thought, but i must have been watching the republican debate where they just concentrate on terror, terror, terror. >> that was the point. >> no, their point was we're not obama. >> but the debate was national security. >> i thought it was amazing for
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her to say the democratic debate was because of isis. >> donald trump is recruiting -- isis' best recruiting tool with nothing. there is no video, there is no video of trump's comments. then palmeri goes to the shows -- how many times has she said "they." she has a history of lying. we don't know what's going on with her e-mails, we don't know what's going on with the clinton foundation, and they don't seem to care. >> and you might miss this if you miss a debate. watch what happens. >> as we await secretary clinton back stage heerl.
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senator sanders, this question goes to you first, anyway. in 1995, the median. this year it's 5. in a sam lar time frame. >> sorry. >> kimberly, so she needed to use the ladies' room, she was great getting. >> i actually watched the debate, because guess what? fox had a charming moment.
2:33 pm
but the second thing, aesd -- everyone should love hillary. >> wrap it up. when we return, it's "saturday night live" doing hillary clintons and more. get ready for laughs because the past week of hillary clintons is up next.
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welcome back. time for "the fastest 7 minutes on television." three vivacious stories. the annual christmas episode of snl is always full of surprises, and this year's installment host
2:38 pm
bid tina fey and amy poehler didn't disappoint. find out what happens when hillary clinton gets a surprise from the past. >> oh, hillary! it's me, hillary! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's me, hillary, from 2008. >> even if you beat bernie, aren't you worried about the republicans? >> who is their frontrunner? >> i will tell you, but only if you grab onto something to brace yourself, because you are going to hit the f-ing floor. >> i'll be fine, just tell me. >> you need to hold onto something. >> hillary! >> i am warning you. >> just tell me. >> donald trump. i told you. >> oh, my god, we're going to be president! >> oh, my god, dana, they're going to be president! >> they love her so much, and i
2:39 pm
get it. we just have to accept it, factor it in. that's hollywood "saturday night live," that whole pop culture world. they love hillary and they will help her get to the finish line. >> they claim they are balanced. we'll go after the right, we'll go after the left. but they're not critical of the left when they do these parodi s parodies, they're making fun of performances. they have fun with liberals and that's a very famous distinction and we shouldn't let that go away. this is helpful to hillary, not hurtful. >> this is the heart and humor they're trying to get into a real campaign. >> it's clever, it's enjoyable. it actually just sort of translates, injects some humpl in -- humor into her candidacy which, let's face it, makes her a lot hipper than she actually
2:40 pm
is. >> i think ghost of christmas past, i think she looks stiff, and i think in a way she looks like what you guys describe as the not very likeable, very pretentious hillary clinton. >> after this one, up next, the two hillarys snl sketch takes a turn when the frontrunner gets some expert advice from another flash from the past. >> here's my advice. you have to do what you believe in your spirit but also america, but not teachers and their fat liberal books. but also, why worry about fast food wages with their status quo, which is another latin word, status quo.
2:41 pm
also, if it gets. >> we better let him get back to sleep. >> yes, i need to get back to 2008 and send a bunch of e-mails. >> there is tone there, greg. it's a confident hillary from then to now. tina fey is a great performer. can't complain. >> kg, though. visit a fox news alert. . women will see me as not smart or stupid and inject buff foonery in it. >> remember the last thing
2:42 pm
you're not. ism back in 2008 i was asked if "saturday night live" would actually have an impact. and i said, look, if a network gets in the middle of your sweep week to do a special that is solely focused on making fun of you as a vice presidential candidate, and they defined her as they want her to do pichl. what they were saying wasn't funny. >> fimly, snl spooks trump with the republican rivals in the debate sketches. >> if i'm president, i can promise you, isis will hate me. and how do i know one out of lee
2:43 pm
business perform. i'm the only one up here with the stones to carry on. i'm a. >> you're never going to be president! >> of course i am, genius. >> you tell me that's not funny. that's all right. >> it wasn't so harsh. in fact, i think trump opens himself up to this, and that chris christie thing, that was pretty good, right? cowboy on a steel horse? >> none of their impressions of republicans are ever as good as what tina fey can when. 'got the voice. i don't think any of their impressions were as good as what
2:44 pm
ti tina fey did on "saturday night live." >> the real thing, there's so much stuff at that debate to play with. when you compare it to the democratic debate which is dry and arid faum. nobody does a better trump than trump. he's, like, hilarious. stomp up next, 'tis the season to be jolly or not if you suffer from this famous condition.
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just in time for the holidays, nobody likes dealing with rude people, right? it turns outht actually be contagious, you know, like a disease. researchers found that when someone is exposed to this kind of nasty behavior, they're more likely to act that way as well. so let me ask, have you ever
2:49 pm
been exposed to somebody really rude to you, and does that make you respond in kind? >> i don't know what you're talking about, juan. >> what? >> greg hates these people segments. yeah, if you're around people like that, you probably feel like that's acceptable behavior or kind of what the norm is. when you're around people that are polite, it's like a refresher. oh, you know what, they're polite and nice, maybe i should be the same way. >> if there are people using profanity around, are you more likely to use profanity? >> no, but everyone is rude now. i don't know if it's just new york, but people are just always rude now. i grew up trying not to be rude and to be polite. i think there are fewer and fewer people like that. sdp >> really. you think it's new york? >> maybe not. >> the i'll crush you in the
2:50 pm
revolving door thing. that happens. >> they'll use experiments and show video, and once those people saw each other bhai. in the airport the other night i was watching -- -- almost a raw mentality. agents had to take a lot of grief for things that weren't their fault at all and they handled it really well. >> there were even customers complaining over e-mail, and if a company representative had seen language that were rude and profane, they were more likely to treat the customer badly. >> it is more likely thait it's contagious. if someone is rude to you and
2:51 pm
you're rude back, that's normal. people are angrier, they're meaner. who are the rudest people on the planet? guys in football jerseys in games. why is it? because they attach themselves to a sport, to a team that then becomes their kind of, like, big brother and supports their rude behavior. now we're seeing that in politics. >> i don't know, i see dana kind of sneering at you. >> i'm not sneering, i'm listening. i think it's an interesting analysis. those are my crow's feet, by the way. >> at the washington football team yesterday, a woman turns around as the buffalo bills are getting whipped.
2:52 pm
she has on a bills shirt and she throws her drink. i couldn't believe it. >> i heard they were going to change the name. >> to what? >> d.c. redskins. ♪
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it's time now for "one more thing." dana? >> okay. our good friend lindsey graham,
2:56 pm
u.s. senator from south carolina, was in the presidential race until today. he decided to suspend his campaign so he will no longer be on the ticket or pursuing that. here's a look at some of the hits from his debate. >> looking at academic standards, the only way i could have gotten invited to this university is by being invited to this debate. look at the candidates. she thought she was flat broke after her and her husband were in the white house for eight years. is he confess -- sequestration is. i loved having lindsey graham in the race and i wish him the best. >> a lot of people saying they're going to miss his humor on the campaign.
2:57 pm
also a close friend of john mccain, who joined him on the trail. eric, you have some news. >> detective curt glenn, good friend of mine, is one of them that got together for the toy drive. they delivered so many toys in the area. these are great cops doing great work. kgo and i are hosting fox' big new year's show. it's going to be a -- donald trump is going to ring in the new year with us, and you'll hear from a bunch more of 2016 contenders. you definitely don't want. ring in the new year and make it an amazing 2016, hopefully with a nice, new president. i'm going to call on myself next because i've got a great
2:58 pm
story of survival. a boy scout leader, 50 years of age, was showing a cave to three young scouts in new jersey when a bear grabbed him and pulled him inside. he suffered bites in both shoulders but he fought off the bear, hitting the bear twice in the head with a rock hammer. then he went into a fetal position to avoid. any food they had to draw the bear outside. he spent 80 minutes inside the cave, and the dog that had been accompanying him was able to get the bear to chase it back up the hill. we're glld. >> can you top that? >> no, i can't. greg's health tips. we have a lot of holiday dinner
2:59 pm
don't eat alone, like this poor chap did. it's often. >> is that a hammock? >> i have no idea. >> it looks like amsterdam. i love his cheeks, though. his cheeks are so cute. >> it's christmas time from my pal mary katherine hamm here on fox news. and the first christmas for her 1-day-o 1-day-old. if you talked about the power of the christmas spirit and god's providence for people, you have to say, mary katherine, i don't know how you do it, girl, but
3:00 pm
you are a wonder to all of us here at fox news, and we just wish you and your two little girls a merry, merry christmas. terror overseas hits home again for the u.s. as six american troops are slaughtered by taliban militants in afghanistan. this is "special report." welcome to washington, i'm sheena bream for bret baier. the shiite soldiers have taken many lives. a continued threat to u.s. servicemembers in the volatile middle east


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