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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 24, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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special. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. the trump and clinton showdown trading barbs over what makes a slur. and the big shakeup in a top two republican contenders campaign. this is "special report." >> welcome to washington, i'm shannon bream in for brett baier tonight. the donald is on a winning streak. a new national poll has the billionaire businessman more than doubling his nearest competition for the republican presidential nomination. and it has one of his contenders set to make heads roll. we've got fox team coverage. we look at a curious decision and a quick change of heart in the "washington post."
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we begin with correspondent kristen fisher and talk of a shakeup in the gop campaign. >> after another tough showing in a national poll, ben carson said that every single thing is on the table in terms of shaking up his struggling campaign. in a statement he says quote we are refining some operational practices and streamlining staff assignments, but my senior team remains in place with my full confidence, this as the two front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton are heading into the holidays with double-digit leads over their primary competitors. and now focusing their fire on eacher. today clinton directly responded to trump's crude description of the 2008 loss to barack obama. >> i don't know that he has any boundaries at all. and his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. >> clinton went on to say quote i don't respond to him personally, because he thrives 0 on that kind of exchange. and it's not the first time, he
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dmn straighted a penchant for sexism. donald trump responded saying careful, hillary and took aim at the media. saying the mainstream media is dishonest, schlonged is not vulgar. right now trump is the one beating his republican rivals in the polls, at 39%, according to a cnn poll, 21 points ahead of his closest competitor, ted cruz. ben carson and marco rubio are down but tied for third at 10%. while chris christie is up a point and ahead of jeb bush. so is rand paul. but paul is less than thrilled about the criteria for the next republican debate. the fox business network will consider both early state and national polls. in order to qualify for the main debate, candidates must place in the top six nationally. the top five in iowa and the top five in new hampshire. which means only six candidates will likely make the cut. >> i won't participate in any kind of second-tier debate.
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>> ted cruz is polling second nationally and first in iowa. a kret recording of cruz at a fundraiser in new york may give pause to evangelicals in iowa. cruz told a gay rights supporter that if elected he would not make fighting same-sex marriage a top priority that seemingly contradicts what cruz told npr in june. that opposition to gay marriage would be front and center in his campaign. cruz defended himself while campaigning in oklahoma. >> it was a reporting of a secret tape where i said the exact same thing on the secret tape that i've said on tv over and over again. i'm a constitutionalist. my priority is defending the constitution. and under the constitution, marriage is a question for the states. >> we're 40 days away from the iowa kwauks, if carson is serious about this shakeup, he'll have to move fast. all his press secretary would say is dr. carson is back in charge of his campaign and we await his decision.
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america's election haelts in-depth, how far is too far in political commentary. the "washington post" is dealing with that amid controversy over an editorial cartoon of ted cruz and his children. here's the host of fox's media buzz, howard kurtz. >> the dust-up started when a crassic classics to score hume yous political points. >> i know what i'll do she said with a snicker, i'll use my own camera and no one will be receipt tall yags. >> this retaliation from a pulitzer prize winning cartoonist from the "washington post." who depicteds presidential candidate as an organ grinder and his daughters as monkeys. she wrote in her post that while there's an unspoken rule in cartooning that a politician's children are off-limits, when someone uses his kids as political props as she said cruz did, figure they're fair game. editor i
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editorial president fred hyatt said he doesn't agree. he failed to look at the cartoon in advance. the paper had no comment, but the texas senator had plenty to say today. >> when i saw the cartoon. not much ticks me off. making fun of my girls will do it don't mess with my kids, don't miss with marco's kids, don't mess with hillary's kids. >> cruz's gop rivals quickly weighed in, calling the cartoon disgusting and donald trump saying it was nasty. what if it had been president obama's daughters? when sashia and malia were criticized last year's turkey pardon for their dress, she lost her job. during the monica lewinsky uproar, "people" magazine was criticized for publishing a cover story on chelsea clinton. despite a personal appeal from bill and hillary clinton. media outrage, even as their dad
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sent out a $1 million fundraising appeal accusing the liberal media of trying to destroy him and his family. >> portraying children as animals is over the line. shannon? >> but howard, have there been a formal apology and an i'm sorry from the "washington post"? >> no and i've lenard the paper does not plan to. and judging by the columnist's comments on twitter, she doesn't plant to, either. defense secretary ash carter was on hand as the bodies of six american airmen killed in a suicide bombing on monday came home from afghanistan. these are some of the images of bagram air base as members of the air expeditionary wing mourned the loss of their colleagues. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. iraqi forces could strike a major blow against isis
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terrorists in the coming hours, national security correspondent jennifer griffin has an update on the battle for ramadi. >> iraqi troops sense victory as they made their way to the center of ramadi. but fierce fighting prevented them from declaring the capital of anbar province back under control and free of isis. >> sons of proud iraq, your brave men are fighting the battle of glory and honor, at 10:00 this morning, counterterr their advance towards the center of ramadi to clear it of terrorists. >> about 150 isis fighters, using snipers, booby trapped and rocket-propelled grenades slowed the iraqi forces, the u.s. air force dropped 50 bombs against isis targets as the iraqi forces advanced. the u.s. played a keel role in helping the iraqi forces put up
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a temporary bridge which allowed them to enter the city tuesday. the arnl army trained the iraq forces. army general was in baghdad meeting the iraqi commanders overseeing the battle to retake ramadi. the military's top spokesman in baghdad estimated there are about 250, to 350 isis fighters left in ramadi. most have retreated. >> we can't forget this is still a war. this is still a war. and this enemy does have a little bit of fight left in them. we shouldn't be polyanish about that. on the other hand, what this tells us is that the forces that we're aligned with. the iraqi security forces, these are now becoming solid fighting forces. >> isis may be trying to divert attention from the battle for ramadi by setting off a wave of suicide bombings in iraq that
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killed 15 civilians. what's notable is who is absent from this fight. >> the u.s. command put considerable pressure on the body government not to have the irani-backed shia militias involved because we want to provide active and effective air support. we do note want to be providing that air support to those militia who is spent close to four years killing our troops when we were in iraq. >> the iraqis do not expect to fully control ramadi before the middle of next month if all goes as planned. the iraqis are hoping to shape up organizations to retake mosul this spring where an estimated 2,000 isis fighters hold iraq's second largest city. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. up next the effort to remove confederate symbols in the south is not going down easy in the big easy. >> here's what some fox affiliates in the country are covering. fox 9 in the windy city, mall of
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america, busiest shopping days of the year, black lives matter demonstration. security moved prote testers out of the facility. five arrests were reported. las vegas where many people want answers after seeing something streak across the sky. the military says it was debris from a recently launched russian rocket. and a live look at los angeles, the big story and across the country -- all the holiday travel. 38 million people expected to fly over the next couple of weeks. the average flight could be about 90% full there are long lines in places like o'hare airport in chicago, airlines are adding flights and using bigger planes to meet demand. we'll be right back.
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a coalition of historic and preservation organizations is suing the city of new orleans
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over a plan to remove prominent confederate monuments. it's just the latest move in a slow and steady purge of reminders of the south confederate history. purge many blame on political correctness. correspondent peter doocy takes a look. >> it's been a century and a half since the civil war ended but confederate landmarks are causing problems coast to coast. october vists are saying it's time for them to go. >> we beginning to realize we can't be a free nation if we celebrate the architects and defenders of one of america's greatest shames, which is slavery. >> this momentum started in the summer. when a racially motivated mass murderer in south carolina inspired lawmakers there to remove the confederate flag from state house grounds. now there's pressure to rename roads and schools honoring confederate figures from virginia to california. there's a petition to rename ten military bases, including fort hood and fort bragg. and in new orleans officials just voted to remove four prominent confederate monuments
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from busy public places. it's going to cost $1700,000. in this case the money is private so taxpayers aren't on the hook. historians think it's possible to make these changes without losing perspective. >> there's a difference between history and commemoration. that one of our concerns is we want to get the history right. and we want to have a real conversation about what is it that we're going to choose to commemorate. >> some southerners are worried that people trying to remace all reminders of confederate ancestors are missing an important point. nobody has been more outspoken than ben jones, the former "dukes of hazard" star. >> there are 70 million to 80 million americans descended from those who fought in the the confederacy. their names are in our bibles, their pictures are on our walls. we put flowers on their graves. it's important to us, that heritage. we understand what they did in the context of their times.
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>> jones doesn't want people to pretend the ugly parts of american history didn't happen. but thinks important historical figures should be remembered in meaningful ways. not all elected officials agree with him. take a look look at confederate memorials like this one in virginia, it may not be here much longer. >> a big legal ruling that could affect the nfl washington redskins in their legal fight over the team's nickname. an appeals court says efforts to legislate against offensive trademarks are unconstitutional. an asian american rock band called the slantsz, the court says the first amendment protects even hurtful speech that protects members of stig stigmatized communities. in this country, the owner or the government, who has ultimate control over property? we report on a case that could make its way here to washington
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and the supreme court. >> this family has owned this mobile home park since 1986. and now want to turn their real estate investment in the heart of silicon valley into apartments or condos. >> we want to keep it within the family and develop it as a new entity. a new construction site. >> that's not sitting well with residents here. or with the city of palo alto. >> almost all are very low income. >> for months, activists have demanded that the buena vista mobile home park remain open for several hundred tenants, elderly and disabled and rely on disability to pay the rent. roughly $1,000 a month. >> i was raised in palo alto, but can't afford to live here, except for this trailer. >> we've been working with a nonprofit partner who wants to acquire the park and keep it as an affordable mobile home community. >> you could house more people
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in smaller areas, more efficiently today. >> owner joe doesn't want to sell, just do something different on this prime real estate. understanding that under state law he'll have to pay tenants' reasonable moving costs and rent subsidies. but in palo alto, where one-bedroom apartments go for $2500 a month. the city says those costs amount to $8 million. gisser says it's unfair, unconstitutional and is suing. >> they're forcing us to pay an extreme amount of money to shut down the business or technically they're taking the land from us saying you can't do what you want with that. >> they're good people, they're fair, but with this many people involved, it's a human thing, it's not just a matter of money in the bank. where, where do people go? >> everyone here wims palo alto had more affordable housing.
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but joe gister said that's not his fault. shannon this is the kind of property rights case that could end up before the u.s. supreme court. bash to you. >> wall street is heading towards christmas and a hot streak. the dow had another big day, gaining 185. the s&p 500 was up 25. nasdaq finished ahead 45. still ahead, want to help the homeless this holiday seesen? there's an app for that. but first a young man with a dream. to recruit and fight for isis. his day in court, next.
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the woman charged with killing one pedestrian and injuring at least 35 others on the vegas strip was arraigned today on murder.
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hit-and-run and child neglect charges, prosecutors say la'keshia holloway intentionally plowed her car into crowds of people twice sunday night with her daughter in the car. her lawyer describes her as distraught and overwhelmed. syria's terrorism charges tonight for a teenager who the government said has been a serious recruiter for isis. senior correspondent rick leventhal has that story from new york. >> the feds say jalil aziz was not your typical 19-year-old living with his parents in pennsylvania. did he spend a lot of time on twitter. but his posts were sinister. in support of isis. during a search of his home, federal agents say they found a tactical style back pack in the teen's closet. a go back containing five loaded m-4 style high capacity magazines. a knife, survival gear and a ski mask. suggesting aziz was preparing for an attack. >> we're going to intervene at a point where concerns are raised to a point where we think there's a threat against the public. >> according to the federal
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indictment. azez spent two years using 57 twitter accounts to recruit others to fight for isis. and spreading hateful rhetoric, including posting the names and addresses of 100 active-duty u.s. military personnel. in january, the feds say aziz used one account to say kill all kufar or nonbelievers. three weeks later he tweeted, know, obama that we're coming to america and we will sever your head in the white house. posting the picture of a militant about to behead a soldier. >> time and time again when inappropriate things were posted, twitter was taking his accounts down and time and time again he would revamp his name and put them back up again. >> at his arraignment and detention hearing in harrisburg, aziz pled not guilty to for conspireing to help isis. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000
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fine. >> aziz is one of almost 60 isis sympathizers busted in the u.s. this year. setting a record for the number of terrorism-related arrests in any year since 9/11 and the fbi confirms there are 900 active investigations of home-grown extremists in all 50 states. shannon? >> rick leventhal, thank you. if you're flying over the holidays, you may not have a choice whether to go through the body scanner at the airport. the or a pat down. the tsa says it may require some travellers to take the scan. critics say the agency is ignoring the law and contributing to greater confusion among flyers. federal transportation official says a teenager killed in a car crash in pittsburgh is the eighth p in the u.s. due to an explosive air bag made by takata. who is recalling 23 million air bag inflaters. the pace of repairs has picked up significantly. who is in, who is out? how president obama is doing
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this year on deportation, the this year on deportation, the shocking numbe yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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as president obama enjoys his year-end vacation in hawaii, there's speculation about what he'll do in 2016, to advance his immigration reform agenda. tonight we learn exactly what his administration has been doing and not doing about illegal immigrants this year.
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correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president and reports from honolulu. >> at a time when americans are increasingly anxious about who's in the country, and who's trying to get in, a major deportation downturn. as homeland security officials report the lowest number of undocumented people removed from the country in a decade. the figures are startling, just over 235,000 deportations between october 2014 and september this year. down dramatically from 2012, when over 400,000 were sent home. there were far fewer arrests at the border, too. about 337,000. second lowest figure since 1972. homeland security secretary jeh johnson said the drop reflects more than fewer arrests at the border. there's a greater focus on removing convicted criminals and more comprehensive data. which paint a clearer picture of who's coming and who's going. it's an area where the president has been strongly criticized by both the left and the right. despite issuing executive
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actions attempting to shield millions of undocumented immigrants. the natural counsel on larasa with us labeled the president deporter in chief. and others accused the president of being soft on immigration while promoting ideas of how to solve the problem. >> confident people allow these people to come into our country, it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace. >> i oppose am nesty. i oppose citizenship. i oppose legalization for illegal aliens. i always have. and i always will. >> even the work permit is something that's a lot better than the chaos we have now. let me be clear we can't begin the process until we do enforcement first. >> experts suggest while stricter enforcement and a softer economy make for a weaker draw, it's the 11 million undocumented already in the country who should get more attention from candidates and policy makers. >> until you see a significant decline in those numbers, then you can't really have confidence
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that the combination of border security and internal enforcement is working well. >> the high court will have the ultimate say on whether or not the president's executive actions are indeed constitutional and keep in mind the administration right now is fighting a lower court decision following a suit filed by texas and 25 other states that sought to essentially stop temporary permits for some five million illegal immigrants. shannon? >> we're keeping a close eye on that one. kevin thank you very much. turkey is making moves to tighten security along its borders. the borders has been exploited by isis terrorists and refugees. president obama will convene a refugee summit in september, according to the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. geneva-based group reported the number of migrants coming into europe this year has topped the one million mark. in this country, a high-tech treatment for an age-old problem. correspondent douglas kennedy on
1:33 am
a new way for people like you and me to help the homeless. >> you see people camping out in the subway. >> for years, this man would see strangers struggling on the streets of new york and wonder how to help. >> so like many people you're not sure whether you should give money or whether there's some other way to offer assistance. >> right. most people most of the time end up doing nothing, unfortunately. >> ilya has a background in technology and along with friends came up with weshelter. >> so now if you see a homeless person you can very easily open the weshelter app and make a donation to an organization that's helping the homeless. >> that donation is going to go to vetted organizations that we partner with like breaking ground. >> the brenda rosen is from breaking ground. she said she's especially impressed by the app's assistance in locating those in need. >> every time someone uses the app, it actually maps the location of the homeless and you
1:34 am
can send your outreach team to give them real assistance. >> that's it our goal is to go out and work with homeless people on the streets. because getting them inside and getting them the help that they need will allow them to become stable and secure and not be homeless any more. >> the app directly connects new yorkers to a city service line. in case they run into a homeless person in need of emergency services. so now you've also enlisted the help of corporate sponsors who will actually make donations for you. >> that's correct and when the user taps a button, they see the branding of the sponsor. it's a great opportunity for companies to showcase their corporate responsibility. >> corporate responsibility and individual activism. truly helping the homeless. shannon? >> douglas, thank you. the dust-up over a political cartoon involving ted cruz and his family. fair game?
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or out of bounds. and the carson campaign shake up.
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all of us learned in kindergarten don't hit little girls. it's not complicated, don't make fun of a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year-old girl. >> and this is what senator ted cruz was referring to, and editorial cartoon that appeared in the "washington post."
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he apparently there as a sort of santa claus, with his two young daughters portrayed as monkeys. let's talk about it with our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard," a.b. stoddard of "the hill" and charles krauthammer. the "washington post" pulled the cartoon, but is not planning to offer a formal apology. a.b., what do you think? >> i think the world knows, everything it needs to know about this, about this event. pulling the cartoon is an acknowledgement that it wasn't the right thing to do. ted cruz has used his daughters in political commercials. which is pretty rare. but it's still not appropriate for the media to exploit, make fun of, include children in any kind of cartoons or criticism. or even good, well-intentioned jokes, really to include the children of politicians, it's off-limits, it always is and it really, even in the age of trump, we hope it continues to
1:40 am
be. >> steve, we've seen uproar with regard to candidates and even the president and his two daughters. his children go to a nice private school there were charter school groups and scholarship groups that were saying why shouldn't all students have the chance to go to those schools. there was an uproar over that. >> there was an uproar over that. if you want to make a theoretical case that the president is being hypocritical when he's sending his kids to go to a private school and not allowing other kids to have the same opportunities, you're within your rights to make that argument. it's totally different when you put young kids in an ad or in a cartoon or what have you. i wouldn't do it as a politician. but even if you do it as a politician it doesn't justify this kind of mockery. it was well beyond the pale. the cartoonist should be ashamed. what i find interesting is you have the same people who are afraid to show the "charlie
1:41 am
hebdo" cartoons and the mohammed cartoons, defending this as some brave first amendment use of the first amendment. it doesn't wash. >> here's what the cartoonist tweeted. a link to her account, allegedly from her, she says ted cruz has put his children in a political ad. don't start screaming when editorial cartoonists draw them as well. is that a fair point? >> no, it's not. and i think that was the point made by fred hyatt, the editor of the page. he's a friend of mine for 20 years. he's a prince of a guy and i think he handled it exactly right. he didn't mess around, he didn't dance around. he said look, my mistake, i didn't see it in advance, i should have. i understand why she thinks it's okay to do it. i disagree, i pulled it. exactly how it ought to be handled. on the issue, i agree entirely that family is always
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off-limits, but i've always objected. nothing to do with ted cruz. i've always objected to politicians using their families. i'm even offended when they include them in their announcement speeches. whenever a politician pulls out of a race, he says i'm doing it so i can spend more time with my family. i think it should be constitutionally required when anybody announces that they are entering a race that they are doing it to spend less time with their family. so if you want to play the family -- not about this case. i'm just saying in general. i don't want to know about the family. all i care about is the candidate. >> would that be a constitutional amendment? >> oh yeah. >> we're going to have to get three-quarters of the state. >> it feels very school house rock. with obama he'll do it as an executive order, so you don't need that. >> this is a gift to ted cruz, now he gets to rail on the mainstream media which is a good talking point for him, it goes over well in the debates.
1:43 am
let's look at brand new polling out from cnn. this shows a striking surge, a lead by donald trump over what we had seen a day before. trump in the new poll at 39%. cruz way back at 18, carson and rubio at 10. yesterday we were talking about the quinnipiac poll which had trump at 28, cruz at 24, let's look at the real clear politics average to give us more information. trump is at 35, cruz is at 18, this with the two a littlest polls in. he's not slowing down. >> no, he's not. i think it's, it's his race to lose. the iowa polling is looking good for ted cruz. but it's looking good for donald trump as well. it's a question of whether or not he gets people organized and gets them out through what is an arduous process. it is not an easy one. especially for people who have never been to the polli
1:44 am
at all. finaling out what a caucus is and how much time it entails, starting at 7:00 at night. not in the afternoon or the morning. is a difficult haul. but if trump uses his support wisely and builds enough excitement and explains to the people that he needs to turn them out. he can probably win iowa. if he doesn't and new hampshire is sort of a response to the outcome of iowa, things can begin to change for him. but he has i think enough time to make a good push and if he doesn't, he blew a six-minute lead. >> within the numbers we see that trump has a massive lead when asked who would handle the economy, immigration. he's ahead of his closest contender. the only place i spotted that he was behind anyone in this polling is if you would be proud to have him as your president,
1:45 am
cruz was first and rubio and then trump behind. voters feel very confident with him on these key issues, with trump. >> i would argue that that is the more interesting set of numbers to come out of the most recent polls. we can divine two things from the horse race polls. donald trump has a lead that he's been able to sustain and is the prohibitive front-runner, no question. ted cruz is surging, marco rubio surging but not quite as much and the rest of the field is mired in single digits. on the horse race side that's where it stands. i don't buy the argument that national polls don't tell us anything. they may not tell us who is the national mood leader. >> on if not necessarily because donald trump has spent a lot of time and effort laying out specific policy proposals on a any number of these issues, it's because he projects strength and sort of forcefulness on all of these issues that you've listed. and that appeals to people. >> i want to make sure we get in
1:46 am
ben carson. there was an interesting a.p. article, an interview with him as campaign manager wasn't in or didn't know about it, talking about there would be some personnel changes. there were a lot of questions about what's going on with shaking up his campaign. we have statement after all the reaction saying i have 100% confidence in my campaign team. we're refining some operational practices and streamlining some staff assignments. >> you know how to read that. his problem is not staff, i'm not sure it's organization. yes, he's collected a lot of money and gone through a ton of it with little result. the problem is the candidate. and the problem is that once we had the paris attack and the attack here in the united states, it became an election dominated by terrorism. essentially by foreign affairs. and that's not his strong suit. to say the least. and as a result, he has fallen like a stone. >> that's nothing to do with organization, i don't see how he
1:47 am
recovers. i hope he's got, he's got a little bit of time. i don't see how you're able to make a forceful stand on that. if you can't, you're out of the race. i never thought he had much of a chance at any of your points in the race, but when it turned as a result of external events, i think it dealt him out. the only question is he's got about 10%, it looks as if cruz has gotten a lot of the carson support in iowa. but trump appears to have gotten a lot of it nationally. so where does the other 10% go? we'll see. >> next up, trying for a big win against ice ice.
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even though there is a shia dominated government running iraq, they will never have unity whatsoever without the sunnies being a part of it. and to gain their loyalty and to gain their commitment is very important for the government to demonstrate to the sunnies that they are going to take back their provisional capital and hopefully as a result of that more sunni tribes will participate in the campaign going forward. >> there is an all-out effort to re-win ramadi back from isis, been held from isis since may. let's go back to our panel. how much of a win would it be for the iraqi forces to take control here and how much of a loose for isis in the bigger pr battle? >> it's a loss for isis like the loss of sinjar, like the loss of tikrit. it would show a reversal of momentum and in that sense it's good. but the question is who is it a gain for. that's what general keene is talking about. the fact is that we, the americans, have tried to
1:52 am
prevent the iraqi government from allowing the shiite militias, who are extremely brutal, rough, and anti--sunni to go into ramadi which is the capital of unbar, which is sunni. we have tried to keep them out. we have been supporting elements in the iraqi army who are sunni or tribesmen and they have to inherit the city. they have to be given control. if that happens and we can begin the possibility, this is a long shot, to rekindle the alliance david petraeus had managed during the surge which destroyed al qaeda in iraq and which helps us stabilize iraq which is to bring the sunnies into reconciliation and into the central government. so, this is a test not only will isis lose but it's a test whether the iraqi government, which is under the thumb of the iranians abandoned by obama in 2000 is 1 -- 2011 will allows the
1:53 am
sunnies to retake ramadi and keep it. that, i think, is the most important issue on the table, and we don't know the answer yet. >> a.b., you were asking groups that have some things in common but a lot of things that they do fight about to come together, to make this win. and as charles said is, there are so many different complications with this. >> that's why it's so complicated. when they say they are going to clear it in 72 hours, we can be hopeful when it was just in may when general dempsey said we are not driven out of ramadi. they drove away. for them to try to come back and they have made progress, it is serious, substantial progress for the iraqi forces to have done this, but that they did it without the shiite militias that they tried to do it on their own without the influence of iran, that kind of effort it's, a, there is no guarantee it's successful and that it can be replicated and duplicated
1:54 am
and that it could happen again and again. when you look at iraq, it's even more complicated in syria. so as we watch them use ground forces in what is a battle on the ground, it just shows how hard it's going to be for us to find less complicated partners in both places to have a sustained effort against territory that isis has taken. >> and to the point about shiite militias. they say that their role is being overlooked. spokesman for some of them today was quoted as saying washington comes along to steal the victory. steve? >> i'm not sure i disagree with them, to be honest. have been questions raised by military analysts about the extent of the involvement of the shiite militias is is it the case that the government is calling iraqi forces when the shiite forces have had more involvement than they want because they know that there is a pr value for saying no, no, this is the regular iraqi forces. on the one hand you are encouraged because there is at least an acknowledgment that the sunnies need to feel better about this.
1:55 am
on the other hand, if they are not being honest about it and it is, in fact, shiites it might fool people in washington or convince people at 1600 pennsylvania who want to believe that. but, if it's not true, the iraqis are going to know it's not true. and i'm afraid there are are indications that it's not true. >> if it's not true, we are going to know. in the end if you put shiite militias in ramadi. they will ultimately be expelled. the civil war will resume in ramadi and we will know it. so it's going to be an eventuality that it's going to be obvious that we will see it. >> a.b., even if they're able to pull this off still a long way to go to rout isis. >> you have to look what is going none syria not just iraq. >> even as you said more complex there. thank you, panel. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the sights and unusual sounds from the campaign trail. that's next.
1:56 am
1:57 am
finally tonight, g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump is shaking up the campaign trail with plenty of passion and controversy and very interesting sound effects. >> ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching. >> bing bing bing bing. >> clink. >> hello. >> bye. awe.
1:58 am
>> duh. >> whoa. >> bum bum bum. >> whew, whew. >> bing bing bing. >> boom boom boom. >> bing bing bong bong. >> you know what that is. >> we don't know what that is do you know what that is? >> by the way. speaking of sound effects, steve, i have got to point out your special tie you have on tonight. not only does it say merry christmas and all types of things it has a sound effect. will you play it for us? >> i don't know if the microphone will pick it up. this is from my three kids for christmas from secret santa. ♪ >> we're going to find for all the panel a lady version, too. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bremen. good night from washington. no "special report" tonight >> it is december 24th. christmas eve chaos for millions of americans trying to get home for the holidays. >> like about 60 percent of the
1:59 am
flights delayed or canceled. >> storms triggering nationwide flight delays. >> he depicted his kids as monkeys. why some think it may help the presidential candidate. >> it is an early christmas present from the baelts. where you can listen to the christmas catalog right now. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning everyone on this christmas eve. you are watching "fox & friends first". >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. >> tornados in the south and midwest. >> nationwide delays for holiday travelers. >> molly line is here following
2:00 am
the latest developments. >> brutal storms have claimed lives leaving a path of destruction across the south and midwest. extreme tornadoes. more than a dozen striking with deadly consequences. six fatalities have been confirmed. three in mississippi including a 7-year-old boy, two in tennessee and one in arkansas. dozens have been injured. mississippi caught the brunt of it. hundreds of storms have been damaged. thousands combing through debris. search and rescue teams are looking for house by house hunts for sur drive-- survivors. winds through a tree up threw the roof sending it through a home killing a woman. others narrowly escaped the savage weather alive. >> it snapped off a pine tree by my truck. i slammed my seat belt on and we said lord, we better survive this. >> the holiday


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