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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 24, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> brutal storms have claimed lives leaving a path of destruction across the south and midwest. extreme tornadoes. more than a dozen striking with deadly consequences. six fatalities have been confirmed. three in mississippi including a 7-year-old boy, two in tennessee and one in arkansas. dozens have been injured. mississippi caught the brunt of it. hundreds of storms have been damaged. thousands combing through debris. search and rescue teams are looking for house by house hunts for sur drive-- survivors. winds through a tree up threw the roof sending it through a home killing a woman. others narrowly escaped the savage weather alive. >> it snapped off a pine tree by my truck. i slammed my seat belt on and we said lord, we better survive this. >> the holiday rush is normally
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air traffic around the country. airlines are adding red eyes in an effort to keep up with demands. >> there was delays coming to us so we were an hour late leaving northwest arkansas and then it was -- as we came back there was a smell where it was pretty rough. i did little praying. >> according to the industry group, air lanes for america, 38 million passengers will travel by plane over the 17 day period spanning christmas through new year's eve. back to you guys. >> wow, molly. that will be a busy week. >> now to a fox news alert. three texas police officers shot in the line of duty. officer corey wester seen here and pedro gonzalez were trying to serve a search warrant when the suspect opened fire killing them both. it led to a 9 hour standoff. he eventually surrendered and is now behind bars.
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both officers are expected to be okay. >> black lives matters protestors making their voices heard during the holiday rush in minnesota. >> you heard him, hundreds of demonstrators fill the law of america. 80 stores had to close while police cleared them out. minutes later they were causing chaos at minneapolis st. paul international airport. >> those protestors blocked security checkpoints leading to flight delays and all 60 people were arrested. new overnight gunfire explodes on arizona freeway. two people shot in a incident n near phoenix. one shot in the chest one shot in the leg. sections of the freeway remain closed at this hour.
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>> he wants to be hoinz lawyer. deer telling the judge he wants to fire his public defender who claims he drugged him. evaluations are underway to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial. three people were killed when they allegedly opened fire on the clin you can. he faces 179 counts for first degree murder and attempted murder. >> and stay away from my kids. that is the message from ted cruz to the "washington post" after this cartoon portraying his daughter as monkeys. he has his own cartoon targeting a political rival. garrett tenney is live. >> he is certainly not happy with the washington post. this is the editorial cartoon that has drawn so much criticism. the animation depicts his 5 and 7-year-old daughters as monkeys, cruz turning the crank to make them dance. he criticized the paper for
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going after his children. >> not much particulars me off, but making fun of my girls that will do it. don't hit little girls. it is not complicated don't make fun of a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year-old girl. dual mess with my kids, don't mess with marco's kids or hillary's kids. leave kids alone. >> traditionally the children of politicians are off limits for the media. while the "washington post" pulled the coartoon at the web site the cartoonist behind the animation is defending it said ted cruz has put his children in a political ad. don't start screaming when editorial cartoonists reference them as well. he says the cruz family reading mocked christmas stories. for his part the texas senator tweeted out his own editorial cartoon featuring hillary
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clinton walking dogs "washington post" new york times seemed like a better cartoon hillary and her lap dogs. they seventh out an e-mail asking for donations to send a message to the "washington post" as well. >> that brings us to look who is talking. chris stier walt says this "washington post" controversy could end up helping ted cruz in the race for the white house. very often conservatives don't know who they are going to be interested in supporting until they find out who the press hates the most. and in the case of republican primary race, having the "washington post" and by the way every treats ted cruz as if he is some sort of fragladite. >> how do they like this guy he is so conservative. everything they do they think is hurting ted cruz is hardening
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the conservative base around him the way it has done for sarah palin and donald trump and other figures. the conservatives saying wait a minute if they are coming after him this month this guy must be doing something right. >> donald trump is p ending the year with support. a third poll gives him a commanding lead. he has 39 percent in the orc polls. ted cruz in second 18 percent. ben carson and marco rubio are tied with 10 percent each followed by chris christie with 5 percent. on the democratic side hillary holds a 16 point lead over senator bernie sanders. >> a fox business alert. airport security now stepping up screaming procedures. adam shapiro from our sister network is ear with what it means for travelers. >> good morning to both of you on the christmas eve. the stsa says screening
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passengers are needed to safeguard transportation security. passengers can still request a full body pad down instead of a full body scanner. tsa agents will deny such requests in some cases and they will require the full body scan. hyatt hotels are saying hackers may have stolen their credit card numbers and other private sensitive data. they found malicious software that processed customer savings. they discovered the breech almost a month ago but they waited until yesterday to notify customers. good news for parents maybe bad for kids who want to bypass parental controls on phones. the apple iphone beat an troyed phones when it comes to parental phones that restricted kid's ability to view adult content and delete apps before the parent find out what they are
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doing. >> you can stream all of the favorite beatles song. they are permitting these songs to stream on services like spot by, apple music and google play. they went digital five-years ago when they started selling their songs on itunes but they held out on streaming until right now. >> i know what i will be listening to over the holidays adam shapiro. to find the fox business network log on to >> the time is 9 minutes after the hour. helicopter filled with tourists spins out of control. how this horror ended. >> madonna desperately seeking her son. going to court to force her son to come home for the holidays. >> a new twist on a christmas classic. >> twas the night before
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christmas and all through the house... >> sent a message to president obama this christmas. ♪
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>> new overnight. stranding hundreds of passengers on runways at bradley international airport. others had to wait for flights. more fuel has been delivered using trucks. passengers headed to california for the holidays taking a detour to texas. forcing a los angeles bound flight to land in lup bach, texas. an engine oil warning light prompted that landing. i can tell you the --
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>> holiday travel mess across the country. stacy is live in new york with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, lea. well the good news for people heading out today is there are far fewer delays than cancellations like we saw yesterday. everything pretty much on time at laguardia airport. the same is true for most of the new york airports. yesterday a whole different story with heavy rains up and down the east coast. there were hundreds of cancellations and delays. a lot of people bumped from their flights. they can't get a flight before christmas or even later. today it is really crowded as we see a lot of people delayed or canceled yesterday trying to get home today. the forecast, a little bit better for today here in the new york area. we are not seeing as many delays now again. that could change through out the day. you can see 5:15 a.m. in new
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york city already long lines here. it is expected 6 million people will be travelling through the new york area airports this holiday weekend. people are showing up early. they are trying to come patient and certainly they are hoping to not get stranded. again, lea, the story here at laguardia is almost all of the flats on time this morning. the same is true of the other new york area airports. we are hoping it stays that way for the rest of the day. >> good news there. stacey delikat, thank you for that report. >> a large scale operation supporting 100,000 families of illegal immigrants. they are planning to conduct raids targeting families that have crossed the border since last year and have already been ordered removed by the u.s. from the immigration judge. it will begin next month. the u.s. flooding more terrorists than keeping out.
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they gained 10,000 people who had ties to terror visas but later figured this out and took the visas away. the feds couldn't answer were all those people who had visas taken away were. >> a gop senator turned poet ripping the obama administration's plan to shut down guantanamo. twauz the night before christmas all through the white house the president was transferring terrorists through the house. the terrorists were snug in their garden bed while visions of returning to al qaeda or isis danced in their heads. he will continue to fight to keep terrorists at gitmo. >> the latest to remove confederate monuments to be removed or eliminate confederate heritage from view. where does this end?
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we have more hon this slippery slope. >> it has been a century and a half but con federal landmarks are causing problems from coast to coast. activists are saying it is time to go. >> we can't be the free nation if we celebrate the architects of defenders of one of the shame. >> this started in the summer when a racially motivated murder in south carolina inspired lawmakers to remove con fed ratted flags. now there's a petition to rename ten military bases including fort hood and fort bragg. in new orleans they voted to rae move monday ums were busy public places. it will cost 170,000 dollars to do that. in this case the money is private so taxpayers aren't on the hook. historians think it is possible to make the changes without losing perspective.
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>> there's a difference between history and commemoration. the one of the concerns is we want to get the history right and we want to have a real conversation about what is it we are going to choose to commemorate. some southerners people trying to erase all reminders are missing a point no one has been more vocal than ben jones. >> there are 270 million americans extended from those who fought for the confederacy. their names are in our bible, their pictures are on our walls and we put flowers on their graves. it's important to us that heritage. we understand what they did in the context of their times. >> jones doesn't want people to pretend ugly parts of american history didn't happen, but thinks important historical figures should be rememberd in meejful ways. not all elected officials agree
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with him. take a long look at confederate memorials in sglanl drea, virginia because they may not be here much longer. >> lea and abby. i am very familiar with that statue. i am from that area. >> the time is now 18 minutes after the hour. the nba takes on gun violence with brand new ads pulling out popular christmas games. isn't the right platform the elf on the shelf are supposed to keep kids out of trouble, right? i love this. why this little girl calls 911 in total panic over her elf on the shelf.
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you experience tv. >> brand new developments in the crash that injured tracy morgan, comedian. the driver is charged with manslaughter. he was speeding and awake for more than 24-hours before the
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crash on the new jersey turnpike. he could face decades in prison. >> madonna is using the power of the court to get her son home for christmas. a new york judge just ordered madon madonna's 15-year-old son rocco to return to the states for christmas. rocco refused to born a plane in london where he has been staying with his father guy ritchie. the judge says if the child wants to stay with his father he has to return home first. >> that's what you call family trouble. >> it is time now to brew on this. the nba is pushing for more gun control. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter riley is that age. >> the guns will never be an option. >> in the united states...
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people die from gun violence every day. >> directed by spike lee it will air during five high profile games during christmas. it has stars like carmello anthony. >> i am proud of the nba for taking a stand against gun violence. it requires all of us speaking out. what do you think about having the psa aired on nba at christmas? send your comments to us on facebook, twitter or send an email at we will share them later in the show. >> forget this. an elf emergency causing a panic. >> apologize he won't call 911 again. >> his brother's pes can why i morning will make an memorable
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moment. >> good morning, carly. >> good morning. a little girl from new jersey got quite a scare when she accidentally knocked over her elf on the shelf. legend has it the elf loses its magic if it is touched. little isabella panicked and called 911. >> were you accidentally dialling 911. you made a mistake? >> officers told isabella police have a direct line to santa claus and everything will be okay. >> a lot of people are sending out christmas cards right now and people are receiving them. there are a couple that are going viral right now. tell us about those. >> the kardashian family they
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are their over the top christmas cars become a top of the internet. this year the famous fan is featuring the next generation of kids. the car includes kim's daughter north and court 23450e's children and brand new baby boy saint isn't in the picture. kensington palace has the card on social media. it features world war ii veteran tomorrow kneel. the picture was taken during the historic fly in the battle of britain. >> my brothers used to pack me spam. i can't image it is much worse than that. >> it may be a little harder to get into. talk about a sibling rivalry. check out what one sister is going to find under her tree tomorrow morning compliments of that pesky brother. looks like the joke is on him, though. no telling how long it took to zip tie that present together
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when all his sister needs is a pair of scissors to open it. >> this time the spam i am giving abby. you stole my thunder there. >> sounds like a great stocking stuff there. >> thank you carlie. you can hear carly on fox news headlines on sirius xm 115. >> the time is 26 after the hour. spencer stone why he plans to leave the air force within the in ex year. >> remember the sky the gyrocopter pilot who landed on the capitol lawn? he's back. you won't believe who he is up against.
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>> christmas eve chaos as deadly storms rip across the midwest while millions of people head home for christmas. we are live with what you can expect today. >> a dollar and $0.70 cost this lady her job. she was fwiered for giving a hungry child free food. >> are you not finished shopping? no problem. it is open late for all of you
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procrastinators. "fox and friend first continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "xbox and friend first. thank you for starting your day with us. tornadoes in store in the midwest leaving at least a dozen people dead. that same weather triggering nationwide delays for holiday travelers on this christmas eve. molly has the latest. >> a swath of storms are here leaving a path in the south and midwest. a dozen striking with deadly force. six fatalities have been reported including a 7-year-old boy two in tennessee one in arkansas. dozens injured.
2:31 am
>> a storm team took video revealing the ferocious powers. it pulled a tree up from the roots sending it into a home killing one woman. others escaped with their lives. >> it snapped a couple times and i slammed my seat belt on and i said lord we better survive this. >> the bad weather including fog and rain in the northeast is snarling across the country as the holiday rush is delayed. >> they have added red eyes to catch up with delays. >> aerred coulding to the industry group airlines for america. 38 million images will travel by plane over the 17 day period spending christmas and new
2:32 am
years. >> molly lie an here with us from boston. >> the fox news alert. a new warning right now for americans in china. they have information about possible terror threats in beijing. security being stepped up in that area as a precaution. the embassies are urging their citizens to be vigilant. >> the remains of six killed in afghanistan are now home. they had a dignified transfer ceremony at bagram air force base their helmets rifles and boots were on display during a solemn memorial. the six air force members were killed when a taliban member rammed his car into their patrol. joseph lemm an organization is donating for his family. silver shield taking aim at the
2:33 am
"washington post" after this cartoon portraying his daughters as monkeys. garrett tenney is live in washington with the latest on this growing controversy. good morning. >> the senator is not happy with the "washington post" in this editorial cartoon posted on yesterday. the animation depicts his 5 and 7-year-old daughters as monkeys with cruz dressed as santa claus turning a crank to make them dance. at a rally cruz criticized the paper for going after his children. >> when i saw that cartoon, not much particulars me off, but making fun of my girls that will do it. don't mess with our kids. don't mess with my kids. don't mess with marco's kids, don't mess with hillary's kids, don't mess with any one's kids. if the media wants to attack and ridicule every republican that's what they are going to do, but leave our kids alone. >> traditionally children of politicians have been off limits for the media.
2:34 am
while they pulled the cartoon off the west site it is not apologizing. they are defending it on her twitter account the cartoonist said ted cruz put her children in a political ad. don't start screaming when cartoonists draw them as well. she is references an ad in the cruz campaign where they are reading mock christmas stories. he tweeted out his own editorial cartoon featuring hillary clinton in the new york times wh with the message seems like a better idea for a cartoon, hillary and her lap doings. they are asking supporters to make a donation to send a message to the washing toen post. garrett tenney for us in washing top. thank you. it is time for look who is talking. howe hurts host of media buzz how the controversy shows a double standard in the media. >> the damage of course, this is a dad with two little girls and
2:35 am
they have been portrayed as animals. this is not some gray area, gee, maybe the paper went too far. this is the outrage and the medmede muted media explosion, had it been chellie clinton or president obama's children it would have been a nuclear explosion. the demonstrator spreading across the entire city from the mall wreaking havoc on holiday travelers. >> (indiscernible). >> extra police, sheriff's deputies and mall security were waiting dozens of stores were shut down as a precaution. many shoppers stayed away. for black lives matter organizers it was just the beginning. after quick chance on the mall of america became nothing more
2:36 am
than a meeting place. >> within a matter of minutes hundreds of protestors left and jumped on light rail trains headed for msb airport. for the next few hours, they shut down roads near terminal one. so protestors got inside terminal 2 where security checkpoints were temporarily closed leading to flight delays. >> we would have been happy to accommodate them and gotten the message across and not interfere people's ability to get home to friends and loved ones. >> new rale service was also done. >> i don't know what it is for. >> the coordinated effort was in response to the unmet demands related to the fate stal shooting in minneapolis. racial profiling at the airport and denial for justice for black people across the nation. in all 50 people were arrested at both of those
2:37 am
locations. >> remember the florida man who landed his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn earlier this year he wants to unseed debbie wasserman schultz. he just told the dc circuit court he wants to challenge the national committee chair in the 2016 primary. hughes was arrested in april after he flew through restricted airspace around the capitol. hughes's lawyers argue the conviction does not make him ineligible to run for congress. >> american hero spencer stone stopped a terror attack on a french train. he tackled the terrorist with a rifle and knives back in august. he talked about this experience on fox and friends earlier this month. >> i told my friend after we got our train car it would be good now we got to check the rest of
2:38 am
the train. >> he says he wants a degree in international relations. he may rejoin the air force after graduating. >> he would make a great officer. >> the time is 38 minutes after the hour. buyers beware the investigation over exploding hoover boards. what you need to know if there's one under your christmas tree. >> we will take you>> babies swaddled. so cute. >> take a look at the weather today. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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>> the latest tool horses. anna kooiman is here to explain. good morning, anna. >> good morning to all of you at home. it's the nypd mounted unit. they aren't just there to take pictures they are the first line of defense against fer or. with millions of people headed to new york city for new year's eve their training is ready for action. >> terror attacks hitting the west. the nypd is soothing the fears with four legged partners. >> the best thing about counter-terrorism is the visibility. it is comforting to the public.
2:43 am
it's a deterrent to the bad guys. taste a real cool to use oo counter-terrorism. >> critical to people five years ago. they later admitted to getting 50,000 dollars in explosive training in the taliban set off a car bomb in times square. it smoked but never went off. how is it utilized? >> there was a vehicle on fire once the officer approached on horse back having the higher vantage point realizes this is more than a qualifier he was able to alert the people on the streets and get him out of the area prior to anything happening. >> it is a prime example, if you see something say something. >> for some reason people are drawn to talk to a mounting cop. >> the nypd mounted unit has
2:44 am
hundreds of officers keeping this em safe. op new year's eve they will be working over time with hundreds watching the ball drop. what are the forces capable of? >> if there were ever an he knows dent where fire trucks needed to come in by vehicles how old you lead them in? >> we would stop them from coming back in to the location. >> line of forces. people don't want to cross that line. >> the nypd recently unveiled a 26,000 square foot facility that comes with a price tag of $30 million. >> we hear sirens right now. these horses are not rattled at all. >> how do you pick a horse with a proper sentiment? >> our horses go through we have
2:45 am
the smoke, we have fire, we have sirens, we have loud bangs. they come out on patrol they are not spooked by any of it. >> with the war on cops reaching a fever pitch in some communities they are great for community relations. >> you need people from all over the world. you are really not just in the police department or new york but for the country. ee oo i think some of the horses are taken more selfies than kim kardashian. he says they ought to be utilized a whole lot more. the 10-foot cops as they call them are a great crime tee ter rent simply by their presence. >> glad they are there for us
2:46 am
and protecting us. >> the wide receiver was flagged three times sunday for intentionally targeting several carolina panther players. they threatened him using a baseball bat before the game. he had an apology saying quote this isn't about anything that was said or done to me. this is about my behavior and i am responsible for my behavior. the wide receiver who had a sign read not homeless but starving for success will run routes for food. he will has been assigned to th york jets panther squad. he is so thankful to have a job during the holidays. >> it is called the ultimate stocking stuff continuing the tradition of christmas
2:47 am
stockings. they bring the babies to the families as a way of giving them their own christmas miracles. >> the time is 46 minutes after the hour. fired for giving a hungry student free lunch. the overwhelming support now pouring in for this lunch lady. >> the put pinch seen around the world and ended with a single knockout punch. >> first what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> you never know when there's a security camera around. >> coming up on our show in 12 minutes on "fox & friends" we will have geraldo rivera on christmas eve. ralph peters is here. timothy cardinal dolan is in the house this morning. we are getting the preparation ready. bob massi will be here with real estate scams to avoid and watch out for and last minute christmas cooking tips. that all starts in 12 minutes on
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this christmas eve edition of "fox and friends." see you then. bring your family and friends together
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♪ watching in a winter watchlist land! ♪ xfinity's winter watchlist. watch now with xfinity on demand- your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. it's never good when something under your feet blows up. the probe into hover boards is
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expanding. fires being investigated. they're testing new hover boards as well as those in the fires. amazon and overstock have pulled hover boards from their inventory after hearing certain models can burst into flames from malfunctioning batteries and plugs. game over for daily fantasy sports in illinois. draft kings and fan duel saying they're illegal gambling. they're working to exempt them as draft kings and fan duel say they'll fight that ruling. idaho school district caves under pressure from the public after asking a lunch lady her job back. they accused her of stealing for giving a 14-year-old girl a free lunch worth $1.75 even
2:52 am
though she offered to pay for it. a petition to reinstate her job garnered 70,000 signatures. she said she isn't sure if she'll return to work for the district. 'tis the season, but could americans be drinking themselves to death? newly released federal data says yes. more americans are dying from alcohol related deaths at a rate not seen in 35 years. last year drinking real estated to 30,000 deaths. drunk driving, alcohol poisoning and liver failure. researchers say the sharp rise could be related to an increase in the number of americans who report drinking alcohol. and raiding the fridge late at night might actually be bad for your brain. a new study shows late night snacking could damage the part of your brain that creates and stores memories. this could impact people who work on shifts, like us, maybe, people who tend to eat more just prior to falling asleep. the tests were done on mice though and not confirmed in
2:53 am
humans. i'm working on that part of the study. >> yeah, me, too. we are in the thick of the christmas shopping scramble. there is still time for you to grab your last-minute gifts. laurie rothman is here with a guide for retailers. this is something i need. what do you have? >> reporter: good morning, everyone. if you're up bright and early this christmas eve day, chances are you've got a busy day ahead wrapping up some last-minute christmas shopping. in fact, some of the country's biggest retailers are hoping you've been pro crass city nating. they're keeping their doors open until late tonight. walmart, namesake stores will remain open until 8:00 p.m. walmart's neighborhood markets are open until 6:00 p.m. target stores will stay open until 10:00 or 11:00 tonight and reopen the day after christmas at 7:00 a.m. best buy will keep its doors open until 6:00. you can shop at kohl's department stores until 6:00 p.m. as well. you have until 9:00 tonight to brave the lines for "star wars" stuff and other goodies
2:54 am
for the little ones at toys"r"us. with the economy limping along and more folks shopping online, competition among brick and mortar is stiffer than ever. they're relying on the discounts to keep customers coming. back to you. the nba takes on gun violence with brand-new ads rolling out during popular christmas day games. is this the right platform for your e-mail? they are pouring in. the photo bomb of a lifetime for this mom. >> ahhhhh! >> early christmas present for one mother. you are not going to want to miss this. ♪ ♪
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i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? welcome back. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. six people are dead after deadly tornadoes pummelled the south and midwest. it's causing delays for holiday travelers across the country. the tsa can make use of full body scanners at the airport. the agency is changing the security procedures just in time for the holidays. travelers can still request a
2:58 am
patdown but may be denied. tonight is the night santa claus is finally coming to town. when will he reach your house? you can track his worldwide journey all day long with the help of or you can give him a call. the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. an early christmas present for one mom. >> ahhhh! >> oh, my gosh. marine surprising a mom at an ihop. the mom calling it grateful. >> and the bad. a helicopter carrying seven people spinning out of control. you see this? crazy. all trying to land at treasure island resort. amazingly all six passengers and the pilot were able to walk away from that. they're all unharmed. it's unclear what caused the pilot to lose control. what a sight that is. finally, the ugly.
2:59 am
look at this. a woman knocks a man out after he pinches her rear end. it happened in morocco. you can see her turn around and punch the guy in the face after he sneaks up behind her. he then stumbles to a table and falls to the floor. it's been viewed nearly 3 million times online. you have to be careful. is it a him or her? >> her. time now for your brew on this response. the nba pushing gun control. >> the psa is set to air on christmas day during the five high profile games featuring stars like steve curry, chris paul and carmelo anthony. now calls for more gun control even earned praise from president obama on twitter. we asked, do you think this is the right platform? williams says a pro athlete preaching about gun violence, isn't that like a pro athlete preaching about drug and steroid abuse? the nba should focus on
3:00 am
providing a quality product and avoid social issues. gun control is a hot button issue politically. i say go ahead and then follow up with the nra commercial. "fox & friends" right now. hi, friends. good morning. today is thursday, the 24th of december 2015. i'm anna coiman. extreme weather turns deadly. tornadoes toppling semis off the road and ripping homes to shreds. also causing an absolute nightmare for 100 million travelers trying to get home for the holiday and the worst may be yet to come. and the nba set to air five anti-gun adds during the most watched christmas day games. is this a good idea to end gun


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