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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 24, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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providing a quality product and avoid social issues. gun control is a hot button issue politically. i say go ahead and then follow up with the nra commercial. "fox & friends" right now. hi, friends. good morning. today is thursday, the 24th of december 2015. i'm anna coiman. extreme weather turns deadly. tornadoes toppling semis off the road and ripping homes to shreds. also causing an absolute nightmare for 100 million travelers trying to get home for the holiday and the worst may be yet to come. and the nba set to air five anti-gun adds during the most watched christmas day games. is this a good idea to end gun violence or an attack on the
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second amendment. like today's daily news. >> it's like a flyer today. america needs to hear it. hillary clinton said she's just like your abuela. >> grandma. >> yeah. it's seriously back firing this morning. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ brian, feliz navida. >> merry christmas eve. thank you to pro flowers for decking out our studio this morning and making everything look so beautiful here.
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>> feliz navida. >> these are from everyone goes to 1-800-flowers. these are fantastic. >> you know what i like about them, too, once you sign up, they remember you. they're happy to hear from you. you proceed to the checkout right away. they remember you because you continue to send to the same people. you click on them, they'll remember the exact address. >> pro flowers. >> i'm pro flowering. >> sometimes you can get e-mail notification saying, it's so and so's birthday. >> right. i delete that. >> i like to be surprised. >> mom and wife would appreciate it. >> we have a jam packed show for you this morning. timothy dolan is in the house. i think that's why we decked out the flowers in here. >> is he ever in a bad mood? >> no, he's not. we wanted the place to look friendly for him. >> that's why we didn't go for amateur flowers, we went to the pros. >> right now we'll get to the fox news alert.
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the weather in the south and midwest. mississippi, strong winds blowing a semi truck off the road slamming it on its side. you see the tornado here. >> the weather triggering nationwide delays. >> abby huntsman has the latest. >> path of destruction across the south and midwest. more than a dozen twisters ripping across several states. at least six people are dead, three in mississippi including a 7-year-old boy. two in tennessee and one in arkansas. dozens are left injured. nearly 70 million americans are in the storm zone stretching from new orleans to chicago. mississippi caught the brunt of those storms. homes there left destroyed or damaged. families combing through that debris. thousands are now without power. search and rescue teams are conducting house-by-house hunt
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for survivors making sure neighbors are accounted for. a tree was uprooted sent into a home killing a woman. others nearly escaped the savage weather alive. >> it did look like a small tornado. the debris begin to come in, the cloud. it snapped off a pine tree by my truck and i just sat with my seat belt on and just said, lord, just let me survive this. >> the bad weather and holiday rush is snarling air travel across the country. airlines are juggling flight times and adding red eyes in an effort to keep up with the demand. according to airlines for america, 38 million passengers will travel by plane over the next 17 day period spanning christmas and new year's. starting with a fox news alert, guys, it's going to be a busy, busy time for people and bad weather in places. >> yeah. that's being covered so far. sadly we'll see the aftermath continue to unfold. abbey, we'll see you shortly in the studio. meanwhile, i have to tell
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you the nba is springing into action. there was a time in the '60s where you look at bill russell, jim brown, muhammad ali they would spring into action. we had michael jordan era. they were making his shoes and his socks and his jerseys, the sweat shops. people said what happened to those days when athletes got more involved. then something like this. the nba at the behest of and really the idea of spike lee combining with john skipper with the fullbacking of the commissioner of the nba have come out with some anti-gun ads and they're going to be on your television today and tomorrow. >> yeah, they're going to be on christmas day. the most watched nba games of the year. you mentioned spike lee. this came out of an idea over thanksgiving. he kicked the idea around. interestingly they're partnering with michael bloomberg's every town for gun safety. they came up with this over thanksgiving.
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they got some cheap air time because they partnered with the nba. instead of spending money on these ads, the nba said we'll do it. we'll cut you a huge discount to run the ads during christmas. >> the nba and other professional sports leagues and teams have dealt with gun violence in the past. some of the names have even changed like the washington bullets had their name changed. >> wizards. >> the wizards. >> and in 2010 gilbert arena with washington pleaded guilty to bringing four guns to the team's locker room. it's not something that they are too separated from either. so they feel like they want to get involved. >> in the city there's been a lot of violence, especially places like chicago. spike lee did a documentary calling it mini iraq. if you're anti-shooting and anti-illegal guns, i think it's a great move. if you're coming out against the second amendment, that's another thing. what i read about the ad, i haven't seen the whole thing, just clips, i don't think it's anti-second amendment, it's
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saying be responsible. maria donovan, i have your "daily news." where does this come from with that ad. now all of a sudden you're going after the nra and the nba is leading the charge. wayne lapierre is the enemy. he's dressed like daniel boone with a machine gun in his hand. is it that necessary to make these sensational istic ads? >> they're making it about that. the ad isn't that at all. it's actually addressing -- it's addressing -- doesn't go that far actually. some of the nba stars come out and talk about having seen gun violence, the 3-year-old with the same age that a 3-year-old that was shot, that we can end this violence. >> steve kph curry said i hearda i 3-year-old that was shot from being in the wrong place at the wrong time and i have a 3-year-old. >> americans want something to
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be done but is limiting the second amendment the way to do it? is having propaganda like on the cover of "the daily news" the way to do it? you're enjoying your basketball games on christmas. do you want politics -- >> the nfl weighed in on domestic violence issue, had ads repeatedly during the games. >> they had a series of incidents they were forced to respond to. i don't think the nba felt pressure, they were trying to lead the cause. let's get your response. there's no wrong answer. we want your answer at 8 minutes after the hour. start weighing in on facebook and everything else. a little bit later we do have an ad everyone can get behind from a major corporation. >> that's right. we'll show you that one. first, leah gabrielle is gracing us with her presence. >> thank you for saying that. good morning to all of you. we have a lot of headlines to get to. two texas police officers shot in the line of duty. officer cory westert seen here and sergeant pedro gonzalez. this is video not picture.
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they were trying to serve a search warrant when the suspect opened fire hitting them both. the gunman then barricaded himself inside his odessa apartment leading to a nine-hour apartment. he eventually surrendered. both officers fortunately will be okay. gunfire explodes on an arizona freeway. two people shot in an apparent road rage incident in phoenix. one person was shot in the chest, the other shot in the leg. circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear. sections of the 101 freeway remain closed at this hour. the remains of the six americans killed in afghanistan are now home. flag draped caskets carrying their bodies arriving at dover airbase during a dignified transfer ceremony. at bagram airbase their helmets, rifles, and boots were on display during a solemn memorial. the six air force members were killed when a taliban bomber rammed his motorcycle into patrol. one of the victims is nypd detective joseph lemm.
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an organization is now raising money for his family. you can donate at brand new video coming out of the biblical birth place of jesus. the mass will take place at the church of the nativity. it's still on the site where shepherds have said to have visited baby jesus some 2,000 years ago. those are your headlines. back to you guys. >> big debate we had every year. was there a drummer boy? we cannot get verification of the drummer boy. >> we'll work on that. >> he would have played for him. >> right. now let's talk about a magazine that you get every day because you like the free cologne. >> often i'm on the cover of this magazine. >> really? i get every issue. >> you haven't seen this. >> girls are crazy about a sharp dressed man. "gq" have come out with the worst people of 2015.
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it contains gop candidates. what may surprise you is hillary rodham clinton beats out all of them. >> here's what it says in the magazine, remember cool hillary clinton back when she was checking her phone with her sunglasses on? yeah, that hillary clinton is gone, kids. hopelessly corrupt pander-bot 2008 hillary is back. and remarkably she seems to believe yet again that her lengthy history of cynical bought and paid for i didn't sell out every last one of my constituents. >> she made the "gq" list you don't want to be. david cameron, he did something with a pig. cameron crow who didn't. kim davis. >> that's a very flattering drawing, by the way. >> that is fantastic.
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>> jared fogle. >> same-sex marriage license. >> she's on the same list as jared fogle. >> so is jeb bush and bill cosby. >> as the subway pedophiles. >> terrance howard because he had the domestic abuse claims and i mention sepp blatter again because he used to run fifa but it turns out he's very corrupt. >> "gq" is the one that gets folks talking about them like we are this morning. you remember some of the other things we've done in the past, too. >> there's a number of liberals here on this list. i'm surprised that they're doing this. anyway, if you want to read "gq" then you can read the full list there. they did pick the fantastic four, the movie. that was terrible. that was on their worst list this year. >> i never saw that. >> yeah, exactly. >> it was one of the few comic book movies that was a huge hit. meanwhile, let's talk about this. >> that was not a huge hit. >> it was a total bomb. >> it was a total bomb. i don't blame michael b. jordan
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but i digress. hillary clinton would really like the hispanic vote. you ask me how i know. i think because she's about to be a grandmother again and she decided to go bilingual. she's lingual and she decided to go bilingual. she said she should not be the only grandmother enjoying being a grandmother. everyone should have it. here's an example of her with her new hashtag. her hashtag is this if you don't think she's hispandoring. #notmyabuela. >> her campaign came out with a list of things. abuela is grandmother. she reads to you before you go to bed at night, she has grandkids. all these list of things, but then twitter went wild yesterday saying, that doesn't sound like my abuela, #notmyabuela. >> pandering.
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you can weigh in on that. more on that friends and fox coming up here, which one of these stars was good enough to get a visit from santa tonight? we'll tell you who made washington's naughty and nice list. that is next. who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america
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try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. welcome back. santa is making a list and checking it twice. which names in the world of politics are naughty or nice? joining us is senior editor at "the federalist" molly hemming way. nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> merry christmas. these folks will start off on this list. bobby jindal, paul ryan, marco rubio. naughty or nice? >> absolutely nice. leaving aside lindsey graham, they had the best executive experience out there. they enacted tough policy and they had good ideas for the
3:17 am
country as a whole. when their candidacy didn't take off they got out. that's a really difficult thing to do. other campaigns have caught fire less than these have been staying in. they're nice for knowing when to leave. >> it's a weird time in our life. marco rubio. >> earlier this week the washington post inexplicably published a cartoon caricaturing ted cruz's kids as chained monkeys. it was a low blow going against a family. they pulled the ad. while it was going on, marco rubio of all people, came out and defended ted cruz and went after "the washington post" for its low blow. he gets a nice since he's been fighting with ted cruz for the last week. >> what about paul ryan here? >> okay. now if he keeps on shepereding through bloated budgets that continue to fund planned parenthood, he might not stay on this list. but paul ryan took a job nobody in d.c. wanted. he didn't want it himself. he wanted to stay on as budget
3:18 am
chairman. when john boehner stepped down and the replacement didn't work out, paul ryan agreed to help out a very divided caucus there in the republican party, and particularly people will be seeing how he does next year. for the time being definitely on the nice list. >> he grew a beard to become closer to santa. >> lovely, lovely beard. >> what about "the new york times" this year, naughty or nice? >> "the new york times" always struggles, but this year was particularly bad for the newspaper. one of the things that stood out was that after the recent terrorist attack in san bernardino they took to the front page and published an editorial that rather than talking about terrorism or islamist terrorism, they decided the problem was gun control. while gun control advocates have long claimed they just want sensible gun control, they actually called for confiscation of guns on the front page of the paper. this shows how extreme the gun control movement is. >> the first time in 92 years they put an editorial on the front page. >> the democratic national
3:19 am
committee, dnc, naughty or nice? >> naughty. the democratic national committee exists to help out democratic candidates but they have been functioning basically as an arm of the hillary clinton campaign. they have been not letting people have debates. they know hillary clinton doesn't do well in debates. they've kept debates limited. they've put them on late at night on weekends when nobody is watching. when people complain about it, they treat them very poorly whether it's bernie sanders who's been treated very unfairly by the committee. >> bernie sanders saying, hey, can you stop putting debates on saturday night? nobody watches saturday night television. can we get help here? >> it's funny, actually. >> i know. speaking of hillary clinton, did she make the naughty or nice list according to you this year? >> hillary clinton deserves a visit from her year. at the beginning of the year we learned there were countries donating to her foundation while she was secretary of state that she forgot to tell anybody about
3:20 am
even though these countries were doing business with her. she set up a private e-mail account and then she decides she alone will share which e-mails she thinks are appropriate. we learn from those e-mails that she knew all along that benghazi was a terrorist attack and not due to a video. even just this last week she claimed that isis was using donald trump in its propaganda videos when it was actually her husband who's appearing in these videos. >> oops. >> horrible year. >> 2016 is any better for the hillary clinton campaign. molly, great to see you this morning. merry christmas. >> you, too. coming up here on the show, before you go to the airport you're going to want to hear this. the tsa can now make you go through the whole body scanners whether you want to or not. we'll explain. one of the top tools the nypd is using to protect against terrorist attacks. horses. you'll see the officers in action. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i cannot believe this. it's on fire. it just blew up. >> some quick consumer headlines
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now. the feds are turning up the heat on hoverboards. pun intended. 1600 fires in 12 states. they're calling this a priority investigation. i have one. remind me, mental note, make that a priority. have you stayed at a hayat hotel recently? check your credit card statement. the hotel says it found malware on the payment processing system. the breach was discovered a week ago but hayatt didn't tell customers until yesterday. the tsa can now make you useful body scanners at the airport. the agency changing security procedures just in time for the holidays. travelers can still request a patdown but may be denied. all right. thanks to anna coyman. we've seen how the nypd searches for threats underwater. >> and how they use dogs to fight their fight against terror. >> and they have the latest tool. get this. it's the horse.
3:25 am
horses. >> horses. mounted unit. you see them in times square and central park. they're not just there to take pictures with tourists. they're the first line of defense against terror in some of the most populated parts of the city. with millions of people headed to new york city for new year's eve, their training is ready for action. let's look. >> shots fired. >> reporter: as americans feel anxiety with terror attacks hitting the west, the nypd is soothing those fears with four-legged partners. >> the best way to fight counter terrorism is visibility. it's comforting, it's a deterrent for the bad guys. >> it's a real tool to use in counter terrorism. >> reporter: a critical tool used in times square five years ago. a pakistani immigrant who later admitted getting $15,000 in explosives training from the taliban tried to set off a car
3:26 am
bomb in times square. it smoked but never went off. >> how was the mounted unit used in 2010 during that incident? >> one of our officers was assigned to times square. he was alerted by a vendor. he approached on a horse. it's a prime example of residents being an extra set of eyes and ears and abiding by the request, if you see something, say something. >> for some reason they're drawn to horses. that's exactly what happened in that particular scenario. >> the nypd mounted unit has 100 officers and 60 horses keeping us save. on new year's eve they'll be working overtime as they gather at the crossroads of the world to watch the ball drop. >> what are the horses capable of? >> if there ever were an incident where fire trucks were needed to come in, more police officers needed to come in by
3:27 am
vehicles, how would you lead them in? >> we would alert people which way to exit and we would be there to stop people from coming back into the location. >> see a line of horses and that often is a deterrent. people really don't want to cross that line. >> reporter: caring for these horses and getting them trained is a tall order. the nypd recently unveiled a 26,000 square foot facility that has 27 box stalls and comes with a price tag of $30 million. we hear sirens right now but these horses are not rattled at all. how do you pick a horse with a proper temperament? >> our horses are selected and it's a 60-day trial period with training. our horses go through all types of nuisances. we have smoke, we have fire, we have sirens, we have loud bangs to desensitize the horse to that to be sure that when they come out on patrol they're not spooked or rattled. with the war on cops
3:28 am
reaching a fever pitch in some communities, mounted units like the nypd are a great deterrent. >> i love being out here. you meet people from the world. you're an ambassador. not just a police officer, an ambassador for the country. >> they said the mounted units are not utilized enough. now fewer than 100 forces have them. a decade ago 300 forces had them. because of budget cuts and things of that nature, they've been downgraded. they're a deterrent. >> you have to negotiate through pedestrians, the city, and you have to fight crime and ride a horse. >> great job. unlikely duo. >> two minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up straight ahead, new this morning, homeland security planning a massive raid to deport hundreds of families here illegally. we have a live report from washington next. don't set your christmas dinner menu just yet. we may have something that will change your mind. we're cooking up the perfect
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wallet. if the wonder wallet lives up to the hype, i can take this wallet -- >> no wonder you have such back pain. >> i'm going to take this wallet and make it this wallet tomorrow on the show. >> so that was yesterday. >> during commercial breaks he was sorting out the old wallet and -- >> during radio i completed the transition expecting fully to go back by 3:00 in the afternoon. not only am i a wonder wallet convert, it's changed my life. i feel lighter. i almost feel like i don't have a wallet. >> you're not walking with a limp anymore. >> not anymore. not only that -- >> amazing. >> -- i'm actually selling the wonder wallet. people who watch our show, because you were on it -- >> i saw you walk up seventh avenue. >> can i see the wallet? you can take one look. i show them quickly everything. i expose all my credit cards. >> what i want to know -- >> everyone's like, i'm ordering a wonder wallet. >> i have a question for you. i got to hold that thing, it was like ten pounds.
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there are 40 different cards in there. >> maybe more. >> membership cards, burger king kids club, panera bread. when you were going through the cards, do you need all of them? >> this is a man who's not in the costco club, who's not been asked in the hertz gold club. >> elite status card. >> when you're in the american advantage gold program, you want to carry that card, not just to meet people to impress, but be able to have instant access. >> from your standpoint, mr. text guy, how much can you get rid of and put on your cell phone? >> here's my wallet now. this is my wallet. >> that's not so wonderful. >> using apple pay and keeping all your cards and all your gift cards you keep it on one thing. >> those rewards cards you can type in your phone number and you don't have to carry around the card. >> not with me, now i've got it all thanks to the wonder wallet. >> bing. >> $19.95. >> if you act now, clayton and -- >> sorry. >> i'm trying to explain to you this great gift that lauren and
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jen gave me and you're trying to criticize my life, which is open -- >> one more step. >> okay. >> maybe eventually in six months i'll give the present back. is that what you're hoping for, clayton? >> do you still have to keep that in your man bag? >> no. now i keep it on my hip. when people say what's in your pocket? i say, it's my wonder wallet. >> wow. >> all right. >> there are other things making news this morning. >> imagine, there's other news happening besides brian's wallet. big story developing, homeland security readying a series of immigration raids in the new year. >> garrett tenny joins us from washington, d.c., with more on the operation. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, anna, and brian. sources familiar with the plan tell the post the campaign would be the first large scale effort to deport families who have fled violence in central america. earlier this week the department of homeland security released
3:35 am
its year end statistics disclosing that this past year the agency deported about 235,000 immigrants. the fewest deportations since 2006. i.c.e. officials say that of those deported in the last year, 86% were considered, quote, priority one, which means they were recent unlawful border entrants or convicted or aggravated felons. department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson has admitted his agency would be making deportation a priority next year saying in a statement, in 2016 and beyond i want to focus even more interior enforcement resources on removing convicted criminals. the i.c.e. operation would target only adults and children who have already been ordered removed from the u.s. by an immigration judge according to officials familiar with the undertaking. these individuals would be detained and deported wherever they can be found. those are not expected to be numbered in the thousands, more along the lines of hundreds. back to y'all. >> garrett tenney, thank you
3:36 am
very much. >> that was a big story last year. we want to find out where those families are going this year. meanwhile, 25 minutes before the hour, just a glance to my left tells me leah gabrielle is prepared to give us the news. a protest in minnesota yesterday. >> i am indeed prepared. black lives matter protesters making their voices heard during the holiday rush in minnesota. >> no justice, no peace! >> hundreds of demonstrators filling the mall of america. 80 stores had to close while police cleared them out. minutes later they were causing chaos at minneapolis st. paul international airport. >> black lives matter. black lives matter. >> and those protesters you see blocked security checkpoints leading to flight delays, and guess who's defending the group? democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. >> lethal force is the last
3:37 am
response, not the first response, and i think the work of people in black lives matter has helped the focus on that issue. >> in all, 15 people were arrested at both locations. and speaking of travel and airports, nearly 200 passengers headed to california for the holidays taking an unexpected detour in texas. mechanical issues forcing a los angeles bound flight in miami to land in lubbock, texas. no one was hurt and passengers were able to board another flight to los angeles. well, forget a little prayer. madonna is using the power of the courts to get her son home, rather, for christmas. ♪ when you call my name, it's like a little bell ♪ ♪ down on my knees, i want to take you there ♪ >> a new york judge just ordered madonna's 15-year-old son rocco to return to the states. he refused to board a plane in
3:38 am
london. that's where he's been staying with his father. the judge says if he wants to stay with his father he has to return home to his mother first. those are your headlines, anna, clayton, brian. >> he doesn't want to go on tour with his mother. he shouldn't have to. i side with guy ritchie in that. >> i guess not. she is cool though. >> i guess, unless you're her son. meanwhile, are you ready to cook christmas dinner for your family or will it turn out like this? >> those flames were really big, dad. >> turkey's funny that way. >> dad! >> tastes great. here to make sure that doesn't happen to you is james riscione and brook from the couple's kitchen. james is the author of "the great cook." merry christmas. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the beef roast this year. >> beef roast. not going to let that happen in the oven.
3:39 am
this is a great trick for the roast. put it in at 150, 200 degrees and let it cook until you hit 125 degrees, stick the thermometer in there. take it out and sear it on the stove top. >> how long are you talking? >> for this piece here it was in the oven for -- it was in the oven for an hour and a half. >> you know what the trick is? even if he ruins that, we're going to have our smithfield spiral sliced ham. sometimes i don't always attract my husband's technique. >> backup plan. >> smithfield's spiral sliced ham. it's a center piece of the table. i love it, it's pre-cooked. in case something happens, i have this gorgeous ham. great for leftovers, too. >> that brings to mind my two favorite things, ham and cheese. >> making this up. >> we have our favorites here, wisconsin based artismal based
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cheese makers. >> we use their cheeses and mix it in with the ham, mix it in with the potatoes, shredded potatoes. >> i had one of these earlier before the show because it smelled too good in the studio. >> right. >> grab one. >> the beauty of this, you're not tying up the oven, you're not tying up the stove top. you have the waffle iron working double time here. >> i would not try that. >> potatoes, scallions, cheese, ham. eggo waffles. >> you don't have to put batter in there? >> no. >> magic of television. >> great waffles and potaffles. cronuts. then we have our dessert buffet. everyone loves show stopping desserts. to go with that, you have to have bubbly to make it festive. we have a dress code edition. new, gray, white, black bottles. we have our vila now cava. both from spain.
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both are more affordable options to champaign made in the champaign method both with bubbles. >> are you hosting this year? >> yes, we always host. >> the expectations must be through the roof. >> here we are. >> they've been together since summer camp as kids. >> you know what -- >> but the key here is -- >> to the happiness. >> -- rolling in in our house, if you leave a little whisky out for santa, usually a little bit better to you. so we're making some whisky treats here. this makes a beautiful cocktail. these are naughty and spice. >> these are whisky rice crispies. >> you can do it. >> these are beautiful. kind of like your santa's rice crispies. great new bourbon straight from the barrel to the bottle. >> merry christmas, you guys. >> merry christmas. >> thank you very much, brooke. >> thank you. >> have a great christmas. i know it will come out great. we hope we can say the same
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thing about ours. straight ahead. >> yeah, we told you about the six american heroes killed by a homicide bomber on a motorcycle in afghanistan. that attack could help the case of another soldier in prison for the death of three afghans on motorcycles. the lawyer fighting for that lieutenant joins us live next. dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz has new competition. the surprising person challenging her congressional seat. ♪ ♪
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quarter till the top of the hour. quick political headlines for you now. senator ted cruz firing back at "the washington post" after this car poon portrays his daughters as monkeys. it says hillary clinton with the "new york times" and washington post on a leach. cruz calling the papers her last dogs. and the man who landed his gyrocopter on the white house lawn plans to run for congress against debbie wasserman schultz. douglas hughes lawyers say he's running for office and will allow him to legally work towards the political reforms washington needs. brian? it's the largest loss of u.s. troops in afghanistan since 2013. six american service men killed
3:46 am
by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle. it's bringing a past case to the forefront. in 2012 clint laurentz ordered his troops to open fire on three men riding motorcycles through their area. we see motorcyclists, too. prosecutors concluded they were innocent civilians and he, as a commanding officer, was sentenced to 19 years in prison but could this latest attack lend credibility to his case? let's ask his attorney, kournl john mayer. cornel, thanks for joining us. what does this do for your case? >> i'll tell you, brian, it underscores the fact that motorcycle riders in afghanistan follow a tpp, techniques,
3:47 am
tactics and procedures. otherwise we'd call it an m.o. on the civilian side of the house. the enemy uses that to capitalize on our own rules of engagement. if we look at what happened to those six airmen on patrol in b bagram, it's particularly interesting that there are no rounds fired by the americans. that means they did not perceive imminent danger, they did not perceive a hostile intent or hostile act by virtue of the motorcycle riding up. the enemy knows that. it appears they may have capitalized on that vulnerability of our rules of engagement. it's a horrifically dangerous job and it's unforgiving as we've seen. with regard to clint's case, it's strikingly similar because a very similar ttp or m.o. was used and that is three individuals riding oen a single motorcycle back to back at a high rate of speed towards his exposed platoon behind a mine sweeper across an exposed
3:48 am
position and those motorcycle riders were disregarding -- >> right. >> -- ana warnings to stop. para troopers opened fire and testified that he believed they possessed hostile intent and hostile acts. nevertheless, the government prosecuted under the theory that they were innocent victims. >> he has a great record going in a commanding officer in a war zone. he wanted a 20 year career. he has 18 years in prison. how dare we judge his behavior in a war zone? how dare we -- look at what happened on saturday and talk to those families and not look at what happened -- what clint did and command it, he commanded his men to do and allow him to stay in prison? >> i'll tell you, brian, if clint were here today, i think i could say this with a great measure of accuracy, he would say that he would have rather have made the decision he made and bring all his para troopers
3:49 am
home than hesitated and not bring them home. >> right. and let's just say this, colonel, there needs to be a petition to bring this up again. where are we at right now about putting him back in the courtroom? >> well, there's two developments since we visited last, brian. the army court of criminal appeals sits in virginia. that's a three-judge panel. they have a petition for new trial. it's up ready for them to make a decision. the government has responded. that means both sides of the case are before the court. the premise there, the idea is the government knew and withheld evidence that the men clint ordered fired upon were not innocent civilians but instead the evidence shows that they were members of i.e.d. networks and those i.e.d. networks inflicted casualties upon 82nd airborne para troopers prior to july 2nd, the date in question. >> right. >> that is up before the court. the second piece that has happened since we visited last is that an appeal has been filed. that's a much larger mechanism and it covers all the errors.
3:50 am
>> you know what, colonel john mayer, we're going to follow this case. since the army times and everybody writes this up, it may have played a role to the deaths of the six on saturday because of what happened toclient, clint lorance a year ago as he sits in prison today. colonel, thanks so much. >> thank you, sir. happy holidays. >> all right. same to you. hopefully this is his last christmas in prison. did you see this rand paul tweet? quote, i have new grievances against my fellow doc ben carson because i've not heard a word he has said in any debate. ouch. more of his festivus greetings ahead. you probably heard poinsettias are poisonous to your kids. but is that true? we are separating holiday help, fact and fiction. next. i will not lick this.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
oh, my gosh. how much do you weigh, ross? >> i'd like to not answer that right now. i'm still carrying a little holiday weight. >> we've all felt like that before. so is holiday weight gain real or just a myth? here to put the holiday hazards to the truth test. dr. mark sec siegel. >> merry christmas. >> holiday weight gain always a huge problem. or so people think. a five pound gain is that typical during the holidays? people think they put on the holiday five pounds. true, false? >> your guys case for sure it's not. but it's fiction. this is absolutely fiction. people think they put on five pounds. they don't. the national institutes of health did a study on this. the average weight gain is one pound. except if you think you're going to put on five pounds and you
3:55 am
say, what the heck, i'll have those cookies, i'll eat that cake. the heck with it, then you'll gain five pounds. the bad news is if you put on a pound, you're not going to lose it so easily in the new year. so don't do it. >> but that's like a real pound, right? i mean sometimes you might gain five pounds but it's because you've had so much dog gone sodium in all the -- >> oh, salt. right, right. >> a weekend drinking binge, absolutely. absolutely. this is a real one pound. and you're going to keep it on. so be careful. but it's not five pounds. >> how about poinsettias? >> moments ago anna tried to poison brian with the poinsettias. are they toxic? >> i saw brian holding up that plant. i have to tell you, you could eat an entire poinsettia and nothing would happen to you. brian's worried about nothing. but i'll tell you what is poisonous, those holly berries. you know those red holly berries. if you eat about ten of those you're going to end up in the hospital. watch out for those berries. the poinsettias, no problem. nobody should eat the thing. but it is not poisonous. >> okay. next up, kids and sugar.
3:56 am
these cookies and cakes and pies, is it going to be making them all hyperactive and going nuts? >> anna, parents think so. every parent out there thinks if they feed their kid chocolate or candies or cooking that they're going to get hyper. twelve great studies did not show that. one thing that it does, it causes you to gain weight. do not feed your kid cookies because they're going to get fat. but they're not going to get hyper. >> here's the age-old tale, beer before liquor, never sticker, liquor before beer you're in the clear. does that work? >> you're a beer drinker, i'm a beer drinker. i know your favorite one. the truth is it doesn't matter what you drink. it's the alcohol that's the problem. too much alcohol is the issue. >> so doesn't matter which order? >> doesn't matter which one you drink first. people out there drink water with your alcohol. don't have a beer in one hand and hard liquor, have a glass of water because you get dehydrated. >> start with beer then go to the wine, then to the whiskey. that's a good order. >> any order is okay. but just don't overdo it.
3:57 am
>> merry christmas. >> and don't make it -- >> right. >> dr. siegel, thank you so much. >> great to see you. >> coming up on the show. have you seen this guy who stood outside the jets stadium begging for a spot on the team? did it work? the incredible update at the top of the hour. >> look at his sign. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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hi friends, good morning today. it's thursday, the 24th of december, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. extreme weather turning deadly. tornadoes toppling semis off the road and ripping homes to shreds. also causing an absolute nightmare for 100 million travelers trying to get home for the holiday. and the worst may be yet to come. and the nba set to air five anti-gun ads during the most watched christmas day games. yep, you're going to be seeing these ads all day. is this a good idea to end gun violence, or an attack on the second amendment? your e-mails are pouring in. and we have them. and the debate drama, the gop candidate threatening to skip the next presidential debate. we'll tell you who it is. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
>> hi this is dawn maloney makeup artist at "fox & friends." happy holidays, i make the news look good. ♪ here comes santa claus right down santa claus lane ♪ >> you're looking right at the children, children who are -- and you're looking live at norad. they're actually tracking santa claus. >> right now, yes. >> so he's got to be close to going over australia. because it's about what, 11:00 there? >> the thing with norad is they have a bunch of satellites tracking him. when they pass one of the satellites rudolph's nose lights it up. >> a lot of people think norad helps santa. they just track santa. >> he's on his own mission. they're going to provide us with inside information. about >> if norad were telling him what to do they'd say move on to the next house. >> and rudolph wants the rhine deer treats. >> slow down. >> turns out, santa now wants whiskey. right?
4:02 am
>> wouldn't you have a long night? >> a big route i'm going to save the whiskey until the end. but i'm not santa. in fred clause you realize fred has the opportunity to be santa -- >> don't ruin it. >> no spoilers. >> you haven't seen it yet? >> fred clause the brother of santa? >> we're going to get to all of your holiday movies this morning coming up a little bit later. first right to your fox news alert. deadly weather sweeping across parts of the south and midwest making it a mess out there. >> in mississippi strong winds blowing a semi truck off the road slamming it right on its side. >> the weather also triggering nationwide delays for holiday travelers. >> abby huntsman has the very latest on this messy weather. >> good morning. brutal storms claiming lives, leaving a path of destruction across the south and the midwest. more than a dozen twisters ripping across several states, at least six people are dead.
4:03 am
three in mississippi, including a 7-year-old boy, two in tennessee, and one in arkansas. dozens are left injured. nearly 70 million americans are in the storm zone. stretching from new orleans to chicago mississippi caught the brunt of those storms, homes there left destroyed or damaged. families combing through the debris. thousands are now without power. search and rescue teams are conducting house by house hunts for survivors making sure neighbors are accounted for. high winds and heavy rain in arkansas pulled a tree up from its roots sending it into a home killing a woman. others narrowly escaped the savage weather alive. >> we've got a small tornado. the debris snapped off a pine tree but my truck and i just slammed my seat belt on and said lord, we've got to survive this. >> bad weather and holiday rush is snarling air traffic across the country. airlines are juggling flight times and adding red eyes in an effort to keep up with that
4:04 am
demand. according to the industry group airlines for america, 38 million passengers will travel by plane over the next 17-day period spanning christmas and new year's. guys, your couch looks pretty comfortable to me. >> absolutely, yes. >> you do not want to deal with those delays. you do not want to be in airports. thanks a lot, abby. i know you're working all week. >> lea gabriel is standing by with a look at fox news alert. >> good morning, guys. two police officers shot in the line of duty, officer cory westard seen in this picture and sergeant pedro gonzalez were trying to serve a warrant when the suspect opened fire, hitting them both. the gunmen then barricaded himself inside his odessa apartment leading to a nine-hour standoff. he eventually surrendered and is now behind bars. both officers are expected to be okay. new overnight gunfire explodes on an arizona freeway. two people shot in apparent road
4:05 am
rage incident near phoenix. police say one person was shot in the chest, the other shot in the leg. circumstances surrounding that shooting are still unclear. but sections of the 101 freeway remain closed at this hour. and a new warning right now for americans in china. the u.s. and british embassies say they have information about possible terror threats in beijing. those threats target foreigners visiting a popular shopping district around christmas. security now being stepped up in that area as a precaution embassies are urging everyone to be vigilant. and the nfl wide receiver who held a sign begging for work, he has found it. joe anderson stood outside the texans stadium in houston with a sign that read, not homeless, but starving for success. will run routes for food. now the former bears wideout has been signed to the practice squad. anderson says he is so thankful to have a job during the holidays. and those are your headlines. back to you. >> and he's sitting right next to our good buddy brandon marshall. thank you very much, lea. all right. >> so from football to the nba,
4:06 am
one of the most watched series of games during the nba season is on christmas day. >> the great thing they did. they dominate christmas day. make the guys play with time zones and everything from noon i think all the way through the night. >> so speak lee has put together five ads that are going to air, and they're anti-gun violence ads. high profile christmas day games. a great idea we're asking you, is it a great idea or should people be able to watch the games without politics getting into it? some of the big stars that are in it, steph curry, chris paul, carmelo anthony. they're trying to tug on the heartstrings of americans. i would say probably to rally their lawmakers on this. you know, you mentioned the gang members probably aren't going to be listening to this. >> i saw that story in a 30 second spot let's stop shooting each other. i do think there's a way to try to get through to people if they look up to these guys in the nba. and the nba is the hottest league around and these guys are
4:07 am
extremely well respected. if they're going to look for guys that oftentimes come from the inner city to speak out not against the second paemt per se but against gun violence. say it's got to stop. and they talk about their own personal experiences. that's what spike lee did when he got together with the nba. >> and in this ad he talks about little kids being shot. they're saying, one of the stars says, you know, my mom told me that a bullet doesn't have a name on it. >> chris paul. >> and then 3-year-old being shot. so they're talking about the violence in their communities. it seems like. and they're not going against -- not going after the second amendment. illegal guns, people, our sons and daughters -- >> then you bring up the second amendment and the gun fight literally and start battling against people trying to take your guns away instead of everybody's against violence. if anyone is for sandy hook? absolutely not. it's not going to stop aurora what happened in that movie theater? absolutely not. would these ads give people an awareness to be more responsible gun owners. >> shawn on twitter says if i
4:08 am
don't tell them how to play a game they don't need to tell me how to defend myself. >> that's not what the ad is really saying. >> carl says the nba should speak out against all violence with the large, young male audience that greatly looks up to the league's stars. they should send a message of finding peaceful conflict resolution. well said, carl. >> anna, i think a lot of people don't want to have to say anything about society just play sports. nancy says wondering how many of these anti-gun violence ads, participants, have bodyguards and home security or have a license to carry a gun themselves. >> one thing, a lot of these teams are in these big cities where most of this violence is happening, chicago, washington, philadelphia, murder capitals of this country. that's where the nba has teams. you can go downtown and watch a game. you might come out and have police cars zipping around the corner on their way to another homicide. >> i think their intent is to end gun violence in america. you don't want an unintended consequence to have somebody who has a concealed carry to be demonized. >> let's talk about something positive. >> here's an ad we can all get
4:09 am
behind. when you see brian kilmeade walking down the hallway -- >> because i'm looking at the wonder wallet. >> or your iphone or your mobile phone. at&t has a new ad this holiday season, remember, at&t sells phones. and they want you to buy their plans, which can be pretty expensive. so it's kind of surprising that they came out with this ad. take a look. ♪ season, give the present of being present. >> great line. they call it a digital detox. and the people that got you intoxicated and hooked on this, part of the people, at&t, are saying put it down and get this, talk to each other. >> good, i'm glad.
4:10 am
you know, i think they're realizing, like a lot of companies, that we're sort of reaching the tipping point with technology. >> i agree. >> kids having neck problems because they're constantly hunched over. >> having addiction problems. they wake up and that's the first thing they do is check their messages. >> the thing about the smartphones. it's not like you're just on facebook and twitter, social media, texting your friends the entire time. they're playing games instead of playing candyland with your siblings. you're playing candy crush on your phone. it makes you have this -- this attitude of solitude in a lot of -- >> yeah, all right. i'll take a break. everyone at fox promise the world no more breaking news during christmas. no e-mails -- >> nobody e-mail brian because he's not going to check it. >> exactly. now let's tell you what else is going on. you know about 2016, you think it's intense now, after christmas, after new year's it's really going to pick up the pace. iowa is around the corner and we have debates on january 14th. yesterday, rand paul on the radio on kilmeade and friends. he stunned me. we're going to have new rules
4:11 am
and new criteria to get on the first stage. top five nationally, or top five in iowa and new hampshire. that's going to leave about six people on the main stage and six on the other stage. probably will leave rand paul off the main stage. this is what he said to me about that. >> i won't participate in any kind of second tier debate. we've got a first tier campaign. i'm not going to let any network or anybody tell me we're not a first tier campaign. if you tell a campaign with three weeks to go that they're in the second tier, you destroy the campaign. this isn't the job of the media to pick who wins. the voters ought to get a chance. i mean this is going to lay it up in a lap for donald trump if you don't want to allow any competition. >> what do you think about that? you can weigh in on our facebook page this morning. basically saying he's not going to allow the media to dictate campaigns. but we certainly saw carly fiorina go from that second tier debate stage to the first tier debate stage after her performance in one of the lower tier debates. >> if you believe in your platform don't you want
4:12 am
everybody to hear it? >> right. one thing he says i don't want to be a second tier it will send the wrong message i'll never do well in iowa and new hampshire. my whole thing will implode. i'm set to win this thing in 30 states. he does not believe the polls. one example he gave me. ben carson. if you really think ben carson dropped 20 points over the last few weeks. one minute he's beating donald trump and now he's gone. if you look at the cnn poll they talked to 1,000 people. i know there's a science to it but we have 350 million people in this country. it's hard to imagine that a national poll of 1,000 people will decide who's hot and who's not. although you have some consistency there. it's always trump one, now it seems to be cruz two and carson three. the polls are in single digits consistently. >> there are a couple reports this week that show that donald trump's numbers may even be lower right now on some of these national polls than they actually are. because people if you take into account -- >> they're embarrassed to say -- >> take into account going on the websites. going online, vote anonymously and they that they support trump
4:13 am
but when they're called on the phone and asked if they're supporting him they'll say no they're not supporting him. his numbers may be even higher than they currently are. >> before he went on your program he went on twitter, and aired his festivus grievances. talking about his fellow candidates on twitter, and laughing out loud at this one here. >> what is festivus? a time to air your complaints. here's some of them. >> from seinfeld. >> after the debate, doesn't trump always tries to give us parting gifts of his made in china. weird. >> to my absentee friend marco rubio i didn't put your $100,000 salary in my waste report today but i could have. festivus. >> take that. >> and finally i have no grievances against my fellow doctor, real ben carson because i have not heard a word he has said in any debates. because he does not necessarily project himself. >> quiet. >> okay. so he likes festivus and does not want to be in the second tier debates. we're ready to notify on. >> let us know your thoughts on that.
4:14 am
>> a shocking report. an american who wanted to join isis and attack airports with rockets ends up working at a major u.s. airport. how does that happen? >> and the photo bomb this mother never saw coming. >> oh! woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything
4:15 am
we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
4:16 am
yep. disturbing new details developing in the case of a minnesota man facing terror related charges. his name is abdirizak warsame. if you're looking for him. don't worry. he's not there anymore. he boasted that he could build homemade rockets capable of taking down planes. now the disturbing part. he was working at the airport with access to those planes. >> security clearance, folks. kmsu reporter courtney god friday joins us live from
4:17 am
minneapolis with more. good morning. >> good morning, guys. and merry christmas. now, the latest revelations came about during testimony this week. an fbi agent took the stand and said 20-year-old abdirizak warsame worked as a baggage handler at minneapolis-st. paul airport. we can't confirm that he actually handled baggage, but we can confirm from 2013 to april 2014 he worked for a company that de-iced planes and until august 2014 he worked for a company that fuelled those planes. either way, he had the highest level of security clearance. and he had access to the most vulnerable parts of the airport. now, speaking of airplanes and aircraft, you mentioned rpgs. now, he was recorded telling a friend that he had the ability to build rocket-propelled grenades that could reach 2,000 feet. he told his friend this as they walked around a park in minneapolis where you can watch planes come and go, and he
4:18 am
implied that he could hit one of those planes. little did he know that his "friend" was an fbi informant. >> courtney, have you figured out what kind of background check airport employees have to go through? if they're going to have security clearance like this guy? >> oh, yeah. well, andy riz ack warsame, he didn't have a record. so they background checked him but there was nothing on his record until two weeks ago. in fact, we talked to some of his friends and community leaders where he grew up here in minneapolis and they said this is the last guy that they thought would be radicalized. he was positive. he had friends. he was very hopeful. he played basketball in the community. he was a poet. he was even involved in some of these groups that worked to keep these kids away from radicalization. in fact, his mother, we're told, works for the county government, and has encouraged other parents in the somali community to come forward. >> courtney, what's going on with the somali community? you know, minneapolis, your city's been a savior for so many
4:19 am
of them who are refugees, and now one by one we keep hearing a different story every week of one of them going to the dark side. >> yeah. well, there are different numbers, but there's about 10,000 to 50,000 depending who you talk to somali members of this minneapolis -- of our minneapolis community. you know, they were brought over by lutheran social services in the '80s and '90s, and now whenever a refugee leaves somalia, they say do you have family in the united states, and of course their family is here in minnesota, so they end up here. you know i do want to say 99.9% of them are wonderful people, great members of this society, but of course, there is a percentage of them that's becoming radicalized. >> about 20, right? >> you know, i'm not sure on numbers. i don't have those numbers. >> all right. at least you know, courtney, thanks so much. paints a different picture of this guy not being like a lone wolf guy who was, you know, ostracized. he was a member of community, playing basketball with friends
4:20 am
and mom is a member of the community. not sitting in his basement but apparently that didn't seem to help. >> just wanted to make rockets and shoot down planes. that's all. >> 20 minutes after the hour. he wanted to save a life by donating his kidney to a complete stranger. then he ended up saving his own life in the process. we'll explain that. the pastor and the man he saved join us for a heartwarming follow-up you won't want to miss. that's next.
4:21 am
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back. here's news by the numbers. 31 years and still paddling. surfing santa made his annual trip to niagara river, raising awareness of homelessness. next, $1600. that's how much a virginia waiter was tipped for a $275 bill. an anonymous group of six did it to spread some holiday cheer. and finally 7,000 cards. 10-year-old autistic boy in louisiana getting christmas cards from all around the world. this mother made a plea for holiday mail on social media and the request went viral. amazing. anna? >> clayton, thanks so much. 23 minutes after the hour. our next story is nothing short of a miracle. when pastor tim jones learned that he was a perfect match for a man he'd met just a few days earlier in need of a kidney
4:24 am
transplant, he didn't even think twice about donating his own. but little did he know that very decision would end up saving his life, too. >> they said that while they were in, that the renal artery going in to my kidney, there was an aneurysm. they said if they had not have found it, that it could have ruptured and i would have died. >> well that was almost nine months ago. and it was just the beginning of what would become a lifelong friendship between the two. pastor tim jones and the man who received that kidney, don herbert, join us now. thank you so much for being with us. how are you both doing today, first off? >> good morning. >> good morning. >> great. >> doing great. >> fantastic. thanks for sharing your story. john i want to start with you. how did this unlikely friendship begin? >> just a chance thing on a saturday afternoon, passing a little church, that was having a yard sale, and stopped in.
4:25 am
and the rest is pretty much all history. i got out of the car, and walked up and met this gentleman that i'd never met before, and we talked a little bit, and kind of left it at that that day and went our different ways and all. we became friends on facebook, and that was pretty much the end of the whole thing that day. >> right. but, but he was able -- pastor jones was able to give you something you needed so much. it saved your life. a new kidney. and pastor jones, while you're in surgery, what did doctors find? >> when i was in surgery, they had told my wife and i that it would be about 2 1/2 hour surgery. and i ended up being in surgery for about 7 hours and they found an aneurysm in my renal artery. >> and would you have found that for any other reason if you hadn't stepped up to the plate and tried to help out your friend, don? >> no, i was told that -- and
4:26 am
actually, this medical center told me, they didn't even find it during testing. so it was one of those that was kind of hidden away and i'd always been healthy so they said if i had not donated my kidney it probably would have never been found. >> so don, when you start this process you think that pastor jones is going to be saving your life, but in a way, you saved his, too, as well. how does that feel particularly around the holiday season? >> well, to me it's the greatest gift that i've ever received from someone, him giving me his kidney, you know, to give me another chance at life. and, him in return to be able to find the aneurysm and save his life it's nothing short of just god's amazing love and his -- how he works things out in his own way. >> pastor jones, have you shared this story with everybody in your congregation, and if so, how has it transformed them? >> well, obviously the media picked up on the story quite
4:27 am
early, but you know, we've -- don and i have been able to go and not only in our congregation, but we've shared it with a lot of churches, don singing and me and going and speaking, preaching messages. we try to tie it in to our testimony each and every time that we meet someone, and it's blessed a lot of people. this time of the year, you know, we always need to remember that jesus is the reason for the season. >> amen. >> and i preach that all the time. and let people know that it's our faith and this story is about faith. and it's about putting our faith and trust in god, and listening, and just believing, and you know, there was no doubt in my mind that things wouldn't work out, and it has. and it's been such a blessing to know this man. and to get our story out. >> don and pastor jones, thank you so much for your time, for sharing your story and continued health and happiness in 2016. >> thank you. >> thank you, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> 27 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up on the program.
4:28 am
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♪ we wish you a merry christmas we mish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas you can count on me ♪ ♪ please have snow >> the music gets so loud it will wake the baby up. >> it's the shot of the morning. the ultimate stocking stuffer. >> california hospital continues this tradition. they wrap newborns in bright red christmas stockings. >> we're not against this. nurses bring the babies to their families saying it's a way to give them their own little christmas miracles. and then they cry. >> but sew the swaddling blanket. does every hospital have that same blanket? >> yes, that blue and white striped one. >> i'm a swaddling ninja, brian. >> swaddled, immobilized and
4:32 am
they go back to sleep. >> that's right. >> so it's going to be a special christmas. especially if your first year with a new baby. >> congratulations ainsley. >> do you think she's up now? >> she's a new mom. she got up at 3:00 a.m. >> every 20 minutes through the whole night. >> we're a morning show. >> all right. let's get it over to lea gabriel standing by with a look at the headlines this morning. >> i sure am. hundreds of black lives matter protesters causing chaos all over minneapolis. >> no justice no peace. >> you saw demonstrators filling the mall of america, disrupting holiday shopping. 80 stores had to close while police cleared them out. then minutes later they were taking over minneapolis-st. paul international airport. [ chanting ] and there the protesters blocked security checkpoints, leading to
4:33 am
flight delays. and guess who is defending the group? democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. >> lethal force is the -- is the last response, not the first response. and i think the work of people in black lives matter has helped the focus on that issue. >> in all, 15 people were arrested at both of those locations. the largest vehicle recall in history, likely connected to another death in the u.s. investigators say a teenage boy appears to be the eighth person to die following an explosion by a takata air bag. the vehicle under recall was owned in a high humidity region, which increases the chances of explosion. the recall impacts more than 19 million vehicles nationwide. and scientists may have found the cause of cancer. a new study links a dozen forms of the deadly disease back to genetics. researchers saying ovarian, stomach, breast, brain, lung, and prostate cancers, to name a few, can all be passed from
4:34 am
generation to generation. you see this is the first time ever that they've been able to link mutant cells back to genetic information from parents. and an idaho school district caves under pressure from the public to offer a lunch lady her job back, this after accusing her for stealing for giving away a lunch for $1.70. she got this letter, firing her and accusing her of stealing, even though she actually offered to pay for the lunch herself. a petition to reinstate her job garnered more than 70,000 signatures, prompting irving middle school to ask her to come back. but, bowden is not sure if she wants to. and don't blame her. those are your headlines. >> she was just trying to feed a kid who was hungry for $1.70? >> that's right, yep. >> they said she was stealing. >> all right. so i think i would have signed a petition had it gotten to the couch. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. >> you're right, brian. thanks to anna kooiman we see how the nypd searches for
4:35 am
threats under water. >> and how to utilize dogs in their fight against terror. >> that's right. >> and what about horses? >> get this, their latest tool. you see them in times square and in central park. the nypd's mounted unit isn't just there to take pictures with all the tourists. they're the very first line of defense against terror in many situations and some of the most populated areas of the city, with millions of people heading to new york city for new year's eve, their training is ready for action. >> shots fired. >> as americans feel anxiety associated with terror attacks hitting the west -- the nypd is soothing those fears with four-legged partners. >> we're high in the air. it's comforting to the public. it's a deterrent to the bad guys. so it's a real tool to use in counterterrorism. >> reporter: a critical tool, used in times square five years ago. a pakistani immigrant who later admitted getting $15,000 in
4:36 am
explosive training from the taliban tried to set off a car bomb in times square. smoke, but never went off. how is the mounted unit utilized in 2010 during that incident? >> one of our officers was assigned to times square. he was alerted by one of the street vendors that there was a vehicle on fire. once the officer approached on horseback, having the higher advanta vantage point to see into the vehicle he was able to alert the people on the street and get them out of the area prior to anything happening. >> it's a prime example of residents being an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement, and abiding by the requests, if you see something, say something. >> for some reason people are very, very -- pail has three or four cops on foot to talk to a mounted policeman. that's what happened in that scenario. >> the mounted up it has 100 officers and 60 horses keeping us safe and on new year's eve they'll be working overtime as up to 1 million people gather here to watch the ball drop. what are these horses capable
4:37 am
of? if there were ever an incident where they needed you to come in, fire trucks were needed, more police officers needed to come in by vehicles, how would you lead them in? >> we would alert people which way to exit and we would be there to stop them from coming back in to the location. >> you line up horses, and that is a deterrent. people really don't want to cross that line. >> caring for these horses and getting them trained is a tall order. the nypd recently unveiled a 26,000 square foot facility that has 27 box stalls and comes with a price tag of $30 million. >> we hear sirens right now. these horses are not rattled at all. how do you pick a horse with a proper temperament? >> our horses are selected through a purchase and it's a 60-day trial period with training. our horses go through four times of nuisances, we have smoke, we have fire, we have sirens, we have loud bangs. to desensitize the horse to that. so that when they come out on patrol they're not spooked or
4:38 am
rattled by any of that. >> reporter: with the war on cops reaching a fever pitch in some communities, mounted units like the nypd are great for community relations. >> i love being out here. i love meeting people. you meet people from all over -- all over the world. you're really an ambassador. they're not just police the department, but for new york and for the country. >> i think some of these horses have taken more selfies than kim kardashian with all the tourists. the inspector thinks the mounted units are not utilized enough across the country but they should be. right now fewer than 100 forces have them. that's down from 300 just a decade ago because of budget cuts and things of that nature. all right, clayton. >> all right, anna, thanks so much. just a few more hours for those stocking stuffers in order and if you're still looking for last-minute ideas we've got you covered. publisher of is here with last-minute stocking stuffers. >> it's great to be here. i know the kids get really excited about the big boxes but some of the best presents some in little, teeny packages and everything here, under $15.
4:39 am
>> wonderful. i used to love the stocking stuffers. what are these? >> well, now if you had a 9-year-old girl you would definitely know but these are the hottest collectible for little girls. they started out as little grocery items. this is series four coming out this week. this is including party themes, garden themes and even little petkins. >> what are these from i-home? >> so all kinds of themes. disney, marvel, frozen. so these are ear buds. and noise isolating ones. we know that the kids are on their devices listening to movies, music. so these are the ear buds they come with three different size buds, so fit your ears nicely and what i love is they each come with a little travel pouch. all your favorite characters. it's great for little kids but adults are going to love these, too. they're so easy to travel with. >> what are these little animals here? >> i'm going to turn one of these guys on. we know kids, grown-ups all using emoticons these days.
4:40 am
this is -- moji mi. these are emoticons come to life. they're really cute. wait, wait. they all have their own personality. look at what happens if we do this. le. >> hours of fun, i'm telling you. great idea. >> they just are really a lot of fun. they're easy. >> let's move through this we have about a minute left. >> the sun and the moon are in the sky at the same time we have our crystal pet surprise. so these are cute new collectibles for little girls. each one comes with a little pet and a little charm. each charm is lucky and the kids get to share them. so really just a lot of fun. >> what are tube heroes? >> so you and i will think about celebrities like movie stars and tv stars. but the kids, it's all about youtube. >> of course. >> so these are two heroes, action figures. the first collection. these 40 make up 18 billion, with a "b," views on youtube. that's how powerful this collection is. >> my little girl loves my little pony. >> spiro graph has gotten 25. we have our little travel kit
4:41 am
with the pony and our classic spirograph. still with the gears and the wheel that you remember. great to take on the road. $9.99 for each kid. >> stick box. >> what you're seeing now is for the first time kids can make their own stop action movie. just because they're under $15 does not mean we can't have a little technology. we download the free app, get the cool little stikbots, you're taking movies and sharing it. they get really, really good at it. >> wonderful. finally if you want to bring home a pet for your kids these jellyfish are awesome. we put them in the water, and they will start swimming around just like you see a jelly fish. you can even program them to dive deep, different kind of swimming patterns. no food, no cleaning of the tank. >> that's the best kind of toy. thank you so much. we got through all of it. thank you. coming up here on the show the video is terrifying. a helicopter lands but then suddenly barrels out of control
4:42 am
once it lasts with a group of tourists on board there. what happened? we'll tell you. and have you heard of those companies promising to help dig you out of foreclosure? some may be trying to steal your home right from under you. the property man bob massi is here with some red flags you need to watch out for. that's next.
4:43 am
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welcome back. quick look at your headlines caught on camera edition. the best of the headlines. helicopter carrying seven people spinning out of control while trying to land at fiji's treasure island resort. amazingly all six passengers and the pilot walked away unharmed. don't mess with this lady. a woman knocks a man out. watch this, after she pinches her rear end. you can see her standing by the bike right there. watch this. hey, bam! she punches the guy in the face after he sneaks up behind me. he then stumbles into a table and falls to the floor. >> boy. >> viewed nearly 3 million times online. let that be a lesson to you. >> and it's an early christmas present for one mom. >> oh! >> a marine surprising his mom at an ihop after his training ended. the mom calling the moment priceless. brian, she thought she was just asking for some blueberry syrup and he walks in.
4:46 am
>> and that he does. we're going to get to the bottom of the whole pinching thing, as well. let's change gears. struggling homeowners becoming the targets of heartless scam artists who can c their foreclosure fears. how easy is it to trick people into facing financial ruin to giving a faceless company cash. bob massi is tackling this on his new show, watch. >> this letter from nation's housing modification center has an official-looking seal. and a capitol hill address. so where is 611 pennsylvania avenue? this u.p.s. store. and here's the nhmc offices, mailbox number 393. it's no longer their office. the founders went to prison for fraud. but not before 300 desperate homeowners fell for these letters and sent in between $2,000 and $3,000 each. and up-front money. >> wow, so how can you protect your own pocketbook, and your home? bob massi is host of the property man with a very special edition this week right here on
4:47 am
the fox news channel and joins us live from vegas. bob, before we can talk about christmas let's talk about preventing the grinch from stealing your house. first off, what is the rescue fraud? >> any time, brian, somebody asks you for money up front. any time they ask you to wire money. any time they guarantee you loan modification. any time they say quick claim on your house and we will make sure we get your mortgage fixed you better run away as quickly as possible. these scams, even in 2015 going on '16, brian, still exist in this country to hurt homeowners. >> bob, so okay, i know what to look out for. if someone said it looks like it's too good to be true it is. what about, are there legitimate rescue companies out there to help a guy? >> sure. >> or a familiy from losing ther home >> there are. there's legitimate companies that you can go to. when they ask for that up-front money, many states have passed laws that says if they ask you for money up front, for some of these services, then you'd
4:48 am
better be careful. so what do you do? you and i as homeowners, as consumers in this country, you check the places out. you contact the attorney general's office. you contact local authorities. you make sure it's legitimate. like the address that you just found. we just showed was a u.p.s. store. you have to be very pro-active as a homeowner, because so many were victims of losing their homes, but more importantly, thousands and thousands of dollars that were spent with no results whatsoever. >> all right. so if i want to find out if my company is for real and i can't call 1-800-bob-massi is there a place i can go to make sure my company adds up? >> well, first of all, when you get literally when you get certain phone calls from companies, hang up, say listen give me your phone number i'm going to call you back. most of the time they just hang up the phone, that's the end of it. then what you do is you check out with local authorities. there are websites that you could go to that you could look online to find out how legitimate these companies are. you could go to the better business bureau, see if there's complaints that's been filed. again the attorney general's
4:49 am
office. you've just got to be careful, brian, because honestly, if they're selling the sizzle. if they guarantee, brian, you're going to get a four night, three-day vacation in las vegas also because we're going to do these things you better run away from it. because if it sounds too good, as much as you hate to say that, generally speaking it's a scam. but as you said there are companies out there that help people. you just got to be careful. >> especially in vegas. we know they got slammed by this whole thing. we know that for sure. and as people say, maybe i can hold on to my house and want to do anything that's possible. bob, we look forward to seeing your show this weekend. when can we catch it? >> well, it's on saturdays at noon eastern, 9:00 pacific, and sundays 3:00 eastern, and noon pacific. on sundays, and thank god this is our second season out of florida. and this weekend we're also featuring again the building homes for heroes segment which is really very moving to say what great things are going done for veterans in our country. >> they sure could use the help. they're not walking out millionaires. bob massi, thanks so. >> merry christmas, bud ki.
4:50 am
>> same to you. we love having you on a contributory show. great to see you on a weekly basis. coming up in the final segment for this hour, forget trying to help stop terror. american muslim groups having another agenda involving the election. we're going to explain. and santa and his reindeer already on the move according to reports. we are tracking them right now. bruce springsteen is not live but this picture is. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ oh remotes, you've had it tough.
4:51 am
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watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons.
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. everybody on christmas eve, santa and his reindeer are on the move. >> where are they exactly? can you zoom in on this? >> we're going to get with major general charles lucky chief of staff at norad. he joins us now. nice to see you this morning, sir. >> great to see you all. again, merry christmas to "fox & friends," your viewing audience, and kids, and moms and dads, and families all around the globe.
4:54 am
so good morning, merry christmas. >> and major general, you sound pretty busy, i hear all the commotion behind you. i imagine you maybe got your first blip and signs of santa. where is he right now? >> well, right now he's over the kiirle islands, think western pacific and on his way to the very most eastern part of russia in the next three to four minutes. he's already delivered over half a billion presents as he's making his trip around the globe. so far everything is on track, doing really well. >> past midnight there in sydney, australia, pasting the opera house and the harbor bridge. are they running into any weather problems, major general? >> no, so far we're good with weather. we are anticipating some weather challenges as he approaches the eastern seaboard of north america. both canada and the united states. but by the time he gets to the eastern seaboard we'll have rudolph back out front so we don't anticipate any issues as far as slowing him down as he's making his rounds. we are tracking all the weather around the globe, and particularly now on the east
4:55 am
coast of the united states. so i just want your viewers to know we'll be okay. >> i know a lot of weather people ask for weather watches to tell them how things are in their neck of the woods. people have iphones. do you want to see the footage? should we send them in to norad? or you got this whole thing covered? >> we've got it covered. one of the things your viewers can do is call us, they can go to the website, or e-mail us and we'll give them updates. obviously if anybody is particularly concerned about their part of the world, and weather conditions impacting santa's ability to deliver presents, by all means call us and we'll give you the latest update. we talk to santa about every 12 to 15 minutes as he travels. so we're in pretty good shape. >> we were earlier speculating as to how involved you get with santa, like if he's taking too long at a particular house, maybe he stops and has a few extra cookies. you guys radio back to santa and say come on, you got to keep a move on? you got 800,000 more people to
4:56 am
deliver to? >> well, so he's traveling at the speed of starlight so speed is not so much the challenge. one of the things we do do is talk to folks who call in and make sure they understand, they need to get to bed at a certain time because he's not going to come to that house, or wherever they're living, that apartment, if they aren't asleep. and so part of what we do is try and make sure they understand. they've got to help team with santa to make sure this comes off seamlessly. and they can't pretend like they're sleeping. they really have to be sleeping. since you talk to santa so often, every 12 to 15 minutes, have you heard from him what his favorite cookie is this year to make sure all the kiddos get great presents? >> well, so we always get asked for updates. the classic for him is the sugar cookie. but the reality is, chocolate chip, fig newtons, any number of things. my caution is, be moderate in what you leave for santa. because, he's traveling quickly,
4:57 am
but there's -- if all those calories could ultimately slow him down. so we just -- i encourage people to be kind of moderate about what they leave out for santa and some healthy stuff wouldn't be a bad thing, either. >> once in awhile would certainly help. any premature setting out for santa with the dog in the house could be trouble, we know. it's happened before. thank you very much. for your time and for your insight on santa. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you all. appreciate you guys. have a wonderful day. >> thank you very much. meanwhile is madonna's son appreciates her? turns out he will be home for the holidays much to his discontent. and need something to talk about at the dinner table, just stick around. geraldo is here and he's going to give you plenty. going to teach you how to talk politics at dinner. it's here, the first gummy multivitamin...
4:58 am
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but he's a chaos candidate. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief,
5:00 am
not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. hello and good morning friends. it's thursday, the 24th of december, 2015, i'm anna kooiman it's a fox news alert. christmas eve chaos as deadly storms rip across the midwest while millions of people try to head home for christmas. >> like about 60% of the flights are delayed or canceled. >> the killer storms triggering nationwide flight delays and more to come. what you need to know. >> hi. >> and before you go to the airport you're going to want to hear this. the tsa can now make you go through those full body scanners. we'll explain. hi for now. >> forget trying to help stop
5:01 am
terror of american muslim groups like c.a.r.e. they want a voter drive to stop -- >> sorry geraldo. >> the heckling. what's going on here? >> geraldo rivera is here to weigh in on that and more coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> this is crist teen from "fox & friends" enjoy the holidays and thanks for watching. ♪ >> all right. i haven't seen. >> i don't know this song. >> you haven't heard this song? from christmas vacation? chevy chase is staring out the window dreaming of the pool and he gets hit in the head with a bikini? >> you saw that. >> i tell you every year it used to be christmas used to be about the specials. every star gets their own
5:02 am
special. bing crosby turns out wasn't nearly as much of a family man as it turns out we thought he was. the jack sans, the osmonds. remember the king family had their own christmas special? >> so this morning brian kilmeade is putting on costumes. we have about 15 changes. >> i had a whole thing planned. >> thank you for that walk down 1950s memory lane. >> not '50s, young man. >> lea gabriel is standing by with a look at some fox news alerts. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we start with a fox news alert. more than a dozen tornadoes caused devastation across several states. at least six people are dead, three in mississippi, including a 7-year-old boy. two in tennessee and one in arkansas. dozens more are left injured. nearly 70 million americans are in the storm zone stretching from new orleans to chicago. and the bad weather and holiday rush is snarling air traffic across the country. airlines are juggling flight times and adding red eyes in an effort to keep up with the demand.
5:03 am
and another fox news alert. two texas police officers shot in the line of duty. officer cory westbrook seen here and sergeant pedro gonzalez were trying to serve a search warrant when the suspect opened fire hitting them both. the gunman barricaded himself inside his odessa apartment leading to a nine-hour standoff. he is now behind bars. those officers are expected to be okay. so the tsa can now force you to use a full-body scanner at the airport. the agency is changing their security procedures just in time for the holiday travel rush. the tsa says the scanners can detect weapons and bombs in clothes that a regular pat-down just might miss. travelers can still request a pat-down, but they may be denied. and forget a little prayer, madonna is using the power of the courts to get her son home for christmas. ♪ down on my knees i'm gonna take you there ♪
5:04 am
>> i new york judge just ordered madonna's 15-year-old son rocco to return to the states for christmas. the pop star headed to court when rocco refused to board a plane in london where he had been staying with his father guy ritchie. the judge says if the teen wants to stay with his father he has to return home to his mom first. and those are your headlines. brian are you ready for this toss? >> i love it. >> hi, thank you very much, lea. just a friendly toss. good job. >> hi geraldo is here. >> merry christmas. >> you know, i flew in last night. i swear to god it was so bumpy. but that wasn't the problem. the problem was you didn't see the ground until the wheels were just about to touch. >> was it fog? >> it's so cruise zi. i'm on the 40th floor i can't see central park. >> it's messy -- >> and the weather i think it's warmer here than it was in florida. >> right. >> actually florida is also record highs. >> does it bother you? can you actually get into the christmas spirit if it's 60 degrees? >> oh, i can get into the christmas spirit after the first eggnog. >> regardless. >> and i see anna a vision in
5:05 am
red. >> oh, and everything changes for you. >> notice we all have a common theme. >> listen let's talk about something else. have you talked to the american people about what matters most in this election cycle suddenly after san bernardino you know the answer, terrorism. over 40%. a lot of them are saying, for us, the best sources in the muslim community we're somewhat surprised they seem to be combining for a different reason. they feel as though anti-muslim rhetoric and action are building up in america, and they're combining forces to push back against it. and form a more formidable voting bloc. >> may i say you and they are both right in my opinion. i think the nypd has it perfectly. they have something like 800 muslim american officers, many of them undercover, they surveil wherever it is appropriate and constitutional to surveil. they do an excellent job. >> not in mosques thanks to this new mayor. >> whatever, whatever, whatever. you don't know where. and you should not know where.
5:06 am
because then we'd have to kill you. >> right. >> we saw that story this week where that soldier on "fox & friends," that woman soldier who came out in protection of that little girl, that little muslim american girl, she said she was worried that soldiers were going to come to her house and take her away and take her out of america. >> that's my point. that's the other hand. the other side of this story is make yourself, we constantly say and people think that sometimes we say it just to be politically correct, that the vast overwhelming majority of muslim americans are fine, law-abiding, patriotic. we say it. but the fact of the matter is, if you are a muslim child 12 years old and someone is making fun of you in school as a result of some of the things they hear on television from either a candidate or some rabble rouser, then that is a very real offense you have to take into -- just one more point about what brian said about the muslim voting bloc. 1.2 million of them, they voted more strongly for obama,
5:07 am
president obama in 2012, than even latinos did. and lots are overwhelmingly for obama. they make up a formidable voting bloc. they're concentrated. in florida for instance, hundreds of thousands, this is an issue to be reckoned with, and whoever the republican nominee is, because i want him, or her, to prevail, they must take into account the sensitivity of minority americans. >> would it be more effective for them to focus their energy and time and all of that on speaking out against the radicals that are putting a black eye on their religion? i mean, governor huckabee was on the channel last night. he said if presbyterians or methodists, if christians were cutting people's heads off or putting on suicide vests you would hear churches screaming from the highest mountain possible. so maybe they should spend their time doing that? >> i'm not so sure governor huckabee is correct. look at ireland. ireland for all of the decades of the troubles, what was
5:08 am
ireland? ireland was warfare between the catholics and the protestants. you didn't hear the clerics on both sides in ireland, particularly, campaigning vigorously against their own flock. i think that is -- that is really putting too much of a burd burden. islamist extremism is a political movement that uses the color of religion to justify its hideous violence. everyone who belongs to that religion isn't really incumbent on them, is it incumbent on every american, too, for instance to complain about the excesses, alleged excesses in israel. >> here's what i was saying. i mean if there was a section of the community in america that was attacking us, islamic extremists here and the number one concern of americans is the local radicalized islamic extremists, i would say it's incumbent on the people in that religion because they have the best access and best insight to help us. >> and i believe that you've got to have a full-fledged, full
5:09 am
throated approach, but you cannot do it by saying that they are lesser or have lesser rights than anyone who happens to be a non-muslim. you must incorporate and embrace and the great american tradition, we're in this together now let's go out there and have some results. but you're absolutely right. the biggest danger is homegrown, extremism. >> yep. >> i noticed you had a story out of the twin cities earlier. a guy who is going to take on airports and so forth. you know, this -- we must recognize that there's enough -- if it's 1% of 1% that's still several thousand crazy people that you've got to deal with. >> you mention hispanic voting bloc and hillary clinton during this holiday season is getting some back lash online for the tweets that the hillary clinton campaign had sent out about, in spanish, can you pronounce this word for us? >> abuela. >> we knew we could ask you. >> so hillary clinton sends this out from her twitter feed, and wants you to respond with ways
5:10 am
that your mom or your grandmother is like hillary clinton. so eight ways hillary clinton is like your abuela. that went out. >> some of the things that were she worries about children everywhere. she knows what's best. and she had one word for donald trump, enough. what ended up happening yesterday after they put out these seven ways hillary clinton was like your abuela was the #notlikemyabuela. >> so there was backlash. >> is this pandering? >> of course it's pandering. what do you think it is? she said one thing, though, that, how she responds when people are disrespectful to her, and they showed a clip of her being tough. having to do when donald trump is now picking on her, or setting his sights on her. and i thought that that resonated. however, when you have a multimillionaire who has been secretary of state, and the united states senator, and who really has had -- her struggles have not been the life and death struggles of the sort that so
5:11 am
many latinas have, for her to say she's like your grandmother, my grandmother, who is fantastic, my grandmother lived to be 99 years old, she took care, she gave birth to 17 children. she struggled. my dad was the first one in the whole brood to go through high school. i was the first one in all of my generation to go to college. there's been real struggles in the latino community, poverty being foremost, and issues of immigration, as well. so, for her to say she's like your abuela, they call it hispandering. it's like hispanic pandering. hispandering. >> well, i hope hispanics can see through it. >> do the math for me. you got the muslims. >> one. >> you've got the hispanics. asians. jewish. women. big issue. i don't know which groups -- african-americans, obviously. it gets to be a point where are there enough people left for the republicans to win the race? i think demographically these
5:12 am
are ominous times for a gop candidate. i think that the united states right now is on the cusp. the groups i just mentioned are growing faster than white people. i mean, just demographically. at a certain point there's going to be a tipping point. in arizona, in texas, states like that, colorado, nevada. north carolina. florida. >> they used to be red states shifting purple now. >> largely driven by demographics. there has to be, i think, a new sensitivity, and i'm not asking the gop candidates to go soft, i know donald trump never would. but i think that you've got to have a kind of sensibility, even if only for your own -- >> a little bit more than what we just witnessed with hillary clinton. >> it's like a blunder bus. >> i'm going to ask you not to duck for a change. what are you doing for christmas? what is geraldo rivera christmas like? >> i just came back from visiting grandma, erica, and her
5:13 am
friend visiting with my auntie sharon, my sister sharon and grandma lil who is now 96. i posted some pictures on facebook and twitter. we went to universal orlando where i did the liberty apprentice had the same room they gave me for celebrity apprentice and we did everything harry potter was the big -- >> you get a butter beer? >> everything. >> and now we're at home for a couple days because i wanted to be with you to say merry christmas to everyone. >> all right. >> and of course, missing elisabeth, we send her our love and affection. and now we're going to our island, off the coast of puerto rico, for a week, and we're going to roast a pig on new year's and -- >> first you got to catch it. >> and -- >> we don't have wild pig but we're going to have some fun with some rice and beans. >> i'm going to go to my island, too. long. >> yours is considerably longer than mine. >> more crowded. >> no highways. actually only one vehicle on
5:14 am
mine. >> merry christmas. >> anna, delight to see you. congratulations. >> one of these days he's going to invite us to the island maybe. >> not going to happen. >> all right. more "fox & friends" we're going to be talking about homeland security planning coming up in just moments. the lexus december to remember sales event is here. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. and that is where campbell's fresh-brewed soups. oh, i thought we were talking about babies. made for real, real life. mom!
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redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. well big story developing this morning. homeland security is readying a series of immigration raids in the new year. >> they could get started in just a few weeks from right now. garrett tenney joins us now live from washington, d.c. with more on the operation. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, y'all. that series of nationwide raids could be carried out by i.c.e. agents as early as january according to a report by "the washington post." and sources familiar with the plan tell "the post" that the targeted raids would be the first large-scale effort to
5:17 am
deport families who have fled violence in central america. earlier this week, the department of homeland security released its year-end statistics to closing that this past year. the agency deported about 235,000 immigrants. which is the fewest number of deportations since 2006. i.c.e. officials say of those deported in the last year 86% were considered quote, priority one. meaning they were either recent unlawful border entrants or convicted or aggravated felons. earlier this week, department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson stated his agency would be making deportations a priority next year. in a statement that reads in part, in 2016, and beyond, i want to focus even more interior enforcement resources on removing convicted criminals. johnson said dhs would also focus on removing those posing a threat to public safety or national security. critics of the administration's response say the overall number of individuals entering the country illegally still needs to
5:18 am
be addressed. >> the real thing you have to look at it is the growth numbers and the estimate are pretty flat, 11 million. until you see a significant decline in those numbers, then you can't really have confidence that the combination of border security and internal enforcement is working well. >> officials familiar with the planned raids tell the post that isis operations would target only those adults and children ordered out of the country by an immigration judge and those individuals would be detained and deported wherever they can be found. the raids are expected to result in hundreds of deportations. possibly more. back to you all. >> a tall order. garrett tenney, thank you. >> all right. let's see if they pull this off. meanwhile straight ahead, something just happened in iraq that could be the biggest breakthrough in the fight against isis all year. lieutenant colonel ralph peters back with us next. and meet the most excited mother in the country.
5:19 am
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good morning, friends. back with a fox news alert now. a ninth suspect in the paris terror attacks has just been arrested in belgium. prosecutors say the man identified only as abdullah c. contracted ringleader several times after 130 people were killed in the attacks. and gop senator tim scott. twisp the night before christmas when all through the white house the president was transferring terrorists as quiet as a terror snug in their well guarded beds. while visions of returning to al qaeda or isis danced in their heads. you can find it on congressman scott's twitter page. all right, brian, over to you. >> okay. let's move on, fox news alert. the battle to retake ramadi continues right now as the iraqi
5:23 am
military closes in they say on the isis controlled area. it was a major blow when isis took over the city in central iraq over in may. that is the capital of anbar province. could this be the key victory in the fight against the militant group? could mosul be next? here to talk about it is fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. we're not there the iraqi forces troops are not there yet ieds and some dead enders are still in town. does that bother you? >> first of all, merry christmas, brian. >> same to you. >> and second, no it doesn't. because urban warfare is tough. it's gritty. it's up close and personal. and i think the iraqis were a little overconfident, maybe we were, too. now, make no mistake about it. the iraqi military, backed by our air power, can, and likely will retake ramadi as long as they don't get spooked by the casualties. as long as they don't fold. because the end game here, whether it's a matter of days or perhaps even weeks, is going to be ugly.
5:24 am
even though we believe there are only a few hundred islamic state fighters left in ramadi, they are all committed to die for their cause. and they're going to sell their lives as dearly as possible. so it's going to be brutal. to your question, this is not a key decisive victory, assuming it's going to be a victory, and it will be. but it's important. it's important symbolically that islamic state is losing. and it's important operationally, on the ground, because it could be the -- another step toward mosul. although mosul is a much bigger fight. got to add, even if this is going on, in syria, islamic state terrorists are taking more war ground, more urban terrain, than the syrian government. so it's a push me, pull you. >> absolutely. so if ramadi does go back to the baghdad government, i wonder how many sunni forces are actually in the fight, and how important do you think that is to get the sunnis in there, for long-term control of that city? >> brian, that is core of the
5:25 am
issue. because, we, americans, are clinging to the past. the idea that we can somehow resurrect iraq and syria within their own borders. those borders are gone. the sunnis of anbar and adjacent provinces in iraq are not going to submit to the shia iran-backed bullying of the baghdad government again. so the only way iraq can pull together even awhile would be the federation. in ramadi, as you just pointed out, primarily sunni troops fighting in a sunni area. mosul is a complex, multi-ethnic city. iran-backed shia militias will be in there. and that's going to be a much graver and greater test. >> colonel you have a few things that you want the americans to know, that you've come up with ways to defeat isis. number one, get congress to declare a war. number two, get the president to define the mission. yeah, absolutely, we should be there to destroy islamic state, al qaeda, and other islamist
5:26 am
terrorists who threaten the united states. killing bad guys. we should have learned our lesson about nation building where there's no nation to build in, to build. you know we can't turn this into another looting or ji for u.s. contractors. make the mission specific. kill the bad guys and then turn over to the military. the white house should not be making low level tactical decisions about which trash can to hit. >> sadly they've done it with three secretary of defenses now. accomplish the mission and then leave. hopefully with a plan so they can hold. conventional forces must think unconventionally, and hyperexpensive weapons could be the enemy within. choose allies for the utility, not from habit. presidential support of our military, that should be the way up. >> yes. >> but sadly it's not. >> yeah. it -- that's the crucial thing. if the president of the united states doesn't have our military's back, all the other stuff just falls apart.
5:27 am
the president has to -- when anti-war, anti-u.s. organizations start screaming oh, my god, you're bombing broke a child's toe the president can't fold. he's got to stand up for our troops. we have the most disciplined military in history. we do not wantonly create civilian casualties. as you know from your study of history there is not and never will be a surgically clean, precise way to make war. if you want to win, there will be civilian casualties. there will be losses, brian. >> right. >> and you've got to remember, the greatest immorality isn't collateral damage. the greatest immorality in this existential struggle is for the united states to lose. >> exactly. the world needs us to win. lieutenant colonel ralph peters thanks so much. have a great christmas, sir. thanks. >> you, too. >> three minutes before the bottom of the hour. straight ahead. police ready for black livs matter protesters trying to cause massive headaches for holiday shoppers and travelers. but the group tricked police? we'll explain. and it's important to
5:28 am
remember why we celebrate christmas. who better to help us with that than cardinal timothy dolan. oh, my goodness. he shares his inspiring story with us. you'd think it was santa coming. >> he once again is in a great mood.
5:29 am
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♪ >> shot of the morning my friends. look at this adorable note a little girl gave to a police officer, right? >> it reads like this, you get into a bad stuff, i know, so when stuff happens, just think of pie. also think of unicorns, rainbows, and pie. >> that is a lot of pie. >> i think a lot of pie makes people calm. the montgomery county police department tweeted it out saying this card takes the cake. >> or pie. >> or pie. >> takes the pie. >> all right. we have a huge block coming your way with extremely special guests. >> that's right. >> first let's go to one of the finest. >> that's right. >> lea gabriel standing by. >> merry christmas. >> nice to see you guys. >> all right. let's get right to that. gunfire exploding on an arizona freeway overnight. it appears there was some sort of road rage. and before -- this before a handful of people fired shots hitting one person in the chest,
5:32 am
and another in the leg. both are in stable condition this morning while authorities are still trying to track down the suspects in that case. black lives matter protesters creating holiday headaches in minneapolis. le. >> no justice no peace! >> hundreds of demonstrators filling the mall of america, 80 stores had to close while police cleared them out. and then minutes later they were causing chaos at minneapolis-st. paul international airport. >> imagine this while you're trying to travel. the protesters blocked security checkpoints leading to flight delays. this morning democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is defending the group, though. >> lethal force is the last response not the first response. and i think the work of people in black lives matter has helped to focus on that issue. >> in all 15 people were
5:33 am
arrested at both of those locations. >> are you still doing christmas shopping or getting something for someone today you need to watch out for some scams. experts say theevs can copy the card's information and making it useless. these are easy to use because they're just like cash and you don't need an i.d. so how can you avoid getting scammed? here's some tips. look for tampered packaging. use the card right away, or buy it online, instead of at the store. and are you ready for a christmas tear jerker? watch this sweet surprise. >> oh! >> she's a little excited. that woman is ecstatic to learn that she is a new grandma. she knew that her son and daughter-in-law were coming for christmas but had no idea that they were bringing their new adopted daughter melissa lily faith with them and her reaction, as you can see, is priceless. what a nice surprise. and those are your headlines. >> thanks lea. 27 minutes before the top of the
5:34 am
hour. it's the time of year. it's always important to remember why we celebrate christmas. our next guest is just hours away from delivering the message of christ to the masses. >> here now, peter johnson jr. with the archbishop of your new york cardinal timothy dolan. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. good morning, cardinal dolan. >> peter, a blessed christmas to you and your great family. this is becoming a tradition. >> it is a tradition. >> the chubby man with the red hat on christmas eve morning. what's going on. >> i'm not wearing a red hat. >> good to be with you. >> i'm so happy you're here. >> thanks for the invite. >> can we talk about christmas? >> i hope so. >> it's been on our minds so much. >> it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together. i was listening to our tenors over there. >> some to st. patrick's tonight for midnight mass. >> will you do that, guys? it's about 68 degrees here in new york. >> oh. >> christmas. >> yeah. >> some people get anxious at christmas. >> yeah. >> they say, i have illness in my family. i don't have a job.
5:35 am
i miss my loved ones who aren't here anymore to celebrate the christmases that we had in the past. how do we renew christmas for people who say, it's not the same? i don't get it anymore. >> you know what? when you think about it, peter, this might seem like a paradox, those folks might be closer to the true meaning of christmas than we think. >> really? >> what about your mom? she's missing your dad this time of year. my mom is missing my dad. all right. but what are they saying? something's missing in my life. there is something lacking. there's something i need that i don't have. that's the meaning of christmas. you know the other day, last sunday after my 10:15 mass at st. patrick's, i said all the kids in the congregation, come on up around the grib. we get up around the grib, you're talking about a couple hundred kids, i said look at the grib. what do you notice? and one of the kids said, somebody's missing. because the crib is empty, waiting for the arrival of the newborn savior of the world. that's christmas. something is missing in our
5:36 am
life, only god can fill it. >> and it's the baby on the christmas day. and you've talked about the baby. in 2009, your first homily as archbishop of new york. >> you remember it? >> i looked it up. because i did remember it. and what you talked about is that sometimes, we're a people of no. but this is a god of yes. >> yeah. >> this is a christ child of yes. and sometimes, a baby, in some form or another changes it all. >> yeah, yeah. thanks for remembering. >> how does it change it all? >> when you think of this, there's nothing that changes lives like a baby. okay? when a baby comes, even your identity, you're changed into automatically a mother and a father. babies change lives. babies disrupt routines. baby give us a focus in life. babies give us a think about the future and to take care of this child. god the father knew that nothing changes lives like a baby. he had done a lot of things and god's people kept saying no, no,
5:37 am
no. let me give you the ten commandments. no. let me give you the -- let me lead you into the promised land. no. let me send you the prophets. no. we kept saying no to god. he kept saying yes to us. he said the ultimate way to get through to people is through a baby. so he had his only begotten son, god the son, the eternal word, took on flesh and became a baby that first christmas. knowing that nobody nowhere no time can change lives like a baby. that's the message of christmas. >> that's a beautiful message. and is it a message of christmas in terms of you know we're so tough on each other. >> mm-hmm. >> in our daily lives. in our political discourse. we're harsh sometimes. >> mm-hmm. >> and there's a lot of anxiety. >> mm-hmm. >> and there's a lot of anxiety that i know and friends who say you know, i didn't go to mass enough this year. >> mm-hmm. >> is it fair, is it right for me only to go back at christmas? >> mm-hmm. >> or at midnight mass. >> mm-hmm. >> am i really being faithful? >> sure. >> what do you say to people of
5:38 am
the christian faith about going to service or mass on christmas if they're afraid to? >> you bring up two excellent points peter. to that second one, look, they are more than welcome. we love to have them at christmas and easter. we cherish them. do we wish they'd come more often, you bet. but are we ever thrilled they're there for christmas and easter and don't feel bad about that. we're sort of like mom and dad, who have the family at christmas, and they're sort of saying boy we wish they could come every sunday. but we're just thrilled they're here now for family dinner. that's what holy mother church feels like. we're thrilled you're here for christmas and easter. could we invite you to come back more often. you brought up a more important point in the first part of your question and you know who you sound like peter johnson this is a great compliment you sound like pope francis. you know what pope francis is talking about? the need for tenderness. tenderness. he speaks about a coarseness. he speaks about a harshness. he speaks about things shrill
5:39 am
and mean and nasty out there. he said what the world needs is tenderness. once again, peter, is there anything more tender than a little baby? is there anybody that even the most hardened soul doesn't want to pick up a baby and take a baby to his heart and cuddle that little baby tenderly? that's what god wants us to do with him. take him close to ourm hearts, welcome him in to our lives, let him change our lives and let him take care of us. christmas, tenderness. >> in terms of christ taking care of us, have you ever had a challenging christmas where christ came and took care of cardinal dolan, and, and, and his family? >> hmm, yeah. you know, one that comes to mind, peter, this might seem weird, but when i was 22 years of age, i was a first year man at the north man college in rome, that's the american seminary in rome and i was really homesick. now look, i come from a great family. i'm the oldest of five. i come from a small town. i don't think -- i think i've
5:40 am
been to chicago, that's about it. thrilled to be in rome, you bet. but desperately homesick on that christmas. and really thinking, i'm going to throw this overboard, i'm going to go on home. you know what happened? what do i discover. the brothers there, my new fraternity in the seminary, we went to mass, midnight mass at st. peter's basilica, we saw now blessed paul vi. i felt at home in the church. god answered that need. i thought this was going to be the worst christmas i've ever had. i'd rather be home with mom and dad and the family and god came through again and taught me, you've got a family. it happened to be called the church. and rejoice. and it turned out to be a great christmas. i would say, too, peter that the christmas after my dad died, you know my dad dropped dead at 51. i was only -- i was a newly ordained priest and that was a tough one that first christmas and i'll never forget going home for christmas dinne after all the work at the pash parish, and there we were at the table and we all kind of looked the one time and his chair wasn't
5:41 am
purposeful, but you know dad always had his chair, and it was empty. and that, you know, that was a sad one. >> you mention your father on this happy christmas eve. and you mention something to me when you came in this morning, and you greeted everybody here and they were so excited to see you. it's kind of a christmas tradition for you. you wear the same kind of old spice that your father world. in order to kind of summon his memory on this happy holiday. >> when you're a kid you always try to find out what mom and dad need. we always knew dad liked old spice -- am i going to get kicked back on this commercial? for 99 cents you can get a bottle of old spice or something and he loved it. you're right this morning i put on my old spice and i conjured up my father. happy memories to dad. >> well, you make christmas for here's -- >> thank you. are you and the family going to be at midnight mass. >> we look forward to it so much.
5:42 am
absolutely. absolutely. i know your homily is the most important thing. >> i hope so. >> god bless you. >> blessed christmas to you. we love you. >> we love you. >> brian? >> you know i wear old spice, too. >> it's nothing better than something than a guy who's been out at sea for eight months then you have old spice. >> thank you guys. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead. dnc chairwoman debny wasserman schultz has some new competition. >> and the new york tenors are here warming up for a very special christmas surprise. it's just for you.
5:43 am
♪ just hear this sleigh bells jing-a-ling cop on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ giddy ap let's go, let's look at the show ♪ ♪ we're riding in a wonderland of snow ♪
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5:46 am
welcome back. quick political headlines for you. ted cruz firing back at "the washington post" after this cartoon portraying his daughters as monkeys. the texas senator releasing a cartoon of his very own showing hillary clinton with "the new york times" and "the washington post" on a leash calling newspapers the democratic candidate's lap dogs. and a florida man who landed his g gyro copter on the white house lawn plans to run for congress against debbie wasserman shut. his lawyer says running for office will allow him to work for the political form washington needs instead of landing drones with his messages. >> both are confusing. thank you very much. now to a fox news alert at least half a dozen people are dead now after twisters ripped through parts of the south and the midwest. whpq reporter sarah blue is live from bentsen county, mississippi
5:47 am
with the latest. hey, sarah. >> we're live here in benton, county, mississippi we're about 18 miles east of where holly springs missy is. you may have heard that's where the 7-year-old was found dead. again in benton county, mississippi. specifically ash field. i'm standing in the middle of what used to be someone's home. we've got drywall everywhere. we've got bricks. you can just see the strength this tornado had as it ripped across here. as we look at some of the damage here, we have three people who were killed in this tornado and this storm system. benton tocounty sheriff's offic tells me they were all in their 60s. two of them a man and woman, a married couple, were dead in ashfield, mississippi. another man was found dead again in his 60s. found a little further north than where we are now. we still have two people that were missing. i talked with one family, their mom is missing. patricia williams. she's about a quarter of a mile
5:48 am
down the road. their home was completely wiped out. they told me her mom's boyfriend was found in the yard. he unfortunately passed away. they are still looking for her mom, have no idea where she may be, because the boyfriend's belongings were just scattered across a mile radius of where we were. so again, those search efforts, they're going to be coming back in about 15 minutes to pick those back up. they wrapped up around 1:00 in the morning. this morning assessing all of the damage and we're going to be assessing all of the damage right along with them just seeing the devastation out here. reporting live in asheville, mississippi. >> our hearts and prayers are with that community. >> right. all right. coming up here on the show, "fox & friends," and the sounds of christmas. ♪ ♪ joyful and triumphant oh, come ye oh, come ye ♪ >> from carnegie hall to our
5:49 am
studio the new york tenors join us next. ♪ come and behold him born the king of angels ♪ ...fro. a complete, and tasty way to support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger.
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♪ o come let us adore him christ the lord ♪ >> wow the new york tenors travel the country spreading the new york spirit. and they are here fresh off their performance at carnegie hall, which i believe is right around the block. to spread some christmas cheer. joining us right now are the new york tenors, you got andy conny, daniel rodriguez and chris macchio. >> he's playing the tenor. >> great to see you.
5:53 am
we also from massapequa, you put this band together, why? >> i felt there was a need for this is new york right here. we have new york latino tenor. we have the new york italian tenor. and i'm a new york irish guy. >> and you all had followings before you got together, right? >> that's right, that's right. we did. it was a good thing that we came together. >> i think it's a fantastic combination. i've been on "fox & friends" several times as a singing policeman. after 9/11 i made a big career out of spreading that part of my life. and when andy came to me and said new york tenors, i said everybody in the world loves new york. so we had a great chance of doing something really positive and then chris just joined us this year. he's got a great voice. a great attitude. a great personality. and we love working with him. >> what's it like performing at carnegie hall? you look down at the audience and you're performing in front of hillary clinton, bill clinton? >> absolutely. we've had some great people like the clintons last year came to our show. but you know it's just an
5:54 am
amazing place. it's like playing for the yankees for a game. you know what i mean. it really -- >> it's an amazing, an amazing -- the epitome of our business. >> we would love for you to sing. you're going to sing i'll be home for christmas. >> absolutely. >> we hope they hear you all the way down at carnegie hall. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas you can count on me ♪ ♪ please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree ♪
5:55 am
♪ christmas eve will find me where the love light gleams ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams ♪
5:56 am
5:57 am
♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
5:58 am
of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? before it's history, it's news. welcome back. it's christmas eve. you know what that means. santa and his reindeer are already at work. norad keeping tabs on his every move. if you want him to make it to your house norad says you have to follow the rules. listen. >> need to get to bed at a certain time because he's not going to come to that house, or wherever they're living, that apartment, if they aren't asleep. and so part of what we do is try to make sure they understand. they've got to help keep with santa to make sure this comes off seamlessly. >> if you want to contact norad
5:59 am
give them a call or shoot to their website. >> theerz a look at the behind his worldwide trip santa will deliver gifts to 1.6 billion children. a total of 640 million stops, which the math shows comes out to be 5556 homes per second. he will also consume 160 billion calories. he can burn calories while wrapping presents. 5 million miles of wrapping paper. >> and just one day to go. they've done an extensive study and the best gifts to give at the very last minute is thomas jefferson's tripoli pirates. number two on "the new york times" list. proudly behind bill o'reilly if you want to find out about the forgotten war that changed america. >> santa's elves have been hard at work. >> yes, they have. the after the show show i'll be featuring the new york tenors right here. >> and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> are you going to sing for us
6:00 am
in the after the show show? >> that's what we do. >> musical -- >> what we do. >> for the after the show show. >> merry christmas everyone. >> see you tomorrow. >> a 9th suspect links to the paris terror attacks arrested in belgium. his cousin was killed in a police raid after paris. no word on the suspect's name, but we do know he's a belgium citizen. another fox news alert as deadly storms rip across several states killing at least 7 people. i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. jon:


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