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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 24, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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in the after the show show? >> that's what we do. >> musical -- >> what we do. >> for the after the show show. >> merry christmas everyone. >> see you tomorrow. >> a 9th suspect links to the paris terror attacks arrested in belgium. his cousin was killed in a police raid after paris. no word on the suspect's name, but we do know he's a belgium citizen. another fox news alert as deadly storms rip across several states killing at least 7 people. i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. jon: i'm in for bill hemmer.
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one man saying the winds basically tore the back of his house from its foundation. now the cleanup begins. thousands are without any power at all, coping as best they can during what is supposed to be a very joyous type of the year. abby: what is the latest where you are? reporter: the timing could not have been worse with the christmas holiday approaching much of the season. look at this video from mississippi have officials say 20 homes were destroyed near clarksdale. in alabama strong winds downed treats in mobile county.
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in tennessee trees were knocked down and homes damages. in perry county rescue crews found a man and woman's bodies in their destroyed home. >> we walked out of the storm shelter and everything was gone. >> a very wide area being affected by this severe and unseasonable weather. abby: it sounds like the storms with moving toward you in atlanta. >> we are seeing spotty damage in west atlantic. the winds caused damage to the hood of the car. down the street there was localized flooding we were having to deal with. when i walked out the door this
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morning expecting winter weather on this christmas eve the temperature was going up into the 70s. unseasonably warm with the and the warm temperatures are helping fuel this unseasonable weather we experiencing in the region. gregg: republican presidential candidate ted cruz hitting back hard at media after "the washington post" published and later withdrew a cartoon of his daughters. cruz posting a cartoon of his own. lap dogs for hillary clinton. this what i call a two-fer
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smackdown to take a big hit at the media, "the washington post" and the "new york times," and he gets to take a slap at hillary clinton at the same time. pretty clever? >> i think it's absolutely clever. you never lose as a republican contender for president by taking a slap at the media. he raised money off this cartoon to the tune of $80 million, i hear. despite the outrange, there is a lot of political theater. i think it led to a rise of his favorabilities. he has the best net numbers. he's using humor to his
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advantage. gregg: the cartoonist continues at least on twitter to defend what she did, do the con sister nation of her bosses i'm sure at "the washington post." the editorial page editor had this to say. it's generally been the poll i have our editorial section to leave children out of it. i failed to look at this cartoon before it was published. i understand why anne thought an exception was warranted in this case but i do not agree. she put his kids in an ad so she can mock and insult his children. there is no excuse for insulting kids of candidates. >> there is a double standard. if it was any democrat politician she would probably be fired. i know i'm a minority here but i
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can't get myself up to det-con levels. unless you think she was racist using monkeys in a racist way. i don't know the cartoon iftd. ist. i don't know her so i would be loathe to call her a racist without knowing her. gregg: she may not have thought it in that way. but fit had been sasha and mamaa
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maleia, obama's daughter it would have been. >> there would be firings going on right now. there shouldn't be double standards in politics. it shouldn't be okay to attack republican politicians' children brand-new not democrats' children. but unless ted cruz's kids are avid readers of the "post" opinion section and would have been affected by it. gregg: you say he is also using the original cartoon to solicit money to contribute money from contributors. a fundraising effort. does he open himself you have to criticism as a hypocrite? the media can't use this against
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him, but i can use it for myself to make money? >> that's why i think it's a lot of political theater. ted cruz may not be as outraged as he's suggesting. i think if you were outraged you have would let it go. you wouldn't use it as a way to make money. i think we are witnessing a lot of political theater right now. gregg: i want to play astounded bite from ted cruz it was very stern. >> don't mess with anybody's kids. we learned that in kindergarten. don't hit little girls. don't make fun of a 5-year-old and 7-year-old girl. gregg: will it resonate in iowa and help him? >> i think it will resonate.
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especially when he attacked the media. there are republican and conservative activists who hate double standards. if this was a democrat the media would be going crazy. they know the unfairness of the media often treats republicans. i don't think ted cruz is as incredit intli outraged as he might have said right there. abby: it's christmas eve and celebrations are getting underway in the monthly lands. -- in the holy land. what is the mood like in jerusalem and bethlehem today? reporter: there is the ongoing violence. there is tension because of that. and the political situation
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between the palestinians and israelis. but that said, celebration, festivities continued as usual. there were bands earlier today. a 50-foot tall christmas spree outside the church of the nativity. my mom is in town this year. it was her first time in manger square. and we went into the church of the nativity. probably the busiest time of year we could have picked to go in there. things have been scaled back because of the the ongoing violence. the decorations are limited to manger square. that's not the case this year. as you mention the ongoing violence and political tension. abby: mass there been more violence today specifically?
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>> there has been. specifically in the west bank. there were three attacked earlier today stabbings, vehicle attack, plowing into israeli border police. yesterday there were stabbing attacks in west jerusalem, two israelis were killed. israeli security forces shot and killed their israeli attackers. as far as the political tension goes, which should mention this and highlight it. this is the first year in more than 10 years, 15, according to one of our engineers. that palestinian officials denied tour crew permits to get across the border into the west bank and bethlehem. it's an example of the ongoing political tension between the israelis and the palestinians.
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but people continue to come to bethlehem including my mom. abby: john huddy, have a merry christmas with your mother. i'm dying get there. i can only imagine. 50-foot tree? reporter: yeah. gregg: the taliban is on the move in afghanistan, raising concerns that they could be gaining the upper hand after 14 years of war. >> the man who landed a home made helicopter on the ground of the u.s. capitol wants to enter congress in a different way. plus this ... gregg: protesters threatening to shut down the city's magnificent mile on the busiest shopping day
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gregg: remember that guy holland a gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol? now he's planning to run for congress. he was busted in april after the gyrocopter stunt. now he's filing the paperwork in
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hopes of running for the house seat of debbie wasserman schultz. abby: u.s. airstrikes coming to help the afghan forces. after 14 years of war the taliban could be gaining the upper hand. the taliban is on the verge of capturing a city under siege. it was the deadliest day for american troops there in two years. 14 years we have been pat war in afghanistan. the situation there seems to only be getting worse. earlier this week on monday we have the deadliest day since may of 2013. it sounds like we are pulling out of afghanistan at a pretty
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bad time. >> the sad thing here is this seems to be a replay of what happened in iraq. i think of the many hundreds of thousands of american servicemen and women who fought in iraq and afghanistan and watched iraq fall apart and now we see the same thing happening but not as dramatically as it did in iraq. but we see the same thing happening against the taliban. the tragedy never ends and 2,500 american men and servicemen killed over there. at least a trillion dollars spent. i don't see any happy outcomes. >> what does this mean for the afghan soldiers who will be on their own fighting. we expect the taliban to take control in a matter of time. >> that's such a great question. when the president started talking about troop withdrawals. everybody pays attention to things like that. as long as we were the big dogs
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on campus we had a lot of people hop would rally around us and support us. but once the president started talking about we are going to diminish our troop strength, people start rethinking what's happening including the afghan security and military forces, the very people we are trying to support there, when they start wondering about our commitment much as the iraqis had to wonder about our commitment, then the taliban like the bad guys in iraq, they gain the upper hand. and we have seen not only with the loss of these six wonderful americans monday, and other losses we have had this year, we see ground being lost. over 7,000 iraqi security military policemen killed this year already in afghanistan. i mean afghans killed in afghanistan. the taliban are gaining the upper hands.
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>> we had boots on ought ground and have been fat war 14 years. is me boots on the ground answer after 14 years of having them there? is this what we need to rely on nato? >> i speak for all parents out there whose sons or daughters have served in iraq or afghanistan. my son is on his 6th combat tour to the region. i think while i would like to see us win over there, particularly being a vietnam veteran who watched that war get lost due to politics, i don't want to see us commit more troops. but i wanted to see more air support available when it's needed. but when the afghans night as much as they do in helmand province. we have fairs capable of calling in that air support.
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air support won't win the battle but it will turn the tide for you. it will show our afghan and iraqial lights that we are still there. abby: we have so until the military including my own two brothers and it hits home for me as well. gregg: the colonel's son's 6th combat tour. in. president obama once called the deporter-in-chief, but the numbers tell a different story. why the deportations have fall on their lowest number in nine years. and report collapse of the frunt frontrunners. donald trump is telling hillary clinton she better be careful. a fair and balanced debate is coming up this christmas morning.
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abby: protest us disrupting one of the busiest shopping days of the year at the mall of america in minnesota. protesters later took their march to the st. paul-minneapolis airport snarling traffic. gregg: protesters vowing to shut
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down the city's magnificent mile. those are high-fend lucrative stores on the magnificent mile. reporter: that's exactly right. they intends to start on the michigan avenue bridge and go into the high-end shopping district as you mentioned. they are taking it out of the neighborhoods where the violence has become part of every day and the people have become callous to it. maybe they are not making friends. but gone are the scenes of the looted and burned out buildings. what we do see is them creating a lot of political pressure. >> i'm going to encourage and i'm excited to see our young people being engaged in the civic process.
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reporter: maze jackson says you have an emergence of a new guard. some people in the black community say they are struggling for relevance. you have people who are 30-50 years old who didn't get involved in the civil rights process. but now you have young people who have taken to the streets in the era of the dash cams. gregg: they are hurting their own city's economy. so what do they want? reporter: they want the resignation of the mayor rahm emanuel and anita alvarez. rahm emanuel isn't up for reelection for another three years. a state representative is introducing a bill with a low
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threshold for a recall. it requires only 85,000 signatures and two aldermen to get on board. they should be able to be taken out of office if they do some things that aren't favorable to their constituents. reporter: a lot of experts think it will die in committee. the mayor is on vacation in cuba right now. gregg: mike, thanks very much. abby: the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton not waiting for the general election. gregg: the manhunt is growing for the so-called affluenza
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teen. but a special greeting forefrom one of our service smebs overseas. >> i want to say happy holidays to my friends and families in new orleans, louisiana.
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gregg: we are getting reports that the u.s. is planning mass deportations of families who surged into the u.s. in central america. the administration says the decrease reflected fewer arrests along our southern borderer. but one former i.c.e. official says no, it's due to white house policy. william lajeunesse is live in l.a. with more. why is he saying this? >> let's look at the latest numbers. so big picture.
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the number of immigrant support the continues to climb from 400,000 two years ago to 150,000. the president claims he's tough on crime. take a look at this graph. deportations are down across the board. non-criminals down 31%. the u.s. has 11 million illegal immigrant living in the u.s. but the feds deported 60,000 of them. if you are simply an illegal immigrant living in the u.s. and don't commit a crime you have almost no chance of being
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deported. the administration says fewer illegals are being arrested at the border. but most of the illegal immigrant detained at the border are returned bid border pra patrol, not by i.c.e. but critics say he has effectively granted amnesty. >> it's a way of doing a pseudoamnesty without legislatively doing an amnesty. reporter: as for the plan to start mass deportations they are talking about 100,000 of hundreds of thousands of central americans who have settled here
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last year. gregg: the deportations are in court. we'll see what happens next. abby: clinton responding to trump's controversial comment on her 2008 loss to barack obama saying it's not the first time the billionaire has demonstrated sexism. now he's writing back. i have great respect for women. be careful. good morning monica crowley and doug schoen. hillary clinton saying she does not want to respond to donald trump. but peaking to the des moines
6:36 am
register * yesterday, that's what she did. let's listen to what she had to say. >> nothing really surprises me anymore. i don't know that he has any boundaries at all. his bigotry, blustering and bullying have become his campaign. he has to keep sort of upping the stakes and going even further. i think he's got to be, you know, held accountable for what he says and what the potential consequences of that kind of language are. abby: she said donald trump has no boundaries. and it's something we hear from republicans. how is it that donald trump has no boundaries. >> this is something that i think has mrs. clinton very
6:37 am
worried. i take a different view on the trump-clinton race. the conventional wisdom is she thinks it will be a walk in the park because he doesn't have boundaries that that will hurt hip in a general elect. he won't be able to attract independent and moderate that he will need to get elected. i think she is more worried than she lets on. in that tweet you just showed, it shows one of the big reasons why donald trump has been effective is that he is unafraid to call them on their b.s. the lie about the war on women and she is trying to play the sexism and gender card and he's not having any of that. i think she is worried she won't be running in a gentleman's race against a mitt romney or john
6:38 am
mccain. donald trump is willing to take the gloves off. abby: that's one of the things people seem to like about trump. but what worried me is every time trump gets a pass after saying something crude or vulgar, it send a message we as a nation are okay with this kind of talk. is that where we want to be? >> i agree with that 100%. i have said given isis made it clear they are coming to the youth and almost certainly here already, that they are not going to ask party identification when they kill people, they are not going to ask ideology. if we are further divide and degraded it hurt us as a nation. donald trump's numbers may be going up with republicans but not with independent and democrat. hillary's lead over hip is pretty big. and i tend to think if he get down further on these personal
6:39 am
attacks, it will only work to his detriment and certainly our position as a nation. abby: regardless of the feud, monica, you could say donald trump is feuding with the top democratic candidate. does that benefit him in the long run? >> donald trump is playing the media, and he's doing it very well. and mrs. clinton is playing the victim which we know she plays very well. so if the race is between trump and clinton. that dynamic and how it will interact will be interesting. but i think mrs. clinton and the democrats ought to be concerned even if it can't mr. trump. let's say it's senator cruz or senator rubio is the nominee. these are people who want to win and they know how to take the gloves off and they are willing to do it. police clinton has not faced an
6:40 am
opponent like that in her political life. i don't think she is prepared for it. >> is there anything trump could say at this point -- you say, that's too much. that's over the line. it doesn't seep like that's ever going to happen. >> i can't speculate about what he might say or could say. i would say my advice to him and hillary would be to talk about the issues. because we have a weak economy. we have a threat of isis. we have russia and china being extremely aggressive. i think we do better as a nation, especially at the holiday season if we recognize our common goals and purposes rather than device and polarize and appeal to to the lowest common denominator. >> have you noticed when donald
6:41 am
trump tweets, he makes dramatical mistakes? abby: tweets are weird, they are short. but usually they do. i think people like that. he doesn't care. gregg: the texas teenager who got off with probation because of so-called affluenza after a deadly drunk driving crash. he's a fugitive from justice. why the hunt for hip is growing. abby: scrutiny of the immigrant vetting process grows after the san bernardino attack. has the government failed to learn the lessons of 9/11? >> did we very change the rules? are we vetting and screening are we vetting and screening people better than we used to?
6:42 am
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but he's a chaos candidate. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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abby: beckham said this isn't about anything that was said or done to me. this is about my behavior. people expect better from me and i expect better from myself. gregg: a nationwide manhunt under way for a texas teenager and his mother.
6:46 am
he received probation from the judge claiming he didn't affluenza due to his parents' wealth. now the judge said couch violated probation an and his mom are on the run. couch is now on the lam *. if he's caught, does this get kicked up to adult court which means adult punishment, incarceration, and i think it would be 10 years behind bars. >> absolutely. it can be. especially in texas, it's up to the judge's discretion when you violate parole and they
6:47 am
takescaping meeting with your sphroal officer very seriously. that's one of the worst offenses you can do. he's facing incarceration and boot camp as well. they can elevate that original sentence. he could be incarcerated for that original sentence. gregg: the original sentence was in juvenile court. you would have to kick it up to adult court. ethan's mom, she is also missing simultaneously. you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure this out. the car is gone, the house in which woman son were living together, that was empty. and the sheriff is convinced she's with him. so if she is caught, does she get nailed for aiding and abetting a fugitive? >> she should be.
6:48 am
they should toss them both in jail. i think they are likely to face jail. this reminds me of o.j. he everybody perceived o.j. to get away with murder and he does something stupid and gets tossed in jail. this kid is widely seen to have doing something stupid. if his mom is abetting him, they should both be tossed in jail. gregg: the judge in this case, maybe she is the one who is to blame. maybe she is the villian. here is a picture of her, judge jean huffed on. she bought into the affluenza defense. nine others injured, their lives shattered.
6:49 am
she gives this kid probation. is she to blame? >> this is the perfect example sometimes it doesn't matter what the court of public opinion holds. we are looking at this case saying it's oh obvious but you can never predict what a judge may be swayed by or what a jury of will finds. social media is one big watchdog. you can't get away with anything. likely this kid will be caught and picked up for something small like not wearing a seat belt. like durst shoplifting a $5 hoodie. gregg: the judge never should have aloud the psychotherapist to testify to affluenza to begin with? >> absolutely. if you have read the interviews
6:50 am
with the psychotherapist he said he never should have used the term and he referred to the kid as a spoiled brat. abby: the community rallying around a cafeteria worker who was fired for giving a hungry student a free lunch. gregg: if you are travel big air the journey might be different than last year. at least when it comes to security.
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abby: the holiday travel season is kicking into high gear. 100 million americans expected to take a trip over the next week and a half. many of them spending christmas eve waiting in line at the airport. peter doocy is live with us at reagan airport. why is it some passengers will no longer be able to opt out of a full body scan? reporter: the tsa is worried a patdown might miss a weapon the scanners wouldn't miss. if a passenger was worried about
6:55 am
the body scanner take to go revealing a snapshot of what someone looks like through their clothes or worried about radiation they could say i want a patdown. but now the tsa can make you march in. it's up to the agents to decide what kind of threat the person may present. generally passengers will have the option to decline the screening. but some passengers will be required to undergo ait screening to safeguard transportation security. this is part of the evolving strategy to stay ahead of an evolving enemy. abby: peter you are at reagan national airport. it doesn't look too crazy behind
6:56 am
you. reporter: we are above where the security lines are long and getting longer by the moment. 40% of the region is going more than 50 miles away for the holiday. and the majority of people are driving because gas is so cheap. but many of the rest are flying. there are some with the delays this morning in new york, atlanta, and philadelphia. but so far it doesn't seem like it's anything so bad that it will keep people sleeping at the gate when santa comes. abby: merry christmas, peter. glenn: we hope everybody gets there safely wherever usual going. new developments. why the f.b.i. is focusing on an aid to clinton. but first special holiday greeting one of our service members overseas. >> here in bagram airfield
6:57 am
afghanistan. i want to wish my friends and family a merry christmas and happy new year.
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>> a personal server is inherently and by definition non-classified venue. in addition to the claim of mishandling classified document, the f.b.i. is reportedly also looking into a violation of what's called u.s. code 18 section 101. making a materially false statement. does it look like that could apply to hillary clinton's signed statement that she would protect classified material? >> obviously it's impossible to know what the f.b.i. is pursuing right now. and for that matter to know
7:04 am
fully what the congressional investigators are pursuing. but that is within the realm of possibility here. and in addition to that, not on the after the fact 8 she made. the other thing that's interesting about this. is how early the clintons planned and plotted to set the server up in the bathroom at home. it really does -- if it comes to things like the false statement and the do not -- her disclosure at the end of her term, if all that comes into play, i think it becomes a whole lot more important the degree to which they plotted all of this. there is no neat way for her to get out of this i don't think before the election. i suspect we'll be talking about
7:05 am
this for a very long time. gregg: ag we'll have to wait and see what happens. thanks very much. abby: reports the obama administration has been secretly communicating with syria for years. the efforts were abandoned in 2012 and the white house moved to back the rebels instead. kevin cork joins us live from hawaii. >> great to talk to you. very interesting report in the "journal" laying out this report puvment s. officials had a back channel secret communications with syrian officials and the idea was obvious to end the
7:06 am
bloody civil war and trying to figure out a political transition to usher bashar al-assad out of power. the "wall street journal" is quoting some u.s. officials saying they will look for cracks in the regime. the brutal dictator used chemical weapons and barrel bombs on his own people. the communications date back to 2011. they have been extremely limited. i found this interesting. sometimes the u.s. has to notify damascus about the whereabouts of syrian rebels where there are multiple forces fighting in one space. we call that deconfliction. while the official effort may have ended in 2011, as we like to say in diplomacy, there are no friend or enemies. there are on interests.
7:07 am
so as long as the interest is there to get assad out of power in a peaceful way, you should expect those communications to continue. abby: kevin corke in hawaii, thank you very much. gregg: so much for a white christmas. the east coast on track for what could become the warpest christmas eve on record. spring-like temperatures are affecting businesses that thrive on winter weather. rick leventhal live outside fox news head quarters in manhattan. how does it feel out there? >> windy, but it's not raining which is good news. it may look like christmas with all the decorations but it doesn't feel like it. we have a high of 70-71 which smashes the old record in 1973.
7:08 am
2,600 daily high record have been broken. during this bro torch heat wave why not go ice skating. some of them in coats and sweaters and some in t-shirts. it's decent weather to do your last-minute christmas shopping. 73 in d.c. today. 55 expected in st. louis. and 64 in pittsburgh. anyone hoping for a white christmas is pretty much out of luck on this side of the nation. >> there is almost no chance of a white christmas on the east coast. if anything we'll have a west green christmas from the gulf coast into the mid-atlantic. >> as long as it doesn't rain. we could go to the beach today.
7:09 am
gregg: great idea. i'll join you. one more question for you, rick. this is having a dramatic effect on ski resorts. reporter: you need snow to ski store snowboard they don't have it in the northeast and even down in north carolina. that includes the appalachian ski mountain only able to opening six time this season. the lack of snow is forcing them to make their own snow. it takes 60 million gallons of water so it's very expensive. many of the ski areas are listing zero trails in operation. gregg: rick, thanks very much. abby: 75 degrees in new york.
7:10 am
i'm not complaining. safety concerns on this christmas eve. i'll tell watch prompted a security crackdown half a world away. gregg: deadly storms tearing through the south. abby: tashfeen malik passed through security layers to get into the u.s. just like the 9/11 hijackers 14 years ago. >> the 20 hijackers that came here came through the legal immigration system. i asked repeatedly, was anyone ever fired for doing a bad job? did we ever change the rules? i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna.
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>> beijing on alert this weekend. police tightening security >> serious new concerns being raised about the vetting process for immigrants and whether anything has changed since 911. tashfeen malik came through the system legally despite red
7:15 am
flags. presidential candidate rand paul saying more changes are needed. >> every since 9/11 i have been frustrated. the 20 high jackers came through the system and i asked if anyone was fired for doing a bad job. are we screening people like we used to? i don't think we are. >> we have two guest here and good morning to both of you. >> morning. >> paul is sounding like other republican candidates here when it comes to keeping terrorist out of the country. you would think he would realize where he is out of step. is this his attempt to try to change this? >> paul could pass a law any day of the week.
7:16 am
when he said he wants people fired he is in the senate but he is running for president of the united states. he is like a dog barking at a parade. >> there are certain people following him in the parade and when you talk about trump's plan it seems you want to publically associate yourself with it. we look at recent polling and half of the country is with trump on this. what does it say about where we are at? >> an telephone calls when you call someone up asking if they are for it they say no but if you let them check a box they will say they are.
7:17 am
>> you mention we have to focus on policy. i agree with you there. you see the changes are small given how much congress can get done these days. >> people have anxiety. when people are coming together for the holidays -- i am lucky to be on the road with my family and mother. people want to know they don't have the worry about terrorism and that their congressman is reflecting their values and protecting the homeland. but not every immigrant. we should have checks to make sure out siders don't want to harm the country. >> the number one issue for
7:18 am
voters is national security. what needs to be done for people to start feeling more settled? >> we should not forget the shoe bomber was a christmas bomber who shutdown shopping for the travelers that day. the response was more nuance than banning people based on their religion. some of the bad choices america made in their immigration policy is driving this president and the unwillingness to enforce what they should on the border. we know what countries they come from and their age range. there are ways to profile them. neighbors afraid of calling the police on suspicious activity but they were afraid to do anything was of profiling. you need to profile, ask uncomfortable questions and i
7:19 am
think that is what the candidates need to push forward. >> thank you both for being with had us. merry christmas. jon: the man accused of a deadly shooting at the planned parenthood suddenly interrupting the judge during his court appearance and makes a big announ announcement. what it could mean for the case. a patient is discharged from the hospital and dies soon after. a high profile law firm is fighting the argument that she was okay to leave. was okay to leave. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
7:20 am
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7:24 am
lungs due to morbid obesity. >> what is the hospital's position here? >> the ceo of the hospital talked to reporters and said in
7:25 am
general staff call the police when they are concerned about the safety of others. the police chief defending the department saying dawson was belligerent and refused to leave and that warranted the handcuffs. she refused to leave and she was charged with disordererly conduct. because of the unusual circumstances around this death happening outside of the hospital after a woman is discharged that led the florida department of law enforcement to begin their own question. >> phil keating live in florida. thank you. >> folks in the southeast hoping the worst is over but they will be spending christmas eve dealing with the aftermath of the deadly storms that ripped through the area leaving
7:26 am
thousands without power. >> senator ted cruz is firing back at the mainstream media in a battle of cartoons. but first a special holiday greeting from one of our service members overseas. >> this is eric from the army core of engineers. i want to wish my wife and two boys from nebraska a merry christmas and happy new year. i love you guys. i miss you. i miss you. lease the 2015 gs350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
7:27 am
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7:29 am
welcome back. a difficult holiday for thousands of people across the southeast after deadly storms swept through overnight. three people were killed in mississippi when a twister hit the northern part of the state. one woman describes the
7:30 am
devastation. >> there is 18-wheelers blown over, there is insultation all in the trees here. >> more than 50 houses according to an initial were hit by the funnel cloud. 40 people were injured some seriously. a small tornado in central indiana ripping the roof off an animal hospital throwing pieces of wood and insulation across the parking lot. no people or animals were hurt. senator ted cruz firing back at the washington post after a newspaper published a depicted cartoon as his two young daughters as trained monkeys. the republican candidate published a cartoon featuring hillary clinton walking her lap dogs if you will. the washington post and "the new york times." kevin mcculla is a talk show
7:31 am
host for salem media group. and jessica is here, a democratic pollster and consultant. kevin, smart move by the senator because he accomplishs a -- accomplishes a couple things? media bias against the conservatives and they are cheerleaders for carolina -- clinton. >> it is showing cruz has a sense of humor. he needs to focus on the $150 billion given to iran, isis and the economy. it is a winning way to say back to the washington post you come after my daughters you are fair game, too. >> he literally said that. i want to play the sound bite. here is it.
7:32 am
ted cruz. >> don't mess with anybody's kids. that is what we learned in kindergarten. don't hit little girls. it is not complicated not to make fun of a five year old girl. >> did the washington post just hand ted cruz an early christmas gift all wrapped up with a nice red bow? >> i don't think so. >> 40 days before the iowa caucus? >> no. this isn't what is going to propel ted cruz to victory. >> it doesn't elevate him at all? >> i want to say the cartoon was not funny and that is what under pins this. >> racist? he is hispanic. monk monkey children. >> that is what why they did it. ted cruz put his girls in an ad that was not wholesome. there are political ads where you had people out in the yard
7:33 am
playing with the kids but he had them reading politically charged rhetoric. they didn't come up with it on their own to make of obama. >> the editor said he apologized but he is sticking by the cartoon. cruz has put his children in a political ad don't start screaming for editoral cartoonist draw them. >> i don't think cruz was upset when they went after obama's daughters. >> they have been at many press conferences where their father announces policy announcements -- >> have been making fun of other candidates? >> ted cruz's daughter --
7:34 am
>> you would have black lives matter burning down washington. >> ted cruz's daughter is heard in his ad slamming hillary clinton. was that appropriate? >> he can do whatever we wants. he can put it out there. the cartoonist can draw it. i think the tenure of the campaign on both sides has been way more in the gutter than we want it to be. that is from both sides. >> that is a true point for sure. i think it is a both side problem led by donald trump who started this that said if you bully me i will bully you back. he makes fun of hillary clinton for going to the bathroom. >> cartoonist are supposed to n injure and maim and mock politicians. but children are supposed to be
7:35 am
off limits. >> but they haven't been. >> they have been. >> mistakes have been made for sure. >> the level of discourse to kevin's point is so lower that this wasn't shocking especially understanding and looking at the ad that ted cruz put out themselves. >> no one thought ted's daughter was compared to monkey or demeaned. it is beyond the pail. we have had bitter driven campaigns but this crossed a big red line you don't cross. >> had it been sasha and malia it would have been a nuclear explosion by the media and president obama. >> but everyone has agreed with the ad was wrong. i have not heard anyone saying this is an ad that should be one. it is first amendment protected.
7:36 am
people were defensive of the charlie hebdo cartoonist out there. they are drawing spng something they are not supposed to draw. >> ted cruz is flipping it around and using the cartoon he condemned and sending it out to people to raise money. using it as a fundraiser. is he being a hypocrite crossing a line? >> no, he is fighting fire with fire. by releasing the cartoon and saying this as a sample of what the progressive right things is okay to do he is making the case. he should send had cartoonist of the washington post a thank you note because he will rake in money off this. >> what about the hypocrisy of you the media can't use it against me but i can use it? >> if you want your kids out of the conversation don't send out e-mails saying my kids got made fun of now give me money.
7:37 am
it is the donald trump philosophy. you hit me and i will hit you harder. that is fundamentally crack. >> he is not hitting other people's children. >> and the biggest applause lines was when ted cruz went after the media saying ask me real questions not what i think of donald trump. i get why he is doing it but it doesn't make it right. >> thank you both. >> thank you. happy holidays. a judge ordering a mental evaluation for a man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in colorado at a planned parenthood. robert deer told the judge he wants to get rid of his lawyer and represent himself. lisa is live in denver and is strange situation going on. is the judge going to allow him to represent himself? >> reporter: that depends on
7:38 am
the district judge's discussion. deer interrupted him yesterday in the courtroom saying quote but i do not want them as my lawyers. i invoke my constitutional right to defend myself. deer is represented by dan king who led the defense team for the colorado movie shooter. here is the da. : >> judge is asking to con firm the defendant understands what is going on, understands the charges and can cooperate with his attorney. >> reporter: he is facing 170 charges of first-degree murder and other counts. three people were killed during the shooting and stand off with police. everyone is expected back in court in late feb to do check up on the evaluation. abby: it sounds like if this goes to trial it could take some
7:39 am
time. >> reporter: yes, because under the thraw case may not move forward until the shooter is restored to competency and that is just to get him where he can participate in his own defense. at a hearing two weeks ago, deer had more than a dozen outburst including one where he yelled i am guilty, there is no trial, i am a warrior for the baby. he accused his attorney of being a supporter of planned parenthood and carrying the stain of the colorado shooter. >> this is the lawyer for the batman shooter that drugged them up. that is what they want to do me. >> reporter: his family members were in court but the media was asked not to approach them. abby: live in colorado, thank you so much. two candidates in one sheriff's race have residents doing a double take. what makes this campaign so unusual.
7:40 am
abby: plus traditional versus high tech. board games or baby laptops? what games and toys help kids' development the best? that is next. jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do?
7:41 am
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7:44 am
there have been two or three times where it can get interesting. >> kevin: the twins say they support each other no matter the outcome. there are two other candidates on the ballot as well. the election is held on march 1st. abby: another study showing high tech toys are not necessarily better for children than traditional toys. children playing with electric toys have much less verbal interaction with adult and that is crucial to a child's development. kelly powers is joining us and she is a doctor. this goes against what people are thinking as they get their kids' toys. tell us what the study is about. >> the building blocks of language may be building blocks. abby: a lot cheaper too. >> according to the journal of
7:45 am
medical association a study came out showing a correlation between language development and electronic toys. with these electronic toys parents are asking questions and being less interactive and the kids are being less responsive. it is easy to put the child in the crib with the ipad but the study is showing there is an affect on language development. this was a small study. 26 families were looked at in a prospective manner. what they found was according to the specifics is the child was playing with an electronic toy and the parents spoke 40 words per minutes. a traditional toy was 56 words per minute and a book reading had about 70 words per minute x exchang exchanged. abby: you hear the younger you the easier it is to pick up
7:46 am
language. >> they looked at 16 months in this quick fix with
7:47 am
kids unruly and long trips. you will want the movie on the screen to get through the hour or two drive. >> the ipad is okay? >> in moderation. psychologist suggest 10%. 90% of the child's interaction should be talking. >> some are calling it a christmas miracle. a baby found in a manger touching the hearts of people all over the world. the impact he is making at the church he was found and beyond. first a special holiday greeting from one of our service members from overseas. >> i am jessy pits with the special operation task fork.
7:48 am
i want to wish my husband ryan, and my family in michigan, a very merry christmas. love and miss you guys.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> it is more expensive to be a woman according to a new study showing items cost 7% more to women. consu consumer affairs say it starts in childhoods with girl's clothing costing more even when they are identical. letters have been sent to manufacturers asking them to price things equally.
7:52 am
>> kevin: it is random sexism for profit. abby: that is not fair. women wear less clothing most of the time. >> kevin: depends on the woman. abby: that is true. >> kevin: christmas sphetory unfolding here in new york. a baby found in a manger last month at a church in queens and it is changing the lives of many. we have more from queens. >> reporter: the native scene brought the church was special but this brought a new meaning. a few days before thanksgiving a baby boy barely two hours old was left in the church's manger.
7:53 am
the single mother placed him here in god's hand. >> the manger was set and the doors were open. there was no one in the church at the time so she could come anonymously and drop her child. >> reporter: from the moment the child appeared he began to change the lives of those around him. from this handy man who fund him it is divine intervention. >> a miracle in the sense the timing. the manger was just there. >> reporter: this young priest said this is a real moment as the nurse attended to him. >> watching her tying the umbilical cord and again something that i have never scene. >> reporter: the baby left in the manger transformed lives here but the modern christmas day story miracle touched hearts and minds across the country and
7:54 am
world. cards, e-mails and donations have poured in and hand knitted hats as well. many people asking to adopt the infant. the event has inspired a bounty of christian sermans as pastors and priest across the count see the similarities of the two stories. >> coming as this helpless infant that came to save the world. >> reporter: state authorities decide who adopts them but he has a home in the hearts of thousands already. >> kevin: that is quite the story. abby: imagine when this baby was asked where it was born? the story you can tell. i was born in a manger. devastating storms ripping through the southeast spawning deadly tornados and knocking out power to thousands.
7:55 am
the storms are having a ripple effect on the holiday travel. we have live team coverage ahead. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horse power, torque ratios... three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. >> santa is back in buffalo. for the past 35 years serving santa paddle down an icy niagara whether in his cold water santa dry suits to raise awareness of homelessness. he makes a three mile journey to support a charity fund-raiser and santa as an entourage for safety of course. >> toiletries or anything they can use to provide a better life for the less fortunate in our area. >> u.s. border patrol, coast
7:59 am
guard, smooth sailing for santa claus. >> unbelievable. fulton makes the street every year regardless of whether conditions. jon: have you ever tried to do that? gerri: he makes it look easy but you are so sore after word. jon: norad is tracking santa as they do every evening, just zoomed past malaysia. there is santa claus. jenna: one of our crew members asked if he stops for coffee. jon: he has his cappuccinomaker. he only stops for kids whose homes were nice, not not be. jenna: he is on his way, on his way. jon: thanks for being with us, happy holidays, merry christmas.
8:00 am
"happening now" begins now. >> a tough christmas eve in parts of the country, killer storms sweeping across the south right before the holidays. good morning. >> the severe weather threat is not in yet as fierce storms packing heavy rains and high wind ripped through the south with tornadoes touching down in some spots and the damage track from one twister spending one hundred miles, wind so powerful they damaged dozens of homes and businesses, tossed cars and trucks onto their sides, downed power lines and trees, and did read is true and everywhere. we have coverage of the killer storms and how they are affecting holiday travel. let's go to atlanta.


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