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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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director admits it was kind of funny but there have to be consequences. so the dejay will now be playing on new year's eve. thanks for watching. have a merry christmas tomorrow. >> watch our special, 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight, "an american journey" with jenna and me. and "the real story" with gretchen starts now. hi, everyone. the christmas rush is on. tlnd thousands of people are trying to make their way home. this is "the real story." airlines adding dozens of flights today and to help passengers stranded by bad weather reach their destination. we have team coverage. jonathan covering the cleanup after some deadly tornados there. rick reichmuth and peter. let's go live to peter at reagan national airport outside washington, d.c. are there delays today?
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what is the picture? are people happy to be going home? what's going on? >> there are delays. it depends where you're trying to go. very tough for people anywhere to get in or out of atlanta. also delays nationally that we've seen going in and out of denver, phoenix and chicago. so far this morning, almost 600 flights have been delayed. almost 50 flights have been canceled from coast to coast. 100.5 million people are expected to be traveling this week. that will be a record if that holds. that would be almost 1.5% more than last year and most people who are in transit today are driving. aaa says that's how 90% of folks are getting from point a to point b. >> we're seeing rising incomes and lowering prices in general, but fuel is definitely the main catalyst. >> and d.c. feels the impact of travel troubles more than most
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places. aaa says that more than 40% of people in this area are traveling more than 50 miles away to open presents. gretchen? >> i hear some music going on behind you. i hope it's christmas carols. we talked earlier this week about -- >> all day. >> i'm sure you're getting tired of it. we talk bodied about the new sey measures going on at the airport. is that causing backups today? >> it hasn't yet. a lot of the travelers that we spoke to didn't even know about this new tsa policy that may not let them get a patdown if that's what's they prefer instead of a full body scan. the tsa doesn't think the patsdowns are the most effective way to pick up weapons. they'll have the agents use discretion about whether someone can get a patdown or if they'll make them use the automatic imaging technology or ait scan. and that's not the most popular machine because some people
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think the scan shows what they look like underneath their clothes and smrths aome others worried about the radiation. tsa said generally passengers undergoing screening will still have the option to decline an ait screening in favor of physical screening. however, some passengers will be required to undergo ait screening if warranted by security considerations nrd to safeguard transportation. we did speak to some flyers earlier. nobody told us they were particularly worried about the terror threat more than usual. folks told us they got here pretty nearly case there was a backup in security but they trust tsa. the most common worry that we heard from folks here at reagan airport was about a car ride or drive they'll have to make when they land wherever they're going. >> interesting. all right. peter, merry christmas. thanks. so now we have to talk about the storms across the southeast because they kills at least ten
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people last night causing significant damage. look at this tornado spotted in northern mississippi. an eyewitness capturing this video. several homes damaged in that area. just miles away, another twister dangerously close to this highway. tractor trailer flipping over. neighboring states also hit by storms. folks describing a harrowing ordeal. >> just looked like a small tornado. the wind began coming and the cloud smacked off a pine tree by my truck. i sat with my seat belt on and said, please, lord, let me survive this. >> it makes you feel terrible. >> jonathan is live in atlanta with the latest. what's happening where you are as far as storm damage? >> we're in a neighborhood of northwest atlanta that was hard hit. heavy winds came through here topling a tree, knocking out power. several elderly residents down
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the street on oxygen. a concerned neighbor came in, got power restored within two hours. also flooding at two marta stations. that's the rapid rail stations here in atlanta. caused delays on the rail system. they brought in marta buses but there are some delays going on with marta. >> now what about the neighboring states in and around georgia? >> yeah, as we speak in neighboring south carolina, the local electrical utility in the columbia, south carolina, area is taking a look at water levels on lake murray. there's a chance they may have to open one of the flood gates on the dam on that lake. they say they'll be able to give people downstream about three hours warning if they have to do that and if there will be any issues down stream. meanwhile, want to show you some video out of mississippi where local officials say a tornado damaged or destroyed as many as 20 homes near clarksdale.
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the storm overturned private planes in a small airport. clarksdale is opening its civic center to provide support for anyone who needs it. in alabama, strong winds downed trees and heavy rains caused flooding in low-lying areas. up to ten inches of rain has fallen in portions of southern alabama. and in tennessee, severe storms swept through multiple portions of the state knocking down trees and damaging homes. rescue crews found the bodies of a man and woman while searching through the remains of their damaged home. a neighbor who survived describes what she saw when she emerged from her storm shelter. >> we didn't hear anything. we just opened that door and the house was gone. it was the biggest shock of my life. took my breath away. >> a big shock to many throughout the southeast. and some of the western portions, more western states affected by the storm system, the worst of the storm struck overnight while many people were sleeping, making matters much worse. gretchen? >> jonathan, thanks much.
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a big chunk of the eastern seaboard experiencing temperatures above 70 degrees this christmas eve. right here in new york city. that's 30 to 40 degrees higher than normal. what can we expect for christmas day? meteorologist rick reichmuth is live. i've got to wear something red because it's christmas eve and then i had to pick sleeveless because i was way to hot to put on long sleeves. >> not only is it hot, it's humd. it feels sticky out there. i didn't wear a jacket. nobody needs to today. it's 70 degrees in new york city. and take a look at this. phoenix, 63. los angeles, 59. people go west at least to the southwest to get some warmth for christmas. not really the case right now. we'll see this, again, tomorrow we cool down just a little bit. 60s, 70s across parts of the east. it's what we've been seeing so far this winter and throughout the fall. saturday, we remain warm.
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sunday we remain warm. then we start to see a change. check out sunday and monday. by monday we cool down into areas of the northeast. we still have this rain and flooding going on. severe weather yesterday. most of the severe storms now are causing a lot of flooding across parts of the southeast. we'll have to watch that carefully. if you think of a white christmas, look at buffalo, watertown. these towns are normally buried in snow. across the northeast, you have to go into northern maine to get any snow. all the snow for white christmas is out across the west. there's a lot of it out here. we'll be seeing snow across parts of arizona, probably for tomorrow. winter storm watches and warnings across the west. look at this, gretchen. by the time we get to saturday night and sunday, snow in el paso, texas. nothing across the east coast but el paso, texas and possibly by sunday a blizzard across west texas a oklahoma. >> that's unbelievable. having worked in texatexas, tha
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will be a huge shocker for them. demonstrators marching along chicago's magnificent mile today. they are blocking folks from shopping on this last day before christmas, on christmas eve. they are protesting the fatal police shooting of a black teen. this comes a day after a similar protest at the massive mall of america spread to the minneapolis st. paul airport causing delays for holiday travelers. mike tobin, what's happening out there where you are right now? >> at the moment, if i look over my shoulder, they've blocked the entrance to the apple store and chanting no justice, no profit. the stated goal, kind of like what they did on black friday, was to disrupt holiday shopping. retailers say their sales have been off 25% to 50%. one thing you may not be getting from the shot here. it looks like a big crowd but this is a smaller crowd than in previous days. i'm going to ballpark about 150,
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200. if you swing the camera around 180 degrees. come this way. let's show the line of bike cops out here. i would estimate that as many demonstrators as you have here, you also have police officers. and a large part of what they are doing is blocking traffic. frankly keeping the demonstrators safe. in terms of making the big impact on holiday shopping. they are making some impact. probably not as big as they hoped to. not as big as what they said going into this event. >> mike tobin on the streets in the michigan avenue area. are you spending more on gifts this year? retailers hoping lower gas prices push folks to shop. but it's not working like they expected. an expert tells us what's really going on. plus, we've heard of the benefits of nuclear and wind power. you'll never believe what one town is using to get electricity. here's a hint. it's something you can eat. feel a cold coming on?
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welcome back to "the real story." good news for shoppers. lower gas prices expected to continue. the average u.s. household saving an estimated $700 this year just from gas sales. some folks spending that money online. e-commerce sales rising nearly 12% compared to last year. but the typical mall still not seeing a boost in consumer spending yet. right now the average price of gas nationwide just over 2 bucks a gallon. here with the real story about what's going on, steve moore from the heritage foundation and a fox news contributor. let's talk finances here. we're seeing this explosion on e-commerce. i know for me, too, just for a matter of convenience, it's so much easier to buy stuff online.
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is that going to push over at the malls or are we just going to be stagnant there? >> hi, gretchen. you have the story exactly right. the first part of this story is the biggest economic story of the year, to me, is these falling oil and gasoline prices. and i'm here in chicago. we're paying $1.79, $1.80 a gallon. as you said, that's a big savings to the american consumer. saving $20, $25 every time they go to the gas pump. now they're spending that money. they are going to the malls but you're right. instead of buying the stuff at the malls they are going online. u.p.s. will deliver it 24, 48 hours. big boom in e-commerce sales. the malls are starting to feel the impact in terms of not as good a year as they'd hoped. >> it's interesting because when we were talking about black friday right after thanksgiving, a lot of retailers now have to completely re-evaluate.
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it's not just going to be about black friday. it's going to be how do we actually juf lely just get peop the stores in general. do you have any insight in what strategies they may be looking at as we go forward? >> they have to make their stores attractive and fun places to go to. that's the apple model and now microsoft and other stores are making it so they are kind of fun places to go to where you can use the stuff and try it out. the problem has been people do that, gretchen, and a lot of them don't buy the stuff there. they go online and buy it. now one factor behind this increase in e-commerce sales, i think, is a lot of times if you buy it online, you don't have to pay sales tax. if you live in a state like new york or california or here in chicago where your sales tax can be 8% or 10%, that's can be big savings. that's a big issue for the retailers. you'll see a big fight between the retailers and e-commerce
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people about whether e-commerce should be taxed at sale. >> let's change topics a bit. new census bureau data shows an increase in americans moving south. many midwest and northeast states seeing a decline in population. you can see indicated the lighter colors on this map are those that are the lighter ones where they are leaving or going to? where they are leaving. and the darker colors show an increase in population. a lot of that is in southern states. what's going on here? >> so i just wrote a book on this on the shift of population from one state to another. none of your viewers will be too surprised the exodus from the north to the south continues very rapidly. and they are moving from the liberal blue states, the states like new york, where you are and pennsylvania and states like new jersey and connecticut, and my home state of illinois, and they are going south to tennessee, to
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florida, to phoenix, arizona. and you just see this day after day. by our estimates, think about this, gretchen. every single day in america, 1,000 people on net are leaving the blue states and headi ining south to the red states. guess what was the number one destination state this year? >> i am just going to say arizona because i love it here. >> it's up there in the top five. number one was florida with a huge increase. this has been a pattern going on for years and years if not decades. it's the re-emergence of the south as an economic power. more people and more businesses move there. you are seeing increase in the economic shift of gravity economically to those states. i was in charleston, south carolina, recently. a huge new boeing plant there with thousands of workers. that used to be out in seattle. it's moved to the south. the south is doing very well right now. >> and lower taxes and no state
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taxes. lower cost of living. better weather. we can go on and on. even though i'm a northern girl, i'm from minnesota, too. i hear what you're saying. have a fabulous holiday. >> this is santa claus on my tie. >> i was wondering. i saw you in preview before you were coming up. merry christmas. happy new year and all the above. >> okay. same to you. a name worth $200 million to the minnesota vikings. wait until you hear why the team is bringing a massive lawsuit against a bank because of a sign they are posting on the building next door. it's a great legal case. and a new study finding that, y most people are willing to regift some of the unwanted presents they get. candles and picture frames top the list. that brings us to our question of the day. what are you guilty of regifting? i'm not trying to make you feel guilty, but anyway, tweet me @gretchencarlson. use #therealstory. i'll read your stuff coming up at the end the show.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. time to go back in session. minnesota vikings are suing wells fargo. the vikings claim the bank is trying to photo bomb their new u.s. bank stadium by putting large wells fargo signs on a new office tower nearby. they claim the rooftop signs will be bigger and brighter than previously agreed upon. meaning when the blimp flies over on game day, wells fargo will get lots of publicity. great to have both of you on the real story. whitney, apparently there was an agreement the vikings had with wells fargo, correct?
11:24 am
they signed this agreement about specific size of advertising. who is in the right? who is in the wrong here? >> wells fargo is in the wrong. it's the usbank stadium not the wells fargo stadium. it's a little out of control. i don't understand why they'd be doing this other than to get the free publicity out of it. if they entered an agreement and are in breach of this agreement, it's a simple law. it hurts the vikings image. they have an agreement with usbank who sponsored the stadium. wells fargo can't come in and usurp all the attention and expect it not to be an issue. >> here's the vikings complaint. wells fargo started installing mounted and illuminated roof top signs that do not conform to the parties agreement in an effort to permanently photo bomb the iconic stadium. do the vikings singlehandedly win this? >> i agree. i think they do because it seems
11:25 am
like there was an agreement. there was a contract between wells fargo and the vikings whereby wells fargo couldn't put illuminated signs on their buildings in order to get the zoning from the city to be near the stadium. they started to build that. it seems like a straightforward lawsuit where the vikings win. my question would be first, if i were wells fargo, why not come up with an ounce of creativity and just paint the words wells fargo on the roof. the second question i have is, if i'm the vikings, instead of just filing a breach of contract lawsuit, file an injunction. prevent them from taking these steps to mounting this and they haven't done that. i've read the lawsuit. i've actually reached out to them for comment. they don't have a reason they didn't seek an injunction. >> now i want to get on to this. a new jersey man suing his wife
11:26 am
for causing emotional distress by writing nasty notes on the alimony checks she's sending him including loser, adult child support and blank off and die. okay. whitney, come on. she's already paying him alimony. can he actually sue her for writing in the note thing what she thinks? >> first, on behalf of all of your lawyers everywhere, let there be peace on earth and let it be good with these two individuals, okay? this is ridiculous. it's juvenile. no, he doesn't have emotional distress from this. if he hasn't heard things like that thus far through this divorce then he's lucky. while she's creative, and i ads meyer that, she looks like a loser, too. they need to let it go. you're going to just have to let it go. grow up. >> they might continue their spats but is there a legal case here? >> no. >> yes, actually there is a legal case. unfortunately, it makes all -- i agree with her. makes all of us lawyers look
11:27 am
bad. if you take an intentional act, then, like she's doing and writing these nasty can sue for emotional harm. i don't think a jury is going to award her -- >> it's her check. >> it's a legal ploy to get more alimony. what he's trying to do is squeeze more alimony out of her by filing this lawsuit. it won't get dismissed because what she's doing is an intentional act. >> she has a first amendment right to say these things. why can't she say this stuff? >> she found out about it from looking on his lawyer's facebook page so the plot thickens. let's -- we'll try and end this in a peaceful way since it is christmas eve. happy holidays to both of you. >> happy holidays. just hours after a report showing the obama administration has deported the fewest number of illegals of any presidency, the department of immigration
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bottom of the hour on "the real story." the obama administration claims fewer illegal aliens are being deported because of an drop in arrests along the southern border. at least one immigration official says it's really due to white house policy. william is live in l.a. what exactly are they talking about? >> well, you have got deferred,
11:32 am
dreamers, no worksite enforcement, sanctuary cities. all those things add up. if you look at the numbers released by the administration. this is a four-year snapshot. if you look at the total deportations, you'll see that those declined from 400,000 to almost 200,000. now i want to look at those two sub groups there. the president also claimed to be tough on criminal aliens but the red bar, criminal alien deportations are down four years in a row. the green bay. down 31%. so why is it happening? the numbers are down because fewer are trying to cross the border, but others blame the president for using executive prerogative to ignore the law. >> it's a way to reduce your immigration enforcement without going through the legislative process of changing the law. it's a way of doing a
11:33 am
pseudoamnesty without legislatively doo lly doing an . he was an i.c.e. agent, most recently in charge in l.a. >> what does it all say about immigration enforcement then? >> when you strip away the number of illegals deported at the bordborder, which is two-th of the 200,000. if an illegal stays out of trouble, there's a tiny chance, less than 0.5% of actually being deported. that's 6,000 out of 11 million. what does it mean? critics say it sends a message to people. if you xl to the u.s., keep your nose clean you have little fear of being rounded up. yesterday some officials says they're going after a few hundred central americans, families who refused to obey their deportation order. that's a drop in a bucket to the
11:34 am
150,000 that have entered the last two years. >> interesting numbers. time to bring in fox news contributor bernard whitman and the ceo of whitman insight strategies. tony, bern ard, you're going to disagree on this. who is right? the obama administration, tony, or the other side? >> the reason you aren't also having that mass border crossing is because the economy is america is so bad. it's not creating the opportunities many come for. it's beyond amnesty. you don't put someone here undocumented who has not committed a crime and put them back on a bus. it's open borders. the whole deferred status for children who come to the border without supervision. we've accepted them into the country. we've lost track of them. they're now embedded into our societies benefiting from our domestic welfare state resources. what we are seeing in the light of san bernardino and paris, there's a revisiting of
11:35 am
immigration laws. both of these happened because of poor immigration laws. >> and visas. >> k-1 visa program. >> how are you going to say that tony is wrong? >> it underscores that we need comprehensive immigration reform. i mean something that both sides can come away and say this is the right, obvious, rational policy that balances the need to protect our borders, secure the borders and deals with those people who are here illegally in a compassionate way. this is in stark contrast to what donald trump wants to do which is round up all 11 million and ship them across the border. he thinks they all belong in mexico. they are scattered all over south america. >> it was not just coincidence that when he's numbers came out and showed fewer deportations that we had a deportation move. >> during the first term of obama, he was bragging his deportation was greater and stricter than that of the bush
11:36 am
administration. >> i don't think it was -- >> it's public opinion pressure coming from terrorism. >> i think it was -- a court ruled the appeals were exhausted. enforcement has to happen. i don't think it was any coincidence. >> jeb bush and chris christie using similar tactics. they hope they can make voters feel guilty enough to support them and not support donald trump. tony is this the last straw strategy for both of those candidates? >> you would think that they could have come up with something better, although, look. new hampshire is vigorously independence as far as the electorate is concerned. they are more well informed than most voters because of their first in the nation primary status. bush and christie are appealing to their sense of making their vote count and casting a smarter vote. a lot of trump's appeal is because of his bluster and they are trying to say to the new hampshire voter, you're better than that. >> guilt is desperation's last act. it usually doesn't work.
11:37 am
jeb bush and chris christie are trying to cajole and jewish guilt, irish guilt their way backs into the poll numbers is not going to work. it underscores the terrible campaign jeb bush has run and chris christie's appeal is limited. i think the new hampshire voters savvy. if they decided they want to be inspired and awed by the disgusting and embarrassing debacle that is donald trump's campaign, then go ahead. >> a lot of people like trump. he's leadi ining by a long shot. the recent poll also showing a lot of people are undecided. we'll see how that flushes out in february. merry christmas. today is christmas eve. i know at my house that means church where the highlight is lighting candles and singing "silent night" at the end of the service. we'll eat a lot of food including some staples, a thin potato pancake you slather with butter and sugar and roll it up.
11:38 am
my kids will play the piano. and we open all our gifts on christmas eve and then get ready for santa. here's the question for you as you are scurrying around to get everything done. does getting ready for christmas make you feel more joyful or more stressful? the good news is that most americans find the holiday season more enjoyable. 44% say it's joyful with only 27% saying it's stressful. but here's the best news of all. nearly all americans celebrate christmas at 94% while 6% celebrate hanukkah. 3% celebrate kwanzaa. with stats like that, i'm not sure why we continue to pacify the few who don't like christmas or somehow find it offensive. most of us love it. want to celebrate it and carry on our family and ethnic traditions. merry christmas as we celebrate the christ child.
11:39 am
and speaking of that, in god we trust. it's a motto found on our money. some people have a problem with it appearing on police cars. the response from the officers sporting those stickers. new information on the accused planned parenthood shooter and his request to change strategy on his defense. why a judge now wants him evaluated. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p when heartburn hits
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fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums reports of a shooting at a mall in charlotte, north carolina. witnesses telling a local tv affiliate there they heard as many as seven shots. reports of a person shot in the leg. we don't know much more of that. there was also a possible asthma attack they were responding to. possibly somebody else in labor. but it appears the breaking news is as far as injuries from any kind of a shot being fired, right now the only report is that one person is injured in the leg.
11:43 am
of course, we are following this very closely. again in charlotte, north carolina, could be a mall shooting. people reporting as many as seven shots heard. keep it right here on fox for all the details. in the meantime, the man accused of killing three people at a plannedparenthood in colorado wants to represent himself in court. he wants to be his own lawyer. the judge will rule on the request but not before deer has a mental evaluation. this evaluation may not come easy. what do you know about that? >> that's right. that's because robert deer told the judge he has no intention of participating in his own competency exam. he's not going to answer any psychiatrist's questions. district judge gilbert martinez explained it was his right to refuse but doing so could result in appearing uncooperative which would work against him. the defendant didn't appear
11:44 am
concerned but continued to insist he be allowed to fire his lawyer saying, how can i trust my attorney when he says in the newspaper i'm incompetent. daniel king of the colorado public defenders office urged the court to have his client evaluated. the judge granted the request to explore dear's ability to help in his own defense. here's prosecutor dan may. >> judge is asking him to confirm the defendant knows what's going on in the courtroom, understands the proceedings and charges and is able to cooperate with his attorneys. >> dear admits to killing three people and injuring nine at the planned parenthood clinic in november. and his attorney says they really can't move forward at all until his client is brought up to competency. >> getting to a trial is going to be a long road, i guess, right? >> yeah, you have that right. everything is at a standstill until he's deemed competent by the court. two weeks ago, dear made more than a dozen outbursts.
11:45 am
he repeatedly ridiculed his attorn attorney. >> i'm not going to agree to their mental health evaluations where they want to take me and put me on psychotropic drugs. >> and all expected back in court in late february so they can get a status on how this evaluation is going, if it's going. gretchen? >> the full coverage and story from alicia. thank you. the french have another reason to love cheese. a new power station using it to generate electricity. actually a cheese byproduct skimmed way which is used to produce methane and carbon dioxide. it heats water generating enough electricity to power a community of 1,500 people. a sign of faith under fire for a florida police department. if the phrase "in god we trust"
11:46 am
can be printed on our money, why is it at risk of being taken off the vehicles of law enforcement? plus, a behind the scenes look at the bellevue baptist church in a special christmas presentation. ♪ ♪ swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. [special effects] lisa! what took you so long? duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices, [laser blasts] so you can power imagination all day long. [duracell slamtones]
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. updates. in north carolina, witnesses telling a tv affiliate one person has been shot in the leg. reports of five or six gunshots and then mall security told people to evacuate. this happened at the north lake mall in charlotte, north carolina issue out the aldo
11:50 am
store there, reports are that the suspect may be down now after five or six shots. people were evacuated. some people went back to the stock room to try and be safe and get away from the shooter. a stretcher is on its way to that area in the mall, and em and police are responding, and the suspect reportedly is down. keep it right here on fox for the very latest on this breaking news. a message of faith popping up on police cruisers in self states and drawing some criticism in the process. the freedom from religion foundation i finding fault with 0 by in god we trust being being placed on the bumps over police squad cars but the police department are not backing down. >> the use of "in god we trust" speakers on law enforcement vehicles has spread across florida, texas, kentucky, north carolina, missouri, during a
11:51 am
summer when many police departments have felt siege. the sheriff says the stickers will remain on his police cars as long as he is sheriff. >> this is a very conservative area, supportive of law enforcement. we have had zero problems with the local folks having problem with. the support has been heartwalling. >> the freedom from religion foundation has written to more than 60 police departments requesting the stickers be removed, saying it violates the constitution. >> a religious saying on public property and that is against the first amendment. that's against the basic founding principle of the united states. >> deputies appreciate. i. >> the sheriff's says he was going to pay for the stickers until a local business donated them. >> for more on this, great to see you. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. what are we to make of people who do not want the squads cars
11:52 am
to have "in god we trust" on them. >> the freedom from religious foundation, they're perpetually -- they love to got after small towns and communities that don't necessarily have the same legal resources that a larger city would have, and, look, quite frankly, a lot of these mayors and police chiefs don't want to spend money on a lawsuit. so they back down. here's the thing. when cities and towns actually challenge this group, and push back, they normally either back down or if it lands in court, they lose. so in a god we trust, our motto, on our money, for goodness sake. >> currently still on the money but there are legal groups that will help small towns fight the battles. >> groups like liberty institute and alliance defending freedom and liberty counsel, folks will represent towns and communities
11:53 am
and schools free of charge and help them fight back. there's a war, not just on christmas but a war on christianity in america, and you cover this all the time on your show, but, look, when people say there's no such thing as a war on christmas, i want to challenge peek. a few weeks ago a federal judge told a school they had to take the nativity out of their christmas pageant. >> you have a christmas special, and you got a lot of music in yours. tell me about it. >> my goodness. we're putting the jolly in your holly. i don't know what that means but i think it's good. this is exciting. we've got a two-hour radio show, and it's a celebration of the reason for the season. we put christ back into christmas. this is our response to the war on christmas, and we have a wonderful show, mercy me is in the show, laura storiy, kirk wayland, along with a 300 voice choir, full orchestra, and 45
11:54 am
fiddlers and a banjo. >> well, fantastic. now, i see video of it. so, you can listen to it on the radio. >> it's really exciting. has posted the entire show onand you can watch it on demand at >> you are the host. >> it was an honor. >> todd, great to see you. another programming note for you this christmas eve and christmas day. watch the west point holiday special hosts by yours truly. ♪ ♪ >> we'll go behind the gates of the u.s. academic of west point. i it was an honor to see these young men and women, and you can enjoy the music of the oldest band in the nation, 7:00 p.m.
11:55 am
and 9:00 p.m. tonight and 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night on christmas day, when you done with gifts and really full. >> millions of kid waiting for the arrival of santa claus. where is santa right now? we have the inside track as norad follows his travels around the globe. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up.
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do you like nuts?
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time to check out what america is checking on. seven-year-old new jersey girl calling 9-1-1 saying she thought she ruined christmas after knocking over her elf of the shelf. that means santa won't come to her house. she later apologized and
11:59 am
promised not to call 9-1-1 again. >> ma donna going to court to force her son to return to new york for the holidays but lawyers for her ex-husband, guy richie, say he teens wants to stay with his father in london. >> police in a west virginia town handing out candy canes as a warning for drivers going over the limit, hoping the sweeter approach will remind drivers to slow down. this christmas eve, for the 60th year norad will track santa claus. so let's take a look right now. this is in real-time. where is santa right now? it appears that santa is making his way over the country of turkey right now, and soon will be in north america testimony. >> we are asked you what are you guilty of regifting. >> chris said it was a pair of
12:00 pm
socks. john says i regift and rush with all my heart the love i give for my family. >> cal says love. hope those getting it aren't disappointed. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's john scott. >> we are following breaking news and more details on a reported shooting in a shopping mall. this is in charlotte, north carolina. we're seeing pictures of panicked shoppers evacuating. it's one of several big stories at this hour in the mid-south, we're getting a better sense of the damage after devastating tornadoes in several states. people are dead other, missing, and dozen of families no longer have homes on this christmas eve. in chicago, protesters trying to shut down the magnificent mile shopping district in response to the police shooting of a teenage jeer. >> word of the obama administration's secret talks with people inside the blood thirsty syrian dictators


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