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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 24, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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socks. john says i regift and rush with all my heart the love i give for my family. >> cal says love. hope those getting it aren't disappointed. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's john scott. >> we are following breaking news and more details on a reported shooting in a shopping mall. this is in charlotte, north carolina. we're seeing pictures of panicked shoppers evacuating. it's one of several big stories at this hour in the mid-south, we're getting a better sense of the damage after devastating tornadoes in several states. people are dead other, missing, and dozen of families no longer have homes on this christmas eve. in chicago, protesters trying to shut down the magnificent mile shopping district in response to the police shooting of a teenage jeer. >> word of the obama administration's secret talks with people inside the blood thirsty syrian dictators regime.
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all ahead on "shepard smith reporting." >> more now on the reports of a shooting at north lake mall in charlotte, north carolina. stations reporting a police officer was involved. we're seeing a massive police response. our fox station in charlotte reports one person has a leg injury ands reporting the suspect is down and we have seen images on social media with a man on the ground and surrounded by police. witnesses heard five or six gunshots and then locked themselves in the back of the store. again, word of shots fired at a mall in charlotte, north carolina. the suspect reportedly down. more information as we get it. i. an enormous tornado outbreak carved a path of destruction across the south and midwest, killing ten people, injuring more than 40 others and leaving dozens of families homeless.
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>> the national weather service reports nearly 30 tornadoes touched chen yesterday. almost half of them in mississippi. >> told my wife, get in the tub so she did, and i got down on top of her and we heard everything boom, boom, boom, and the roof was blowing off, and i held on to her tight as i could. >> people are not going to go home, not going to have a house to go to. >> map from the national weather service shows the path of one tornado. forecasters say it stayed on the ground two hours and ripped 100 miles, plowing through the mississippi, across the border, into tennessee. one of more than a dozen tornadoes that hit northwest mississippi. a twister in holly springs picked up and threw a car, killing a seven year boy who was inside and search teams are looking for two people who are missing.
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one mayor calls the damage in his town here rick. u -- horrific. utility companies report power is out to thousands of home, and the severe weather is still hammering folks in the southeast. what's it like there jonathan? >> in this nick its wasn't a tornado, just heavy winds. the it toppled a tree on top of this car, knocked out powers, which is a concern because there are elderly residents here who need oxygen to assist with their breathing. a torrential rains have been pelting portions of the southeast, causing many problems. including in alabama. southern portions of the state received as much as ten inches of rain over a short period of time and that's causing flooding in many areas. back here in atlanta, john, this afternoon, two stations flooded and that caused delays in the rapid rail system here in
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atlanta. they brought in buses to make up for the deficit but that is cause something delays for travelers on this christmas eve, john. >> and this storm really hit folks across a huge section of the u.s. >> yes, a huge section. one of the issues that made the storm so severe is just how widespread it was. look at this map here. these half dozen states are just the states that have confirmed tornado touchdowns, and the impact its large enwhen you include states impeaked we heavy -- impacted by have where rains and flashflood. another is the time the storms struck. while people were sleeping in arkansas, heavy winds toppled a tree on to a home, killing a woman sleeping inside with her one and a half year sister. workers pulled the toddler to safety, and in tennessee rescue
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crews found the bodies of a man and woman while searching remains of a damaged home. a neighbor strikes what she saw when she emerged from her storm shelter. >> we just opened the door and the house was gone. took my breath away. >> that may be another factor, the element of surprise. december tornadoes are not unheard of but they're extremely rare. >> what an awful situation. thank you. for more let's bring in brett carr. public emergency officer for the mississippi emergency manage emt agency. brett, sounds like mississippi got the worst of it yesterday. >> yeah, john, here in mississippi, we just confirmed our seventh death in tippa county, someone that had been missing and they were able to find that lady this afternoon.
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that brings our death total up to seven, four in benton county, two in marshal, and one in teppa and we're searching for one more person in benton county. so right here at the christmas holidays this is tough on everyone in our state that are grieving and feeling for the people that have lost so much right here at christmastime. >> the search is still underway. it's possible from the sound of things the number of dead could rise? >> it could. we are anxiously praying that it does not. we would like that number to go down, but unfortunately, we have one person unaccounted for, so it is possible that the number could rise. >> we talked about the track of that one storm on the ground for more than 100 miles continue obviously. that could be some kind of a record-setter for a december tornado. that's a pretty scary thing to see. >> absolute limit but unfortunately, mississippi is no stranger to this type of weather in december. just one year ago yesterday, we
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had a tornado that went through and killed five mississippians. so this is something that has kind of turned into a reoccurring trend for us. warm rex around the christmas holiday -- warm weather around the christmas holiday so we're not taking this lightly. we're trying to plan the future for this because seems like every year we're dealing with severe weather around christmastimes. >> what are your needs right now? >> the most urgent need right now is for people to stay away from the damaged areas. we have a lot of action going on there. they're trying to do damage assessment. we still have alaskasive search and rescue underway -- active search and rescue, so i you're traveling through the areas, please be cautious. there could be downed power lines. a lot of people want to help or donate. go to ms disaster
12:08 pm and you can donate money, you can sign up to volunteer. there's going to be a lot of work to be done. there's a lot of pieces to be picked up, butted i know that mississippians and people around the country will help us recover from this. >> this being christmastime, know they will. thank you very much. >> thank you, john. >> a weather alert now and forecasters say after a night of dangerous tornadoes and severe storms in the south and midwest, the threat is not over. rick reithmuth is live. more storms on the way, rick? >> a couple things. another storm they're dealing with this weekend across the south, but the same storm that brought this severe weather yesterday is still with us across the south. this is the last 24 hours of the loop. it is not as severe as yesterday, which is good news, but now we're getting very heavy rain and rain that's kind of training along the exact same area, and that's bringing a lot of flooding.
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you look at the map and the areas in green have flooding concerns, the red is flashflooding and the rain is shifting towards the north. so this band stays here, moves the north, tonight so across north georgia mountains and the carolina we're watching that and we have flooding concerns here, even across the central appalachians so more storms on the east coast. >> a lot of that mess might still be around christmas day. >> part of it. the other story that is partially tied into this severe weather is all the heat we have had. today we're blowing away records. 63. we're still solidly in the 70s in the south, 467 -- 47 in buffalo. 59 in boston. we stay warm throughout the
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weekend. sunday, back up into the upper 60s in new york, staying into the mid-70s across the south and there's a lot of cold air across the west. take a look at this billion monday, temps drop in the northern tier, southeast is warm and sticky. >> after the holiday we could gate snowstorm? >> yes. a storm moving into the west. the west has been active the last couple of weeks, so much flooding and a lot of snow. they need it. the rain and snow is great. one more storm is pulling in, might see another two feet or snow in the higher elevations and then dries out and we'll turn the activity across the east. get ready for that. a lot of rain in the central part of the country. we'll be watching how the future radar plays here. rain and snow across parts of the west, but watch what happened. new mexico, the four corners, starting to get in on this. by saturday afternoon and night, and by the time we get into
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sunday, we'll be talking about potential flooding across part of the country, maybe ten inches of rain and might be talking of blizzard considers in texas and oklahoma by sunday, some areas could see a foot of snow in texas. >> holy cow. thank you. >> you bet. >> breaking news. we're following the situation at the north lake mall in charlotte, north carolina, after reports of shots fired there and a suspect down. dozens of police cars on the scene and it does not appear to be an active shooter saying at this time. we will let you know as soon as we find out more about injuries and what exactly transpired there on this christmas each. >> in chicago, demonstrators protest can a police shooting by trying to shut down major shopping area, the magnificent mile is crowded with shoppers. the protesters sevenning a message to chicago mayor rahm emanuel to step down, but the
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mayor isn't there, in fact not even in the country. that's live next.
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a fox urgent. protesters hitting the streets of chicago's mag enough sent mile shopping district -- magnificent mile shopping district, demanding that the mayor reion. officer jason van kick shot laquan mcdonald 16 times and is facing murder charges.
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rahm emanuel says he does not plan to resign and is currently on a vacation in cuba. mike tobin is live with the news in chicago. how has it been there? >> reporter: this is a demonstration that has gone off the script. the organizer of the demonstration with the coalition for new chicago, about 30 minutes ago, announced it was over and the people need to go home. but the young people started to chant holiday pel, no, we won't go, pour strong young, we're strong, we're matching all night long "and then they came out here and blocked the entrance, and you can see one thing is how many police officers are out here on the street, and i should try to bring everything into context because if you have this much police, you turn around and look in that direction, you only have two three dozen protesters but the young people decided they're not going to go home despite the fact the guy that organized the protests
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encouraged them to go home to their families for the holidaysment you have a division within the group of demonstrators. they're out here on the street. their stated goal was to disrupt holiday shopping, make sure their message is heard and what they want is the resignation of mayor emanuel. there's no law on the books that will provide for anything legal -- any legal mechanism to unseat a mayor in the city of chicago and also want the resignation of the state's attorney, anita alvarez, both with the allegation they covered up the shooting of laquan mcdonald. alvarez is up for election in march. >> looks like it's colder in chicago than it is here on the east coast, but maybe not so frigid that people feel the need to go inside. >> particularly the young people. they seem energized. and there's not a lot of wind so
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it's a little cold but not bitter cold. you have the standoff in dropped of the h & m store and the columbia sports wear carr. there -- company. there was some pushing and shoving. the crowd seems more energized and less organized. >> a man in texas faces capital murder charges after he allegedly shoot two police officers in odessa yesterday. cops say the officers tried to issue on arrest warrant for a parole violation and the shooter opened fire. both officers are in the hospital in fair condition. s.w.a.t. teams surrounds the suspect's apartment for nine hours before he stepped outside. investigators are still looking into what happened. and an uneasy peace this christmas in the -- claim eve in the holy -- christmas eve in the
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the holy hand on edge as christians from all over the world visit the city of bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of jesus. comes as israeli security forces say they killed four palestinians in separate incidents in the west bank in one of those a palestinian reportedly stabbed two israeli security guards before israeli forces shot and killedwe are li. in light of the latest attacks, john, waters the mood like -- what's the mood like? >> there's concern certainly about the attacks and the
12:22 pm
possibility of them increasing. what we have seen over the past couple of days is an escalation in the violence, particularly as you were talking about wife today's attacks in the west bank two, stabbings and also a vehicle attack, where a palestinian man, according to israeli security forces, tried to ram his vehicle into a group of police in the west bank. police shot and killed three of the attackers but a fourth palestinian man was killed during rioting and clashes with police. also in the west bank. unclear how he was killed. it's been a violent three months in israel and also the west bank, since late september we have seen a lot of violence, lot of attacks, on a daily basis and they escalated the last couple of days. so definitely as far as the mood goes and your question, it's something that is a concern and is weighing on people's minds, including riots and clashes. just a month ago we were in
12:23 pm
bethlehem where there were riots going on and not far from manger square where the celebrations are going on tonight, john. >> supposed to be celebrating the arrival of the prince of peace among all these violence. what is that doing to the celebration in bethlehem? >> reporter: well, it's had an effect as far as festivities being scaled back because of the ongoing violence, the increased violence, and the last couple of days, and because of the political unrest between the israelis and palestinians. still, thousands of people pilgrims, tourists, even locals, have packed into manger square as we have been seeing all day and into the evening. there will parades earlier today, marching bands parading through manger square, the -- everything culminates at the
12:24 pm
church of nativity at midnight mass. so, really right now, it's the sound of music and celebration, instead of the wailing of sirenses and the crackling of gunfire. there's peace in bethlehem and also in jump -- in jerusalem for now. >> president obama says that this christmas his prayers are with christians around the world who suffer persecution for their faith. the president specifically mentions the violent crimes of islamic state terror trysts and says, quote in some areas of the middle east where church bells have rung for new jersey on christmas day, this year they've will be silent. he said he is grateful for nations that respect people's rights to practice their faiths. right now at the vatican,
12:25 pm
pope francis is holding this annual christmas mass. it is just after 9:30 p.m. in vatican city. in the past, the pope used his christmas eve village toll promote a main theme of the catholic church, god's message for all. >> an early christmas gift for one hollywood a-listers. police in the northeast on alert after somebody swiped dozens and dozens of propane tanks. now homeland security is responding. that's next.
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in a popular bar and shopping district and heavily armed police started patrols around the city. no word on what sparked the warning. >> flames tearing through a hospital in saudi arabia. officials say the fire started in intensive care and maternity ward of the hospital. officials say rescuers were able to save all of the babies in incue. >> a man was caught on video stealing propane tanks. the news continues right after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin.
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12:31 pm
the shooter is reported down and police are all over the scene at the mall there. u.s. immigration officials are planning a series of large-scale raids in an effort to deport hundreds of families living here illegally. according to the "washington post" newspaper. the post reports since last year more than 100,000 families have made the journey across our southern border to escape violence in countries. james, the raids will only target a specific group of immigrants? >> yes, john, good afternoon. these are illegal immigrants who fall into categories that the department of homeland security terms enforcement priorities. u.s. officials say these targets include those apprehended during an illegal border crossing or those ordered to leave on or after january 1st last year. a spokesperson for the immigration and customs enforcement agency confirmed the story saying, and i quote, our border is not open to illegal
12:32 pm
immigration and if individual come here illegally, do yaw qualify for asylum and have orders for removal will be sent back. the story references hints on families among the 100,000 or so vivids vivids who made it past the border since january 2014. >> the feds have not signed off on the raids yet? >> the post story says dhs has not issued final approval. however the story carries all the hallmarks of an authorized leak to perhaps disarm the republican criticism, namely that the obama administration, which has used executive action to shield some undocumented workers from deportation, has not been tough enough on illegal immigration. on the democratic side, however, bernie sanders says he is, quote, very disturbed by the report, add being need to take steps to protect children and families seeking refugee fear,
12:33 pm
not casting them out. martin o'malley sears a christmas refugee is something donald trump would make in. hillary clinton's spokesman says the former secretary of state has, quote, concerns about the plan. >> thank you. let's bring in jerry, a national reporter with the "washington post" newspaper, who was co-author of the story. you say that there are more than 100,000 families who have controlsed the border illegally, the southwestern border in the last year. >> yes. >> how many of them would be sent back? >> what we're hearing is what we reported in the story, they're going to target hundreds but the numbers is fluid. with these kinds of raids, they base it on intelligence, a lot of people might have moved or
12:34 pm
changed their address but it could be in the hundreds or possibly be more, and it's to say, a small number of 100,000 there could be more raids after this series we wrote about. >> this is controversial even inside the obama administration. >> yeah. we understand that some people raid concerns about it. it does seem to go against on the surface the way the administration has been in its second term, which is moving in the direction of deportation relief, as i think you know, and shielding immigrants from deportation and seeking more to play indicate the historic -- placate the hispanic groups. so people raid questions about the idea -- these will include children so deporting children. there was concern that it could be around the ohio, although my understanding ills it won't be this week so that and other concerns there was a debate, correct. >> some of these are people who were apprehended at the border or shortly thereafter, they were given a date to report to court
12:35 pm
or some kind of a hearing, and they simply didn't show up. >> that's a problem with a lot of folks in this category. a lot of this happened at first when the first surge started last summer, and the immigration officials were so overwhelmed they had no housing so they would say, where are you going to say? what is your cousin's address, goodbye, and release them. and say if you hear from us, show up. later they built housing for these folks. family detention centers so that straight release doesn't happen as much, but, yeah, it's a lot of people who didn't show up, and it's others who did show up but a judge ruled they don't have a valid claim for asylum, and they have an order of deportation issued against them, burt it has not been carried out yet. >> thank you, jerry. >> thank you. >> the gunman who admitted killing three people at planned
12:36 pm
parenthood clinic wants to be his own attorney. the judge ordinaries him to undergo a mental example. robert dear interrupted the hearing yesterday, at one point asking the judge, do i sound like i have no intelligence? during his first court appears the admit killer called himself a, quote, warriors for babies. alicia, robert dear says he will not cooperate with any mental exam? >> reporter: that's right, john, and he is not offered much cooperation at all in the last two of the last three court appearances that the has had since the shooting, and district court judge gilbert martinez warned dear if he does refuse to participation in the evaluation that could hurt his case. the accused shooter did not appear to be bothered. the district judge cleared the classroom yesterday after dear interrupted him saying, quote, but i do not want them as my lawyers.
12:37 pm
i invoke my constitutional right to defend myself. dear is currently represented by dan king of the colorado public defender's office. the always led the aurora theater shoot can case -- the defense team there. dear will be examined at the same facility also the convicted aurora shooter. here's the d.a. >> judge is asking to confirm that the defendant knows what is going on in the classroom, understanding the proceedings -- in the classroom, understanding and is able to cooperate with his attorneys. >> dear is facing 179 charges of first degree murder, attempted murder and other counts. now, all attorneys on both sides as well as robert dear are scheduled to be back in court at the end of february. that's when the judge will determine where things stand, the status of the evaluation. >> sounds like the case is going nowhere fast. >> reporter: no, because they can't move forward.
12:38 pm
they can't do anything until the defendant is restored to competency, and that is just to get him to the point where he can even participate in his own defense. he hasn't even entered a plea yet. at hearing two weeks ago things got chaotic when dear made more than a dozen youth bursts, accused his attorney of being in could hoons with planned parenthood and carrying the stain of representing the aurora theater shooter. >> you know who this lawyer is? he is the lawyer for the batman shooter that was drugged up and that's what they want to do to me. >> it's important to remember the family members of the victims have been in court this entire time, and all they can really do is just kind of sit there and watch this play out until justice moves forward. >> thank you,. christmas comes early for actor robert downey, jr. california's governor pardoned the oscar nominated actor in a
12:39 pm
nearly 20-year-old felony drug conviction that sent him to jail for almost a year. the pardon will not clear downey's record of the conviction but does restore his voting rights. no comment from the actor's publicist. taking a live look at the city of chicago, where protesters were told to go home by the organizer who got them out in the streets. they are trying to shut down the miracle mile shopping district over the death of a teenager at the hands of police. we'll keep an eye on that situation and let you know more what hayes. up next, our government was planning a coup in another country, accord cog insiders of "the wall street journal." >> word of top secret talks win the obama administration and the regime of syria razz brutal dictate -- syria's brutal dictator. thousands of people
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syria's foreign minister says his government will take part in peace talks in geneva and claims they want the dialogue to help form a national unity government. this in a country where the murderous dictator bashar al-assad has waged war against his citizens for years. we're also hearing the obama administration has been in secret communications with people inside assad's regular anytime -- regime for years according to the "wall street journal" which interviewed current and former officials. the newspaper reports at one point u.s. intelligence officials tried to find military officers inside syria who could lead a potential coup against assad. that did not work out. he is still there. joining us know former cia military analyst, tara maller, a research fellow at the international security program
12:44 pm
at news america, a think tank that delivers impartial analysis. so these backdoor negotiations sounds like something that wouldn't happen off you say it happens more than we know. >> it happens before an administration goes public in terms of talking to leaders or groups. this happened to lay the foundation with iran and with libya and moammar gadhafi, and this is how back door communication channels open up. >> why not more public. >> when an administration chooses to engage with a not so great actor, rouge regime they are criticized for being weak. unfairly you. need to talk to most states whether they have leaders we like or don't but the administration can test the waters waters and get an idea. >> got to be tough to send
12:45 pm
feelers out for people inside the regime to say, would you like to knock this guy out of power? >> some of the negotiations were with other people, some more directly with assad and his associates. some more recent in terms of coordination because of our mel tear -- military activities. so themes like these have taken a variety of forms in the past couple or years and i don't think it's that unusual. didn't work because syria got worse, and there are other problems with the way the administration, i think, responded after the back-door negotiations didn't come to fruition in terms of their goals but it is quite common. just because it fails doesn't mean to try. >> your criticism is not that they tried it but maybe they didn't handle it particularly well? >> exactly. after they failed they were slow on the syria policy. the humanitarian situation got worst very quickly. obama made a red line speech about chemical weapons and we lost credibility on that. there will problems after that but i don't think they should be
12:46 pm
criticized for trying back-door tack. you can get intelligence and information by talking to members of a government you don't like. so even though the diploma fails there are other benefits in order to know how to punish or where to go after different members of where to go after different sites. that can be gleaned through talking. >> the whole thing shows us what -- we're at loggerheads with the russians. they are bound and determined to keep assad in power. and we are conducting negotiations to try to get a coup to throw the guy out. >> yeah. fortunately with did see a u.n. resolution with russian support but the russians and the united states, some areas of disagreement. everybody agreed we need a peace plan in place going forward, 18 months i think they're saying. it is a good sign we at least got everybody to unanimously agrew to a resolution. a better start than we could have hoped for giving conflicting interests. >> could that stem the refugee
12:47 pm
crisis? >> it's going to take a while. secretary kerry says this is not a guild path about what you need to have happen. the refugees are probably the hardest part of the situation, millions of people displaced in internally and externally. hundreds of thousands killed and that's going to be a tough situation to fix immediately, but all these things need to happen. a peace plan needs to be in place in order for going to ever see a better outcome for the future of syria. >> thank you. well, seems santa has some competition in the skies. airlines. scrambling to add flights this christmas eve after nasty weather left a lot 60 folk -- lot of folks grounded. >> signs and sounds from the vatican as pope francis delivers christmas mass. ♪ ♪
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heh heh. that was weird. announcer: as a parent, there are no perfect answers, but you don't have to be perfect to a perfect parent. thousands of teens in foster care will love you just the same. a fox urgent now. we have our first official statement from police after those earlier reports of shots fired at the north lake mall in charlotte, north carolina. cops say it appears an argument began between two groups of people at exactly 2:00 p.m. local time. off-duty police who were working at the mall arrived and shot and killed one armed suspect. no officers are hurt and despite what you might have seen on social media, police are clear this was not an active shooter situation. messy weather delayed or cancelled throughs of flights yesterday, making for last-minute travel crush to get home. at laguarda, more than 2,000 flights delayed nationwide today on top of 300 cancellations,
12:52 pm
according to the flight-tracking web site. petey doocy is live at reagan international. how are things looking there? >> reporter: it's look pretty good here in washington, dc. just outside of washington, dc. it's 70 degrees outside. so there are some delays and cancellations, but it's because of problems we have been seeing popping up elsewhere. sounds like -- this is a surprise to some workers here that we talk to -- a lot of people in this area missed delays and cancellations because it was busierend. for the last few days all flights and road out of this area have been very crowded. aaa says more than 40% of metro d.c. area residents left town for the holiday. that doesn't leave many people in the capitol. 90% of everybody in the country that is traveling drove there because gas is so cheap and in all a record 105 million people are forecast to be traveling
12:53 pm
this christmas holiday. 1.5 leaving and 1.5 returning. the next twos are the busiest travel days of the entire winter. at many as 2.5 million people may travel each of the 17 days they consider the official winter christmas rush. >> what about wait times? what is that looking like? >> reporter: they have a new policy, the tsa, but we haven't seen it really impact the wait times the way a lot of people thought they might. the new policy is that the tsa can decide who gets to go through the full body scan machine instead of letting travelers decide. people said they had been opting in the past to use the -- not to use the scanner because they think it shows agents that they look like with no clothes on. and people say they feel safe, others say they think it's still possible that terrorist will outsmart the tsa but still
12:54 pm
rather fly. >> i think it's a shenanigans. i don't think it matters much but has to be done. i don't think that it's an effective screening procedure for somebody who is determined but i feel safe and statistically it's unlikely. >> i don't have a bad feeling. i flew right after 9/11 and that was a little scary but this, i'm feeling comfortable with. >> reporter: despite everything you hear about terror threats, most people told us they're more worried about getting to and from the airport than they are about their flight. >> peter doocy at reagan national. thank you. man's best friend trying to ease the stress of traveling. pups with the paws for love program are greeting weary travelers at the buffalo niagra airport. one owner says she sees the stress melt away when folks start petting the dogs. >> helps take the edge of people
12:55 pm
who are stressed after having traveled. especially with the little kids. lilly helps to take some of them off of traveler with little ones because she like sad see little kids. >> one passenger saved the pups helped her calm down after their flight to florida was cancelled. we'll be right back.
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it's family affair in the race to be the next sheriff of one county in texas. identical twins, harry and barry washington running to be the top 70 -- top cop. 'the younger twin falled his bauer into law enforcement and shay they'll spout each other no matter the 0 outcome of the election in march. on this day in 1955, an air force colonel at a top military agency got a call on a secrete a secure line asking for santa
12:59 pm
and. a store showed the wrong number. the colonel horde orderers to report santa's location to any kids who night phone in. norad says they uses thousands of volunteers to answer calls and e-mails from anybody looking to know where saint nick is at any moment after a little girl recruited the feds to help track down santa 60 years ago today. it certainly doesn't feel like christmas here in new york where it's nearly 70 degrees outside. take a live look at times square. it is so warm out, some people are wearing sandals, even shorts, in december. sales of ice cream soaring. the open over a ben & jerry franchise calls it's dream come true help says business is up double-digits and cites the weather. that does for the next deck. we'll be back if news breaks out. tomorrow in this hour, shep will have a look at the year in news and some of the biggest stories
1:00 pm
in 2015. thank you for joining us on this christmas eve. "your world" is next. merry christmas, everybody. >> merry christmas. very glad to have you. i'm neil cavuto and i hope you're having a very, very special day because you should be excited for what is also just three weeks away from today. the fox business network debate with the presidential candidates in the republican party, anding this one promises to be a doozie. if you liked the last one get ready for one that could get more raw cause because they're taking -- raucous because they're taking up business and terror-relate issues and that's a big, big issue, this time of year particularly. not surprising most americans ex-when polled on this subject, say it is their number one concern for good reason. it has been, well, a year of


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