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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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and that is it for us, we want to give a special salute to our troops on this holiday. many are deployed right now and away for your families, thank you for your service and your sacrifice, we h >> the world fighting evil, terror attacks from california to paris, about but sometimes evil doesn't win. tonight, the brave story of american heros who stopped terror on the tracks. >> three courageous americans jumped a gunman who opened fire on a crowded train. >> word that american soldiers jumped in action to stop a potential mass a shooting on a train. >> a gunman opened fire on high speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris. >> looked to be ak-47 and he looked like it was jammed or wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon and allen just hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> we know that he had been on the radar of intelligent
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services across europe. >> the gunman would have been successful if my friend, spencer, had not gotten up. >> he had a sizeable arsenal of weapons, including clich clich kalashnikov cough. >> those three brave americans took them down. >> they're the best that america has toy offer. >> the nation of france so grateful that these guys were there at that moment. >> three incredible young men who tonight make every american so proud. >> we couldn't let everybody die like that. it was a crazy situation. >> he seemed like was ready to fight to the end. so were we. >> three american heroes rushing to the rescue. doing the incredible,rm stopping a heavily armed terrorist suspect in his tracks. this is a special edition of on-the-record, terror on the tracks. an americanri hero's story. and tonight, one incredibly
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brave serviceman tells us how he and two childhood friends stopped what most certainly would have been a deadly terror attack. it all unfolded on a train in france. alex risks his own life to save the lives around him. the lives of people he had never even met. this courageous american charging a heavily armed gunman and holding him down until police arrived. and right now, american hero eric skarlatos goes "on the record." as you watch this hero's story, tweet using #proud american y tweet us at #greta: what did you think as you watched that opening? >> still unbelievable. i still can't believe it i would like to say one thing though. i didn't hold him down. spencer is the one who held him down and choked him. so, i just want to get that straight. >> well, the three of you worked together and also you had the help of a brit. a brit helped as well? >> yeah, yeah. he was great. he helped tie him up afterwards and he helped translate for us with the
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french, which was actually very important because we -- nobody spoke english on that train. weigh he was actually fantastic. >> you and your two friends decided to go to europe for vacation, right? or meet up. >> we were going to meet up for amsterdam. just for amsterdam and paris from. paris they were going to break off and i was probably going to head back to germany. >> how did you know these guys? >> well, spencer and i have been neighbors since we were four or five years old. we literally have grown up together. our mothers still live next door to each other in the same houses. and anthony met spencer and i in middle school and i mean we have -- spencer and i have been friends for the whole time and anthony as well. it's just we haven't been able to stay in that close of contact lately just because i have been in afghanistan. spencer has been in azors and we just haven't been around sacramento to see anthony. >> okay. whose idea was it to finally
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get together and go to europe together? >> it was spencer and my idea. i have wanted to do something like that for a long, long time. and coming off the deployment while spencer was in azors seemed like the perfect time to do it. it's like there is no way i'm not going to do this. i'm doing this trip, if you want to come you are already in portugal so why not. anthony said well, i haven't seen you guys in a while so let's do this so we all did. >> the idea was to meet up and travel around on a train. it turned out very differently, didn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> much differently than you expected. >> yeah. what can you do? >> okay. so, take me to that -- the day that this whole thing unfolded. what time do you board the train, about? >> boarded the train at 3:17 p.m. local time. >> and you were headed to paris? >> yes. >> what time were you supposed to get there about? >> it was around 6:35. if i remember correctly. >> so what happened? did you hear something? >> well, spencer and anthony were asleep.
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i heard a gunshot and breaking glass was the first thing that i heard. i didn't realize it was a gunshot at the time. i thought maybe somebody just dropped something or broke a window or something like that. i didn't realize what was going on really until a train employee ran past us at a full sprint. >> going towards the noise or away. >> away from the noise to the front of the train. >> you guys went towards it. he went way? >> well, yeah. i mean at that point spencer woke up. and we both looked behind us and saw a guy entering our car with an ak 47 looking like he was trying to work the action or something like that. so we both ducked down immediately. and i just told spencer let's go, go get him. and spencer was the first one up. i got up about two or three seconds behind spencer, because i actually didn't even know he left until i saw him running in front of me. i'm like oh, i better get going. so, spencer got to him first, tackled the guy. i guess he dropped his ak 47
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around that time and it's all kind of a blink. and we beat up on him a little bit. anthony got some blows in for sure. spencer got the choke in on the guy. then he pulled out a handgun. it was right in front of me, so i you just grabbed the handgun immediately. i pried it out of his hand. i tried to shoot him with it twice, but it was empty at that point, so i threw it. then i grabbed the ak 47 which was at his feet. i don't remember this but i apparently tried to shoot him with that as well. but then i started beatings him over the head with it with the muzzle. and chokehold, chris helped tie him up and then around
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that time we noticed that mark was shot through the neck. mark is the french american guy. >> the actor? >> no. >> is the -- i think he is a different guy. i'm not sure though but anyway, yes, mark got shot through the neck. and his wife brought it to our attention. i told spencer. spencer immediately started running over to him, started performing first aid on him. just held down the artery. at that point i took the ak 47 and went back to check the other train cars, to make sure there was no other shooter or anything like that. i told the other passengers just to keep everybody in the car where they were and don't let anybody to come up front. then i came back. the terrorist was already tied up. chris did a good job there spencer was still working on mark. i made sure he didn't need anything else. we just got some first aid kits like that. i checked mark, to make sure he wasn't -- didn't have any other gunshot wounds.
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i cut him -- cut his shirt off with the box cut canner, the terrorist was stabbing spencer with and from there we pretty much just rode the rest of the train out until it got to our stop. >> what was going on in the train? were people screaming? and were any of the conductors or anyone in the train helping you or was it just basically the three of you and the brit and there was another unidentified -- a man named damion, i think. >> well, the unidentified man, he actually did a lot more at the beginning. apparently we talked to him right after it happened. and he told us that was waiting for the bathroom and when the guy came out with the ak, they just stared at each other for a few seconds and he started to choke him. and apparently a train employee, i don't know if it was the same one that ran past me or not. a train employee came and broke them up thinking it was a regular fight. and then when he broke them up, that's when he came into
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our cabin and shot mark in the neck. that's when we noticed him. >> by the way, how is mark, do you know? >> i talked to him right before we left france, and he seemed to be doing great. he was going into surgery. i haven't heard about anything involving him since. >> the terrorist, the guy with the ak 47. was he saying anything at any time at least until in the very beginning? >> no. he said nothing at all. i didn't hear him say a word, honestly. >> but obviously was this -- the box cutter and he heard spencer. >> he put up a good fight but i mean when he got three or four guys that are all bigger than you, you don't stand a chance really. >> why do you think you ran towards him? i must admit that i fear that i would have run away. >> actually, i was afraid of that, too. i have i was afraid that if something like this happened i would sit there apiss my pants or something. when he came in, i knew we had to do something.
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spencer was on the aisle seat. i was on the window seat and i said let's go. and spencer had to be the first one to get up. he didn't hesitate at all. he got up and just ran straight at the guy while the guy was trying to get his ak working to shoot him, mind you. and spencer got him and got to choking him and we all just started beating on him. i mean, like -- i mean, i have told other people, this but we frankly just got very, very lucky. his handgun only had -- was only able to fire the one round. then the magazine dropped out of it. ak, i'm pretty sure he just had it on safe or wasn't able to get it functioning in the first place. we got lucky in five or six different ways. if any one of those things went different, we all would have died. especially spencer.
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>> train filled with people? i wouldn't say packed to capacity. because i don't know about the rest of the train. they said there was about 550 people on that train. that seems like a lot to me. i don't know what the standard load is. >> what were the other passengers on the train -- i suppose you were busy trying to restrain this guy and make sure he didn't kill anybody. do you have any idea what the passengers were doing? was anybody saying anything? >> well, there was a few screams at first and then, again, i didn't notice what was going on. but after it was all over, everybody seemed just really quiet and shocked for the most part. there was one train employee that came up to us right as it was getting over and told spencer to stop choking the guy. which was insane because he wasn't even fully unconscious and told me to put the ak down which was insane because i hadn't even looked through the train to see if anybody else was there.
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i don't know what he was thinking i told him i was military to get out of way. chris translated for us. that was really it other than mark's wife, who, of course, was worried about her husband. how long was the ride from the time you took him down and the stop and it was pretty much over at that point. >> locker than i thought. i think 35 minutes. >> he was on the floor restrained and what are you doing right at that point? what's going through your mind? we were making sure wasn't waking up. he was tied up. i had chris making sure that he wasn't moving or wasn't waking up or anything like that. but really we were just, i mean, spencer was busy doing his thing. i was busy looking through the cars. i mean, i honestly wasn't too concerned with him. i was just worried that there might be another one. >> and so that -- so the 35-minute ride and you get
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to your destination and then what happens? >> well, at that point i had already cleared all the weapons and put them in a corner by a door. spencer was still providing medical care on mark. i mean, he saved his life, no doubt. when we pulled in the station doors came up. after five or six police and paramedics came on board i found a gap and got right off the train. >> at what point did they recognize that you were -- that you guys were the heroes in this, that you essentially prevented a lot of lives from being destroyed and killed? immediately came off the train they realized we were the ones around the terrorist and mark. and then they did some initial questioning right there on the platform and they figured out that we were the ones that were most directly involved. and so they took us immediately to the plus station for questioning. >> how long were you there answering questions?
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>> like five hours. >> this wasn't exactly the trip you planned, was it? >> no. i mean, frankly, i thought they would just let us go afterwards. i didn't think -- i thought that same night they would just put us on a different train to paris and it would all be fine. but yeah, no, it's been absolutely unreal for sure. >> and when you got to paris, you got the award, the legion of honor which is france's highest award. that's incredible. incredible what you guys did and the award. good for the french. >> it was an honor for sure. the french were absolutely fantastic to us. i mean from the police station to the le. the american workers were awesome, too. a great experience for sure. >> i might add that you guys really deserved it. everybody was terrific to you but you guys sure deserved it. if you will stay with us, we will take a quit break. hear much more from alec and
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be joined by his very proud family. that's ahead. plus, alek wasn't the only brave american as he noted. others put their lives on the line. you will hear from two you will hear from two fellow
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alex childhood friend spencer stone and senior anthony sadler, plus three other people joining forces to stop a terrorists on the tracks. so who are these other heroes? meet anthony sadler. he is 23 and a senior at sacramento state. anthony traveling to europe on a trip he will never forget. >> i came to see my friends my first trip in europe and we stopped a terrorist, it's kind of crazy. >> sadler's high school basketball coach says this former shooting guard always kept cool under pressure. >> he is a hero to the world and to all of us. but anthony is also a hero based on the things that he did when he was 14, 15, 16 years old. >> and then there is airman first class spencer stone. spencer is a towering 6'4" guy. his proud father says his son may have been shy coming up. >> not a lot of it 22-year-olds have the where width all to take action and i'm glad that spencer did. >> the 22-year-old clearly learning a thing or two as a paramedic in the air force. spencer using those skills to help one of his fellow
11:20 pm
good samaritans. spencer sees a bleeding neck and puts pressure ton to save a life. his high school basketball coach not surprised. >> a really nice kid a stand-up guy. a hard worker. very humble and at the same time you weren't super surprised that he did, you know, put himself in jeopardy to try to save others. >> those are the two other americans. so who else helped out? meet chris norman an it consultant born in uganda. the 62-year-old saw the commotion and likewise sprang into action. norman saw his own death sentence right before his eyes and that pushed him to action. >> my brother died being active. trying to get him down. simply sit in the corner than be shot. >> mark also on that train. the 51-year-old american living in france for more than 20 years. today, mark run as school from a house boat on the outskirts of paris. first, mark warns his wife get down. and then suddenly he rushes the gunman. ripping the ak 47 right out of the terrorist's hands. mark was shot, fell to the
11:21 pm
ground. spencer stone, the american paramedic rushing to his rescue. and there was a sixth hero on board that day. the london newspaper, "the the tell" french baker named damion, the 28-year-old was among the first to approach the evil terrorist. >> well it is thrilling to see these three men so fearless and courageous representing what is so great about america. the heros have been honored and praised by leaders and ordinary citizens across the globe and now anthony sadler is getting a little help with his education. sacramento state university has set up a scholarship to help anthony pay for tuition, books, and any other expenses. anthony's sister alyssa sadler went "on the record."
11:22 pm
i had certain opinions what he can share and teach me and what he can't. i'm just in awe. i am so amazed by his act and i don't know what to say. it's such an inspiration to me me and my family. >> how does he top this? he goes off to europe, first trip to europe with friends. he comes back with france's highest award and thwarted an act of terrorism on a train. is there any way to top that? he is not a very bold guy. >> i don't think there is, greta. i think he has pretty much hit the sky with this one. >> how did you hear about this terrorism and when did you first learn that your brother was one of the heros? >> well, i you found out kind of scattered without all the information, so it was pretty traumatic for me. i was -- i found out early friday morning i got a call from a family member who is good friends with the mother of spencer and alec. she just kept asking he is in europe, right with
11:23 pm
spencer and alec? i kept answering, yes, yes. she just kept saying we haven't got ahold of him had. you have talked to him i told her no, not in day or so. i just kept hearing a train and terrorist and train and terrorist and at that point i started to freak out. i contacted my brother immediately it was shortly after the event he did share with me briefly about what he experienced and similar to alex experience short conversation and he too had to go and speak to authorities and such. >> how did these three young men know each other. how long had they been friends. >> surprisingly, they had been friends since they were real young. i believe started in middle school, and they just went to middle school together beginning of high school they all separated and went to three different schools. they just maintained a very, very close relationship in spite of all of that and this trip was just another one of their adventures together. >> and so now what happens? your brother comes home with
11:24 pm
the highest honor of france. he goes back to college; is that the plan'? >> i hope so. i don't know what his life will be like now. i think it's kind of, you know, rest in peace to a life that he used to have. and i think it's time to embrace what life is going to be at this point. >> well, arissa as i said to al lebleg's -- alec's father. your brother makes us proud to be americans. it has ricocheted around the world what they did. i thank him as everybody else does arissa. will you tell him. >> i sure will. >> directly ahead, a young man with ties radical islam. tackled to the floor by brave americans. that attack minute by minute next. plus american hero alek skarlatos is back and he is joined why his very proud
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an "on the record" special. terror on the tack tracks beings an american hero story. alek skarlatos one of the three brave americans who put his life on the line. he and his family go "on the record." as you watch this story tweet #proud american.
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take a minute-by-minute look how this vicious attack started and how the heroes made their decisions to jump into action. ♪ >> the gunshot was probablybl the first noise i heard and then that was followed by some breaking glass. >> i just woke up in the middle of the deep sleep and i turned around and i saw he had what looked to be ak-47 and it looked like it was jam or wasn't working der and sad let's go. >> totally the whole reason i got up out of my seat. >> ran down, tackled him. he hit the ground. alek came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a chokehold. seemed like he just kept pulling more weapons, left and right. pulled out a handgun. alek took that he got a box cutter and started jabbing at moo with that.
11:31 pm
we let go. all three of us started punching him while he was in the middle of us. and i was able to grab him again and choke him unconscious while alek was hitting him in the head with the pistol or rifle. i can't really remember. >> >> it wasn't really a conscious decision. we just acted. there wasn't much thinking going on. >> he came in, he entered the car. we saw him caulking the ak-47. at that time it was either do something or die. >> he clearly had no firearms training whatsoever and, knew what was doing or each if got lucky and did the right thing he would have been able to operated through all phases of the magazine and we would have all been in trouble and probably wouldn't be here today. >> it feels very unreal. feels like a dream.
11:32 pm
i don't really know what to say. >> i'm still waiting to wake up. this is all just -- seems like a movie scene or something. >> like he said, the word to describe it is pretty unreal. >> he seemed like he was really to fight to the end. so were we. >> oregon national guard specialist alek skarlatos, true american hero without even thinking demonstrated the type of bravery to makes all of us proud to call americans. father, stepmother and brother peter all go "on the record." let's start first with the family. werewere you surprised to hear about your brother. >> surprised. he actually woke me up when he called me. yeah, it was pretty surprising. >> what did he say to you? >> the conversation lasted about one minute. and just said, i was on a train and there was an active shooter and he said just, you know, tell mom, tell dad, let them know what happened.
11:33 pm
he kind of briefly explained what happened. i was pretty shocked. he at the end he said everybody is fine. yeah, it was pretty crazy. >> how about you, peter, were you surprised? >> i mean, of course, yeah. hearing that your brother was involved in a terrorist attack is incredibly surprising as far as actions all three of them took not surprised at all. not surprised that alek would stand up and do something about it. >> i said to alek, i regret that i probably would have run the other direction, why do you think your son ran towards it with the other two. what is different about these three? until a situation like that i think it's a matter of survival and alek recognized that i think they are aware of good and evil.
11:34 pm
and i think they chose good. i think my sons are good boys and i'm very proud of all three of them. and alek especially in this particular situation. he and his friends saved a lot of lives, potential disaster for everyone concerned on that train. >> alek, i have asked them whether they were surprised. were you surprised by the reception when you came back to the united states. police were lined up to see you. i think we have some video of this. >> this is in newark awrpt. airport. [ applause ] [sobbing] alek and the police were lined up to see you? >> they were lined up all the way from the moment i
11:35 pm
exited the plane until the moment i exited the airport. so, i mean, he this were fantastic. there was probably good 200 of them. that was ridiculous. i didn't even know anybody knew i was coming. yeah. that was -- that meant a lot to me. especially from the police. >> you got france's highest honor. have you ever heard of legion of honor before? >> no, i haven't. >> you know what a big deal it is, right? >> now i do for sure. that was also unreal. again, so grateful for that. >> what did president owe -- olan say to you. >> he speaks french. >> he didn't speak any english to you. >> not really. he said thank you. >> did you watch it on tv everyone else? >> we were able to watch it thanks to a french reporter felipe. and he came over at midnight to our home and pulled out his ipad and streamed the
11:36 pm
event for us live. it was amazing. and we would really like to say thanks to him a lot for that. >> it's amazing. these three young men, i suppose to you in some ways they are boys. >> well, i keep referring to them as the boys. but, i guesses that just what families do. but, certainly, they are not boys. >> indeed, they aren't. they are heroes. you know spencer too, right? >> i do. >> grew up next door? how come every time i mention spencer. you laugh, alek. every time you see his picture come up on the screen you laugh. why is it? >> he is he a crack-up. is he a hilarious dude. he is super funny. he is larger than life, i guess but in a funny way. he is a great guy. if he is around, whatever you are doing is a lot more fun that's for sure. i will put it that way. >> if is he around, probably a lot more safer. any of the three of you around a lot more south africaer. >> i hope so. >> how badly was he injured
11:37 pm
by the way? how is his thumb? >> apparently got cut bad enough to where the bone was the only thing hold guilty it on. he got the tendon cut off pretty much all of the way around. he said it looked like the leaning tower of piza. he didn't even notice at all. i didn't know he was wounded until he was already bent over mark and the back of his neck opened up and like i said, it's only about an inch away from his artery. he had just came so close to losing his own life multiple times and he was already working on saving mark's life. >> emanuel, what this has done is made some americans proud. you and i talked about that. >> yeah. i'm very proud. i'm in awe of all three of them. and, you know, i have looked
11:38 pm
on tv watching what was going on after the fact. and learning a lot of things that were happening that happened that i didn't know. and in the beginning, i just -- it didn't sink in. and when i watched the video on tv, and learned more about the incident, it just -- it really impressed me. these guys impressed me. >> karen, do you want them to go back? >> no. >> do you want them to go back to europe? >> i mean, yeah, sure. i guess, why not? >> peter? >> i mean i think he should finish out his vacation. definitely he will have to be more aware because every european probably knows his face by now. >> indeed. everyone probably does know his face. thank you all very much. and we are learning more about the terrorist suspect alek and his childhood friends sat down with radical jihadist ready for a massacre. we will take you to france next. feel a cold coming on?
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three americans and a brit subdued a man with assault rifles on a high speed train. >> russian passenger plane was brought down by islamic state extremists. worst violence to strike france since world war ii. the islamic state claims responsibility. >> isis clet to the united states. >> witnesses said they wore masks, bursting into a social service center shortly after 11:00 a.m. local time where county employees were holding a holiday lunch, 14 dead at least 14 wounded. >> islamic terrorism is global. the murdering of thousands of people and injuring tens
11:44 pm
of thousands more as it spreads evil around the globe. >> the terrorist threat has evolved into a new phase. >> august 21st, 2015, boarding a train for paris, a heavily armed gunman was ready, willing, and wanting to confidential informant the attacker stopped by three americans who were ready to take this terrorist out. >> it seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. so were we. >> but not every attack was stopped before the evil ripped lives apart. january 7th, 2015, paris, france, al qaeda gunmen stormed the magazine of charlie hebdo. within days, european anti-terror forces launch raids around the continent. in belgium, investigators uncover another grizzly plot. and raid the home of a belgium citizen who spent time fighting with isis in syria.
11:45 pm
but he is nowhere to be found. he is somewhere else. already plotting his next attack. november 13th, 2015, bloodiest day in paris since world war ii. >> paris is at war. >> plotted attacks around terrorist, 130 gunned down and murdered. sparkinger fears around the world. december 2, 2015. san bernardino, california, a christmas party poisoned by evil. slaughtering 14 innocent americans and wounding dozens more. the killer? two terrorists, one homegrown and one who came here on a fiancee visa. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the attacks all part of growing new world threat. three american heroes stepped up to stop that terror attack. that was in france. could that happen right here on american soil? those three heroes might not be on that next train.
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
test test. test test.
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11:50 pm
ed it seemed like he just kept pulling more weapons left and right, pulled out a handgun, alec took out a lled o box cutter, started jabbing at me with that. >> i feel our training mostly kicked in after the assailant was already subdued, frankly. when it came to medical care and things like that. >> it was something very serious because we were traveling internationally and my two friends and i were off duty military. i just knew that it would be bigger than just the initial investigation but i had in idea it would get like this. >> the thwarted attack while
11:51 pm
instilling grade pride in americans is also giving a reality jolt here at home. could that terrorism happen here on our train? how vulnerable are american railways to that kind of terrorist attack? former vice president of security for amtrak bill rooney went "on the record." >> how vulnerable are our trains? >> well, greta, right upp front, let me also say well done. they did a tremendous job out there. to answer your question, i talk a little bit about what probably still goes on in a board room when you are planning a corporate policy sec. do we have too much? are we scaring passengers? are we this? are we that? you can't have an on and off strategy about security. in my opinion, what you need to do is you need follow through. and when you have a security policy, you need follow through. you run into mind sets and very quickly, let me say one of the mind sets is can't happen here. why? it's never happened here. a second mind set is that,
11:52 pm
in effect, i don't do wind dose. not my job. i sell tickets. i run my trains, hopefully on time. but i don't do security. and so it's an ongoing debate. then you get additional insight from people making corporate decisions saying it's not a moneymaker. it's not a moneymaker. it's a business cost. at the end of the day we do need security. this is a wakeup call. in my opinion. we have had had a number of them in the mid, you know, last decade regarding bombings in madrid, london, you name it. moscow. mumbai. >> it's subways. trains because there is trains here. you know, we have a lot of people ride subways in this country. it's not just trains. >> correct. correct. >> i can't imagine that we are going to check every package of everybody gets on every train and subway. i mean, thousands and thousands just in this city alone. >> on that point, greta.
11:53 pm
you cannot check every one but you can check some. if the bad guy is in and he or she is targeting think will look at security measures in place. the more you can show alertness, awareness, lidge vigilance, the safer your travelers are on that train. >> we give the passengers the nod, to go ahead and act in a accepts like -- i mean, because, you know, the pappas jerusalem is sort of best police. >> the point i make on that from an operational point of view, greta. is don't mix this up with sleepy hollow. this is a real setting there are people coming after us and they would like to do harm without a doubt. >> bill, thank you. nice to talk to you, sir. >> shy pleasure, greta. have haa string of some pretty bad newsee >> coming up, we have had a string of some pretty bad news. but these three american heroes restore a little bit of faith in humanity.le b so do you. i will explain in m
11:54 pm
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thed gunman on a train headed for paris tackled by a group of passengers. >> the guy came out of the bathroom with the ak-47. >> france, spain,ame and belgium all say zanny had been on their radar as a terrorist. >> british security forces say they have alerted the french calling him a dangerous radical. >> he trained with isis in turkey and sent to syria to fight. >> he went to a mosque known for violent messages. >> he was armed with an ak 47, nine magazine, a pistol and a box cutter. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight to the end. so so were we. >> let's go off-the-record. i don't need to tell>> you the news business filled withre dissension and sadness. we are 24/7 in our eyeballs in it politicians saying baseless things about each other and of course we airrs it to horrible murders
11:59 pm
recently two law enforcement officers in louisiana on two different days to two young tv journalists in virginia. news can be pretty tough to stomach. suddenly you read about people robert ledoux the man tackling the man suspected of killing a state trooper or a man eric skarlatos who helped sub nd dece. and you are reminded, you know what? there is a lot of good out there. there are people who do a lot of the super human stuff like alek. >> he pulled out a handgun. i -- it was right in front of me so i just grabbed the handgun immediately, pride it out of his hand. >> he yes. that's the super human stuff but there is also probably you just doing a simple favor for someone, going out of your way. you might not think it's a big deal but it is. it makes someone else's life easier even if just for a moment. thank you to alek and his two friends for making all
12:00 am
americans so proud. and also thank you for reminding us that there is so much good in this world. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night. a special edition of the o'reilly factor tonight. >> it's the factor's most compelling. >> how how much time did you spend talking to each of them, a boy and a girl. >> a boy and girl. >> about the actual crime. >> when i ask them questions i let them know there is no question they can't ask me. >> life has not been easy for taya keil. the she will tell us, her story this evening. huge success. kelsey grammer has a lot to say about his role as king her rod. >> people are going to be so surprised how evil you are in this movie. you are an evil guy. i wrote you evil and you played it evil. >> also actor gary sinise on


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