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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 26, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. today is the 26th of december, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. and we have an extreme weather alert for you. crumbs day turns into a nightmare for some in the south as a tornado tears through parts of alabama, leveling homes, leaving people trapped underneath. >> housesy standing in the daylight, in the dark. >> this morning, our first look at the devastation how the storms may impact holiday travels for many. >> donald trump rips on twitter. >> this what happens when
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the gift you got for dad back fires. [ laughter ] >> oh my god. >> dozens of dads getting whoever boards and it didn't go very well. the video going viral this morning. you just saw it mornings, guess what, they are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> i want to get a hover board in here for you two. that's what i want. good morning. did you guys have a good christmas. >> great christmas. good to be with you both. >> we are going to be sharing some our stories and holiday pictures with you in a few moments. first, we need to get right to. we start an extreme weather alert out of alabama. tornado destroying several homes and trapping people beneath debris. rescue crews working throughout the night to pull residents from the rubble. at this point no one has been reported missing. they are now working to restore power to the area.
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residents talk about the terrifying moment the storm hit. >> pouring down, heavy rain, just heavy rain, and then all of a sudden, the blast in the windows just broke out and then it was like somebody was clawing the tinning off of the house, the roof. >> three people taken to the hospital. governor has declared a state of emergency. death toll rises to 15 across tennessee, mississippi and arkansas from storms earlier this week as clean-up continues. more severe weather is expected over the weekend. >> some parts of the country will see some snow. janice dean is tracking it all for us this morning. good morning, janus. some tough stories out there. >> yeah. especially on christmas when people are trying to celebrate. we have unfortunately, some rough weather to get through. we had many tornado reports over the past couple of days. and today no exception. we do have a major winter storm that's taking shape along with the potential for severe weather today. so take a look at the temperatures. you can see we have got the clash of the two air masses
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there. temperatures in the single digits and teens across the northern plains and rockies. ahead of that, very warm, unstable air. and we set some records. some high temperature records for christmas day across the east coast. that is what is fueling some of these storms. past 24 hours you can can see heavy rainfall across the southeast tennessee river valley as well as the mississippi river valley. flash flooding is going to be a concern. behind this a very big deal in terms of snow and blizzard conditions across the southwest. so this is a multi-faceted storm we are watching over the last 24 hours you are going to see the snow fly across the upper midwest. back down through texas, oklahoma,and the southwest. so let's take a look at it we have blizzard conditions, blizzard warnings for parts of new mexico into texas. that's where you see the red on your screen and then we have blizzard watches north of that for parts of colorado in towards oklahoma and up into kansas. and then the snowy part of this storm we are going to
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see over a foot, maybe 2 feet of snow as we get into monday and tuesday. so this is going to be a long lasting storm. not only the potential for tornadoes again today across the south and mississippi river valley but blizzard conditions across the southwest. we are going to be covering this today through monday really. >> wild weather and weird weather here in new york city and people are trying to travel,. >> people are urged to stay in touch with travel plans, the people they are seeing, and, of course, watch your weather forecast. >> and the airlines. >> you can't be on the roadways if it's this dangerous. >> janice, thanks. >> there is usually snow in your neck of the woods. >> i bought a snow blower are and yesterday we had 70 degrees and were at the beach. >> santa claus internetting it out. donald trump went and spent christmas with his family. but it didn't take him long to get on the twitter device and tweet out to his 5 million followers and hammer on his rivals. in fact, the first one he
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hit up was governor jeb bush of florida. remember when failed candidate jeb bush said illegals came across the border as an act of love. he spent $59 million and is at 3%. >> jeb bush has to be frustrated with this the way donald trump has dominated the agenda and dominated him. the fact of the matter is he is right jeb bush has spent tens of millions of dollars and he is at 3% of the polls nationally. reuters poll out this morning donald trump high 30's, low 40s dominating the ageneral did and dominating the polls. he hasn't looked back from the beginning of this race. >> there have been reports out that some of the poll numbers for donald may be higher than what we are seaing because people are embarrassed to say on the phone that they are -- in these phone polls embarrassed saying they support him they can do it anonymously online these numbers are higher. these numbers may be inflated even more. >> when you see what he is doing, apparently must have been a bad sermon yesterday
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he gets out of church and against jeb bush. no surprise, actually. he is talking about things that actually people are talking about in heir living rooms and dining rooms. >> i would have thought he would have enjoyed his family though. >> he likes dominating the agenda. it didn't stop with jeb bush. hillary clinton tweeted as well about hillaryly in particular when will the democrats and hillary in particular say we must build a great wall and mexico is going to pay for it? never. donald trump said that a long time ago. that shook up the republican side of the race. he is trying to look ahead to the general election. i have been out on the road covering hillary clinton. she has been ahead to the general election for two or three months. she doesn't have much competition on the primaries. donald trump at least on paper has more competition than hillary clinton. when he looks at the poll numbers he is probably starting to say with these tweets let's start looking at the general election. >> what would be a primary election, husband numbers
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are are 30-plus percent. but then do you head-to-head matchup when he is against hillary clinton, several other candidates are doing better than donald trump. >> that's why he is doing what he is doing, obviously focusing. i think that's appropriate. i think hillary is going to lose new hampshire all the independents playing in the republican primary because they have so many great candidates. >> donald trump is going to be on the program tomorrow make sure you watch "fox & friends" 8:00 a.m. eastern. speaking of hillary clinton in the new year she might be facing her were secret weapon. >> he has been lurking and trying to get out there more and more. at the beginning i thought it was appropriate that the campaign thought look, let's not have the former president overshadow this person who wants to be president. this campaign is on. it's none ernest. hillary clinton is pulling away. let's get bill clinton to be the closer if you will. people in new york will
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remember rivera, if you are are a yankees fan. think back to the 2000 will campaign. clinton campaign thought the same thing then. look at what happened. >> that's exactly -- won south carolina twice in '84 and '88. he ran a good campaign and senator obama ran a good campaign there. >> it was a gaffe it offended some african-american voters who, you know, it seemed like bill clinton was demeaning the success of barack obama in some of those early primaries like south carolina. in the end barack obama won hillary clinton forgiven, perhaps, she became secretary of state. barack obama staying out of the primaries now. it's clear with joe biden out and never getting in. that the president is waiting for hillary clinton to take this nomination. >> there you go. we will be talking about this all morning long. right now we need to tell you about other stories making head lanes and start with this one. victory over isis may be within reach. this morning, right outside one of the terror groups major strong holds.
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iraqi forces saying they are closing in on the isis controlled compound in ramadi. troops making a measure push this week with the help of u.s. led air strikes. officials think 1100 isis militants are hiding out at the compound along with 150 civilian families. and panic erupts at disney springs in florida after a christmas fist fight leads to a false alarm about shots fired. people scene screaming and running out of a cafe. social media lighting up rumors gunshots even a bomb going off. police say that was not the case. witnesses apparently misinterpreted a loud fight on the cafe's upper floor as gunshots. one person arrested for disorderly conduct. and, hello from the astro side. the astronaut on the current national space station doesn't accidentally dials the wrong number. british astronaut tim peak meant to call home for christmas. instead he called a random woman. he said i would like to
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apologize to the lady i just called by mistake saying hello, is this planet earth? not a prank call, just a wrong number. those are your news headlines. >> well, it's a very merry christmas in my household. how about you guys? >> fantastic. >> having fun. still having fun. rented a movie, playing games last night at home having libations and i was here. >> i had my first merry christmas as a married woman. my husband and our dog baxter. that was a selfie sticky bought on our honey miewnel. my favorite christmas moment of the morning is when we had baxter open up a brand new toy. it was a new set of rings, and we put kibble in the box and he tore into it the only problem then every other person we opened after that he thought was going to being something for him he was trying to take over.
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>> named because of anchorman? >> i didn't. but people say that all the time. >> there is my wife shirley on the left. patrick, my son in the middle. mila is 11. that was christmas eve. that's bob and emily jones on the right. they live in virginia right outside of d.c. bob and emily live in the home in alexandria that bob grew up in. parents started start tradition where a bunch of families in the neighborhood would take an hour out on christmas eve. no more of the shopping, no more of the cooking. they would all go to church and then come over to bob's family's house and sing christmas carols. here we are, you know, decades later and we were singing from o come all ye faithful and frosty the snowman. it's cool and gets the family together. >> drinking heavily helps in those events. >> how about you? >> my wife brought me a kiss
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little thing. bought me a guitar. whole music theme you will see throughout. here is my wife's new puppy born on 9/11 called gracy. and we were at the beach yesterday, believe it or not. this is my nephew josh playing guitar, rocking out. teaching me chords. that's my lovely daughter arianna says do not take a picture of me. i had to take that. sorry, are a anna. this is my wife gail and our new baby yorkie. >> viewer emails. >> unbelievable. >> send in some pictures to show us what your family did for christmas. >> wield love to see it we will share some of those later in the show. >> the countdown to the iowa caucuses ticking down with just weeks to go with the first in the nation voting contest. the new year's resolution each g.o.p. candidate should make to improve their chances. >> if you are going to make fun of lebron james, just make sure he doesn't see you doing it. the fan going viral for all
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>> you can tell from the music the countdown to the iowa caucuses is is on with just weeks to go before the first in the nation voting. what do the candidates need to do now to be successful in here with new year's resolutions want to improve their chances ron meyer the editor of red alert politics. merry christmas and we appreciate you joining us. let's started with donald trump. he has obviously done a lot right but not just dominating the early polls but the agenda. getting a lot of the republicans and democrats in their most recent debate reacting to him. what does he need to do to um prove though upon that in the new year? >> of he has built a huge base of really loyal
3:17 am
supporters. the question is what does he need to do to turn those loyal supporters into political activists. i think he is probably of all the candidates the most prime to have a political app. to something like engage people with anywhere smart phones to remind them to vote. he has brought all these new people into the process my question and everybody's question is are they actually going to show up? are they going to show up to vote and caucus? who is going to bus them? what is trump going to do to make sure those people show up not just to rallies with you to vote? >> he is getting big crowds to rallies. is he going to get them to turn out to vote? what about ted cruz? many see him within the republican party as potentially the alternative to donald trump if he were to falter. what does he need to do come january? >> really the funny thing is the establishment obviously doesn't like trump and cruz. i think what cruz can do really is become the lesser of two evils. so, say, hey, can you either go with trump and you have no idea where he is going to stand or you can go with me and you will know exactly what i'm going to do. he needs to convince normal
3:18 am
republicans, mainstream republicans, the donor base that he can appeal to young voters, diverse voters, won't just be labeled as a hard core idealogue. i think if he can get people relatively comfortable he could become the trump alternative. he will have to work really hard to do that the establishment wants to take him and trump down. >> someone who wanted to be the alternative to donald trump early on is dr. ben carson and last 48 to 72 hours has had this bizarre situation where he himself suggested there would be a make shakeup and then sort of back-pedaled what does he need to do. >> needs a big idea. to this point he has really gotten here on his persona. no one can identify what he why he is running and what his ideas are. like steve forbe had the flat tax and herman cain had 99. if herman carson is going to make himself relevant he needs to come up with a big policy idea that can help change the country. people are wondering. a political novice. what is he going to do to change the system and mix it
3:19 am
up. he needs to answer that question. >> what about rubio from the beginning of this race i have heard a the love smart people in washington say he is going to make his move. we are waiting for him to make his move. you know what? they may still be waiting for him to make that move. what does he do come january 1st? >> i think we are all waiting. rubio needs to keep we minding people of the william f. buckley axiom. need to nominate the most conservative candidate who can win. if you look at all the polling performs best against hillary clinton. ,in some polls is the only republican candidate to beat hillary clinton. why isn't he reminding that trump reminds people i'm winning in the polls. why doesn't rubio say i'm the most conservative candidate that can win. you are not going to agree with me 100 percent of the time we have to beat hillary clinton. if you look at everybody else running i'm the most prepared. >> the. >> jeb bush needs to answer one simple question why is he running at this point 3% in the polls spending
3:20 am
$60 million. is it just for family legacy? that's what most of us and most republicans feel. is he really running to do anything instead of just be a steady hand and theory bush. he needs to answer that. why am i in this? what are the real policy reasons. do something different than talking points. >> chris christie we didn't have time for him but he wants to be the alternative to rubio bush as the mainstream candidate as well. we will see how that works out inen gentleman. ron, we appreciate your time today. >> thank you, ed. >> coming up a terrifying scene on camera as a car explodes in the middle of the road. [explosion] [screams] >> up in flames. we will tell you what happened to that driver. then, can you sue your son or daughter and force them to spend the holidays with you? i might have to try that madonna taking her son to court for christmas. was she right? a legal debate next ♪ i have no choice ♪ i hear your voice
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. some quick headlines, a christmas morning fire at the birthplace at former president bill clinton being investigated as arson. 8-foot flames were spots pouring out of the home in hope, arkansas. the back side of the two story home. police also say they found graffiti on a doorway. president obama addressing this week's deadly attacks on u.s. troops in afghanistan for the first time. calling the six service members who were killed outstanding and brave. the president's remarks were made during his annual christmas visit to the
3:25 am
marine corps base in hawaii. >> thanks is so much. pop star madonna bringing the power of the court to bring her son back to court after the holidays. the move comes after 15-year-old son refused to board a plane back to the states from london where he was staying with his father. so did she really have a the right to do this? here to debate is former prosecutor jonah spilbore and defense attorney richard ross. this is tough around the holidays. international relationships and divorces have so many extra challenges did. she have the right to do this? >> absolutely. you know, this is a very typical custody battle with atypical players. most of the time you don't have a famous father and famous mother fighting over where your 15-year-old is going to go. invariably, anna, when you have children who become 14, 15, 16 years old and they are supposed to be living with mom. they are going to wake up one day and go you know what, mom? i want to live with dad. what madonna is doing is
3:26 am
very smart. jurisdiction over what we are going to fight about is here in new york. reyesed to a new york judge demanding that rocco get on the plane. the problem is rocco didn't get on the plane. >> i agree, however. two things, number one as much as this is unfortunate during the holidays, it's celebrities. so everyone watches stories about celebrities that's fun. >> me deed that in a media master. >> madonna be careful what you wish for. what happened in new york that judge is going to stand in front of rocco and have rocco tell her he is a 16-year-old who was misbehaving out to 4:00 in the morning or that his mom is really not an appropriate mom because mom travels the world. his mom two weeks ago if we recall was in england and saying all kinds of things to her fans which were totally inappropriate because she was late for her show. the judge is going to find out what the real truth is and madonna bringing him back. she had the authority to do it. be careful, madonna it may be this kid deserves to be with a stable family in
3:27 am
london. >> the judge has some challenges, right? i remember what i was like as a teenager manipulative and my son may have done this very same thing and say i want to be with my mom or my dad because they are easier and can stay out later and do what he want this. how much respect will the judge have for the child's wish or be more for the parent? >> that's an interesting question. when a child is 5, they have no say in who they get to live with. in that case then the judge is going to look at who is is the more fit parent. where i disagree with you i would love if madonna were my mother. i think she would be great and a lot of fun to have as a parent. no money issue there. rocco actually works for madonna. what an opportunity that that kid gets. when you are 15, a court will look at you and he are have his own lawyer, actually appointed for him. and say, where do you want to live and why? it's not enough for a kid to say i just want to live with my dad because i'm sick of living with my mom. they are not going to upset
3:28 am
the status quo unless there is a good reason to. >> that's correct. the other thing we agree on at the end of the day what's in the best interest of the child. the judge is going to look at what guy richie and his lawyers say and madonna and her lawyers say and the child. is it a more secure, stable, safe proper environment to be with the dad or with the mom? it's not an easy one. we don't really know what happens going on. she tweeted to the press wishing him a merry christmas to the world. >> i think it's safe to say we have two good parents. in two and a half years neither one will get a say because he will be 18 and off to college. neither will will have a stay. >> and we are living in a material world. 28 minutes after the hour. here is what can s. coming up on "fox & friends" weekend. what happens when the gift you got for your father back fires? [ laughter ] [scream]
3:29 am
>> oh my god. dads did this happen to you? the video is going viral this morning. you have a lot of christmas leftovers in your refrigerator in the meals you can make to put them to good use. ♪ why so serious ♪ ♪
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♪ all this way ♪ stringing us along. >> friends, good morning, it's your shot of the morning. and we are asking you to send in your pictures. scott get gott to meet his very first grandchild on christmas morning, congrats. >> not just this scott. >> another scott. cindy snapped this picture, a bald eagle on a cross after her christmas morning service. that is truly awesome. >> many christmas from flat rock, idaho who got his wish for a white christmas. >> we want to get more of your pictures. keep sending them in. whoever -- hover boards are dominating social media. >> dads are breaking their legs and necks. this video went viral. the daddennedded up in the hospital #merry christmas my dad got one -- my brother
3:34 am
got one for the holiday but look at my dad. >> arm in a spring. funny but not funny because getting hurt. >> any time you are riding anything on christmas morning after christmas eve at my house you don't want to ride a thing. you don't want to touch anything really hard corps electronic. you just want to kind of relax and watch everyone else have fun. these guys didn't listen, obviously. >> look at the video we have got. [ laughter ] oh my god. we tried them out on the set. they are a lot of fun. rick reichmuth got so good at it i wish he didn't take the hover board we had here home. i got on there and tried. make sure you tell me when you where to get off of it we need to plan your dismount. i get cocky. try to jump off. the very same thing happened.
3:35 am
and i mooned rick when i fell off. i hurt my bum. >> kind of of a balance issue. if you have had an experience with the hover board send it in at friends fris at >> at love the airlines have banned because they have lithium batteries and they catch on fire. >> i have seen people riding in the airport. i saw people zipping down through the lines in the airport. i'm like how does that happen? >> i don't know. i don't think he is going to be allowed on board. australia man barely escapes after the car -- his car explodes twice and it's all caught on camera. [explosion] the car catching on fire moments after leaving a gas station. witnesses say the man ran from the car with his legs on fire. the explosion sending small pieces of metal 600 feet into the air. the driver escaped with extensive burns. and the reporter jailed in
3:36 am
iran for more than 500 days gets a visit from his family. the "the washington post" journalist jason was allowed to spend a few hours with his family and mother did and gets a home meal. hes sentenced on espionage charges this year after already serving time behind bars. a stun and run at target store in long island, new york. police now searching for a woman they say pulled out a stun gun and tasered employee. the suspect dion. the 33-year-old was trying to steal several items and the employee attempted to stop her. that's when she shot the clerk and took off. the employee not seriously hurt. check this one out, everybody. a fan caught red-handed making fun of nba star lebron james. sitting court side at christmas day game. she starts to mock james by indicating his cry baby. james was upset about a noncall by a ref going on there she stops when she
3:37 am
sees lebron james staring right at her. warriors win that game 89-83. >> i saw him one time too. he is intimidating. is he taller in real life than he looks on tv. he is playing against all these guys. he is maybe 6'8". if he he was staring you down it would be intimidating. >> celtics game sitting under the basket came down and dunked one right in our faces. the guy is just super human. it was amazing. some. >> some people think he is a cry baby but i love him. is an awesome athlete. >> just a perfectionist. >> janice, you have a report for us. >> we had reports of tornadoes the last 48 hours across the south. we have a blizzard unfolding across the southwest. let's take a look at the maps. you can see where we have got the rainfall across the mississippi river valley. the ohio valley. flash north and west of that that's where we have our big winter storm that's going to take shape. you can see it through parts of the southwest up towards
3:38 am
the upper midwest. we are going to see over a foot, maybe 2 feet of snow and, again, the threat for severe weather. of course, we lost lives over the last couple of days because of severe weather. tornado reports. we're going to is he soot potential for that today and tomorrow. as it continues to move over the gulf coast and parts of the mississippi river valley. so keeping a watch over that. and the blizzard, which he we will also talk about. we could see easily 2 feet of snow and look at the rain fall. maybe even a foot of rain over areas that really don't need to see it we will be watching it. weather is going to be a big story today. of course, it's the day after christmas. our tummies are also going to be a story today. more food, yes. over to you. >> he we are eating well today, janice. thanks for the weather report. >> christmas day may have come and gone. we know your refrigerator is still probably packed full with holiday leftovers. >> absolutely. here to show us how to make the most out of those leftovers is called "cooking in boxers" chef i'm glad you
3:39 am
request wearing pants today. >> out on the plaza. i have never seen the of that book and i didn't realize you had been working out. i need to eat what you are eating. >> happy holidays. >> all these leftover notice refrigerator repurpose it. i'm the breakfast guru. i have the holiday leftover kish. i use honey bunches of oats to milwaukee cereal the whole family can enjoy. i use that are to the crust which adds extra fiber. i take like your protein, maybe some greens or potatoes that are left over, is a at a them in pompeian olive oil and kish. >> how do you make the crust? >> mix it with flour and vegetable short thing and create it. >> my wife uses business quit and makes a great kish. >> the flavors are already there because you cooked it the night before. olive oil pulls it all together. >> we have a microwave out
3:40 am
there. >> next up, what are these. >> ham and potato crow gets. you always have a ton of mashed potatoes over. use your ham, turkey, chicken, what have you. add a little parmesan cheese, milk. i use lack at lactaid milk in case there is a as soon asivity. bread them in bread couples. >> almost like a mac and cheese ball. >> did you deep fry it or bake it or what? >> i friday it. >> and then you can bake it as well which is great. and then once again, this is my three ingredient iom i mponetta. grill it with chicken or ham or turkey anything left
3:41 am
over. i use cheese. you put a little -- overstuff it. put a little in there and then i put some cheese as well. you close that bad boy and once again you can fry or bake these guys. >> daytony. we were taking boom, boom, boom. >> what do you do take the pork and go like that. >> exactly. >> this is the end result right there. >> and then you can brush it with a little egg. fry, delicious and repumped all that stuff in your refrigerator. >> do house calls? >> i am a private chevy am in people's homes. i did all the cooking for holidays and i will do all the repurposes posts. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> seeking antiaircraft missiles with the help of western engineers.
3:42 am
former cia operative weighs in. >> cell phone carrier could owe you money because of text messages. you have to act fast. the details next. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu.
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hey hey, everybody. let's get up and moving and grooving. higher cable and satellite bills. subscribers say expect to pay 1 to $10 more each month. new fees cover increased costs for programming. verizon or sprint could owe you money. if you feel you have been billed for unauthorized third party charges known as cramming, have you until new year's eve to submit claims for a refund. part of 1158-million-dollar settlement announced back in may. scott, over to you.
3:46 am
>> isis terrorists in syria are are reportedly recruiting western engineers to help them build improvised anti-aircraft missile. it could potentially down civilian airliners. this comes just weeks after isis claimed responsibility for taking down a russian plane over egypt sinai peninsula. just how big of a threat is this? former cia operative and father of terror view joshua katz joins us now. thanks for getting up early. i hope you had a good christmas and holiday. as we have herd 27,000 to 3,000 people have actually participated in isis, isis recruiting. first of all, when you talk about 'westerner ares are now being recruited. could you define for people who are the actual westerners? where are they actually from? >> yeah. so the westerners are from all western european countries. australia, the united states, canada. central and south america, even. and i think that the details
3:47 am
here, what we don't talk about is actually who are those people? it's really easy to say thousands of people are being recruited. what are the background of those people? what are their education? ened and i think people are going to be u. absolutely surprised to find out that there are a lot of highly educated people that isis is recruiting. >> what about the actual new report on this about the missiles? how are they getting the technology? we have none we have western engineers doing. this what's the incentive and what about the missile itself? >> so isis is recruiting engineers. they are recruiting chemists and cyber professionals. they have built a team of expert to help them with all the tools that they have stolen from assad, from chemical weapons to explosives to surface-to-air missiles. to help them refine them and to become even more deadly. so this report here is really just talking about
3:48 am
their surface-to-air capability to shoot down coalition planes in the area. but this can quickly be used to target commercial airliners that don't have the safeguards that our military aircraft could. >> right. we saw that in the sinai peninsula. what do you do you think the tht is to commercial traffic. there is economic challenges as a result of that happening. what putin is doing obviously getting more involved in that region. what are your thoughts there? >> it's incredible because this threat is so pervasive. we don't fully understand. our intelligence services don't fully understand the threat here yet. and what i would say is that in certain areas, especially in the middle east right now, travel is especially dangerous because of this threat. airliners don't have the ability to screen well. they don't have the ability to avoid missiles. and we are only going to see more targets against the civilian aircraft industry
3:49 am
coming up. >> remember isis is jv. we could have kept the transition air force there and this probably would have never happened. we thank you for coming on. >> the cruz campaign grabbing headlines this morning. plus, did you get like this from christmas? returning that silly sweater isn't as easy as you thought. up next, things you need to know before you return that unwanted gift. ♪ turn back time ♪ if i could find a way ♪ i'd take back all the words that have hurt you ♪ you say if i could read your stars ♪ i'd give them all to you
3:50 am
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3:53 am
hey friends, are you underwhelmed with your christmas presents? you are not the only one. national retail federation says up to 15% of holiday sales are are returned. heath is here to help. good to he see you and merry christmas. >> member dr. christmas to you both. >> what's the most important tip you can give to somebody today. >> i think taking a picture of those receipts is the most important. if you ever like me. i have a big pile of receipts at n. my house. it's like craziness the second that you walk into my little desk area. you don't want to lose that and most of these stores require to you bring your receipt. so, take a picture of that receipt. and then another tip as well we don't negotiate when we want a return.
3:54 am
say you don't have a receipt. go in there and negotiate your way into maybe getting a refund or, at least something that's the equivalent of the product that you were gifted to. >> $60 sweater you get in there and only $40 because it's on sale we can negotiate? ask for the manager or what? >> just be nice and, if you go in and, you know, you have sort of an attitude about it more than likely they probably don't want to work with you. which is like anything you go to in life. you want to go in. and be as nice as possibly can. you don't have your receipt. talk to them and say listen is, there any way i could get a refund for this or get something of equivalent value if i can't get a refund. >> it seems like every store has a different return policy. >> right. so this is interesting. you want to make sure that you are definitely looking at that return policy before you go out. and i also recommend people to go out early during the day. >> time of day matters. >> early in the morning best time to go. best stores that have the return policy amazon, for
3:55 am
example. so, if you bought something between november 1st to december 31st, you have until january '1st to return that. -- january 31st to return that zappos, buy your shoes there or anything else. they have the return policy the most liberal. >> 365 days? >> exactly. so as long as you have. >> how are they ever going to sell them again? >> as long as it's in original condition. you can't go running a mile and return those shoes. make sure you have your shipping label with you. nordstrum have a case-by-case policy with their returns. it's really amazing. let's say you got something for christmas and you want to return it in june, they will evaluate it case-by-case. target, same thing. not like nordstrum but they have a same policy usually year around. what's really interesting about that if you got electronics, we were talking about that restocking fee. they don't have a restocking
3:56 am
fee but you have until january 300th to return that gift let's say you got something january 26th. -- >> big ticket items like tvs, computers, is it 50 bucks restocking fee? is it $10? >> oh, no, anna. it could be up to 30% of what that gift was purchased for. so, let's say you bought a television for $600 and you decide you want a 52-inch tv instead of a 46-inch tv, you would have to pay up to 30%, depending on what electronics merchandiser you went to. you would have to pay that 30%. >> it's almost like a little bit of a caveat emptor before you give that gift. >> thank you. >> thank you guys. >> if you have any question about your refunds email us at a lunch lady is fired for giving a hungry student a
3:57 am
free meal. now she says the school is being dishonest. we will explain. she joins us next hour with her side of the story. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea.
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4:00 am
hey, everybody and good morning. i'm anna kooiman this is extreme weather alert. extreme emergency in the south. christmas tornado tears through alabama trapping people underneath rubble. >> and all of a sudden, the blast in -- the glass in my bind windows broke out and it sounded like someone was clawing the tinning of roof. >> what travel will be for millions of americans for the holiday. >> the trump doesn't take holiday off. the donald spends christmas ripping rivals on twitter. how he is keeping the pressure on. >> lunch lady fired for feeding a hungry 12-year-old. >> my heart hurts i truly
4:01 am
loved my job. >> school says now they are rehiring her. the lunch lady is going to be here this morning. she says the school is not telling the truth. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ hey, everybody. welcome in to "fox & friends." we hope you had a great christmas with your family. senator scott brown, ed henry, anna kooiman at your service today. we are going to get to some of our christmas stories in a bit. we are asking for yours as well. we do need to get to that extreme weather center out of alabama right now. tearing through birmingham, uprooting trees and trapping people underneath debris. rescue crews worked throughout the night to pull residents from the rubble. at this point no one has been reported missing. officials say they will be able to better assess the damage once the sunrises there within the hour. residents talk about the terrifying moment the storm hit.
4:02 am
>> like it drawed through house. everybody said tornado, get. folks runs to the bathroom, running over each other. >> at least three people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. >> more severe weather expected to this weekend unfortunately in some parts of the country. we will even see some snow hard to believe here in new york city, janice dean because it is unusually warm right now. >> it is. a lot of people had their airconditioning on on christmas eve and crumbs day because we set some records. that is that heat that we are feeling across the east coast. that's what is fueling some of these storms. unfortunately we have the threat for severe weather today. look at the temperatures. that he wills it the story. 54 in new york. 72 in dallas. behind that very cold air and windy conditions. blizzard watches and warnings are up for parts of the southwest. so this storm is just about to get cranked up. we could also see the threat tore severe weather. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes across the mississippi valley today as well as the ohio valley. so keep alert for that.
4:03 am
but the big, big message of this is we are going to see one of our most significant storms of the year. and taking a look at it, the last 24 hours flooding is also going to be a big deal. we could receive anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of rainfall ahead of this frontal system. behind it, that's where our storm system is really starting to crank up. saturday, sunday, and monday, where we could see 18 to 24 inches of snow as well as blizzard conditions. really from the southwest all the way up to the midwest. so people need to be on alert. of course, this is something we are going to be covering throughout the weekend and on monday. back to you. >> a lot of snow, vegas getting snow. the national weather service put out a bulletin saying ho ho ho, vegas is getting snow. >> skiers are happy. >> janice, thank you so much. donald trump like many much you spent christmas with his family and went and spent it at church. the frontrunner then also decided to get on to twitter after spending the evening with his family and their 125 room mansion down in
4:04 am
florida. and took the opportunity to slam so. candidates. >> i thought you were going to say donald trump just like many of you spent christmas on twitter because a lot of us are on social media. you can see donald trump right there. remember when failed candidate @ jeb bush said that illegals came across the border as an act of love. he's spent $59 million and is at 3%. >> he has to be furious because donald trump has dominated this race. he has dominated jeb bush and the other candidates. love him or hate him, he has set the agenda in this entire race. >> you put yourself in his head which sometimes can be difficult, and he is absolutely keeping the pressure on. he wants, as you said, move the agenda forward in any direction that he wants. i have spoken to many of the candidates. i know them all personally. they have come to our house for the no bs backyard barbecues. they are freaked out. how do we adjust and adapt? look at what is happening tomorrow? he is coming on tomorrow. >> donald trump will be on the program. he is getting treatment.
4:05 am
the other candidates have to come here and sit down. it's a little bit different and resentful of that. >> as a former candidate yourself, is there any time where you want to press pause. i would have thought donald trump would have spent the holiday with his family and did not get on twitter. >> people got on twitter saying nice-spirited things. >> interesting you are saying that, anna. a lot of folks sitting back, member dr. interior ministry dr., happy new year. getting ready what are your new year's resolutions donald says i'm going to hammer them. >> the donald likes to win. >> he wants to make america good again. he wants to be number one. that's the approach he people are looking for. >> jeb bush spent $59 million. so far his campaign less than that do you know how much money it cost donald trump to tweet? >> nothing. he has 5 million followers. >> ted cruz is looking to keep up the momentum in iowa. he released a brand new ad in iowa focusing on the second amendment and free speech battle of success.
4:06 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm ted cruz and i approve this message. >> particularly in iowa, is he doing very well there. he has spent a lot of time in that state. >> you never hear his voice until the very end. playing off wholesome american values. >> "new york times" fact checked it and said yes, every single thing is correct. the only thing they had a beef with at all is when the pledge of allegiance. he did take part in some of those cases but they said that he was taking a little bit more credit than credit was actually due. >> i'm shocked that they would actually criticize ted cruz once again or any republican running.
4:07 am
you look at ted and what he is doing. he believes it. that's why people are looking at him as alternative to trump. >> he has been plotting along. some people dismissed ted cruz early on just as they dismissed donald trump. >> he is a sleeper. >> i think he is. >> my wife's family is from canada. they have met all the candidates. they like him and trump. they are looking at some of the other candidates as well. >> when that "the washington post" cartoon came out political cartoon. >> bad form. >> monkeys on strings essentially. he is getting a lot of sympathy from that and maybe it will end up helping him instead. >> you can imagine if that happened to president obama or hillary clinton or anyone else? there would be outrage shut the paper down. republicans it's a different standard. ened and we all know it. >> news making headlines and we will start with this one. was it arson? federal investigators asking that question about a fire inside a texas mosque on christmas. local worshipers don't believe it was intentional it. they are covering their bases after a reason rise in
4:08 am
mosque incidents nationwide. an out-of-control wildfire threatening dozens of homes north of los angeles. parts of the 101 in ventura county shut down after the fire exploded overnight from 250 acres to more than 900. fire crews battling against 40 mile-per-hour winds. evacuation is in place. crews work to contain that blaze. >> family fist fight leads to false alarm about shots fired. people seen screaming and running out of the cafe. social media lighting up with gunshots and bomb going off. police say that was not the case. witnesses apparently misinterpreted a loud fit on the cafe's upper floor as gunshots. one person was arrested for disorderly conduct. and talk about a high holiday. homeless people in denver getting the gift of free marijuana on christmashis? a nonprofit group handing
4:09 am
out prerolled joints apparently to raise awareness of homelessness in colorado it is illegal to smoke pot in public but up to an ounce of weed can be given as a gift as long as people involved are 21 or over. those are your headlines. [coughing] >> you know, yesterday, we were talking a lot about fedex as well and fedex fouling up. people were outraged on social media because they were not getting their presents by christmas morning. a lot of upset kids and whatnot. what's interesting is the story is turning a little bit for fedex this morning. what happened is they were calling some people. in they had other employees volunteering and say we want to fix this. we want to get these packages out there. this matters to us. obviously trying to catch up. >> not just fedex, either. it's every other dluferry agency. >> what does that mean for people like me that waited to the very last second to mail this stuff. shame on us. >> the employees have actually volunteered of a lot of them -- fedex
4:10 am
employees have volunteered to come in and take time away from their families. the tide is turning a bit. we are blaming people for the last minute gift purchasing and gift giving. now this morning after all the outrage yesterday maybe it isn't so bad. >> woe heard the tweets yesterday saying fedex is a disaster. danielle says i would rather have a package from ed fedex late another two days than interest shows employees out there delivering today. on oously not wanting them to work on christmas. >> volunteering to work on christmas bravo and thanks to you all. >> very interesting because i think scott is right. we're to blame as well for waiting the last minute. if you want to order something on december 23rd. you could have ordered it on december 1st, 2ened, 3rd, 4th. >> now that christmas is over. i was really a jerked in the spirit of christmas. >> i agree. people saying fed beings, thanks for ruining my christmas.
4:11 am
let's use this as a teaching moment to our kids that christmas isn't just about the gifts under the tree, either. >> exactly. meanwhile, donald trump challenging hillary clinton after she called him a sexist. who does the fight favor if it turns to bill clinton as a focus. fair and balanced debate is next. >> a lunch lady is fired after giving a hungry student a free meal. she says the school is not giving the job back divide what the headlines say. she joins us with her side of the story just ahead ♪ no, no, no, no, no. ♪ i will tell you once more ♪ before i get out the door ♪ don't bring me down ♪
4:12 am
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4:15 am
what happened to her? i'm watching the debate, and she disappeared. where did she go? where did she go? i thought she quit. i thought she gave up. >> i don't know what he has any any boundaries at all. and his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. >> hillary is not a president. she is not taking us-you-everything that's been involved in hillary has been losses. >> donald trump and hillary clinton continue and take jabs at each other even over the holidays as the race for president heats up. who will it favor it suddenly focuses on bill clinton. here for a fair and balanced debate two beautiful christmas ornaments. one red, one green. you are wearing red jay my green and shelved you sherifffield you are wearing green. if you are a democrat looking at this as you are,
4:16 am
bill clinton can also bring soming inives. >> if trump wants to relive the past from almost 20 years ago no one is going to stop him. he is he is like frankenstein's monster. we have created him and he is going to keep on going. who wins? i think, sure, the simple answer is hillary wins. but when you attack one woman, you attack all women. and we all lose when you have the type of bullying and pervasive sexism that is now not coming from the media but coming from a candidate. >> donald trump attacks hillary clinton, is it really say he is attacking all women? >> absolutely. >> isn't he attacking hillary clinton on the frontrunner? she stands on her own. >> just a few months ago it was megyn kelly and carly fiorina. it's not just one woman. this is a train that is going to have serious effects on if women put themselves into the position to run for office. >> what about the locomotive itself, you mentioned the train. donald trump is a locomotive.
4:17 am
>> he is i'm not a big trump fan to be honest. quinnipiac polling said 58% of americans said they would be shamed to have him for president compared to 35% for hillary. i interviewed jimmy carter as well as other bill clinton sabotaged hillary's campaign. that's why bill has been behind the scenes now. i think if bill were to come out and go after donald trump he doesn't have credibility when it comes to women's issues. he abused the oval office to basically prey on a young intern. i don't think it would be a winning equation. donald trump needs to tone it down because republicans have a problem when it comes to women. so in 2012, 2008, there was a 10-point gender gap where women favored democrats over republicans. donald trump really isn't helping things. >> on that point, donald trump a part of his mega phone is twitter and he tweeted this out a couple days ago. hillary, when you campaign about a penchant for sexism as she did in that sound
4:18 am
bite in a des moines register interview. who are you referring to? i have great respect for women. be careful, he says in caps. that was a very clear threat donald trump to hillary clinton going after bill clinton's sex scandals. >> frontrunner of the republican party. it's so sad. >> is it a legitimate issue? >> is sexism a legitimate issue issue? yes. has he put it on the table as more legitimate issue in 2016 than it was in 2000 will. absolutely. >> you are talking about donald trump. but to carrie's point. bill clinton's behavior with women became the focus of impeachment. >> is bill clinton running for office? >> he is not but is he is the spouse here. >> are we seriously talking about a page that has been turned almost 20 years ago a woman running for office is going to have to answer questions about something that her husband did? this is unacceptable.
4:19 am
but everything this man has said has basically bun unacceptable. it's not a surprise. we have to come together as women and say enough is enough. when you attack one of us, you attack all of us. >> real quick, i want to get another topic in here fbn announced new rules. rand paul says if he doesn't make the main stage he is not going to debate at all listen to what he told brian kilmeade on the interview. >> i won't participate in any kind of second tier. we have a first tier campaign. if you tell a campaign with three weeks to go that they are in the second tier, you destroy the campaign. this isn't the job of the media to pick who wins. the voters ought to get a chance. i mean, this is going to lay it up in a lap for donald trump if you don't want to allow any competition. >> he said it's not the media's role. hasn't the media let some of these candidates who are in single digits go on too long. >> this is about the polls. this isn't about the media this is the fact that rand paul is lazarusing.
4:20 am
self-sabotaging behavior for him to boycott it to be honest, carly fiorina used the undercard debate to sideline. he chris christie got doe moated and now he is in new hampshire. >> i think it's a mistake. >> is this a christmas gift wrapped up for you and hillary clinton or what? >> wah, crying like a baby. they cross the back stretch or whatever it is and they are coming around the home stretch and he has to make his move and get away from the back of the pack. i think he has run out of runways. >> that will have to be the last word, wah. >> love it. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> don't miss the next debate on sister next work fox business on thursday, january 14th. meanwhile a lunch lady is fired for giving a hungry student a free meal. she was trying to hem. the school says they have offered her job back. she says that's not true. that lunch lady is here next in an interview you will see nowhere else. she is waving to us. can't wait. with passion.
4:21 am
but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next?
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> good morning, merry day after christmas. an act of kindness cost a woman her job. day willly bowden worked in a middle school when a 12-year-old student had no lunch money and said she was hungry. she paid for the meal 1.70.: she lost her job. thanks for joining us on "fox & friends" weekend. >> okay. >> to so tell me what happened. the student came up and she asked for a meal. she said she was hungry and what happened? >> she said she was -- she didn't have any money and she was hungry. so i just handed her the meal. and my boss seen it.
4:25 am
and charged her for the meal anyway and then took me in the office and let me go. >> and was this the first time that you have ever done anything like this? i mean, it doesn't seem like it's that awful when a child is hungry and you want to feed them. is that the first time you have done that or have you been giving away a lot of free meals in the past? is that why the school wanted to let you go? >> no. it never -- i gave away a free cookie last year and i got reprimanded then. it was a verbal warning. i have never been written up or anything before. >> i have got to tell you when we heard this story couple days ago. are you kidding me this woman lost her job after giving out a meal that cost 1.70 to a child who was hungry. the district has not and has not ever takenned into action against any food service worker due to a singular event.
4:26 am
the district has been in communication with ms. bowden extending an opportunity for her to return to employment with the district. producers are telling me they asked you and you say you haven't heard from the school? >> no, i have not -- they have not contacted mee. so no email, no phone call, nothing. >> i have not job from the school district. the -- called me and told me they were going to offer me my job back. that's all i heard from them. >> what if they did offer you the job back and you were in a solid communication with them, would you take it? >> that's a tough one. i don't know. i would like to go back to my kids at irving middle school if that was worked out for me. >> bailey, they have did this and basically said that you are a thief, how did that make you feel and why do you think they did this to you? >> that's what i didn't understand.
4:27 am
i could understand if they wrote me up, you know, or give me a disciplinary action. >> do you feel lirg you did anything wrong? >> no. i would do it then p again i would feed any kid who is hungry. >> i know you set up a go fund me account for yourself and it's been getting some money coming through. in fact, one business owner in the community who had gone to school around there gave you $15,000. so, i imagine that's probably helping you out. thank you for your time today. merry christmas and happy new year. >> thank you. happy new year. happy holidays. 27 minutes after the. this man is a real grinch and call caught on camera. now that christmas is over it's time to start taking down the decorations. teaching you like a proso your ornaments and decorations will last for next year. feel a cold coming on?
4:28 am
4:29 am
new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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4:31 am
>> what did you find? what is in there buddy. what is it? oh, yeah. you got a ring. >> that's my doggy baxter, getting his christmas present yesterday. we put some kibble in the box and let him have it.
4:32 am
tore at it. >> he didn't use his paws. he tore in. >> i'm going right in for that. we did that with the present my husband and i gave him. baxter's new grandmother. i'm a new married lady. that's my husband. we got married in july. baxter's grandmother, tim's mom gave him a nice little santa hat too that we have a picture of and a bammer rang. >> there is my wife shirley on the left. patrick in the middle. nella on the right. sometimes they are happy to be with you. rest of the time put on head phones and work on iphone. we had a wonderful family christmas and great to be with everybody around the holidays. >> this is everybody after we ate and stuffed our faces playing bingo and other games. i know they are all watching. merry christmas, love you guys. >> who cooked. >> actually my daughter is an amazing cook. that night we had chinese food which. >> when you have gotten all
4:33 am
these tips on leftover. you should go home tonight and cooking for your family. >> absolutely. i love to cook so we are good. >> more of that coming up in a bit. janice dean is outside. it's been pretty mild. but, hey, janice, how did you spend your christmas with your boys? >> i was up at probably 4:30 in the morning. they get very excited about christmas. they are going to be 5 and 7 in january and february. matthew and theodore. and, of course, here is the picture that you've all been waiting for. me in an elf hat and my ugly sweater. and then, of course, we put out of some food for santaened a his reindeer. and look at what happened overnight. gone with a note. you have been very good boys matthew and theodore. love san that. that's pretty good. let's do weather real quick and we will meet some of these fine folks. winter storm cranking up across the central u.s. that's going to bring the potential for flooding as well as severe weather including the threat for tornadoes.
4:34 am
again, we had several reports of tornadoes over the last 48 hours. and people lost their lives. so people need to pay close attention to the weather. of course. we have blizzard conditions. blizzard conditions possible for parts of the southwest up towards the midwest. where you see in red those are blizzard warnings and blizzard watches. so, i just want people to be sure that they are keeping a close eye on the weather. if you are traveling, you need to be very, very careful. be safe. okay. what's your name? >> judy hopper. >> where are you from? >> matchett, mississippi. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> where are you from. >> pennsylvania. virginia with wolf. >> becky wolf. >> and fill lisz sky. >> awesome. back inside. merry crirms. >> you at home you know how we celebrated our holiday. we love to see your picture. hit us up on facebook or twitter. other stories making headlines on saturday. crumbs day mystery in main. man and woman dead inside their parked suv.
4:35 am
someone made a 911 call before 4:00. when officers arrived they found 35-year-old eric williams and bonnie dead less than a mile from where they lived in agus attachment the cause of death has not been eliseed. officials hope to restep steps to see what happened. security breach at southwest airport. a man calling into he restrictive area of los angeles national airport. people have no idea how they got past lax chain linked fence. the man believed to be homeless now undergoing a mental evaluation. santa imposter with a knife is caught climbing through drive-thru window. police say the suspects threatened an employee with a knife before stuffing cash into his sack and tag off. his face was covered by black at a times or stalkings or it's unclear how much money he was able to get away with, too.
4:36 am
getting the wrong christmas gift going viral. >> why did you get -- >> it was out of stock. [cries] >> oh, boy. well, the game's maker wwe 2 k reached out on twitter offering to help the video getting different reactions on social media cindy saying this. that really just made my night. wow. >> ian says little brat doesn't deserve anything if he doesn't appreciate what he did get. take it away and don't give him anything. we want to know what you think. should you always be thankful for your gifts each if it's not what you want. ed is outside. let me know what you have got going on. >> well, yesterday, you may have spent the day around the christmas tree surrounded by decorations. now it's time to start packing it up for next year. >> here to show us the best way to do it is home improvement beings pert sandy diaz. i personally just take those things and throw them against the wall. >> and all my family are
4:37 am
watching right now. you guys pay attention. >> very simple. you know, unstead of -- egg carton, put it in here. good until next year. there is. >> what do you do with the lights. >> the lights, instead of throwing them in a box, just get a pete of cardboard. >> thinking ahead next year and this thing is tight around. you. >> you have 50,000 lights. >> downstairs in the basement they just die. >> somebody comes and disconnects them. >> what wrapping paper. >> you don't want to throw them out because it's wrapping paper. it's always good. i recommend getting a box like this. it's already got the con towners. you just put it up there. fill it up and you are good. >> drink the sangria first. >> if you have got a couple empty bottles put them in there and save them. >> the first incident islet
4:38 am
g.p.s. get everything out and throw in the see recycling bin. >> this one has emotional connection to me i have had it 30 years in my family. let's not break it i saved the original box, my parents did, my family did. we always put it back in there. it fits perfectly. >> that's great. and thens last thing the christmas tree. what do you do with the tree? >> i know what scott does he throws it outen the street. basically get a big bag like this. pick it up at any home improvement store, home depot. you pick it up. you have know frnlt thee are see psych lable trees, of course. >> known are you watching? his wife wants to make sure he does in at home. >> where do you get this. >> home depot or any
4:39 am
hardware store. >> put in the garage. >> or the attic. >> what do you do with the real ones? >> in new york city just put them right on the street. >> just put it out with all the other trash. >> three cycle they pick it up, they throw it out, it's done. >> those are great tips sandy reappreciate it. get reddy for a merry christmas. back to you inside. >> coming up on the program of the attacks in san bernardino to register plan it ridgester voters? >> we are going to talk polls to the soul and make sure out thereof. >> what about fighting extremism? a fair and balanced debate live next. christmas may be over. but we have got some great bargains for you if you still have some shopping left in you. how about home security system for 73% off? the deals just for "fox & friends" viewers coming up. ♪
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top of the hour. while you enjoy that cup of coffee. may be time for cleaning out the coffee maker. java drip trays can contain between 25 to 67 different types of bacteria including ones that can make you really really sick is. you can struggling to fall asleep at night. >> nothing to love sleep over. >> try eating sammon. eating oily fish several times a week could be the secret to a good's night sleep. it has a lot of omega 3 and variety you minute d can could make you rest. hope you like sammon. >> american muslim groups take different approach following attacks in paris
4:44 am
and san bernardino. and this one involves the election. >> initiatives include a drive to register 1 million voters prior to the 2016 elections. >> do you engage in islamophobia. if you engage in demagoguery and bigotry, you will pay a political price because we're going to register our people and we are going to use our ballot and take our souls to the polls and make sure you are out of there. >> yeah, but is this the right move? should their efforts be used toward stopping terror instead? joining us for a fair and balanced debate author of standing alone an american woman's struggle for the soul of islam and national spokesperson for the -- author for the demystifying islam. thank you both for being on. i appreciate the effort. my question to both of you so what's taking you so long?
4:45 am
you should have been registered? you are american, you are here and you are just registering to be part of the political process? so what's up in that regard? >> well, you know, in our community, unfortunately what we have had is so many years of denial and deflexion is about serious issues regarding extremismappens effort in the last week is an expression of a muslim lobby wants to continue denial and deflexion. what he we are saying many of us who seek reform in our community is that we have to change this idea that we can maintain the status quo and not through this very frightening, if you ask me language about challenging people in such a hostile way but really taking really close examination about the issues in our community about sexism, extremism, intolerance, the idea of a political islam that wants
4:46 am
to include sharia in our communities. and so what we have to do is really move forward with not this kind of demagoguery ourselves about america, but a real open participation. >> well, i think that's important to be part of the political process. you have earned the right to vote. it's a privilege to vote and i encourage to you register as many people as you can. one of the biggest things i hear and others here throughout this country the moderate muslim community is not standing up. they are not speaking out. they are thought challenging the people that are radicalized and killing not only traditional americans here. they are killing muslim americans, black measures, irish americans. at what point do you stand up and take it on and focus instead of voting on the actual issue which is radicalization? >> absolutely. >> yeah. and i think, scott, you really hit it on the head right there. as muslims who believe in messiah -- we have always safety and security of this nation is paramount. there is two realities right now. yes, it is true that the
4:47 am
anti-muslim rhetoric and attacks have skyrocketed. it has also true my islam lie lunatics calling themselves muslims and conflate. how should muslims respond with the community we believe feeding us versus them paradigm by doing this black male or poking people in the eye. that's. we believe the people of islam, his holiness who is the international spiritual leader of the community has told us the victory of true islam comes means that you win people's hearts and minds through love and compassion. education. which is why we are launching the best response which is a campaign we are calling true islam and the extremists. which is protected our national security by defining the 11 principles which will either define true islam or extremism
4:48 am
reach out to leaders do you agree with these define true islam and save people from the path of extremism and fellow americans and myself and family from attack? that's the response we need to see from the community. >> harris, let me, quite frankly, both of you, the reason there is concern about what's happening in the muslim community is because some of the major attacks have obviously been carried out by muslims who have been radicalized and have taken your faith and your beliefs and actually, you know, distorted them to a point where they are killing innocent men, women, and children. >> what i would like to suggest. >> absolutely, you are right. >> excuse me forks for eakd excuse me, harris, excuse me. >> please, go ahead. >> what i would like to suggest is that this competition for an idea of what is, quote, true islam is a very difficult one. and the truth is that we have a strain of extremism that's called islamism. we cannot compete for what is true and what is not true. we have to simply defeat it
4:49 am
i just want to tell you. >> the beauty is this transcends all types of sectarianism. >> excuse me, thank you. >> >> mae heys, guys. >> agree on. >> >> harris, hold on a second is, please. >> harris, what's happening, first of all. >> what's happening unfortunately is that folks want to silence many voices and dissent in our community just this past week when i dared to write a piece with a co-author hafra about the idea that muslim women it do not have to cover every hair and nape of their neck which is the concern of our muslim community. >> >> let me interrupted for a moment i apologize. we are running out of time and you guys have some big challenges and i wish you well on your voting drive. thank you very much. coming up, we all know the best deals are after christmas. this morning we have some of them. how would you like to save big on home security system and more? mega morning deals coming up next. ♪
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we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. whether you still need a last minute holiday gift or shopping for yourself, now we have mega deals you will on find here on "fox & friends." spokesperson for mega morning deals megan. >> happy merry post christmas. >> is this like a mr. clean in your life. >> first of all, don't forget to go to mega morning
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4:55 am
who loves that? i you had 27 gives to wrap the night before christmas. i would have loved to have had 10 of these. they have beautiful packaging. it's a great hostess gift. who doesn't need a candle. they smell wonderful. they smell even if you don't like them. typically 36.95. today they are $14 for fox viewers. that's 62% off. are we excited? >> yes, we are. and what are these? >> this is a home video camera. it's called the izon. tall and then. get a pack or two or one. keep an eye on a pet or keep an eye on the back door or maybe a babysitter hate to say it. and it's wi-fi operated. control it on an app. on your phone, android or iphone. it has noise alerts so it will alert you if it hears something in the house. also motion alerts it will alert you. anywhere in the world that you go or travel you can keep an eye on things at home. it's particular pickly 149.95 to $249. today it's 73% off.
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hi friends, good morning. this is the 26th of december, 2014. christmas day turns into a nightmare. a tornado tore through alabama rimg homes apart and trapping people in the rubble. >> houses were standing in the daylight, in the dark everything -- >> and a the danger is not over. how the weather could effect millions of holiday travelers. >> and it's been a wild year in politics. remember this? >> did you wipe the server. >> you know with a cloth. >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally.
5:01 am
>> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> i'm my top stories of the year. you don't want to miss it. >> make fun of king james make sure he doesn't see you. awkward fan moment going viral for all the wrong reasons. i would love to hear what he has to say about it now. listen, mornings are better with all friends. thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ >> up and at them, rise and shine. look who is here on the couch with us. scott brown and i'm anna kooiman. >> two hours down. >> two hours down and two to go. >> good morning, it's a marathon, literally. we are going to get to the way we spent our holiday in just a bit. we are asking for your photos as well. he we do need to get to that extreme weather weather alert. a tornado touching down in the birmingham area, uprooting trees. destroying several homes and trapping people beneath the debris. rescue crews worked
5:02 am
throughout the night. at this point no one has been reported missing and no major injuries. rescuers are talking about the terrifying moment the storm hit. >> pouring down, heavy rain, just bum bum bum. heavy rain. and then all of a sudden, the blast my wind -- glass in my window broke out then it sounded like someone was clawing the tinning off of my roof. >> stranded vehicles. some areas seeing at least 7 inches of rain. >> the worst part the danger is not done yet. more severe weather is expected this weekend. some areas will see snow, even, when is hard to believe, janice dean, because we are here in new york city. and there is nothing like snow coming our way here. >> right. the eastern third of the country is still going to remain warm. however, the rest of the country is going to see a big storm system, not only snow and blizzard conditions but, yes, more severe weather. the severe threat started on wednesday and continues this weekend into monday. you can see the temperatures where warmer than average
5:03 am
ahead of the frontal system and cooler than average behind it clash of those two air masses giving us, again, the potential for severe storms including tornadoes there is the tornado right now. this hasn't gotten its act together. today, sunday and monday busy travel days. need to be alert and checking local weather forecast. heavy rain in the forecast. anywhere from 12 to 12 inches over part of the mississippi, the ohio and tennessee river valley and upwards of two feet of snow behind the system. so severe threat they have just put out an enhanced risk of severe weather, including hail damaging parts of texas moving in to oklahoma. so he we are not done yet. people need to be on alert for those watches and warnings as they come in and that's going to continue tomorrow for parts of the gulf coast states as well. then the snowy side of this storm. let's put it into motion here. your future radar anywhere from the southwest to the midwest. going to seat possibility of 8 to 12, even 2 feet of snow for the southwest.
5:04 am
and with blustery conditions, blizzards are going to be a problem heading in towards the southwest up towards the midwest. in between that a mixture of ice and freezing rain. so this is going to be a very difficult travel weekend. in some cases going to be impossible to travel. people need to be on alert really across the central u.s. there are your blizzard watches and warnings in red. people are urged to stay alert and of course don't travel new live in those areas for blizzard conditions possibly tornado watches and warnings as glel yes, nobody has been reported missing in this latest tornado but more than a dozen people died toward the end of the week severe storms and tornadoes. >> putting your life back together. you should be hanging out with your family putting a christmas meal together. we do have other stories he we are following. get to politics in just a bit. right now fox news alert.
5:05 am
out-of-control wildfire so i doing dozens of homes in los angeles. 101 in ventura county shut down after the fire exploded from 250 acres to more than 900. fire crews battling against 40 mile-per-hour winds that are whipping the flames up. mandatory evacuations are in place. nearby campgrounds as crews worked to contain the fire. and a stun and run at a target store in long island, new york. police now serving for a woman they say pulled out a stun gun and tasered an employee. the suspect identified as victoria dion. the 33-year-old was trying to steal several items when the employee attempted to shock her. the employee not seriously hurt, unfortunately. fedex going the extra mile to deliver late packages on christmas day after admitting thousands of orders would not arrive in time through the bad weather. many workers actually volunteered their own time saying it was worth worth the effort. >> when everybody is expecting to give and all of a sudden we knock on the
5:06 am
door and then all of a sudden they get their gift. >> after some bad reviews yesterday customers showed their support for fedex workers on social media kudos for manning up. why can't the people who made the orders late take responsibility. 364 days to plan. and from danielle i would rather my package from fedex be late another two days than have those employees out delivering today. one northern utah fire department is sure to be on the nice list last next year after saving a stranded santa claus. he is on his way to deliver presents when his car overheated and caught on fire. that happened south of salt lake city. his old car began smoking after he climbed the snowy hill. luckily he was not hurt. battalion chief gave him a ride so he could deliver all the presents on time. those are your headlines. >> >> this was just a santa's helper. >> it's not the santa. >> can people change their oil? i think there is an oil
5:07 am
factor here. there is no oil in the car. these fires are starting i don't know. >> santa has had his run. the big dog has been waiting to get out. they call him the big dog, bill clinton. he has been itching to get out on the campaign trail. maybe deliver presents for hillary clinton. try to deliver votes. and troops interesting the "wall street journal" saying we have all been waiting when is he going to come out. they are now saying after the first of the year. seeing bill clinton going in there and fry to close the deal for hillary. >> i wonder how will he be coming out? will he be on the campaign trail with her or will they divide and conquer? will that be their method of operation there because, you know, he is so charismatic and dynamic the way he did k. get everybodiens attention in a room. can he he potentially outshine her if they are on the campaign trail together? >> here is the problem. hillary has rebooted her campaign what, ed, four times already? >> yes, four or five. >> struggled in new hampshire and iowa until recently. that's the question de jour is he going to help or hurt?
5:08 am
there are folks who do remember contrary to what your prior guest said they do remember monica and remember the fact that he was abusing the office in many respects when it came to harassment. but they also recognize that, you know, we had a solid economy. we really. >> that's all hillary clinton has been talking about more and more. and saying, look, my husband created millions of jobs. and i think -- remember, you know this in new hampshire and the region, he was a come back kid in 1992, if she deploys him specifically in new hampshire, that's a place where he can really help. and if he is able to focus on the issues as you say, not personal scandals, of course, talk about the economy. that's something that could be a big boost for her. yeah, he has his critics. but even his worse critic also acknowledge and you probably would as well. when you get him out on the campaign trail, oftentimes, not every time. he has made his mistakes. >> is he is no joe biden. he will make some gaffes. that's bill clinton. is she doing a co-presidency visit? there is a potential problem.
5:09 am
he will overshadow her. i like bill. because right now one of the things that come out, i don't like her. i don't trust her. they talk about benghazi, the email scandal. the foundation i think bill will have to answer some questions about what her wife is doing in the role in the foundation with the alleged quid pro quo. >> without a doubt in the 2016, silent no more. 2015 has been a big year for politics. have you been following. >> i have been following hillary clinton. we decided to run through my top five moments of 2015 in politics. the sound bite of the year has to be for me anyway. hillary clinton and i in las vegas talking about that email scandal. >> did you wipe the server? >> what, with like a cloth or something. >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally. >> what with windex? >> we will see that come back in the general election, i suspect. right now she is trying to put it in the rear view mirror. next moment is best campaign humor of the year. for hillary clinton, bernie sanders he was rising early
5:10 am
on and fading a little bit lately in part because of that first debate in las vegas when he said i don't care about your damn email, he now maybe wanted to take that back because he has slid a bit since then and didn't take her on head on. >> didn't go for the jugular. donald trump never would have done that. >> exactly. i mention humor because bernie sanders helped bring us to larry david on "saturday night live" and that is still my favorite moment. you see him right there. >> you almost can't tell the difference. >> nobody cares about your damn emails. >> political flop of the year has to be jeb bush. personally, i don't think ever recovered from his interview with our own megyn kelly. she asked about iraq. knowing what we know now, would you still invade iraq? he had had to know this was coming because of his brother. he flopped. then it took him two, three, four days to fix it. >> you can do that just by making one mistake and i don't disagree with you. i love, first of all your server question. that was priceless. and that was, i think,.
5:11 am
>> as we inch closer to number one, the number two is sleeper of the year. you say ted cruz. >> i wonder what he will think about this. ted cruz has been the tores to in this. there was hype about say a marco rubio. is not out of this. he is very much in the game. especially in new hampshire. iowa is first and ted cruz is the guy who appears to have the support with evangelicals and has a ground game. >> he is waiting, obviously for that southern swing. i think marco beats ted in new hampshire. and iowa i think ted beats trump in iowa. we will see. >> and senator cruz just put out that new ad in iowa, basically saying i fought for the pledge of allegiance and second amendment and for, you know, a lot of issues that are bread and butter issues. >> the man still leading in some iowa polls and nationally is dominating and is, for me, the political story of the year is donald trump. because, look, has been underestimated from even before he got. in people are saying you are not going to get. in practically every week since he has been in. he has been under estimated. he is going to flop.
5:12 am
he is going to finally come down to earth. take a look at some of the sound bites we put together. various moments where people thought he is never going to survive this. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border. and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> he is not a war hero. >> he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell. >> you donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> and he gave me his number and i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. 202. [ laughter ] >> 228-0292. >> i'm really rich. i will show you that. >> he lost that phone a long time ago. that's because donald trump in every one of the sound
5:13 am
bites told it like it is. >> so your top five and your top five are coming up next hour. >> next hour. you are not going to want to miss it the dhs meanwhile is planning massive raids to deport you will legal immigrant families. our next guest is skeptical the government will actually follow through with that plan. she explains why next. >> a christmas miracle a man drops wedding ring in the ocean, somehow gets it back. the incredible story is just ahead. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i don't know that i can put into words how happy i was when i quit. it's like losing some baggage, i don't have to carry it around with me anymore. chantix made it possible for me to quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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5:16 am
5:17 am
a league memo shows the department of homeland security plans massive raids to deport families who illegally came into the u.s. despite recent dhs stats showing showing from 2014 to 15, illegal immigrant were down 25 %. interior deportation down 31%. illegal criminal aliens removed from interior down 27%. is this just lip service or what can we expect from the future. >> the director of the policy studies at the center for immigration studies and she is here to separate fact from fiction. thanks for getting up so early with us, jessica. why, before christmas, what's the political gainsmanship going on here? do you and others believe this is actually going to happen? >> i'm very, very skeptical, partly because of this administration's track record on immigration enforcement. they have a horrible track record, which you just gave
5:18 am
the numbers on. deportations is have very, very low. 70,000 moved out of a population of 12 million. this is an administration releasing criminal aliens right and left 30-some thousand a your. career immigration professionals say that there is just no way that you would ever announce something like this if you were really going to do it around the holidays it's just not done. it may be for political purposes. it may be to try to convince the supreme court that they are actually ins forting the law. so, you know, trying to get a more favorable ruling if the supreme court takes up the 26 states who have sued over the president's executive action. giving work permits to illegal aliens. but almost no one thinks that this would actually happen. i mean, they don't do raids of any kind anymore. whether at the work place or any sort. there are hundreds of thousands of fugitive illegal aliens living in the
5:19 am
country. you know it's hard to imagine why someone would announce something like this at this point in time. >> it's all politics. the president does nothing unless there is a political end game he has used his pen pen in his phone' to make changes. sircircumventing the will and laws of this state. the will of congress and the laws of this state that do things that quite frankly you have almost 3 to 4 million people right now following the rules and you are putting a class of people ahead of him. the deportations, the fact that he is releasing criminals instead of getting him out of the country is one of the big things that trump is talking about. ted cruz and every other republican. bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying oh, no, jeez, we need to be compassionate. what do you say about that. >> that could be the motivation because just before christmas they released the deportation numbers which were so low and yet clearly the american public feels differently
5:20 am
that we need to do more enforcement, not less. that we need to do a better job of deterring illegal immigration. we need to stop the surge of central americans over the border. we need to take it easy on the refugees. all of the president's policies have been going the other way. and the popularity of many of the republican candidates is because they have a more reasonable and realistic immigration policy articulated that is much more in line with the electorate. and that could really cost the democrats in 2016. >> right. you might be right, this might be an attempt to try to shore up the image of the democratic party. i think it's too little, too late. >> jessica, let me interrupt for someone second because i'm running out of time. i'm sorry we're running out of time. there is always a political reason he is doing. this i want to thank you for your insight. right now, coming up, your favorite nba stars take up gun control.
5:21 am
>> 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter reilly is that age. >> there was a point when i felt that i was going to die. >> is that the right platform for their message? we debate that very important topic next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
hope you are having a great christmas weekend with your family, friends. quick look at headlines. iraqi forces say they are closing in on the last isis controlled compound in ramadi. one of the terror groups' major strong holds. troops making a major push this week with the help of u.s. led air strikes. more than is hundred homes have been burned to the ground by a wildfire in southern australia. thousands of people forced to evacuate. no one has been hurt or killed. but 100 homes have been destroyed. the wildfire sparked by a
5:25 am
lightning strike could burn for weeks. ed over to you. >> the nba using the popularity of christmas day games to air controversial antigun violence ads like this one. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter reilly is that age. >> there was a point when i felt that you was going to die. >> my parents used to always say bullet doesn't have a name on it. >> uses some of the league's top players steph curry and others there. funded by michael bloomberg's antigun organization every town for gun safety. is this the right platform for these ads? here now to debate it is the founder of gun owners of america larry platt and former envelope player. welcome to you both and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> i wonder what is your issue with nba -- you support the second amendment. why can't nba players express their first amendment rights to speak out? >> well, i think they are very welcome to speak their
5:26 am
mind but they shouldn't be surprised if some of their fans aren't going to be that pleased and decide they don't want to subsidize opinions that don't agree with their's. movie stars have done this and there is a lot of hypocrisy when these kind of folks do this because they live in a protected environment, unlike most of us who don't have guards at home. don't have guards at the office. we just have to take care of ourselves. >> we have been asking for viewer comments. i want to bring chris in by getting one of those comments. tom wrote in the nba on guns is like the wwe against bullying. i bet if a lot of those players don't have guns themselves they have body guards who do. you just heard larry make that point. a lot of these players are express their own second amendment rights. some of them have guns there have been infamous incidents in fact in nba locker rooms with players carrying guns. >> he will with, look, i mean there is two points here. there is the issue of addressing gun control but then there is also the issue
5:27 am
of addressing gun violence and those are two completely different things. we are not going to agree on gun control. there is staunch second amendment, you know, advocates. i'm one of them. and then there is peoplen othe other side. but we can all agree that limiting gun violence is the most important thing. i'm a huge advocate of the nba and particularly players in this regard stepping in to this role because of their appeal to the itemmographic susceptible to gun violence. 76% of the nba is black americans. and black americans are twice as likely to die from gun violence. it's the right thing for the nba to do. i'm proud they are doing it i think it should be a precedent for other leagues to do so. >> chris, i get it. younger itemmographic reaching out to younger kids as well. should it be on christmas day. what is seen clearly as a political message? >> you can look at it as a political lesson. i look at it of addressing gun violence. this is like abortion.
5:28 am
you are pro-life or mow choice. but can agree we want to limb limit the number of unwanted pregnancies. instead of focusing on gun control focus on gun violence. >> it sounds like a fair point that people can certainly have and do have their second amendment rights. but if nba players want to reach out particularly to young african-americans and say let's stop gun violence, un'ed, unneeded gun deaths, you can exercise your second amendment rights. but let's cut down on the violence. what's wrong with that? >> well, my guns are perfectly nonviolent. it would seem to me that maybe a more productive area of pursuit would be that of anger management. we have got young people who see all kinds of media where people losing control of themselves is never censored. it's always glorified. this culture of violence
5:29 am
that surrounds them either in reality or especially in unreality in the media. so, let's go after some anger management and leave our guns alone. we may need our guns for people who didn't take proper anger management forces. >> chris, i'm going to give you the last word. >> look, disarmed america is subservant america. i agree you should leave our guns alone. focus on gun violence particularly with the nba players and appeal they have to the demographics susceptible to gun violence is the right message. it needs to continue. because at some point it will resonate. even if it resonates with just one it's worth it. >> chris and larry, appreciate you both expressing your views. we have been getting a lot of viewer comments. >> thank you. a lunch lady is fired for giving a hungry student a free meal. this really happened in america. she is speaking out in her first national interview right here on "fox & friends." hear from her next.
5:30 am
meanwhile, texting can be a real pain in the neck with your neck ending up like this. how your phone may be ruining your posture and what you can do to fix it next. ♪ who am i to disagree ♪ i travel the world ♪ and the seven seas ♪ everybody's looking for something ♪ i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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running to the bathroom, running over each other. houses were standing at the daylight. next thing i know i come out in the dark, everything -- >> we are back with an extreme weather alert. a day of celebration turns tragic after the storms slammed the south on christmas. in alabama a tornado touched down in the birmingham area, uprooting trees and destroying several homes. janice dean has been tracking this weather all morning for us. what's the latest. >> more of the same. recent damage in alabama over that flooding we have seen in the past couple of days. incredible amounts of rain in a very short period of time. this is out of birmingham where we also this h. that tornado touch down. this is what we are going do see, unfortunately over the weekend and into next week as more flooding concerns over the mississippi investigative, tennessee river valley. in addition to that we could see tornadoes again today and tomorrow. so, a quick look at the maps and you will see the system that is starting to get cranked up. this is not only going to
5:35 am
bring the potential for flooding and severe weather. but blizzard conditions. one of the worst storms we have seen so far this year and look at the rainfall. we could see over the next couple of days. 8 to 12 inches of rain over saturated ground. pictures that you just saw, we could see more of the same this weekend into next week. we are going to also see the potential for very heavy snow. 8 to 12 inches in some areas. 18 to 24 inches of snow. and with that gusty winds is going to produce blizzard conditions and the threat, again, for severe weather. so a lot to cover today from the extreme weather center. we will certainly be on top of it all weekend into next week as a lot of people are going to be traveling. >> potential of flooding in places that don't need the rain to begin with. all right, janice, thank you so much. other stories making headlines, this is something we have been following for days now an idaho cafeteria working lost her job for giving a 12-year-old hungry student a free meal. now she is sharing her story. she spoke out earlier for "fox & friends" for first
5:36 am
national tv interview saying she is devastated. >> i can understand if they would have wrote me up or, you know, giving me disciplinary action but i didn't think they would ever fire me over that i would do it again. i would feed any baby that's hungry. >> well, an online petition has been started to get dalene's job back. has almost 100,000 signatures this morning. the school district says it offered to give her job back. she tells us that's not true. they are calling it a christmas miracle. a man married just six months ago gets his wedy ring back after he dropped it overboard into the ocean. jay bradford says the ring slipped off his finger after fishing off the coast of new jersey. he and a friend went diving at the same spot. they found the ring in 30 feet of water. bradford says it was just resting on a rock there under water. and defending nba champion golden state warriors continue the best start in history. warriors beat the cavaliers
5:37 am
will 9-8 '. they are 28 and one on the season. the story everybody is talking about this morning, a fan caught red handed mocking lebron james by imitating him as a crybaby. james didn't like it. started staring her down. she awkwardly stops when she noticed that he noticed. oh, wah, wah. those are your headlines. scott and ed over to you. >> turns out our smart phones can be a pain in the neck literally. >> new research actually shows thanks to texting and called the i hunch text neck and even i posture. so, what can we do to stop it? chiropractor dr. robert silverman joins us now to tell us nobody wants to give up those smart phones, so it's not a cause of put the phone down. it's how do we adjust? >> absolutely. and the pressure that the break in the posture causes is unbelievable. the average american spends almost up to five hours using their u phone in this
5:38 am
position. i was just walking in before and in the street i saw everybody bent over. that's like. >> like our heads are heavy, right? they weigh 10 to 12 pounds. >> it's like a bowling ball every urge you are forward it's exponential increase. >> how do you actually fight it? >> i got a three-part plan. number one, some very qualified stretches. just like i showed her before. keep the phone in front of you. just like that. just like th ergonomics. number two, take some breaks, relax. you don't have to text all day. be conscious of your posture let everybody know and remember it is a posture when you hold the iphone. >> what is proper posture? >> great. >> sit down? >> i will sit down. taking a break. >> it's perfect for you. >> the doc and i used to play basketball with each other. >> i tried and he played. have a seat. terrific, i'm very happy, you are sitting at the edge, by sitting at the edge holds
5:39 am
normal curve in lumbar spine. if you don't mind putting your leg down for a second. terrific. legs together, terrific. turn your feet out slightly like you have. fabulous. drop your soldiers back, drop your shoulder blades back. my could you is shoulder blades in back pocket. little chin tucked. she is going to move that way as if i were pulling a string on the top of her head. >> i do look comfortable right now. >> you look uncomfortably comfortable. as if i had a string and pulling her head up. put your arms out just like that. both arms if you don't mind. keeping your shoulders down, we call that the bruga technique. s that the number one movement. >> how about the thin retraction. >> i know it won't be positive to use the word but double push your chin back, that's perfect. as if again the chin is coming out.
5:40 am
we get that i hunch. ever time i move my neck it's cracking. >> you want to do the wall slides. >> you want to get them involved. >> sure, of course. >> we will go over here a slide is we will just have you put your arms up like this. get up a little high. terrific. if you will, just drop your arm down and back. so it's opening up the pectoral muscles stretching them out. scalp would you la blades are nice and tight in your back pocket and nice and open. ready in power position where is my pony? >> it's been three minutes i don't have my phone. >> my daughter has tremendous headaches she is at core nefl vet school she is always doing what you are talking about. she is watching right now so thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we are all guilty of it we need to take a break every once in whinchts just take a break. enjoy. >> thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour.
5:41 am
donald trump made a lot of headlines by saying this about hillary clinton. >> she was going to beat. she was favored to win and she got -- she lost. >> how do the voters feel? we give it the dial treatment next. >> you have seen it before in the movies, haven't you? >> [speaking foreign language] >> looks like a tsa ad. x-ray vision. is it about to become a reality? we will tell you next.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
lee carter from miss alan ski and partners put it to the dial test. i want to talk a little bit about hillary clinton in the last democratic debate. i have been covering her. she was in new hampshire. she had this little joke at the end may the force be with you. let's play that clip and we will talk about it. >> but as president i will spend even more time thinking about the future of all the kids and the grandchildren in this country because i want to make sure every single child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. if you will join me in this campaign, we will make that a mission. thank you, good night and may the force be with you. >> so she had a little fun there. but that was her closing statement. and it seems to me democrats loved it but, boy, the middle of the country and republicans not so much. >> not so much. you think one of the things that people say is they trust they don't trust her authenticity.
5:46 am
is she really real? >> tries to do clever things. it's a ploy. pr stunt trying to show herself to be human when she is not republicans and independence are tracking more with republicans now dialed it down. >> but your dials and i have seen this in other clips but in that one in particular. democrats love it. so, is it showing us what you would expect she is wrapping up the democratic nomination she might have real problems in the general election with this same kind of message. >> absolutely. i think she has got to find a way to show her ho she is in a credible authentic way with people who might not like her right now she hasn't found that balance yet with her campaign. >> a lot of people talking about concerns about terror. president obama has tried in some ways to down play that and blamed it on cable news pumping it up. he has tried to come up with his latest version of an isis strategy. you put it to the test. let's watch that and we'll talk on the other side.
5:47 am
this is not an organization that can destroy the united states. this is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us incity tubervillely or systematic way but they can hurt us and they can hurt our people and our families. i understand why people are worried. the most damage they can do though is if they start changing how we live and what our values are. >> as someone who has covered the president a long time he was going on in a way with npr how did he do with voters? >> he didn't do well with independents and republicans. he did just fine with democrats. although it was a flat line there. >> not good for a democratic president. >> not. i think what people want to hear now is strength. in some ways he has his truth the american people have theirs. the only thing that matters right now is the american people. what i would say to the president as he is trying to
5:48 am
lead. i would suggest i understand your concern. that got buried toward the end of his message. here is what we are going to do about it. let's go on. let's move forward. by trying to say this isn't an issue. he is diminishing what the american people feel and i think it's really important that he as a leader reassures the american people that they are safe and that i understands why they are concerned. >> let's get to donald trump because a lot of pundits have been saying his attacks on hillary clinton are going to back fire. you put it to the dial. watch. hillary, that's not a president. she ♪ taking us -- everything involved in hillary is losses. let's take a look. even her race to obama, she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to beat -- she was favored to win and she got [bleep]. i mean, she lost. >> i you think you see the dials now. we didn't have them because we had to bleep out that one word that's become controversial. but the point is among
5:49 am
democrats he flopped. but it seems like independents and republicans loved it. >> this is something that's really really fascinating to me. you can see the lines there, republicans were all the the way to the top, so were independents and the dial didn't even drop when he said the word shlung. i think it's important that trump's support is stronger than anyone is suggesting. people, i think, in some ways are embarrassed to admit that responding to him. he doesn't use political nuances. he says what he means he seems authentic to people. and gives voice to people who think these things. people admission him, understand he is giving voice to people who don't feel like they have a vice right now. >> independents giving him an a like that wondering if a general election he might do better than a lot of pundits are saying right now. got to go. we appreciate it. it was one of the most
5:50 am
popular gifts this christmas. guns topping many lists especially for women. so why are more and more women choosing to arm themselves. an expert who trains women from self-defense joins us next. plus, this video is insane. kids on top of a minivan's roof while looking at christmas lights. is this how youminivan's roof while looking at christmas lights. was this how you spent your christmas?
5:51 am
♪ ♪ gonna blow their minds this year ♪ ♪ ho ho ho. ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmm
5:52 am
5:53 am
wow. college already yeah! we gotta go ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ i love you. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪ ♪through it all and thanks...for, everything. ♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪ hey, everybody. good morning. 53 minutes after the hour now. in the wake of the attacks in paris and san bernardino, gun sales have skyrocketed, leaving firearms at the top of many christmas lists. last month, the fbi ran more
5:54 am
than 2.2 million firearm background checks and on black friday alone, a record of 185,000 processed. one small business owner says business is booming, particularly among women. so why are women choosing to arm themselves now? joining us now to talk about it is the owner of the well-armed woman, carrie lightfoot. thanks for being with us. >> you bet. good morning. >> 74% of retailers noted an increase. and 85% saw an increase in hunting. what have you noticed that your store in particular? >> boy, we've been busy, actually, since we started in 2012. but in the last month, we have had just an explosion of growth, where we're up about especially% over the -- 138% since november. >> folks in support of guns believe they are the ultimate equalizer for women if there happens to be a burglar, if they're trying to protect their family. self defense is a big reason. what are some of the other reasons that women are buying guns? >> you know, it is -- we're
5:55 am
burdened with that fear of our own self protection, just because we're naturally the target of most violent crimes. so we already have that anxiety. now coupled with terrorist activities and our fears of that happening here at home, and the threat of future gun legislation, i think really has women digging deep into their hearts and making the decision of whether or not they could use a firearm, and i think they're just stepping into taking charge of their own self protection. >> but those of gun -- supporting gun control, would say, you know, maybe women are scared of having a firearm in the house. they're scared of a child getting their hands on them and having a terrible accident. what types of safeguards are in place? >> well, i mean, first of all, that really is a frustrating message, because women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. and that's really pushing the victim hood on to women. so i really kind of rebuke that statement that women are weaker and more afraid and more likely
5:56 am
to get hurt with the right training and the right tools, we are more than capable to take care of ourselves. and women take gun ownership seriously. this is not a casual decision for them. things like safety and storage and how to move through their lives with a firearm, whether with children or in other situations they take every precaution and they're really anxious to learn and make sure they're responsible gun owners. >> yeah. just being responsible gun owners, exactly. and getting the proper training, which you actually help women do, as well. in your store, what are you noticing are the most popular items among women? >> well, it's really exciting to see so many women carrying concealed. carrying their firearms on their body. which is the safest and the best location for it, because we have easy access to it. so holsters are the big seller at the well-armed woman, and we design holsters specifically for women and for their bodies. because we're curvier, we have some different challenges than men do. and during the holiday season, conceal/carrie purses.
5:57 am
we see husbands and men purchasing gifts tore their wives. bullet jewelry and things like that. >> carrie lightfoot, thank you so much. >> thank you. 57 minutes after the hour. more "fox & friends" in two minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
hi, everyone. good morning. today is saturday, the 26th of december, 2015. i'm anna coyman, this is fox & friends. donald trump spending christmas ripping his rivals on social media. how he's keeping the pressure on the presidential race. >> plus, i spent my christmas like most of you, celebrating with family and friends. but check out how these kids spent the holiday. clinging to the top of a minivan, checking out the lights. the sight that left onlookers a little bit stunned. and a homecoming surprise takes on a whole extra twist for one military mom.
6:01 am
>> that's awesome. >> wow. i have to stop tearing up here. of her brand-new grandchild also showed up at the door. she and the new dad will join us live next hour. and mornings are always better with friends. good morning, joining us on the couch this morning, anna kooiman and scott brown. we are asking you to send in your pictures how you celebrated yesterday, what did santa bring under the tree. >> i've got a fun pic. this is the tyutinest kid in the world right now. my nephew but still the cutest kid right now. >> can't wait to see that. we need to start with this extreme weather alert. a day of celebration turning tragic after storms slammed the south on christmas in alabama.
6:02 am
several homes flattened trees torn from the ground, following a tornado in the birmingham area. >> a draw, like a draw through the house, and everybody said tornado! run to the bathroom, running over each other. >> and massive flooding leading to raging rivers in creeks after storms dumped at least 7 inches of rain. the fast-rising water shutting down roadways and stranding drivers. >> let's check in with janice dean, tracking the storms all morning. the news has just been very difficult for over christmas. more than a dozen deaths because of all of this. >> and unfortunately, we have more of the same. even a more powerful storm that is taking shape across the plain states. let's get to it. first of all, your temperatures. one of the major ingredients we need for severe weather is a clash of temperatures. and we certainly have that. look at this. 65 in atlanta, 52 in new york. we set records across the eastern seaboard for the highest temperatures we have ever seen in history.
6:03 am
over christmas eve and christmas day. and then behind it, very cold air. some of the coldest air of the season. so the wind chill, minus 13 in rapid city and single digits in a lot of the rockies and the northern plains. okay. so this is our new system. doesn't look too much right now, but as we get through the afternoon, into tomorrow and monday, things start to crank up. and this origin of the storm comes from the southwest. >> so you're going to see snow, you're going to see a mixture of freezing rain and/or sleet. and heavy rain. we saw incredible amounts of flooding over the last couple days and more of the same as we could see 8 to 12 inches of heavy rain over the next 48 hours. and also, 18 to 24 inches of snow. between that the mixture of ice and blizzard conditions on top of that. future radar, starting to crank up. this evening, overnight tonight into sunday, be aware. be weather aware. especially if you live across the central u.s. we're going to see that mixture of sleet, freezing rain is going to be difficult if not impossible to travel this weekend in some of the areas.
6:04 am
millions of people affected. so, again, you want to be making sure that you're listening to all of your weather forecasts over the next 48 hours. and there's your forecast precipitation. incredible amounts of rain here. and incredible amounts of snow with over 2 feet in some regions, and the blizzard conditions really from the southwest to the midwest. also want to touch upon the severe threat today. we could see tornadoes again across these vulnerable areas of the mississippi river valley. the tennessee river valley. and that's going to continue tomorrow. and then, of course, the blizzard. so this is a big deal, one of the biggest storms we have seen, really this season all year. people need to be on alert, because a lot of travelers, of course, trying to get home. back to you. >> all right, janice, thank you. some other stories making headlines. we start with this fox news alert. an out of control wildfire forcing evacuations north of los angeles. parts of highway 101 and the pacific coast highway shut down after the fire exploded overnight. from 250 acres to more than 900.
6:05 am
more than 500 firefighters battling the blaze against a 40-mile-an-hour winds whipping the flames up even stronger. right now the fire is totally uncontained. panic erupting at disney springs in florida after a christmas fist fight leads to a false alarm about shots fired. police were seen screaming and running of the cafe after the fight broke up. social media lighting up about even a bomb going off. but police say that was not the case. witnesses apparently misinterpreted a loud fight on the cafe's upper floor as gunshots. one person was arrested for disorderly conduct. and a major security breach at one of our nation's busiest airports. southwest airlines employee reported a man walking into a restricted area at los angeles international airport. police have no idea how he got past l.a.x.s chain linked fence. the man is undergoing a mental evaluation. and a dangerous act of parenting caught on camera while seeing christmas lights. a texas man sees a minivan with several kids clinging to the top
6:06 am
of it. he called it, quote, an insane sight. the kids didn't appear to be secured. police say they haven't been able to identify the driver or the van, but several laws, including child endangerment were likely broken. those are your news headlines. hope they weren't going too fast there. >> not the way to enjoy the christmas lights. >> remember the trend, kids were cash surfing? >> you know who has been trending on twitter since the beginning of the campaign is donald trump. it's not like he's going to take christmas off. he has been ripping into jeb bush, saying, quote, remember when failed candidate at jeb bush said that illegals came across the border as an act of love? he spent $59 million, and is at 3% in the polls. >> well, donald trump coming out -- because of his name recognition, reality show and his name on the side of every building and golf course and everything else. his 5 million twitter followers. name recognition has helped from the very beginning. you can see why he's not taking a break on christmas. but should you? as a candidate, you've been on the campaign trail. is there ever a time where you
6:07 am
say i'm just going to spend the evening with my family? >> not really. not when you're running for president. certainly as a u.s. senator, congressman, those larger offices. if you're going to do something, the traditional way to do it, you'll go help out at a foot pantry, homeless shelter. do something more philanthropic instead of kind of hanging back and hammering everybody. but that's donald trump. >> jeb bush has to find a way to respond. >> he just d. he just responded. >> we got a phone call. >> yeah. you heard it t. >> what did he tell you? >> he said he's watching us, and he thinks we're doing a great job. and -- >> i'm not sure he thinks i'm doing a great job. last hour -- must put me on the naughty list. >> said i'm doing a great job. >> oh. >> he said you stink and i'm doing a great job. he actually called to wish us and my family a merry christmas. obviously, he's running hard in new hampshire. we had the no bs backyard barbecue and over 350 people. he came in and was on fire. >> how does he try to fix this campaign? because, look, donald trump has dominated the campaign from the beginning.
6:08 am
donald trump talks about the polls, he dominates. also the conversation, whether on twitter, fox, other networks, how does jeb bush, you know him, he just called you. >> he says he's a tortoise. >> it's not just jeb bush. other candidates have the same concerns. you see in the newspaper how twice as much coverage that donald gets. you guys are having him on tomorrow via phone. there is a different standard, and he is donald trump, the apprentice, so he has a larger bully pulpit. that being said, i think jeb and others don't think it's over tomorrow. and quite frankly, it's not over tomorrow. they have the ability to continue to move forward. and jeb has the resources to do that. >> well, we also got a chance to -- we were on twitter, social media, as well. we all got to spend some time with our family. and i know you brought in pictures that are fun. >> i'm going to show a couple photos of my husband and i. this is our very first christmas together. and our dog baxter. >> that's a hallmark card.
6:09 am
>> thank you. >> yes, hallmark. my husband about killed me when i bought a selfie stick. but it comes in handy. >> and that's not your husband. >> no, that's our dog. and probably our favorite moment of the morning. we put some kibble in the bottom of this box and he tore into a couple gifts. but that was at the very beginning of the morning, so then every other gift we opened he thought were also for him. >> this is my wife shirley and son patrick and daughter mila, and we had a wonderful event a couple months ago where one of scheurlely's sisters emily had a new baby, everett. and i teased this is the cutest baby in the world and i know everybody rolled their eyes. but look at this picture. he's in lake tahoe. and i promise you -- >> awww! >> and his mom emily and dad jay were there. nobody hurt taking this picture. >> he looks so hope. >> safe and sound. but how awesome is that photo? i love that photo. everett. >> making a know angel. >> what did you do, scott? >> it actually, i have -- we did a lot of things.
6:10 am
went to obviously church. this is a family picture of us playing games after. i treated myself to a nice guitar. i hope that comes up. santa claus was very nice to me, and it's just a pleasure to have our husbands -- my daughter's husbands there. no grandkids yet but they're hanging out watching. >> we have a lot of viewers celebrating as well. we have been asking for your photos. jeff sends in this picture of his grandkids singing happy birthday to jesus. it's their family tradition to blow out his candle. how cool is that? >> and carol sends in this picture of her family in tampa bay, her 85-year-old mother traveled from germany to be with everybody. how about that? >> that is really awesome. and we want to know what did you get for christmas? there's a lot of dads who are trying out the kids -- this newfangled device. >> it's a hover board. >> the hover board! the gift of the season. >> i will never step on one of those. it's the same thing when you get the surfboard, the s.u.p.s. >> if you did step on one, this might happen.
6:11 am
>> be careful. we got the video? >> and they're all laughing. no sign of concern or anything. >> it's the dismount that is hard when you're trying to get off. rick reichman had one here a couple weeks ago and i tried it out and he told me when i got on, let's plan your dismount and we didn't and i get cocky and i'm singing and dancing as i'm going. and then i tried to get off, he didn't help me, because i didn't ask him to. >> you deserved it. >> i busted my butt. and i mooned him. >> oh, boy. we were not expecting that. >> no. no. so we don't -- and then he took the darn thing home. i was hoping you guys could make a fool of yourselves too. >> the problem is if you have a dad bod, you're less likely to balance the thing and that's why you fall. >> a lot of airlines have banned them anyway, over safety concerns. so if you got one, you're hanging out at grandma's house hopefully you're driving home and not flying home. >> keep the photos and videos coming at fox a lot more news this hour. he ripped the obama
6:12 am
administration's plan to close gitmo with a christmas-themed poem. south carolina senator tim scott joins us next to talk about that. and one firefighter goes above and beyond to save a woman on christmas. you'll meet the hero, just ahead. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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6:15 am
listen, he's a politician turned poet. senator tim scott spoofing a christmas classic to slam president obama's gitmo transfers. >> he writes, twas the night before christmas when all through the white house, the president was transferring terrorists as quiet as a mouse. the terrorists were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of returning to isis danced in
6:16 am
their heads. joining us now to share the rest is south carolina senator tim scott. senator scott, i had no idea you had had this writing talent. you had this ability that you're a poet and you didn't even know it. >> well, at least you rhyme. some of mine did not. tell you the truth, i have a very creative staff, and when presented with the opportunity to bring attention during this legislative lull, i thought it would be very important for us to make sure that the cover of darkness was not used again by this administration to do things we know the disagree with. if you think back to the recess appointments, the supreme court ruled unconstitutional. the fact of the matter is, the president consistently uses that lull to do things that are inconsistent with what i think is in the best interest of the average person and average place in this country. >> senator scott, as you know, in recent testimony on the hill, the president's own attorney general, laurietta lynch, said that current law does not allow him to act within his executive
6:17 am
authority to close down gitmo. a., are you concerned he will try anyway, and b., is there any sort of reasonable compromise in the new year that both sides can come together to say, look, let's protect the country, but let's finally do something about gitmo. >> i certainly agree with the attorney general's opinion, that this is, in fact, something the president cannot do. unfortunately, in his last press conference at the end of the year, president said himself that he was still looking for ways to close gitmo. it would be an uphill battle. i want to make sure that that hill is as high as possible. the fact of the matter is, the president asked the military to bring back a cost evaluation or estimation of what it would cost to close gitmo are and do it again some place in america. the cost came back over $500 million. so the real alternative for us, keeping americans safe, and keeping these enemy combatants from going back in the field, as we have seen with at least one enemy combatant held here at gitmo, going back to al qaeda to become a leader.
6:18 am
the only way to do both is to keep guantanamo bay open. it is surrounded by desert, oceans and there's no way to get there other than to intentionally arrive there. but it would take a true act to make that happen. so it is a safe location for the enemy combatants. our guards have done a fantastic job. 250 incidents of violence against our guards without a single act of retaliation. we find ourselves having these enemy combatants at the one location on earth where they are safe, our military officers are safe, and the american public is safe. >> senator scott brown here, it's good to see you, and merry post christmas to you and your family. >> thank you. >> one of the concerns i have -- i've been to gitmo. i saw khalid sheikh mohamed through the one way mirror glass and they do a great job. it's there for a reason. and two issues. the fact that -- is there a concern by you and the other members of your caucus that if you bring them to the united
6:19 am
states, they're going to get rights potentially that they're not otherwise entitled to, number one. number two, why don't you in fact -- why doesn't somebody in the caucus or somebody outside go to court right now and get an injunction to prohibit him from bringing these people into the united states, and/or closing gitmo? because you're right. the number one issue is the safety and security of these people and not giving them rights they're not entitled to. >> absolutely. no doubt. i had the opportunity to go down to gitmo, guantanamo bay with kelly ayotte, former prosecutor, who certainly shares your concerns with expanding the rights of those enemy combatants held there. the reality of it is we can solve the problems by making sure not a single one of those individuals steps ground -- steps on our soil. if we do that, we're in a far better position. i think we can make that happen. and the fact of the matter is also that when you look at the current law, the president would have to violate the law. we are a country of laws. we must reinforce this notion of
6:20 am
the rule of law. every single american, including the president of the united states, has to obey the laws of this country. if that is the case, we won't have a problem. he has intimated he's looking for ways to work around it. >> an important debate for the american people over this holiday season. senator tim scott, thanks for joining us. merry christmas. look forward to having you back in the new year. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. they're one of the hottest christmas gifts, but drones can be dangerous. what you need to know before you fly yours. well, not get it stuck in the tree like i did. >> a homecoming surprise with a special twist for one grandma. >> oh, my god! >> she was not reacting to the drone that flew into scott brown's christmas tree. a brand-new grandchild also showed up at the door. the entire family. there they are. the happy family joins us next.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
it wasn't just her air force son and wife at the doorstep that surprised this military mom. >> i've been dreaming that it was a girl. >> this reaction gone viral. that's beautiful. their new adopted baby is being revealed to grandma for the first time. >> and joining us now, that new grandmother, eva and her military son. the new dad, don goeb. good morning, welcome to "fox &
6:25 am
friends" and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> eva, what were you looking at there? i can tell you're a very unemotional person. >> i am. always calm and cool. really good poker player. >> was this the surprise of a lifetime? what did you see when you came around the corner there? >> i -- my husband had told me that donny surprised us, and that's all he told me. i came around the corner, knowing that my son and daughter-in-law were going to be there. and i looked first at donny and then i looked at miranda, and realized that she was holding a baby in her hands. and i knew that they had begun the adoption process, but i didn't know how far along it had come. >> don, we want to follow the adoption agency rules and not show the baby directly. >> thank you. >> for privacy reaches reasons and not. a lot of our viewers who may be thinking about adoption know it can be a difficult process, can take a long time and you can be teased sometimes and then in the end not actually get this child. and so talk about the struggles,
6:26 am
but then the payoff for you and the joy you're feeling right now. >> okay, yeah. i mean, adoption, it -- if you don't know anything about it, it is a long, drawnout process. it's not just something you sign up to do. it takes a big heart. you have to be determined and committed to it. the process -- this is -- essentially, we have only been doing this for two months, and this is the fastest adoption process that i or anybody i know has ever seen. our -- and our adoption agency absolutely bent over backwards for us. mother goose adoptions in arizona. i could text them at 11:00 at night and they would text me back, just to make us feel better. the way it went, i posted on facebook saying my wife and i have always wanted to do this, and if you know anybody who wants an adoptive family, let me know. a lot of friends shared it, and then my -- a wife an old buddy that i was stationed with in germany got to me and said hey, i think we might have a match. and then so just talking to her, our birth mother, we absolutely love her to death. she has been -- she has given us
6:27 am
a gift we can never repay. and as far as i'm concerned, she is family forever. we're going to do open adoption. >> that's great. >> but the payoff is, you know -- our daughter, we could not be happier. we have absolutely -- it is the best thing that has ever happened to me or my wife. >> gosh, just a big congratulations to both of you. and you know, when you choose a child, it's a different process, too. and it shows how big of a heart that you really do have. eva, are you surprised by the reaction that this has gotten? i mean, it's not just your family and friends who thinks this is cool. now you're on "fox & friends weekend." >> it's unreal. it's just unreal. there are no words to describe how people have responded to the video. and i just pray that everybody who has a child can love her or him as much as we love lilly and our kids and grandkids. >> eva, we know your new year's
6:28 am
resolution must be to express yourself a little bit more. get out there. but in all seriousness, don, we want to thank you for your service to the air force and our nation and congratulations on what must be a very joyous christmas. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> thank you. we all know someone who did not get the christmas gift they wanted. now shoppers are heading back to the malls this morning for returns. a live report up next. and speaking of gifts, drones on the top of many lists this year. but they can get you arrested. >> ow! [ laughter ] >> you okay? >> what you need to know before you fly yours, next. when heartburn hits
6:29 am
fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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6:31 am
6:32 am
hey, everybody. 32 minutes after the hour. did you get a gift that you didn't like for christmas? well, don't stress. hundreds of post christmas shoppers will be heading back to stores today to return the unwanted gifts. >> garrett joins us live from outside a walmart in washington, d.c. good luck to you, garrett. how is it going? >> reporter: good morning. i've got to tell you, if you were lucky enough to get another sweater to add to your collection for next year's christmas parties, then you will be in luck, because if it happened to be the wrong size,
6:33 am
color or, i don't know, century, you will not be alone today. in fact, the national retailers' association federation, rather, estimates nearly 40% of shoppers returned at least one holiday gift last year. of and that number is expected to be even higher this year, with the growth of online shopping. return policies will vary, from store to store. but the federation recommends these few steps to help stroma line the process. make sure items are in the original packing. keep the tags in place on clothing and shoes. and bring along a receipt if you have it. and folks aren't just returning gifts today. some are calling the day after christmas the new black friday. two out of every three people are planning to do some sort of shopping today. that's more than both black friday and cybermonday, according to a survey by american express. there are some deals to be had. especially if you're looking to fill out your winter wardrobe. retailers in much of the country have had a hard time selling their cold gear, thanks to this
6:34 am
unusually warm winter. and now they're looking to clear out inventory and make room for new lines they're bringing in at the start of the new year. and that means heavy, steep discounts for all of us. back to you all much. >> thank you so much. hope everybody saved their receipts. >> yeah, just so no. and we're talking about basically millions and millions of dollars in actual returns. which i find pretty -- i think it's maybe billions. i saw a number, $40 billion. but when do we just stop shopping and hang out and relax? >> yeah. it would be nice to just spend time with the family. >> i'm a guy, i'm sorry. i'm a guy. ed, you're outside. what are you doing? >> well, it's interesting. we have about 1 million drones we're giving as gifts this christmas. it's nl media quickly filled up with videos like this. >> ow! [ laughter ] >> you okay? >> and while these videos of drone crashes could be funny to
6:35 am
some, there are serious rules and regulations you need to know before you take one out for a spin. so it's interesting, because here to tell us more about it is the president of the drone user group network, steve cone. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> if you get one of these as a gift, what are the rules? >> rules are, it dpenlds a lot on the size and scale you get. there are very small ones like we saw in our it tv story a moment ago. but sizes like this, where you're flying outdoors, basically you want to be no more than 400 feet, and you cannot fly -- >> above and below. >> and you cannot fly near an airport. five miles from an airport, as a hobbyiest, you're not meant to fly over people or property. and you're meant to adhere to community-based organizations' rules, like the drone user group network or academy of air naughtics. >> you have people not falling the rules near the white house, it's a no-no. >> that's right. and that's more ignorance than
6:36 am
it is any kind of malicious intent. the technology is so new, that the regulations in many ways are outdated. >> we can't fly these right around here. >> no, that's right. >> but if you get one as a gift, how do you operate them and sort which are the best ones? >> the best -- i've really kind of culled the best here. my opinion and the opinion of our group is that spend a little more money and get something that's fully featured. these all have gps units, they have telemetry systems. they have software packages that enable you to basically make this a flying camera. >> so give an idea. right in here there is an iphone 6. >> let's use this. >> you have basically an ipad or some sort of a tablet. >> tablet device. >> how do you do that? >> this -- i'm actually paired with this right now. so if you were to watch -- sure, you can just -- so i've got a stabilized camera here. what i'm doing is i have a full control of not only the
6:37 am
aircraft, but the camera. i know my distance from home. i know my altitude, my air speed. i actually can pull up a gps map and know exactly where i am in the sky. oftentimes, people run into trouble when they lose sight of their aircraft. a lot of it has to do with just being oriented properly. this is an -- has no tail, no nose. so as it flies away, you don't know what's front and back and you lose it. >> quick thing. >> sure. >> give us a couple ideas what brands are out there, people don't know, there is a phantom. >> that's right. dji is probably the market leader. these are both dji products. this is more of a pro sumer model. this is a solo. they're on par with dji and certain technology. but the key that both of these manufacturers -- why i'm so keen on them, they actually have dji and vdr have gps fencing. geo fencing to prevent from you flying near the airport. >> and the faa is looking at new regulations. >> that's right.
6:38 am
they've had a registration system set up so if you get your new drone, you go right to registration, it costs you $5, you get it refunded in the first month. >> great. >> as a grace period and basically it keeps you a little more honest. it gives you a little more skin in the game. >> we need to be honest. steve cohen. a big crowd out here. we'll send it back to you. >> quite a crowd out there. ed, thank you so much. 38 minutes after the hour. some other stories we're following now. these headlines. and this is something we have been talking about for days. an idaho cafeteria worker who lost her job after giving a 12-year-old who was hungry, a student, a free meal. now she's sharing her story. speaking out earlier on "fox & friends" saying she's devastated. >> i could understand if they would have written me up or, you know, given me disciplinary action, but i didn't think they would fire me over there. i would do it again. i would feed any baby that's hungry. >> an online petition has been started to get her job back.
6:39 am
it has 100,000 signatures. the school says they offered to give her job back but she says that's not true. an australian man barely makes an escape after his car explodes not once but twice and it's all caught on camera. the car catching on fire just moments after leaving a gas station. witnesses say the man ran from his car with his legs on fire. the explosion sending small pieces of metal more than 600 feet into the air. authorities say the driver escaped with extensive burns. and a new york firefighter risks everything to save a 16-year-old girl from her burning home on christmas morning. yonkers firefighter danny lee, who is also an iraq war veteran, says the girl woke up out of a dead sleep to smoke just filling her apartment, pretty much completely. when arriving on to the scene, he was able to get to her bedroom, pulled off his own breathing mask and put it on her, which saved her life.
6:40 am
>> you see a 16-year-old girl hanging out of the window, you've got to get to her and you've got to get her out of the apartment. we were happy to have the opportunity to, you know, get someone's 16-year-old daughter home for christmas. >> the teenager was taken to the hospital. but will be okay. no word yet on what started that fire. those are your news headlines. donald trump has dominated the discussion since he entered the presidential race. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> but listen, is it on my top political story of the year? i'm going to reveal it next. >> that's right. and the most popular baby names of the year have been revealed. is yours at the top of the list? >> but first, let's check in with neil cavuto. >> gas is under $2 a gallon. probably won't be more gifts under the tree, though.
6:41 am
why not? and you -- oh, get this, the irs is revoking passports on those americans who owe back taxes. but not on americans trying to hook up with terrorists. sounds weird. does it make sense to you? see you soon. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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6:44 am
and some quick end of the year headlines for the fourth time, serena williams has been named the associated press female athlete of the year. she nearly became the first tennis player in more than a quarter century to complete the grand slam, winning the australian open, french open and wimbledon before losing in the u.s. open finals here in new york. and royalty wins it this year. charlotte was the top girls' baby name for 2015. britain's new princess charlotte set the trend. and amelia came in second, followed by ava. on the boys' side, ezra, followed by asher and atticus.
6:45 am
i don't see scott on that list. i'm disappointed. >> i would love to meet remember serena williams. what an amaze athlete. when she lost, i thought can she get there again. i'm a big fan. and wish her well. >> always looking back at the big sports moments of the year. right now we're looking at the big political moments. you have your top five. and the fifth one, we're going to go 5-1. the fifth is the senate is working again. >> harry reid was the worst majority leader in the history of our country i think in the last 100 years. mitch mcconnell, whether you like him or not, has taken over and allowed for the senate to start working again having everybody's amendments, go through the regular order and process. so the democrats and republicans actually have a say, which is pretty unbelievable. so it is working again. and i think it's critical to retain the senate, which the democrats want back. >> interesting, because donald trump, who is your next story, is sort of not running against the senate, but running against washington. and both parties, frankly.
6:46 am
and folks like mitch mcconnell are not exactly buddy buddy. >> they will be, because if he is president, he'll have to work with the senate, especially if we retain the senate. can you imagine working with chuck schumer? with all due respect, he would be like another harry reid rein car natured. that being said, donald trump, i think we have all talked about it right now. the staying power of donald trump, and the fact that he's there, he's leading, continuing to lead. and even if he makes what we call faux pas and mistakes, doing very well. >> we've got some clips, too. some of the big political highlights from donald trump. look at this. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, until our country's
6:47 am
representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. and he gave me his number, and i found the card! i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. 2 202-228-0292. i'm really rich. >> just wait until the next week and the next. >> the actual number. and the next one we have is actually hillary clinton, as we talked about, rebooting her campaign on four separate occasions. when the polling comes out and you hear about her, what comes up, they don't trust her, don't like her. she hasn't driven in 20 years. this would be one of the first candidates i'm aware of that is under investigation right now, and is running for president. so there has always seemed to be two sets of standards. >> will the fbi move forward with any charges or are they going to clear her, that is the big unanswered question. if she can get past that fbi investigation, she is going to still be in a strong position. >> and also the threat and rise
6:48 am
of bernie sanders. burn, baby, burn. >> bernie sanders, an avowed socialist, what does that say about the democratic party, an avowed socialist in the number two, potentially going to win new hampshire, vermont and maybe iowa. you have somebody who is the first day in office take and raise taxes and redistribute wealth in a different way. and i don't agree with anything bernie sanders says or stands for. but i do respect the hell out of him. in that he believes what he believes. he's not looking at polls, he's not -- >> he says it, like trump does on the other side. and i think you're right. he's been fading recently. but if he wins either iowa or new hampshire, or obviously both, this is a whole new race. >> yeah, could be a game-changer with all that momentum. and your number one, our foreign policy failures by the president of the united states. and if you take a look back, just days before the attack in paris, the president said this. >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what is true is that from the
6:49 am
start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, it -- they'll come in, they'll leave. but you don't see this systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> isis uncontained. you would hate to see them uncontained. >> wrong, wrong, wrong, isis, al qaeda, syria, iraq, china, putin. our foes don't respect us as a result of missteps and miscalculations. we're in a more dangerous world now and i'm deeply concerned. >> tell us what you really think. >> sorry, i'm just being honest. >> friends, we want to hear your top five, as well. e-mail us, before the top of the hour, are you too tired to clean the house? how would you like a robot that vacuums or cleans the windows? you can get this for 60% off. another round of morning mega deals. >> more shopping. ♪
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hi, everyone. merry day after christmas. we are back with more bargains for just you exclusively fox and friends dealers. megan is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> go to and look for the deals. >> you have two days to shop. it's there until it runs out. be quick. >> the robotics bag and cleaning. >> who wants to do their own vacuuming? not me? this is a robotic vacuum for the floor, hardwood floors, kitchen
6:54 am
floors, comes with a remote control with replaceable brushes. it goes to town. put it down, it cleans the floor, knows when it is done and senses the space. this actual lly suctions to you window, doesn't fall off and makes its way in a pattern and cleans the glass of your windows and knows to go back to its starting point where it began. that's how you know it's done. if it run sboos a probles into will alert you. typically, they are 249 bucks to 349. today, only $99, up to 139. that's a savings of 60%. perfect for cleaning. >> i imagine some teenagers would love to get involved and play with the robot. smart touch gloves for men and women. >> you can use your tablet with
6:55 am
these. they have metallic threading in the index finger and thumb so you can use your phone without getting a cold hand. it will get cold. the thing is to give it pressure. tough give it a good push. if you direct it, it's pretty pinpoint accuracy. i'm putting in my code. they come for men and women. they are typically $46. today, $14. that means a savings of 70%. >> good grief. >> kids always need gloves. so handy when you can use your hand and not take them off. >> this is super fun. this is a lens kit by acery. it comes with lenses you can put on your phone. there's a magnetic ring that goes over the camera on your iphone or whatever phone you have. then you can attach the lens right there. this is one of the examples. there are three different ones. there's a fish eye, a macro, which is a cool close up and a
6:56 am
wide angle. really easy to use. 70% savings on this one. the deal price is $14.99, rekale is $49.99. these are ionic. they don't taj your hair and dry it fast. there's nothing better than a professional hair drier. it makes a difference. you get a better style. this comes with attachments. 150 usually, $45 today. these are duck river textile furniture cover that is go over your armchair or couch. they have a side pocket, they are reversible microfiber. typically $100 to $140, today, $24.99. go to the megamorning deals icon. we'll be back. don't go anywhere. start clicking. ♪
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big thanks to scott brown for being here. >> i'll be here tomorrow.
7:00 am
>> donald trump will be here. >> dakota meyer and meghan mccain. >> congrats. see you tomorrow. >> merry christmas. >> log on to for after the show. gas urnnder $2. that didn't mean more gifts under the tree. good morning. i'm in for brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." consumers saving over 500 bucks from the low pump prices. when the final numbers come in, it's not expected to pump up holiday sales. why not? the bulls and bears this week. gary b. smith, jonas, john along with suzy welch and chuck. welcome all. suzy, consumers have more cash in their pockets, but you don't think that goosed holiday sales, why not? >> people are not spluin


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