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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  December 26, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PST

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oversold. great american company. i love it. >> gary? >> united rental, not bad. i think it's a turn around. i bought home depot. bad housing, good housing, the stock is great and going higher. >> there you go, get rich, everyone. protecting families from big bad banks and trickle down economics made us all weary. the republicans offer the same supply side economic theory. >> who's right in whoville? hillary clinton's campaign grinchors republicans trying to knock down her economic policies? hi, everybody. i'm david. welcome to "forbes on fox." find out when steve forbes, gary cheffield and bruce japson. so, steve, who is the grinch here? >> hillary is the real grinch and so is her boss.
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they both deserve lumps of coal for the war against hyd hydrocarbons. they lied to us like naughty boys and girls about keeping your doctor and keeping your insurance. they have given us higher dedetectivibles and higher medical expenses. they gave us the worst recovery from a sharp turn down in american history of higher taxes, big spending and wrecking the dollar. so i think that deserves a mammoth lump of coal. >> bruce, ted cruz took a page from dr. suess. let's play his sound bite on dr. suess and get your reaction? >> the whole family will enjoy reading stories like "the grinch who lost her e-mails." >> i know all she said was a lie. i'll use my own server and no one will be the wiser. >> okay. that was the cruz children, by the way. what do you think? >> well, i think that one of the parts of the ads cruz talks about his proven record. his proven record is he's done nothing. the republicans only want to steel the pa
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steal the packages, they don't want to offer a replacement. >> well, the republicans do have tax cutting policies. and after all, if you really want to help everyone as we saw back with the reagan administration during their period of tax cuts, tax rate cuts across the board, look what happened. the top 20% did great. they gained 12% in real income. but the bottom 20% also gained about 12% in income. you want to raise all votes? cut all taxes? >> that showed, david, was that incentives do indeed matter. but as far as ted cruz in particular is concerned, he's the only republican and he is separating himself from the other republicans when it comes to spending. he voted against that dran conan $1.8 billion tax spending bill. and that government spending, that's what robs the middle class. >> john, he makes a great point, mike does about spending. after all, gw bush spend a lot, not as much as president obama
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did. >> it has to be remembered that government is the big prosperity killing tax. we want to shrink it. they're seeking tax reform. they want to neuter the fed a little bit. they want to make the world's problems our bloody and very expensive one. they also weaken the message when they want to keep out the very immigrants who drive prosperity if they bring ambition into the country. >> kerry, here's what bothers me about the democratic version of grinch, if you will. they talk about the government giving everything and republicans want to take everything. in fact, the government doesn't give anything. the government takes and then the government redistributes what it takes. they're more like the grinch than sant yachlt. >> that's right dhoernlgts make real christmas presidents, they steal them from other people and redistribute them. the problem with socialism is some point you run out of other people's money. look at the facts. the oecd median income is 42%
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lower versus american median income. hillary is the real grinch. she wants to make america poorer and less prosperous. >> rich, who is the grinch here? >> oh, my god, hillary is the grinch and obama is the grinch. whoville is about $2 trillion short wrf it should be because of eight years -- what will end up being eight years of obama's 2% growth economy which should be growing at 3%, 3 .5%. that is $2 trillion that whoville does not have. >> the idea of the government -- i want to get back to the idea of the government giving everything. do the american public get that the government doesn't give you anything, they take and then government redistributes what it takes. >> yeah, a lot of people still aren't on to the racket. they take a dollar out of your pocket and give you 50 cents back and you're supposed to be grateful. the american people are the producers. as pointed out by john and others, the government can take
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and redistribute. they can't create real resources. >> you have to agree with that, don't you? >> i would say that in the case of the immigration, we don't have a path to citizenship. we don't have a legislation -- >> bruce, i'm talking about the government saying or the democrats saying the government can give you this, the government can give you that but the government doesn't give anything. it takes and then it redistributes. >> i would just say it is what it is. i mean, the republicans are -- they're not -- >> they're not offering any solutions. >> hold on. wait. let him finish. they're not offering any solutions. >> go ahead, carrie. >> it takes from my generation. that's what happens. you know what? >> the immigration bill doesn't do that. >> whoa. one at a time. talk about migration, bruce. >> okay. the immigration bill doesn't do. that it would make -- it would put the folks on a path to citizenship and they would pay taxes. they're already earning money
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here. >> well, when obama leaves office, we'll have $20 trillion in debt. that is more than all presidents combined previous to him. that is taking from my generation. that is the biggest grinch in our american history. >> mike, go ahead. >> to answer your question, do the american people get it? they do indeed get it which is why ted cruz is doing very well. he voted against that bill. he's not for robbing our children and grandchildren. jeb bush, a big government guy. big spending guy. in bed with the special interests. he's down in the polls. >> you hit it on the head when you said government doesn't have resources. they have nothing to give us. it hasn't taken from us first. the problem is republicans and democrats seem to think that they can spend us to prosperity. they're both big spending parties. let's neuter them both. >> rich, i always come back to you and silicon valley.
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you know it better than anybody i know. you know the businesses and people. do they get it? do they understand that they're the ones that create something? it's not the government that does it. >> well, you know, they don't have a lot of political sophistication out here despite they're being geniuses in math and soccer and stuff like that. they're libertarian on economic growth. they support democrats who knows why. >> and steve, it's the same out here in the east coast. i mean, you have wall street, a large section of wall street supporting hillary even though she supports all the rules and regulations. >> it's hoping if you pay the wolf the wolf won't eat you. but the wolf hasn't an appetite and the sheep will get eaten. lamb chops coming up. >> bruce, go ahead. >> i was going to say, i will give ted cruz a christmas press and. i'm headed to the rose bowl with the entire state of iowa next week. >> you're going to lose, bruce. >> cruz --
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>> he'll beat trump by ten points. >> you're as wrong on that as you are on economics. >> it's easy to talk politics here. it's very difficult to talk sports. we really begin to go at people's throats. but, john, finally. i just wonder whether the government is going to change. what is your prediction for 2016? are we going to change? regoi are we going to go back to more sensible policy? >> i think. so the electorate no longer trusts republicans or democrats. they voted gridlock. as a result, washington is doing a lot less. there is a lot of conflict in washington right now and that's beautiful. >> that is the last word. that's a positive note to end on. coming up first, iran got the nuclear deal they wanted. now our secretary of state showing them how to get around u.s. travel visas. this time a terror wire where rehelping out a state that sponsors terror? we report. you might want to hide. ♪ i built my business with passion.
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live from america's headquarters, good morning, everybody. firefighters in southern australia getting some relief from cooler weather and light rain today after a christmas day wildfire destroyed more than 100 homes on a stretch of coastline popular with tourists number deathors injuries reported there. officials are saying the fire was likely sparked by a lightning strike and could burn for weeks. meanwhile, christmas morning fire at the birthplace of former president clinton now being investigated as arson. officials are saying flames were pouring out of the home in hope, arkansas, when crews arrived on the scene. crews also saying they found graffiti on a doorway near where the fire appears to have been initially set. officials are saying the damage can be repaired. now back to "more of forbes" on fox. have a great day.
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>> new controversy brewing over the administration's relations with a state that sponsors terrorism. a letter by secretary of state john kerry to the iranians hinting that president obama will use his executive authority to exempt iran from new visa restrictions just passed by congress. so, rich, the time of terror, why are we helping out a state that sponsors terror? >> you can only speculate about president obama's motivations and secretary kerry's motivations. all i can come up with is even though obama was elected by the american people, he wants to be the leader of the world and the applause of the nobel committee, the people in davos and academia. >> let me just read you a little bit from secretary of state john kerry's letter. to the iranian foreign minister. i'm confident that recent changes in visa requirements
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passed in congress which the administration has the authority to waive will not prevent us from meeting our commitments. he goes on. the congress demanded a change in the way we deal with visas for foreign governments and sponsors terror. yet, kerry is giving him a way around that. >> yeah. i don't like when any administration goes around congress. we have separation of powers for a reason. i think in a broad sense, open borders, open movement of people and goods is the best foreign policy conceived by man kind. the last thing you want to do is put you will walls between countries. it will reduce the rooting interest that we have. >> steve, i'll tell you one wall we want to keep up and that is to keep out their missiles. they're now going through an experiment on these mid range missiles that they can tip with nuclear warheads. i mean, we don't want to be helping governments that are
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doing that, do we? >> no. and even the u.n. called them out in one of the missiles. john kerry suffers from bad battered diplomat syndrome. the more they misbehave in terms of missiles and spreading terrorism and the biggest source of terrorism in the world, the more iran moves to dominate the oil producers of the middle east. the more john kerry and obama become. it's weird. >> and, bruce, then we just got word that back in 2013 a couple years ago the iranians were hacking a new york dam. they're up to a lot of funny business that is no good for us. >> well, i know they're definitely some concerns here. but what it comes down to me is this is an area of economic sanctions. and economic sanctions don't work. we have cuba's as evidence of that. and so i would say that, you know, if it comes down to economic sanctions and you want to be able to do business and encourage business around the world as john said.
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>> do we really want to help out a government that wants us dead? >> you spelled it out right there? for the iranians to complain about this is stallin' trying to sue starbucks because the coffee is too hot. let's get the reperspective here. all kinds of terrorism throughout the middle east. the progressives have such great faith in the u.n. the iranians are constantly flouting the u.n. liberals don't seem to be upset about. this i just don't understand. >> bill, should we help them out the way we've been doing? >> gosh, let's see. they already got the missiles. they're almost done making a bomb. why are they making it so easy for iran to lob nukes all over the middle east? bring back sanctions. cut off the oil sales. >> rich, we were supposed to snap back on the sanctions if they violated any parts of the deal that we signed. and they have violated it with the missile tests. >> yeah. one on october 10th and won on
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november 21st. even as you pointed out, the u.n. was ahead of the united states on pointing out the october 10th violation. i think steve has it right. there's something about secretary kerry in particular where he just gets pushed around eastern pushed around. >> john, the thing about folks in the middle east if, you show any weakness to them, they take advantage of it twice as much as the first time. >> it's not about showing weakness. it's -- it goes back to bruce's point. i rarely agree with him but he's right. we tried this with cuba. it failed mizerbly. the idea that we're going to keep iran from trying to keep it from engaging the world as we're going to block out -- it doesn't work. let's be open to trade. that makes war less likely. >> what about that point? that trade trumps war and in this case we should open the doors to the iranians? >> well, true trade with the private elements in iran that, would be great. this is all with the revolutionary guard, the extremist that's keeps that government if power. they own most of the companies. so it's not real trade. it's simply a bank putting money
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in the bank account of a terrorist state. >> last word from steve. we want to remind you about steve's book "reviving america." still time to get it on amazon. you know, we're in that holiday season. we're in the ten days of christmas. good gift as a stocking stuffer. we're getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. what do you got? >> after the paris and california terror attacks, president obama is saying that the media is stoking the fears for ratings. should he be blaming his failed policy instead? "the washington post" drawing a cartoon of tud cruz's little monkeys wochlt they have done that to liberals running for president? we expose the media double standard. see you at 11:30. >> eric, we will be watching. up here first, president obama just ok'd a raise for thousands of federal workers. but with middle class salaries dead flat for six years, some folks are asking if the fed's really deserve a raise. it takes technology,
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coming up, they say the government is supposed to work for the people. so why are federal workers getting a pay raise when most americans haven't had one in years? we're back in 60 seconds. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity.
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we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. president obama using our money to give federal workers a pay raise this christmas, issuing an executive order to hike the pay by 1.3% next year. it's not a lot but, john, should they be getting any increase when americans haven't seen their salaries rise at all? >> not a chance. our wages decrease by definition because we pay the bills. the last thing you want to do is create an incentive for people
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to work for life in washington. >> bruts, look what happened to our household incomes in the past six years. they're down a little bit in the couple hundred bucks in the past six years. >> i think, though, whether the -- someone is going to work for you as a public serve anlt for five years or 20 years, you want good people in public service. i don't think a 1.3% raise is going to kill anybody. >> but, mike, it's already federal workers in the same period that our salaries haven't gone up at all. federal workers salaries have gone up 10%. >> absolutely. and to bruce's point, you want good people. obama doesn't even listen to his top security people. he's had three defense secretaries and they all said that obama doesn't listen to them. more importantly, there is the fault of republicans who control spending. you know, who knew mitch mcconnell would be like harry reid and paul ryan is nancy
8:24 am
pelosi? this falls under republicans who control spending. >> bill, do the federal workers de>> well, i'm not going to get all bent out of shape out of 1.3% increase which is not out of line with private sector increases. however, i would be very upset and i would focus on federal pensions. they're way out of line with -- compared to what mere mortals like you and me get. >> kerry, that's true. costs a lot more to employee federal workers. >> that's true. they get tons of vacation, a lot more job security without accountability unlike private sector workers. when also kills me is this is an aacross the street board 1.3% pay raises. they should be based on merit, not the fact that you belong to a government union, not based on the fact that you're a crony government unionist basically. and bruce talks about wanting to hirt best people. i have friends who went to the harvard kennedy school where i got my masters and they're discouraged from going into public service because of the r rigid pay scales.
8:25 am
government unions don't let that happen. >> that's a great point. you get a pay raise even if you're no good. there is no relationship between your salary and the quality of work you do there. >> yeah, and washington lifts all boats of mediocrity and incompetence. it's one thing if you were given more to the people in the military and the front lines, certainly law enforcement and the like people doing real things to make our lives safer and better. but there this across the board this all boils down to next year is an election year. you think it's a coincidence? >> that's right. john, to the opposite side, at least the contrast of that is a lot of federal workers who don't deserve a raise, people at the irs, for example, they're getting a raise or bonuses. >> let's -- i don't want good people working in government in general because that means they're being taken from the private sector where they can add to real prosperity. government is a big burden. it's a cost on prosperity. let's create incentive for people to leave it, not stay. >> mike? >> we'll need small group of
8:26 am
people that are competent in the government, john, even reagan had that. it was very successful. >> all right. >> it's called public service. >> let's give john the last word. he's in d.c. coming up, your wallet feeling a lot lighter after christmas? well, our informers have the makes it could help fill it back up again. that's coming up next. race for. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name yes, we are twins. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met.
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and we're back with stocks to pay the holiday bills. you have a small company fund. >> david this fund has low expenses and has a great portfolio of small companies that are growing very fast. >> so get a basket of stocks here? >> you could if you're talented and skip the funds and buy dominos piz yachlt. >> what about tupperware? we have all grown up with tupperware. why do you like it? >> it's a bet on the emerging middle class and emerging
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nations. >> every morning i wrap my peanut butter and jelly in cellophane, i don't use tupperwa tupperware. >> that's it for "forks bes on fox." thank you, everybody. >> you've been watching television for the last month, all you've been seeing, all you've been hearing about is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you. and so i understand why people are concerned about it. >> if you're afraid of isis and terror attacks like the one in california, the president doesn't want you to blame the way his administration is handling the threat. no, he suggests you blame the media. but should he be blaming his administration's failed policy instead? hi, everyone. welcome to "cashing in."


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