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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 27, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hillary a warm bath. that's it for this edition. hope you all had a great , enjo weekend. check out our facebook page. we'll be back here live next sunday with the latest buzz. we start with a fox news alert. it's been a horrible and deadly weekend due toe the weather. the death rising in texas after waves of storms tore through the state leaving behind scenes of destruction like this one. it's been happening the last couple of days across the south and southwest. this is america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel neville is off. at least 11 people have been killed so far overnight after officials said possibly as many as 11 tornadoes touched keown in tex texas. >> all you could see was transformers exploding. it was pitch black. awe the power was out. that's when it all happened. >> one of the most devastating
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twisters hit dallas where reports say cars were actually thrown off an overpass into the traffic debelow killing people in their vehicles and leaving a deadly pileup on interstate 30. the storms left many injures and tens of thousands more are without power at this moment. joining us is a mayor from dallas county. police are searching house by house for anyone trapped inside. mr. mayor, as the sun has come up, how are you doing today? >> we are doing well. we've got a lot of damage. we are currently leading our search and rescue mission to make sure we have accounted for everyone. we are still in the process of doing that. we're doing the best we can right now. >> what was it like? did it hit suddenly? were there warnings? did the sirens go off? >> i think what actually saved us at this point we have no confirmed fatalities in our
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city. we have 23 that are injured. the thick i think that actually saved us is we had plenty of warning. the siefrns went off multiple times. we did calls out to the citizens. and i think the bottom line is that's why we were able to not have any fatalities at this point. >> that's so thankful. our thoughts and prayers are with you certainly at this hour. there's a curfew in town. have you had any problem? >> no. it's really just to protect property that's really our main goal at this point. once the search and rescue is completed, we've had atlas energy will as well as encore. we have gas leaks. that has been corrected. it's really about making sure the neighborhoods are safe and we're trying to make get ready so people can come back to their homes. >> what do you expect will
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happen tomorrow, monday, business opens. it is the holiday period, new year's eve coming up. how long dow think it will take droefr from this? >> i think it will take some time. the damage in some areas is significant. there are home that's are completely destroyed. there are some home that's had a few shangles missing. in the main path of the tornado you can see the devastation, two-story home that's are completely obliterated and cars that as one gentleman had mentioned before just tossed around and thrown in ditches like they were match box cars. >> we're ooking at scenes of your city. this is unbelievable. some homes just totally destroyed and the destruction is so immense, it's miraculous it seems that no one was killed. >> that's exactly what i said as well. our emergency teams, we have the best emergency crew out here. our first responders are just amazi
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amazing. these men and women have done amazing jobs. to go out and pull families out of the rubble and with just a few minor abrasions is positively amazing considering the devastation of the storm. >> 23 people injured have all been accounted for. is the search continuing? >> we're continuing the search at this point. they're going through. we have 300 community response team members going door to door doing damage assessments. just as a third check wasn't to make sure we've accounted for everyone. >> as far as yourself and your family, going through this, your thoughts at this moment. >> what i told a lot of people is just continue to pray. told people just if you're interested in donating, donate to the red cross and the salvation army. they're great causes, they're helping us firsthand. just please continue with prayers. we need prayers.
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>> we need prayers from raw let, texas. it is the holiday period. as you say, send the news across the nation to donate to the red cross, the salvation army and help the good people of texas and down south going through what you're doing through. mayor, thank you. >> thank you. >> our thoughts and prayers are with you. as we watch closelior for what is next for the region, we're keeping our eye on severe weather. a major winter storm perhaps a historic one with snowfall is making its way across the country with more than just gusty winds but wildfires that are continuing in southern california. janice dean is with us in the fox extreme weather center. just heard the mayor describe the damage and devastation. >> unfortunately, there's more to come. a lot of folks, millions of people, under some kind of
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winter weather warning or flood advisory or high wind warning or tornado watch. let's look at it right now for parts of texas in through louisiana and arkansas. so east of the dallas area, tornado watch meaning that conditions are favorable for tornadoes. we had a tornado warning around the lufkin area. that's been lifted. keep on alert. make sure you have your noaa radio on. behind this frontal system is where we have the blizzard which we'll talk about in a second. the severe threat continues across arklatex into mississippi and alabama, the florida panhandle tomorrow and the tornado threat will diminish heading into the monday. the winter storm threat continues with blizzards for texas, new mexico, oklahoma. we also have an ice storm warning for central oklahoma and north texas. we could see quarter inch to half inch of ice on roads, power
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lines, bridges. people are urged not to travel. we have winter weather advisories that stretch up to the up to the great lakes and upper midwest. rainfall 4 to 6 inches. flash flooding a concern. 6 to 12, 18 inches of snow blowing around that will cause blizzard conditions. look at the tpz, eric. we've got 30s, single digits and we have got 80s in front of this front. that's one of the ingredients we need for severe weather. look at the 24 hour temperature change in dallas, wur in the 70s yesterday. when the front moved through, we are now into the 40s. and a quick look at southern california because we are dealing with that coastal ventura area, wildfire. the temperatures are cool and the winds fortunately are dying down. firefighters should have an upper hand around ventura. it already 60% contained. back to you. >> janice, you mentioned
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blizzard conditions in the texas panhandle of. >> yes. it's cold enough for heavy know and wind gusts in excess of 40 minute. blind blizzard conditions continue. it could be historic noerm. >> that is incredible. certainly we'll keep our eye out and people will be alert to the weather conditions. now to the war against isis in iraq. that country's forces are fighting back to take ramadi from the islamic state. isis fighters have fled that city, but they say about 100 or 300 or so remain holed up in government buildings. meanwhile, the pentagon confirms it has targeted isis positions in 17 air strikes that took place on christmas day. this as that message reportedly came from the terrorist group's leaderbaghdadi.
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he reportedly taunts the u.s. and threaten nations. kevin corke has the latest from honolulu, hawaii, where the president is currently on vacation. >> reporter: good day to you. you're right, it has been quite a while since we've heard from baghdadi. in this latest reporting which produces while he remains in hiding he claimed those in the battle against the islamic state in particular russia would suffer u mill yaigss se hands of the m-- he did go on to say the u.s. and others simply don't want to fight isis on the ground and some like peter king agree. >> i would expect al baghdadi to say that. we've had some impact, but fortunately overall he's
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probably right, that after 15, 16 no months of air attacks by the u.s., minimal impact on isis considering how long they've been doing on. >> it's not up to us to win this war. it's up to those who live there, the iraqis to do what they can. we need to help coach them, but as baghdadi said, he's trying to draw us into having boots on the ground. >> you expect these sorts of messages to percolate from time to time. unfortunately for those of us who have been watching this story unfold, baghdadi's message frankly offered very little in the way of new information as far as changes to isis' strategy and certainly no information about his location. eric? >> kevin, just a matter of time hopefully before we get him. thanks so much. is it true they're getting stronger or just more desperate
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propaganda? a.m. john bolton, you just haertd peter king say baghdadi is right. what about what he says concerning our boots on the ground and his fight against us? >> will well, i think the administration's strategy to deal with isis has clearly been a failure up until now, even if the iraq government forces retake ramadi. it's taken an incredible amount of time to get ready for it and i think the cost has been hire than they expected. they've not really defeated isis. the isis fighters were able to get out of ramadi so there was not a lot of pitch battle. a lot of it is booby-traps and snipers. so the dispositive encounter has yet to occur. and it's not at all clear that the iraqi government is capable of sustaining this going on to mosul and really mounting an effective military campaign there. i think what baghdadi is doing is threatening the united
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states, threatening europe. we've received a threat through vienna that there might be a terrorist incident somewhere in europe before the new year. and he also threatened the monarchs of the arabian peninsula, a significant threat given isis regards them as heretics. and a threat to them and toppling one of those governments with isis taking control would be be a huge huge change in the region. i think right now i'd call it more of the same. i don't recall ramadi as a really significant victory. it's obviously a setback from isis but i think a lot remains to be seen. >> he talked for about 24 minutes or so in the speech. he did not mention paris or bernardino. you would think he would be taking credit or claiming those. does that indicate do you think that this alleged recording occurred before all this happened, he may be severely injured or do you read any
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significance into that? >> i think that's possible. i think the tape has not been confirmed and certainly we don't know the dates on it. it could be something that they recorded some time ago. but held back on the release so that bad baghdadi -- i do think as part of their propaganda, even if it's not al baghdadi themselves, this is what they want to magnify. tess a warning to the baghdad government and the russians obviously. we've already seen one russian passenger jet destroyed by isis which they take credit for. so this is really i think a message to serve several purposes, rallying isis' own forces and trying to intimidate their opponents. >> do you think it's a sign of desperation or otherwise? the iraqi forces -- and the prime minister says it's on to
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mosul. that will be a lot tougher, though. >> easier said than done for the government of iraq. this shows part of the problems with the obama administration's strategy. it will require a much greater u.s. involvement to aid and assist and train and help out thei+w@6*p4ooz forces. the net effect of which is not simply to put pressure on isis but to strengthen the hand of the ayatollahs in tehran in their growing interference inside iraq. obviously in the shia-dominated areas, which is why i don't see this as occurring over the long term on net to the benefit of the united states. in that sense, we are helping the iranians defeat isis but we're simply lessening one threat, in my view, and increasing another. the net threat remains about the same. >> and finally, what do you predict will happen? >> well, i think it's a long way to prosecute project that
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victory in ramadi is rtdly translatable into mosul. remember it was in mosul that the iraqi army fled in fear. they discarded their weapons. they were routed in effect. i think isis is going to count on intimidating the iraqis, going after the sunnis that have helped the baghdad government retake ramadi. i think it's a long way over. >> john bolton, we thank you as always during this holiday weekend for your insight. >> thank you, eric. we are monitoring the deadly tornadoes in stex texas over the weekend. at least 11 people so far have been killed, the damage as you can see very extensive. coming up, we'll have more on where that dangerous weather is next heading. donald trump is way ahead, way ahead in the polls with that commanding lead. but do you think that support will actually continue and translate when it comes to
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i don't feel that i'm so far ahead. i'm doing well but i never feel so far ahead. i could be in a baseball game and be ten runs up in the ninth inning and i'll never feel so far ahead. i never feel that. i'm against very capable people and there were a lot and there still are a lot. i guess a number of have dropped out. but we were at 17 when this whole journey, beautiful journey, started, and it certainly has been interesting for me because i'm i've never done it before. i'm self-funding my campaign as you know, ed. it's been interesting. i'm dealing against a lot of very capable people. i never consider it to be over. as yogi said, it's not over until it's over. >> that was donald trump this morning quoting yogi berra the baseball great saying it's not over until it's over. he says it's not over just because he's been ray ahead in the polls. take a look at the latest poll which show please trump with a kpanding lead.
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21 points ahead of senator ted cruz. but support in a poll is one thing. getting those supporters in the voting booth or to get them to stand in line listen to speeches in february in iowa can be quite another. will mr. trump's current support nationally hold up on caucus night? daniel halpert is here. did good to see you. on february 1st last year in iowa, the weather at night was a low of 15 degrees. do you think enough people who go to the rallies now will be committed to show up at a caucus, 7:00 p.m., stand in line, listen to all the speeches and a few hours later at the end of the night vote? >> that's the billion-dollar question. it's obviously a lot easier to tell a pollster who calls you and asks who you like in the race to give them their answer, be it donald trump or john kasich or whoever, than it is to actually go to the polls or actually go to your local school
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and caucus with a bunch of people and spend a whole night dedicated to supporting donald trump. the reason this question is so persistent, we always ask this question, it's all going to come down to voter turnout. the reason it's more of a mystery this time around is because he's run such a nontraditional campaign and reaching nontraditional voters. good for him and expanding his base a little bit of course but we don't know, these people don't have a history some of them of voting it's hard to tell wlrnt they'll actually show up when it's crunch time. >> that's my point. they go to the rallies and they're so committed they'll show up. or they like to see him and then aren't really part of the nitty-gritty of the rubber hiding the road. he has as they say only about 15 staff working iowa. if you're in the caucus you've got to bring out the people, go door to door. it's a major organizational effort. >> listen, i draw a little distinction to people coming to
9:23 am
the rally because those are people already putting some effort in rather than the people who just tell the pollster -- whether they're going to caucus. i imagine people going to the rally, most of them will show up to caucus. fewer people who don't go to rally are going to show up. that ae's where i draw the distinction. donald trump hasn't invested a lot of money in building voter databases, not a lot of money in making phone banks or knocking on people's doors th sdoors. >> does it matter? >> that's what we don't know. >> he's turned the campaign on its head. >> exactly. if it matters, then donald trum will lose. but if it doesn't matter and we're experiencing a new pay of politics and everything we thought we knew we don't know, it's out the window. we have no way of assessing donald trump's whether or not he'll be be good or be able to get these voter adden able to
9:24 am
win because the old rules don't matter. that's what we based our predictions on. that's what this holidaying tends to be based on. if the old rules don't matter, nobody knows who's going to win. >> ted cruz is ahead in the iowa polls deshgs "des moines register" has been pretty accurate. what if ted cruz wishes. rand paul says donald trump will get wiped out in the general election. but there's another cnn poll showing him within two points of hillary clinton within the margin of error. if cruz gets iowa is that the end of trump? >> there are aloft theaters predicting trum's demise, wufrn of them being trump loses the first contest to ted cruz kwho is well organized in a more traditional sense and is gaining in the polls. that looks good for cruz based on the old model of politics. and donald trump then looks like a loser because he's not winning
9:25 am
and he can't go on in theíñ contest. and he starts fading dramatically. there isn't a lot of evidence for that theory. it could be true. makes a lot of sense it would be true. but we just don't know it's true because we've never seen anybody like donald trump before. if it is true, tess a guess and a good guess because it makes a lot of sense. but ultimately a lot of this is just guessing. >> daniel, sorry to cut you off. we have breaking news on the weather. we'll continue to follow this and see what p has just over a month to go. >> happy new year. let's go back to janice dean with the latest on the hornl tornadoes in texas. >> unfortunately, we see more of the threat for tornadoes this afternoon. we have a tornado watch in effect for parts of texas, arkansas and towards louisiana. for the next several hours, tornado watch meaning conditions are favorable. look what we have, tornado warnings between oklahoma and
9:26 am
arkansas. we'll track this eric and keep you posted throughout the afternoon. >> janice, thank you. we'll be here all afternoon following the weather. up next, "sunday housecall" with dr. siegel and dr. samadi. stay with us on this sunday
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