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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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this is a fox alert. the desperate search for survivors after a deadly weekend from the severe weather that is now moving east. the death toll sadly rising in texas after that heartbreaking wave of severe storms that swept through parts of that state. we heard from governor greg abbott. he says the greatest priority right now continues to be search and rescue and he warns of the dangers of flooding. hello, everyone, and welcome to america news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm julia banderas. hundreds of homes destroyed and tens of thousands left without
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power. in fact, 50,000 in the state of texas alone. we have fox team coverage for you. will carr will is live on the ground in one of the hardest hit areas and senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking the latest conditions from the fox weather center but we'll begin with will carr, live. will? >> reporter: julia, we're here where the damage is extensive. we've gone street by street and you see this. you see what this tornado did last night. really gutting home after home in the middle of this home there's several kay jacks flipped upside down, their alarm is still going off. you can see, like i mentioned, every home like this. trees were snapped in half just like toothpicks. there's a basketball goal right there just twisted up and tossed around. you keep going and you see other homes, you see cars that were damaged here. almost 40 homes completely destroyed here in rowlett. amazingly, they don't believe
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anybody was killed. they have done several searches, which they are continuing to do. listen to city leaders. >> we feel comfortable that we've gotten to everyone. texas task force one is on site and they are doing a follow-up search and rescue effort to make sure. >> reporter: in nearby garland, eight people were killed on a bridge tossing the cars like they were toys down about 15 to 20 feet. 11 people total killed. i just got off the phone with the national weather service. they believe the tornado that hit garland and the tornado that hit here were the same tornado and that at its strongest it was an ef-4 tornado, maximum wind speeds up to 160 miles per hour. they think it may have weakened a little bit when it hit but you certainly can't tell when you look around and see all of this damage. julia? >> will carr, thank you very
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much. >> imagine being home when a twister hits. it's horrifying and sadly it's not over. meteorologist janice dean is live. janice? the forecast for this afternoon and tonight? >> we have a new tornado watch extending into parts of texas and arkansas and louisiana for the next couple of hours and a tornado warning here. doppler indicated on the border here between texas and oklahoma. the threat is not over yet as we head into tomorrow the threat will diminish some but we also have a tornado warning, this one popping up in central mississippi. so again, seeing rotation on the doppler radar and it's going to continue through the evening. here's your severe threat as we go through the rest of the evening into the overnight and, again, make sure that you have your noaa weather radios on and this is going to continue into the overnight and then tomorrow
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the threat lessens a little bit and up towards tennessee. i want to show you this. and a clash of two air masses, that is what is happening. 30, 40-degree difference between the gulf coast and midwest. you can see the sharp contrast. very unstable air mass and in some cases we've dropped 40 degrees to the dallas area. things are very cold and west texas is where we're getting the blizzard conditions. the flooding concern is dire in a lot of these areas. saturated ground with 4 to 6 inches on top of that. and then we have watches, advisories for at least a dozen states as we head into monday and tuesday. again, 4 to 6 inches. some isolated spots could receive more than that. this is an area that doesn't need to see the rain. blizzard conditions on the cold side of the storm. texas, oklahoma, ice storm
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warning here for central oklahoma and winter weather advisories stretch to the great lakes and even into new england as the storm moves eastward through tuesday and wednesday. not done yet. back to you, eric. >> and folks should be alert. our thoughts and prayers are with them. if you're home, stay home. shelter in place. the flash floods could potentially come at any time. janice, thank you. >> julie? eric, one of the buildings was a church in the town of red oak that was completely destroyed. the pastor of that church, kevin taylor, is joining us on the phone to share his story. thank you very much for talking to us. >> thanks for having me. >> under the awning of the church, i can't imagine how
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frightened he must have felt. tell us what happened. >> i came from from vacation and the tornado came through just that fast. i saw that the windows and the doors of the church was imploding inward and so i ran for cover and by the time i did that, the whole entire building in the area went dark as the stuff began to just fall on top of me. fortunately, no one was hurt. you know, i didn't get a scratch on me. god brought me through it. >> and your wife? >> she was sitting in the car and blew out the glass and she was fine, a few cut abrasions on her hand but she was fine as well. >> you posted pictures, as i understand, on your facebook page. what are they of? >> what you're seeing is what was left of the church where the tornado really demolished the
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building, you know. >> i understand that the church will have to be torn down as a result of all of the damage and i also understand that your phone has been ringing off the hook. tell us about that. >> yeah. well, i do believe that the church will have to be torn down. i'll wait for the insurance company to come out and make their decision on that but it's pretty much a hazardous place to retrieve things. the phone has been going since yesterday, all day long and i understand that people are concerned and people do care. i have to thank all of the pastors in the area that have reached out along with some i knew and some i did not know. >> yeah. you know, in your state alone, there are some 50,000 people without power. many people actually go to churches or larger institutions for shelter. what does your community do next? what are you hoping comes out of this for you, your congregation and the community?
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>> well, you know, my church has been a rock place in glenn heights, reaching out and helping as many people as we can help and we'll continue to do that and we will rebuild the city of glenn heights who has a wonderful counselor in the city and i have not yet talked to him but we've reached out to each other and i'm just kind of waiting to hear that. because glenn heights was hit so hard that they could contact them as well. but the fire department red oak as well as surrounding glenn heights has just been wonderful but we will rebuild from this. the community will learn from this and grow fortunately this and we'll do what is needed to go forward. >> for those of us that have never lived through a tornado, we've watched these pictures on our television screen and it's hard to grasp what it's like on the ground. all of these are aerial pictures that we're looking at. the damage was so extensive, the storm actually tossed cars off the freeways, destroyed homes
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and wore showing pictures in garland, texas, where it seems to be the hardest hit area. in fact, the state of emergency has been declared for garland. how close are you to this area? >> we're approximately probably 20 minutes from garland. not very far. >> wow. and any word -- have you spoken with anyone from this area? do you know anyone in this area? because it seems that the devastation there is the worst in the state. >> yes, i have a sister-in-law that lives in garland. we reached out to her and everything seems to be okay. we're praying for those that lost their loved ones in garland. you can get a new building but you can't replace family members. >> well, we hope you can all gather yourselves together and repair the damage. certainly the damage is something that can be repaired. the lives lost, certainly not. kevin, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on.
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>> thank you so much. >> our thoughts and prayers to pastor taylor and for those that are going through what they are going through right now. meanwhile, iraqi forces are claiming victory over terrorists in ramadi after taking control of a government complex in the central part of the city. at the same time, military officials say the next step is to try to clear up pockets of resistance from the remaining fighters that could be there. they are putting up a tough fight. slowing the advance of the iraqi government troops. we'll have more on this important development, what it means and what could come next. a former adviser to four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations on what this means in our fight against isis. an update now on the deadly police shooting in chicago. 17-year-old quintonio and his neighbor betty jones were killed after police responded to a
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domestic disturbance call. 55-year-old jones was hit by accident when they shot at la greer. jones' family is questioning why officers had their guns out in the first place. >> clearly they was trying to shoot somebody. they shouldn't have been using no gun to shoot nobody anyway. what are they pulling their weapons for? this is ridiculous. >> lagreer's mother said he had a mental illness and did not deserve to die. >> he had some medication and his classmates are telling me that they feel like he was better when he didn't take it. so i told him not to take it but -- so we was going to put him back in the hospital right after the holiday and now we are not given that chance. >> the officers involved will be placed on routine administrative duty. julie, denver broncos quarterback peyton manning has
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been speaking out angrily responding to allegations that he was one of the high-profile professional athletes who supposedly used high-performance enhancing drugs. we'll have his fiery response coming up. speaking of firely, donald trump is getting a huge turnout at his rally. but will all of that support actually turn into actual votes? a prediction, next. >> nobody has ever had crowds like this. they say this is the biggest crowds that they have ever seen. they say these are crowds like the night before the election. and i doubt that.
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nfl star peyton manning refuting a report claiming he used human growth hormone. the report airing on al jazeera accusing that he obtained hgh by his wife. he says it's completely made up. >> i think i've gone between being angry, furious, and disgusted is really how i feel. sickened by it, that i'm not sure i understand how someone can make something up about
1:17 pm
somebody. i mean, yet it's somehow published in a story. i don't understand that. maybe you can explain it to me, somebody else can. >> well, the broncos are standing by their quarterback saying that peyton does things the right way. well, there are cameras everywhere and peyton manning is used to that. it's not just football. donald trump rallies. he says it's a record but do you think they will make it count for him and show up in the voting booth? the caucuses in iowa on a cold winter night on february 1st. jimmy weinstein is joining us now. jamie, i pointed out earlier that in iowa last year on february 1st it was 15 degrees. that was the low at night. these folks had to go out to the fi firehouse, stand in line at 7:00
1:18 pm
and listen to a bunch of speeches and will the support that we've seen, do you think, translate at the caucus? >> well, it's a real question. i had dinner in iowa recently with a top campaign operative of a rival campaign to donald trump's. i asked him, who is the best operative in the state? he said, without hesitation, it was donald trump. he might not have the organization at the very lowest level and certainly he has probably the best advisers in the state advising him and he certainly has all of the information gathered from all of those large crowds. so he certainly can organize, if he wants to. the question is, even if he does organize, will those people in offices be coming out? we'll find out on caucus day. let me tell you this. if they do come out, if he outperforms the polls and shows that a lot of supporters come out to the caucuses, watch outgoing into new hampshire. they are going to outperform in iowa, it's much easier to come out to a primary pole in new
1:19 pm
hampshire and we might see a freight train coming through for the rest of the primaries. >> one report says he only has 15 staffers. they may take exception with that even though they are very good. is that enough to try to get him over the top? ted cruz has been taking the lead lately in some of the iowa polls. >> again, we're not going to know until february. but remember this, in 2012, the guy who won the iowa caucus was rick santorum. he certainly didn't have millions and millions of dollars to organize with. he didn't have much money at all and ended up winning. yes, organization matters but only to a degree. there's a new force in this and that's donald trump and all of the media attention he got. we don't really know how that is going to play out in february. we'll have to wait and see. but so far he's defied expectations. there's no reason to believe he can't defy them again in february. >> eight days after february 1st, you have february 9th, the new hampshire primary. and, of course, he's been leading the polls there and chris christie has been gaining. had he a bump in the polls there
1:20 pm
and has been fighting terrorism. "the new york times" has raised some issues about that. how is christie doing in new hampshire and does he need to come in third or maybe fourth to keep his candidacy alive? >> well, i think in new hampshire he might even have to do better than that. i think, of course, this is a state that christie has considered a dark force in. he can come back and do something extraordinary in new hampshire, he can get himself back into the game where he was once considered, you know, all but dead in the political circles. if he doesn't do first or second, in my opinion, i think it's time for him to consider walking out the door because he really has no organization in iowa earlier. >> not even third? >> in my mind, no. he has to go on to south carolina. he doesn't have any organization outside of new hampshire. if he can't come and do something stunning, a second or first place in new hampshire, i think it's probably time for him to call it a day and allow some of the other candidates to consolidate support. right now, those supports being,
1:21 pm
of course, ted cruz and marco rubio and donald trump, if christie can't shatter first or second place there, i don't know, i think that's where this campaign ends. >> i just mentioned four of the names. john kasich, ohio governor, was absence from that. he's been doing better in the polls, coming in third in some behind rubio and trump. you know, what does he have to do? what if he stays in third? does that keep him going? >> i think he has to do something like chris christie and shock the world. chris christie is getting a little more attention in new hampshire. john kasich has been touting a recent poll that has him in second or third place. that's a little known poll and it hasn't had great success record in the past. right now it seems unlikely to me that he will be able to shock the world and get back into this race. but, you know, the truth is, there's a few of those candidates bunched up. anything can happen but i wouldn't bet a lot on john kasich. >> all right. let me put you on the spot very
1:22 pm
quickly. who do you think will win iowa and new hampshire? >> well, i think in iowa it's going to be a race between ted cruz and donald trump. i think they are the two there. i don't know who is going to pull that off. but i'm going to be a little bit unpredictable and marco rubio has a real shot of moving up, if not winning second place in new hampshire, especially if you start seeing people like john mccain and mitt romney consolidate around him. i think he's the guy to watch in new hampshire. >> you're in miami right now? >> palm beach garden. >> flord da spin is going on there. we know you are fair and balanced and honest and always have terrific analysis. we thank you but we'll watch that. rubio, maybe. >> maybe. >> all right. jamie, thank you. >> i went to high school in palm beach gardens. >> right down the block from where he is. >> yeah. i literally graduated four years ago. all right. the clerk of the mosque -- >> that wasn't a joke. why wouldn't you believe me. >> -- where the california
1:23 pm
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the desperate search continues for people in texas emergency crews are assessing the widespread damage that has killed so far 11 people. the violent storm system had winds up to 200 miles an hour. one of the hardest hit areas was the city of garland, texas, where eight people were killed. joining us is the police lieutenant. our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you and the people of your community at this hour. what is going on and how are you assessing the damage? >> thanks for having me on the
1:28 pm
show. the the search is continuing right now. we have rescue teams going door to door and making sure that every single person is accounted for. >> we're having trouble with the lieutenant's cell phone. obviously the tornadoes tear down the cell phone towers. we have you back. i'm sorry. you can continue. >> okay. yeah. we are continuing our door-to-door search. we want to make sure that everyone is accounted for. >> has everyone been accounted for yet? >> we have not made contact with everyone yet but as of right now, we only have eight confirmed fatalities, based on this tornado that has hit the south part of the state.
1:29 pm
>> of those fatalities, five occurred at one intersection. what happened? when this thing came through, it tore cars, tipped over trucks and in one area cars flipped off the interstate. >> that's right. the vehicles traveling there, it's uncertain where the vehicles were on the highway entered that from the highway or vehicles from the surrounding areas because there was so much debris that the tornado went through there and made a huge impact and destroyed so much property. >> the power is almost unimaginable. we're looking at photos, video of total destruction of homes flattened. it's like splinters and wood and devastation that you can see that tears through the area. >> yes. >> how do you cope with this and how does the city get back
1:30 pm
together in terms of what you have to face right now? >> well, it's a tragedy and -- [ inaudible ]. >> as i said, we're having some trouble from lieutenant from garland, texas, as you can understand after the horrible devastation of the string of tornadoes that will continue with this developing story as it continues and as the weather situation continues to pose a danger throughout the south as it moves east. governor greg abbott saying people should stay in place because of the potential for flooding. we'll continue with our live coverage of the horrible situation as we continue this afternoon. julie? the cleric of the san bernardino mosque where
1:31 pm
terrorist syed farook and his wife malik. i'm surprised that anybody at this mosque would not have known farook because there was a time when he was going and attending prayers two times a day, morning and night. he did that for years. and then in 201 he sort of stopped going and that's when he met his wife and flew and married her. how much do you believe? well, first of all, with regard to the actual connection between the mosque and the two perpetrators, this is a matter of law enforcement evidence and there's another dimension to it, which is validation. if those two who perpetrated the massacre have been radicalized, they need a validation from the
1:32 pm
moral authority. so this is where the other investigation could go and try to find out. >> they are unveiling more information about connections the two perpetrators may have developed and supported their activities and they have questioned the muslim cleric about his phone communications with farook. so do you believe it's possible that the couple maybe had a larger network in the area or even nationwide? >> well, listen, julie, from day one, at least on fox, we have developed the notion that it a very difficult to operate in absolute isolation, particularly later on when we know that they have traveled overseas. once you have those two elements, the fact that the circle with whom they work doesn't have to be a circle part of a terrorist operational
1:33 pm
action or circle that would support them, either logistically or morally or ideologically. so the possibility is there but it has to be proven. >> as you know, the fbi and law enforcement authorities are investigating dozens of cases, close to 60 nationwide. they include in california and rochester, new york, harrisburg, pennsylvania, and more. are we witnessing an actual wav? >> it is a wave but actually it's based on a much wider pool. the pool is wider than the wave. the wave is those acting now and probably inspired by isis but this has been going on for many, many years. the real numbers of potential i jihadists are much larger. >> there is an imam, converts, males and females being
1:34 pm
radicalized and being recruited. is there a reason why it's so successful and what are we missing here? >> that's a great question because most of our discussion, as you notice, is what happened before in their lives. there was a divorce and a disagreement and once they are all indoctrinized, this part of their life is gone. there's nothing to look there. the interest is to figure out who is ordering that radicalization and placing that chip in their mind to become jihadists. that's why the investigation should be nationwide and focused on national security. >> and, unfortunately, the more that the terrorists get away with it, it seems that the more we will see people try to copycat or at least threaten to do the same. there are many kind of radicalizations as there are individual cases of persons who have problems. can we have one major reason and is there any policy that we
1:35 pm
should be adopting to put an end or put a seize to the radicalization? >> that's the challenge that we have in the homeland. number one, yes, there is a common ground and we've been talking about it for years. it's the ideology. now, how to respond to this and change policy, i divided and the administration and congress is going in one direction and critics in another. maybe we're at a point where we need a national consensus that would let us know in which direction we may go. >> thank you very much for your expertise, as always. thank you. >> thank you, julie. >> eric? i want to get the very best leader on the job and get going on these reforms and wore going to work with congress to make sure that the va has more resources and doctors to deliver the care that our veterans deserve.
1:36 pm
>> well, he did appoint someone new but now there's accusations from a doctor who once worked at the phoenix hospital more than a year after the story broke. plus, iraqi security forces declaring victory over the city of ramadi. what it means for the u.s.-led fight against the terror. lilly baker is preparing for college. she'll use that education to get a job. she'll use that job to buy a home. this is lilly baker. her mom just refinanced their home and is putting an extra $312 a month toward lilly's tuition. lilly is about to take over the world. who's with her? buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power.
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a whistle blower says problems persist at the va hospital in phoenix. more than a year after we learned about excessive wait times for veterans. a doctor says it's in desperate need of doctors. brian llenas has more. >> more than two years after whistleblower sam foote claimed that veterans waited too long, foote says there are still not
1:41 pm
enough doctors and wait time is too long. >> there's still a lot of problems and it's really no surprise because many of the architects of the downfall of phoenix are still there. they have yet to take action on the chief of has, the associate director of deering and he was at the center of the waiting list scandal. >> reporter: 15 months after internal probe found two senior manager as the phoenix hospital tried to retaliate against foote and other whistleblowers. they have yet to be punished or fired. foote exposed the hospital for covering up long wait times for vets. foote says the wait times led to the deaths of 40 veterans. it's led to major reforms at va centers nationwide. in october, the inspector general released a scathing
1:42 pm
report saying that critical staffing shortages in the urology department as recently as april 1st of this year. 3200 canceled appointments and death of seven patients. despite new reforms implemented by secretary mcdonald and billions of dollars spent to overhaul the va, major problems still persist and how our veterans are being cared for. julie? >> bryan llenas, thank you very much. iraqi security forces say they have declared victory over oo isis today after taking over a government complex in ramadi. the anbar province had been held by the isis group since may. the next step now is to clear any remaining pockets of
1:43 pm
resistance there. that could take days. can they do it? the former adviser to four u.n. ambassadors is joining us now. rick bay, iraqi military plans to have a flag-raising ceremony tomorrow at those buildings. do you think this is a significant turning point to finally be on the way to defeat isis? >> it could be. this is certainly a big deal. next up will be mosul. and that is the largest population center currently controlled by isis. so if they can take the win in ramadi and it was a hard-fought win, if they can take this momentum and move under mosul, i think we're getting somewhere. it is crucial, eric, right now for the u.s. to begin to help the iraqis as much as possible because they have a little momentum. so right now nato and all of our allies, 65 nations that
1:44 pm
president obama keep telling us about, these individual nations need to come together to help the iraqis that are on the ground so they can move in to mosul and strike a dagger into isis in terms of taking over the largest population center and i think it would be a huge pr -- >> what could they do? what should they do? for example, you've got 6500 plus coalition members but basically, realistically, honestly, only 20. >> 20 have boots on the ground. canada has 69 troops and their new prime minister is yanking the air strikes. what are they to do? we have 100 special ops in iraq. what else can other nations do to finally take ramadi, take control of that, get isis out and then, as you say, move on to mosul? >> well, the u.s. air strikes are not enough, as you say, we need to have some sort of a ground game. we don't have enough participation from the coalition
1:45 pm
to move in and help the iraqis on the ground. it has been so bad that the iraqis have relied on the iranians to bring in ground troops and to help them. that's a terrible situation. what we need right now is something akin to the surge that president bush put forward. it wasn't popular. the people in the united states were very concerned with escalating the war and president obama i think is in much of the same space. his liberal base does not want to see him amp up a war, start a new war. they want all of the troops to come home, not put more inside iraq but it's the right thing to do. we can not just have an air campaign. we need to demonstrate to the 65 nation coalition that we are willing to put troops on the ground, especially during this crucial point where ramadi has now fallen back to the iraqis and next up is mosul.
1:46 pm
>> the country is not prepared to suffer 100 deaths again of american servicemen, a good men and women or sons and daughters and fathers and brothers who go over there. that is not the time to do that. instead, we have to rely on our coalition partners, especially our sunni arab allies. they are not stepping up. so who is doing this? >> let me be very clear. anyone who says now is not the right time and anyone who says that and if you're reading the intel on a daily basis in the growth of isis, this is the moment when ramadi has fallen and we are moving on to mosul, this is the moment where we must support the iraqis and anyone
1:47 pm
trying to put politics and they need to say, i've got to do with what is right for the security of the american people. >> for now, ramadi could potentially fall back to the coalition of the iraqis by the end of the week. as you say, rick, on to mosul. that would be a tough road and fight. we'll see how that would go in the near year. rick, always good to see you. >> thanks, eric. you, too. >> julie? as we've all been hitting gas prices hitting lows not seen in years, without a doubt, giving americans a pretty good gift this holiday season, what does it mean for the overall economy. you may be surprised by the answer, next. , chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits,
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brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> fox news alert from missouri, as a result the violent weather, according to the sheriff, six deaths have been attributed to flooding in misso now at the wer over that area right now. flooding is a major problem. there were two different incidents in which motor vehicles drove into flooded road s and were swept away by the water. in one vehicle, two people lost their lives. in the second incident, four people are confirmed dead and a possible fifth is searched for
1:52 pm
right now. >> oil prices rising slightly ahead of the christmas holiday closing out a small rally the last four trading sessions and posting the largest gain since october. still, december crude prices are down nearly 10 percent in the up. partly because of a global supply glut. while this is great for americans at the pump, many of you traveling with gas prices at the lowest level since 2008 what does it mean for the economy? we will talk about it with founder and managing partner of a management llc. why, hal, have oil prices shown such volatility throughout 2015 and how could that impact the consumer in 2016? >> it certainly is a story that is dominating the 2015 headlines. it is interesting because the unrest in the middle east continues to be very prominent and you would expect oil prices
1:53 pm
and gas prices to be higher at this point in time. the reality is, they are not. we are saving money at the pump and it benefits us as consumers. the flip side is that the oil and oil-related securities and the stock market for example which play into our economy in a a big way have suffered as a result. they have laid off a capacity amount of people. as a result a lot less revenue is coming in because of the lower prices. >> on christmas day, gas prices were at the lowest level sinces since 2008 with many united states drivers paying around $2 a gallon for regular. prices could actually inch lower? is it normal for trading volume to slow down during the holidays? >> it is normal for trading volume to slow down across the markets whether it is the nasdaq, dow jones industrial average or s&p. what is playing into this interestingly is the northeast
1:54 pm
has had mild temperatures. consumers are using a lot less heating oil. the demand for oil and gas is a lot less. that is good for people in the northeast. but it is a supply-demand issue. the demand so far this winter on the northeast has been not so strong as historically. >> the fear is, does it bite us in the end next year because we did so well in 2015. what are your predictions for 2016? >> great question. no one has a credit -- crystal ball. the volatility in oil and gas will continue, (1), because the unrest in the middle east will continue and i don't see that changing any time soon. you will have that fluctuation. and if we continue to have a mild winter, you are going to see the same. that is, a lot less demand for
1:55 pm
oil and gas and prices will stay relatively low. that is my prediction. not so great for oil and gas stocks. however, that is what i see go ing forward. >> kyle harrington thank you. happy new year. >> the countdown to the ball, jawly, the 101-year-old tradition continues in new york city. look at that, times square where the organizers are preparing for the hundreds of thousands of people who are expected to fill that area in four days and watch at midnight themselves, firsthand. ♪ i woke up ♪ i woke up ♪ this morning
1:56 pm
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>> crews in new york city are working tirelessless to install the crystal ball in times square. >> hundreds of thousands have always are expected to watch the ball drop at midnight on thursday. workers are adding 288 crystals on top of the 2,100 crystals that are on the ball that make it so shiny and sparkly. and beautiful. >> ever been in times square for the new year?
2:00 pm
>> for 230300. it was really packed. it was fun. our i was there one time and that will be the only time. that will do it for us, see you. >> on buzz beater a war of heads between hillary clinton and donald trump and the media cannot get enough. the focus shifts from hillary clinton's unsubstantiated debate charges over isis to his use of a crude term against hillary clinton and the slam against her bathroom habits. >> where did hillary clinton go? she started the debate without her, phase ii. i know where she went, disgusting, i don't want to talk about it. too is too disgusting. >> donald trump, my goodness, who knows if there is a subtext. do you need a subtext? do you need to know the hidden meaning behind what i


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