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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ new devastation in the south. good evening, everyone. i'm julie banderas. this is "the fox report." texas was hit hard in another series of deadly tornadoes including a massive ef-4 twister. to put that in perspective for you, the scale only goes up to 5. at least 11 weather-related deaths reported in texas alone. a twister carving a path of destruction in rowland, 25 miles northeast of dallas. and the damage you see here is part of a roughly 40-mile stretch obliterated in the storms. people here are used to seeing their share of severe weather, but many say round after round
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from one extreme to the next is becoming just too much to bear. neighbors now coming together tonight to do what they can to help those who have lost so much in these storms. >> it is just sad to see. it is heard to see these people's livelihoods gone. it is just hard to see, so, it's just unbelievable to me. >> right now severe weather alerts are in effect from the south to the midwest as the threat is not over yet. will carr is live on the ground in rowlett, texas. will, how are residents coping with the destruction? >> reporter: well, they are going to do everything they can tonight. you can actually hear a generator going on next to me. residents using lights out here to go through everything they can to salvage any of their possessions. this comes as there were reports of nearly a dozen tornadoes that ripped through this area yesterday. and now we have a picture of that ef-4 you were talking about. you can see just how big that
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tornado was. the national weather service tells me it had maximum wind speeds up to 160 miles per hour. as you come back out here, i want to show you some of top damage that infligtcted the hom behind me. and you can hear that beeping going off, that's the home's alarm here. and pretty much every home here on this street sustained some damage. if you keep looking down the street here, almost 40 homes completely destroyed. the tornado knocked trees down, split them in half just like toothpicks. and there's a lot of credit being given to this area's emergency alert system because nobody was killed within this community. one resident says that when she heard the sirens, she jumped into her bathtub. >> we all got in the bathtub. and we were in our center bathroom in our house. and then all of a sudden it was like a train went over the top of it and then you could hear things just bolting into the roof. and then it was like spears and pieces of wood and everything
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came through and you could feel the house shake and shimmy. >> reporter: in nearby garland eight people were killed when the tornado swept across an overpass knocking their cars down onto the ground 20 feet below. about 600 structures were damaged there. and the city mayor came out and issued a state of emergency. also, the governor of texas coming out today issuing a state of disaster for four counties. >> and what is the death toll across the region right now? >> reporter: well, it's almost 30 now. 29 people killed all across this region. there have been states of emergency issued for parts of georgia, arkansas, alabama, mississippi, after there have been tornadoes. there's been flooding. thousands of people without power. so it is definitely a tragic holiday season for so many across this area. >> all right. will carr, thank you so much in rowlett, texas, tonight. extreme weather turning deadly in missouri as well. there six people have been killed in major flooding in
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pulaski county. the victims drove onto flooded roadways and their vehicles were swept away in the raging water. flash flood watches are in effect for more than one-third of the state. and officials are warning that the downpours could be historic. and much of the county in the grip of extreme weather tonight. alerts now in effect from parts of the southwest to the northeast from snow to tornadoes to flash flooding. what a mess. meteorologist janice dean tracking it all from the fox extreme weather center. janice, what more can we expect tonight? >> hi there. we have another severe threat going into the overnight tonight east of the dallas area. eastern texas into arkansas, louisiana and mississippi up towards the tennessee river valley with hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. people are advised to keep your noaa weather radios on tonight and listen to your local weather forecast. and then tomorrow, the threat
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shifts a little more eastward towards alabama and the florida panhandle up towards tennessee. so watching that threat for the next 24 hours. the flood advisory, that's going to be a big concern. 2 to 4 inches in some areas. isolated amounts of 6 to 8. and you can see the flash flooding that is already occurring here. so over a dozen states under flash flood watches or warnings. and again, over saturated ground, this is a big concern as we head into the new workweek. the winter storm advisories continue. blizzard warnings still in place for new mexico, texas, up towards oklahoma. and we still have an ice storm warning for parts of oklahoma. winter weather advisories stretching all the way to the great lakes where we could see anywhere from 6 inches, 8 inches, even 12 inches. you'll be happy to know, julia, i know you are a skier, we are finally getting powder across new england. we'll keep that in mind. and ice accumulation, here's my concern heading into monday. we could see a quarter of an
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inch to half an inch of ice on the roadways, on the power lines, on the bridges. and this is going to make travel treacherous, especially south of the chicago area. so keeping watch over that. there's your future radar. we will watch this storm move northward and eastward. that mixing here is a concern monday into tuesday. then finally moving towards the northeast tuesday and wednesday. it's out of here and by new year's eve and new year's day, really no big storms on the horizon. so that's the good news. julie, back to you. >> janice, thank you. iraqi fighters getting ready for the final push to retake a key city from isis. ramadi is a provincial capital in a sunni dominated region. now isis militants captured it back in may. that's important because the city is so close to baghdad and could serve as a model and set the stage for how iraqi fighters could retake mosul. if they manage to push the terror group out, it would basically mean the islamic state's third major loss in as
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many months. kevin corke has the latest in the fight against isis live in hawaii where he has been traveling with the president. so kevin, what does this latest report tell us about isis' grip on that country? >> reporter: no question, julie, this would be a major, and i mean major victory for iraqi security forces if they can pull this off. keep in mind, this would further the narrative while isis is dangerous, they are losing their grip on major portions of iraq and syria. for iraqi security forces, there's no way to underscore this. a win in ramadi would be a major victory for them. as you have reported, they have begun to encircle the government complex in the center of ramadi and try to keep moving out remaining fighters and explosives as they continue to do that throughout the day and night. all this is happening on a day when the head of isis has acknowledged the terror group suffered huge losses due to the constant air strike barrage but
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vowed they will beat the coalition because they simply can't be defeated by air strikes alone. believe it or not, there are some out there who agree including new york congressman peter king. >> i would expect al-baghdadi to say that. we have had some impact, but overall he's probably right that after 15 months or 16 months of air attacks by the u.s., it's had really minimal impact on isis considering how long those attacks have been going on. >> reporter: of course, that's an ongoing argument that continues on with the fierce fighting in iraq and syria. >> kevin, how might a victory at ramadi, even a temporary one, impact the strategy against isis in the region? >> reporter: well, you hit the nail on the head. even a temporary one. that's how we have to look at this. as you know, the battlefield ebbs and flows. and there's more than just a military component to this. there's a political calculation. remember, white house officials have consistently said what they don't want is the iraq war redone. and experts tell us you're
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likely to see targeted strikes and more of the so-called advise and assist strategy for some time to come. >> it's not up to us to win this war, it's up to the people who live there. it's up to the iraqis to figure out what to do for their own future. and this is where we need to be helpful. we need to coach them, but as baghdadi said, he's trying to draw us in to have boots on the ground. >> reporter: keep in mind, baghdadi is still in hiding where he made that recording from. as you can imagine, u.s. policy continues to hunt for baghdadi even though so far they have not been able to locate him. julie? >> kevin corke, thank you very much. right now one of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history is fired up, not because of anything on the field, but peyton manning now responding to a controversial report he used performance enhancing drugs. he says he's, quote, disgusted by the claim. we'll explain. and republican presidential candidate donald trump calling
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out two democrats, you guessed it, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. while one of them openly lobbies trump supporters, the latest on the campaign trail, next. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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well, mvp quarterback peyton manning slamming a report he used performance enhancing drugs calling it, quote, totally made up. this claim is part of the al jazeera report that includes undercover video of a former pharmacy intern saying manning used a human growth hormone to recover from injuries in 2011. however, that man later recanted those statements. so on espn this morning, manning responded. >> i think i wrote to between being angry, furious, on and on, but disgusted is really how i feel. sickened by it, that i'm not sure i understand how someone can make something up about somebody, i mean, admit they
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made it up, and yet somehow it gets published in a story. >> well, manning has not been linked to any doping scandals in the past. he passed brett favre as the nfl's career passing leader in november. fox news is america's news election headquarters. and vermont senator bernie sanders is turning to an unusual place for support, across the aisle. senator sanders making a direct appeal, get this, to trump supporters saying both he and they are angry about the same things. but that unlike donald trump he has a real plan to fix those things. let's listen. >> what i'm suggesting is that what trump has done with some success is taken that anger, taken those fears which are legitimate and converted them into anger against mexicans, anger against muslims. so i think for his working class
4:15 pm
and middle class support, i think we can make the case that if we really want to address the issues that people are concerned about, why the middle class is disappearing, massive income and wealth inequality in this country, that we need policies that bring us together. >> donald trump firing back on twitter and responding to sanders' claims that his economic plan would hurt low-income workers. then he tweeted this, @we a this, @berniesanders who blew his campaign when he gave hillary a pass on her e-mail crime said that i feel wages in america are too high. lie. kristin, what is the latest on this feud between trump and the clintons? >> well, julie, trump actually took it a step further this morning on "fox and friends." first he accused hillary clinton of playing the woman's card. then he said bill clinton and his personal history with women will be fair game in 2016.
4:16 pm
>> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly sh because of all the things that she's talking to me about. i mean, she's mentioning sexism. so, certainly bill clinton is not going to be the end-all in the campaign and he'll come under attack, not just from me, but he'll come under attack from many other people. >> so far the clintons have not responded but the chair of the democratic national committee did on "meet the press." listen. >> i think that donald trump or any candidate on the other side of the aisle would raise bill clinton as somehow a negative to their peril. >> the former president is expected to join his wife on the campaign trail in january. >> and what about the rest of the republican field? >> well, many of them are gearing up for a heavy few days of campaigning. tomorrow trump and kasich will be in new hampshire. marco rubio and chris christie will be in iowa. and rubio will be joined by trey
4:17 pm
gowdy. trump said i hope he does better for rubio than he did for the benghazi hearings calling them a disaster. and today we finally got specifics from ben carson's campaign. >> there will be alterations. we have been looking in every one thing i wanted to have is a much more robust response to attacks, particularly when they are false. and, you know, we have kind of taken a nonchalant attitude. >> but the question now is, will those alterations make much of a difference now with the iowa caucus just 36 days away. julie? >> all right. we'll have to wait and see. kristin fisher, thank you very much. and the fox news political insiders will be joining me at the bottom of the hour with a look back on what was a wild year of politics. so we want to ask you to chime
4:18 pm
in. what surprised you most in politics in 2015? tweet me @juliebanderas and we'll share you responses later in the show with our panel. chicago investigating after officers shot and killed two people over this weekend. one of the victims reportedly shot by accident while opening the door for the officers. the victim's family is speaking out and sharing their heartache. plus, devastating terror attacks are a whirlwind of political campaigns and a historic pope visit. these were some of the top headlines of 2015. we'll take a look back, next.
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it is hard to believe 2015 is coming to a close. the year marked with terror attacks and political shenanigans and scandals. earlier this year there were happier headlines. before we ring in 2016, we have our 2015 year in review. >> 2015 ushered in fresh instability around the world and political gridlock around the world. those stories dominated the headlines along with a major supreme court ruling and a top presidential campaign cycle. the year kicked off with a series of violent incidents. terrorism spreading. in the first weeks of 2015, 12 people died in an attack on the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." a siege happened at a local supermarket where hostages were taken. al qaeda in yemen taking
4:23 pm
responsibility. in europe a hot spot. ukraine still fragile. a cease-fire was repeatedly violated. closer to home -- >> what do we want? >> protesters took to the street of baltimore followed the death of freddie gray who died in police custody bringing the increased focus on alleged police brutality. hundreds of thousands of men, women and children flooded european borders. the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. a federal jury in boston convicted the surviving boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev, and sentenced him to death in a boston courtroom. that sentence is now being appealed. a daring prison break in upstate new york captured national attention. inmates richard matt and david sweat broke out of the clinton correctional facility on the run for weeks before matt was killed and sweat was captured. the 2016 presidential race heated up over the hot summer
4:24 pm
months. controversial billionaire donald trump shook up an already uncertain election cycle vaulting to the top of the gop pac. and dylan roof killed nine worshippers at a charleston church setting off a new debate about the confederate flag. the legal world rocked by one of the most controversial rulings on gay marriage. domestic terror hit the u.s. military with a series of shootings in a military installment in chattanooga, tennessee. six people left dead including the shooter. the month closed out with two major diplomatic events. in austria years of intense negotiations culminated in the signing of an unprecedented
4:25 pm
nuclear deal with iran. and in havana, cuba and the u.s. restored full diplomatic relations reopening the u.s. embassy for the first time in more than 50 years. west virginia tv reporter alison parker and her cameraman adam ward shot dead live on tv. the suspect, a disgruntled former coworker that eventually killed himself after a policemanhunt. three americans including two off-duty service members credited with stopping a terror attack aboard a french train. tackling the would-be assailant before he could start killing. pope francis made headlines with a historic visit to cuba and the united states. millions of pilgrims turning out to see the pontiff who became the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress. the pope's visit marked an emotional high for house speaker john boehner who soon announced his resignation. his surprise decision threw
4:26 pm
house republicans into such disarray with congressman paul ryan stepping up to be elected speaker. the fight against the islamic state savages in iraq and syria heated up again. russia deep in this involvement in the war to shore up its allies, syrian president bashar al assad, but with isis gaining strength, the u.s. is now trying to coordinate with moscow to turn its weapons on the terrorists. that mission given increased urgency after a gruesome series of isis executions throughout the year. 21 coptic christians in egypt and a captured jordanian pilot burned to death. and isis responded by taking down a british airliner. the militants claim they planted a bomb on the plane. and 2015 also saw a rash of campus shootings in the united states. one of the most deadly at umpqua
4:27 pm
college in oregon. in paris, mass murder. at least 130 people killed. some 400 injured in widespread coordinated terror attacks. isis claimed responsibility prompting a global security crackdown. a groundbreaking announcement from the pentagon. all military combat roles now open to women for the first time in american history. and the year ended with a grim reminder of the dangers we face. at least 14 people slaughtered, many more injured in a terror attack on a holiday party at a social services office in california. the fbi says the shooters were a muslim couple who had become radicalized. looking ahead to 2016, president obama enters his final year in office and the race to choose the next president is heating up. we're also keeping a close eye on the threat of terrorism. and the chaos and violence in the middle east. of course, we'll be here for all of it. in new york, i'm harris
4:28 pm
faulkner, fox news. republican front-runner donald trump with a warning to the clintons telling hillary to, quote, be careful. so what exactly is he saying here? the insiders are standing by. they will join me live coming up next. and the recovery only just beginning in texas where a series of tornadoes destroyed homes and took lives. sales event is here. lease the 2015 gs350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer. you owned your car you named it brad.s, you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one.
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this is the "fox report." as many as 1,000 homes are damaged across the state of texas. and shelters are now open in some areas. at least 11 people died in a series of powerful tornadoes in texas alone. the hardest hit area near garland where an ef-4 tornado tore through the dallas suburb. and the chicago police department says one of their officers responding to a domestic disturbance call accidentally shot and killed a 55-year-old mother of five. betty jones was the downstairs neighbor of 19-year-old quintonio lagreer who prompted the 911 call. she died while opening her door to let in the officers. lagreer's grieving mother says the chicago police have failed them. >> you called for help. the police are supposed to serve
4:33 pm
and protect us and yet they take the lives. what's wrong with that picture? when do we get our help? when is the mayor going to step up? when is he going to step up? because we can't get no help with the police. cpd has failed us over and over and over. >> the officer involved in the shooting will be on administrative duty during the investigation. the chicago police department also is under a federal civil rights investigation. they face fierce criticism and protest after the shooting deaths of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. so republican front-runner donald trump taking shots at democratic rival hillary clinton in the wake of the announcement. her husband, former president bill clinton, will be campaigning on her behalf. trump tweets and i'm quoting, hillary, when you complain about a pension for sexism, who are you referring to? i have great respect for women.
4:34 pm
be careful! the fox news political insiders are here. you can join the conversation on our twitter pages. #foxreport, @juliebanderas. we have three might bembers her us. doug, i'm going to you first. what is your take on bill clinton entering the race, so to speak. because come january he'll be campaigning for his wife. so once again, bill clinton will be on the presidential campaign trail? >> well, that's absolutely true. hillary clinton is within single digits in some polls in iowa behind in new hampshire. bill clinton will try to mobilize the vote in a state where hillary clinton is in third, which is iowa. and he, by getting involved, i think could really jump-start
4:35 pm
her campaign. but what trump is saying, and candidly i think it's a change and a change in the wrong direction for the campaign, is that he's going to invoke the issues of bill clinton's personal life and issues that i personally dealt with when working for bill clinton in 1998 during the impeachment crisis. so this is a change in the campaign. and i would say arguably a change in the worst, for the worst. >> pat, trump seems to think he's got the gop nomination sewed up. what say you? >> well, let me say, first of all, i both agree and disagree with doug. i think if trump continues this track it's a mistake. but i tell you, sending a shot over hillary clinton's bow and to clinton himself, i, by the way, think clinton campaigning reminds everybody why they like him and why she is not him, is not bill. but on the one hand, hillary
4:36 pm
clinton and her campaign always default to the gender war and women card on anything they are hit with. and what trump did is send a shot across their bow and an appropriate one saying you will not talk about the war on women, then you better be careful. he doesn't have the nomination wrapped up and i think he should be working on getting votes in these critical days. he's not the nominee yet. he should stop acting like one. >> you know a lot of people are very much looking forward to an on-stage war between donald trump and hillary clinton. but the sexism thing, that will definitely get her fired up. will it backfire on donald trump? >> well, i don't know. i think, first of all, he does have to win the nomination. five weeks from tomorrow is iowa. the history of iowa is people come on strong the last week who weren't even considered likely to win. and they come on and, boom, on
4:37 pm
that monday night, february 1st, surprise, they have come in first. what's going on in the republican party, and i'm not sure trump is plugged into it, is there is a revolution going on right now on the right against paul ryan, against the congressional leadership, to jam this bill through that has things in it, julie, that have the voters furious who vote in the primaries. can you imagine a majority of republicans in the house voting to fund obamacare? to fund obama's syrian refugee program. to fund obama's global warming stuff. to fully fund planned parenthood. all things republicans have said we're against, but they all voted or a majority of them voted. if a candidate could beat any one of the 13, seizes this thing and forgets the hillary sexism thing, that's not the issue in the republican primaries.
4:38 pm
the issues are the lies by the republican leadership to the republican voters. that has them royally ticked off. >> anybody could seize on this. and they could rise above the rest in iowa and new hampshire. >> huckabee did it. santorum did it. pat robertson, all these guys in the past grabbed something and zoomed on it. >> let's talk about trump's words "be careful." that can be seen as a word of caution. if i'm telling my friend to be careful crossing the street. somebody who is actually worried about me. or it cold also be seen as a threat. what is trump's message here, doug? >> i think it's a threat. i think what he's saying, and i'll take pat's point as my point of departure. i think he's saying, hillary continues to play the gender card as she has, and as the democrats have, he is going to raise the questions of bill clinton's personal behavior the way hillary clinton has reacted to things and raise a series of issues that were litigated in the past and arguably have been
4:39 pm
resolved to the benefit, politically, of the clintons. but that's not to say that in the republican primary where there's a lot of anger to the clintons, that that will not help trump. but john's point is also important. voters vote on issues. the budget is an issue, the reconciliation is an issue, and national security is an issue. >> pat, i know you are trying to jump in there. >> i just want to say i disagree with doug. that's never fully been put to bed. the fact is people don't want to relitigate it. but it's the first time i have seen a republican willing to offer a fight. i wish they would do it on the issues, but john is right, that's the issue. that and iran coming up. that's what the republicans are running on. >> many more issues to debate over tonight. hillary clinton may have the name recognition, but does she have the numbers? new polls suggest the race for the democratic presidential nomination could get tight early in the primaries. the fox news political insiders are coming right back and you better, too, and you can join
4:40 pm
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many of you trump supporters are middle class citizens. and you are angry. because many of your jobs have gone to china or other countries. >> senator bernie sanders is trying to move trump supporters saying he feels the same way about trump but has a better plan. it's a tighter race in new hampshire with sanders leading
4:44 pm
clinton 49.3% to 43.5%. the fox news political insiders are back, pat, doug and john. john, i want to go to you first. obviously, new hampshire and iowa, the two states are extremely critical and volatile. hillary clinton's camp must be nervous if they are pulling the bill card. >> totally. and this is what i can't get over about hillary. ms. feminism, miss i did it on my own, hillary rodham, but when she gets in trouble, she hides behind her husband. she says, my husband did this, we had a co-presidency as he comes to campaign, it's such a joke. that's why trump is ready to poke at her a little bit about it. but bill clinton is a good campaigner and probably will help her. >> he's an excellent campaigner. people really love to watch him speak and the crowds come out. >> yeah. and she's much better than he is as a candidate, which as pat said shows how bad a candidate hillary really is. but she's in trouble.
4:45 pm
if she loses iowa and new hampshire, let's ask these two democrats, what will happen? >> doug, what are the risks to hillary in iowa and new hampshire? what happens if clinton actually loses in both those states? >> john raises precisely the right question. if hillary wins one of those two, she'll be fine, she'll roll to the nomination. but the big but given that she lost iowa in 2008 when the polls showed her much more competitive, if she loses iowa and loses new hampshire, loses the first two, it would be complete chaos. the donors would get upset. the sanders support would skyrocket. certainly the financial part and the media would have the feeding frenzy. i still think hillary would win the nomination, julie, but it would be a degree of uncertainty in a year that pat and john and i have remarked and i think correctly said this is marked by much more than we can predict.
4:46 pm
>> talk about unpredictable, seriously. bernie sanders is talking about the fact that he could take iowa and new hampshire. would you have predicted that? he's saying, quote, one of the greatest political upsets in the history of america. he would take these two states and they are sure he can do it. can he? >> tell with, i think he possibly can. bernie sanders, his comments, we need to pause and think about. he's absolutely right. he's got voters who like trump voters are alienated, they are against the political clad, not just against the financial situation. he has them bothered. the democratic party is as rigged as the republican party would like to be. and if he gets off, as i said before, on the difference on their position on the war issue, of whether too much intervention, the iranian issue is coming up again, she is stuck with that and he is partly. but he can break away.
4:47 pm
and the other point i want to make about clinton if i were bernie sanders, my comment would be if bill clinton would be running, i wouldn't be running. but he's not running, she's running and she's not bill clinton. that's a real danger to the clintons. because if you're smart and understand jujitsu, you use that strength against the clintons. >> real quick then we have to go to break. >> on sanders' comment, they are the same as trump's, the reason he's saying that is they are competing in new hampshire for the same voters. independents in new hampshire could vote in either primary on that day, february 9, and they both want those voters. >> and they are looking for outsiders. political outsiders as opposed to you guys. >> we are renaming our show "political outsiders." >> stand by. 2015, what a year it was for political shake-ups and the damage could stretch well into 2016. the fox news political insiders are coming back and we want to
4:48 pm
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. fox news political insider for 2015. don't worry. they'll be back next year. what a year has been. earlier we asked you what surprised you most in politics in 2015. one says two outsiders never in politics before shaking up the ranks and file politicians. the fox news political insiders are back. a couple other tweets, steve oktu, no biggest surprise, at real donald trump and his takeover to the gop nobody
4:52 pm
predicted. another one, i'm still in shock that people are taking donald trump's presidential campaign seriously. a lot of people are tweeting about donald trump. part of the issue that people have with the media is it seems it's all we talk about. i mean, pat, i have one guy here texting me, is there a late entry candidate who could impact the race? will we be talking about somebody else other than hillary and donald trump in 2016? >> i believe, we said in this program the week after the election in 2014, and we've been saying it for some time. because of the alienation, we've been talking on this program, people have been looking for someone to represent them. they overwhelmingly with bernie sanders, they disagree with what's going on in washington. it's not democrats and republicans. the media leadership in this country, i watched the shows
4:53 pm
this morning. they're still saying nobody saw this coming. that's not true. the alienation and the desire for something was there. sanders, trump, and carson stepped into it, but we're still waiting what i would consider the real narrative on this who could sweep the country, whether in the parties late, or frankly, as a third party. i guarantee, if you think 2015 was chaotic, 2016 will turn this country on its head. >> doug, this political year has been unlike any one i have seen with my own eyes. john mentioned 1968. i wasn't around them. as far as how much interest the gop has garnered, the debates and the viewership through the roof. what price will americans pay and will the year end with a president who can do all that is needed? question. i think the point i would make, big surprise to me is a complete
4:54 pm
collapse of the republican establishment. we've been talking about it. but when you look at where jeb bush is and the other incumbent office holders, goodness gracious, that is sending a loud message along the lines that we, the political insiders, what we've been talking about. i think we'll see more inability, more uncertainty. there's only one thing we can predict. we can't sit here and say what's going to happen. >> can 2016 be crazier than this year? >> i think 2015, as the year before, presidential election was the wildest ever, and i think that means 2016 -- >> so far out we've been crazed about the election. >> well, 2016 will be even wilder. we sit here saying trump and hillary. i wouldn't be surprised if in july we're not talking trump or hillary, maybe one, maybe neither, maybe another person. one thing that is happening that doug alluded to, the republican party has we've known it is
4:55 pm
dying right in front of us in this election. >> did not we say this a year ago? >> how about four years ago, and you were the first of the three of us to lead the charge in 2011 saying -- >> the democratic party is divided too. >> that's going to go next. >> democrats have become a socialist party. >> let me say, exactly. we could end up -- we have a big middle in this country, made up of more people agreeing than anyone else. the old paradigm is dying. the new paradigm is not going away. i have news for everyone in washington. >> all right. got to say good-bye to the panel and see you next year -- >> pay attention to us. we've been right. pay attention to us. you'll know what's going on. >> all right. our panel, it was a flash being with you tonight. >> happy new year. >> to ring in the end of 2015. no delusions of grandture.
4:56 pm
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that's how it happened. thanks for watching. i want to take five seconds to say happy new year and i'll see you in 2016. >> how much time did you spend talking to each of them? the it's a boy and a girl? >> a boy and a girl. >> about the actual crime? >> when they have questions i try to let them know there's no question they can't ask me. >> life isn't often easy for taya kyle. she'll tell us her story this morning. >> killing jesus, was a huge success. kelsey grammar has a lot to say about his role as king herod. >> people will be surprised to see how ooevil you are in


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