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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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that's how it happened. thanks for watching. i want to take five seconds to say happy new year and i'll see you in 2016. >> how much time did you spend talking to each of them? the it's a boy and a girl? >> a boy and a girl. >> about the actual crime? >> when they have questions i try to let them know there's no question they can't ask me. >> life isn't often easy for taya kyle. she'll tell us her story this morning. >> killing jesus, was a huge success. kelsey grammar has a lot to say about his role as king herod. >> people will be surprised to see how ooevil you are in this.
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>> also gary havesinice, and hi passion for veterans. >> caution. you are about to enter the zone. factor begins right now. >> hi. thanks for watching us tonight for this special edition of the ak for. our most compelling segments. we'll look back at some of the most memorable interviews we've done. we begin with gary sinice who devotes much of his time helping veterans. he also tours the country raising the country for his foundation. we asked him all about these things. >> how many of these benefits do you do a year, do you think? >> oh, gosh.
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we have a lot of money to raise at the foundation. we're doing a lot of thing, building themes. the events is part of my foundation. ♪ >> you know, i'm doing various fundraisers and the band fundraisers, so maybe 35 concerts a year. >> so almost every weekend if you're doing 35. that's a lot. ♪ ♪ >> now, explain. there's a foundation. i have a foundation named after my parents. you have a foundation. what does your foundation do? >> it's a military support charity. that's what it is. i've been involved with veterans going back for the 80s, and after i played the wounded veteran in forest gump in the 90s, i got very involved with the wounded.
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>> get your hands down. do not salute me. there's snipers all around the area who would love to grease an officer. i'm lieutenant dan. welcome to fort platoon. >> and then after september 1st 19, th, we needed help, so i volunteered and started going out and helping military charities like the independence fund. i got involved back in '08. >> your foundation gives money and does what? >> one of the programs we have is called rise, restoring independence, supporting empowerment. that means we want to support specially adapted housing for our wounded veterans, track chairs, that kind of thing, adapted vehicles. we want to do things that are going to empower them and give them their independence back. >> and that's very important. so you played an amputee in forest gump. >> what are you doing here?
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>> well, i thought i'd try out my sea legs. >> you ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan. >> yes, i know that. >> and then you got to talk to some of the vets and you got, i guess, empathy. is that the word, empathy for them, that you felt it was your mission to do this? >> partially, and i had been involved with vietnam veterans going back to the 80s. i had serious compassion. >> what was it that attracted you to the military side? >> the military in my family, first of all, on my side of the family, world war i and ii and korea korea, and my wife's side vietnam. it was the vaet nietnam that edd me on how terrible it was to come home. i didn't want to see that happen again. >> you weren't in the military yourself, right? >> no. >> and i didn't serve either. i can't say that i did nearly as
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much as you do for the military, but certainly we've raised millions of dollars for the track chairs here as the folks know. when you do these things, it's hard sometimes. i mean, it's hard. you're a busy guy, a successful actor. you live in the west coast. you have a family to take care of. you're out all the time. does that ever weigh on you? >> well, it does, but there's a lot of satisfaction also when you see that you can do something to help somebody. >> absolutely. >> there's a lot of entire chul nourishment you get from that. >> spiritualme newishment. you're a believer in god and helping others? >> i felt in some ways i was called to do this. there's a thing that i can provide. there's a thing that i can do. there's a way that i can raise awareness. there's a way that i can give back. >> and you're using your fame, obviously, for good to do this, and i kind of do the same thing. i figure, a million and one, it's actually 20 million to one
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that i'm here, so i might do some good. the guy, when i visit the wounded, and i don't try to make a big deal out of it, but they're so almost stunned to see you. and it's me -- it's me, the one -- i'm the one that is privileged to be with them. >> i'm sure they're stunned to see you, bill. >> they are. >> and the first thing is we didn't know you were so tall. >> i'm sure they're stunned. >> i bet you feel the same way. it's like i don't want them to think i'm anything special. they're the special ones. you know? they have given and sacrificed for their country. >> but they don't expect anything. they don't expect celebrities to walk in the door and take their time to visit them. when you go to the war zones and the hospitals and go around and play it for them like i have over a number of years, even with all that i've done, i'm still every single time i do it, i get so much nourishment out of it. i just feel that, you know,
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? continuing now witpersonal my book killi"killing jesus" bea success, and the book became a movie on national geo. >> i know you, jesus of nazareth. you have opinions on everything. what's his opinion on this? >> let him be the first to cast
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the stone. any among you who is without sin. >> recently i sat down with two of the stars. kelsey grammer and a muslim actor who plays the lead role of jesus. >> so you were raised in lebanon, correct? >> right. >> lebanon is an interesting place. there's a big christian community as well as the muslim majority. when you were growing up as a muslim, did you know anything about jesus? >> absolutely. we celebrated christmas. >> you did? >> oh, yeah. and i knew not so much about his teachings until later in my life, but i always understood his presence in my life and in the world, and the importance of his presence and how he affected people. that i always got from a very young age and how he influenced the world in such a positive and powerful way. >> let me follow you.
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what is your name? >> judas. >> when you auditioned for "killing jesus" there were a lot of jesus before you. but when you auditioned, you did such a nice job. they called me and said he's a muslim. i said, well would jesus hire him in. >> jesus. how could you know me? >> it's an honor for me to be in this position and when i told my mother, the first thing she said, bless you, my son, playing our profit, this be upon him. >> for yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory. >> i was heavily influenced in his teachings. i have many people whom i was guided by in that process. when i found out i got the part,
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i only had excitement, passion, and love, and i couldn't wait to get there and start working on . >> he who shares my breath, has lifted his --. >> i tell you now, before it happens so when it happens you know i'm here. >> no one questions that. >> many will, and one will betray me. >> in terms of preparation, i also read your book. it was fantastic, and the screen play. >> you did a nice job adapting the screen play. >> and you brought anger to jesus, which i think some people are going to be surprised by. >> this is my life. >> when you summon the anger in the scene where you go into the temple, your demeanor is not of a peaceful god. you are really wanting to right
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this wrong. what are you thinking about? >> he was playing the game. he was a clever man. when he went into that temple to do this, he did that for a purpose, a reason. >> sure. >> he was trying to fulfill the prophesy. it was not entirely him being reactive. it was planned and plotted in his mind with no judgment toward humanity and everything about it in terms of the story itself. if you really want to ask me the essence of it, it's a story about love, and it's also a story about celebrating us humans, what we're capable of doing for one another. >> the temple is god's glory. >> god's glory is love. >> fantastic performance. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. pleasure to meet you. >> in alliance with the stars has joined us here. >> these stars? >> a child. born in your kingdom.
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to be the chosen, the messiah. >> you're playing one of the worst men in the world. people don't know the story, herod ordered the murder of all infants under the age of two in the bethlehem area. how is it you're a beloved actor in america. you're playing a bad guy. you did that in chicago in a program. >> it's fine. i'm an actor. you lend yourself to the role. it's not -- it doesn't necessarily reflect on you. >> of all the infants born in my kingdom i don't recolle kingd kingdom, how will you find this one child? >> the day and time of his birth match the position of the stars and the child will give us a sign. >> yes. >> people are going to be surprised to see how evil you are in this movie. you're an evil guy. >> maybe. >> i wrote you evil, and you played it evil. before you did "killing jesus,"
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you were raised christian. did you have a frame of reference about jesus? >> oh, he's the savior. that's how i go about it. without apology, i'm a christian. i'm not -- i was raised as a christian scientist, but i'm not a practicing christian scientist, although i still observe many of the tenets within the context of the writings, but i'm -- he's the guy. >> okay. >> the one. >> when you got the role and you started to research it, did you learn anything? >> well, you know, it's funny. maybe it's a karma kind of moment. different things happen to me all the time when i take a role. the universe conspires to fill in the blanks. i open up a book, and the first page is on herod's palace. he was a man of great accomplishment and survived his
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own rule for 30 years, murdered after his children, had 30 or 40 children. he was a busy guy, and this was what helped me realize that he was probably worried about being as assassinated all the time. people used to say when i first got the role, how are you going to play him? it's going to be so much fun. i didn't get it. but he -- i thought he must sleep with a weapon in his bed. he must. if he's no paranoid, and that helped me to play the whole first scene. >> anything you learned throughout the whole experience? >> i loved morocco. >> that's good. >> i had been there 20 years previous, and i loved it then, but i drove through the atlas mountains. fantastic people. wonderful food. >> did you get the keep the costumes? >> with beard. i had sort of a full beard
5:17 pm
myself at the time, and, of course, not big enough to play one of those guys. i am actually a gentile playing a jew which is controversial, but -- >> you brought a lot of edge to the role. >> i had fun, bill. >> coming up, the widow of american war hero, chris kyle, speaks out about life after her husband's murder. >> we talk about good and evil. we talk about bad decisions, and my believes that god gives us all free will. he gives it to people who choose evil as well. >> taya kyle will join us. >> and later, mother dolores hart talks about hollywood and elvis presley. >> he stands up and he comes over and says how do you do? i said what do you do. >> you said what do you do?
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>> a best selling book is called american wife. a memoir of love, war, faith and renewal by the widow of chris kyle, the american sniper. you have two grammar cool kids
5:21 pm
who lost their dads. how are they doing? >> well. >> did you allow them to see the movie? >> i think they're too young. they're still in elementary cool. we watched the first trailer. we spent about 24 45 minutes going over that frame by frame so they wouldn't be caught off guard if they were at a friend's house and it came on. >> if i was on the treat. >> you got a savior complex? >> i just want to get the bad guys. >> all these guys know your name. they feel invincible with you up there. >> they're not. >> how much time did you spend talking to each of them? a boy and a girl? >> a boy and a girl. >> about the murder, the actual crime? children have, obviously, when they're affected that directly and deeply, how much time did you spend with them and what did you say? >> we've talked about it a lot. i try to let them know there's
5:22 pm
no question they can't ask me. we'll talk about anything. the questions, obviously, some of the things are the same things adults ask. what's wrong with this person. we talk about good and evil and bad decisions and my belief that god gives us all free will. that means he gives it to people who choose evil as well. and then my daughter and son both asked about the death penalty, if that was on the table early on. we talked about what that was and what it looked like, and we talk about that in american wife too. it's interesting to see their responses. they're different people. >> we meet in fallujah. you saved my life. >> i did? >> yes, sir. we were stuck in a house until you came in with the first marines. you were the one that carried me out. >> the ma reerines saved us ple of times. how are you? >> i'm just grateful to be alive. why don't you come down to the
5:23 pm
v.a. sometime? >> you're a christian woman. you wear the cross proudly around your neck. did you talk about forgiveness? i don't know -- boy, you know, you have to -- our religion dictates we have to forgive. i always say the person has to ask for forgiveness. maybe i'm on the wrong side of that. have you talked about 245? >> we've have had deep conversations about that. i had a deep conversation on my pastor about that on a different issue, respecting the time we have here, there's a story in the bible where there was some jews that god sent into a cave. they decided to not listen to god. they walked for 40 years and said god, please forgive me. he said i forgave you the day you did it, but that doesn't mean you can go back in the cave. there's a consequence. that's what we talk about, to finish that thought, we did talk about that, the fact that we can
5:24 pm
try to forgive the person while we condemn the act and while we also want their punishment. >> that's right. they have to pay the price. in this case, the it's the civil authorities. i felt bad. it was on this program that your late husband talked about jessie ventura disrespecting the seals which got him into a lawsuit. personally, not legally, how do you feel about this? >> it has been one of the most extraordinarily draining experiences, truly. last time i was on your show, i said i didn't give him much thought. that's true, but that doesn't mean -- people think in a lawsuit your lawyers handle. >> you're involved. >> you have to review every document and go through every emotional hurdle. the trial itself, and i talk about the trial in american wife also. the trial itself was so emotionally draining and so frustrating, and i've heard the
5:25 pm
interviews of the jurors after, and i find it very frustrating because i guess i was supposed to be emotionless. i don't know how you do that when your murdered husband is up there. >> i said from the beginning that the governor should not have said what he said and then let it go. that's my opinion. the book is doing very well. big best seller. "american wife". if we can ever do anything for you and your family, let us know. >> thank you. >> coming up. former rhode island congressman patrick ken dri, a recovering substance abusers speak out to marin in our country. >> we don't need another legal drug. legalization will increase prevalence. our youth are at risk. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal,
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live from america's head quarters. good evening. here's what happening. texas remains on alert tonight for severe weather. this on the heels of deadly storms that claimed at least 11 lives yesterday. the governor has declared four counties disaster areas. one of the hardest hit areas with us garland. the it was hit by an ef 4 tornado. that means wind gusts can exceed
5:29 pm
200 miles per hour. eight people were killed in garland. at least 600 homes were damaged. ralette was also hard hit. fortunately, no loss of life. winter weather is also part of this storm system you're looking at with heavy rain from new mexico to the texas panhandle. authorities say if you don't have to go out, stay home. and flood waters have killed seven people in missouri. that's a look at news. i'm kelly wright. legalized pot, colorado says it collected 2 million dollars off of it the first month of legalization there. i believe the form of addiction will cost the state more than it's taking in. i could be wrong. joining us a former congressman from rhode island and christopher kennedy, author of a book, "what addicts know".
5:30 pm
both men were substance abusers at one time. i understand you're against legalization. why? >> i have a mood disorder and i'm in recovery because i'm an addict. one that has a for profit motto of hooking new consumers, they're going to target teenagers and make their money off of people like myself who are addicts, and i don't think this is the kind of thing that makes your country or families stronger. >> but the pro pot people say it's not addictive. it's less harmful than alcohol and it's unfair to have alcohol legal and pot not. and you say? >> i say two wrongs don't make a right. and the marijuana today is in beverage form, candy form. you can eat it. now, i was an asthmatic. i didn't go down the rout of marijuana, but if it were available to me and i could have eaton it like they could in
5:31 pm
colorado, it would have been a different game. people think smoking a couple of joints every other weekend. this is a whole new commercial industry. the profit motive will be to marketing this. we want demand reduction, and yet, this is going to be increasing the demand for add t addictive sub bans. that's my problem. >> mr. loughlin, you're a libertarian kind of guy. you're against the legalization of marijuana? >> i'm primarily against it because of what it could do to our children. legallati legalization will increase pref lan lance. one in six people smoke it chronically. it gets rid of ambition and
5:32 pm
leads to mood disorders. it's not a good drug. it's not a good party of policy to legalize it. >> both of you are democrats and fairly liberal. i don't know your politics as precisely as i should, perhaps, but the liberal wing, they're the ones that are driving the legalization, all right? you see in colorado, for example, it breaks down, and there are libertarians. but why does the left want this substance? is it wood stock? >> medical marijuana was the initial one. i understand that. and it was pushed primarily because of the inner city. it's true, young african american males are getting targeted by police departments in the inner city in terms of arrests to show cops how to do drug busts, basically. legalization is not the answer to that issue. >> so that's why you think that
5:33 pm
the -- >> i think so. >> do you concur? do you think it was a racial social issue that drove the left to want it? >> yes. i think it's driven by that. african americans, minorities are discriminated against throughout the justice system. so just by legalizing this, you're not going to get rid of the discrimination in the application of laws in this country. we should address that and make it a separate issue, not conflate addressing incarceration with the decriminalization and legalization. >> okay. but i will point out to both of you, and you both made points, but i have to run -- that the neighborhoods that have been most impacted by drug addiction in this country have been black neighborhoods. all right? >> that we know of. >> well, they have been. and that crack epidemic when all the mandatories were put in, that wiped out a generation, and that's why that was there. >> and, bill, there are eight
5:34 pm
times in liquor stores in minority neighbors as white neighbors. the same thing will happen with marijuana. it will target the most vulnerable in our country. >> excellent point. thank you for coming in. excellent points. >> coming up, a hollywood actress leaves hollywood to become a spiritual leader. mother tdolores hart. >> you have a spiritual awakening? >> the minute i put my foot on the ground, something in me fell in love. >> and later, he's a hollywood icon who has seen it all. earnest borg nine. >> put on the blue suit, huh in. >> i'm just a fat little man. >> you're not ugly. >> i'm ugly. i'm ugly. ma, leave me alone. >> we'll be right back. ♪ and then santa's workers zapped it right to our house.
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ma, leave me alone.
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5:38 pm
kelley, a big, big star. then something dramatic happened to dolores hart. in fact, what occurred might be called a miracle. >> you're a young woman. you want to be an actress. you go to hollywood. they love you. you get into a movie with elvis presley. >> that's right. >> i wanted to be with you. not only here, but i want you with us on the road where we go. >> they don't need me, and you don't. you're going to the top and you're going alone. >> i've been alone all my life. i need somebody. >> tell me about the first meeting with elvis. >> i was in first year of college. he walked into the office and meets mr. elvis presley, and he stands up and comes over and says how do you do. i said, well, what do you do?
5:39 pm
>> you said what do you do? a week before he had been on the ed sullivan show and there was a big controversy, but you being a college student, you didn't hear about it? >> i didn't have the slightest idea until i went back to school after the girls heard about my intery interview, and they said what, are you nuts? ♪ >> you know, he's very sweet and very humble in his own way, and he was a mother's boy. >> once you found out it was elvis presley and now you're in this movie and you're shooting the scenes, and there's a kissing scene. >> the kissing scene was with 200 people, and the moment we got lips to lips, the director said cut, and i thought oh, my gosh, can i make a mess of this? >> i think this is one i can handle by myself.
5:40 pm
>> but you guys didn't have anything off the screen or anything like that? >> no. we did not. in fact, he asked me out, and i said, elvis, i would love to do this, but i don't believe in mixing work and pleasure. >> really? you said that at 18? >> i said i've got to get up at 5:00 in the morning to be here and ready at 8:00. i said i would be a if i went out at night. >> then you did where the boys are, and then went back with elvis. >> oh, hello. >> don't give me that. i saw you looking. >> you're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you? >> well, not always. >> did you become a secular person in the hollywood tradition? >> well, i met a wonderful friend, maria cooper, who was the daughter of gary cooper.
5:41 pm
and maria had been around the hollywood scene for a long time. we went to a dinner with two guys. she brought me to the dressing room, and she said dolores, i think we should just wait here, let them go home. >> so she was looking out for you? >> she was, indeed. i learned very soon that the values of being in hollywood were not what people thought they were. >> your name? >> nelly. >> what time did you get through work? >> why? >> well, i thought i might meet you. >> what do you think i am? >> i'd like to find out. >> so now you're 24 years old, you have a nice hollywood career going, beautiful woman. you're engaged, and all of a sudden you have a spiritual awakening? >> i had come to ra gina love much earlier when i was in the play, "the pleasure of his company" in new york.
5:42 pm
and a friend of mine told me there was a place i could go up north for a little rest, because the play was in the ninth month. the minute i put my foot on the ground, something in me fell in love. so i went to see the benedict, t would you think of one someone like me as part of your community. and she said dolores, you go back and do your hollywood thing. you're too young for this, and i said great. i said, that's the best news i've heard. >> you didn't get it out of your mind? >> no. when i married don, i said, you know, don, there's something that's bothering me. he said, well, just get engaged and i'll make it at peace. we went to a party. it was an engagement party. and on the way home, as we're driving down the street, he steps on the brakes and says,
5:43 pm
dolores, what's wrong with you, and he said, just tell me you love me. obviously of course i love you, and he said something isn't right. why don't you go back to the monastery that you love so well and get a little time off. he had no idea what he was sending me into, because i went back there and i talked to the lady that time and she said yes, you can come. >> and that was it? >> yes. >> so you're there, and then, obviously, that 50 years later, you're still there? >> yes. >> are you surprised on how much spirituality has been diminished in the united states? religion is mocked? >> the only time it surprises me is until you start reading history and you realize that at every period in history where there's been a major change, there's always been a loss of religious values as they have
5:44 pm
been known, because something new has to come in. i believe that's where the pope now is seeing things. >> do you believe in evil? >> i do, indeed. i think evil is the loss of love. >> the loss of love? >> yes. whenever something evil happens, it's because of a person's refuse to love. >> thank you for speaking to us? extraordinary woman, and mother dolores has a book called "the ear of the heart". she no donates all the proceeds charity. >> a report coming up next.
5:45 pm
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5:47 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o >> a'r personal story segment tonight, a new book by a former abc anchor is called "lights out, cyber attack, a nation unprepared". that time is pretty scary. >> i hope so. it should be. >> you can back it up? >> as you know, bill, reporters don't necessarily know a lot about the actual subjecting in they start talking to the experts. i talk to experts in the military and the intelligence field and the industry itself.
5:48 pm
and the vast majority of them believe this is not only a possibility but a likelihood. >> all right. so some nation, russia, putin, china, or even the the terrorists, isis, iranians, they'll hack into our system? >> they have done it. the chinese and the russians are already inside. this comes from people high-ranking people in the national security agency. they've got what amount to cyber time bombs that are ready to go off. >> so they're working toward bringing down our system? >> they are already in a position that with a key stroke, they could take down -- >> why don't they do it? >> -- the power friday. the there are so many interlocking interests, they're probably not going to do it. that's the good news. there are others who are not quite as technically capable like the iranians and the north koreans and isis.
5:49 pm
>> they would do it if they could. >> they would if they could, and they very soon will have that capability. >> if the national security agency understands what's happening, can't they build a fire wall of protection to stop these attacks. if they know they'red in and they have the information that the they're trying to do it, can't they stop it? >> the internet was designed to be a meeting place for professors with good ideas. it was never designed to be defended. it was designed to exchange information instantaneously around the world. we are much better at cyber offense. we can do the same thing. we're probably better at it than they are, but defending it is almost impossible. >> so mutual destruction if somebody did it because they would know who did it. >> not necessarily. take at how long it took the fbi to come to the conclusion that
5:50 pm
north korea, how long it took them to figure out that they were the ones who hacked into sony pictures. >> yeah. and the chinese have been accused of doing this for industrial espionage. so you're -- if it all goes th succeed in hacking us in a cyber attack on the nation, our cell phones don't work, our -- >> that's the easiest part. your electricity doesn't work, your lights don't work u-refrigeration -- it is all on the electric grid. if the electric grid comes down, everything in the city that runs on electricity which is just about everything is down. >> so now we have zombie apocalypse people running around the streets you remember what happened with the blackout in the 70's. you have disorder and anarchy and all of that. you you foresee that from happening? >> it is possible. the only thing that can stop that is the military.
5:51 pm
>> the military would be called in. >> the problem is the department of homeland security doesn't have a plan for the civilian population in the event this happens? >> why not? >> because the plans they have got -- they have plans for floods, they have plans for blizzards. >> the nsa knows it's going to happen why don't they have a plan? >> i don't know the answer to this. >> you need to find that out. >> you are going to find that out. >> i don't like any of this internet stuff. you know if you watch the program you know i think it ruined the media. it's the middle of the winter and you are telling me our homeland security has no plan at all. that's frightening. >> what i am telling you is i spend an hour with j johnson current secretary of homeland security. i said what is the plan? pointed to a bunch of white folders in the shelf.
5:52 pm
i am sure there is a plan. >> i am sure there is. >> but the one thing that he recommended was have a radio with extra batteries. i said what are you going to tell people after the fact that you can't tell them now when they can still do something about it. it was not a pleasant exchange. >> maybe you get a kite, too, when there's lightning. >> the book is provocativprovoc. it is called "lights out." >> amazing you kept your wit after all of these years. >> ages. age is catching up with both of us. >> not me. botox. it really works. >> next up flash bags and hollywood legends. my interview with earnernest borgnine and james arounaz. >> people need heros and you are a hero as an actor on the screen and as a real guy fighting for
5:53 pm
your country. >> right back with it. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "the factor, our most compelling segments. we end with two hollywood legends earnernest borgnine and james arnaz were two big hollywood actors and were compelling indeed. >> you have known all of these tight continues and you are an honest guy. let's start with frank sinatra. you were from here to eternity with him and from in movie his career has gone nowhere. >> you quit the bug el core from here? >> at that time he wasn't well liked up front in the office, but he was well liked wherever we were, you know? >> we did a scene together. i played the piano and --
5:56 pm
>> i will bust you up. >> he broke the ice. from then on i loved him like a brother. >> he had a reputation to be a tough guy. >> absolutely. >> was he a tough guy? >> no, he wasn't. the sweetest man in the world. ♪ >> john wayne, you were never in a movie with john wayne but you knew him, right? >> absolutely. >> did he own hollywood? >> when he said jump, people said how high. >> you are going to have a long winter belly ache. >> we were in the lounge together we met one night. he looked at me and said damn it ernie how come we haven't worked together? i said because you are afraid to work with good actors. >> oh, man. did he shoot you? how did he respond to that? >> he laughed. he laughed like crazy.
5:57 pm
>> you know, you pick and choose your friends, but you know a good guy. hey, you are a good guy. i will tell you right to your face. >> i appreciate that. >> believe me. now, gun smoke, younger people may not understand how dominant this program was. 20-years. yfd it so successful? what was it about gun smoke when you had 50 other westerns? >> gun smoke was created these guys. they put it on radio and they were exceptionally good writers and creators. they were real -- we were really the first westerns, more adult westerns as you call them. we were the first ones to come on. >> close enough now. don't know whether you are or not. i say you are not. >> i say, i am.
5:58 pm
>> you came across as a tv john wayne. you knew john wayne. you guys were buds, right? >> yes, i was under contract with his company for three years prior to gun smoke. did several movies with him. >> you both were tall, big guys. you were iconic. didn't talk a lot. just beat up the bad guys. >> he was -- believe me, he was a great man. he was one of a kind. there will be another guy like him. >> when i first heard about the show "gun smoke" i knew there was only one man to play in it james arness. i worked with him and i predict he will be a big star. >> did you model your character after john wayne characters he played in movies? >> not consciously. i just played what was written on the page there and tried to get into that character. >> i am a pretty important
5:59 pm
citizen in kansas, marshall and i run things my way. >> but you don't run the united states government, jake, and you don't run me. >> not too many people know this but you were a war hero. got wounded during world war ii. how did that change your life? >> i wasn't a war hero. i was a guy that was there. i was an infantry rifle man i was on the beach for three weeks. got shot down and they called me out of there. >> 18 months rehab. >> that's right. >> i consider that a hero, mr. arnes. i know you are modest but i consider that a hero. you were a hero on the screen and hero as a real guy fighting for your country. that's why you are a tv icon and sitting here on "the factor. appreciate you coming in. >> i am a law man. i got no choice. >> let's go. >> no.
6:00 pm
>> again, thank you for watching this special edition of "the factor. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. [ horse whinnies ] ♪


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