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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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someone. >> no, come pressed r aur is not an explosion. >> and charlie says bb guns, especially those made years ago, look too much like real guns. thanks to everyone who responded. thank you for joining us this morning. "fox and friends" starts right now. it's monday, the 28th of december. it's the fox news alert. the destruction is spreading. 50 people are dead after an outbreak of severe weather in seven states. now many are bracing for blizzards. what you need to know. and a bomb shell documentary out today linking america's sports superstars like paeyton manning and clay matthews to doping. >> no shortcuts in the nfl. i have done it the long way, i have done it the hard way. to insinuate otherwise is a complete and total yolk and it really ticks me off. >> is this hack journalism or are they on to something?
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and a new year, new prices. the best buys and worst buys from 2016. as far as i can can tell, "fox and friends" starts right now. hey, everybody. >> decorations are still up in new york. did you see the security around the building today? it's incredible. >> getting dr inting ready for . >> it's going to be packed. >> a million people expected to be there. >> we'll know most of them, i think. we have a huge show coming your way including a story in 20 minutes that's going to be about the death of cancer potential. >> let's hope so. >> mortal ity rates have gone down since the '90s.
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that is not a movie. this monster tornado in the dallas area just one of several storms ripping through the south and midwest leaving 43 dead across seven states. >> lee gabriel has the latest for us. >> it has been a living nightmare for people in texas as at least nine twisters touched down leeing a path of death and destruction. 1400 homes are damaged or destroyed there. search and rescue teams are conducting search and rescue efforts. check out the scene here outside dallas. homes are reduced to piles of wood. a neighborhood completely levelled. greg abbott declaring four counties disaster areas. >> we pray and support those who have lost a family member.
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we pray and support those who have had their homes destroyed and their lives turned upside down. >> a flooded missouri is now under a state of emergency. at least six people are dead in that state alone, including four international soldiers temporarily staltioned for training. police say their car was swept away. and blizzard-like conditions with heavy snow now hitting the oklahoma/texas panhandle. so some blizzard warnings are in effect through tonight. police are urging people. if you don't have to go out, stay in in those areas. >> a lot of the story today is about weather. >> incredibly powerful storms. >> all different kinds of weather. threats of blizzard conditions and we have flooding and tornado
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tornadoes. >> scrambling for this monday. >> good morning. hope you all had had a wonderful christmas holiday. good morning, hope you had a nice weekend. a couple headlines. we'll start out on a sad note this morning. the funeral scheduled for the nypd detective killed in afghanistan 15-year veteran will be laid u to rest with full military honors this wednesday at st. patrick's cathedral this new york city. he was on a routine patrol when a homicide bomber drove a motorcycle into his convoy. the taliban claiming responsibility for that attack, which killed five other americans. multiple cities on alert after being warned of a possible terror attack ahead of the new year. stepping up security around that city after receiving a warning of a gun or a bomb attack there. the specific cities named in
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this the threat have not been replaced. no plans to cancel any new year's events, but we'll keep watching the story. families demanding answers after a chicago police officer shoots and kills two people over the weekend. the department admit. ing that that death was an accident. the mayor now telling the department to review how it deals with calls involving m mental health issues. the officer shot a 19-year-old engineering student after he threatened his father with a bat and his father called police. his neighbor, a 55-year-old mother of five children, was standing in front of him at the time that the door was opened. she was also shot and killed. both death vbs ruled homicides. that officer is now on leave. and this one has football fans buzzing this morning. the overtime coin toss between the patriots and jets. the patriots won the toss but elected to kick.
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so what happens then? the jets score a touchdown on the first drive of overtime. they win 26-20. that it blunder spark iing a lo of steve harvey jokes on social media. did you see this one? of course, we'll take the ball to start overtime. just kidding let's kick and see what happens. another one photo shopping. a play on harvey with the miss universe a pageant. >> i know you don't care. but the jets have been star crossed forever. this is one of the first times the jets have had something go in their direction. this is a team that had the butt fumble with on thanksgiving. they told captains let them kick to you first and i'll pick that up in the second. thanks, genius. >> the panthers losing yesterday too. >> the panthers lost.
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the last undefeated team. >> we have giants fans out there. >>. >> let's talk about the biggest name in football. that is peyton manning. >> saying he's furious and disgusted over the hgh allegations in a bomb shell documentary that's out today. it ties the nfl and mlb superstars to this dope iing ri. he said that had absolutely nothing to do with it. the source that was cited in this has backtracked his story. >> yeah, he says to tell you the truth, he was taken advantage. all the time we have been sending drugs. he was caught on camera saying all the time we'd be sending
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ashley manning drugs, everywhere, florida, it would never be under peyton's name. it was always under her name. since that time he's backtracked. he was an unpaid intern at the time. he says i was unpaid intesch in 2013. this happened in 2011. keep in mind, this guy was taking advantage of me. my wife had just died. why do you make stuff up because your wife just died? >> they have footage that sent an athlete to pose as someone wanting the hgh. he was able to buy some and they expose how there's still this ongoing ring of doctors supplying performance-enhancing drugs. and this pharmacist intern named names. again, allegations. but when you throw a name out there like that, it's going to start a fire storm.
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>> is there fire just because there's smoke? peyton manning says, no, he was at the clinic but it was for oxygen therapy. and yesterday he came out strong. >> i know what i have done. i know how hard i have worked during my 18 years in the nfl. there are no shortcuts in the nfl. i have done it the long way, the hard way. to insinuate otherwise is a complete and total joke. it's defamation and it really ticks me off. >> i would be that angry too if it was not true. however, this is what we have learned over the last few years. number one, everyone always denies it. they always talk about how hard they worked. there are no shortcuts. nobody worked harder than mark mcguire or barry bonds or worked harder than alex rodriguez. it doesn't mean you don't work hard. it means it gives you an edge to getting over an injury. >> we should consider the source. the pharmacist tintern not know
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either for their documentaries or sports coverage. they are going after an icon of sport for a headline here. there's no proof other than a guy who e recanted his story later on. the tough part is 2011 vs a big comeback year for peyton manning. could barely grip the football. they have no proof other than a guy undercover spewing information. >> they have ashley manning, why would he get a prescription for the clinic and she get this drug. this guy does not deny she didn't dpet it. roger clemens' wife was mailed things under her name and he threw her under the bus for a period of time for using drugs that he was accused of using.
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>> here's the other piece of this. it's becoming so common place. how much do the fans even care about this? do they care a lot because it's setting an example for our children or say everybody is doing it. >> i think they care. i don't think they want to say everybody is doing it, but there's an acknowledgment that performance-enhancing drugs have been a part of the sport for a long time. there is testing that started in 2011. >> but not for hgh. they have gotten permission to do it, but the union has held back on the procedure. the only way to test for it is blood. they passed it, but they have not put together an impleme implementation process. over the last 15 years, it's impossible not to notice that the average size of the linemen is now 60 pounds heavier. we have not gotten that much bigger. weights have not gotten that much better. so something else is going on, especially in football. >> it's not extra egg whites and
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grill. ed chicken. >> it might be the egg whites. i stand corrected. . >> we'll have joe theismann here later to talk about athletes and football and the future of football and what he thinks. he knows peyton manning, hall of fame quarterback himself. >> it bothers me that joe theismann is not ageing. that's coming up shortly. straight ahead, donald trump says he's ready to step up his war of words with hillary clinton. her husband bill is fair game. will this help or hurt the donald. we'll debate that, next. and country music star miranda lambert's christmas photo is unfinfuriating fans online. ♪ i'm jerry bell the second.
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hi friends, good morning, 16 minutes after the hour. you heard it here yesterday. gop front runner donald trump saying he's ready to escalate his war of words with the clinton campaign by taking on bill. >> i think he is fair game because. his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things she's talking to
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me about. i turned her exact words against her from that standpoint. she has to be careful. she has to be fair. we all have to fight fairly. she's playing the woman card. bill clinton is not going to be the end all. he'll come understood attack, not just from me. >> is that a good idea? former adviser richard goldstein is with us and also daniel holper. thank you for joining us. richard, i'll start with you. if trump says bill clinton is in the cross hairs with hillary, probably it will happen soon. what will the results be? >> short of donald trump being the republican normal e knee, there would be no bigger gift to the hillary clinton campaign than to have donald trump go after bill clinton's presidency. look at the popularity numbers. bill clinton is the most popular
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political figure in this country. donald trump is the most reviled. t their numbers are the exact opposite. the last time they mounted a campaign against bill clinton was in 1998 and suffered historic losses. . when he says the clinton presidency was troubled, was it the peace or prosperity that troubled him. what troubled him so much about the presidency? >> daniel, trump is the most revile reviled and bill clinton is the most e revered president. could this backfire? clinton is fair game, but is it good politics? >> he's fair game. hillary clinton did serve in the clinton administration so that is fair to question her record and wonder where she came from and what her associations were and her past history. it's definitely fair game. whether it helps is a a plr complicated question.
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donald trump's goal is to win a republican primary contest. republican voters, unlike richard, don't think of bill clinton as favorably as democratic voters and attacking bill clinton would help with voters and that's his goal right now. worry about the general election later. win the primary right now attacking past democratic presidents is the probably helpful to your cause. and we just heard debbi w wasserman shults saying that hillary clinton is being targeted because of her gender. is she looking for a double standard? >> donald trump, it's a war on decency. so it's not just his war on hispanics, blacks, muslims, you name it. when debbi was talking about the war on women, she's talking not just about donald trump's
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comments about megyn kelly's menstrual cycle. it's equal pay for equal work, reproductive freedom. so those are the issues hillary clinton would be thrilled to have a campaign revolve around. and donald trumps of the person who said about the mother of his children nice chest, no brain. that's what he said about the mother of his children. >> the gop contender would be a gift under the christmas tree. you say? >>. i would trust richard's advice for a republican campaign. i trust donald trump's instincts over richard's. >> thank you so much. 20 minutes a after the hour. we'll continue talking about this throughout the show. new hope in the fight against cancer. a a doctor who spent his life on the front lines says the war on cancer is winnable. but there's one major group standing in the way. and do you need a return for
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24 minutes after the top of the hour. united airlines has big changes for kids who fly alone. parents will be charged $150 so staff can accompany minors. they will chaperon to their seats and reunite with family. and not crazy about your christmas gifts? here are the best return policies. gives you a full refund if you ship by january 31st.
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target gives you 90 days to return unopened items. but the best of the best is nordstrom handling each gift on a case by case basis. the worst, kmart, barnes & noble and gamestop. 25 minutes after the hour. cancer touches nearly every american life in one way or another, but there may be new hope in sight. since 1990 death rates due to cancer have gone down 25%. here to tell us why is one of the key players in the fight against cancer over the past decades, 50 years he's been in that fight. author of this book "the death of cancer" and might be be one of the most important books of the year. thank you for joining us. if i got cancer in the '60s, how would i have been treated. >> surgery was the main treatment then. radio therapy was available at
3:26 am
the time. >> when did things start changing? >> in the late '60s reagan to realize how we could have used chemo to get the cells that had escaped from the primary site. so by 1970 we could cure advanced hodge convince and leukemia. >> what would they tell you? >> they were met with skepticism. >> they called it quackery. >> butchery was the term used. children bled to death in those days because their marrow was compromised. so the nobody believed you could cure with drugs. . they had funny names for it. >> when things started getting better o to the point where prostate cancer, leukemia, when
3:27 am
did you really start making progress? >> it happened incrementally. these data are the most recent, but they are always five years old because we have to collect them. so it's actually better when we measure. >> so why are you so hopeful now that things are about to turn the corner? >> we're seeing things -- for example, we have found a way to unleash the immune system that we didn't know about before. it's drove us nuts for many years because we couldn't figure out why the immune system didn't recognize cancer cells. but now we know. they discovered what we call check points. now we have drugs that can attack the check points and make your immune system attack the cancer. >> even though we found it in 1996, we're just starting to use immune therapy now.
3:28 am
>> it takes that long to develop the drugs that it come out of these discoveries. >> jimmy carter is an older man. doesn't look good. he comes out a month later and says i'm in e remission. that's part of the reason we're hearing some of these stories. how do we lace together the progress woe're making to make the person in new hampshire able to be cure d. >> the war on cancer has been a great success. there's so many new things coming. five years ago jimmy carter would have died by now. here he is a 91-year-old man getting good quality of life with the application of new technology. that should be available more widely. >> it was an experimental drug. as much progress as we made, it bothers you so much because you lost your son in 1979 to cancer. he would be alive today with some of the new therapies that are out there. it's a personal thing for you.
3:29 am
if it wasn't personal enough, we could have made more progress. but the fda keeps standing in your way. >> we need the fda. we want them to get out of the way. for cancer, it's a special disease. it's the most curable, but also the most fatal. we need to develop drugs in a more modern way. we have all these targets to go after. we need to approve drugs based on their ability to hit a target if they are safe. the fda is a little slow to do that. i think they could do better. >> they could do better, but you have done a lot. thank you so much for joining us. i love what you say at the end. if your doctor can't help you, find another doctor. that's a great. message for everyone out there. thank you so much. 29 minutes after the hour. a huge blow to isis this morning. just as the leader sent out another message, how the president is reacting from his
3:30 am
vacation. . and what happens to lost luggage at the airport? the stuff goes up for sale. things like a wedding dress up for sale. but first, happy birthday to john legend, he's a singer. ♪ jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great,
3:31 am
you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. frequent heartburn brand in america.
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3:34 am
>> it if fell in may. it's the capital of the anbar province, one of the major cities. on to mosul next. what is important, you know because you fougtd there, who took the city and who is going to hold the city. . is it shia militia or american forces? we're not sure of the makeup. isis doesn't want to be -- excuse me s, the residents don' want to be held by shia forces. >> that won't work for the long-term. you have to have a local force from there willing to hold it. and do they have enough forces to hold ramadi and go to mosul. good news, don't want to underplay the importance of this news. but the question how does it tie into a larger network of defeating isis. >> they are putting out a 20-minute video, the first message in months. it's a chilling warning to the
3:35 am
west. >> the audio message produced while remains in hiding reclaimed the resilience. it came amid-reports that iraqi security forces have taken control of the complex in central ramadi, the last stronghold in the western city. al baghdadi acknowledging they suffered huge losses. he claimed the coalition was sticking with airstrikes because they are afraid to take on the terror group on the ground. there's an equally fierce debate about the wisdom of using ground forces to eradicate isis. >> we can do that with boots and actually try to organize coalitions and those people on the ground isis will continue to
3:36 am
thrive. >> i would expect al baghdadi to say that. we have had some impact, but overall he's probably right. after 50 months of air attacks, it's had minimal attacks. >> recapturing ramadi would be an enormous victory for the iraqi security forces. perhaps the most significant since the terror group swept through the country in 2014. as for the u.s., no changes announced just yet as the hunt for al baghdadi continues. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. they came out with a tape, but don't you think they come out with a tape because he realized he is losing. >> he called it an alternative christmas message. he has to raise the moral of his folks. they talked about how israel is next. one bat until ramadi isn't going
3:37 am
to end the islamic state. >> 36 minutes after the hour. we have a look at what's make ing news. >> a couple other things i want to tell you about this morning. phone records linked the san bernardino terrorists to a cleric at a california mosque. they exchanged nearly 40 text messages in july alone. but that clerk claims he fairly knew farook and the messages that they exchanged were about food donations. he also insists that farook was not radicalized at his san bernardino mosque. breaking overnight, harlem globe trotter has died. he was known for his half-court
3:38 am
hook shots, no look behind the back passes. they were staples of that traveling team. he joined back in 1954 after he got out of the army. 83 years old, he passed away at his home in arizona overnight. our prayers go out to his family this morning. what a story he was. miranda lambert fans have a bone to pick with her. >> it is the first crihristmas e country star has spent solo after her split with blake. shelton. she shared this picture of her furry family on instagram. so cute. but social media really went into an uproar over this picture. she's modelling a floor-length fur coat that was given to her by her grandmother. nasty comments calling it disgusting and cruel, but she says it's a family heirloom.
3:39 am
those are your headlines. >> this is not great news. the panthers pursuit of perfection has come to an end. the falcons beat the panthers after they escape the giant last week. the defense holding cam newton to only one touchdown. the panthers are 14-1 on the year. and many are calling the steele steele -- this after falling to the ravens, baltimore comes from losing three straight game. s and starting a quarterback who was signed two weeks ago. and the minnesota vooik rgs going to the playoffs after crushing the giants, 49-17. they earned a wild card spot and. could still win the north next week because the packers were terrible yesterday. that's what's happening in the world of sports. many of you are thinking about traveling home.
3:40 am
have you lost your luggage? 99% of checked bags are claimed, but what happens to the other .5% of items that are not? >> joining us now with some treasures is the brand ambassador. from unclaimed baggage center. >> good morning. >> do you feel guilty looking through this stuff? >> i have been there long enough. i'm good with it now. >> they go through three months to try to get the goods back to the rightful o owner. what happens to everything else? >> a lot of what we get is left behind on the plane when you're in a rush to get off. >> in the pockets. >> i certainly don't know the story behind the men's wedding bands that we get. >> that's a lot of wedding bands. >> it is. wedding dresses, we get a nice supply of those throughout the year. we don't know if any of these
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were lost before or after the trip. you anticipate that the people did receive some type of insurance settlement from the airline. you have your everyday items that are left behind like scarves and neck pillows and sunglasses. then you have a set of $8,000 pearls. that's our price. those are $15,000. the wedding dress, we get lots of these throughout the year. >> you do get lots of wedding dresses? >> we do. >> it gets dirty any way. >> we get. crazy things. this is a whale vertebra here. >> that is a little scary. >> shares to the titanic. >> we get a lot of historic items that come through. we try to save those for posterity. >> it's about 40,000 square feet. we have been there 40 years.
3:42 am
you can't shop online. it's different from a lot of stores. >> compare the prices. good will prices or are they what? >> there's good, great and f fantastic deals. >> if if i show up and say that's my whale investigator baa b . >> we'd make sure it was yours to begin with. >> wow. >> how much is that going to cost me? >> i would love this. >> i'll be looking for this in my stocking next year. >> one toying with the definition of a bb gun. should bb guns be considered a firearm? the debate is next.
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new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your multivitamins. it may have been at the top of many christmas lists. even my 5-year-old was asking for it this year. >> i want a red rider. >> you'll shoot your eye out. >> it was the classic mother bb gun block. you'll shoot your eye out. >> as we know, raffly does shoot his eye out. but the supreme court will have to decide if a bb gun like ralphy used is a firearm after a man was sentenced to five years in prison for illegally possessing one. should bb guns carry similar punishments as real firearms. here to debate it is former prosecutor remmy spencer and director of operations of gun
3:47 am
owners of america john valencia. thank you for joining me. what do you think? bb guns as weapons, do you think they should be classified as such? >> it would surprise most people to know in almost every single state in this country a bb gun and even an air soft gun is considered a firearm. like what you'd normally think of when you think of a gun. and the punishment is almost identical. what the court is deciding is whether or not the law should remain that way. sure bb guns can result in serious bodily injury, maybe in some extreme cases death, but i don't think the average person would ever think that a bb gun and a traditional firearm are the same thing, which is why i think the court is going to be changing the law in that state. >> we'll see. minnesota is my home state where a local radio host says nothing is allowed. what do you think? is a firearm is the same as a bb
3:48 am
gun? >> i think there's a commonly accepted definition of what a firearm is. it involves fire, an explosion caused by the ignition of fire power and that's not present in a bb gun. to reclassify something it changes the definition of something that's been widely accepted for a long time that a firearm is a very specific thing that involves gun powder and to classify as firearms, it creates a huge cascading effect in regulation. are bb guns supposed to be sold by licensed gun dealers? is the fbi going to perform criminal background checks on the parents o of millions of ralphys who want a bb gun for christmas? >> to that point, i almost bought a bb gun for my kid at a toy store. would it just be those that lock like scare ray weapons?
3:49 am
>> in the state where is they treat them as firearms, there are three points that the prosecutors say. one, that the actual device fits within the description. usually it's the size of the pel e et or the bullet. and the manner in which it projected from the device that classifies it technically as a firearm. second, a lot of times these kinds of bb guns can commit serious injury. they can even commit death. imagine shooting one close to the head. and third, a lot of these guns look like real guns. so in certain circumstances, it doesn't make a difference. it's a complicated issue, and in some states there's a real inconsistency in the law. do you need a permit, do you need a license. if it's a firearm but sold on the shelves of a walmart or target, what is the average consumer to do? that's why we're seeing the supreme court side citing this issue. >> the intent and the use of
3:50 am
brandishing a weapon has a lot to do with how a weapon is perceived. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. for joining us. peyton manning slamming a new documentary claiming and other star athletes used performance-enhancing drugs. joe theismanmann here to react. and the best and worst buys for 2016, coming up next. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal,
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2016 and what might break your bank? >> steph knee o'connell is a financial expert and author of this book "the broke and beautiful life." welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> i need to know what is going to be going higher and lower this year. for example you think more expensive hotels. >> definitely. we're seeing a lot of economic activity which is actually really good news in big cities in america, so the prices are going up about 4.3% in 2016, so for cost conscious consumers who aren't maybe getting their business trips subsidized maybe you go on hotwire or and do price comparison. be wary of the fees, wifi and parking. >> if you're in florida, the towel fees will get you and stay away from the mini bar. >> exactly. >> how about food? avocados and almonds are going up, because of the drought or what? >> in part. matter of diminished supply and
3:55 am
increasing demand. avocados and almonds are super hot, a lot of people going into health conscious eating and so as that awareness has been raised the demand is growing and the supply is dwindling and that pushes prices higher. >> that's true. netflix are we paying adam sandler's -- >> in part, yes, the prices are going up on the standard plan by $1. that doesn't sound huge but when you consider the former price is $8.99 that's more than a 10% increase. if you already have the standard plan at $8.99 you get a grace period of one year before your price goes up. so you're safe. >> if our viewers are watching this early in the morning they're probably sipping on coffee, that will get cheaper in 2015. >> good news for the latte lovers like me. coffee will go down in price, follow gers and dunkin cut their
3:56 am
prices by 6% earlier this year and price also stay low throughout 2016. >> what about gas? >> gas staying low. we dropped below an average of $2 a gallon for the first time since 2009 and going to stay that way throughout 2016, maybe a little bit of a price increase around the high summer driving season but probably not going to go above $3 a gallon which is great. >> always a trickle-down. maybe other things will about gown. smartphones? >> big industry shakeups, plans and phones being sold separately which means the plan isn't subsidizing the cost of your phone anymore, that can be a high out-of-pocket cost up front and so there's a demand for more budget friendly alternatives for people who don't want to drop 600 bucks. manufacturers are creating budget friendly alternatives out in 2016. >> stephanie o'connell, author of "the broke and beautiful life" thanks for helping us today. here's what's straight ahead
3:57 am
in the next two hours. >> presidential candidate governor mike huckabee is not giving up yet, he's here live with his plan, going forward, next.
3:58 am
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
good morning, everyone. today is monday the 28th of december, 2015. i'm ana kooiman. iraqi forces retake a major city. breaking details in moments. and the destruction is spreading, nearly 50 people are dead after severe outbreak of weather across states. many are bracing for blizzardbl. debbie wasserman schultz taking her sights on donald trump. >> he's an equal opportunity insulter. he's engaged in some of the most
4:01 am
vulgar invectives and rhetoric. >> does she have larger problems to worry about? the man who landed his gyro copter on the white house says he plans to steal her seat. more now on "fox & friends." it will be a huge hour coming straight ahead, we have more presidential candidates to talk to and the aftereffects of your interview with donald trump. >> lots going on in politics as we enter the final stretch. >> governor huckabee in the wings. right to a fox news alert, neighborhoods looking more like war zones at this hour, deadly tornadoes tear through parts of northern texas. >> the twisters along with floods and snowstorms continue to cause major problems in our south and midwest. >> leah gabriel is here. >> homes retuesdayed to rubble and dozens of lives lost as
4:02 am
tornadoes hit parts of texas. texas governor greg abbott declaring four counties disaster areas as the death toll rises to 11 in the state. 1,400 homes are damaged or destroyed and search and rescue teams are conducting exhaustive search efforts for survivors. a woman in garland, texas, was killed when the high wind threw her suv off an overpass. she leaves behind four young children and a devastated husband. >> when i got there -- i looked inside the car and i grabbed her hand and i tried to talk to her, but she wasn't responding. >> and a flooded missouri is now under a state of emergency, at least eight people are dead in that state alone including four international soldiers who were temporarily stationed at ft. leonard wood army base for training. police say their car was swept
4:03 am
away. blizzard like conditions with heavy snow, some blizzard warnings in effect tonight. police urge people if you don't have to go out, go ahead and stay in. brian, anna and pete back to you. >> thanks. two minutes after the hour. in a moment governor huckabee will be here to talk about his prospects. now it's heather's chance to tell us what is going on in the world. >> finally some big and terrific news to tell you about a now, a major win in the war on terror, new video just released from iraq's military of its raising its country's flag over the city of ramadi. isis first overtook that city back in may, iraqi troops with the help of u.s. coalition air strikes have been making their way through booby-trapped streets and buildings for weeks to that city's center and they've just taken back control. the government has yet to officially confirm this but celebrations happening in the streets all over iraq. we'll keep you posted on this as
4:04 am
we get more. fox news alert, multiple european cities on alert at this hour after being warned of a possible terror attack ahead of the new year. police in vienna, austria, stepping up security around that city after receiving a warn being a possible gun or bomb attack. the specific cities named in those threats have not been released as of yet. no plans yet to cancel any new year's events. and a funeral scheduled for the nypd detective killed in afghanistan, 15-year-old veteran joseph lamb will be laid to rest wednesday in new york city. he was on a routine patrol when a homicide bomber drove a motorcycle into his convoy. the taliban claiming responsibility for that attack which killed five other americans. and wrebreaking overnight, meadowlark lemon has died. you probably remember this. ♪
4:05 am
lemon was known for his half court hook shots, no look behind the back passes and on court clowning around, all those staples of the famous traveling team. he joined in 1954, after he got out of the u.s. army. the 83-year-old passed away overnight at his home in arizona. and those are your headlines. so much fun to watch. >> if you realize how old they were seeing the black and fight footage in the '50s and '60s. governor mike huckabee joins us, he used to be on kauccouche like this but now beating the back woods in the fields in iowa, new hampshire and of course south carolina. governor, welcome back. >> thank you, very much, brian. i miss the couch but i'll enjoy the snow, ice and single dinl y iity
4:06 am
digit temperatures in iowa through january. >> time to put a new zipper in the lining. as we wake up today, ramadi has been liberated by iraqi forces with u.s. presence there. what is your reaction, your worry and observation? >> it's a great, great piece of news for all of us. the one thing that we have to do to defeat ice sis take land away from them. it is in their narrative they have to acquire land otherwise they don't have a caliphate. so when land that they have taken is recovered by those from whom it was taken, that's a big victory and it's not just that the city has been retaken, but it's that they have lost land, and that's what we have to continue to do, because the more land they take, the more they can justify their existence, the more they can recruit. start taking their land away, push them back and by the way this resolves refugee problems. when we clean up the neighborhoods where isis has taken over we don't have to relocate syrian refugees.
4:07 am
heck, they can go home. that ought to be the goal anyway. >> that's what a president huckabee, put a squeeze on them gaining ground in iraq and syria. new cnn poll trending saying more americans than ever believe the terrorists are winning despite information we just had about ramadi being liberated. what would a president at home do to ease fears? >> acknowledge we are under attack and under siege and not just by people who are in the middle east. it's people who come here and it's people who have xwroen up here and have been radicalized and we have to acknowledge that that's real and we have to attack it. we have to go after those who are being radicalized. we can't ignore everything from their social media. this is absurd. my gosh if you apply for a job anywhere in america your potential employer is going to look at your social media post so if they're going to do that, to check whether or not you can work at tgi friday's, i think
4:08 am
it's perfectly okay for the government to make sure that we check out the facebook post of somebody who wants to emigratekd comb through it to find out if somebody is posting anti-american jihadist language on it. >> absolutely. governor, this is certainly part of the conversation you'll have in iowa over the next month with the caucuses coming on february 1st. you won the caucuses in 2008. rick santorum won them in 2012. this year at the top of the polls are donald trump and ted cruz currently with a month to go. what are they doing you'd need to emulate in order to move up in the polls in iowa between now and february 1st? >> i need to get all the media time that they're getting. if that happens things will certainly be better and that's part of the narrative that we've all faced is that the more media attention that drives poll numbers and drives stage position and that drives polling position as it comes to the electorate. but the good news is, iowa is a state where the voters they don't pay as much attention to
4:09 am
polls, they don't pay as much attention to money and frankly, there comes a point and they're probably there now, they quit paying attention to radio and television and mail pieces because they get enough mail every day to give them ahernia, so many media messages that every single hour is filled with probably 34 minutes of political commercials, and so then it comes down to organization. one thing i point out, 5,000 people were surveyed by our campaign just a little over a week ago. 75% of those people hadn't made up their minds yet. 58% said not leaning one way or the other. historically in the last two election cycles there's been a 20-point swing from this point in the campaign until the actual voting >> right. >> so i think some people are looking at this and not understanding the history of the iowa caucuses very well. >> so what's going on in virginia is interesting, because as we move on past iowa, eventually i think any president is going to be suggesting has
4:10 am
got to take virginia. when it comes to the primary it's been noted the republican party is pushing for anyone who wants to vote in virginia in the primary they have to pledge that they are republicans, and trdond trump tweeted this out. virginia has lost seven statewide elections seven times in a row. will now not allow desperately needed voters, suicidal mistake by the republican party. i butchered him saying let everybody vote. you want to get the democrats to eventually be republicans. do you agree with donald trump? >> each state has different criteria. if there's a registration for different party, people should be able to register a week before or a month before. i wouldn't try to tell virginia what they need to do in the commonwealth, but i do think it's perfectly legitimate in a prime near tell people you need to register with our party if you want to help pick our
4:11 am
nominee because this is not a general election. this is a party process. the parties are picking their candidate to go against the other guy and i think to say that there's got to be a registration, i don't have a problem with that. i'd have a problem with it in a general election but not in a primary. >> governor the clinton campaign said donald trump treats women unfairly and donald trump flips the script and says bill clinton is fair game because of the lewinsky scandal, et cetera, et cetera. you've gone up against the clintons. what do you think about this, because some pundits think this could backfire on donald trump. >> look, nothing's backfired on donald trump yet. i'd put my money on him. he has frankly he's played the whole media game like a kid on christmas morning with a toy drum. he's beating the heck out of them and i honestly don't think that this is going to hurt donald trump. every time somebody tries to attack him it comes and
4:12 am
backfires on them and i think the clintons have some vulnerability here. he's promptly seizing upon. >> you think it's fair to say bill clinton was impeached because he had an affair in the white house and lied about it. >> rather than asset, so much of the mainstream media tells us bill is an asset. is he really a liability for hillary clinton? >> he's probably not because he's immensely popular with democrats and that's what this process is right now. he's still popular with a lot of americans. frankly, after seven years of obama, a lot of republicans would take bill clinton back warts and all just because at least he understood how to govern. he was not the kind of person who utterly demonized the other side legislatively. bill clinton is partisan, most of us are, but he also had a history and i think it was the fact he'd been a long-term governor and understood how to govern, but when newt gingrich was speaker of the house he
4:13 am
worked with him to get welfare reform, worked with him on other pieces of legislation that were good for the country, and i think there are a lot of people that miss that functional government which we don't have now. it's utterly dysfunctional and people are just sick of it, because what they've seen is, their wages are down, their hopes, their opportunities have been falling, and they're a little tired of that. >> all right, governor, thanks so much, governor mike huckabee best of luck. i know it will be a sprint now once the holidays are over. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up straight ahead, remember the guy who landed a copter on the white house lawn? he wants to return to wash wash as a congressman and running against dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz, one person, three names. he joins us next. almost get use. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. you remember this, doug hughes gained national attention for flying his homemade gyro copter from gettysburg and landing it on the capitol hill lawn. his goal to deliver a message of reform to congress. though he was arrested on felony charges, he's now trying to deliver congress another message by launching a campaign to
4:18 am
unseat dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz. doug hughes joins us now. thanks for joining me this morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> to be clear for our viewers you are not challenging debbie wasserman schultz from the right. you're challenging her from the left in a primary challenge, correct? >> that's correct. it's a gerrymandered district. whoever wins the primary will go along to win the general in november. >> why don't you feel that debbie wasserman schultz, the chair of the dnc often charged with making the partisan attacks against the republicans why does she not fit as a democrat? >> if you look at the numbers, there are 1.2 million in the red while the republicans are 16 million or 18 million in the black going into the presidential run so she's done a horrible job with the dnc and as the head of the dnc she's scheduled only six debates, two
4:19 am
or three of them on saturdays when nobody's going to watch, and when you look at the history on it, hillary clinton when she ran last time there were 26 democratic debates, and a guy named obama caught up. so this time they're fixing it. >> speaking of history, she has made comments saying that donald trump's statements reach a new low but debbie wasserman schultz is no stranger herself to controversial comments. we'll play the comments and have you react. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. what republican people in the extremists like scott walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. i wouldn't say that the republicans have much to write home about about their bench. they have a clown car of candidates for president of potential candidates for president of the united states. >> what is the difference between a democrat and a socialist? i used to think there was a big difference. what do you think it is? >> the difference between -- >> democrat like hillary clinton and socialist like bernie sanders. >> what is the difference
4:20 am
between being a democrat and a republican. >> there's a lot of lows in there. she's been divisive. how do you unite. you want to work with non-establishment conservativco. how do you unite in washington? >> i think there is a major topic that we all agree on, getting money out of politics, and this resonates with republicans as well as it does with democrats. >> what does that mean? how would awe draes that in congress with republicans? >> i would try to form a bipart san caucus, reach out to populous republicans to also join and i would want to write a pledge on what it exactly means to clean up corruption and end the control of money in washington, d.c., i would want a -- go ahead. >> no, we're hundreding short on time. i appreciate you joining us this morning. you'll try to bridge the divide between progressive democrats and anti-establishment conservative republicans, we
4:21 am
wish you luck, sir, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. up next, peyton manning fires back at claims he used performance enhancing drugs. nfl legend joe theismann is here to react, next. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
4:22 am
announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. for my frequent heartburnmorning because you can't beat zero heartburn!
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4:24 am
the force is calling to you. >> hi friends. time for your news by the numbers. after 12 days in theaters "star wars: the force awakens" makes movie history by reaching $1 billion. and hello number one again. ♪ hello from the other side >> adele's new album "25" is at
4:25 am
the top of the billboard charts for the fifth week in a row. it is the first to sell more than 1 billion copies in three weeks. and waterford crystal panels put on the times square new year's eve ball over the weekend. 2,688 sparkles crystals in all. >> al jazeera under fire for a new documentary where a british athlete goes undercover to expose how easy if it is for professional athletes to score hgh. future hall of famer maybe the best ever peyton manning who pushed back against the allegations that he took hgh in an interview on espn sunday. >> i can't speak for any other athlete. i know what i've done. i know how hard i worked in my 18 years of playing in the nfl. there are no shortcuts. i've done it the long and hard way and to insinuate anything otherwise is defamation and
4:26 am
ticks me off. >> other athletes denied allegations. is this bad journalism or is there something to it? nfl legend and former washington redskins quarterback joe theismann joins us. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> joe, you watched the documentary last night and you say what about peyto >> the one thing that peyton didn't mention is his character and that is he is an individual of high character. he's right about the hard work he's put in and the time he's put in and to have to answer to these questions i think is insulting to him. i've known peyton for years and plus there's so much at stake, too. stop and think of his career. everything outside of football as well as inside the game. he's a very bright, very intelligent person and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that. all of a sudden you bring his wife into it and it really upsets him a lot. i can understand why. from what i understand, the comments some of the comments during the documentary have been retracted but once that genie is out of the bottle it's tough to
4:27 am
put it back in. >> it names peyton manning and also clay matthews and julius peppers and ryan zimmerman from baseball and others. specifically on football does this open up a brand new discussion about doping, hgh in the nfl that currently is really at a standstill based on the current positions with the nfl and the union? >> i don't think it opens up new channels of communication. it's one that has to be sped up, if anything else. the national football league and the players association really need to come to some type of aagreement regarding testing but it's an ongoing process and it doesn't happen everynight but it is something that needs to be considered and looked into. >> joe when you got your leg broken by lawrence taylor that was the end of your career. >> thanks for bringing it up. >> peyton manning had a broken neck, took a year and a half off. if someone gave you something that would enable you to play two or three more years with that leg even though it might be illegal and experimental, might
4:28 am
you have done it and stopped once you were better? could he have tried to expedite his healing with something that was recommended to him, it actually worked, he's back on the field. could you understand the athlete mind-set because you are an elite quarterback yourself? >> yes, i could understand an athlete's mind-set but i understand strongly that peyton would not be the type of person that would do it. maybe other athletes would. i can't speak for anybody. listening to peyton i'm quite confident, as a matter of fact i'm very sure that he didn't do it. that he didn't have anything to do with it. he understands the priain and t price if he does it. you're talking about a storied career. he's not going to throw it away. i'd feel the same way as an individual. there is is he no guarantee this is the magic bullet that you take to get back on the field. to me it's just something that somebody said and it's unfortunate that peyton's name has come up in it. >> things on the field happen to
4:29 am
decisions that translate off the field, a new film called "condition cushion" you've seen action talking about the impact on the game. we have statistics we'll put up about youth football injuries that 2.3 per 1,000 athletes suffer concussion, arrangele sprains, fracture. concussions is one of the highest injuries we face in youth football. the movie what you've seen raises more questions about condition cushions in the nfl. what is your take on concussions and youth sports, should more precautions be taken or is it a lot to do about new statistics? >> no, it's really not a lot to do about new statistics and it's a continuing process once again where you want to make better equipment. there's a company i've been associated with as a consultant called unequal, with the technology out there to try and help reduce the risk of condition cushion. there's no guarantee it's not going to happen but you want to look into the technology. you want to look at the coaching techniques, how kids are taught how to land, how you're supposed
4:30 am
to tackle. all of those things have to be pursued. one thing that's not brought up is where is the biggest occurrence in youth athletics? it's in soccer. yet the movie "concussion" goes back in time. i played against so many players that are mentioned in that movie. i have a concussion, i'm part of the concussion lawsuit but to me it's very important to note that the national football league continues to do everything they can to be able to try and make the game as safe as possible in a violent contact sport. >> they haven't done enough for a long time, correct? >> they're doing a lot now. there was a long time where, a long period of time where not enough was done but that has been accelerated quite a bit through roger goodell's leadership and the national football league and players associations joint working together. >> eventually getting down to two, if the super bowl was tomorrow what teams do you expect to be in it? >> you know, i like the arizona cardinals. i think they're complete all the way around, great return game, great offense and defense and defense i think ultimately wins
4:31 am
championships and i think the new england patriots, once they get healthy again they're going to be a tough out one more time. >> do you think carolina is not who we thought they were? >> i think carolina has snuck by in a lot of football games and cam newton is certainly the driving force and i believe the mvp of the national football league but when he's off their offense is off. you can't just win in defense alone. it's part of it but it's almost good for the carolina panthers to not have the undefeated season to look forward to. they can focus on the blood test. >> john, you're not aging and it's bugging me. i don't know what you're on. >> thanks, guys. >> straight ahead, she failed the fdny physical test sux times and somehow getting another chance, details just ahead. do you have an old bridesmaid dress in your closet? you can donate it to a great military cause. we'll show you how, next. ok, we're here.
4:32 am
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hi friends good morning. we are back with a fox news alert. extreme weather causes major travel delays for folks trying to get back home after the holidays. >> two of the biggest hit airports are in chicago. more than 00 flights are canceled. >> live outside that city fox 32 reporter anita padilla, with a winter storm warning effect is now in play. hey, anita. >> reporter: hi, good morning to you. yes, traffic here right now along the southern part of the city moving okay but people in this area should think about slowing down especially given some of the conditions that we're seeing out here that started just around 4:30 this morning chicago time. we've got video of that, too. that ice came down in little pellets, basically sleet and we saw it accumulating on some of the wynd shields. that makes it a little icy on the roadways for people who are
4:36 am
traveling. we've got a lot of salt trucks on our tollway system and on our expressway and in the city of chicago they're salting down, a preemptive move and probably a smart thing, too. lot of people in chicago haven't really had a lot of practice driving in the snow this winter. we've had a very mild winter and this is a reminder to people who live in this area to slow down when you're driving this morning. i've had some truckers tell me on my facebook page people need to give them a lot of space because they forget these guys can't stop on a dime and you have to give them that space, if you have a flight today, make sure you check with your airline because we are seeing some delays out there in light of this weather we're having. again, we got to get used to it here in chicago but that's the latest here. i'm anita padilla, back to you in the studio. >>s that, stay warm out there. 36 minutes after the hour. heather nauert has a look at the other headlines. >> hi there, anna, guys, good
4:37 am
morning to you. mysterious story is unraveling after a marine who went missing from his home on a new jersey military base is found dead over the weekend. 28-year-old sergeant tristan clinger's wife says her husband was severely depressed and could have been struggling with an undiagnosed ptsd. she says that the five-year veteran became upset when she told his supervisors about that ptsd just before christmas saying that he thought if she reached out for help that he'd be kicked out of the military and lose his job. officials are not saying how the father of three died. maybe the seventh time will be the charm, the unfirable woman who failed the fdny's physical exam six times may now be getting another chance to pass it. according to today's "new york post" wendy tappia will start an 18-week training academy today. she graduated from the fire academy back in 2013 but she quit because she couldn't pass the running test.
4:38 am
one and a half miles in 12 minutes. that's what she had to do. she blames that on a foot injury. a woman high on drugs under arrest after going on a joy ride through walmart. police say jocelyn lopez drank half a bottle of wine and ate almost an entire rotisserie chicken riding along in a motorized cart through the store eating and drinking. . she admitted to using drugs before the ride and told police that she knew what she was doing was wrong but she did it anyway. and those are your headlines. i guess she was hungry and thirsty. anna? over to you. >> thank you so much. 38 minutes after the hour on a monday morning. bridesmaids dresses collecting dust in the closet may be the perfect time to donate it to a worthy course. here with more is renee chapman with operation deploy your dress. >> good morning. >> very often the military balls and galas can be pricey and
4:39 am
break the bank particularly for young soldiers who want to bring their partners. why did you decide to start operation deploy your dress? >> the idea stemmed from a conversation in my kitchen with a fellow army spouse and we were discussing exactly the point you just mentioned how the balls are very expensive, so in an effort to up our attendance with our junior spouses, we thought of a way to defray the price would be maybe we could get some gowns donated and that's where the idea came from. >> you have to get a babysitter sometimes if you have kids, transportation there but the dress and the shoes very expensive. talk about how important these military galas and balls really are. it's not just about the night itself, but it builds cam r camarader camaraderie, doesn't it? >> absolutely. military balls in our army culture are a very important event to celebrate our unit, like you said to build camaraderie, foster that friendship within the unit, and
4:40 am
so we would just like to be able to make it as affordable as possible so we can have the best turnout. >> and serving for our country can be trying on personal relationships. this is also an effort i guess to help make it worth it on a different level. >> sure. and it's a special date out for that soldier and his spouse or significant other. it's a really nice evening, a formal dinner, we have guest speakers and dancing, so it's a really nice event. >> how does it work? how can military spouses get their hands on these dresses? >> well, we are currently in the process of receiving donations right now. i'm already in receipt of over 60 gowns and that's pretty impressive considering we've only been live with our facebook page for a week. if you go to the facebook page which i think you have our information it's operation deploy your dress, and get in touch with us, we can provide more information, but we are also planning a special event
4:41 am
where we're going to showcase all the gowns and invite our junior soldier spouses to come so they can pick them out, sort of like a boutique and looking for the first week in february. >> she's going to make them feel fabulous. it's a worthy cause. i'm going to get involved, i have a lot of dresses in my closet. for a while always the bridesmaid never the bride so i have some i can donate as well and we'll put your information on with your website fox& thank you for your time today. >> thank you for your support, we appreciate it. in merry christmas and happy new year. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. we already know about isis but what are the other top terror threats for next year? and texting can be a real pain in the neck. doctor will show you how to fix the eye hunch just ahead. first born on this date in 1954 this actor is known for taking roles based off malcolm x or coach herman boom boone?
4:42 am
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fire up the coffee pot, let's get moving and grooving. international headlines now. dramatic new video coming in out of australia, a train carrying 53,000 gallons of sulfuric acid derailed north of queensland. three men on board suffered minor injuries. it is not clear what sent all 26 cars flying off the track. and hundreds of troops have now been sent to northern england to fight back rising waters after weeks of torrential rain, many towns and cities were left flooded and residents forced to evacuate. steve over to you. a new cnn poll shows more americans than ever think terrorists are winning but isis isn't the only terror threat we need to keep an eye on in 2016.
4:46 am
ryan morrow joins us with his list of the scariest terror threats of 2016. this is not state-based actors. if we look beyond isis, with i is a big one what else do we need to be looking at in 2016? reverse order number five. >> past north korea, russia and china, there are non-islamic terrorist threats growing, people who hate the government or certain color or faith. >> the world gets less secure you might see other things popping up here around the globe. >> other types of radical ideology, even here in the you state. >> sort of a catch-all. number four. >> deterioration of afghanistan and pakistan which we're hearing shockingly little i think from presidential candidates about how to handle the taliban and isis are coming back in afghanistan and there are a bunch of groups in pakistan that are extremely powerful, one decision away from becoming the next al qaeda or isis and we don't hear about them much. >> it's a problem we haven't solved even having been there
4:47 am
since, and after getting isis back into it, they use taliban cells to gain hold in of aqw aafghanistan. >> and a state within a state in pakistan. >> and number three iran. >> enriched iran. they're increasing their financing of terrorist groups and they haven't begun reaping the full benefits of the deal yet. remember hezbollah their terror proxy works with the drug cartels in mexico and the iranian backed militias are already threatening. >> they've been affecting events on the ground already throughout iraq. >> sure and also think about their sponsorship of terrorism in places like saudi arabia that can affect oil and hurt us that way. >> not to mention israel of course their main target. number two the so-called moderate syrian rebels. >> there are moderate syrian rebels that fight side by side with christians but so-called allies in turkey, qatar and saudi arabia are sponsoring
4:48 am
islamic extremists. the second they're done dealing with assad they'll think about other people they want to wage jihad in the region. >> would that be isis in a fight for predominance or turn to us and israel and sort of unite with isis? >> i think they'd first try to kick ices to the side because they want the glory to be about them which brings us really to the next question of who replaces isis? say everything goes our way, we push isis back. >> you say number one threat of 2016 potentially, if ices were to get pushed back, who replaces them? >> exactly. those apocalyptic end times prophecies they say they are fulfilling and how they recruit they'll remain even if you destroy isis and the general radical template also still remains. if you start beating back isis there will be another group that will look at their formula for success and replicate them. al qaeda might make a comeback or entirely new that we're not prepared for >> libya, what kind of threat do
4:49 am
you see emanating the most out of there? >> right now isis but a collection of islamist militias that include al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood and then you also have a section of libyans there who are fighting those forces and have been saying where is the united states and egypt is even saying the same thing. how come there are forces fighting terrorists asking the united states for support and not getting it. >> turns out we're still leading from behind in libya. ryan thanks for joining us and your expertise. >> thank you. have you heard of text neck? i think brian might have it, it's real. do you have it? we did indeed put brian to the test, there he is right there with a little text neck going on and the results are next. stick around. sale. sale. with the north face fleece for under $90. big savings on carhartt. plus savings up to 50% storewide. going on now at bass pro shops.
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the answer to at flack trivia question of the day is denzel washington. he is 61. our winner is george from franklin lakes, new jersey, where steve used to live. he get my newest book "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." people spending an increased amount of time on smartphones texting. perhaps that isn't the smartest decision. new condition called text neck can cause both physical and emotional harm. i'm not kidding. chiropractor dr. seth pearl knows all about it, joins us to discuss how you can stay connected while also staying happy and healthy. we can stop t't stop the next generation from texting. >> texting is not going away, our handheld devices getting smaller and smaller, we have to crouch more and more to get the text out. >> you see the rounding of shoulders for people in their
4:54 am
20s. >> for the last, seven eight years increased incidence of younger and younger kids with back issues that my 60 and 70-year-old patients would have. >> this is incredible and it shows a real need for chiropractors my personal opinion but you did a test on me earlier. >> we did. >> you made me take off my coat, what were you looking at? >> i was looking at the forward head posture and what we're looking for here is how far your head is over your shoulders. >> right. >> for every kind of, every degree you go, you add more and more weight to the head. with you, okay, i hate to say this, it had about 57 pounds of weight coming from your head over your body. >> you asked me to text naturally, 55 pounds is leaning over. >> about four quarts of paint. >> how does that affect me? >> in a couple of ways. it will decrease your lordotic curve, the curve of your neck, it is going to flatten, a hypolordotic neck, the jutting forward of the neck.
4:55 am
>> you say it affects mood and i've heard this before. when you're depressed you kind of hunch over and kind of down and guess what else you do? when you text you're kind of hunched over and down. you could be sending signals to your body you're depressed, down and you have a negative attitude. >> that's exactly right. you've never seen anyone like this saying life is amazing. and conversely never seen anyone like this saying i hate myself, standing upright, getting the shoulders back and also physiologically changes the oxygen levels inside the body, too. you're not getting a lot of oxygen like this. >> now you wrought your chair here, you have your device over there, what are you going to do for me now? >> this device measures the fixation level of the neck. remember i said that spine straightens out we're able to actually see how fixated or stuck that neck is. >> all right should we take a look? >> yes. >> how much will this cost me? will it satisfy with a deductible? >> it's simple, this is 1st century chiropractoring.
4:56 am
we don't rack and crack anymore. we don't guess, we test. put your face down there. all we do is take gentle readings of the cervical spine. >> it doesn't look good. >> okay, my diagnosis does not look good for you. we're looking at the basic bar levels. >> the republicans didn't like my neck and the independents are on the fence. >> looking good at about the top of the spine. >> where my head is. >> that's used for yeses and nos. the rest of it is fixated and tight. if you want is do a gentle adjustment on the neck, open up the nerves, let that body get the information it needs from the brain so the body and you are good to go. >> we have to wait for the break because we're out of time. educational, you can't stop them but you can fix them and exercises you can do. great job. thanks so much. the coming up in about 15
4:57 am
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hey everybody. good morning, today is the 28th of december, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. fox news alert, destruction and devastation after killer storms. dozens dead after tornadoes and flooding and whiteout conditions making an absolute mess for much of the country. what you need to know this morning. >> and the feud between donald trump and hillary clinton spreads to the spouses. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled. >> what does presidential candidate carly fiorina think about it? she'll tell us when she joins us live this hour. then peyton manning playing defense at this hour, after reports tie him to doping. >> disgusted is really how i feel, sickened by it, that i'm not sure i understand how
5:01 am
someone can make something up about somebody. >> is there any truth to this? we'll examine and tell you what joe thighsman said to us earlier because mornings are better with "friends." let's get right to the fox news alert and a post christmas nightmare in america's heartland. this is not a nightmare to be on the couch with you. deadly tornadoes leaving neighborhoods destroyed looking like war zones unfortunately. >> the problems don't start there. floods, rain and snow causing major issues in our south and midwest. >> lea gabriele is here with the latest. the sun is coming up, huh? >> good morning, guys. homes have been reduced to rubble and dozens of lives lost as tornadoes tore through parts of texas. >> oh my god! >> texas governor greg abbott
5:02 am
declaring four counties disaster areas, as the death toll rises to 11 in the state. 1400 homes are damaged or destroyed and search and rescue teams are conducting exhaustive search efforts for survivors. folks who lived through it are feeling lucky to be alive. >> we all got in the bathtub and we were in our center bathroom in our house and then all of a sudden it was like a train went over the top of us and then you could hear things just bolting into the roof. >> and a flooded missouri is now under a state of emergency, at least eight people are dead in that state alone including four international soldiers, they were temporarily stationed at ft. leonard wood army base for training and police say their car was swept away. and blizzard like conditions with heavy snow hitting the oklahoma texas panhandle and new mexico. police urge people if you don't have to go out, just stay in. pete, anna, brian, back to you. >> weather of all sorts, thanks.
5:03 am
>> places just not used to it. heather nauert has other news including the fall of a major city. >> involving iraq a major win in the war on terror. iraq's military raising its country's flag over ramadi overnight. isis overran that city back in may, iraqi troops with the help of u.s. coalition air strikes have been making their way through booby trapped streets and buildings for weeks now and now taken back control of the city. the government has yet to officially confirm this but celebrations as you can see happening in the streets all over that country. more as we get it. phone records now allegedly link the san bernardino terrorist to a cleric at a california mosque. according to the "new york post" that cleric abassi and syedfarook exchanged nearly 40 text messages in july alone. the cleric claims the messages
5:04 am
were about food donations. congressman peter king calls for better look at mosques. >> we can say 98% of the muslims in the country are good people. this is nothing against muslims. fact is that is where the threat is coming from and we're id ckig ourselves with blind political correctness which makes no sense. >> the cleric insists farook was not radicalized at his mosque. joseph lam will be laid to rest with if ul military honors at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city on wednesday. he was on patrol in afghanistan when a homicide bomber drove his motorcycle into his convoy, the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack which killed five other americans. and some sports to bring you right now, this one has football fans buzzing this morning, the
5:05 am
overtime coin toss between the patriots and the jets, the pats won the toss but elected to kick? so what happens then? the jets score a touchdown on the first drive of overtime, they win 26-20, that blunder sparking a lot of steve harvey folks on social media, of course we'll take the ball to start overtime, just kidding. let's kick and see what happens. another one photo shopping harvey's face over the patriots player. brian is talking about this all morning and pete, since we have you here, congratulations on the vikings last night. >> vikings make the playoffs and i don't mind seeing bill belichick outsmart bill belichick. >> the cover of "the daily news" "thanks, genius. request. >> steve harvey gets to do miss universe again? what do you have to do to get fired? >> i know. >> i guess if you do something wrong it's a win sometimes. >> he admitted he did it. >> thank you very much, heather. with all the interesting news yesterday with all the upsets
5:06 am
and playoff implications with just one week left the story resonating is from a guy that hasn't played in about six weeks. >> absolutely, peyton manning was the subject or one of many subjects of a documentary from al jazeera produced by al jazeera where they sent a former british athlete to attempt to buy hgh and other doping drugs. >> pretending he was an athlete wanted to go back to the top again. >> they wanted to show how easy it may or may not be to get the drugs and in the process they talked to chuck sly who supposedly outed a former pharmacist of some other athletes. >> charlie sly didn't consent to this, didn't know he was being recorded. "all the time we'd be sending ashley manning drugs like growth haar moan all the time everywhere, florida, and it would never be under peyton's name, it would always be under her name." as you can imagine, peyton manning who says he has absolutely nothing to do with this, he ma i have gone to the
5:07 am
clinic but only his wife was going there and the treatments that he got was nutrition treatment and oxygen treatment, things like that, but nothing for hgh. listen to how disgusted he is about these claims. >> i know what i've done. i know how hard i worked here in my 18 years of playing in the nfl. there are no shortcuts in the nfl. i've done it the long way, i've done it the hard way and to insinuate anything otherwise is a complete and total joke, it's defamation and really ticks me off. >> it's the guy or institute is the place and dr. gaier denies the whole thing and says charlie sly at the time was an unpaid intern and actually he was there in 2013 not 2011 when manning was there. did man something to come a long way? yes, he basically had a broken neck. his arm withered away, lost all his arm strength, had to relearn how to throw the ball. the question, is he somebody, is he somebody that would go to an extra length to do something illegal to get back on the field
5:08 am
if he was told to do it by this aging clinic. >> charlie sly is going back on his story oh actually anything that you hear from al jazeera is not correct. >> he said he was being manipulated ba us his wife had just died and they were taking advantage of him. i don't know how that has to do with making up something about peyton manning. >> listen to what he says. >> this is joe theismann. >> come to my attention the broadcaster al jazeera obtained recording or communications of me making statements of a number of athletes. the statements on any recordings and communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. >> charlie sly, the man who was filmed, he didn't know it, outing athletes like peyton manning is now saying it's not true at all. who to believe? >> how do you believe, charlie sly now or charlie sly then? >> sure. >> i don't know.
5:09 am
joe theismann watched the whole documentary, super bowl winner, and he obviously knows peyton manning quite well. listen. >> i'm quite confident, as a matter of fact i'm very sure that he didn't do it. that he didn't have anything to do with it. he understands the pain and the price if he does it. you're talking about a storied career. he's not going to throw it away. i'd feel the same way as an individual. there is no guarantee this is the magic bullet that you take to get back on the field. to me it's just something that somebody said and it's unfortunate that peyton's name has come up in it. to me it's something somebody said and it's unfortunate that payton's name has come up in it. >> america hopes joe theismann is right and america hopes peyton manning is telling the truth. unfortunately we've seen a number of other athletes in the situation when first accused who throw up the denial flag and look earnest in doing so. >> they go through the courts and one situation, roger clemmens said his wife was getting illegal drug and accused
5:10 am
by the person strength training him and mark maguire, he admitted and apologized that he was using performance enhancing drugs, barry bonds gained about 60 pounds but all of them have one thing in common, they all said i worked extremely hard. they all do. they all have to be elite athletes. it gives you the edge to make you exceptional. >> which is why i think you had a great question to joe theismann. getting in the head of an athlete, somebody at the top of their game, they have this devastating injury, possibly career ending injury. could you see yourself, could you see peyton manning doing this in order to get back on the field and he said i could see how some athletes would do it but the character of peyton manning he would not do it. >> peyton manning has been a model of the nfl for a long time. 2011 was tough, nfl was locked out, rules and regulations were set aside. there's gray area.
5:11 am
people will keep asking questions. hopefully we can get clarity. >> al jazeera has not been embraced by the american public with their dicey track record. something that probably concerns your family, did you notice at the christmas celebration everyone when they had a second, 18 to 24-year-olds were texts. they're getting a new phenomena called text neck, bent over looking at this. the natural curve in your neck slips away. >> do you have text neck? >> looks like i do. we just did ten minutes ago this with dr. pearl where he looked at how i text. he said when he looked at my weight and height he says i have 55 pounds leaping over which means the curve in my spine is leaving and you need to be adjusted in this case if you go to a chiropractor to get that curve back and not only does text neck hurt you physically but emotionally. if you are hunched over you start losing, get rounded shoulders, something you usually
5:12 am
see in 0, 70 and 80 years old. you can see it in 20-year-olds. >> you can get depressed, your stature, the way you sit your pa posture affects your mood. >> that's how you're a shelf your former self. >> we all get 1200 e-mails every 90 minutes so we're always answering. >> the blackberry it's true. >> i wish i had the blackberry i could work the keyboard but evidently my thumbs are too large for this generation. you might have text neck to make at judgment. straight ahead donald trump stepping up the war of wards with hillary clinton by going after bill clinton. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was considered to be fairly troubled. >> is he right? gop candidate carly fiorina
5:13 am
joins us next to react. and the story behind this chase on the water, coming up. i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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5:17 am
all right, you heard it right here first, on "fox & friends" and date was sunday, gop front-runner donald trump saying he's ready to escalate his war of words with the clinton campaign by taking on bill. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled to put it mildly because of all of the things that she's talking to me about. i mean she's mentioning sexist. i turned her exact words against her from that standpoint. she has to be careful. we all have to fight fairly. she's playing the woman's card and it's like give me a break so i don't, certainly bill clinton is not going to be the end all in the campaign and he'll come under attack not just from me. >> is that a good idea? here to weigh in former hewlett-packard ceo and republican presidential
5:18 am
candidate carly fiorina. thanks for being with us. >> good morning and merry christmas. >> good morning and merry christmas to you. do you think bill clinton is fair game for donald trump due to his past with the noble office and the lewinsky scandal or could this backfire against trump and hurt him? >> and you? >> first of all, of course bill clinton is fair game. he's a former president and as i recall donald trump threw george w. bush under the bus way back in september, but you're not going to beat hillary clinton by attacking bill clinton. you're going to beat hillary clinton, i'm going to beat hillary clinton by attacking her track record and her lack of trust worthiness. of course she's going to play the woman card. the way to deal with the woman card is attack her track record. >> you have the unique ability to fight fire with fire in that context. is it better to play the woman card right back with all your accomplishments or neutralize it, say it's not about that, we'll make it about the issues? >> first of all it should be about the issues always.
5:19 am
hillary clinton wants to talk about the historic nature of her candidacy. she wants to talk about being first woman president, and there are people out there, lots of people, men and women who think it's time for a woman president. my message to them will be, look, how about an honest woman? how about a competent woman? how about a qualified woman. i'm never going to ask for people's support because i'm a woman. i ask for their support because i'm the most qualified candidate to beat hillary clinton and dot job. >> if you're a male and being called a sexist or there's a war on women, do you think it's relevant for any of the males or yourself to say by the way your husband was impeached because he lied and because he had an affair in the oval office, do you expect it to get to that and if someone calls a republican out for being sexist, do you think that should come into play? is it a logical move in your mind? >> well hillary clinton first of all calls everybody a sexist, and that's not fair game. she called bernie sanders a sexist because he criticized
5:20 am
her. she's going to play that card. we need to be realistic and of course she's going to talk about the republican war on women which doesn't exist, in fact, hillary clinton's policies are bad for women. but yes, bill clinton is fair game, but my point is, attacking bill clinton won't defeat hillary clinton. the only way to defeat hillary clinton is to attack hillary clinton's track record. maybe donald trump has difficulty doing that because his positions on key issues like health care are so close to hillary clinton's. >> all right, carly, thanks so much for joining us this morning. i know you got to sprint now to iowa, which is february 1st and then we have of course the big debate in january. carly fiorina thank you. >> thanks. 20 minutes after the hour. here is what's coming up on "fox & friends." you've seen her help brides say yes to the dress. >> amazing. >> if you just got a ring for christmas, stick around, because she's here with tips for what to do next. and this guy is going to
5:21 am
need a bigger boat. >> look, look, look. that's a great white, boys.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
all right, some quick headlines now. it was like a scene out of a james bond movie a trio caught on camera leading the coast guard on a 300 mile chase through the gulf of mexico when a boat stolen from ft. myers, florida, the men were arrested 20 hours later, just west of cuba. and a great white shark spotted off the florida coast all caught on camera. >> look, look, look. that's a great white, boys. >> yep, it was, boys. group of local fishermen were on
5:25 am
a charter trip when the large shark began circling their boat. one of the guys says it's the second time in ten years he's seen a great white. no word if it's the same one or how to tell the difference. anna? >> thanks for the clarification. the coldest months are the hottest times to get engaged. once you are engaged what do you do next? lifetile expert from "say yes to the dress," i practiced it and messed it up sorry, joins us with the top tips for newly engaged couples. >> good morning, anna, my pleasure. >> as soon as you kissed your soon-to-be spouse after they proposed you got to get a manicu manicure? >> you get a manicure because you want to post that picture on instagram on facebook, on twitter, on snapchat, everywhere. you want everybody to know the great news and make sure that you also paul your parents after
5:26 am
that and tell them you got engaged. they shouldn't find out on instagram. >> do that before you post. >> yes and create a hashtag for the picture because you want all your friends to use the hashtag while posting images of your wedding. >> do the hashtag on the bachelorette weekend and wedding weekend. >> wedding invitations and create a wedding website where you'll want to put all the information, for example, your registry, save the date or rsvp, all the information about your wedding you want it to be in one website which means you're branding your wedding. >> i got engaged in february and married at the end of july and i didn't start looking for my dress early enough and it really put me in a bind. you say you've got to start that pretty early. >> you have to start pretty early that and booking a venue. the webest venues are booked a year in advance. my dresses take seven months to a year to make because they're
5:27 am
all custom made and hand beaded and these things take time. >> not to mention the final fittings you do just before the ceremony. >> exactly and that takes time as well. >> you want to make sure you're comfortable on your wedding day so the shoes are very important, too. >> the shoes are i think the most important thing. i know it sounds crazy but i can tell from my own experience i wore shoes at my wedding that made my wedding a nightmare. it was awful. they were beautiful but so uncomfortable. i wanted my wedding to be over the minute it started. so with that awful experience in mind i created a shoe line that is comfortable, extremely comfortable, they're really ballroom dancing shoes and they're beautiful, because they're made to match my dresses. >> you need to break them in, too, make sure we're not getting the blisters and things but do it on the carpet. i made the mistake breaking my shoes in during my dance lessons and they got, ended up being lemons and they wouldn't take them back. >> that's a bad experience. >> do it on carpet.
5:28 am
>> break your shoes in before they break you. that can also happen, that's what happened to me. and get all that information you need the west wbest way is on instagr instagram. most designers post on instagram like i do my real brides in their real dresses and make sure you pick a design we are a large variety. you never know what you'll end up wearing. >> how do we destress? a lot of brides can become br e bridezillas. >> it's very stressful, many have never done that before. look for things that you love doing and try to take it easy and enjoy your fiance. like if he has one venue in mind, you have another, he has a honeymoon destination he wants and that's not your first choice, try to negotiate and learn how to compromise because marriage is all about compromise. >> merging two lives together, like let's start early. >> the best thing is to enjoyfi
5:29 am
you're getting married, enjoy the journey. >> how do we do that? >> you try to delegate. for example take time for yourself, meditate, pilates, yoga, workout and delegate. god created bridesmaids and mothers had-in-law to enjoy your wedding. it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> pnina tornai, thank you so much. i got it right that time. 29 minutes after the hour. it's been a wild year of politics already and much more to come. coming up, larry sabateau looking into his political predictions for 2016. a woman caught on camera throwing a dog into the street. he's okay but should she be allowed to have it back?
5:30 am
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we are back with a fox news alert. extreme weather causing major travel lay its for travelers trying to get back home after the holidays. >> across the country this morning nearly 800 flights canceled and hundreds more delayed. >> samantha sippinger is live from nashville airport with the latest on the situation there. good morning, samantha. >> reporter: good morning. lot of people trying to figure out what they're going to do, if their flight's been canceled they're stuck in nashville. what we have in the airport it's been very busy. look at the big board, several cancellations, southwest flights and american flights, but the major issue people trying to get back to texas. severe weather of course we had a long line earlier this morning, you're going to see people here with over two hours waiting in line, families, little kids, trying to figure out what their rescheduled flight could be. they're trying to get to dallas-ft. worth. we talked to one couple trying to get out of nashville since
5:34 am
saturday, they're not going to leave until tomorrow hopefully and then one family they have to postpone their vacation two little kids, 10 and 7-year-olds, they're not able to take that vacation until later in the beak. i will say that everybody waiting in line they were patient, we didn't see any freak-outs. people had a good attitude. we are reporting here at nashville international airport, back to you guys in the studio. >> there's nothing you can do about it, you have to suck it up, understand it's nature. >> hopefully there with people you love. >> thanks so much. wouldn't it be great if i'm a restauranteur, i'd be sending vans to the places. come to my restaurant in nashville, have a great time, listen to some music, bands, hotels, just hope you don't have a 3-year-old, 4-year-old or 5-year-old. heather knows a little bit. sfwr preaching to the choir. >> do i ever. i hear her talking about no freak-outs.
5:35 am
it can be tough, hard. good morning to you all. couple headlines i want to bring in, serious news from overseas, fox news alert, multiple european cities on edge at this hour after being warned of a possible terror attack ahead of the new year. police in vienna, austria, stepping up security around the city after receiving warning of a gun attack or bomb attack. specific threats have not been released just yet. no plans to cancel new year's events but we'll keep you posted. an unnerving scene a woman throwing, look at that right there, a dog, police near napa, california, say it's the woman's boyfriend's dog and she threw it after the two got in a fight and then went missing after the video was posted online. they say this isn't her first time abusing the pug named ben. she's allegedly been seen around town swinging ben by the tail. she faces animal cruelty charges if she is found.
5:36 am
some after christmas shopping ends in heartbreak for two sisters in north carolina. cindy and taylor were at the street's south point mall with their family when their 2-year-old brother needed a diaper change. they left their stoler for two minutes, filled with presence, money and gift cards. when they came back, everything was gone, the sisters devastated, but they're already speaking words of encouragement about the entire ordeal. listen to this. >> as a christian, you shouldn't get mad at the enemy. you should really pray for them so they would be better. >> what a sweet little girl. mall security is now reviewing that surveillance tape hoping to nab the thieves. australian police and firefighters rescue a koala bear from a wildfire and nurse it back to health. they gave her water and fed her leaves until she felt better.
5:37 am
the christmas fire destroyed more than 100 properties in australia. those are your headlines. that's what we do to brian, give him leaves to feel better. little eucalyptus. >> that was a secret and now you told everybody. >> sorry. >> thank you, heather. let me tell you what happened yesterday, a huge day in football, the panthers' pursuit of perfection has come to an end. the falcons beat them 20-13, atlanta's defense was fantastic. cam newton held to just one touchdown, the panthers 14-1, after the giants let that game slip away. the cardinals take their ninth win in a row after crushing the packers 38-8 in arizona, sacking aaron rodgers eight times. this is why joe theismann thinks they're going to the super bowl. returned two fumbles for touchdowns. the minnesota vikings are going to the playoffs, after crushing the giants 49-17 on a series of controversial calls. i'm only kidding. they earned a wild card spot and
5:38 am
could still win the nfc north next week because the packers are overrated. sorry, wisconsin people. that's quickly what happened in the world of sports. of our big stories today is peyton manning and the accusations he used hgh after neck surgery. now we talked about this for most of the last two and a half hours and now your responses are coming in. >> katherine writes in to say, are you kidding? this is a serious acquisition which i do not believe. >> and barb says sly looks like he's being forced to read that reversal. i don't mean manning is guilty but this guy looks like a hostage. >> al jazeera documentary. >> walking back what he said on camera. facebook doug posted this, ask lance armstrong about that. he indignantly denied for years that he was cheating but he was. i got a couple responses on twitter as well, folks pointing to the source, al jazeera, not
5:39 am
known for at least here in the united states their documentaries or their sports or focus on the nfl. it calls into question some of that content, the source has to matter. >> having joe theismann on the show earlier saying peyton manning's character is impeccable and he'd never do that. a whole lot more coming up, hillary clinton has dominated the democratic race but larry sabateau says it's not a guaranteed win yet. he looks into his crystal ball next. a group of police officers see a single mother driving a badly damaged car. instead of giving her a ticket they help her fix it. the officers and the mother join us in a minute. very cool story. just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects
5:40 am
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5:43 am
right around the corn per. what can we expect in who knows. here is the director for center of politics at the university of virginia, dr. larry sabateau. everybody in every household was talking about this during christmas. >> they were arguing about it during christmas, yes. i don't know about talking but arguing. >> absolutely, everyone thinks they understand what's going on but no one does. the first thing you want to bring up is no purely establishment candidate will win the gop race. how so? >> the base has made this perfectly clear, over 60% of the base says we don't want an establishment candidate. any candidate that looks like an establishment contender has got some work to do quickly, had better redefine himself and some of the candidates have a lot of work to do, so if you look establishment and you walk establishment and you act establishment, don't make any plans after july, because you're not going to be the nominee. >> when jeb comes out and says
5:44 am
donald trump is not going to be the nominee, he's not being accurate? >> well it may not be trump but there are other anti-establishment candidates, too. the establishment candidates and jeb bush is certainly foremost among them, can air $ 00 million in advertising and it's not going to change the reality unless they change their message. >> you say marco rubio potentially has a shot at an upset in new hampshire but he has to remake his image to not be establishment and go back to where his roots are, which was tea party. >> he's got a foot in each camp and i think it would be in his interest to put both feet in the anti-establishment camp at least for the first primaries and caucuses. >> the number two axiom theorems, there will be no open brokered convention for the republicans says larry sabato. >> the overwhelming odds are by the end of the primaries we'll
5:45 am
have a good idea of the nominee or it will be locked up. ask yourself this, if one candidate is a few dozen short of being the nominee do you think everybody else is going to unite mind some other candidate? this is a divided field. it would split the party so badly there would be a walkout. the campaign would be over. >> we say brockered convention, we're not going to convention not knowing who the nominee is going to be so we could know as dicey as it looks now we could know by march. >> march, april, somewhere in that general vicinity. at the latest it will be when the primaries end in early june. >> also interesting, too, number three, don't expect a hillary victory lap. you think she's going to continue to have problems. >> well, you know, bernie sanders has been very persistent, and really quite good in activating that large segment of the democratic party that wants to move left, and
5:46 am
wants to move left even of obama, so i think she'll continue to have some problems and remember, there are a lot of e-mails still to be released and think of the clinton history, both bill and hillary. how long have they gone with everything being flowers and nice feeling goods. it doesn't happen that way for them. >> and the fbi is doing an investigation and the justice department does indict, all bets are off. number four, the number one issue you believe will remain, national security. >> for only the third time since 1980 and for the first time since 2004, national security is going to be at least the equal of the economy, all the way to november. i think recent events and probably unfortunately future events will ensure that. >> here is where you're not out on a limb. you're convinced pundits will be wrong at least half the time. >> i downplayed that. at least go up to 90% and this is based on of course recent
5:47 am
presidential cycles. myself excepted of course brian but generally speaking the punditoc punditocracy is wrong a lot and maybe two of the four principles i suggested are wrong but i want to leave plenty of time to space out my incorrections in 2016 so don't push me. >> dr. larry sabato, take your crystal ball and go home, the segment is over. >> i'm going to, thanks a lot. >> dr. harry sabato, looking at the year ahead. up next, cops helping the community when officers saw a single mom driving this damaged car around town they took matters into their own hands to repair it. those officers and the woman whose life they changed next.
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5:51 am
when police officers in washington township of warren county, new jersey, noticed this severely damaged car around town, they decided to do something nice for christmas and repair the car for crystal crist, mother of three. we're ex-sighed to have crystal with us along with the officers who made her christmas a little merrier. lieutenant james teeter, patrolman kyle hayes, patrolman james vernon and corporal james. here you are before christmas, you see a vehicle beaten up. you could write tickets for the vehicle but instead decided to do something else, why? >> basically the christmas spirit, officer hayes and officer vernon came to me working on the 19th saturday morning and came to me with this great thing to do that they felt would be very giving during christmas holiday, so i said yes let's go for it and they pretty much organized it and it went from there. >> crystal, you're a mother of
5:52 am
three, 11, 6 and 2, you got a lot going on in your life and car might be the low priority on the totem pole. what did it mean to you to say hey, these officers are reaching out? >> it meant like so much. it was amazing. i mean saturday morning it's not every day when they come to your doorstep with a surprise. >> not always a good thing coming to your door. >> right, you know, so i mean i just had to get up and my son had to get his basketball uniform, my daughter had a roller skating party, we were all getting ready, my hair is all over the place, everything, and hear a knock on the door and i'm just like hey, fellas, what's going on, and they surprised me and i just -- i was just stunned. i was just so shocked that you know, that they wanted to help me repair my car and just so, it was awesome. >> and your hair looks beautiful today. >> thank you. >> patrolman, there are so many difficult stories about the
5:53 am
police in the news right now, and tensions. where did you come up with this idea to say we want to reach out and give back to the community? >> we noticed the vehicle a lot around town, more off duty than on duty. never had an opportunity to stop her and figure out what's wrong with the car, why it's like that and i actually saw crystal a week before i guess her car broke down actually, had to get it towed and i met the kids, i met her, great people and we were talking why don't we fix this thing rather than pull her over and write her a ticket and the main thing was to make sure the kids were safe. there were kids in the car, we saw the door, let's get this done. >> absolutely. patrolman vernon what was it about the vehicle that needed fixing and what did you think about the idea when you first heard about it? >> the door was quite ajar, tied together with a rope and the rear tires were very bald, so we wanted to address those as soon as we seen it. the idea of it is great. it's a good time of the year and
5:54 am
if we can help out miss crist it was perfect to see her reaction, it was well worth it. >> really just to go back to you briefly what does it mean to you on christmas to have this kind of, both outpouring of support but relationship with law enforcement in the community? >> you know, i feel it means a lot. what they've done they've reached out to help the community, you know, and also they set a good example for children, you know, i have three kids and i mean, just for them to see what the officers have done for me. i mean, that means a lot. you know, and i just, i can't thank them enough for what they did because it was just a bad situation and you know, it helped like you know relieve a lot of stress and you know, i had anxiety about, you know, getting the door fixed and the tires, you know, it was a lot so it uplifted me. >> i've got a cracked frame through the middle of the windshield, sometimes life gets in the way and corporal, have
5:55 am
you seen anything like this before in taking this kind of initiative for a police department? >> over the years, yes, other agencies do something like this and eight a great thing to be able to help somebody in time of need. >> absolutely. absolutely. this is such an amazing story. viewers here of "fox & friends" we cover so much in this country of difficulty and tensions going on with police forces but the hidden stories of the 99.99% of the time men and women in uniform are doing the right thing, and want to do the right thing by the community and those are the kind of stories we want to tell. crystal thank you for your willingness to come on and share your story and thank you for accepting that gift and for being a good faith partner in this amazing story for christmas. >> yes, thank you, it was. >> thank you for being service to your community. >> thank you, thank you for inviting us. >> take care. all right, up next, what you don't know about this year's times square ball, when we come back.
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♪ we are just days away before you ring in 2016, that's a look this morning at the times square new year's eve ball already in place for thursday. it arrived yesterday and workers installed nearly 300 new waterford crystal panels. has 2,688 sparkling triangle crystals in all. >> we have to take their word for it, no one is counting. before new years there was christmas. here are some pictures, a lot of saying to yourselves do we celebrate? we don't go for posed shots in the family that is the way they sit during christmas. these are all the nieces and nephews hangs out, watching dvds, when they were 2, 3, 4 and 5 years old and my daughter
6:00 am
kirsten and jack my nephew. >> family tradition? >> no adults, just kids. >> thanks so much for watching. >> go online after the show. >> horror and heartbreak after a series of tornadoes rip across the southwest. it's being compared to a war zone. tens otens of thousands are witt power after a power generator takes a direct hit. abby: the national weather service is calling it


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