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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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jedediah: we're staying right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web.,/outnumbered. click on overtime tab. we're back here tomorrow on noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. all of this "happening now". >> all of the sudden it was like a train over us and hear things in the roof. >> lives lost in an instant. 40 people dead in several states after a severe weather break out. speed on high seas. like something out of a james bond flicking. >> and smashing a latest record.
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star wars chalking up more money. before it opens in the second largest movie market. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with a massive storm system leaving a path of destruction. i am greg garrett in for jon scott. >> and i am lea in for jenna. it covered seven states from mississippi to new mexico. 11 killed in north texas where tornados levelled hundreds of homes. they are live in dallas with the devastation. >> reporter: can you you tell us what you see on the ground there.
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>> it is a wide swath of devastation from the bottom of the county all the way to the top. totally destroyed homes in the towns of glenn heights and de soto and then a lot of devastation in rowlett and garland. and sunnyvaly e. >> you say you do not declare disasters likely. you declared it a disaster ten minutes after seeing the destruction. tell us about that decision? > reporter: i got calls in my cell phone from our emergency responders and left my home and went to the scene and grabbed the chief of staff and went to the scene. gar lond eoc calling me in the middle of the drive out and i went to the area where the
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commanders were. it was dark but i could see in the eyes of the men who came back from where the cars were. i had to stop. and we had a serious problem. we had a 30 second conversation with the commander on the scene confirming deaths for me and from there, called the county's lawyers and had them all meet me in the garland emergency operation center and got the mayor there as well. and signed the declaration. and before we could see the tornado damage, i could see enough in the faces of my people to know that we had a disaster. we are seeing huge apartment apartment. and that is where there is hit by weather tornados before. have you ever seen this?
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>> no, we haven't. in 2011, we had 19 tornados hit the ground in north texas. this was nine tornados, but we didn't see this type of devastation. and or unfortunately this loss of life. >> it is difficult to face. how are the people coping there? >> i am proud of our people and first responders. they are doing a heroic job. i was walking with the mayor of rowlett. and walked up to it. and they were taking dogs to foster the dogs. and the young man was a construction worker and said he would work for free on homes. he is a small example of the
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sort of people who stepped up to help. red cross and all of our groups like that that are stepped up and regular every day citizens that stepped up in big and small ways to help the families and the people affected by the storm. >> what kind of help are you getting and what do you need? >> our current needs are met. when it first happen upon about midnight on saturday night, we had to activate task force two and we had a lot of dogs out looking for people. but now we are in the recovery mode. we have received a lot of offers of assistance from a variety of jurisdiction and the state and
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feds are grachlt the white house called while i was touring the chief of police with the sheaor of de soto and southern part of dallas county. we are going to work with our federal and state partners and we are moving in that recovery stage where we try to get the debris out of the way and getting power back up in the neighborhoods. >> judge, thank you for bringing what you are seeing there. and our thoughts and prayer ares are with you. >> thank you, we need prayer. moving to other news. americans are not feeling confident of how the administration. 60 percent disapprove of the president's handling of the issue. and quarter of the americans say
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it is going in the right direction. 70 percent say they are not satisfied how things are going on the war on terror. gentlemen, great to see you. david, do these negative numbers about president obama's handling of the war on terror and isis hurt hillary clinton by association? she was after all secretary of state and deeply involved in his foreign policy. and couldn't she be blamed in an election year for some of the chaos in the middle east and the rise of isis? >> greg, you make an excellent point. this survey scores why we see the wall street, just being the most recent has national security the number one concern amongst the primary voters.
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and a republican primary national security is always a key issue. now the general election, the issue that kept hillary clinton from being the nominee where she wanted to be more aggressive than the democratic party wanted to be, will prevent her from getting the nomination in 16, which is malpractice by her advisors. what should we have done to win the last election? and that's how they are running this election. she is saying the same thing president obama is and not what americans want. i want to show you another pole because it is relevant. 49 percent say they are opposed to ground troops and they are split. two percent no opinion. hillary clinton said i cannot conceive of any circumstances for ground troops in syria and
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iraq. that is a firm and strident position to take on something that america is split isn't it? >> america is split on it. and no one wants to get into a situation like iraq like back in 2003. public and politicians are mindful. obama's numbers are not great on. this but congress is only poling at a 12 percent rate right now. >> but it is the speaker of the house. >> let me finish. i think americans are uneasy with politicians on the left and right. and a good thing we are having the sdulgz. it is what happen in paris and san bernardino and important to have the conversation. i like marco rubio's plan. as a democrat, i think it is
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similar to the president's plan. and take out their command and cut off revenue sources and a good bipartisan plan to discuss. >> edward brings up the san bernardino and paris attacks and how it may impact the presidential race. will voters question the leadership of ability like donald trump. who lacks any political or national security experience, he's not fluent in foreign policy? >> it depends on the ideas that we talk about in the election. he's in the top of the polls and see clearly what he is saying to keep americans safe is favorable. and donald trump gets support with the independents for many
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things he's talking about. we have elected commanders and chief before who didn't have experience. ak a, the president now. >> the rhetoric of donald trump may tap in to the voter anger at president obama who they feel is weak in the face of the terrorist threat, specifically isis and it may help a guy like donald trump. >> it could. i don't think it is solely directed at trump. i think it is divided by the boehner wing and tea party wing. and i think a lot of that is manifested in the trump candidacy. trump led in the polls 3 or 4 months and speaks the language of the voters that are supporting him right now. and unless something changes, we should be prepared for him to be the nominee.
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>> thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> with terror the top concern, 2016 candidates are courting again edhenry is live in washington. that is an interesting choice for jeb bush to campaign right now. >> reporter: you are right. we are five weeks from the iowa caucus. he's choosing to campaign in florida, his home state. they haveprimary there on march 15th, and that is a struggle for jeb bush. if he doesn't post in iowa or new hampshire, can he survive to march 15th or see behind that he just can't get beyond all of. that meanwhile, donald trump off of the trail and has been on social media and doing phone
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interviews on fox in recent days. it is shaping up to be while neither side is finished with the primaries is that the two front runners. donald trump and hillary clinton are operating as in a general election with insults going back and forth. trump believes that bill clinton will object table and taking a swing at both clintons. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was considered to be very troubled to be putting it mildly. she's mentioning sexism? >> and jeb bush campaign nothing florida today. and he continues to insist that trump cannot insult his way to the white house but bush himself in his comments continues to try to insult trump, listen. >> he weaks up in his pajamas and watches the tv shows on
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saturday and sunday. donald trump is not serious about being a candidate. a great politician and fills the space and chaos candidate and would be chaos president. >> reporter: he continues to say that trump can't insult his way to the white house. but bush feels he needs to take trump on directly to move up in the polls, lea. russian diplomat telling that moscow transferred uranium from iran. and reduces iran's ability to make a nuclear warhead. iowa ran is required to reduce
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centrifuges and reactors. the deal is expected next month. iraqi forces claiming a major victory over isis taking back ramadi back from isis. and plus, a high speed chase on the high seas, the coast guard in hot per suit for 20 long hours. who they were trying to stop and how it ended. go to to join the conversation.
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right now three boat thieves facing serious charges after leading police, deputies and coast guard are on a 20 hour chase. they even tried to ram the sheriff's boat. >> they tried to come at us.
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>> to run through the bay where you can see we have plentiy recreational boaters and members of our community that were out there. >> law enforcement found them 65 miles off of the coast of cuba. >> the case is under investigation. new reaction from the united states to iraqi claims of major victory over isis. the government said the forces recantured the forces in ramadi. kevin is travelling with president obama in hawaii. >> reporter: this is an important victory for the iraqi security forces. keep in mind they have battled for the heart of ramadi. there are neighborhoods under
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isis control. and the battle is raging on. it is a tactical victory and many say a symbolic one as they wrestled back the capitol of the an bar province for sometime. we saw the pictures of the iraqi flag raised. and this from colonel steve warren. and we congratulate the iraqi security forces for the continued success. and the clearance of the government center is a significant accomplishment and the result of hard work by the iraqi army and counter terrorism service. and local and tribal fighters as well. this may not represent a major shift from policy for the u.s. the policy of help them where they can and let the iraqises
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lead the fight. >> that is confidence building for the iraqi military. thank you, kevin. a man fights off a intruder and now he is in a legal fight with his land lord for having a weapon that probably saved his life. thousands of people forced to evacuate as heavy rains cause flooding in a historic town and the bad weather could be far from over.
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>> british prime minister david cameron is looking at the devastation in his country after heavy rain caused rivers to
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overflow. and more bad weather may be on the way. they are live in london. >> reporter: the historic northern cities are drenched in water and the misery here is continuing. 6000 homes are now without electricity and there are 100 separate flood alerts in england and wales. york and leed and maybe chester flooded and people unable to return home. 500 soldiers are destroyed and if as the heavy rains continues. it follows sustained rainfall. and leading to calls for the complete overall. british prime minister david cam rob visited the area and addressed people's concerns.
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>> after the event you sit down and look at what you planned and planning to built. and are we doing it in the right way. >> reporter: after floods like these. they say the invested in new defenses and survive the once in 200 year floochltd and people were demanding answers about what went wrong and how it happen again. they need emergency services now. and this will continue through the week and that the misery will stay for a while. back to you. >> wow, unbelievable. thank you, benjamin. severe weather. and dozens killed in flooding and tornados in the country and the danger is not over yet. where this storm system is headed next. plus, concerns that the police are not doing their job after
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we can provide the right care, right at home.
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>> an extreme weather alert in a massive system that is moving over the united states. and it is bringing downpours and dangerous winds and widespread
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flooding. janice dean is tracking them. >> i am glad you brought up the flooding threat. we haven't touched on that enough. the tornados are devastating and we are getting water and rainfall and some cases eight inches to a foot of rain over saturated ground. this is the estimated precipitation in the last 48 hours. we received that much rainfall. and we have high water rescues happening for several states. do not go out and travel. tornado watch boxes in affect for the florida pandhandle and up to georgia and alabama. and it looks like we don't have active tornado warnings. and this is an ongoing threat. severe weather and including hail and damaging winds and
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flooding rainfall and tornados. the threat continues for the pandhandle up to tennessee and including alabama and georgia. and tomorrow, the tornado threat is going to deminnish. we are left with the wintry side of the storm. a dozen states under flash floods and warnings. and so flooding is occurring and imminent and people should stay off of the roads. winter weather advisories and northeast and freezing rain where we could get ice on the roadways and additional 4 or 6 inches of rainfall. 18 inches of snow, greg, back to you. >> thanks. lea? a man who shot an intruder
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is locked in a legal fight with the land lord. the teinant filed a lawsuit arguing he had a right to arm himself after repeated burglaries. the intruder survived and facing a long list of charges. joining us is diane. he's 67 years old and his apartment was burglarized and his land lord threatened to evict him. >> the second amendment restricts government and not private citizens. was there a provegz with the lease. if he entered in understanding that the land lord doesn't allow arms he can be evicted. >> richard, you said a class
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action lawsuit is possible. >> no, that was another matter. what i would say there is a possibility for a lawsuit and here it is. the land lord can be charged with negligence that the land lord did not provide adequate security. the home was broke into five times in six years. the land lord is on notice that there is security conditions. the land lord failed to resolve the security issues, the teinant as a case. >> threatening to evict him doesn't violate his constitutional rights, would you agree with that? >> i mean, the question is was there an action filed? it requires property notice and if there is a violation of the lease, then the land lord is within his rights. it is not a threat of physical harm, that is just a threat to
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file the eviction proceeding. and as long as he is in compliance, there is no reason to evict him. >> richard, does he have a case against the management company. man has a castle law and how does it pertain. >> a castle law is man or woman has a right to protect their home. look, in most leases it says you can't have criminal activity. he hasn't been charged with criminal activity and most leaseses don't state you don't have a gun in your home. the land lord knew about the safety issues. this man is a hero for protecting himself and his neighbors. >> diane, this man believes the burglar was going after the pain
10:36 am
medication. where do we expect the case to go? >> ultimately, mr. lambeau will be called on to testify against this individual in the event he doesn't have a plea bargain. he has a right to protect himself. but if there is a provision in the lease that prohibits the fire arm. he would be subject to eviction. thank you for joining us this morning and that information, greg. >> there are growing concerns that the so- called ferguson effect growing over the country. and the police are enforcing the law less aggressively and they fear riots like the ones we saw
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in missouri last year. case in point, the protest in chicago. and many officials denotice the ferguson affect as an explanation for raising crime rates. heather joins us now. you are one of the originators of the term "ferguson effect". there are new crime statistics out that are stunning, do they support your argument? >> they certainly do. the center that is no friend of the police estimated the homicide rate for 2015 and they have come up 14.6 percent. that is a massive increase. it is homicides in the 30 biggest cities dropping, but mayor and police chiefs would be high fiving. >> baltimore percapita homicide
10:38 am
rate is up. and l.a. viulent crime up 22 percent. stunning stuff when you look at it. and yet, the media tends to trivialize what is the "ferguson effect"? >> the response to the numbers are cover them up completely. they report on the brennan report saying it is insignificant. the press has not a clue about crime and policing. but they change the subject. black lives matter movement did a fabulous job of changing the the subject from crime to policing. and as a result, black lives are lost in the country. >> the crime statistics as alarming as they are, got the attention of fbi director james comey. here's part of what he said. >> i spoke to officers privately
10:39 am
in one big city presincf. we feel under siege and we don't feel like getting out of our cars. >> he's talking about the ferguson affect right there and that caught the attention of the president who critized james comey over there. >> this was an amazing moment. the president of the united states criticizing the fbi director. the fbi is reintoesatory of crime data and no official that knows more about crime and for obama to criticize him like that shows how the president is. >> are you saying that the president is trying to deny his truth. >> he wants to denotice the truth that his rhetoric is
10:40 am
coming to depoliceing. as a result as i say, this is resulting in a horrible, horrible crime increase. above all in minority communities. >> you know, lost in this, the department of justice undertook an extensive investigation and in the end, they found in ferguson the use of force was justified. >> michael brown is treated as a martyr is mind bog lipping. he was a thug out to kill a cop. and yet he sparked a movement that resulted in loss of the 50 percent crime drop that the nation had for 50 years. >> hi unemployment and all what do you think of that?
10:41 am
>> that is ridiculous. what changed is policing. and i remember there was a fatal shooting outside of a manhattan night club. he killed a young woman. and his get away car was a bmw. >> heather, good to see you as always. thank you very much. lea. a man taking pictures on a cliff mrufrmgs to his death. the mystery surrounding his fall. and star wars passes the record. and smash hit will make more money. what is fuelling the phenomenal success. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners.
10:42 am
but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen.
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. . . . . . . right now the sports world is mourning the loss of meadowlark lemon.
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the biggest star of the harlem globetrotters died. he was known as crown prince of basketball. and making fans laugh with his antics. his skills were all quite real. meadowlark lemon beloved ashes round the world was 83. >> the forces very strong. in fact it breaks box office records. they are making 1 billion faster than any other movie in history. we'll look at the numbers. the film making a debut of $248 million the first weekend. and took 12 days to earn 1 billion worldwide. and earnings under 1.1. and the film opened in china and second biggest market for movies in the world. and joining us is pop culture
10:46 am
observer and tv producer and star wars nerd. >> yes, i am a fan. >> i notice your phone has star wars on it. you are a big fan. >> absolutely. it takes it to cover what i love. >> can you explain the huge success. people love the movie and people wanted to love's new star war's movie. and jj hit it out wall with this and it is also a generational thing. and so dads are taking young kids to see it. and i think that's fuelling a unprecedented phenomenon. >> and a lot of people who were parents now were kids when star wars came out. i was two when the first came out and the second one came out
10:47 am
in 1983. and a lot of us grew up with star wars and how will they follow this up? >> i think you were talking about the numbers in the beginning and think about how they haven't opened in china and i can't imagine. and the challenge for disney now is following this up. and there is plans to have a star wars movie from now to 20/20. you think about that. in six years, we will have six star wars films. and so the challenge for disney is not going to be getting people excited about it. we are excited about the upcoming movies and to maintain the event status without diluting the brand. >> you said every year between now and 2020. what is special about the movie. what can you say about it that
10:48 am
is an attraction? >> even now. and i will not say spoilers. but the jj abrams. capturing nostallingia or moving it forward. passing the torch with original and ray and fin and the new villian was handled very, very well. and recant capatured the fun. >> and i understand there are elements for parents and some for kids in these movies? >> there is a lot of fan service. not too much but just enough to keep the older fans exciteed to see hans solo and princess leah. and the new ones. >> and our resident star wars
10:49 am
nerd. thank you. mike is right. it is generational. i took one of my two daughters to see it. she had never seen the others and now will go see them. and probably rent them with my credit card. >> plunging to his death. a man slips off of a cliff to the rocks below and authorities trying to determine why it all happen. we'll be right back. you never know when it'll be your moment to shine.
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hi, breaking news on "the real story." we're expecting to hear from the grand jury in the fate al shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice. plus, the chair on benghazi is about to hit the trail with marco rubio. what does donald trump have to
10:53 am
say about that? also a murder mystery in the state of maine. a young couple found dead in their suv on christmas morning. no one seems to know why. all of that at the top of the hour. cleanup efforts are under way after a drain derailed spilling sulfuric asity cid in australia. all 26 train cars carrying more than 50,000 gallons of theg4>j highly corrosive acid went off the tracks. three people were treated for minor injuries. major flooding and heavy rains have made it hard to reach the area. the cause of rerailment is under investigation. an indiana man plunging to his death from a cliff while taking pictures in san diego. authorities say 33-year-old joshua burwell was either using a cell phone or camera when he slipped and fell 40 feet onto the rocks below. and it happened christmas day.
10:54 am
we are live in los angeles with the details. >> it is a horrific christmas tragedy for one man who got a little too close to the edge literally as you said, this happened christmas night at the popular sunset cliffs in san diego, a world-renowned spot to view the ocean and sunset and take pictures. that is presumably what the 33-year-old was intending to do when he fell to his death. witnesses say burwell was looking at something in his hand and appeared distracted right before he fell. >> their own lives in trying to help the man. >> walking and using your cell phone or be extracted by anything when you're in an area where you could be put at risk. >> again, we don't know what he had in his hand that caused him to be distracted. police have yet to find any device. witnesses say some good samaritans nearby tried to help and administered cpr to burwell, but it was just too late.
10:55 am
he was pronounced dead at the scene. although beautiful, sunset cliff sz known as a dangerous spot because of the steep and undeveloped terrain. two people died there last year taking pictures. and this kind of stuff just doesn't happen in california. lots of people all over the world get distracted when taking pictures either with a camera or a cell phone. let's take a look at this list here. over the last year and a half, in india, spain, russia, oregon, and portugal, we see instances of people who have been injured or have even died because they were paying more attention to their electronic devices than they were to their own surroundings. of course, the number one place people get distracted, in their cars. you know we're all guilty of that. but each day in the u.s., more than 9,000 people are killed and more than 1,100 people injured in crash that's are reported to involve a distracted driver. greg, back to you. >> just go to the streets of manhattan you see people walking around with heads down looking
10:56 am
at their electronics bumping into everything and everyone. truly amazing. anita vogel, thanks. you may not know his name, but you've probably seen one of his paintings if you've been to a major american museum. ellsworth kelly has died at the age of 92. he became famous after tworld war ii with big abstract paintings known for his use of bright primary colors he was awarded the presidential medal of arts in 2012. and he has paintings in the museum of modern art in new york, the whitney in new york city and boston's fine art museum. >> quite display. now that christmas is over, one town wants your trees. you're not good to believe why. we'll tell you.
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10:59 am
time for the final 30. christmas trees are wanted for goats. city grazing of san francisco inviting people to drop off their used christmas trees for
11:00 am
goat feed. the company rents out its goats for weed eating in the bay area. they say the trees provide added nutrient forz the goats. >> and very green. "the real story" coming up next. heather is in for gretch. we start out this hour with a fox news alert. coming out of ohio today, we are waiting for a county prosecutor's announcement about the investigation into the death of tamir rice. you may remember the 12-year-old boy was shot dead by a police in cleveland last year, seen waving a toy gun which was mistaken for a real weapon. a grand jury has been looking into that incident. we are taking a look as we expect an announcement from the grand jury momentarily. we'll keep you updated on this as it gets under way throughout the hour. in the meantime, another fox news alert to bring you on extreme weather carving a path of destruction and death as it moves across the united states. it is now unleashing snow


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