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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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other 2016 candidates, too. you don't want to miss it up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ hi, imentd jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. donald trump versus bill clinton. the donald hasn't been afraid to attack anyone during the campaign. and now it's bill clinton's turn. in an effort to bring down hillary. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly because of all of the things that she is talking to me about. she has got to be careful. it's got to be fair. we all have to fight fairly and we have fight, you know, for are the good of the country, for the good of the
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people. for the good of everybody. we have to fight fairly. she is playing the woman's card and it's like give me a break. >> top democrats immediately fired back. >> i think that donald trump or any candidate on the other side of the aisle would raise bill clinton as somehow a negative to their peril. every poll i have seen if bill clinton were can do the tomorrow he would be elected. >> if hillary thinks she can unleash her husband with his terrible record of women abuse while playing the women's card on me, she is wrong. joining us now with reaction from dallas, trump campaign spokesperson pierson and from washington democratic strategist richard good stein. richard, it looks like trump has really hit a nerve here. we are hearing privately that the clinton camp is seething over this attack on will -- bill clinton's infidelities. i bet she wants to see this
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thing die slowly. is going after history with women fair game. >> i will say this jesse and this is probably unusual. your guest and i have the same objective which is to have donald trump be the republican nominee and keep fighting this fight. look, bill clinton in all the polls is the most revered politician in america and donald trump is the most reviled. okay, when the republicans try, this mounting a whole campaign targeted at bill clinton behavior in 1 the in the congressional campaign they suffered historic losses. parties never lose seats, pardon me, the incumbent party never wins seats in the presidency. they did when bill clinton whole 98 was against bill clinton. if donald trump wants to fight that fight. incidentally isn't there something about clean hands and throwing stones at glass houses. i don't know that we want to
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kind of get there tonight or ever. >> i don't want to speak for the trump campaign, richard, but i think the attack was that, listen, bill clinton abused his political power to hook up with women. he used state troopers in arkansas to arrange situations. he slept with an intern while he was the boss. and then he had a political machine go out and smear the women that bill slept with and hillary took part. katrina is, is that what donald trump was saying? >> absolutely, jesse. but here's the thing. donald trump didn't start. this hillary clinton called him sexist. of course he is going to respond. this is the mosquito biting the iron bowl, jesse. hillary clinton is campaigning with a woman who claimed she was raped. ended up having to pay out a lawsuit. she is campaigning on all rape victims should be heard. when she was asked at one of her own campaign events do
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all women need to be heard? because we already know there are several women who have rape allegations against bill clinton. >> she said only until they are proven to be lies. but this is the problem that i have with this because hillary clinton herself back in the 80's actually represented a man that brutally raped a 12-year-old little virgin girl and she laughed about getting him off. this little girl was in a comb marks jesse. she could never have children and she laughed about getting him off. so is it really about women who lied or is it proven or is it just the kind of attorney you can get? >> katrina, what would you say listen, this could go sideways. on one hand this may neutralize hillary clinton's war on women's card on the other hand, when you go after her for her husband fooling around on her it makes hillary the victim. we know when hillary is the victim she gains sympathy and she does well. do you see that maybe going the other way on your candidate. >> not at all.
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it's not about bill clinton it's the war on women record. she herself was part of that campaign to try to silence women. this is about hillary clinton. but, more importantly, all she has is to run as a woman. she is going to run and play the victim frankly women aren't buying it. she is statistically tied. she is not happy this discussion is up. at the end of the day women are going to be veeght for economic prosperity and keep radical islamic extremism out of the country. hillary clinton has done nothing to make things worse. >> when trump said he was quote troubled by the clinton presidency. was it the peace or prosperity that troubled him? 2 million jobs? economic growth or the balanced budget that troubled him about the bill clinton presidency which i bet you there are tens of millions of people who don't really know who were too young at the time if they want' to fight that time
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again what economic growth looks like is exhibit a is the bill clinton presidency. >> you are absolutely right. because because that was speaker newt gingrich that pushed all those economic reforms. >> exactly. >> bill clinton was a bystander. >> bill clinton vetoed all of that stuff four times. when the republicans had to shut the government down four times to bring him along. i'm happy to have that debate, too. >> what you are saying there was peace and prosperity but there were a ton of scandals under the clinton administration take it out. >> jesse, the whole point is that was litigated in the 1998 campaign. not a single thing that you or katrina just mentioned happened since 199 8. everybody -- every voter knew that and the republicans got walloped when they ran on that exact formula. >> voters didn't know that. voters did not know that because the media has been suppressing everything when it comes to the clintons and it's not going to happen this time.
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>> >> you said at the top that you really want to run against trump let you ask you seriously. he is not predictable. not afraid to go to the jugular he has 8 billion or 10 billion. whatever if the bank you want to defend bill clinton infidelities come election time? i don't think the campaign wants to talk about this at all. >> every campaign is about the future. what the candidate will do for america. not about the past. what trump is playing on is fear. what hillary clinton is talking about what she will do to bring the country back to the economy that we had under her husband, that is a fight that she will have every day of the week against somebody who has deep pockets and very short arms in trump. >> richard, you say the campaign is not about the past but she is running on her husband's past record. thank you very much katrina
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and richard. next on the rundown, president obama getting failing grades on the war on terror. a shocking number of americans now say we are losing that war. lieutenant colonel ralph peters will analyze moments away. ♪ we do it for the ones who rise before it shines. the ones who labor for what they love. ♪
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in the impact segment tonight, president obama and the war on terror. a stunning new cnn poll is revealing just how little faith americans have in the president's current strategy. only 18% believe the u.s. and its allies are winning the war terror. 40% say it's neither side. 40% say the terrorists are winning the war. that's the most since the 9/11 attacks. when asked how president obama is handling isis, just 33% approve. 64 % disprove. joining us now to analyze
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from washington, fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel, it's clear americans are very fearful and it's not just because we have had the boston bombing. we have had san bernardino, chattanooga, and everything in between domestically, fort hood, but it's when these attacks happen on our soil under this administration. we see they there were clearly signs missed. and you also see the president not really emotionally connecting to the american people afterwards. and, not instituting a new strategy to make sure the country is safer afterwards. that's why americans are so scared. isn't that exactly what the terrorists want us to live in fear? >> well, it is, indeed. you know, although the media talks about being -- american people being scared or fearful, i actually think they are concerned, they are a little worried, but they are will he very, very angry. and this feel that they have been betrayed because jesse,
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as you know, the american people will give any president the benefit of the doubt for a long time. but, eventually the bully pulpit wears thin, falls flat and common sense kicks in. he think with this poll you have just seen the american people's common sense kick in. they can see, despite all the things the mainstream media ignores, they can see that it is not working. we are not doing enough. that while our cause, freedom and democracy is not advancing, the cause of islamic state and other islamist fanatical groups is advancing globally. they are having trouble right now in what used to be iraq and syria. but the global jihad is now a reality. i think the american people and, you know, i have blue collar roots back in pennsylvania. i'm not one of the prep cool kids. i will tell you what my people believe, my people believe that an millimeter doesn't get weaker if you ignore them. sometimes you have got to roll up your sleeves and hammer the guy. the american people have come around to the conclusion that the obama
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presidency is failing, certainly when it comes to security issues, they want somebody else. they want anything else. but, they know it's time to fight. they are not poll. jesse. half the american people. just over half are for boots on the ground. even -- they are ahead of our military this was a disastrous poll politically for obama, and that's all he cares about. that will wound him. the rest of us should be worried about the country and getting through the rest of this presidency. >> i'm from pennsylvania, too. and i think a lot of people down there and throughout the country want us to put some led in their heads over there in iraq and syria to defeat these guys. and i don't know if the president wants to win the war on terror. it seems like my assessment is that he is trying to run out the clock, play defense and kind of hang his hat on the fact that he took out bin laden. is that how you see it. >> that's exactly right except for one point. he didn't take out ben laden. the seals took out bin laden, the intelligence community took out bin laden. he actually delayed making
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his decision. for him to claim his great triumph is taking out bin laden, i mean, that's like me claiming to win world war ii. it just doesn't hold up. >> i want to look at iraq because right now the president was elected on ending the war on iraq. it looks like what's happening there now is he has been dragged back into it and he is trying to salvage that war and just from the air alone now we are hearing something about ramadi today that the iraqi forces might have recaptured that city from isis. and they are touting this as a big victory. is that how you see it? >> well, certainly it is a victory. it's a tactical and preational victory. that means on the ground it makes a difference. it's a pr set back for islamic state which has a great propaganda machine as we all know. but, and the military fight on the ground isn't over yet. still going to be messy for a few more days, maybe a week or two. it's a victory. it's not a strategic victory and not decisive.
5:16 pm
now there is part two. part one was physically retaking ramadi. part 2 that people are ignoring is the big question is will the iranian backed sohio led government -- shia led government in baghdad go back to mistreating the minority which is a jordan in anbar province. they turn to islamic state for a while as they previously turned to al qaeda because the shia were treating them so badly. so the big strategic issue is really the future of what used to be iraq, are we going to continue to cling to the idea that iraq and syria have to stay in their own borders and nothing can change in the middle east and oh, by the way, you have got shia militia reportedly in ramadi in iraq army uniforms that could blow up. >> sounds like a complete catastrophe. colonel peters, thank you very much. up next, can hillary clinton get out from under president obama's shadow as she tightens her grip on the democratic nomination? that story moments away.
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ed in the election 2016 segment tonight, hillary clinton and president obama's legacy, the democratic frontrunner is trying to put some distance between herself and the president's controversial policies. but she may find an unwelcomed cheerleader at her side of as she seeks the nomination. >> i think we will have a strong democratic nominee. i think that democratic nominee will win. i think i will have a democratic successor and i will campaign very hard to make that happen for a whole variety of reasons because they are more likely to share my fundamental vision about where america should go. joining us with more from washington chief white house correspondent ed henry who is covering the clinton campaign. it looks like this guy is going to really try hard to get, i guess, hillary to win the white house next time and but wages are down, it's
5:21 pm
chaos overseas and obamacare is very unpopular. is she really going to have him hand in hand with her in these swing states out in the stump. >> not in the swing states. you can bet she is going to want him to help turn out the vote with african-americans in particular. that's going to be important in the primaries for her without an obama endorsement. that hasn't come. milwaukee sure that turnout is there his legacy son the line. that's why you hear president obama saying he wants a democratic president. if you get a republican president. it's more likely that obamacare is going to be. on the domestic front he has a lot riding on it. on national security that's the real pressure point for hillary clinton. yes, there are is some struggles with her where she stands compared to the president on trade or on keystone pipeline. buff those are not going to be the big issues that drive this election. isis and the fact in this president with his secretary of state repeatedly you under estimated how strong this terror group. that is going on a sore point for hillary clinton.
5:22 pm
she might be able to get through the primaries without having to deal with that in a major way, we have seen a lot of these early debates being not much of anything. in a general election, that could really trip her up. >> i'm sure you recall, because you study this very closely the last time hillary tried to separate herself a little bit from the president's ernesto national agenda. the president said my foreign policy mantra is don't do stupid stuff. and then hillary came out and said you know, that's not really i a foreign policy concept. don't do stupid stuff. and she was quickly smacked down by the president. she came back and apologized. do you think she has the backbone, you know, to really stake her claim and say this is where i'm different from president obama? >> i think you have put your finger on the most important element of this whole back and forth. any incumbent president has this issue. ronald reagan had it with george h.w. bush. how much do you campaign for him. bill clinton and al gore. how much of your legacy is tied. the most important part is not the rhetoric.
5:23 pm
it's the actual policy. you are right. you can throw anything out there about where you stand on things, but it's the specifics and where she is struggling is not on whether the mantra is don't do stupid stuff or not it's the fact when she gave her major speech on isis strategy a couple months ago, it was not much different than president obama's. if you want real separation you have got to say more than just do more air strikes and arab allies and more diplomacy. step all that up. have to have a real break on some of these issues to show that she substantively will be different. not just in speech but in actual substance. >> i see some more real crucial vulnerabilities for mrs. clintons, also that that i think could be exploited. have gitmo. does president obama think we should down gitmo and bring down terrorists. does hillary clinton believe we should allow you sanctuary cities to flourish just like president obama and does hillary clinton agree with president obama that obamacare is this great
5:24 pm
success? i think those three things, if you can kind of get that wedge in there, could really damage her politically. you are putting your finger on a whole series of issues that are going to be very difficult for hillary clinton. he you bet the strategy from talking to her people is very simple. i'm with the president. you know what? not president obama. president clinton. nextmond, she is going to be deploying bill clinton we have just learned today that next monday bill clinton is doing two events in new hampshire. she is trailing bernie sanders there. that's one of her only sore points right now in the primaries trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. bill clinton was the come back kid there she has started in recent days talking a lot more on the trail talking about the clinton johns record and the clinton economy. that is the big thing to watch in 2016. not talking about obama. >> i'm a clinton hear me
5:25 pm
roar. >> let's listen to bill raise some money and fire up the base. do you agree with that? >> i think to fairness in her in the early months the complaint was they are hiding him because of the clinton foundation. she was to your point trying to stand on her own two feet. now it's about simple politics. they want to bring in the closer. it's like marianne that rivera. >> straight ahead, as the terror threat escalates should ramp up surveillance of mosques. terror debate upcoming. you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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in the unresolved problem seeing' tonight, mosque surveillance in the united states. in the aftermath of the san bernardino and paris terrorist attacks, top government officials are intensifying their calls to drastically expand the surveillance of mosques. >> i believe there should be much more surveillance in the muslim community here in the united states. the only way you are going to find out this in advance is to do the same type of 24/7 surveillance that was done in the going after the mob, and -- look where the terror threat is going to come from. right now it's going to come from the muslim community and it's a small percentage but to me the only way you will find out about it in advance is by having sources on the ground with constant surveillance. >> joireaction from washington former cia operative josh cats and former criminal
5:30 pm
prosecutor john flannery. okay, gentlemen, the "new york post" is now reporting that the cleric in the mosque in san bernardino, this guy's name is abbasy, and this guy says you know what? i didn't know the shooter. i didn't know the shooter's wife. barely talked to him and barely saw him around. now it looks like this shooter farook worshiped in this guy's mosque constantly several times a week, memorized the koran there and there are dozens of text messages between the shooter and this cleric and the wife who apparently the cleric says he never saw was at the mosque cooking for everybody and was a big presence. so i don't trust this cleric now. and is in charge of this mosque that's connected. flannery, don't you want this mosque under a little more surveillance after hearing this guy not tell the truth about his relationship? >> jesse, why would you investigate the whole mosque? a logical thing to do
5:31 pm
instead of leaking what we have just heard about is to say to him so why did you mislead us if you have been with him too much? one of the answers he gave this guy was talking about donations of food or something. i don't know if that's true. but you don't investigate a mosque. you investigate this cleric. and because you have to investigate this cleric in a place where there wasn't a shooting you don't investigate all the mosques in america. by the way i resent peter king comparing all irish like myself to westies. it was a criminal organization. i bet you some italians are a little upset that peter king would think that all italians are the mob. that was appalachian meeting in which they knew all the mob was going there and that's why they investigated it. we don't have any such thing with the clerics across america who are muslim mosques. first of all we don't know and this he a would not saying we are going to investigate every mop willy-nilly. if they are texting had 8 times with the terrorists, don't you want to know what they are talking about,
5:32 pm
josh? >> jesse, absolutely. this is the issue whether it's the boston marathon bomber. all the issues we have in minneapolis. new york, or san bernardino, these clerics are absolutely hiding nefarious activity and hiding quicks with these guys. so we have to conduct surveillance, human intelligence and we have to do it in a targeted manner here, jesse. it's absolutely we have to do this we are not talking about blanket mosque surveillance flannery. >> what did i just hear? i heard him say they are clarngs, unnamed, unspecified shia, whatever. all across america who are are hiding these people. well, okay. probable cause means i have are a do you believe evidence at this mosque cleric a is doing something. i think if we had that we would have prosecuted him or
5:33 pm
her but we don't why are doing what trump is doing that clown. watch out, close all the mosques. this is a terrible policy. >> we don't needing ting closing all the mosques and saying clown. he is not. >> he is. >> the president spied on fox news reporter james rosen. you remember that. >> do you think he was with a mosque? i'm not justifying spying. >> spying on a suspicious mosque. is that what you are telling me. >> because i'm a registered democrat doesn't mean i believe in surveillance without any evidence, without search warrants, without articulable suspicion. i am not that person. i believe that you have to have suspicion of wrongdoing and you should get a search warrant and act upon it here we have people by the basis of their religion are a suspect. and entitled to robust speech.
5:34 pm
>> josh, respond to that, please. >> that's absolutely not what we are saying. >> i don't know what you are saying. >> well, let me punish, john. so what we had is we have these hot beds of censors where we are having support for terrorists. we are having plotting. we are having a lot of issues. so what he would saying here is that those censors, those hot beds, need to be investigated. we need to get the human intelligence. we need to get the surveillance and this is not a blanket thing. that's impossible to do. absolutely ridiculous. but we have the intelligence. we have information that certain censors, minneapolis, new york, are issues that we need to look at them. we need to investigate. we need to hold people accountable. not only clerics but the parishioners as well as families of these people. the families know here and have indications that their family members want to do extremist activity it. we need to go after them as
5:35 pm
well. >> flannery, real quick, answer of my specific question. if you have warren jeffs, this political radicalists out there abusing women. is he a member of this church and have you david karesh in the compound with the firearms, women are being abused. crimes are being committed. you don't have a problem with the government doing a little surveillance on those churches but you have the problem with the government doing surveillance on suspicious mosques. >> not a question between somebody who bombs a planned parenthood facility and somebody that shows articulable evidence of a connection between, say, a cleric and any terrorist activity. but that's not what we are talking about. we are talking in this vegas justice center which i think is -- vague justice center which i.
5:36 pm
-- >> you are absolutely missing the point here. >> i don't think i am. >> this is not a free speech issue. >> yes, it is. it's a free speech and fourth amendment issue. >> absolutely not. it's criminal intent issue. >> if you have mens rea censored around a criminal activity. terrorist activity and that's what we are saying with the surveillance. it needs to go after known censors of extremists. not only for mosques but against all extremists. surveillance needs to be rarpd up, period. >> extremism, if i were to quote some american senators quickly is not supposed to be itself a crime. the crime is the terrorist act. and if you have proof and an fbi. >> we need to prevent that john. we are beyond that modern threat. we have to prevent them and surveillance is the way to do that. >> you have to identify it.
5:37 pm
it's irresponsible. >> i wouldn't mind them pathing me down at the tsa and i wouldn't mind. >> i wouldn't mind if they pat you down. >> because i don't want my cleric at my mosque doing anything crazy. all right, john, josh, thank you very much. coming up, dr. ben carson enters the no spin zone to respond to the mosque surveillance controversy. and whether attacking bill clinton on the campaign trail is fair game. don't go away. or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these,
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thanks for staying with us, i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment tonight, republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson, the doctor joins us from palm beach. doctor, you just heard the last segment, in a carson administration where would you stand on mosque surveillance? >> well, recognize that, you know, i grew up in detroit where there are a lot of muslims. and, you know, the vast, vast majority of them are good, decent people. i think teddy roosevelt put it best in 19 o7 when he said we are a country of immigrants. everybody is welcome from any race, from any religion as long as they want to be americans. as long as they accept our
5:42 pm
values and beliefs and our laws. that's the way i feel about it and i think that's the way most americans feel about it what we have to be careful of is allowing ourselves to be duped by political correctness and say well, you know, we can't even investigate these people because that's racial profiling or religious profiling, you know, that's what they are counting on. they are counting on us being that silly. we have to be smarter than that obviously if there is justifiable cause, if there is suspicion, human intelligence is your first leg, you go and listen and survey for a while and if it seems more suspicious, you put in your electronic equipment or whatever else you need. >> right, because it's clear in san bernardino. political correctness killed. we had one of the neighbors suspicious of some of the activity at the house. a lot of muslims guys in and out of there all hours of the night all of a sudden but he didn't say anything
5:43 pm
he didn't want to be accused of being a bigot. i want to get to bill clinton. you have heard a lot of this stuff out therein 00 campaign trail. donald trump warning the clintons he may go after bill for his history with women. do you think that's fair game going after bill clinton? >> every past president is fair game. the fact that one of them happens to be married to a presidential candidate doesn't change that. >> do you have it's fair game. >> do you have a problem as a christian and a leader in this country with bill clinton's history with women? >> well, my main problem with it is that i saw innocent little kids as pediatric nurse surgeon i saw wanting to know what certain things are. things they would never known
5:44 pm
about kids before. innocence disappears from our society i'm sorry to see that happen and i'm sorry it was because one of our presidents? right now we are very, very close to iowa and new hampshire. you are doing pretty well there toward the top middle of the pack now. and you your campaign has had a few ups and downs. you have been high and low. i feel personally when you were at your best when you were speaking your mind you were speaking directly. you were telling the truth. you didn't care about political correctness. you were telling the truth about muslims. about the war on terror. about democrats and poverty and race in this country. what i want to know is has your strategy changed? have you done anything differently recently? >> well, we are -- i'm in the process of really carefully examining everything that's going on. >> what does that mean? >> we are taking some -- i'm looking at finances i'm
5:45 pm
looking at personnel. i'm looking at messaging. some of those things are going to change without question. i you think i'm also going to be a little more aggressive in my speaking. i'm not going to shout and jump up and down like some people keep telling me that i should do because, you know, that's not basically who i am. but i am going to emphasize what true strength is all about. a lot of people think it's about the decibels at which you say something. i'm going to emphasize a accomplishments. accomplishments is what really demonstrates that you have strength. what have you been able to overcome and what you have achieved? i would be very happy to compare, you know, life achievements against anybody else who is running. >> we look forward to hearing that and you differentiating yourself in terms of accomplishments with some of the other candidates and good luck, dr. carson, on the campaign trail. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> when we come right back, al jazeera creating uproar after reporting that peyton
5:46 pm
manning has been illegally doping. is there a darker agenda behind the report? stay tuned. [ cough ] no matter what nasty cold symptoms you get, alka seltzer plus liquid gels rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. and they outsell mucinex liquid gels 2 to 1. alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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in the second unresolved problem segment tonight, a major scandal rocking the world of sports. a new documentary from al jazeera claims nfl quarterback peyton manning and other pro-athletes have been using banned human growth hormones, a pharmacist who claims he supplied the growth hormones documentary. >> peyton and his wife would come in after hours [bleep] all the time send ising ashley manning drugs like a growth hormone all the time everywhere. florida. it would never be under peyton's name it would always be under her name.
5:50 pm
>> just before that documentary aired, the pharmacist recanted. >> the statements on any recordings or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. to be clear, i am recanting cle such statements and there is no truth to any statement of mine that al jazeera plans to air. >> the whole report is being called into question and peyton manning is denying the allegations. >> i think i wrote at least between being angry, furious, but disgusted is really how i feel, sickened by it that -- i'm not sure i understand how someone can make something up about somebody. admit they made it up, yet it gets published in a story. >> have you ever used hgh or any performance enhancing drugs? >> absolutely not.
5:51 pm
>> joining us now, mike gallagher. it looked like he was going to take a swing at those al jazeera guys. >> who wouldn't be, if this is as false as he alleges. i'm trying to follow al jazeera investigating nfl players. >> why? >> al gore started a liberal cable network that failed spectacularly. he sells it to a middle east potentate. al gore pockets about $70 million. everything associated with al jazeera ought to be questioned. al jazeera, the mouthpiece for osama bin laden, and yet the left has done a good job trying to convince everybody that al jazeera is this credible news organization that really has come into its own. really, al jazeera? are you kidding me? >> let me ask you, do you think this is just sloppy journalism? they have no sourcing, they have
5:52 pm
no standards, no accountability, they're throwing this against the wall? or is it something worse, is it them kind of going after american icons, going after u.s. institutions in a malicious way? >> again, something anti-american from al jazeera is nothing new. so the idea that al jazeera could forge ahead with a story even after that star source has recanted is highly dubious. al jazeera is responsible for horrific anti-american, anti-israeli propaganda. it's an awful machine that al gore got richer in helping to create. so yeah, i think you're spot on to wonder about an agenda here is a very apt reaction. >> they should put some pads on these journalists, have some broncos line backers run over them. >> just spend five minutes with
5:53 pm
peyton manning. >> i've they have seen peyton manning look angry. that was angry. the lip was quivering. >> and not a small man. this is not a guy you want to tick off. maybe some of these journalists ought to spend a few moments alone. >> now he's contemplating a lawsuit. >> which would be good. then you could have the truth rise to the surface. again, any time americans can be reminded of what al jazeera is all about, that's a good thing in my book. >> so this is putting a spot light on al jazeera. >> an unwanted spot light. let it play out and let's find out what they are about. directly ahead, my most difficult assignment yet, waters world hawaiian style. right back with it. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms
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in the back of the book segment tonight, my favorite segment, "watters world." as you may know, president obama and his family are in hawaii for their annual holiday vacation. but what you may not know is that hawaii is one of the most liberal states in the country. so a while back i visited the aloha state to find out why. ♪ why is hawaii such a liberal state? >> uhh, i don't really realize it. >> umm. >> explain what liberal means first. >> do you know what liberal means? >> no. >> there's a history of government dependence and the people that have been in power want the government to take care of them. >> everyone is drunk, they don't work. >> the freedom gets lost between the beach and the office. so what happens is, man, people are going okay, we want things given to us rather than earning
5:57 pm
things. >> you're a republican in hawaii? >> yes. >> how does that feel? do you need a friend? do you need a hug? >> democrats control every level of government in hawaii. the state income tax rate is 11%, the highest in the country. also the highest the country, food stamp benefits. hawaii has a deep debt problem and a severe homeless crisis. do you think there's a homeless problem here if >> yes, there is. >> you're okay with all the food stamp benefits being paid here? >> some people need it. >> occupy, anybody want to talk? >> i'm here because i live in a country that holds me accountable for everything that i do, yet they don't hold their self-accountable. for instance, the illegal occupation of hawaii by the united states government. >> i thought hawaii was one of the 50 states. >> no, that's a misconception. >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm on unemployment. >> are you the only occupier with a leather reclineer?
5:58 pm
>> no, i'm not. ♪ >> hawaii has a liberal and dangerous attitude towards sexual conduct. you could rape a child and only spend two years in prison. a nigh nor can get an abortion without parental consent and prostitution is allowed to flourish. only one pimp was arrested last year. why is it allowed? >> you don't bother me, i don't bother you. >> i don't see any arrests or police out there. >> it's crazy. the police station is across where the prostitutes hang out. i'm like, yo, the united states, prostitutes and the police station right there. >> some of the child sex laws are liberal here. other states have jessica's law, which is a 20-year mandatory minimum for child sex crimes. >> i think we should be the same way. >> do you enforce the anti-marijuana law or not? >> marijuana is a big problem in
5:59 pm
waikiki. >> we've got bigger and better things to worry about than folks smoking marijuana. >> are you a "factor" fan? >> uhh, no. >> hey, bill, the spin stops here. >> i don't watch that kind of stuff. >> where do you get your news and information? >> "live with kelly." >> have you ever heard of me? >> no. >> i think it's "watters' world." >> nbc is >> is this interview worth anything to you guys? >> this is a gold mine. >> what a grueling assignment that was. and before we go tonight, a quick reminder, dennis miller and o'reilly will be doing some new live shows in 2016 called the "who wants to be a president" tour. the first three tours in l.a., fairfax, virginia, and mohegan sun in connecticut. and that is it for us tonight.
6:00 pm
thanks for watching and please remember, i'm watters, and this is my world. breaking tonight. an american city that fell victim to a terrorist attack just a few years ago is on heightened alert tonight. boston, and a number of cities in europe, respond to terrorist threats that suggest a holiday attack could be imminent. i'm shannon brean in for megyn kelly. the fbi confirming today that they are investigating a terrorist threat relayed to them by the nypd. cities like vienna, london, paris, and possibly others are on heightened alert, as authorities in austria's capital announced that a threat had been made against several european


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