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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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2:30 to ring in the year. donald trump will join us and hear from other 2016 candidates as well. don't miss it see you tomorrow on the five. good night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm jesse watters if for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. the battle between clintons and donald trump escalating to all out war in the race for the white house. trump is doubling down on his claims that bill clinton wants sex scandals are fair game and he is ratcheting up the personal attacks against the former president. >> there were certainly a lot of abusive women and you look at whether it's monica lewenski or paula jones or many of them and that certainly will be fair game. certainly if they play the women's card with respect to me, that will be fair guam. >> trump's attacks on the
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clintons may actually be a part of a bigger strategy. >> i think this is not about hillary. i think trump is not firing off the first shot in the general election. this is all aimed at the republican nominating process by taking her on as the foil. plays the presumptive nominee. this is all about him rising above the other candidates on the republican side. it's not anen engagement in a real general election campaign yet. he is using her as a foil and i must say effectively. >> joining us with analysis fox news contributor leslie marshall and with me here in new york. boston herald columnist adrianna cohen. leslie let's start with you. yes or no. has expresident bill clinton abused women? >> [sigh] >> i think your silence says a lot.
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>> no. i wanted to be very clear because i wanted to think about mondayca. although consensual she was young. i wouldn't say abused. taken advantage of with monica yes. abused no. >> here's the facts. two women have accused bill clinton of sexual assault. another woman sued clinton for defamation because allegedly smeared her after an affair and you know as you said he did prey on a young intern while at work. and he did use state troopers while in office to arrange the relationship and then we know used political attack machine to go after whistle blowers the women that accused him of doing wrong things. so looks there is a track record of being very aggressive with women and using political power to cover it up and smear. am i wrong? >> well, first of all i guess he i missed the part where bill clinton is running again. i mean, he has already
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certain served his two terms. his wife is running. very different. secondly, i don't find this abuse of these women two allegations and a payout don't mean that he is guilty. and when you have concept ising adults in the situation, as monica has admitted freely that she was, that is not abusive in my opinion. and i'm a feminist. i don't find that abusive. >> i think a lot of people would disagree. adrianna. do you see any negatives to donald trump going after bill clinton's past relationships with women? i see a few things. maybe it opens him up to attacks on his personal life or, i mean, what could you possibly see his negatives in doing that? >> i think it's a donald trump to highlight the hypocrisy. hillary clinton went after trump accusing him of sexism against women and that's the utmost of hypocrisy. i mean, look at bill clinton. he has an entire political career of sexual impropriety. he has been impeached. i mean for this sexual
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harassment with monica lewenski. the scandals run very deep with bill clinton. she is opening up a can of worms. this is going to tarnish and her her campaign. >> you did say what does bill clinton have to do with this? well hillary and some would say in an act of desperation is sending her husband out into the campaign trail to make a case for her next week he is going to be all over new hampshire. so, he is the lead surrogate. he is the politician. he is fair game. and when you have trump doing this you i think the base loves it. they look at this and say wow, someone with some courage to do this. it may neutralize the war on women attacks. so there may be more of an upside than a downside. wouldn't you agree? >> oh, i don't know where to begin. how can a woman with a double digit -- how could a woman with a double digit lead over bernie sanders, a sizeable lead over every including trump g.o.p. candidate be be desperate? a, b bill clinton polls
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higher than every g.o.p. candidate could be elected today even by republicans. and, three, donald trump's behavior and bill clinton's behavior are their behavior. hillary clinton's behavior is her behavior. and donald trump having cheated on his first wife with his second, and now he is on his third should not be pointing fingers at any man with regard to behavior. and remarks he has made toward women i think speak for itself with regard to how he speaks down to women and as a woman i do find him to have made sexist remarks in the past. >> well, first of all according to the recent polling trump and hillary are tied. as you know and explicit co-s go out and they get back into the campaign trail. those numbers are going to go down for expresident clinton. what would you say? >> bill clinton there is a a big difference between cheating on your spouse and getting impeached. let's make that difference clear. with hillary clinton she claims she is four women --
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she is for women. leslie, are you okay with her accepting millions of dollars from gulf nations that oppress women and strip them of basic human rights? if she truly cared about women, she would return all of this unsavory cash. >> with, you know, i find it interesting that we care about those donations to one female democrat now. we have never cared about those donations to republicans or democrats that didn't wear a dress since pretty much since we have had a relationship with the middle east. many of these countries although i do not support the practices, i don't support some of the practices toward treatment of women in this country. and but many of the practices in these middle eastern countries that i have either visited or even lived in as the staff can attest, we have relationships we are building with those countries. we see changes in those countries like voting in saudi arabia fighter pilots in the united arab elm rites we don't turn our backs in those relationships including financial relationships in political election years.
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>> i want to get back to the main point here. do you guys think that a part of this going after bill clinton's past with women, this is entertainment value, it's a late night guys are here. they would be writing jokes about this all night. i think what trump is doing. people are talking about this right? it's funny right? >> didn'tly going to get ratings, capture people's attention. how is this going to hurt her when donald trump is going to recycle and the media all of his sex scandals which were i can't think of one americans support bill clinton and sexual history which is up for grabs. >> it's clear they don't want to talk about this. ladies, thank you very much. next on the run down, what is going on behind the scenes at the clinton campaign as trump goes nuclear on bill and hillary? ed henry with the inside details moments away.
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jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great
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you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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in the personal story segment tonight, imagine what it must be like to be behind the scenes of the clinton campaign as donald trump hurls political nukes their way. ed henry is covering the hillary campaign for us and joins us from washington with the inside story. they released a statement and say hillary i'm not going to back down to this bully and he is hurting himself with minorities and women and, you know, enough of this they have got to be a little bothered about the topic of of monica coming up on the campaign trail right? >> their strategy when you talk to them behind closed doors this is going to he radio mind people that she was a victim. they have think that donald trump may play into that. they say she is going to focus on the economy and a other issues luke national security as a former secretary of state. our own polls at fox say that's what voters actually want to hear about. and they also think that when donald trump attacks her husband at least republican assumption they tell us look this just
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reminds people she is trying to stand on her own two feet. you everywhere just talking about that in the last segment and is it may actually play into her theme of these #s i'm with her. she is a fighter. and that this campaign should not be about bill clinton. it's about her. but on the other hand, i certainly think that while they may donald trump is now trading his fire on the clintons. every republican candidate that has been in his wake has been obliterated or badly damaged. let's not forget while the clinton camp wants us to believe we will beat donald trump big time in a general election, this will be a blow out election, this is somebody donald trump who might have crossover appeal with sort of reagan democrats and folks in the middle that the clinton camp may just not want to admit right now. >> i'm very curious. so, bill is going out to new hampshire next week and he is going to get out there on the the stump. i'm wondering, is he going to go positive hillary is
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the greatest i have ever seen is he going to go negative? remember, if he goes negative, who he nos what trump may say. who nos what is out there with bill. remember anything is fair game at that point right? are they worried about that. >> the vibe i'm getting so far is we are going to see the positive bill for two reasons. one, remember when he went negative on barack obama on 2008 brought up jesse jackson that back fired on him it would seem highly unlikely he is going to go back down that road. let's remember the former president says what he wants to say. when a camera is put in his face and reporter shouts at him sometimes he loses his cool. they ever trying to prep him behind the scenes make sure he doesn't give us a video moment like we saw again and again in 2008. another thing is you are right as well that there has to be at least some concern that they don't want personal issues to be the dominant theme out there. look what happened in the "the washington post" today. you have a liberal columnist in ruth marcus who said, look, donald trump may have a point this is a liberal
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columnist. she said what trump has said about women it's just comments. they were demeaning they were unfortunate in her estimation but it's different than bill clinton's behavior. this is ruth marcus' words. she said he preyed on young women who were beneath him in rank. that is not what the clinton camp wants to be talked about in the conversation and not what they want a liberal and a woman to be writing in the "the washington post" right now. >> and would know we have seen the president go fly all over the world. he has got the clinton foundation here a lot of stuff that could be fair game. now, the clinton machine in the 90's known for some really dirty tactics. if donald trump crosses a line and they have said, you know, we have had it. they could unleash a lot of really troubling investigations into donald possibly in new york. who knows what's going on with them would the clichts ever say we're going to fight fire with fire and go after the donald personally
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you? >> this could get ugly fast in all sides. you see that in politics and the clinton machine you are right. has certainly been mixed up in a lot of these scrapes before. i think again for public consumption the clinton camp insist they want this to be on the issues. i will note in their defense that today hillary clinton was in new hampshire was not talking about donald trump was talking about alzheimer's research. something that a lot of do voters care about with aging parents. she is trying to stay on the issues. if donald trump keeps this up she may fire back. why should also point out she is not totally innocent here. she fired that first shot last week by telling the des moines register that donald trump is guilty of sexism. that's why he said he fired back. >> he is responding to the charges. thank you very much ed henry. up next, donald trump unloading on chris christie in new hampshire. is he now trump's biggest threat in the granite state? right back with it
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in the election 2000 167 segment tonight, donald trump is turning his attack machine against republican rival chris christie. it's no surprise since chris christie is now summering in the new hampshire polls. last night the donald came out with a one-two punch hitting the new jersey governor or the bridge gate controversy as well as his infamous visit with president obama after hurricane sandy. >> so you have obama, i don't call it a hug. i call it a hug mentally. it was like -- it was unbelievable. he was like a little boy oh, i'm with the the president. remember he flew in the helicopter and was all excited to be in the helicopter. the people in knowledge want to throw new jersey want to throw him out of office. we are a disaster state we are going to hell and our governor is up in new hampshire every single day
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having town hall meetings. he ought to be doing it in new jersey, in all fairness. >> today governor chris christie responded. >> something happened in the last three or four days to make lose the christmas spirit. [ laughter ] so, i said to the press earlier, all i have to say to donald trump is happy new year and i will see you in new hampshire. this is not a game where you are puffing out your chest who can be the biggest toughest guy in public. it's about who can run the country. >> joining us from "boston globe" reporter jason and from philadelphia star legend reporter matthew are arco. i'm surprised chris cruise city took that lying down. this guy was trump before trump came on the scene. putting people down at town halls and knocking the press around. it's not a big guy competition. chris christie is the ultimate big guy. are you surprised he didn't punch back very hard there. >> yes 2014, chris chris christie
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would sit down and shut up to people in the audience. now he cement to be taking a little bit. there are politics and tactics here. there is no reason why chris christie should be engaging in donald trump in the week between christmas and new year's. particularly when all these stories are going to repeat bridge gate, bridge gate, bridge gate. the question is what happens in january. what happens when you get closer to the new hampshire primary on february 9th. does he actually start to take on the donald when he is begging for news coverage. right now is getting covered. right now we are talking about him on the factor. when we are not talking about him then does christie try to fire back? that's what i don't know yet. >> one of the reasons this actually happened they got a big endorsement the christie campaign interest this influential newspaper' in new hampshire. trump was complaining about it christie's poll numbers have really risen matt. he is tied for second now with cruz and rubio in new hampshire. do you think donald sees him as a little bit of a threat? >> he must, that's what jumped right out at me when donald was going off on governor christie is that
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okay hey he must see that he has some competition in chris christie here. it's not the first time that donald trump has attacked christie over bridge gate. this out much the blue with christie not doing anything to instigate the fight. might see chris christie a threat considering how christie is making leaps and bounds in new hampshire which is where he needs to. >> i don't see that happening at all right now what is going on you have the newspaper the union leader i used to write for it they a attacked donald trump. they loved the attention. he got under their skin. call the publisher a low life. that's fine he did that. what you want to do to attack the candidate. not so much about christie right now is about the union leader loves christie. >> the trump attack is pretty effective when you think about it talk about
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the hug conservatives hate that. bridge gate, all about trust and electability. and when you say that he is not even in knowledge. knowledge -- new jersey, new jersey is a mess. new jersey is not doing that great. everybody hates that that's just about governing and competence. that three pronged counter punch. i don't know, that's pretty harsh stuff look, we knew in new jersey. new jersey voters know if chris i have city climbs in the polls his rivals are going to start attacks his record in new jersey. it's not that he won't be surprised and have anything to say his side of it. where the state is with pension crisis which is turning into the transportation trust fund crisis that's going to run out out of money some time this year to pay for our roads and construction. there is some serious problems going on in new jersey. we are always expecting that once or if there is a time where christie has a boom and he is on the rise that that is fair game, his
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record and we fully expect that other are republican rivals to be pointing that stuff out. >> so right now we have a new hampshire situation where trump is way ahead and then you have this three way tie for second with cruz, rubio and christie. both of you guys, how do you think it's going to shake out? i know it's a long way away. but do you see any surprises out there happening out there in the granite state. >> one thing that's going to be important is what happens in iowa. if cruz does win iowa, i think is consolidating conservatives in new hampshire. and because we are talking about math here and slices of pie. the winner of new hampshire will get 25, 30% support. second person will get 17% 18%. ted cruz is not a natural candidate for new hampshire. he can get one out of five republicans. i think that can't happen. do you have to watch the establishment lean. all about trump and cruz in terms of the conservatives and this is establishment
5:25 pm
lane. chris christie, it's marco rubio, it's jeb bush, it's john kasich. what's interesting about this conversation with trump is you would think the attacks on a surging christie would come from a bush, come from a kasich. would come from rubio. it's not. it's actually coming from the frontrunner. >> matt, how do you see it real quick? two months ago before christie was coming up. how people responded to him at his town halls and where he was in the polls. it didn't surprise me he is going to continue to make headway. the question is does he stand up to attacks from other rivals who are also pinning their hopes in new hampshire. >> it's getting started about a month away from these primaries and caucuses. very exciting, matthew and james thank you very much. giving props to syria. seriously:
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in the impact segment tonight, a very bizarre boast from the state department. the folks there blogged that bringing peace to syria is one of its top accomplishments of 2015. peace in syria. the war is still ranging there. tens of thousands have been killed. the violence has spawned a violent refugee crisis. the state department is defending its claim. >> the operative word there is bringing not brought. we are bringing peace and
5:30 pm
security to syria. i think that's a truthful claim. there has been significant process, we believe, in the past year on both fronts. >> process or progress? >> i think both. i think progress on a process. >> progress on a process. joining us now from palm springs with reaction rick grenell a former u.s. spokesman at the u.n. and from miami former state department official david calfry. david, i want to start with you, you can't believe that the obama administration is bringing peace to syria can you? >> well, that wases an awkward press conference and the title they put on this blog is also very awkward. what they try to do is something cute which is to describe the accomplishment in five words each. if they had used a few more words they could have been more accurate. which they should have said starting to have a plan to bring peace and security. >> starting to have a plan
5:31 pm
to bring peace and security. >> the blog post talks about two things the blog post has truly accomplished in syria. one is providing the most support for humanitarian interest in syria in any country in the world which is significant. europe is affected much more by the syria refugee crisis by the u.s. the u.s. has spent more than any other country about 1.4 billion in 2015 alone. over 4 billion since the crisis started. it also talks about the new u.n. security council resolution which was passed this month which sets is a peace process for going forward. which is also very important and is an important accomplish many. remember. we haven't passed a security council resolution in years related to syria because russia keeps blocking them. >> david okay, we gave them a lot of cash and we have some u.n. resolution. rick i don't understand. this touting this like syria is a big success.
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i hate so see what a failure in syria would look like. why do they even spin this? >> it's hard to talk about this without laughing because it's just such a joke. the state department has the system in place. i have written these accomplishments for almost a decade when i was at the state department. you are tasked with trying to come up with some sort of positive spin on every single policy and people sit around and they write. this i talked to somebody who is the nearest bureau who which is the bureau that wrote this today. they said there was a lot of chuckling going on when the first draft came forward. every one at the state department outside of the political appointees by president obama knows that syria is a disaster. the most that they can say right now is that they have found a time for a meeting. they have scheduled a meeting with all of the players and everybody has agreed to come to a meeting. there is no success yet. >> they have a plan to schedule a meeting. that's what it is. now, i want it read some of these other accomplish manies because these are
5:33 pm
just hilarious that they are touting. are you ready for this one? hosting a summit on countering terrorism. hosting a summit. all right? also, kerry went to a summit about the ocean. that was one of their accomplishments, kerry also. >> attending meetings. >> kerry also went to another summit about the artic and finally my favorite, david, i would like to you comment on, this set ago goal to end poverty i mean, i can set a goal to end poverty. what does that mean? >> you know, there are other accomplishments that you overlooked that are in this blog post they talked about the iran nuclear deal. and normalizing relations with cuba. it talks about the progress made against isis. these are significant accomplishments you may or may not agree with them. they are distinct changes from the previous administration. they are things that nobody thought this administration could accomplish. we have to see if they are going to be effective in the future. especially the iran nuclear deal. but these are significant
5:34 pm
accomplishments by the state department under the leadership of secretary kerry. it's warranted for a blog post to talk about them. >> you are going to say that iranian nuclear deal was an accomplishment, i think the rest of the country would disagree with that. is that what they're going with, giving the iranians billions of dollars and now they are violating this agreement left and right already. >> right. they have violated it three times even samantha powers has issued a statement saying iran is in violation. look let's take quickly the one example that david put forward which is the u.n. resolution that u.n. resolution that he is talking about where russia finally signed on. the reason why russia signed on is because we didn't say anything about the most difficult problem which is assad. no one is saying a word about whether assad should go or stay. that's the whole reason why we are having problems in syria. this resolution doesn't even confront it. we are left to schedule meetings and claim struck
5:35 pm
tri for attendance. if that's a tactic, that is actually not an accomplishment. >> you know what this reminds me of is when the terrorists had the deadliest year on record last year and president obama went out and said, you know, the world has never been safer. or when we had huge illegal alien invasion last year and the obama team came out and said the border has never been more secure. why even try to spin it? why can't they own up and say this is a challenge. these are the steps we are taking to address the challenge. we know it's tough. but we're going to get through it instead it's this pie in the sky everything is great. >> because they can get away with it, jesse. they can get away with it because the media does not hold them accountable. the state department press corps has been trocious. they allow all of this to happen. you look, finally someone questioned mark toner and said wait a minute you said process instead of progress. >> he said both. >> process is has become
5:36 pm
success. scheduling a meeting and deciding that you are going to attend something is bingo, we have accomplished it. we have attended a meeting. >> there was things on the list that i did agree with one thing. it was fighting back ebola. so i think we can i don't have ebola. you i do guys don't have ebola. they did a good job with that other than that i'm not really sure, all right? rick david, thank you guys very much. coming up next, president obama's massive new deportation plan. is he taking a page out of the trump playbook? that debate upcoming. huh. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints.
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just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. thanks for staying with us. i'm jesse watters in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor follow up segment tonight, the crisis at the southern border. according to the "the washington post," the obama administration is preparing to deport the families who have illegally surged across the border since last year. sounds kind of familiar. doesn't it? >> we have to make a whole new set of standards and when people come in, they have to come in. >> you are going to split families and deport children. >> no, we have to keep the families together. >> you are going to keep them in or out. >> they have to go. >> what if they have no
5:41 pm
place to governmental we will work with them. they have to go. >> joining us now to analyze from san diego syndicated columnist reuben and from boston jessica vaughn from the center for immigration studies. so reuben, i mean, they are going in with armed teams raiding these homes ripping families away and send ising them home. sounds a lot luke the same plan trump had isn't it? what's obama doing? >> not really the same trump plan at all jesse. it's business as usual for the obama administration. they deport 400,000 people a year for seven years. almost 3 million people at this point. what the difference is trump has talked about building a war with a door in it so people can come back. with obama sends people it's one way. they don't come back. he doesn't want them to come back. donald trump fundamentally is against illegal immigration but supports the idea of letting some of these people come back legally the right bay. that's not what obama is posing. >> there haven't been that many deportations, yes.
5:42 pm
400,000 four years ago. but that's been cut in half just last year in 2015, just over a little 200,000. okay. so the deportations are way way down under the last four years and also, criminal deportations also way down in the last year. so i don't know if obama is really ramping up the deportations as some people like to claim. how do you see it? >> jesse the criminal deportation. you have to be careful what the key poor station uses. someoneed a crime. in fact it's a felony. if you deport and return it's a felony. they call you a felon and criminal. the obama administration from the beginning because it's tried to have its cake and eat it too. be compassionate and tough. used terms interchange gli. deporting only criminals when audits have been done we find out they are rid of nannies and housekeepers and
5:43 pm
gardeners. the administration has shown itself to be morally bankrupt and disdishonest since dealing with illegal immigration. they have been moving illegal out of this country to placate the part of the party that nobody talks about they represent competition for jobs. the blue collar americans who want them gone, this is your administration. they are doing it for you. >> jessica, you know how i would end depoor deportations. wouldn't need them. you know why? secure the border if you have a secured border. you don't have to let people in and then send them home. they stop at the border and they come in through the regular legal process. what do you think about that? >> well, reuben is right that we shouldn't trust the administration on this so-called proposal that it's not clear it's even been approved. he is completely wrong about the state ofen forcement on statistics that you you mentioned are much more accurate picture of what's been happening.
5:44 pm
i think we should all be skeptical that the obama administration is ever going to deport the central americans who have arrived in this surge that has been caused by their catch and release policy at the border that's what's been happening. these people should have infer been allowed to come in the country to begin with they have been a huge burden on the communities that have had to absorb them. we are talking about this administration releases tens of thousands of criminal aliens every year and they expect us to believe they are going to go door-to-door rounding up women and children. i don't think it's going to happen. i think this is all about trying to look as if they are serious about enforcement without actually having to do something. even if they were to deport a few. >> why -- when has the president ever cared about looking serious about enforcement. in fact, ever since is he took office, he stopped work on the border wall. he basically encouraged more
5:45 pm
illegal immigration by giving amnesty and peeling back the border patrol from the border. and now he turns around and stars deporting people? i don't understand the president's border policy. you can make any sense of that reuben? >> no, i can't. i mean, again i said he has tried to have his cake and eat it too. he has fooled he is in their corner. those interests are opposed in this issue. your point is well-taken as to the fact that the administration, who exactly are they trying to fool here? they have thumbed their nose at conservatives and the majority of the country on issue after issue. if you believe jessica, they are going touted -- out of their way in this massive pr effort to come off as good guys on immigration issue where they have never come off as good guys on any issue. >> you know who isup set about this? hillary. this is draconian i'm very
5:46 pm
concerned about the president's deportation plan. it's very alarming, breaking up families. i mean up is down, left is right. i don't know what's going on. do you guys understand? >> well, there is one group that they are trying to the administration is interested in impressing and that's the supreme court which they would very much like it if the supreme court would review the outcome of the states who have sued the administration over their unconstitutional lehmanization program and part of this case is that they are actually enforcing the law so that this legalization is necessary. and the fifth circuit has immigration he enforcement going on there hasn't been. they may be trying to portray themselves as serious about enforcing the law. i don't think anybody is going to be fooled. and, of course. >> if i were to look back and think that hillary would be criticizing obama for
5:47 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, bill o'reilly takes a dive into watter's world. for once i got some advice for my new show. do you even know what this interview is for? >> it's for your dopey show on the weekends. >> you knew i had a show? >> yeah i knew you had a show. what do you think, i'm just walking around like a zombie. >> are you worried my show might eclipse your show in the ratings? >> yes, i'm very worried about that. >> good. i'm glad i got that on the
5:51 pm
record. all right. if you were in my shows, how to create a hit show, what are the ingredients to do that? >> well you have to be honest all right. and you have to be aware of what the audience is expecting. you don't have to pander, but you can't be doing stories about bach and beethoven. you have to know what they're interested in why they're tuning in. >> okay. >> and a crafty show so it entertains and informs. >> you've been watching me. as you know i need a lot of help personally as a host. where do you see room for improvement in my presentation? >> everywhere. >> can you be more specific? >> no. >> everywhere? >> yeah. you're a disaster. >> a disaster? >> you are. >> okay. >> first of all you try too hard. >> i do? >> yeah. but that's kind of endearing to some elderly people. >> like you? >> all right okay. and you basically have to let the audience experience what you're doing rather than too
5:52 pm
much. >> too much? >> now there are times when you have to be assertive, like me. like barney frank, you have to go after him. but there are over times where you kind of let it unfold and you sit back and watch it. so there is no one way. but i have to say, you're pretty good for your age. you're only 17. >> thank you. >> you know you're on the dick clark track. >> okay. >> you have the same hair and same kind of like that. you could be doing "bandstand" if they bring it back. >> true enough. speaking of 17 the first time i was ever on camera, you sent me out. you said decent job, but your voice is too high pitched for television. >> because you were talking like a girl. you brought it down. >> i didn't have that problem. but a speech coach. >> did you get one? >> no. >> again -- no. you speak fine. people don't want phone nice. all of that is over. you just have to basically understand who the audience, tell the material to the audience in a way that is not too aggressive but not too
5:53 pm
passive either. you have to do it for a while and then you fall in. this is harder than it looks. >> okay. >> most people think they can sit here and do an hour show. they can't. >> how do you prepare this when you have a big interview, how do you get yourself emotionally charged up for a big mano a mano clash? >> that doesn't occur to me. what i do is do my homework and what i'm going to accomplish in a short period of time i'm interviewing a person. but i don't think how i'm going to present it. look you know me. i'm the same off the air and on the air a. >> unfortunately you are. >> but that's the key, moron. >> be authentic. >> right. be authentic. there is no difference. >> okay. now the factor a huge success. and you the books, which are doing moderately well. >> yeah i know. >> you also go out with miller. i'm a little jealous that i haven't been included. but what motivates you in the mornings to get up and do this and put up with guys like me? >> try to work hard because that's the way i was raised. so i work hard. i like what i do. most days all right?
5:54 pm
and we try to be creative which is why we allowed you to do watter's world. it's creative. it's different, right? >> yeah. >> people need a little break after the pinhead politicians and the war on terror. they need a little levity. >> right. >> okay. so i decided who is the most foolish person i know. watters. >> right. >> put him out with other people and there's watters world. >> this is a window into reality. >> it worked. >> you wouldn't be seen for watter's world. what have you learned from watching the world out there? >> well let's give monthaco some credit. you go out, you get the material, you bring it back. you guys edit into a very entertaining three-minute spot and presto, you have a hit. that's how it happened. >> that's right. thank you to rob moscow. you have graduated to the lightning round. i'm going to name an individual. you say one word your assessment. and try to clean up the profanity. >> right.
5:55 pm
>> vladimir putin. >> pinhead. >> pinhead. new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> unqualified. >> justin bieber. mmm, immature. >> hillary clinton. >> driven. >> beyonce. careful. >> hmm, beyonce. misguided. >> okay. donald trump. >> confident. >> to say the least. jon stewart. >> brilliant. >> oh, that was nice. >> he is a brilliant guy. he is. he is misguided, but he is brilliant. >> okay. president obama. >> sincere but in the wrong way. >> kim kardashian. >> shoes. that's all i know.
5:56 pm
shoes. i don't know anything else about the woman. >> last one. jesse watters. >> pinhead. no no no no. >> interviewing you was a bad idea. thank you very much. >> congrats on the new show. >> appreciate it. >> i think it will be a hit. but as i said it's not as a easy as it looks. >> okay. >> and you just have to be aware of the audience. that's the key. >> i will. >> you're doing the show for them. not for you. >> thank you. just remember. i'm watters, and that is my world right here. >> let's get him out of here. >> straight ahead, what happens when you combine a brutal iowa snowstorm with a presidential campaign event. one candidate found out the hard way. stay tuned.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
finally tonight, trying to win over voters one person at a time. democratic presidential hopeful martin o'malley showed up at an
5:59 pm
event in iowa last night, but no one else did. except for one solitary soul named kenneth. >> very last event of the night. we actually had a whopping total of one person show up. but by god, he was glad to see me. so we spent the time. >> they care about that. >> i hope so. i'm working on him. >> now in fairness to the former maryland governor the vicious winter storm kept folks away. and even forced other campaigns to cancel events. but still, the guy wouldn't even commit. wow. that's got to hurt. and a quick reminder now before we go. dennis miller and o'reilly will be doing some new live shows in 2016 called "the who wants to be a president tour." the first flee shows in l.a., fairfax, virginia, and mohican sun in connecticut. they're almost already so-called out. info is on that it is for us tonight. thanks for watching and please
6:00 pm
remember, i'm watters and this is my world. breaking tonight new details on the isis-inspired terror plot to target high profile sites overseas. and the major security steps being taken here at home to protect revellers at the biggest new year's celebration in the u.s. maybe in the world. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in tonight for megyn kelly. tonight new york city is ramping up its security as a million people are expected to descend on times square inless than 48 hours. the nypd is taking no chances when it comes to security deploying some 6,000 officers complete with radiation detectors, bomb dogs and rifles. and those are just the ones you're going to be able to see. this as police in


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