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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 30, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> with a loud thud the heavyweight champ falls flat on his back after riding the device. he was a good sport about it. ""fox & friends"" starts right now. good morning, everyone, i'm anna kooiman. from times square to the rose bowl, an unprecedented police presence standing by to protect americans from a potential terrorist attack on new year's eve. donald trump ramping up his campaign in iowa with an attack on his biggest competitor, senator ted cruz. >> to the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come out of cuba. just remember that. just remember. >> is it enough to help trump take the first in the nation
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caucus? we'll see. vi with all the talk about the republican presidential race, the democrats are summed up in one single photo. did you see this? you have to feel bad about this. martin o'malley at a campaign event with one single attendee, further proof as "fox & friends" begins now. hey, everybody. clayton is back. >> good morning, everyone. >> how was your christmas with your little one? >> magical. they're crazy. millennium falcon was the biggest hit of the year. remote control millennium falcon. and a bunch of princess stuff. that was for me. >> i'm not a "star wars" person at all, but you have to go see the latest one, i loved it. honestly i was a little bit lost at times, my husband had to explain a couple of things to me since i haven't been watching the previous ones. >> i'm going to see it.
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i love "star wars," the original three. i know this is a continuation. you've got to see it. >> at some point spoiler time is done. so if you haven't seen "star wars" by the end of the year, it's your fault. >> otherwise we'll just tell you. >> for now you get two more days. go see it. a fox news alert, armed police are ready to defend on times square to protect a million people ringing in the new year. on the west coast, unprecedented security in place in pasadena, california for the rose bowl and parade. >> leah gabriel joins us live. good morning. police and security authorities around the world are being very vigilant as millions get ready to celebrate new year's eve. in new york, more than 6,000 police officers will be patrolling times square as we all watch the ball drop. that's 600 to 800 more than last year. plus hundreds of members of the
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new counterterrorism unit will be in place. >> people should feel safe this new year's eve because we're there. we're going to have one of the most well-policed, best-protected events at one of the safest venues in the entire world. in pasadena, california, unprecedented security measures as people prepare to attend the tournament of roses parade plus the rose bowl college football game played after the parade. about 700,000 spectators are expected to attend the parade and another 90,000 fans will be passing the rose bowl stadium for that game. no specific credible threat has been made in either new york city or pasadena. but precautions being taken could mark some of the largest security operations ever seen. clayton, anna, and pete, back to you. >> leah, thank you so much. now heather with a look at the other headlines. >> clayton, nice to have you back during the week.
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i was doing a double-take, is it a weekday or weekend? dangerous flooding ahead for parts of the midwest. rain has moved on, but the swollen rivers are still rising. in missouri, the national guard has now been activated and evacuations are under way. near st. louis airlines are playing catch-up following days of cancellations due to snow and ice throughout the country. more than 1100 flights were grounded yesterday, 5,000 more delayed, leaving passengers stranded. the number significantly down this morning with just more than 160 cancellations nationwide. we'll keep you posted on the weather. the pizza may have ended the affluenza teen's party. what? ethan and tonya couch caught at a ratty apartment in a mexico resort town. this after a cellphone signal from a domino's pizza delivery gave them away.
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the duo skipped town after video showed ethan allegedly partaking in beer pong, which would be a probation violation. his mom may have plotted the entire escape, but not before throwing a going away party. the two are expected to fly back to the united states today. a new report revealing the nsa obtained private conversations between members of congress and israel and world leaders, including prime minister benjamin netanyahu, despite the obama administration's promise that the nsa would stop eavesdropping on world leaders, all after the edward snowden leaked documents in 2013. the pool of republican
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candidates shrinking this morning. former new york governor george pataki now bowing out of the race. >> tonight is the end of my journey for the white house, as i suspend my campaign for president, i'm confident we can elect the right person. >> pataki's campaign never really took off, his numbers were less than 1%. those are your headlines. i'll be back shortly. most people are off right now, they're still dealing with the present hangover. donald trump is ramping up his campaign in iowa. people have been criticizing, you're not into retail politics, you're not going door to door. he's saying, you're going to get sick of me, i'm all in. >> he's in a tight race. some are saying, tamp down
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expectations. he's saying, not only will i not tamp down expectations, i'm in it to win it and will spend my own money. >> he hasn't been spending any of his own money, but now he's saying he's prepared to spend $2 million a week or more. last night donald trump brought his childhood bible out in front of all the people that were there and said, "i understand you, and you know what, this bible is my favorite book, even more favorite than my own book, the art of the deal." he's questioning ted cruz's religion in this sound bite. >> just remember this. just remember this. you've got to remember, in all fairness, to the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come out of cuba, okay? just remember that. just remember. in all fairness. here we are. just remember that, folks. when you're casting your ballot, remember.
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>> we asked him that question, because that's not the first time he's said that. >> he said it was a joke. >> it was on our show about a month and a half ago. we asked him the question question, because he brought it up once before in iowa, that not too many evangelicals come out of cuba. he said it was a joke, now he's saying it again. >> he's holding up a bible and saying he loves evangelicals. there is an you sauthenticity g with ted cruz. you've heard other candidates make similar critiques of ted cruz. we'll see if its effective. this to me doesn't seem like the most effective approach on ted cruz. >> we haven't seen a whole lot of endorsements coming out in headlines lately, but south
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carolina senator trey gowdy is endorsing marco rubio. here's why. >> i didn't call from south carolina and tell you who to vote for. you have to decide yourself who to vote for. i'm going to vote for marco rubio. and i'll tell you why. national security, public safety are the most important issues to me. and there is nobody better on those two issues than marco rubio. i found my candidate. it's marco rubio. i hope that you will give him a chance to convince you that he should be your candidate too. >> it didn't take long for the frontrunner, donald trump, to come out swinging against trey gowdy. he tweeted this, "i hope that trey gowdy does better for rubio than he did at the benghazi hearings, which were a total disaster for republicans and americans." ouch. >> remember, this is an anti-congress type election.
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gowdy has been seen as sort of an anti-establishment type. this kind of endorsement, i think the rubio folks are hoping it helps them. >> to push back on donald trump's tweet there, congressman trey gowdy in the hearing that happened in the fall, hillary clinton was able to kind of duck and dodge and get through that unscathed, according to many reports, but if it weren't for that benghazi select committee in the first place, we wouldn't even know about her private server and we wouldn't have this e-mail scandal. >> she admitted the video was effectively fabricated, which was underreported and should have been the headline coming out of it. >> we reported it. >> exactly. >> meanwhile, we should mention marco rubio and trey gowdy and congressman rand paul -- or senator rand paul, i'm mixing up senators and congressman. meanwhile, in iowa, to be fair, they got hit with bad storms, so
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the concern from the martin o'malley was that when they held this rally, not too many people would show up. they were right. because of the storms, only one person ended up showing up to this martin o'malley event. >> there are more people at this couch than were at the town hall in central iowa. the man's name is kenneth. i give o'malley a lot of credit. >> it was bad weather, but he came through. >> i am impressed that he still did it. you hear about bands starting out, "we played to two people in the room." he was like, i'm going to talk to this one gentleman who showed up. good for martin o'malley for doing it. >> but the other headline, that only one person was there. kenneth is still undecided. he didn't gain his support either. >> after all night with martin o'malley. >> i will say, i was once a candidate, and i had some really small events. i will also note that i did not win.
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>> probably not a good sign if you have one person. coming up on the show. >> a school bus packed with children washed off the road, water rushing inside as firefighters rushed to the rescue. two of the students lucky to be alive and join us next. and do you remember the first time you tasted crispy delicious bacon? >> bacon! >> that baby's reaction, his first taste of bacon, has to make you smile this morning. >> bacon! >> bacon! after christmas clearance sale. with under armour classics for under $50. columbia starting under $25. plus, savings up to 50% storewide. going on now at bass pro shops.
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the bottom line, it doesn't take much water to pick a vehicle up. you're talking about 6 inches of water, can lift a semior a school bus. >> severe storms across the country, a close call for one high school basketball team in illinois, their bus washing off the road during a storm and water pouring in. firefighters saved the students. somehow, no one was hurt.
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nice to see both of you this morning, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> jasmine, what happened? you're on the your way to the game. you were taking a nap. when you woke up from your nap, what did you see? >> well, i woke up and i heard them yelling. i saw a semion the right side. it was underwater. i don't know why our bus kept going. all of a sudden, i was yelling, who's idea was this, why are we still going? and then i heard her yelling. >> what were you yelling? >> it was crazy. i was just like, why are we still yelling? you could clearly see the water on the side. it's crazy. >> and then i mean, you guys got basically swept off. how much water was there? it was a massive bus but didn't take much water to move you into a 10-foot ditch. >> it was probably to the
3:18 am
firefighters' shins. >> you're laughing about it now, but jasmine, you guys have to have been scared. what were they telling you? >> be calm, get to the left side of the bus, don't move. >> peyton, had you not been leaning to one side, what would have happened? >> our bus would have went down a 10-foot hill, would have been completely submerged and we would have been trapped. >> we're looking at the bus on its side, tilted. this bus leaning to the right side, how close to this ditch were you, which would have tumbled you down this hill? >> they said from like 3 to 5 feet. >> holy smokes. what were you thinking as you were sitting there, huddled together, on your way to this game? what were rescuers saying to you? >> they just said, be calm, just call your parents and tell them what's going on, they'll try to
3:19 am
get us out as soon as possible. they didn't want to do anything that would risk the bus to go over. >> did your parents show up to the bus? >> oh, yes. >> my parents showed up, and the police wouldn't let them go by, it was blocked off. >> every parent's worst nightmare. they managed to open up the back emergency door. how did they manage to get you guys out? >> actually they got us out the windows, like the emergency window they opened. i was closer to the front, because the back was actually in the water. it was going back first. and we one by one, they pulled us out of the bus and put us in the cop car. the water was up to the entrance of the cop car. >> god bless our emergency crews. did you manage to make it to the game? >> yeah. >> how did the game go? >> we lost. >> aw, i was hoping for a good
3:20 am
end to the story. they should have given you the win for all you went through. for this early in the morning, you guys are peppy. thanks for being here. >> thank you. happening now, the search for a country music star missing on a hunting trip. the clue searchers are thankful for, ahead. >> a civil liberties group says that violates the constitution. he joins us live to respond to those allegations, next. i'd like to make a dep--
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looking at moving and grooving, some quick international headlines. an unguided iranian rocket launch within less than a mile of the aircraft carrier uss harry truman. the iranian army was conducting a live fire exercise. the u.s. doesn't think it was targeted but calls the action, quote, unsafe. with all the focus on isis in the middle east, al qaeda is making a comeback in afghanistan, although not as large as pre-9/11 sizes.
3:25 am
we'll have more on that throughout the show. an inspiration al message from a county executive. he's facing backlash for these controversial remarks. >> our belief in jesus christ who died for all of us, died for all our since. >> sounds like a pretty good pre-christmas message to me, but the aclu said, "the framers of the constitution understood the importance of the separation of church and state, it was inappropriate." joining us now is west chester county executive rob astorino. >> good to be with you, good morning. >> it was a pre-christmas mass.
3:26 am
what was the context for it? >> we run the prisons, i'm county executive so it was a county facility. cardinal dolan was there to celebrate mass before christmas. it was totally voluntary for anyone who wanted to be there for the inmates. and after the mass, i said some words, about a minute and a half. i spoke to the prisoners about redemption. they're there for presentencing or up to a year, so they're going to be getting out. sometimes good people do bad things. i just sort of looked them in the eye and said, you've got an opportunity when you get out to repent and to be a better person. and that was the message. it was very well-received. i spoke to a lot of the inmates after the mass. i think i got more out of it than they did, maybe. i really felt great there with them. >> what about the criticism from the nyclu, saying separation of church and state here, let's protect the institutions of government? >> how dare a catholic be a catholic at a catholic mass. >> on christmas. >> on christmas, yeah.
3:27 am
this whole whitewashing of religion in america is not what the founders intended. it wasn't freedom from religion, which is really where we're going today. no religion whatsoever. here in new york city, which used to be the most beautiful, spectacular christmas display up and down fifth avenue, is now a winter display. there's no christmas anywhere in the department stores. god forbid you say the word "jesus," and it's a not a curse but meaning jesus in a good way, that's where we are today. i won't be silenced. enough with the unhinging of america right now. we're so far away from our moorings. it's not to be religious in your face. if i want to invoke god or be religious, let me. because that's my right. >> and the purpose of prison in many cases is for
3:28 am
rehabilitation, and you're preaching a message of preredemption. cardinal dolan said you outpreached him, you were like billy graham. this was an optional thing, right? also there was a rabbi and an imam there. where's the beef? it's not like you were saying you have to follow jesus christ and name him as your lord and savior. >> you have to get out in six months anyway, but while you're here, why don't you just listen? it was meant to be inspirational. some of the prisoners were crying, some were very thankful that somebody was paying attention to them and offering them some hope. >> the stature of cardinal dolan as well. >> and president obama held a similar event. >> here is the hypocrisy, president obama in the white house, which last i checked was
3:29 am
a government facility, in the white house, offering an easter message, talking about jesus, talking about redemption, that's okay, because we haven't heard from the aclu or the left, but for a republican or anyone else to talk about god or jesus or whatever. >> at a voluntary prison event. >> a voluntary prison event and mass, you can't separate yourself. i am who i am and others are who they are. this is a country founded on freedom of religion. >> well said. rob, great to see you this morning, happy new year. >> a blessed new year. had to do it. >> that was so politically incorrect. coming up on "fox & friends," the search for a country music singer. and how should dogs wear
3:30 am
pants? >> come take a look. >> over all four legs or just the back two? we're already having a debate here. what do you think about it? first, happy birthday, this singer turns 29 today.
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you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. it's mike nesmith's birthday this morning, from the monkees. >> i will say, you just played a
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davey jones song from the monkees. ♪ hey, hey, it's the monkees anna volunteered to donate a gown for charity. >> i'm going to get involved, i've got a lot of dresses in my closet. i was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. >> i realized actually when i started looking through my closet, i've given away my bridesmaids dresses. i have some from other functions that i've been too. i won this one on the red carpet at the kentucky derby. this one is super cute with the gold zipper on the side. >> super cute. >> this such a good organization, we'll put information up on the website. these galas and balls for
3:35 am
military members, their spouses and girlfriends, is part of our rich military history. it can be super expensive between the dress, the shoes, the baby-sitter, transportation. >> they are big or dedeals, wit units they're big morale boosters. everybody wants to look great. an organization like this is a great idea. >> we'll put it up on our website, how you can get involved. >> look on my facebook and twitter too. something else tearing up the internet, we showed this to you earlier this morning. we've already been having debates here among the crew as to how should a dog wear pants. the internet has gone crazy over this. and this is the way that this looks. should a dog wear pants underneath the body, which is where i come down on this, or the back half? because it's not like the dog is going to stand up and walk around, like get himself a cup of coffee. >> what about when they do stand up and greet you? i feel like this is an open and
3:36 am
shut case. i'm for the second dog right there. >> how do they go to the bathroom in either? >> i think if you put them underneath, it makes sense, you're blocked against street debris, sleet and ice and snow. >> you're not talking about the esthetics, you're talking about the functional. >> pants are meant for legs. sweaters are meant for arms. i would go with picture number 1. baxter is way too dignified to wear pants. when i went to new york, i had to buy a wool jacket for him. it just wraps around the belly. >> this is a debate that's randall onli raging online. a lot of middle aged men put on a couple of extra pounds. you have to decide if that belt goes under or right across. that's a tough one, you know? you see the same in the visual.
3:37 am
>> let's try to solve this on our facebook page this morning. we'll do an unofficial poll. at the end of the show our folks and frien"fox & friends" viewerl weigh in. this is a problem, of course. e-mails, people think they can just get away with lousy grammar when they write e-mails. >> no punctuation. >> even text messages now. now a new app, it's a chrome extension, chrome is a browser built by google. you can download an extension that will fix your e-mail. it was developed by developers to keep you from using superfluous words, like throwing in the word "just" or random extra words. it will stop you when you're writing your e-mails to tell you when you're being too wishy washy. dear mr. president, i'm sorry
3:38 am
for taking so long to get back to you, i think i have a plan for the strategic direction of the company. i'm no expert, but. >> you see the underlined words there. the app is showing you, get rid of those, it's superfluous, take them out. >> if you're my lead consultant, i don't want you to say "i'm no expert" or "i think." way too timid. to your point, that, you know, you used to write a whole lot better, i think that's because of spell check and grammar check and all that, and now we have this too. people should be able to get away without it. >> it says using "sorry" frequently undermines your gravitas and makes you unfit for leadership. >> it's true. >> i think it trains you. if you see these mistakes pop up where you keep adding in these extra words.
3:39 am
>> i need it for the passive voice and conjugating words, i can get all that in microsoft word. >> i had a professor in college who showed me how bad writing in the passive voice was. i got a "d" on that paper. good morning to you all, hope you're off to a good day. 39 minutes after the hour. the missing back road anthem singer, craig strickland's family holding out hope after his dog is found alive. his band mates hoping that this is a good sign. the 9-year-old labrador was found by oklahoma officials guarding the body of strickland's hunting buddy, chase moreland. their boat capsized in choppy water and heavy winds.
3:40 am
rescue crews will resume the search later this morning. we'll keep you posted. a potentially deadly mistake. an alaska airlines passenger jet landing on an active taxiway instead of the runway at seattle tacoma international airport. the runway on the left and the taxiway in the center, you can see that right there. they look the same, but pilots are trying to notice the difference. plus it was not the pilot's first time landing at this airport. luckily no one was hurt. the airline and the faa are both now investigating. isis leader al baghdadi, he tweeted a plea to all muslims for them to join the fight. muslims on twitter were having no part of his request. one guy says, "i'm busy being a real muslim, also your dental plan sucks." how is this one for keeping it real, "nah, i prefer to sleep in
3:41 am
and binge watch shows on netflix." this one says, "my dad says i will be home by 8:00, will you be there by then?" bacon makes for a great christmas gift, especially if you haven't tried it before. take a look at this little guy. >> is that good? >> bacon! >> looking at the eyes closed like he just discovered an entirely new yummy taste. that's baby ethan, overjoyed at the newfound taste of bacon. that video has been viewed more than 6 million times. look at that little cutie. >> bacon! >> they're treating him right. >> my cousin had the same reaction when she was about his age, about 2.
3:42 am
she said "baky." >> when we see a missing piece of bacon on the plate, we know it's our 3-year-old daughter. we were saying mike nesmith's birthday, also davey jones's birthday today, they share the same birthday, a little monkee trivia today. the ncaa cutting its punishment in half for athletes caught using marijuana. and boxing great mike tyson is no match for his hoverboard. we've seen the legendary boxer going down for the count. the video is going viral. you'll see it next.
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welcome back. quick headlines. caught on camera edition. a fire chief rushes towards a car engulfed in flames after the driver slammed into a pole. the 27-year veteran dragged him to safety. the chief was not hurt. the driver is now recovering from head injuries and smoke inhalation. mike tyson knocked out by a hoverboard? watch this. with a loud thud, the heavyweight champ falls flat on his back while attempting to ride the popular new device. he did however get a few spins
3:47 am
in before losing it. he's down. >> he's down. incredible. a brand-new investigation found that some of our nation's biggest universities from oregon to auburn haviesee eased the punishment for athletes who fail drug screening. one in 5 division 1 players acknowledge using marijuana or synthetic marijuana. clemson is number one in the country. one in three of them failed the drug test and will not be playing as a consequence. dr. kevin sabon is a former white house drug policy adviser under president obama. he joins us live now from miami. kevin, thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning, pete, thanks for having me. >> we're seeing this easing the
3:48 am
penalties for marijuana use. what's the biggest reason for why these schools are doing so? >> i think what we're seeing is that, you know, over the last ten years or so, there's been a dramatic and significant increase in marijuana use among college students, 18 to 22. i mean, my best guest is that these schools don't want to lose a lot of their talent. and so they're easing up on the penalties, which i think is unfortunate. i think they could be doing other things rather than sweeping this issue under the regular. >> kevin, you're saying these big football programs, athletic programs are bending to reality. we're talking about pac 10, it's a suspension only for a third failed test. oklahoma state, it was that you were suspended for 50% of the season, now there's no mandatory suspension for failed tests. west virginia, indefinite
3:49 am
expensed for use, now it's just counseling. le lot of leeway. you can see guys not even being suspended, correct? >> you could. we want them to be tough but fair. today's marijuana is not the marijuana their parents might have used in college. it's 10 to 20 times stronger because of genetic breeding techniques that are increasing the levels dramatically and causing hallucinations and paranoia. in college you need to be alert and active, whether you're in the classroom or on the football field. i don't think this is the right thing. i'm not saying we should be throwing kids in jail or destroying their entire athletic career if they're caught with a joint. but there should be some stronger penalties. i think it's a moment that the ncaa could use as a moment of prevention and awareness about the harms of today's marijuana
3:50 am
rather than i think bending to i guess what they say is, you know, something that's inevitable, but it's really not. >> so go the big conferences and the big schools, so go many others. this is an issue and a debate that will certainly continue. kevin, thank you very much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. coming up, the disgrace at the department of veterans affairs at va continues. two executives caught stealing $400,000 from veterans. wait until you hear their punishment. or lack thereof, the no punishment they received. and a newlywed wife had just one wish, a white christmas. that's exactly what her husband gave her, even in 70-degree weather. how did he do it? the couple joins us live, next. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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hi, everyone. good morning, 54 minutes after the hour. when one newlywed said all she wanted for christmas was snow, the new husband was not about to let the record high temperatures from virginia stop him from making that wish come true. with a little soap, air and water the special effects pro was able to give her the white christmas -- look at this. 70 degrees. joining us now to share their story, trevor and courtney smithson, the brand-new couple. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> hi. >> good morning. >> merry christmas, and happy new year to both of you. and congratulations on your marriage. hey, trevor, when you proposed a few months ago, you made a video, a movie that you had courtney star in, which is pretty cool, and now you do this. where did you get the idea?
3:55 am
>> which one? >> for the snow. >> oh. she came on what was it -- >> loving. >> loving. she came on the set of loving and we were shooting snow, and she kind of nudged me, i was like, oh, i want one of these for my birthday. >> i don't even remember saying that, though. i just remember telling him i wanted a white christmas like a month ago. >> but implying that we should go somewhere for christmas. i never thought he'd like bring it to me. >> courtney, how depull it off. i guess you're in the back of the house, hanging out in the kitchen or the living room or something and he's out front. were you supersurprised? >> yes, he was like go make breakfast, and of course, it faces the back of the house so i was just doing my thing and he went out to do some work and then came in and asked me if i could come out and help him. >> i never got breakfast, though. >> yes, i know. >> you get your winter wonderland and he doesn't get his bacon, eggs and pancakes.
3:56 am
>> nobody asked him what i got him for christmas. i'm a good wife, too. >> well, what did you get him for christmas? >> a humidor with his favorite cigars. >> that is a great gift. >> i know. >> i see some other people playing in the snow. what did your neighbors think? >> they loved it. our neighbors are the ones who called the news to come out. they were awesome. and then everyone that drove by like stopped and took pictures with us, and then of course my sisters who are crazy were like rolling around in the soap suds. and there was a couple like little kids that were throwing soap and everything. it was really fun. >> and i guess this evaporates after a few hours. as we go, trevor, how are you ever going to outdo yourself? >> i don't know. >> he always finds a way. >> well, good luck. >> very creative. >> so very creative couple in virginia. merry christmas, happy new year and congratulations. >> thanks. happy new year. >> coming up on "fox & friends," 2015 had plenty of political gaffes. you remember this one?
3:57 am
>> -- democrat and a socialist. >> i used to think there was a big difference. what do you think it is? >> who had the worst kwoof of the year? republicans or democrats? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. great at the one. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen.
3:58 am
if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
3:59 am
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surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your multivitamins. hi, friends are, good morning. it's wednesday the 30th of december, 2015, i'm anna kooiman. extreme weather continues to slam the midwest. missouri activates the national guard as the state braces for historic flooding. leaving thousands of travelers stranded at airports around the country. >> they canceled our flight five minutes before -- >> what travelers like that can expect today. >> wow. almost flying there. also almost flying on a campaign trail from donald trump's attack on bill clinton's infidelities to chris christie's shot at senator marco rubio.
4:01 am
>> you should show up to work and vote no. just show up to work and vote no. and if you don't want to, then quit. >> senator rubio here live today to respond. >> thanks, pete. and you saw me earlier, i'm clayton morris. talk about a holy roller. it's the hoverboard video going viral this morning. a priest using a hoverboard during his church on christmas. but not everyone was pleased. the punishment he's now receiving. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ takes a lot of get the "fox & friends" crew going in the morning. >> that's how we start out. >> 100 bottles of champagne on the plaza. >> is that how many we have? >> i think there's over 100. >> so we're going to be chopping off the tops of this.
4:02 am
>> trying to break a record world. i think the record is like 60 something in a minute. >> and they're counting them all, each one. >> up to 100. >> the guinness people show up, they're serious. they don't want to be interrupted >> we're going to try to break a world record. we're counting. official record. >> good morning, everyone. welcome in to "fox & friends" on this wednesday. heather nauert is standing by with a look at some headlines. >> let's not waste that champagne. >> no, no. >> we'll have that later. >> good morning to you all. we start right now with some extreme weather to bring you. historic and dangerous flooding for parts of the midwest. the rain fortunately has moved on. but those swollen rivers of the mississippi, now rising. the missouri national guard has now been activated, and evacuations are under way at this hour near st. louis. the airlines are still playing catch-up following days of cancellations due to snow and ice in other parts of the country. more than 1100 flights were grounded yesterday. 5,000 more delayed, leaving passengers stranded.
4:03 am
>> -- they canceled our flight five minutes before. >> okay. well right now this morning there are just over 170 cancellations nationwide. nerves a little frayed there. oh, boy. fox news alert to bring you right now. two suspected isis terrorists believed to have been plotting a new year's eve attack have now been arrested. officials in turkey say the suicide vests armed with bombs and other things were seized during a raid in turkey. this comes just days after belgian police arrested six people, also thought to have been planning a new year's eve attack. back here in the united states, and in new york, more than 6,000 police officers will patrol times square to protect the millions expected to ring in the new year. that includes hundreds of members of that now counterterrorism unit. and then in pass dena, california, unprecedented security measures are now being implemented as thousands prepare to attend the tournament of roses parade and the rose bowl college football game.
4:04 am
no specific credible threat made that we are aware of. a pizza may have ended the affluenza teen's party. ethan and tonya couch caught in a ratty apartment in a mexico resort town. this after a cell phone signal from domino's pizza is what actually gave them away. that duo skipping town after this video allegedly showing ethan playing beer pong surfaced online and that was a violation -- a possible violation, rather, of his probation. he was sentenced to probation after killing four in a drunk driving accident. a psychologist argued he was too rich to know any better. his mom play have plotted that escape but not before throwing away -- throwing a getaway party. the two expected to fly back to the united states today. and talk about a holy roller. this priest in the philippines, in big trouble this morning after giving his final blessing at the christmas eve mass on a hoverboard. the antics delighted the
4:05 am
congregation but the church not so happy. they said the stunt was wrong and they suspended him. but that congregation is now split as to whether this was out of line or a good way to get young people excited about going to church. what do you think? my christmas eve mass, my preschooler kept saying, this is so boring. sorry father kevin. it really wasn't. but to a preschooler it can be. >> but if the priest is hovering. >> that's exciting. >> it's a way to reach the masses. >> was it at midnight? >> no, no, 4:00 p.m. family mass. >> they want to get to sleep for santa. >> yes, right. >> donald trump out in iowa he is not taking the holidays off. he is out there as a front-runner doubling down on his attacks now though against hillary clinton. take a look. it's going to be me against hillary clinton, she wants to play the woman card, the war on women card, we're going to fire back. because, of, you know, what her husband has done in the past. can you imagine, first of all, that coming up at a debate? talk about awkward moments. look, if she's going to bring
4:06 am
that up, if there's a war on women, we are absolutely going to bring up the other side of this. this was him last night, on his airplane. take a list. >> frankly, hillary brought up the whole thing about sexism. and all i did is reverse it on her. because she's got a major problem, happens to be right in her house. so if she wants to do that, we're going to go right after the president, the ex-president, and we'll see how it all comes out. and i feel very confident that it will come out very well for us. i will say this, the last person that hillary wants to run against is me. >> hmm. >> then she could turn it around, too, and talk about his infidelities. you know. he's been asked about it, because they've been pressing on this the last few days, since their whole back and forth has been going on and he said you know what, actually, it's okay it helps me to understand the wrinkles of life. that's what he said. >> he's saying hey it's all fair game. and i think he's open for a rough and tumble.
4:07 am
obviously the clintons have always played that way. he's able to hit back as hard as anybody. and by hitting at bill and hillary he's able to sort of move away from the shooting inside the tent from his perspective and say hey, i'm almost shifting to a general election mentality, and i could see why he sees it as advantageous. >> you see debbie schultz on one of the sunday shows saying donald trump is an equal opportunity insulter, but saying he's sexist and going after women just because of their gender. so which one is it? you've got to love donald trump's back drop all the time. he's in his plane this time. last time at the iowa state fair he comes in in his helicopter. >> yeah. >> well, i just what an awkward moment that would be during the debate if that comes up, and brings up the ex-president, and she goes and talks about the war on women. >> it's going to happen. it's going to happen. but also, donald trump not the only one in iowa yesterday. marco rubio was on the trail with trey gowdy, someone who newly endorsed him. but he's not there unscathed.
4:08 am
just talking about his endorsement with trey gowdy. other folks are going after him. and chris christie, and jeb bush previously now chris christie, attacking marco rubio for his attendance in the senate or lack thereof. this is what chris christie had to say. >> show up to work. and vote no. right? just show up to work and vote no. and if you don't want to, then quit. only in washington could you have the guts to stand up and say i'm against something, but get a vote to vote no on and just not go. and put out a press release after it gets passed and say, this is why i was opposed to it. >> a lot of people are criticizing senator rubio for his attendance record. you mentioned jeb bush. one of the super pacs came out with a brand-new ad mentioning multiple things, after the paris attacks, after san bernardino, the omnibus bill, you know, and having to explain away why he was off campaigning rather than voting. >> well, the old argument, right, if you criticize a candidate, and you criticize a politician, hey did you vote in the last election?
4:09 am
well then you don't have a right to criticize anyone. if you didn't go and vote and actually do your constitutional duty and cast a ballot for who you thought was the proper candidate you're going to get up and criticize our process? you have no right to do it. >> but rubirubio's camp has fir back saying chris christie is not in new jersey being governor of new jersey either. >> he's in new hampshire. >> so, this is going to go back and forth. the question is whether this is really an effective tactic. both bush and christie are using it on rubio, because they, you know, immigration has traditionally been an argument but they can't use it because they're seen to having similar stances to rubio. a lot of politics at play here. >> we're going to ask them that very question a little bit later on the show. senator marco rubio will be here and congressman trey gowdy will be here and senator rand paul, as well. >> great interviews coming up here. and all the candidates, many of the candidates have been talking about another topic we're going to talk briefly about which is the v.a. another outrage at the department of veterans affairs. we've heard recently on this program, and others, about two
4:10 am
executives, diana reubens and kimberly graves, hospital directors inside the v.a., who scammed the v.a. for $400,000 in travel expenses. one in particular, got $288,000 to move 140 miles. the v.a. inspector general said this is a sham, this is a fraud, referred it to the department of justice for criminal prosecution, and the department of justice said we're going to decline to prosecute. >> it was a paperwork mistake, right? that's what they're saying? >> they're saying the v.a. can't fire them because of a paperwork mistake and attempting to fire them but the department of justice is saying no criminal proceedings, even though we know that they pushed out these two individuals pushed out subordinates so they could take their jobs, defrauded the government for $400,000. they get to keep the money and somehow they're not criminals and not being tried. >> great to have you on the couch since you're part of concerned veterans for america. what are they saying right now? how does it make them feel? >> it reinforces the optics that there is no accountability at
4:11 am
the v.a. there hasn't been, there still isn't, the mcdonald isn't willing, the secretary of the v.a., bring the gauntlet down. they could have made a very public case out of these two so egregious, forcing people out, taking $400,000. they're choosing not to prosecute. the v.a. or in the white house. >> lose their job -- >> remember the irs? no one gets fired, no one loses their job, they get promoted. >> that's right. >> anger, visceral anger at this point. >> go to our facebook page this morning, you can weigh in on that and more. plus a string of armed robberies leads right to the doorstep of renowned -- of a renowned southern socialite. escaping a criminal -- giving a criminal armed with weapons, rubber gloves and duct tape. she's going to join us live with her terrifying story up next. >> and how much would you pay for a table at the olive garden in times square on new year's eve? breadsticks and bottomless salad. this is the one place we're not afraid to fail.
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hi, everyone. quarter after the hour on a wednesday morning. our next guest narrowly escaped a terrifying home invasion. nationally known designer and lifestyle author danielle rawlins was inside her home with her kids one day after christmas when she noticed someone had tampered with one of her doors and there were strange voices coming from outside. danielle's security guards chased the men off but they dropped a bag and the contents inside reveal a horrifying plot. danielle rawlins joins me now from atlanta. danielle, thanks for being with us. we're happy that you're safe this morning. >> thank you. >> so, you know, it's nice that you have the luxury of being able to afford a security guard. why -- why did you have those guards in place? >> well, it was a temporary measure at the time, because i had been broken into november 29th and december 5th. and after the 5th break-in i decided i needed to take more drastic measures just so that i could sleep and feel better and feel more safe in my own home.
4:17 am
>> you say reportedly a woman had been tied up in your neighborhood, this upscale buckhead atlanta neighborhood tied up and held at gunpoint for 90 minutes. i can imagine you were very scared when you start to hear strange voices. what was that like, knowing that your kids are inside, too? >> at first, it seemed very surreal. but, because i had been broken into before i knew that the voices shouldn't be there. and so i immediately called my mother, who was upstairs, and i was hysterical saying someone's trying to break in. and i could hear voices in multiple areas. and then the security guard opened the door to check on us to make sure we were okay, a few minutes later, and say that he had chased two people through my neighbor's yard and across the street, and they had dropped a back pack, and he told us that there were guns in it, but it took me until seeing when the newspaper released everything to realize how bad it was. >> yeah. >> to start putting all the pieces together. >> thankfully they got spooked
4:18 am
and ran when they dropped those bags, though, it wasn't just guns, extra ammunition, binoculars, duct tape, pepper spray, i mean it sounds like the scenario that you had play out was the best case scenario. what do you think could have happened? >> i can't go there. i have been doing it for three days, and this is really rocked me more than anything else ever has. and i've been through a doozy of a few years. and the compounding effect of being broken into three weeks ago, and then this, has really been frightening. and i'm trying to work very hard to not change my routine, not change my life, and to stand up to this outrageous behavior. it's been six months and almost every single one of my neighbors have had some type of an experience that causes them to fear for their safety. >> and you say that you're going to start taking firearm safety classes. we did a story not too long ago that retailers are reporting spikes in women buying firearms, and the accessories and all
4:19 am
that. can you understand why women are taking security into their own hands? >> i think you have to. i'm a single woman. so there's nobody else to do it for me. and i feel like if i understand the mechanics, and i am comfortable with something i won't be afraid of it. so i never thought that i would be this person talking about guns. >> god forbid hopefully you'll never have to use it. danielle rollins thank you so much for your time. we're happy you're safe today. all right. 19 minutes after the hour on a wednesday morning, here's what's coming up, 2015 had plenty of political gaffes. do you remember this one? >> -- ever seen a democrat and a socialist? i used to think there was a big difference. what do you think it is? >> one goal, strengthening the middle class. >> who had the worst goofs of the year? republicans or democrats? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. plus, soup salad and br bredsticks all for $400?
4:20 am
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4:23 am
news by the numbers. first, $400. . that's how much it's going to cost you to eat at the olive garden in times square this new year's eve. for five hours you get a buffet, deejay and multiple open bars. i guess it's a little bit more than breadsticks. next $11 billion. all thanks to the force.
4:24 am
>> to you. >> "star wars: the force awakens" helped make this the biggest in u.s. box office history. the flick alone already bringing in $600 million domestically. finally, talk about a holiday deal, a michigan dad wins $300,000 from a $5 lottery ticket. that's a return on your investment if i've ever seen one. given to him on christmas morning by his kids. i hope he gave them more than coal. he plans to buy the kids a very nice spring break vacation, as he should. clayton? over to you. >> thanks, steve. 2015 was a rough year for politicians. full of gaffes on the campaign trail, especially for dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. remember this one? >> i wouldn't say that the republicans have much to write home about about their bench. they have a clown car of candidates for president. >> what is the difference between a democrat and a socialist? >> i -- >> i used to think there was a big difference. but what do you think it is? >> the difference between -- >> between a democrat like
4:25 am
hillary clinton and a socialist like bernie sanders. >> what's the difference between being a democrat and being a republican? >> what -- [ chanting ] >> my friends, what's more important, drawing a contrast with republicans, or arguing about debates? >> her gaffes and many other senior writer for opportunity lives, carrie sheffield, and democratic pollster jessica t tarloff. carrie, what do you think about, was there anybody worse? did any worse year than debbie wasserman schultz? >> that's tough to say. i did like the marco rubio saying malle la is an underage muslim who doesn't drink. but debbie wasserman schultz she really has nothing to write home about for 2014. i don't know why she still has her job in terms of what happened with the election forle democrats. >> how does she still have a job? >> well, because if she is willing to dedicate herself to going out there every day,
4:26 am
fund-raising like this, i mean it's not a job that i would ever want. and i don't think reince priebus is doing that well, either. he hasn't made as many gaffes as debbie wasserman schultz but that is certainly not a store job that i think people should be running after. you got elected to congress to do a job and she is doing a different job than the one that she was elected to do. i personally wouldn't say that she had the worst year. a few of those gaffes are obviously, if not great, if you have a democrat socialist running and bernie sanders who is not a full socialist -- >> he criticized her, obviously, as the head of the dnc for burying these debates on saturday night. >> that's true. that's true. and actually, from my perspective that actually is a huge signal that the dnc doesn't respect bernie sanders and doesn't respect martin o'malley. they weren't giving them the showcase that they needed to have a huge platform for their message to try to resonate with a bigger base of voters. i think that signals a lot. to the point she was making about socialist versus democrat versus republican i personally think that donald trump the front-runner has a lot of
4:27 am
socialist positions which is why bernie sanders is trying to go after donald trump's supporters. he supports socialized health care trump does he supports restricting trade which is totally against free markets. and a very socialist perspective. >> but he's also -- for the rich. >> he's also for raising taxes, as well. >> no, he's not. if you look at actually what his plan does it not true. he says the lowest income would be paying zero income tax. he doesn't deal with payroll taxes as well. >> it's completely contradictory. he says he wants to raise taxes and then he says he wants to cut them. which speaks to the fact that he doesn't know anything about policy. >> donald trump is still controlling the conversation and we were talking about debbie wasserman schultz. pretty amazing. so kevin mccarthy. he had a bad year. remember this from the benghazi comments that he said on hannity. listen. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping.
4:28 am
why? because she's untrustable. what do you make of that? >> is untrustable a word? >> no. >> that cost him the speakership. i think that was a huge red flag. showed he wasn't ready for prime-time. that might have been up there in the top ten of political gaffes. >> you agree? >> i think so. we benefited tremendously from the fact that mccarthy basically admitted that republicans were more interested in partisan warfare than anything else. and hillary clinton emerged p/e benghazi hearings with her numbers on the rise after that 11 hours of testimony. and she looked more like a victim than someone being really examined at that point. >> speaking of hillary clinton this is something that she's been stung by citing her ties to well take a listen. >> not only do i have hundreds of thousands of donors most of them small, i represented new york and i represented new york on 9/11. when we were attacked where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan, where wall street is.
4:29 am
i did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. that was good for new york it was good for the economy. >> so, does that resonate? is that a good moment for her? citing her connections to wall street? >> i think that's a pretty awful to say, okay, these crazy, insane terrorists attacked america, therefore i deserve wall street money. i just don't understand the logic. >> i think what she was saying actually was that she had close connections to the area because of the work that she did rebuilding new york and she did, on her end, and other new york representatives and her humor were really out there at the forefront of getting funding to rebuild the city. but i don't think that she really meant to pull those things together that wall street liked her because of all she did during 9/11. wall street likes her for reasons that we know, which is that the clintons have been kind to wall street and she would be -- you could say very kind. i just say kind. but you know, she's not going to regulate as much as a beshny sanders or an elizabeth warren and that's why it works. >> i don't think that martin o'malley tried to bring this up in the last debate. this like water on a duck, just
4:30 am
blow it off, nobody cared. the bigger thing again is donald trump donating to hillary clinton which is i think totally hypocritical. the fact that he's donating to her -- >> donald trump is essentially a liberal. >> oh, he is. he's a total tony -- >> once again, conversation comes back to donald trump. amazing. >> we could add some of his gaffes, though. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. >> have a great 2016. >> you, too. >> thanks. >> coming up here on the show? think you're working hard a new study says most people waste a third of their work day. >> four seconds. >> what are you doings? >> oh, you had said that you don't do anything personal during work time so i'm just making sure. >> three critical ways to get more done at work without even realizing you're doing it. that's next. and this morning we're attempting to break a world record here on the show for opening champagne with a saber.
4:31 am
yeah, "fox & friends" is your morning show going to do this? of course it is. we're "fox & friends." we're going to see if we can do it when we come back. a world record to be set popping those bottles. after christmas clearance sale. with under armour classics for under $50. columbia starting under $25. plus, savings up to 50% storewide. going on now at bass pro shops. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients...
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champagne waiting to go off. point, focus, and control the blast to get to the stuff inside. >> we're going to laser focus. to control the blast. we're breaking the bank for you, friends. all in the name of good television. and what's the best way to pop the bubbly? using saber swords, of course. >> of course, use a sword to open your champagne. we're going to try to beat the world record for the most champagne bottles sabered in one minute. here to show us how it's done is the president of the dover group and frank esposito, champagne sabering expert. nice to see both of you. >> how are you? >> what's the key to first of
4:35 am
all, sabering a bottle of champagne? >> the key -- okay. first key make sure it's cold. >> okay. >> the bottle is cold. >> make sure you remove all the foil from the bottom. try to find the seam on the bottle. every bottle has a seam. what you want to do is just force the blade across that seam. what it is, it's the pressure inside the bottle. it's about 90 pounds of pressure inside the bottle. what it actually does is fracture the bottle. it doesn't crack it or cut it. >> we're not going to have a problem with the temperature because it's chilly out here. >> should be fine. >> the top is the part that really needs to be cold. >> right. >> tell me about breaking the world record or trying to? >> last year we came up with this idea. it's like an old napoleonic idea. napoleon would give his troops champagne upon victory and they would open up with their swords and drink the champagne. so if it gets people to come to our new year's eve party at the carlyle at the baldwin we did
4:36 am
that and we had a competition. >> one minute on the clock. >> we're going to put one minute on the clock. >> see if we can break this. >> the guinness book of world record folks are watching this morning. one minute on the clock. >> are you ready? >> i'm a little nervous here -- >> ready. on the count of three. one, two, three. ♪ >> one, and two and three, four, five >> so he is going right up next to the seam of the about the bottle. >> that's not a problem there -- >> can i try? >> for one of those bottles is a problem. >> he can grab a sword. >> anna don't mess up the world record. step back. he's going for the record. >> oh. ♪ >> he's going. >> go, go, go. >> he's going -- >> they're lining them up. >> how many are we up to now? >> is anyone keeping track? >> anybody? >> this is a hard-working man
4:37 am
here, folks. >> just informed heather nauert's been keeping track. >> heather's keeping track. >> yes. >> we've been told. that's good to know. >> he hasn't cracked a bottle or -- >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one -- >> hey, hey! nice job. >> do we know how many are left over? >> and we're going to be counting. >> right now. >> 54. >> way to go, frank. >> heather nauert do we have an official tally? >> yes, exactly. >> we'll have to share later. >> all right. thanks, gang. i have some headlines to bring you right now. start out with a serious story out of oklahoma this morning. the missing back road anthem singer craig strickland's family is holding out hope after his dog is found alive.
4:38 am
his band mates saying that this is simply a good sign they believe. sam a 9-year-old labrador was found by oklahoma officials. he was guarding the body of strickland's friend and hunting buddy chase morland. morland had joined strickland on a weekend duck hunting trip when their both capsized in choppy water in severe weather. rescue crews will resume their search later this morning and we are praying for their family today. the chicago police officer charged with killing a black teenager last year pleading not guilty in court. jason van dyke offering no comment as he arrived in court where he was arraigned on six counts of murder. dash cam footage released last month shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times as he appeared to walk away. officers say he was armed with a knife. van dyke has been out on bond but is off the police payroll. big brother listening listen to this one a new report revealing the nsa obtained private conversations between members of congress, and israeli
4:39 am
leader, including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. now this despite the obama administration's promising that the nsa would stop eavesdropping on world leaders who are u.s. allies. all of this coming after edward snowden leaked those nsa documents back in 2013. now, according to the report, the agency continued surveillance over fears that netanyahu could strike iran without warning, not the other way around. what do you think about that? well coming up we will ask 2016 presidential candidate rand paul about this bombshell report that will happen at 8:15 eastern time today. so you won't want to miss that one. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here shortly. how is that champagne? looks great. >> delicious. >> all right. a new study finds that one in five employees wastes at least one-third of their work day, which leads to 98 wasted work days a year. >> so, how can you stop wasting time and be more productive in the new year? let's ask chrissy wright, a
4:40 am
certified business coach. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> that's a lot of time. >> it really is. time can get away with us without us meaning for it to. >> one of the most important things you bring up is to identify what distracts you in the first place. those triggers that set us up for wasting time. how do you do that? >> it's interesting because i travel all over the country speaking on the topic of time management and different things distract us. for me, i'm a people person. so i love to talk. so a casual conversation can turn into 20 minutes. without even realizing it. someone else it may be social media that kind of get sucked into that black hole. if you can identify what distracts you it can help you guard against those weak spots. >> i'm somebody that thinks that multitasking is the end all, be all. you say no we ought to concentrate on what we're doing and start in little chunks of time. >> it's interesting. many of us are proud of the fact that we can multitask. but multitasking when you're trying to do things that require your attention leads to mistakes. when you're talking to someone and they're texting they're not really paying attention to you. you want to give your attention to one thing at a time and time
4:41 am
blocking allows you to do that. take your week and go through and assign tasks, very specific blocks of time. i do this. three hours of writing, two hours, and it really works. >> how do you find out what's important? >> we get confused between urgency and importance. it's really difficult. many times we spend our lives putting out fires. i see this with small business leaders all the time. whoever is knocking on your door, whatever person is calling you, so instead you want to identify what's actually important, and that may be urgent, or maybe not. and so someone that's you know knocking on your door to tell you the printer's out of paper, that's urgent but not necessarily important to you. >> no multitasking in 2016, anna. >> focus. >> i mean i can dot laundry, cook dinner, and -- >> those don't require your attention. so you can do one thing that requires your attention. >> i'm going to stay focused and take 98 days off. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up here on the show a top aclu leader creating controversy after telling people to stop asking her to condemn terror just because she's a
4:42 am
muslim. she says she's in deep denial and he is here next. and this is not how you guys plan on getting down the mountain. dozens of skiers stuck on a skilift force to rappel to the ground. one of those skiers joins us live to tell us about the frightening experience. that's coming up. i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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4:45 am
welcome back. well don't ask me to condemn terrorism. that's the message from the deputy director of the aclu in michigan. in an op-ed piece that she wrote in "the washington post" she writes, quote, as an american muslim i am consistently and aggressively asked by media figures, religious leaders, politicians and internet trolls to condemn terrorism to prove my patriotism. i emphatically refuse, end quote. she goes on to say that muslims do condemn islamic extremism
4:46 am
contribute to their own oppression. here to respond is founder and president of the islamic forum for democracy and author of the book the battle for the soul of islam. always great having you here on the show. >> thank you. >> welcome back. so what do you make of her just sort of on a meta sort of broad level when you read her piece? where did it sit with you? >> i couldn't help but shea shame on her. after all this time, we still, as muslim community, are talking about not even wanting to condemn? you know on the surface i would say i've never condemned an act of terror. but we are the -- the reason i haven't is nobody doubts which side of the war we're on. nobody doubts the fact that we take ownership as muslims that there's some deep, deep reforms that need to happen. and her entire piece is about deflection, denial and basically dismissal of our responsibility as american muslims. i'll tell you, clayton, i think history will show that muslims like el emirand so many other
4:47 am
islamists are no different than the iranian theocracy, the muslim brotherhood. these movements of hundreds of millions of muslims that were the core root cause that radicalized our community and history will show that they are the reason that our religion is being destroyed by theo contracts. so she can sit at home behind her keyboard and say she's not going to condemn. yes, condemnation is not enough. she needs to reform and help us reform or else she's part of the problem. >> she says she's not part of the problem. i'll read you firther what she says. the terror imposed by those who sympathize with isis, al qaeda, boko haram and al shab an is just as foreign to me as the terror advanced by white men at an alarming killing every two weeks in this country. >> she also says muslims are the primary victims. if that's true, which it is, what is she going to do about it? stay home and wrap herself in the warmth of american liberty and do nothing? or is she going to join our muslim reform movement that takes ownership and in our
4:48 am
muslim reform movement we have a declaration we asked muslims to sign. are they against the caliphate? do they declare the theocracy is important to defeat. and will they declare the equality of men and women and try to reform the ideas that are the pool in which these radicals swim. these radical groups that she claims to have nothing to do with are swimming in a pool of a muslim community that grievance groups like hearse are thriving on and actually radicalizing our community by making the west into the enemy, rather than the west into the solution which is freedom and reform against theocracy. so, the el emirs of the world are the main problem rather than the solution. >> she said look by going out there and apologizing constantly, taking up my time throughout the day, i have to keep apologizing for these people, that that's oppressing me. >> she's allowing herself to be oppressed by the people who speak for our community, which are the islamists of the saudi regime, of the iranian regime, of the muslim brotherhood various groups in america, so
4:49 am
the oppression actually is coming from herself by letting these groups speak for us rather than saying, we have to reform the ideas. she doesn't want to connect political islam as part of the radicalization to the violent part. and due to that denial that she has, it's creating a huge obstacle to reform. in 15 years now, after 9/11, we're still spinning our wheels, and not treating the root causes. and americans i think are sick of the press release condemnation. they want to see muslims take ownership for our theology to say that we have to reform. just like america fought against theocracy and our founding fathers we muslims need to fight against theocracy and stop this bellyaching and whining and self-righteous indignation. >> well said. doctor, as always great to see you. happy new year to you. >> happy new year, clayton. >> coming up here on the show, it's the burning question everyone is debating online this morning. i mean everyone in the whole world is debating this. should dogs wear pants? over all four of their legs.
4:50 am
or just the back two of their legs? literally the internet has gone nuts over this. what do you think? we have an informal poll on our facebook page. thousands of you weighing in. first on this day in history in 1986, the bangles walk like an egyptian was number one on the charts. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. so if a dog was to wear pants how would the dog wear his pants? >> some of the things that a lot
4:54 am
of people think what's going on in my brain, there is a picture of clayton's brain. >> yeah, exactly. this is what i was thinking about last night before bed. it's taken over the internet. how should a dog wear pants? and a lot of people debating, think that well, you know, you should wear them on the left side of your screen, over both legs, because that's how you wear pants. >> because they do have four legs not two arms and two legs. >> why are people putting them on the back -- the hind quarters on two legs? >> they want to show off -- >> i want to go to the functi functionality though. on the first one on the left how do you get the pants up? what is it anchored to? the one on the right -- >> maybe it's a fishing line that is clear that you can't see. >> that is like a mind meld. >> see -- our minds are connected. >> we've got some pictures. oh, wow. >> so i don't know baxter does he wear pants? >> baxter does not wear pants.
4:55 am
he rarely wears any clothes. i don't put him in costumes or sweaters. but if it's 20 degrees or below i do put a coat on him. it's a nice wool coat but it doesn't cover the bottom. how are they going to use the bathroom? >> having it on the bottom is because you get all the sleet and snow and messy and you know -- >> how did you know your dog was dignified? >> he's very regal. >> we asked a lot of -- by the way go to our facebook page this morning because it's exploding with our informal poll. >> true. >> if a dog wears his pants on all four legs how would he wear his shirt? >> it's a great question. >> no shoes, no shirt, no problem. >> i owned and upscale pet boutique for ten years, full pants, not a fashion statement on a dog. >> a market there. >> and in this picture, found these for clyde. love them. although i don't believe clyde was thrilled.
4:56 am
>> that's like a onesie. it's a dog onesie. >> he's got the burt flap on the top. >> this really is catching on online. kind of like mom jeans. remember -- >> oh, sure and the famous blue dress. what color was the dress last year. >> yeah. >> and pizza rat here in new york city. one of the top stories. >> things to catch on that are totally absurd but can be debated ad nauseam. we talk about it here. >> all right. well, coming up in the next hour, a fox news alert, another plot by isis stopped just a day before it was supposed to go down. details at the top of the hour. plus, presidential candidate senator rand paul joins us live along with senator marco rubio and congressman trey gowdy. you totaled your brand new car.
4:57 am
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nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. hello, good morning friends. today is wednesday the 30th of
5:00 am
december, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. it's a fox news alert. prepared for terror. the new york city police department beefing up security ahead of new year's eve here in times square. as unprecedented security is in place for california's rose bowl parade. and we are live from coast to coast. >> plus south carolina congressman trey gowdy makes it official. >> i found my candidate. it's marco rubio. i hope that you will give him a chance to convince you that he should be your candidate, too. >> senator marco rubio, and congressman trey gowdy both join us live this hour. and a baby experiences the euphoria of eating bacon for the first time pop you can all relate. >> bacon. >> bacon! >> trust me little guy, most of us still have that reaction, as well. good morning. "fox & friends" begins right now.
5:01 am
>> bacon! >> it's bacon! >> can you name a better food than bacon? >> he just named -- i'm kind of -- the breakfast guy. >> well played. well played. my brain right there. >> a few keys. ready to go. the sausage button, bacon button and an owe riley button always ready to go, as well. >> this is awful. >> you're fired. >> oh. brian, you're fired. >> thank you. >> and good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> this is a fox news alert, prepared for terror. heavily armed police ready to descend on times square to protect more than 1 million people ringing in the new year. >> on the west coast unprecedented security is in place in pasadena, california, for the rose bowl and the parade. kristin fisher joins us
5:02 am
from washington, d.c. with the latest as a second new year's eve isis terror attack stopped just in time. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. so the nypd says it's very confident that new year's eve in new york city will be the safest place in the world to be. nearly 6,000 officers will be assigned to times square. they'll be equipped with big guns, bomb-sniffing dogs and chemical and radiation detectors. some officers will be undercover. others will be in helicopters and on boats, and their eyes will be everywhere. hundreds of mobile cameras. more than 1 hl people are expected to be in times square when the ball drops. the department's chief of counterterrorism says it's a night that they've been preparing for for months. this is something that we planned for not just within the last week or two, but we planned on january 2nd of this year, and we've run all the way through. >> at the same time on the other side of the country there's unprecedented security set for the rose bowl and parade.
5:03 am
police say there is no specific or credible threat in either event in new york or california. but overseas, two separate terror attacks planned for new year's eve have been in swarted over the last week. today two suspected isis militants were arrested in turkey. authorities seized two suicide vests armed with bombs, fortified with ball bearings. again here in the u.s., authorities say there are no specific or credible threats at this time. back to you. >> all right. thanks kristin. all right. well officials remain obviously concerned about the attack here on the homeland. this morning the front page of "the new york times" talks about al qaeda. it's a name we've-maybe it's been relegated to the j.v. squad. now, new reports this morning that al qaeda has re-emerged in afghanistan. new camps popping up not to the level that they were before 9/11, but still, massive infrastructure. in fact, one highlighted part of the story shows that in october,
5:04 am
they hit one of these al qaeda camps. had massive tunnel structures leading over many, many acres. >> which shows that maybe they aren't where they were, but that's where they want to go. does that make sense? they're preparing to -- they want to grow, i guess, is what i'm trying to say. and is this a result of inadequate surveillance there? >> i think so. it certainly caught our eye because it's all about isis, and in afghanistan it's been about negotiating with the taliban. and here we are talking about al qaeda training camps which is how we went there in the first place. and they're talking about, you know, this is in "the new york times" but it's not the top head line. i mean this is still not the biggest headline of the day, because and it should be you think before training camps in afghanistan. man, that would be big-time news. because of isis it's been relegated to kind of the second tier. here we are. al qaeda training camps in afghanistan. and now we learned yesterday that americans are keeping forces at bagram air base. we're going to keep a residual force. a lot of it out of iraq because we retreated from iraq so
5:05 am
quickly. a lot of implications from news like this. >> and, the other thing is just exposing the volatility in the region, it wasn't that long ago that six u.s. air force airmen were killed not far away from the base. >> we haven't heard much from the administration on al qaeda. much of the focus lately, a year ago isis was the j.v. squad. now we're not hearing much about al qaeda, we're trying to work with the afghan government to try to help them, you know, make raids on certain camps and try to stop them, but we're not hearing anything about it. >> we're also not hearing much about afghanistan. which was, you know, this president's good war. the one we were going to win. >> iraq was bad. afghanistan is good. the surge in afghanistan told the enemy when we were going to leave at the same time which had massive implications. i served there in 2011, 2012. those doubts have manifest themselves with taliban coming back and now we hear al qaeda. i know for folks around today and the emergence of isis just more throats.
5:06 am
>> donald trump flying in to iowa yesterday and in front of his big massive crowd he's doubling down on his comments about attacking hillary clinton for his -- her husband's infidelities. let's listen. >> frankly, hillary brought up the whole thing with is exist and all i did is reverse it on her. because she's got a major problem, happens to be right in her house. >> so, on the campaign plane yesterday flying there, talking about whether or not -- if hillary clinton pulls out and plays the war on women card, then i am going to go after her, and i'm going to pull out with the bill clinton card. because he says she's got a huge problem, and he's quoting that she's got a huge problem living right in her own home. >> talk about an awkward moment that would be -- >> then she could turn the tables back on him, too, and talk about his previous infidelities in his marriage. >> does she want to go there? and he's saying if she goes there we're ready to take her on with this discussion. >> understand the wrinkles of life. make sure --
5:07 am
>> we're all flawed individuals. he said ultimately this should be fair game across the board. it cuts against conventional wisdom. a lot of democrats and other pundits that believe that bill clinton is a huge asset for hillary clinton and that attacking him is a bad idea. donald trump seems otherwise, and in many ways trying to set the terms of a debate that's going to continue to unfold. >> has not worked in the past for republicans. >> we all remember what happened with newt gingrich, and of course the republicans at that time and bill clinton left office with one of the most popular approval ratings in modern american history. so it didn't work well. but donald trump has a different way of going about politics. than i think maybe -- >> conventional wisdom has not applied -- >> exactly. >> did it hurt hillary clinton in 2008 to have him on the campaign trail out there stumping? he got caught in a race debate and in 2012 though seems like he really gave president obama a boost while he was trying to get re-elected. what annoys me is we saw debbie wasserman schultz on the sundae shows saying donald trump is an equal opportunity insulter.
5:08 am
yet you often hear her saying something out of the other side of her mouth saying that she's just insulting hillary clinton because she's a woman and it's about her gender, it's about her sex, it's not about her record. >> meanwhile, marco rubio, you know, all candidates focused on iowa right now. congressman trey gowdy was out in iowa to officially throw his support behind senator marco rubio. says he's looked over the field right now, says he is the guy. but, even after throwing his support behind it, donald trump, once again, took right to twitter to say look i hope trey gowdy does better for rubio than he did at the benghazi hearings which were a total disaster for republicans and america. it donald trump going right after trey gowdy for throwing support behind rubio. >> largely hillary clinton was able to duck and dodge a lot of those questions and the mainstream media came out unscathed although we did have the information surface about video. but, at the same time, if we didn't have that benghazi select committee, we wouldn't even know about her private e-mail
5:09 am
servers, and we wouldn't have this scandal, and an fbi investigation on it. >> yeah, and regardless of, of, you know, the exact weighting of how successful the benghazi process has been, conservatives look at trey gowdy and see a rock solid conservative so marco rubio's rightfully touting this as something that's a big positive for his campaign. trey gowdy said he did it because he believes senator rubio is the best on national security and public safety in an election that will be in many ways about how to deal with isis and national security. >> this campaign, this election is really been all sort of anti-congress. so -- >> does having the support of a congressman in your camp actually help you? >> well, we'll ask them both. we're going to have senator rubio on shortly followed by congressman trey gowdy. we've got a great duo. in the mean time heather nauert has been watching all of the headlines for us and has those, good morning, heather. >> good morning to you all. we've been watching that weather so carefully right now. we begin with a look at that. you're looking live at flooding that is taking place in st. louis, missouri, at this hour. take a look at that. the national guard has now been
5:10 am
activated, and evacuations are under way near st. louis. oh, goodness and the mississippi well that is set high, high, high flood, flood range right now. airlines are now still playing catch-up following days of cancellations due to snow and ice around the country. more than 1100 flights were grounded yesterday. 5,000 more were delayed. leaving passengers stranded, and this lady pretty upset. >> -- they canceled our flight five minutes before it was supposed to -- our flight was -- and they canceled it and now they won't even let us speak to someone. >> well good thing for her she's not in one of those flooded towns. right now this morning there are about 150 cancellations nationwide. but. >> fox news alert overnight four armed duty secret service members were involved in a deadly accident in new hampshire. police in wakefield, new
5:11 am
hampshire, say a mercury sable crossed over the double yellow line in the road and slammed into a ford taurus, which was carrying the secret service agents. the driver of that oncoming car died at the scene. two passengers in that car along with all four agents have been taken to the hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries. that's all the information we have so far. we'll bring you more as we get it. a pizza it turns out may have ended the affluent. ethan and tonya couch caught in a ratty apartment in a mexican resort town after a cell phone signal from a domino's pizza delivery gave them away. the duo skipping town after this video allegedly showing ethan playing beer pong surfaced online. that would have been a possible violation of his probation. he was sentenced to probation after killing four in a drunk driving accident in 2013. a psychologist argued that he was too rich to know any better. his mom though may have plotted that entire escape, but not before throwing a going away
5:12 am
party. the two are expected to fly back to the united states today. and this is such a cute story. bacon. makes for a great christmas gift. we can all agree on that, right? especially if you haven't tried it before watch this little guy. >> bacon. >> bacon! >> bacon! >> i love how his eyes are closed and then they open in such delight. you've got to just savor it. that is baby ethan overjoyed at that newfound taste of bacon on christmas morning. that video has been viewed more than 6 million times so far. what a cute little guy. and those are your headlines. bacon is one of the wonders of the world. >> all right coming up here on the show a brand-new report shows the nsa spied on members of congress, and the israeli government at the same time. presidential candidate senator rand paul is here with that breaking news next.
5:13 am
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all right. welcome back. a shocking report from "the wall street journal" this morning revealing the nsa spying on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu may also though at the same time have eavesdropped on private conversations between members of congress. >> so why is the agency listening in on conversations of our close allies? >> senator rand paul took a stand against the nsa, literally, filibustering for hours, and now he joins us now with his reaction. senator paul, thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. we've got a slight delay which we will definitely manage. we've been a big critic of the nsa surveillance. this was done, supposedly the white house is saying, to get a sense of whether or not israel would act preemptively against iran if they do pursue a nuclear weapon. what do you make of this news
5:18 am
that members of congress were potentially surveilled by the nsa? >> well, i'm appalled by it. this is exactly why we need more nsa reform. in a debate in washington right now, unfortunately been going the other way, since the san bernardino shooting everybody's saying oh, we need more surveillance of americans. in reality what we need is more targeted surveillance. i'm not against surveillance. but i am against indiscriminate surveillance. and also this is not unusual. tens of thousands, senator widen has been warning about this for years now, that when we listen in on foreigners' conversations when they're talking to americans, that we're scooping up tens of thousands of conversations of americans, and that this is a real problem. because it's a real invasion of our privacy. you can see how we stifle speech if you're going to eavesdrop on congressmen, and that it might stifle what they say or who they communicate with. and this is a big, big problem. and it's not a new one, but we absolutely need more controls over the nsa and more controls on our intelligence agencies.
5:19 am
>> we imagine data collection will be a topic in the january 14th debate. in an effort to get the candidates to have more air time each and get out their platforms it looks like there will be six people on the debate, and with the new rules, you can end up on the undercard debate along with fiorina and kasich. you have said on kilmeade and friends if that happens you're going to take your ball and go home. you say it will undermine your campaign. why? >> the good news is, it looks like we're actually making the criteria. there was a national poll out this week that had me in fifth place, only one point out of fourth place. but i am concerned about fairness. i don't think jeb bush should be excluded. i don't think chris christie should be excluded, kasich, fiorina. people who have a national campaign and put a lot of effort in this. at the very last minute with only three weeks to go what kind of message do you think it tells the public that basically the media gets to choose who the candidates are that will be considered? the good news is we think we will be. the last two national polls we
5:20 am
do qualify. but i am concerned about fairness and i am concerned about the debate for the whole country. i don't think it's fair to have an artificial distinction because really polls have been notoriously wrong. in our governor's race in kentucky by 13 points the day before the election. so i think it's a real mistake to let the media predecide the election. >> you think the poll, because of the sample sizes, they could be inaccurate. >> let's look towards iowa while we have a few seconds left here, senator. do you think you could make a stand in iowa, and give it how much of a good show do you think you can give right now when you have donald trump saying he's about to pour $2 million of his own money into this with about 30 seconds left here? >> you know, the donald's his own worst enemy. we have a good ground game there. we think we can do a lot better than the polls indicate. we have a lot of young people, college students. we have a lot of independents. a lot of these people are showing up in polls. we're in it to win it. we actually do believe and wouldn't be doing this unless we thought we could win. >> all right, senator rand paul. we appreciate you joining us this morning. have a great new year.
5:21 am
>> happy new year. >> thanks, senator. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. we'll be right back. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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>> 2015 -- [ inaudible ] >> well this might be some of our worst nightmares list. stranded on a broken chair lift for two hours with no way down. dozens of skiers in canada forced to rappel to safety. fresh off the slopes, and here with their incredible story, ryan and cory and his girlfriend nicole. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> all right so ryan i'll go to you first. what went through your mind first when the chair lift
5:25 am
stopped? did you know something was wrong? or did you think it was routine? >> well, i thought something was wrong right away. just by the way the chair lift came to a stop. it wasn't like your regular stop. it was just somebody had fallen off the chair. the chair lift came more to a shuddering stop, and i immediately said to my sister and nicole who were both on that chair with me, this felt like something mechanical. and we obviously hoped it wasn't, and something that just figure out and fix, and get us back on the slopes. but as it turned out, we had to take up a much different course to get down to the ground that day. >> it sure sounds like it. nicole at what point did you realize hmm, this might be a bit of a sticky situation? are we talking five minutes in, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour? when were you saying holy cow? >> it probably about, i don't know, 20 minutes, half hour, when they started turning everyone away, and the snow
5:26 am
mobiles started pulling up. then we knew it was a serious situation. >> the snow mobiles are showing up, they're looking up at you and they don't have a plan to get you down. at what point did they start communicating, hey here's the plan to get you down, and how long did you kind of have hope they were going to be able to turn it back on? >> the whole time we were hoping maybe they'd turn it back on. but i would say it was probably around 45 minutes, where they started sending snow mobiles up the hill. and i think at that point they had kind of exhausted all their resources, and ideas to get the lift moving mechanically. and, from 345 minute point we waited maybe another 25 minutes or about an hour and 15 or so, until we saw the first ski patrol who came down, they started at the top, worked their way down, just informing all the skiers and riders what was happening. and what the process was from there. >> okay. interesting. and i'm sure, nicole, it was a balmy 80 degrees up there,
5:27 am
right? about an hour and a half, two hours in, how were you feeling up there as you're about to rappel down? >> pretty cold. a little stiff. we all huddled together so we stayed warm. but, yeah, it's -- it's not something you want to be stuck in for very long, and we luckily were blocked by trees. we had some coverage there. but, just over the top of the little bump there at the top of the mountain, it opens up and it's open air, so you feel really bad for the people who were stuck up there. >> well just watching the video -- >> getting the wind. >> you guys lucked out in a certain sense. just watching these videos rappelling down, clearly the ski patrol had a plan. very briefly did you ever have any doubt in the ski patrol? >> no. >> no, i don't think so. and i don't think there was room for doubt. because there was our only way down. we just had to trust them. >> who else is going to come get you at that point. ryan and nicole we're glad you're down safely. we hope you hit the slopes again soon. i'm sure you'll be thinking twice next time you get on a chair lift. thanks for joining us.
5:28 am
>> thank you. >> all right. >> coming up, the so-called affluenza teen and his mother on their way back to america this morning to face charges. the father of one of the victims from the teen's 2013 drunk driving crash joins us live ahead. plus, governor chris christie joins the ranks of republican candidates going after marco rubio. >> dude, show up to work. and vote no. right? just show up to work and vote no and if you don't want to, then quit. >> well, what the senator rubio think about this latest attack? we give him a chance to respond when he joins us live next. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support,
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. good morning, my friends. 31 minutes after the hour. governor chris christie taking shots at gop rival senator marco rubio. >> didn't show up to work and vote no. right? just show up to work and vote
5:32 am
no. if you -- just quit. only in washington can you have the guts to stand up and say i'm against something, you have a veto vote no on and not go. >> marco rubio responded to that one. he joins us now live. good morning. >> good morning. >> and it's not just governor chris christie, governor jeb bush also, super pac of his recently released an ad and basically calling you no show rubio. are you continuing to serve the residents who elected you into office? are you doing the job they elected you to do? >> well it's interesting that for example chris christie is a funny guy but he's never in new jersey. he's gone half the time. and the reason why i'm not in washington right now is two reasons. one, washington is completely broken and that's why i'm running for president. because these votes that they're taking in washington they don't count. we vote to repeal obamacare but unless you have a president that's going to sign it it's not going to matter. we want to strengthen our military but unless we have a president committed to it it won't matter. washington is completely broken, completely out of touch. more than half the things that
5:33 am
happen in washington are just for show or for talk, that's why we're going to run for president. only if we can change the direction-we can only change the direction of this country with a new president that will move us in the right direction. not this disaster that we have today. what's happening unfortunately with some of these folks that you mentioned they're growing increasingly desperate and nasty. and that's okay. i'm not running against them. i'm running for president. after eight years of barack obama this country cannot afford to elect just another republican, another person who's been waiting in line for their turn to run for president and this country most certainly cannot afford hillary clinton because we can't afford four more years like the last eight. >> where do you see yourself coming out in iowa? right now if you look at the realclear politics average of polls right now in iowa you're in third place at 12% behind cruz and trump in second place. how do you level the playing field there with a month left? what are you going to do to try to close that gap? and can you? >> well we're on the ground today here in iowa. i can tell you, as you talk to voters that many of them have expressed a reference but not a
5:34 am
firm commitment. these are folks that make up their mind very late. the second point i would make is i've never paid attention to these polls whether we're up or whether we're down because in these early states especially voters like in iowa take very seriously their responsibility. i feel very positive about our organization, about our message, about our campaign. it's pretty straightforward. we have the greatest country in the world. barack obama has systematically tried to change it over the last eight years. i'm going to be elected president and these folks will help me and we're going to change the direction of this country. we're going to reembrace the principles that made america great and have a president that doesn't just say america is the greatest country in the world. we're going to have a president that acts like it. that's what i'll do and i'm looking forward to it. >> speaking of iowa you've had a travel partner that's made news recently in representative grey gowdy who endorsed you yesterday on the trail raising a lot of eyebrows and folks pointing to that as a good sign for your campaign. what was the nexus of that endorsement. >> well, i've known trey for awhile. but i have tremendous admiration for him and the work he does in congress. you talk about someone that
5:35 am
holds people accountable. you talk about someone that is conducting oversight in a way that's good for this country, trey gowdy is the epitome of what you want to see in a public servant and we're so grateful to have his help. i'm glad he's joined our effort. this is a serious election. this cannot be just another election. this election is literally, we are choosing what kind of country america is going to be in the 21st century. we are a great nation in decline after eight years of this disaster named barack obama. so this election is the most important election in my generation. and i'm glad we have someone like trey gowdy alongside us, because when we win this election we are going to turn this country around. we're going to reembrace free enterprise and limited government. we're going to respect the constitution. we're going to get rid of all the horrible things barack obama's done to our economy and our national defense and we're going to leave our children what our parents left us, the greatest country in the history of the world. >> the current front-runner doesn't agree with you on trey gowdy. in fact here's what donald trump tweeted yesterday after he heard about the endorsement. he said i hope trey gowdy does better for rubio than he did at the benghazi hearings which were
5:36 am
a total disaster for republicans and america. what do you say to that? >> well, he wanted to make trey gowdy his attorney general not that long ago. obviously any time you don't support donald trump he finds out a reason not to like you and that's fine. the bottom line is this election is about serious things. like the future of the greatest country in the world. this is an america where millions of people feel left behind. they don't even recognize their own country anymore. because of what barack obama has done to it. we're going to change that. that's why i'm running for president. that's what trey gowdy is helping us do. of course we're excited about having him on our team. >> congressman gowdy will be on the program in just a few minutes so we'll be asking him about that also senator there's a big article in "the new york times" this morning on the front page, it's reporting that training camps al qaeda training camps are popping up around afghanistan, and all week long we've been talking about how the taliban is growing there, and how bagram air force base the pentagon is pressuring leadership to try to keep that open beyond 2017. what would a president rubio do in afghanistan? >> well, first of all, that's
5:37 am
one more example of why barack obama is a disastrous president, especially on foreign policy. this is part of his strategy. retreating from the world of america as a weaker country and having less influence. his retreat from afghanistan prematurely is what's created this opening. and by the way it's not just al qaeda. isis is growing in afghanistan. it's been underreported but isis' presence is growing in afghanistan, as well. they are also in a competition with the taliban for -- to recruit fighters over. we're going to target terrorists anywhere in the world they are found. we're going to rebuild our military. there are terrorist camps that are plotting against america we will find them and we will destroy them. and if we capture these terrorists alive, they're getting a one-way ticket to guantanamo and in guantanamo they're going to tell us everything they know about plots past, present and the ones they're planning for the future. >> senator earlier in the program we asked senator rand paul about reports in "the wall street journal" about the nsa surveilling conversations between members of congress and the israeli government surrounding the deal around the iran deal. how do you feel about the fact
5:38 am
that kfrzs with congress could have been swept up with nsa surveillance. >> i want to be very careful. i'm not a member of the intelligence committee. obviously i want to be very careful what i say about information about this kind. people read that report, they have a right to be concerned this morning about it. they have a right to be concerned about the fact that while some leaders around the world are no longer being targeted one of our strongest ally in the middle east israel is. these are all concerns and they'retimate. but this is one of those complicated issues when it comes to intelligence matters. we have to be very care billion how we discuss it especially since there's a press report that i don't think gives the entire story, and not defending the obama administration. i actually think it might even be worse than some people might think. but this is an issue that we'll keep a close eye on and the role that i have in intelligence committee. not trying to be evasive but i want to be very careful in a national broadcast like this how i discuss these sorts of issues. >> senator rubio in iowa, good luck to you there and have a great new year. >> thank you. happy new year to everyone. >> thank you. >> thanks, senator. let's get it over to heather
5:39 am
nauert who is standing by. >> good morning. we're following that story out of oklahoma where the country music singer is still missings the search is now back on this morning for the back road anthem singer craig strickland. his family is holding out hope after his dog sam was found alive. his band mate hoping that this is a good sign. the 9-year-old labrador was found by oklahoma officials, guarding the body of strickland's friend chase morland, who was found dead. morland joined strickland on a weekend duck hunting trip in northern oklahoma, in bad weather, when their boat capsized in choppy water. well, incredible dash cam video of a dangerous high speed chase in georgia. take a look at this. a chain saw and a leaf blower thrown out the back of an suv a man and a woman stealing that equipment from a load and then leading police on a 17 mile chase that reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. it took more than 20 minutes, and they even went through a gas station parking lot to try to
5:40 am
evade the cops. the suv finally crashed the man ran away the woman was arrested. and talk about a holy roller. this priest in the philippines is in big trouble this morning, after giving the final blessing of the christmas eve mass on a hoverboard. look at that right there. well he used antics to light up the congregation but the church itself not so happy about it. they said that the stunt was wrong and they ended up suspending him. so the congregation is now split on whether it was out of line, or whether it was a good way to get young people excited about being at church. it was a nice idea. those are your headlines. >> you see those things all the time in mega churches. and they're doing all kind of things that are seen as super cool. but in the catholic mass, i don't -- you can see how that wouldn't go over well. >> he looked like he was just kind of floating around. >> like he's hovering. >> he even spoke latin while he did it, too. >> right. i don't know if that would happen. >> coming up, the so-called
5:41 am
affluenza teen and his mother on their way back to america this morning to face charges. the father of one of the victims from the teen's 2013 drunk driving crash joins us live next. huh. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your multivitamins.
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5:44 am
good morning, everyone. the party is over. for the affluenza teenager after weeks on the run. ethan couch and his mom arrested in the mexican resort town when a cell phone signal from a domino's pizza delivery gave them away. the teenager was given probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash. the judge said he was too rich to know better. kevin mcconnell's son was injured in the crash and saw his family friends die. he joins us now to react, along with attorney. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> kevin, does this make you feel good at all knowing that he's behind bars and heading back to the united states? >> well, it makes me feel safer,
5:45 am
as i'm sure it does the families and the other victims that there's one less underage drunk driving that will be on the streets at least for awhile. >> greg, let's talk the legal side of this. this is something that has outraged america. they're mad at ethan. they're mad at his mother. should america also be outraged at the system? did the system fail? >> in some respects it did. certainly it's been unfair to the victims and continues to be. but it's, such an odd case. it just doesn't fit well into the texas system of juvenile moving into adult -- the adult system. >> kevin, have you been able to talk to any of the other victims and their families? >> my family and i are in pretty much constant contact with the family of ryan jennings, with shawna and evan, abby and mica, her kids. so we're almost daily contact with them. and then occasionally we're in
5:46 am
contact with eric boils. >> people were seeing red and spitting fire when after this 2013 crash he was only given probation. what do you think now, greg? >> my understanding, and what the tarrant county d.a. said yesterday in a news conference, is he's looking at coming back, having a hearing before the judge -- the juvenile judge to decide if he's going to be moved to adult probation, and then potentially he could be sentenced to 120 days. and then ten year's probation beyond that. the primary difference is it's a different juvenile judge so the judge who made this original ruling has retired. >> what about his mom? >> from what i understand she's looking at two to ten years, and that's clearly all adult. and i would expect that the d.a. will pursue her partially. >> greg, what on earth do you think was going through their mind? did they think they could go down to mexico and stay there
5:47 am
forever and nobody would ever know and they would get away with it and just be above the law? >> i can't begin to tell you what they were thinking, because i can't think of a single thing that they did that worked well, and frankly, it's probably surprising that they were on the run for 11 days. there's not a thing they did well and everything they did just looked like a really, really poorly planned out tv show from 20 years ago. >> and kevin what do you think about the way that they were caught? a signal from a domino's pizza delivery. >> you know, honestly, my first thought when i heard about the detainment of them was that ethan probably should have chosen a better getaway adviser. you know, really, puerto vallarta? you're going to flea the country and go to the one place in that foreign country that you're most likely to run into someone who's seen the news for the internet in the united states. >> craig, too rich to know better, apparently a
5:48 am
psychologist took the stand and said something like we make the gold, we make the rules. and that's the golden rule that that family followed instead of the gold be rules that the rest of us followed. this so-called affluenza defense, will it ever work again? >> i can't imagine that it will. and i'm not sure that that's what they thought going in was going to be the key for them. but that was certainly the tag line that the expert threw out that came to the end of this. and looking at his picture after he was captured, he doesn't look terribly affluent now. >> yeah, great point. greg and kevin, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. >> happy new year. closure for a lot of those victims' families. 48 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends" donald trump attacking congressman trey gowdy after his endorsement of senator marco rubio. we'll talk to the congressman next and get his reaction in his first interview since throwing his support behind the senator.
5:49 am
5:50 am
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5:52 am
i found my candidate. it's marco rubio. i hope that you will give him a chance to convince you that he should be your candidate, too. >> gop campaign trail getting just a little more crowded as congressman trey gowdy joins marco rubio in iowa. so what made him throw his support behind the florida senator? let's ask him. joining us now is the south carolina congressman trey gowdy. congressman thanks for joining us this morning. >> yes, sir. thank you. >> absolutely. so, what -- the endorsement of senator rubio, what was the tipping point? why senator rubio? >> well, it's a combination of things. i've known senator rubio since 2010. senator jim demint in south
5:53 am
carolina then introduced me to then-candidate marco rubio. i agree with him on issues of national security, the role of the chief executive in terms of the constitutional role to faithfully execute the laws. i also have been a great admirer of senator rubio's ability to express the message of conservatism and hopeful aspirational persuasive ways. i am not a terribly hopeful, optimistic person. i'm a former prosecutor. i'm actually cynical, so i greatly admire. the tim scotts of the world, ronald reagan and marco rubio who can present our message in a hopeful way. when you like someone personally, you agree with them on the issues and you think that they're a really persuasive messenger for our movement, for our party, then it made kind of an easy decision for me. >> what about the criticism, obviously the fellow congressman, you are seen in
5:54 am
washington on a regular basis. the fact that jeb bush, donald trump, chris christie and others have criticized the senator for missing his -- missing votes, and then going out campaigning across the country, and criticizing those very bills that he had an opportunity to vote upon. what do you make of that criticism? fair? >> well, i -- i think in this day and age, probably everything is fair. i've heard criticisms of folks that i never thought i would ever hear. it's a tough business to run for president. and marco has thick skin. ultimately, you know, the people of florida decide whether or not he's there a sufficient amount of time for them or not. i think senator rubio's point is, he's running for president to make those votes actually consequential. and i think some of the criticisms are a little bit unfair. i'll tell you why. he's on senate intel. he has access to information way before i have it, way before his senate colleagues have it, and when you're having public hearings on matters related to
5:55 am
intelligence, you're not going to learn anything in those public hearings. these -- the meaningful briefings are all done in private. so i think criticism is probably a little bit unwarranted. but ultimately, people in florida have to decide whether or not he's voting enough. >> i imagine you're not surprised it didn't take long for donald trump to get on twitter because you endorsed senator rubio and not him to start, you know, throwing flames at you. he said this on twitter for his 5 million followers, i hope gowdy does better for rubio than he did at the benghazi hearings which were a total disaster for republicans, and america. so, i mean, you may get more attacks from donald trump it seems like anybody who pushes back on him attack, attack, attack, do you think there are other people out there who may be wanting to endorse other candidates other than trump who are hesitant because they're concerned of the attacks? >> i don't think so. i mean, it's hard to be in this line of work, and not be criticized at some point or another. mr. trump is certainly entitled
5:56 am
to his opinion. i've been married 26 years so i've got sort of tough skin. it's not the first time i've been -- >> and why not -- >> -- criticized. i -- well i've actually never met mr. trump. i've never had a conversation with him. they tell me that he picked me to be his a.g. a couple of months ago. i've actually never talked to him. i do want to say this, we've had closing in on 80 hearings on the benghazi. he's referencing one out of the 80. so i would, because it's really important to me, that people wait and judge the work of our committee when we issue our hearings.ot based on one 80th of but he's entitled to his opinion. and i -- i'm not going to criticize him just because somebody criticizes me. >> that's a message for the new year. >> there we go. >> all right, congressman trey gowdy thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate you out there in iowa. >> happy new year, sir. >> thank you. >> we'll see you in 2016.
5:57 am
>> more "fox & friends" moments away. the lexus december to remember sales event is here. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. ..
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hope you have a wonderful new year's eve, log on to fox to >> we will see you tomorrow. leland: iranian missiles flying within 1500 yards of iranian warships, the iranian revolutionary guard calling for military exercises in the strait of hormuz giving only a few minutes warning before launching those rockets in a busy commercial area controlled by the aircraft carrier uss truman as well as another american destroyer and a french english ship. good morning, we are in america's news room. lea: bill and march are out today, the exercise is called very provocative, this as iran calls for sanctions to be lifted next week as part of a nuclear


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