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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> "outnumbered." >> "outnumbered." melissa: fox news alert on charges against bill cosby. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago. this is the first time criminal charges are being brought against the 78-year-old following a string of allegations that destroyed his good guy image. this is "outnumbered." i'm melissa francis. here we have kennedy, host of "kennedy" on fox business network. from fbn, dagen mcdowell. we have veteran of both george w. bush and obama administration, fox news contributor, jillian turner. our #oneluckyguy is concerns veterans for america, pete hegseth. he is outnumbered. the accuser's attorneys say their client is ready to face him in court.
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all of this could end with cosby in prison. laura engle following the story for us. a lot of developments today, laura. reporter: hi, melissa. this is the moment that many of bill cosby's alleged victims have been waiting for. that the 78-year-old comic will face criminal charges after decades of accusations against him. at least 52 women have come forward to publicly claim bill cosby sexually abused them and drugged them too. according to the accuser the alleged abuse began in the 1960s. it took place as recently as 2008 in eight states including pennsylvania where the charges were filed and two countries, the u.s. and canada. today's charges stem from alleged sexual assault that took place in cosby's pennsylvania home 12 years ago. cosby is being charged with aggravated indecent assault which is considered a second-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. he is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in elkins park in pennsylvania.
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cosby acknowledged 10 years ago under oath that he did have sexual contact with the woman, andrea constand, who you see here but it was consensual. prosecutors said he made two previous advances towards constand and those were rejected before he eventually drugged her. >> on the evening in question mr. cosbys urged her to take pills that he provided to her and drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move, respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. reporter: one of the really interest parts about this, charges are happening days before the 12-year statute of limitations was about to run out in this case. constand's attorney says her client welcomes the charges. no word from cosby's attorneys yet. today's arraignment expected to happen at 4:00 p.m. we'll bring you latest in the newsroom as we get it. >> the laura, thank you so much for that report. on to politics.
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donald trump is doubling down on the claim that bill clinton's history of marital infidelity is fair game in the 2016 race. the mogul ramping up attacks on former president as clinton prepares to campaign for his wife. trump says hillary clinton brought it all on herself when she accused him of sexism. listen. >> if you bring up the women card i will bring up the women card too and i will be talking about your husband and what happened with women. i think that is fair game. as you saw the press has gone wild over it. the truth iss most of them agree with me, it is fair game if she wants to play that card. if she doesn't play that card that is a different circumstance but if she plays that card bill is certainly open, it's fair game. melissa: trump also says his own personal life is fair game too. that does fair. jillian, let me ask you, is this really about sexism and women card or is this about donald trump engaging the democrat on the other side and sort of positioning himself as the one
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that's running rather than squabbling with republicans, sort of saying he is moving on to the big race? >> as much as it pains me to say i agree with donald trump on anything i will say he is right here. every aspect of bill clinton's presidency is 100% fair game here. now there is a separate question of, do i think that is going to really, when he joins, hillary's campaign if that will affect her numbers or her electability or not one way or the other? no. i think at the end of the day when people show up at the voting booth what they will think about is hillary clinton, her record, her policy prescriptions. i think right now the interest in bill clinton is there because we're still getting to know all the candidates but you know. melissa: dagen, sort of there is nothing new on any side of this. everybody knows what bill clinton did. they know sort of that hillary stood by him. you have your own opinion about that they know who donald trump is. what do you think? >> what's new she is running for president and part of her whole campaign time to elect the first woman. in the words of
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"the wall street journal" editorial page, she is trying to use her gender not only as a sword but a shield. you need to elect the first female president but also anything that you say to me and you've heard this, remember what bernie sanders said, talking about all, i think the quote was, all the shouting in the world woken keep guns out of the wrong hands and hillary clinton turns around and said, i haven't been shouting but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it is shouting. anytime anybody criticizes her she will make it about her gender and sexism and attacks on all women. i don't buy that. i think that makes in part, makes her husband's record and her, inner circle's record of dismissing these women, attacking these women and trying to destroy these women who accused bill clinton of wrongdoing, it is all open. melissa: pete what do you think. >> we assume people remember the clinton era. you have a lot of young people and new voters who don't. melissa: that's true. >> impress of bill clinton
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post-presidency is different. some remind remembers useful reminders if you're looking at republican side. he is going straight against conventional wisdom, which bill is secret weapon. he is such an asset. he many ways, donald trump is leveling playing field, hey before you assume this will be a plus i could turn it into a minus for you. he turned conventional wisdom on its head many, many times. doing it right here. i don't know he is planning to shift to the general to your first question. melissa: yeah he. >> in some ways this is response to her playing the card for the first time, you play it harder i will play it harder right back at you. melissa: i do love break the rules aspect. he seems to be able to do all things nobody else could do before. that is what appeals to young people, he is not playing by the traditional playbook. they like that. >> antiauthoritarian non-traditionals watching this race closely. i like the fact it annoys hillary clinton two ways. she has to use bill clinton. she would love to run the campaign on her own and extra
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annoyed, when his name comes up it is associated with philandering, that drives her crazy. actually saying all that, it is smart to engage each other and allows hillary and trump to leave rest of the field behind them. what they're doing in perception of voters minds this is general election. the rest is decided. that is why they're engaging. melissa: you like it when hillary clinton is annoyed. that is what i got from your comment. >> that is right there at the very top. melissa: what do you think about trump's background himself? they will bring in the fact -- almost same time period, a little before that, but there was long period of time trump, he has been through three marriages. marla maples he is like whatever. >> not only that, but the fact of his infidelities. there is a lot, digging to be done there if he wants to go down that route but i do want to say his comment that hillary clinton is sort of playing the women card to me is just
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outrageously hypocritical. i actually, i sort of disagree with dagen. i applaud her sort of emphasis on her gender, her being proud of the fact she is a woman. i really like that aspect of her and resonates with me as woman under 40 myself. doesn't resonate about the fact there is woman in the field. >> there is not just a woman in the field. melissa: hang on. >> i want her to run on the merits of us electing her president, not just because she is woman. i think that people who particularly, maybe you don't like her already, but people here, hey, time to elect a female and it's me. that is not good enough. as woman who worked really hard to get where i am today i turn my knows up at that. >> i would day donald trump touts his business background and things a lot more subjective than his gender. melissa: that is i achievement. you're born or woman or a man. that is his business background. >> i don't believe his businesses are -- melissa: he made billions of dollars. you can't take that away from him. >> i don't like the way he talks
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about women. i don't like some of the language he used with carly fiorina. i could go on to name other women. i don't like that. he takes some of her power away if he pulls back on that. that is part of who he is, and he is owning it. >> with the infidelity, he who kay, selina gomez, the heart wants what it wants. did -- >> he would have been fired from that job if he was ceo after company, bill clinton. >> that is good point. >> comparison, donald trump will own it but hillary clinton will look defensive no matter what. as only male i shouldn't be commenting on female candidates. i like the way carly fiorina does it. she acknowledges it but doesn't make centerpiece. that is how confident female can run to be next commander-in-chief. melissa: well-done. you tip-toed into dangerous territory. thanks, guys. president obama looking to cement his foreign policy legacy
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with a tour across the globe but is that really the best use of his time or my taxpayer money? plus a deadly and tragic scene in parts of the midwest already historic flooding there. and the rivers have not even crested yet. we have a live report on the way. right after the show catch more from the couch on the web. join us for "outnumbered" overtime i am monitoring yesterday. you guys were asking yesterday. i'm doing it. click on the "overtime" tab. tweet us your questions as well. we love the topic. don't go away. we'll be right back. >> o-t.
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. kennedy: this is fox news alert. dire situation in the heartland worsening by the hour. deadly flooding killing at least 20 people. the positive of missouri calling in the national guard. homes and businesses drowning in 20 feet of water. as millions of americans from illinois all the way down to louisiana are nervously watching rising mississippi river. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth from the fox extreme weather center. what is going on, rick? >> such an interesting thing. generally if you get these rainfall totals it would be
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towards spring and summer because of the atmosphere we're dealing with. because of he will known know that is changing -- el nino. this little bull's-eye, then you saw what happened over the weekend and incredible rainfall totals. a lot of areas, eight to 12 inches. that is what brought the flooding. when you get that kind of rain over that kind of territory over already saturated ground. that is difficult for everyone and why we're seeing all the flooding. take a look at pictures coming out of missouri. a lot of areas are dealing with potentially record-breaking crests. missouri river is one of the big problems. all this water that goes into this area, drains into the mississippi river basin. this will be a long-term flooding situation going on as all the water very slowly moves on down to the south. we'll be talking about three to four weeks before the bulk of water exits down towards the central gulf. its is long term flooding situation. spots in missouri likely to deal
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with flooding for three or four days. when you have that flooding in the spring or summer that's one thing. when you have flooding now with temperatures into the 30s, it is really uncomfortable. this sets up whole different kind of challenges for people here. one piece of good news we have for you, show you real quickly, kennedy, next seven days, this area, no precipitation in sight. that is good news. any rain we get over the winter into the spring potentially problematic. kennedy: brutal and trauma mick, thank you very much, rick. we'll keep you updated on the flooding as we get more information. president obama trying to secure his foreign policy legacy by planning multiple trips abroad according to "politico." they are planning a travel packed year that includes visits to half a dozen countries across four continents, focusing on issues like the trans-pacific trade deal, focusing on isis.
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china, poland, peru, and likely trips to vietnam, brazil, and cuba. destinations include stops in europe, africa and middle east and latin america. nothing in antarctica or australia. melissa: we don't know that yet. he could slap it on. kennedy: antarctica, that is or australia, maybe. that is not a trip. how do you account for this much travel other than fattening his passport? >> i will say last year of presidency includes turning toward the world especially with an election. doesn't surprise me would be doing that. surprises me is going on legacy tour. what does he call it, lead from behind legacy tour? notice which lacking trip to yemen, all the hot button places he failed in that with worse than before. implications of lack of american
9:18 am
leadership. i have a filing those won't be part of his legacy tour. he will focus on climate emissions and dial with iran he thinks will save the world but inevitably funding a horrific regime. a joke to think he has a legacy to lean on but they will try to sell it. kennedy: is it he so unpopular in the united states he has to go abroad to get much-needed love and affect shun he missed as a child? >> that is exactly what i was thinking. in recent years as president of the united states, it is adulation tour. he has so go to far ends of the it to find people to fall at his feet and potentially kiss his ring. here is what i'm thinking. you had him on "running wild with bear gryllis" on nbc, with bear showing him half eaten salmon eaten by a bear. tonight he is on the premier episode of new season of "comedians in cars." getting coffee with jerry seinfeld. tooling around the white house
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driveway in '64 corvette stingray. he will be on random online show every couple weeks for the next year. kennedy: maybe kissing shakira on telenovela. >> i understand the sentiment what you guys are saying. i want to bring everyone back to reality for a second, this number of countries overseas is not remarkable in any way. when i was in the bush administration national security council we would do more countries than this in single ininterest. the idea this is lot of countries is not true. second of all, i was looking at list. more than half of these trips are for visit that are not optional. we're talking about the g7, g 20, nato, among others, nato summits. -- melissa: let me talk about that. if you were talking about a legacy, i think legacy he left behind he has taken a lost guys before that we thought were super villains, putin, assad, kim jong-un but made them look not so bad comparison to isis.
9:20 am
i think his real legacy the world is lot scarier, a lot crazier than when he took office. that happened on his watch because america sucked back in a large part. kennedy: also about the moral equivalence. taking people who objectively bad and trying to make them look good or knot as bad. somehow that propping up his ultimate communist philosophy. >> no, the world tried a president who didn't fundamentally believe in american exceptionalism. who saw himself as citizen of the world. who saw america just one of many nations. we stepped back and ended wars. as a result we've seen unhinged international scene. melissa: chaos. >> the question is not how many countries or how long, the question what is the legacy he truly leaves to the next commander-in-chief? will hillary clinton continue ban donement policies or will republican have opportunity to truly fix america's image in the world. he was in berlin had massive crowds in 2007 as candidate. >> reading my mind. >> wouldn't get those crowds
9:21 am
today and there reason for that. kennedy: you're reading my mind. always. i will read your mind. a new report, there it is, nsa listening in to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu conversations after president obama announced he would curtail eavesdropping on friendly heads of state. that's not all. they reportedly were listening to our own lawmakers. how bad is it? the top u.s. commander wants to keep as many troops in afghanistan as possible and i may ask for thousands more. we'll discuss on the couch. it is "outnumbered." ♪ was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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♪ kennedy: welcome back. it is "outnumbered." a potentially damaging new report in "wall street journal" revealing the nsa listened in on conversations between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his aides. that is not all.
9:26 am
those taps also inadvertently captured conversations with private lawmakers in our own con -- congress and members of the american jewish groups. president obama vowed to stop u.s. agencies spying on allies after they were caught spying on german chancellor, it's a mouthful, america americas, and french president francois hollande. nailed it. >> well-done. kennedy: the administration refused to comment on allegations saying we are not going to comment on any specific alleged intelligence activities. we do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities, unless there is specific and validated national security purpose. this applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders alike. when it comes to israel, president obama has said repeatedly that the u.s. commitment to israel's security is sacrosanct. you are shaking your head. melissa: i love the unless.
9:27 am
when someone says i'm sorry but, and negates whole i'm sorry and why they would do it again and that is what the unless means to me. relationship with israel is reaching new heights and drilling down on netanyahu on who he is talking to and what is going on, i wonder how that plays out coming up. i don't know it necessarily rubs off on hillary clinton. i don't know if trump as a candidate pro-israel supporters would go out and follow trump. it seems like just inspires people to be angry and stay home and not get involved. but the less -- unless there got me shaking my head. you emphasized it properly. kennedy: thank you very much. it is certainly a big deal. you worked in national security, and you know the american public get as little squeamish when they hear their rights are being violated and now congress, who is set to authorize even more spying. >> to me the congressional aspect is the really hairy
9:28 am
issue. not so much about which foreign leaders, are they allies or are they not, because that changes on annual basis. the bigger issue here is that, from my perspective, foreign intelligence surveillance including wiretapping and metadata collection is incredibly crucial foreign policy tool that presidents rely on in the tool box and the narrative over the course of this administration has been to whittle away at that capability. and that's something very dangerous and really, it is no more, it is most dangerous to us here at home as americans. or our national security. kennedy: president paid lip service to that but i think in reality they're still very much spying on foreign governments. there is a lot of animosity between these two administrations. >> my goodness, look at words versus deeds. reiterate sake crow sank nature of the relationship. on other hand he lists countries we won't spy on all of our
9:29 am
friends except for israelis he clearly has no trust for and worried whether they would take preemptive action against iran seeking nuclear weapon, which poses existential threat to state of israel. we know governments spy on each other, that is well-known including united states and israel. in this particular case what depths they went to get it indicates how much mistrust is there. that there is none. >> i want to caution you guys, anti-israeli sentiment, we're confusing that with being anti-netanyahu. there is room to be critical of netanyahu and embrace israeli as really important security alley. >> wish he did that. >> my bigger issue, this white house and a lot of people in this repugnant, loser millenial edward snowden drive how we handle surveillance intelligence and espionage and handle our national security. gillian you would be spying on
9:30 am
everybody. melissa: that is so interesting, you think it is important, even if they're our friends, we have to be spying on everybody all the time pretty much? >> you can pick and choose how spy on. that is prerogative of the executive branch. that is not political issue. something we've always done and everybody knows it. the countries feigning shock and upset for the most part do the same thing, tenfold to the amount we do it. the fact as dagen pointed out edward snowden committed criminal acts where he exposed to rhett e rest of the world exactly what we were doing. kennedy: exposed some criminal acts governments with perpetrating against its own people including warrantless searches. >> they weren't categorically criminal. kennedy: they were unconstitutional. they were warrantless searches and government lied bit and government lied again when it talked about the administrations and countries we were or were not spying on. i don't think we need to have open recipe book telling everyone in the world what we're doing especially when israel and united states created jointly 57
9:31 am
ratoses for us to be spying on each other. they are clearly doing the exact same thing. but congress should really sit up and take note how much power they're giving to the security administration, the nsa, when they're using that power to spy on them. >> so you do not think snowed enis repugnant entitled millenial? >> i said repugnant loser millenial. >> sorry. >> new concerns about the situation in afghanistan. the top commander wants to keep as many troops in the country as possible through 2016. john campbell saying interview with "usa today" he may ask for more troops to be sent in if that is what is needed as the taliban is resurfacing there along with al qaeda. "the new york times" is reporting that handful of al qaeda training camps recently popped up. one of them described as largest ever discovered was destroyed in
9:32 am
airstrikes just back in october. pete, to you first on this. in october, president obama announced that he was reversing his decision to withdraw all people other than embassy personnel by the end of 2016. do you think given what happened just in recent weeks and afghanistan we'll need more people? >> probably and unfortunately. the sad reality we learned a lot of the right lessons way too late and in the wrong country. afghanistan, we never had capability of doing what we wanted to in gan fan which could have been done in iraq. in iraq we abandoned battlefield way too soon without leaving residual force, hence what we have today. afghanistan and al qaeda and isis setting up training cams. we don't have afghan government capable of projecting power. what are the options? more troops in perpetuity without a clear mission? not a lot of american people have big appetite by what else do you do. kennedy: this is my question? what do the taliban, al qaeda and isis combine to make the
9:33 am
perfect storm? it seems like there are plenty of unstable places in the middle east for that to happen particularly in afghanistan. melissa: i asked a question like that yesterday. i was told they're sort of like franchises and mcdonald's wendy's, taco bell set up force, they will ban against us when convenient and and fight each other and dominate when it is not. when we talk about the lesson in particular, important to differentiate nation-building that we decided a lot of people we hate and leaving a force to keep something of a lid on the engy. when we abandoned regions the problem only gotten so much bigger, in the long run i'm for sure concerned about lives and for sure concerned about money. by pulling out and ultimately having to go back later because of something what happened with isis we end up losing more lives net over entire period and spending more money net over the entire period. >> you saw what happened when taliban provides haven for al qaeda in afghanistan. that led to, you saw what happened there.
9:34 am
>> i think probably the most important thing from a counterterrorism perspective we should take away from this, is that general campbell's request to keep more troops in afghanistan underscores something very important, which is that while the world's attention really over the last year or two years has been focused on the rise of isis, these other terrorist organizations are alive and well and they're continuing to flourish in different parts of the world as we're now learning. the taliban has had major resurgence across most of afghanistan. certainly most of the world and parts of afghanistan this year. al qaeda is sprouting new heads across the middle east and making tremendous roads into central and sub-saharan africa. that is the biggest concern. >> how much blame should the white house and administration take? after osama bin laden was killed, there was the political narrative they tried to enforce. you saw benghazi, blaming video, rather than calling it a terror attack, trying to say this is
9:35 am
the end of war on terror, al qaeda is taken care of? >> should take a ton of responsibility. they have driven that narrative from the very beginning these are wars we can end. instead of doing tough, necessary things. instead of listening to generals. not that you should bow down to generals to give them exactly what they want every time, narrative from panetta, to hagel, even today hearing pressure on current secretary on guantanamo bay, national security council and white house, they grab control and politicize it and don't listen to the generals on the ground and you wonder why we get what we get. >> thank you, pete. are you vowing to save more money in the new year? probably a good idea as a recent survey shows most americans have less than 1000 bucks in their savings account. many colleges are spending lots and lots of money on facilities for the star athletes. plenty of criticism as one top sports school hits back. right after the show head to the web for "outnumbered overtime." log on to
9:36 am click on the "overtime" tab. you never know what you might see. i have some things to say i can't say on live television. melissa: oh, my goodness. >> send us your questions or comments. tell us what is on your mind. hit us up on twitter, facebook. jump on the live chat. we're there. we'll be right back. getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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melissa: millions of americans will vow to save more money on debt in the new year. it appears most of us need to do just that. recent survey shows that 62% of us have less than $1,000 savings in an account. just 29%, over 1,000 bucks, and 9%, have the minimum balance required by the bank. gen-xers or those between 35 and 54 years old are most likely to
9:41 am
have no money saved, i'm surprised by that, while baby boomers and seniors have the most. that makes sense. kennedy, does this surprise you? people have no money in the bank right now. kennedy: we've seen wage stagnation. it is difficult to get loans. it is december 30th, if you have a lot of extra money in your account you don't love your family. melissa: obviously. kennedy: people are in survival mode for seven years. almost impossible to store up that nut. melissa: that is a lot of it. wages have fallen. middle class jobs gone away in earlies of it manufacturing. most people write in, i lost a great job. i haven't been able to replace it. i have a part-time job. we're talking about raising minimum wage. at same time, social security will go away. what happens to people in long run don't have savings. this is crisis. >> guess what our government doesn't have savings. they're borrowing into oblivion. look at your bank account, even if you have more than $1,000,
9:42 am
hit with the wrong rut in life, underemployed or stop working, don't have the opportunity, that can run out very quickly. we've been through a very long patch of jobless recovery more or less that hasn't been as strong as we want it to be. folks are feeling pinch of it. doesn't surprise me. melissa: you understand this. >> something i was thinking about earlier. i can speak from personal experience on this and point out that people who are in the same age group as me are hit with massive, massive student education loans, if you want to go to private, you know, a private university or college in this country. you're looking at, tens of thousands of dollars a year. this adds up year after year. i think that people who have $1,000 in their savings account are not people who went to undergraduate or graduate school in a private university institution because you will be more like me, if you had to finance this on loans, you will be in the hole for rest of your professional life. melissa: dagen, that is part of the problem. let's talk about solutions.
9:43 am
making choices going to college people have it think about money. i'm going to get there and this is ticket to a great life which is how it was sold for a long time but you have to study the right thing and not go into debt. what are some other solutions? i think about forced savings, whether it is a percent of your paycheck that you put into a 529 for your kids or retirement account. >> couple things really quickly. i've said this for years, that i think one of the greatest cons on the american people is telling people that the more, somehow the more they spend for education the better education would be. and that you have to make, do the cost benefit analysis, you know, am i going to get out to pay me six figures a year to actually pay this off? i was lucky to go to cheap school. two, i blame the federal reserve for a lot of this. these savings accountings you get paid -- for putting in savings account. melissa: is that number the noise you made.
9:44 am
>> janet yellen makes it every morning. >> take a loan on 401k plan, paying yourself back. i blame janet yellen, ben bernanke. line them up. melissa: people used to save in the house. you buy a house with newlywed couple, you live entire life, when you go to retire build huge equity, that is savings to retire. i fear that changed permanently when we saw this bubble. now housing prices will not inflate like that. that was the way people saved. >> millenials will have to choose, education or a home. melissa: there you go. one university is defending its planned football facility. a $55 million complex that reportedly includes mini golf in a football complex. a sand volleyball court, laser tag, a movie theater, and much more. is spending on college sports out of control? or is this the way to get the best recruits and even the best students. we'll discuss. come on in pop pop.
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♪ >> the debate over the spending race in college athletics ignited as undefeated clemson
9:49 am
tigers are getting ready to play in the college playoff tomorrow night. "washington post" reported about the plush a plenties in the team's $55 million facility. mini golf, laser tag, movie theater, posh dining and locker room facilities. in "usa today" op-ed the athletic director said easier to create headlines than remaining faithful to the facts. no university student or state funds are allotted to the construction of the facility. so privately-funded. fact 2, we're creating 38,000 square foot academic success center, benefiting every student across the 19 sports. fact three, we provide media, social awareness, tweeting and financial information. it comes at the risk of large budget deficits as universities compete to land the best athletes in america. kennedy, i will go to you.
9:50 am
privately-funded, academic success center all sports can use. do you have a problem with that? kennedy: i don't have a problem at all. if you have excited alumni want to keep a great football program growing. i don't have a problem with that at all. the problem whether they take, when public universities take taxpayer money, or they inflate student fees when students don't necessarily benefit from a college football facility, that is where i have the problem. they figured out a way to do that. at the university of oregon, that is a public school but phil knight gifted them a phenomenal, several gifts including the new football facility. >> if your school has founder of nike you're all set. they make good uniforms. what do you think? melissa: no, i don't, i don't even think it is about that i think it is about this culture where we worship college athletes. i think that it sends young impressionable kids the wrong message. this is where you get jameis winston running out of a publix with the crab legs, not paying for stuff. it creates this environment
9:51 am
where you're saying athletes are better than everyone else and they're entitled and i just think, it's the wrong message. it is one thing where everyone is adults and professionals being paid but these are college students. the point of being there is supposed to be to learn. this glorifies athletics above everything else. >> interesting point, dagen. to the point of segregation. you have athlete class and rest of the students. do you think, have you seen that or you think that's a problem? >> you're talking to the wrong person. >> i teed that up. >> i went to wake forest university and my second year there i lived in at single room with another woman in a bunk bed when i was 20 years old and nearly all male dorm. it was so disgusting i had to take showers every day in l.l. bean duck boots laced up to my calf because there was four inches of standing water. meantime all the athletes lived in relative luxury. do you love your school enough? are you a footing bill if you're
9:52 am
taxpayer at university which some of these facilities are paid for by taxpayers. i think it is up to the taxpayers of the state and people who fund those educations, whether parents or loans that you have taken out. >> so we established dagen hates athletes. all right. >> i love nascar. >> i love my wake forest athletes but i didn't love my living -- >> very fair point. >> kennedy hit the nail on the head. not being paid for by taxpayers. not increasing academic costs of attending universities but it is practically okay. what i don't like about it creates this, it creates classes amongst the student body. you will have this beautiful facility that only, a handful of students will have access to. that creates a lot of problems. it resonates across the campus, especially somewhere as big as this you will have a lot of kind of resentments. there is a lot of exclusion. i just don't like it.
9:53 am
>> doesn't that sound like the real world, right. kennedy: it sound like real world but if you go to school -- >> nobody pretends that college is the real world. kennedy: not everyone got to go to harvard. believe me, i went to school with nominal athletics -- melissa: i don't really understand that so. kennedy: >> on flip side if i go to the university i don't want my athletic team, i don't want the basketball team to stink. i want them to be good. melissa: i feel like she is doee world class athletes. that hurts my feelings. >> new york jets would beg to differ with the starting quarterback, a former harvard quarterback. >> sugar brothers? >> like the clenched jaw, thurston howell iii. >> maybe this debate will continue in overtime. we continue with i'm sorry, or just a thought. are self-belittling phrases sometimes women and menus in
9:54 am
emails. there is app to stop them from undermining themselves. good idea? we'll debate it on the couch. ♪ jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen.
9:55 am
if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> using phrases like sorry, now there is an app for that. it aims from typing demeaning phrases in emails. just not sorry app will under line words apphrases like, i'm no expert, and qualifying words, like, actually, in red almost like spelling error. when you have your mouth over the words is it will offer explanations about using them undermines you. one critic doesn't like the idea of telling women how to write. where do you fall. >> i don't like telling anybody how to write. i bought sheryl sandberg's book, lean in, i'm into the idea woman not doing things that unintentionally undercut them. melissa: you don't do anything to underkit yourself. you don't. >> you don't like it, want help in the area, download the app. >> it means to band use of emoye
9:59 am
jays by women. >> by men also. >> excessive use of exclamation points. melissa: that's true. that's a good one. >> probably something it helps with. >> that is common female error. melissa: i'm the opposite. in my new year's resolution to soften my emails, i'm one of those people who sends e-mails too fast. here is what you need to do. i fire it off. they are like, why are you shouting at me? i wonder to dial the other way on app, i'm adding i'm sorry, or would you mind. i usually remember thank you. i need the opposite. >> i don't think there is problem being humble, like in my opinion -- >> there needs to be a app like 60-year-old men who use all caps and exclamation points. >> and for bad jokes about the president. [laughter]. >> forwarding of bad jokes. indeed. kennedy: we're staying right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web.
10:00 am
click on the o-t tab. we're back here tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now," starts in like 10 secondses. until then what is your new year's resolution? "happening now" starts right now.


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