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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 30, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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click on the o-t tab. we're back here tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now," starts in like 10 secondses. until then what is your new year's resolution? "happening now" starts right now.
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problems here. that is past nearly nearly and in the central gfl. we are talking 3 or 4 weeks. we'll deal with 92eding ongoing. but right here is the st. louis missouri river. that will be the second or third biggest crest ever on record. when you think about the flood in the mississippi river that is saying something. 2011 we had a flood here. it was a slow flooding situation in the spring and summer. it was different than temperatures like. this temperatures in the 30s and all of that flooding. it is it a dangerous situation. these temperatures are going to stay this way for a while.
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no changes or warm up. over the next seven days no precipitation in the area. that will help matters. it will take a long time for the water to recedes and spots in missouri, likely in that flooding stage for 3 or 4 days at least. >> thank you, rich. fox news alert. bill cosby, now charged with with sexual assault in pennsylvania for an incident in his home in 2004. they are the first criminal charges since dozens of women came forward a cowing mr. cosbow of drugging and assaulting them. laura has the latest. >> hi, arthel, bill cosbow is facing criminal charges for the first time on the charges and now a warrant out for his arrest.
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52 women have come forward to publicly claim that bill cosby sexually abused them and drugged them it started in 1960 and took place in 2008. in pennsylvania that's where the charges were filed in two countries u.s. and canada. this took place in cosby's pennsylvania home. and he's charged with aggravated and indecent assault which is punishable ten years in prison and expected to be arraigned in elkin's park, pennsylvania. cosby said he did have sexual contact but it was consensual. and in today's press conference cosbow made two advances before he drugged her. prosecutors were able to bring charges after learning
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information in previously sealed legal documents in a civil deposition. >> reopening the case was our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to it uphold our constitutions and to uphold the law. >> reporter: these charge cans are happening just before the 12 year statute of limitation. the attorney said her client welcomes the charges. today's arraignment expected to happen at 4:00 p.m. we'll give you the latest here. >> thank you, laura. >> thanks. a feud between presidential front runner donald trump and hillary clinton is heating up with trump going after bill clinton personally and all of this just days before the former president heads out on the
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campaign trail to support his wife's candidacy. we'll bring in our political panel. we'll bring in our fox news contributor and jamie is a editor for the daily caller. thanks for being here. you know, when hillary clinton slammed trump for "a penchant for sexism" i wonder if she unwittingly brought it on herself allowing trump to resurrect bill clinton's unsafory history of sex scandals with women. >> that was going to be resurrected. it helped don would trump. it elwillivated anymore a way to look like a dpop nominee and look like a general election candidate which is a good thing for him right now. it is great for the base and this is a very forgiving base.
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trump voters. they don't care he used donate to the clinton foundation and the clintons attended his thir wedding and he's had a past relationship with the clintons and in the impeachment calling bill clinton a great guy. they don't care about that it. >> i wonder if it hurts hillary clinton pretty influential columnist who is critical of donald trump came out and she grease that bill clinton's past is relevant to the wife's campaign. trump has smeared women because of their looks, clinton has preyed on them. does this hurt hillary clinton? >> it certainly takings away the
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weapon that the democrats levelled with republicans. how can you do that when bill clinton preyed on women. there are allegations on this day when bill cosby was charged similar to what cosby was charged it takes away the weapon of charging the republicans on a war against women when she is married to someone who has had a personal war against women much of his life. what about trump's strength among women. he insists women voters love him. that's not thorough. according to a fox news poll, among his supporters in the
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primaries, 46 percent are men. can we put that up? 46 percent are men to only 30 percent women. and almost the same disparity or gender gap you might call it on his supporters in a general election. does trump have a gender problem because of his verbal attacks on women. >> he has a serious gender problem. pointed out about his comments on carly fiorina and that's what scares republican strategist. if he does get the nom naegz, the republican party has a woman problem anyways in terms of the demographic with of the vote. they need to broaden the base particularly with unmarried women. that is a hard climb if donald trump is the nominee and you are running against a woman,
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democratic candidate. >> you know, jamie, women are expected to comproiz 54 percent of the vote next november. they are an important voting block. obama, won the women vote 11 percent over mitt romney. so what about trump's gender gap problem? >> it is a problem, but trump is a master salesman and when he gets to the general election he will focus and his secret weapon is daughter ivanka trump widely respected among the younger professionals and employ her to win back some of the women to support him and close that gender gachlt no question it is a problem to address if he is a general election nominee. >> i was going to agree with that. i have experience at that
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women's summit. she is incredibly a accomplished and articulate and yes, she is a hidden weapon. >> secret weapon evanka. and good to see you both, thanks. authorities arrest two isis terrorist and police believe they were plotting to bomb a new year's celebration. you new developments in the investigation of a deadly crash in alaska involving a search and rescue plane. questions are now raised about the pilot.
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ab an update to the story breaking now. a pilot who flew the small plane in a buildinged was not authorized to be in the cockpit. he died in the crash.
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he was the only one on board. the cessna clipped the building and hit another building where demarris wife's work. it happen too early for anybody to be in the building. neither the civil air patrol or fbi would comment on how demaris acquired the plane. right now arrest of terrorist were arrested planning attacks in the turkish capitol. benjamin, what do we know. >> reporter: the attack were foiled. yesterday belgium and turkey. suicide belts were found and ready to be found. the suicide vest and bomb
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mechanism. turkish police detained two isis suspects planning to attack new year's eve. they had carried out surveillance and planning on an attack in a mall and street. turkey's has been on high alert. most recently in october. 110 people were killed in a pro turkish peace rally. turkey's had a shady relationship with isis in the past. they have supported them by allowing isis fighters and they allowed u.s. to use their air bases. they are sowing discord and that's what isis thrives on. o one bomber is a venging the
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death of his family. and a gun or bomb attack could be be carried out in a major pone pene city between christmas and new year. germany and belgium increased security checks and russia urged the citizens to stay safest is stay in doors. many countries are getting worried. >> it is too bad they have people staying indoors. benjamin, thank you very much. a deadly crash involving the secret service is. what police learned about the head-on collision. we'll have details just ahead. iran firing unguided rockets right near u.s. war ships and third time the same kind of thing has happen. the navy's reaction and a retired four star general
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weighs in on what it means, next. we have over 15,000 activities
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new information on the deadly car crash involving four off duty secret service agent. they were all passengers in a car that was hit by another vehicle that crossed over the double yellow line. the driver in that car was killed. the spokesmen said the agents suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. today, after the u.s. accuses iran of conducting rocket tests less than a mile away from u.s. war ships. the water way is crucial for ships taking part in the war
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against isis. the u.s. navy calling iran's action highly provocative. and firing weapons so close to it commercial ships and internationally recognized traffic lane is unsafe. unprofessional will and inconsistuent with maratime law. joining us is a fox news military analyst. general king. what is going on? is this a drill or threat to close the strait of hermos through which 40 percent of the oil passes through. what is iran up to? >> it is not about closing the strait. this isap area of tension certainly. what it is about arthel, every since the nuclear deal was confirmed, the iranians are
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looking for opportunities to demonstrate to the region in particular they are a power broker and they are maintaining their objectives to dominate the region. and they are sort of taking the gloves off to be frank off of it. the united states is right to it was a provocative attack. they fired the missiles away. if they were doing the drill when the war ships were not there. they are messaging and sending a chlor unmistakable message to the gulf states that surround the strait. they are here and they intend to continue their objectives of domination in the region and they know for a fact that the united states has been disengaging from the region and our allies those gulf states
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have never felt more vulnerable than they feel now. >> you mention that iran is taking the gloves off. look at the other provocation. the uss theodore roosevelt observed iranian small will boats launching 11 unguided and fox news was the first to report that there was a launch of a medium range ballistic missile capable of striking u.s. military assets in the area and israel. and the u.s. government refused to publicly acknowledge the launch. there are three provocations in the last 14 months. we talk about congress. earlier congress restricted
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people who visited iran or hold dual iranian citizenship from visiting without a vis a. iran said it is a violation and they vowed to take action. how should the u.s. react? >> those provocations are clearly planned for the obvious reason that the iran sort of tamps things down while the treaty discussions were taking place and now the gloves are off. these missile tests are medium range ballistic missiles and siing cant range on them and designed to carry weapons and designed to carry what? a nuclear weapon. loud message and more so, bofth those tests are in violation of u.n. resolutions that prohibited those tests and what we should do acknowledge the tests took place, and two, go back to the
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u.n. and get sanctions imposed on them. >> parton me, some of those sanctions are set to be relieved. >> what i was trying to say we should go back to the u.n. and get sanctions imposed specifically dealing with the missile test violation. sanctions are being removed from iran because of the nuclear deal. that will give them a win fall of 100 billion plus which they will largely use to finance the objectives in the region. they are dominating syria, iraq and yemen and lebanon. and they are not going to stop there. barain is next and jordan and saudi arabia eventually, they will use that money to get their
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objectives and gloves are off and iran is back doing what they have always done. >> that is a ominous prediction, general. i am sure you will be watching and the other leaders will watch how the u.s. responds. i have to leave it there and sorry to interrupt you earlier. >> thank you, arthel. the nsis a may have ended the bulk collection of records. but they are accused of listening in on high ranking israeli conversations and the new report reveals why. >> authorities are launching a major security to protect a new year's tradition in his one 27th year. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. >> fox news alert on the deadly flooding in the midwest. the situation is worse in part ps of missouri. evacuation set for 7000 people in st. louis. business and roadways. folks are sand bagging after torrential downpours pushed the mississippi river and others to it streaming near record levels. there is a new report out
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claims that the nsa keeps tabs on an american ally. the agency spied on israeli leaders in talks with u.s. law makers about the nuclear deal. nsa taking special interest in conversations voting no. here's more with washington on the the accusations. >> reporter: this is an explosive report. the paper is saying that the white house used nsa to listen in on conversation involving israeli leaders and their aides and in the process were conversations involving congressional law makers and that obviously is going to raise eyebrows and serious questions on capitol hill. the u.s. at the time was trying to pursue a nuclear arm's agreement to iran. and the paper said those
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communications were caught up with congressional law makers and let me show you what the white house is saying about this. he said we are not going to comment on specific alleged intelligence activities as a general matter as we said previously. we don't comment unless there is a national security purpose and this applies to ordinary citizens and world leaders a like. clearly greg, the fact that congressional conversations were caught up in the sweep it may be not only unethiccal but a violation of the constitution. >> when the white house was receiving nsa reports with private conversations of members of congress, they had a responsibility to return the material and not read it.
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>> reporter: this is the law of unintended consequences. if you are at the white house or criticast white house, you are asking questions of what should be be done with that information once you receive it and in particular, greg, there is an important point. was the white house using that information to take a look at how votes may have been going on capitol hill and which way law makers might have been leaning. that's the question that people are asking today. >> and then putting pressure on them depending on how they are leaning. kevin, in beautiful diamond head, honolulu. thank you. joining forces to provide unprecedented security at this year's rose parade in california. authorities using bomb sniffing dogs and surveillance cameras to protect spectators and joining
10:37 am
us live, a nitta live in passa den a.>> reporter: there will be no lack of security in the rose bowl pap raid. even before the terrorist attack in san bernardino, this received a sear one rating. it is usually given to events like the super bowl and other high profile events in the nation. with that rating comes international federal support more than years past. two dozen federal agency will join local police in pasadena. and response teams capable to respond to any emergency. you will see unformed officers on the street and cameras will cover the entire pap raid route and according to the police chief, a lot more. >> some of the security measures
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that are in place are evident. extra patrols and mag any tomiterses and if we are doing our job correctly, others are not so obvious. undercover officers and technology and cameras and those things. >> reporter: the chief empicides that there is no specific threat against the parade or football game. the theme of this year's parade is find your adventure. a collaboration between the rode bowl parade to honor the upcoming centennial. and the award winning film maker ken burns made a documentary about the national parks. this is a role he's not used to playing and so he's been practicing. >> i have been advised by thousands of friends not blow waves. do you do a queen of england or
10:39 am
american. hello, howdy. >> reporter: we had a lot of fun with him. he said it is a great way to express freedom. there is a lot of activity going on in the warehouse. there are 41 floats and there are tours going on on and people are putting the final touches on the floats. arthel, i learned something about the floats, every decoration has to be oreganic x. the roses are in little viales of water until they stick them in the float and they look beautiful on the day of the parade. >> so much love in that parade. what is up for the parka. is it cold out there? >> it is freezing here. we arrived here and it was 35 degrees and there is no heat in
10:40 am
the warehouse. stay warm. >> we are warm here in new york. bye, a nitta, thank you. the manhunt for ethan couch and his mother over now. they are picked up in mexico. but their stay across the border suddenly getting extended. also the case against the utah man accused of murdering his father is on hold after he is found mentally unfit to stand trial. the legal panel will talk about the delay and what it means about the case. and the criminal arraignment of bill cosbowl. expected to happen 2:30 eastern time. authorities released a criminal complaint against him. it is a treasure drove of incriminating statements with
10:41 am
cosby. we'll talk about it with our legal panel, next.
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fire in the marinna on seattle's harbor iowa land. two sank and two others damaged. fire crew his trouble moving the hoses and forced to fight the fire from land and a fire boat. a story developing in the first hour of happening now. associated press reporting that teen fugitive ethan couch won a three day injunction back to texas from mexico. authorities captured him and his mother. they believed they have been on the run since late november since a video surfaced that appeared to show the 18-year-old where he was using alcohol. if found to be drinking
10:45 am
authorities could revoke his probation in a drunk driving crash. they blamed his behavior on affluenza. he's too rich or spoiled to know better. >> the trial of a utah man arrested for killing his own father is still not ready to proceed to trial a year after the murder. christopher robbins is mentally incompetent to stand trial. hospital officials believe they can change that in the near foughture. they are requesting more time to work with robbins. he's accused of boating his father to death in 2014. and joining me is the attorneys.
10:46 am
he's not arguing that his client is insane at the time of the commission of the alleged crime, but rather it's the condition of the defendant that is at issue right now, right? >> that's right, greg. it is it a matter of public policy. we don't prosecute someone who is so mentally incompetent they are unable to understand the nature of the proceedings and assist the attorneys. this is not a clear of him being insane and therefore not guilty of the charges. it is just whether or not he can participate in the trial itself. >> once found competent, he could invoke the insanity defense. ashley, what happens in between. what does the legal system do with a defendant until he is competent to stand trial. >> the defendant goes to
10:47 am
forensic jail and that is it a mental institute and he is treated by psychiatrist and drugged and medicated against his will. it could be something he wants to take and he could receive therapy and receive classes where they try to teach him how to be be comp at the present time and that involves him who the players and prosecutor and lawyer is. and what role they take in the criminal justice system in order for him to sit properly in court and conduct himself appropriately. >> turning to the other story that broke. bill cosby to be be arraigned on criminal charges. it will happen 2:30 and we'll be following that. and in the meantime, authorities released the criminal will complaint here that is quite extensive. how many pages.
10:48 am
37 pages or 17 pages. and i read through almost all of it. you know, try, it seems to be a treasure trough of incriminating evidence against bill cosbow in particular his words under oath. in which he openly admits not only does he use drugs to have sex with women. but this woman in particular he admitted. >> right. it is a huge mistake i think that his attorney that was advising him back when he gave that deposition not just to settle the case and have a confidentiality agreement. >> they did. >> anything you say. >> you mean before the deposition you are saying? >> that's right. he could have seltzed her and paid her and not sit for the deposition at all. whether it is sealed or unsealed. anything can be used against you
10:49 am
in a court of law and he could have invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent because of the potential of criminal jut would fly. >> authorities recount how cosby telephoned the alleged victim's mother after the incident and admitted what he did and apologized to the mother. normally in a sexual assault case, it is he said, she said, and now we have a potential, right? >> right. you you have a potential witness and all of the other individuals that came forward that shows a patern of conduct. and that would be admissible. and he offered to pay the victim and offered to pay for her mental health and school. and we have a consciousness of guilt that is going to come in
10:50 am
as evidence against mr. cosby to show he had a guilty cop science. and trying to buy p her basical the victim off. that's very powerful evidence in front of a jury. >> these are live picture outside of the court house in pennsylvania. he also admitted to the police that he lied to the victim about the the drugs that he gave her saying that they were benadryl when they were kwa lewds. isn't there a jury instruction that if they lie about one thing, you can decide that witness is lying about everything? >> that's true. jurors are the trier of the fact and the judge will tell them that if you find that a witness is not credible for the part of the testimony that you can
10:51 am
discount all of the testimony. everything that he said to the victims mother you hear about the hearsay and it's not normally admissible. >> here it's admissible. >> okay. got to go. we're out of time. thanks very much. we will be right back. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. from the new york police academy are in a class by themselves and becoming the first to do it on the same day. they were motivated to join the force because of their father. this sounds like a wonderful story story. can't wait to hear about it. >> yeah, they were the attention
10:55 am
because of such an unusual situation. the nypd is the largest in the world and the 170th year history and as you mentioned this is the first time that they graduate window the same class on the same day. 24-year-old stretch and the 22-year-old twin brothers allen and john joining the father on the 30 year veteran as new york's finest. >> he is definitely been a hero to us. it's important that we fill in the footsteps. maybe all three of us if we try to fit in. we hope that in 30 years, he will fit in. >> they were sworn in with 1,120 others and a class with 800 military veterans and they're assigned to different presents and will be working together tomorrow night with the rest of these cops and the first real night on the job helping to secure time square for new year's eve. is the mom nervous? of course she is.
10:56 am
she said as long as she trusted that the boys could handle the job, they could do. >> we have a lot of respect for their opinion and they do ours. hope that they make a moral decision, and i know that they will make that right decision every day of their lives. >> they're launching their career at a challenging time and he said that it's strange to know that people would want like them because he is in uniform. >> i bet that they will. thank you so much. what a great story. >> yeah, really great. millions of americans across the country getting ready to ring in the new year and in new york city and it's in new york square and there's the ball. look at that. >> okay. very pretty. ♪ announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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the test of the ball drop and the final preps for tomorrow night's big new year's celebration. stay safe but have a happy new year. >> thanks for joining us and the real story starts now. flood warnings in affect for much of missouri and the midwest today as the fears grow that more rivers will rise and spill over the banks into the towns below. hello everyone i am in today and this is the real story. right now no rain in the forecast but that's not helped out the areas near st. louse, and it's not helped them to dry out. sandbags being set up to contain what water they can contain as drivers are left stranded in some areas and forced to evacuate. the real concern right now is the mighty mississippi river and 20 people have been killed between illinois and missouri


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