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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 31, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> i am heather nauert in for heather chilllth ainsley earhar. >> three major u.s. cities this new year's eve. president obama notified of the threats to washington, d.c., los angeles and new york city. the threats coming from a single source overseas. >> this as new york police implement unprecedented security measures in times square utilizing 6,000 police officers to keep 1 million people safe. l lea gabrielle joins us with more. >> good morning, guys. they have unprecedented security which some are calling a ring of steel around times square. the mayor of new york city is saying he is confident and the nypd is confident all of those coming to ring in the new year and count it down will be safe. >> what we can assure you is the preparations are extraordinary and we are benefitting now from a new element that is our
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critical response command. >> we have a constant threat analysis stream that we are constantly reviewing. but again we are not aware of any threat at this time be deemed credible at this event in times square. >> people should feel safe this new year's eve because they awe there. >> among those security measures there will be a bomb squad a plain clothed officer and terrorism unit with 500 officers. those coming to times square will have to face security measures. there will be no backpacks or duffles. yef one will have to go through screening twice if they are coming in where most of the activity is taking place. you must be asking what are a million people in times square coming to see? that's of course the famous times square ball. it is amazing. it is 6 tons in weight and 12 feet in diameter across, 2,688
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crystals, 288 are brand new. you can see right here behind me this is the switch that will be activating the ball to come down the pole. the mayor and special guest will do that at 11:59. when the ball comes down the light will go off the ball and 2016 will be lit up behind me. for those of you who aren't going to be here in times square you can watch it all on the fox news channel. there will be a special at 9:00 p.m. with jessie, katherine and kennedy. we will have ir rick bowling and kimberly guilfoyle with the new year's eve special. >> lea gabrielle, thank you. a new threat of terrorism will be shutting down new year's eve fireworks in brussel belgium. this after they were ared for plotting the attacks during the celebration. no fireworks will take place this year in paris, either. a light show at the triumph will be shortened to keep the crowd smaller. both countries are on high alert since isis terrorists killed 130
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people last month. security patrols also stepping up in countries including turkey, austria and also in england. the mother of the affluenza teen is back in the united states while he is in mexico in a facility. see arrived in los angeles a short time ago a. judge blocked his deportation for an unknown amount of time. >> it seems to me if they wanted to they could pay him enough money if they wanted to to drag this thing out as long as they wanted to. >> tonya and ethan couch skipped do town after this video showing ethan playing beer pong a possible violation of his probation. he was sentenced to 10 years probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident. there's no evidence if the 18-year-old father is involved. a statement said fred couch is
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cooperating from the officials from the u.s. marshals service. they are appreciative of their effort to safely find his son. they have been simmering below the surface for 20-years. >> with his lawyers on bill cosby made it into the courthouse. the 78-year-old actor did not enter a plea after he was charged with aggravated indecent assault. the alleged incident took place in his home in early 2004. the accuser andrea constant worked for the women's basketball team at temple university and according to court documents considered cosby a mentor. she claims cosby invited her over for dinner gave her three pills and wine and then fondled her.
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>> there's inconsistencies on what types of pills there were. there's wine that was provided. we then go to the reaction of the victim, frozen, paralyzed, unable to move. >> she was one of the first women to accuse cosby of assault back in 2005. the district attorney decided there wasn't enough information to cover the charges. she later sued cosby and settled outside of court in 2006. after new information emerged the current district attorney decided to look at the case. >> statute of limitations is 12 years after determining the statute of limitations regarding criminal offenses hadn't expired the investigation was reopened. >> more than 50 women accused cosby of rape or sexual assault. they urged any other victims to come forward and promised to pursue their case.
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>> now to extreme weather. 19 levees along the mississippi river threatened by historic flooding. in downtown st. louis the river is expected to crest at 43.7 feet. that is nearly 14 feet above flood stage. they have been helping stranded people including this man who waited on the roof for help. most caused by people getting trapped in their vehicles after driving floo flooded areas. law enforcement says good-bye to one of new york's finest killed in afghanistan. the funeral of joseph lemm held on 5th avenue at st. patrick's cathedral. his 4-year-old son sitting on the shoulders of another nypd officer as the little boy saluted his flag draped casket as it went by.
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he was one of 6 american soldiers killed last week on patrol by a homicide bomber in afghanistan outside bagram air base. this is war. >> donald trump attacking hillary clinton and jeb bush as the race for the presidency heats up. a new year could mean campaign shake-ups. let's talk to doug luzader in washington with the latest. >> we are going to see big changes ahead in 2016. two candidates who may be in some trouble now are going to radically change their campaign operations in the months ahead. let's talk about jeb bush. he is going to redeploy much of his campaign staff from his miami headquarters sending them to early states like iowa and new hampshire to improve his ground became there de imp fi
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fiezing he is going to retool his campaign which m-- >> for ben carson one thing that won't change is the candidates themselves. >> there will be some changes made so that the campaign is more consistent with me, with the way that i am, which is not, you know, confrontational and attacking other people but who does put out the truth and is transparent and is reasonable to people. >> donald trump meantime made it clear how he feels about his competitors ranging from republican jeb bush to democrat hillary clinton. >> i consider themmen -- them a enemies. i view this as war. don't we view this as war? >> ted cruz emerged as a real contender especially in iowa. abc news reporting he has pretty
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deep pockets now. he raised about $20 million over the past three months. abby? >> doug luzader with that report. thank you very much. >> which candidate can keep america safe richard grenela says there are two that fit that can take on that role. >> right now chris christie and marco rubio are the candidates to watch. you have other candidates like rand paul and ted cruz who i think have stumbled when it comes to national security issues. ted cruz is trying to walk this line where he is literally trying to stay close to rand paul and noninterventionalists while talking tough. it's already a problem. he already signalled that at some point he thinks that if we go after radical islam too much that it can be a problem, it can be a recruiting tool. i think people are going to reject that. the lessons of 9-11 are we have
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to gather the information and make a decision whethbefore the terrorists can get into a plane. >> thousands of hillary clinton's private e-mails later today. the feds released a new batch of e-mails every single month since may due to a freedom of information act request and lawsuit. the first batch all related to benghazi. clinton was forced to turn over 55,000 e-mails to the state department from her personal e-mail address and server earlier this year. the final batch of e-mails will be released next month. an important point, it is new year's eve. >> great point, heather. >> the second college football playoff sem my finals kicking off featuring number 4 oklahoma against number 1 clemson. and number 2 alabama taking on number 3 michigan state on
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january 11th. a deadly crash involving four secret service agents. whose security detail they were assigned to in new hampshire. cop hater tarantino facing a $1 million lawsuit. what the movie director is accused of. for the first time in three years a live opossum? really? will drop at midnight. >> it is actually a real thing. we will have more on the wackiest new year's leave ball drop. >> first let's take a look at the weather across the country. how are things looking there? feel a cold coming on?
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>> good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends first". four secret service agents injured in a car crash on a snowy road where part of hillary clinton detailed. they were headed south when a van crosseded a double yellow line and slam nude them first. the person who didn't have a license died at the scene. clinton was campaigning about 80 miles away from the crash site. the women who police say intentionally drove into a crowd on the las vegas strup may have been high on pot at the time. she had an illegal limit of marijuana in her blood. she wasn't on drugs or alcohol when she killed one woman and injured dozens of others. no word if another felony will be added to murder child endangerment and hit and run. >> enrique marquez now faces
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five gun and terrorism charges and up to 50 years in prison. he's also suspected of conspi conspireing in two terror plots with syed farook that were never carried out. he will be arraigned next week. >> the navy showing fighters taking off against the first mission against isis. take a look. >> the fighter jets taken off from the uss harry s. truman to fight over iraq and syria. there has not been a u.s. aircraft carrier in the middle east since october. the troop's employme deployment7 months. >> changes coming to two major cell phone providers in the new year. >> cheryl casone is here with what you need to know. hi there, cheryl. >> good morning, ladies. sprint and at&t are making new
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contract changes in the in you year. they are launching a program where you can leave an iphone for prices at $22 a month as they move to join other carriers and ending the contract. after january 8th they will no longer offer the 2 year contracts to customers. the end of an era for times square. the iconic toys r' us has closed its doors after a rent increase forced companies to lease space elsewhere. the megastore opened back in 2001. the ceo told fox business a few weeks ago they ng for another spot in mid town manhattan. >> the gook el chrome add-on allows users to have trump free internet. the trump filter extension is launched on december 24th. it is available now. netflix giving a way to get kids to bed early tonight.
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they can swap out ryan seacrest so they can watch characters of puff and rock, inspector gadget ring in the new year. whether it's midnight or not you hit play for the kids. back to you. >> that is a great tip. i am going it do that tonight with my kids and all of our friends. thank you. to find the fox business network log on to foxbusiness.c >> 18 after the hour. new threats prompting increased security at the rose bowl. the steps being taken right now to keep americans safe. >> hackers taking aim at trains. the new weakness just exposed and the warning you need to hear. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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>> a grand new threat this new year's eve. washington, d.c. new york city and los angeles targeted overseas. this as nearby pasadena, california prepares for the rose bowl with unprecedented security in place. anita vogel takes a look. >> you can expect more respect than ever before. but you may not notice all of it because some of it will be hidden to the naked eye. this year the parade received a tier 1 rating a special event rating a designation usually only given to the super bowl and a handful of other high profile events. with that comes the support of two dozen federal agencies. there will be canine units, cameras tactical response teams and plenty other security personnel mixed in with the
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crowd. >> if somebody is thinking about doing something illegal or some type of anti social behavior you may be standing right next to an under cover agent of some sort from a number of law enforcement agencies. >> the scene of the 127th rose parade is called find your adventure. they are teaming up with the park service which will be celebrating the centennial the next year. many of the throats have connection to wildlife. award winning filmmaker ken burn made a film about the national park several years back. he understand in light of recent events some people might be hesitant to come out to a large event like the parade. he hopes they won't let fear hold them back. >> it is always a tension between us between our own fears and courage. it represents a ind couldn't of courage we have to get up and move one leg at a time. >> it is important to mention
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the police chief of pasadena tells us at this time there's no specific threat against the parade. >> it is time for "who can lao -- look who is talking. thobeing protected from tho who are self radicalized. >> the too i ams square, the rose bowl, the other bowls the ncaa playoffs these are altar gets for isis and what we have to do is we have to use intelligence and we have to use technology and we have to use good old fashioned police work to keep these safe. >> go ahead. >> please continue with what you are saying. >> the nypk is probably the best emergency response and intelligence agency in the world. but the problem is, we know
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what's happening with isis. we know what's happening with a lot of the organized groups. what we don't know are the self radicalized people and what they may be doing. a lot of the incidents that have been stopped because people have seen things. there are enough police officers in the country to be every where. we need the public to help. >> an estimated million people will pack times square. we want to know what you want to see happening in 2016. send your comments on facebook, twitter or an e-mail at fox friends first. 2 dozen people injured on an air canada flight, with he will tell you what caused so many people to get hurt. >> storms through the north pole jumped 50 degrees.
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why does santa's elves experience the unexpected heat wave. first on this day in history hungry declared war on germany. in 1999 the u.s. turned the ban ma canal over to panama.
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>> it is thursday, december 31st. a ring of steel, 6,000 armed cops descending on times square to protect against terror. the measures being taken to keep america safe this new year's eve. >> the mother of the affluenza teen is handcuffed and back in court while her son sits in a mexican prison. why authorities say it could take months before ethan couch finally comes home to face justice. >> a dancing daddy makes a
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surprise video appearance. ♪ >> that's how long for his daughters to realize what he was doing. >> "fox and friend first starts right now. ♪ >> welcome to "fox & friends first" where a whole lot of people will be celebrating in times square as we take a live look at that. i am heather nauert. >> i am abby huntsman. it is 30 after the hour. we begin with a fox news alert. president obama notified a threat to washington, d.c., los angeles and new york city. the threat comes from a single
2:31 am
source overseas. >> this as the new york city police department implements unprecedented security measures in times square utilizing thousands of police officers to keep 1 million visitors safe. lea gabrielle joins us live on times square with the security preparations. >> hi there, lea. >> you mentioned the unprecedented security here. in fact what some people are calling a ring of steel in times square. 6,000 officers 1200 are new graduates from the police academy. everyone coming to count in and ring in the new year can count on also being safe here. >> people should feel safe this new year's ooe because we are there. you are going to have one of the most well policed best protect itted events and one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> for the security measures in place there are a number of them
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the newly established counter-terrorism unit with more than 500 officers bomb squad elements will be here. the first one was in 1904. in 1907 that's when they had the first time ball. at 11:59 the ball will start making its way down the pole. there will be a million people in times square to celebrate this and a billion people watching this worldwide. right here behind me you can see the big switch. i am so tempted to flip it. i would get in pretty big trouble. instead everyone has to wait until tonight to see this. the we have a special -- two specials that you can watch on the fox news channel. the first one starts at 9:00 p.m. that's with jessie, katherine and kennedy. at 10:00 p.m. we will have the all american new year's eve
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special. with kimberly guilfoyle. if you want i will bring some back so we can all share it because not a whole lot because we will be betting up early for the show tomorrow. >> i will take some of that. >> bring some back. bring it all back. >> thanks, lea. a new threat of terror shutting down the new year's eve fireworks in brussel, belgium after two men were arrested for noting attacks during the celebration. no fireworks in paris, either. in a light show. they will be shortened to keep crowds down. both cities will be on high alert after isis killed 14 people in paris last month. the mother of the affluenza teen is now back in the united states. her son still remains at a mexican immigration facility. that is a picture -- that's not
2:34 am
tonya touch right there. there you see her arriving in los angeles a short time ago. a judge temporarily blocking her son ethan touch's deportation for an unknown period of time. listen to this. >> it seems to me if they wanted to they could pay as much money as they wanted to to drag this thing out for as long as they wanted to. >> the duo skipping down after the video allegedly playing p-- of ethan allegedly playing beer pong. he was sentenced to 10 years probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident two years ago. a psychologist argued he was too rich to know better. anthem singer craig strickland will resume. they suspended rescue efforts as the dark nest fell. they were using sonar scanners to search for strickland. he disappeared while duck
2:35 am
hunting on a lake in oklahoma. his friends chase other lanes was found dead monday along with their capsized boat. his dog sam was found alive. comedian bill cosby arraigned on three felony sexual assault in a 12-year-old case. he made his way into a pennsylvania court came in hand tee. he entered no plea paid 10 percent of his $10 million bail and surrendered his passport. the charges stem from a 2004 case where former temple university employee says he drawinged her and assaulted her in his home. they decideded to pursue the case after examining evidence last month. >> reopening this case was not a question. rather, reopening the our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and to uphold the law. the statute of limitations
2:36 am
for pressing criminal charges has expired for most of cosby's 50 accusers but they could still testify. >> many have indicated they will be willing to testify if and when the prosecutor in that case in pennsylvania wishes to call them as witnesses. a >> cosby is back in court on january 14th. >> time for politics now for the whie house. donald trump unleashing new attacks against his opponents. some prepare to shake up their campaign. doug luzader is live for us in washington, d.c. >> i think it's probably safe to say donald trump is sending shots making it clear if she continues to mount gender based attacks accusing him of being a sexist and so on he will continue to make her husband bill clinton a campaign issue
2:37 am
raising all kinds of issues about his tawdry sexual history. >> the husband wants to -- she accuses me of things and her husband is one of the greatest abusers of the world? >> republican jeb bush is looking for a brand new strategy now of 2016. he is redeploying just about all of his staff from his headquarters in miami sending them to new hampshire fortifying his ground game de emphasizing his campaign. ben carson is moving ahead with the longest plan to revamp his campaign. we don't know what it will entirely involve but he is not interested in changing his under stated tone. >> i need people to understand i am talking about it that toughness is not dictated how loudly you say something. toughness is dictated what you have achieved in your life. >> as far as the race beginning
2:38 am
to narrow down here, a lot of this is going to be determined by resources. how much money do these folks have to actually stay in the race? ted cruz raised $20 million over just the past quarter. his performance in recent iowa poles m polls may be fuelling donald trump's decision to spend more money on tv ads. >> never a dull moment. now to extreme weather levees along the mississippi river threatened by historic flooding. the river is expected to crest at 43.7 feet. that's nearly 14 feet over flood stage. the crews have been rushing to help residents stranded because of flood waters including this man and his dog who were on his roof waiting for help. most getting trapped in their vehicles after driving into the flooded areas. >> the storm system wreaked
2:39 am
havoc across the nation also produced a freak heat wave in the north pole of all places. >> as the system moves east it is causing high temperatures above freezing upwards of 40 degrees fahrenheit. that is 50 degrees above normal. the temperatures there normally during the winter months are 50-20 degrees below zero. christmas is over. i think he will be okay. >> 39 after the hour. we know more about the deadly plane crash in as lal klaska. the building he crashed into. >> quentin tarantino calls cops murderer. he he faces a $1 million lawsuit. we will tell you what he is accused of doing now. >> are you making a new year's resolution from fitness to finances? we have the acts that will help you keep them. >> let's look at the weather
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>> welcome back. 23 minutes before t-- 43 minute the hour. a flight from shanghai was carrying more than 300 passengers. it was diverted to calgary due to extreme weather. passengers watched in horror as people were flown from their seats. >> whoever didn't put their seat belt on was falling around. >> it was like you were on a roller-coaster. >> so scary. so many people on the plane were needed forehead and neck
2:44 am
injuries. >> it turns out the pilot worked a the a law firm on the 6th floor of the building that he struck with a plane. the he was killed when it burst into flames. hackers can take control of our railways. they claim it was not be hard to access automated railway controls to cause a collision or de rail a train. train controls can be accessed through on board wi-fi. there's been no evidence of any trains being hacked. and two university lawmakers pushing to once again legalize hoover boards on the streets of new york. at the same time new york city fire officials warning about the dangers of hoover boards after
2:45 am
one burst into flames at a brooklyn apartment. it's the latest of a dozen hoover boards who do this nationwide. >> time for the 5@5:00. in less than 24-hours the new year's eve ball will drop in times square. how else do they ring in the new year in other parts of the country. we have a little look at that. in north carolina you can watch the opossum drop at midnight. for the first time in three years a live one will be lowered gently in a plexy blacks box. they flew in beale street in the new year. in atlanta we have the ball drop. >> in alabama the moon pie drop a delicious way to say hello to 2016. grab one of those if you can. in bethlehem, pennsylvania a gigantic marshmallow tree is
2:46 am
lowered early. >> that is so cute. >> how reative. >> 46 after the hour. kerry fisher has been fighting back about mean tweets about how she aged since star wars. what she had to say to them. >> the kids with their dad in the background. yeah, it's a viral background. it shows how long for the kids to realize that dad was in the background having a little fun. that is so funny. >> oh, dad. >> that's hilarious. >> clayton what's coming up on "fox & friends" this morning? >> we are live at the top of times square where the ball drops a few hours from now. then i am going to be breaking down all of the rules and regulations with the books in to 16.
2:47 am
congressman lewey goldburg is here where he is leading the charge to elect senator ted cruz as the next president. plus herman cain. we will see if he brings us any boxes of pizza.
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quinton tear ran tino over an alleged copyright. they say they stole the plot of their screen play to write his 2012 movie jango and chang. he's also been under fire for calling police murderers at a black lives matter rally in new york city. abby? kerry fisher firing back at
2:51 am
body shavers. >> we have powerful friends. you're going to regret this. >> remember, fisher was 19 years old when she made an appearance as the iconic "star wars" star, princess leah. she's back for the force movie. my body hasn't aged as well as i have. well said. >> goodness. it's been 40 years. give the lady a break. she looks great. 92% of new year's resolutions fail. if you're looking to stay on track this year, don't do it alone. use your phone. adam shapiro is here with five apps to keep your new year's resolutions going. adam. >> and good morning. lose weight, quit smoking, or get in shape. just some of the common resolutions millions of us will make to start the new year, but this time around you can
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app. it keeps internet addiction at bay. the irony is unbelievable. if you pick up the phone, the tree withers and you have to start again. kind of like new year's resolutions. back to you. >> those are some great apps. no excuses here for not sticking to your resolutions. going viral, a dad hilari s hilariously photo bombs their daughters dancing to the whip and nae nae songs. ♪ ♪ >> the dad dances like a boss. after sneaking into the shot and he lasted an entire 1:15 before the girls even caught him. >> dad! >> amazing. the video, of course, posted on facebook and has more than 35 million viewthat.
2:54 am
>> this is something my dad would do. >> dads like to embarrass their kids. he has some great moves. >> he was good. >> way to go. it is now 7 minutes before the top of the hour. old navy pulls the thirteenth shirt from their shelves. why people say it's disrespectful. great news for dark chocolate lovers like myself. why it could help protect you against one of the deadliest cancers. we have over 15,000 activities
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look what's happening today. unprecedented security at times square in new year's eve. 6,000 nypd deployed to keep the estimated 1 million people safe. city officials say it is the safe ets venue in the world. the mother of the affluenza teen is back on u.s. soil. her son remains in jail in mexico. the judge has delayed deportation for an unknown period of time. the state department releasing hillary clinton's e-mails this new year's eve. hoping nobody will notice? many relate to the u.s. consulate in benghazi. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first though, the good. dark chocolate may be more than just a sweet treat. a new study linked the high magnesium levels in the chocolate to protecting against pancreatic cancer. next is old yankee yanking baby
2:59 am
shirts off the shelves after they said they discredit the artist community. professions like astronaut and president were made to look better. finally, the ugly. phoenix firefighters rescue a teenage boy stuck in a chimney. the 13-year-old was playing on a roof when he fell five feet into a chimney. he walked away with scrapes and bruises. we are hours away from ringing in the new year. some of you are looking for big things. >> we asked what do you want to see happen in our country in 2016. katie on facebook writes, i want terrorism to be first on the agenda, which means not opening the borders and stepping up security everywhere. scott writes, a major nonstop air campaign with coordinated limited amount of soldiers on the ground. >> carol says i want america to turn back to god as her leader. get rid of all the corruption in our government. >> if you're not in new york city you can catch the ball drop on the fox news channel starting at 9:00. you can see jesse waters,
3:00 am
kathryn sims and at 10:00, kimberly gillfoyl. >> have a great new year. >> great to see you. >> bye-bye. hi, everyone. good morning. today is thursday, the 31st of december, 2015, new year's eve. i'm anna coiman. it's a fox news alert. terror fears across the world. in new york's times square, 6,000 police officers rein down on the city. plus, donald trump declares war on the clintons. >> i consider them enemies. we view this as war. don't we view this as war? war. >> and this morning, new signs that his latest attacks are beginning to work. >> we're going to try to find pete's voice. still on the case. it's a question every american wants answered this


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