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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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couple of our site got decent glasses to celebrate and there you go. abby: is great. leland: with that, there we go. abby: that makes my day, happy new year, everyone. we transition from that frightening look to these scenes in taipei, taiwan and hong kong, ringing in the new year with fireworks over hong kong's victoria day, while. nighttime fireworks, beautiful. let it play. ♪ we just wanted to breed a little. like fine wine.
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let these scenes be remembered, let it breathe a little bit and for it. in the united states of course in new york's times square, and i was down there a short time ago and i can tell you they are already -- look at that, they are already gathered underneath the mall, people are staking out their positions and i don't know what they will do for a bathroom break. i hope they got for up bodies. fox news alert authorities closing major interstate south of st. louis in response to the historic flooding blamed for the deaths of at least 21 people in the midwest. welcome to "happening now". i am gregg jarrett in for john. arthel: rising floodwaters have now filled over 9 levees in the st. louis area.
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authorities evacuate hundreds of homes near the mississippi river where the water is expected to rise nearly 13 feet above the flood stage. >> hoping and praying everything stays dry. >> what i have i would like to keep. it has taken me a long time to get what i got and i am scared to death next thing i know it will be too late and i will not be able to get out. arthel: looks like some high water behind you. what is it looking like in person? >> reporter: iron in front of the merrimack river which has taken over this 4 lane road behind me, one of hundreds of roads it has taken over. semite good news, the river is expected to cresting right about now at 47 feet, a record high but as you can see the damage is already done. to my right is a business for a home that is probably going to
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be entirely destroyed. police tell me the small town of arnold nearby use 143,000 sandbags but they are all under water. they did not stand a chance against mother nature. we tried to access residential areas to show you the unfortunate damages to homes but there are too many road closures and it is too dangerous, chief of police in nearby arnold on the other side of this water tell us this is the worst natural disaster the talent has ever seen. many neighbors we spoke to said this is the worst flood they have ever seen comparing it to the flood of 1993 which was considered a once in the 500 year event. the net is devastating to see the water, rooftop of the house behind you. the question everybody wants to know is when can people expect to see the water began to go down? >> reporter: the water behind me is cresting right now but it could be a few days until the water completely recedes but
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more engineers would have to come in to determine if these people are driving on them. the red cross is assisting people in the evacuation and heading into this holiday weekend people are not entire the shore when they can go back to their neighborhoods or homes. arthel: a ways to go, thank you for bringing us that update. gregg: security is tight in times square, the countdown on for the big new year's bash, 1 million people expected to descend on midtown manhattan, the iconic celebration will happen at midnight and they will be joined by thousands of new york city police officers. live from times square, preparations in full swing. >> reporter: this year is going to go down in history for a lot of reasons, here specifically in times square it will go down in
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history, the most security, on new year's eve, 6,000 or approximately 6,000 police officers on hand. nypd tells us this is going to be the safest place in world to ring in the new year. we have not here since this morning and watching people killed those in. and those starting out there at the top with the ball is are getting full. by the time the ball drops tonight 1 million people to protect here, some officers, bomb sniffing dogs and rifles, the nypd and critical response command, some will be positioned with the long tops of buildings dotting everything out. and there are thousands of cameras positioned throughout. nypd says there is no credible threat to new york city and bill deblasio adding that are many layers of security for the big
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apple big party. >> on new year's eve the department will be out in force, a tremendous number of officers you will see, many office is you won't see. obvious security measures and a number of measures in won't see. we can assure you the preparations are extraordinary. >> this coming here to celebrate won't be allowed to bring any backpacks or large bags. there will be multi layered checkpoints to get into these, all bags will be search and anyone who declines to be search won't get in. police have been working on security measures since the ball dropped last year and with the ramp up of additional security after the terror attacks around the world police understand public concerns to repeat the message from the nypd go ahead, come to the party and leave the worrying to us and i can tell you guys i don't see a lot of worried people, people are here ready to party and they have their positions staked out.
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>> heavy seen any port of bodies out there? >> i haven't seen any yet and the number one topic of discussion for people that are allowed to start making their claims in these tents at 9:00 a.m. stand there at 9:00 a.m. waiting until midnight, would you going to do, we will talk and let you know later in the hour, let you know what they are. >> i asked about it and it depends. . it depends. we will check back with you later on. that was a nice one. you know i am just going to repeat it on the air. arthel: everyone is getting ready at times square across the water is a different story, two european cities are preparing for more low-key celebration, brussels and paris canceling
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fireworks shows tonight amid heightened terrorist concerns. the decision coming weeks after the deadly attacks in paris and belgian authorities investigate a suspected plot to kill police and soldiers. >> at thousand people. they have been canceled, decorations have been taken down, the decision to cancel came last night after a series of raids in the belgian capital and last night a man was arrested in connection with the blood bath in mozambique. six were arrested in a separate investigation into a plot to carry out the new year's attack tonight. earlier authorities arrested another two men and charge them with terrorist offenses having found military training uniforms, propaganda and computer materials and in ankara, turkey, two isis members arrested, one suicide vest, with ball bearings and back up with a
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bombmaking equipment found suggesting numerous plots are under way. various responses to this, was right to cancel some, better safe than sorry but is carrying greek, do so is getting into terrorism like this man in belgium. >> it is down to the threat of terrorism, we should stand up and make everything happen. no point running away from them. >> reporter: mixed emotions in brussels and around europe, in paris the additional police have been deployed, fireworks have been canceled. the mayor of paris saying after what their city has lived through the people of paris, france need this symbolic passage in the new year. despite these raids around europe over the last week the authorities feeling an attack might still happen, anxious wait for midnight. arthel: it will be an anxious time. thank you for that report in
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london. gregg: the team returned to the united states, our legal panel weighs in. of voting bloc, both democrats and republicans are trying hard to attract in new hampshire. the impact on other primaries down the road. and we want to hear from you. the count down to 2016, are you optimistic about what is to come in the new year? live chat up and running, go to to join the conversation.
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neil: 7 we are five weeks from the first presidential primary of the 2016 campaign. one of the headlines in new york times says independents are her leaky in 2016 and that is for
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sure because those voters make up 40% of the electorate in new hampshire and they can vote in either party's primaries, democrats and republicans in some over. one of the first week to presidential contests, it gives the winner valuable momentum going into the subsequent primaries. joining us to talk about it, charlie hearst of the washington times, happy new year almost. >> reporter: happy new year. gregg: is not a closed primary, is an open primary independents can go either way and that is huge, 40%, an enormous voting bloc with the power of persuasion i suppose. how does that change the dynamic in new hampshire. >> independents are important but it is especially important at this time, we have the two races, it is not hard to figure
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out when you look at the cable ratings and the debate, democratic versus republican debate, we look at the level of interest in the republican race versus the democratic. even the democratic debate tends to be about the republican candidates, the big republican candidate that everyone is talking about that being donald trump. it is hard to see with that level of interest we have seen all along a lot of those independents won't break kortrijk to get involved in the republican races and desert the democratic race in new hampshire, that will serve to hillary clinton advantage on the democratic side. when it does on the republican side we don't know. we just know that probably vet is where most of the independents will go a gift daybreak for donald trump, that is going to be huge for him. if they break against him that will be huge for somebody else. gregg: independents tend to like donald trump so we will wait and see. i want to move on to ted cruz.
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looks like he has raised in the last quarter $20 million. up pretty big announce which seems to match his rising poll numbers in iowa and national league. is he gaining steam, ted cruz? >> definitely sort of emerging as the alternative to donald trump. the problem is especially for establishment republicans, they don't like donald trump but they also don't like ted cruz either. i think they were very much hoping that marco rubio would step in and become the alternative to donald trump, that is not working out very well. called out some hope that chris christie will do it in new hampshire. there has been some movement from him in new hampshire in the polls. we will see, i don't see that traveling well past new hampshire. but ted cruz has put some impressive numbers up and worked
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very hard at it. if you get these almost desperate -- must have been 15 solicitations yesterday. desperate surrounding solicitations, really trying to squeeze the golden goose as hard as he can. gregg: in an interview you were quoted saying the mainstream media underwent 12 stages of the nile and are now admitting the rise of donald trump so i guess the media is prematurely predicting his demise. why do you think they so mocked and ridiculed donald trump? >> i don't know. is hard to see how they missed the electorate is very angry and the electorate was upset in 2008. that is how we wound up rejecting establishment candidates and got president obama. eight years on many of those people are still very
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frustrated, totally disenchanted and on the republican side you have people who have been disenchanted for a long time. we are past the tea party stage, we are into desperate frustration. the mainstream media missed all of its, and what i find so amusing now is they take it out on donald trump. they are mad at donald trump. it is donald trump's fault congress, washington, everyone around here is such a disastrous mess. i don't get it. you are shooting the messenger by getting matt donald trump. >> his stroke of genius may have been to tap in with his bluntness, his candor, cabin to the anti-washington anger americans have. look at the poll numbers, they are very low, what you look at folks who run things in
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washington. media the surprise of the campaign was jeb bush because today's news is that he is shuffling his staff yet again. he is cancelling a bunch of ads. he is standing in the polls has really dropped and in single digits, it is not moving upward anytime soon. we will wait to see. is that one of the surprises of this year? >> it is breathtaking to see what the campaign has gone through considering he was put in as the almost guaranteed nominee at the beginning. he was the hillary clinton of 2008, he was that candidate this time. put your finger on something crucial year. the important thing about donald trump is people think he is being honest. people think when he attacks these people when he goes after jeb bush for being low energy, when he goes after all these candidates, when he goes after
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bill clinton, they don't care that he changed his position on certain things or that he doesn't have that history of working on immigration, what they care about is he has this great plain way of speaking that people think he is being honest and that is the key. neil: 7 is refreshing and different. happy new year to you. good bye. arthel: and new year bringing in new laws. what changes could be coming to your state.
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dagen: we are rolling along this
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new year's eve and we touched on it and let. looking to breathe new life in a presidential bid, pulling tv ads in early voting states and using that money to beef up his ground game sending staff members to key states in a big get out the vote effort and the latest fox news poll shows him in los single-digit territory with 3% support. joining me now is angela, fox news political analyst and a fox news contributor and radio talk-show host, good to see both of you. here we go. we have the iowa caucus one month from tomorrow, new hampshire primary eight days later, full court press time such check this out. we have a lot to talk about. close competition between donald trump and ted cruz, chris christie is happy to get a bump, george bush -- jeb bush doing
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that read. exo who has to do what to win these key battles? >> there are three components, one is message, when his fund-raising and grassroots and advocacy and that is why jeb bush is doing this now. if i were advising him i would take a $3 million, not do the commercial in iowa, new hampshire and put that in the ground game, in states where you have moderate conservatives. conservatives loved from. independents love trump, moderate conservatives like jeb bush. because -- arthel: will that be enough to read. and take bush's campaign of of life support? >> it could be enough because if you look at 2008 during this time hillary clinton was ahead in the national polls but lost to barack obama and she was third. if you look at 2012 mitt romney lost to rick santorum and mike huckabee. they ran neck-and-neck.
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it is too early to tell. /is in him, he's doing the right thing. >> in new hampshire, bernie sanders is next door to your home turf, voters in new hampshire can go either way, hillary clinton will be keeping a sharp eye on what republicans are doing. what is the game plan for the hillary clinton campaign? >> not to count anyone out. she has got to look at the republicans because you have people who are too firmly fixed in the political firmament to count anyone out, you are going to bernie sanders in his home territory, everyone knows secretary clinton and so keep everybody on the table. it is interesting when i look at governor bush, he has the misfortune of running as an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment period. americans do not trust the mainstream media. most americans feel the biggest problem we have is government
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corruption that is widespread and what is interesting to me is watching citizens united decision and how it has played out. it really, although the supreme court said yes the american people said no. they are telling governor bush and everybody else you must do realpolitik said. won man one vote. arthel: an experienced veteran in d.c.. >> citizens united, i think our audience needs to know citizens united, super pac is reporting bush and others writing commercials. >> and not winning. he kicked all of it to the curb and really change the game and i am grateful for that. >> from the standpoint he is utilizing, he doesn't do that,
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utilizing -- >> politics has become show business and i am moping everyone will diamondback. and we have big problems here. >> big problems to address and both of you i want you to answer this before that, the iowa caucus in new hampshire, the fox news gop debate jan. 28. what did donald trump, ted cruz and gained telegraphed before iowa and new hampshire. >> that is close. candidate that needs to stand out are candidates if john kasich and jeb bush, we also have the fox business network debate coming up in charleston and the same thing. donald trump by the not change a thing. he is still on top. the lower tier candidates need to say some striking things to put donald trump in his place. it is entertainment right now.
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arthel: i give you the final word. let me ask you president clinton will be hitting the campaign trail for hillary in new hampshire monday. what can we expect from president clinton? >> i hope he will stay on policy. if he stays on policy will win. war has been declared, politics of personal destruction are at play but that will leave policy, nobody is willing to win if we engage in that. if we go to policy that is what americans can get into a and we can rebuild the american middle class and end beach home foreclosures and deal with things that are bothering americans today. americans need homes, want to go to college, americans want america to be great again. i can't believe i said that. policy and politics should fail. arthel: i don't know what is going on. happy new year.
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>> happy anniversary to my parents. 53 years. >> 53 years and counting. >> that is quite a milestone. gregg: bill cosby is arraigned on felony sexual assault charges, we will take a closer look at the legal steps in the case against him as we learn new details about his defense and what his attorney is saying and the so-called affluenza team is in mexico and his mom is back in the u. s. what this means for the case against them. our legal panel is next.
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arthel: 2016 bringing new year's celebration in states across the country and new laws. the fox business network, mr. barnes has the details. you will tell me some crazy laws in 2016. >> i will start with a more controversial ones, texas will allow licensed gun owners to carry their handguns openly in most public places, practice known as open carry. texas is one of six states that does not allow a form of open kerri but that ends tomorrow. a gun owner must have a current license for his or her weapon, must be 21 years old, must have
8:35 am
clean criminal and psychological records and messed have passed gun training and issuing test but the law also forbids the open kerri and banks, bars and sporting venues and allows other businesses to bar customers from carrying their weapons openly in their establishments this second amendment advocates say the lie is a critical extension of the constitutional right to bear arms. critics say it does not work. >> there is plenty of research that says having open kerri and having concealed weapons does not have any impact on crime rates. >> reporter: starting tomorrow the state of california will allow families to go to court to request orders to have weapons temporarily taken from relatives they believe care a threat. a disturb financial six college students in santa barbara and wounded 13 others in a rampage earlier this year. the killer's worried parents had
8:36 am
sought police held before the incident. other laws debuting in the new year include raising the minimum wage in 12 states, breast-feeding mother's bill of rights in the state of new york and in california anyone who rides in public on a hover board must be at least 16 years old, wear a helmet and can only write on streets with a speed limit under 35 miles per hour. forget breaking your leg if you fall off one of these gizmos, breaking the law gets fined $250. arthel: they should have the law for hover boards. you need safety's it with those things which have you ridden one yet? >> i have not. i don't have that kind of balance but i can mike tyson might be listening to this one. arthel: you looked crazy when you fell down like that. peter barnes, thank you, happy new year. gregg: bill cosby's attorney
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mounting a vigorous defense hours after the entertainer was arraigned on felony sexual assault charges. his attorney monique presley saying he will be done rated by a court of law cleaning charges against him are politically motivated. >> this is not the effect of wage and of justice. what we have is fulfilment of a campaign promise from a prosecutor who used this case and use the current climate about the allegations against my client in order to get into office and had to make good before the statute of limitations completely ran out on what he promised in order to get in that office. arthel: ebony williams, attorney and fox news contributor and criminal defense attorney, let me go to you first. in cases like this, and in the william kennedy smith rape trial, an acquittal, the jurors in the end did not believe the
8:38 am
accuser when she took the witness stand and melted under withering cross-examination by defense attorney. these are tough cases to prove. >> absolutely. proving sexual assault case is very difficult because jurors across the country are wired. they want to hear physical evidence. they want to hear about forensic evidence. they want to hear from an eyewitness. we have none of that in this case and that poses problem and other problems for the prosecution are as follows. two prior times the victim met with bill cosby she alleges that she fondled her, she didn't report any of that and is back in his house a third time and it happens again and then you have an issue of she is leaving his house at 4 a m. he claims these are -- i guarantee you bill cosby is going to have medical experts coming into this trial saying if
8:39 am
she had three quaalude she would not be able to walk out the 4:00 a.m.. gregg: lying on top of that. bringing other accusers into the case appears to be what the the wants to do because they guess he talked to several other women who said the same thing happened. normally that would be inadmissible in the case against bill cosby unless the prosecutor can convince the judge that there is a pattern of conduct here is that bill cosby drugs and sexually assaults women. what do you think will happen? >> exactly right, returning to the prior bad acts inception, testimony, prior bad actss are not admissible, there is a hugely prejudicial to the way the jury pool will see if you think you did before they will presume you did in this case and that is not how that should work but certainly the d.a. will try to make a case that it is so compelling that there is some much testimony that there's a
8:40 am
pattern of this predatory behavior that its probative value, in front of those jurors will be significant, a prejudicial gregg: new developments happen overnight, the so-called affluenza team is still in mexico but ethan couch is now facing an immigration fight. and in the united states, the pair running to mexico as prosecutors investigated is possible parole violation bill: getting my variety for using the affluenza defense in a deadly drunk driving crash. to you, what is going on here. how is it that the '40's brought the mother back to the united states but the sun is still
8:41 am
there in mexico? >> my guess is there might be some issue with the mexican government wanting to ensure it they extradite ethan couch that he will be treated as a juvenile in further proceedings. that is my guess. she was withheld on extradition, it involves a death penalty issue. clearly that doesn't apply here. that is my only guess. gregg: he committed the crimes when he was a juvenile, treated as a juvenile, got probation on what many people think is a phony defense, the affluenza defense. the mom now, she arguably engineered his flight out of the country as a fugitive. should the judge throw the book at her on aiding a fugitive? >> i say so. the underlying defense as you point out many people didn't buy
8:42 am
it but the important person, the judge did buy it and the point is this kid has been so not held accountable, his entire life, he couldn't be held accountable, we see the same pattern from his mother yet again. she is the mastermind, and fleeing from probation and facing ten years for aiding and abetting the apprehension of her son who is at this point a fugitive and a maximum penalty here. gregg: good to see you both, happy new year. arthel: airlines bracing new trend to compete with discount air carriers but don't expect any complimentary champagne. we bring down the ins and outs of flying last class.
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been beaten to 7 new meaning to
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find a friendly skies, a pilot returning to a terminal to pick up a family after major the like some from boarding. they were on their way from phoenix to tennessee for their father's funeral. an hour and a half the they left little time for them to catch the connecting flight which was by the way the last flight of the date to memphis. when they arrived at the terminal the plane already rolling towards of runway. the pilot decided to turn around. >> i was just crying. i couldn't believe we were going to miss the flight and we were very fateful. >> you would have been a hard thing to deal with. >> very rare someone stops and does something so kind, we need more people like that. gregg: the pilot said he pulled back into the terminal because he could see the family's duster abrasion from an airport window. desperation for the airport window. arthel: if you plan to take to the skies, big airlines are trying to compete with discount
8:47 am
carriers by cutting the cost and amenities in coach. industry experts call the trend last class. let's bring in travel experts edward sorel low. last class. unless sitting in the bathroom? >> reporter: you are not quite in the bathroom but very close. it almost guarantees you a seat in the back of the plane because last class tickets don't let you select a seat until you check in which is 24 hours before you board which generally means you will be middle seat, last few rows of the plane. arthel: that is not good for many people, some don't care but what are the other down sides to flying last class? before we get to systems? >> the downside i you need to be sure before you buy the ticket because as it stands now you can't change the ticket, you cannot get a refund and it sounds like a simple thing but life happens, things change and airlines will be very unsympathetic if you need to
8:48 am
make a change to the ticket that you bought without any privilege for changing. now they're starting to roll on transatlantic flights, long for flights in the middle seat and less opportunity. arthel: how much could you save by doing that? >> it is all over the board. a few weeks ago the prevailing fair on united airlines, spear was offering a ticket for 100. united, it matches dollar for dollar. it can be considerable but you add back into things like any sort of bag fees you might have, the chances you have to cancel because those fees can add up. arthel: apart from saving money one of the points about flying last class? you mentioned you should grab the c 24 hours before the flight. is that the best time to get those tickets? is there any other time?
8:49 am
>> check in as soon as possible because it will be a race. anyone who was not able to get a seat for prior to that point when they book the tickets will be trying to check in, southwestern people use to check in at the 24 hour mark to get the best number when they were boarding. the benefits to last class are more broad in that the big airlines, delta, american, united feel they have to match those fares with legion and frontier to be competitive. the more they feel they need to compete on cost in the short term has to be good for consumers because it keeps expensive trips down. is not the best thing the short-term there is a bit inert pocket. arthel: is there a way to avoid last class? >> airlines don't do a great job marking it on their web site. make sure you read the terms and conditions. better to buy on the airline site then travel agencies site because they might not disclose
8:50 am
it the right way. arthel: got to go, nice to see you, happy new year. gregg: the united states is considering financial penalties for iran after the country fired rockets near u.s. warships in the busy gulf waterway. and a violent storm sparked the evacuation of an oil rig. details next. nobody move! get on the floor! do something! oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring to protect you from identity theft. we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. you're not thinking about all the money you saved
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>> the united states considering new sanctions on iran just months after a nuclear deal called for lifting the old ones and all this comes amid heavy criticism of iran's rocket test last week near two u.s. warships, wall street journal
8:54 am
reporting u.s. treasury will take action against those suspected of helping iran develop its missile program. >> reporter: these proposed sanctions would be significant because they would be the first sanctions on iran since the landmark nuclear deal this summer. as a result of that deal iran is weeks away from receiving $100 billion in sanctions relief. these new proposed sanctions are in response to ballistic missile tests carried out in october which violated u.n. security council resolution. the sanctions have not been publicly announced but fox news has learned the u.s. treasury office of foreign assets is targeting a dozen companies and individuals accused of supporting the development of iran's ballistic missile program. the wall street journal reports five of the individuals targeted are iranian officials working at the country's ministry of
8:55 am
defense arm forces logistics'. this would blacklist individuals and companies from doing business with the u.s. and any assets held here and there could be additional sanctions coming according to a senior administration official who tells fox news we are considering various aspects involved in diplomatic work that is consistent with national security interests. iran has claimed its missile program for defensive purposes and doesn't violate international law. the official state news agency reports earlier today on state television spokesman for iran's foreign ministry said this. such actions unilateral, arbitrary, and illegal in the is solid public of iran, has warned the u.s. in this respect. the spokesman said iran would respond to any sanctions accordingly raising fresh doubts about the implementation of the nuclear deal going forward. gregg: thank you. arthel: coming up next on happening out a white knuckle
8:56 am
ride 30,000 feet in the air. major turbulence rocking passengers, leaving some of them injured when the plane finally landed. if your new year's resolution is shedding pounds we have the best tips for losing weight in 2016.
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>> fox news alert. a rochester man has been charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. our producer telling us that, quote, according to court records the defendant claiming to receive direction from an overseas isis member planning to commit an armed attack against civilians at a restaurant barlow indicated in the rochester, new york, area today which is new year's eve on behalf of isis and in furtherance of his plan to join isis overseas. >> so this is departure, in other words, previous terror cases have been propaganda by isis that inspired attacks. here the allegation is, it was actually directed overseas by isis. so that is a dramatic
9:00 am
development foiled obviously by law enforcement. >> more of the kind of attack where you are. that will do it for us. we're back in the top of the 1:00 hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> see you then. ♪ >> set set, hak, see, non. thailand. this is it. >> happy new year. ♪ >> happy new year, everyone. folks around the globe ring in 2016. you see bangkok, thailand. and this is "outnumbered." a very special edition. i'm sandra smith. with us today is co-host


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