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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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development foiled obviously by law enforcement. >> more of the kind of attack where you are. that will do it for us. we're back in the top of the 1:00 hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> see you then. ♪ >> set set, hak, see, non. thailand. this is it. >> happy new year. ♪ >> happy new year, everyone. folks around the globe ring in 2016. you see bangkok, thailand. and this is "outnumbered." a very special edition. i'm sandra smith. with us today is co-host of
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"after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis is here. democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky. nationally syndicated radio show host and fox news contributor, meghan mccain. today's #oneluckyguy, chairman of the department of urology and chief of robotic surgery at lennox hill hospital, dr. david samadi is here. we like to remind you even on this new year's eve special, you're outnumbered. >> i will do my best to hang in there. >> i feel incredibly uneducated after hearing that introduction. >> i'm a lucky guy to be surrounded by beautiful and smart talented anchors this is a blessing. it was a great year and hope we continue to do all the right thing for all of us. congratulations on fox news for having successful year and happy new year. >> we'll have tips on the show,
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resolutions to have a happier, healthy 2016. >> we're ready. >> thank you, doctor samad ditch. millions of americans get ready to ring in 2016. police are ramping up security at high-profile locations including new york's times square, the nation's capitol and rose bowl festivities in pasadena. amid reports that president obama, before he left for his hawaii vacation was warned about a possible terror threat targeting the big apple, los angeles, and washington over the new year's eve holiday. according to senior officials the threat was uncorroborated and based on a single source but in the wake of the recent attacks in paris and san bernardino, no one is taking any chances. the former chief of the nypd, howard safir on the big unknowns when it comes to thwarting homegrown terror spite even the best counterterrorism efforts. listen. >> the nypd is probably the best emergency response and intelligence agency in the world
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but the problem is, we know what is happening with isis. we know what is happening with a lot of organized groups. what we don't know are the self-radicalized people and what they may be doing. >> we have this, breaking a short time ago. the arrest of a man who according to the fbi claims an isis member overseas directed him to carry out an attack on people at a restaurant in the rochester, new york area. this new year's eve. all on behalf of isis. laura engle live from the crossroads of the world, new york city's times square, with people already swarming around you. laura, hello. reporter: hi, guys. yes this in in fact where all the action takes place. we're hearing from nypd, they consider the safest place in the world to ring in the new year, with over 6,000 officers on hand. if you look around there is a lot of people to protect and action already started. i want to give you a quick swing
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around. we have people already in the pens. you see bomb-sniffing dogs, people lined up. they're there to stay. can not leave for rest of the night. officers will have radiation detectors. bomb-sniffing dogs are everywhere. police with rifles. nypd critical response command including 500 officers trained for counter terrorism are in the mix. some of them positioned with long guns on tops buildings. looking down and there are thousands of cameras throughout. police commissioner bill bratton says investigators have been monitoring tell fence channels for threats. they right now have no reason to believe there is one here. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible. and we have a constant threat analysis stream that we're constantly reviewing. but again, we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible to this event here in times square.
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reporter: there are things like plain clothes officers and undercover monitoring to keep folks safe tonight. folks will not be allowed to bring in backpacks, or booze of any kind. there are multilayer checkpoints. we're watching that. all bags of people who decline to be searched, they're not getting in. since the ball drop last year and ramp up of additional security with terror attacks around the world people understand there are a lot of kabul concerns and a lot of folks are not talking about being worried. they're talking about how they are getting food. i saw someone get pizza delivered to one of the peps. spirits are high. people are ready to party. headlines are, come here to the party and leave the worry to us. back to you twice. >> laura, thank you. happy new year to you as well. melissa, on my way here today i had very difficult time crossing the street on sixth avenue.
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>> it is crazy. >> police presence is ramped up and they mean business. i work there. i just need to get in that building. melissa: it is so true. you can't get down the block. i see people in the pens, people brought families and children, no way my kids would cooperate all day, all night in one of those pens. i was talking to commissioner howard safir last night, sadly, i hate the terminology, he called events like this a target-rich environment for terrorists. you think about what that means. , in new york is probably one of the safest things you can do. they're out there patrolling. the men and women in blue are doing incredible job. they're everywhere on the street asking people for i.d.s. they have all kinds of detectors out there. it us amazing. i worry about people in smaller cities. that is where you're vulnerable. terrorists know here it would be tough but someplace smaller -- >> it is interesting. you have 6,000 officers trying to control one million people that are here.
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as you heard, they can not be everywhere all the time protecting everybody. people need to be vigilant. they need to pay attention. if you see saying, absolutely you have got to say something. that is how we control it. there are a lot of soft targets unfortunately terrorists may go after. not to put this same as cancer, i think already we have a small metastasis is going on. i think center of terror was in those countries. now you have all these lone wolves, people trying to imitate are coming out. those are ones very difficult to look for. >> amazing to see as laura just showed. they're expecting a record crowd out there despite growing fears of another terrorist attack. meagan, i want to get your take on this. we're watching fears of a terrorist attack. they're on the rise. according to national polling, six in 10 americans say they're somewhat concerned that they or their family might be victims of a terrorist attack. only three in 10 said so two years ago.
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the poll also finds a majority of americans are concerned about domestic terrorism and attacks by islamic extremists. about the six in 10 say they're worried about both. meantime 54% say it is sometimes necessary for the government to sacrifice freedoms to fight terrorism. 45% think it's not necessary. isn't, megyn, that is the tell cat balance? americans say they're fearful of another attack. they want to be more aggressive but we don't want to give up our liberties are and our everyday conveniences? >> i do think at southern point americans will have to take a hard look at that and decide what we want. i will do anything and everything to protect america's freedom. what is fascinating about all of this rise of paranoia and fear rising this country. we have a leader who has not changed tactics at all since the san bernardino massacre. nothing has changed. so people have legitimate reason to be fearful. i was asked recently what i want
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going into the new year? i want major reassessesment of all grounds on cyber terrorism. i want facebook, mark zuckerberg, anybody and everybody in silicon valley to come together in congress getting people at heart as you said where it is because this cancer is because it is starting on internet. >> its interesting, social media has become the playground for these guys and recruiting a lot of these what we call radicalized muslims or terrorists. you have kids, 20 years old to 40 years old out there listening to this. what is the incentive for them? is it a rush? what is incentive of social media to get into the whole terror thing? >> we're not even checking the san bernardino's wife facebook account coming back into this country. we have a major problem in this country. cyberterrorism is above all else. >> that is major concern. you had edward snowden revelations. because of those revelations a few years ago, people saying i can't believe the government is doing what they're doing. all of sudden you have a
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complete turn around. i'm okay with wiretapping with wireless, excuse me, warrantless spying on social media because of fact obviously people are concerned about their safety. at which point, if, if you have libertarians saying on this couch that is unacceptable. complete violations of our freedoms, same freedoms you want to stand up for. other people say the opposite. majority of americans i'm shocked are okay with suspending some of those laws. >> bad times for rand paul. i think exact showcase why he is not making it to the main stage. >> interesting, 60% as you said, statistics are very interesting because 60% of americans are consistently have fear of terror and they want social media to be monitored. i think we're at the fork. we need to decide civil rights, to some extent you will sacrifice that -- melissa: i think a pendulum switches back and forth. right now we're back at a time -- i remember 9/11 you
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would make assessments before going to disney world or gee, i want to get super bowl tickets. whatever you were thinking of doing you made the assessment being in a big group where i would be a target. we're back to that making decisions about that after what happened in paris and san bernardino. >> what is so much scary this time around to me at least the fact this is not some plot hatched 8,000 miles away. these are potential american-born citizens who are lone wolves who could strap on whatever they want to strap on, a bomb or walk into school or restaurant, in rochester as we saw and blow somebody up. it is unbelievable. >> when you look how this will impact the 2016 election, i want to know from you, this is shaping up to be the national security election. this is what it has become about. so quick change from economy being number one issue for the american voter. we are still so close to those attacks in paris and san bernardino. if we all pray, we don't have
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anymore attacks as we work our way into the new year, do you think that is still going to be the biggest issue -- >> i do. i think going forward in 2016 it is by far going to be biggest issue for americans. fall of ben carson is direct result of his inexperience when it comes to everything concerning foreign policy. no matter who you're looking at on each side, you will look for candidate with vast and deep understanding of knowledge what is going on in the world. for me personally someone who doesn't want to hang out with putin. >> what do you think, julie? >> you through a lot, whew. who is best positioned on republican side to do this? donald trump, i hate to say this because he talk as better game, not because he is positioned best but he talks a game better than anybody else. >> think marco rubio. i think marco rubio. >> i agree with you, that rand paul suffered tremendously as a result of paris.
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>> speaking of donald trump escalating attacks against bill and hillary clinton the gop frontrunner latest comments targeting the former president as he gets ready to it had the campaign trail on hillary's behalf. a good strategy or does it cross the line? officials in missouri taking drastic new measures to deal with historic and deadly flooding as the mighty mississippi is expected to crest at least 13 feet above flood stage today. we're live on the front lines of this growing disaster. ♪ oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. ♪ melissa: war of words between donald trump and bill and hillary clinton reaching new heights with the gop frontrunner telling thousands of supporters in south carolina he was forced to fight back against the:tom camp after accusations of sexism. the rhetoric getting even stronger. listen to this. >> they don't want to run against trump. the last thing she wants in her whole life -- this is only, i did this in 15 minutes what happened to them. because husband wants to come and she wants to accuse me of things and husband is one of great abusers of the world? give me a break. melissa: i love it when he says
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the trump. one of the great abusers in the world. he is hoping line of attack he is hoping could undermine women's support for hillary clinton and could it hurt the former president's image as he sets to campaign on his wife's behalf. july, he is talking about bill clinton as abuser in the same news cycle with the bill cosby thing. >> smart. melissa: subconsciously, you're watching two stories side by side. there is association, totally different things. i'm not saying there are any parallels. but to obvious and handler, yikes, i don't want these things in the same news cycle. >> could i stop for a second, stop referring to yourself in the third person. not like "seinfeld.." here is the problem for this hit for variety of reasons. there are legitimate hits to go after hillary clinton on this issue, not least of which they
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were dragging monica lewinsky and paula jones they were complicit in that. if you hit her on something, hit her on that. the hits on the fact her husband cheated on her is kind of a dumb move. she is the victim in this in sense she is wronged wife. plenty of women stayed -- melissa: she piled on the attack on the people. >> that is not what he is saying. that is not the problem. that is not the hit he is saying. bill clinton is cereal abuser. guess who suffered from bill clinton's behavior in addition women allegedly he abused. that was his wife. breaking news, bill clinton cheated on his wife. still the most popular politician in country. he is. numbers continue to be through the roof. don't forget nobody was more popular, hillary clinton was never more popular right after the monica lewinsky situation. people love her. melissa: she is right. bill clinton rehabilitated
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himself to many become iconic figure. people are out there who yell at television still and did all these things, once again here is donald trump putting a voice to the thing that a lot of people at home are thinking and other republicans aren't going to say. once again he is telling it like it is where others are not. >> he has morally compromising path to put it lightly. americans at home, do you want bill clinton in the white house around a bunch of young interns? no. i mean this in all sincerity. you really have to think about this. he is a liability. he may be popular in some circles. i think he is a pig. i learned a lot about a lot way too young age because of his behavior in the white house and he is disgusting. >> i think people are tired of this politics. people want to hear what is good for their wallet and who will be making america safer. that is one of the reasons donald trump is doing really well because they're tired of oil politicians. having said, i think before
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president clinton came in the picture he wasn't really on attack. was it fair game to bring him in the picture? now basically all out there and going after them. one thing you learn about donald trump is. sandra: i think he brings certain passion, certain energy. i'm not endorsing him. i'm not his fan but certainly if you attack him he will come back with vengance. sandra: monica makes a great point, what matters, is household, money, jobs. >> there are demographic of young millenial women aren't married up for the taking. sandra: millenial generation is getting older and having families and young children. i wonder if this is the right approach? when we look at donald trump as businessman, the money guy, is this the right strategy for him as we know he is targetting women right now? melissa: may have to do with him attacking the democrat. he is elevating himself rather than being in the dogfight with other republicans looking petty
9:22 am
and tearing each other down and you should be focused on hillary he is focused on hillary. he is putting himself in the fight as if he is already the candidate. >> quickly, this is right strategy in the primary. not in the general election. i've seen polling. independent women don't like it. melissa: reports are bill clinton paid speeches to group who had business at that time before hillary's state department. how this could affect her run for the white house. that's coming up. plus deadly flooding of historic proportions in the heartland, forcing evacuations and the closure of a major interstate.
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sandra: fox news alert. millions of americans in the heartland still coping with record flooding this new year's eve. authorities evacuating people from hundreds of homes near the mississippi river where the waters are expected to rise at least 13 feet above flood stage.
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police also shutting down a major interstate south of st. louis. in response to historic flooding that has left at least 20 people dead across missouri and illinois. matt finn live in st. louis county, missouri, for us. matt, what is the latest there? reporter: sandra i'm standing in front. the merrimack river which is continuing to rage. taken over this four-lane road, one of hundreds shut down in this region. the good news the river is expected to crest at 4p feet right now. unfortunately you can see the damage is done already to my right. there is a business almost entirely underwater and will almost suffer a complete loss. police tell us they used 145,000 sandbagses, but unfortunately all the sandbags are under water. they did not stand a chance against mother nature. we tried to access more residential areas to give you guys idea of unfortunate damage
9:28 am
done to homes. police say it is too dangerous. there are too many road closures for us to get into any neighborhoods. the chief of police says this is the worst natural disaster for the town we've ever seen. many neighbors we spoke to said this is the worst flooding they have ever seen, comparing it to the 1993 flood. that flood was considered once in 500 year reevent. although water may finally recede today, the levels river will remain well above flood stage heading into this holiday weekend, sandra. sandra: matt, thank you, we'll keep you updated on the story as it develops. as bill clinton gets ready to step up to his role in his wife's presidential campaign, new questions about many solve his speaking ending gaugements. "the wall street journal" is reporting that two dozen countries and groups and one foreign government, paid the former president a total of
9:29 am
$8 million speeches at same time they had policy matters before hillary clinton's state department. in some cases benefited from state department actions of those that paid him. millions also donated millions to the family's charity. clinton campaign says no evidence exists to link any actions taken by her state department to any of the organizations that hosted bill's speeches. "wall street journal" reporting it found no such evidence. melissa, when this story began breaking meghan you are shaking your head. >> this is ridiculous. melissa: let me tell you about one of the details. the be a but daub by government and the airlines were trying to get ability for their passengers and their citizens to clear customs in abu dhabi, get on the flight, fly to the u.s., get off and go straight to baggage claim. it is huge advantage. only happens in ireland, canada
9:30 am
and three caribbean countries. petitioning for the state department and homeland security when hillary clinton was secretary of state. at the time they were trying to get privilege and unions and airlines fighting it like crazy. it essentially means they would own the air route if they give their customers convenience everybody would fly the airline the while they were petitioning for this bill clinton gave two speeches. they were each 20 minutes, got half a million dollars for each, sponsored by the abu dhabi government and the airlines. after he got the second speech and half million dollars total, the state department cleared it. they got this route. the flights are now in the air. now, they say there is no evidence. i mean what evidence ere you looking for? an email to hillary clinton, hey, guess what, if we give your husband a million bucks will you please approve this? her saying, yes, deal done? is that the smoking gun they're looking for. to me the smoking gun is in the payment, the fact it was approved and timing. what more evidence do you need? it is appalling.
9:31 am
>> $500,000 for 20 minutes. melissa: each. two 20 minute speeches. to him, not the foundation. >> the foundation is middle guy. so they're giving money to the foundation. melissa: that is separate. this is to him directly. >> this is major conflict of interest especially when your wife is in charge of making decisions for your country. and getting earlier visas. melissa: all kind of things. >> my favorite he got a personal thank you call from vladmir putin after he was paid $500,000 at a renaissance capital investors conference. so hillary clinton goes on tv. vladmir putin is horrible dictator and monster. getting personal phone calls after you get a half a million dollars? doesn't have to be a e says, something nefarious is going on. sandra: i want to remind everybody at hillary clinton's confirmation for secretary of state, that she would take extraordinary steps of appearance of conflict of
9:32 am
interest. what more evidence do we need. >> here is difficult for me and a lot of people who support hillary clinton's campaign. you agree with her on issues. this kind of stuff keeps popping up over and over and over again. makes you go, oy. it is, the point where, you can't defend this kind of stuff. it is such on just glaring conflict of interest. i don't understand. either the clinton's decided they would make a lot of money, their prerogative to do that or go into public service. to do that at the same time and have overlaps like this, even if there is no smoking gun as you said, it doesn't look good. it smells. it is horrible optics. it is horrible optics. i don't understand why they were persistent. melissa: how much money do you need? you have more money than god? why do you need another million dollars. does it hurt her at all? >> this will come up in the next debate, it not general election debate. with everything with the clintons this is the beginning, tip of the iceberg. i think it will get a whole lot worse. i think getting personal phone
9:33 am
calls from putin at the same time you're publicly talking bad about him, can't point fingers for donald trump having relationship and liking him and doing that at same time. >> every time you get $5,000 per word, that's a big problem. >> can't begrudge him for that. that is what market will bear. somebody is dumb enough -- melissa: they're not paying for speech. paying for access and the route. not paying for the speech. >> who wants to hear 20 minutes on climate change? i would rather get my teeth drilled. sandra: the job she wants. must be a pretty good gig, wants to it so bad to be president of the united states. why it comes to help, why a new study our commanders in chief age faster and shorter lifespans than regular americans. ♪ [shouting]
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♪ melissa: so you probably guessed being president of the united states or the leader of any country for that matter is no easy job. well a new research shows that it is so not easy that it takes a serious toll on the health of those leaders. the harvard study found the lifespans of heads of states are nearly three years shorter than those of average folks. and it's striking to see how much the job accelerates the aging process. here is bill clinton before and after. he was 4 years old when he took office. look at that his successor george w. bush was 54 when he was sworn in. and president obama still has a year left. he was 47 when he took the oath of office in 2009. dr. samadi, what is going on here? >> this is actually quite interesting. despite the fact they have the best health care and access to all the doctors and see the best doctors out there.
9:39 am
and yet, i'm surprised actually only three years shorter lifespan than other people because this talks about the level of stress and what stress does to your body. amazing how stress affects your entire system. stress by itself a good thing. it's a defense mechanism to flight or flee. when you have it for a long period, it affects your depression, anxiety. heart rate goes up. we see they're aging faster. it affects your immune system. affects your cortizone level and acid in your stomach and urologist says, don't laugh, can affect sexual performance. melissa: this is lunchtime program, dr. samadi. come on. >> meghan was laughing immediately. >> sorry. for people not presidents to control it and manage it. that is big thing. melissa: when we look at these
9:40 am
shots, put side by side picture of anyone after eight years, would you see, that is pretty long period of time, would it look this dramatic it? to you as a doctor is this normal for eight years, do you feel like, oh, my goodness. >> we don't have one of my pictures before starting fox news. when before i came to the vice-chair of urology, i had no gray hair. look at me now. it affects your system and look at pigmentation and it is gone. these guys exercise, one of the things bill clinton does really change the diet after the cardiac bypass. when i was in middle of surgery, the president is coming in. didn't know whether they would do the robot to do bypass. he ended up having open-heart surgery. he gone on diet, lost a lot of weight and looks healthier. >> sandra: there has to be
9:41 am
different kind of stress. someone working three jobs to put dinner on a table in front of their family, that is a different kind of stress than being the president. >> well, these guys, their rush is always on. your heart rate is always beating. always under pressure and anxiety. they are public speakers. you see politics comes after them all the time. that plays tremendous pressure on their heart. that is one of the reasons why having a great support program, having families around them, knowing that you have a way to really neutralize that is absolutely important. >> imagine the president's daily brief, one piece of paper gets every day, intelligence briefing every morning that would put anybody in the grave. melissa: got to go. >> to your point, that continuous pressure and stress that can make them sick and affect their immune system and everything else. melissa: meanwhile actress carrie fisher striking back, taking on internet patrols critical of her appearance in her reprisal of princess leia in
9:42 am
the new "star wars" film. what she said and whether celebrities looks should be off limits. ♪
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sandra: quick campaign alert. last few minutes we got word two of ben carson's top staffers have resigned. his campaign manager barry bennett and communications director doug watts both have quit. in a statement they tell fox news they respect the candidate and enjoyed helping him to get to top tier status. they also say they wish dr. carson the best of luck. so far no word from the candidate himself. we will bring any breaking news on this story to you as we get it. carrie fisher hitting back after criticism of her looks in "star wars: the force awakens." the 59-year-old taking on internet patrols, judging her appearance in her reprice of the role of princess leia who she first played at age 19. tweeting, this week, please stop debating whether or not i aged well. unfortunately it hurts all three of my feelings. my body hasn't aged as well as i
9:47 am
have. but "new york post" movie critic kyle smith reacting with a scathing editorial. writing, quote, fisher is a public figure. if she didn't want the public to talk about her, she could have spent the last 40 years teaching kindergarten. as for whether it is messed up for hollywood to prefer pretty people to appear in its films, fisher made millions off being pretty. fisher responded to that, saying quote, okay, i quit acting. now i can not like, now can i not like being judged for my looks? tell me what to do and who to be oh wise "new york post" columnist. genius. [laughter] dr. samadi, is it fair? >> my goodness. sandra: is life fair? >> twitter fight back and forth. should all be on twitter expressing our opinions. she is beautiful. she has done quite well. some is fair game because you're out there and people make comments about you. i think as actress she is very
9:48 am
talented actress. she has done amazing job. stop judging her. >> seriously, comparing somebody nearly 60 to when she was 19? >> i think that "new york post" writer is rid chris and really off base in a lot of things. as someone who spent my adolescents and childhood with pictures of me growing up not being a cute kid on internet, come with the territory. carrie fishers if it is too hot in the kitchen, it does come with the territory. i'm sure she got a nice fat check from being in "star wars." >> we all have twitter patrols saying nice things. if you don't like it, get off the tv screens. comes with territory putting yourself in the public eye. public expresses opinion about you. what he said about her is not generous. i would not say it. i think it is really mean to judge somebody on their looks. that is first amendment issue.
9:49 am
by the wayif she doesn't like it -- >> i find it hard to believe you were not cute. >> i was not cute. my father's first presidential campaign. you can google it. >> people are just being too judgmental. >> yeah. >> doing a good job. the question is whether publicity for actual movie, bringing more money. >> i don't think they need it. i think they're doing okay. melissa: honestly, i say it is fair game. if you're actress, putting yourself into movies and walking the red carpet it is your choice, whether or not you read the critics. >> could have handle this i think actually, a little more seriously than, my three feelings, whatever. melissa: i thought she was pretty funny. when i was watching movie i was depressed how harrison ford looked. i thought he is so handsome. i was in love with him. indiana jones and temple of doom at grauman's chinese theater in l.a. when i was little, it made me feel like i'm getting really
9:50 am
old. oh, i remember when he was so young, whatever. anyway a little depressing. sandra: nobody knows hollywood better than melissa. your looks -- melissa: that is part of the game. unless you're a character actor and i guess you make money off looking different, that is another way to go but just sort of like -- i can't believe she is not immune to it. >> that is the complaint all these years. you hit 40 in hollywood you're not marketable. michael douglas having 23-year-old wives in movies when he is 60 something. women, except for meryl streep seem to have harder time finding rolls as they get older that comes with the territory. >> we're becoming a little too vain i think. there is too much plastic surgery and botox going on. she is beautiful, from the inside out and outside in. melissa: there you go. >> let it go. sandra: all right. melissa: we want to bring you this fox news alert. look at these pictures right now. there is a major fire going on
9:51 am
right now at a big hotel in dubai that is really well-known. we don't know much about the fire itself. we'll bring it to you as we get. it is the burj khalifa hotel in dubai. we're getting the pictures. we don't know what caused fire. we'll keep eye on the story and bring you more as we get it. we'll be right back. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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♪ melissa: it is already 2016 in
9:55 am
some parts of the world. as we head into the new year we want to talk about some of the top resolutions that are one lucky doctor says will help americans have a much healthier 2016. lose weight, check your sugar levels. give those to us. >> one of the biggest things is this weight loss. that is one of the biggest resolutions that people have. everything you see on the screen is all related together. so you have obesity that leads to diabetes or other way arounds both ways. >> okay. >> a lot of people are not sleeping. melissa, seven hours of sleep is what you need. that is what you need. a lot of us no way, nobody on this except me, i get six, five hours. you guys work hard. you probably get four or five hours. you need to add extra hour of sleep. the hormone cycle continues and you end up with belly fat. that belly fat is reason why we have a lot of inflammation going on increasing cancer. don't take big steps. that is the big thing. people say i lose 30 pounds. go for five pounds. do things realistic, small
9:56 am
steps, big support. and you're going to be able to do it. melissa: why did you isolate sugar? you said isolate sugar levels. >> it is silent killer. they may be prediabetics or have diabetes and not know about it. just check blood screening. for men, get the psa screening. for women over the age of 50 get your colonoscopy done. screening saves lives. you may have diabetes or prediabetic, not know about it. getting fasting sugar, a 1 c. you may be thirsty, you may be tired and gaining weight. tingling. melissa: all those. >> i think i'm dying. >> this is to really help people. we're doing fine. you guys are in good shape. sandra: those of us trying to get sleep with babies as well. netflix giving a big present to parents this new year's eve with program aiming attributing kids into early bedtime again this
9:57 am
year. watch. >> you're invited to celebrate the most famous 10 seconds of the year, whether it is midnight or not. >> is it almost midnight yet? who cares? it is midnight somewhere! sandra: the streaming service is expanding its kid-oriented offerings after survey found 58% of the parents worldwide are looking to tuck in the kids before the clock strikes midnight. six new specials just for new year's eve, county down to midnight, and feature characters like "inspector gadget" and care bears and cousins. kids choose which special to watch and parents run the county down at anytime. julie roginsky says this is the best. >> this is best. i'm panicked because my son will be watching. i got myself into a lot of trouble by doing this i love this. i'm totally using the scam, honey. hope you're not watching. i think this is great. because my son wants to stay up until midnight, so desperately,
9:58 am
by midnight i hope it will be 8:00 p.m. >> do you think you can fool them? kids nowadays are so smart and brilliant when it comes to technology. melissa: mine will understand it. i think they love it. my nine-year-old has fantasy staying up for midnight. the bad news the latest he stayed up is 9:30. he has no hope of making it. he will be feel fulfilled. my kids are running or passed out cold. there is no middle ground. if i put something like this on, they will feel like, all right, i did it until midnight. >> he wants to stay up to midnight and i'm passed out at 9:00 because i can't stay up to 9:00. >> not with netflix. we always used to go to the cabin in arizona middle of nowhere. my dad would say happy new year. go to bed. i say okay. it was probably like 10:00. this is new age way of doing that. melissa: it is midnight somewhere. show them the county down in some other city. >> it will be a great new year
9:59 am
for everybody. melissa: let's hope. >> wish everybody happy and healthy new year. to all of my patients out there who put their trust in our hands, we help so many people with cancer it is a special year. have a healthy and new year. sandra: that is great toast. we hope everybody has wonderful 2016. what better way to ring in the new year with fox news channel. fox news's "all american new year" at times square. it begins 9:00 p.m. eastern with kennedy, jesse watters and kat timpf. then at 10:00 "the five"'s kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling take over. they are joined by donald trump and several other 2016 candidates. there are plenty of surprises. you can count on that. melissa: ow oh. sandra: lots of fun. i don't know. somebody say there was a kiss involved or something? melissa: yeah that is really terrifying. >> i don't understand they don't get her a hot marine served this country.
10:00 am
sandra: thanks dr. samadi for being here being our #oneluckyguy. we're back on tv monday noon eastern time. happy new year everybody. "happening now" starts right now.


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