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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 31, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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here's to another great year. ♪ ♪ i'm ed henry, we begin with a fox news alert. the clock struck midnight in munich, germany, police there have cleared two train stations, citing an imminent terror threat. they're asking people to stay away from crowds and the train stations. police with a statement on facebook are saying according to quote serious information, there will be an attack tonight. that's from the police that there will be an attack. we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you the pictures from munich as soon as we get them. news crews are racing to the scene as we speak. we can show you the live pictures from berlin's brandenburg gate. and up to a million revelers and
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security was increased in light of the threats in munich. police have searched visitors to the event and stopped people with large bags from entering the venue. vigilant security measures are being implemented all across europe after investigators foiled new year's attacks in belgium and turkey earlier in the week. a heightened state of alert in europe continues, security extremely tight in the wake of the awful terror attacks in paris. let's not forget what happened right here at home in san bernardino as well. in fact, american law enforcement sources tonight tell fox that as of today there are no specific credible threats to the u.s. homeland and that includes intelligence on any plots targeting new year's eve celebrations. all around the country. can you see the live pivgts now. new york police are not take anything chances for the times square festivities. that's where we find our senior correspondent rick leventhal. a busy night, good evening, rick. >> good evening, ed, there's no bigger new year's eve celebration right here in times square with, nearly a million
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people gathered here to watch the crystal ball drop at midnight. there are hundreds more officers on the streets than in years past. at this hour, no incidents have been reported. >> the tight security in times square for new year's eve is significantly tighter. with six to 800 more officers than last year. a total of 6,000 cops deployed in and around the crossroads of the world. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed. because of isis, it's changed significantly. from what it was a year ago or two years ago. >> a new counterterrorism unit with long guns is providing an extra layer of protection. along with snipers on rooftops, dozens of bomb-sniffing canines, chemical and radiation detectors and thousands of cameras monitored from a joint operations center. >> we have very confident that new year's eve in new york city will be the savest place in the world to be. >> access is being restricted to 14 checkpoints where officers were patting down each of the million expected visitors and
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wanting them with sensors. manhole covers have been removed and trash cans removed. barricades line the streets and hundreds of plainclothes officers nix with the crowds. the goal of insuring another safe new year's eve. >> we are the best prepared city in the country. the best prepared city to prevent terrorism and to deal with any event should it occur. >> in rochester, new york, authorities arrested a 25-year-old muslim convert they say planned to commit an armed attack against civilians at a local bar on new year's eve. the criminal complaint says he received direction from a member of isis overseas. but in manhattan, officials say the coast appears clear. >> we are not aware of any threat that we deem credible. and we have a constant analysis threat stream that we are reviewing, we're not aware of any threat at this time that we
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deem credible at this time. >> back up in rochester, new york, the mayor has decided to cancel that city's fireworks celebration set for midnight. he said he wanted to make sure the police were available throughout the city. here in manhattan, ed, this show will go on, that ball set to drop just under six hours from now. >> rick leventhal, we'll go back to you with any breaking developments in new york city. meanwhile president obama wants to bring in more workers from outside the u.s. and allow them to stay there longer. the tech industry supports the move, but there are plenty of other who is are concerned. correspondent kevin corke reports from honolulu. where the president is ringing in the new year with a an old trick -- executive action. >> even with millions of americans underemployed or unemployed or out of the workforce, the obama administration is poised to increase the number of foreign workers competing for jobs here in the u.s. the president, who can't convince congress to change the law to increase the number of visas, instead intends to use executive action. there are roughly 650,000
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foreign-born college graduates working in the u.s. on five-year h 1 b visas and another 120,000 are here on optional practical training two-year stays. the administration's proposal would allow more work permits for foreign-born college graduates and let them stay in the u.s. even longer. mr. obama telegraphed the move in a speech on immigration late last year. >> we should be encouraging the best and brightest to stay here. >> the tech sector has been one of the biggest boosters of immigration reform. executives say i.t. companies need more foreign engineers to compete and there's been some bipartisan support on the issue. florida senator and presidential candidate marco rubio joined a bipartisan group in sponsoring the immigration innovation or i-squared act. it would expand h 1 bes and allow their spouses to work in
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the u.s. to insure that the u.s. can maintain competitiveness in the global economy. but at what cost? >> critics argue the president's plan would put more foreign workers in direct competition with americans. bring additional security concerns and give defacto green cards to more h 1 b workers, a subtle but important pathway toward permanent citizenship. still some experts think by using executive action the president's plan may not go very far or last very long. >> she no longer controls either house of congress, he has very little influence on capitol hill. he has the executive orders but you never know when the courts might balk at that. >> there's little question we'll hear a great deal of executive action in 2016. the white house is said to be putting the finishing touches on a measure on guns and executive action that could be announced as soon as next week. if not right before the upcoming state of the union which is happening on the 12th. >> kevin corke on a busy news
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night. happy new year to you. thank you. a massive fire meanwhile tore through a luxury hotel tower in dubai today. steps away from the site where the city's spectacular fireworks performance was about to get under way. correspondent john huddy has an update on the situation now. >> the fire is under control at this point according to officials, in dubai. but the cause of this dramatic massive fire remains under investigation and is unclear. having said that, take a look, dramatic footage. authorities say that the fire started right around 9:30 p.m. local in dubai on the 20th floor of the 63-story address downtown dubai hotel. once the fire erupted, witnesses said it spread quickly. engulfing the building's facade. but officials say the hotel fire suppression system prevented the fire from spreading further.
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it opened in 2008. witnesses describe an orderly evacuation, despite some initial panic. 14 people suffered minor injuries, one person had a heart attack. during the evacuation according to emergency officials. others had smoke inhalation. as the building continued to burn, the fireworks show went on as scheduled, as mentioned it was a stark contrast on one side, was called the burj khalifa lake in this plaza area, the fireworks lit up the sky outside the world's tallest building, the burj khalifa and on the other side, the still-burning address hotel also lighting up the sky. this is just to give you an idea, a very popular area. tourist destination, including for americans as well there are several hotels there are restaurants, there are also apartment buildings there as well. as for the people evacuated, they will be provided alternative accommodations. the cause of the fire remains
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under investigation. in the meantime, happy new year. surging here at home. midwestern rivers have forced hundreds of evacuations, threatened dozens of levees and brought transportation to a standstill today in the st. louis area. however residents finally got some good news thankfully. the worst may soon be over. correspondent matt flynn joins frus the flood zone. >> here in the town of ar nald, up to 200 homes have been affected or destroyed by the floodwaters, you can see behind me one of the few homes in the neighborhood that's been spared. adding to the damage, the water is contaminated with sewage. one homeowner we just spoke to said between the water and the smell, his family may never return to their home. the piece of good news, the refer has crested at noon. according to the national weather service at a record 47 feet. it will be days before the water recedes and the people can get back to their homes. police say they used 145,000
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sandbags to try to fight the flood. but they did not stand a chance against mother nature. the sandbags under water. the chief of police says this is the worst natural disaster the town has ever seen and every single neighbor we've spoke to agrees with him. ed? >> we'll get back to you with breaking developments as well and happy new year. authorities in munich germany warn of an imminent terror threat. and evacuated two train stations. here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 29 in philadelphia. with bill cosby's lawyer saying the sexual assault case against the comedian is politically motivated. the attorney says the newly elected d.a. is making good on a campaign pledge. it marks the first time cosby has been charge wds a sex crime after decades of allegations from dozens of women. fox 45 in baltimore. firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire. the blaze broke out at a commercial building near the baltimore cemetery.
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making access for fire trucks challenging. a live look at phoenix from fox 10. touching act of kindness, by a delta pilot. because of delayed flights, a phoenix family nearly missed a connection that would have meant missing their father's funeral. the pilot of the plane made an unprecedented decision after the aircraft had already pulled away, to go back and get the family. and that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back with all of that breaking news.
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this is another fox news alert updating the developing situation in munich, germany right now the country just rang in the new year. but police are still telling people on the scene to avoid crowds, and certain train stations in the city. amid a warning of a quote serious imminent threat that could play out tonight. police said they received two different tips and they're saying they're concrete tips, but are not elaborating on the nature of that threat or who
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actually warned them about this threat. more details obviously as we get them. as mentioned, crews try get to the scene. meanwhile back at home, american politics, two top aides to ben carson quit his campaign today. jeb bush is blaming president obama for the surge in donald trump and late this afternoon the state department dumped over 5,000 pages of hillary clinton's emails, yes, on new year's eve. 275 of those emails were marked classified. correspondent rich he hadson is here with more. >> in total, 1300 clinton emails are marked classified. six of which are designated as secret. the state department maintains these emails had no classification markings when clinton sent or received them. and his republican presidential candidates continue criticizing clinton on her private server, some are facing problems of their own. >> hours after reporting a substantial $23 million raised in the fourth quarter, dr. ben
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carson's campaign manager and communications director quit. citing sources, the "des moines register" reports they resigned because of tensions with a conservative radio personality advising carson. carson announced this afternoon what his campaign calls enhancements, naming a new campaign manager. he had also alluded to a campaign overhaul. >> there will be some changes made, so that the campaign is more consistent with me. with the way that i am. which is, which is not you know, confrontational. and you know, attacking other people. >> and while carson's fundraising is impressive, his campaign is spending it quickly. going through neefly 65% of the money raised last quarter. also with a considerable haul. senator ted cruz, his campaign says it raised $20 million in the fourth quarter. carson has fallen in the polls while cruz has risen. jeb bush is unable to find
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momentum. with an interview with npr bush says voters will tire of donald trump and blamed president obama for trump's rise, claiming he's created a divisive political environment. >> trump is a creature of barack obama. >> trump continues attacking bush tweeting this morning, i would feel sorry for jeb bush and how badly he is doing with his campaign, other than for the fact he took millions of dollars of hit ads on me. >> we're still going through thousands of pages of hillary clinton's emails. one offer as look at who would ride with secretary clinton in her car. this lengthy flow chart of which senior clinton aide would draw that duty. he explain it is took hours to format it correctly to insure it would work on every size font. >> your tax dollars at work. on the last day of 2015, markets closed in the red. the dow lost 179, the s&p 500 finished 19.5 behind. the nasdaq was off 58.5. with that the dow and the s&p
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had their worst year since 2008. in 2015 the dow lost 3.5%. the s&p gave back a little over 2%. the nasdaq stayed in the green, up 4%. 2016 will bring with it yes, a slew of new laws and government regulations. many states ranging from gun control to hoverboard safety. fox business network's peter barnes has the round-up. >> asle ball drops this new year's eve. thousands of new state and federal laws will go into effect. more than four dozen just in texas. one controversial move, texas will start allowing licensed gun owners to carry handguns openly. and most public places. a practice known as open carry. that 44 other states allow in some form. second amendment votes say it's a critical step in the right to bear arms. critics say it does not work. >> there's plenty of research that says that having open carry and having concealed weapons does not have any effect on
3:19 pm
crime rates. >> california supported more gun control. a new law there allows families to go to court to get weapons confiscated temporarily from relatives they believe pose a threat. california will mandate vaccines for kids, after a measles outbreak at disneyland earlier this year. in 12 states workers will get higher minimum wages. in connecticut police must start wearing body cameras. in new york new mothers will get breastfeeding rights in their workplaces. people in illinois who make prank 911 calls will have to reimburse local governments for the cost of responding. and in california anyone who rides in public on a hooverboard must be 16 years old, must wear a helmet and can only ride on streets with speed limits under 35 miles per hour. too late to heavy hepp former heavyweight boxer mike tyson. for one analyst states are the proper starting point to experiment with new law. >> whether you're talking about fiscal policy 0or something
3:20 pm
seemingly trivial. like helmet laws for hoverboards, it's good to do these things at state and local level and not have them decided in washington. >> in illinois even pets are getting more protections with a new law that makes it a misdemeanor to leave them outside in extreme weather. ed? >> peter barnes, thank you. still ahead, you've done it and seen others doing it. how dangerous is distracted walking? republicans are up in arms over the latest allegation that the obama white house spied on a friendly foreign leader. and members of congress. once they actually plan to do about it next.
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another fox news alert as we continue to follow a developing situation in munich germany playing out right now. police in that city are warning of a serious imminent terror
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threat that could happen tonight. police have already said they received two different concrete tips, but will not elaborate on the nature of the threat or who had warned them. two stratrain stations have bee cleared. more details obviously as we get them. meanwhile in the middle east, iraqi troops are removing bombs and debris from the city center of ramadi days after driving out isis militants. sporadic clashes are taking place in areas still under isis control. but bad weather has slowed combat operations. the government has set audiotape camp south of the city for families that fled the fighting. most of the refugees are women and children. answers are wanted after a shocking report that the obama white house used surveillance to spy on benjamin netanyahu's communications. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more. >> the house oversight committee is demanding the nsa respond to
3:25 pm
questions about recent allegations the spy agency intercepted private communications between the israeli government and members of congress during heated lobbying to stop the iran nuclear deal. chairman jason chaffetz and national security chairman ron desantis sent a letter to nsa director admiral michael rodgers, requesting documents and information by january 13th. and a full briefing to committee staff by january 15th. >> they were doing it to try to get more information passed along to the white house, so the white house could use it in the political battle inside the congress, about whether this deal should be approved or not. it's a complete misuse of the intelligence-gathering capability of the executive branch. >> two years ago, president obama said the nsa would no longer spy on america's allies. in the week of the edward snowden revelation. unless there's a compelling national security purpose. the spying continued as the
3:26 pm
white house suspected israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu and his aides may be the source of leaks to congress about the talks with iran. israel's intelligence and transport minister urged his government to file a formal protest with the white house. >> they have a right to feel concerned about the fact that while some leaders around the world are no longer being targeted, our strongest ally in the middle east, israel, is. >> this is a real problem, it's a real invasion of our privacy. you could see how it would stifle speech if you're going to eavesdrop on congressmen and it might stifle what they say or who they communicate with. >> meantime tension with iran continues to escalate. the "uss harry truman" began a air strikes in the gulf days after an iranian missile boat fired multiple unguided rockets 15 yards from the aircraft carrier after it passed through the narrow strait of hormuz. days after the u.s. is slated to lift billions of sanction as part of the nuclear deal, today
3:27 pm
the u.s. treasury voted to impose new sanctions on iran for two ballistic missile tests it carried out in october and november. in breach of u.n. security council resolutions. >> the response from iran's president today, he ordered his defense minister to expedite the program. >> thank you, jennifer. schoolyard saying goes, have a nice trip, see you next fall. next, the perils of texting and walking. they reached a new milestone this year.
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make sure to keep it on fox news channel tonight as you ring in the new year. kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling are hosting our all-american new year. joining us now live from times square. kimberly and eric i've got a very important personal question for kimberly in a minute. first tell us about this huge guest list you have tonight. it's huge. >> huge. >> i see that's why you're sitting there. well donald trump is going to weigh in the new year with us. he's coming around midnight. we're going to talk to him a little bit. we have a lot of other candidates. >> we're hoping to get a glimpse of melonia. and we have carly fiorina and ben carson has been making news today in the campaign trail so
3:32 pm
never a dull moment around here. that's for sure. >> and all the other candidates, most of the other candidates are going to weigh in, send us their new year's wishes as well. you want to stay tuned for all of it. >> it's happy new year's and election headquarters all in one. >> speaking of election headquarters i was doing a little research for this show and for our interview tonight and i was reading biz pack review, they asked you a question. if you had to be trapped in an elevator on new year's eve with one of your colleagues from fox, who would you rather it be and why? and you said quote i definitely choose election ed, my nickname for ed henry. he has such a wealth of knowledge. i pretty much fell over so i want to get a little more information on this. what time are you doing with the show? >> yes, exactly. 12:00. i'm telling you, it's a little bit of like backdraft, "house of cards." you like that, ed? >> i thought it was great pr for the show. every year times square has a special vibe.
3:33 pm
you both have been there for many years. talk a little bit about what you're seeing and hearing out there. >> yesterday we came over here and we checked out the shot. it was beautiful. people were starting to line up already. it's amazing what's going on down there. you get off work, take a spin by if they let you in. >> if they let you in. four levels of security. >> drop our names. >> it's exciting. >> it's super exciting. this is a place in the world that everybody wants to be. it's all happening in times square, new york city. we're excited about watching the ball drop. about all the special guests we have. the energy, the enthusiasm. nobody is cushing it, it's all go. >> it's all big time tonight, ed. would you love to be here, wouldn't you? >> i will try to do it next year and knock you out of the way so i could be there with kimberly. in the meantime i wish you both a wonderful new year and we'll be watching on "the five" and in the new year. all the best to you.
3:34 pm
>> we count down to 2016 and all-american new year. kimberly and eric begins at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we want to stay on top of the fox news alert as we follow the developing situation in munich, germany. police in that city are warning of a serious imminent terror threat that could play out tonight. a munich newspaper just reported that police believe several groups of attackers could skrik strooik in different locations in the city. sounds similar to what we saw play out a few weeks ago in paris. a german news station meanwhile says the tip came from france in fact. two strain train stations in germany were cleared and new year's revelers are being told avoid all crowds. more details as they come in we're staying on top of that. a lot of stories back at home. it may obviously be easy to walk and chew gum at the same time but it can be far more difficult and dangerous to walk and use your smartphone. what's termed distracted walking can be deadly serious in some
3:35 pm
cases. correspondent peter doocy has been known to walk and text and has startling statistics. >> smartphones let people see and hear things from all around the world. and that's good. but more and more users are failing to see and hear what's right in front of them. and that's bad. even deadly. experts say smartphones now contribute to this troubling trend. a pedestrian being killed every two hours in the united states. for the first time this year, the national safety council listed distracted walking as a category in its injury report. the governor's highway safety association is even using a new name for people who text and walk borrowed from the website urban dictionary -- >> pehextrian. >> i think the accidents will go up. people can fall into pot holes, run into cars, have all kinds of accidents just from looking at their cell phone instead of looking around them. >> a man in california walked
3:36 pm
off a cliff last week because his eyes were on a device and not on the deep drop to sharp rocks below and in november eight pedestrians in new york were killed in one week. officials said then people need to be more careful. you have to be alert when you walk the busy streets of new york. we all do, we all have a role to play. >> several people we saw looking down at their phones say there are no big plans to do anything differently in 2016. >> probably going to still look at the phone and cross the street. >> i worst i think will happen normally around here is you run into somebody else. you don't have to worry about vehicles, bike riders sometimes are an issue. >> a bad habit, it's hard to get rid of, really. especially when you hold it. >> it may be hard to stop texting on the go. these statistics are hard to ignore. maybe some people don't believe the dangers of distracted walking are on the rise. if that's the case, maybe those people will take a minute to look up the numbers mentioned in this report.
3:37 pm
on their phones. ed? >> hopefully they won't be distracted. peter doocy, happy new year. more classified emails on hillary clinton's server. and ben carson is served with resignation letters from to top aides, the all-stars talk politics, next.
3:38 pm
3:40 pm
so that the campaign is more consistent with me. with the way that i am. which is which is not -- you know, confrontational. and you know, attacking other people. but who does put out the truth and is transparent. and is reasonable. to people. >> well we're not in a freefall, we're not in chaos. dr. carson, took a good look over the holidays and made some ideas and spoke with his leadership team. and did it like any president would.
3:41 pm
>> let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." ann gerin, for the "washington post" and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. charles this campaign is not in a freefall? >> i'm not sure it is. i think it's already had its freefall from its height in the 20s to about 10. i'm not sure i would see a reason he would drop blow that he has a hard-core constituency. he has amazing fundraising numbers. which means he's got i think 600,000 individual donors. people who are going to stick with him. and you know, i'm not even sure there would be a reason for him given that he has the money. given he still has a constituency. i don't see it enlarging, that he would drop out. i think he could calculate, you stay in the race, you win delegates and who knows if the convention in cleveland is an open one, he could be a
3:42 pm
king-maker. >> steve hayes, i wonder, barry bennett, i'm told the "washington post" was running the campaign, he's now out and what he describes as the internal bleep became what the campaign about. it was sad, petty. it became mind-numbing to me having worked so hard and building up the fundraising operation and getting millions, as charles said behind dr. carson. so he would be ready for 2016. i've got pulled into this blank. it's not why i got in this business. you see this every cycle where someone who is rising and there's infighting and the money is coming in, but they're also wasting a lot of money. >> true. we should be clear, this happens on every single campaign this happens on winning campaigns. the question is whether it reaches a certain level that you can't recover from it or it begins to overwhelm the external part of the campaign. that clearly happened as charles said. not today. but several days ago, for ben carson. i guess i have a little bit different view than charles on what it might mean. if you're a ben carson supporter
3:43 pm
in iowa and you look around he's having these problems and these negative stories day after day and you think i want to caucus for somebody who is likely to win or could potentially win. don't you start looking at a ted cruz or a donald trump or a marco rubio or whomever? if you decide that you want your vote to count. you've seen this, his numbers drop in half. over the past several weeks. i think that could lead to some additional bleeding. even though carson supporters are among the most loyal i would say out there. >> you mentioned donald trump at the top of the hour. he did what he likes to do. he went on twitter and commented on the other side of the race. hillary clinton in her emails, he said do you believe that the state department on new year's eve just released more of hillary's emails? they want it all to end -- bad. ann guerin. we've been out on the road covering hillary clinton's campaign. the email issue was a huge problem for her at the beginning.
3:44 pm
he's tried to turn the page but there's a looming fbi investigation as she enters the new year. >> donald trump might think the state department wants it to end. it doesn't end today. there's another email dump today. the last working day of the year. a court order to the state department to produce these emails in batches once a month. but the state department let it be known today that they didn't quite get their work done this month. they said they had very pressing holiday business to do. and they were short-staffed. so they didn't get everything done. it's a smaller batch than usual. >> do you think this is still a huge problem for her? or has she turned the page? >> she's largely turned the page on this issue because there's been no blockbuster in the emails that have been released so far that shows that she, herself will entry did or did not do something that's really consequential. there's been lots of interesting news in the emails, but nothing
3:45 pm
really huge. we've got a couple more of these batches to go, including another one next week so if there's still a blockbuster, it might yet come. but she closes out this year, which was defined at the beginning by her email fumbles and all the questions that surrounded whether she -- >> clinton foundation. >> exactly. this he were sort of all wrapped up together. in a big bundle. is she trustworthy. did she make decisions that were self-serving and she finishes this year without any further giant blockbuster that has hurt her. >> charles, hillary clinton ends the year in a lot better political shape than she started. however, how do you see some of these issues playing out for her? whether it's the emails or the clinton foundation, new questions from "the wall street journal" about speaking fees for bill clinton. she ends the year as the person who is going to win the democratic nomination going away. she has no competition. the only caveat is if she's
3:46 pm
indicted. if she is not, the emails can have no effect on her nomination. could have an effect, a very attenuated effect in the general election. bernie sanders gave it away in the first debate. when he said i'm sick and tired of, et cetera, we all remember that. it is over as an issue again. unless there's some indictment, some outside force. but she has, she's won the nomination. as of today. >> it's supposed to be in any minds at the beginning of the year, a bush/clinton race, let's play what jeb bush told npr. >> i would argue that donald trump is in effect a creature of barack obama. but for barack obama, donald trump's effect would not be nearly as as strong as it is. we're living in a divided country right now and we need political leaders rather than continuing to divide us as both president obama and donald trump do. to unite us. >> steve, feel free to react to
3:47 pm
that about the president. can jeb bush save his campaign? >> i think it's very hard to come up with a path for jeb bush at this point. but i think he's right about donald trump and barack obama in a certain respect. i think there's so much frustration among conservatives, both with the washington establishment here, whatever that means these days, and also with the president and the inability for the president to be held accountable for any of these things and i would go back to hillary clinton's emails, i think there were some things, she misrepresented what was in the emails, she misrepresented the way she responded to the emails again and again. if you're watching all of this unfold and look at washington and say when is somebody going to be held accountable for something. >> the frustration is still there as the year ends. next up you won't want to miss the panels' winners and losers, surprise from charles for 2015.
3:48 pm
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we're back with our panel. i have to tell it you when we asked everybody on the panel earlier today to come up with winners and loser for the year when i heard your winner i was stunned. >> you should be, you should also remember i'm a straight shooter. the obvious political winner in the united states this year is donald trump. the most astonishing, unexpected political rise in recent american political history. i would say with the exception of jeremy corbin becoming the leader of the labor party, you know a board certified communist. the most unlikely and, you know, i never let feelings get in the way of my ironclad judgment. although i would say that the thing that probably tipped me over is when trump, after a lot of hesitation, came out against the killing of journalists.
3:52 pm
that's what sealed the deal for me. >> okay. i'm laughing, we should be clear, because i want to play this sound bite really quick. >> i mean, i got to tell you krauthammer is terrible. he is so unfair to me. he is the worst. he is the worst. and i'm not allowed to criticize him so i am going to be nice. krauthammer, he is terrible, he a terrible. you have a guy named steven hayes. i never heard of this guy when my name is mentioned he is like a boil, he goes crazy. >> lead me just say mr. trump or mr. thrump no dip thong in krauthammer. i suppose you want to know my loser. >> go ahead and get to your loser. >> a lot more seriously. unfortunately, again, i'm going against my feelings here b.b. netanyahu went up
3:53 pm
against obama and he lost. and it damaged his relationship to the point where we saw just this week that the administration is an unprecedented way was eavesdropping on him and on his government. >> and your winner? >> well, my winner is president obama. he had a pretty good year legislatively and in deal-making as charles mentions, the iran deal, something that was a huge priority for the administration, probably their top foreign policy priority. and and after a long delay, he got that through. >> and last new year's he said we are going in the fourth quarter. big things happen and republicans might not like to hear it but republican once the hill didn't stop him. >> they didn't. they didn't stop him in any number of other things, too. immigration. he got the climate change deal. he notched a number of things this year with, i think, to considerable surprise. >> your loser? >> jeb. >> do we have to say anythings?
3:54 pm
>> no. >> steve? your winner? >> so i did not sell out like charles did. [ laughter ] to the trump phenomenon. charles wants access in the trump white house. evidence wants to go to the trump tower. >> i just want cash. >> it's really sad. it's a sad day for all-star panel. but my winner might be even more depressing. my winner this year is america's enemies. you look at vladimir putin, the u.s. said he would be isolated for crimea. now he has a greater hand in ukraine. he is helping to run the show in syria. you got bashar al assad who was supposed to be going but now can basically stay as long as russia and iran agree to it raleigh castro back door dictator with somebody with full diplomatic relations with the united states. ayman al zawahiri the leader of al qaeda while isis has sopped up all the attention
3:55 pm
has soaked up his power his affiliates. and of course u. have abu al baghdadi the leader of isis who went from being the jv. >> who is your loser? >> if you were surprised by charles krauthammer. you will be even more surprised by my loser. >> i feel like a dirty trick is coming. >> my loser this year is ed henry, who lost the fox news fantasy football contest 12 teams. season record of 4-9. playoff record in the loser bracket i lost. >> zero and 2. he had the most losses in the league. and because there was so much loser on that screen we couldn't get in the lowest overall total in the league by a total of 75 points. >> there is a trophy that comes with this. >> trophy for ed, the fantasy football loser. >> there is a but on there.
3:56 pm
>> actually one of our wonderful producers. our executive producer doug who set this up lost to me the worst in the league. phil in the control room lost the as well. i lost two games to you. one i lost by is .5 points. however, i was just a general manager. i fired the coach and i will be back next year. trump style. that's it for the panel. an update on that developing story serious one in munich tonight. we will come back with that in a moment. what if one piece of kale
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prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. we continue to watch very serious reports coming out of munich germany as police warn of serious imminent terror threats that could plow out tonight. new video tonight where the city's main train second and second one were cleared. german' news reporting both were evacuated and trains were no longer stopping there as a precaution. police in neighboring areas are being wrought in with special units as we speak. that's it for washington. i'm ed henry. shepard smith in the year in
4:00 pm
news is up next. keep it here for fox all night. new year's eve coverage and breaking news coming out of germany, of course. good night and happy new year. [gunfire] >> this year we saw wydening -- wydeninging and terrorism overseas and violence that hit us at home. >> they yelled down the hall and said there is a shooting downstairs, there is a shooting downstairs. >> we saw images of agony. and scenes of hope. along with wild times in politics. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> and don't worry, we didn't forget about the llamas. >> we seem to see all kinds of weirdness up here in the new york, but not llamas. >> now, some of the most


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