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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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on fox news channel. and when news babies out, we'll break in. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, happy new new year's eve. i'm eric bolling a along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams per reason into and gutfeld. this is the five. ♪ ♪ >> the new year 2016 is now just hours away, we hope you will be ringing it in with us here tonight on the fox news channel. kimberly and i are co-hosting the new year extravaganza later and we couldn't be more excited. please join us at 10:00 p.m. eastern time until the ball drops and beyond. helping us get the party started at 9:00 p.m. eastern kennedy, jess request watters on the countdown to 2016. make sure you catch that k.
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g. how pumped are you tonight. >> super excited. co-hosting. maybe this will be the many of first of millimeter to come. i'm excited about being down there. there is nothing like the feelings in times square when the ball drops. >> i'm a brookie at this. you have done this before. >> yes. >> you have to show me how this works. >> i think you might have brought the good weather. it's much warmer tonight than it has been in years back. >> are you going to kiss right on the lips? that's why i'm watching. >> you have to tune in. >> i'm going to be there. >> can we borrow those glasses? >> no, these are mine. >> >> would you let him pass security? look at him. >> you better make sure you have security. >> that's true. >> the last time did i this, the barrier broke and i got trampled by about 1,000 people who couldn't speak english. >> we plan on being 50 stories over times square looking down on to the ball drop. >> if only we had a fence. >> it's been another big year for the five. a great year. take a look back now at some
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of the fun we had in 2015. starting with, greg. >> i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling and she poll dances on a candy cane and a marshmallow is flight pillow and eats lady bugs on toasts. she suntans on a saltine. hand glides on tore rit toe and glass of al can a sayser is. she roller skates in a hub cab. almost drowns in a dew drop. plays hand ball against a matchbox. oars with a k at this tip. uses eye lash as a back scratcher. prom date electron. uses a tongue depresser as a surf board. it's dana perino the five. >> oh my god. >> no end to the fun. >> two points. a lot of those are sent in from viewers and when i go on -- it's great watching my face get fat and then skinny and get fat and get skinny because my diet is so
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terrible i put on five pounds in a week. >> it could be, you know, bloating from drinking as well the night before, depending on how you were frolicking around. >> are you clearing those with miss perino before? >> no. i want her to be surprised except for the pole dancing that was tasteful for a family show. >> no one would believe it that i pole dance on a candy cane. >> you pole danced in the 90's to pay for your way through school. >> i'm so happy. >> there you go. >> very good, everybody. >> you liked your christmas present. >> dana, have you ever been offended? >> no. i mean like if you are surfing on a cheese nip, that's not bad. >> you can't get upset you would be per get united stated state of being offended. >> what i have to say i notice in that clip my hair looks fabulous. >> it does. good to point that out. >> we will stay on you next up. she invited special guests
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to join her this year for one more thing. both under 3 feet tall. both were wearing bow ties. >> it only happens once a year but america's dog jasper is joining us machine greg's disappointment us although i do think he actually likes him. say happy hi to your fans. >> see him look right in the camera? >> he is amazing. >> thank you, dana. now in other news. >> one more thing, dana, you have a guest. >> i have a little guest, his name is ryan fish. is he joining the show today. he made me this beautiful picture of butterflies. he is going to join us for one more thing. going to amazon to buy the book. buying the wrong book. 300 reviews on amazon saying wait, this is not the book i thought it was. this is not the international best seller. young woman in england has made a ton of money. >> no one cares about your story. >> do you like my book? >> yes. >> do you like dana? >> yes.
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>> there you go. >> almost the same height. >> that was one move i favorite moments of the five this year. total surprise. he was a family friend of somebody that works here. >> 27. >> that's the weird thing. >> the thing is that you really -- if you are going to go for the demo. you have got to start really young. i plan ahead. i'm looking 15 to 20 years ahead. >> you are like a florida high school teacher. >> oh my god. >> he was -- i was taken -- it's not natural to be on television. >> it's not natural to be on television? i think it's not natural to be next to dana perino. >> thank you for indulging jasper. >> by the way i thought the idea that both of her people were in bow ties, i don't know,. >> now i have a third. >> thank you. >> very nice. stay right there. she won a chicken eating contest on the five. she is a resident foody. one week this year, all kimberly did was eat on one
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more thing if you missed that, check this out. >> my milk shake is better than yours. you know it now, this is if i can fillet delicious vanilla milk shake and feast your eyes and your mouth on this. goes to chick-fil-a. >> was kimberly has the best one more thing. >> cheeseburger. >> i'm snap chatting it too, by the way. >> now i can have it all the time because you can get this right now at your local mcdonald's is the sausage burrito. i have some bacon in honor of susanna jones right here. now, the most delicious desert in the world it is the yellow cake from del frisco's and i'm telling you, you haven't lived until you have had a slice of this. i hope you enjoyed the food week like i have enjoyed it and, you know, we will do more stuff. >> oh my god. >> that's a -- >> -- snap chatting all of those. i never got more snap chat followers and people looking for that video than that week in my entire life.
5:07 pm
>> i will tell you i'm really craving again food week i hope it's back by popular demand. how great was that? remember the perogies? remember those? >> oh my god. >> nothing was like when you just went to work on those chicken wings. >> that was a power move. >> dana was like any team i'm on i want you on as a true competitor. two at a time. boom, boom, boom. and the west point band was marching. i didn't stop. i kept eating and stood up on the bench and did a dance was the whole deal. i came to play. >> he would should put it up on facebook page. >> i wiped off the lip gloss and kicked my heels. >> i love food but that lemon cake from del frisco i think is the best desert i have ever had. >> it's fantastic. next time i get married i'm for sure going to have that. >> next up my friend juan who has a lot of juanisms. >> guess what happened but
5:08 pm
guess what? guess what. but guess what? i'm amidst of the game guess what happened? guess what? that's not all. >> you will not believe what he was hearing at this table. >> here we governmental we just want to point out. >> it's -- for me folks. talking to you guys. i don't know why i bother. legitimate argument what i'm hearing at this table. the problem at this table. normally here at this table. >> at that sound bite we are really? but president obama came out. >> except for juan who is wondering what is happening at this table. [ laughter ] >> i agree. i agree. >> what is the problem with this table? >> what's the problem with this table? >> it's kind of tilted oh i'm -- no, i'm the only balance at this table. that's the problem. >> oh come on we are all fair and balanced. >> tilted to the right not to the left. >> tilted on bret's show. >> you would be surprised. >> i can't believe what's happening here. >> i didn't say that. >> i can't believe i'm hearing at this table. >> everyone on tv has
5:09 pm
something that they say all the time. for years i have noticed you have got it done to guess what. that is your thing. >> so when i was a kid it used to be check it out. check it out. >> you do that too though. >> check it out? >> still do. >> all right. finally, this segment is a viewer favorite. the fastest seven i quarterbacked that one three stories seven minutes, one host with some interesting vocabulary. >> welcome back time for -- the fastest seven minutes on television. three saucy stories seven swift minutes one sanguine host. first up, three intoxicating stories, three entertaining stories, seven impet i can't tell minutes seven first of all lick minutes one vat coast, one decks trust host. exogenic host. >> i want to get at the email. >> one snazzy host? >> there you go.
5:10 pm
>> one apropos host. >> sure. >> do you remember material. >> we had a whole like big thing on email back and forth over that that was fun. that was fun. >> i always have to make sure you guys are okay. >> the thing that i love is that in a show like this that we have now been on air for four and a half years that you can now have a show, put together a compilation like this because we have something that you can go to and people look forward to it and you branded it the fastest seven few years ago and sticks. >> you need to thank the >> that's where i go. >> i start with provocative and i find -- there is synonyms of provocative and start with fast and i find other synonyms of fast and co-jest synonyms of cogent. >> we lo that segment though. super fun. >> we all have fun. anyway, ahead on the five, our predictions for the new year, resolutions and nor. up in connection with the best comic relief of 2016. stick around.
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♪ ♪ we do it like that ♪ this is how we do ♪ >> welcome back to the five's new year's eve special. it's certainly been a wild year in politics. the 2016 presidential candidates have provided plenty of fodder for comedians to poke fun at. which hopeful has been the easiest to mock? well, how about bernie sanders. >> now, if you don't mind, i'm going to dial it right up to a 10. [ laughter ] >> go right ahead. >> we're doomed! we need a revolution. millions of people on the streets. and we got to do something. and we got to do it now! [ laughter ] this may not be great politics, but i think the american people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails. [ laughter ] >> thank you.
5:16 pm
thank you berth. scream and cuss in public. >> i thought that was an instant classic. i think he nailed it so well. he is better than bernie sanders. >> he is fantastic. i would be very worried if he was running for office. just like the entertainment factor is so uge. >> he is a very funny guy. >> do you think he looks like bernie sanders. >> the problem is he only has a few more weeks to play bernie sanders. >> you are in for a shock. >> always the vice presidential slot. you never know. >> i want to hear the expert opinion. did you think it was good. >> happy juanza. can i make a larger point about these parodies? >> certainly. >> the difference between like a conservative and a liberal predicated on a really distinct difference, the left are politically skilled but inept in real
5:17 pm
life. the right are politically inept but they make the trains run on time. so when you watch "saturday night live" they always -- the candidates are always very politically skilled but we are the dumbies. we make everything work. it raises the question. who would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with, a political animal or a useful animal? bernie sanders or ben carson? everybody would say ben carson. that explains the difference in satire that you can make fun of the useful people but it's the useless people, the political people that you embrace. >> be careful about honoring people who make the trains run on time. >> that's what i'm saying. >> history hasn't been kind to those people. >> let's take another clip. >> juan. >> here is donald trump interviewing himself on "the tonight show." >> are you ready for the republican debate next week? >> you know the truth is, i'm always ready. it's really going to be a big debate but i'm always
5:18 pm
ready. >> it's not just big, it's uge. >> uge, uge, uge. [ laughter ] >> i think donald trump with the it's going to be great, so great. >> uge. >> we are going to be so successful. you are going to get tired of winning. it's going to be uge. you have to laugh when you see donald trump doing. >> it are you kidding me how about tonight when he rings in the new year he is going to say it's going to be uge. >> hillary clinton met up with snl a political candidate who sounded an awful lot like her. >> i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> hey, great name. i'm val. [ laughter ] >> so, hillary, what brings you here tonight? >> well, i needed to blow off some steam. i have had a hard couple of 22 years. [ laughter ] >> oh, i get it you are a politician. >> yes. yes. and how about you? >> well, me?
5:19 pm
i am just an ordinary citizen who believes the keystone pipeline will destroy our environment. [ laughter ] >> i agree with you there. it did take me a long time to decide that but i am against it. i just realized i never checked your i.d. [ laughter ] id? come on, please. i have a 1-year-old granddaughter. she calls me madam president. >> so, dana, i know that you think oftentimes snl is unfair to republican can cats. what do you think they are doing doing to hillary clinton. >> helping her out. if you looked at the previous clip that we just had with fallon where trump is doing the mirror image of himself. he gets the joke of himself. hillary was pointing out the flip-flops, the fact that she was for the keystone pipeline before she was against it so many of those it's not sharp. it's almost as if once you pass the snl test it's all
5:20 pm
smoothed over then is you never have to revisit that unpleasantness of your campaign. >> what i heard you say in my ear is it was not funny. >> i didn't think it was funny. what's funny about crushing the american dream and destroying jobs? >> good point. >> it wasn't funny. we are all looking like the audience laughed because there is some sort of -- >> -- because they are all in on. >> because if the audience laughs, even if it's not funny it let's her off the hook. >> look like we are about to get away with. >> i you thought it was funny it's because it seemed like such a plastic hillary talking to it another plastic hillary and they are both in on the fact that they are all -- there is so much pretense that she can't laugh out loud. he she can't curse. she can't do anything out loud. >> didn't seem like the perfect couple? >> not in my home. ben carson is a very even-keeled guy. of he is not a yeller as you
5:21 pm
know. he doesn't scream. the "saturday night live's" jay farrell nailed his impersonation. >> doctor, do you, a brain surgeon, have the experience and toughness to deal with world leaders like vladimir putin? [ laughter ] >> that question makes me furious, wolf. i might go ham up in here right now. of course i can be tough. as a surgeon, i had to tell people things they didn't want to hear, not that they had to have brain surgery that it would be performed by me, a man who they believed to be asleep. but i am not asleep. i'm amped, i'm jacked and i'm ready to throw down. [ laughter ] what do you think of that, mr. putin? >> that made him seem so weak, even effeminate and that's just not ben carson. i was guess they are mocking him. i'm not sure it's fair.
5:22 pm
i like mockery where can you say i get the joke. in this case i wasn't sure i got the joke. >> are you looking at me? >> yeah. >> i thought you were just staring at me. >> i think you are right. they went the wrong direction. the criticism for ben carson is that he seems kind of sleepy and he is very low -- very relaxed. in this case they went in direction that if you were a conservative humorist doing it to a liberal you would be forced to apologize. >> right. they acted like, yes, we weird, low energy, also maybe drinking or effeminate. >> there were gay aluciens in that. >> i didn't catch that. >> i did. >> i thought they were going for the low energy. quiet, tired. >> you think they are working for trump. that's a label trump put on him. >> watch it again. >> all right. >> i have a tendency. >> you get the point here. you are judge kennedy, justice kennedy here. >> no, i'm not. >> i think this is what was
5:23 pm
going through my mind. i guess i decided as a republican or a conservative, if i'm watching "saturday night live" and they are making fun of one of my people that's not funny. listen to the audience would mostly vote democrat or identify as liberals think think it's hillary. even our humor has become politicized. somebody like larry david can make us laugh. maybe it's the quality of the person who is doing the impersonation. larry david doing bernie sanders is funny. i hope bernie sanders thought that was funny. how could you not. >> we hope you stay with us on the five because we want to make you laugh. up next we have answers to questions that you have for us about the new year. the five returns in a minute. ♪ ♪
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the countdown to 2016 is underway. and so are the celebrations. that's especially evident here tonight. new york's times square a million revelers are gathering to ring in a new year under the tightest security measures this town has ever seen. the threat of on everyone's mind and with good reason. the town of rochester new york fireworks celebration following the arrest of this man. he was planning to plan attack on new york bar tonight to prove he was worthy of joining isis. a terrorist scare in munich didn't stop people there from celebrating the new year. police did warn everyone to stay away from the city's main train station and another in a neighboring community. that's because ocribing as a ses imminent threat by islamic extremists. i'm patricia stark and now back to the five special. for all your headlines, log on to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi,you posted questions
5:29 pm
for us on facebook about the new your. we are going to answer them now. i'm going to start with kim kim -- kimberly. >> this is from rod. what nonpolitical story has meant the most to you so far this year? nonpolitical? >> nonpolitical story? i don't know if i can come up with a good one for that because i feel lining all we have done is politics. >> you talk about royalty every single day. >> well then it's going to be royal babies. >> there you go royal babies. >> i do like to cover that in my one more thing. >> mcdonald's 24/7 breakfast. >> the new sausage breakfast burrito. that was nonpolitical, frivolous but delicious story. >> exactly there you go. >> i like the stories because mostly it pokes your unicorn cage. >> that's true it does bother me.
5:30 pm
>> i'm not a big fan of royal babies unless they belong to george bret, juan? >> i would say the pope's visit. i know some people would say it was political i took it as a nonpolitical story and i was just touched. there were moments where in washington -- downtown washington he clogged the streets. the secrets. there is nobody the police could stop it people loved the pope. a spiritual connection. then he went and had lunch with homeless people and for all the big shots it was like well why is he not visiting me then in philadelphia he went to a jail and it was a great picture. a lot of papers of him holding hands with a guy who w. tattoos and bruises. i will tell you, it made me emotional. >> all right. i disagree with you. it was political. go ahead. >> is black lives matter the hands up don't shoot, is that political? >> yeah. >> it is? >> how about hands up, don't shoot is named as biggest lie of the year. >> false narrative. >> and social story.
5:31 pm
>> doesn't matter good for him for bringing it up. >> pinocchio. >> of course it's political. >> and equivalent would be eric garner saying i can't breathe but that's very real. >> we're turning this into a political segment. >> okay, i'm going to say the story that kept me up at night was about the you seeds, in particular the women who are being attacked by isis. the young girls and women being attacked and being held as sex slaves and so much terrible things are happening to them that kept me up at night. i guess in a way that's political as well because i feel like we have not fulfilled our moral obligation to help them. >> what did you think was the most important story nonpolitical. >> the only thing i could think of like you what bothered me is the contrast between progress and regress. the fact that like -- we are getting iphones, computers and all this great stuff. meanwhile on the east there is a terrible wind coming this way of a group of people who want to destroy all of that.
5:32 pm
there is a group that wants to go back in time while we go forward in time. that's a really weird story. it's like -- maybe we are the anomaly. maybe we are not supposed to have progress. that's what i'm thinking. >> all right. >> i hope that's wrong. >> start this way. john r., what do you think the country will look like after new year 2016 happening? will it be worse or better? dana? >> likes a in tonight at midnight, what do i think? i am an optimistic person. i think we have got some good things on the horizon. election years are exciting. i do think there is cause for concern about the economy just overall. not trying to make this political. but just the stagnation of it third quarter gross domestic product was revised downward to 2%. that is is not good enough in order to have a growing economy to do you will at things we want to do whether you are on the left or right. we need more economic growth. >> eric? >> i think it's going to be better either way no matter hot president is. i would love to see the conservative in there making things a lot better for the middle class. and if you don't have a conservative, you have a
5:33 pm
hillary clinton, it will be better than barack obama. it will be. the economy -- as dana points out is recovering and the next four or eight years will be a lot better for the middle class. >> juan? >> i think the economy is doing -- i'm a little bit stunned because at this table. >> at this table. >> what i would say the reason the fed had to raise the interest rates because they are worried about -- >> -- they didn't have, to juan. they didn't have to. >> they are saying the economy is doing well. i would say overall, you know what? i love america. i you think the country is doing very well. i don't want the evil wind coming from the east. >> speaking of wind kimberly. >> that's you. >> what i think of the country? i think it's going to be great year in 2016. i really do believe this. i think we are going to make an amazing choice with a new president. get this country back in the right direction. we are going to crush isis. the economy is going time prove. i'm very bullish about 2016.
5:34 pm
>> all right. my prediction is it's going to be an absolutely horrible year and things are going to get worse and worse and worse. and there is nothing we can do about it because that's the way it's it's going to go. planets out there that don't have any life on it. >> look at your sweater. >> i know. >> start with eric who is the most grinchy this year? >> this year as well. >> i will never be anything less than a grinch. >> it's you. >> it's me? >> for sure. >> you are like andy rooney. without the ear hair and eyebrows. >> because you wax. >> everywhere. >> juan? >> gosh, how about those people jumping over the white house fence. >> that's grinchy. >> i'm going to go with harry reid. last year be ready for mischief on the senate floor. >> he is the grinch. definitely the grinch. >> too i have one more time?
5:35 pm
one more question? >> best book you read this year? go start there. >> all the light we cannot see by anthony. >> your book, your book, and your book? >> making the case. that was mine, too. >> were about a marriage. >> really? don't explain it. >> i won't. >> my favorite book was the future of violence which has made me the most pessimistic person on the planet. have a favorite song of the year you? where to find out ours. coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ don't believe me, just watch ♪ until i see you again ♪ baby now ♪ take me into your loving arms ♪ >> yes! >> take him out. uptown funk, see you again, and thinking outloud. those are the top three best selling songs of 2015 on itunes according to apple. so we want to know what were our favorites of the year? mine, of course, is this ♪ hello from the other side ♪ i must have called a thousand times ♪ >> this is amazing, adele smashed records with the latest single hello.
5:41 pm
that was my pick. let me tell you something. if her song had come out earlier it would have been number one top by far. >> so democrattatic, just say hello. >> what is this singing in the woods? >> just text it. >> hi lol. juan, what did you like? >> i like he see you again. which is with kaleefa and charlie. it was made for the film seven who was tribute to paul walker so see you again was not only an american hit, it was an international hit. and the biggest hit that that they ever had. >> that was amazing. charlie blasted on to the scene. new album coming out. great artist. and i am really a fan. i know greg is going to hit me but i lost the fast and furious. >> me, too. i thought paul walker was the best. >> i love it. >> oh my gosh, okay carbon unicorn.
5:42 pm
>> you know this story, bruno mars had to release that song quickly because the x factor in england had someone performing the song and she killed it, crushed it. so he put -- they rush tfd out. >> you mean he didn't write it. >> you should be like our billboard correspondent. you know all this stuff. >> throw mine out there real quick, cheerleader. i love this. just a feel good summer song ♪ this. >> this is you. eh san juan. >> oh my gosh. >> all those bodies touching. >> oh my god. >> hurt my stomach. >> such a weirdo. dana. >> i love to bring country music to all of you so you can be a little bit more enlightened. >> that's directed at me. >> so dierks bentley of course one of my favorites i think had one of the best songs of the year 2015. riser which is a beautiful song if you haven't heard it co-written by you travis meadows and steve who are
5:43 pm
fabulous song writers in nashville. i love that song. >> what's the song about. >> like you are a riser. >> like getting up in the morning? >> like you can get you know what done on behalf of your bride. >> whoa. >> no, that's not what i mean. >> welcome. >> cialis. >> that's not what i mean. >> awkward. [ laughter ] >> oh my goodness. listen to the lyrics. awkward. >> at least we have one clip for the highlight reel in 2016. >> please listen to the lyrics. >> country to music. all the thoughts in your head. >> i broke my clip board. >> oh my god, crazy. >> he did love pete walking on the wire. >> my favorite band of the year is australian band.
5:44 pm
eventually. it's a great song. you know why it's a great song? you are crying. it's a song about breaking up with somebody. and dumping them and saying hey, you will get over it, eventually. cockiest break up song. >> did a lot of people break up with you. >> i broke up with myself on a number of occasions. >> listen to the lyrics. >> stop crying. >> what a new year's eve it is so far. the five new year's resolutions are next. ♪ ♪ [ scanner beeping ]
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♪ i got good friends that live down the street. >> with each new year a lot of people shoot for new goals, last year i you vowed to work on my posture. i did okay. this year i decided my resolution in election year would be not to let politics strip me of my dignity. i remember 2012 it kind of ugly sometimes and can i already feel it happening in 2016 my resolution is to not
5:49 pm
let that happen to myself. i wrote a column about it. up on check it out. only way i could do it by trining more wine which was my resolution from from two years ago drink less wine. >> unicorn boy can keep you company. >> unicorn boy is a great name for a show. >> very good. >> we will go to eric next. resolutions. >> i don't remember what my resolution was last year. i have no recollection of that. so i have been working on it. i lost 15 pounds. i want to keep that off and maybe lose a couple more and stay with that can i you bring it out now. i just signed a book deal. a book that's going to come out probably mid summer or so. wake up, america is the name. >> that's good. >> i predict national best seller. >> i'm hoping. we will see. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> juan williams? >> so, you know, when coming up to new york to be with my pals here on the five i have discovered broadway in a bigger way than i ever did. i use to come with the family at the end of the year to see is a few shows.
5:50 pm
i will wander in and buy a ticket it. i will do more of that. make a point of enjoying great art. you know what? broadway is fantastic art and you just take it for granted. but, man, i have enjoyed it and i want to enjoy more. >> bring a roll roll of quarter actual play? >> wow. >> i'll go with you once. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know what to say. >> i think i'm on a riser. >> my new year's resolution, unfortunately, has to be to eat a little differently. because apparently, greg, i'm allergic to eggs. >> oh, really? >> i found out -- >> what? >> eggs. >> eggs are in everything. >> i need to read the rest of the report. >> i know, this could be a huge problem. i think you jinxed me because you say, i love eggs, every time we do these specials. is this going to be a problem for me? >> talk to your doctor.
5:51 pm
because it is still yolk. >> apparently i'm allergic to the yolk and the white. i found this out through some food allergies. >> i will say -- >> thank god i'm not allergic to salami. >> i think that means you can't take penicillin. >> i'm allergic to penicillin. since i was a baby. >> you can go last. >> last year my resolution was to strangle fewer drifters. i was able to cut it down to three. so that was good. >> a week. >> yeah, a week. this year i will try to be less sexy. last year, a lot of my sexiness got into trouble, and i decided, you know what, i got to cut back on the sexiness. >> you're kidding, right? >> no, i'm serious. my sexiness is out of control. i'm not going to bathe as much. probably wear dirty soiled clothing. i'm just going to cut back. it might not stop -- >> wait. will lou dobbs still come over? >> i can go over there. he has a bigger hot tub.
5:52 pm
>> up next, predictions for 2016. plus, did predictiones from last year come to pass? we'll see.
5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
welcome back. wonder how our predecks turned out last year? >> harry reid will announce he is not going to seek reelection in 2016. >> kim kardashian, she will have another baby. >> last three years i've predicted we will be number one in all of cable news. we're going to do it again. >> my prediction is there will be things that will happen and other things won't. and someone on tv, perhaps a cable show will say, you can't make this stuff up, folks. >> wow, look at that. >> number one with our fans, right? >> your hair is kind of like divo with the flowerpot.
5:57 pm
>> all right, new year's eve 2016, let's start with you. >> vice presidential elections. let's look at the democrats. >> good one. >> let's say hillary is looking at candidates, nominee. i would guess that julion castro, in the obama cabinet, i think he is a winner. and my bet, he is part of the ticket for the democrats going in 2016. >> can i go with tim kaine? >> sure. >> senator from virginia. >> want to bet? >> we always bet. what about elizabeth warren. >> okay. i thought you said just one. >> what about fidel castro. >> my prediction. you know it, in just a matter of hours, it'll be the most amazing new year's eve show ever. and i ought to know it because i have hosted quite a few. awesome, fascinating, marvelous,
5:58 pm
stunning, surprising and huge because we have donald trump and melania joining us. it'll be fantastic. >> i will double down on that as well. >> i'm excited. >> i'll jump on that one. all right, dp, you're up. >> last year i said kate middleton would announce she is having a second baby. that's true. i've done well two years in a row. this is my prediction for 2016. i believe there will be a vacancy on the supreme court before the election of 2016. and that will be huge. >> do you have a name? >> nope. >> i meant who's leaving. >> i do not have a name. >> i predict there will be a vacancy. and that will shake everything up. >> gregory, my man, you're up. >> my prediction on who will fill that vacancy? >> yes. >> elizabeth hasselbeck. my prediction is, as we know,
5:59 pm
elizabeth hasselbeck lost fox and friends. who will replace her? donald trump. he will make the couch great again. >> he will have the middle seat? >> he has blonde hair but it will have to be longer. >> time for a change. >> cancel my appearances in january. >> i'm the brunette hair seat filler. >> can we move on? >> tonight is a fantastic special. knock the ball out of the park. think we will make news? >> i do. wait and see. wait and see. >> just do this before we go. >> toast. >> right here. that's a good one. >> put our glasses on. >> can't reach, kimberly. >> you have short cute little arms. >> oh, happy new year to everyone. thank you for joining us. >> happy -- >> and the five will be back here in 2016. kimberly and i will see you tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern to ring in the new year with you.
6:00 pm
happy new year with you. happy and healthy new year. another great area. >> happy new year. ♪ ♪ happy new year's eve, everybody. welcome to the fox news countdown to to 16. i'm jesse waters. joining me my cohost keed


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