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tv   Countdown to 2016  FOX News  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-8:01pm PST

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happy new year with you. happy and healthy new year. another great area. >> happy new year. ♪ ♪ happy new year's eve, everybody. welcome to the fox news countdown to to 16. i'm jesse waters. joining me my cohost kennedy and
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katherine timpf. >> we are at the famous knickerbocker hotel right at times square. cat, this will be an incredible night. >> i know. everyone wants to be here. last year, i had a bunch of spaghetti and sat on the floor. now i get to celebrate with you guys and i'm so excited. >> we have a fantastic show tonight. the one, the only, donald trump. >> the real donald trump. >> will join us. who knows. what is he going to say. >> anything can happen and it will happen tonight. well also hear from most candidate in the field including some that you didn't know were still running for president. >> hillary never got back to me. that's a bummer. >> awe shucks. >> we do have an astrologist that will tell us what we have for 2016. i'm a scorpio so i'm mad about all of the bad stuff last year.
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but there are a lot of good vibes right now. >> a lot of good vibes right here in times square. about a million people there at the scene. the ball is dropping 22,000 l.e.d. lights. al gore loves that. it is going to be nuts. going to be crazy. i can't wait to see what happens. >> they are progressive approved. bernie sanders came down here himself. a big stamp of approval. we have the best correspondent in the city. fox news gathered for you and will bridge you every moment of coverage. >> and rick leventhal is down there with security. it is great because the best good time is here. >> the safest place to be right now. >> chris jenkins is in south beach. if you use the hashtag foxne foxnews2016, then you will see grif in a bikini.
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>> i think there will be bikinis elsewhere. and also a special waters world new year's eve edition tonight. stick around. you won't believe what these people have to say. we want to hear from you and how you are ringing in the new year. send in your pictures into social media. who do you think will win in 2016 in use the hashtag foxnews2016. we will tell you who you think will win the white house at the end of the night. now it is time to introduce our correspondents for the new year. joining us now, in times square tonight. bernard, sharod small. talking about the highlights and low lights. looking at viral videos. and rick leventhal with all of the security efforts in the city. let's first start with bernie. he is waiting it see the ball drop. he is doing trivia. what is going on down there, bernie?
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you all right? >> listen, i'm doing all right. can you hear me? >> yeah. >> anyway, listen. we are hear in the upper side of the world. and as a native new yorker, we give the terrorists the middle finger, showing up here tonight and i will give you a times square weather report. a little too cold for the famous painted naked ladies for times square. but i will do some trivia in the crowd. what's your name, sir? >> joshua franks. >> your name? >> manny. >> i will give these guys 5 bucks each if they answer the question correctly. how many people will tune in to watch the ball drop tonight in times square? >> 1 billion? >> 1 billion, you're right. 5 bucks for this guy. okay and who, which mayor -- this guy is from massachusetts, who is the mayor that will preside over the ball dropping
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here in times square. >> i don't know. >> oh, you don't know. >> bill de blasio, al sharpton's girlfriend. >> all right, bernie, i wish i could forget that as well. thank you so much. we will be checking in with you all night and certainly a little later. but now, the host of red eye fox news, tom, fixing it up with the party people in times square. they are also eagerly awaiting the ball drop and the confetti drop. and as they get ready to kiss 2015 good-bye, tom is looking back at some of the internet sensations for the past year. what you got, tom? >> kennedy, it is wild out here. it is actually very -- it is very organized here. but this is the best pen in times square. is this the best pen or what? as you know, we will countdown the best 1,000 stories of 2015 on red eye at 12:30.
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why don't we start about a couple of the top stories. the most viral video was the dress. was the dress blue and black or white and gold? it divided the nation. well solve that issue right here today. the dress, was it blue and black? let's hear it. >> no, no. >> is it white and gold? tell me. >> yes. yes. >> it is white and gold? where are you from? >> i completely see white and gold. i don't see black or blue at all. >> you don't see any black or blue? >> no. >> i polled the crowd and it looks like it's white and gold. but i see black and blue. i don't know what you in the studio see. >> what does it matter, tom? >> thank you, tom. thank you for wearing that wonderful hat also. >> it's a great hat. >> we will check in with you later tonight. are you looking forward to putting something in your past?
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i know i definitely am. that's what gerard small is about to check out on from hundredis of people over there in times square. what are some of their most embarrassing moments of 2015? >> hey, hey, hey, live from times square. new york city, make some noise! my people. a lot of embarrassing moments happened this year. definitely to me. everybody in new york, this is mike. i got katie right here. katie's got an embarrassing moment. what you got for me? 2015? >> i was out dancing with friends. and there was a song one of those where you are supposed to drop it low and i did that and i ripped my pants. >> oh you ripped your pants while you were dropping it low? >> i think you nailed the move. >> so my pants just didn't survive. it was sad. fortunately he had a shirt i could wrap around my waist so it was okay. >> your husband was there for you? >> he saved the day. >> 2015 embarrassing moment.
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>> i'll be all night in times square. fox news. >> i'm hoping to have my most embarrassing moment tonight. >> if you're not ripping your pants, it's not happening. >> it's the rip in the pants dance. >> earlier tonight, police warped citizens of a mysterious image at the train tracks. nypd is work around the clock to make sure all of the people celebrating are kept safe. joining us now to explain one of the precautions taken is rick leventhal. rick, what is going on out there? >> we all know that new york city is a top target for terrorists. we know the danger level has only gotten higher. that's why nypd beefed up the number of officers. 6,000 cops. thousands more spread out across the city. 600 to 800 more officers than in years past because of the threat
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level. those officers include a new anti-terror unit. hundreds of officers with long guns, rifles, around times square. snipers on rooftops. they sealed manhole covers. dozens of bomb sniffing dogs. radiation detectors and many undercover cops on the ground as well. you see people in the pens, those pens started filling up before noon today and they stretch all the way up to 59th street. everyone who has gone into those pens, nearly 1 million people were checked. frisked. magnetometers. and no backpacks allowed. police are confident that people in times square are not carrying anything they shouldn't be. and if they leave they have to be screened to get back in. there are thousands of cameras trained on the area. and there are joint operations center. the fbi and nypd encouraged everyone to come out even have a good time and insured everyone that this is the safest place in
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new york, perhaps america and perhaps the world to welcome in the new year, guys. >> all right, rick. thank you so much. and yeah, we saw, as we were walking into times square, they had giant plastic bags filled with people's individual backpacks and purses. so imagine people from out of town coming to times square. knowing they are going to be in the pen for hours. >> they took my man purse away. i was very upset about that. all of my amenities. i'm very upset. >> i'm going to get the free stuff later. >> i can't wait. >> good idea. >> they should have an auction. >> they should have an auction. i'm going to start the auction. meet me after this for the auction. >> it is so nice to see that nypd is so confident and calm and you know, they are actually very friendly. doing an incredible job -- >> i love when people are friendly while doing a great job. >> and keeping us safe. >> everybody down there, giving the big middle finger to the
6:11 pm
terrorists. >> boo terrorists. terrorists are losers. >> people have been waiting out here for hours. many questions to be answered. to how they are going to survive. >> there's got to be someone out there for me. >> what are your new year's resolutions? >> okay. no, i'm going to drink at least one glass of water a day. >> okay. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to text guys i'm interested in a maximum of 35 times. 36 is over. >> they love that. >> i will stop emotionally depending on my cat also. i think that puts -- his name is keen. hi, buddy. >> katherine, i didn't expect to hear that. >> i didn't know you were a cat lady. >> well a cat lady is three or more. >> what about you?
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>> freedom. securing your freedom and making 2016 embraces freedom and liberty like never before. now we have something incredibly exciting, jesse jay, in times square performing his song "price tag." take it away, jesse j. ♪ everybody got a price, i wonder how they sleep tonight, when the truth comes last ♪ why is everybody so serious ♪ ♪ acting so mysterious, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody looks to their left, everybody looks to their right ♪ ♪ it's not about the money, money, money ♪ ♪ we don't need your money,
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money, money ♪ ♪ for get about the price tag ♪ ain't about the -- ain't about about the,bling,bling, bring the world, forget about the price tag ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all right, we are just getting started here at the knickerbocker hotel.
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2016 will be a big year for politics. and one of the people that is going to be a part of it, donald trump. he is going to be joining kimberly and eric later in the show to help ring in the new year. >> and we want you to join us festivities. who do you think will win the white house? tweet republican or democrat. fox news 2016. we will reveal after midnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. feel free to be yourself all day.... just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. i want to wish everybody a very happy new year and good luck with your resolutions. mine is, try to stay off the ice cream in iowa. that's been an expansive affair for me. >> ice cream. >> that was 2016 republican
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presidential candidate rick santorum. we welcome you back to the countdown 2016. i'm kennedy. joining me is jesse waters and kat tempf. you will hear from gop front-runner donald trump. he will ring in the new year with kimberly. and ringing it in when the clock strikes 12:00. certainly the man of the hour. >> i thought rick santorum looked pretty slim. he didn't look like he gained anything in iowa. >> maybe he is lactose intolerant. >> he is the party going of america. the guy just likes to have too much fun. >> you all know that in 2016, the news cycle will be filled with a lot of politics. but what does the new year hold in store for us? to help us answer that question is the author of "the year ahead
6:18 pm
2016", astrologer, susan miller. >> hi. >> what's going on. >> susan, you have forecasted so much politically with the help of the stars. tell us what you know. >> first, i want to say -- we will get to you too. as str as trol ji is not destiny. it is not like we can pick a winner, go to sleep and watch tv in the morning we have to vote. this will be such a tight election. as matter of fact, i think we will be recounting votes for one or two days. >> so we have to vote. >> and the candidates who right now have the after the the afte logical destiny. >> why don't we do this? before we get to the candidates --
6:19 pm
>> let's talk about -- >> can we talk about us tonight? i think we want to hear about kennedy and -- >> okay. i have all three of you here. kennedy. kennedy. you have all these planets in virgo. and you are the celestial favorite this year. >> oh, my gosh. >> my goodness. >> every 12 years, you get the horn of plenty. i call it the emerald year. and virgo has it now. so if you live to 96, 12 times 8 is 96, you get 8 little emeralds. this is one of your emerald years. now you have to know what you want. sometimes people don't know. >> you have to take the bull by the horns. >> make a little of what you want. if you want love, this is the best year for love. >> i love, love.
6:20 pm
>> good luck ends on september 9th. but then money comes in like you have never seen. >> oh, been asking all day. >> katherine. >> yes, please. >> you are a scorpio. >> i am. >> you are so cute. you have paid your dues. you really walked over the gauntlet. >> oh, yeah. >> for three years. it ended last september 17th. >> oh, okay. >> you are done for 29 years. >> yes. >> and now, well you have sagittarius rising. you're taking on heavy responsibility. get married, have a baby. >> oh, no. no babies i hope. >> start a business. write a book. >> i don't want to hear my destiny. because it scares me. we will be right back in the next hour with you. >> don't be scared. >> and you will be doing kimberly and eric. everybody wants to know.
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to the countdown to to 16. we're coming to you live from times square on the rooftop of the knickerbocker hotel. we have a great view of celebrations. crowds growing and all of these people are getting ready to ring in the new year. very fun, very interesting past 12 months.
6:25 pm
here is my special new year's eve edition of waters world. take a look. >> what do you think the biggest news event of 2015 was? >> probably the unfortunate events for all of the families. >> donald trump. he was everywhere. >> i don't know. i don't watch news and stuff like that. >> do you know who the vice president is? >> no. >> i know who the president is. >> what was the biggest news event of 2015? >> probably the paris terrorist attacks. >> paris. >> paris. >> most recent paris attacks were pretty traumatizing. >> i think kim kardashian giving birth to her second child.
6:26 pm
>> i didn't see that one coming, no. >> you think that was bigger than the rise of isis? >> yeah, i don't really pay attention to isis. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> i think 2016 will be a lot better. >> we can always do better. >> what are your new year's resolutions? >> to work with people with autism. >> to memorize justin bieber's whole album. >> quit smoking. >> more appreciative for my family. this has been a killer year. >> what do you do for a living? >> i cut hair. >> how does my hair look? >> looks good. what are you styling, like with a do? >> i don't know what that means. >> be a better person than i was before. >> be on time. >> what is your new year's resolution? >> i need to learn how to be more attractive to people. friendlier. >> you're kind of giving off a mean vibe. >> oh, am i? >> i'm a musician so i'm trying to get my music out as far as
6:27 pm
possible. my resolution is to get signed. >> what is your instrument, the flute? >> i'm a producer and i make vocals. >> maybe you can make my voice sound get better. >> hang your head over. >> what is your new year's resolution? >> not fail events. >> what is your new year's resolution? >> oh, man. >> get a hair cut? >> no. >> where you from? >> england. >> good on ya, blok. >> is that australia? i got work on my accent. >> why does everything i do sound like a leprechaun? >> do you think america add good year or bad year? >> i would say we had an okay year. >> just okay? >> we could do better. >> yeah, an very great year. >> why? >> i don't think we're dealing with things properly. >> what would you like to see improve? >> i think we should be more willing to help other countries. especially with the syrian immigrants. >> i thought it was pretty good.
6:28 pm
>> really good things. like same-sex marriage. that was a great event. >> 2015 was a good year? because i got my own show. thanks for not watching. >> did america have a good year or bad year? >> in terms of what? >> look at that face. >> who do you think's going to win the election? >> sanders. >> i think jeb bush has a few good ideas. >> hillary. >> i like her. i like her a lot. >> why? >> women empowerment. >> i hope hillary clinton. i don't want donald trump. >> if trump wins i will make plans to move. >> can i tussle your hair a little bit? >> if would you like. >> i work on my hair a lot of time and he hit it. he hits my hair.
6:29 pm
>> you ever watch watters world? >> no. >> i'm watters. i'm watters. i'm watters. i'm watters. and this is my world right here. >> oh, they love you. >> yeah, i know. >> it's your world. >> thank you for that great package. did you learn anything from that? >> oh, you didn't tell us who the vice president was. is she never going to know? >> i never followed up. >> i thought the president was hopeless with the future. >> yeah, yeah. >> all right. >> don't worry. we are just hours away from 2016. if you can feel the energy and excitement building, that's because we are here in times square where it is all happening. we have so much more fun in store including donald trump.
6:30 pm
he will be joining kimberly and eric and together that handsome threesome will not ringing in 2016. first we will check in with red eye joanne, she is hanging out at the bar at this very famous knickerbocker hotel right in times square. and grif jenkins is in. >> mike: miami /* -- is in miami, in south beach. and we will continue to mazing with inspire and -- ♪ late night when you need my love ♪ ♪ and i know when the night light bling that can only mean one thing ♪ >> my newier's resolution is to gain 20 pounds and start smoking. just kidding. i don't know what i'm going to
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including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. crisis response central command in iraq. i want to wish my family back home in pittsburgh, california a merry christmas and happy new year. >> live from new york city times square, this is countdown to 20 2016.
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all right, thank you for providing us with this tonight. this is the countdown to 2016. we are coming to you live from times square in the heart of new york city at the incredible glorious and famous knickerbocker hotel. thanks again for being with us tonight. i'm kennedy and beside me is jesse watters and kat tempf. >> we are having an incredible time hanging out here with this huge crowd. not only the crowd at the hotel but the millions on the streets. >> did we mention that donald trump will be counting down. 10, 9, 8 -- >> the one place it hear donald do that is here. that's a dream come true. i've had dreams of donald trump
6:35 pm
counting to me. >> you need a therapist. >> i want the therapist because i want him to make myself esteem great again. >> i don't know if he is licensed for that. >> let's check if with our new year's correspondent, at the knickerbocker hotel, with very important tips for tonight, joanne? >> thanks, jesse. i'm so happy to be here tonight. as many of you know, but some of you don't, i used to be a bartender and spent many new year's eve working behind the bar. so the managing director here at the knickerbocker hotel was kind enough to let me hang out with the bartenders tonight. how are you doing? >> great. great. couldn't be better. >> we have an amazing crowd here tonight. really awesome. now a fun fact, some people might not know about it, one of my favorite beverages, was originated that very location? >> yes. it is standing right there in front of you. right there. >> oh, my gosh. so the martini. >> yes. there is a certain gentleman by
6:36 pm
the name of john d. rockefeller. he would come down to the old king cole bar and there was a bartendy who would mix gin and sweet vermouth together. he would brag to wall street. he didn't know the name of the drink but said go to the bar and asked for the martini. >> someone goes to the bar and said i would like the noshinski although the bartender might think you're already drunk with my last name. kind of hard to understand. jesse, i will bring you a martini. >> thank you. you know how i like it, right? >> joanne, i name all of my drinks after you. >> oh, you're so pretty. i appreciate it. >> jenkins drew the lucky straw and he is pool side in miami. chris, what's up?
6:37 pm
>> well, for starters, it is about 80 degrees. i don't know if it is very cold where you are. but it is also hot with a lot of hot young attractive women. they're all dancing. hello, ladies. you should set the scene. we're in the fontane blue hotel. an icon. right there, one of the hottest performers of the year. more than eight grammy nominations. dynamite. ladies, are you excited for new year's? >> 100%. >> what's your name? >> colleen. what do you hope will come true in 2016? >> a fun fabulous year ahead of us. >> what about you? what do you want to see come true? in 2016, what o would you like to see come true? >> a great happy healthy new year. a lot more fun there year. >> happy new year. so there's a lot of folks here. these folks here rocking out
6:38 pm
with these crazy hosts. all good. now i've got some bling here. and let me just take you real quick over here. back stage is where we will bring you some live shots later because that is the hottest place in miami beach. people are paying top dollar to be here and we will be back here sweating with you all night. happy new year from miami. >> happy new year. you threw a tough assignment down there. >> a nice strong cup of coffee. >> all right. thanks very much. >> we have a jam-packed next couple of hours. 2016 presidential candidates will help us ring in the new year, including donald trump, dr. ben carson and carly fiorina. here a special message from jim gilmore. >> this is presidential candidate jim gilmore. happy new year.
6:39 pm
i predict this next year to be obnoxious so i can get into the next debate. >> countdown to 2016 continues. kimberyly guilfoyle and eric bolling kicking off the top of the new year. >> yes, it is only 7:00 on west coast, but 6:39 right now. harry connick, jr. tells us exactly what we can expect. >> a performance from pop sensation shia. . ♪ ♪ ♪ all right, new year's resolution. always cliche to lose weight and spend more time with your family, but i need to lose some lbs and spend more time with my family.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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all right, here we are. knickerbocker hotel times square. we have donald trump ringing in the new year at midnight. we have a bunch of wild people on the streets talking to everybody out there and seeing what they think about the new year. by also have some crazy people here. pouring some martinis at knickerbocker. the home of the martini. we are just waiting for the ball to drop. this thing will come down hard. there will be confetti everywhere. a million people out there packing the streets. and we will talk to rick len leventhal who will tell us all about the security. and "american idol." >> the vibe in los angeles, hollywood, it is getting a little sad because we are on the
6:44 pm
verge of the final season of "american idol" and they are saying good-bye and this is michael tamero. >> 2016 will mark the 15th and final season of "american idol." at one point this show was considered the most impactful show in television. when you look at the numbers, 30 million people tune in, at one point taking up four nights each week. and harry connick, jr. is returning as one of the judges this year. we asked him about what we could expect for nut season. >> all right. harry connick, jr. >> starting to pick on the show but the only show of its kind that produced stars. >> you're right. i mean, it is undeniable. i could sit here and talk to you for an hour about the different people that are idol alumni that made great contributions. and that's why i was so thrilled to be a part of it when they asked. it is nice to be a small part of that process.
6:45 pm
>> sure. final season. what can we expect? what's the caliber of talent like? >> the talent level is really, really huge. there is some great people. what is different with b this year is the people we chose are a little more ready for prime time. before we sometimes would pick people in that small room just with that particular song that was moving. thinking maybe they will come out of their shell as the competition moves on. these people are performers. they are comfortable on stage in one way or another. and that's what we're most excited about. not to mention all of the things that idol will do to surprise everybody. >> all right, what i want to know are simon, randy and paula going to make an appearance in the final season? >> all i can say is that there will be a lot of surprises this season. so you just have to tune in january 6th on fox. and if you have any inclination,
6:46 pm
kennedy, this is your last shot. do it. >> this is the only show that created stars like carrie underwood, kelly clarkson. >> a lot of copy cats from "the voice" or whatever but only show that created big stars. it is incredible when you think about it. >> idol has sustained it for so long. we note final show will be miraculous if nothing else. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. and happy music year to you. take it away, jesse. >> thank you. now to daya performing live in times square. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:47 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
6:48 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:49 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ donald is great with the one-liners. but he is a chaos candidate. and he would be a chaos president. two months ago donald trump said that isis was not our fight.
6:50 pm
>> let's just fight. why do we care? let isis and syria fight. >> he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiate eer with iran. >> hillary surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a very good job. >> and he gets policy experience from the showes. >> who do you talk to right now. >> well i watch the shows. i really see a lot of great, whu watch your show and all of the other shows. >> i don't know if that's saturday morning or sunday morning. donald, you are not going to insult your way to the presidency. i will be a commander in chief not an agitator in chief, not a divider in chief. i will create greater security and greater safety.
6:51 pm
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♪ happy new year. happy election year 2016. so new year's resolution, i only have one. that i will do everything in my power to help get a conservative elected president. that's my resolution. what's yours? >> i have to tell you. >> we're talking about our resolutions. i don't really know what my resolution is, because everything is going pretty well with me. >> it's a phenomenal thing to be jesse waters. just standing in the presence, your ora is resolution enough for me to try and ascend to that
6:54 pm
level. >> juggler, come in here a minute. how do you juggle? can you show me what you got? >> right in the middle. toss it straight up like this. that was actually very amazing. >> i've only had a few martinis. >> a dangerous, physical sport. toss it up. try the second one. >> your fine motor skills are excellent. he could be a neurosurgeon. >> it comes together. >> i don't really know if i can make that big of a jump from one to three. okay. there you have it. kennedy teaching the american world how to juggle. i don't know what's going on here. >> send in your pictures.
6:55 pm
send in your video. >> i think donald trump might be juggling when he talks to us out here at midnight. let me see what you got. can you juggle? >> no. probably not. >> let's see what you got. >> okay. >> wow. >> there are small children in the room. now, we have seen an astrologas. we heard from some of the candidates. we know the night is only going to get more contagious, more insane, more exciting. what are your predictions for tonight? >> my pretiks dictions is it's first new year's i won't cry. that's how wonderful everyone here is. >> i think you will probably kwie at some point. i can't say when. >> no, no, no. >> who do we have here? hello there. what kind of fur is this? >> i don't need to talk about my fur. all you need to know is my name
6:56 pm
is olive. >> very nice. >> is that a martini? >> you have heard of it? it's a new drink. it's brand-new. >> kennedy wants a sip. >> it's dirty. >> that's how kennedy likes it. okay. well, we got eric bowling, kimberly gilfoyle. we have donald trump at midnight. stay here. >> and a lot of presidential candidates, resolutions and the best correspondents from times square. >> fox news 2016 coming at you, baby. ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
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that's why we're adding 20% more chicken to our chicken pot pies with golden, flaky crusts. that's my mom. now serving... a better banquet. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to the party. we are counting down to midnight. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. i'm eric bolling. we're in the middle of it all in the heart of times square. >> it's so exciting out here. hundreds of thousands of people
7:01 pm
jamming into times square. everyone waiting for the big moment when the ball drops and officially rings in 2016. we are giving you an up close look at all the festivities. you don't have to leave the comfort of your warm house. stay with us. we will bring you all the excitement. >> this is amazing. we have donald trump. he will have everything to tell us about what he's looking forward to. carly fiorina, ben carson, other candidates who sent in messages to let them know what they are wishing for for you. >> carly fiorina live as well. we are in the heart of it. this is the place that everybody wants to be, new york city. >> big party going on. a dj, some dancing going on over there. this is the party. >> this is it. >> that's just the beginning. in addition to everything we mentioned, we're going to talk new year's resolutions and talk to the 2016 presidential candidates. carly fiorina, ben carson.
7:02 pm
>> live. >> as will donald trump who will countdown the new year with us. we have messages from marco rubio, mike huckabee. first, marco rubio's new year's message to you at home. >> hi. this is marco rubio, a candidate for president of the united states. as we leave 2015 behind and look forward to 2016 with the elections that are coming up in november, this is the year where we're going to have a chance to turn america around. after seven disastrous years of current president, we have a chance to reclaim the american dream and that's why i'm running for president. my resolution for 2016 is to do everything i can to not just restore the american dream but to expand it to reach more people and change more lives than ever before. so that this the greatest country in the world can be greater than it has ever been. may god bless all of you and from our family to yours, we're wishing you a happy new year.
7:03 pm
>> happen if i ny new year to y. >> lovely family, great wife and children. a pleasure to have him when he stops by the fox news channel here in new york city. >> it's great to see him in front of the fireplace sending out a message. >> he looks cozy. this is pretty nice weather this time of year. >> no gloves. >> earlier no coats on. now we have tightened it up a bit. >> it's beautiful out here, 40 degrees or so. it may get into the 30s but we're loving it. >> we are loving it. >> let's turn to mike huckabee. here is his message to you at home. >> i'm mike huckabee. i hope you have had a good 2015. i'm hoping you will have a better 2016. i'm hoping i'm going to have one, too. look forward to having a great year. god bless and happy new year to fox news channel. >> one of our own. >> that's right. >> governor huckabee from fox news channel. now saying he is hoping he is going to have a good 2016. of course, looking to try to get
7:04 pm
the nomination from the gop for the 2016 presidential race. >> absolutely. let's check out all the fun down on the street right over our shoulder. right there. standing by times square to countdown to 2016 are our special correspondents. we will start with bernie. he has been mixing and mingling all night seeing how they will remember 2015. >> that's right. thanks. things are electric down here tonight. you have jesse jay over here, taylor swift over here. the great crowd behind me here. i am asking trivia questions of culture, politics, everything. i'm paying 5 bucks for every correct answer. i will start out with this couple from salt lake city, utah. what's your name? >> ken. >> malin. >> we will ask which presidential candidate insisted he hit his mom over the head with a hammer? bernie sanders, jeb bush or ben
7:05 pm
carson? >> ben carson. >> you are right. give them five bucks. all right. >> which is jeb bush's real name? what is his real name? it's joseph ellis bush, not lazy l lenny bush. who shot cecil the lion in africa? msnbc host, an abortion doctor or a dentist? >> a dentist. >> she's right. listen, let me -- let's go to the next one. which candidate has been to more than 100 bruce springsteen concerts? no multiple choice. come on. you don't know? >> donald trump? >> which candidate returned late from the debate -- the last debate? >> donald trump? >> wrong. wrong. i'm sorry. salt lake city, you got five bucks out of me. happy new year.
7:06 pm
whoop it up. we will throw it to tom, i think. back to you guys. >> we will take it from there. stay right there. don't leave. we will throw it over to tom. he is on the ground at times square where the excitement continues to unfold and build. >> thank you. it's exciting here in times square. i'm in front of the coolest pen in times square. am i not? >> you are. >> you aren't whooping it up. i need them to whoop it up. where are you from? >> nebraska. >> we got more nebraska here. >> texas. >> where? >> dominican republic. >> we got a toddler. he is the most tired child in america. as you know, we're counting down the top 1,000 stories of the year on red eye at 12:30 tonight. but, we're going over some of the most viral videos of 2015
7:07 pm
here. what would you say was the most viral video of the year? >> the video of the cats being squared of the cucumbers. >> i think she said rat dragging a slice of pizza. that's what i heard. as you know, the rat dragging the slice of pizza was the most popular video of the year. i think it confirms the suspicions of most americans about what it is to be a new yorker. our rats have their own takeout. is this your first time here in the city? >> my third. >> you are celebrating the new year. then you are heading back to nebraska? >> we are here for a week. we just got here today. >> you are here from the dominican republic? >> yes. i'm staying in new hampshire. >> i'm traveling with family. >> fantastic. how is this little guy doing? >> he's doing great. he just woke up from a nap. he is ready to go. >> beautiful. thanks. back to you. we're having a great time here at times sca s square. >> way to wake him up.
7:08 pm
>> give that baby some pizza. not the one from the rat. we will check back in with tom later. see what he is up to. now over to sharod who is showing us his dance moves. as people wait for the ball to drop, he has been getting revellers to reveal their most embarrassing moments of 2015. >> do you hear me? i'm live in times square. i'm meeting friends -- new friends. what's your name? >> ava. >> you wanted to say something. >> thank you for helping and taking care of us. >> and protecting us? >> yeah. >> she's a cutie. cutie. i got eski here. she has an embarrassing moement >> i went to the bathroom.
7:09 pm
my feet went down and you don't want to know what happened. >> she stood on the toilet to use it. women hover. her foot fell in. that's how embarrassed she was. it's also gross. fox news 2016 live in times square. >> okay. >> new york, make some noise! >> that's new york city for you. get that lady some sanitizer and some lysol. >> by the way, i think -- i hope it didn't happen tonight. >> i'm not sure. it's unclear. >> it is unclear. i hear a lot of people are waring depends down there because they can't leave. we will move on. it's a party. >> keeping america clean for 2016 as well. definitely a lot of activity and action down there where the crew is. very cool. we are getting things started. we want you to get in on the action. you want to, don't you?
7:10 pm
2016 is going to be a big year for politics. tweet republican or democrat using the #foxnews2016. we will reveal the results after midnight. >> how are you celebrating? send us your pictures on video, any social media. up next, wait for this, carly fiorina, she joins us. she will be live. later, donald trump will help us ring in the new year. now, ready for this? jesse jay performs "bang bang" from right down there, times square. >> all right. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:11 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:12 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:13 pm
♪ ♪ >> thank you. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland.
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when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. ♪ the nypd is the largest police department in the world with more than 35,000 sworn officers and in the 170-year history of the department, many family members have served together. for the first time ever, three brothers graduated on the same
7:17 pm
day with the same police academy class and have been sworn in as new york's finest. those three brothers, steven, john and alex join rick right now live in times square. rick. >> they are still on the job tonight. congratulations, gentlemen. you are probably the most famous cops in new york. >> i guess so. people came up to us here and there saying you are one of the brothers. >> how was the first night on the job? >> it's a dream come true. it's an honor to be on a post there and get the recognition we have been getting. it's so surreal. >> can you believe the attention you have gotten? >> i still can't. i wish we could get more attention. it's cool getting fame. >> their dad is a 30-year veteran. i know i met him the other day. very proud of you guys. that must have made you feel good knowing your dad was so proud. >> he wishes he was here.
7:18 pm
right now he is watching he is saying, i witsh i took duy tonight. he is proud of us. we're glad that he's supporting us all the way. >> two of these guys are taken. but john here is single. my understanding is that kimberly has put in a request for you at midnight. >> i'm speechless. she's a beautiful woman. we watch fox all the time. >> he is very excited, kimberly. he is looking forward eagerly to midnight. >> i like that. join us. we love it. thank you for your service and joining the nypd. very nice. >> she's thanking you for your service. >> i love it. bring over the family. god bless them. joining us now from her home in virginia is 2016 republican presidential candidate car lee
7:19 pm
fee r fiorina and her husband frank. thank you for helping us ring in 2016. it's great to see you. >> happy new year. we are here in virginia with our grandkids, our daughter and our son-in-law. >> we are happy you joined us. you are the first one to come on live and talk to us. what are your thoughts for 2016, carly, first. tell us what you are looking forward to. >> well, obviously, i'm looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail. although, i have to say i really enjoyed being home for the holidays with my family and friends. but i'm looking forward. i'm hitting new hampshire and then iowa. frank is going to start in iowa and then new hampshire. we're going to get back out there and talk to voters on the ground, which is where it's going to happen. >> you are such a great example of team work. so loving and supportive to one another. it is an inspiration, carly. you speak so lovingly about your
7:20 pm
husband frank. it's great for us, very special to be able to start off this special, this new year's eve for fox news with you and of course we love seeing you over at the fox news channel headquarters. it's great when you come by. tell us about your ideas for the country. >> you know, i think we have to take our country back, honestly. i think as citizens, we have lost our power. people feel powerless because they are, powerless because they lost possibilities in their lives, powerless because our government is bloated and out of control, powerless because the liberal elite and the media as well have taken away what citizens once had. ours was intended to be a citizen government. that's why i rolled out my blueprint to take our country back. >> frank, if carly is elected president, what are we going to call you? first guy, first gentleman, first man, first dude? what do you want to be called? >> well, i've been called frank
7:21 pm
for 66 years. i think i will be the first frank. although, my grandchildren call me pappy. i've been told maybe first pappy will work. >> i'm liking first pappy. >> america's pappy. who could go wrong? frank, you must be so proud of carly, of all the accomplishments that she's made in terms of as a trail blazing career woman, business entrepreneur and now being so fearless to run for president of the united states. i know i'm proud as a woman to see her run and share her conservative values. >> well, i've watched her for 34 years. and i've been extremely proud of her through her whole career. every one of them, whether it was business, philanthropy or now in politics. she's done some extraordinary things. i've always been proud of her. >> carly, before we go, we have 20 seconds or so, one final thought to america watching you right now.
7:22 pm
>> all our problems can be solved. all our wounds can be healed. we need to take our country back. i look forward to talking with the american people about how we can do that together. >> okay. >> fantastic. we want to wish you a happy new year. >> happy new year. >> god bless you both. thanks for all that you do. eric, coming up, it's a magical night for one teenager with kidney failure. all thanks to the make a wish foundation. he joins us live next. you don't want to miss this as the countdown to 2016 continues. >> don't forget because this is going to be news, donald trump helps us ring in the new year later in the show. don't go anywhere. you don't want to miss this. ♪ >> my new year's resolution is
7:23 pm
to get a new pet. i'm thinking a puppy. my husband will get me a frog. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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7:26 pm
♪ welcome back to the countdown to 2016. it's a magical night right here in the big apple. >> we're celebrating in the middle of all of this in times square. tonight, kimberly, make a wish foundation. >> incredible organization, the make a wish foundation. one 15-year-old teenager from california is living his dream tonight to be in times square for new year's eve. that is not all. taylor, who has end stage kidney failure wanted to experience the best of new york city.
7:27 pm
he was able to do all that and much more. watch this. >> nearly 300,000 celebrants jam times square to watch a globe. >> ever since the tradition began in 1907, people all around the world say -- >> i want to go to new york and see the ball drop in times square. >> 15-year-old taylor is battling a kidney failure disease. sg >> i wanted to go because my classmates are going. i couldn't go. so i wanted to go with my family. >> today the california teenager's wish came true. taylor and his family are in new york city thanks to the make a wish foundation. they began their adventure on a high note. surveying the big apple from the 103rd floor of the empire state building. >> welcome to the empire state building. >> you can see everything, even though it's foggy. it's still cool. >> the thick morning fog
7:28 pm
hindered their view but not their mood. >> do you think the place that none of us have been to and you get to experience it all together. >> what would a trip to new york be without sampling its famous pizza? with the help of the staff here, taylor and kaden made their own delicious pies. ♪ >> how do you like it? >> yummy. >> just to make sure 2016 starts without a glitch, taylor decided to inspect the new year's eve crystal ball. >> three, two, one. >> i'm just in awe right now. that was so cool. >> that was very cool.
7:29 pm
hitting the switch and lighting it up. joining us now is taylor, his mom, his dad and his 8-year-old brother and his make a wish escort is joining us tonight here. mom, you must be so proud of your sons, both of them and, of course, taylor. what an incredible experience. >> they are amazing kids. i couldn't have asked for anything better. >> very sweet. such a -- >> taylor, tell us what your favorite memory of new york city, so far other than this, because this is going to be number one. >> this is amazing. my favorite memory was probably going to the empire state building on the 103rd floor and seeing everything, even though it was foggy, it was awesome. >> amazing. this is pretty amazing, too? >> yes, sir. >> all the musical performances. are you having a fun time hanging out with your brother and seeing all these amazing sights in new york city?
7:30 pm
>> yes, ma'am. >> had you ever been to new york city before? >> no, ma'am. >> you are from california. it's warmer than we have expected. >> not huntington beach weather. i think taylor turned to us and said, how long have you been a news anchor? >> taylor did. he interviewed us. >> ten years or so. i think that microphone looks good on you. >> thank you very much. >> he's a natural. he came in. he took charge. he asked us great questions. thank god we had good answers. a pleasure to see that, so bright and intelligent. a lovely young man. dad, how are you feeling tonight? >> overwhelmed with everything. >> it's a lot. >> it's a lot to take in. it's exciting to see everything here and to see everything we have gotten to see. it's amazing. >> what are your thoughts about the make a wish foundation. >> the make a wish foundation is one of the greatest organizations out there. >> they have gone above and beyond to make his wish come
7:31 pm
true. just make it steechless. . >> he deserves that and more. you are a wonderful young man. truly blessed to have met you. god bless you all. wonderful family. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, new york. >> there we go. coming up, we are mixing it up with patrons at the bar. a special new year's eve message from senator rand paul. plus, what does 2016 hold for kimberly and me or i? >> kimberly and me. >> that and more as the countdown to 2016 continues. ♪
7:32 pm
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♪ the party is well under way here in times square. champagne is popping, drinks are
7:36 pm
flowing. we have so much more to bring you including donald trump, ben carson and pop sensation daya singing "empire state of mind." >> i love it. first, what's a new year's party without the perfect thank god for joanne because she's the bar with katherine right here at the nickerbocker mixing it up. are they mixing or drinking? >> both. >> hi, ladies. >> hi. thank you so much. partners in crime, we took some training here at the bar and made our own craft cocktails. what is yours? >> i figure at this time of the night a lot of people might just want a snack. so it's olive and other olive and various citrus fruit. stay hydrated and make sure you are eating. everyone eat something. here you go. fruit cocktail.
7:37 pm
>> here i have stephanie and tony. first impression, what do you think? who has the better cocktail here? >> well, hers is a citrus drink. i'm thinking about 2016, i want passion in 2016. i'm going to go with the fruit drink. >> i'm going to go with the passion fruit drink as well. >> i win. sorry. >> happiness comes from within. >> back to you. >> and from vodka. >> we prefer to drink our calories. >> fruit on the side. >> ladies, you are having fun. save some cocktails for us later after the show. we will check back in with you later this evening. first, 2016 republican presidential candidate senator rand paul sent us this new year's eve message. >> this is rand paul. happy new year, america.
7:38 pm
as 2015 cop comes to an end, i to wish everyone a successful new year. america is the greatest, freest, richest and most humanitarian country in the history of mankind. to keep america great, we need to protect the liberties our founders enshrined in the constitution. both parties have let us down. they have forgotten their first duty is to defend the constitution and that means balanced budgets and a government so small you can barely see it. if washington continues to ignore the constitution, maybe 2016 is the year to limit congressional terms once and for all. this year my resolution is to preserve our liberties and restore prosperity across america. 2016 needs to be the year of real change in washington. i'm ready to make that change if you will stand with me. from my family to yours, happy holidays and see you out on the campaign trail. >> thank you, senator. later on tonight, dr. ben carson will join us live and republican
7:39 pm
front-runner donald trump will help us ring in the new year. but first, what does the new year hold for us? >> this is very interesting. right? joining us is the author of the year ahead 2016, astrologer susan miller. she's amazing to think she's able to tell you about your life. do you have some good news? >> yes. well, let me start with mr. bolling. actually, you have a better chart than most of the candidates. so i think we should start with bolling and work our way. you have remarkable ability for communication, especially writing. i'm hoping -- >> he has a new book coming out. >> oh, my gosh. i met your wife. you have jup iter in the house. she's your diamond.
7:40 pm
>> what about kimberly? >> kimberly, you have something that's so rare. jupiter conjunct pluto. it happens every 13 years. abraham lincoln, robert de niro, bill gates, warren buffett, we expect a lot. she should be your running mate. >> there you go. >> she will take over later after you get done. we have the plan here. really, kimberly, you are a pices. you are going to come into so much money in the second half of the year. >> i like this. show mama the money. >> a little pices are doing well with marriage. >> who has the best chart of the candidates? >> well -- >> i didn't mean to interrupt the money thing. we will get back to that.
7:41 pm
>> mr. trump has a great chart. he is a brilliant communicator. very much of a maverick. so he is never going to do things the way everybody else. he has the moon in sagittarius. he tells the truth. >> did you happen to -- >> he has trouble with women. >> did you run hillary clinton's chart? >> i did. >> and? >> look, it's never predestined. you know what i mean? we have to vote. we can't just go to sleep and find out who won. we have to vote. but her constituency is solid. they don't waiver. they love her and they're going to stay with her. it will be very hard to pull people away from her. marco rubio actually has a pretty good chart. so does ted cruz. those two, i don't think dr. carson -- i think he will go back to the operating room. at least -- >> we can ask him about that. >> if mr. trump doesn't make it to the -- the caucus is -- it's
7:42 pm
so complicated. he will have his best financial year in over a decade. >> leave it there. >> something happy to look forward to. >> we will tap you more during the break. >> about the money. >> about the money, yes. >> we have breaking news tonight. wayne rogers, the actor who is known as trapper john on m.a.s.h. passed away. he died in los angeles of complications from pneumonia. he was 82 and a very dear friend of mine. spent a lot of time with him. we will be missing you, wayne rogers. >> part of the fox news family and a regular on your show. god bless him. our thoughts and prayers are with his family this evening from our family here at fox to his. coming up, the paefrt keeps going. we will check in in miami, the fountain. that and more as the countdown to 2016 continues. stay with us.
7:43 pm
♪ ♪ hello, everybody. >> my resolution is to stay young. >> sign me up for that one. maybe this year we can make the clock go backwards. fingers crossed. >> let's see how it yours? >> i'm going with yours. we're turning back the clock in 2016. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, everybody. pipes are.
7:44 pm
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♪ welcome back to the countdown to 2016. we are on the rooftop of the nickerbocker hotel in times square. what happened when jesse waters gets together with a budancer? >> jesse is with the performers. >> what's going on? we're up here at the rooftop of the nickerbocker hotel with some artistic performers. are you a burlesque dancer? >> yes. >> can i see some moves? you look cold. are you cold? >> i'm okay. the feathers keep me warm. >> are you single? >> depends. >> i'm asking for a friend. okay. what's up, big guy? >> doing dandy.
7:48 pm
>> what's your new year's resolution. >> i don't believe in them. >> you don't believe in them? >> next year i have to do more. >> a degree. you are a what? >> a ballerina. >> can i see some moves? >> of course. >> very light on your feet. right here we have contortionist twins. yeah. that looks like a lot of fun. okay. do you have a lot of -- you get a lot of attention, i bet. don't you? >> a little bit every now and then. >> hold that position. what do we have here? you are a magician? >> yes. hello. >> can you do anything? >> how about a pull a coin out of your ear? it's invisible. >> at the end of the night, a couple of these people are going
7:49 pm
to kiss after midnight. we're not going to tell you what the combination is. you will have to stay tuned. check it out. >> i hope they're not planning on kissing kimberly. i'm going to put a no to that. >> that's his world. okay. >> thanks. hanging out poolside in miami. looking good, brother. >> hey. happy new year. we are by the pool. you see right there, that's the pool. this place is packed. there's a seriously famous dj up there. he just came out to the crowd about an hour ago and said, you only got a few hours left to go for all the glory and action. let me tell you what else is happening. then there's vip. it's amazing. i think it's the warm weather. everyone is so friendly. how are you? >> hi. friendly.
7:50 pm
hey, ladies, how are you? >> hi. >> what's your name? >> kristin. >> kristin, are you having fun? and what's your new year's resolution? >> absolutely having fun, and my new year's resolution is to have an even better 2016 than 2015. hopefully filled with love, health and wealth. >> all right, are you having fun? >> yes! >> all right, well, that's it from here. we're going to wrap it up and show you what's going on at this pool side party, because it is hot, and the dancin''s hot. and it's only getting hotter. >> we'll leave it at that. but of course coming up, we're getting ready to kiss gift good-bye as the count down to 2016 continues. kennedy is back with us next. and later, republican front runner donald trump will be here to help us ring in the new year and make america great again.
7:51 pm
stay with us. >> i resolve to be calm and carry on so the terrorists do not win all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around.
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aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪
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. ♪ welcome back. are you having fun?
7:55 pm
>> i'm having a great time. >> we're counting down to 2016. every party needs the perfect music to dance the night away to. we're going to head over to kennedy who's mixing it up with the deejay. take it away. >> the key is to keep the crowd moving. the crowd here at the knicker bocker is building. at excitement builds toward midnight. this is ryan, he's a deejay. he does some of the biggest parties on earth. what is your secret weapon? what gets the party going tonight? >> just keeping the people dancing. everyone moving, and i'm happy. >> how do you read the crowd? >> i'm looking at who's moving their body. >> and how do you know when to switch the music up? how do you know when to go old school. and how do you know when to go something to like adele? >> if people stop moving, i'll
7:56 pm
switch it up. >> what is your absolute go-to song? >> absolute go-to for this year would be "track green queen." >> i see, is that in the queue? >> just after the ball drops. >> where ever you are, you don't have to be in a packed club to have music make you move tonight, right? >> absolutely. >> it is the international language, right? >> brings us all together. >> right round like a record, baby. >> i want to say what's up to my little baby sam and my beautiful family at home. so i love you guys. >> since we're doing shout outs, i want to say hi to my mom. what's up, mom? >> hi, mom. >> she likes dirty little mass on new year's. >> just dirty, dirty. >> that's not true. quite a wholesome place. we have so much coming up for you on this new year's eve.
7:57 pm
the music is building, the crowd is building, and hopefully your night is too and you're in the right place, fox news, 2016. >> okay. you know what's so funny? this brings me back to the day when like kennedy, famous, mtv, and there she is with the deejay at the booth. i love it. i want her to like spin it. bang out some tunes. you know i love that, right? all i'm missing is my legs here, so i could be dancing here and doing the dance moves. look at the crowd down there. totally electric. so exciting. everybody loving being here in new york city. eric, you know it, everyone wants to come here. >> this is the place. this is the place to be on new year's eve when the ball drops. the year turns over to 2016. these people are so excited. we walked through the crowd right before the show started. >> it was incredible. >> there was anticipation.
7:58 pm
it was huge. they're excited. they love the five. >> people love fox. they were all giving a shout out. we got to meet jenny mccarthy, vanilla ice. a lot of people down there. >> vanilla ice, whiz khalifa. there's a massive police presence down there. it's a lot safer than most people would give it credit to be. >> it's really incredible. it goes to speak volumes about the nypd, the fine job that they do keeping us safe here in new york city. i felt completely at home walking through the crowds. it was really incredible. and people seem optimistic about 2016 about the year ahead. >> you would think you would never want to be in that crowd, but everyone's fun, everyone's happy. >> the confetti. >> we have the confetti ball drop, and everyone swishes
7:59 pm
around in the confetti. it's great. don't go anywhere. we're just getting started. next hour, donald trump is going to join us to ring in the new year. we also have dr. ben carson standing by. we head back to times square to check in with the crowds and a huge supply, huge supply, you don't want to miss. >> i love a big surprise and a good kiss. who do you think will win the white house? the republican or democrat? >> kimberly at midnight too. i'm not sure which is more important. >> equally important. #foxne #foxnews2016. send us your photos and videos, we love to take a look at them. we head down to the crowds and take a look at what's going on down there. stay with us, fox news, 2016.
8:00 pm
♪ going to have a house party ♪ if you want to be a home body ♪ ♪ we're going to have a house party ♪ ♪ throw me a tee shirt ♪ over the lampshade ♪ i'll take the furniture ♪ slide it out of the way live from new york city times square, this is fox news all american new year with kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling. ♪ give it to me, i'm worth it ♪ baby, i'm worth it ♪ uh-huh, i'm worth it ♪ yeah, baby, i'm worth it ♪ >> okay. started to bring it back like she left some ♪ >> you're worth it. >> i love it. that's what they say. welcome to fox's all american new year.


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