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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> actually, pizza rat is getting his own show here on the network. >> wow! >> friday nights at midnight. >> thanks everyone. happy new year. >> happy new year. reporter: a fox news alert with major terror concerns in germany as 2016 gets under way. trains are up and running in munich, but threats that terrorists plan to blow themselves up inside that city. abby: police evacuating two train stations in germany telling party-goers to avoid crowds. the police chief said syrians and iraqis were behind the new year's eve plot.
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even though nothing happened, they are still concerned the threat remains. good morning, what do we know about who may have been behind this threat? >> they are talking about seven syrian names. not iraqis. these names of course have been sent to interest poll in case these people, the suspects have got over the border and are elsewhere in europe. in munich the situation remains tense. the plan seems to have been two of these seven people were going to be suicide bombers, and five were the helpers. the plan was the one suicide bomber to detonate his explosives in the main railway station or another station called pasing.
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when the police would arrive after the cash and the plan was for the second suicide bomber to kill himself among the rescue personnel, causing more carnage and death. europe has porous borders. you can pass between numerous nations without showing a passport. they could have come in from mew thing. but the situation in munich is there are 550 armed police on the street, and agencies are trying to find these guys. >> talk to us about the significance of that. >> the plot itself. fir off the americans tipped off
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germany about a week ago. but the threat was unspecific. it said we have something on our radar, we think something is planned, but we don't know where or when. on new year's eve the french authorities told the germans there was a concrete plan for this attack to take place in munich at the stroke of midnight. that then led to the german federal police contacting munich authorities at 7:40:00 p.m. yesterday evening to say the highest threat alert. the police moved in, shut off the main station and told the crowd through social media that they should stay away from public places if they possibly could. abby: some very scary types, allen hall in munich.
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leland: during the scary type, this one in sam sister dam. police removing a 29-year-old british man after he was accused of making bomb threats. not something you do in an airport. the incident caused temporary evacuations, but no he can pleasives turned up in the suspect's luggage. abby: one million people gathered in types square to he bright new year's eve. security for the event unprecedented with 6,000 nypd officers on hand doing a phenomenal job. leland: when you walked around mid-town manhattan there were police officers and you felt
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safe. meanwhile in upstate new york a terror threat putting a dam per on new year's festivity after foiling an alleged plot to attack a bar there. a 25-year-old ex-convict. court papers show that unlike previous isis suspects, he claims he was directed by an operative overseas. the bar's owner says he noticed suspicious behavior from hip before. >> he has been around the area before. he's a panhandler and many businesses have ask him to leave. reporter: including yourself? >> including myself. leland: threats of flooding in
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the nest are not letting up. missouri is in a state of emergency as parts of the mississippi river keep rising. water is reaching record highs, forcing thousands to flee their homes. matt, it seems like things have only gotten worse. reporter: here in arnold up to 200 homes have been affected or destroyed. the mayor saying this is the worst natural disaster the town has seen. to my right here one of the few homes in this neighborhood that was spared perhaps in part to the sandbagging efforts. the river crested at a record high of 47 feet. the sun is coming out. homeowners not allowed back in their homes yet. city officials are warning people to be aware of stray
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animals and snakes in the water. the red cross and fema are all here to keep people out of the cold. leland: we have the cold and the water that continues to rise. residents are facing other problems as well. reporter: the water is contaminated with siewng. one homeowner said his family home might be a total loss. >> we are kicking around whether we'll come back here. we just don't know. my house smells of siewng. i don't think that will ever come out of there. reporter: there are multiple states affected by this flooding. the mississippi river is expected to continue to rise and cause flooding south of us heading into tomorrow, leland. >> the great flood of the
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1990s. now dealing with this. the cold already freezing below solution with the sun coming up. thanks, matt. abby: ben carson addressing a major shakeup in his campaign after his campaign manager quit last night. >> we did a deep dive and recognized there was some areas of deficiency. abby: good morning to you and a very happy new year? the new year not going off to a great start for ben carson, yesterday announcing three his top aides resigning along with a up in of other staffers. you have been following campaigns for a long time. what is your initial reaction to this news? do you see it as a bad sign for
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this campaign? >> there have been disconcerting moves. he left the campaign to go on a book tour. and he has gone to alleys like new york where there aren't primaries. he called reporters into his home. he said people were in his campaign to make money. and he said there would be a shakeup. campaign staffers not being fired, but quitting. a lot of them are blaming them. there seem to be a lot of cooks in the kitchen giving conflicting advice. abby: the communications director who did resign said the campaign will go forward.
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they raised $23 million in quarter, more than any other republican candidate. that's a lot of money. but that can be spent very quickly. how long can that take him? >> if you look at the last quarter, he brings $20 million. but more than half of it was spent. but they also report these expenses. while he does have a lot of money coming in he has a high burn rate. >> it will be interesting to see how that campaign goes on. thanks for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> as we bring in 2016 we take stock of 2015. the market posted its worst year since the financial crash of 2008. how is it looking for a bounceback in 2016? >> the rose prayed and rose bowl
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set for today. a look at those preparations. >> donald trump sent a new year's message to his presidential opponent. >> we have a very big lead. i intend to keep it. not because i want the job. but because i want to do something great for the country and great for the people. i hope we are going to carry it out and get it done. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away.
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abby: in tel aviv we are getting word a gunman opened fire on friday afternoon. police say the more tough was not immediately clear. it was not known if the attacker was palestinian or a gangland shooting. we'll keep you jowch dated as we hear more. leland: republican presidential frontrunner donald trump quite literally rang in the new year with fox news prompting his family to join host kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling. >> i have a very big lead and we intends to keep it. that i can tell you. we have a very, very big lead.
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leland: joining us is alan colmes. chris, first to you. he does not have a big lead in iowa. is it time for things to start getting real? >> it is time things get real. he's got a 17-point lead nationally. in. >> i wait's place where a ground game matters. this is not their first primary. they will probably show up there and i think the spread will be more than three points. but then again this is a primary like we have never seen before. donald trump is a candidate we cannot use history to predict. the only thing you can soundsly say for sure is 2016 will be
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most interesting thing politically since barrie goldwater beat rockefeller. >> alan colmes. the boston globe, unorthodoxed opponents are hard to beat. if you were advising ted cruz, and said no, a job you don't want, how does he hold on in iowa. >> he has a better chance in iowa than trump does. trump is not resonating in iowa. cruz is doing well with evangelicals. he seems to be the person on the rise at the moment. historically the republican who wins iowa does not necessarily get the nomination. that certainly doesn't end it for trump. but he's wrong about a year from now tblght white house unless he's break and entering. he doesn't take office until the
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21st. >> just jump' the fence like everybody else seems to be doing these days. this is what he had to say about the general. >> i think i'll be her worst nightmare, but we'll find out. she won't do the job. we are going to do the job, and we are going to do some special things. >> he says no problem, i'll beat hillary as well. one national poll he's not winning is against hillary clinton in a head-to-head matchup. you can't win a national election with those kinds of disapproval numbers with those groups. so i'm sure democrats would love to see donald trump be the nominee. there is no way with those numbers he can win a general election. >> are we going back to a potential gold water shellacking
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for republicans? >> i think it's possible if donald trump gets the nomination. but we haven't been able to use history as a predictor in this primary. marco rubio is the only republican candidate beating hillary and is likely to win the general election. his job will be to show that, get rid of chris christie, get rid of jeb bush. he has come in third place in iowa. but even if you add all the more moderate and the conservative votes together behind him. donald trump is still ahead. unless something happens and someone can pop this bubble which might start to happen. then republicans are in for a real tough election. >> we'll leave it at that as we start the new year. one month from today we'll talk
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leland: fans have been lined up for the pasadena rose parade. the rose bowl football game also taking place.
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the crowd expected to near 700,000 folks before the parade begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern. finish watching america's newsroom, then you can switch over. abby: the stock market expected to bounce back after posting its worst years since the financial crisis. happy new year. it was a rough year for stocks. the worse since 2008. year of the recession. can we expect a better year in 2016? >> stocks went negative. if you look at where we were a year ago stocks were down a negative 1% to 2%. 2016 will be a holding year. everybody, including investors will be focused on what happens
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with this huge monumentally important presidential elect. i'll make a prediction. this time next year starting in january of 2017, we could see a big bull market standings, especially if republicans win. a year from now president obama's reign will be over and i suspect we'll have a more pro growth president and that will be a good thing. abby, a good strategy for dealing with the stock market, you listening? buy low, sell high. abby: that's good advice. a lot of times people make a mistake. when they see a start of a bear market, people kind of panic and sell their stocks when the market is falling. if you are in the to be market
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for the long run. 5 or 10 or 20 years for your retirement plan, do not sell your stocks. i'm a big believe the stock market is the best place to hold your money for a long-term investment. abby: what are your thoughts on gas prices? what with your prediction. are they going to day low? and is that a good thing for the economy? >> i love it he type i go to the pump i'm paying $1.89 a gallon. it's the equivalent of a tax cut for the american consumer. think about where we were 18 months ago. the average consumer family is saving $500 to $1,000 a year. if i on have to pay $30 to fill
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up my take instead of $60, then you have got more money to spend. i think it's a good news story and i can't predict the fluctuations in the oil market. but we won't go back to $4 a gallon gasoline. steven moore, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> just as new year's celebrations got under way at a luxury hotel, well, the fire took off burning right next to the world's tallest skyscraper. now the investigation to figure out what happened. and we'll tell you how everybody got out alive.
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abby: welcome back. at least one person is dead and 40 others are injured after a massive inferno in the philippine capital of manila. the government trying to discourage what has become a new year's tradition. it's an improvement from last year when firecrackers caused twice as many injuries. leland: new developments on hillary clinton's email scandal. the state department revealing portions of 300 messages released yesterday have been newly classified. critics accused clinton of using a private email and server during her time as secretary of state. this reviewing the emails more than 1,200 of clinton's emails
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have been retroactively classified. next hour we'll have a report. abby: officials in dew buy in * trying to figure out what caused the fire in this skyscraper. officials battling the fire for over 12 hours. it caused quite a scare during new year's celebrations. what a scary night for people there. is the fire now under control? reporter: the actual fire is under control but the operation is not over yet. this is video from earlier today of the address hotel. it's still smoldering. firefighters had to let the fire burn because they didn't have
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the equipment to get up there so high, the hoalss and ladders to get up there. the fire started at 9:30 last night. they say a 20th floor tear last of the 60-floor tower. but witnesses say they have believe it started on the ground floor and the cause is unknown. it does not appear this is links to terror activity. but witnesses say it engulfed the side of the building. officials say the state of the art fire system prevented it from spreading further. incredibly, only 16 people were injured. 14 with minor injuries, one moderately injured and one person suffered a heart attack during the evacuation process. those we spoke with said it was
6:34 am
an orderly process and dread ited emergency officials. but we are hearing the story of people escaping. one guy reportedly said he strapped his disabled mother to his back as was trying to escape the building as well. >> the fireworks celebrations went on as planned after that. reporter: they did. the show did go on. it was certainly quite the contrast. on one side of what is called the khalifa lake, you have the towering inferno, if you will, on the other side of the way you have the' tallest sky scraper in the world and it was incredible the massive fireworks celebration.
6:35 am
one of the world's largest. so not only was it already a huge logistical and security operation, but then you have this, quite a dramatic scene. abby: thank you. leland: trains are up and running in munich, germany, but police are warning a suicide attack is still the a threat. the not involved two bombers planning to blow themselves you have at midnight. when the clock struck 12:00 nothing happened and the train station was shut down. joining us now, dave sears, a former navy seal and member of
6:36 am
seal team 6. suicide bombers on the run in an area as densely populated as europe. >> this is when you will need intelligence at local level. that's how you will catch these guys. it's hard to stop, you are absolutely right. >> when you have think about local intelligence. if they have suicide vests with them, they can still blow themselves up. we are hearing it was possible one of the attackers was going to blow himself you have in the train station and another attacker was going to wait until the emergency personnel descended. >> this has become a popular tactic and it makes sense. but that said it's giving up the tactic to us. our emergency response knows how to deal with that and they will look for that. >> as we look at the pictures coming out of germany from last night when they shut the train station down.
6:37 am
heavily armed police in those kinds of things. but with as many soft starringr targets that exist in big cities, it seems it does matter whether terrorists walked into the strain station where you have a lot of police presence or walked into a cafe where you have no police presence. they blow themselves up and the results largely the same. >> it can be with a suicide bomber vest. you can get to them and mitigate how much damage is done. having the presence of armed police and people in those situations does help the situation without a doubt. >> you think about this big picture, you talk about last night in new york city. there were 6,000 police officers in times square. you couldn't walk more than a couple feet before a police officer looked at you and said happy new year. across new york there is a large police presence. is there too much focus being put on these major events and not enough on intelligence
6:38 am
efforts and those kinds of things to stop these attacks and plots before they are able to take place? >> i don't think it's an either/orquestion. you have got to have the people on the ground. let's look at tel aviv. the security apparatus in israel deals with this all the time. they are not able to stop everything. that said, they are doing a great job and you are going to get if the majority of these guys. >> the israelis learned to mitt gate and respond quickly enough. is that where we are headed in the united states, we'll end up having armed security guards pat malls and every cafe check people before they go into the olive garden and times square? >> unfortunately we may start down that road more. i think in the big soft target places you will see more of that.
6:39 am
>> there are so many soft targets in the united states. so many events as well. as we point out our thanks to nypd, dave sears appreciate your service and your insight as well. abby: college football championship set. clemson beating oklahoma. -17 at the orange bowl. alabama earning its trip to the championship. alabama faces clemson january 11 for the national title. leland: who thought alabama and michigan would do this. coming up.
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march madness in a couple months. but who is not comfortable with backing up your vehicle when towing something. most folks shouldn't be comfort with that. maryanne is a commercial truck driver who misdirected. she drove over a bridge and you can see bridge versus truck. truck won. the trucker admitting to authorities she knew the truck was over the weight limit but did not realize it was five times over the weight limit. it was built in 1880 when the horse and buggies weighed a little bit less than tractor-trailers. abby: not so much fun there. if you are flying in the new year, brand-new rules going into effect for the tsa, and you may
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need a passport to board a plane. what you need to know before you head to the airport. report who doesn't want to lose weight. we'll tell you why experts say resolution -- your new year's resolution is likely to have the opposite effect. right now,
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made regular appearances on "cashing in." he was 82 years old. abby: lots of people making new year's resolutions and losing weight is the top one. good morning doctor, thank you for being with us. there are experts saying for those who have this resolution, i think that's the number one resolution every year is to lose weight. you have experts saying don't do that because it could have the opposite effect. you could gain weight. does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't.
6:46 am
we make a resolution to lose x number of pound and we put enormous pressure on ourselves. i suggest making resolutions to make healthy lifestyle changes, simple things. abby: normally when you set a goal for yourself there is a start date and end date. it's not about change your lifestyle where it will last forever. >> you feel like a failure when life gets in the way and you put too much pressure on yourself. if you do simple thing like let's take a walk after a meal every night or add one vegetable to our platesser night for sick weeks. abby: what if people say i want to shed a few pound and be
6:47 am
healthier. what is your advice for thing they can do? >> don't focus on a number. don't focus on the weight. look at how your clothes fit. how you feel. do you have more energy. are you able to perform more at work. that's the positive feedback that makes you wanted to go back to the gyms. jips will be packed today and tomorrow. abby: we just finished some of my favorite holidays where people are out having a few extra drinks. what is your advice on alcohol? if you are trying to lose that weight, what do you recommend in terms of drinking? >> i think we have to live in our alcohol. if you look toward 5 to 7 drinks per week you will do very, very well. alcohol is empty calories and can put on the pounds.
6:48 am
abby: how do you tart? >> the fir thing to do is set realistic goals. you don't have to go to the gym sick days a week. find a buddy month will hold you accountable and go to the gym together. start 20 minute of walking on a treadmill and you may mind you love it and you are there 5 to 6 days a week. >> give all of us three goals you can do if you are wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. what are the three thing that we should focus on? >> i think getting off the couching with doing some physical every day no matter how small it is. secondly, eat healthy, try to add vegetables to your plate. whole fish. avoid carbohydrates to excess.
6:49 am
and smile. enjoy life. enjoy your family even when times are tough. that's the number one thing i think we can do. abby: dr. campbell, a happy new year to you. legal will be we could have had those cookies we wanted. breakfast of champions. we said we'll be good. that was a mistake. abby: i don't want them now. leland: in this new year airports are upping their security with all the terror concerns. these pat-down lines could get even longer. we'll tell you why tsa agents are being ordered to pat each other down. we got word this isn't the tomorrow security increase
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abby: divers ringing in the new year by upping into the river in bucharest. leland: the new year's set to bring in big changes in airport security. it won't make things easier for you or the folks who work there. jonathan hunt explains. >> critics have been pointing
6:54 am
out for some time that while passengers go through extensive screening every type they go to the airport, workers do not. >> employee security control at airports beef up significantly. some airports have way too many access points. reporter: in the wake of recent terror attacks, jeh johnson said the department already moved to step up the pace random screening of airport workers and quote tsa administrator and i recently conclude we need to double down on these airport security efforts and will be consulting with airports and airlines to do so. there are no reported instances of airport workers being involved in terror plots in the u.s. but in 2014, an atlanta-based baggage handler was charged with
6:55 am
delivering guns to a smuggler. another new security measure, this one aimed at passengers may mean some driver's licenses could be rejected as a valid i.d. there is a 10-year-old law on the books that sets federal standard for technology on licenses. and january 10, anyone carrying a license from warn, til now, missouri, and oklahoma will need a second government i.d. to board a plane. leland: now that we check missouri's driver's licenses more carefully.
6:56 am
abby: over 5,000 pages of emails from then secretary of state hillary clinton. new questions over whether classified information was sent over classified servers. leland: new rules under way for gun buyers. dare i say the word, executive action. a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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ajeb bush: donald, you're noth enough going to be ableully... to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. leland: there is a brand-new document dump on new year's eve night. the state department releasing thousands of her emails including hundreds involving classified information or a number of national secrets. on this new year's, 2016.
7:00 am
i'm leland vittert. >> the state department releasing 3,000 of clinton's emails on the final day of 2015. 275 of them upgrade to classified including two designated secrets. rich, you have had the dubious task of looking through these emails on new year's eve and new year's day. what did you find. >> liberal activist and clinton con if i dance sydney blumenthal. clinton forwards many of them to aides asking for verification or
7:01 am
asking them to print the emails. a 2012 press release, he says of the release, my word, this is awful. white house has just complicated not only the ngo issue by the imf negotiations. a forward to clinton, wow! clinton offers of the assessment, totally whacko. one of the few instances of the department's displeasure with the press. cheryl mills writes that it's gone viral. leland: you always have the photo of the blackberry. we have issues of national security and the issues of clinton's day-to-day life.
7:02 am
i guess there is a seating flow chart? >> apparently vital to the operation of the state department. it's designed to get the formatting right. a lengthy chart to determine which aide should ride with clinton in her car while she is abroad. they ask, is the ambassador tolerable? if so, she get to ride in the limousine. if not they are out of the car. department lawyers will likely have to appear to a judge to explain the missed deadline. leland: thanks, rich, let us know if you find anything else. abby: president obama planning to get right to work on gun
7:03 am
control when he returns to washington. he will meet with loretta lynch monday to discuss what executive action he can take to try to keep guns out of criminals' hands. what is the idea behind this meeting with the attorney general? reporter: i think what's behind this is the tightrope we have been watching for quite some time. the president had his legal team poring over existing law and other documents to create an executive action that can with stands congressional muster. we have watched them painstakingly go over this process. so he's going to be meeting with her to make sure what is constructed is not only lawful, but also enforceable. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence.
7:04 am
but what if we tried to stop even one. what if congress did something, knowing protect our kids from gun violence. a few months ago i dpliectd team at the white house to look into any new actions i can take to reduce gun violence. monday i'll meet with our southern general loretta lynch to discuss our options. reporter: one of the main things you will be watching is the president hopes to stand background checks from dealers. background checks are already a reality for the vast majority of gun purchases. but it's trying to narrowly scope the expansion of those background checks. we'll have to see how they craft the law and how enforceable it is. abby: the president making a personal appeal to the american people in the address. tell us about that. reporter: this will be an
7:05 am
executive action. part of it will be trying to couple with an executive action and making a sales pitch to the american people. this is not about take away your rights. this is as much about creating an environment that's more safe for you than it has been before. listen carefully how the president framed that. >> the gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone. the rest of us will have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense our kids. that's the work of citizenship. to stands up and fight for the change we see. i hope you will join me in making america safer for all of our children. reporter: the change we seek meaning not just the change you might see in your family and the change you might shep create in your community. but i believe they are trying to nudge the american people to
7:06 am
talk to their congressal leaders. how much controversy surrounds this will depend on how narrowly focused the executive actions we learned about are. we'll be watching carefully. >> some more executive actions to come. thank you. reporter: joining us for more on this. daniel harper. when we look at this in a political context and the president taking executive action. it seems like hanging red meat for republicans. >> you can expect every republican candidate, bernie sanders, all the republicans, to weigh in on president obama's executive action on guns. they will have to take a stand and it will become a major issue. people want to know, are the politicians running for office.
7:07 am
will they keep these executive actions or will they kick it back to congress and have congress make these decisions? keep in mind president obama wanted congress to pass laws, they didn't pass laws, therefore he's going at it alone. it's been his m.o. in terms of immigration and the epa and other issues, so it's becoming a huge issue. it will remain a major issue going forward. >> who does this favor? the generic democrat or republican? it galvanizes republicans. they say we don't like these executive actions. it galvanizes democrats. >> i think republicans tend to think it phase them and democrats think it phase themselves. obama is not politically naive. he has been good at getting
7:08 am
himself re-elected. he's somewhat popular for a lame duck president. so i don't -- democrats make the case that people view gun control differently than they did 10 years ago and it's the changing demographics and the way new americans think about these issues rather than how it used to be. leland: there are congressmen who tell you the on the thing they feerteer than fear itself is the nra. do you think the president won't care about the political implications? no love lost between him and the clintons? >> i don't think that's the case. i think if president obama gets elected and the next president can sign executive orders negating everything, then president obama's presidency
7:09 am
looks smaller. he needs a democrat to be the next president to keep in place a lot of the things he set forward. i don't think he risks at all on something so controversial. both sides are making calculations in this political fight and there will be more so. but hillary clinton, when she was running against barack obama she was far more pro gun. now she adopted president obama's views on gun control. that suggests a shift in the electorate in their thinking about these guns, and she thinks it's helpful to them. obviously coming up are the primaries. so it helps hillary in a primary and republicans in their own primary to come out strongly against this. >> we'll wait as new year's day. we'll see what the reaction is
7:10 am
from some of the 2016 hopefuls. daniel harper, appreciate your insights. abby? >> breaking news from the middle east. deadly violence from israel on the first day of the new year. what police from saying about this terrifying attack on a crowded street. lelandstreet.. abby: the affluenza teen is fighting extradition back to the united states. his lawyers say his rights are being violated. >> there is a hearing to transfer his juvenile probatione
7:11 am
it was a 10-year probated sentence. to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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i then i could maybe ifupgrade a little, ifi'm gettingr tha fair price. know we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. leland: the new year beginning with deadly violence in israel. a gunman opened fire on a busy main street in tel aviv. officials say they are not sure
7:15 am
if the attack was palestinian or fit was a gainingland shooting. we have been seeing attacks by palestinians, lone wolf attacks the last couple months. we are work our sources and our bureau is working to get more information on this. we'll bring it to you as soon as we have it. abby: ted cruz offering some tough talks this week. the texas senator's rise in the polls puts him in close range of gop frontrunner donald trump. >> we are winning and as a result i want to tell everybody get ready. get ready for the attacks that are coming. abby: let's bring in the chief political correspondent for "the review." happy new year.
7:16 am
we can't start off 2016 without talking about donald trump or ted cruz or somebody running for office. a lot of people saying this could go to a brokered convention. for hip to be the nominee a lot will have to change including bringing down donald trump. >> ted cruz has a lot of grassroots support. we were mentioning iowa. when you are looking at the primaries coming up. and the comment just made. these individuals get it. ted cruz i think will be someone who is really anti-establishment candidate. that wave of the antiestablishment momentum is sweeping across the country. but with hip he's gaining momentum. he will be gaining more money. with that will come more attacks against him as well. but the grassroots movement is
7:17 am
clearly behind him. >> he spoke to that and warned them about attacks coming his way. let's hear what he said about that. >> there are a lot of folks in politic who are not constrained by what they view is a quaint notions of the truth. they believe particularly as you get close to an election day they can toss out any lie, any attack and the attack will do the damage before anyone discovers it's not true. i want everyone to get ready because that's coming. abby: warning that people who support him that attacks are coming his ways that are lies. i'm thinking of a feud between him and donald trump. >> donald trump said he's not evangelical, i'm evangelical. someone who grew up in new york
7:18 am
and has been around donald trump all this time it's startling rhetoric. he's talking about strapping on the armor of god. he need to come out of iowa with a win. there is no other way for hip to go forward. and he's in good shape for super tuesday. the prospects are similar to what bowel * had to do. does he have broad enough appeal to win the general election? >> the anti-establishment wave. people cannot underestimate that. even in kentucky you had the republican win for governor in that state. people are tired of politicians
7:19 am
not standing for their principles that are very important. i do think that americans are recognizing that he's someone who is principled. he's a great debater. i'm look forward to the next debate. the fox business debate, i'll be there. abby: do you think hillary clinton should be nervous about ted cruz? julie: i think hillary clinton is praying for ted cruz. how is john mccain who is up in arizona the say year he would purportedly be the republican nominee run with somebody who he has been so vocally critical of. most people will be sitting on their hand if he's the nominee.
7:20 am
abby: janine, julie, thank you for spending new year's with us. leland: we have a new twist on the so-called affluenza teen case. how could a human rights violation help him avoid prison time in the united states. abby: we'll look at amazing and most frightening videos of 2015. get beautyrest, posturepedic,
7:21 am
7:22 am
even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory!
7:23 am
the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ abby: fireworksing up the sky in pyongyang.
7:24 am
the leader kim jong-un says he's open to talks with anyone who is open to reconciliation and peace, but did not offer up talks with south korea or the united states. leland: lawyers for the taken stricken with affluenza appears to be trying to stall for his deportation. he was serving probation for killing four people was found in mexico weeks after he and his mother disappeared. now his lawyer says his human rights were violated. will carr has more on when we might expect to see couch back in the united states. reporter: there is a legal
7:25 am
battle to keep couch in mexico. but when he comes back to the united states, the maximum he can spend behind bar is 120 days and 10 years probation, and that's only if the case is switched to an adult court. it's possible he could spend just as much time in the immigration detention center in mexico where it all gets sorted out. the reports are he's not being treated any differently from any other detainees. he has to sleep in a common area and use a concrete basin to wash his clothes. he may have had a gun with him in mexico. if that's the case. mexico has stiff gun laws. it's possible he could serve prison time in mexico. leland: as bad as some of the american prisons are, the
7:26 am
mexican ones are worse. his mom allegedly helped him escape. could she go to jail as well? reporter: she is in los angeles awaiting an extradition hearing to go back to texas. her attorneys released a statement. while the public may not like what she did or may not agree with what she did. she did not violate any laws of the state of texas and she is eager to have her day in court. authorities charged her with a felony for fleeing with her son and if convicted she could face up to 10 years in prison. leland: we'll see what the judge has to say about that defense. will carr with us live from los angeles. abby: new danger in theheartlann to recede.
7:27 am
but the threat is far from over. ben carson make changes with his campaign staff. why now? dr. carson's new campaign manager with us live next. >> we are moving into a different phase and we need something different. i think people will see a major difference. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. . . . .
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7:30 am
other families are dealing with similar challenges and working toward the right solutions together. visit to see stories like ours and learn how your family can start the journey toward recovery today. leland: major shake-ups this holiday weekend in the ben carson campaign for president. top aides resigning just as the republican presidential candidate is sliding some would say plummeting, in the polls. his new campaign manager joins us for his first television interview as campaign manager. first off, congratulations, sir. happy new year. we'll get right to it. your man is fourth in iowa, 7th in new hampshire. less than five weeks to the caucuses, what is your plan? >> our plan is to get doctor
7:31 am
carson's message on america to the people. iowa, 7,000 donors, 19,000 people attend events. we have large reservoir of volunteers and staff to go. we look forward to the caucuses on the february 1st. leland: as we look at "real clear politics" average of the top six, dr. carson has taken a significant drop in the polls. he had a nice bump going back a couple months ago. since then it has slid significantly. how do you turn this around? what is wrong in the campaign that you're going to fix. >> we just need to keep getting dr. carson in front of more and more voters. as people listen to him, what his plans are, they come to him. our job is to get him in front of more people, more often, more quickly in a fashion that will target the people who will agree and join our campaign. leland: we had erick erickson on earlier in the show. he told abby among the mistakes in his opinion the campaign
7:32 am
made, sending dr. carson on the book tour. said things were disorganized. holding rallies in states that didn't have primary, those kind of thing. is there discipline that needs to be brought to this campaign? can you turn something around in five weeks that seems so disorganized for so long? >> well i don't think that a campaign that has raised more money than anybody else, has over five million followers on facebook, has number of people supporting us already is disorganized. i think we need to get bigger and better and faster what we're doing. leland: how will you deal with donald trump? when he started attacking dr. carson, as dr. carson was rising in the polls, it was pretty quick dispatch from mr. trump as dr. carson's numbers plummeted and trump's rose. are you worried about that? how are you dealing with round two if dr. carson does indeed rise again. >> we'll work on what dr. carson's message is. one of hope and reviving america and appealing to the country. we'll stay focused on dr. carson and his message.
7:33 am
leland: this is a little bit in the weeds for our viewers, one of the reasons your predecessor, dr. armstrong woman, was resigning because he felt there was too many cooks in the kitchen. are you confident that you have dr. carson's ear? and number two you can focus this politically the way it needs to go? >> of course. every candidate has a set of personal advisors. we welcome what armstrong does for the campaign. we will work well together. leland: where is dr. carson on foreign policy? is this campaign and the focus on dr. carson increase his, would some would say great lack in the foreign policy space really seemed to show. has not so great moments at debates and other places. attempted to fix that by going to jordan. it didn't really seem to help. is there a way to turn this around to come up with a concrete for rin policy message for someone with frankly zero foreign policy experience? >> i dispute the premise of the question.
7:34 am
i think dr. carson has quite a bit of foreign policy experience. how did he get to experience? he traveled to foreign countries. he has been to 58. you meet with foreign leaders. he has done that you put out plans and programs. he has the most specific plan of any candidate how to deal with isis. adding dr. general bob deese to our campaign will see what dr. carson's true foreign policy experience is. leland: we'll see how much they like it. ed brookover, heading the carson campaign. >> thanks for having me. leland: thank you. come back here. abby. abby: overflowing rivers finally receding in missouri and illinois after deadly and historic flooding but now forecasters are warning millions of people in communities downstream to prepare for the worst. senior meteorologist janice dean is live for us in the fox extreme weather center. good morning to you. >> good morning, abby. happy new year. unfortunately even though the
7:35 am
rain moved away from the mississippi river valley we'll be talking about flooding for the next several days, even into the next several weeks as the water continues to funnel all the way southward down the mississippi river. let's take a look at the last 48 hours. the radar shows you rain moved out of the picture which is great news, however, flood advisory remain posted for all the vulnerable areas where the water is flowing downstream. st. louis, memphis. leland: vicksburg, eventually new orleans as well as water filters into the gulf of mexico. there is the mississippi river valley. water continues to move southward. flood warnings for a lot of areas downstream. we're expecting in some cases close to record crests. talking about evident considers, to the st. louis river, or mississippi river and missouri river, that will happen today.
7:36 am
for chester, cape girardeau, january 3. these rivers are not rising and won't crest until next week in some cases. future radar. look at precipitation along the gulf coast and parts of florida. we have a storm moving into the west. for the foreseeable future, next five to seven days we are in the clear along the vulnerable areas of the mississippi river until we head into next week. we could see maybe a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall but again, into next weekend, a lot of these rivers will have already crest. we're looking at potential for showers and thunderstorms as well as heavy mountain snow for the western states. but again, the good news around the st. louis area, downstream of the mississippi river valley we'll deal with clear conditions to help those who are suffering unfortunately this new year's day. back to you, abby. abby: good news for the new year's day. thank you, janice. leland: in oklahoma city a early
7:37 am
morning earthquake shaking up much of that state. the 4.2 magnitude quake hit a little bit before dawn. the eppy center was east-northeast of suburban he had monday. leland: oklahoma. you can see there. friend in oklahoma told me there was a little bit of damage. things shaking off cupboards, those kind of things. the quake is blamed for power outages that now affect thousands of people around the state. check out this weather radar. huge flocks of start telled birds took to the skies right as the earthquake struck. so many birds in fact, that you can see them there in those clusters on the weather radar. that is, whoever thought to look at the weather radar was a genius at that moment. abby: that is unbelievable. leland: yeah. fits in nicely with what's coming up. abby: wow. dash-cam, cell phones, gopros
7:38 am
and cameras are everywhere capturing everything from the comical to controversial. they're giving us a glance at our world from vantage points rarely we've seen before. here is the best of 2015. i have to warn you some of what you are about to see might be disturbing. surveillance cameras silently spying during some of year's most dramatic moments. this subway robbery in the city of brotherly love. the victim chase after the thief but winds up dazed on the tracks. miraculously surviving encounter with the third rail. thrill seekers in massachusetts, taking a joy road. dangerous commute landed at least one of them in police custody. pure panic in michigan. the bus goes out of control. the driver allegedly asleep at the wheel, went plowing through traffic. it was a year filled with footage of bus brawls. irate rider in florida unloading on driver. just like this group of teenagers did on a school bus in
7:39 am
the lone star state. this speeding school bus loses control and winds up splashing into a pond. listen as a bus full of kids careens off the highway. [screaming] 2015 gave us a seemingly endless supply of stick ups. armed robberies and gas stations and convenience stores. a violent heist at this washington state pot shop. a slew of smash-and-grabs from coast to coast. cameras capturing some pretty disasterous moments. in oklahoma, a water main break so powerful brought down a gas station awning. a drone flies above a smokestack implosion that didn't go quite as planned. police departments are always a wealth of caught on camera moments. car crashes, high speed pursuits andra the maic stops topped list. cops in the garden state hot on trail of suspected killer. coming to a halt in heavy traffic. that is when authorities moved in.
7:40 am
drama unfolding on the the stres of seat tell after a carjacker is rammed by a squad car. a shootout ensues and the suspect was killed. here is proof a routine traffic stop may never go as planned. these three guys had a brush with death when their car was slammed by another vehicle going 85 miles per hour. another insane moment in wisconsin. police say this guy stolen ambulance, his joyride, ending 100 miles away before flipping it on the highway. fired up taco bell exec gets fired from his job after his uber driver release this is video. it shows the passenger viciously attacking the man behind the wheel. and we end with this, a mcdonald's employee fighting back against an angry patron. the customer said to be drunk at the time is not expected back to this golden arches in 2016 or beyond. so many dramatic moments. leland: particularly love the moment you were caught on camera. abby: that is part of the whole package.
7:41 am
leland: would have hair and makeup so perfectly done. happened to be a camera there. abby: unbelievable what cameras catch today though. leland: how many people forget how many cameras there are when doing stupid things. abby: that's a great point. you have to know they're always around. leland: be always watching. >> cameras are everywhere. leland: yes. tell you what. we can't wait to put you on tv when you do something. university professor puts his foot down sparking protests and debate on free speech. one of the year's top college campus stories. add the u va scandal as well. a look back what might be coming up, coming up. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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leland: fox news alert. new cell phone video coming in of the moment a gunman opened fire on a popular tel aviv bar. if you look at that shadow right there, you can see the gunman. everyone diving for cover.
7:45 am
soon folks come in to help. two dead, number of people injured. gunman possibly still on the run. do not know whether this attack was gangland shootings police say possibility. or more likely perhaps, a palestinian attacker. another one of has become such a common occurrence in israel of these lone wolf terror attacks. we'll let you know what we find out from our jerusalem bureau. it is friday night now in israel ♪ abby: college students getting an education in more than just just -- reading, writing and arithmetic. questions of free speech and safe spaces. it was wild year for campus i cross the country. sterling beard for campus reform, and joins us now. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. abby: you have a list of some things that happened this year
7:46 am
on campus, i want to get your thoughts on three of them that probably stood out and we'll remember a long time. university of american society, student government didn't want to remember a 9/11 or do a moment of silence. they said it would violate our safe space. your thoughts? >> exactly. well the problem is, that so many college students these days are so morbidly terrified of offending their fellow students or perhaps, inciting racist hatred that they are totally unwilling to take a step back, pause for a moment, and gain perspective. as a matter of fact, the student government at the university of minnesota twin cities, a student senator there, said i believe he was concerned having a moment of silence in remembrance for victims of 9/11 would cause islamophobia on campus to spike. that is absurd argument but it is sort of thing we see every day at leadership institutes of campus reform.
7:47 am
abby: anything we should come together is moments of silence for 9/11. dartmouth, black lives protest getting out of hand. to make things worst, vice provost of student affairs sided with protesters, apologized for media coverage and negative responses. obviously didn't end so well when the head of the school got involved. >> no, it didn't. the vice provost that you were discussing actually had to apologize after the dartmouth review, the conservative campus paper at dartmouth, actually wrote about her story. we picked it up in campus reform. so that is the sort of the thing that was so disappointing to see at dartmouth. this is ivy league college. extremely prestigious school. full of very smart students but what you saw the total breakdown, protest you were discussing that took place in baker baryalai blairry included instances of verbal and intimidation, students were told to stand up and reportedly called racist epithets by other
7:48 am
students. but president phil hanlon to his credit said in a schoolwide email that the college was going to be looking at all reported incidents of violation of college policy. remains to be seen exactly what will come out of that. at least administration is look act prohe test, we can't let that wild and sort of inincident happen on campus. abby: someone has to take control. missouri a professor resigns following outrage over his refusal to cancel the final exam which you say was a clear setback for the cause of academic freedom. >> well, absolutely. dr. dale brigham actually refused to cancel the exam, saying that there are racist bullies out there. if we give in to racial intimidation, they win. he actually had a lot of media pressure brought on to him because he refused to cancel classes. as a matter of fact he attempted to resign from the university in sort of a protest move. the university refused to accept his resignation. this is extremely well-beloved
7:49 am
professor. several students said they really like the guy. unfortunate, that is the sort of pressure being put on college professors trying to do their job if they ignore the wider political and social things going on. look what happened at yale university. with the administrators there, who dared to say that perhaps you know, warning students that they shouldn't wear offensive halloween costumes was maybe overstepping bounds of university. pushing a little too far on free speech. they had to actually give up their teaching position for the upcoming year i believe because they were so concerned about whether or not students would be able to listen to them. they were, you saw the video of course. there was viral video where one of administrators had students screaming at him. that his job was not to teach at yale. it wasn't to create a learning environment. it was to create the fabled safe space. abby: one place you should feel safe is college campus. very busy year for 2015. sterling, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. abby: leland?
7:50 am
leland: arthel neville, gregg jarrett take up next hour this new year's. gregg jarrett downstairs. what is coming up? >> we will have more on massive fire that turn ad luxury hotel into a towering inferno. latest what caused the high-rise fire on new year's eve. massive flooding blamed for 20 deaths in the heartland. thousands evacuated from their homes in illinois and missouri and four people are still missing. will the waters recede anytime soon? we'll look at that? we'll look back at some high-profile trials of 2015 and those coming up in 2016. robert durst, jodi arias. we're digging into legal stories dominating headlines past and present. all at the top of the hour. see you then. stay tuned. leland: we'll be there. see you then. thanks, gregg. states across the country ringing in the new year with hundreds of new laws that take effect today. what do you need to know? aimed at everything from gun sales to the minimum wage.
7:51 am
we'll get you up to speed so you don't end up in the cling coming up next a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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♪ leland: with the new year, hundreds of new laws kick in today. one of the most controversial is in california where the state will allow courts to seize guns from law-abiding citizens if they're judged to be a risk to themselves or others. first of its kind legislation coming in the wake of a mass shooting in santa barbara back in 2014. garrett tenney live in washington with more on this and some of the other laws. hi, garrett. reporter: hey, leland. the national rifle association calls that law one of the most egregious violations of civil liberties ever introduced in the state. the law known as the gun violence restraining order gives judges power to seize guns from
7:55 am
someone deem ad risk and allows family members request it to be done if they believe the individual poses a danger. california isn't alone with new restrictions on gun though. in oregon, those subject to restraining order or convicted of certain domestic abuse offenses can no longer have guns or ammunition. in texas, gun owners can now openly carry their firearms in public. support supporters of the law say making guns visible will deter mass shootings. laws run the gamut of minimum wage increases in more than a dozen states and the right to hang your clothes outside to dry in california. hoverboard enthusiasts now need to hit the brakes in the sunshine state as well with new regulations creating a 15 mile-per-hour speed limit. preventing anyone under the age of 11 from riding on public roadways. hawaii is now the first state in the nation to raise the legal smoking age to 21.
7:56 am
the law plays to sale or use of tobacco products but also e-cigarettes. our pets are feeling the love in the new year. you could now face up to a year in jail in illinois for leaving your pet in extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold. in tennessee, they are launching the first statewide online registry of animal abusers which will publicly list names, pictures and addresses of any convicted animal abusers in the volunteer state. leland? leland: we'll see who follows their lead. thanks, garrett. abby: incredible site from dubai as this building goes up in flames. so how did it happen? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you.
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ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number. >> finally a look how folks in the country celebrated new year. thousands packing same las vegas strip for stunning fireworks display, billed as the nation's largest. as well as celebrity-studded bashes, exclusive concerts n
8:00 am
bethlehem, pennsylvania, families gatherings for peeps chicken drop for the local manufacturer of the iconic brand. so many amazing celebrations. >> i could go for a peep right now. gregg jarrett, arthel neville. take it from here. ♪ . gregg: catastrophic flooding in the midwest as waters start to recede as people are bracing for overflowing rivers that stranded people in their homes and left more than 40 people dead. i'm gregg jarrett. arthel: i'm arthel neville. this slow moving disaster is still threatening levees. hundreds of families wait to hear when it will be safe to return home. gregg: matt finn i


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