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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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happy new year. hi, i'm gleg gutfeld. >> i am greg gutfeld. happy hangover. here's what's coming up. what were the most interesting stories in 2015? beats me. we will discuss them inial loof nondescriptive format. never been done before in the history of tv. a look back from the interview from the guy who killed osama bin laden. he played candy land. it was awesome. behind the scenes look at my books and all of the gorgeous people i met along the way. let's get started america. i have got a midnight blood the glass is stranded. >> 2015 was in a word brutal. brutal because of terror.
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the attack at charlie hebo. the russian plane, paris again, san bernadine knee. it was the year of the protest. protests in ferguson in baltimore, protests on campus that were too numerous and often tedious to count. 2016 hasn't all bad. mad men finally sended and zane lost one direction. >> the top stories of 2015. she is a michael jordan of walking backwards. greg carlson anchor of the real story. author of the great best selling book getting real. larger than life and also small buildings. it is tyrants tna wrestler and
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our big news correspondent. her favorite place to vacation is inside of a bottle. joanne nose shin ski. she is a smeshg with a smeshg. katherine tim. i am going to go to you first. what's your top story of the year? >> the war on terror is back, greg. as much as the obama administration wanted it to end the minute he was elected president, unfortunately under his administration he said recently at a press conference he was still more volume tell than isis could ever be. i am not so sure if that is true i don't know if he could run out the clock and battle this in the way many americans believe he need to. >> i don't think the war on terror has started. i don't think we have done enough. >> the reason i say that intauz he don't want to bring back the word war. i think it really is a scary
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time for americans right now. it is really changing their emotion. almo look at the number one issue of people waiting to go to the polls, terror. >> any thoughts on this? >> i agree. looking at the way things have fallen down you can't say one is worse than the other. they are both bad and they are both doing terrible things and for america, it would be like well we will see what happens. i think we are past that. we should be making drastic moves. >> huddle. >> you say mixer? >> hugs from above. >> that is beautiful. >> i feel it is past the debate. we have done that. all it does it give them more time, more publicity. you should see the following video the white blaze every bomb
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dropped in the entire area. we will blow it up and call it new texas. >> things get either better or worse they don't stay the same. we are at a point in 2016 where we need to decide that it will get better. the way to do that may be to have to use the w word we can only get better from there. >> i agree he doesn't want to. i said i was going to close gitmo. i thought i was going to do that. he got a noble peace prize. >> that was his peak. >> it was his peak. people were riding around with the owe peace sign. he wants the people to not be embarrassed. >> the amazing thing about that is the end result may be that we have more terror and more not being safe in the world. >> what is your favorite story
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or pick? >> i went with black lives matter. i made a shirt that's what i do in my free time when i am not fishing. my life matters with a big brain. what it comes down to is compliance and resistance. when you look at 99 percent of all of the videos you have seen with police brutality it is during noncompliance. i am 6-9, 300 pounds i am light skinned i have a beard i listen to music loud. when i get pulled over it is never fun. it sucks for me. the cop goes look. i don't want him to go hook, he doesn't know. he has to investigate see what i am see what i am about. hands on the steering wheel, if
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he asks me to get out of the car, i get out of the car. that's compliance. in all of these cases they are not simple. >> great for him. he does -- it is not this. it's an amazing thing. >> i am being compliant. you like it, no. >> it is the police. it is the law. he has a right to investigate. >> he's resisting arrest and taking down that's when bad things happen. it doesn't make you rosa parks. it makes me a criminal. they have nothing to do with color. >> one thing that bathers me last time i talked to -- i wanted more information. i am not a police officer. the number one thing they all said nobody knew each other they were different colors and other
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begins or whatever. said the same thing. black lives matter is an insult to every guy that puts on the badge and runs for the bullets being fired in the neighborhood. they are at war every day. my challenge would be to black lives leaders, you know it's bad when jesse jackson never won a free lunch in his life the resistance and videotape our system is designed for us. if you are arresting me and you are rough with me and it is on video, i vote for the proper channels i will sue you you won't have your job any more. me fighting you back we will pick that moment. most people are resistant. >> there are bad apples in every
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profession. they are few and far between in these situations. it is also interesting because when the democratic candidates are asked do black lives matter or do all lives matter they feel compelled now to say that black lives matter. my daughter was watching that she is 12 years old. she does does that mean does that mean my life doesn't matter? had of course all lives matter. >> real quick. when you say i feel oppressed because i am the only guy with a beard and chain on this panel, when you feel oppressed if they said justice for all or justice for one the average guy who picks up the newspaper would saisay hey i want to be a part of this. once you read black lives matter if you are white, hispanic, asian, whatever you want to be, you are going to be like that's not for me. you are segregating.
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it is not -- it's not a good thing. >> less division more unity. >> in 2015 we have a huge jerk with a fox news personality. >> she got locked out of her car and she is only here because she through up in a cab on the way home from a bar. she is only here because her date stood her up. she makes her own boxed wine by pouring wine in a box and drinking it. she will drink you under a table if she could afford ha table. >> great resume right there. >> there you go. >> i was smiling but it hurts. >> i am glad. >> you have to be honest about your feelings. >> speaking of hacks. my real big story for 015 was the ashley madison hack. it goes to show that cheerts never win and they are often cat
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fish by a robot. it was all men only a handful of women. i think we will see more of this. the hacking is a new lie director test the public shaming that is going to keep happening. >> i don't judge anybody. >> i would not like to be cheated on but you don't know the situation. >> you don't know why somebody stays up until 3 in the morning the person he is with doesn't want to talk to him any more. he is always traveling maybe the occasional e-mail from a discreet person's mind. >> oyuse your e-mail.
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>> use your own secret e-mail. >> i use carrier pigeon. nobody knows what i do. >> what is your story? >> best story ever. america's favorite fake black white lady rachel dolezal the gift a keeps on giving. hill teriuar -- hilarious. they ask her are you black? she says i don't understand the question. so good. recently she came out and said race isn't real. why did you build your whole identity and whole life around it? she never stops saying stuff that is hilarious. isn't it the best thing that happened to us? >> she gave it a two-week run story. >> i think we will see more from her in 2016. >> can i be a black lesbian? oo as a black white person i
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thought wow we have come a long way. you don't want to be us. >> watch your credit drop. >> just kidding. i am saying, she wants to be black, let her be black. you want to be -- >> i want to make fun of her. got to make fun of her. got to. >> it wterror was going to be m but if there was terror it might be donald trump. >> it was a phenomenon no one ak are thely gave. i talked about running for office but are you are willy going to do it? i am not going to talk about it. it was like i got what i wanted yet when you saw it you are going i can't believe where this is going. >> he is giving people what they
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want. >> it would be what i tacall a nonpouring candidate. >> it is also his popularity. he had that going for him. the biggest thing about donald trump is he tells you what he is thinking. it has been so fake that is appealing. >> some of the things he says it's not right but nobody cares. >> he is telling it like it is. a oo he talked about that all of the time. it is more like england now. he's saying things that people feel. you think well he can't say that. to be honest with you, if this is the way i am feeling and that's my commander-in-chief you feel the same way i feel better about my situation. maybe something will get done. >> he kind of -- he created a contrast between him and everybody else. even people who aren't establishment are now considered establishment. i never considered rubio
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establishment. he is establishment. anybody who is not like donald. donald is not anybody -- >> anybody who tweets one negative thing about him. rubio, jeb. his faces are awesome, too. the arresting bulldog face. i ne looked at any one's face and wondered what it looks like when they sleep. you think he looks like -- he is the first person to mayke me wonder that. >> does the hair go over the face? >> the hair has stayed the same. i can tell you that for sure. >> i talked to a friend of mine at the gym the other day. donald just goes too far but i can't help but like him. then he says but i also know o when he goes too far he doesn't really mean it. he is just saying it. does he really want to ban all muslims. >> isn't that what everyone does at a cocktail party? they have a few drinks. the highlight of the
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conversation and they keep going. >> candidate as bun fit. he's acting like me or anybody on fox news that doesn't report but just pontificate. >> when a lot of people are called they look around the corner like is any one listening and saying that i like trump. i think his numbers could be higher. >> he is every where. >> they are every where. >> a oo what does that mean? >> your top tv moment was what? >> when you started the show you were so eager to be cool. i think i very nicely told you to just kind of get out.
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>> all right. i like this. >> i have a new show. i am a host now. >> you should get the be(bleep) out of here. >> can i get another car? >> i love that. >> you know what the best part about that was? >> so many people took that so seriously. they went on twitter and said, i can't believe you said that. >> by the way nobody really knows what she says. we bleeped it. >> you wanted to make sure it ended with a k. >> you don't know. >> she tried to heck you. real stern heck. >> don't go anywhere. looking at the best moments of the show so far including what was the worst show on tv in 2015
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how totally selfish and un-toddlike of you. come on, todd, come on, man.
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here >> dear hbo i am write to go you about the latest season of true detective. what the hell happened. i watched 3 and a half episodes and it's as tedious as charlie roads popping a zit. i would like my money back and everyone involved in the show tarred and feathered. here is why. not only does the show suck it made me realize i stuck, too. or rather that i am a sucker because true detectives exposed my silly need to complete things. because i am halfway through the thing i feel like i have to
7:21 pm
finish even though i should be doing something better like eating light bulbs. getting people to commit to the show so stopping is worth giving up on something worth while like piano lessons orchid de soccer. -- or kiddie soccer. (indistinct screaming) >> we feel failure or wells we quit or the last three hours were a weighs. that is wrong. think about it like driving the wrong way on a freeway. turning around is not a mission of loss it is a life saving correction. true detectives is bad but i am bad for watching it so i share in the blame. but you can make it up for me. >> the only person i know who watched the show besides me is joanne. >> i watched it for the show. >> i don't know what you are talking about. the second season is amazing. matthew mcconaughey is
7:22 pm
unrecognizable. his character work, growing that dark mustache, i am all for it. i am excited to continue watching. no, sir ch >> are you sick of the 700 club? hbo? >> i binge at italian food those are the types of things i binge on. >> you like the soap opera. you don't need to watch story lines you listen to people's horrible secrets. >> you think you are the worse in the world but you are not. the guy before you was just like you and the lady before them was exactly like the two of you. >> the last guy goes i came with my family. that was my brother and sister. >> you can't talk about the one before. i learned that when i pretended to be a priest. >> do you binge watch anything? >> i also binge on confessions,
7:23 pm
too. they are not too particular about who wanders in. >> i like the real crime shows. i don't feel like they go far enough. i like the show the first 48. i am pitching a new one the last 48. it is mostly paperwork. if you like to watch cops staple you get a real sense of closure. >> i used to love cops just because of the sound of the utility belt as they ran. i believe it is an actual fetish but i like the sound. >> the heavy breathing. >> jostling. i love the jostling. >> michael, you watch anything other than shows about loud ties? >> it is not loud. i binge watch intervention with a six-pack. i always root for the people not to go and watch the families cry. so i am the worst person. >> you should talk. >> it is beyond elf i think. >> katherine, anything to add to this ridiculous story?
7:24 pm
>> i watch intervention, too, but i always root for them to go to rehab. you still get to see them cry first. you should ultimately want them to turn their lives around. i am a terrible person. >> that's exactly it. that's the point. we should all want to turn our lives around and try to be better people. >> yeah. >> not on the couch but there's somebody good here. >> i love intervention when the person runs out and the family takes them down the street. you have to watch the film crew because they are usually 50 pounds over weight. the film crew needs an intervention they run with the camera they yell and stop and some of the addictions are amazing like window cleaner. that was enlightening almost as much as when the great comedian colin gwynn stquinn stopped by to discuss his netflix special. >> insure domestic tranquillity. you know how mouhow much it cos to get people tranquil every
7:25 pm
year. gadgets for everybody. food, anti-depressants, tranquilizers. >> thank you for the clip. the most boring part. >> i picked it because of the cuffs. >> you are not married. that's proof. your wife wouldn't let you dress like that. >> or if i was gay i wouldn't dress like that on my own. >> i watched unconstitutional. it was a great one man play. it is now on netflix. it seems to suggest the country headed in a direction which is coming apart. do you see it? >> it is finished. the after the show it's a marketing hook. then i did all the thing about how we are going to break up as a country. we will get divorced as a country. the irish potatoes once said.
7:26 pm
going into texas i go when are you getting divorced as a country. texas starting boarding. >> texas wants to be its own country. >> they want to leave. >> i think so many people are going to learn about the constitution, maybe hear about it for the first time from watching your special. >> is it memorized? you know the enticonstitution? >> it is only four-pages. >> can i read it? >> before i watch your show will i understand your show better? >> no. better -- watch my show better than the constitution. >> it is written in a language we don't understand. it is hard to understand. >> it is in english, actually. >> just like the bible. i have a hard time reading the bible. >> i read it in aramaic because of mel gibson. >> i like the latin version. >> when you say divorce do you mean violent revolution?
7:27 pm
>> not revolution. i mean a civil war. why wou five civil wars the acc, pack 10. >> five civil wars? >> yeah, five civil wars. what's wrong with that? >> they are going to be civil. a lot of yelling and crying and stuff. >> civil war. pretty good. >> pretty good for a girl. >> is that what you are saying? >> feminist, right? >> your book, i want to talk about your book. >> you talk about how hard it is to talk about rapes. even when you talk about race, i saw this in other interviews they try to paint you as a racist. it is hard even to talk about. >> keep your friends out of this. what i am trying to say -- >> you don't really -- my book is just lie life experience. everything i say is just why did you arch your eye brow? >> it is impossible to have a
7:28 pm
racist life experience. >> but the book and your play are together. the it is about racial division. correct? >> it is about racial division. >> we are supposed to be a melting pot but all of the ingredients and the recipe don't want to be together any more. >> there's a lot of identity problems. that's one of the conflicts in the country which i could easily sin thighs right now. there's two-ways of looking at the country either perfect infallible like the pope. i don't know if she believes in him. i am bdumb or it's just like th horrible race. >> can we start over? >> we could start over right here. >> some of these people should just stay home? >> whatever they want in their house under the a blanket.
7:29 pm
>> they can watch the special. >> nice including. >> stay home and watch my stegs special on netflix. >> don't move a muscle. still to come. has playboy changed their minds about getting rid of the nude model? probably not. stick around. that's a lot of dishes& no problem. i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade.
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>> playboy will no longer publish nophotos of nude women. pictures of naked women are as useless as a third nipple on a mind cap. playboy executives say the change will happen in march 2016 oddly the same date they plan to replace hugh heffner's head with a robot suck lus. it will feature women in provocative poses but will no longer be fully nude. instead they will wear things like shirts. essentially it is now maxim for retirement homes. fuel nudity was banned from the web site last august and the site's traffic actually quadrupled which is the first time putting clothes on a women increased circulation. i left it in there anyway. playboy approached you before? >> i did an interview with playboy for 20 questions whenever people give me crap about that i think dick cheney has given interviews and playboy magazine. sex and humidity isn't that
7:33 pm
exciting we are so over sen tized with it. less is more ladies. less is more. >> yeah, joe. >> in your dreams. >> in the best possible way. ebony, playboy tried to portray this as a victory. spit on me. i am already drooling. playboy is trying to portray this as a victory somehow it is unnecessary because porn is every where. it is like a victory for chronic masturbators. they think this is good news? >> for my mail friends i talked to playboy is not the first magazine you pick up anyway for that type of pleasure activity. they are to make the point a legitimate place for articles and stuff. no he, are willy. >> it is time for really good political journalists. >> i want to chronicle the man hours due to the massive porn
7:34 pm
obsession. how much time is lost because men are busy doing things -- >> am i the only one who thinks this is sad. i like playboy i think it was a nice classy way to see nudity. >> as far as gq are they going to go nude for a professional well. >> it is the horse drawn buggy of perversion, joe. >> i think it's a good thing. i don't care for smut to begin with. second of all, maybe they could put the center field just an educated women talking about how much money she makes as a turnoff. >> joanne, you are a millennial, whatever that is, they say that's part of the reason the millennials are no longer interested in this. >> because of technology you can get that instant gratification seeing a nude woman at with a click of the mouse. bring back the art of the tease.
7:35 pm
itreat for young millennial men to understand. i feel bad for me as a millennial. i won't ever have that sort of mind grappling i will have to go through of whether or not to save my father from the center fold. >> there are times i was hosting red eye they asked me to do playboy should i? th i go no. they did it anyway. sooner or later they needed it. playboy mansion. i like to think of it as a picture of dorian gray. the magazine tries to stay the same age. the mansion just falls apart. it is known for the bunnies. are there any other animals there? >> yes. he has a dude in his backyard. after he has a zoo in license. you just need more. you see all of these naked people all of the time it is
7:36 pm
going to be excited about. >> naked people are just unusual. weird. >> it is a strange thing. there are certain things that make no sense. we will talk about that later for more hour. maybe we will do a whole hour on that. liberal panel. >> i could use a coat of paint. otherwise i am kind of naked here, right? >> you are naked in your stupidity. >> this puts pressure out of work. >> the whole tindustry. >> my interview with navy seal rob o'neil. as many of you all know we made helpful videos to explain complex topic children. one of my favorites tackle the on t on t entourage. >> what is entourage sunday why
7:37 pm
is there a movie about it? >> take a friend and pretend that is ax acceptable. there was a wrapper named mark who was so handsome he became an actor. he realized he and his friends were so funny they should produce it. he made a tv show in an evil place in hollywood. he did the least amount of work possible. the show has tons of chicks, carts, private jets, and unnecessary cameos. cameos are something filmmakers use so they can hang out with pro athletes like brady and lebron james. the lesser known brother from rocky 5. jeremy bif vines and the handsome dude. the pact that the handsome dude's career disappeared at the end of the show is no way to say he was untalented as the character he played just that he is more untalented. even though the characters never changed after eight long years
7:38 pm
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>> welcome back. i am still greg gutfeld. we had a lot of great guests on the show in 2015.
7:41 pm
my favorite appeared on our very first episode. rob o'neil is an american hero. he killed osama bin laden and he's tall. so i admire him a lot. when he agreed to do the interview naturally i asked him to first play a game of candy land with me. >> it's your mov >> it's your move. >> another blue. >> it's an ice cream cone. >> what do you get there? >> the ice cream cone. >> that is so wrong. >> this is going to take forever. >> double red. >> that's a winner. >> i beat the guy who killed bin laden. >> well played. >> thank you for your service. what is your life like after this happened? how has your life changed?
7:42 pm
>> it is different. i get recognized a lot more places. i was concerned about that how would it be. it has been overwhelmingly positive. the story i haven't told yet i had a woman in front of me in line. she was staring at me. she hielbowed her daughter. her daughter said we have a test about you monday. a test, what do you mean? we have a test about you. i said, do you have a pen and paper? >> what's your name? she said victoria. i wrote please give victoria an a. i signed it. now we take a selfie. when my teacher asked me what happened? what do you say? you took your assignment so seriously that you found me. weird like that. i get a lot of people coming up to me. >> i followed up with victoria she got excellpelled for this. >> if they are making a movie which i think at some point they
7:43 pm
are going to be making another movie who would you like to play y you>> i have some options. >> which one is yours? >> jake busey. >> you don't like as mentally ill. >> yeah, you don't have that weird hereditary wild eyed insanity look. >> i was thinking more of a young ron howard. you look a little bit like ron howrd a. maybe clint howard. have you ever seen his other brother? >> what about cuba gooding junior? >> you know what? why should shouldn't it be? >> if you were president of the united states, what would you do with isis? >> well, with isis, we are playing candy land i would make sure all of the players were uch u.s. marines send a ship let marines get off and handle isis in the day and a half it would take and try the rest of the
7:44 pm
uniforms and bobble heads to make it a happier place. even though it is candy land it is 2015 there is no way to murder each other because we don't believe in the same thing. >> i want to ask you this operation you took part in when you killed bin laden was called neptune steer. who gets to name these? >> i don't know. they come up with a few good ones. >> unicorn girdle. it is like tightening the noose around a flabby uniform. ob ration pegasus chaps. chaps are the pants without the back. operation gutfeld. >> i think that would work. >> there are probably people who don't. >> we don't have much of a bucket. >> you have seen candy land game board. we don't have enough pieces to create the entire scenario.
7:45 pm
the game pieces are right here. those are the brave heroic fields that did the job. what happened? >> we did the spin first. they would come in here and he would go like that. >> the hielicopter went down. >> they would go up the stairs like this and split off there. he would de facto them and the cherry thing goes up there. >> this has been incredibly instructional and entertaining but i would assume this constitutes some kind of evidence we should get rid of. should we burn this? oo the best part of 2015 is when i met you on the book tour.
7:46 pm
sit tight. oo hey gabby, how you doing? how was the playdate and sleepover? dad, it was great! awesome! ok, i'm on my way. hey guys! what are you doin'? we're going swimming! we're going biking! yeah! i'll see you in a little bit, guys! i love you! hi babe! how was school today? hi dad, it was great! ok, honey, i'll be home soon. remember, you're never too far away from your kids, to be a dad. reach out and take a second to check in... because sometimes, the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life.
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>> i had the privilege of meeting thousands of fans while on tour for my new book, how to be right in stores where books are sold. it was a blast and i can't thank everyone enough for coming out. you are the reason i get to do this stuff for a living. on our way through kentucky and indiana i invited a camera crew and one of our producers o'connor to tag along. >> thanks, greg. we are excited you invited us to join you on the tour. frankly everyone back at the office didn't think it was real. apparently it is, but did you
7:50 pm
really need all that? >> we are minutes away from another signing. a lot of people ask me do i have ritual brothers i do a signing? i sign with my right hand. what about this hand. obviously this hand is getting stronger. this hand is doing nothing. what do you do with this hand? before each signing i do a little hand pushups with my left hand just to get it in shape. >> signing books. signing books. >> i got my bananas. >> you were sneaking up on me the last guy in line. >> what are you doing here? anybody special? >> no, there isn't. i am sorry. >> there's a dude with a bus out there. >> i was parked in the fire lane. it is terrible. >> would you like a banana. >> this is a special banana. you will get a sign.
7:51 pm
>> how are you? good to see you again. it has been so long. >> it has. >> how are you doing? >> you are not allowed to look at me while i am signing. i get very self conscious. >> you just met greg, was it everything you hoped for or not so much? >> we went to be home in time for class. >> what did he say? >> that it wouldn't be a problem. >> anything that surprised you? >> he's a lot more handsome in person than he is on tv. >> you got to meet greg, how was it? >> he was wonderful. and he signed my banana. is that awesome? >> what a guy. when you got up this morning you had no idea greg would give you a signed baumann gnaw. >> has in i one ever given you a signed piece of fruit? >> now. >> first time for everything. >> anything that surprises you when you meet the fans on these tours? >> i am surprised they think i
7:52 pm
am good. >> greg, i love you. >> you watch you every day. i love you greg. my husband thinks i am crazy. >> people are really really sweet. people keep giving me gifts. >> i hope it's expensive red wine. >> you guessed it. >> she gave me bourbon balls which i thought was a medical condition. >> doctor 88. i have bourbon balls. >> who has a better job at fox? >> i can think of one person>> bill keating. >> he has a great job. >> sexy solution. >> you have the second best job at fox? >> i get to set next to dana perino across from kimberly guilfoyle. i am archy. i am betty and veronica. >> only men ask that question.
7:53 pm
no women go where is kimberly. it is always men of a certain age. >> you think you ever wrote the book 25 instead of 50. >> you mean bad motley crue version of the book. >> whatever book i wrote at 25 would be terrible. if i wrote a book and was successful at 25 i would be the biggest (bleep) now. >> have there been any whackos? >> this has been whacko free. it is always the last stop then some guy shows up dressed as a clown and he's holding six pounds of raw meat. >> sorry about that, by the way. >> i thought we met. >> memories. save that banana, ma'am, it will be worse something in a few years and it will smell great. >> don't move one more thing after this. if you are in the central
7:54 pm
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announcer: and chill. chipmunk: we chipmunks are notoriously tidy. announcer: check your steps-- the roadchip to food safety starts at chipmunk: whoo! this is awesome! finally tonight, a quick look back at t >> a quick look back at the story that intrigued me most. back in october tcnn revealed they were keeping an extra podium on the ready in case vice president biden never showed up. he never did. we tackle that story in the segment called where are they now? >> here is the empty podium nr joe biden just in case he decides to jump in the race. that was on tuesday. biden never showed but for the podium it was a sad ending to a
7:58 pm
lifelong dream. that is because he hoped to follow in the foot steps of a long line of podiums. his great grandfather served under fdr his father under jfk his older brother was part of ronald reagan's most famous speech. >> mr. goesh chof, tear down this wall. >> that is because the vice president he never got his chance to shine. instead of the career it could have been sel dead end jobs that followed. he quit because it was too painful. they quit because it was too boring. finally because of a dj and quit because it was too early. hollywood a listers are weighing in on nick stevenson's career. >> you have to be sometimes.
7:59 pm
>> this has been aware are they n -- where are they now? >> thanks to gretchen joanne and katherine. i am greg gutfeld. i love you america to the good tell laws ending. >> hey, jimmy. >> i got a beautiful deal on dresses if you want. >> my wife would love that. >> this way, this way. >> where do i go? >> straight down the store there. >> down there. >> keep going. >> i don't see anything here. >> keep going. >> keep going, right there. keep going. right in there. right in there. in there. keep going. go right in the store right there. >> jimmy, maybe some other time. i got to run. but thanks a lot.
8:00 pm
i'll see ya. >> around the corner right there. right there. >> jimmy, i'll see you man. >> right there. right there. ♪


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