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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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night 10:00 eastern. republican presidential candidate front-runner donald trump will be joining us again tomorrow at 10:00. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. see i didn't back here tomorrow night and happy new year. rerered unafraid. it's good to be back. tonight "on the record" g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump targeting former president bill clinton. president clinton hitting the campaign trail for his wife and trump hitting both clintons hard. trump tweeting the worst thing hillary could do is have her husband campaign for her. just watch. and that's not all trump said. >> if you bring up the women card i'm going to bring up the women card, too. and i'm going to be talking about your husband. >> it's not the first time he has demonstrated a penchant for sexism. >> she used the word sexist. i'm sexist. how the hell can she do that when she has one of the great women abusers of all time sitting at her house waiting for her to come home? >> i'm a happy grandfather. i'm not mad at anybody. >> i'm the only one that's
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willing to talk about his problems. >> it's kind of scary this year but believe it or not actually tries to do what they say they are going to do when he they're running. >> what he did and what he has gone through i think is frankly terrible, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> she makes something good happen wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she just makes things happen. >> the "on the record" political panel is here. abc news political director rick cline and from the daily beast jackie kucinich, rick, does it help donald trump in iowa to hit hard at the clintons? >> donald trump wants to be running against the clintons right now. he is the front run are. if he can turn his attention to the general election, that is the name of the game right now. he is very happi' to engage in this fight. you see him baiting and baiting and trying to get president clinton to engage and president clinton today, the big dog stayed on the leash. he did not want the fight nearly as much as donald trump does. i think for trump, if he can think general election he is thinking winning. >> jackie, have you still
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got to get the people out to the caucus in iowa to win iowa. you have still got to do that the fact that he may be as rick said looking at the big picture, you know, is that an effective strategy? >> you know, a lot of donald trump voters have been saying this stuff about the clintons for years. he is definitely playing to. they the more fired up they get, the more they are going to run not walk to the caucuses to vote for him. on its face, it doesn't look like he has much of an organization in iowa. if he gets people fired up enough to go out on that cold night in february, he could win this thing. >> here is a quote i have from secretary clinton which says i adopted a new year's resolution. we will let him live in alternative reality and i won't respond. i assume she is talking about donald trump. >> yes. she was asked about donald trump when she said that i should note it's january 4th. most new year's resolutions are still being kept right now, we will see mid january, february, march. obviously a general election looms large. this is a fight so much better for donald trump than it is for hillary clinton.
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i don't think it's that hurtful to hillary clinton. i don't think this is the conversation that she wants to be having right now four weeks before iowa. >> donald trump has a new ad out. first ad he hit the airwaves and here's the ad. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else, but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he is calling for a temporary shutdown of states until we can figure out what's going on. he will put the can you tell the head off isis and take their oil. >> okay, jackie, he may be going after the iowa voter with that the evangelical he talks about radical islam. >> also, it's exactly what trump has been saying over and over again with a lower, scarier voice. i mean, it really does seem to be playing to the people who like him and despite the fact maybe some of the parts of that ad aren't necessarily factually accurate. he has a picture of it looks like immigrants running into mexico but they are actually running into morocco i you think it was but people won't care about that. >> he talks about temporary ban and that was his
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original statement until the congress did something. i'm surprised he hasn't hit the media harder because the media oftentimes leaves off that temporary ban part of ban the muslims. >> to be fair to the media he started off not that tempered but he tempered it it a little bit. this is still a major -- supported proposition in the republican party. he is the only one out there talking about it. to jackie's point his whole appeal i'm doing and saying things the politicians aren't. talking about the clintons and ban on muslims. that is his appeal. as long as that continues, he? a great position. >> all right, panel. of course, donald trump and secretary clinton are not the only candidates pounding the pavement. the rest of 2016 field hitting the campaign trail. >> this is a time for action because if we get this election wrong, we are going to lose everything that makes america special and there will be no turning back. >> are we going forwards or going backwards? >> he we turn this country around. we know how to fix the problems in america. >> i know how to fight and i know how to win. and this is going to be a
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fight, everybody. >> that's what this campaign is about is unifying conservatives and we are seeing it happening every day. >> everything that made america a great country is slipping away, and neither party is doing a thing about it. >> jackie, your thoughts, cruz doing very well in iowa. how is he going to do in new hampshire? >> that clip you just showed showed us the fight for second place in new hampshire. you have all three of those candidates, particularly rubio and particularly christie who could really use a win early in this contest. if ted cruz wins iowa they don't want him to win new hampshire. i think we can also expect a lot of heat coming ted cruz's way in the next couple of weeks. >> i think governor christie is going to do well in new hampshire. i have been up there a few times and only seen one part of it though. i think he is going to do right now. if he exceeds expectations which are set so low it will be a major headline out of new hampshire. so many guys need to break through.
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that's a major thing not just jeb bush and john kasich who is going to be the one and obviously rubio as well. iá this is like alternate campaign going on. trump doing his thing and other guys out there fighting it and trump is out there fighting in a different universe. >> when is governor romney going to endorse? does it matter and who is he going to endorse? >> the first one, i don't know. secondly, i mean he said he liked jeb bush but then he said he doesn't think he can win. >> which was a deadly quote that came out. deadly. >> judging by what romney said in the past i bet he holds his fire until it is actually going to matter. >> i think that's right. he is not in any great rush to do it. he wants to shape the debate. call people out a little bit if he feels they have gone out of bounds. if it gets down to donald trump and one other establishment candidate, he did talk about how important it was for a new generation of leaders. i don't think he was thinking bush. is he thinking more about marco rubio, maybe chris christie, thinking about people a little bit younger
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not as well known yet. >> a month from tonight we are actually going to be very biz were, actually the people of iowa are going to be very busy. rick, jackie, stand stand by. tonight the mideast is watching said did i arabia. over the weekend saudis executed iranian shiite cleric. this prompted protesters which set fire to the saudi embassy in tehran. now the saudis announcing they are severing all ties with iran. so what does the situation between iran and saudi arabia mean for the global fight against isis? what does it mean for president obama's efforts to help end the war in syria and what does it mean for us? former united nations ambassador to the united nations john bolton goes "on the record." when does this fight between iran and saudi arabia between for us. >> fundamentally that's the most important question. i think it effects the increasing likelihood that there could be real conflict between the sunni side of the muslim world led by the
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saudis what's the real conflict in your mind? >> i think the next step up is from burning the saudi embassy in tehran to inciting subversion and sabotage among the shia population in the saudi eastern province, which is where the bulk of the oil is. or in bahrain which has the majority sohio -- shia population or in arab bruising monarchies. we are on the verge of this escalating dramatically. >> all right. iran has been supporting assad in syria. saudi arabia has been supporting the rebels who are fighting assad. we have this january 25th meeting in geneva where we think we are going to end the civil war in syria that has already left a quarter of a million civilians dead. so now what? >> zero will happen at that meeting. look, the president is responsible for leading us into this situation where he said for four years that assad has to go.
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but he was never willing to take the steps necessary to make it happen because he felt that so doing would risk his chances of getting a nuclear deal with iran, which is the principle supporter for the assad regime. so, the policy, our policy has been contradictory, but it has helped foster the impression that the united states wants to see a different balance of power in the region to tilt toward iran nuclear deal toward iran away from the arabs. >> i think we would have a completely different discussion, i don't know if it's better but a different one had had the iranian deal been treated as a treaty. and just like we treated the deal with rush sat arms reduction with russia in 2012 was a treaty. president obama count have gotten a treaty to the senate. i got that couldn't have gotten the two thirds is there any way the g.o.p. could have forced that to it be considered a treaty. >> if they would have been willing to take the steps necessary to overcome close
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to 70 years of the senate giving up hits treaty ratification power, and i asked that question of a number of senators at the time, it was clear they were not willing to have that fight,. >> why not? i mean look at it as a fight but rearks the 70 years we between nations as a treaty, why don't we sort of, know, resurrect that instead of deny it? >> the first thing you have to do is to get the president to submit a treaty. this is not a piece of legislation. it's fundamentally controlled by the executive branch. and if the president says i'm not going to submit it as a treaty, what's the senate going to do? it then has to resort to holding up appropriations for the state department, not confirm the nominees. that's a real fight to get the president to submit the document to the senate to begin the ratification process. they were not willing to do that. >> all right. the saudi arabia must have known in executing that shiite cleric that this is going to happen, in tehran. had to have known it? >> i don't agree at all. i fundamentally don't agree. >> you think -- cleric, isn't that sweet?
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a man of god. >> i'm not saying that, you know -- >> -- but let's
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contempt that the iranians have for the obama administration. don't they think in a country that i that saw its diplomats captured in 1979 and held for 444 days in vital of the great international law that that might spark a reaction in this country when they go and burn another embassy? >> what's the reaction? >> the obama administration called on everybody to exercise restraint. they are laughing in tehran tonight. they have got this administration exactly where they want. that's only goings going to feed saudi and other sunni arab fears that the united states have has abandoned them to the tender mercies of the ayatollahs in tehran. >> glad to see you. >> glad to be here. >> isis may have found nor is a disstick kill tore replace jihadi john. shows a man wearing a mask speaking with a british accent. in the video he mocks british prime minister david cameron. joining us to go "on the record"ns former defense minister and most deck
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decorated sorld ehud barak. >> good evening. >> david cameron is obviously condemning the video bus your reaction to the isis video? >> i think in using the internet and the youtube. we don't have to take this kind of threat very seriously. the u.k. showed the code of acting against isis as it did in the recent year. >> sir, when we spoke once before, i think it was last summer, i think you told me that you could defeat isis. could you defeat isis if you were in charge of this? >> i do not pretend to be in charge of it isis is clearly defeatable. it should be defeated on the ground. it should be defeated by ground forces led by muslims, not by crusaders, so to speak.
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help support. it should be led by the muslims it should be taken in iraq mainly by the iraqi army over the kurds and taking tea taking muslims the same way that -- taken. in syria it's more complicated raqqa should is be defeated by ground forces, probably the turks, no-fly zone is essential. it's not easy to establish now with russians flying over. even the russians should be -- once they are there, they should be braced or put into this collective effort. and i think that they are defeatable. but we should have no i illusions. a wider net of radical muslim terror including al qaeda. -- you name it, boca ha haram. they are quite resill grant
11:15 pm
force and it will be a generational war before we put them into the ground. >> what is the next step for the united states? what should would he be doing? >> i think you should act inb make sure that the -- by overwhelming force and as early as possible in order to be defeated and that in syria, sirius steps are taken either to bring in turkey, or to talks. talks in saudi arabia part of the deliberate brad play of the soviets to make sure that the peace talks in syria start or talks about the future of syria, they are not shoved out of the table. you have to remember syria has 80% of sunni not shiite.
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to see the world hezbollah helping assad which is to turn over and to take over the sunni population, it's a great kind of worry for the future. >> what do you you predict looking at those pictures, the video of the saudi arabia embassy being ransacked and looted in tehran? >> it reminds us of another kind of ambassador being -- basically, that's part of a game between the two, the soviets responded very quickly. both bahrain, sudan. joined them. we still have to follow but it is clear that the soviets are feeling gradually under an emerging siege. >> and over the weekend, the last couple days, there was a shooting in tel aviv, and there is a a manhunt for a suspect. do you know if any closer to
11:17 pm
finding -- do you know any more information about this? >> no. i do not know. i you assume that probably he coming few days. it was quite a tough event. and some people are worried now. but israelis fighting society we have seen much worse pushings in the same in tel aviv in the past. and we will overcome this one as well. whole waive of terror will be crushed by israel the same way that the previous ones will crush. >> mr. prime minister, thank you very much for joininghzy us. always nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you. >> speaker of the house paul ryan is not happy with president obama as we get news of another presidential power grab. president obama is gearing to take executive action on guns. that's next. also, affluenza teen and fugitive ethan couch. how is he spending the night? that's coming up. those new glasses?
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president obama hot off two weeks of a hawaiian vacation. president obama is now set to pick up his pen to as speaker paul ryan says bypass the legislative process and issue[ecutive actions or orders, depending on who you talk to. the topic guns. president obama is saying that his executive actions on gun control are within his presidential powers and that is not all. president obama puts the blame on congress for not]÷6 acting. >> although it is my strong belief that for us to get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to
11:22 pm
act. what i ask my team to do is see what more we could do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. abc news political director rick klein and from the daily beast jackie kucinich. okay, jackie, this was issued from the white house tonight. immediate release what's going on. it says new executive actions, not orders. do you want to tell us the difference? >> the executive order is more of a directive and my understanding is, it can be overturned by the courts. executive actions cannot. >> so, in other words, an executive action a, rick, as i would say is executive order-light? >> a little bit lighter a little less binding. about enforcing the laws and interpreting the laws. what he is saying in these actions is he is going to have his atf, his alcohol, tobacco and firearms department say that gun shows are going to be subject to the same kind of regulation are as regular gun sales. so closing the gun show loophole in essence. taking over a very small thing.
11:23 pm
he has acknowledged there is very sharp limits what he can do. he has been scouring federal legislation anything can he do to find power, talking to his lawyers about it. this is just around the margins. these are pretty small action as it's more about the signal. >> i went through the list of them and i don't know where is he going to get the money for. this he still has to get the money for it. he doesn't have the money for. this suggestion is a better idea. for instance, conduct response research, there is 500 million for mental health. 200 million for something else. where is he going to get the money? >> that's a question. maybe move around from another place. i don't know. i don't know the answer to that question. >> i think it's likely that they move funds within agencies there is discretion to do that i don't think anyone is expecting this to be, you know, the panacea a or big gun control push what the president would want done. this is what he is get done unilaterally at this point in his presidency. >> is this effective, his plan? is this going to change anything? >> it depends on how many -- you already have a lot of people saying they are going to block. this saying there are going
11:24 pm
to to be a lot of legal%l action to overturn what he hasn't already done yet. it's a question, really. because he has done this in the past. he has issued some other executive actions on gun control and nothing has really happened. >> rick, i'm always hung up on the fact that when i practice law my clients use guns a lot lawfully. guns were always illegal but they always had plenty of guns. >> that is one point made about this. a gun show loophole a very small percentage of crimes are committed with a gun show loophole. most are obtained illegally. the president knows he is not getting the big gun control push he has been looking for for years. something he is very passionate about. early here in the year saying i have a clean slate for my final year, where can i signal to the american people that i'm still commit to do swift action and big action? this is what he is choosing as hisl[hing out of the box. more about symbolism. >> now it's your chance at home to vote. will president obama's executive actions on guns impact the 2016 race?
11:25 pm
tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. so, jackie you get to answer it. is this going to impact the 2016áf >> yeah. i think had will be. guns is a very volatile issue. it doesn't interact it in terms of democrats and republicans. people are very, it's something that drives people out to vote. >> really? what about you? do you think it's going to drive people out to the iowa caucus? >> it will. candidates talking about it in the next couple of in the past when the president has talked about gun actions, it's actually driven gun sales up. i expect that that happens and i expect it's part of the discussion and part of the debate. it fires up people who can speak most to the voters who are worried about seeing gun rights go away. >> i suppose also on the flip side, it works as a way to raise funds on the democratic side. >> on both sides. >> on both sides. yeah, you said both sides. >> fundraising things from both sides. >> that's right. we get those fast on our iphones and everything else. rick are and jackie thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> president obama wants to clean house at get mow and tonight there is news and
11:26 pm
does it spell danger?
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developing right now, 17 gitmo detainees about to be getting out, transferred to other nations. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. nice to see you, catherine. where are these 17 going? >> what we know, greta, is this list of 17 is on a very close hold because the white house does not want any leaks, because what we understand is that the group does contain multiple bad actors as well as al qaeda
11:30 pm
followers. they don't want anything to either delay or ultimately derail this biggest transfer. >> i take it that the ones being released now are moreyñz hardened -- >> -- correct. >> than the five we release to do qatar, right? >> i wouldn't say they are more hardened than the taliban five who areu in qatar. i would say they are like the coffee grounds at the bottom of your perk co-later. we per co-later. we are getting down to the very end. that's why they are so hard to get rid of. they will only take them in onesies and twosies. >> we did some deal. do you know doo we know anything about the deals or is that secret? >> that is also secret. what i would say is that true white house has really prided itself as being better than vetting than the bush administration. they have a lot of heart burn over a recent transfer in 2012 now. this guy ibrahim has gone on to be one of the key players in al qaeda and yemen which is the most active and capable of hitting the united states. so they can no longer say
11:31 pm
we're much better at vetting than the bush administration because this is a real high profile return for them. >> current secretary of defense has to sign off on this. >> that's correct. >> he was more willing than, for instance, the last two secretary of defense, is that right. >> secretary panetta and secretary hagel once they resign from those positions confirmed that they had a lot of difficulty and reluctance to sign off on these transfers because the secretary of defense has to certify that they are no longer a security risk. >> you appreciate the irony that we tightening gun control in our country if i have. >> it just seems more than a bit ironic that in the same week where we're going to see executive action on gun control this administration is going to push out another 17 detainees and once we know the identities and they are public, there is going to be real controversy over their al qaeda links. it just seems to be a real significant disconnect. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> let's bring in southob carolina congressman trey gowdy. good evening, sir. >> good evening. happy new year. >> happy new year to you.
11:32 pm
and 17 gitmo detainees are going to be released. do you have any information about them? has congress been briefed who they are and where they are going and what the deal is? >> >> no ma'am, the answer would be no to all of those questions. i'm not on house armed services and i'm not on house intel, so it may be that mac or defensive has been briefed. i doubt it. if youu correctly, greta, the last time congress was supposed to be briefed was the bergdahl swap and matt thorn berry just released a report critical on this administration for misleading them on those five. >> i am we have received any information from this administration. >> all right. if the 17 -- i know what your position is but i'm going to assume for a second that you are not in favor of releasing thew4-1ñ 17. we don't know much about them. what would you propose instead keep them at get mow or move them to the united
11:33 pm
states? what do you want to do with the 17 and apparently 90 more beyond those. >> leave them exactly where they are. greta, i operate under the assumption that we detained them for a reason. was it a case of mistaken identity? if it was a case of mistaken identity. then they should have been detained in the first place for this long. i assume that they were detained for a reason. i further assume that there is no way the secretary of defense can certify that they are not a threat. look at the folks who have been released in the past. had they gone back to terror? had they started bridge clubs? are they volunteering in after school programs? i don't think they are doing the latter. i think they are going back to terror. these are terrorists that were detained for a reason and now we are supposed to believe that they have been rehabilitated and we're able to unleash them back on society. did.
11:34 pm
i don't know why you would do this. >> i read over the weekend the past couple days that you have now endorsed senator marco rubio. why senator marco rubio and why not? >> well, greta, i have known senator rubio for five years. senator demeant introduced us in 2010. the issues that i care most about, public safety, national security, the responsibility of the faithfullyo execute the!z laws. marco is really good on all of those issues. he presents our message in persuasive way which is important to me. we live in participatory democracy each of us has an obligation to investigate the candidates and issues most important to us. i have known years. i would never ever tell you who i think you should vote for. i would tell to you research the candidates and determine what issues do you think are important to you. on the issues important to me, marco is really good.
11:35 pm
>> do you fear the criticism often made of president obama coming into office first term senator with relatively little experience at all and certainly no executive experience? >> >> he has been in seven offices now. other than president clinton and president bush he is the most qualified person on the planet if you used that metric to be president. he has had seven years as president. is he worse now than he was when he started. so it's clearly not about experience in the white house. yes, marco was wrong, same age as senator cruz, so obama is not wrong because of his youth. he was wrong because of his policies and that's been proven by the fact that he has gotten more wrong as he stayed in office. >> congressman, nice to he so you, thank youku for joining us, sir. >> yes, ma'am. >> affluenza teen and fugitive ethan couch. where is is he tonight? we know. you will too. that's next. plus, 28 americans were
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with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to affluenza teen ethan couch may not be coming home to the united states any time soon. the high profile mexican lawyer say it could take months to bring him back. they flea from the united states skipped a meeting with probation officer which resulted in a warrant for his arrest. why the delay in getting the teen back to the u.s. to face the music. criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. katie, what's the story with getting him back here not united states? he has a warrant outstanding? >> you would think it would be that easy with having the outstanding warrant from texas. but with an interesting twist. the lawyer how guys know very well from the sergeant andrew tahmooressi battle to get him released from the
11:41 pm
mexican jail has taken on ethan couch's cause. i don't really know why. apparently there is a@u difference between deportation and treax dition there has been no formal extradition request by the united states. so basically he is challenging whether the mexican authorities violated couch's constitutional rights in mexico when they took him into custody based on that challenge known as unparvo in mexico. he gets to hide out in migrant facility under immigration authorities. >> so the problem is according to what katie says they need to start extradition proceeding here in the united states. well, hello, get going. >> but the problem is it's going to take some time. no matter whether ethan couch is here in the states or he stays over there, the most he is looking at until he is 19 is 120 days. so there is in big question well, as to why he is fighting it. with you if he comes back over here and he gets into the adult system and he
11:42 pm
still has so years wants to serve probation. i guarantee you within 10 years is he is going to be back in adult system. >> you you know, katie, just backing up on this. this whole affluenza defense is just so absurd. if you are a rich kid and you kill four people, drunk driving, you get treated differently than if you are a poor kid. i mean, it is. >> it's a true travesty of justice. the original judge who sentenced ethan couch to 10 years of probation is no longer a judge. she ended up resignin¤ from her tenure on the bench. whether or not you can buy your way into probation after killing four manslaughter or not. the parents paid $450,000 for him to go into a rehab stint at a place in california. so he bought his way to 10 years of probation. and before he even got taken into custody, greta and ted, he was blowing $2,000 a
11:43 pm
night on hookers and booze at a strip club in mexico. so at this point in time, if he stays in mexico he is going to end up dead in a bar fight. i don't think he will stay alive. >> there is poetic justice here. his mom has been charged with hindering and helping him escape. >> she is a piece of of work. she is a real piece of work. >> she could get three years or she may under a misdemeanor be able to get a year. ethan couch may very well be visiting his mom in prison and she deserves to be there as far as i'm concerned. she is what i would define as a piece of work. >> where is the father, katie, in all of this? what's he just writing checks? where is he? >> well, he is not actually, from what we know, paying for ethan couch's defense. bonitas would not disclose who is paying his bills. if mom is paying the bills not do it from prison. the parents are divorced. the father is pending trial for impersonating a police
11:44 pm
officer. the proverbial apple literally did not fall far from the couch family tree. i think it withered on the vine and dropped there. he didn't exactly have the best role models growing up. >> he didn't. but four people are still dead and the affluenza defense is just bizarre. >> shame on texas. >> anyway, ted and katie, tfb#sou both. and an armed standoff in oregon underway right now. we will take you live to the scene next. don't forget to watch seanq=fwñ hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. ted cruz joins sean. that's tonight at 10:00 on hannity. staying in rhythm...
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standoff started two days ago and there is no sign it is ending any time soon. our militia members in oregon taking over a federal wildlife refuge and refusing to live. fox news correspondent dan springer in oregon. dan? >> yeah, greta. the standoff and occupation continue this afternoon even after one of the main goals of the protesters was not met. they had tried to keep two local ranchers out of federal prison but earlier today dwight hammonds and his son steve turned themselves n a low security prison in san pedro, california. they were ordered4o to serve five year sentence for burned federal land. the rancher said they were minor bribed burns, only burning about is 127 acres. after a rally for the hammonds on saturday, some of the armeds took over the unoccupied headquarters of the national wildlife refuge there are several buildings in the compound which includes cabins for sleeping. the leader is am monday bundy, son of cliven bundy.
11:50 pm
a rancher who fought the federal government over grazing fees. constitutional fight over the federal government ownership of huge tracks of land in the west. >> we make a stand so they will not happen to other people across this country. so they will not comet"1a into our homes and take away our rights and they will not come into our chin's homes and take away their rights. >>' tactic and fear it may back fire. local schools have been closed for the entire week. out of extreme caution. some are afraid of a violent end being like at waco or ruby ridge. the harney county sheriff says this is not a legitimate protest. this is not about the hammonds but overthrow the government by sparking a movement. >> you said you were here to help the citizens of harney county. that help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation.
11:51 pm
the hammonds have turned themselves in. it's time for you to leave our community and go home to your families and end this peacefully. but these guys say that they're hunkering down and they will be here as long as it takes to get a lot federal land turned over to the local government and also to local ranchers. the fbi is the lead law enforcement agency. they have not been out here at all today. they did issue auto a statement over the weekend, greta, saying that they are working to end this peacefully. >> dan, thank you. get ready to speed relz
11:52 pm
the conference center where the shootings took place will remain closed indefinitely. the mexican mayor gunned down just one day after taking office. three people, including a minor are now being held for the mayor's murder. a violent drug cartel is believed to have ordered the execution. a '3-year-old mayor mota. she was shot and killed inside her home on saturday. and we are now seeing the final resting place of the u.s. cargo ship he willfaro. the 700-foot cargo ship at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. it sank in october when it got caught in the fierce winds of!a hurricane joaquin and lost power and sank. 33 people on board including 28 americans. the ship is sitting 15,000 feet below the ocean near the bahamas. the ship's black box is still lost at sea. and the already swollen mississippi river still threatening america's heartland more than two dozen people are dead in missouri and illinois. and high floodwaters begin pushing down streams, southern states like
11:53 pm
arkansas and tennessee are bracing for their own deadly floods. and a very bad start to 2016. your wallet might be hurting. the stock market taking a nose dive today. the dow closing down nearly 300 points. this marking the dow's worst opening day since 2008. even worse. the s&p 500 and nasdaq having their worst start since 2001. an overnight drop in chinese stock saw a worldwide panic slamming the u.s. stock market very hard. that's tonight's speed read. and coming up, there is a new word that is supposedly offensive. you are not going to believe it i will explain in my first off-the-record of 2016.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
let's all go off-the-record. after all these years, you know me. i want to be a good role model for women and girls and i want women to have equal pay and equal opportunity.
11:58 pm
so, yes, i'm a feminist. but that doesn't mean i side with women no matter what. i do not. i call out women when they do something stupid, embarrass other women and set a lousy example. it sets us all back. so here it is. i'm calling out the women's media center. why? because on its social media platforms they are asking that in 2016 we all ban the word foreign. you heard right. the women's media center wants to ban the word foreign. the group says we should use a term that avoids anus/them implication. that is about as nutty as it gets. besides being just about the worst example of political correctness, it is incredibly dumb. it makes women look like a bunch of knuckle heads focusing on irrelevant, the goofy and not real issues how women are treated by sharia law by traffickers or even issues how to hold jobs, get child care and put food on the table their kids.
11:59 pm
those are real women's issues not like if it's inclusive to say foreign or not. how does the media center come up with that stuff? they should be ashamed for being so foolish. frankly, i wish we could ban them for being stupid. what do you think? go it my facebook page and post your thoughts. and that me off-the-record comment tonight. and live twitter voting results on your screen right now. will president obama's executive actions on guns impact the 2016 presidential race? so here are your results. yes, 72%, no 28%. and check this out. this is the best social media picture ofoe i won't lie, it's mine. those are the incredible boys and girls at the greta home and academy in haiti. i you spent part of my vacation in haiti with my husband john and a reverend franklin graham. i have been doing it for years. those kids at the greta home and academy are growing up so fast. some of them are taller than i am. of course, i'm not tall. so anyway, there is the picture. it's fun. don't miss any of my
12:00 am
favorite pictures. and if you can't watch live, set your dvr to record "on the record" so you can watch it later in the night. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up ne welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. hillary vows to release all of the files on ufo's in area 51. i'm sure they'll show the aliens died of natural causes and not by the hands of the clintons. plus carly fiorina sells out her alma-mater's football team to get some votes. if it works she could move up to seventh place. and a big change on "red eye" as news blocks change to after half time. back to you, tom. >> wow, a lot of changes, andy. >> huge news for the new year,


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