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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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and if you can't watch live, set your dvr to record "on the record" so you can watch it later in the night. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up ne welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. hillary vows to release all of the files on ufo's in area 51. i'm sure they'll show the aliens died of natural causes and not by the hands of the clintons. plus carly fiorina sells out her alma-mater's football team to get some votes. if it works she could move up to seventh place. and a big change on "red eye" as news blocks change to after half time. back to you, tom. >> wow, a lot of changes, andy. >> huge news for the new year,
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tom. >> let's welcome our guests. since katherine the great is already taken she has to go by katherine the moderately capable. reporter from the national review and fox news contributor. his last name is a palendrome or radar. i see pizza. her real name is not kennedy. it is martin van bure wren. host of "kennedy" on the fox network, kennedy. and he looks like david blaine slowly giving up on a career in magic. sitting next to me is comedian dave smith. let's start the show. >> we begin the new year with an old friend. hillary clinton says she will get to the bottom of something very important, benghazi? nope. her private e-mail server? na.
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in a meeting with the board of a new hampshire newspaper the democratic front runner promised to investigate the mystery behind ufo's. she said, quote, i think we may have been visited already. we sure don't know for sure. hillary also claims she would look into the nevada military base known as area 51. and she said her campaign manager is a long-time ufo buff who has made her, quote, personally pledge we are going to get the information out. hillary first took interest in ufo's after what happened to clinton's cat, socks. >> yeah, socks was eventually returned to the clintons, but as you can see here, he was never the same. wow, kennedy -- >> hillary looked a lot like sharon stone in that picture. >> she did. she has held up well, hasn't she? >> sharon stone has, yes.
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>> aren't you excited about this? >> i am excited about this because she has already seen the docier. her husband bass been president. everyone knows everything. they are just slowly massaging us like kobe beef until they finally feed us the truth and feed us on dinner plates to the aliens. >> wow, kennedy, that's great. now there is a slogan that may get me to vote democrat. we wilma -- we will massage you like kobe beef. >> i would love to be marveled. >> the new hampshire reporter who asked hillary the question, he told the huffington post that he thought she was having fun. which do you theng it is? >> bill clinton inserted this issue, but hillary takes more super pack money from aliens than any other candidate. i don't trust her. there are a lot of people who believe in ail yens and this
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is a dog whistle. bill clinton promised the same thing. he would open area 51 and find out what that is. he had eight years. >> another broken promise. and no aliens. >> that's the thing. when they find out what's there they don't want to release it. >> as you know i like "alf" the television show. not the over rated movie. >> alien life forms. >> great guy. i do not want her talking to the people on melmack. they will be like america is boring. hillary clinton is not a good face or brand for the earth at all. that's true, but he stopped eating cats the last season. spend for time watching that. hillary clinton we don't want her talking to us. we don't want her talking to people in the other world. i know you have had run ins with the "star wars" crowd. that's a big voting block. >> but they don't like hillary
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clinton. no one does. >> maybe that's the thing. she is trying to get them on her side. >> somebody has to go after that weird guy that helped mulder on the x files group jie. they don't vote. they would have to leave the house to vote jie. there could be excuses as to why he was going to hookup with a girl way back then and said some alien thing and kept going. >> they're out there. he told me years ago i am gonna track that down and he keeps looking down the whole time she brings it up. >> you would think it is the kind of thing you would want to bring up in the great northwest or something. isn't that where all of the weird owes are? >> there are no early primary states. >> you have offended people in the northeast and offended people in iowa. you are pretty much hosed. you can never run for office. she is doing great. >> that's the thing. hillary needs the kind of trailer type of -- bill
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clinton was good with them, right? they trusted him. but they don't trust hillary. why is that? >> because she is too old money. that was the nice thing about bill. he is a little dirty and he stumbled into his money. hundred of millions of dollars and therefore he has a little country boy this those overalls. >> his overalls stumbled into a bunch of things from what we heard. >> don't name something socks. >> how do you feel about people allowing children to name pets? >> not good. two days the kid will hate it. you name the dog fairy princess and then you are an adult with a dog named fairy princess. >> you know what they should have named the cat? mittens. >> why, do you have a cat with that name? >> it is a classic name. it is better than socks. she wasn't pandering. she was playing. on new year's day before the rose bowl she went on twitter to express support for iowa over stanford where she went to college.
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she tweeted, love my alma-mater, but rooting for a hawk eyes win today, # rose bowl. the iowa caucus is a month away. people on twitter mocked fiorina for her shameless pan -- pandoring. and then when they were creamed there was # carly curse. she was asked about the tweet and she can't believe she was pandering. >> can't a girl have some fun? that was a tongue and cheek tweet which the people of iowa understand. i was asked over and over again again -- having attended a tailgate they knew my heart was torn. >> it was a joke? not real? >> it was tongue and cheek. a girl needs to have a little fun sometime. >> it is true. a girl need to have fun sometimes. >> ♪ my mother says when youa live
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♪ oh mama dear, we're not the fortunate ones ♪ >> a girl needs to have a little fun sometimes. >> ♪ oh -- >> a girl needs to have a little fun sometimes. >> i have been wanting to use that video for some time. it was so perfect. she walked right into it. >> she really did. good golly, gee, can't a girl have gun sometimes gosh darn, nabbit. don't do that. i always root for detroit sports teams forever because that's where i am from. doesn't matter. what are you doing? she thought it was a joke? what was the joke? i don't get it. >> she is playing electoral politics. >> it is shameful. it is absolutely shameful. a college is sacred to the heart of a sports fan, especially college football. and when your pac-12 team makes it into the rose bowl you support your team. if you are an authentic person and if people are to take you
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at your word you root for your team. her team is the stanford cardinal. i dis-- despise stanford. i am a ucla bruin. i will use the # bruins and ucla all day long even when it has nothing to do with college football. >> what if you are running for office? you don't need the california votes. you need the iowa votes. >> the iowa voters are going to see right through that. they don't want to be pan dor -- pandered to. actually yes they do. what are they doing? this is ridiculous. you are right. point taken. >> come on. if this keeps up, the candidates will be all pro -ethanol or something, right? >> they are liars for a sports fan second basically and that's fine. she was caught in a lie and she just backpedaled and she said i'm just a girl. i don't know. i have a tongue and a cheek. does that work? are you gonna give me a ticket still? i don't know.
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what ever works to get me out of this situation. >> i don't think any of us think of carly fiorina as a girl and nobody thinks of her as fun. this was a bad angle. do you remember four months ago when she had a good week? she was in the kiddie debate? that was it. ever since then -- >> she really did crush it there though. >> that was her week. ben carson had three good weeks. this is the worst thing you can do in this election too. it is like -- it is the thing people like about trump is that he is not worried about what everyone is gonna think. it is so pandory. >> she did have -- she had a good time back when she was doing the debate. oh no, she was good because she is good on the stump, but she is not good in the debate because she is not fun. why isn't she fun? she is tough in the debate. >> her problem is that donald trump called her out and ruined her like he has done to several other people in this campaign. >> wait a minute, when? with the face thing?
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>> but going after her personality -- do you see how much she is trying to smile in each interview? she is worried about the angry face. when she said the thing about rams being short or bush being low energy trump ruined these people. and they are trying to convince everybody they are not that. >> no, he does put people on the defensive. he figures out your one weakness and completely exploits it and solidifies that perception in the minds of anyone watching. unfortunately for all of these candidates caught flat footed, everyone is watching. it happened to the clintons. when he said hillary was lacking strength and stamina, that sticks. when she went after him for 6ism he said oh sexism? really, you want to go there? hop on the train, bill, sister act. she is still fighting mitt romney. this election is like it or not about authenticity. and it is not the kind of election where you can take yesterday's playbook and guarantee victory. >> i bet she didn't even write
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that tweet. i bet someone was like, do this. it will be funny. >> she doesn't even write her own tweets. >> social media team. >> barbara boxer is like -- >> the girls aren't the only ones having fun. the boys of the gop are up to their own brand of tom foolery. the super pack released this lighthearted ad gently ribbing young marco. >> i know have i a debate, but i need to get this fantasy football thing right. >> no more fantasy football. cruz isn't the only one firing
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off missiles. you thought i was in the race. >> ted cruz is wonderful at reading children's fairy tales on the senate floor. >> sam i am. >> rick santorum spent his time in the senate a little differently. eight years on the senate armed services committee hoping to modernize today's army to better be prepared for today's threats. you want someone for a bedtime story? ed it -- ted cruz is your guy. >> that is what i want. >> it took me until halfway through the commercial to realize it was a pro-santorum ad. he came off looking like the bad guy. >> that's horrible messaging. there is nothing about that commercial that makes you think rick santorum, why have i been pointing all of my chips on ted cruz. i always bet on black and i am betting on cruz. this rick santorum fellow,
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this young whippersnapper who whipped iowa into a frenzy, but for years ago -- bring him back on board. >> i like at the beginning they are showing ted cruz on the senate floor that is goofy, but the last clip he is reading to his kids. >> how dare he. >> and then even the picture of santorum was like from below and he was looking like he was scolding. can't his campaign find -- >> he looks like the ayatollah from a reagan ad. >> the ads were so bad that they were funded who they said they were funded by. rubio's people paid for that one weird ad that still looks like a parity, right? he likes fantasy football therefore elect rubio and isis will win? come on. >> it made rubio seem kind of cool. >> there is funny business going on. >> paul, your opinion? >> it is fun to fight a fan saw see football thing with a fantasy construction of people
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charging over the border. it is a fantasy within a fantasy. it is an inception idea. you can't defeat trump. >> is that it? with all of these adds why can't people -- trump put out his first ad this week what do you think of it? he spent $75 on his campaign. rick santorum is begging people for money. i don't know. i don't think either of those two ads will do anything to help anyone. especially santorum just being so out of touch and saying, like, my voting record in the senate -- everyone knows cruz had a much better voting record in the senate. cruz went against his own party. even if he doesn't he will have the overtly same thing on the regular basis than rick santorum has. >> rick santorum despises
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libertarians. he hates everything libertarian stands for from a social point -- he truly decides -- i don't think he does. bless his bones and i believe he is a man of faith and great passion, however it does president coincide. we wouldn't be a match on e harmony. >> speaking of the political angle of the ad he hasn't been in the senate for, what, nine years? how long ago did he lose? was it 2006 or 2007? why does president -- why doesn't he run as an outsider? >> he is a populist. he could run as a democrat. >> there is a tape of him in the last debate when ron paul called him out for a vote. he said you have to vote with your party every time. he said that and it was no child left behind. >> rick santorum has a hobby. >> that's running for president. >> that's what he is doing. he is running for president.
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>> what the heck else am i going to do, crossfit? >> dave makes a great point. now we are in an anti-party atmosphere and santorum is from the era where you stood with your party. >> i think this go around cruz and rand paul had tough times because they have been in the senate. they are hated in the senate. >> you are absolutely right. people who are so anti- establishment still cannot position themselves with outsiders. >> bob barker though. >> he is an insider. >> coming up, the sexiest people in the news. as if you you haven't been watching that story. stay tuned.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright in washington. here is what is happening. president obama is getting ready to take executive action in an attempt to curb gun violence in the u.s. his plan which he is expected to unveil later today calls for background checks for guns bought by or bought from dealers on-line and at gun shows. the president says the initiatives are consistent with the second amendment, but some of his republican rivals are challenging the regulations. >> president obama is talking about this week issuing yet another executive order trying to go after our right to keep and bear arms. >> [booing]. >> he can abuse his power all he wants. he has a phone and he has a pen, but if you live by the pen you die by the pen. my pen has got an eraser. >> the san bernadino office where 14 people were killed last month reopening yesterday.
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employees of the inland regional center returned for the first time since the masacre. all yesterday san bernadino county mourning those lost on december 2nd. a memorial was held in nearby ontario, california. more than 3,000 people attended that service. and from guatemala communities are on alert after the volcano of fire erupted. it was seen spewing lava. it was also 20,000 feet above sea level. authorities are not ordering evacuations, but they are asking people to remain jig -- vigilant. it erupted 13 times last year. and general motors and lift are teaming up to try to change the auto world forever. gm is investing a half billion dollars into the ride hailing app. they hope to offer folks on demand self-driving cars. gm will allow the lift drivers to rent cars at a discounted rate. lift is the second largest service of its kind. only rival p c uber is -- only
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rival uber is bigger. back to "red eye." they have compiled a list of 2015sexiest people in television news. the list probably won't surprise you. let's look at the as thet techily pleasing anchors. megyn kelly, fairly obvious choice. does she need to be on anymore lists? really. alex wagner, people always love girls with boys names, don't they? thomas roberts. has the fireman quality to him. and then there is geo benitez and don lemon. are there any straight guys on this list? honestly. how about anderson cooper, there you go. thank you. thank you very much. and then kimberly guilfoyle. can we think outside the box a little bit? and then we have, yes, david muir, the trusted abc anchor.
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roola-jebrio, holy cow who is that? can i get another picture? i don't know where she stand on the issue, but i like her. many fox news personalities made the list like brett bear and what about me? i was conspicuously absent. i'm sure i would have been selected, but my submission didn't get in on time. ♪ >> okay. i thought i got it in the mail in time. paul, who didn't make the list that you thought should have? >> you already covered yourself.
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that goes -- >> it is a technicality. >> i feel like it is a pretty comprehensive -- we are not talking about whether they are qualified to do the job or if they are good in the job. >> some of them they gave the props for their journalistic -- >> their cerebral sexiness. >> do you think walter crone kite would have made this list? >> not in present condition. >> kennedy, you have been on this list in the past. they threw you off. why? >> there was a bit of a scandal. i don't like that the lawyers have told me that i am actually too sexy for the list. and there are some parameters i am not allowed to discuss. you are huffing my pheramone. >> cat, i don't know why you weren't on the list.
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do you have any theories? >> i am disgusted by the list. it is sexist and demeaning and it is because i am not on the on on -- i am not on the list. it. >> you don't need the list? >> i don't need the list. i broke up with that list first. >> it was six panels. >> i quit. it was actual looy seven. it was actually seven. >> to be fair, cat, there were two women with glasses. i think they have a limit probably, right? they had their glasses for the year. >> see i look great with or without glasses. i don't want to be on the list. i broke up with the list. i did not text the list back. it is like katherine heigl. remember the year she wasn't nominated for an emmy and she was so conceited she said before the nominations came out she said, you guys, please do not nominate me for an emmy for my work in grey's anatomy. it was so bad that i wasn't
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given the caliber of work i should have to execute a pitch perfect performance. they were like, yeah, the whole list was just me over and over again. i said being on a list like that was not feminist. >> that's it. >> i did it for women everywhere. >> look, i made a joke, but most of the guys on there -- well i don't know most, but there were a lot of -- gay guys look pretty good, don't they? >> are you saying brett bier? david muir? >> i was going through the list and a lot of the guys i checked up on them. i did my homework. i thought maybe that's why i am not on there. i am really straight, you know that. >> i totally know that. that's what i tell everybody about you. tom shillue is a straight guy. how did ma -- melissa harris perry not make this list? a bump -- bunch of bigots? >> that's exactly right. >> there is a view of sexiness. >> it is interesting.
12:28 am
do you think it is bad? do you think it is -- it is just harmless fun or do you think it is bad for journalism? >> i don't know. it is harmless. there are so many lists these days. that's like half my facebook feed is lists about everything. sexy journalist. >> kennedy, don't tell me you didn't tweet it out. didn't you say listen -- >> i hired a pr firm. i had a sky writer and i had a 14-foot cake. different head shots on every layer. it is a big deal. and i went back and i sort of did a survey with my team, some analytics of my twitter and facebook and instagram feeds. i realize 2015, not about -- not enough belfie. so it will be me, louisiana lemon and a -- lulu lemon and a grapefruit cut in half. >> coming up, half time with andy levy.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed over in the "red eye" news deck. >> how are you doing? >> good. i haven't seen you since the beginning of the show. >> good. i had to run over here to the "red eye" news deck. hillary promises to reveal ufo info.
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kennedy, you said you were excited because hillary has seen the docier because her husband wasn't. >> andy? >> i have a lot to get through. i don't mean to be rude, but hi. so because her husband wasn't she already knows what is in the ufo files and she is slowly revealing the truth. except, kennedy, this is what we in the business called a disinformation campaign. let me tell all of you what is going on especially those who are not woke which is probably most of you. yes, kennedy, i agree that hillary knows what is in the ufo files. she knows there is indisputable proof that they have been here and maybe still here and some are working with the government and others lake the shifting rep till yens assume roles in the government. now what she does is goes around saying i believe we may have been visited. and she says i will open the files. when she is elected files she said i opened the files and it turns out they have never been here, but we believed her because she seemed open minded
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jie. you know what? shape shifter. carvil. >> he is a shape shifter that it didn't really work jew >> he is forever between shapes. >> you say there are a lot of people who do believe in aliens. the majority believe in intelligent life outside of earth. but a majority don't believe aliens have visited us. >> but what percentage believe that? >> that they visited us? >> yes. >> 17% thought they visited us in the past and 19% thought that was among us now. >> so one in five thinks the aliens have visited. >> you add it together and it was 36%. >> a lot of math, guys. >> i think you may be on to something about bill clinton
12:35 am
using aliens as an excuse. like no i wasn't with that woman and i was abducted by aliens. >> we have to use whatever you can. >> absolutely. >> tom you thought it was weird they did this in the northeast. ii am not sure new hampshire counts as the northeast for stuff like this. you have your hard core libertarians up there. i can say this, it leads to whackos. >> that's the old new hampshire. the new new hampshire it is basically massachusetts north. >> i prefer the old new hampshire. >> as do i. >> carly fiorina just wants to have fun. cat and kennedy, i agree with both of you. there was no excuse for carly tweeting her support for the iowa hawk eyes. but kennedy, did you really say that the home of the ethanol pledge doesn't want to
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be pandered to? >> yes. >> i quickly corrected myself, let the record show. >> santorum goes after cruz and cruz goes after rubio. kennedy, you thought santorum's attack was horrible messaging by the whole sam i am thing. i want cruz to do a voiceover going do we really want a president who has an urban dictionary entry? >> that was slow draw mcgraw from santorum in 2012. not having his team clean that little booger. >> you thought it was odd that the end of the ad showed cruz reading it to his kids as if that was something bad when it makes him look like a good father. the voiceover actually says if you want someone to read a bedtime story vote for cruz which i guess is an admission that santorum is a bad father.
12:37 am
>> maybe that's what he tells his own kids. >> read me a bedtime story. >> it will be cruz's kids. >> paul, you said cruz said fewer insane things than santorum. that's not fair. you have to give him time. >> that's true. he just said more memorable crazy things. santorum has been around longer. >> it depends on how you feel about aliens. >> sexiest-tv news people. i lament your con vow with tom. and then you showed the video of you claiming it was your -- i think it was your submission that didn't get in on time and you were claiming that's not why you were on the list. >> first of all i believe that you shot that video today. i believe you went outside with an iphone and you grabbed a pa or something like that and forced them to be out in the bitter cold to shoot that
12:38 am
today. >> that's my real men from the streets stuff. >> and i will offer a counter argument for why it was correct. it was actually correct you weren't on the list. can reroll that video? can we roll that video? give me a little stanky leg. and stappingy -- stanky leg. oh yeah that is a good stanky leg. >> you are right. i should have included that. >> not what i was saying. it is the opposite of what i was saying. >> also tom for some reason you failed to mention that jedediah did make the list. jealous much? >> oh no. she was on there. i just dent -- didn't mention. >> dave, i don't really understand why melissa harris perry not being on the list has anything to do with being normative.
12:39 am
>> i don't understand either. i was using words she didn't understand. >> i am not at all saying this is a con spear see, but i am -- we can all agree i am widely considered the 35th sexiest person in media news. it is a weird number to stop at. who stops at 34 unless you are doing it for a specific reason. i don't understand what is going on. >> do they always stop at 34? >> it was 50 last time. this time it stops before me. >> i'm done. >> time to take a break. robot butlers when we return. and now here is a shameless plug from kennedy. >> hey, "red eye" fans on the next" kennedy" your guiding light tom shillue and joe devito. 8:00 p.m. eastern and 5:00 pacific on alt place i like to call fbn.
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live from america's news headquarters. fox opened the new year on a down note, but trading looking better today. european indexes are all up around 1% in the early trading. china's shanghai index closing fractionally lower today following monday's brutal selloff of 7%. stocks in new york are taking their cue on monday from china. the dow is off to the worst start since 2008 and losing 276 points. dow futures are up so far today. president obama is moving ahead with executive steps.
12:44 am
there are background check from guns bought from dealers and guns bought on-line or at gun shows. he will announce his plans later today. the president believes he is acting within his legal authority. >> the good news is that they are not only recommendations well within my legal authori ext they are ones the overwhelming majority of american people including gun owner saws port and believe -- support and believe in. >> a standoff continues at a national wildlife refuge in rural oregon. an oralled group is taking over the facility on saturday to support ranchers who are serving federal prison terms for setting fires on the property. they say they want the land turned over to local authorities so people can use it without federal oversight. two members of the group are
12:45 am
sons of nevada ranch who had a land dispute from the federal government for more than 20 years. california's weather forecast for the next two weeks can be summed up in one word, wet. and they are getting ready for it putting up road barriers and filling sandbags. el nino will be bringing heavy rain to sections of northern california and snow to higher elevations. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." every year facebook founder mark zuckerburg takes on a personal challenge as a new year's resolution. in recent years he is endeavored to read two books a month and learn mandarin and collect every pokemon. not really for the last one. his goal is to build an artificially intelligent butler. my challenge is to build a simple ai to run my home and help me with my work. he wants it to be able to let friends in by looking at their faces when they ring the door
12:46 am
bell and understand my voice to control everything in our home. swrkerburg says it will be modeled after this robot. >> who drank my root beer? [burp]. sorry, zach potato chips make me thirsty. >> potato chips make me thirsty too. actually zuckerburg says the ai would be like jarvis from "ironman." did you know that? jarvis was great. who was that? >> that was gwenyth paltrow. she is fantastic. so fun. >> she doesn't look robotic at all. is this a good goal? >> shouldn't he be running a company instead of running our economy into the ground with his nonsense? >> the woman who runs facebook is out telling women to lean in everywhere. >> is she sailing in america's cup? godfried. >> she made it sound like another new year's resolution. you know what, i am going to lose 20 pound and create a robot. it is making everyone else's
12:47 am
resolutions seem lame. >> he is a multi billionaire. hospital he try to be a man of the people? we can't make robots to run our homes. >> i can never afford your robot, mark. >> what do you think? they have -- you can get one of those bells -- what do you call them, the video bells? you can see them advertised on tv. >> the willow curve. >> we can all live like zuckerburg. isn't it amazing that the future is here for all of us? >> it is here for the rich people. if it was -- if i was going to get a robot i would care, but i am not getting a robot. i couldn't even read the whole story. i am not getting one so what do i care? i have to clean my own house still and it bums me out. i have pasta sauce everywhere this weekend and i didn't eat spaghetti jie. why? >> it was a thing and then it ended up not being a good idea. >> paul, do you know what she is talking about. >> you left it on the pan and it boiled and exploded all
12:48 am
over the kitchen. >> it was really bad. it was all over the place. >> just got a note that paltrow is not jarvis. >> he quit over that? >> he is gone. >> he quit? >> he said he is actually good looking as well? >> he is very good looking. >> do you remember him in "a beautiful mind"? >> i don't see any movies. >> listen, paul. >> i have never seen him either. >> he is a good looking man, but wait. cat didn't understand what i was saying. i wasn't saying the rich people get all of the things. they create these things and then we get the cheaper versions like the roomba which she should invest in. >> they can't do the pasta sauce on the walls. they can't do the floor. >> what are you doing? >> i went to get more pasta sauce and it got worse and oh boy, happy new year. >> were you on an ambien or
12:49 am
something? >> oh no, no. that would have been way worse. >> this is what happens. they create these inventions and then they are too expensive for most of us. then later on the price goes down and we all enjoy the fruits of their labor. >> then the new robot will be out and people will wait for that new robot and then a couple months later it comes down. in like four years what was now a nokia phone we all have iphones. >> do you remember the promise of the robots? the jetsons have the woman who wore the -- rosie. >> she turned on me. they turn on you and beat you to death in your sleep. your house will be clean, but you will be beaten to death. you can't trust a robot. >> i couldn't think of a better way to bring on the robot war than make the first one slaves. clean up my stuff. >> he doesn't want somebody to answer his door. he wants a vibrating cucumber like the rest of us. >> do a thumbs down button. >> i don't want one.
12:50 am
the thing is you don't have to worry about the robots, cat. you have to worry about your robots putting people out of business. they get angry and come and get you, right? >> exactly right. >> so many ways to get murdered thanks to his resolution. >> how easy is it for a robot to smother you with a pillow? >> very easy. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. something, something. but not all words are essential. many are annoying and should be ditched from our discourse. to that end lake superior state university in minnesota has just issued its annual list of the words banished from the queen's english for misuse, over use and general uselessness. among them problematic. man spreading. walk it back. vape. break the internet. >> never say vape. >> you don't? you killed it. i should do a regular segment on banned phrases and we can call it banned phrase of the day. what do you think of that, cass? do you think people have a problem with vaping? is there an unfair preanal disagainst people like
12:55 am
yourself? >> i think so. i think they think we get really into it or too into it. >> you kind of do. you never shut up about it. >> i am always smoking this skeg. it is a buzz that i am feeling that you are all missing out on. i think you are all just jealous. >> wait a minute. is that allowed? >> it is illegal inside, but, you know -- >> is it frowned upon? >> here is the thing, if you do things and you act like you are supposed to be doing them no one will say anything. you can do whatever you want. >> is this like a foot fetish if someone sees you vaping or scag nie g and they see you do it on tv do they get super aroused? i can imagine people going put the scag in your mouth. >> people are aroused by everything. >> forget the scags. do you have any words that should be banned? >> i agree with man spreading.
12:56 am
it sounds like something horrible you do with cream cheese frosting. >> i don't like anything with man in front of it. i don't like anything with spreading at the end. what do you think, paul? >> with what should be banned or banished? i don't think you should cut words out. i feel like -- offer a solution, an exchange. if you are using a word, cut it out. maybe offended and we can switch it out for waa. >> the word nice. i hate the word nice to describe a person. that just also means boring, right? all of these knives. it is all the same thing. >> nice is always guys. you never say a girl is nice. she is fine, right? >> is this a 90s movie? what i don't like -- >> you don't say that ever. >> language already does this. we already get rid of words organically we don't use
12:57 am
anymore, and it is elitist to be like here are the list of words that are banished and use the word banished. >> who uses it? i say banish-ed. that does it for me, tom shillue. i am not an idiot. mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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>> report next. saudi arabia lays down a red line against iran leaving president obama to explain where he stands. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. for decades in coalitions and summits, wars and peace talks, oil busts and oil booms, america has carefully nourished its alliance with saudi arabia. now that kingdom stands locked in conflict with its regional rival, iran, the country that held americans hostage for more than a year and sponsored the bloodiest terrorist


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