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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 5, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning. president obama will make it official in a few hours. we got a preview of what to expect yesterday right after the president met with the attorney general. he says he does have the legal authority to do this and it does not violate our second amendment rights. >> it is my strong belief for us to get our complete arms around the problem. congress needs to act. what i asked me team to do to see what more we can do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. >> i have been told there are 10 separate provisions. the big one, the executive actions will require background checks for more gun sales if they are sold on-line and gun sales. that would narrow the gun show loophole. it will help them process the background checks. atf will keep track of illegal
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gun trackers on-line. more federal funds for treating mental illness. that is an action that would almost certainly require congressional approval. white house spokesman josh earnest said these actions are being taken because they failed to pass gun reform. he said all of those executive actions are legal. >> there are common sense steps he can take using that authority that do not undermine the constitutional rights of law abiding americans. >> this issue was front and center on the campaign trail. hillary clinton says she supports these actions and is crowd of the president for taking them. the republican rivals continue to be outraged the president's plan to go it alone. they call it lawless, illegal and unconstitutional. >> revoking executive orders that are illegal and unconstitutional and violate the
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spirit of the way we are supposed to govern. the president has to lead by example. if you are telling people live by the law then the president should live by the law, too. >> despite all of this opposition the president who is expected to officially announce this executive action today shortly before noon at the white house. >> kristin fisher in washington, thank you, kristin. >> as president obama gets ready to announce executive action later today fox news political analyst brit hume says it's much adieu about nothing. >> these measures he is proposing or trying to put into effect on his own don't amount to very much. background checks are widely popular and widely in use and there are some few exceptions that he would like to get rid of, but they just don't add up to very much and they certainly don't come anywhere near the kind of gun control that he would really like to do in which he tried in the past to do and completely failed to do because congress wasn't having it.
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>> gun background checks soaring to a record high in 2015 with more than 23 million last year alone. to put it in perspective that's about 44 a minute. and now to a fox news alert for you. a group of 17 detainees are expected to be transferred out of gitmo as early as this week among those, fellow al qaeda followers. those men will not be released but they include multiple bad guys, not taxi drivers and cooks, that referring to the 2012 transfer of ibrahimal koez zi to sedan. the one time cook is now an al qaeda leader in yemen. it will have the total amount of detainees to 90. >> the mother of af flu ensglau teen is expected in a courtroom. they expect to send tonya touch back to texas to face charges of
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hiding her son after he missed a probation hearing. he faced prison time but avowed it by claiming he was too spoiled and rich to know right from wrong. he meets with his lawyer to decide whether to go through the lengthy legal process or drop the appeal and be deported back to the united states. >> back road anthem singer craig strickland found dead of hypothermia. he disappeared with a friend on a trip duck hunting last week. he was found dead. he is safe with his father in heaven. thank you, lord, for leading us to him today. i will praise you, amen. she also posted a video he made for her before she auk walked down the aisle. he was found arms out stretched in the shape of a cross. >> to extreme weather. flooding fears still on the rise in the midwest as the swool enmississippi river continues to
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recede south. it is high in tennessee where the river is supposed to crest friday. the officials remain hopeful the levy will hold. it is time to bundle up. despite a warm december temperatures are dipping to the coldest we have seen since march of last year. >> armed occupation in the state showing no signs of slowing down despite two ranchers turning themselves into authorities. militia members giving this em selves a name and vowing to remain on federal land until justice is served. kelly wright is live in washington, d.c. with the latest for us. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. the two ranchers served prison time before, the father three months the son one year. an appeals judge ordered them back to prison for serving 5 years that's the minimum according to guidelines.
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the armed standoff continued even after the two rampers dwight and steven ammon father and son turned themselves in yesterday. the sheriff is calling on the protestors to end the standoff. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in. it is time for you to leaf our community. go home to your families and end this peacefully. >> the son of clive bundy the rancher who clashed with the federal government in 2014 is leading the protestors in the standoff. he is now qualifying earlier claims the group would be willing to die for their cause. he is stating there's much more work for them to be doing. >> the federal government does not have authority to come down into the state and to control its land and resources. that is for the people to do. that is clearly stated in article 1817 of the constitution. >> president obama is aware of the protest but white house
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spokesman josh earnest says it is a local law enforcement matter and they hope it will end peacefully on the campaign trail republican senator ted cruz also calling for a peaceful end to the protest. >> every one of us has a constitutional right to protest and speak our minds but we don't have a constitutional right to use force and violence and threaten force and violence on others. >> the hammonds say they will afeppeal for clemency from president obama. kelly wright in washington this morning. republican frontrunner donald trump receiving backlash over video used in his inaugural television ad. it shows dozens of people swarming over a border fence, but it isn't from the mexican border. instead it is 2015 footage from an italian television network of migrant crossing the border into a spanish enclave of the man lane of morocco.
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>> all it is is a display of what it's going to look like and what our country looks like. that was just video footage, a display of what our country is going to look like. we are like a third world country. we are a dumping ground so you can take it anyway you want. it is merely a display of what a dumping ground is going to look like. wh that is what our country is becoming. >> the ad starts airing in the critical states of iowa and new hampshire. >> while trump says the video was irrelevant he doesn't care if it was wrong steve hayes calls the ad effective but unamerican. >> something anybody considering for donald trump is going to be troubled by the fact they were using footage from morocco. i have problems with it. i don't agree with his roprop pe sal of banning muslims temporarily. it is unamerican. he makes the case in the ad that
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is consistent that he made on the stump it is simple and strong. the most important line, not any of the specific policy proposals that he left in the opening line which is politicians call it something else, which immedia immediately establishes in the mind of a prospective voter that donald trump is not like other politicians and the rest of the ad goes on to make that clearly. >> it is the first paid one in the campaign cycle. >> switching parties. is it fair game? former president bill clinton is challenged on whether his past indiscretions can be criticized. when posed with that exact question clinton hesitated. >> is it fair game? >> snchl >> (indiscernible)
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>> there's a nonanswer. no support for hull ry. chelsea clinton is putting a strange pin spin on things headlining a january fundraiser where they are taking a spin class with her for 2700 bucks a bike. now to a business alert for you. stocks nose-dive in the first trading day of 2016. lauren simonetti is here with what to expect today. >> good morning, lauren. >> the major averages falling sharp lip and down for the third day in a row. the dow tumbling on monday the worst trading day since the financial crisis. blame it on china. unfortunately markets are not looking much better. in the future you may be able to order a car with your phone and
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have it arrive without the driver. that's because general motors and the ride hailing service lift are teaming up for a plan to build a sweet of self driving cars. united airlines wants fliers to bundle their trips. two new packages available economy plus he is succeessenti economy plus enhance. you can check bagged for a savings around 25 percent. pizza wars are on. pizza hut says customers who spent $5 can get a medium pie for $5. customers who buy a large pie can get a second for $0.50. if you need a caffeine kick this morning here is something new to try. the latte maciato at starbucks is made of steamed and aerated whole milk poured over espresso shops on the espresso sale if you will. it is one step up from the
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light. it is 12 minutes after the hour. a driver on fire his car left charred. who rushed into the rescue just in time? >> we the people are incredibly frustrated with the government. the poll that proves so much. >> what do you see when you look at this picture? the debate sparking all over social media. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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yup, tailgating here at thee capital one orange bowl then flying out to phoenix for the national championship! what do they call people from phoenix anyway? phoenix-ers? phoenix-ites? chuck, you from phoenix, what do they call you all? phoenicians... like the blinds. no no no, you mean venetians? why would people from phoenix be called venetians? why indeed... >> the search is on to find the british fighter the new jihadi john. he is featured in the latest execution video showing the killing of 5 alleged british
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spies. he is a 32-year-old p muslim convert. >> former secretary leon panetta and david petraeus will go before the housing select committee on benghazi this week. there will be two closed door sessions on friday. both served in the obama administration in libya. four americans were killed including ambassador chris stevens. >> highly anticipated film 13 hours premiers. the real life heros of the story and the coauthors of the book that inspired the movie sat down with megyn kelly to talk about the film. >> it is amazing to be with your brothers fighting, being there and being with them and having the faith that you are going to defeat all of the obstacles.
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>> those security team members believe the film will help honor the sacrifice of the four americans who were killed that night. georgia's governor doing an about face on banning syrian refugees from moving in. governor nathan deal initially told state agencies to halt any involvement in the acceptance of refugees until federal authorities change the process for vetting them. he took back that order yesterday after the state attorney general ruled he did not have the authority. the issue has become a center of debate over america's humanitarian responsibilities verses national security. >> it is time now to brew on this. the people have spoken. the u.s. government has the country's top problem in a year for the second year in a row. >> gallop releasing the tally. 60 percent of americans name some aspect of government as the worst including president obama, congress and political ton
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flikt. the economy in second unemployment and immigration tied at 3rd at eight percent. what do you think of the country's top problems? >> send an e-mail at fox friends remember the el vant seal who was determined to get across the california highway? no you she is a new mommy. the 900 pound seal stopped traffic after she waddled across the busy highway. she gave birth to a seal pup. they are now safe in a national park far away from that busy road. >> and is this adorable fluff ball, take a look at it. is it a bear or a dog? this picture is viral now. it has gone viral. some saying maybe it's a raccoon. look at some other reactions. charles called it a baby ee walk. adam says it almost look likes a tasmanian devil.
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it is a pomeranian mix from georgia named bounce. >> whatever it is, i want it. >> 19 minutes after the hour. cheers three years earlier. the scene that should slash the drinking age. >> sleep better with technology. the smart bed being unveiled at the consumer electronic show. it revolutionizes your rest.
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>> here's a question for you. how young is too young? a push to lower the dripping age creating controversy in new hampshire. one proposing the drinking age be 18 rather than 21 with restrictions. younger drinkers could only
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consume beer and wine. they can't buy it themselves. they have to be with someone 21 and older and the legal blood alcohol content for them would be .05. local police argue the proposal would lead to more irresponsible drinking. we want to know what you think? is it irresponsible to lower the drinking age or okay to let 18-year-olds who are by law legal adults drink legally? log on to our facebook page to weigh in #keep talking. if you are like most people do you need a dose of coffee to get yourself going in the morning? >> you didn't have to dribring coffee, did you, michael? >> himilk and sugar. >> awesome. you are a life saver. >> is this just milk and sugar. >> that's what i said. >> the new research may have you thinking twice if you fuel up. experts found up to 67 different
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kinds of bacteria lingering in the trip tray below the coffee pods in office break rooms. the researchers say the coffee is safe, people often forget to clean out the trays underneath. >> what's a little bacteria in there. >> your world is getting wired. brand new technology means your homes could be smarter than ever. >> we the headlines here with what is being unveiled at the big consumer electronics show in las vegas. >> they are the super bowl of technology. it is where the world got a glimpse of everything from a first vcr to even automotive technology. we are seeing more of the internet of things. coffee maker, refrigerator even your dog's collar will connect to the innet. 50 billion devices will go on-line by 2020. whirlpool is showing series of smart appliances like washer
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drier and dishwasher so you know when it is time to buy more soap. sleep number bed 1,000 dollar queen mattress that helps track your body and make recommendations for a better night sleep. we will see bigger tv's. we have heard about hdtv or ultra hdtv there will be 8 ktv's which has 8 times better resolution than the hgtv's we have now. they are unveiling a gps for kids that let's parents keep an eye on where they are and even send them quick messages. lea, back to you. >> you believing hecan hear bre fox headlines. >> the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. drama, if you can image with the democrats, potential conflict of interest with hillary clinton and debbie wasserman schultz. >> more trouble for bad boy quarterback donnie menzel. his latest stunt involving a
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disguise. first on this day in history back in 1933 construction began on the golden gate bridge. >> in 1949 harry truman gave his fair deal speech during the state of the union. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> it is tuesday january 5th. a fox news alert. stunning new details about who is among the prisoners being released from gitmo. the terror ties just uncovered. >> taking aim alone. president obama getting ready to officially announce executive action on gun control the plan and how critics are already
2:30 am
firing back. netflixal petition to pardon a killer takes storm. good morning everyone. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am lia gabriel. it is half past the top of the hour. >> a group of 17 detainees are expected to be transferred oh you tell of gitmo as early as this week. among those al qaeda followers. a source telling fox news the identity of the men will not be released. they include multiple bad guys. not taxi drivers and cooks. that is in reference to ibraham sarkozy in sudan. he is no you an al qaeda leader in yemen. that will reduce the total number of detainees to 90. congressman trey gowdy saying we have been misled by the white
2:31 am
house before and the detainees likely going right back to terror. >> look at the folks released in the past? have they gone back to terror, are they starting bridge clubs or going back to after school programs? they are going back to terror. these were terrorists that were detained for a reason and now we are supposed to believe they have been rehabilitated and we are able to unleash them back on sewsite. or than fulfilling a campaign promise that he made i don't know why you would do this. >> the former police officer charged with murdering an unarmed black man is now free on bond. he had been in custody since last april after he shot him at
2:32 am
a traffic stop. if convicted he faces life in prison without parole. president obama taking aim alone. today he will officially reveal his gun control plan. that plan already receiving a lot of backlash. kristin fisher joins us live from washington, d.c. with details about the plan and some reaction. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. house speaker paul ryan is calling these executive actions a quote dangerous oefrt reach. most republicans agree. yesterday after meeting with the attorney general president obama said he believes he does have the legal authority to act. >> the good news is these are not only recommendations not only well within my legal authority and executive branch, but they are also ones the overwhelming majority of the american people including gun
2:33 am
owners support and believe in. >> there are several separate provisions here. let me breakdown some of the big ones. they require background checks for more gun sales even if they are sold on-line or at gun shows. that would narrow that so-called gun show loophole. the actions will direct the fbi to hire more than 230 examiners to help process all of the background checks. the atf looks at investigation center to keep track of illegal gun trafficking on-line. federal funds will be available for treating mental illness. that is an action that would require congressional approval. this issue has as i am sure you might image become front and center on the campaign trail. hillary clinton says she supports these recommendations. >> i will stand up to the gun lobby and we will fight to get common sense gun safety measures. >> i am for comprehensive background checks. i want to close the gun show loophole, the on-line loophole the charleston loophole. i want to end the immunity from
2:34 am
liability that was given to the gun makers. >> her republican rivals continue to be outraged the president's plan to go it alone. >> president obama and mihillar clinton continually focus on stripping the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> president obama will make it official at noon today at the white house. >> i will take it from here. kristin fisher in washington this morning. speaking of guns and weapons armed protestors continue a four-day standoff in oregon vowing to remain on federal land until justice is served. all of this despite two ranchers turning themselves into the authorities. kel lae wright is live with the latest. kelly, good morning. >> good morning to you as well. lia the two ranchers served prison time before.
2:35 am
the father serving three months the son one year. an appeals judge ordered them back to prison to serve five years for setting fire in federal grazing land that's a minimum jail time under federal guidelines. that ruling incited people to arm themselves and take over a building while the national wildlife refuge. the armed standoff continues even after the two ranchers, dwight and steve hammond father and son turns themselves into a federal prison in california yesterday. the hardy county sheriff is calling on the protestors to end their standoff. >> it is time to go home to your families and end this peacefully. >> the son of clive bundy the rancher who clashed with the federal government in 2014 is leading the protestors in the standoff. he is now clarifying earlier claims the group would be willing to die for their cause if necessary.
2:36 am
>> i have a family. i have six children, a beautiful wife. i have a wonderful home. i have a business, several employees. i am not here to die. i am here to defend my freedoms and my liberties. >> the protestors calling themselves citizens for a coalition for freedom. the family members of the hammonds want the protest to end peacefully. they are distancing themselves from the armed protestors. >> everything that has been going on in what seems -- we are on monday. like the last 48-hours is in no way connected to the hammond family. >> they don't receive activity in the government. >> kelly wright live for us from washington. thank you, kelly. it is the end of an era
2:37 am
after 12 seasons at the helm tom coughlin's tenure as giant's coach is over. he resigned after leading giant leadership one day after they ended the third consecutive season. he is not retiring. he says if the opportunity presents itself he might coach again. he won two super bowls with the giants. >> more troubles for johnny football reports now the browns quarterback wore a blonde wig a fake mustache and sunglasses to a party in las vegas on saturday. he told people his name was billy. the 23-year-old was ruled out of the game but missed a required doctor's visit that morning. as reports of manziel he took a picture of himself with his dog claiming to be in oh he owe. what do you belief? >> the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a fiery rescue caught on camera. meet the hero who helped the driver get out of this alive.
2:38 am
>> and are you swamped with student loan debt? the state telling people they will forgive and forget. >> what happens when jesse waters gets over the light saber? >> trouble. >> that is a whole new galaxy. >> don't miss star wars edition. >> and take a look across the country at the weather. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. oh>> in a fox business alert stocks spiral as the worst opening day since 2008. what does it mean for your
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money? cheryl casone is here to break it down for you. >> it started in asia and ended here in the u.s. it was a rough start. the dow down 200 points during the trading session. the down side 274 points. that is a loss of 1 and a half percent. nasdaq down 1.2 percent. there were several factors including a large drop in china's manufacturing sector and also volatility in the oil market as tensions between saudi arabia and iran continue. >> pulling out is not the best trat gee. keep your eyes on your portfolio. what is in your portfolio. it's not that scary. take a look. managed funds you have someone keeping an eye on the money.
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you pay a bit more fees. my advice it was one day. it was not a whole year. it was a day. we will see how the markets will look but we are more stable as we look at the futures this morning. to find the fox business network log on to f >> we are america's elections head quarters. hillary clinton is making large and unusual payments to the democratic national committee. she had a joint fundraising committee for exs is of the campaign limit. it has given $20 million to the dnc. perhaps because historically parties only team up with candidates in this way, if the candidate is their frontrunner nominee. >> donald trump ruffling the
2:44 am
feathers calling him the hater in chief unlikely face of american anger in the february issue. he responded on o'reilly seemingly embracing the term. >> if you think about it hater in chief. i hate what's happening in america. i hate what's happening in the country. >> they are calling you a bigot and everything else. you know that. >> they can call me that. it's the mainstream media stuff they do that. i hate what's happening to america. maybe in that way it's an accurate depiction. >> the issue hits stands next week. >> donald trump continues dominate the polls packing the venues with thousands of people. >> this appeal is strength it's not revenge against the rich or whatever. his appeal i am strong, i am successful, i am smart, i am pretty, i am determined. i will get it done. i am going to do isis how? i can't say because that's a
2:45 am
secret. i am going to contain or do damage to iran. you just asked him, are you being to attack? i can't tell you because i don't want to give it away. the reason he can't tell you is he has no idea what he is doing. what he is understanding is america has declined in the world and decline is a choice. obama has chosen it. >> the clear average has trump on top with 35 percent. >> turning to the economy. millennials griping about student debt will get their wish at least in new york. the state is now offering to pay student loan bills to people who are struggling to pay off their debt. it is called the get on your feet program. it will only be offered to students making less than 50,000 dollars a year who graduated after december 2014 and live in the state of new york. the program expected to cost about $42 million by the year 2020. and it is time to update all of
2:46 am
those science textbooks across the globe. scientists discovered four newell elements that now have to be added to the periodic table. now the 7th row is complete. so why we care about this? it is the first such edition in four years. don't buy a new chart just yet. next comes the formal naming process. the researchers who discovered the element will be given the opportunity to submit names. >> high school chemistry just got tougher. >> the time is 46 minutes after the hour. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen facing the music today. coming up what she is accused of. >> the frightening moment a tiger decided to take a bite out of a car carrying tourists. how they somehow managed to keep calm. >> some of you know the situation that's brian kilmeade. >> these people haven't had a tiger come up to the passenger side door we have all been through it at one point or
2:47 am
another. let me tell you what's coming up. president obama unveiled the executive orders on gun control officially today. will he be over stepping his legal authority. 2016 presidential candidates call fiorina live. miss universe down the couch to talk about that moment where she had to take the crown from the runner up and put it on her own head. we have all been through that. actress melissa joan heart is here. she is cooking with friends. she brought her own food. don't miss a moment. please get dressed. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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welcome back to "fox and friends first". a developing story for you now. a small town crime making held lines thanks to netflix.
2:51 am
thousands of signatures continue to pour in to pardon convicted murderer steven a riff. the new documentary called making a murderer casting doubt on his guilt. nearly 300,000 names appear on the petitions in the and white but the president can only pardon those convicted of a federal crime. he spent 18 years in prison and exonerated in 2003 and found guilty in a different case in 2005 of murder. lea? >> two ohio police officers hailed as heroes after saving a man from a burning car on christmas. the vehicle burst into flames after hitting a utility pole and trapping the driver inside. the officers quickly pulled him out, saving his life. >> it certainly could have been fatal if not for the two officers. despite what they're saying, we were only our jobs. what any other police officer
2:52 am
would have done in that situation. >> the driver suffered serious burns but is expected to be okay. >> the sfors has certainly awakened with the new star wars movie. it is expected to be the top grossing film ever in north america. >> as jesse waters found out, it's wattteres world, star wars edition. >> have you seen star wars yet? >> but. but i've seen space balls. what's your favorite character in star wars? >> luke skywalker. >> obi-wan. >> these aren't the droids you're looking for. >> what was your favorite scene? >> when was republic was destroyed. >> are you a democrat. >> what was your favorite
2:53 am
character from star wars. >> chewbacca. >> what sound does he make? >> that's one for the day here. >> show you how to use the force. i like your hair. what are you thinking right now? >> do you know how many planets there are in our solar system? >> there's enough. >> 15. 8 and one dwarf. >> not allowed to stay dwarf. it's a little person. who was the first person to step on the moon? >> i know his name. was it a dog or a monkey. >> lance armstrong. >> lance armstrong? >> no. >> you guys think you're not paying attention to the rest of the news? >> do you know who the vice
2:54 am
president is? >> no, dwro. >> donald trump. i don't know. >> obama and some other guy. >> joe biden. >> i don't even think joe biden knows that. >> it's time to press the reset button. >> come on. the vice president? you got to know that. the time is now 54 minutes after the hour. the government being labeled as the biggest problem our country is facing. what do you think? e-mails are next. it's hardly a must have musk. the putin perfume you have to see to believe. pump up your look plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash lifting brush boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes up up and away... new plumpify mascara
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from easy breezy beautiful covergirl and try new trunaked shadows and liners
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it's 58 minutes after the hour. here's what's happening today. the mom of the affluenza teen due in a los angeles court. tanya couch facing extradition to texas where she'll face dharjs of helping her son hide from police. ethan couch is being held in mexico. authorities tried to identify the man dubbed as the new jihadi john. he has a british accent and is pictured in a individual dwroe showing the killing of five alleged british spies. president obama set to -- it will require background checks even if sold online or at gun shows. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. a special dinner date from a
2:59 am
6-year-old reality star. nicole balloon. she shared this photo showing that her son lyle takes her out to dinner once a month with his allowance money. now to the bad. tourists getting a scare at a wildlife sanctuary. walks up and chews on the jeep. the tiger eventually got bored with the car and walked away, luckily. finally, the ugly. get a chance to smell like vladimir putin. it's a new perfume inspired by the leader. the country calls is attractive, matter of fact. it will set you back $95. >> sounds lovely. time for your brew on this responses. for the second year in a row, we want to know what your kun think thinks of the top problem. political correctness.
3:00 am
>> our problem is that god was kicked out of school and other places. we need god-fearing people to look up and respect to your livers. >> our worst problem is homelessness especially with veterans. no vet should be sleeping on the streets. thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. >> have a great day. bye. hi friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 5th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. hillary clinton unleashes her not so see dret weapon. her husband. in a desperate push to win the white house. >> we fell in love. i thought she was the most amazing person. everything she touched she made better. >> if you thought that speech might get democrats a thrill up their leg. wait until you see what it did to the mainstream media. >> can hardly wait. the search for missing country craig strickland comes to a tragic end. we're hearing from his


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