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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 5, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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kicked out of school and other places. we need god-fearing people to look up and respect to your livers. >> our worst problem is homelessness especially with veterans. no vet should be sleeping on the streets. thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. >> have a great day. bye. hi friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 5th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. hillary clinton unleashes her not so see dret weapon. her husband. in a desperate push to win the white house. >> we fell in love. i thought she was the most amazing person. everything she touched she made better. >> if you thought that speech might get democrats a thrill up their leg. wait until you see what it did to the mainstream media. >> can hardly wait. the search for missing country craig strickland comes to a tragic end. we're hearing from his heartbroken wife sfwliefrnlts
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johnny football goes incognito. word is he wanted to party so bad he hid out in sin city in a disguise. that's also known as las vegas. would you recognize him if he wanted to have a beer with you? walking on the strip. think about that for a second while we show you this animation. we remind you of our motto, mornings are better with friends. > ♪ ♪ less than 30 days to iowa. we are our election headquart s headquarters. carly fiorina and jeb bush will be joining us on the jam-packed show today. >> if they did get it together, gather momentum in the last month and get people to pay attention in a way they have not yet because we wanted to wait
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until after the holidays, they can turn it all around. right now, it starts today. >> so we've got a big show. we will, we will, we will rock you. actually, we should, we should warn you. it's currently 10 degrees in new york city. it feels like 8 degrees. god bless you for wearing that dress today. a little dhil chilly. >> you might want to zip on the sleeves. let's talk about what bill clinton did yesterday. he went to new hampshire on his own with his wife and located in iowa. it was time for bill clinton to get wind behind his wife. he's having a heck of a time taking out in iowa. in new hampshire she's not dfrtable. it's time for bill clinton, the most popular politician in america today to go into his, i guess, top gear. >> the jury is still out whether
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in 2008 he helped or hurt her. she it lose that campaign. as donald trump continues to go up and up. the mainstream would get a thrill out of this. take a listen to the headlines after this meeting that drew a few hundred people. >> candidates are turning to their own big guns. >> in the days of hillary clinton, the man she calls husband and not see secret weapon has been launched on to the campaign trail. >> a decisive moment. >> taking nothing for granted this time. >> can hillary win this one? >> sure. but it's going to be hard. >> he's honest. >> yes, ladies and gentlemen. the mainstream media is excited. unfortunately, the people in new hampshire not so excited. the gymnasium at nashua, only about half full for the 28-minute appearance of bill clinton. here's a headline from the daily la'el today. his female fan dlub, women
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skould and grimaced. looks like they'd rather be anywhere else. it was what people in the political police call poor optics. >> some of the women interviewed say they were hand picked to go and stand behind them. there's a battle between the clintons and donald trump about the war on women. you can imagine the plit doliti machine the dlin ton campaign is. were they long blinks, were they grimacing. did they not realize cameras were on them. >> they were not very enthusiastic. >> if you've been watching bill clinton for decades, he was not the same excitable guy. it was low energy. i know that's donald trump's word he dwrood. let's say he was subdued. >> i would say that you knew what the headlines would be. even think about back to april when hillary clinton had her
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sdo scooby van, there were dozens of reporters chasing after her. >> i was taken aback because he was upbeat, his delivery was fine. i felt like he looked tired. i'm just wondering, day one of helping out his wife with his popularity and maybe his track record he'd be more sdwrup beat and hit it out of the park. in the big picture, the one thing donald trump wanted to do is said before you call me sexist, get your own house in order, hillary clinton. when she did that last week, he said you're calling me sexist after the way your husband treated women throughout his career. people thought that's out of bounds. guess what? when he went on the record with bill clinton's record, it opened up the flood gates for the media to ask questions, steve. that's what the reporters did
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yesterday about his past. let's listen. >> donald trump is fair game. i got to ask you, on the trail -- is it fair game? [ inaudible question ]. >> i'm trying to -- the democrats. [ inaudible question ] i think there's always an attempt to take the election away from the people. >> she asked an appropriate question given the dynamic. he chose to answer it by not actually answering it. 24 miles away at the paul tsonga center, donald trump was having a raucous festivity, a rally. pretty much tailored to the local crowd. he started out by saying i love tom brady. even though he's injured, he's going to come back. what's interesting about this. as soon as it was announced that he was going to be showing up at
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u-mass, protesters started forming groups. they interrupted him at least seven times. the interrupters were escorted from the building. nonetheless, donald trump made it very clear, he's no bernie sanders. listen. >> i remember when bernie sanders, when they took over his microphone, that's not happening with trump vote. that's not happening. >> that scene when he lost control of his mike was pathetic. that's what we have leading this country. no, not here. >> talking trump. >> huge crowd. they say it was about 3 dozen protesters throughout it. it didn't matter. there were people lined up outside. very dold weather. but to see him and the place was packed out again. >> hillary clinton was in des moines, iowa with 600 people at
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her event. 7,000 people floor to dreelg this arena was packed and they were waiting out in line reportedly, secret service lines waiting to get in for a couple of hours some of them in the cold, windy weather. >> his fourth major appearance in massachusetts. massachusetts has a primary on march 1st. it's just around the corner. it is now 8:00 after the top of the hour. >> in a few hours, president obama will reveal his executive actions on gun control. the plan already receiving a lot of backlash. >> kristin fisher live from the washington, d.c. newsroom. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of the executive actions have to do with expanding background checks. this would effectively close that so-called gun show loophole. here's how. it would require more checks even if sold online or at gun shows. it would direct the fbi to help
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process all of the new background checks. it will also try to free up more federal funds to treat mental illnesses. yesterday after meeting with the attorney general, president obama said he does have the legal authority to do this and that it does not violate our second amendment rights. >> the good news is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they're also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners support and believe in. >> many republicans disagree. paul ryan calls the executive actions a dangerous overreach. for republicans on the campaign trail, they're called unconstitutional. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. i will rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional
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order barack obama has entered. >> many republican press tension daids are pledging to get rid of the executive actions before they've been formally president obama is expected to make it official at the white house in a few hours. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. there's a town hall, i believe on thursday to talk about that. >> i'm sure it will be an open, honest debate. heather nauert is ready to be open and honest with us. >> absolutely. news on the west coast that armed occupation of a federal wildlife preserve in oregon showing no signs of slowing down this morning. militia members vowing to stay on federal land until justice is served. that's what they say. the group taking droll of the property on saturday to protest prison time against two ranchers who were convicted of arson. the ranchers have since turned themselves in. they say they are against the siege there. we'll keep you posted on any
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updates. the body of back road anthem singer craig strickland found on the shores of oklahoma's q lake. he died of hype therm dwra after disappearing in a duck hunting trip last week. his wife saying he's saah safe with his father in heaven. thank you for leading us to him. i will praise you. amen. >> she posted a individual dwroe he made for her. his bandmates were. say group of detainees expected to be transferred. the identities of the men will not be released but they include multiwill bad guys and "not taxi drivers and doox." that refers to the transfer of another to sudan. a one-time cook for osama bin laden. he's an al qaeda leader in
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yemen. the transfers will reduce the number of detainees to 90. more trouble for johnny football. reports that the browns quarterback, johnny manziel, partied in disguise in las vegas. witnesses say he wore a blond wig, fake mustache and sunglasses. he told people his name was billy. the 23 dwre-year-old didn't pla sunday. the disguise sparking jokes on media. another photoshop of manziel with the weird blond hair and mustache. brian, isn't that how you always go out in. >> exactly. that would be great. the finally gets the starting quarterback job, goes through rehab and decides, i just got to go to las vegas on the weekend. >> that disguise, he looks like he should star in the movie hurt. >> let's see what he does with the opportunity. he got a brand new coach.
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he's the new jihadi john, a masked isis terrorist with a british accent. authorities may already know who he is. a compliment is not backing down from this threat to police. >> we throw rocks and bricks and bottles. that will send the message we don't want you in here. >> one county sheriff says he thought the comments were a hoax. now he's disturbed. he joins us next.
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got to tell you about this incident. a mississippi councilman not backing down from this disturbing threat to police. listen. >> i suggest we get the black leadership together and that the jurisdictions coming to jackson, we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. that will send the message we don't want you in here. >> councilman kevin stokes upset about cops chasing misdemeanor suspects through his jurisdiction. jim johnson reached out to the fbi about an investigation of that threat. sheriff johnson joins us right now. at first what, were you thinking when you heard the comments from an elected official? >> i first read it on social
3:18 am
media and thought it was possibly a hoax until i saw the live feed from our local jackson station and read the comments and saw word for word what he said. with sthaul all the comments, i know he's done several press conferences since then, i don't see that come not guilty the near future. what's the danger of someone making sthees dments? seems like he's clueless on the ramifications of his comments. is that dangerous to you in law enforcement? >> as i said in our release to our local media as well as our sfaib page, you know, the concern that we have in law
3:19 am
enforcement is any situation is dangerous, no matter sf there's a skments made like? or not. i've never seen law enforcement under the attack that it's snr right now. the last thing you need is individuals that want to harm law enforcement. the last sthing you need from a councilman, someone of this nature, is to promote hatred and promote violence against law enforcement. sometimes that's the only fire that an individual needs for st. to be out of control. >> skpaexactly. he said this puts law enforcement in harm's way. it must never jeopardize officer safety. in the big picturpicture, if so is struck by a rock or brick? light of what he said, could he be culpable? >> certainly. there's certain state laws that the attorney general is going to be looking into.
3:20 am
also the fbi, there are laws that hold law enforcement to a different standard. i want to make sure that this individual, stokes that spoke, he was speaking as a councilman, not as an individual. he actually asked members of his community to step up and participate? this. in lee county, if any of us are subjected to any type of harm in the way that mr. stokes said, not only are we going to look for the individual that did it, i'm going after him as well. >> i'm sure you will. sheriff jim johnson, thanks sfor sharing this story. we hope we have an apology soon. >> thank you. straight ahead, the story is heartbreaking of a toddler who passes away after swallowing a small battery. many parents wondering, how could they spot the signs? dr. david samadi here next. >> the new hoodie that lets you
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time right now for quick animal headlines. remember this horrible video of a pug puppy being hurled to the ground in california. this morning, we're learning that benny the pug has been released back to his owners, including the woman seen throwing him in the video. no word if she's facing animal cruelty charges. she claims she is not abuser. how about the elephant seal who is determined to get across california highway causing a traffic nightmare. now, she's a new mom. gave birth to a seal pup over the weekend. there's now a social media campaign to name the baby.
3:25 am
adorable. all right. anna, over to you and the doctor. >> thanks. 24 minutes after the hour. a 2-year-old oklahoma girl died two days after christmas. the killer, a button battery we swallowed as early as a week before. her parents said there were no signs until it was simply too late. we brought in dr. david samadi of the fox news medical a-team to help us spot other silent killers around the house. thanks for coming in this morning. >> sure. >> this is a tragedy. what could have happened with this lithium battery? this button battery getting caught in her throat. >> the unfortunate story around christmastime. what happened is, if you can get a close shot of these batteries. these are tiny little lithium batteries that's everywhere, in all the toys and watches. they can really -- >> row motor controls. >> they can be under the furniture and toddlers are crawling. what she did was swallowed one
3:26 am
of these a week before. over time, this has a lot of alkaline in it. it can erode through the esophagus. it's a tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. there's a sphincter there. it can get stuck there. once it's stuck there with saliva and fluid, it can have electrical shock to the esophagus, burn the tissue. unfortunately, in her case, they think it eroded through one of the big arteries in the neck and bled to death. these are serious, serious problems. over the last few years, there have been 15 kids who died from lithium batteries. they're very small and they can swallow and she started having bloody vomiting, chest pain, abdominal pain. really pay attention to this. >> what's startling is that she likely swallowed it a week before the parents say and didn't have symptoms until too late. there are other silent killers around the house to be wary of. in our handbags.
3:27 am
what potentially is there? >> if you look in your handbag, over here you have a pen. this cap is also another one that the kids can absolutely swallow. this can actually make them choke and it's quite dangerous. things that you would not really pay attention to. a brush. a tiny little hair can get around their finger and what we call tourniquet syndrome. it can cut the circulation, can get locked up. you want to be very careful about leaving simple things like this. >> i've never heard of that. one of our producers said it happened to her. super scary. >> coins. >> the kids may want to play with. don't let them put them in your mouth. >> they can get them and swallow them. that's a real problem. everything, really want to pay attention. i would talk to the parents. be exactly like the kids. get on the floor, start looking under the furniture, under tvs and any of these things that you see, get rid of them. >> the coin, this is something that a lot of parents telt with.
3:28 am
what's in your mouth. fishing out coins. is it a choking hazard? could they be able to pass it? >> they may be able to pass it. don't put your finger there. you could make it much worse. don't do heimlich maneuver on your own. take them to the emergency room and make sure the doctor handles it. >> small toys, what is considered a small toy? >> basically, you have of these toys around also. something like this is a little bit too big to swallow. anything that's less than one inch, you can look at it. things like this could easily be swallowed and can be a problem. same thing as the battery. pay attention to all of us, especially around the holidays. >> these detergent pods for your dishwashers or laundry, convenience is king. but it can also look like candy. >> if they're lying around, they can also -- they can swallow this and drink this and break this. that can cause a lot of vomiting and fatigue.
3:29 am
pay attention to this. follow the toddlers. it's a dangerous time. it's very unfortunate to see this beautiful kid as a result of this. we want people to be aware of this, batteries. everything that we talked about. it's all over. so pay attention. >> dr. david samadi. >> nice to see you, anna. an officer rescues a 3-year-old girl freezing in a parking lot all alone. >> sweetheart. you okay? >> how she got there is going to shock you. then you know her and love her as sabrina the teenage witch. >> not stealing my life or my boyfriend. she still wants to be like me. >> melissa joan heart is trading in the magical wand for a spatula. she'll teach us how she just lost 40 pounds and whip up something super tasty. huh.
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ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. a new poll. donald trump was the candidate americans would least want to have as their neighbor. it makes sense because he'd build a massive wall between your yards and make you pay for it. >> jimmy fallon last night. back to work. no more vacation or repeats. funny stuff. we're going to be cook wg a friend, melissa joan hart in a moment. right now we turn to heather for a look at the news. >> a fox business alert to start out with. the dow jones had the worst start to the year since 2008 plunging 276 points. the red arrows of weak manufacturing at that time a from china are to blame for that.
3:34 am
unfortunately, markets this morning aren't looking a whole lot better. we'll keep watching them and bring you the latest as we get it. the search is on to identify the british isis fighter dubbed the new jihadi john. the masked man with a british accent is featured in the latest isis execution video showing the killing of five alleged british spies. a uk newspaper claims that the man is a 32-year-old muslim convert and a former bouncy capital salesman. the affluenza teen is expected in a los angeles courtroom in a few hours. they're set to send tanya couch back to texas to face charges of helping her son after he missed a probation hearing. he was in a deadly drunk driving accident and claimed he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. the 18-year-old is still in mexico. this is dwight a story. unbelievable video out of new
3:35 am
mexico. a police officer finds a little girl freezing all alone in a parking lot. watch this. >> hi sweetheart. you okay? come here. come here. i know. come here. poor little girl. so scared and cold. 3 years old. she was in the back seat of a car when someone stole the car. her mom was standing right in that same parking lot. police eventually found that girl nearby. the emotion hitting that officer. listen. >> i'll be honest, i started crying. i was very happy and thankful we were able to find her. i can't imagine what animal would do this. >> no kidding. that little girl was scared but otherwise okay and reunited with her mother. another example of the great work our officers do every single day. now over to you. all right. the number two rajd team in college basketball played the number one team in basketball.
3:36 am
it more than lived up to the billing. the best college basketball game ever some say. it took three overtimes. the jayhawks survived despite the spectacular performance. this was the sfirs matchup in two years where the two top teams faced each other during the regular season. it's over. after 12 seasons, tom coughlin's tenure as giants head coach done, through. he resigned after meeting giants ownership one day after the giants ended the third consecutive losing season. he does not plan to retire. guess what? he's 70 but apparently saying if the right opportunity presents itself, he might coach again. he's won two super bowls with this team. that's a quick look at happening at sports. let's do it. you may know her as your favorite teenage witch. >> now actress melissa joan hart has a new role. mother of three with her busy schedule she still manages to stay fit and she just lost 40
3:37 am
pounds. how did she do that? here with the dishes dish to kick-start your year, actress melissa joan hart. >> welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you do that? >> i gave birth to my third son and i called up new tri system and they put me on the program and it worked. >> why did you find it easier than other plans. >> first of all, they take all the guesswork out for you. there's no measuring and weighing and all that stuff. >> i like that idea. >> the food comes to you and it basically teaches you portion control and you get to eat things like pizza while my kids are eating pizza while my kids are eating mac and cheese. i was mine. >> you get to eat five times a day. you add fruits and vegetables and dairy. >> from beginning of the year, everybody is trying to do the new thing. be healthy and so this is a great way to start. you start with the zucchini. >> this is going --
3:38 am
>> this is your version of lasagna. this is my version. you want to take your zucchinis and cut it or use a mandolin and slice it thin. put olive oil, salt and pepper on your zucchinis. stick them in the oven. salt and pepper and salt. >> the finished product looks like this. you put in the oven at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes. you prep your filler. there's ricotta cheese and i added all of my favorite veggies. peppers, carrots, kale, right? you're getting your veggies in here. you still have your cheese in there. but you make your little filler. you can even add low-fat cottage cheese instead of the ricotta cheese. >> you can do healthy versions of this. you're taking out the pasta. >> that's key. >> you're wrapping it in the zucchini. when you get your zucchinis out, you want to fill the -- fill the rolls. >> you want to try this? >> sure. >> let me give it a go. you say start at the end.
3:39 am
>> right. >> anna, no pressure but melissa's kids do this. >> when you get your kids involved in cooking, it helps them eat healthier. when they make it themselves, they tend to eat it. >> plus it's fun. >> it's fun. you cover it in some sauce, put cheese on. mozzarella and parmesan. put it in the oven, 8 to 10 minutes at 350. >> put it in the oven. >> with the magic of television, you have this amazing lasagna that's a healthy version of it. >> you want to try one? >> then you have a nutri-system, red velvet pie. >> start with one of those. >> try the lasagna. >> thank you very much. >> if you want more of those recipes, go to of course, you can get them there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that's good. >> great job. >> thank you.
3:40 am
>> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> meanwhile, president obama officially set to reveal his executive actions on gun control. but are they within his authority? judge andrew napolitano is here to talk about this. >> are we voting for bill or hillary? presidential candidate carly fiorina joins us live and she'll address that and more. >> now the crew can eat. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. i'd like to make a dep-- we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. how are you doing this tuesday morning? hopewell. quick headlines featuring clothing of the future. you can nap anywhere any time with a hoodie that transforms into a pillow. it's called hip know sleep
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hoodie. it's on kick-starter right now. you inflate the hood into a makeshift travel pillow so you can catch a few minutes of shut eye on your morning commute. >> i need that. >> me too. like the snazzy napper. it's being called the first smart bra. it measures a woman's heart rate and steps throughout the day like a sfit bit or apple watch. the bra is expected to start shipping in the spring for 150 bucks. all right. my clothes are talking about me. thank you, anna. meanwhile, the white house will officially reveal plans today for president obama's executive actions on gun control. among the highlights, requiring all gun sellers to be licensed and conduct background checks. 200 new atf agents to enforce gun laws and an overhaul of the fbi background check system for efficiency. but are these new provisions been the president's authority? let's talk to the judge. >> good morning, steve. i have to tell you that when i
3:45 am
read late last night what the president is going to announce this morning, i think about 11:40, i was a little surprised that he didn't go farther than he had promised. of course, i was happy to that extent. let's go through them. can he hire more fbi agents? of course he can. can he hire more dea agents, drug enforcement administration? yes, of course he can. can he hire more batf? yes. >> ke enforce the laws more effectively? >> he better. >> these are all within his discretion. however, i don't think this can happen in the year that he has remaining on his term. because to hire all of these, another 1,000 agents, obviously can't happen overnight. here's what he wants to do that he absolutely can't. he wants to define a person who sells two or more guns in a year as a gun seller. they must therefore get a federal license and perform a
3:46 am
background check on everyone to whom they sell guns. we're not talking about a person who does this for a living. we're talking about you selling it to me. >> the guy on e-bay. >> exactly. what's wrong with requiring that person to get a license and perform a background certificate snch. >> right. >> congress has said no three times. >> bipartisan congress? >> correct. so the president cannot change the law no matter how noble his motivation may be and he knows that. >> i tell you what, he feels that americans are behind this. listen to this. >> good news is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they're also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners support and believe in. >> he's relying on polls. he may be right.
3:47 am
but the polls don't write the laws and public opinion doesn't write the laws. congress writes the laws. >> regarding polls, it's interesting what's happened the last two or three months in the wake of san bernardino. look at this, judge. should gun laws on gun sales be more strict, less strict or kept the same? more strict in october it was 58%. but in december, i believe that is after san bernardino, it went down 7%. >> i don't know how to interpret that except to say that the american public has the right to expect that the laws that exist will be enforced. and when the president says i will enforce the laws that exist, that should not be newsworthy. that should be something that we expect of him to do. on the other hand, when the president says i don't like this area that congress has carved out, he cannot change that. that will be enjoined by a federal judge, just like his executive orders trying to change the immigration laws were stopped by federal judges.
3:48 am
>> why is he doing it? legacy? >> exactly. legacy, chinning up the base. making him feel good about the people that put him in office seven and three years ago. >> going to talk about it later today. we're talking about it this morning. >> all the best, steve. bill clinton is hyped as hillary clinton's secret weapon. are we voting for bill or hillary? who is the best candidate to take them on? carly fiorina feels she is. she joins us live, next. i've smoked a lot
3:49 am
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3:52 am
bill clinton hitting the stump in new hampshire for his wife hillary. and now, mainstream media hyping up his performances. her secret weapon, but who's on the ballot? bill, or hillary? >> what does presidential candidate carly fiorina think? she joins us now. great to have you with us on the program, carly. >> good morning. how are you all? happy new year. >> indeed. what did you think about bill clinton yesterday? bubba is back. >> bubba is back. well i'm here in new hampshire as well drawing pretty big crowds. look, bill clinton is fair game, he's a former president. but elections are about the future, not about the past. so this election is about hillary clinton. and the way to beat hillary clinton is to talk about her complete lack of accomplishment. the fact that she's gotten every foreign policy challenge wrong. >> right. >> and the fact that she continues to lie to the american people. it's the clinton way. lie as long as you can get away
3:53 am
with it and say whatever you need to say to get elected. that's what i'm going to do, day after day, just as i've been doing, every day since i launched my campaign. >> governor christie and governor kasich have both said they've got to do very well, and the story coming out of new hampshire, do you feel the same way? >> i need to exceed expectations just as i have all along. when i launched my campaign in may i was 17 out of 16. the pollsters didn't even ask my name. nobody thought i had a chance. and here i am drawing pretty big crowds in new hampshire. so i think i'll exceed expectations here on the ground. as well as in iowa and the early states. >> mrs. fiorina, a new poll is out saying that white female republicans are the angriest americans. it's an esquire, nbc and survey monkey poll, and they are angrier than one year ago. 58% of white women are angrier than they were a year ago. is that something you're noticing out on the campaign trail, and if so, why? >> well, yes, women are angry. and let's remember, women are
3:54 am
53% of the vote. so we can't nominate someone who routinely insults women. women are angry, because more of them are living in poverty. women are angry because they feel they're losing control and power over their own lives. women are angry because they worry that their children don't even know what the american dream is anymore. women are angry because their health costs are going up. yes, women are angry. and women are incredibly important segment of the population that we need to win to win this election. >> from the same article it says half americans are angrier today than a year ago. that's the thrust of it. and they put donald trump on the cover and referred to him as the hater in chief. the unlikely face of american anger. and the editor says, if the republicans know what's good for them, donald trump will be back in trump tower conducting his business as usual about a year from right now. but does he, at this point, is he just emblematic of that anger
3:55 am
that we're talking about? >> well, look, people are angry. they feel powerless. they don't feel safe. they don't feel valued by their government or served by their government, and they don't feel listened to. 80% of americans think we have a professional political class that cares more about itself and a corrupt federal government. they're right. that is why i'm running for president. because we need to return, and restore power to the people, and be a citizen government. look, i don't exactly think esquire is an authority. but there is no doubt. >> right. >> donald trump is an extremely divisive candidate. that's why he cannot win. that is why he cannoten our domi domini. but honestly, donald trump reminds me of the kim kardashian of politics. they're both famous for being famous. and the media plays along. >> wow. interesting. carly, there's going to be new criteria for the next series of debates. the top six, top five in the nation and top six in the first two states. doesn't look like you're going to get there. would you go to the second -- would you go to the pre-debate
3:56 am
stage, unlike rand paul who says if he gets that he's not showing up? >> i will be in south carolina. i will debate anyone, any time on any stage. >> and mrs. fiorina you always have said that you are the best one to take on hillary clinton. why? especially in these times when we're 27, 28 days away from iowa? >> well, let's just start with what we just talked about, 53% of the voting public are women. let's also start with the fact that i am the candidate who has consistently taken hillary clinton on for her lies, for her lack of accomplishment, for the clinton way, for her corruption. right from the very beginning. i have never asked for voters' support because i'm a woman, although i'm proud to be one. but i am the most qualified candidate to win this job and to do this job. however, i take a very important card away from hillary clinton. because hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about her lack of
3:57 am
accomplishments. she wants to talk about the historic nature of her candidacy. >> got it. carly fiorina -- >> i can fight her on ground that we can win on. >> thank you very much. carly fiorina, great. thank you for joining us. next, jeb bush. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in.
3:58 am
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frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. hello, hello. good morning, it's tuesday the 5th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. hillary clinton unleashing her not so secret weapon, her husband. >> we fell in love. i thought she was the most amazing person, everything she said. she made better. >> and if you thought that speech will get democrats excited wait till you see what it did to the mainstream media. what does governor jeb bush think? he will join us live in moments. then, a hardbreaking end to the search for a country music singer craig strickland. his body found lying in the shape of a cross. the emotional tribute from his wife. >> and it was the mistake heard
4:01 am
around the universe. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> well, the real, ultimate miss universe is here, and says she's not going to give up the crown, and she's not going to share it, either. why would she do that? we'll tell you coming up straight ahead, live from new york city on this tuesday, it's "fox & friends." and that's what some of the talk has been in the pageant community, because steve harvey made the mistake, one had the crown, the other one wound up with it, why don't they share it. >> cut it right in half, each can take a few of the gemstones. >> yeah, great. >> steve and i grew up in a pageant community. so we know these people. >> just like -- >> it's the way. >> -- winter --
4:02 am
>> i like to say this, though. i love the fact that the story behind the scenes is very interesting. steve harvey just said right away you heard all this hoopla, said i'm just going to go out there and apologize. >> somebody was yelling in his ear, there's a terrible mistake and you've got to fix it. >> and you've done it. >> he could have said someone else fix it. i got to go gamble. >> miss universe will be right here on the is your very couch this hour. stick around. in the mean time heather's got some news. >> good morning to you all. i've got some sad news to bring you right now. a serious story. the body of the back rote anthem singer craig strickland has been found on the shores of oklahoma's hugh lake. the country star died of hypothermia after he disappeared during a duck hunting trip last week. his wife helen tweeting this, quote, craig strickland was found today. he is safe with his father in heaven. thank you, lord, for leading us to him today. i will praise you, amen. she also posted a video that he made for her before they walked down the aisle. his band mates say he was found
4:03 am
with his arms outstretched in the shape of a cross. our prayers go out to his family today. extreme weather to bring you now fears of flooding in the central u.s. as the swollen miss rivers continues south. eight straights are on alert. the water was high in parts of tennessee where the river is supposed to crest on friday. officials there say they remain hopeful that the levees will hold. in the mean time, it is time to bundle up for work here on the east coast. guys it was really cold out this morning, wasn't it? really mild december but now temperatures are dipping to the coldest that we've seen since march of last year. grab your hit and your scarf if you're headed out this morning. and listen to this story coming out of california. there is a surrogate mother who is now carrying triplets in california. she has filed a lawsuit after the biological father of those babies asked her to abort one of those babies, because he says he only wants two children, and not three.
4:04 am
well the father recently threatened to financially ruin that surrogate if she refused to aboard that third baby. he cited a provision in the contract allowing him to request a, quote, reduction, that's what they call it. the surrogate is now suing him, claiming the contract and california's surrogate law is unconstitutional. oh, boy. well good news from the duck dynasty family, willie and corey robertson announcing over instagram that they are in the process of adopting a sun. corie posted this photo saying the 13-year-old boy seen in the middle will officially be their new son. he's been with the family since may. korie said they wanted some privacy and family time before going public about the adoption. what a huge addition to the family and a real asset to them. >> and also family and right? i mean, he joins the show. >> he got into a whole lot there. so happy for their family. >> join in the dynasty. let's bring in jeb bush, former
4:05 am
governor of the great state of florida. he's up in manchester, new hampshire today. good morning, governor. >> hey, steve, i didn't know you were in the pageant business. that's interesting. >> you know, there's so much going back to the old days. brian and i have varied pasts. speaking about going back in time, bill clinton, there in new hampshire, where you're sitting right now. yesterday, on behalf of hillary clinton. what did you think about his first solo outing? >> i didn't -- i didn't follow it to be honest with you. i don't really follow what's going on on the democratic side. i do know that hillary clinton is not trustworthy. she continues to not tell the truth about the e-mails, about benghazi, about a lot of things. i don't think she's trustworthy to be president of the united states irrespective of how charismatic her husband is, the issue is about 2016 and beyond. and she is not trustworthy to be president of the united states. >> governor, the reason -- one of the reasons i was thinking it would be a good question for you was because a lot of people say, you know, your brother also has a lot of popularity, like little
4:06 am
clinton has with democrats, your brother has it with republicans. is that something that you think if he could tell your story as well as you can if not better, is that something you are considering? >> yeah, it is something to consider, because he is very popular. and i'm -- i also know i need to go earn this. that's why i'm in new hampshire today. we have a drug summit to talk about the heroin epidemic up here. i've outlined a detailed plan to deal with that. i have some experience in it personally, and certainly as governor of the state, we created a strategy to reduce drug abuse in our state. that's what this is about. my brother has been a strong supporter, i love him dearly, and he'll play -- continue to play a constructive role. >> governor, in the mainstream media giving the play by play of former president clinton out in new hampshire, you know, bubba's back, and, and really tooting his horn. how do republican candidates like yourself, like donald trump, like senator ted cruz, rubio, everybody, how do you combat the mainstream media when they appear to be, by many
4:07 am
accounts, in the corner of the clintons. >> look, hillary clinton, if she wins the nomination, does not have a record of accomplishment. she sponsored three bills that became law during her eight years as a united states senator and as secretary of state she had a failed record. whether it was calling assad a reformer before he murdered 250,000 people. or dealing with the country size in egypt the exact wrong way, or libya, or the reset button. that's what this election is going to be about, how are we going to keep our country safer and freer and stronger, and i don't believe she has that capability. irrespective of what happened in the 1990s. that's not going to be an issue. look the past is the past. we have to deal with the feature now. as we look to the future let's take a look at the polls in america right now, governor, and that is the subject of the cover story in esquire magazine right now, they've got donald trump on the cover, and they refer to him as the hater in chief. half of americans are angrier today than they were a year ago.
4:08 am
58% of white women say they are angrier. 51% of white men say they're angrier. and then the editor of this particular magazine says essentially that if republicans are smart, they won't elect donald trump. since when is the editor of esquire magazine, a lefty magazine at that, telling republicans what to do? >> well, that's what they do. i would deeply discount that. but the simple fact is, donald trump would help hillary clinton get elected. he can't insult his way to the presidency. i'm the only candidate that really takes him on on this stuff. you can't disparage people and expect to get a good result. people are angry, for legitimate reasons. washington is dysfunctional. congress hasn't been able to do its job. the president uses executive authority he doesn't have and the net result is i'm not surprised that people are angrier than they were before. and they were angry then, too. what we need to have is a candidate against hillary clinton that has a proven record
4:09 am
to fix things. to actually take conservative principles and apply them the right way so that people can rise up again. i have that record. and that's why i'm in new hampshire today to talk about it. >> governor, you said that donald trump can't disparage others and get ahead. but that's exactly what's happening. any time he says something wild and off the wall, and the pundits seem to think that his poll numbers are going to go down, they just go up. so, to contrast that with your behavior out on the campaign trail, how do you say you're better to get independents and better to go against hillary clinton than donald trump is? >> well, most of the polling suggests, even with all of the pundits writing my campaign off, that i'm one of the candidates that does the best against hillary clinton, for sure. and i'm a candidate that actually has won in a state that is really important for republican to win. i won twice rubbing for governor of the state of florida. governor trump when he insults hispanics, women, the disabled, and says outrageous things, it does appeal to people's anger, but at the end of the day
4:10 am
they're going to want someone who actually can take our message to people in a broad way. in a hopeful, optimistic way. that's why i believe he's not going to win the nomination. if he won the nomination, it would be a landslide. because people don't want that. they want things to be fixed in this country so they can rise up again. >> governor, there's a story out today that there's a bit of a panic, it's in politico, take it for what it's worth, on the republican side that ted cruz and donald trump being first and second or one of them winning the nomination would cause panic amongst republican establishment. do you agree? >> no, i don't. look, i think -- i think this will -- this race will settle down as we get closer and people are going to want to know who has the record to fix the things that are in the way of people rising up again, and keeping us secure. who can beat hillary clinton? and who has the ideas for the future? and when people start focusing on that, particularly in the early states, i think there's going to be a really competitive race. the first start in the fly right now, that's what politics is all
4:11 am
about. all of our records will be judged. and i'm confident that i'm going to do well starting today, going forward here in new hampshire and other places in the early states. >> real quickly, you say you're going to do well, predictions for new hampshire? >> better than expected. >> which means? >> better than expected. you tell me what the expectations are -- >> top three? >> better than expected. i don't know. the pundits are the ones that decide that. i'm just going to work as hard as i can. we've got a great ground game. we're all in here, and in high awand south carolina and nevada, february states. and i'm excited about it. >> all right. >> happy new year, everybody. >> all right, governor, thank you very much for joining us today from manchester. >> you bet. >> all right. governor jeb bush. meanwhile, the militia standoff out west is not going anywhere. but this morning we have a new twist. one of the presidential candidates jumping into the controversy. we'll have a live report on that, next. plus, vladimir putin is about to unveil his new secret weapon against terror.
4:12 am
robotic rats. we'll explain. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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quarter past the top of the hour, the situation in oregon grows, a standoff between an armed militia and the feds gets more intense. there's a surprising twist. the two men who inspired the armed occupation of a wildlife preserve now trying to distance themselves from it. >> what is that about? lea gabrielle is following the developments. >> good morning, guys. you know, this group seized federal land to protest dwight and steve hammond's arson convictions. but even with the father/son pair behind bars, the protesters are still holding strong. the hammonds surrendered at a california prison yesterday to serve a five-year sentence. that's for setting federal land on fire. their legal team claims the family respects the rule of law, prompting the harney county sheriff to call for an end to a protest that's been going on since saturday. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in. it's time for you to leave our community. go home to your family.
4:17 am
and end this peacefully. >> well, the militia members now giving themselves a name and vowing to remain on federal land until justice is served. the son of clive bundy, the rancher you remember who clashed with the federal government back in 2014, he's leading the protesters in the standoff. he is now clarifying earlier claims that the group would be willing to die for their cause if necessary. >> i have a family. i have six children, beautiful wife, i have a wonderful home, i have a business. several employees. i'm not here to die. i'm here to defend my freedoms and my liberties. >> and on the campaign trail, republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz are calling for a peaceful end to the protest. >> every one of us has a constitutional right to protest, to speak our mind. but we don't have a constitutional right to use force and violence and to threaten force and violence on others. >> now president obama is aware of the protests, but the white
4:18 am
house spokesman josh earnest says it's a local law enforcement matter, and they hope that it will end peacefully. brian, anna and steve we will certainly be watching it here. >> hopefully it's going to peter out. they're in the middle of nowhere. they're going to run out of food eventually, i guess. i mean, who's going to deliver food to them? >> they could have a big stockpile. thank you lea. straight ahead the new movie about the benghazi terror attack is about to hit the theaters. still ahead an exclusive first interview from the real life heroes of 13 hours. that's the book and now the movie and why they want to go back. >> wow. but first, it was the mistake heard around the universe. >> have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> miss universe is here to walk us through that awkward moment.
4:19 am
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. all right. now it's time for your news by the numbers. first up, 90,000 pounds. that's how much fans choice black angus beef patties are being recalled. they may be contaminated with wood materials. packages have use by dates of may 17th to may 29th. and june 6th. so if you're eating it now, spit it out. next, $20. that's how much u.s. attorney general loretta lynch's daughter refused to pay an uber driver and ended up in jail. kia absalom thought that the fare was paid through the app. the driver asked for cash.
4:23 am
he drove to the police station. by the way it does go through thon't know what the problem is. and timely three weeks, that's how long it's been since abraham lincoln's hand went missing. cops are missing for a hand. the plaster sculpture from the kanka ki museum in illinois. the hand is over 130 years old. >> thank you, brian. well, it was the mistake heard round the universe. remember this? >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> certainly brought the drama but it was a major miss in the miss universe competition. host steve harvey initially giving the crown to miss colombia though it really belonged to miss philippines. now the real miss universe is speaking out about that infamous mix-up and what's next for her. >> joining us right now your miss universe 2015 pia alonzo.
4:24 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so that was confusing. actually he could have said miss germany, as well and it would have been accurate. because you were born in germany, right? >> well, miss germany wasn't in the top three, so that would be even more confusing. >> it would have been really confusing. all right, so what was going on in your head when he said i made a mistake, sorry, and put the crown on your head? >> well, i was obviously very excited, because i joined the pageant with -- i wanted to win, of course, just like everybody else. so, what happened to me was of course at first it was a little bit of a surprise. >> yeah. >> but, i'm very excited. >> yeah. >> this is all happening in realtime. it wasn't like they cut away and whispered in your ear and said this is about to happen. everybody in the crowd is watching you, and then america at home, the world at home got to watch as well. there have been some who have suggested you should share the crown.
4:25 am
>> donald trump. >> with miss colombia. would you ever consider doing that? >> well, i think it would be very difficult for two girls to share a crown. it's never been done before, and i don't know how it would manage to split the responsibilities between two ladies. >> right. >> but i trust that this opportunity, this pageant will open opportunities not just for me, but for the rest of the candidates, as well. >> sure. of course the faux pas where mr. harvey read the wrong name has ricocheted around the internet. everybody ran it the next morning on all the shows here in the united states. but the fact that miss philippines is miss universe, this is a big deal back home in the philippines, isn't it? >> oh, definitely. we take pageants very seriously, especially miss universe, since it's been 42 years since we last won. and we always get the runner-up position for the past, i would say five years. but always so close but never
4:26 am
actually getting it until now. so it's really a big deal back home. i can't wait to go back home, actually, to do my homecoming. >> i bet. >> and you say that your parents separated when you were 11, and that made you become the breadwinner in the family. you started working super hard. what does it mean to you to have this crown in your hand? can we see it? >> oh, yeah. here it is. >> what does it mean to have that? >> well, this is like the fruit of my labor. all my hard work and dedication. and it's not just like a symbol of everything that i worked for, it's also something that the relevance of beauty pageants in the philippines is that it gives people hope. it's like watching, seeing manny pacquiao win a fight. that's how it is for philippifi when they see a beauty queen make it in the international scene. especially miss universe. it's really a big deal back home >> well, it's a beautiful crown. when you're at home alone, do you just put on the crown, just
4:27 am
to look in the mirror? >> oh, well -- >> miss universe. >> sometimes i have to peek. >> put it on for us, would you? >> yeah, sure. >> is it heavy? >> oh, well it's a little bit heavy. but it's very comfortable. >> it looks great on you. i would never take that thing off. i would sleep in that. >> thank you very much. >> that's great. >> well, big congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> what's next for you? >> well, i have the whole year ahead of me. i have some certain causes that i would like to put some light into, aside from the organizations that i'll be working with as miss universe. some of them are hiv awareness -- hiv/aids awareness. relief operations for places that are hit by natural disasters and kamalties like the philippines, and cyber bullying. these are the things that i'd like to talk about more as i go through my reign. >> well you're going to have a year to do it. miss universe, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations.
4:28 am
>> thank you. >> all right still ahead on this tuesday, a shocking story. a sorority student was shot and killed on new year's in a road rage incident and now the search is on for her killer from another suv. the police officer in charge joins us live, next. and donald trump coming under fire for this migrant footage in his new campaign ad that shows the moroccan border, not the u.s./mexico border. but the donald says it was no mistake. we'll explain. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months?
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this is a fox news alert. right now police down in texas
4:32 am
are searching for the suspect in the road rage shooting death of a sorority sister on new year's eve. >> 20-year-old sarah was the designated driver taking her friends home from a party when an suv pulled up beside them and sarah was shot in the head in an apparent case of road rage. >> it's just hard to know that somebody as sweet and lovely as she was, anybody could do that to her. >> all i could think about was her. just horrible thing that happened to her, and she did not deserve this. >> joining us now with the latest on the investigation, the public information officer of the denton police department, shane kaiser. shane, first off, what can you tell us about the latest developments after this senseless shooting? >> well, at this time we do have some persons of interest throughout the investigation. we've contacted a lot of witnesses, and we really feel good about the direction the
4:33 am
investigation's going at this time. >> are you working off any video? >> we have some video. we're not releasing a whole lot of information about that at this time. we don't want to take any chance of compromising the investigation. but we do have some video. >> sure, officer. let's start at the beginning. what happened? >> well, we received a call about 2:05, 2:06 a.m. that there was a person in the 1700 block of north 'em with a gunshot wound to the head. we responded to that location and officers located the victim's car that had crashed into an electrical pole and she was on the ground and some people attending to her. what we learned from that point in time was that her and her friends had been at a party for new year's eve, she was driving because she was the designated driver and hadn't been drinking. and the suv with five or six males in it had pulled up next to them, at an intersection, and had some conversations, exchanged some ugly words with
4:34 am
them and shortly after that when they crossed the intersection had fired two rounds into her car. and of course tragically one of them did strike sarah in the head. >> just such a terrible story. philanthropy chair of her sorority, total loss of emotion this morning. tell me, when we're reporting that it's -- it looks like road rage. i mean, road rage, really? do you have any reason to believe that any of the suspects were at this party or had come across this group of girls earlier in the evening? >> well, witnesses told us at least two of the occupants of the suspect vehicle had been at that party. it's our understanding there was no knowledge between the group, sarah's friends, and this group of suspects. so maybe they just saw each other. i don't believe they even had conversation there and they didn't know them before that time either. >> do you have a description of the suspect? >> we know that their range ages probably from 16 to maybe 25, 5
4:35 am
to 6 black males. that's what we have at this time that we can release. >> all right. very good. >> officer, we thank you very much for joining us this morning from dallas, texas. good luck on this investigation. >> thank you for having me >> all right. >> really sad. >> person of interest to follow but it's still been 48 hours. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert, you have the rest of the headlines. >> good morning. 35 minutes after the hour. a couple of things i want to tell you about this morning. don't open the door. that's what the guatemalan foreign ministry is telling immigrants in the united states. this comes as more than 100 illegal immigrants were taken into custody over the weekend in several states, including georgia, north carolina and texas. they're now being processed for deportation. the reason, he says, don't open the door, because orders of removal will give i.c.e. officers and agencies orders to detain immigrants but they do not have the right to go into homes without permission.
4:36 am
donald trump under fire for this video, it shows dozens of people swarming over a border fence, but the footage isn't from the mexican border. instead it's 2014 footage of migrants crossing the border in morocco. but trump says he did that on purpose. listen. >> all it is is a display of what it's going to look like and what our country looks like. that was just video footage. it just display of what our country is going to look like. we're like a third world country. we're a dumping ground. so you can just take it any way you want. but it's really merely a display of what a dumping ground is going to look like. and that's what our country is becoming. >> well, that ad starts airing today, in the critical early voting states of iowa and new hampshire. could robo rodents be the key to defeating isis? russian president vladimir putin apparently gearing up to release an army of engineered super smelling rats. the animals would have
4:37 am
microchips implanted in their brains to help sniff out explosives and drugs in places that humans can't reach. they can also alert handlers to potentially dangerous materials. the downside, it takes three months to train the rats, and they only live for about a year. what do you think of that one? pretty bizarre. less than two weeks from now the highly anticipated film 13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi will premiere. >> coming in. we're all dropping. >> well you just saw it right there. an exclusive clip from that film. it shows the absolute hell the benghazi security endured the night of september 11th, 2012. last night the real heroes of that story, and the co-authors of the back that inspired the movie, sat down with megyn kelly to talk about the film, listen. >> it's amazing being with your brothers and fighting -- being there, and being with them, and
4:38 am
having the faith that you're going to defeat all the obstacles. i miss it immensely. i sacrificed a lot to get to this point. and one of the jobs that i really, really love. i go back there in a heartbeat. >> wow. i'd go back there in a heartbeat he said. they believe the film will help honor the sacrifice of the four americans who were killed in those terror attacks. and those are your headlines. hard to see that interview. those men are so strong. >> right. >> and they've been on here before and they're going to be on the show tomorrow >> very, very shortly. >> they are. and they say they were, some of them anyway, were surprised that the stand down order made it into the film. but they say that happens and the producers did the right thing by putting it in there. >> look. look, look at hurt locker, look at american sniper, look at lone survivor, every year the american public is shown they have a real interest in what our men and women are doing fighting overseas. and i think this will be another huge hit. premiere a week from today. >> yeah. 13 hours.
4:39 am
meanwhile the new series making a murderer, taking netflix by storm. >> steven avery spent 18 years in prison for something he didn't do. >> 18 years >> 18 years. >> dna had come through indicating that he had not committed the crime. >> now, hundreds of thousands of people are signing a petition to free steven avery. are they rushing to judgment? peter johnson jr. on deck. >> it's quite a show. then, stories of heroism told by the soldiers who lived those stories. >> we were facing what i would deem as evil an enemy as the u.s. has ever faced. >> coming up a sneak peek at the brand-new docu series live to tell. and a live interview with executive producer peter berg. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort
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hi, everyone. welcome back, 42 minutes after the hour. making a murderer. netflix's popular series about the controversial murder convictions of steven avery and his nephew. it's taken america by storm. >> steven avery spent 18 years in prison for something he didn't do. >> 18 years. >> 18 years. >> dna had come through indicating that he had not committed the crime. >> we were getting ready to bring a lawsuit. >> 36 million. >> to our county itself and the sheriff and the d.a. would be on the hook for those damages. >> they're not handing that kind of money over to steve avery. tell them, be careful. they're not even close to being finished with you. >> do we have a body or anything yet? >> i don't believe so. >> we have steechb avery in custody, though? >> the country so fascinated by this story there are petitions including one sent to the white house calling for avery to be pardoned. are viewers rushing to judgment? and are they forgetting the real victim in this case, trees ka
4:44 am
holeback. >> how are you? >> good, thanks for asking. >> documentaries so often have agendas when the producers go in to it and set off to do them. is this one one-sided. >> sure, it's obviously one-sided. it obviously has an agenda and it's compelling. i watched about four hours last night and you watch ten hours you probably think steven avery is innocent because the eerie 3450usic, the cutaways. prosecutors look like they're conspiring together in the dark hallways of the courthouse. interviews time after time with defense lawyers. will lead to the picture that he was framed. and they frame it in the context of what happened to him before. he had been jailed for 18 years wrongfully, and then released because the dna evidence showed that he was not guilty of the rape for which he was convicted, and jailed. and then brought a lawsuit against the state of wisconsin. and so the premise of this ten-hour series is that there
4:45 am
was payback by police authorities to plant blood evidence in his car, to plant evidence in his garage, that he killed this 25-year-old photographer, teresa hallback who had been to the car salvage yard owned by mr. avery about 15 times before. >> so this documentary is compelling. >> sure it's compelling. >> and thinking that he is framed and that this has happened. once again why do you think these document arianes picked this subject? >> read an article in the new york times. there's a couple of columbia film students who did this over ten years. and so if you look at this, this is not a fair and balanced approach. this is not greta van susteren taking this apart beat by beat. this is not dateline. this is not any network show that takes it apart. so if you look at only the evidence being put forward by the defense, then obviously it appears that he was framed. that he was not guilty.
4:46 am
but obviously a jury found him guilty. and it's gone up to every appeals court in the state of wisconsin, and they have kept this conviction. and also of his nephew. >> he seems to be being tried once again, this time by public opinion. and they're taking his side. but you say the documentary is missing some key evidence. >> it's missing key evidence. it's also missing, you know, the prosecutor's evidence. but it's also missing the family's side of the story who was upset that these corporations and producers are profiting off this. let's look at the video of teresa hallback that's shown on this series. video diary recorded shortly before her death. look at this. pretty compelling. [ inaudible ]
4:47 am
>> so she never had an opportunity to become a mom. in my view the jury has spoken, in spite of the netflix series, which is interesting drama. it's an interesting reality series. it's also interesting, and people should know that president obama cannot pardon mr. avery. he was convicted of a state crime, not of a federal crime. the president cannot do it. i don't know why people have so much time on their hands that they're going to engage in this. >> gosh and for the hallbacks so much. they lost their daughter so young, and this, this netflix series is just continuing to -- >> the only way we determine guilt or innocence in our society is to sit through a trial as a juror or for an appellate judge to read each and every page of the transcript. and we don't have all of the evidence in this video. it is compelling. it is interesting. worth watching. but, in the end, not persuasive.
4:48 am
so, i say let the buyer beware. don't be fooled by very sympathetic video. >> thanks for clearing that up for us. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. 47 minutes after the hour. stories of heroism told by the solders who lived them. >> we were facing in what i would deem as evil an enemy as the u.s. has ever faced. >> coming up, a sneak peek at the brand-new dock u series live to tell in a live interview with executive producer peter berg. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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all right. incredible stories of heroism told by the soldiers who lived them. >> you actually know that somebody's going to get killed or wounded. it's -- it's -- i mean, i actually knew it. i -- there's no way you could stop it. you know that it's going to happen. i mean, we can only be lucky so many times in a row. >> wow. that's the premise of a new show on the history channel called live to tell. joining us right now to talk about it, peter berg, hollywood director extraordinaire and executive producer of the history channel's "live to tell" series and ray mendoza producer of the serie itself. ray, you join, you're in. how did you convince peter to get involved? >> lots of poker games, actually. >> is this true? >> no. no, we met a lone survivor. we formed a relationship there, a trust, and this idea of this
4:53 am
series came along. it's kind of a perfect fit. >> peter, you're a pretty patriotic guy. you have military in your background. you've always had a sense of the military. how does this hit both levels? the moviemaker, and a patriotic journey? >> i just felt when we finished long survivor, i'd gotten to know ray and marcus, and so many members of special operations community, and i, you know, i thought that lone survivor was a great story but there were so many more stories to tell, and i met so many guys that had gone through so much, and you know, we thought that this show "live to tell" would be a great way to shine a light on many of these stories. >> that really happened, or are happening, because the war on terror has not stopped. so ray tell me, how is this whole thing put together? the missions that are selected, and how they're produced? >> started with just respected communities. i have a counterpart, and he's a ranger, so kind of reach out to our respective communities, and we kind of try to select stories
4:54 am
we felt had the most impact in our respective communities. and so, you know, it's a perspective, three perspectives per story. some about guys who passed. some guys who were injured. and their perspective on what they saw, what they were feeling at the time. kind of goes deeper into kind of like what they saw, what they were feeling. >> because we never get to hear from you guys. a lot of you can't even serve the full time because it's so physically demanding. you don't get your pensions like you really deserve. peter in the big picture we would love to know the real story. we know the movie version. but the journey to go find him. that's in this series. >> right. you know, i mean, what i think most of us are coming to realize is that this conflict has been the longest conflict of our lifetimes, this war, if you take iraq and afghanistan, there aren't, you know, giant singular battles, this war's been made up of smaller conflicts, very intense conflicts, where three soldiers were killed or two guys lost their legs, or you know, a
4:55 am
small group of people were seriously hurt. and there was no one individual massive battle, but these smaller battles, these smaller conflicts like marcus' story are incredibly inspirational store i ares, and need to be told and need to be understood because this is what warfare looks like today. >> you're glad peter's doing it because he gets it, right? >> he does, absolutely. guidance, it's been awesome through this whole process. it's good system. >> i'm heartened by the fact that in a time in which we have all these different political prospects we see the hurt locker huge hit, lone survivor huge hit, american sniper, what does it tell you about america, peter? >> well i mean, obviously americans love and respect these guys. and i think, you know, everyone's looking for a way to do more than just walk up to somebody at an airport and say thank you for your service. they want to participate. they want to help. they want soldiers and the families of soldiers to understand how much they value
4:56 am
and appreciate them. they just don't always know how. and i think when a film like american sniper, lone survivor, or a show like live to tell come out it gives an opportunity for just your average american citizen, your average patriot, to not only say thank you, but understand just how incredible and bad-ass these guys really are. >> and we can say bad-ass is that all right, right? >> sure. there's some bad asses out there, for sure. >> they won't say it. these are the guys that you understatement, that you'll be in a bar you'll have a couple of beers and you'll think maybe, it's a good idea, to live off. it's not. >> i don't go to bars and have beers. >> i don't either. >> peter, so glad you're here. peter berg, executive producer of "live to tell" and ray mendoza who is also producing it and also lived it. thanks so much for sharing your stories. we look forward to the series, it starts on the history channel. starts on january 10th. it will be at 10:00 eastern and 9:00 central. thanks so much, guys. >> thank you. >> all right.
4:57 am
coming up straight ahead in the next hour, a dangerous shoot-out on a busy highway caught on camera. the dramatic details top of the hour. and president obama about to reveal his changes to gun laws that will go over big with laura ingraham i have a hunch. flavor, you get hungry just thinking about 'em. and at red lobster's big festival of flavors you can savor 2 of 7 new and classic creations on one plate for $15.99. like delicious new maple-and-bacon grilled shrimp, because c'mon, what doesn't bacon go with? or get a little kick with these new ghost pepper bbq grilled shrimp. because if you like it spicy, garlicky, or cheesy, trust me you'll like this. but every last flavor is too good to last-so hurry in!
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it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life. hello and good morning. today is tuesday, the 5th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. and it's a fox news alert unfolding right now. a standoff outside a hotel in georgia, with 11 young children held hostage. we are live on the ground with what's happening right now. meanwhile, hillary clinton unleashing her not so secret weapon. her husband bill. but things didn't go so well when one reporter brought up bill clinton's past. >> donald trump says your past is fair game. i've got to ask you, you keep coming up on the trail with him, is it fair game? looks like donald trump's getting under his skin. laura ingraham standing by to
5:01 am
talk about bubba, who is back on the trail. >> it's the teacher we all wish we had. and why that teacher, and that video is going viral this morning. >> oh, i like that guy. >> just remind you, mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ doctor give me the news i got a bad case of loving you ♪ >> she has been loving the doctor for more than 40 years. we're talking about candy carson. she's got a brand-new book out called "a doctor in the house." if you missed it, her husband was on this program yesterday, when we asked this. >> dr. carson, your wife candy's going to be on the program tomorrow. what's one question you would like us to ask her. >> ask her why is she always so
5:02 am
bubbly and so happy? >> so we will ask. >> we'll have a question from her. >> all right meanwhile it's two minutes after the top of the hour. thank you very much for joining us on this tuesday. laura ingraham joins us once a week. she joins us right now from our nation's capital. good morning to you. >> happy new year. i've missed you guys. >> thank you very much. it's good to have you back. what did you think about bubba back on the stump yesterday? >> well, i -- i shouldn't really be saying this because my voice sounds like lauren bacall in the old coffee commercials, but his -- i just felt like he seemed really, yesterday, and really kind of old. i mean not agewise but it just it seemed tired. with clinton yesterday. and i know this is contrary to what all of the mainstream media elites have been saying about the appearance. but, i don't know. to me it just seemed very 1999. >> but -- >> it didn't seem 2016. >> what you're saying is, a
5:03 am
complete opposite end of the spectrum from what the mainstream media said, as you're mentioning. but you knew before the lights even went on in that community college where bill clinton hosted several hundred people that the mainstream media was going to say this. >> candidates are turning to their own big guns. >> in the case of hillary clinton the man she calls both husband and her not so secret weapon has been launched onto the campaign trail. >> tonight here a decisive moment. >> both clintons take nothing for granted this time. can hillary win this one? >> win here? sure. but it's going to be hard. >> back in his element. >> so that video, in 2008 she didn't win the election. what do you think? is he her secret weapon? >> i think this is way overplayed. i think it's an example of the herd mentality in the media. guys, where one person says, oh, bill clinton's going to save it for clinton -- he's going to transform politics all anew.
5:04 am
and it's a comeback kid again. and he's on the trail. and this is a type of reporting that i think people are reacting to in the rise of the outsider candidates, cruz and trump. and people are beginning to see through this, and so, i think the luster of the clintons has worn off. and then when you look at the substance, where of course bill clinton gave a $200,000 speech to goldman sachs, just a few weeks before, you know, the goldman sachs, and it was lobbying before the state department. >> sure. >> you know, all of the speeches, and the clinton foundation, and the old scandals, do we really want to relitigate all of that? i guess so. i guess that's what we're going to be doing. >> it's crazy. he's got to pay the bills. remember that, laura. that's what the situation was last time. i thought it was really significant yesterday. you see some people, young people behind them, kind of echoing what you said on the back of the stage. there to look good and show a sense of urgency, you had a lot of people making faces.
5:05 am
>> grimacing. >> what i thought was interesting already from the network you had a reporter ask him about his sex life, and this is all due to donald trump bringing it up. saying you're going to call me a sexist, i've got something to tell but the husband you married. listen to what he -- what his lack of reaction to the question. >> donald trump says your past is fair game. i've got to ask you, you keep coming up on the trail with him. is it fair game? >> the republicans have to decide who they want to nominate. i'm trying to tell the democrats in the country why i think hillary would be the best president. and i think there's always attempts to take the election away from the people. >> that's the last thing he wants to talk about. >> yeah, i mean, he's not going to answer the question. and he's very deft. he's a phenomenal politician. i'm not taking that away from him. he's one of the best of the last 50 years in american politics. but, i think that you have to
5:06 am
look at him, versus trump last night in massachusetts. i watched the livestream, i know some of you guys have some clips of what it looks like. but you look at him, and it's the old did it's the old dog coming back and we're talking about the bimbo eruptions and hillary's enabling and attacking women like juanita broderick, and then you look at trump, you know for all of his, you know, his -- you know excentricities, trump is latching, the crowd on fire, you got thousands of people there, young people, old people. it's -- the contrast i thought was fascinating. old versus new. even though bill clinton and donald trump are about the same age. something -- something shifted in american politics, i believe, and you saw that on display and the elites still don't get it. the mainstream media doesn't get it. i don't think the gop establishment, sadly, is getting it. they're still cursing the darkness with the cruz/trump
5:07 am
phenomenon and that's where we are today. but was i all that impressed by bill clinton's appearance yesterday? i wasn't. but look, i'm not andrea mitchell or any of these other people. >> but you did use bromiddial in a sentence which i was very impressed with. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> laura let's talk about the president of the united states. later today he's going to announce some executive action on gun control. apparently what they're going to do is the white house is going to require some background checks at gun shows and online, and if you sell two or more guns in the course of a year you're going to have to become a dealer. what do you think about this action on the part of the president? and from your legal point of view? >> right. well, number one, it has nothing to do with preventing gun violence. it has everything to do with amassing more power in washington, d.c. it has nothing to do with stopping the next sandy hook, or the next san bernardino. if we cared about guns, and gun violence, we would have sealed off the border, we wouldn't be doing things like fast and furious, selling guns, illegal guns to criminals as we did in the obama justice department.
5:08 am
this is all a big charade. it's all about amassing power, and perhaps amassing ultimately a government database of gun owners in the united states. they want to prevent people from transferring private sales, is that going to stop any crime? of course it's not. in chicago we have 50 more murders in chicago from 2014 to 2015, one of the toughest background checks, strict controls in chicago. none of it matters. so, this is not about stopping violence. this is about eroding individual liberty, and amassing more power in the hands of government bureaucrats, period. >> right. it's a whole lot of nothing. and i think in the big picture i think democrats, there's a lot of democrats who don't agree with him. who have who have did not do anything to pass any piece of legislation through the house or the senate. so i don't know how this helps his party. >> i mean, i don't think -- we saw what happened in that colorado race a few years ago, remember the recall races where we had -- we had this push
5:09 am
against guns in colorado and suddenly the two individuals, pushed the legislation, are out. they're recalled and they're out of office. this is a big winner for republicans across the country. a lot of the statistics that are thrown out are fraudulent. we talked about this before. 90% of people support background checks and you really dig in to the numbers and the peer tested reviews of these studies. most americans think this isn't the problem. the problem is family breakdown. gang violence. illegal border crossings. there's a spiritual and moral component to all of this that the government can't really talk about. doesn't want to talk about because it really hits to the heart of what's wrong with so much of liberalism today. >> we want to get your thoughts on this what's wrong with america today. a new poll out this morning meshes are angrier than one year ago with an esquire nbc and survey monkey poll and the angriest among us are white women. 58% are angrier than they were a year ago. we asked carly fiorina she was on the program earlier is this
5:10 am
because the hope and change that was promised those dreams have fallen flat, is that why? let's take a listen. >> women are angry because more of them are living in poverty. women are angry because they feel they're losing control and power over their own lives. women are angry because they worry that their children don't even know what the american dream is anymore. women are angry because their health costs are going up. yes, women are angry. and women are incredibly important segment of the population that we need to win to win this election. >> what do you think? >> oh, she's absolutely right. and i think what people feel is that the government is bullying them. people talk about various candidates being bullies, trump, cruz, the bullies. no, no, no. i think the people feel like they're bullied by overreach, overregulation, overtaxation, the irs bullying, tea party folks, people feel like the government is breathing down their neck morning, noon and night, they're being bullied. they're looking for a champion to fight the bullies.
5:11 am
i wrote about that. everybody should read the piece. >> laura, always great to have you on. your voice founds fine. thanks so much. >> happy new year, guys. >> meanwhile, heather nauert is following a breaking story you were just working on. >> this coming out of the south this morning. a couple breaking news stories right now. 11 children who were held hostage this morning have now just been released. you are looking live at dekalb county, georgia, where a standoff ended moments ago. a man took a woman and 11 children hostage at a hotel outside of atlanta. the children are between the ages of 3 months and 17 years old. no word yet on how they know each other or if they even do. the suspects -- the standoff ended when the suspect stabbed himself in the neck. he's now in the hospital. no one else was hurt we are told keep you posted. an armed and dangerous murder suspect gunned down by california police after a wild chase through the valleys just east of los angeles.
5:12 am
>> holy [ bleep ]. >> police shooting and injuring gasparrian on the 5 freeway. the wanted man took off in his car after police spotted him at a car repair shop. he was driving the wrong-way down the i-5 freeway. eventually crashing into a car with a family inside. they are all okay thankfully. gasparrian was shot after he approached police with a weapon. police say he was wanted for a string of violent crimes throughout that state starting at least a month ago. and some extreme weather to bring you from the central part of the united states, fears of flooding in that region. as the swollen mississippi river continues to recede south. right now eight states are on alert. the water was high in parts of tennessee and that's where the river is supposed to crest on friday. officials there say they're hopeful that the levees will hold. in the mean time, there is a real arctic blast here on the east coast. temperatures, yeah, we could all attest to this one, dipping to
5:13 am
the coldest that we've seen since march of last year. it's really cold this morning. all right, so your math teacher can add, but can he nae nae? watch this. ♪ maybe. maybe not. but he is giving it a good old college try. that's ron clark posting this video on social media of himself and a few of his students rocking out together. he's the co-founder of a middle school. he's also a teacher there. it's called ron clark academy. it's in atlanta. the video now has several million views. and those are your headlines. having a good time at school. >> that's good. there are times that he was perfectly in sync with those kids. >> and other times not. >> just faking it. >> he's a mathlete. >> absolutely. 13 minutes after the hour. the militia standoff out west not going anywhere but this morning we've got a new twist. two presidential candidates
5:14 am
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5:18 am
all right you got a standoff between an armed militia and the feds. it's happening in oregon. it gets even more tense this morning after a surprise twist. the two men who inspired the armed occupation of that wildlife preserve now trying to distance themselves from the standoff. >> that's right. lea gabrielle is following the latest developments. what can you tell us, lea? >> good morning. protesters seized federal land because they were protesting dwight and steve hammond's arson convictions. wean with the father/son pair behind bars the protesters are still holding strong. the hammonds surrendered at a california prison yesterday. their legal team claims the family respects the rule of law, prompting the harney county sheriff to call for an end to a protest that's been going on since saturday. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in, it's time for you to leave our community, go home
5:19 am
to your family, and end this peacefully. >> and militia members are vowing to stay on federal land until justice is served. among the protesters are sons of cliven bundy who if you remember clashed with federal authorities over grazing rights on federal property back in 2014. >> the federal government does not have authority to come down into the states and to control its land and resources. that is for the people to do. and that is clearly stated in article 1817 of the constitution. >> on the campaign trail presidential candidates senators marco rubio and ted cruz both calling for a peaceful end to the protest. >> every one of us has a constitutional right to protest, to speak our mind. but we don't have a constitutional right to use force and violence and to threaten force and violence on others. >> and the white house is also calling for a peaceful end to the protests. they say it is a local law enforcement matter. brian, anna and steve back to
5:20 am
you. >> leave it to the locals. lea, thank you very much for that. meanwhile straight ahead the video is incredible. a tiger chews on a jeep with surprised passengers inside. wait until you see how this one ends. you're messing with my rear view, buddy. >> and listen up if you made a resolution to lose weight. a new diet plans to help you lose some lbs by making the calories negative. how does that work? celebrity chef rock:depir toe is going to explain by making us some breakfast. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ]
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5:23 am
quick headlines now. remember this horrible video of
5:24 am
a pug puppy being hurled to the ground in california? there's the pug puppy. this morning we're learning that benny the pug has been released back to his owners, including the woman seen throwing him in the video. no word if she's facing animal abuse charges. >> quite the scare at a wildlife sanctuary in india when a tiger walked up and starts chewing on the jeep. the tiger eventually became bored with the car and walked away. and how about the elephant seal who was determined to get across a california highway causing a traffic nightmare. now she's a new mom. yep, she gave birth to a seal puppy over the weekend. there's now a social media campaign to name the baby. i'm out of animals. now let's go to people. and what we like to eat. so friends did you make a new year's resolution to slim down? a new diet allows you to eat delicious food, and lose more weight. so what's the secret? it's called the negative calorie diet. here to explain how it works is celebrity chef rocco dispirito.
5:25 am
thanks for being with us. this is your 12th book? >> thank you so much. yeah, and it's the first healthy cookbook that you don't require you to count calories. i moved away from counting calories to just eating lots of good food. >> right. nutrient dense food. >> foods that are whole foods. and, it's amazing what happens. you can eat unlimited amounts of food. you get full before you get fat and those kinds of foods include mushrooms, citrus, apples, berries, almonds, i'm -- although technically not a negative calorie food i include in that list because they're so nutrient dense and have so much protein and fiber you can't overeat them. >> you can't overeat them. >> no. >> try those -- >> i love them -- >> eat as many as you can in the next five minutes. >> no. >> tell me when you're full. >> i have a segment to do. but all of these foods are very nutrient dense, have a lot of antioxidants like these berries. what are we making? >> this is a berry breakfast bowl. it's a bunch of different berries. this is a mixture of cooked
5:26 am
quinoa and almonds and then we're going to top it with greek yogurt. >> lots of protein in that. >> protein, nuts, fiber. fiber is the key to all of this. >> that will keep you full. >> exactly. fiber is nature's scrub brush. and i use it in my smoothies. >> a little messy, though. >> it's okay. it's okay. >> messy is good at breakfast. no one sees you at breakfast. but you're on tv now so everyone is watching. >> so everybody sees. >> and then another big part of this book is the detox. i've never done a detox program before. i think after the new year's detox is absolutely necessary for probably 99% of the country. >> restart our system. what are you trying to say about the way we've been eating and drinking? >> we've been doing too much much it. even i gave in a little bit. this is made with a lot of tomatoes, oranges, it's a little bit spicy. it's got one of my top ten favorite negative calorie spicies which is cayenne, and -- >> so that's a spice or is there cilantro in there? >> the spice is ancho chillies and cayenne pepper. there's 17 new smooth thinks. and you do a ten-day detox and
5:27 am
then a 20-day meal program. >> you have that available -- >> it's in the book and we do send it to your home. we can have this program sent to your house. >> great. >> and the smoothies are mostly fruit based. they've got protein in 24e78. but they're not high protein shakes like my other shakes. you can do the smoothies or the high protein. >> if you have time to make a frittata. this is egg whites and -- >> the pan is finally hot. >> okay. there we go. >> it won't take too long at all. >> the eggs. >> i've got onions, i've got garlic. the holy trinity. and ten seed. ten seed is used a lot in italian cooking. tomatoes. >> how do we add flavor without adding fat? >> it's super easy. spices, herbs, citrus. noncalorie impact foods like horseradish, w wasabi, soy sauc all of those interesting
5:28 am
flavors. if you've been thinking about japanese food, there's not a lot of fat in it but there's tons of flavor. because they're using all of those wonderful aromats. >> tell us where folks at home can get more information about you and your book? >> go to, amazon, barnes & noble. they're selling it for $16. this is a four color, 100 photograph, 75 new recipe cookbook and diet book. i mean, it's a deal. and a half. >> i can't wait. rocco dispirito thanks for your time. >> you're so welcome. >> everybody, breakfast is almost ready. here's what's coming up on the program at 28 minutes after the hour. a police officer rescues a 3-year-old girl freezing in a parking lot all alone. >> you okay? >> but even more shocking, how she got there. and they say every politician has some skeletons in their closet. well she's married to one of them. candy carson, ben carson's wife, here next to spill the seen rhetts you won't hear on the campaign trail.
5:29 am
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♪ question of the morning.
5:33 am
what is this adorable? a bear, a dog? the internet heating up with the debate. some even saying it's a raccoon. turns out the furry pet is a pomeranian mix from georgia. and its name is bow. >> so it's a dog. >> yeah. >> i can see -- >> that's a dog who's surprised. and makes you wonder what would surprise a dog? >> i wonder why they named him bounce, or her bounce. >> i'm not sure. >> probably as a puppy -- >> looks like that little white piece of paper that goes in to your dryer. >> the dryer sheet? >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's a very good product. >> candy carson's got a brand-new book out, comes out today called a doctor in the house. she's going to be with us in about two minutes right after the news. heather? >> yeah, good morning. good morning to all of you. got some news to bring you. this is a sad story coming out of oklahoma this morning. the body of the back road anthem singer craig strickland has been found on the shores of
5:34 am
oklahoma's hugh lake. the country star died of hypothermia. after he disappeared while on a duck hunting trip with a buddy of his last week. his wife helen tweeting this, quote, craig strickland was found today. he is safe with his father in heaven. thank you, lord, for leading us to him today. i will praise you, amen. she also posted a touching video that he made for her which played right before they walked down the aisle. his band mates say that he was found with his arms outstretched in the shape of a cross. our prayers go out to his family this morning. well fox news alert to bring you right now out of texas. police there searching for the suspect in a new year's road rage shooting that left a sorority sister dead. the 20-year-old was a designated driver. she was taking her friends home from a party when an suv pulled up and someone shot her in the head. earlier an officer on the case revealed some clues about the suspects. listen. >> witnesses have told us at least two of the occupants of
5:35 am
the suspect vehicle had been at that party. but i don't believe that they even had conversation there. and they didn't know them before that time, either. >> well, police say they are looking for five or six black men between the ages of 16 and 25. well some unbelievable video coming out of new mexico this morning. a police officer finds a little girl freezing in a parking lot all by herself. take a look at this. >> come on sweetheart. are you okay? some keer. come here. come here. i know, come here. >> oh, goodness. that 3-year-old girl was in the back seat of her mother's car when someone stole that car. the mom was standing in the parking lot at the time. police eventually found that little girl nearby. that hero officer filled with emotion after that rescue, listen to this. >> i'll be honest, i got home i started crying. i was just very happy and thankful that we were her. i can't even imagine what the
5:36 am
animals who did this were even thinking. >> what a hero he was there. that little girl was scared, but otherwise she'll be okay. and this is possibly the cutest dinner date ever. mtv reality star sharing this photo on facebook of her 6-year-old son lyle. she told fans that her little boy, i love that wallet right there, takes her out to dinner once a month and he pays for the entire meal with his allowance. the superhero wallet. he even opens the door for her and pulls out her chair. nicole says he's learning the proper way to treat a lady. and those are your headlines. that's the sweetest thing all day. i'll have my little boy take me out to dinner tonight. >> dr. ben carson has been a rising star in the republican party since he upstaged the president at the 2013 national prayer breakfast. he is calm. he is cool. he's collected. and he's sure but there's a side of him few have ever seen. >> well one person knows him best and that would be his wife candy. has a brand-new book out today
5:37 am
called "a doctor in the house" where she shares the private side of her husband you won't see on the campaign trail. candy carson joins us live right now. good morning to you. >> good morning, happy new year. >> we think we know ben carson. but we don't. for instance, tell us about the time where you were being carjacked, and what happened? >> i don't think there's -- >> you mean when he got carjacked? >> he was on his way home from work. so i was with the kids. yes, he drove in to one of the gas stations that was near work, and it wasn't the greatest neighborhood, but went in to pay and it was his baby, the jaguar. >> yeah. >> so when he came out, he noticed that the car was starting to drive off. >> he wasn't in it -- >> no. >> so he chased it. and you know, caught up, and when the guys dwshs they got out of the car, they put it in park. they said wait a minute, are you that doctor? they were shaking hands, taking
5:38 am
pictures. >> so that's it? >> i want a picture with the carjacker. >> i'll take the pacer next to you. >> i always wonder what it's like for a spouse when, when their spouse is out on the campaign trail. once you -- if you became first lady you get to enjoy all the parks of the job but right now he's on this gruelling schedule, in a different city about every day. how do you keep your composure through that? >> the thing of it is, i see it as an opportunity. because you know, so many of our people aren't informed as they should be. our founding fathers visit us. and we don't really have that these days and so many people are involved. you know, dancing with the stars and all those kinds of things it's about entertainment. but they don't get civics in high school anymore. you know, we're not learning those things that our founding fathers, they fought so hard for that and so many people died so we could have the freedoms that we have. so my thing is to wake people up, so wherever i am, i'm talking about the things that are going on. including that 18.5 trillion debt which is easy to say.
5:39 am
but if you were to try to pay that off at a rate of $10 million a day, every day, 365 days a year, 10 million. it would take you 5,000 years. we're almost at the point of no return now so we have to turn this around. >> you write this book and he's written books about his life and there's been movies about his life. but you have a great life. the great kids and a great family and you've worked so hard, do you ever say to yourself, why am i going -- do you ever say to each other why are we putting ourselves through this? what drives you two to do this and give a run for the presidency? >> well, first off, when you say great life, we allville different challenges, okay. when we were first married he wasn't around a lot. when he could be there he was. when he wasn't -- and it was a challenge because i felt like a single mom and kudos do you single moms who are out there because it's not the same but i felt a lot of that pain. because you're making decisions by yourself and all that. but the thing of it is, his whole life has been spent trying to help the next generation
5:40 am
physically, and emotionally, you know, and when you -- in his medical practice trying to do things to make things better for people. the same thing with our scholars fund. trying to make it so that kids can become all that they can be. because, as a neurosurgeon he'll tell you, we are fearfully wonderfully made. our brain can process more than 2 million bits of information every second. and you can't overload it because if you relearn one fact every second it would take you 3 million years to start to challenge. so each child can take it in to their own -- into their own hands, their own education, if there's something you don't understand, go ask the teacher about it. go online and find out about it. but you're the one that has the most to do with what happens to you. >> so true. ben carson famously a brain surgeon. did he ever deliver a child? >> well, at home, with our second child. you know, it's funny, we -- we were getting ready to go for a marathon the next day, it was just a 1k we were going to go
5:41 am
and do that but b.j. had other ideas because he came in less than 40 minutes. >> your son. >> and i was in the bathroom and baby's about there. and i said i think the baby's here. i think the baby's here. no, it's too early. it's too early. i said honey you need to come and check and there was the baby. so he had the baby in one hand, the afterbirth in the other and he said you've got to find something to clip the placenta. i'm running up and down the stairs. his mom is with us. we're all over the house. i said will a clothes pin work? we've got a dryer. so we're going on, finally found what really works, one of those roller pins like a bobby pin that's straight, works really well. if it happens -- >> you married macgyver. >> he is a problem solver. >> -- yesterday -- >> what's that? >> we had your husband dr. ben carson on the program yesterday. when we asked him about you he lit up like a christmas tree. what one question should we ask her and here's what he said. >> dr. carson, your wife candy is going to be on the program tomorrow. what's one question you would
5:42 am
like us to ask her? >> ask her why is she always so bubbly and so happy? >> so? >> well, we were brought up that way. you always try to see the best in whatever is going on. and sometimes it's a challenge. but, you know, it's like making lemonade out of lemons. because life will give you lemons sometimes. but you can make lemonade. >> he did point out, too, despite the structure change in the upper levels with the campaign, the money is flowing in. >> yeah. >> over the last four days, you know, with the telemarketing, it's up 42%. isn't that amazing? >> still going strong. >> yep. >> congratulations on your book. >> thank you so much. yeah. >> it is called a doctor in the house. >> and it was written in only four weeks. >> wow. >> all right. >> good job. >> thank you. >> back on the trail. happy new year again. >> thank you. >> stay right here for just a second. all right straight ahead, here's the terrorist police are looking for the new jihadi john apparently. what authorities already know about this guy, next. >> and it turns out he may want
5:43 am
gun control, but president obama is the best gun salesman in the country. we'll explain the phenomenon coming up. a partment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. now to a fox business alert. the dow jones had its worst start to a year in a year since getting back to 2008 plunging 276 points yesterday. yesterday's sell-off also hit some of last year's biggest performers. >> fox business reporter nicole petallides joins us live with all the details. >> good morning, brian, anna and steve. we kicked it off yesterday with a big sell-off. there were worries about china. the manufacturing numbers weak there. worries here at home the manufacturing number weak here at home. and you had the saudi arabia/iran tension. so that started our day. in fact the dow was down almost 470 points at the lowest point of the day. and finished down, and went to the lowest point since october.
5:47 am
that being said. we saw some of the big names. names like netflix, amazon and starbucks, names that did so well in 2015. for example netflix is up 135% last year. it gave that back yesterday. it was down about 3.5%. gave a little bit back. so today you know what? these names are already looking higher. so traders take these blips in stride. we're waiting on a big jobs report on friday. and while there are some worries and a cautionary tone they're not just putting away 2016 yet. >> so, nicole, let me ask you about this, yesterday the news of the day was the fact that the president of the united states may come out with an executive order regarding guns. he's going to come out with it later today. what did that do to gun sales? >> well, what we've seen with the gun sales overall, first of all, 2015 moves into records. we had over 23 million background checks right? that even exceeded the 2013 numbers. everybody is running to buy guns for two reasons. one, we've had shooting incident
5:48 am
in san bernardino, you had paris, all those school incidents. and there's fear and overregulation. new gun laws and so we're seeing sales and background checks moving to records. these stock soared in 2015. smith & wesson was up 132%. last year, and gained yesterday almost 6%. ruger was up 72% last year and gained again yesterday. and they're looking higher again today. you might even see record high for smith & wesson today. >> and not surprising americans want to take their own personal security into their own hands. thank you so much nicole petallides. the second amendment is threatened. >> she never stops doing the box business show at 5:00 in the morning. works the floor. meanwhile twelve minutes before the top of the hour. would you recognize this guy walking down the vegas strip? why cleveland quarterback johnny manziel is going incognito. >> is that him? >> wow. >> meanwhile, that disguise is bill hemmer wearing today?
5:49 am
>> same one every die. morning to the three of you. major headlines from the president on guns. plenty of reaction on this today from the candidates. also, senator marco rubio today on a range of topics. we'll talk to him today in iowa. republicans will vote to repeal obamacare. what will they replace it with? today we will find out. in a new movie on benghazi, who is telling the truth? martha and i will see you in ten minutes. but grandma, mommy says we don't have to wad to get clean. cause we use charmin ultra soft. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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5:51 am
5:52 am
hi friends, good morning. 52 minutes after the hour. quick headlines happening today. the search is on for the man dubbed the new jihadi john. there are new reports that this guy, 32-year-old siddartha dhar is the english-speaking masked
5:53 am
terrorist in isis' latest execution video. dhar is a former salesman from london. officials have not yet confirmed his identity. and in just a few hours, the mom of the so-called affluenza teen is due in a los angeles courtroom tonya couch facing extradition to texas for allegedly helping her son hide in mexico. ethan couch is a teenager who avoided jail time for killing four people in a drunk driving crash claiming he was too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong. he is still in mexico. all right. in less than two weeks, the highly anticipated film "13 hours," the secret soldiers of benghazi premieres. look. >> coming in, we're all dropping. based on the book 13 hours, and that clip exclusively from the movie it's what happened in benghazi the night of september 11th back in 2012. >> that's right. you know, and we've heard so much about benghazi over the last year or so, and a lot of,
5:54 am
you know, there were the hearings up on capitol hill, with hillary clinton, you know, what went on at her level. well, these the guys who are actually there. they know what actuallyed. they talked to megyn kelly last night. >> it's amazing being with your brothers and fighting in -- being there, and being with them, and having the faith that you're going to defeat all the obstacles in -- just relive it. yeah, i miss it immensely. i sacrificed a lot to get to this point. and one of the jobs that i really, really love, and yeah i'd go back there in a heartbeat. >> go back there in a heartbeat because of the brotherhood wow they did say that some of the moments were hard for them to watch but that the producers kept very true to the book and their story and what happened. they said the standdown order really did happen and they were happy that producers kept that in there. one of the things that was hard for them to watch, said that the mortar scene because being blown
5:55 am
up was hard to describe the bright light then feeling of getting stung by a thousand bees, and of course, ambassador chris stevens and three other innocent americans lost their lives. >> you're going to say to yourself who gives the standdown order. these guys all say they would have been able to save them had they been able to act without people telling them to wait first. that's why it's going to be important to find out what happens when leon panetta and david petraeus, the former defense secretary and cia director go behind closed doors in a congressional hearing this week. >> all right. meanwhile, johnny football goes incognito. word is that cleveland quarterback wanted to party so bad in vegas he disguised himself. something like that. would you recognize that guy? walking down -- >> it's obvious he's wearing some sort of disguise. maybe you can't tell who he is.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
before it's history, it's
5:59 am
news. hi, before we leave you, here's one for the road. to los angeles they go. i'm talking about the st. louis rams want to go to l.a. the san diego chargers want to go to l.a. and the oakland raiders all filed for relocation today making their cities sad and los angeles happy. we'll see what the league decides. >> more trouble for johnny football. browns quarterback johnny manziel reportedly partying in vegas the disguise, no pictures of it but twitter going live with some ideas after witnesses say he wore a blond wig, fake mustache and sunglasses. and claimed his name was billy. >> so and this is something that somebody put on the internet thinking that's probably him. but you know what that guy if we drop the banner is wearing a yep cleveland jersey. probably not how you would go incognito. >> if you are a cleveland browns quarterback and you want to be incognito don't wear the jerry out to the las vegas strip. >> but definitely wear the wig and mustache.
6:00 am
>> i would do that. >> unless you're blonde. >> but the mustache didn't match the hair. >> huh-uh. >> i'm not touching that. >> run for the radio we have the 13 hours guys on kilmeade and friends. see you. bill: good morning. a fox news alert. we are learning what president obama is set to sign on gun control. the president meeting with attorney general loretta lynch to see how far around congress he can go to get it done and today we finds out. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum the president is expected to expand gun control checks and redefine who is a gun dealer and that would cover gun shows. he says his actions are something everyone can get


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