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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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harris: join us for outnumbered overtime, toes outnumbered. check out judge napolitano's op-ed on the president's executive order. "happening now," now.
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in a courtroom and answer to what has happen. >> and talk about white knuckles. watch the pilots battle the high winds to get on the runway. it is all "happening now". we begin this hour with the president taking executive action on gun control. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. the president laid out his plans in an emotional address in the white house. the plan includes sweeping new rules for those in the business of selling guns. we have james rosen at the white house and carl cameron has reaction from the campaign trial. james? >> reporter: jon, invoking the horror of mass shootings,
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president obama declared that the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage but not america hostage. mr. obama was joined by families impacted by gun violence. tears streamed down the president's face and he was impassioned and eloquent andangry and sarcastic and disdainful of opponents on the issue. >> the right to worship freely and safely. [applause] that right was denied to christians in charleston, south carolina and jews in kansas and denied muslims in chapel hill and sikhs in oak creek. they have rights, too. >> reporter: at times, the president's frustration went beyond the gun violence and to the way that misinformation travels in his presidency
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courtesy of social media and internet. >> contrary to the claims of what some gun right's proponents have suggested, this hasn't been the first step in some slippery slope to mas confiscation. >> reporter: republican house speaker paul riap countered that the president knows that the law already requires gun sellers to be licensed regardless of venue. we'll conduct oversight and added that the orders will be likely challenged in court. fire arm convictions have mrufrmged under president obama since 2010 and 35 percent since 2005. these include a mix of executive
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orders and a kind of order that is harder to challenge. administrative guidance to local law enforcement. they will require licensing of gun sellers of fewer than two guns and require background operations by the fbi 24- 7 and make it easier for information on people with combhoun medical issues. jon? >> thank you. >> some sounding off in a big way and opposing the president's plan. carl cameron is in des moines in iowa with more. the reaction is not exactly surprising, is it? >> reporter: not at all. the republican field to a person condemning the president's executive actions for the past couple of weeks in anticipation of it. and because the candidates are
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out campaigning, in many cases we'll not get specific reaction. but stand on what he is doing asz a gross overreach of executive president. and if they are elected president. they will undo all of this to the extent that things could be be avoided in executive action over turned and go forward for the guidance of the administration. they say it will end up in court and the the conservatives believe it will be overturned. chris christie said i haven't read the remarks, but i will have plenty to say once i have tonight. they have made that point in anticipation of this. in the meantime, the battle in iowa wais intense between ted cruz and marco rubio. cruz now in first place in the polls, and donald trump ignoring
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him. and cruz rubio race to most iowa caucus is the one they are watching. christie in new hampshire is doing well in the polls and he talked about things are getting to work and he said he needs to win in new hampshire, he's expanding in iowa with the hopes of performing better than jeb bush. not necessarily the top three, but better than jeb bush. he will be well position to win the primary in new hampshire. jenna. >> carl, thank you. do you think that the president is acting in accordance with his constitutional authority? go to to join the conversation. another one of president obama's initiative under fire. republicans planning to repeal the signature health care law. jamie wipestein is senior editor
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and editor of fortune magazine and a fox news contractor. the house and senator going to descend on president obama's desk, a bill to repeal his signature. nina, does it have a chance? he will veto it and paul ryan is throwing down the gauntlet. >> keep in mind, our viewers remember that the republicans have passed repeal measures dozens of times. the big difference is that paul ryan promises he will come up with replacement legislation. and they will come up with a plan to replace obama care from a republican perspective. that is a big change and while this legislation will not pass, republicans don't have the votes to override it, it at least
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takes away the sting that the democrats are able to throw at republicans and like you are the party of no. and you don't have ideas. if they come out with ideas politically, it is something to begin the conversation about moving forward and different than obama care. >> jamie, we are in an election year. what about the politics of all of this? does this appeal to the hard-core republicans that oppose the law. >> it might fire them up. you will not repeal the legislation while obama is still there when you are repealing a signature piece of legislation, obama care. but nina is right if they come up with a plan to actually replace it, that may put the blue print necessary for when a republican president comes in to office of how to get rid of obama care, in the post obama,
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era. >> the program has not improved. the premiums are rising and state coopes are closing and is this the time to drive a silver stake th >> politically, you can't. only a third of the americans support repealing obama care and millions are relying on obama care and medicaid that is expanded in states where there is republican governors that are vulnerable next year. it is it a difficult thing to do politically to repeal it. you are right, jon. premiums have gone up and health companies and insurance companies have pulled out. it is just not been the perfect plan that president obama and certainly not the affordable care act that president obama promised. >> does it become a problem for
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vulnerable republicans come canning up, jamie? >> i am not sure it does. obama care is very unpopular. and some credit that goes to marco rubio. despite the symbolic votes, it was marco rubio in some ways architects of kind of hurting obama care and putting it in trouble by eliminate the risk corridors and bail outs to obama care insurers if they didn't become profitable. rubio is the guy who may have set the path of obama to failure. >> the president refers to the republican attempt to repeal. and he lost count of the attempts and so forth. and some way voters don't like the exercises in fulltility coming out of washington, do they? >> certainly the base of the
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republican party wants to see these votes. but in a general election, when you are talking on a presidential election, sure it feeds that sensibility that people are spinning their partisan wheels in congress. and so much needs to be done in the economy and foreign policy and instead, we are passing legislation that is not going anywhere, anyways. >> we'll see what happens and it is a fascinating exercise and an interesting year ahead. thank you both p. >> thank you. one american servicemember is dead and two others wounded after a battle with the taliban in afghanistan. it happen in the helmund province. the taliban are focusing on taking part of that part of
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afghanistan. an israeli soldier killed. what do these attacks and israel's response mean for the long- term security for that troubled part of the world. >> we are watching the market. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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>> wall street struggling once again after a rough trading start to the new year. the dow down 64 points. less than half of a percentage point. this after the big selloff yesterday after markets in china plummeted ahead of yesterday's opening bell. china's central bank pumped 60 million in the economy to stabilize the situation there. >> attacks in israel continues. a soldier was stabbed by a palestinian man. the soldier was not seriously
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injured but violence against israeli is a daily occurrence. it happen in jerusalem. and 21 israelis have been killed since then. ed tell joins us. why does this spate of violence continue? >> i think it continues, jenna, because of the state ofanger and frustration with the palestinian continues. and there is insightment from the palestinian authority and from hamas. and a crime in the middle east because of isis and to a certain extent iran and its proxy army
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hesbola. >> it is a nightmare scenario in the middle east. this one specifically is focusing on the collapse of the palestinian authority and what that would mean for israel. why is this such a concern today? >> i don't know why it is a big concern to the washington post. there was a discussion in the israeli parliament about it. but these discussions go on all of the time. the palestinian authority is led by an 80 year old man who will not be there a long time. but there is discussions of what would happen if he left. a battle broke out in palestinian politics or if there is was a larger intfadda or
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uprising. the government has contingency plans for all of these things. >> that is a relief to hear. we had secretary of state john kerry weighing in. we tonight know what would develop if that were to happen. and the concern that is raised by officials closer to home here, it would create a vacuum for hamas and terror groups it could threaten israel and raise questions on what the united states would do. do you think that is a concern or is a scenario that officials in the world and your country and ours are thinking about it? >> i am sure the secretary of state doesn't know about this, because he doesn't know much about anything in the middle east it appears. in so far as what would happen, there are always surprises in this region, and the only thing to do is prepare for worst case
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sc schenarrow. and israel put it down with military force. and i suppose, if israel were trying to make an accommodation with who ever comes after the current head of the pa, if it can it will and if it can't it will probably go back to the playbook and use the same sort of force required in the second intefad ita. >> we want to make sure we play close attention to the other factors in the middle east that are significant for the year ahead. i want to ask you about a recent headline, and that is the between saudi arabia and iran. hypothetics could they team up against iran potentially and is
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that something if push came to shuf. and what is the reaction in israel to what seems to be rising tensions between the saudis and the iranians? >> well, for everyone else it is a bewildering situation. in the past prime minister netanyahu hinted broadly that there is cooperation between israel and saudi arabia. and i think that probably is right. there is also clear cooperation between israel and jordan. israel and egypt which are important sunni countries obviously israel sees the iranian nuclear threat especially after the recent nuclear deal to be a top priority. i cooperate say that israel is taking sides in the conflict, but the iran threat remains very, very high on the israeli
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security agenda. >> thank you so much. >> new development in the case of the affluenza teenager and what just happen in her court appearance and why she might be more legal trouble now than her fugitive son. >> it is more like a paper airplane. passengers land nothing scary cross winds. shly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great.
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landings captured on video in great britain. the pilots struggling to maintain control. these were taken several days ago as heavy cross winds hit the plains. no reports of injuries. >> it is better to watch than be on the flight. >> i continuing is fun. >> well, the mother of the so- called affluenza teen will be back in texas. she is charged. and her son meets with his lawyer in mexico city where he is currently detained. we have a criminal defense attorney and prosecutor. the news over the last hour, she will be be heading back to texas
10:26 am
shortly we expect. you expect her legal situation is worse than her sons? how so? >> the kid is treated in the juvenile system. he would be placed in jail up to his 19th birthday. his mother is an adult and she has an allegation of aiding and abetting and she is looking at ten years in state prison. and what i feel about this case, this kid got all of the breaks with the affluenza defense and after all that violated probation and the mother accused of coddled him all of these years helps him to escape grips was justice. >> that is a continuation of the coddling. oh, my kid might have to go to big boy jail i will take you to
10:27 am
mexico. >> exactly. >> what about a bystander in all of this. but you know, going back to the crime for a minute. this kid killed four innocent people driving drunk and he got off with probation and violated it so quickly is wrong in so many way. you know the mother is looking at ten years. she will cry, but any mother would have done this, what could i do. she et much time. >> i am going to tell you what a prosecutor, i don't know if the judge will do this. after your kid got the break and you coddled him to make him irresponsible. what about the poor kids and don't grow up with moms and fathers and good education or hope for a future and job which is the real issue. they go to jail. >> what about the kids who can't
10:28 am
afford the fancy lawyers. >> he's in mexico and he has the same lawyer that represented the u.s. marine held in mexico for a long time. this is what his lawyer is saying, it will be a tough sell for united states say he was tried as a juvenile and sentenced. and five years we want to retry him as a result. mexico will not go along with that. >> he is 100 percent wrong with that. we have extradition treaties with mexico. we really do. they coming back for death penalty not so much. but mexican authorities are going to look at a spoiled brat white kid. and say get out. >> why haven't they? >> it is it a legal process. when you extradite. the paper work has to be done. they will get him. >> because he was tried in the
10:29 am
juvenile system. when he hits age 19 something happens, it could mean, i won't say poof it is gone but it changes things. >> if they keep him in the juvenile system in texas he can only serve time to april 11th. then he turns 19 and poof goes away. if they say no, what you did was see heinnous, we'll try you as an dult. he could get 121 days and probation. >> i think they will squeeze out as much opportunity to get the the maximum sentence for him and not so much her, but to make her feel pain. you can't let people get this kind of break, opportunity of a lifetime. four people killed and nine injured and you are skipping the
10:30 am
jurisdiction of the court, the prosecution must go after them. >> 120 days. for that, yeah. >> we'll see what happens when he comes back from mexico. and a lot more to come. thank you. >> more allies of saudi arabia are cutting ties with iran as the two nations ratchet up a tense war of words only. we are live from the middle east bureau. and more than a dozen detainees from guantanamo be set loose. will they return to their terror ways? still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement,
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bahrain, a close ally of saudi arabia announced it will halt flights to and from iowa ran as of today. the violence was sparked by the execution of a prominent shia cleric over the weekend. john has more on the tense situation. >> reporter: yeah, jon, that it is. kuwait now is the latest country to join saudi arabia to choose sides with saudi arabia and pulling its ambassador from iran. that was announced today. and bahrain and sudan severing
10:35 am
ties with iran and united arab emirates is down grading the relationship with the iranian republic. saudi arabia, really continues to take a hard line approach to the attack, storming of the embassy over terrain over the weekend and not only cutting diplomatic ties and economic ties and halting flights two and from iran and bahrain will do the same and following saudi arabia's lead on that. iranian leaders condemning the violence and attack on the embassy are also firing back in this battle of words. iran's president rouhani said that saudi arabia can't cover the crime of executing the shiite cleric. he was executed along with 46
10:36 am
orders and sparked the protest and that turned viulent over the weekend as we have seen in the video and pictures. protest continued in teheran where thousands of people marched in the streets and protest also continued in baghdad where shia protestors tried to break in the dpreen zone and turned violence in bahrain and the crisis worsens by the day. the turkish prime minister is calling for diplomatic relations and talks to continue with u.s. and russia. and others countries are calling for talks to be engaged. >> as if that part of the world needed more to fight about. another set of detainees are set to be be released from guantanamo.
10:37 am
many have strong ties to al-qaeda. the obama administration will not say who they it are and where they are going. catherine her ridge as hear. >> reporter: the men do include al-qaeda followers and significant terrorist under the previous administration. the source was not authorized to speak and the administration will not talk about the men because knowing who they are in advance could delay the trances fer process. the obama administration prided themselves on vetting them before they leave the island. but it is a source of considerable heartburn. he is now leader of the dangerous group in yemen and led the charlie heb do massacre. it is ironic they are
10:38 am
controlling gun laws and pushing ahead of the transfer. and how law makers respond will likely affect the future detention camps. >> how the congress reacts on gun control, will tell the administration how they are likely to react if he just closes gitmo by fiat. if they do nothing but make speeches and chest, then they know there is no there, there. >> reporter: 17 detainees are expected to be transferred bringing the total left will be below 100. there is not enough evident to get in court to prosecute but too much evidence to transfer them to a third story, jenna. >> a story to watch with, thank you. now a fox weather alert.
10:39 am
flood watches in effect for california as that state braces for el ninostorms that could dump a foot of rain. william is in malibu. >> reporter: we have first el nino, we could use 60 days of rain. that is the malibu pier. we have three major storms coming off of the pacific today, tomorrow and thursday and we are hoping for four inches of rain here in los angeles. and that is more than typically the month of january and two feet of storm in the mountains of southern california. and now why is that important? california gets a third of the rain from its water and third from groundwater and third from snow pack. and right now in the sierras, it is about normal. that is up five percent from last year, that is important
10:40 am
because in the spring, that water and snow fill the rezivors and they are going dry because of extensive groundwater pumping by cities. and we'll have rock slides because of the rain in the canyon. there is a voluntarily evacuation in orange county in the burn area. you you have no roots and you get mud slides and flooding and then property damage. in '82 and other el nino, in '97 there was a billion in property damage and 40 counties were disaster areas. and for comparison. in '97 and '98. san francisco had 24 days of rain in january and 22 in february. we are looking for that this season as well.
10:41 am
it would be powerful. the key is for california, north. not south. snow, not rain. and argue aeblt that will help the water storage system and it is built on that model. >> nice to see the water but hopefully they will get it in amounts they can use. >> a train carrying hazardous material jumps the tracks. and what crows are doing to clean up the mess. and meeting with prime minister netanyahu and his complicated relationship with with president obama. >> he made the most powerful statement possible. to warn against this deal and so when the deal turns bad, he'll go down in history as the person who warns us all from what is about to happen.
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test. . .
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>> right now, crews in kansas cleaning up from a train derailment. ten cars of the 166 train making their way off of the tracks. it was carrying hazardous chemical cans and fortunately no chemical in the cars that flipped and no one was hurt in the derailment. new season of "front line" kicks off on pbp s with a two- hour program on israeli prime minister netanyahu. the documentary looks at his rise to power through a rocky relationship with president obama over the iran nuclear deal. here ispreview on when netanyahu was preparing to address congress on that particular issue. >> the prime minister has a messianic notion and a person called to save the jewish
10:46 am
people. he was about to deliver a speech to the american congress. >> he never made such an important speech and had a historic role to play and he can't make a mistake. >> he wants to be the winston churchhill who stops the new evil power. iran. >> let's talk to the film maker, michael kirk. we remember that iran speech particularly here because it came in the hours that our program was normaly on the hour and we paid close attention. the press release describes benjamin netanyahu as a polarizing prime minister. barak obama is a polarizing president. what can you tell us and what did you learn about the relationship between the two men? >> it is rarer in the history of this country and certainly in the relationship with israel that two men could be see
10:47 am
diametrically opposed so different in the world view. benjamin netanyahu passed down from his father that the world is out to get us. some population will try to eradicate the jews and certainly true from his perspective in israel. and he has a dark pessimistic view. bar barak obama is an optmist and thinks that everyone can be be rational and sit around the table. when those two different kinds of men come together over issues like iran and the fireworks. >> you get into the early speech that the president made in the speech to the muslim world and he did not stop in israel at all
10:48 am
on that trip. major slap in the face? >> it was perceived that way in israel and by israelis and that is something that benjamin netanyahu, the new prime minister reelected after a time in the wilderness, political wilderness made hay out of and obama's popularity dropped to six percent. and even people in the obama administration whom we talk to in the film tonight, say and it was a rookie mistake to you go to turkey, saudi arabia, and you go to cairo and you do not stop in tel aviv to see your closest ally in the region. obviously obama was sending a signal and it seemed to back fire. >> and then the speech about iran that benjamin netanyahu gave in front of the u.s.
10:49 am
congress and what was he trying to achieve and did he achieve it? >> he was running for reelection in israel at the time as well. and the idea that their prime minister could come in the united states and come to congress and evoke 26 standing. it is very much his approach to dealing with what he considers to be a crisis facing israel and the israelis, very much a right- wing audience and making sure and happy that their prime minister would do that one-on-one against the president of the united states. >> i would like to ask more questions. we'll have to watch the documentary. michael, thank you. >> you are more than welcome. >> new statistics from the cvc
10:50 am
about e- cigarettes and what doctors say behind them. >> free samples given out and internet sites not verifying age. they are problematic practice. it is
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10:54 am
where or how police finds her. we'll show it to you top of the hour. the cdc reported more than two-thirds of middle and high school kids have seen ads for cigarettes. while the tyking has changed, the tactic has remained the same. we have more. >> many of these ads contain themes that are appealing to young people. spending on e-cigarette advertising rose from $6.4 million in 2011 to 115 million in 2014. during that same time period e-cigarette use increased from 0.6 to 3.9% to middle school students and 1.5 to 13.4% among high school students.
10:55 am
>> e cigarette advertising is increasing and e-cigarette use in kids is increasing. it's no coincidence, advertising works. >> the device deliver nicotine which federal health officials say is highly addictive and may harm the brain. they fear it will serve as a gate way to conventional smoking. never before seen in america. it's illogical to suggest the advertising of these smoke-free products will lead youth to take up smoking tobacco cigarettes.
10:56 am
the doctor says regardless of where you weigh in on the debate over adult use of e-cigarettes when it comes to youth, the bottom line is kids should not be using e-cigarettes. one family brings home not one bundle of joy from the hospital but three. identical pr identical triplets in the final 30, next. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was to prove to you that aleve is the better choice this is claira. for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was cans of tuna come cheap. it's 4400 pound tuna sold for $118,000 at auction in japan. part of the last new year's auction. >> a texas family bringing their three identical triplets home
11:00 am
from the hospital. they spent a month in the hospital because they were so small. they weighed between 3 and 3.5 pounds at birth. >> start those college funds now. >> i like her bow. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. kicking it off with a fox news alert. president obama laying out his plan to overall gun control. it was an emotional speech. this is the real story. president getting choked up as he spoke about victims of gun violence. >> our right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. those rights were stripped from college kids, from high schoolers at columbine and from first graders in newton.


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