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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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if the administration can expand executive powers with respect to bill of rights versus legislation and pass courts. thank you for writing. i'm grechtchen carlson. it's noon on the west coast. here's what's happening. president obama announcing exec pif orders on guns. ahead, what his plan actually means for america's gun buyers, gunseler, gun owners and why people at the nra don't seem too worried. presidential candidates on both sides looking to build momentum with less than a month to go and things are getting a little rough out on the trail. plus, that teenager who killed four people and n. a drunk driving crash ran to mexico with mom. apparently to avoid possible prison time. still fighting extradition. but influenza mom is back. and today she was in a california courtroom. let's get to it. now, shepherd smith
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reporting live from the fox news desk. >> gun control, actually a push to close loopholes. president obama wiped away tears as he talked about children killed in gun violence. emotional moment as the president announced executive actions that he says could save lives. the move actually goes around congress which as rejected pass proposals to close gun show loopholes. first, it makes it clear that many people who sell guns online or at gun shows must run background checks on buyers. it allows for the hiring of more people to run the fbi's background check system so they can process applications around the clock. president obama also called for congress to give half a billion dollars to increase access to mental health care. now americans largely agree in polls with all of these measures. even before the announcement the president's republican critics slammed the move. the house speaker paul ryan
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called for a form of -- called it a form of intimidation that undermines liberty. but president obama points out the national rifle association once supported these exact background checks to keep criminals from getting guns. >> even if nra used to support expanded background checks. by the way, most of its members still do. most republican voters still do. how did we get here? how did we get to the place where people think requiring a comprehensive background check means taking away people's guns. >> a spokeswoman for the nra says the group is looking over the executive action and might try to fight him in court but she says there really isn't much at all to the plan. quoting here, this is it, really, this is what they've been hoping for now for so long? this is the proposal they spent seven years putting together? they're not raleal i do l reall
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anything. rich? >> shep, an angry emotional president plead that people are drying and there should be no more excuses to tougher gun control laws this n. this country. this is three years after the president issued 23 executive actions on gun control. the white house is now enacting more. many of those the white house says will take effect today. the president's approach on gun control he says changed after meeting with the parents of those children killed more than three years ago in newtown, connecticut. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> congressional republicans say these executive actions will do little to curb gun violence in the united states. the republican national committee coming out with a statement in saying shs quote, the reason tragedies that have gripped our country are heartbreaking but none of the unilateral restrictions
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president obama is proposing would have prevented them. making this proposal all the more insumting and political. the truth is, this executive overreach is all about burn anybodying the president's legacy and boostsing democrat enthusiasm in a presidential election year. house speaker paul ryan saying ultimately all of the executive actions can be undone by a republican president and, quote, that's another reason why we must win in november. shep? >> richedson at the white house. thank you. middle east against iran. just months after it reached the controversial nuclear deal with world powers including the united states. united states allies saudi arabia, back ran, and the united arab emirates have cut or downgraded ties with tehran. sudan also cut ties. kuwait today called back ambassador to iran. now, all of this comes after protesters stormed the saudi embassy and consulate in iran. that was in response to saudi
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arabia's sunni rulers killing, executing actually a prominent shiite cleric in the mass execution. officials say the united states does not plan to act as a mediator. read, we would rather not be involved here. secretary of state john kerry is calling on iran and other countries to work through edg tensions and focus on peace deals in syria. >> is urging calm, he is stressing the need for dialogue and engagement, and thirdly, reminding that, again, there's lots of work to be done in the region. >> saudi officials today said they will not disrupt those syrian peace talks. saudi arabia and iran are locked in proxy wars in syria and in yemen. of course we're involved in one way or the other in syria and in yemen. so their proxy wars are our proxy wars. here we are together. mike barrett is a former intelligence officer for the secretary of defense. he also served as senior analyst
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for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and is with us again today from washington. happy new year. nice to see you. thank you. >> same to you, shep. >> this is a whole bunch of weird because we've always sort of supported saudi arabia and now we've just sort of not supported them quite as much, right, and things -- well, off kilter. >> yeah, that's right. we've officially had our finger on the scale really since the iranian crisis in 1979. the u.s. has just been, you know, very heavily on the side of saudi arabia in all public disputes. now that we've stepped back and we've essentially taken a more neutral position the reality is what that does is it changes the powerball lance on the ground. so if you live in the region, if you're one of the sunni regimes living in the region you see it as a massive shift of u.s. being now pro iranian. >> mike, i don't want to but i need to move on because there's breaking news now on fox news channel. live look. police in san bernardino, california, is talking to reporters about last week's deadly terror attack that killed
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14 people, asking people to come forward and speaking live now. listen. >> it's important because we want to ensure that we know whether or not they stopped at any locations, any residences, any businesses, that we don't already know about. we want to ensure that if they made contact with anyone so we don't already know about between those hours or between that time that we're able to fully inve investigate those matters. i told you from day one we will leave no stone unturned in this investigation. this is not an average investigation. we all know that. that's obvious. but for that purpose, that's why we're really here today. we want to talk to directly to the public and we want to ensure that they understand what we're missing. and i'm going to go through a timeline very quickly for you. and then i'm going to ask the public to hopefully help us out with this investigation and to, if you have information, to come to us with it. so the timeline is we know so
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far, they left their house at 8:37 a.m. on december 2nd. they arrived -- he left his house at 8:37 a.m. he arrived at the irc at 8:47 a.m. he left the irc at 10:37 a.m. he then returned. there's about 19 minutes there he later returned to the irc at 10:56 a.m. and over the next few minutes the attack took place inside the irc where multiple people were shot and 14 people were killed. they then visited lake sekum at approximately roughly 111:45 a.. this morning. the missing timeline that i have is from 12:59 p.m. to 1:17 p.m. on december 2nd. again, 12:59 to 1:17 p.m. that's 18 minutes of time we're
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missing. how do we account for this? we accounted for this from a variety of sources, traffic cameras, surveil ran cameras, witness accounts and other techniques. that's the time that we're missing. we want to make sure if the public has any media in their holdings, witness any sightings, that you come to us and please give us that information because we want to make absolutely certain that we know as much as we can possibly know about their activities both before and after the attack that day leading up to the point where the police engaged them in ultimately killed them both. i'm going to point out the map and the map is here. as you can see, the l--shape that you see goes through the city of san bernardino and red it is land. that is the hear that we know these two were in following and prior to the shooting. they went back and forth. it's a whole -- it's a whole route that they took. there's no rhyme or reason that
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we can make for it yet. however, again, that 18 minutes is critical. we know they went and they parked at certain places. we know they spent some time at those places. we don't know necessarily what they were doing at those places. but that route is important for you to understand. in the spirit of leaving no stone unturned for the victims, that's why we're here. we ask the public to call. the number that i'm going to give to you to the public is 1-800-225-5324. that's 1-800-call-fbi. when you call in as the public you hit option 4. once you hit that option you will be directed to a physical person and they will assess your call and if necessary they will send you a url or a place you can upload any media that you have. now, i will say to business owners and to homeowners and citizens, if you've already been
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talked to and you've already turned this information over, thank you. that's helped us construct this timeline. if you have not been talked to by the fbi, because we have talked to a number of people, those 550 plus interviews account these types of interviews. if you've not been talked to and you have some sort of media in your holdings or you have surveillance camera footage or cellphone footage, please give that to us. please call that number. 1-800-225-5324. our operators are available right now. they can help you determine whether your material can be sent to us. the additional display of photos we have to help you hone on on that information are here. this is the suspect vehicle. the lies sense plate is very difbt. th different. that is a utah plate. >> we haven't cut off the audio. instead, our live feed from there, we have this picture
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here. but the live feed of officer speaking has been cut off. we'll go back to that in a moment when we have it. it was re-established now. let's listen. >> given the families, their privacy. they've been through a lot. we've engaged with them once already. we will continue to engage with them again very soon. we want to keep them updated. they went through a tremendous amount of trauma and will continue for many months and ultimately years and their holidays were not the same as many of yours and ours. so thank you. i will take questions. yes, sir? >> starting at our right angle and turning to the right, do you know the streets? >> no, i don't have that today. i'm not going to go through it because it is very convoluted. we can essentially trace their route. they went back and forth and back and forth and up and down. it's very difficult to discern at this point. >> those are the thoroughfares?
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>> that's the area, the box within which they stayed. >> okay. >> and just within that box, we don't have anything to indicates they left that box but we're miss that 18 minutes of footage. we're dark. >> not the actual route that took the parameters. >> correct. >> we do not at this point. yes? >> what did you recover from the lake that belonged to them and what did you recover off of their -- >> we recovered a number of items from the lake. none of which to this point seem pertinent and relevant to this investigation. however, because we know they stopped there right next to the lake, we did feel it was worth the investment of our time and resores to go out and search that lake. i think we would have been remiss had we not done so. yes, sir? [ inaudible ]
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>> good question. as of today we do not see any indications of a foreign directed terrorist act. this seems to be an inspired terrorist act. >> i have a question about the -- about showed up at the icc and started shooting at 10:56. they were there for a few minutes. they got away. 11:45. so that's 25 minutes where they just riding around the whole time? >> yes, they were. >> is there evidence they stopped? >> there is not evidence that they stopped. there is not evidence that they stopped anywhere -- there is evidence that they stopped at a parking lot and they also stopped at the lake, yes. other than that, it was a lot of driving around. >> what parking lot? >> i don't recall the exact location. >> and did they stay there for a while? >> no. >> okay. >> not long. >> what does it tell you when people go in there and shoot 36 people and then they just remain
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in the area and, in fact, they went home? >> we don't know what to make of it. as we said from day one, they were obviously heavily armed. they had a lot of ammunition. we do not know of any secondary targets that they intended to hit that day. but certainly not beyond the realm of possibility. we're unaware of any secondary targets. >> do you know how long they were there? >> pardon me? >> they went home and how long they were there and what they were doing at home? >> i do not. >> two questions. one, release the 911 tape? >> not at this point. we're still discussing this. >> yes, ma'am? >> two questions. the person, where were they last seen at 12:59? that's where the gap starts. another, critical for 18 minutes, critical just to hold the timeline or why is it critical? somewhere else, some other person? >> so i don't have the exact place where they were last seen at 12:59.
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they were within that box. but, yes, again, why is that 18 minutes critical? it's critical because it's possible, again, possible that they stopped at whether it be a storage area or residence, a business, it's possible there was a contact made. we just don't know. very well may not be an important fact. but until we close that gap we just don't know for sure. yes? >> in the meeting in the morning and did he take anything in with him? >> he did. he took a backpack in with him and he left that backpack. inside that back backpapack is the pipe bombs were. >> 1:17, were the -- where are they or where are they at a that point? >> again, within that l-shape. because they moved around so much it's hard to tell exactly where they were at every single point. but we can track generally their movements to some extent based on all those indicators i talked
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to you earlier about and other techniques but those indicators would be traffic cameras, surveillance cameras, witness accounts. >> the 18 minutes, have at least a vague idea of where they were at? >> i don't have that with me. >> what was the exact time they were picked up by police? >> well, they were initially seen on the surveillance at 2:52 p.m. that's when -- that's when the surveillance initially caught them driving up to the house. shortly thereafter the engagement with police took place. that's when you had the firefight and ultimately their demise. >> do you have any better idea of why they did this? >> we definitely believe this was an inspired act. we do not, again, have any indications of a foreign-directed act as of today. >> any personal grievances that you've come to learn about, why did they choose this particular target? >> well, you can read the complaint on enrique.
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some indications in there. as to why they chose this intended target, this particular target, i do not know that. i know there was a lot of -- there was a lot of chatter early on about workplace disputes. we do not see any indications of that. we do not see any witness accounts where there was a fight or an argument with syed inside the venue where this act occurred. yes, ma'am? >> during that time do you have any records both of them were in contact of people during that time or text messaging? did they go inside the house? >> i do not have that available to me. they did not go inside the house. >> you said surveillance, what surveillance camera is that? >> no, no, that was the -- 2:52 p.m.? >> yes. >> that was the actual detectives who saw the vehicle driving up. i'm going to take three more questions. that's it. >> please characterize just this
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whole time, described it a little bit, but were they zigzagging around? were they stopping? >> a lot of zigzagging around. going back and forth on the highway. going up, going down. there is no rhyme or reason to it that we can find yet. maybe that 18 minutes closes that gap. maybe it doesn't. >> 1:17 and 2:52, just more of the same? >> more of the same, yes, yes. >> targeting schools or any other targets? >> other than what you see in the complaint, for enrique marquez that's already out there and that is the riverside community college, other than that, we see no indications of any intended attack on schools. i'll take two questions. next one? >> initial visit to the -- >> good question. we don't know the answer. it's possible she was in the vehicle the whole time. we just don't know for sure. one more question. >> you spoke about -- from witnesses, he was there.
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>> the demeanor seemed to be okay. there are photographs with him inside the venue. seemed to be okay. again, originally there were accounts that there was some sort of a dispute, that there was some sort of an argument. we have found no legitimate account of anything like that at this point. so -- >> colleagues at the christmas party? >> correct. he sat there with them. photographs with them, yes. at this point i'm going to end it. >> tight patrols and we were for a long time. >> we've gone back to our regular staffing levels. >> what about reaching out to the northeast community, have you changed how you're doing that? are you satisfied with the way
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it was happening before? anything different? >> the muslim community has reached out to us quite a bit. they've invited myself and some law enforcement to a number of events. run in riverside, one in chino. we're engaged in that dialogue. we've had more contact with p muslim community in the last couple of weeks than in my entire career. >> the locals talking now, the fbi, special agent in rnlg cha discussing that dark day in san bernardino, all the strange really activities certainly awful and unthinkable in every way that the shooting which took place that day which many of us watched together here in horror on fox news channel. it was 8:37 in the morning, 37 minutes past 12:00 or noon eastern time. farook left his house for that inland regional center alone. he got to the inland regional center ten minutes later. sat there at the party.
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you heard, took the pictures, had the meeting, took -- there was no incident. remember earlier during the day this happened we were reporting here because we were hearing from those who were in the room there had been a dispute, that he got up, that he was angry and the fbi now says, look, there's just no evidence that any of thak actually happened. left the inland regional center at 10:37 a.m. pacific time. no real reason. just got up and left, according to the authorities. and then 10:56, 19 minutes later, returned to the ifc with his wife in the inland regional center, i should have said, with his wife and the shooting started. the part that they're concerned about is after the shooting, they went and visited the lake. they drove around weirdly, really, drove around in a box on the freeways, off the freeway, surface street. if there's a pattern to it, they can't figure out what it is. between 12:59 p.m. pacific time and 1:17 pacific time, 18 minutes the -- you see the box there where they were going. the fbi -- you see that.
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it's the green lines there. it goes up on the left side and then across on the right side. that was their driving area. those 18 minutes, really about the first quarter hour of 1:00 hour that the fbi timeline is just missing. and they need help from people. los angeles is the home of trace gallagher and he's there now. that 18 minutes, they hope they can make some sense of any of this senselessness. >> yeah. couple of things that timeline strike us is he was at the regional center, syed farook for almost two hours. the fbi saying, look, as far as we know there was no confrontation. when the shooting happened at 10:56 local time, they apparently left the building around 11:00 and then for 45 minutes, as the fbi said, they zigzagged around on the freeway, off the freeway, including going around the regional center where the shooting happened before they finally made their way to the lake. and now we know why for several days they actually searched that lake. we didn't know what they were looking for. the reason they were out there
12:24 pm
in the first place is because the couple actually went to the lake. that 18 minutes you talk about, shep, is vitally important to them because as the fbi was saying, they don't know if they went to a warehouse and dropped something off. did they go to meet with somebody else? was there any other contact in that 18 minutes that would prove vital to this operation? the fbi said, again and again, we do not believe this was foreign directed. they do believe it was isis-inspired or inspired domestically by a foreign terrorist organization but not directed from overseas. so that 18 minutes for the fbi becomes a very prevalent part of this case because it pieces the entire thing together. and then they would know from start to finish exactly where this couple was. you remember it was 2:52 when detectives finally picked them up on surveillance. they followed them around and the shootout happened between
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3:00 and 4:00. that's when syed farook, tashfeen malik were killed. they are asking for anybody to give them information as to what happened those 18 minutes. the rest of the timeline they filled with surveillance cameras and freeway cameras. the 18 minutes is missing and the phifbi wants to know exactl why they cannot figure out where the killers were during that important time frame. >> trace, thank you. politics ahead. ted cruz an marco rubio trading shots. ben carson joining -- i should say joining the flat tax push. and then there's jeb bush. jeb exclamation, taking aim at donald trump. how is that going? we'll take you to iowa. plus, the teen who killed four people while drunk driving behind the wheel, then avoided prison on claims that he was too spoiled and too rich to know any better. he could be staying in mexico for a while. but his mother appeared in a los angeles courtroom today.
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remember, she was along with him on their ride down to mexico. he's got a different look there on the left now, doesn't he? she, on the other hand, has a different thing she's saying. the influenza family and details on the charges as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news entering a new year. nice to be back and nice to have you in. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was fox report. more headlines from here. the french president francois hollan hollandeto honor the victims of the "charlie hebdo" attack. though it needs a fix because one of the 12 victims' names was spelled wrong. police in georgia say they rescued 11 kids after an hours' long hostage standoff at a motel. happened outside atlanta where police say the suspect
12:29 pm
eventually stabbed himself in the neck. he's critical now. nobody else injured. and a a man hunt under way this hour in houston for two suspects who kidnaped a car salesman during a test drive. police say one of the suspects pulled out a pistol and forced the salesman to get into the trunk. they say he escaped when the car pulled over and somehow got the gun suspect who manled to drive away. ed to drive away. med to drive away. aed to drive away. ned to drive away. aged to drive away. ed to drive away. d to drive away.
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it's a bottom of the hour. top of the news and politics leads the bottom of the hour news. it seems like we've been saying it for months and months and years and years. the polling don't matter, it doesn't matter. now, it matters. crunch time on the campaign trail with the first presidential contest less than four weeks away. today jeb bush said voting for donald trump will only help hillary clinton win the white house. vote jeb and donald trump are campaigning in new hampshire. marco rubio and ted cruz are in
12:32 pm
iowa and not backing down from their attacks on each other. carl is watching it all in des moines. >> shep, there are campaign buses filled with republicans and staffers and supporters crisscrossing across the caucus state. and there's going to be the case for the next 27 days. for most of the republican caucus going community about 120,000 all told, the race they're watching most is the battle between ted cruz and marco rubio. they have been going at it now for the better part of two months. first on immigration, then national security policy, then on the votes in the senate on both of those issues and then the rhetoric they made and it can'ted today. rubio taking cruz on saying that kroousz sponsored an amendment that would have created legal status for the illegal immigrants here now to rubio's very own bill. the battle escalated again today. here's just a sampling of the back and forth. >> his position on immigration
12:33 pm
changed. he used to be quite open to the idea and actually supportive of the idea of legalizing people in the country illegally. i understand now he's changed his position. it's a different position. >> this next month it's going to get worse. y'all are going to see millions and millions of dollars of tv ads, of mailers. i say about mailers is they make great kindling in your fireplace. they really do light up fast. >> and the nights are cold here in the farms. mr. rubio is on a bus tour in iowa today. ted cruz is on a bus tour that will go six days. started yesterday. mike huckabee is also touring the state. he's going to hit dozens of cities and towns-he was the 2008 winner and today he's asking questions about ted cruz suggest that cruz has said things about state's right, tenth amendment, same-sex marriage and now something quite different to the evangelical call evangelicals.
12:34 pm
>> those are the politicians. then politicians for a while. that's one lane. the other lane is the outsider candidates, what's with them? >> well, drurch still tonald tr front-runner. he was beating cruz although cruz is winning in a vast majority of the polls. early primary states it's a select group of voters and turnout matters. whether or not trump can get the record-shattering audience at rallies at the caucuses is an open question. it is a fact there has never been a non-politician to win the iowa caucuses on the republican side of the ticket. so then you have ben carson who took a huge slide on foreign policy a couple months ago and has not been able to recover from it. his campaign manager and another top adviser quit earlier this week. probably before they were about to be fired. something that carson had been promising in tems of a campaign shake-up. and then karly firfer fiorina.
12:35 pm
her her crowds are beginning to grow. for. the audiences will get bigger. a lot of candidating think they might be surging. it might be the voters are surging out to check them out. and the other thing is the polls are going to start closing nape tighten as votes get nearer. so where there has been a big gap, for instance, between cruz and trump versus marco rubio, expect the gap to tighten. >> having fun yet? >> oh, yes, finally. so glad it's finally an election year. you're right, 99 .44% is no longer relevant. >> everything matters. looking forward to the moment that it's over. thank you. all right. moving on. the mother of that so-called influenza teen, the mom is set to go back to texas where she'll face a charge of helping her son escape mexico. he is the now 18-year-old who's
12:36 pm
convicted of killing four people while driving drunk in 2013. he was 16 then. he avoided prison or really most anything else on claims he was too rich and too spoiled to know better. what he did wasn't his fought. he has influenza, after all. his mother tonya kaucouch appea in court in los angeles today. her attorney said she had not broken any laws, no laws broken here, none at all, and she's eager to have her day in court. her son is right now in the detention facility in mexico city. wonder how that is? he's appealing his deportation in a process that could take several months. believes son couch influenza son and the mother went on the run in november after this video appeared to show him at party during which apparently there was a beer pong game. i know beer pong. that's beer pong. drinking that beer pong outage would have violated his probation. so what now? the chief correspondent jonathan
12:37 pm
i think hunt is in los angeles. when is tonya couch expected to go back? >> shep, we talked to officials with the sheriff's department in texas a short time ago. they tell us that in theory tonya couch could be back there as soon as tomorrow. and certainly they hope and expect to have her back at the latest before the weekend. it is just a question now of processing the paperwork here in l.a. and then arranging the physical transfer of tonya couch after she lived up to the promise made by her attorney today and waived her right to fight extradition at a very brief court appearance. listen here. >> did you voluntarily sign the form? >> i did. >> do you understand that you are giving up your right to resist extradition to the state of texas? >> yes. >> reporter: and tonya couch's next scheduled court appearance, shep, is january 14th in tarrant
12:38 pm
county, texas, where she faces a charge of hindering the apprehension of her son ethan. shep? >> and speaking of ethan, he's still down in mexico. moved to mexico city in a detention facility. sharing a room with three or four other guys. that must be exciting. what's next for him? >> yeah. well, he was due to meet with his high-profile mexican attorney today, shep. and the discussions were the center of course on how and if indeed he would fight extradition. his attorney there said if he chose not to, he, too, could be back in texas within 24 hours. but all the indications are that the couch family will indeed fight extradition, then therefore it could take weeks, even months, for the authorities to get him back to texas. and remember, if and when they do, shep, they cannot retry or resentence him on the original killing of four people when he was driving drunk back in 2013. the most they can do is charge him with the probation
12:39 pm
violation. the most they can punish him with in that case is 120 days in prison. >> we'll see what happens. weirdly, you're in los angeles and, weirdly, it's pouring like oxford title town pouring. >> yeah, it's crazy weather out here today. we'll be bringing you some stories in the next few days. probably the next few weeks the el nino weather center about landslides, mudslides and flooding around here. this is as bad as i have ever seen it in southern california. >> storm watch 2016. i pulled up the old fox weather app here picht lo. it looks like it's going to rain -- well, the cows are not coming home for at least the next 48 hours. man, we're going to have news out of los angeles. storm watch 2016. they're on it. i guarantee you. look at those local tv stations. they are crazy. let's bring in nicole now, criminal defense attorney in texas. 120 days, that's it for this guy? that's all they can do?
12:40 pm
>> so the 120 days is actually a condition of the probation itself. and the judge can just assess that 120 days in jail as part of his probation. so that's why that particular option is available to the court. it's actually not something that would necessarily happen if his probation were revoked or ended. >> okay. there's more that can happen. there is now about whether we're going to deal with adult court. first of all, they're going to get him back from mexico city, right? that's not in question, is it? >> so most likely they will. but the catch is is that now that he is in the extradition process, his legal team there in mexico is taking sure that the united states government has correctly made the request to the mexican government to send him back to the united states. and it's a fairly complicated matter. so it may take a little while to sort through all of the paperwork and make sure that all of the is have been dotted and the ts have been crossed. >> once he gets back, is it more than -- is it more than a vop,
12:41 pm
violation of probation? what's possible for this guy now? >> so when he comes back a couple of things could happen. one, the juvenile judge could determine whether or not he believed a violation of the probation has actually occurred. the other thing that he could do is have a hearing to determine whether or not ethan should be brought over to adult court from juvenile court. and two. different scenarios actually bring about different results in the probation situation, they can only keep him until april. if he is sent over to adult court then he can be treated as an adult and they can deal with any new probation violation claims that are made at that point. >> i don't know about you. while relaxing and doing r and r over the holidays i'm reading about this guy because -- reading about him? there was plenty to read. >> absolutely. >> he's down in port to virt a and heads off to the gentlemen's club. apartment parentally if you're in porto vallarta, down there
12:42 pm
they will run up the tab and pay it. turns out little ethan ran out of money and had to go back to mommy's room. so a waiter and a bartender follow him back to mommy's room for something like 2k american he had to pay off the ladies and whatever. that could have been his demise right there down in mexico. i mean, you don't mess with that sort of activity down yonder. >> sure, absolutely. and certainly if these folks are willing to come forward to the united states courts and be witnesses as to what they saw, they could certainly create extra problems for mr. couch. >> don't pay your bar tab and then you never know what might happen. nicole, thanks a lot. happy new year. happier than those influenza folks are having, no doubt. the dow has been weird again. it was weird the whole time we were away. yesterday was horrible. like the worst first day of the year since mama can remember. and would you look at this?
12:43 pm
today we're up. why are we up? just yesterday china was down in the dumper. everything was going straight to hell. china was bringing a whole world down. you know, china sneezed and we had a huge case of the flu. today, i don't know. i don't understand it. so we'll talk to somebody who upses it because it's mop any and that matters. it's the new year. you will needing some of that.
12:45 pm
. . . . . . so i use quickbooks and run my entire business from the cloud.
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i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. next week, you know, there's the state of the union address. the president is going to give the straigate of the union addr if nonconventional. after that the republican response, right? who going to do the republican response? we didn't know. now we know. the house speaker paul ryan just reveal whoed will deliver the republican response and it is, nikki haley, the south carolina governor nikki haley.
12:47 pm
analysts have called her, quote, rising star in the republican ranks. her name is even being bounced around as possible -- possible presidential running mate for one of the 34,000 people run for president. president obama will deliver his final state of the union address to congress tuesday night, tuesday night. so we'll have full coverage here on fox news channel of the state of the union address and then the republican response from the south carolina governor nikki haley. we're all getting on a bus tomorrow night? no, no, no. monday night. we'll get on a bus monday night and go down there and do that and come back wednesday morning because we don't stay in washington any longer than you have to stay in washington because you don't want to do that. weird things happen. washington. i mean, y'all can have it. a california tech start-up company unveiling electric car that's kind of for rich people who don't have any friends. i'll show you. it looks like of like the bat mobile. picture in our slide show.
12:48 pm
that's not it. that's our logo which we're very proud of. this is the bat. here you can see, quote, says here, sleek futuristic exterior. during the annual consumer electronics show in vegas, baby, vegas, yes, not the car show but the consumer electronic show is where they debuted this because it is basically electronics nightmare. vegas today, the company's head of design said it is, quote, extreme tablet on wheels. look at this interior of this thing. oh, come on. is this thing going to stop working on me right now? no. because i need it. wait, i can fix this. it just takes a second. no. i can't make it. can we walk over there? that fixed it. that fixed it. this is the interior of it. this thing has got -- this sting is still hungover. this still is hungover from new year's. why did it do that? let me do it. i got it back. this is the interior. the thing you will notice here is there's only room for one person, one person.
12:49 pm
you can't have anyone in the car with you, which depending on who your friends are, i guess it would be good but it would be nice to have somebody in there. this is a throw to nasa because it looks kind of like, i don't know, something inside that space shuttle or something. here's more of the sleek exterior design. the company says it can go 0 to 60 in less than three seconds. three seconds. 0 to 60. of course it doesn't really exist. you can't have it. no word on yet whether anybody will be able to buy it any time soon or whether they will produce it. but the company says it may eventually offer it to people as part of a car sharing program like a zip car so there it is. the car for rich people with no friends and you share it, except only you can get in it. so it makes perfect practical sense. on wall street today more things that don't make sense. the dow, well, yesterday the dow lost like 450 million. it was down a lot as i traveled. and this morning there was no reason for it to go up. it went down. but it did.
12:50 pm
it's up now. it's up about nine points. this comes a day after the dow saw the worst opening day in nearly a decade. it went down 276 points yesterday by the end of the trading day, but that was better than it was intersession. first day of trading year. investors say a lot has to do with concerns about china. always about china. next guest says what's bad for wall street may not be bad for main street. she's vera ribbons. written for market watch. whoever will take the word. big places. i'm being told it's about china and only going to get worse. everything seems better. >> today seems better because of what went on yesterday. you weren't here. yesterday as you say, the worst opening day, stat of the new year that you've seen in a very long time. >> the economy is not so bad, is it? >> no, it's abiliout china. china, china, china. outlook for 2016 it's expected to get worse in terms of a growth there.
12:51 pm
there's concern about the econo stocks vulnerable. >> you say what is bad for wall street is not necessarily bad for all of us. >> well, you know, you talk about oil plummeting, taking a big hit town 30% over the last few months, we're enjoying low gas prices. aaa saying gas prices $1.99 a gallon, national average. >> i paid $1.66 in oxford. >> amazing. >> sugar bowl champions. >> did you have a good time? >> had a great time. >> gas fares and airfares also down. they were down last year, 8%. so that's good. expect to be down again. >> don't get me started on airlines. oh, my god. >> there is a problem with leisure travel. >> don't get me started. i'll never get on a plane get. wait, wait, wait, we'll be right back. but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. your call is important to me." join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences.
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one american service member is dead and two others hurt after a bat until afghanisttle . they say it happened in helmand province where taliban fighters have been pushing to retake territory from the afghan government. jennifer griffins at the pentagon. what more are we learning about the fire fight today, jen? >> shepard, two wounded service members are still on the ground, unable to be rescued by the ongoing fighting according to the pentagon press secretary. u.s. special operators were accompanying afghan forces when one of their own was killed. the first u.s. service member killed in afghanistan this year. pentagon press secretary peter cook spoke an hour ago from the pentagon. >> yes, there is fighting on the ground as we speak, which is why it is hard for us to have every single detail as to what has transpired and an effort once again as i mentioned before to make sure that everything is being done to secure the safety of those americans and the
12:56 pm
afghan forces that they were accompanying. >> martha is in helmand province and sought by the taliban as they attempt to take back the key area where much of the poppy is grown, funding the insurgency. two helicopters tried to rescue the u.s. troops under fire. one was waved off. another was damaged when its rotor hit a wall as it tried to land to rescue the american troops. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. this day in history next. . his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief on this day in 1896, an australian newspaper reported on a medical breakthrough, a major one, the discovery of the x-ray. a german physicist stumbled upon the x-ray when he said he noticed a green floresent glowing in his lab. experts call the findings a medical miracle. doctors could now see inside the human body without even having to perform surgery.
1:00 pm
folks first read about a way to make the invisible visible 120 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in. because breaking news changes everything on fox news. gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now but they cannot hold america hostage. we do not have to accept the -- >> i can tell you right now those executive orders are not worth the paper they're printed on. >> when you overturn executive -- >> yes, again, i'll overturn anything that is unconstitutional and anything that undermines the second amendment is unconstitutional. >> welcome, everybody. you're watching "your world." if this is supposed to put the kibosh on guns, gun stocks had a funny way of showing it today. look at two


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