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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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once you eat bacon, you can't go back. >> i'm going to forgo my time kg and snatch at that for everyone who wants to check out the bacon behind the scenes. "special report" on deck. four, three, two, one -- this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier in washington, half a world away some of america's elite commandos are trapped and fighting for their lives. it's happening in marja, afghanistan. one special operator is already dead, marjah. more than 1 dozen other commanders are surrounded by what appears to be taliban fighters in the region. year after president obama declared that combat operations are over in that country. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has tonight's still-developing top story from the evening, jennifer. >> brett, fox news has learned tonight that more than a dozen u.s. special operators and their rescue helicopter flight crew
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are still trapped tonight inside that compound in marjah. along with two wounded american troops and the american special operator killed earlier today. they are surrounded by the taliban as we speak. >> a firefight with the taliban near margo in afghanistan's helmand province killed one special operator and wounded two. one rescue helicopter had to be waved off after taking fire while another helicopter remains on the ground after striking a wall with its rotor blade. hours later, u.s. troops were still fighting the taliban and the wounded remain trapped. >> everything is being done to secure the safety of those americans. and the afghan forces that they were accompanying. >> this does underscore that afghanistan is a dangerous place. >> neither the white house nor the pentagon will say those troops were killed in combat. because the president declared the war over a year ago and again in october. >> last december more than 13
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years after our nation was attacked by al qaeda on 9/11, america's combat mission in afghanistan came to a responsible end. >> 22 u.s. service members were killed in afghanistan last year. including six on patrol in dm december, killed by a single afghan suicide bomber. while american public attention over the last year to two years has been focused on isis. other terrorist organizations have not gone by the wayside. >> white house has said the number of u.s. troops would fall to 5500 by next january. when the president leaves office. there are 9800 u.s. troops currently in afghanistan. the top u.s. commander there said he hopes all 9800 will stay as long as possible. quote every time i've gone to the president and said i need x, i've been very, very fortunate that he's provided that. so he's been very flexible. former obama administration officials predict afghanistan will reemerge as a major national security issue for the
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white house this year. >> the taliban have made major gains over the last year. general campbell already last week said we need upwards of 10,000 troops which is double the number the president is currently looking at. >> a senior u.s. defense official tells fox that the team of special operators, the injured americans and the downed helicopter crew have been holed up in that compound for hours. describing a harrowing scene. an ac-130 was called in for cover until another rescue can be mounted when day breaks. brett? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. we'll head back for breaking details. meantime, president obama is pushing forward, gun control measures on his own. with an east room speech today. heavy on emotion, gun rights advocates say it's on thin ice with the u.s. constitution. it comes as he continues to push to close the terrorist prison at guantanamo bay, cuba and possibly let some of the world's most dangerous people have renewed access to their guns.
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we have fox team coverage. catherine herridge with the president's controversial plan to release 17 detainees from u.s. custody with interesting back grounds. we begin with chief washington correspondent james rosen at the white house. >> the president's appearance today was truly remarkable. both for its policy implications, but also as you say, for the emotion he displayed. >> but it failed. >> flanked in the east room by citizens impacted by gun violence, president obama announced ten new executive actions aimed at restricting access to firearms. in an address that was by turns eloquent and emotional, angry and scornful of opponents on the issue. >> so the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now, but they cannot hold america hostage. all of us need to demand a congress brave enough to stand up, to the gun lobby's lies. our rights to peaceful assembly. that right was robbed from moviegoers in aurora. in lafayette, and from every
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family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. >> issued in the form of guidance to law enforcement agencies and federal rules, the president's actions include new licensing requirements for small-scale gun sellers. the hiring of 230 fbi employees to process background checks 24/7. provisions enabling states to share mental health information more easily and new federal research into gun safety technology. the national rifle association dismissed what it called the president's emotional condescending lecture and released exclusively to fox news a four-minute video in which the nra head says his organization has fought for 20 years to get more felons and mentally disturbed individuals entered into the background check system. and into which at present he said 38 states enter less than 80% of their felony convictions. >> when you hear applicatiopoli
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talk about fixing the broken background check system. don't buy it. >> statistics compiled by syracuse university show federal criminal firearms convictions have fallen sharply under president obama. by more than 15% since 2010 and by nearly 35% since 2005. >> they reflect decisions that are made by career prosecutors. >> republican house speaker paul ryan vowed to conduct vigilant oversight while republican presidential candidates cast mr. obama as a lawless chief executive. >> it undermines the second amendment and it will do nothing to keep people safe. >> and senator joe manson, the west virginia democrat who has co-authored gun legislation in the past faulted the president for not working with congress. i asked josh earnest if the president's reference to the nra holding congress and the american people hostage wasn't an example of the kind of divisive and violence-continuinged language that the white house has previously deplored. earnest said it was an apt
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metaphor. >> james rosen live on the white house lawn. while the president moves to tighten gun laws, his administration is also planning to release more terror suspects from guantanamo bay. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tonight on how today's executive actions on that could impact the president's strategy to close gitmo. >> fox news is told the 17 detainees scheduled for release from u.s. custody at guantanamo bay include quote multiple bad guys, as well as al qaeda followers. second carter who signs off on the transfers is comfortable with his decision. >>ky assure you that the secretary of defense weighs these decisions very, very carefully. >> a source who has seen the list of 17 detainees told fox the administration will not publicly identify the men before the transfers are complete. because it could delay or even derail the process. last night republican congressman trey gowdy requested the administration's assurances. >> there's no way the secretary
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of defense can certify that they're not a threat. look at the folks who have been released in the past. >> today the state department had nothing to offer on the. >> i don't have any pending transfers to speak to. >> the obama white house prides itself on having a better track record than the bush administration when it comes to vetting detainees. but this 2012 transfer is said to be the source of considerable heartburn. he's now a senior deputy within al qaeda and according to a recent propaganda video, a leader of its most dangerous affiliate in yemen. >> had in january of 2009 during his first week as president, mr. obama signed an executive order to close the detention camps, but bipartisan legislation has blocked the transfer of detainees to u.s. prisons. an analyst says guantanamo's future may rest on how lawmakers respond to today's executive action. >> if they do nothing, make a bunch of speeches and beat their chests, then they know, that
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that's, there's no there there and that they can do what they want. in terms of closing gitmo. >> the 17 detainees could be released as early as this week because a 30-day notification to congress has passed. the transfer will bring the number of detainees left at gitmo to 100. with analysts suggesting to fox the administration believes moving a few dozen to u.s. will be easier logistically and politically. >> could they move more fast if they wanted to? >> absolutely. at this point there's so few left at gitmo, they could put them on a 747 and bring them to the u.s. within hours. >> thank you. we know who will get the high-profile job of rebutting president obama's state of the union address. south carolina governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response january 12th. you can see it here on fox news channel. up next, how and why marco rubio is going negative. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight.
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fox 2 in detroit, michigan governor rick snyder declare as state of emergency in flint over lead in the city's drinking water. federal prosecutors say they are working with the epa to investigate. fox 28 in spokane, washington, where a united airlines flight slid off the runway into a snowbank this morning. said to be about 170 people aboard. the denverbound 737. no injuries are reported. and this a live look at san francisco, from our affiliate, fox 2, the big story there tonight, el nino storms soaking drought-stricken california. they're expected to dump as much as 15 inches of rain in the next 16 days in northern california. about two feet of snow are expected in parts of the sierra nevada. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. we'll be right back. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn.
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new fight, mike huckabee fights ted cruz over evangelicals. marco rubio picks a fight with just about everyone. iowa is coming up. chief political correspondent carl cameron has tonight's highlights on the republican presidential trail. >> marco rubio's turning it on. >> and you're in iowa, you get the first choice. >> running third in recent iowa polls, shifting from optimistic policy wonk to more of the anger and fear over terrorism and chaos that front-runners donald trump and ted cruz have tapped into. >> our foreign policy is being undermine by this president. i think it's an issue that's growing in prevalence as the days go by. >> rubio hits cruz for flip-flopping on immigration. despite cruz's denials. >> he has a right to change his position. but it's a different position. >> he's going after chris christie for expanding medicaid. >> we can't have another president that supports common core or gun control or expanding obamacare. >> christie addressed an
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addiction forum where the oipoid and heroin addiction rates are raging. >> christie is gaining ground in new hampshire and in hopes of overtaking jeb bush and winning the first primary. >> what i think is happening is that the hard work is being rewarded. >> bush now casts himself as trump's biggest critic and stokes the right's fears that he'll destroy the gop brand. >> donald trump would help hillary get elected. >> cruz continues to court evangelicals and home-schoolers. >> we allow nonbelievers to elect our leaders, we shouldn't be surprised when our government doesn't reflect our values. >> mike huckabee, winner of the 2008 caucuses, and also a baptist minister said evangelicals should think twice about cruz, who is courting libertarian-leaning tea partiers.
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hold me accountable and hold any other candidate accountable. if they're saying something different to the voters in iowa in an evangelical audience than they're saying to the big donors in manhattan. >> whether it's their values, american values, their commitment to the constitution, their own records or plans for the future. the republican field is engaged in a complex multistate page match that's still maybe completely unresolved even after the first eight to ten weeks of voting. >> carl, thanks. bernie sanders says he can win iowa. win new hampshire. and make things uncomfortable for hillary clinton even though she's dominating the national polls. chief white house correspondent ed henry talks about sande erer about keeping the faith and going after hillary. >> if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. >> fresh off shattering another fundraising record, democratic socialist senator bernie sanders used a major speech in new york
3:17 pm
to charge that hillary clinton is too cozy with wall street. >> secretary clinton said we need to impose a few more fees and regulations on the financial industry. >> i disagree. >> it is first interview with fox news, since launching the campaign, sanders declared he can beat the front-runner. >> i think we have a good chance to win iowa, a good chance to win new hampshire. and if we win iowa and new hampshire, we've got a real path towards victory. >> sanders says winning both could give him momentum to winniwin ing super tuesday. clinton camp believe it is has a firewall with african-american voters. clinton clinton's, sanders leads in the granite state. >> he went to new hampshire to campaign for me. he's going to be in iowa on thursday. >> beyond the polls show that many voters do not trust or like clinton. >> i'm leaning towards voting for bernie sanders at this
3:18 pm
point. mostly because of this issue. i believe that the large banks need to be broken up. >> i have just as much passion and just as much frustration. >> sanders has gotten over two million individual campaign contributions, more than then senator barack obama in his historic 2008 campaign. >> i never would have believed when we began this campaign we would end up receiving more individual contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states. >> clinton still outraised sanders, raking in $112 million. but he has more donors giving smaller chunks. a sign of more enthusiasm. plus sanders can go back and raise more from the same people. while many clinton doaners have given the maximum allowed by law. >> new york democratic congressman steve israel says he will not seek re-election in november. this was a surprise. israel is a top lieutenant to
3:19 pm
minority leader nancy pelosi and was considered a possi successor. israel says he wants to develop new interests. 2015 may have been the biggest year ever for car sales. analysts expect a record high of 17.5 million purchases, once all the numbers are in general motors led all automakers with more than three million sold. ford was the top-selling brand for the sixth year in a row with two and a half million. stocks were mixed after yesterday's big drop. the dow gained 10. the s&p 500 was up 4, the nasdaq lost 12. still ahead, an inside look at the ground game ahead of the iowa caucuses. first, will the conflict between iran and saudi arabia blow up talks in syria's civil war.
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the mayor of london says a small child shown threatening nonmuslims on an isis video should be taken from his parents. if he ever returns to britain. the mayor says the boy is a victim of child abuse. the child has been identified by a man claiming to be his grandfather. he says his daughter converted to islam and moved to syria with her family. turkish authorities say they have found the bodies of at least 21 migrants, at two locations on the aegean coast after they apparently tried to cross into greece. meanwhile the u.n. says refugees continue to enter that country from turkey at a rate of more than 2500 per day. the u.n.'s envoy for syria says the tensions between saudi arabia and iran will not have a negative impact on talks to end syria's civil war. officials here in the u.s. and elsewhere are not so sure. correspondent john huddy has the latest from the middle east.
3:24 pm
>> the fallout from the attack on saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates have severed or downgraded diplomatic relations with iraq a siding can with saudi arabia. others are trying to intervene. >> all sides must act with common sense and the chat eng must be given a chance immediately in order to avoid repercussions of this role over the region piece and stability. >> the repercussions could be disastrous. threatening to fuel sectarian violence between sunnis and shiites and jeopardize peace talks to end the civil wars in syria and yemen. saudi arabia and iran have been on opposite sides of the fighting in those countries. >> we are not natural-born enemies with the iran, it is only the behavior of the iranian government that continues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.
3:25 pm
>> iranian countries hassan rouhani said that saudi arabia cannot cover up its crime executing nimr, the shiite cleric executed with 46 others saturday in saudi arabia. shiite protesters attacked the saudi embassy in iran because of the execution. the protests continue. thousands marched in tehran carrying posters of nimr al nimr. the anger wasn't only directed at saudi arabia. state department officials say that the united states should not act as a mediator between iran and saudi arabia. but secretary of state john kerry says both countries should work to deescalate the tensions. brett? >> john, thank you. an armed group continues to occupy a remote oregon wildlife preserve. demanding the land be put back under local control. the standoff was sparked between anti-government protesters and the feds when two ranchers were ordered to serve additional time
3:26 pm
for convictions of burning federal land years ago. those ranchers, dwight hammond and his son, steven, have reported to prison. they have distanced themselves from that group. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen has agreed to be sent from california to texas to face justice. tonia couch was in court after allegedly helping her son violate probation and flee to mexico. 18-year-old ethan couch remains in custody in mexico after killing four people in a drunk driving accident, the teenager was given only probation following his lawyer's claim that his privileged upbringing left him unable to distinguish right from wrong. when we come back, we go in-depth on the ground game. the fight for every last voter in iowa. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.
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this is a fox news alert. an update on the u.s. special operations troops pinned down by taliban militants. terrorists in afghanistan. we told but at the top of the hour. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is a at the pentagon with details. >> we learned from a senior u.s. defense officials that a quick reaction force did arrive on the scene in marjah and was able to evacuate the one u.s. special operator killed in action and the two americans who were wounded earlier today during
3:31 pm
that fighting, as well as the downed rescue helicopter crew. they are now en route to safety. we're told that other members of the u.s. special operations unit stayed behind to secure the downed helicopter, the one whose rotor blades hit the compound's walls. they are staying there to make sure the helicopter is secure and does not fall into enemy hands. brett? >> that's good news. quickly jennifer, does this mean there are more areas of afghanistan that are increasingly dangerous with the taliban and other groups, even isis? >> absolutely. we've heard from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john campbell who has warned that more and more areas are falling to the taliban and u.s. forces have been asked by afghan forces to accompany them on more missions to try to push back the taliban. >> rescue is great news, jennifer, thank you. america's election
3:32 pm
headquarters in-depth tonight. the ground game in iowa. the caucuses, less than four weeks away between now and then the difference between winning and losing, may be what happens out of public view. senior national correspondent john roberts is in des moines tonight. the political rallies in town halls are the public face of campaign 2016. behind the scenes in the first in the nation presidential contest. another operation, as if not more important than events. craig robinson coordinated the republican caucuses in 2008. >> how important is the ground game to winning iowa? >> really important, because it's a caucus, not a primary. it's a low-turnout affair. so you've got to tell your people how to do it. >> the ground game is all about signing up voters who submit to signing up your candidate in an
3:33 pm
hours-long process in a cold iowa night. only about a fifth of registered voters ever participate. more than half could change their minds, so the campaigns use smartphone apps and data mining to identify every possible supporter. >> digitally everybody leaves a footprint so you're able to identify those people who are most likely to support and ultimately caucus from jeb bush from that list you go out and call them, door-knock and follow up. bush made news because he diverted money to the ground game. he plans to triple his staff here. whose got the game to beat. brand anderson ran iowa. >> fen who is plugged in will say ted cruz. >> cruz leads the polls, his campaign boasts 9,000 volunteers including hundreds from out of state he's putting up in camp cruz if des moines. he's visited 77 of iowa's 99
3:34 pm
counties. while cruz appeals to traditional caucusgoers. donald trump is hoping to tap into people who don't normally participate. >> we always talk about expanding the universe and bringing in new folks. but that's the hardest way to do it. i think if anyone can do it. the trump campaign can. >> the attracting first-time caucusgoers is the holy grail of iowa politics. president obama did it in rod numbers back in 2008. he had a ground operation that was massive. bigger than all the current republican contenders combined. >> john roberts in chilly des moines. we'll remember to bring the coats. the cdc says tobacco companies are successfully using advertising to get kids hooked on e-cigarettes. the agency says seven out of 10 middle and high school students see those ads. it says the commercials use the same themes as ads for regular cigarettes in the past. things like independence.
3:35 pm
real be rebellion and sex. three nfl teams have filed paperwork to move to los angeles. the nation's second-largest tv market has been without a team for 21 years. oakland, san diego and st. louis will have to give 24 of 32 team owners to agree to a lou relocation. the raiders and chargers want to build a stadium in carson. the rams are planning a facility in engelwood. the president gets tough and emotional over gun control. while determined on emptying gitmo. reaction from the panel when we come back. seems like we've hit a road block.
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that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now, but they cannot hold america hostage. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. all of us need to demand a
3:39 pm
congress brave enough to stand up to the gun lobbies' lies. >> if you cast a net and the fish swim through the holes you don't need a bigger net, you need tighter holes, but when it comes to a background check system that's missing the names of millions of prohibited people, the politicians don't want to fix it they don't tell you the truth. instead, the only thing the average american has heard about background checks is the absolute fallacy that what we need is more. >> wayne lapierre with the nra. you saw the president in the east room very emotional as he has been before. but not to this accident stent on this very issue. here's what the executive orders he is signing into action on the gun rights, gun measures, licensing requirements for smaller-scale gun cellers. a very detailed list, dealers must report lost or stolen firearms, enable states to share mental health information.
3:40 pm
and 230 more fbi staff to pand background checks. the reason he has to do this is because congressional action failed. one democrat, joe manson behind some legislation up on the hill said today instead of taking unilateral executive action, the president should work with congress and the american people to pass the proposals he announced today. legislation and consensus is the correct approach. and finally a lot of gun rights advocates are pointing to this stat, about the prosecution of criminal weapons convictions by the federal government and there you see it, down 15%. from five years ago, 35% from ten years ago. >> let's bring in syndicated columnist george will, mara liasson and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> i've never seen the president tear up like this. he's been emotional on the subject before, he's angry, he's frustrated. he's stood up after mass
3:41 pm
shooting after mass shooting asking congress what he would argue is fixing the holes in the background checks and he's failed. he asked his team to see what else he should do. this is going to clarify, this is pretty modest. it's going to clarify who is a gun seller and to make sure everybody is treated the same. whether you buy a gun at a store or the internet or at a gun show. >> you're using that word clarify. it does expand existing law, doesn't it? >> it expands the definition of a gun seller to include people who sell guns over the internet and on the face of it. why shouldn't somebody who buys guns on the internet face a background check. >> most are licensed now. george? >> except that if judge napolitano is right, he said he was effectively, the president was creating new crimes. again this is another usurpation of the article 1 powers of the
3:42 pm
congress. executive authoritarianism of the sort he's been practicing for seven years and the sort that donald trump promises to continue practicing. if the president wants to reduce the number of guns in america he should stop talking. i hope the three of you had the good sense to do what i did not do, which is buy gun stocks. smith and wesson's stock went up 11%. following a 33% increase in december. since barack obama became president, smith and wessen's stock has gone up 947%. isn't it fair to say, though, that this president at the time he has left, with his power, the lack of it on capitol hill, is not coming after people's guns. >> well he's not successfully done that. he has come after a second amendment. he's come after the
3:43 pm
constitution, incidentally it's a good thing that people are getting stock tips on the show and i'll be look into that, those alternatives. look, i think it's a trivial change. it isn't going to make any difference about any of them. that's what makes all of this so absurd. an assault on the constitution, an assault on the separation of powers, going around congress and to do what? to do something significant, you could understand. this is a minor expansion of the definition of engaged in business. it's not going to have any effect, would not have had any effect on any of the mass shootings over the last several years. obama is committed. it's delusional. there's so much else going on in the country, going on in the world. you've got to ask, this is it, this is what he's spending a week on? we're in the middle of a meltdown in the middle east. attacks here in the united states.
3:44 pm
and the president's answer is gun control? the president's answer is releasing jihadists at guantanamo? that's the reason that the country is on edge. yes, the world is in trouble, but it usually is. the difference is we have a president who is not asleep at the wheel. he's not at the wheel, he's somewhere else. >> we'll turn to gitmo in second. he could have done this back after sandy hook, couldn't he? when democrats joined with republicans to vote against the legislation up on capitol hill, they proposed. couldn't he said back then? >> they've been asked that question over and over again, why did you wait this long and he said this is, they've said this is how long it took us to scrub all these options, to see what else he could do. he has issued executive actions on guns in the past. but why he waited this long, i don't know. but the clock is ticking, he's got 12 months left. >> is this a key issue for 2016? >> i think it's a key issue for democrats, this is a base issue just as it is the opposite for
3:45 pm
republicans. >> turning to get mo. 17 detainees released. and now there appears to be this full-court press to empty gitmo what about that, george? >> this is an amazing story of human redemption, these people were considered the worst of the worst. and they were held all this time and suddenly, we have someone's assurance, it's not clear who, on the basis of we're not sure what. that they have amended their ways and can go back to the world and open a bodega somewhere. i don't know what the -- the reasoning here is but i thought trey gowdy put it well when he said this is, we're being asked to take an awful lot on faith but this is a drive for the, what remains of, his legacy promise to close gitmo. >> we're approaching the state of the union. you wonder if more of these guys will be moved prior to that. the defense department saying that the secretary personally signs off on the transfers, he's
3:46 pm
comfortable with the decision. even though the 17 guys scheduled to go are said to be al qaeda followers. >> yes, it's really amazing when you think about it of all the steps the president is taken over the seven years, to combat jihadism and the threat against the united states and the world. none of them have been driven by facts on the ground. as george says what exactly changed in the 17 guides that all of a sudden they are releasable? that's absurd. the only thing that's happening here, the only reason that this is happening is because of the calendar. obama is leaving office. he wants a legacy and the same way that the only reason that he pulled us out of iraq when he did, was because he had an election coming up. and the only reason he thought he would pull us out of afghanistan was because he wanted to leave a legacy behind. this is all calendar-driven legacy driven ego driven. with no relation to the facts on the ground. and we will pay after he's left
3:47 pm
office. >> afghanistan, a hot zone of combat activity tonight in a noncombat situation. next up, the presidential race, cruising in iowa, feeling the burn for the democrats. talk about it. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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if is easy to talk about national security. there are candidates running who say things like they are going to carpet bomb isis or how they are going to make the sands glow in the middle east. talk is good talk is cheap. you can't carpet bomb isis if you don't have an air force to do it with. you can't make the sands glow in the dark if you don't have bombs. you can't attack the terrorists if you don't know where they are. >> i understand other candidates are getting very concerned because they are
3:51 pm
seeing conservatives unite behind our campaign. the ferocity of the attacks has increased and it will continue to increase every day from now until the iowa caucuses. >> donald trump is a extremely divisive candidate. that is why he cannot win)9umz and be our nominee. he reminds me of the kim kardashian of politics. they are both famous for being famous and the media plays along. >> well, sharper elbows, perhaps, today on the trail. this as donald trump continues some amazing crowds as far as size. he will tell you about them. but you can just look at them. in massachusetts, last night, the crowd was astonishing, really, for that area. they hadn't seen anything like that as far as turnout in a long, long time. and will he see the benefit there? well, as the camera pulls out, you can kind of get a grasp of the crowd. in iowa, the polls show, the real clear politics average of polls, cruz up by 3.6. that's the average of recent polls there. in new hampshire, the real
3:52 pm
clear average has trump still with a big lead in new hampshire, obviously massachusetts right next door. part of that $1wxli we're back with the panel. george? >> well, things can change awfully fast. two months ago essentially, the first of november. the leader in iowa was carson at 2 the. he is now fourth at 9. these louise are -- leads are made of ice and will melt. what interested me today is was rubio attaching christie. i think he sees something in his rear view mirror. i had a long time with mr. christie yesterday and he says this will be a rapid win knowing after new hampshire and south carolina at the latest at which point he expected it to be a four person race. on the one side cruz and trump and on the other side christie and rubio at which point mr. christie feels he is going to be in good shape because he has changed by 50 points his unfavorable to favorable in new hampshire.
3:53 pm
he thinks he can do that elsewhere. he also thinks his former head of the republican governor's association you have a lot of friends in the seven governors elected in 2014 when he was chairman of the rga and the 17 who were reelected. he thinks that can supply a ground game. >> what's interesting is that they're all attacking each other but not attacking trump. >> no. because there is no value in attacking trump. you want to get a big fat counter attack? why. they are all trying to channel the trumpian angle. >> which rubio has changed his tone. >> marco rubio more than anybody else has a new tone, it's angrier, harcher, much darker, he is trying to do a mind meld who is choosing trump and cruz. that's a very nice scenario from chris christie but rubio also has a big task. he has to win somewhere. is nevada the first place he can win? i mean, he has a south carolina based team but jñ ted cruz is very strong there, too.
3:54 pm
so if the establishment is going to coalesce around him he has to show him something. >> he particularly has to win in florida. >> i was saying he has to win somewhere before then. >> we had the talk about the ground game. it's tough to gauge, but right now it seems cruz has the advantage in the ground game, not only in iowa but down south as well in the sec states. >> well, i think that's why rubio is trying to blunt his ad vantage. it's interesting. trump, i think, is getting a bit of a free ride in the sense that number two and number 3, meaning cruz and rubio are going after each other. as marah indicates there is nobody really other than general attacking trump. general is not exactly at the top right now. he is not having much of an effect. trump is ignoring him essentially. he is going after the clintons. trump is skating above this while all the others are fighting among each other to see who is going to be his challenger. in the meantime they're all weakening each other and trump isn't being hit. i mean, it shows the success
3:55 pm
of his deterrent policy hitting everybody so hard early on over the fall, overç the summer months, nobody wants to go after him. but as a result, i think -- i don't see any reason why his numbers should fall in the next couple of months. >> next debated nine days from now in charleston, the fbn debate will be interesting. quickly, the democratic side the real clear politics average in new hampshire. bernie sanders retaking 4.3 lead over hillary clinton in so you say there is a chance, marah. what do you think? >> well, it's pretty close. it's a closer race in new hampshire than it was. at one point sanders had a much big are lead there. i think if hillary wins iowa it will give her a boost. it is tough as bill clinton has already laid out the expectations game by neighboring candidate has ever lost new> hampshire except when we had dean and kerry because they were both neighboring candidates, you know, from vermont and massachusetts. so he is kind of setting the
3:56 pm
expectations low that maybe, you know, vermont next door neighbor can win new hampshire. but i do agree. it's hard to see where bernie goes after that the south is a big, big fire wall for her. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see how one presidential candidate is trying to motivate voters in iowa. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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finally tonight, 100,000 showing up for each party. about getting folks to get out. sometimes they forget to go. too busy. one republican candidate is making sure his don't have excuse for showing up. >> even if you are not feeling good. if you are feeling horrible. if you horrible fight with your husband. if you caught your husband cheating the night before, you have got to go to the caucus, right? right? [ laughter ] and visa versa. >> and visa versa. so if you go to the caucus, you will come home to find your husband cheating on you? >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight.
4:00 pm
that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. seven years ago tonight i took over this show from my mentor and friend brit hume. thank you for making us number one. we have a big year ahead. here's greta. >> tonight "on the record" the president versus the republican congress. today president obama stepping into the east room of the white house at time tearing and wiping his eyes announcing executive gun control. use of-( business pen vowing republican fight with the republicans. paul ryan saying his words and actions amount to intimidation that undermines liberty. but the president saying we clear. congress still needs to act. the folks in this room will not rest until congress does.puçñu'x [cheers and applause] >>f4puç because once congress gets on


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