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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 6, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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never miss my favorite pic of the day. set your dvr to record "on the record." see you tomorrow night here at' 7 p.m. eastern. up next welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, president obama takes executive action on guns. hope you are bitterly clinging to them you bitter clinger types. and donald trump tell bill o'reilly his latest mistake is irrelevant. we agree on something. and the table adds four new elements. congrats for making the cut. that's you, tom. >> the last one sounds fake, andy. >> you sound fake. >> thank you, sandy. let's welcome our guest. she is not a thief, but if i
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take out my camera she will start mugging. fox news contributor jedediah jedediah bila. he hosts the food pod cast. comedian tim dillon. editor and chief in internet action force, john devore. and i watched his movie how to be a man, not that i needed it. sitting next to me from the gavin mcginnis show on the anthony cumea pod cast, let's start the show. >> president obama announced executive action on guns today. laws as you know are supposed to be passed by something called congress. but on the issue of guns, obama says he gets too many letters to, quote, sit around and do nothing. anyone concerned with the second amendment he assuaged the concerns by talking about his favorite subject, himself.
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>> there is a ritual around this whole thing i have to do. i believe in the second amendment it is there written on the paper. it guarantees a right to bear arms no matter how many times people try to twist my word around i talk -- constitutional law. >> the white house decked out with his name in lights. it is a distope yen vision of the future where the oval office is a function of one man's ego. i hate to break it to you, but it already happened. this guy turned the first letter of his name into a logo, and then he replaced the 50 stars on the american flag with it and put it on his website. he forced us on government insurance and then titled it by adding the word care to his own name. for the past eight years barack obama has looked at the
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united states as an extension of his reality. he sees himself in every issue like blue oyster cow bell player. he believes the solution to all problems is president obama. it would be a step toward humility. jedediah, obama's supporters they like it. >> they like it now. when a republican gets elected and decides i will just bypass congress they will be having to sit. that's what people don't realize. that stuff is scary because it can be applied to an issue you disagree with. what if he did something related to abortion or what if he did something related to what liberal cared about and clam erred about. this is crazy. this is something he coobt get done -- he couldn't get done through congress. democrats object every time he goes to make it happen when it comes to background checks or
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the types of guns or the types of magazines or how many rounds. i am not a gun expert. every time he tries to do this he falls on his face. the democrats are in states where they want their second amendment rights protected. that's not how you run a country. >> gavin, is that not how you run a country? >> that's not how you run a country, john. >> is this legal? can you do this? can you make a law that congress doesn't support, and then when people violate the made up law, can you punish them? i don't understand how this is possible. >> he is tired of sitting around, gavin. >> it does president mean you -- it doesn't mean you can invent magical laws. and by the way, barak -- and i am using you as a substitute. >> it is like clint eastwood and the empty chair. >> i do know the difference between you and the president. the back up checks don't work. the assault rifle ban, we
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tried that and crime went up. he is just appealing to housewives. you talk about the dead children and they cry and you cry too and now you can over step your boundaries because you made broads cry. >> i was waiting for it to go back to the broads. john devore, are you in a cat tau tonic state? let's bring in tim dillon. first agree with what i said and then make your point. >> everything you said was 100% on track. i don't want to see anyone cry. i don't want to see the president cry or john boehner cry. i don't feel like anything good -- nobody is making a good point. for him to go out and say first grader. obama killed first grader. he had to. somebody is watching that and the drone is dropping in on the backyard. that guy is watching the speech and saying that's a mixed message.
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>> are you talking about an al-qaeda guy? >> an al-qaeda guy watching who has an interest in american gun policy. he is getting ready to come here as a refugee and watching the speech. drones are killing his kids. he says wait a minute. i have kid too. the fact that it is an emotional thing that is not backed up really by facts. obama says these are young kid. young kids will die also if people can't protect themselves. >> that's it. devore, i believe with tim. it is like tom hanks when he was coaching the women's baseball team. there is no crying in the white house. >> there is no crying in baseball. the question is why are you so raw on gun control? you and your kabbalah friend. >> i am a liberal fire brand. get ready. obama just supports -- he doesn't want dead children and
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conservatives do. >> that's what i'm talking about. you guys are okay with children up until they are born. and then if they get mowed down by a guy who bought an ar15, so be it. >> in a gun free zone. in a gun free zone all the time. we are going to go to a gun free zone. seriously you are an interest elect actual. none of these shootings would have been prevented by what he is trying to do. >> if yor gun control what he offered today wasn't much. nothing he offered will repel the second amendment. improvements in smart guns and safety technology and more fbi agents to execute background checks. there was nothing. >> that's our poit. >> right. >> but the anger -- he is not
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repealing the second amendment. he could have gone farther is what i am saying. >> why the tears? if what he is doing is not that much why all of this emotion? >> it is all political theater. and so is the -- and so is frankly the conservative reaction. i have seen means today -- like ed it cruz put out a mime of obama with riot gear, coming for your guns. all of the theption he off -- things he offered, we are not repealing the second amendment. >> i thought it made obama look pretty cool. >> like he is permanently coming to -- personally coming to your door. >> i like that it is being fought by mims. >> the modern battlefield. >> now it is time for donald trump's first tv ad used misleading footage of the mexican border. it shows illegal immigrants
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crossing into the united states. take a look. it looks like mexico to me. >> actually here is the real ad. >> he will quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil, and he will stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> that was footage of moroccan and not mexico. tomato, tomato in my eyes. the media pounced. trump's campaign manager apologized. this was 1,000% on purpose.
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it is not an apology, apology. on monday night he defended the footage on the o'reilly factor. >> it is a display of what our country was going to lube like. we are like a third world country. we are a dumping ground. >> you don't think that's misleading? >> i think it is irrelevant. it is going to what it will look like. >> trump's legal council was asked about it by cnn's happened so many chris cuomo. you can put the video of moroccan in terms of the mass migration across the border. the one we have on the screen right now. it is moroccan. it is not mexico. >> that mexico will pay for. >> i don't know who did it. >> you did it. >> i didn't do it. i am not on the campaign. >> he didn't do it. >> gavin, here is the question. if vancouver can be new york
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in lots of tv shows why can't moroccan be mexico in commercials. >> i am scared of em -- of embarrassing myself because i couldn't agree more. it is just footage of people going somewhere they shouldn't go and to be honest a lot of the stuff that goes on and these coyote traverses with rape and murder is way worse than the moroccan footage. we are showing illegal immigration and cords of bad going to beautiful paradises of good and it doesn't matter if that shot was in moroccan. am i nuts? >> i don't want to answer the last question. but the thing is you may have a perfect point. it was not in mexico. who cares? >> if you are concerned with immigration, let a say. if you are, i don't know, racist, just for the sake of
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argument i do not think that commercial serves your purpose. >> it is honest. >> that ad basically says this is what is happening right now. i think that does a disservice to donald trump's argument to immigration. i am not going to say -- it just does president -- >> well it says he will cut the head off of isis. >> that was a movie. i thought it was a movie. i think it is great for an ad. i think they showed restraint. the original ad was landscapers raping people. i think it was scaled down. i don't like that he has a campaign that is like -- my impression of trump is a guy on a jet. i don't want to know he has any of these people. i can't imagine they had like a meeting for how to respond to this. i think if anything it is a group text. like if trump's campaign is
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run anyway it is a group text and donald just sends the emoji that is back up money and he sends that. >> that's why we love him. >> what do you think, jedediah? i want to ask a silly question. why not use actual footage of what you are talking about? his argument is all of these things are happening across the border with mexico. you are talking trafficking and drugs. there are many things we talk about every day that are terrible. why not use what you are talking about and uh voi the confusion. and avoid the confusion. it made it look like he didn't have footage to represent what he wanted to say about the actual border, so he went and found something else to make his point. >> you have to admit it was a great looking shot. >> i wanted to see the head of isis like a crazy head of isis. >> i wanted to see the president of mexico.
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all right, here we go. >> one who refuses to be trumped. he says what what happens if people are white collar workers like bankers, lawyers and most terrifying, journalists. >> i understand that when the mainstream media covers immigration it does president often see it as an economic issue. but i can tell you that it is a very personal economic issue. and i will say the politics would be different if doctors or lawyers were crossing the rio grand. or if they were coming to drive down the wages in the press, then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation.
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>> there it is. you have to admit, jedediah, that's an effective ad. >> it is great. people usually hate lawyers and banker and journalists. they watch it and no matter where you stand on the political spectrum you can say we are behind this, and he made it about economics so people like john are disarmed. they can't call him a racist because he is not talking about something. he is talking about jobs. how do you feel about this? are you disarmed? >> i'll take all three of you on. >> what do you think, john devore? >> this ad? it was like an "sn l" skit. >> also effective. >> it was funny. it was funny. i don't think it served -- it furthered any political point outside of being kind of bizarre and weird. >> the point is the media are totally out of touch with real america, and it never affects them. they only have their nanny and
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landscaper. that's what mexicans are to them. they don't live in the barrio. if it affected them like illegals were journalists and they took a journalist job you would see something different. the media class they live up in this ivory tower that doesn't have to deal with our reality. >> and i'm rich. >> the party of bankers that will elect -- who will nominate an aristocrat knows a lot about the whoas of the blue collar. when i hear conservatives talk to me about blue collar america, all i have to do is point at the uh christa crates that they -- at the uh crit staw -- uh aristocrats they nominate. >> the voice of the people? hillary clinton? >> look at these hands. >> bernie sanders is worth $45,000, you though? he is uh crit staw crate -- aristocratic. >> he is doing okay. >> if you were a lawyer would
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you take a backpack instead of your briefcase? >> there are so many fat guys in suits i am mad i couldn't have done that for $70 or whatever they paid those people. >> it was a union game. >> being a coat mule is a more respectable job than a journalist. number one, it is a harder job. it is a more important job. but when you look at an ad like that, you get what ted cruz is trying to do and what he is trying to say is that if you work at a store, at a 7-eleven you are worried somebody may take your job. i get that. that's just -- nobody is worried about anything unless it personally affects them. i don't think that's specific to elites on immigration. that's anybody that hasn't been affected by any issue is just not as connected to it. >> i think it is brilliant, jedediah. no one likes the press. when candidates attack the press their numbers go up. this way they can do the
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immigration issue and attack the president. >> remember newt gingrich when he started to angle everything at the press? i don't think he even had to speak about policy. he used to angle it at mainstream media and then sara pay lynn with the lame stream media. that fired up the base. that got people excited. the conservative base feels like the media in large part works against them no matter what the cause and no matter what the issue. that's his thing all the time. ted cruz is always talking about the media. i think this ad for the base and he is looking at iowa right now. he is looking at conservatives to come behind him. >> he is winning iowa. >> yeah. he wants to hold it. >> have you seen spotlight? journalists are heros. i am a journalist and i fight pedophile priests. >> we know the media sucks obviously except me. >> i have friends that are journalists, but they have a blog with 10 readers. >> so he is talking successful. >> the media sucks eke
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september us. i will close with that. someone gets in trouble for wearing a native american costumes. wait a minute. did media-ites finally watch our halloween episode?
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>> north korea has done a test
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to test an atomic bomb. it was splawl enough to reach the u.s. mainland. the u.s. says it can't confirm nor create a claim of a nuclear test. it will violate the u.n resolutions. the united nations is planning to meet today to discuss north korea's latest claim, but it is not clear what action if any the 15-nation council is planning to take. if confirmed this would be the north's fourth nuclear test. in other news, u.s. military evacuating two wounded soldiers and the body of a special ops soldier. they came under fire by the at that . fighters -- by the taliban fighters. the crews brought forward a helicopter as well. flash flood warnings for communities in southern california. it is part of several el nino driven storms. they are surveying damage to billings in vernon, california and caused by a microburst or
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small torn. two baseball player suing al jazeera over allegations made in a documentary about performance-enhancing drugs. they claim a pharmacist in the documentary made false statements when they said they took a human growth hormone. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. they are sore at thor. chris hemsworth has upset some native american people after wearing a costumes at a new year's eve bash. his wife posted this picture of revelers at a wild west-themed party over the weekend. hemsworth on the left and his wife is in the middle giving
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the middle finger and some accuse him of cultural appropriation. one whining, as a native american woman and a fan of all of your movies know how hurtful this is to myself and all of my native people. wow. you are married to a native american woman. >> and i made three natives from scratch. >> wait a minute. from scratch? >> from 0 to 60. >> that is amazing. >> now would your wife be offended by seeing a picture -- >> she is a real ibd yep. real indian. i guarantee you she is 1-24th cherokee. real indians do not care about this stuff. they care maggie long claw is pregnant a on their shoe and track pants and play softball. >> who is that? >> maggie long claw is pregnant. >> is that out on the reservation?
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>> fry bread and wild rice. >> i love fry bread. cultural appropriation is not against the law. >> why is it offensive. my friend went to halloween as an italian. he had on a guinney-t -- i am italian so i can say it. it was one of my proudest moments. those are the guys i used to date. i felt very -- it was cool. why does everybody have to get offended by everything. is there nothing we can do anymore or say without some coward crying about it or throwing a tantrum? >> implicit is they are a marginal liesed people. it is okay to dress up like a pilgrim? when you go to colonial williamsburg you can see somebody churning butter, but it is offensive to see somebody in a feather headdress. >> this is all he does. all he does is dress up. that's his only skill. that's all he knows how to do. he is not -- have you seen --
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he was raised in the out back of australia. the out back with crocodiles. he doesn't note what cultural appropriation is. who explained it to him, his model wife? probably not. rich people having theme parties doesn't mean anything to me. you are rich and banging a model and that is the theme. you know what would make this better? if i dress up like squanto. that would make it funner. this mansion would be cooler if i had a feather. that's weird to me. no, it shouldn't be that offensive. >> devore -- >> i am offended. >> i was waiting for that. >> i am completely offended. they are marginal liesed people. do we have a native american president? no. they are a marginal liesed people and we beat up on them with our stereo typical insults and our football teams. >> the thing is, was it equally offensive -- >> yes. >> other people -- you have to
12:28 am
let me finish. were the cowboys as offensive as the indians? >> they are not an ethnicity. >> what does that matter? you are still appropriating the cowboy way. >> you are right. you can't be something you are not. >> i can be a cowboy, but i can't be a native american. >> how about on january 5th every year we dress as ourselves? >> that's the new politically correct halloween. it is on january 5th. you be tom shillue and i will be gavin mcginnis. >> it looks like a costumes. >> it looks fantastic. i can't wait for july fifth. >> it is jan fifth. >> that's now. >> half time is next.
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s. welcome back. it is time -- time to find out what we got wrong and missed. now over to andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> obama on gun. i enjoyed your ointment or balm segment or whatever it was? >> moment with tom. >> oh sorry. i miss heard that. >> you should call it that. that's better actually. >> tom, you said of obama, quote, he forced us all on government insurance and then he named that by adding the word care to his name. except he didn't name it
12:33 am
that. a health care lobbyist was the first to coin the phrase obamacare. >> then he embraced it. >> you said he named it. he didn't. facts are facts, man. also you compared obama to the cow bell player. you know that was a saturday night live sketch, right? >> that wasn't the actual ban? >> no. >> well, my poit holds up. >> it -- well, my point holds up. >> you could have gone with cult of personality if you wanted to go musical. just my two cents. >> is that the cow bell? >> no, it is the cult of personality. >> it is more obama. i wanted to say more obama. >> you said every time owe bay you ma tries to do this he fail. it is people like you that makes the president cry.
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>> you know, i didn't get to say this before, but i actually enjoyed the tears because as we all know -- >> you enjoyed the tears? >> a sensitive man goes a long way with me, and that was the one moment he and i bonded. i want to put that out there. >> i thought it was a moving moment too. >> thank you. >> i thought you were saying you were like enjoying the fact that he was sad. >> no, no. i was enjoying the warmth and humanity that was shining through, andy. >> but along your point, jedediah, the reason congress blocked laws is because they want to win elections. another way of saying that is they are doing what the people want. >> they are doing their job. >> it was not really the point. jay he made our point basically. >> gavin, you asked if this is legal. apparently it is. >> it is legal to circumvent congress and then jail someone for your made up law. >> who knew? >> i am changing that when i get into the office. >> by executive action.
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>> by the new magic law machine that i built in my garage. >> also you said that by doing things he is appealing to housewives. i know what you're saying and i don't agree with that, but i agree that it is the arise of the emotocrisy. >> 8% of the voting base is female advise only minority and young. they love crocodile tears and soap operas. it is dads who like hard facts and we are the ones who like to elect a trump or cruz. >> obama himself has killed first graders. i am curious if he cried when he killed the drone party in yemen. >> he didn't do it in front of the camera. i will tell you that much. he didn't cry after san bernadino. did he cry after that? >> no. >> did he cry after paris? >> i can't get involved. i don't like obama, but i like drone killing. >> does this count as crying?
12:36 am
>> john, you know who else cried? >> who, andy. >> tylo lauren. >> he did. >> jedediah, you refer to john as an interest elect actual. >> i tried. i tried to help you out. >> i do agree with you. >> to anyone in general he didn't do a hell of a lot, about you the problem is the precedent . >> you mean the executive action? >> yeah, that every president has exercised hundreds of times over forever. >> i prefer the executive decision with kurt -- kurt russell. >> it is a very small role. >> the trump em gracious ad uses the moroccan border. >> trump's lawyer is the one who told chris cuomo that this was a mistake.
12:37 am
he has not taken back that position. he tells politico after connecting with the trump campaign it was done that way to demonstrate that they were a dumping ground for other countries taking advantage of us. i did not speak for trump or the campaign. >> it is the western world. >> i don't think you have to agree with the concept of the ad. the ad says this is what is happening right now. >> does it or is it saying this is what will happen. >> no, when you associate the words with the image you are suggesting that's what is happening now. >> i don't agree. i have to cough. >> ms13 is two letters away from isis. >> whoa. >> if you count the one as an i. >> it could be laziness. >> this whole segment makes me uncomfortable.
12:38 am
i am agreeing with john. my numbers are going down as we speak. it is true. why not -- honestly why not use it. if are you going to mention -- >> if you do a search for brown people fleeing -- >> that was the first thing. >> it could not be a problem. >> that's probably not true. >> you had to use imagery. >> we know that. >> i don't know. from his ad we don't know that. his ad is a lie. you're all lies. >> he uses white collar workers. you thought this was an snl skit. it should be a sketch. >> i think this is the best political ad. >> chris hemsworth in trouble for briesing in native american garb.
12:39 am
>> i am offended. >> let me tell you why i am offended. he is appropriating native american culture. his wife is i innedden why. you say this is what he does is he dresses up with other people. i don't like the fact that a nons guardian is playing thor. >> that's a fair point. >> that's what he is known for the movie where he swings a hammer around. he doesn't know the impact of what he is dressing up in. >> is it okay for a black guy to play lance -- lancelot? >> why continue he? >> then chris can be an indian. >> deal. >> i don't agree to this. >> sounds like everyone agrees. have i to go. >> all right, andy. twitter goes berserk after the break.
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this is fox news alert. north korea is rattling the international community today. they say they have successfully tested a nuclear bomb. news of the test was reported on north korea's state television. our s says it
12:44 am
hasn't confirmed north korea's claims, but seismic activity was detected near the north nuclear test site. it confirmed it will mark the fourth nuclear test in 10 years. the u.n. security council tentatively scheduled an emergency meeting. now to another global hotspot where a diplomatic crisis continues to escalate. u.s. allies saudi arabia, iran, the united arab emirates have cut or down graded ties with tehran. they cut ties in kuwait and called back the ambassador to iran. this after demonstrators stormed the saudi embassy and consulate in iran to talk about the execution of a cleric. our state department says the u.s. does not plan to act as a mediator. but the secretary of state john kerry is urging iran and other countries to work through the tensions. >> is -- he is urging calm and he is stressing the need for dialogue and engagement. thirdly he is reminding that
12:45 am
there is lots of work to be done in the region. >> republican lawmakers and gun right activists are accusing president obama of over stepping his authority. they are referring to mr. obama's 10-point plan that he hopes will keep guns from those who shouldn't have them. one goal is to plug loopholes that allow purchases at gun shows and without background eke whichs. he is not planning to take everyone's guns, but he a constraints on fray dom are needed to pro -- on fray dom are needed to protect people. for your headlines log on to fox twitter is getting longer. >> and leon is getting larnler. larger. >> twitter, the site based on the premise that every good idea can be convinced into 140 characters or less is planning
12:46 am
to allow tweets of 10,000 characters. that's sift 1 times more chances to -- that's 71 more chances to get fired. soon users will have a place on the internet to say whatever they want. tweets can include 2,000 misspelled racial slurs. and the teenagers will finally learn about paragraphs. a boy can dream. look, do -- devore, you seem skeptical that twitter can pull off this technology to make their format longer. >> let's ignore the fact that by wrecking what they are -- they are going to wreck the company. but, you know, the short, concise tweets are what made that company special. on the other hand i have a lot of feelings. and 10,000 characters doesn't seem like enough for my feelings. i have a lot of them. >> what are you going to do? they want to say something more and maybe less than an
12:47 am
essay. >> they are pressured to be more like facebook and they want people to not link off from twitter. they want people to stay on twitter and to read long form articles in assisted of reading art will -- articles on other sites. >> expru saying they won't be successful? >> it is iffy. if you are a news site that depends on display advertising you want people to click off your twitter feed and read your article. and twitter will be bullying publishers into putting their articles on twitter. >> you know. you are a media guy. that's a smart answer. jedediah, you are an instagram gal. you do twitter as well? >> i do. i like it short. i will unfollow everyone. i don't have the attention span. i would like michael will you please short. if say what you have to say in 200 words i can get the gist and then move on. i have a day, people. i will go to twitter and see the people ranking on and on
12:48 am
and on. twitter was invented for people like me who want to look and then in a short thought say something creative and funny. if you need all of that space you are doing it wrong. >> it used to be just quick quips and funny lines and things. now it is photographs and video. >> delete. unfollow. >> what do you think, gavin? >> twitter is a game. it is like scrabble. you just change the rules of scrabble and you say you can make up words. just stay on our board. well, you just ruined the game. we live in a generation -- generations where they hate parameters and they hate guidelines. well, i'm sorry, that's what makes games fun. the whole thing i love about twitter is the challenge to make your point concise. i don't eep like uh -- don't like abbreviations. if you dip it in and take out the wishbone it doesn't go eh -- it goes oh maybe try a few more times. that was good. >> tim, i admit i liked
12:49 am
twitter as it was because i liked reading comedian jokes. now it has become a news site. i go and get news. it has inning changed. it has changed. >> a 10,000 character tweet will never be from a rational person. it will be something that would have been a short racist tweet and that's the direction it will go. twitter is about -- on twitter it is about knowing it was eight comarkt teres. eight character. do i throw it out? do i not? it is eight characters. do i have the space? it is not just writing a crazy opus. you have to be quick and insensitive. that's what it is about. >> devore says it is going to damage the brand. i don't know. i think twitter will do something because for some reason they haven't -- their growth is down. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye".
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>> in my day if you found yourself in a stranger's hotel room you probably made a series of bad decisions. now you are just participating in the sharing economy. the winston club is a new hotel sharing site that allows travelers to split their hotel bill in half by bunking down with a complete stranger. while this sounds like the start of the next ely roth horror film, it is a great way to save money and make new friend. he explains we have noticed that business travel is one of the loneliest things. it is a great option for people who are frustrated by that. yes, too often this is what business travelers like. >> gavin, could this open up some unforeseen problems? >> yes.
12:55 am
it could come -- it could become a prostitution ring. the stakes are high here. you either are murdered or you get a new lover. you are not going to meet a friend. >> i used to do business travel. why not get a couple of twin beds and you can watch the news with a fellow traveler. >> how much is a hotel? it is like 150 bucks. you have to get that down to 75? >> devore, i don't bopping with other guys -- i don't bunk with other guys. i like to go down to the lobby bar and sit down -- >> have an affair. >> i like to chat with the businessmen. how about you? >> i think this service is great if you are a murderer or
12:56 am
a hooker. i think it is fantastic. >> but what if you have nothing bad on your agenda. why not? it is a great way to share the night. >> why not? you can do that or sleep at a train station. that's pretty much -- you can meet people at a train station. i am a comedian and a desperate person and i don't know if i would do this and i am pretty -- i consider a lot of stuff, air b and b, but i don't know if i would do this. >> it is a great way to listen to a stranger poop. >> that wouldn't be policent is. you can -- that wouldn't be pleasant. jedediah? >> no, girls are mean. you should test it out. send somebody to experience it and tape it. it would make a great reality show for a night. i almost want to volunteer myself, but i am a freak magnet. >> let's do it jedediah. >> we should do it. >> in our pajamas with your little hat? >> you are not stranger.
12:57 am
>> special thanks to jedediah be be -- jedediah bila and gavin mcginnis. tom shillue, see you next time.
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