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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 6, 2016 3:00am-6:00am PST

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be filed. >> looked intentional to me. >> not fun. >> thank you for joining us. i have to buy a powerball ticket. >> absolutely. let us know if you win. "fox and friends" starts now. have a good day. hello. good morning, it's wednesday, the 6th of january 2016. i'm anna kooiman. going nuclear, north korea announcing overnight, it's successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the response from the united states and a live report from washington in moments. >> that wasn't an earthquake after all? the president wipes away tears when he was talking about gun control. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> some are wondering where was that emotion after the paris and san bernardino terror attacks. somebody get these guys a
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bigger boat. [ bleep ]. >> holy mackerel. >> the fishermen almost wiped out by a flying marlin. i had to see it to believe it. let me remind you, mornings are better with friends. get dressed. oh, man. >> good morning everybody. >> another good reason not to go fishing. >> i was thinking the same exact thing. >> satisi have seasickness. >> do you realize cameras are everywhere. people may feel they're never alone. it's great for our show, though. that's the great part. we would have had a fisher story. >> this was the message of george orwell. big brother is always watching, somebody always watching you. you don't find that disturbing. they're watching us right now. >> big brother is watching just
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in case something funny happens and they can write it on a morning show. >> wake up big brother, time to up our ratings. the fox news alert overnight. north korea at it again. this time claiming it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. >> the united states and japan are calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council this morning. >> they thought it was an earthquake. garrett tenney following the breaking developments. garrett, good morning. >> good morning, y'all. north korea hasn't made it a secret of its goal to create a nuclear missile that can reach the united states. yesterday on television, the communist nation indicated it was one step closer to reaching that goal. calling this latest test a perfect success. it will likely be days or weeks to verify if the claims are accurate. but the first indication of a possible test came overnight when the u.s. geological survey measured a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that originated near
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the area of north korea's test site. south korea's spy agency is casting doubt ton the claims of a successful hydrogen bomb saying the explosive yield from the test is much smaller than what a failed h-bomb would produce. if confirmed -- john kirby said in a statement, while the u.s. could not immediately confirm the test, north korea conducted its first nuclear test in 2006. until today, it has done so twice. but we have consistently made clear we will not accept it as a nuclear state. we will continue to defend our allies, including the republic of korea and will respond appropriately to any and all north korean provocations. both economic and political sanctions and we're starting to see some of that. a couple of hours ago, the director of the international
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atomic energy agency called news of the test deeply regrettable. >> back to you. >> garrett tenney in the nation's capitol. it's interesting. during the debate in the run-up to the next election, nobody has been talking about north korea. >> until now. >> except donald trump in the second debate said nobody is talking about north korea what they can do. this morning everybody will be talking about north korea. >> marco rubio was tweeting out last night that he had been talking about it a lot on the campaign trail. >> this sounds familiar. we absolutely cannot allow this and condemn it strongly. he went on to say expect strong actions and work with other nations, including south korea, china and russia and the u.s. to resolve this situation. this is japan. they're saying what we used to say when we actually led the world. now we sit back and make generic statements and the people of the region realize they're alone. >> all i can any is north korea must be low on food and fuel. usually when they do something like this, they're looking for a
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handout from us. there's a big story. the united nations going to have, as we heard from garrett going to have a security council meeting because it's a violation of everything on the books. >> heather nauert, you have a fox news alert. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is out of afghanistan and breaking news. new developments overnight. more than a dozen u.s. special ops members trapped in afghanistan right now. as we understand, they're waiting to be evacuated. this after one american was killed and two others injured during a firefight with the taliban in southern afghanistan. this happening in marja west of canned ha. two helicopters tried to rescue them. one chopper crashed after hitting a wall, the other waved off because of enemy fire. this city is pivotal to the war on terror. >> this is the area where even the isis folks are going in to take over. this is ground zero or the drug
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war. whoever gains control of it, becomes the arbiter of another center. at the same time, we're working with the afghan government to reconcile and bring a conclusion to the war by bringing the taliban in the political process. >> the three victims and the crashed helicopter crew evacuated before nightfall. it's not clear when the next rescue attempt will take place. we're in touch with our folks at the pentagon and will bring you the latest as we get it. the fbi asking for the public's help to solve a mystery in the san bernardino terror attacks. the two were missing for 18 minutes. the crucial 18 minutes. the time between when they killed 14 people and the moment they were killed by police. the agency says that filling that timeline gap could provide them with vital clues, including learning identities of people they may have talked to or places that they may have visited. in the meantime, farook's friend, marquez, is set to be arraigned later today on federal gun and terror charges. he's accused of buying the guns used in the attack.
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some extreme weather to bring you right now. the strongest el nino on record. huge storm packing heavy rains, possible mudslides and even snow. take a look at this. los angeles, a geyser shooting into the air from built-up floodwater pressure. wow. rushing water, then sending flying trash cans down the street. meteorologists say that weather phenomenon is the most powerful ever recorded and could wreak havoc for the next two weeks. dangerous for mudslides there as well. >> in her first interview of the year, hillary clinton fumbles between a democrat and a socialist. >> is that a question you'd rather not answer? >> you'd have to ask -- >> i'm asking you. you're the democrat. he's a socialist. would you like somebody to call you a socialist? i wouldn't like that. >> i'm not one. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? >> i can tell you what i am. i am a progressive democrat. >> what's so hard about that
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question? >> i don't know. >> clinton tried to avoid the question from msnbc's chris matthews saying he should is ask her rival bernie sanders, who is a self-identified socialist. >> when debbie wasserman schultz had a similar flub when asked to explain the difference. we were talking about that this morning. those are your -- >> if they had a real -- if this was a real battle for the nomination, that would be the first talking point that you would beg chris matthews to ask her. you have to tell -- allow me to separate myself from the number one contender. she has no interest in doing that. a lot of people feel as though a lot of what bernie sanders says he'll build up the social programs. >> nice to see she's getting some sorts of questions that are stumping her. >> it's not a hard question. >> you're right. >> $8 of $10 you make, how about that? >> the president of the united states had a 33-minute speech yesterday in the east room. what he did essentially was
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tightened federal gun control laws. going forward, anyone selling guns, whether online or at a gun show is going to have to do a background check on who they're selling it to. up until now, it's been federally licensed dealers. the fbi is going to add 230 more agents to make sure everybody gets a gun check. they'll look into smart gun technology and spend half a billion dollars on mental health care. >> this is to try to curb gun violence and mash mass shootings even though the legislation wouldn't change the outcome of the mass shootings we've had. the president blamed the guny f. let's listen to some of what he said. >> from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun, every time
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i think about those kids, it gets me mad. by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> everyone is against crazies getting guns and shooting people. the opposition isn't for that. i think that has to be made clear. even though i believe the emotion is real, especially when you show up at these events and you're the president of the united states. charles krauthammer put it in perspective. >> the only reason that this is happening is because of the calendar. obama is leaving office. he wants a legacy in the same way that the only reason that he pulled us out of iraq when he did was because he had an election coming up. and the only reason he thought he would pull us out of
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afghanistan is because he wanted to leave a legacy behind. this is all calendar-driven, legacy-driven ego. >> the same time trying to remove 17 more bad guys from guantanamo bay. is that trying to make good on campaign promises and being worried about your legacy or morphing and changing with the hand of cards that you're dealt over the last seven years? >> well, we do know for sure yesterday smith & wesson stock went through the roof because people are afraid that the government is coming after your guns. they're not at this point. however, a former speech writer for president bush wanted to know where exactly was that kind of emotion wiping away the tears when he talked about terrorism in the past? >> yep. right now we can hear it. >> that emotion when it comes to terrorism. where was that emotion, that raw outrage after the san bernardino
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attacks? where was the wiping away of tears and emotion after the paris attacks? instead of wiping away tears, he held a pet length press conference in turkey and attacked critics and said there won't be a change in strategy and dismissed it as a setback. quite frankly, where was the emotion after isis beheaded an american hostage, james foley. after announcing it, he went straight to the golf course to play golf. he doesn't have the same raw emotion, sense of outrage when it comes to terrorism. >> he had it yesterday. he wiped away the tears. he's on the cover of a lot of newspapers today. he's on people magazine. by the way, he went to the daily news. the daily news puts everyone's picture up there who doesn't agree with president obama. this is basically a newspaper that's turned into a flyer but goes out and takes a position and every single story and says essentially the gun rules would have saved these children and these people essentially are responsible for their deaths. it's unbelievable. >> i understand where the tears
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come from. i covered the sandy hook shooting and the shooting in san bernardino. it's something you brought up and bringing up that obama's new gun control team dwarves his isis team about 430 to 50 with the 230 new fbi agents for the background checks and enforcing gun laws. iraq, on the other hand, 50 do 200 special operators trying to take down isis. we're going to talk with peter johnson jr. later on about this. president obama about to empty gitmo as anna mentioned with 17 guys. the guys left are the worst of the worst. we have a former gitmo guard. we take a look at the terrorism coming up next. somebody get these guys a bigger boat. [ bleep ]. >> that could have been so bad. the moment the fishermen almost
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been released for some reason, some include multiple bad guys. which goes without saying. why else would they be there? >> the recidivism rate is as high as 30%. why are we still releasing them? joining us now is fox news contributor and former gitmo guard himself, major pete. >> what's your reaction to 17 more going out without congress getting a say in it? >> it is this administration's attempt to follow through on left wing orthodoxy that guantanamo bay is the reason they hate us. all president obama cares about is clearing that place out because he's -- he believes that it's why people don't like us. it has nothing do with who is there, the recidivism rate or what they might do on the battlefie battlefield. he wants to get the total number of detainees down to 90 to make
3:19 am
justification to close it. he doesn't believe the war on terror should be fought anyway or the way it's been fought. he's in a slow march in the ninth inning of his presidency. >> about 90 people left. i ask you, what must be the feelings amongst the people who fight the wars like you, if you're a part of the group that captured them, number one or part of the group that maybe family member of someone who lost their live capturing them knowing they go back to the fight. when they go back to the fight, they go back like rock stars because they survived in american prison. >> it's despicable. they go back with street cred. the guys i guarded, there were 600 of them. the recidivism rate is upwards of 50%. the last of the last, the 107 or the 90 there right now, these are the hardest of the hardcore and this group of 17, i compare them to the taliban five. the five released to bowe bergdahl.
3:20 am
these are hard care al qaeda types who they need to clean out the bottom of the barrel to justify releasing the remainder of them. we released the cook for bin laden. turned out he became a leader for al qaeda in yemen under this administration. these folks will go back with credibility. you better believe, they want more american blood on their hands and that will be on the hands of this white house if they're irresponsible in the way they're doing this. which it appears they are. >> secretary of defense hagel is not there anymore because he knew that would be his responsibility. the new secretary of defense doesn't have a problem with it. >> gates, panetta, hagel. i bet this secretary of defense is gritting his teeth all the way. this is what the white house does. they force politically national security leaders and his hands are tied. he's doing the white house's bidding. >> he doesn't have to do it. they can't replace him without -- >> that's true.
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. time now for quick wednesday morning headlines for you. former cia chief david petraeus is being interviewed behind closed doors by the house committee on benghazi. they're investigating the 2012 terrorist attack that killed four americans. general petraeus resigned that same year after revelations of an affair with paula broadwell. he pled guilty of mishandling information. house republicans planning to vote on a repeal of obamacare.
3:25 am
it would cut the deficit by half a trillion dollars. president obama is expected to veto it. after all, it is his signature legislation. the bill would also defund planned parenthood. we'll keep you posted. steve, thanks so much. listen to this. abort one of the triplets you're carrying or being financially ruined. that was the choice given to this surrogate mother in california by this single man who hired her to carry his kids. melissa cook is suing the state of california saying the surrogate laws are unconstitutional. she's seeking custody of at least one of the children she's carrying. does she have a case? here with more, trial attorney whitney bone and ashleigh merchant. what a conflicted story. thank you for joining us for your insight. >> whitney, i'll start with you. california law as it stands now says the surrogate is not the natural legal mother of the child. does she have a case? >> i do not think that she does, actually. what's happened now is she's
3:26 am
gone a whole smear campaign based on the idea that at one point he asked her to reduce the triplets to the only two children as part of the contract. we're past that now. she's past the point in the pregnancy where that's an issue. she's breached the contract here. the contract was for her to carry the children to term and she's not now wanting to give the children up. she wants to keep all three children because she's not happy with the fact that he only wants two of the children. >> he has no claim to them. >> she's being asked to abort this child she's carrying. for our viewers who are unfamiliar with surrogacys may seem like a foreign concept. california, illinois, arkansas, maryland and new hampshire. i want to get your thoughts. could she be forced to have an abortion? it's her body, isn't it? >> no. she's never going to be forced to have an abortion. i don't think that would ever happen. no court is going to force a woman to actually have an abortion. i don't think that she's actually breached this contract
3:27 am
at that point by saying i'm not going to selectively reduce the amount of -- that's what they called it. the reduce the amount of babist i'm carrying. i don't think the court would find she breached this contract. no court would ever force a woman to have an abortion against their will. >> the breach of -- >> go ahead. >> the breach of the contract is not that she won't have the abortion. i 100% agree with ashley no. court would make a woman have an abortion. that would not have been enforceable. that's not where we are. the issue now is she wants to keep all three of the triplets even though they're past the abortion issue. he may not be likeable. but he has legal protection under the california surrogacy laws because they entered an agreement. she lives in california. she knows the law and she has to give up the children now. >> she's also sago owe she's saying that this is unconstitutional. does she have a case for that to try to get the laws overturned? >> what she's saying right now
3:28 am
is this contract is unconstitutional. what she could do is serve to undue surrogacy agreements. if they took it to a national level to say it violated the federal constitution, these surrogacy agreements. >> that's why a lot of states don't do t i know ashley would agree with me. >> wow, what a story this morning. >> ladies, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. here's what's coming up. don't mess with this 65-year-old woman. she's packing some serious heat. >> boom. i shot him. it was that quick. >> what he did to make cher phe the trigger. he's called the most fit man in the nfl. how do you get that way? former giants punter steve weatherford is next. first a big happy birthday to nfl hall of famer howie long, he's 56 today. ♪
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...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. . good morning my friends. this pooch has reached a new level of vandalism. >> he decided to chew his way through the couch. >> problem was, he didn't have an exit plan and got stuck with a face full of regret. went in that side, came out that side there. the ultimate hide a bed. >> he does look embarrassed. am i right? >> he's just chilling. his ears aren't down. >> it's hilarious. >> hanging out. >> he had a full belly. eating all the leather and
3:33 am
stuffing. >> whoever owned the couch, i think it was a couch had a good sense of humor. rather than yelling at the dog. look at the big hole right there. got out the camera. >> got the smartphone. it is 27 minutes before the top of the hour on this very busy wednesday. heather has the news. >> let me mention. our new puppy ate my son's homework the other day. he really did. >> dog that ate the homework. >> instagram. then he went in the kennel and looked guilty. >> they know what they're doing. good morning to all of you. headlines to bring you. a serious story out of texas this morning. police caught the killer who gunned down a college woman in that new year's eve road rage shooting. they say he's an active duty u.s. marine. corporal eric johnson taken into custody in yuma, arizona. that's where we're told he was stationed. that's about 1100 miles from where he allegedly shot and killed the girl. the 20-year-old was the designated driver driving her sorority sisters home from a new
3:34 am
year's eve party. when they got into an argument with a group in an suv. johnson is now waiting extradition to texas. two pro baseball players firing back being accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. the washington nationals ryan zimmerman and phillies ryan howard suing al jazeera tv for defamation in response to that the players are involved in a doping ring. it mentions several nfl players as well. including peyton manning. manning also denied that report. one would-be robber picked the wrong grandma to mess with. the new hampshire woman who doesn't want her name revealed says she was followed on her way home from work. when she got to her apartment, a guy tried to grab her at the front door, that's when she grabbed her gun. >> as soon as i saw him reach for me with his left arm, boom, i shot him and it was that quick. >> michael was hit in the chest.
3:35 am
he's expected to survive. he was arraigned on robbery charges from his hospital bed. several australian fishermen forced to move it or lose it. take a look at this. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> oh, my gosh. did you see that thing flop over the stern of that boat? an angry marlin weighing near 200 pounds practically impales one of them. he was able to jump out of way at the last minute. that's unbelievable. those are your headlines. out of australia this morning. >> those things are dangerous. throw another shrimp on the barbie. >> spear you. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. the regular season ended in the nfl. after 12 seasons at the helm, tom coughlin's reign is over. his final message, the importance of excellence off the field. >> in the nfl, it's important to
3:36 am
all 32 owners, to all coaches, whether they be young or old, to realize that we have an obligation to these young men the lessons, the principles and the life skills that they will need once their professional careers are over. they are short-lived. >> former giants punter steve weatherford is here to react. thanks for being with us. coughlin taking the giants to two super bowls. you kick them to one super bowl win. what do you remember most about him? >> just the life skills that he taught me. the way to treat people. showing up on time. there's so many great stories that i remember of tom coughlin. but just the way that he treated people, that he could gain nothing from i feel is the true measure of a man. i wouldn't be the husband, the father, the leader that i am in the community without my relationship and learning from one of the greatest men i've ever met in my life. >> you mentioned your father.
3:37 am
you took your son to the game on sunday because that was part of your history, wasn't it? there you are. >> i never played -- i never had been to an nfl game in my life until i was blessed enough to be able to play in one. you know, it was difficult for me to go to a game this year because i was just on the team four months ago. to see tom coughlin and my teammates run out of the tunnel without me being there would have been strange to experience but i knew it would be tom's last game. i wanted my son to be there, i wanted my son to see the man who made his father the man he is today. >> we're told it is a business. don't get too attached to these guys, you're cheering for laundry. this seems to be different. this is a bunch of guys who are young men who really look up to a 69-year-old older man. there's a tremendous relationship there. can you describe it? >> yeah. i mean, it's a father/son relationship. especially for myself and tom. i remember when i was released four months ago and they asked him about the guy who was going
3:38 am
to replace me. he said one of the things i'll remember until the day that i die, today is steve weatherford's day. for him to say that about a punter. be real. i'm low on the totem pole but the respect he gave me and the relationship i had, he had with so many of his players is the reason he was so successful as a leader and coach. >> it's a remarkable press conference that took place yesterday. then this intimate moment in front of millions of people. here's tom coughlin at the podium with eli manning listening to his resignation. listen. >> he's extremely bright and competitive. he thinks he's the reno owe he's not the reason that -- eli, it's not you. it's us. we win, we lose together. remember, when we lose, i lose. when we win, you guys win. that's the way it is. >> never see eli like that. >> those are two of the men or the reason that i have a super bowl ring. it's emotional for me to see him speak to eli, my leader, a guy
3:39 am
that is responsible for so much of my personal success and i'm so, so thankful for both of those men and the time that i was able to go to battle with them and learn from them and grow with them. you know, i just wish tom coughlin the best. he's the finest many ever met and eli manning was the greatest quarterback. >> i know you're a married man. i met your wife. she's lovely. as you were walking down the hallway, the ladies are going who is this? >> a shirtless shot. hello. >> lucky us not just that we don't have you for eye candy. you're going to teach us how to try to look like this. >> i was just showing you guys pictures of three years ago and how my body has changed. constant evolution. this is the time of year that everybody is forming new years resolutions and trying to find different ways to look better, feel better. i have to be a pro athlete to be able to do that. it's about working on your
3:40 am
mental and setting new year's resolution goals that are feasible. don't bite off more than you can chew. don't set overadvantageous goals and then you feel worse than you did before you set the goals. >> the extraordinary thing about your workout as we look at your -- you're in fantastic shape. you do it in ten minutes. >> i didn't know anybody had that many abs. >> i'll show you mine later. >> it's baby steps. for me, brian is like, are you in there for two hours a day, twice a day? >> for me it's 60 minutes a day but it's consistency over time. it's the compounded interests of the investment that i make in myself daily. it's the same way that wall street guy would view putting money into a money market account. over time, that's going to exponentially compound interest and the pictures that you guys are looking at. that's 18 years. >> keep your shirt on. it's 18 degrees outside right now. >> we want to get the tips, where do we go? >> i'm going to put a ten-minute
3:41 am
fat burning, muscle-building high intensity circuit, i'll put it on instagram, twitter and facebook later today to explain the best ways to be able to achieve what you want to achieve in a limited amount of time. >> we'll link to that from our website later this afternoon. >> great. thanks, guys. >> tell us what to expect in the playoffs. >> get his ring back. >> that was nice he let us hold it. >> it's a super bowl ring. a gunman walks into a church. instead of opening fire, the pastor convinces him to embrace god. >> hallelujah. you all right? >> yes, sir. >> that pastor joins us with the inspirational story, ahead.
3:42 am
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hey everybody. quarter till the top the hour. if you didn't get everything you wanted on your christmas list, now may be the time to shop and save. >> i had a huge list tanned fell short. personal finance expert joins us with some of the best things to buy in january to get the best deals in january. rachel, something i'll never be able to do. you recommend i do it. go to anna's parents shop and buy my christmas decor for next year because it's so cheap now. >> that's exactly right. when you're looking for the deals in january, i want to make sure you're on a budget and have the money. if you have money, christmas decorations is i a great thing to buy. wrapping paper, christmas lights. everything. go and stock up for next year. again, it's hard to think about christmas, but it's a great time to buy. >> january is always a good time to buy winter apparel. particularly because it's been warm. the retailers have a stockpile
3:46 am
of the stuff, don't they? >> they do. we experienced spring-like weather in most of the country including in nashville. there's a lot of boots and coats, a lot of things on sale. a lot of retailers have to clear those out to the spring lines coming in. make sure to rack up on the deals. >> why are flat screen tv's a good buy now? >> i know, sounds funny. but january is a great time to buy a tv. up to 35% off in some stofrs. because all the overstock from christmas they didn't sell, they have to clear it out for new models. if you don't have the money, don't buy it. just because the super bowl is coming up doesn't mean you have to upgrade a tv. if you're in the market, this is a great time to buy it. the gyms are always packed in january. you say memberships are -- there are a lot of deals. you just have to shop around? >> exactly. go and talk to a few gyms, see what they're offering. because of the new year's resolutions, the gyms have an influx of members.
3:47 am
usually there's a great package. >> what if you're not sure g you're going to use the membership. >> not you. but other people. >> you fall off. >> make sure to look at all the cancellation fees and see what they have to offer. so if you have to sign a contract, maybe choose a different gym. look to see what a great offer is and try to stick to it. you feel good and healthy when you work out. it's a good resolution to keep. >> it's the first week of january, don't tell us it's too late. it's the perfect time to set your goals and save some money. rachel cruz, thanks so much. >> exactly. >> thanks, guys. >> great tips as always. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, the filmmakers behind the documentary, making a murderer, revealed one of the jurors knew he was innocent but was pressured to find him guilty. a fair debate ahead. a gunman walks into a church. instead of opening fire, the pastor convinces him to embrace god. >> hallelujah. you all right?
3:48 am
>> yes, sir. >> wow. that pastor joins us with that inspirational inside story next. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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and order your groceries directly from your refrigerator. samsung's family hub allows you to place these orders from an app via a huge screen on the front of your refrigerator. it will be available in may. preorders for the first generation of virtual reality head sets begin in less than five years when the doors open at ces. still haven't said how much the device costs. steve, over to you. it is an embrace that shows the true power of faith. >> that's a young man right there. how you doing, man? hallelujah. you all right? >> yeah. >> you are witnessing the aftermath of what could have been a tragedy when that young man stormed into a north carolina church with a gun on new year's eve. well he didn't shoot because that pastor stopped him with a
3:53 am
hug, and now he's beginning to turn his life around. what a story. pastor larry wright is with us right now with this incredible story and how it all played out from raleigh. pastor, good morning to you. so take us back to new year's eve. it's about a half an hour before midnight when the ball drops, this guy walks in. what does he say? and what is he carrying? >> well, looked to me when he came in, i was in the pulpit, he had a rifle, looked like it was a semiautomatic assault rifle. he had it up in the air and had a slip of ammunition in the other hand and i realized you know, we were dealing with a real issue. by the time i saw him he was coming through the double doors of the sanctuary, and i came out of the pulpit to meet him, and we met down front about one pew from the front of the altar. and i asked him, can i help you? in my mind if he had been belligerent or had said something out of the way i would
3:54 am
have tackled him or done something to bring that situation under control. but he didn't do that. he said, sir, can you pray for me, i need prayer. i pray for him the power of god, knocked him to his knees. he fell to his knees and began to cry and weep. >> you say half the congregation essentially freaked out. they saw a guy with a gun coming into a church, they know what could happen. >> yes. >> but extraordinarily, you walked toward him, and you figured out the situation. he apparently apologized to the congregation later and said he was intending to do something bad that night. >> yes. mm-hmm. oh, yeah. it could have went either way. when i looked him in the eye, i saw a lonely person. i saw a person that was distraught. i saw a person that needed love. needed to feel cared for. i asked the police to stay out front, not to come in to the sanctuary. when i finished my message this young man got up, and gave his life to the lord. it was a powerful moment of
3:55 am
transition, a powerful moment to see the handwork of god from one extreme to the next. >> obviously he was looking for something that night. and he had found it in your church, because this sunday, he's coming back to be baptized. >> yes. absolutely. i was sunday evening, this past sunday evening, around 2:30 we were sitting and i was being interviewed by local television station, and he walks in, of course i think you've got the clip of me embracing him there. he brought his wife and his uncle with him, and he apologized again, he was so apologetic and so sorry that he made that bad choice. but then come to find out this brother has ptsd, he wasn't on his medication for three months. he didn't have the money and his life was temporarily cut off. his wife has been diagnosed with a critical illness and he came back to apologize and said pastor i felt so much love here
3:56 am
thursday night, i've never felt that way, he said. i want to join your church, me and my wife want to join your church and we want to be baptized. i tell you it was just a wonderful, wonderful moment. so it's a wonderful success story, a great ending. >> pastor larry wright thank you very much for telling us your story. >> thank you, sir. >> what a story. all right, coming up, still plenty of show to go. new jersey governor chris christie and donald trump both want to be president. they're both here live in the next hour. and is this photo of a celebrity costume party, you find it offensive? one of hollywood's biggest stars getting hammered by the politically correct police. turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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hi friends, good morning. it's wednesday the 6th of january, 2016, i'm anna kooiman and this is a fox news alert. a dictator going nuclear overnight. north korea announcing overnight it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the response from the united states in a live report from washington in moments. sounds like a simple question, right? >> what's the difference -- >> i can tell you what i am. i am a progressive democrat. >> debbie wiserman shut wouldn't answer the question either. >> why can't democrats give a straight answer is bernie sanders a socialist and what they are. >> good question, brian and a hollywood hunt caught up in a politically correct or incorrect controversy. outrage with this photo of chris helms worth. what's he wearing and why are people steamed? we're going to tell you because live from new york city, this is "fox & friends."
4:01 am
>> hi, everybody, welcome to studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan where it's a little warmer, right now 28. yesterday at this time was 12. >> i saw the first icicles of the season yesterday. >> really? on your nose? >> that, too. didn't want to give everybody that visual. >> yeah. it was about 10 degrees today, and it's gone up about 30 degrees now. but it depends, everyone's got their own weather channel wherever they are. i do think it's important to remind you, chris christie, donald trump over the next two hours. just when you thought they were done, out comes north korea again. now claiming it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. >> the united states and japan are now calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council this morning. >> yep. that's going to scare them. garrett tenney following the breaking developments from our nation's capital. garrett? >> good morning, y'all. north korea's celebrating this test, calling it a perfect success to defend itself against the united states. north korea's never made it a
4:02 am
secret that its goal is to create a nuclear missile that can reach the u.s. and this latest claims of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb would be a big step towards reaching that goal. overnight the u.s. geological survey measured a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that originated near the area of north korea's nuclear test site. analysts say the tremors were most likely caused by nuclear explosion, but they're skeptical it was from a hydrogen bomb. which would have been far more powerful than the atom bombs the communist nation has previously tested. it will likely take days or weeks to independently verify if those claims are accurate. but if confirmed it would be the fourth test by the north koreans. state department spokesman john kirby said in a statement while the u.s. could not immediately confirm the test, we have consistently made it clear that we will not accept it, being north korea, as a nuclear state. we will continue to protect and defend our allies in the reege be, including the republic of korea, and will respond appropriately to any and all
4:03 am
north korean provocations. the test is already raising tensions in the region. south korea's president had ordered its military to bolster its defensive posture. north korea is already banned from conducting nuclear tests by the u.n. security council which you mentioned has announced an emergency meeting today. after north korea's last test in 2013, there was widespread condemnation from the international community, including economic and political sanctions. that's expected to come again as they've done against these resolutions by the u.n. security council. back to you all. >> all right, garrett, thank you very much. so as garrett just said, it set off a 5.1 earthquake essentially, detected by the u.s. geological survey. but experts say that while north korea says that the test was successful, the test was actually not successful, because if that's true, a hydrogen bomb, it should have been a bigger number. it didn't work out the way they thought. >> there was moments when there seemed to be a reapproachment with china getting a little bit of control over north korea.
4:04 am
now after this test i'm curious to see if there's going to be pressure from japan, south korea and others to get china and russia to put some, you know, to put some pressure on the guy that marco rubio called yesterday basically a lunatic. >> north korea likely a topic that will be making headlines for the next few days and be covered in the next debate on fbn january 14th. >> or maybe we can bring it up with chris christie and donald trump. >> donald trumpt the second debate. now everybody's talking about that. that's our lead story and heath heather's got some other stories live from the news place. >> yeah, we've been following some breaking news out of afghanistan involving some u.s. troops. more than a does american special ops are now free after being pinned down by the taliban. this after one american was killed and two others were injured during a firefight. in all happening in marjah in is training afghan partners. one helicopter crashed during the rescue. a response team, we were just told moments ago, is now
4:05 am
securing that crash site. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer says that this city is pivotal to the war on terror. listen. >> this is the area where even the isis folks are going in to take over. this is essentially ground zero for the drug war. and whoever gains control of this region becomes the arbiter of another economic center. so this is no small issue. at the same time, we are now working with the afghan government to reconcile and bring a conclusion to the war by bringing the taliban into the political process. >> the three victims and the crashed helicopter crew evacuated before nightfall. a lot of information coming in on this. we'll bring you more as we get it. the fbi wants the public's help to solve a mystery in the san bernardino terror attacks. syed farook and tashfeen malik were missing for 18 minutes. those 18 minutes, that's the time between when they killed 14 people, and the moment they were killed by police. the agency says that filling that time line gap could provide them with vital clues, including people that they may have talked
4:06 am
to or places that they may have visited. in the mean time farook's friend enrique marquez is set to be arraigned today on federal gun and terror charges. he's accused of buying two of the guns used in that attack. the armed standoff at the oregon wildlife refuge showing no signs of slowing down this morning. one militia member says arrest warrants were issued for five people, but police are denying that at this hour. the group has been camped out for five days now, protesting federal land policy. the county sheriff holding a town hall meeting today to talk about community concerns. group leader ammon bundy's twitter account briefly suspended. twitter didn't say why. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" massacre in paris. the message from that magazine, it is very much alive. the special edition cover shows a gun-toting, bearded figure of a god with blood spattered on his robe and a caption, the killer is still out there. well the vatican has criticized the paper, saying the cover
4:07 am
disrespects all faiths. 17 people were killed in that multi-day paris had threatened that magazine for years of its cartoon drawings of the prophet mohammed. a lot going on here today. >> a lot. thank you very much. all right let's talk politics. first new poll of 2016, donald trump is an nbc poll, he's ahead by 17 points. he's at 35, the new reuters poll out. he's got an even bigger margin. it's a five-day rolling average. he's at 42% of republicans voting for president. >> you've heard some pundits say you know, does donald trump have staying power? well, he's stayed for quite a long time. and 2016 still has this commanding lead. and then if you take a look at in massachusetts, a couple of days ago, he had this rally, 7,000 people packed in there. they waited in line, and for security, and these like 19 degree temperatures with the wind and everything. so if that tells you anything about whether these people will actually come out on a cold night in iowa to vote, stand up
4:08 am
and give their support to donald trump, i'd say they would. >> by the way, here it is. donald trump with 35. this according to this survey monkey nbc poll done primarily almost entirely on the internet. about 3,700 people. trump has 35. cruz with 18. rubio with 13. then carson with 9. he drops. bush with 6, christie with 4, fiorina, huckabee, kasich, paul, santorum and five don't know yet. looking at the national polls however the challenge for donald trump is in iowa where he's been losing the last couple of polls, and even in california, where he's struggling, he's doing well in new jersey. and he's killing it in florida. this if you were to believe the state by state polls. >> okay, meanwhile on the hillary clinton side, hillary clinton is going to be deploying bill clinton. he's going to be going to dubuque and cedar rapids tomorrow. it will be interesting to see if he is quite as subdued as he was a couple of days ago. he -- she sat down for a softball interview yesterday with chris matthews over on
4:09 am
msnbc. and for the most part it was just a valentine. but then he asked a question that absolutely stumped her. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat. >> i can tell you what i am. i am a progressive democrat. i'm a progressive democrat -- >> how's that different than a socialist? >> who likes to get things done and who believes we are better off in this country when we're trying to solve problems together. getting people to work together. there will always be strong feelings and i respect that from, you know, fat are right, the far left, libertarians, whoever it might be. we need to get people working to the. we've got to get the economy fixed. we've got to get all of our problems really tackled. >> i think the difference is, and debbie wasserman schultz wouldn't answer the question either. >> not so simple topic. >> she would have to go and say we believe that there should be individuals have the opportunity to be successful. we want to give people the opportunity, we do not want to
4:10 am
be able to, and we cannot afford in this country, to have a socialistic structure, it has not worked in france. we cannot take eight out of every ten dollars we have and put it into one pot and distribute it effectively. we've watched governments be ineffective despite the best intentions. she can't say any of that. because -- then it's too much like the republicans. >> maybe, brian, she doesn't think there is a difference. maybe there is no difference these days in her head between being a democrat and being a socialist. >> huh. >> i don't know. she didn't answer the question. she certainly had the chance. >> what does it say about hillary clinton if she is scared of bernie sanders, a self-declared socialist? and as far as debbie wasserman schultz goes, she's being pressured to change her tune a little bit. >> yes, she is. >> by the progressive advocacy group trying to get a petition going, 23,000 people have signed it, to get her removed because they think she's in cahoots with the clinton, and that's why these debates are getting buried on saturday nights. >> you could be right. >> just one of the new notes
4:11 am
regarding hillary. a judge who works for the department of justice during the reagan years was on with laura ingraham yesterday and said that hillary clinton could face a criminal indictment because they're coming through a critical mass stage at the fbi figuring out whether or not they're going to charge her or any of her top staff regarding those private e-mails. >> that could be earth shattering. >> no kidding. the next 60 days he says. >> meanwhile 11 minutes after the hour. coming up, remember this scene, our chopper going down in the osama bin laden raid. well, something eerily similar just happened again, trapping u.s. special forces in arnz. rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden is here next to talk about that. >> and a father's outrage after a tsa agent pats down a little girl over and over. what agents thought they saw. >> hmm. i've been on my feel all day.
4:12 am
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gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. fox news alert now. u.s. special forces just evacuated from a compound in
4:16 am
marjah after an intense firefight overnight with taliban forces leaving one special operator dead, two wounded, and a helicopter shot down. that's eerily similar to what happened when a chopper went down during the ubl raid because evidently got too close to the wall. that man that killed bin laden, fox news contributor and former navy s.e.a.l., rob o'neill. rob, as you see what happened here, can you start to put together what went wrong? >> well, brian, thanks for having me. what i'm seeing here is if -- they're engaged in heavy combat on the ground right there and some special operations helicopters came in to assist with some u.s.-led afghan forces on the ground. they're taking mortar fire. they're saying one of the helicopters was hit, potentially nearby with mortar fire. that's heavy fighting which is true in marjah for the past six months. if they're coming in that close to try to rescue a dead american soldier, and they hit rotor on the side of a building, they're in intense combat regardless of what we want to call it, saying combat operations have been over
4:17 am
since 2014. this is an intense fight. it's actually rare to fight this heavily in winter in afghanistan. so that's just saying the taliban is making a move new because they know that we're going to be backing out. >> i mean, while, that's fascinating. also we hear there are reports that isis is coming in, too, and the one goal is to get the heroin, get the poppies. >> yeah, that's what they want to do. and then helmand is one of the world's suppliers of poppy right there in helmand and southern afghanistan. and the isis guys are not necessarily coming in, these are just more pashtun, taliban being funded by isis out of syria. more money for them as long as they're more brutal. but they are wearing the isis flag and pledging allegiance to al baghdadi there in syria. >> rob, what are we doing? i mean, the general has to beg to keep 9,800 there. they're supposed to cut the troop level in half in less than a year. and what's our goal here? >> well, i mean the goal is to back out but we can't back out the way that we are. we gave them a time line a few years ago and that's when it started to spin up again. we had this thing under control
4:18 am
for the most part when i was there in 2005. and then we started doing stuff and getting time lines saying we're going to leave, and even the afghans that are on our side, they start to realize that once we leave the taliban's still going to be there. that's why you see a lot of these green on blue attacks. green on green attacks. the problem is the time line. it's a very difficult situation and afghanistan has never been stabilized. there are better ways to do it than saying okay, we're done, we're leaving. just because we say there's no more combat doesn't mean there's not going to be more combat. >> i have an idea why don't we stop them from allowing to train unencumbered and unbothered in pakistan where they come out with new uniforms, new guns and new strategy to fight us in afghanistan? >> yeah, i mean they're pretty much untouched in afghanistan -- or excuse me in pakistan. we don't do much to go in there other than a few drone strikes. we've been backing those down now. and again it's a difficult job. there are people in high positions in government that have a difficult job to deal with the pakistanis, to deal with the afghan government in kabul. it's a dangerous situation. but there's better ways than saying okay, we're done, it's over. >> we're talking about dangerous.
4:19 am
it seems to me very dangerous to take the worst of the worse, some of the 90 left at gitmo and release 17. we don't even know their names. your reaction to not knowing who they are and where they're going, but knowing they're leaving gitmo? >> well, i mean, i have a pretty good idea who some of these people are and i'm hoping that this recent thing about trimming the fat off some of the second amendment isn't sort of a head fake to take the americans' eye off the 17 we're releasing. there's one guy in there they're talking about releasing that was part of the yemen-based al qaeda cell that bombed the "uss cole" in 2000. pre9/11 in premmen. we forget about a lot of stuff that happened. i'd be willing to bet the 17 families of those 17 sailors killed on the "uss cole" pre-9/11 does not want this guy released. but he's one of them there. they're saying that gitmo is a recruiting tool. isis never brings it up. the oenlt people ever bringing up gitmo are us. we bring it up. and you know we put it in the press. like they even put the people
4:20 am
they execute in orange jump suits to replicate the guantanamo prisoners. if we just close gitmo you think they would stop putting people in orange jumpsuits and cutting the heads off and dragging them to death and burning them alive? no. it's not a recruiting tool. >> we have this thing called life in prison, i think they've earned it. why we're letting them out, i don't know. rob o'neill, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> all right, coming up, the filmmaker behind "making a murderer" reveals one of the jurors was convinced steven avery was set up. but voted guilty anyway. does that prove it's time for professional juries? we're going to debate that next. and -- would you pay $100 for just one doughnut? what makes pastry so pricey? that fatty story next. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back.
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4:23 am
4:24 am
here's your newsny the bummers first 10,000 characters. twitter reportedly making that available soon. it may keep the 140 character look and reveal more when you click on it. second, 8.7 billion dollars, gone. when the world's markets closed monday, the five richest people lost $8.7 billion. due to the global sell-off. those guys jeff bezos, warren buffett, carlos slim, ortega and bill gates. and finally $100. that's how much a brooklyn restaurant is charging for this doughnut. the icing is made with crystal champagne and 24 karat gold. if you're looking to save some cash you can get a dozen for a
4:25 am
grand. over to you. >> i wonder if it tastes good. thank you, anna. the netflix tv true crime series "making a murderer" now captivating the nation. the prosecutors on the case are now criticizing the series, saying it is inaccurate, and they have left out key evidence that was presented in the case. the series alleges that a man by the name of steven avery was set up by the cops, not once but twice. now at least one of the jurors in the case has come forward saying they believe he was framed and pressured to convict him thinking he would eventually get another trial. so does this case prove it's time for professional jury? joining us right now for a legal debate, we've had susan constantine a jury consultant, and jo-ellan democretrius also jury consultant. susan let's start for you. you think it's a good idea to have a professional jury. why? >> well you know at this point
4:26 am
in time, in a modern age here with the dna evidence, you know, we're looking at so much high profile media that's covering these cases that are really subjecting these jurors to fear of the fact that they may be, you know, hurt or their families might be hurt, and we're seeing so much of this happening across the country, that at this point in time i think that we really should be open more to a professional jury. >> okay, so that's the point going forward. but jo-ellan you say, look, it's in our founding documents. a jury of our peers. that doesn't mean people getting paid, does it? >> no, it certainly doesn't. and you're absolutely right, the fifth amendment guarantees a defendant to a jury of their peers, which, over time, has come to mean a jury that is respective of community conscience. now, in the past there have been what's known as blue ribbon jurors. that have been -- higher educated and such. but again, that's not reflective
4:27 am
of community conscience. if you have a group of people that come from that kind of background that's not reflective of what's out there. >> sure. i mean there are all sorts of -- ever since this tv started there are people calling for a new trial, people calling for a pardon, stuff like that. but jo-ellan, one of the problems is, with this particular case, is apparently one of the jurors has come forward and told one of the producers of this series that she -- that rather they, believe that he was innocent, he'd been framed, but they voted for conviction because they thought that they were in personal danger and that ultimately he would wind up getting a new trial. that's the problem. sometimes juries make mistakes. and there's steven avery right there. >> well, jurors do make mistakes. and jurors all the time come up with compromise verdicts. the fact that this juror after the fact has reflected on her verdict, and feels bad you know, good for her for coming forward,
4:28 am
but my goodness, that's what this process of jury selection is all about, is determining who will hold their strength of conviction if they don't feel that a conviction is the way to go. >> susan, i'm going to give you the final word on this. >> yeah, and the problem is once they get back behind in the deliberations and here's the issue, you're always going to have someone who is a stronger hold in there. and other people are not so strong to be able to stand up and voice their own opinions. that's the reason why we have not only one, but if you read the news now again, it's two jurors who said the word they, meaning there was more than one that was in the jury pool that feared for their lives. that's a real ish yule for me and i vote for professional jurors at this point in time. >> okay, well i've started watching the series. it is -- it's very, very compelling. susan and jo-ellan, we thank you very much for joining us today to talk about "making a murderer." thank you ladies. >> thank you for having us. >> you bet. >> thank you. >> all right, what do you think about that? e-mail
4:29 am
meanwhile a father outraged after a tsa agent pats down his little girl over and over. what agents thought they saw coming up next. and president obama tears up as he orders new gun laws. but governor chris christie has called the president a petulant child. does he still feel that way? he joins us live from the campaign trail, as we roll on live from new york city, and new hampshire. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life.
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4:32 am
every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. this is a fox news alert going nuclear overnight. north korean state-run television claiming it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. that's what that woman is talking about right there. >> and now the pentagon saying we will protect our allies in the region and will respond to any provocation from north korea. the u.s. and japan now calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. here to react is the presidential candidate, new
4:33 am
jersey governor chris christie. thanks for being with us, governor. >> thank you, anna. >> is that a strong enough response? >> well, listen, the problem here is that it's been a weak response by barack obama and hillary clinton for the last seven years. you know, three out of the four nuclear detonations that the north koreans have done after happened. barack obama and hillary clinton's watch. and they have just not acted strongly at all around the world. it's just another example piling on top of iran, on top of syria, on top of crimea and ukraine. this is what weak american leadership gets you. and americans should be very, very concerned about this, because we have a president right now who has no idea how to lead our country and lead the world. >> let me ask, we're not sure if they actually did it. we don't really believe everything they say. we'll find out that earthquake or that seismic result has anything to do with that explosion. how would a president christie handle it? >> we would have been in a much
4:34 am
different situation, brian, if i were president of the united states. but we need to make sure that we put together a coalition of folks led by the united states that tells north korea that this kind of conduct is just unacceptable. and we have to be able to back it up. the fact is that we've allowed north korea, while the president's been playing footsie with the iranians, we've allowed the north koreans to get further and further down the nuclear road. we have to do more than just walk. you need to walk and chew gum at the same time. this president and hillary clinton have not been able to do either. >> let's talk about what the president did yesterday, governor, from the east room of the white house. he tightened federal gun control laws. going forward anybody selling guns, whether online or at gun shows, is going to need to be licensed, and conduct background checks. until now it's been federal some other things as well. but what's getting the attention is the fact that the president of the united states teared up a couple of times during this presentation. we're going to play a little sound of that, and then your reaction. >> from every family who never
4:35 am
imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> some of the tears from the president yesterday. governor christie, your reaction to what the president is calling for? >> well, listen i wish the president would channel some of that emotion and effort into fighting crime on the streets. he put a throwaway line there in the end that this happens on the streets of chicago every day. the first time i heard him mention that. what he mentions all the time are the head line grabbing things. the murder rate in chicago is up
4:36 am
18%. the murder rate in new york is up 11%. this is because this president and his attorney general do not support law enforcement. the fbi director himself said that there's a chill wind blowing through law enforcement in this country and the president is contributing to that chill wind mightily. if he really wants to reduce violence in this country we need to start jamming aggressively those folks who are felons who are in possession of a hand gun and who are using those handguns in the commission of crimes. the president would unleash the forces of the federal law enforcement system to work together with local law enforcement, we'd reduce violence all across this country. he doesn't understand that. i'm a former federal prosecutor. i did it in new jersey when i was a prosecutor. that will make sure that i lead the fight as president with a strong attorney general to loweller gun violence in this country, but not through passing laws and regulations on law abiding citizens. but by going after criminals on the street. >> some have said this is an effort by president obama to make good on campaign promises, and he's worried more about his
4:37 am
legacy than he is worried about our national security. do you think now is the time to be restricting second amendment rights of americans wanting to protect themselves, and same thing with guantanamo bay, releasing 17 bad guys is now the time to be doing that? >> no, i don't believe that's the time to do it. and i said very clearly that this past week that if i'm the president in january 2017, guantanamo will stay open and prisoners will not be released. we won't be trading prisoners for people who go awol. we won't be allowing them to go back out into the fight. 30% of the people whom this president has released from guantanamo, according to his own director of national intelligence, are now back out in the terrorism fight. this is outrageous. and this legacy the president should be worried about is he is leaving the next president and the next generation of americans a dark and dangerous world that we're living in right now and this north korean explosion this morning is just another example of it. so that's the legacy the president should be worried
4:38 am
about. let me tell you, this foreign policy that has led to this was crafted by the woman who wants to be his successor, hillary clinton, and she needs to be held to account for it. when i'm the nominee i'm going to hold her to account on that stage this september. >> i know you're releasing an ad, former republicans are unite against hillary clinton. didn't you on monday governor come out and say show time's over, trying to insinuate, sober up, stop following donald trump, who is a showman, and go for a real person like yourself? >> no, that's not what i said at all, brian. you should read the text of the speech. what i said was, that it is now game time. it is now ready for -- it's time for us to unite as a republican party, and i made a strong and clear argument for my candidacy for president. i didn't mention any other candidate in my speech. i talked about myself, and why my candidacy is the best one. the americans need a governor who has governed in a tough place with a democratic legislature. because if you think it's going to be any easier in washington, d.c., i will not be for the next
4:39 am
president. and so that was my point. >> well, today's a busy news day. we've had plenty of things to talk to you. governor christie, thank you very much for joining us today live from portsmouth, new hampshire. >> thank you very much, fellas. >> all right, thank you very much. all right it's 21 minutes now before the top of the hour and heather, it's cold. >> yeah, it certainly is cold here on the west coast. and the east coast, rather, the west coast experiencing some crazy weather. the strongest el nino on record wreaking havoc on the west coast. the first of at least four storms slamming into california packing heavy rains and leaving behind mudslides and snow in some areas, as well. take a look at this video right here. meteorologists say that the weather phenomenon could stick around for the next two weeks. we saw a geyser shooting up there just seconds ago because there was so much water in california. in the mean time we've got this new video from a traffic camera it's emerged showing a deadly tornado passing over interstate 30. that happening near dallas. it happened the day after
4:40 am
christmas. traffic, though, can still be seen moving along those ramps. even though the tornado is just several hundred yards away. eight people died in that storm. what a mess. well, police in texas say that they have caught the killer who gunned down a college woman in a new year's eve road rage shooting. and they say he's an active duty u.s. marine. 25-year-old corporal eric johnson was taken into custody in yuma, arizona. that's where we are told he is stationed. that's about 1100 miles from where he allegedly shot and killed sarah muschlechtner the 20-year-old who was a designated driver taking her sorority sisters home from a new year's eve party when they got into some sort of an argument with a group in an suv. >> does this look inappropriate to you? a california father says his 10-year-old daughter was patted down by a tsa agent for o minut forgot her juice box in a carry-on bag. kevin payne, the dad, says that the agent inappropriately
4:41 am
touched her several times. he says his daughter felt like screaming after this was done. the tsa says that the agent followed proper procedures. what do you think about that? you be the judge, that video right there. politically correct culture going way out of control. the actor chris hemsworth now landing in hot water after being seen dressed up as an indian during a new year's eve party. you can kind of see him in the back right there with the headdress. his wife posted this photo on instagram of the actor wearing face paint at a wild west themed party. many criticizing the move because they say he was appropriating native american culture. okay. and those are your headlines. he's got a headdress and face paint. is that such a bad thing? >> not supposed to do anything these days. >> forget about cowboys and indians. >> yep. i guess so. >> all right heather, thank you. coming up on this wednesday shocking video shows a high cool coach, basketball coach, haul off and head butt the ref on the
4:42 am
court. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know, look at that. kaboom. next. >> who head butts anybody? >> i know. >> and what are the odds -- you don't want to swing at him. what are the odds of you winning powerball tonight? you might be surprised or happy to hear how you have a better chance of dating a supermodel -- >> you having a hard time concentrating right now? >> or being drafted into the nba.
4:43 am
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which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. quick look at the headlines now. charges could be coming for a philadelphia high school
4:46 am
basketball coach who appears to head butt a referee during the game. the coach didn't like a call the ref made, obviously, so he head butts him, knocking him to the floor. the coach ejected. police called. and first hoverboards, now this. a battery powered tesla car goes up in flames. now i'm not spending $100,000 on it. the model-s was at a charging station in norway when it caught fire. no one was hurt. the car is now under investigation. this comes amid dozens of reports of hoverboards exploding while charging. unrelated. now to a girl -- >> named anna. >> first made dreams come true by making over homes across the country. well now todd pennington is saving your hometown diner. >> it's really pretty tight in here. >> yes, wow. >> what's your name? >> larry. >> hey, larry. >> i see you not only -- >> oh. >> i swear to god, i'm so excited. here you are.
4:47 am
>> how great is that? home design expert and co-host of the food network's american diner revival ty pennington joins us live. >> good morning. >> such great energy. nice to have you. >> i don't know. i just came out of the womb like that. my mom was like get it away. no, it's really a fun show. and it's amazing to like look i've got some experience making over houses, and you know, that reaction when families get something they like. you realize the diner is sort of like a community center in a lot of towns because everybody, every walk of life lives, and it's a sense of pride. with this show we really are sort of really helping out a family but saving a business, something that's been passed down for generations. it's been an incredible thing. we really rally the entire town to pull this off. but to see the reaction and connect with the people that work there. even the guy larry you saw in
4:48 am
that clip he's such a warm-hearted guy. anyway, it's such a fun show. >> and it's team effort. you are in charge of the design and making the place look nice. she is in charge of -- >> amanda does an amazing job in the kitchen. that's the best part in the end we all get to eat which is really great. >> it's a work hazard, right? if you put on any lbs. we call it the "fox & friends" 15 around here. >> we do some eating. but it's good eats. >> are you pushing back against our culture that is tired of diners or reinvigorating the diner? >> we're definitely reinvigorating. what i'm really finding out, too, not only trying to really preserve the nostalgia and uniqueness and something that's been around for years is one thing and trying to design and upgrade at the same time is is like really a challenge. but what is interesting is the connection you have with people, what i've noticed, is at a diner you have that connection to the person behind the counter. it almost becomes like a mom or a family member and then you also connect with somebody on the stool that is literally rubbing shoulders with. you connect with people in a way you don't in other restaurants. >> if a dine ter had a recipe on
4:49 am
the menu for 50 years the blue plate special, the meat loaf, you're not going to get rid of that. are you going to update it maybe? >> update it. maybe add a little bit of kick. she's really good at doing that. taking something like diner staples and really adding a twist there. even something like a pattie melt. you could still add something. same with me you've got to keep the thing original. especially if you've got to add some flare and some fun. >> it's a crazy challenge in the time that we have but it's a lot of fun. >> what do you say we resent you a little bit? >> sure. >> you created this job and you're also very handy. how do you get that skill? is america getting more like me or more like you? i think most people can't do anything anymore. >> you get a lot of band-aids because you learn from experience. >> right there. >> all right. >> -- fingernails. >> just a little softball accident. but nothing -- >> i've still got all my fillon jis. >> it's hard where you grew up. my dad taught me how to do everything because some day something would break and i'd have to fix it. >> they just made us start
4:50 am
working at an early age so you just had to have a job. >> there you go. >> and eventually -- >> putting up walls. >> exactly. >> american diner revival airs fridays on the foot network. ty thank you. >> good for having you. >> great, of course. >> what are the odds of you winning the powerball tonight? it's a couple of hundred thousand dollars you might be surprised or happy to hear you have a better chance of dating a supermodel, or being drafted in the nba. a live report to figure out your odds on the powerball next. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> yep. >> but first on this day in history in 2004 outcast was popping the charts with their hit hey ya. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen.
4:51 am
be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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4:54 am
all right. and the powerball and "fox & friends." here's a question you're going to be hearing all day long. are you feeling lucky? >> tonight's powerball jackpot has soared to $450 million. >> so what are the odds of you winning? probably really good. are you most likely going to win? >> oh, absolutely. first off this jackpot. >> you're all winners to me guys. this would likely be the sixth largest prize in history. up to $450 million right now. it's going to change. here are the chances of you winning tonight. the odds of winning the jackpot 1 in 292 million. so that gives you some perspective, right? >> well, there are 315 million americans. so that means somebody would win if everybody played, right? >> you've got to play. >> but here's the problem. you got a better chance of getting attacked by a shark.
4:55 am
1 in 11 million. or, so there's the shark odds. also guys, by the way, you could be the president of the united states. >> better chance of being that? 1 in 10 million. >> better chance of that. 1 in 10 million for that. and then i don't want to discourage anybody from playing the powerball but you could date a supermodel 1 in 88,000. >> does that just mean there are a lot of supermodels out there these days? >> it means never say never, steve. >> everybody has a dream. >> my wife will not let me date supermodels. i'm just saying. and i'm happily married. >> she's a smart woman. >> she is a smart woman. >> also, by the way, you're going to be a movie star? >> of course. >> yeah, me too. not really -- >> rock star. >> 1 in 1.5 million odds of being struck by lightning or 1 in 1.5 million odds of being a movie star. i think i'll take the movie star portion not the lightning. and also the lightning, 1 in 134,000. >> right. >> i got one more. >> brian you might want this
4:56 am
one. >> either want to win the lottery or play in the nba. where the odds are it's greater. to have a -- have a better chance of getting drafted in the nba by winning tonight? >> 1 in 6.8 million chance of getting drafted in the nba than you are to win the powerball. >> so what is the message? >> put money in your 401(k). don't spend money on powerball tickets. >> you can't win if you don't play. go buy some tickets. >> a lot of people actual low spend hundreds of dollars a year on lottery tickets. >> what do you spend on coffee every day? >> nothing i get it free here at fox. i'm one of the cheapest people in the building. >> that a girl. >> she's not going to be playing. but my sister kathy out in ohio has already bought a ticket. >> good luck. >> thanks, cheryl. >> come up on "fox & friends," president obama getting emotional while presenting his new gun control plan at the white house. but does the executive action go too far? donald trump joins us live to react next. and -- all right he saw
4:57 am
police in the middle of a gruelling ten-hour standoff in the freezing cold and decided how to help them out the best way he knew how. pizza and coffee. meet that 4-year-old straight ahead. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years,
4:58 am
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. hi, everyone, good morning, it's wednesday the 6th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman and this is a fox news alert. a dictator going nuclear overnight. north korea announcing overnight it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb as tremors were felt on the ground. the united states is responding. and the president wipes away tears, as he talks gun control. >> i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> but some are asking where was the president's emotion after the paris and san bernardino terror attacks. and what does donald trump think about the president's reaction? he will join us in less than two minutes. and a 4-year-old becomes a
5:01 am
hero for his hometown heroes, yep, as he delivers coffee and pizza to police. working overtime. you're going to meet that young man and the officer he helped, that's coming up. and let me remind you in the third hour of "fox & friends," mornings remain better with us. ♪ >> who's that guy in the back? >> well he's quickly becoming a legend. and we are going to be talking to him in about 45 or 50 minutes. he's teaching these kids not just dances. there he is there live, only for you "fox & friends" viewers. but he's trying to get them excited about learning. not just learning dances but learning inside the classroom, too. >> wow. >> he's gotten better since the tape. >> this is like -- >> the whip and the nae nae and also the milly rock which i
5:02 am
haven't heard of. but maybe he's going to learn that. >> he founded that academy and he can bust a move today as we join him live from the atlanta area. he's got a great message, and you know, he's got great coordination, as well. some good -- >> maybe some recommendations for other teachers to get an education, as well. right now we need to hand it over to heather nauert with a look at what is making news. this is big overnight. >> a lot going on today. very busy news day. breaking news coming in overnight. north korea claiming it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. they've never made it a secret that their goal is to create a nuclear device that can reach the united states. well, overnight the u.s. geological survey measured a 5.1 magnitude earthquake originating near the area of north korea's nuclear test site. analysts saying that they were most likely caused by a nuclear explosion, although there've been some skeptics on the news channel, on our news channels, saying they doubt this was a hydrogen bomb.
5:03 am
north korea is banned from nuclear testing by the u.n. security council, which has already announced an emergency meeting. if these claims are confirmed, it would be the fourth test by the north koreans. we'll keep you posted. the fbi wants the public's help to solve a mistry in the san bernardino terror attacks. syed farook and tashfeen malik were missing for 18 minutes from the time they killed 14 people and the moment they were killed by police. the agency says filling that time line gap could provide vital clues to investigators including people they may have talked to, or places they may have visited. in the mean time farook's friend enrique marquez is set to be arraigned later today on federal gun and terror charges. he's accused of buying the guns that were used in the attack. house republicans planning to vote on a bill later today repealing most of obamacare that would cut the federal deficit by more than $500 billion. but president obama is expected to veto that. the bill would also defund planned parenthood. republicans likely don't have enough votes to overrule that
5:04 am
veto. and a fun story, several australian fishermen forced to move it or lose it. take a look. >> look at that fish that just comes up over the stern of the boat there. an angry marlin weighing about 200 pounds they think, pretty much practically impales one of those fishermen while being reeled into that boat. the fisherman was able to jump out of the way at the last minute. can't believe that guy managed to stay on the deck of that boat and not go overboard. unbelievable. >> i think the fish was aiming for them. he's got one weapon- >> he wanted to impale them. >> thank you very much, heather. >> all right donald trump joins us. he's running for president of the united states. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> zboernl. >> it was at the second presidential debate out of the reagan library and you said, why is nobody talking about north korea. and nobody is talking about
5:05 am
north korea and their nuclears. and you know what, donald trump, everybody is talking about north korea this morning because they had an h-bomb test they say yesterday that was successful. mr. trump? your reaction? >> well, i think it's something i've been talking about for a long time. you have this mad man over there who probably would use it and nobody talks to him, of course other than dennis rodman talked to him. that's about it. nobody is talking to him whatsoever. and nobody is discussing it with china. china has total control, believe me, they say they don't. they have total control over north korea. and china should solve that problem. and if they don't solve the problem we should make trade very difficult for china. because we are, believe it, we are holding china up. they're taking so much money. they're training our country, and they're toying with us with north korea. so, north korea is totally under the control, without china, they wouldn't eat. they wouldn't have food. they wouldn't have anything. so, china should do it. they say they can't, they don't have that power. they're toying with our politicians who don't know what they're doing. >> the u.n. is calling an
5:06 am
emergency closed-door meeting today so that will be going on. what would a president trump do in a situation like that? >> well, i would immediately start talking to china. and by the way, i'd get south korea, that's making a fortune. you know they're our trading partner if you want to use the word partner and i have many good friends in south korea. they can't believe what they get away with. i would have them start. we have 28,000 soldiers sitting up at the line, and between north korea right now between north korea and south korea. i wouldn't want to be necessarily sitting there. could be a hot zone. but we get almost nothing for what we do. we defend the world. we defend so many countries. we get nothing. they get everything, we get nothing. south korea's going to have to start ponying up, okay, and we'll do it in a very nice manner. they'll like us more than they like us now but they probably don't like us very much. most countries don't like us very much, even though they take advantage of us. they'll be happy and they'll have to pay something because we cannot continue to police the world, and get nothing for it.
5:07 am
>> all right so you're saying that you would pressure china to get north korea under control and you'd see that china's economy seems to be indicating it might be collapsing. do you believe that? >> well, i think they do, you know, well and they do badly. i mean, you know, their collapse is 6.5% up. you understand that. ours, if we do 2% it's like a miracle. they go 6.5% and they consider it a collapse. that's what i guess they're looking at a 6.5% increase this year. with us, if it's 2%, they raise the flags like we're doing a good job. that's the way the country works. that's the way our politicians work. china always figures a way. a lot of the way they have been figuring over the years is taking the money from us. it's about time that china now get involved with the north korea problem. we've got to close it down. because he's getting too close to doing something. right now he's probably got the weapons. but he doesn't have the transportation system. once he has the transportation system, he's sick enough to use
5:08 am
it. we better get involved. we were in iran making the worst deal i've probably seen made. at least they don't have yet, they probably will have nukes soon because the deal is so bad. he actually has them and we don't do anything. >> we'll see what our president does. speaking of our president, east room of the white house yesterday, mr. trump, he was tightening federal gun control laws that don't need congressional approval. what's getting a lot of attention, though, is the fact that he teared up a couple of times. here are some of the sound bites from yesterday. >> from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those
5:09 am
kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> mr. trump your reaction to the president yesterday? >> well, i actually think he was sincere. i'll probably go down about five points in the polls by saying that. but i think he was sincere. i mean it's a -- it's a thing that he feels, you know, i think he's incorrect about it. they're just taking chunks and chunks out of the second amendment. but, you know, i think he probably means well. you know the concept is wrong, what they're doing. it's a mental health. we have a huge mental health problem. we're closing all of these institutions now and people are going out on the streets. the people are in their homes if they have homes and you have a lot of sick people out there. but this is, you know, his idea is just taking chunks and chunks out of the second amendment until we won't have a second amendment anymore and people need protection. they have to have protection. it's a very serious problem. and you know, the democrats generally, and hillary clinton is, i think worse than obama on
5:10 am
the issue, frankly. she wants to take everyone's gun away. and you know, if, in paris, as an example, or if in california recently, with the 14 people killed, if some of the people in those rooms had guns, you wouldn't have had people -- you would have had the bad guys killed, and there would have been, obviously, some people pretty badly hurt but you wouldn't have had the problem the way we had the problem. and they want to take that safety net away. and you can't do it. we cannot tamper with the second amendment. >> you know where you stand on that. mr. trump, you had a massive rally in massachusetts, about 7,000 people packing in to an arena there. and reportedly they're standing in line for a long amount of time as they're going through security in temperatures in the teens, and the wind, and all of that. when pundits say that yes you're doing well in the polls but maybe people are just coming out to see an entertainer -- >> a picture from "the washington post." >> look at this. do you think they're going to show up in iowa on a cold night just like they showed up in
5:11 am
massachusetts? >> well, i think they are. and i really feel confident about it. i think we're going to do great in iowa. and i would never correct anna. but there were actually 10,000 and we had to send 4,000 people home. there's a picture of it now. and we had to send 4,000 people home. and it was an amazing evening and nobody's ever done that before, that arena's never had -- it set a record for the arena. and it's not exactly a new arena. i think they're going to show. some of those people were standing out in the cold for four or five hours. and it was really cold. >> really cold. >> i don't know how they did it. these are strong people in new hampshire. i want to tell you. but they were standing out there for four or five hours. and it's hard to believe that they do that but they wouldn't go and vote for 15 minutes. so i think we're going to have a great turnout. people are tired of the way the country is being managed. so foolishly. so stupidly. we're making such bad deals. with all the problems we have, with isis, and with the border, and with obamacare which has to be repealed and replaced. so many things. i think people are tired of it. and they want to be run
5:12 am
properly. they want to make, you know, my theme, make america great again. that's what they want. >> i know you've been watching the polls and see you're ahead nationally comfortably especially in florida and new jersey you're doing very well. ted cruz is doing very well in iowa. he's now beating you in california, and certainly your closest competitor if the election was today. yesterday you brought up the fact that he might not be an american, and he -- ted cruz's response was, showing the happy days footage of fonzi jumping the shark like you've gone over the edge in accusing him of that. where are you going with this? >> well, i'm not going anywhere. i was just asked a very innocent question yesterday by "the washington post," and i hope this doesn't take place. frankly i don't want to see it happen. i want to beat him on his own merit. and i actually am winning in a couple of those states that you mentioned. but we won't even mention that. and i think i'm way up in the polls. i think i'm like 24-points up -- >> reuters. >> -- everybody, i think the reuters poll came out, i was at 42 and i think he's at 14 or 17 or something. so you know we're doing very well.
5:13 am
i want to beat him on his own merit. i don't want to have a thing like this happen. i will say, though, that the democrats, if they bring a lawsuit on it. you have to get it solved. i would like to see ted do something where maybe he requests in a preemptive fashion into court to try to get some kind of an order. because i would not like to see that happen. i like him a lot. i think he likes me a lot. he's been very nice to me. i've been very nice to him. but the question was actually asked of me yesterday by "the washington post." i said, you know, it's a problem i'd love to see him get it straightened out. >> because he was born in canada to an american mom. all right, donald trump, thank you very much. we know you've got to go run your empire now. >> okay, thank you very much. >> and run for president. >> coming up, remember this scene, a chopper going down in the osama bin laden raid. this is from our special. well something similarly eerie just happened again, trapping u.s. special forces in afghanistan. breaking details from washington next. and we showed you this viral video yesterday. ♪
5:14 am
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at we've got a fox news alert right now. u.s. special forces just
5:18 am
evacuated, evacuated from a compound in marjah, afghanistan, after an intense firefight overnight with the taliban. >> that's right. the attack leaving one american dead, two wounded. and a helicopter shot down. >> rich joins us live from the white house. >> u.s. officials are saying that there is one u.s. soldier killed, two injured in helmand province in afghanistan. this is where the u.s. military is helping the afghan military fight off what is a brutal offensive by the taliban there in the helmand province. u.s. officials claim a group yesterday was pinned down in a compound there, in marjah, in helmand province, afghanistan, and the u.s. military sent a couple of helicopters on a rescue mission. one of the blades of one of the helicopters struck the side of a building disabling it. a scene officials say is very similar to the raid in pakistan that killed osama bin laden. >> they're saying one of the helicopters was hit, potentially nearby with mortar fire. that's heavy fighting, which is
5:19 am
true in marjah for the past six months. if they're coming in that close to try to rescue a dead american soldier, and they hit a rotor on the side of a building, they're in intense combat. >> we are confident the afghan national security and defense forces are continuing to develop the capabilities and capacity to security the country against a persistent insurgent threat. >> officials say the u.s. soldiers are no longer trapped there and that they continue to operate in that area. anna, steve and brian back to you. >> in that area, colonel shaffer saying that it's an area where isis isn't even trying to go in and take over it's ground zero for the drug war whoever takes over that area is going to have a lot of money because it's an economic center for them. >> the drugs company. >> rich edison, thank you. >> could end up in our country. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, check out this picture going viral. wait until you hear what made this golfing granny so happy. >> oh. hole in one, maybe? >> i bet. >> and he saw police in the middle of a gruelling ten-hour standoff in the freezing cold
5:20 am
and decided to help them out. the best way he knew how. pizza and coffee for everybody. meet that little boy and one of the cops he helped. that's coming up. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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5:23 am
we've got some quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. two pro baseball players firing back after being accused of using performance enhancing drugs. the washington nationals' ryan zimmerman and film fa phillies' ryan howard suing al jazeera tv for defamation of character in response to the network's claims that both players were involved in a doping ring. zm and this golfing granny is no joke. that's 73-year-old marjorie
5:24 am
haider after she made not one, but two holes in one within minutes of each other down in florida. and get this, she's only been golfing for three years. i am jealous. the head of the pga called her to congratulate her. she should have gone on and played the lottery immediately after that. all right, anna, over to you. >> strike while the iron's hot. thanks, steve. 24 minutes after the hour. last week a 4-year-old boy was a hero to the heroes when he asked his mother if he could surprise police officers with five pizzas, and 54 cups of coffee, because they had been at a 16-hour standoff in the freezing cold. joining us now is 4-year-old cole and officer brad gilmore from the oklahoma city police department and jillian the mother of cole. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> officer gilmore i want to start with you. tell me what you and your comrades were going through during that standoff? >> there was a situation where a group of bail bondsmen went to pick up a subject on some
5:25 am
outstanding warrants and when they made contact, gunfire was exchanged. and that prompted us and other agencies to respond to the location. the subject barricaded himself inside of a building, and fortunately for us there were no hostages taken so it allowed us to have time on our side, and that ensued about a 16-hour standoff. >> no hostages and no one injured but 16 hours you were out there in the freezing cold. and jillian you and cole noticed what? >> well we drove by and he saw the lights and he started getting worrieworried, because t to pick up dinner. and he said i think we should do something for them. he said i want to get them pizza, i like pizza. so we went to go pick up our dinner and i ran to a 7-11, asked if they could donate some coffees for the police officers, and they could donate 52 so i called around to some pizza places and they were able to donate five pizzas. >> wow, what initiative you took from colt saying i want to help
5:26 am
these guys. colt what did the police officers say when you brought them their goodies? >> what did they say, buddy? did they say thank you? >> they said thank you. >> they said thank you. and what did they give you? you want to show me what they gave you? >> show them. >> a nice bracelet and a badge. did they say they were proud of you? >> yes. >> well i wanted you guys to hear this. it's a facebook post from the oklahoma city p.d. they said that we'd like to thank little colt and his family for donating 52 coffees and 5 pizzas to officers who were working extended hours in the cold. your overwhelming generosity was appreciated. and officer gilmore, when in some communities police officers are not welcomed, right? there are icy relationships. what does this say to you when a little boy and his mom come and show support for you? >> we're certainly aware of some of the negative connotations
5:27 am
across the nation but we try not to concern ourselves with that because we concern ourselves with our city. fortunately in our city, in our part of the country, law enforcement is supported very, very well. over the period of several hours, several citizens asked what they could do to help us, but when it comes from a 4-year-old little boy, and he goes to those measures, it just makes that much more special, and it makes our job that much more rewarding, knowing that citizens appreciate it, and that there are parents out there still instilling values into their children of respect of authority and teachers, and people of that, and it comes through, and you can see it coming through in this young man. >> jillian you're raising your son right. do you have any advice for parents? >> i just think they should all raise their children to teach them that police officers are their friends and not their enemies. because when they need help, that's who they need to run to first. >> what a great story. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> little random acts of
5:28 am
kindness that can make a world of difference. 27 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," disturbing video this morning, a father outraged after a tsa agent pats down his little girl. over and over. what agents thought they saw. coming up. and want to drop a size by saturday? the answer could be soup. we're cooking up the waist busting recipes coming up next. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. i'd like to make a dep-- we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side
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5:31 am
in an npr interview last week jeb bush revealed the ingredients for his guacamole recipe but wouldn't give away the specifics on how to prepare it. so now i guess we have to elect jeb bush.
5:32 am
how are we going to make guacamole the jeb bush way. >> like those baked beans commercials. >> speaking of recipes, brian, great news. we will be able to drop a dress size by saturday with a new soup plan. >> wow. >> minutes away. minutes away. >> the thing is -- >> two minutes. >> what size are we? >> i don't know. >> joel, do you know? anna what size would we be? >> i don't know, maybe a -- >> i'm like a 40 regular. >> i'm a 41. or medium. i'll take a medium. >> all right. >> all right. >> meanwhile, it's time for some news, and heather actually harts with the weather. >> that's right. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. the strongest el nino on record. check out this video coming out of los angeles. a geyser shooting into the air from floodwater pressure after the first of at least four storms slam into california. look at that thing right there. well meteorologists say that
5:33 am
that weather phenomenon could stick around for the next two weeks, leaving behind mudslides, and snow in some areas. in the mean time, take a look at this. we are getting some new traffic video in to fox from a traffic camera. it shows a deadly tornado passing over interstate 30 near dallas, and look at all that wind and water around it. this happened the day after christmas, traffic can still be seen moving along those ramps. even though that tornado is just several hundred yards away, eight people died in that storm. well take a look at this. does this video look inappropriate to you? a california father says his 10-year-old daughter was patted down by a tsa agent for nearly two minutes, all because she forgot her juice box in her carry-on bag. kevin payne, the dad, says that that agent inappropriately touched his daughter several times. he says his daughter felt like screaming after. the tsa says the agent followed proper procedures. what do you think about that? a texas car salesman
5:34 am
kidnapped, tied up, and barely escapes with his life? jose martinez was on a test drive when the customer met up with two other men who then tied up martinez, and put him in the trunk. after overhearing them discuss what to do, martinez was able to squirm free when that vehicle stopped but then he was attacked again. the suspects are still on the run. unbelievable. and a con man obsessed with the movie catch me if you can tries to pull off a scam of his own. watch. >> -- i miss flying around the country posing as a pilot. >> well instead of posing as a pilot this guy was posing as a wounded warrior. accused of imitating a veteran. to lease a bmw and a luxury new york city apartment. when the nypd busted the 42-year-old he was wearing a wounded warrior hat, had
5:35 am
military dog tags and even had a special purple heart license plate on that bmw. wilson telling police he was inspired by leonardo dicaprio's character in that 2002 movie. boy that takes guts. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here soon. >> we're still trying to work out the dress size. ladies if you want to drop a dress size by saturday, you can maybe do it. this year it may be the soup trend. >> i'll take it from here. the founder of the superpuree and author of this now book the soup cleanse, angela brody joins us right now. welcome. >> thank you very much, brian. i'm very excited to be here. >> no more smoothie, let's think soup? >> you can think soup smoothie as well. there are a lot of benefits to soup. we see souping as the new juicing because we have all of the benefits of using fruits and vegetables but a lot more. it's comforting. >> is it more satisfying, too? >> so much more satisfying. you get all the nutrients of the
5:36 am
whole group. >> you can detoxify your body through soup. >> absolutely. >> all right. we've got a couple of recipes that we're going to put up on our website. you're going to show us how to make the creamy carrot ginger soup. this is 100% good for you, right? >> absolutely. one of the things we call ourselves pure because our products are all pure, non-dmo, nondairy, gluten free. we're starting with extra virgin olive oil. i've already sort of started this. >> now i think what's interesting about this, you say we need a tall pan rather than a wide pan because you use up using less boil. >> extra virgin olive oil is a really good thing to use, so is coconut oil, much better than a butter and it's really good for your heart and your brain. but you don't want to use too much because if you have a big stock pot, a wide one, you use twice as much oil. >> this is such a simple recipe. onions, carrots, and it's about a one inch square of ginger. >> exactly. we put in some crushed pepper,
5:37 am
and now so i start with onions because they're anti-inflammatory. carrots get a bad rap because of the sugar. they're great for anti-aging. they're great for your skin and your hair. we saute that. >> okay. >> put it together so the onions cook about 25 minutes until they're tender. then i sad our homemade bone broth. you can also keep it vegan and use vegetable broth. just be careful that there's no msg. cook it for another 25 minutes. and then when it's done, you may want to step back. >> this is my favorite kitchen appliance. >> a hand blender. >> so i'm not very good at this one. >> stick it in there first. >> i normally use a vitamix. you see it's a little loud. >> that's okay. >> yeah. >> and it just purees everything. >> it does. >> makes it nice and smooth. >> i'm going to do it for just another 30 seconds, you start to get -- >> i do this and you're actually going to make the topping. >> perfect. >> okay. >> so, finish doing that and then we'll add the orange juice thank you. oh, wait i can't make the
5:38 am
topping -- >> the magic of television. the whole recipe will be on our website very shortly. >> okay. >> there you go. >> and that's just coconut milk or what is that? >> it's coconut milk and i'm going to show you how to whip it up. >> okay. real quickly. >> for now. and we're going to just take this off. and switch it out. >> so this is >> let's go to the manual. >> you're going to take that orange juice and pour this orange juice right in thereyou don't mind helping me out. >> this could make a mess. >> this goes pretty fast. and you don't have to do this. a lot of people, you can just use creme fraiche, or fresh herbs. but for people that want something that's vegan, and they want to get extra fiber -- >> why do you like coconut milk and not regular milk -- >> i like coconut flavor with the carrots. we do have a lot of products that have almond milk.
5:39 am
>> the whole recipe is going to be on our website >> absolutely. >> just a little bit. >> it's good. >> and -- >> there you go. >> and we have a little -- we use turmeric because it's cancer fighting. >> oh, hot. >> not spicy hot, temperature hot. >> that's delicious. that is really good. >> you want some? we have a third bowl. >> i will, during the commercial. "fox & friends." all right angela, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the soup cleanse is the brand-new book. all right coming out, it's not just the president taking on guns. one lawmaker wants to ban people who are going through a divorce from buying a gun. could that possibly happen? peter johnson jr. next. >> and do not try this at home. the amazingly dangerous do it yourself cannon. >> what? >> i was thinking about getting it until now. how do i know i'm getting the best price on this?
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5:43 am
all right quick headlines going viral. these wisconsin guys like to celebrate on the edge. they shot off a homemade fireworks cannon, made off pvc tubes and roman candle fireworks, fighting off 1,000 rounds in 45 seconds. this doesn't seem dangerous. and this reached a whole new level of vandalism. instead of chewing on the couch he decides to go through the couch. the couch! the problem was, he did not have an exit plan that we could tell or he didn't implement one, and he got stuck with a face full of regret. i think he's embarrassed. heather doesn't. steve, change the subject. >> okay. brian, president obama's executive action that he revealed yesterday on guns includes a plan for easier
5:44 am
access to mental health care. but it also allows doctors to report mentally ill patients directly to the fbi. and now, georgia state senator wants to ban people who might be going through divorce from buying a gun. so are we seeing the beginning of a very slippery slope? let's talk to peter johnson jr. peter? >> you might be. and some mental health advocates are upset about this, because they say it's going to deter people who do have mental illness from seeking treatment for fear that they're going to be turned in to the authorities. so let's look at the law as it stands now. these are the people who are prohibited from owning or purchasing a firearm. the involuntarily be committed. those found incompetent to stand trial. those deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. and those who lack the mental capacity to run their own affairs. that's based important a court or doctor's determination. that's the law as it stands now. so now what the obama administration is saying is we want to make it easier for states and other authorities to
5:45 am
report people who have been deemed to be incapacitated, to be mentally ill, and not able to take care of themselves, to report that to make sure that they don't get firearms. but a lot of advocates in the mental health community are saying well you're going to stigmatize people that do have mental illness, and those who do may not go get help. so we may lose a portion of that community who shouldn't have guns. we all agree that people who've been incapacitated by mental illness, and who are incompetent, shouldn't have firearms. but let's make sure that those who need the treatment are getting the treatment. and that's been the debate. on the other side, they say these rules are just fine. we're okay with them. >> and we have done a number of stories on vets who have problems. they come back from war. >> yes. >> what about them? because we have done stories about, you know, given their problems in many cases, the
5:46 am
government has suggested that they wouldn't be allowed to get their hands on guns, either. >> i understand. the social security administration is looking at this in a hard way. i saw your story this morning. >> right. >> with the minister who embraced the veteran who had ptsd and then brought a firearm into the church and now he's become part of the ministry. that is a significant problem. and mental illness is a significant problem. we've seen it time and time again in lots of these attacks. and a lot of politicians have said, listen, it's not about gun control. it's about stemming the tide of mental illness. so the president's saying we're putting half a billion dollars more into that. >> before you go, what about this georgia state senator who wants to ban people from getting guns if they're going through a divorce? >> he's doing it based upon a shooting of an assistant district attorney down in fulton county by her estranged husband. she's now partially paralyzed as a result of it. so he's saying if there's a order of protection, not a conviction, an order of protection for domestic violence, you should not be able to purchase a gun.
5:47 am
although a person, a spouse who may be the victim of such violence should be allowed to do so. we know under federal law already if you've been convicted of a misdemeanor involving domestic violence you're not allowed to get a firearm. but this is a new wrinkle on it. and this appears to be part of the slippery slope that you're talking about. we're going to see a lot more of these types of legislation. and i think that particular piece of legislation is wrong. unless someone -- >> it would have to pass the legislature. >> absolutely. even if you're not convicted. so -- >> peter, thank you very much. coming up on this wednesday we showed you this viral video yesterday. remember? ♪ and this morning the dancing principal, that's him live, along with his students at the academy. in atlanta. hear his story next, live. "beth" by kiss
5:48 am
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5:51 am
donald trump and ted cruz are locked in battle as the gloves are off. iowa and new hampshire inching closer. new polls and new movement in this high stakes race to show you this morning. and another american serviceman locked in a battle in a place where the president says we are not at war. ralph peters is here and petraeus and panetta testify on benghazi. when we see you at the top of the hour. this is going viral for a good reason. your kid's math teacher can add, but can he do this? ♪
5:52 am
that video of students from the ron clark academy. dancing with their middle school principal and the founder of the school gone viral. ron and some of those students join us live from ron clark academy. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. how are you today? >> ron you have quite a unique story. somehow you get in touch with oprah. she says you need to write a book about manners and respect your grandma teaches you. you do so, you make all kinds of money and open up this school. how was it unique? >> it's different. because, number one we took the money from the book and put it into a foundation by an old factory in downtown atlanta and turned it into a school like no other. use passion, creative a and energy to get our kids invited about learning. every week we hope our doors and invite educators to come to our school and learn from our message. up to this point we've had 32,000 educators come here to see what we do. >> so mason has this gotten you
5:53 am
excited about just dancing? or doing well in the classroom, too? >> this has gotten me very excited about learning, because i know when we learn, we're doing something very fun, as well. it gets me, and the rest of my classmates here at the school, very excited. very engaged, and it gets me, especially focused, gets me in track on the same page as my teacher, and i'm still gaining that knowledge that they're trying to teach to me in a very fun, innovative way. >> you're very well spoken. how old are you? >> i am 12 years old. >> so the school teaches between fifth and eighth grade. jaden, how about you? when you wake up in the morning are you pretending like your belly hurts so you don't have to go in to school or do you look forward to going to school? >> i always look forward to going to school because this is an amazing school. i love how they incorporate the fun, and the lessons, like mason said, they put all their heart into teaching us every day and
5:54 am
that's what makes it so special. >> well, ron, you seem to be a trail blazer for working with these multiple intelligences, and getting kids, you know, ready and fired up to learn inside the classroom. not just on their dance moves. what advice do you have for teachers across the country who are struggling to get their kids to pay attention? >> i were say we have the most amazing staff at the academy and what makes our staff great, they have passion, they love kids, they build relationships and that's what i would say to educators across the country is that you've got to find a way to relate to kids these days. if we don't relate to them, if we don't show them we can meet them where they are, we're going to lose them and we want these kids to love to learn and if you make a school that's exciting and filled with passion you're going to have kids that want to become educated they'll be life long learners. >> the mega churches that are changing the way they have their services to reach the younger demographic, too. ron i can't wait without further ado, will you take it away and show us some of your dance moves?
5:55 am
>> yeah, you all ready kids? all right. here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
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before it's history, it's news. >> all right, i saw some e-mail, people wondering about the
6:00 am
recipes for the soup cleanse. we're going to have them on our website, here in about an hour. >> you have special guests just around the bend. >> we're talking to ron clark and his kids. the dancing kids and dancing teacher. >> see you tomorrow. bill: fox news alert. they have done it again. north korea claiming it tested its most powerful weapon to date, a hydrogen bomb. kim onyokim jong-un announced ia perfect success. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this would be pyongyang's fourth test they have pulled off at an under grounds nuclear


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